Big Brother 24 Week 6 Live Eviction Show

The entire season is likely going to be turned on his head tonight as the house gets split into two groups of 5 to play separate Big Brother Games for one week culminating in a double eviction next Thursday. I’m more excited seeing how logistically this is going to happen than to actually see it play out on the feeds. Here’s a BB first Simon isn’t pissed off by a twist.. yet.

Taylor won week 6 Head of Household and proceeded to pick random pawns and targets on a daily basis. In A season where people “Pooch” themselves, ‘Daniel” themselves etc.. Taylor kind of “Frenchied” herself. She settled on Indy and Terrance after promising all the girls they are safe this week. The ultimate target is really anyone’s guess. Kyle won the power of veto and Taylor’s target was narrowed down to Alyssa. Kyle doesn’t use the veto opting not to “Daniel” himself. At this point, I’m pretty sure Indy is going to be evicted. It’s been WAY too messy of a week.

It’s rare for someone who has held the top 3 on the ranking to drop so much during their Head of Household But Taylor found a way to do it. She’s now ranking lower than Brittany and sometimes lower than Alyssa.. Fascinating turn of events.

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The twist

“For the first time ever the game will completely change as the house splits into two groups. These two groups will have no interaction and in a Big Brother first, two completely separate games of Big Brother will play out simultaneously all week long all of it culminating with a double eviction like no other”

Indy – I came to America with my dreams and my luggage.
Terrance – 182 on me has given me 182 reasons to want to be here.

Monte votes to evict Indy
Michael votes to evict Terrance
Joe votes to evict Indy
Jasmine votes to evict Indy
Alyssa votes to evict Indy
Brittany votes to evict Indy
Turner votes to evict Indy
Kyle votes to evict Indy

Indy evicted

The Big Brother game is about to change. you are about to experience a week of Big Brother like it’s never been played. Get ready for the split house twist. There will be two games of Big Brother being played Simultaneous and separately. Two heads of household will be crowned. One HOH will live inside the house with four other houseguests. Playing one game of Big Brother in Big BroChella

A second HOH along with the remaining 4 houseguests will be living in the backyard all week long they will be playing their own Big Brother game at Dyre Fest.

These two groups of five will have no contact for the entire week. THey will be completely separated one outside and one inside. Both Big BroChella and Dyre Fest will have their own nominations Their own veto competitions and their own veto competitions and their own vote and eviction. At the end of the week, two houseguests will be sent to Jury.

Head of Household competition

If you win the competition you are Hoh of Big BrotChella the runner-up is outside being the HOH of the Dyre Fest.

Terrance eliminates Brittany
Terrance selects Joe and Jasmine to play

Jasmine Eliminates Joe
jasmine selects Monte and Turner to Play

Monte Eliminates Monte
Turner Selects Terrance and Alyssa to Play

Terrance eliminates Alyssa
Terrance selects Michael and Kyle

Michael Eliminates Kyle
Michael selects Terrance and Jasmine

Terrance eliminates Jasmine
Terrance selects Michael and Turner

Michael eliminates Turner

Michel is BroChella Head of Household
Terrance is Dyre fest Head of household.

11:17pm The live feeds are still blocked.

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That was poor time management on Production’s part

un autre nom

Two clips of tattoos? and two clips of Skidmark Antsy?
gee. Somebody in production really said suck it viewers.

Team Terrence

We should have seen hour one eviction, next half hour HOH, last half schoolyard pick and settling in. This season has been great. Grod got greedy tonight.


Bu Bu But we got to see them talk about race


Omg this episode is so drawn out, what a waste of my life


Total waste of time


So far, the only twist revealed tonight has been CBS suckering the viewers into watching 80 minutes of filler before the actual live vote.


Why is Julie dressed like a schoolteacher tonight?


Or a 1970s nurse.


it made her look flat chested


To me, she looked like country fried steak with extra gravy!

Mad Max

just getting yummier to Jazzy each week!


