Big Brother 24 Final 5 live Eviction results

We’re nearing the end of the season here with 10 days to go. It’s all about winning competitions now. Monte won the Head of Household for the week and nominated Brittany and Alyssa. Brittany was the target. The veto was played but not by Monte who didn’t get up in time to make it to the backyard. The veto winner was Brittany so Monte put up Taylor in her place. From here things got slow but also interesting.
a) Taylor started making out with Monte on the regular. Did they have bang?
b) Brittany said she’s voting to keep Alyssa.
c) Turner said he’s voting to keep Alyssa.

It’s a great season let’s rock it out once last week before we say goodbye for the year!

Houseguests give their final 2 speeches

Brittany votes to evict Taylor
Turner votes to evict Alyssa

Monte evicts Alyssa

Alyssa meets Julie Chen

Final four Head of Household “Fashion fest”

Question 1 – Brittany 1 Turner 1 Taylor 0
Question 2 – Brittany 1 Turner 2 Taylor 1
Question 3 – Brittany 2 Turner 3 Taylor 2
Question 4 – Brittany 3 Turner 3 Taylor 3
Question 5 – Brittany 4 Turner 3 Taylor 4
Question 6 – Brittany 5 Turner 4 Taylor 5
Question 7 – Brittany 6 Turner 5 Taylor 6
Tie breaker between Brittany and Taylor
In second how long was the snooze fest competition?
Taylor writes 480 Brittany writes 2700. The answer was 1400.

Taylor is the Head of Household

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Turner or Monte Win this season to save the season

Please lord as long as Monte or Turner win veto this season can still be saved. Get Brittany out.


Yes she’s a backstabber, can’t even stay true to her one closest ally because she felt left out of cuddle sessions one week. She needs to go

Captain Kirk

PLEASE….lol….An integral part of the “game” is BACKSTABBING !!!!!

So why are you complaining?

Do you want Brittany NOT to play the “game”?

Is your argument that he/she who engages in the art of backstabbing is not worthy of ” playing”??



She also ensured that Alyssa vote in the chance that she and Turner is final 2.


If Alyssa had stayed she would be more loyal to Brittany than Taylor is going to be….Taylors allegiance has shifted, and she was intuitive enough to realize it.


Ummm more like she was upset that she was there for Taylor when she was acting like Joseph died and not evicted and when Michael was evicted Taylor couldnt be bothered with being there for her when she was upset. She was too busy knocking boots with Monte to save her butt and ensue her spot in the final 2. Yes, final 2.

So who is the crappy person and friend? Taylor or Brittany?


I’m in the minority but here’s hoping for a Brittany HOH win. Wipe the smug look off montes face and the slimy turner shaking in his boots.

Captain Kirk


Actually, of the four that are left (Monte and Taylor, and Turner and Brittany), I think I could root for Brittany and Monte on F2.

Honesty, I was rooting for Brittany to win the HOH just for the sake of the CHAOS it would cause in the house.

As for the “optics” of the F4 (for those of you that are so concerns about it), it cannot be better, to wit: BLACK MALE, BLACK FEMALE, WHITE MALE, WHITE FEMALE).

Let’s hear it now.


Taylor will vote Turner out first chance she gets. I don’t think he realizes if him or monte are on the block next week that Taylor will vote to evict him. It doesn’t add up for him to want keep Taylor and give Monte the chance to take Taylor to the end which is highly realistic. It is an easier path to victory. Turner just made a baffling decision to get rid of somebody who will for sure take him to the final 3 possibly final 2 over somebody who could likely evict him next Thursday. This literally makes no sense that Turner did this. Other than the show telling him to keep Taylor since she is Twitters favorite.


yeah, this was a bad play on turner’s part. he still competes in veto though.


Turner keeping Taylor again is making it more and more apparent that the show wants Taylor to win this game with a african american woman never having a 1st place title. After twitter along with Julie Chen tried to cancel Michie and blow Taylor up like a ballon. The show is seemingly trying to please that audience and for that matter the cookout and the Davonne Supremacy. It is not inconceivable as the show specifically told the cookout to stick together. Literally there was no logical reason for Turner to keep Taylor who won’t even consider taking him to final 2.


Taylor wants Britney in F3. Taylor would be guaranteed F2 if Britney and Monte stayed. Taylor probably knows she could win 100% against Britney in F2. Turner what were you thinking keeping Taylor over Alyssa?


Yeah I’m majorly pissed at his stupid decision. The only thing I can think of is that he had no clue that Britney would vote to evict Taylor. Damn stupid Turner! Ugh

Mad Max

Turner just blew up his own game!