I am confused by what Indy just said. The way she was talking was if she’s not entering the jury house but I thought she had reconsidered that stance


I think that was just a bit of broken English. Plus she seems to have a bit of confusion about the formats of both BB USA and BB Brazil. That whole speech about “I want the money to go to the best person” is a bit foolish considering that both in the US and Canada the money should, in theory, go to whoever plays the best game. In countries where the audience picks the winner, it generally goes to the person that was able to play Miss/Mister Congeniality the most while also trying to evict players.


Simon and Dawg: Could you add negative numbers to the rating scale — at least for Jasmine? 😉


She does have big tits though. So maybe she gets positive points for that?


Seriously? What year are we in that you feel it’s ok to talk about women like that…even annoying contestants on a reality show. Grow the fuck up.


When will that particular breed of men learn that nobody cares about their boners? And that their decision to even share that they have a boner is entitled and stupid? Like why is that important to say out loud? Are we supposed to be impressed? I’m not. Nobody is.


So I’m guessing no points for the ta-tas? But I guess it’s cool for Joseph to walk around shirtless for 6 weeks straight, as if CBS isn’t playing that up? I’m cool with the guys being guys, and the girls being girls, but if Jas has got some physical gifts, I see no reason we can’t celebrate a beautiful female body, much like they’re celebrating a man’s beautiful body. And the way I see it, I’m not bothered by talking about their bodies…that by the way, they put on display for the world to see, which I believe makes my discussion more mature than you guys, who apparently believe it’s “taboo” to discuss…IN AN ONLINE FORUM ABOUT REALITY TV. Apparently you guys can’t separate the celebration of beauty without sexual desire. I never mentioned being aroused by Jas, Only the chance to celebrate her like the juicy, southern peach that she is. Am I right or am I right? I mean c’mon, she’s hotter than a black cat on a hot tin roof.


mansplained by a bonerfied dickhead


I would much rather have a sailor tell me what he thinks about me (a female) in his dirtiest sailor jargon than to have someone who keeps their thoughts to themselves.

And as a woman, the occasional cat call has never hurt me. Actually it can me make me feel desired, sexy, flirty, in control (snubbing my nose as I walk away)

I learned a long time ago that men are stimulated by visual.
I also learned to let men be men flirty/mouthy about what they see just as I learned that there are a lot of women who act like goody two shoes in public but will b*tch at their man for not mentioning how much he loves her big breast.

Want to be treated like a school marm in the streets and be treated like a dirty little sl*t in private.

Such hypocrisy.


What a waste of an HoH and an hour+ of recap. The whole veto should have been completed on the Wednesday show as normal. Then maybe we could have seen the split occur, not sure we will get this with only 30 minutes

looks like it may be a quiz show based on how they are dressed so rooting for Brit to win.


Wow — Brit was so slow!


I thought that first image was the most difficult it took me forever to find the VIP sign – whereas other than one other (Michael/Turner) I found them right away.


Yeah I thought she was gonna try she expects to be carried to finale these people need to try win something

un autre nom

Every once in a while i aske myself… doesn’t she sometimes wear glasses… why isn’t she wearing her glasses. Have i just made up an evil twin of Britt that has glasses? OH no, am I imagining evil twins again?


I think she threw it. Can’t say I blame her. Without knowing how things are going to pan out, like who might be in your house, I wouldn’t want to take the risk of being an HOH this week. So Michael got the in-house luxury HOH and Terrance won the outside HOH.
Suppose you ended up with all of your closest allies and had to evict one of them? Not a chance I’d want to take without knowing who would be in my house. I suspect she isn’t the only one that threw this comp.


Though I think Michael was smart with his goodbye message that pretty much destroyed Monte’s and Joseph’s goodbye messages


That was a masterclass GBM from a BB super fan. SERIOUSLY – that’s how you say goodbye – he told the truth, noted he was still trying to keep her safe & would take out those responsible. AND, he was the ONLY vote for her to stay! If he gets to F2 he’ll undoubtedly have her vote.

Typically they only show 4 GBMs but they showed 6 tonight (only Kyle, JasMEAN, Turner & Britt were missing). But as you astutely point out Michael’s GBM served to drive home that Monte, Joseph & Taylor all lied in their messages & had been lying to her essentially throughout the game.

I know in the longer interview Julie shows the other GBMs but I don’t know if they play all of them (ie: will she see the 6 she already saw), but if she does see them again, I think it’ll hurt Monte, Joe & Taylor even more bc she thought she had a F3 with Mo-Jo & Taylor played all week like Monte was going OTB so now she knows that was BS.

In his last 3 GBMs Kyle outed the Leftovers while Britt was planning on doing that too but they won’t carry the same weight & I actually think it’ll hurt both of them bc of Kyle’s ties to Ally & Britt not giving her vote bc Indy was in FS.


And then says she “knew” about the LO Alliance when Michael revealed it to her in his goodbye speech (great move on his part for the jury house to know about it! AND for his resume, which keeps growing).


Taylor’s goodbye message was…something. I have never heard sugar daddy and God mentioned in the same sentence before , lol

un autre nom

On feeds Indy has said god is her sugardaddy MULTIPLE times. that’s the source.


Terrance is the Outside HoH!


In the previous post last night I predicted that! 😀


Ya shocker, right? He actually won something!


Michael really screwed Turner. 🙁


Why did michale screw turner? terrance put them up. they both have 1 HOH. was he suppose to let turner win and put himself in danger of going home?

un autre nom

In the round after Michael beat Kyle he should have picked Turner with one of the 2 non leftovers. That way Turner and Michael didn’t have to face each other in the second to last round.
Only thing that michael can use as defense: if jas or terr beat turner, he’d have to beat both of them increasing the chances 2 non leftovers could be HOH’s.


Why do you assume turner would have won. Putting Terr and jas against each other insured one non leftover was out. he wanted to make sure it was two leftovers against terr not two non leftovers against him.

un autre nom

I don’t assume anything. I’m looking at it from the perspective of someone thinking MIchael screwed over Turner, and explaining how MIchael would have viewed the odds. always better to be part of the 2 not the lone one as the last three in a comp.


yes. Micheal putting up Terr/Jas was the only thing that insured that the leftovers ( M/T) would be part of the 2 not the lone one as the last three in the comp. Michael doing what he did made sure that at lest one of the HOH would be a leftover instead of losing both HOH. When you have 2 people on the bench that are not in your alliance (Ter/jas) you always put them up and that is what Michael did.If he had put Turner up against one of the non leftovers ,like you said, they could have lost both HOH

un autre nom

we aren’t disagreeing. I think either i didn’t write clearly because i wrote in haste or you misunderstood my take.


i think not having terr and jas as HOH is a real good defense.


What Terence actually performed well in an hoh and is now hoh of direfest

I need to see if he’ll has frozen over lol.


He won’t be strategic in his schoolyard picks though and Michael will be.


I agree. I think Michael will pick Taylor. You need to pick 2 that you trust and are good in comps for veto. And 2 you don’t mind putting up. Terrence will most likely chose monte first meaning people he all wants out.

The Beef

If he’s smart he’ll pick Jasmine and then leave Alyssa for Terrance as the last pick. That way she’s damn pretty much assured of leaving UNLESS she wins the Veto!

Palm Oil's Meds

Michael will put a POC on the block and Terrence will target Taylor or Monte if they are in the same house. So basically Taylor, Monte, Joseph, or Jasmine are in trouble.


School yard pick


Next on Big Brother…. Jasmine tells her fellow HGs that she can’t live outside because it’s still her birthday week, oh and she’s still injured too.


I think it would be funny to see her live outside but the complaining would get old real quck.


If you are right and they buy into it then…..she’s living with you for a week once the season is over


How the heck is live feeds gonna cover both. We are gonna miss a lot.