Monte put up Taylor and had a gentleman’s agreement that Turner would vote Alyssa out as a thank you. This is not a Twitter conspiracy


Either that or Turner is taking one up the pooper from Taylor and Monte to please them with a golden ticket to finale night. Only to cut him in the process. Julie called Michie out for the twittersphere. Yes they do care especially when the producers told the cookout to stick together. Tiffany America’s favorite last year? Please the show has an agenda, as there is no reason under the sun to keep someone at F5 that has a 0.00000% chance they take you to F2.


If your Turner, you don’t keep Taylor when she likely wants you next over Brittney and sure as hell doesn’t want a F2. If your telling me that it was not senseless for Turner to give up his F3 for Monte and Taylor’s ideal F3. Than something is obviously wrong with how you view this game and shows that you have an agenda like the show.


As far as the bitter members of the jury go, it was best for Turner and Monte to vote out Alyssa. Now everyone needs to fight for the Power of Veto since that is what is the most important this week


This is a 1st. I don’t remember Julie making herself the subject of a competition

Don't Shoot the Messenger

This competition was obviously “tailored” for Taylor to win. Smh…


Ummm. Nope! It was just evident that Turner was going to lose based on his reaction from the 1st question on


Haha cry more


Umm yeah! She’s a stylist! So unfair.


100% and if I had doubts before, the minute I saw the comp I knew they want Taylor to win.

Don't Shoot the Messenger

This competition was clearly “tailored” for Taylor to win.


Turner!! Why? You just cost yourself thhe game. It’ll be M and T in the end


turner can still win veto and final hoh to get to final 2, but he just made those both must wins. i legit think that if he carried alyssa to final 3, if by some miracle she won final hoh (though in fairness part 3 is often total luck), she’d take him to final 2 with her.


I disagree. If Turner was next to Alyssa in a Final 2 because of the people in the jury Alyssa would end up winning so this was the best move he could have made (even though he wouldn’t get the same type of remarks from the jury members that Paul did one season)

Anita Thomas

The jury votes are for.turner not Taylor or monte

Anita Thomas

Don’t count Turner out he’s playing a great game good luck turner

Don't Shoot the Messenger

He got played by Monte. I hope he realizes it. He would’ve loved to vote Taylor out!

Anita Thomas

Turner didn’t get played by monte it was the 2 of them that took out Michael

Captain Kirk

Because went he voted, he was also confirming, acknowledging, declaring, and perhaps even confessing that he’s not too bright with that move.


There’s no way I would win those tie breaker questions! And yes, from what I remember the rule has always been who is closest without going over


TAYLOR yassss! Let’s Fn gooooo Queen!


These racist tears sustain me loooool




“Worst season ever” right? Lol pathetic



This HOH competition was made for me: they put Julie dancing like a nana. LOL! So much fun. And she was wearing all of the clothes that OBB Fashion Police always drag her to hell for putting on. I look forward to the comments because there’s material to be criticized until next season. LOL! I need the laughs!


Gee — was that HOH selected for Taylor to win?


Is it because of Fashion, honey?


It would seem that way if you just went off the the title…but it was just a memory game and a HARD one at that. After watching a few questions.. my thoughts it was more designed for Britt than Taylor.