The “Quad” cam will get a lot of views (the one where you can watch 4 at the same time)

Paul Sucks

Ugh, what a waste of 2 hours. Should have just wait and watched it at double speed but even then it’s to much filler. The one thing you want to see, the pick and they don’t even show it. Not even on live feeds either. Feel cheated this week, expect the expected I guess.


So much for Let’s get rid of Indy cuz Terrance can’t win anything. Please let jasmine go home on his hoh. Lol


The best part was turner during jasmines bday party. Otherwise….


Sooo funny! I like turner. He does bring levity to the messy.


I don’t like this schoolyard pick crap at all. It should have been like Survivor does, random draw. They could at least shown us who was picked. A waste of 2 hours


The one good thing about schoolyard pick is Michael is going to expose himself a bit and upset some of his alliance.


I feel like the only person he’ll protect is Brittany and will pick Jasmine to vote her out. Terrance is so clueless so I’m more curious to see his picks. A LO is going home next week though, they don’t have enough power to keep 2 of them off Terrance’s block. I’m ok with Taylor or Joe going as her game play sucks – enough time has passed that she was redeemed from the initial poor treatment. And Joseph is dangerous by playing both sides…although he’s kind of Monte’s little bitch.

The Beef

You’re right, that should be the case, but just how close to Alyssa is Terrance? If Michael picks Jasmine first, Terrance can’t pick and protect her, so Terrance may have to re-think who he works with, and just might consider evicting Alyssa. Stranger things have happened.


There is a way that all the Leftovers stay. For example – if Kyle, Ally, Joe & Monte (or Turner) are outside & Mo-Jo convinces Terrance to put up the showmance then as long as Kylyssa don’t win POV Ally leaves.

Likewise, if Mo-Jo is OTB & one wins POV would he put up Ally (to save face with the guys for his safety the following week?)

I’m hoping for that scenario to play out Mo-Jo, Kylyssa outside for the war that ensues & if it does we’ll see who has the best social game between Mo-Jo & Kyle!



Cee Dee

That’s why survivor is the better show


It sure is

Jenny jen

i hope Michael wins!!! He is dominating the game— hopefully he can try to lay low (even though he’s won HOH how many times and how many vetos!?) lol. #teammichael.
omg please get jasmine out those “sweeter than some Georgia pecan” jokes are too much ??


I feel like Michael will pick Jasmine to be on his team to evict her. Terrance will be an idiot with his picks.


I’m with y’all: what a waste of 2 hours of my life. The “punk shows” were cringe and we didn’t need any of that. Taylor wasted her HOH and the whole week was a snooze fest. Now I want Michael to win for being not only a comp beast but also having the ability to see weeks and weeks ahead of time. He was literally losing it while Julie was filling them in on the dets about the twist, so I was really glad he was able to get it together and win HOH. Terrence.. God, hahaha I love that a good player (not that I think chicken wings Stan is good, ok?) will have to go to jury while he’s safe this week. Please send the showmance to jury so we don’t have to endure more montages during the actual episodes.

Poor management and uninspired segments – that’s what the TV episodes this season have been about.

I’m glad Indy got to leave when there was a live audience.

Blindside Butterbeans

Please, please, please let Jasmine be outside.


Actually, I think Michael should pick Jas first, then pick only leftovers. That will almost guarantee Jas will be voted out!

The Beef

Winner winner chicken-wing dinner!


YUP – I totally agree – he’ll do that & leave Ally to be on Terrance’s team so it looks like he’s specifically trying to do right by the LOs. AND I don’t think he picks Kyle or Joe if he can help it either. Michael will want an easy HOH — AND he’ll want war raging outside. 😉


Except then she won’t be nominated by Terrance.


Lol! I know right

I Spy

Pick strategy:
Ideally HoH wants 2 friends, 2 foes (foe/foe block, foe wins veto, friend up, HoH breaks the tie).
3 friends 1 foe, Hoh’ll may have to evict a friend (friend/foe block, foe wind veto, 2 friends up).
1 friend, 3 foes, Hoh may have to evict friend (foe/foe block, foe wins veto, friend up, out 2-0).

My predictions:
Mike: Brit, Ally, Kyle, Joe
Terrance: Jaz, Taylor, Monte, Turner


So much for Terrance NOT being a comp threat – it took FOUR rounds for him to lose LOL

The Beef

He did well, but will he be able to “read” his standing in the house, and strategically nominate the right players to try and advance his game somehow (if there’s any possible way to do that, given he’s in such a weak position in the house) as HOH? Does he have the chops to leverage this power, or will his HOH have dumb moves and do nothing to improve his game?


I’m anticipating Michael’s picks to be both about who he wants on his team & who he wants on the other side with a POUND heavy dynamic lol. (see my post) on picks.

un autre nom

Who WAS it that suggested Terrance multiple times and got shot down? Who said Terrance would be better at mental comps than Indy? hmmm. Oh right, it was Michael. I think 4 times? Then again, the pound guys were trying to make sure the men maintained a numbers advantage in case any of the women got frisky about girl power again… and fed Taylor’s ego.


Yeah – can’t wait for him to bring that up to the Pound guys. AND I suspect Terrance will be ONE OF the priority targets next week (depending on how much war occurs between LOs this week).


Possible that no live feeds means interference? Doubley robbed tonite. Trying to keep my anger appropriate for the silliness that I want to know before bedtime dammit!


Michael picks: Britney Monte Joseph Jasmin.
Terrance picks: Turner Kyle Alyssa Taylor

un autre nom

I think Terrance takes Joseph. He thinks Joseph is his boy. Terr: jos, al, ky, turner in order.
I think Michael gets Taylor picked by jasmine thinking won’t vote out black woman. Mich: brit, jas, tay, monte.
But otherwise I agree.

I Spy

I believe Jaz is Terr’s #1, so she is his first round pick. But I’m only a casual feed watcher so I could be wrong.

un autre nom

For some reason I think of Terrance as someone that’s going to try to choose men. I mean at this point he’s said that so many people are his number one that who knows what he’s really thinking.


The SMARTEST thing Terrance could do is pick four TARGETS – he wants to make a big move right? I thought he should pick Monte/Joe/Showmance but if Jas/Turner are on different teams (per Spoiler Girl) I’m thinking Terrance would have the showmance, Joe & Turner.

Dying for these feeds to return to find out.


Which is why I think Michael will pick Jas first to ensure he has an easy target (and so Terrance can’t get her) – and I think he’d be smart enough to know he can’t pick Ally then so she’s outside (and if Spoiler Girl is correct so is Kyle).


i hope everyone realizes Brit lost on purpose.she did not want to have to put jasmine and alyssa up against each other and piss them off. she stud there and fake squinted until t found it. Michel is going to be sorry he hooked up with her,she’s going to stab him in the back before it’s over.


Terrence picks – Monty, Taylor, Joseph and Turner
Michael – Brittany, Jasmine, Allysa, Kyle

Jasmine and Taylor go home

Daisy may123

That was the most boring episode ever, we were falling asleep. Then the end and they don’t even pick teams. They were standing there like they were going to pick teams do you guys know the team’s? I don’t understand this really are the ones in the backyard like the have nots? The ones inside have access to the food, fridge showers and beds and the ones outside don’t have any of that?

Daisy may123

Michael will pick Brittany, Terrence will take Jasmine and she will be pissed! Michael will pick next Monty Terrance next will take Joseph, Michael might take Kyle splitting up allyisa and him cause Terrance will take her Michael will take Turner and Taylor will go outside. See how close I get!


Come on w the feeds where’s the updates come on !

un autre nom

Currently only Taylor, Michael and Kyle have more d/r than Daniel. Everyone else has less. Indy was bottom of the barrel, but her punishment and nom d/r pushed her past Brit, who still has less D/R content than everyone but Pooch and Paloma. Indy had less D/R than Ameerah and I think might be tied with Nic.