Hahahaha cry about it btch

un autre nom

FINAL FIVE EVICTION EPISODE: Blindside or 1/2 Blindside or Status Quo?
Doubt we see jury for some reason. Just my thought. MULTIPLE SPOILER PEOPLE SAYING JURY VISIT? I don’t buy it.
Going to actively put aside my frustrations as much as possible for this one, but this seasons edit is so distant from feed reality in terms of character development that it’s difficult. Most seasons there’s one or two golden edits… this season is devoted to a new gold standard for episode character not matching feed person.
The vote plan has one function now: makes Turner look like Monte’s bitch to the jury.
Last minute scramble, showmance and betrayal.
Monte won individual time HOH.
Alyssa or Britt have to go. Taylor is seeing where Monte’s loyalty lies.
Monte wants both final 3 people to take him to final 2.
Britt wins veto: nobody is happy. Monte shows his cards
Turner kept safe.
Britt spirals. ED. wait for it. Been spiralling alllll season.
Post VETO D/R:
Britt i had to win veto. I will keep Taylor.
Monte: house full of Leftovers because Taylor is sure to stay.
Alyssa: I want to stay and Taylor is close to both votes.
Taylor: I’m annoyed I’m on the block.
Britt feels alone…. and starting to spiral.
Our only chance is together. If she has my back I have hers.
Taylor has the votes 100%.
Turner doesn’t want Monte to have to get blood on his hands.
Britt says she’s excluded from the whole game. Taylor is ignoring Britt.
I need someone to moisturize my back.
Monte has been my friend all season… ED. her target for 6 weeks.
ED. She said from the beginning that production wanted her to showmance Monte. Neither wanted it. and now…. Look it finally happened.
Okay… is this still going on…. LONG ASS SEGMENT.
six out of 12 minutes on showmance so far.
They heard Alyssa coming and separated. Still busted.
Britt d/r: as soon as i wasn’t help to keep her off the block: ghost. Think the final 2 is ghost too. No face time is a spiral waiting to happen.
Britt is still raw. Taylor isn’t on her side she thinks.
Alyssa Campaigns to 10000 tears Britt:
Britt thinks her vote is irrelevant. Turner and Monte are boys.
Alyssa D/R is Turner lying to me and working with Monte?
Alyssa Campaigns to Turner:
Monte and Taylor are locked. If you vote me out I don’t forgive you. Don’t lie to me. Crying. She says if you go back on your word, this is bad. Keeping word is how she views game.
Turner d/r I’m annoyed. Threatening jury vote I have to think about this.
Alyssa says don’t lie to me, be straight up.
ED. I stand by my statement she was saying don’t lie to me be straight up or I can’t be friends or vote for you. He twisted it the way he twists everything to be the poor victim of a mean bully.
Taylor: I will fight. If I’m good for your game keep me.
Alyssa: home shout outs. 750k decision, remember that.
Vote to evict Taylor:
Vote to evict Alyssa:
TIE. Monte votes to evict Alyssa.
ED. Britt is doing her sway thing….. means the hyperhypnotoading has left her brain and taken over her body again.
Britt had Alyssa’s back. Turner hedged. Maybe Taylor was a better choice, but he wasn’t open to keeping her. Mostly strategy in the lie to me don’t vote for you. Salty. Comps were harder than expected. Kyle talk. That was awful. Right character move, but hard.
Monte: oops. I didn’t want this to happen.
Britt: alone, we both know it. fighting for you.
Taylor: agreement to get rid of you. ED. doesn’t own final 3 with men pushes women to end.
Turner: vote with the house or it makes me look bad.
She’s mad at Turner. Pushing for 2 women. Monte did Monte.
Montage of Julie outfits from this summer.

  1. Britt Turner get points
  2. Turner Taylor get points
  3. all get points.
  4. taylor britt get points
  5. taylor britt get points
  6. all get points
  7. all get points

How long was snoozefest in seconds: T: 480 B: 2700 ANSWER: 1404 BRITT OVER.
SUNDAY 830 west coast
no big brother on WEDNESDAY.
cookout is coming. I know i still like a couple of them… but I have too many feelings about the individuals that say nope.
Chart prepared Sunday…. so the fact I guesssed HOH right is something.

BB24 WEEK 11.jpg

So if you were writing the script would you have Taylor put up both Monte and Turner initially and say “everyone is fighting for the POV at this point” or pair Turner with Brittany on the block

un autre nom

If Monte stays in the HOH room tonight, no way in hell Taylor blackwidows him on the block tomorrow. It would be bad for her image. Bad for her chances to keep getting conjugals until Thursday.
If I were the writer?
Have her say the nominations don’t matter this week.


Which is 100% the truth; nominations really don’t matter just the POV comp

Team Taylor


Taylor wins her 2nd HOH and a spot on Finale Night! And not only did she beat Turner, she beat Brittany in a tie-breaker question.

She now has the underdog story and enough comp wins to be a better contender to win.

Now they just have to get Turner out next.


I’m thrilled Taylor won, it’s about time the ladies finally make the men feel the pressure in the house. Personally Taylor dragging Brittany to final 2 is her best shot.


lol. taylor wins hoh.

this. is. why. you. keep. alyssa.


Julie is so shady lol!! To Alyssa: “Your whole family loves this game. You’ve been practicing since 8 years old, playing competitions in the backyard, but you didn’t come away with any wins”. Lololol

The Kats Meow

I totally expect a Britney/Taylor blow up before veto comp. I don’t necessarily believe that Taylor will throw out Turner over Brittany, once it dawns and her that Britney was the one that voted to kick her out. A lot of these HG’s are petty and love retaliating, so at this point nothing would shock me.


Pretty sure Taylor will put Turner on the block, but she might also put Brittany on the block also for voting against her


No “I TOLD YOU SOs” from here to y’all salty nay sayers. Bwahaha who am I kidding?! I TOLD YOU SO! Taylor is true Queen with nurturing style, inside and outside beauty and Grace and self confidence. I believe in her and I hope she wins. Go blow your noses ya disbelievers. Hahaha


Taylor succeeded as a seductress and Monte fell for it hook, line, and sinker! She’s easily on her way to winning thanks to Monte.

And once again, scummy Turner lies. Guess he’s not Alyssa’s “homie” after all.