Taylor and Michael are in the 100+ club. Kyle is in the 80’s.


Can someone tell me why does everyone feel the need to wear sunglasses indoors?


the lights are really bright on the soundstage where the house is set up

East Coaster

The lights for filming are super bright I believe I read once.


it’s so production can’t see when they’re napping .


A few different reasons.. the lights are bright inside the house, they’re too cool for school and they wear them when they nap so that its harder for BB to tell if they’re napping.


As per below – very bright studio lights.

I’d be one of those people b/c I have really light-colored eyes & lights bother me to the point I can get terrible headaches (frequent migraines). When I walk outside on a sunny day I start sneezing bc my eyes are so sensitive.


Accurate Spoilers:
Turns out Spoiler Girl had everything correct – ONE HOH & house split inside/outside & my guess that it would be schoolyard picks also proves to be correct.

HOH comp – some surprises:

Impressively, Terrance won three of four rounds in that comp. Michael was the only other hamster to play more than two rounds (3).

Terrance f*cked up selecting Jasmine & Joseph after round one – I mean wtf was that? he spouts off all the time about wanting to make big moves & then he selects his two closest allies in the house to go against each other? HUH???

Some may think Michael made a bad choice putting up Jas versus Terrance instead of one of them versus Turner — but the way Terrance was ripping through the game I think Michael viewed the situation as he couldn’t risk Turner losing & then him also losing meaning Jas/Terrance would both be HOHs. And since we know how Michael’s mind works – it’s also very likely he wanted one of Terr/Jas getting an HOH bc he prob felt confident he could beat Turner.

Gotta say – I expected more from Monte & Joe in this comp (and they did look to be trying).

Schoolyard picks:

I didn’t expect to be doing math tonight but if I’ve done my homework correctly there are 70 different combinations that can occur.

Both HOHs should be thinking in broad terms:

  • who do I want to target?
  • who do I want to protect?
  • who will vote how I want?
  • AND how do I ensure someone I don’t want to take out personally but want gone is on the other team?

To be fair, I highly doubt Terrance will consider those factors but I do think Michael will be thinking about every possibility to ensure his best scenario of picks on BOTH teams.

Selection Strategy:

Presumably, Michael as the top HOH winner will get the first, third, fifth & seventh selections. That means he can focus on picking a target & also pick who the final person is on Terrance’s team bc he has the seventh pick. My guess is Michael will select JasMEAN first in order to stymie Terr from picking her first (yeah I know we all wanted Jas living outside this week – but I’d rather she be a potential target which she won’t be with Terrance as HOH). For Michael – it gives him a target the LOs want out & allows him to avoid picking Ally who he won’t want to personally remove.

Michael knows Terrance ONLY talks about making BIG MOVES so I think he’ll be more than happy to stay clear of the alphas in the Pound (specifically Monte/Joe) who he wants split up anyway. In fact, I think Michael’s picks will be specifically about ensuring his targets land on Terrance’s team.

To that end, I’m thinking Michael’s IDEAL scenario would be JasMEAN, Brittany, Taylor, and Turner (Monte if not) on his side. Splitting up Taylor/Joe would give him & Britt an opportunity to reconnect with Taylor. Turner would be the bonus – b/c it would allow him time to bond w/o the other Pound guys around.

B/c Terrance feels close to Turner he might pick him & if that happens then Michael should pick Monte bc it gives him a backdoor option & also to ensure Joe & Kyle are outside.

In scenario one (Kylyssa/Joe/Monte) Terrance would have his big targets & Michael would get his desired war between Mo-Jo & Kyle. Mo-Jo would pitch breaking up the showmance. Kyle would counter by spilling Mo-Jo have a F2 & “Joe the spy”. I further suspect Kyle/Ally will pitch hard to put up Mo-Jo saying it’s the best shot Terrance has of getting out Monte.