The Kats Meow

You know I’m really perplexed by the comments basically saying Taylor took advantage of Monte i.e. seduced him. Monte is a grown a** man who did what he wanted with Taylor. This slow burn flirting game had been going on for weeks with those two. I really don’t see how so many people missed it. Unlike poor dumb Kyle who was really seduced, based on how often he said no. Monte knew what he wanted and he had no trouble showing that that’s what he wanted. The first morning that happened was instigated by Monte. That was a mutual event between them, no one was seduced lol.

Sherry Holley



“Turner 1000%” screwed Alyssa’s game over. Backdooring Amerah and Kyle and now voting her out. All to keep Taylor who wont take him to F2 and is likely to convince Monte? What a fool! People are as foolish as Turner if they don’t see that Alyssa was totally justified to feel betrayed by Turner.

Mad Max

who is the bigger fool……Turner or Monte!

Sherry Holley

The seductress is Alyssa not Taylor. Taylor had game wins; not men wins. Let Monte and her have fun and stop the morality crap.


Cookout 2.0 with a twist. As long as you get 2 poc in final 2. The whole season Always rigged.


You’re as racist as Kyle, get lost! Monte and Taylor deserve final 4 spots they have pulled their weight. Alyssa had not won anything


Genuine question. What is wrong with you lol what do you get from being so blatantly racist

The Kats Meow

Show me on the doll where a black person winning BB hurt you, dang lol. We’ve had 24 seasons won mostly by white folks and a handful won by minorities, yet your clutching your pearls? You’ll live, let it go.


Taylor haters are big mad tonight. Lol

Game shows lover

Yes they are so mad on here lol
Go Taylor!!!!!


Brittany temporarily put aside her pity party


I must have missed the episode with snooze fest. What was that?

The Beef

Snooze Fest was the last Veto comp that Brittany won – the won with the gears and the cuckoo clock. Can’t believe it took her 23 minutes and 24 seconds to put 27 gears on the face of that clock and link them together. That’s an average of 52 seconds per gear!


Idk what all that furious math was that Brit was doing. It’s not that hard to figure out that 60min x 60 is 3600, then regroup to figure out the subdivision.

Being up against Taylor who is not an academic sort, that would have been more than close enough rather than to get lost in the numbers on paper, which is what seemed to happen to her.

Or did she really think that snoozefest was 45 min?

I had really wanted her to cause a house upset by winning.

Idk how Taylor will feel this week after Brit voted against her. She’s likely to realize it’s Brit who is lying about it rather than Turner.

There’s a part of Taylor’s social game that is very flawed. Naively clueless.

She left Brit to spiral from lonely paranoia. All she had to do since veto was be her friend.

She got too infatuated with Monte.

Brit really needs to learn to ask for what she wants. All she had to do was tell Taylor she really needs her friendship right now.

I did enjoy the split vote as it creates some suspicion and also forced Monte to reveal his game to Alyssa. But for Taylor and Brit, they could have both avoided that scenario.

Monte in his goodbye message was really trying to imply that he had nothing to do with the outcome. Up to the house.

I love how he got exposed on that.

Turner saying he did not want to vote against the house, at F5, makes him seem unworthy of the win. Perhaps he was just framing it that way to soothe Alyssa, but it is really lame.

If Alyssa had stayed, Brit would have won HOH. If Monte won veto, he would have very likely evicted Turner for the blindside.

Turner probably should have worked on telling Monte he wanted to give Alyssa a sympathy vote. Or even, that he knew he was Taylor’s target for next week and literally felt stupid to keep her.

How obnoxious is it for your F2, Monte, to intimidate you with his self-righteousness into not voting out the person who is going after you next week? Why isn’t Monte leaned on as to why he is so keen to keep Taylor? Turner caved to that power imbalance.

His entire game at this point is about being carried to F2 by Monte, as that is his safest bet compared to actually making individual moves to take out immediate threats.

He needs Monte, yet Monte doesn’t need him. Monte is using him. Monte is so confident and cocky as to treat Brit with scorn this week.

That’s what it means to be carried.

un autre nom

The time in seconds was 1404, which in minutes is 23 minutes and between 24-35 seconds (i didn’t do the full match just approximated for seconds but it might be 24 seconds on the nose). Britt’s answer looks more like she screwed up the math wither thinking the comp was a 45 minute comp, while Taylor guessed 8 minutes.

The effect of the split vote on jury: Turner gave up his optimum final three to give Monte HIS optimum final 3. He’s going to look like Monte’s little puppy with no game of his own.
Look at the double. Look at his second HOH. Turner is going to appear to the jury to be Monte’s spineless bitch.

Captain Kirk

At this juncture of this silly “game”, the alliances are really quite meaningless.
All there is to do is win the remaining competitions.

Monte and Taylor are one;
Turner is lost and without a compass (doubt if could read one too);
Brittany is alone but has focus and direction.