In scenario two with Turner in place of Monte – Kyle would need to get Turner to buy into taking out Joe now in order to set them up for the end game.

If Kyle is on Terrance’s team he’ll have some work to do regardless b/c Terr believes he didn’t use the POV to save Monte so he’ll need to spill how Taylor specifically told him Ally was the target & how Taylor came in the SR & said to play along with me when she yelled at him. Terrance has treated Taylor terribly in this game so I can imagine him easily being swayed especially once Kyle dumps intel on Joe’s double-agent work.

One way Terrance could screw with Michael would be by picking Brittany but I honestly don’t think she would be his first pick so Michael should be able to get her with his 2nd pick.

For now we await live feeds to return and to see who is inside & who is outside. They should be back any time now so I’m anxious to see how things panned out. Should be a lit night of feeds.


these production twists really trying everything in their power to keep jasmine around.

un autre nom

I half expect feeds to return to night vision cam of Terrance saying who wants to see my HOH sleeping bag.



10 second Kyle

My preferred boots: Jasmean , Kyle, Alyssa….. Spoiler Girl on Twitter says Kyle & Alyssa are teamed together ?

un autre nom

What’s taking so long?

  • Jasmine had to run through the house stealing food to put in with her socks and unmentionables (i said don’t mention them).
  • Kyle and Alyssa… no that would have only taken under a minute.
  • Britt is still trying to find the answer to the first question
  • Jozea invaded the house and decided feeds ae done
  • Indy refused to leave the stage… she’s still telling Julie they should do a Godcast together.
  • The backyard lights are so bright that Turner combusted.
  • A bullhorn and drones are already descending on the yard.
  • Terrance tried to pick all of the black houseguests, and Michael and Britt are screaming not our fault.
  • Michael is still thinking he can stay under cover with 6 comp wins….

5 people had to pack all of their belongings while 5 others had to sit in HOH lockdown.
Then they had to put up screening to make sure nobody could see into the back yard.

OR Grod decided to say can’t hashtag what you can’t see, losers.


Spoiler Girl says 99% – Kyle/Alyssa are on the same team, Brittany is with Michael & Turner/JasMEAN are on different teams.

So I’m really hoping Michael picked Jas 1st & knew enough to let Kyle/Ally be on Terrance’s team. I can still get my 1B option for Michael if he picked Jas, Brit, Taylor & Monte (Turner was my preference as the 4th so he could use the week to get closer to him but having Monte isn’t bad if that happens).

It’s an hour after the west coast show ended & we’re still waiting… UGH

un autre nom

I’ve been under the possibly false assumption that it’s classic schoolyard.
Meaning captain chooses first player, that player chooses second player.
If it’s Captain chooses the whole side that’s a whole different story.
My bad. hmm. have to think.


You never played sports


The feeds are back up. Nooooooooo!!!! Jasmine is on the Inside team

Mad Max

Of course….it’s Her Birthday week, month & Year!


The Indoor Team is Taylor, Monte, Michael, Brittany, and Jasmine. I am thinking that the most unpredictable nominations, veto ceremony, & eviction will come from the Outdoor team since I have a feeling that the nominees for Indoor will be Monte and Jasmine


My 1B option for Michael was spot on:


So Terrance picks Joseph, Kyle, Alyssa, and Turner and they all have to sleep outside. Terrance has an Air Mattress and the rest are sleeping on the ground
Michael picks Taylor, Brittany, Jasmine and Monte to join him on the inside.
Who is Grodner trying to protect by splitting up the LO’s- Michael maybe?

un autre nom


the oustside team took all of the pillows. Jasmine is upset… i wonder if she was hiding snacks in her pillow case?

BB24 WEEK 7.jpg

I hope all them in the backyard shoes cbs’s ass it’s so wrong what they’re doing to them so so wrong I feel so bad for them I don’t think I’ll ever watch Big brother again they didn’t sign up for that none of them have a chance to win HOH on Thursday because by Thursday they’re all going to be f****** sick