Big Brother 24 week 8 eviction episode

I have said it many times this is a great season we have so many twists and turns happening it’s been a real treat to watch. Nothing like the snooze seasons of the last three (or more! I just can’t remember that far back). This week was no different. Seeing Michael weaponize what Kyle said about cookout2 is opening up a new strategy in the game that we’ll likely see more of in future seasons. I’ve heard all angles about this in the comments on this site and I’m glad OBB was able to have that conversation. I always learn something new watching this show, I appreciate that. Hearing Kyle explain his upbringing then hearing Monte talk about his little brother serving in the coast guard allowed us all to better understand the situation.

We have some crafty players in the game pulling off things we rarely ever see in Big Brother and introducing new plays. Kyle is getting evicted grab a drink relax it’s Big Brother 🙂

With that said the week was

Turner won the Head of Household. Nominated Brittany and Taylor. The target was Michael. Michael of course wins his 35th veto and plans to use it on Brittany. Before the Veto Ceremony Michael tells everyone that Kyle came to him weeks ago with the worry a cookout2 is forming. Kyle also wanted to form what was basically a white cookout to combat this. Michael and Brittany being upset sat on this information until there was an opportunity that Kyle would be nominated. Kyle was nominated and guaranteed to get evicted. There was some attempt by Terrance to save Kyle but there was no budging it. Kyle did the rounds crying, talking, learning and hugging and no one appeared  to hold a grudge. They seemed to all decide to make this a learning and growing experience for the man child.

Taking a quick look at the ranking he see a substantial decrease In Michael’s popularity and Monte now taking command of the top spot with Turner not far behind. 6% of the ranks that go to Paloma are 5 star. It’s an elite club we’re accepting new members sign up is simple go here->

Results from the Life Show

Michael votes to evict Kyle
Alyssa votes to evict Kyle
Terrance votes to evict Kyle
Brittany votes to evict Kyle
Monte votes to evict Kyle

Kyle is evicted

Next Thursday is a Double Eviction

Zingbot Puzzle competition.

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un autre nom

Kyle has said on feeds he hopes this episode shows his redemption.
shocking revelation. Kyle assumes a cookout. Michael Britt not down for assumption of race. Monte is done with Leftovers. Backdoor plan was Michael. Michael won veto.
Talk about Kyle’s assumption. House knows. Kyle learns his words are coming back to haunt him.
Day 58
But First: Division theories are public knowledge.
Kyle talks to Britt.
Kyle says he never said this, he never meant it.
Day 43 FLASHBACK. Bathroom clip where Britt says she can’t do Kyle’s idea because of optics (the day D/R told her about the optics and public perception)..
She doesn’t think he’s racist and bad person. She calls Kyle’s unconscious bias.
Have not room talk with Monte and Terrance.
Kyle lumped three together. Kyle looked at why’s for everyone coming into the game.
He equated to Cookout. Realizes it looks bad now.
Monte: tough because we were bros. Solely based on race. Actions are louder than words.
Terrance: Kyle’s words put Joseph out of the game and Terrance was taken advantage of due to racial bias.
Kyle: needs to learn and discover why he looked at race.
Kitchen conversation: Monte, Turner, Terrance
Monte is still worried about timing. He puts blame on them too. Why sit on it?
Turner: can’t play telephone, have a house meeting.
Terrance gathers everyone for a Family Meeting.
Kyle starts out the meeting. Hot potatoes to Michael.
Michael week 5 talk. Kyle interrupts.
Kyle outs the final 2 with Turner. He names the people he felt closest with as his team thought.
Kyle says he lacks life experiences. He says nobody pushed back. Britt pushes back saying she did sit with him and push back in the bathroom.
Michael says your words, own them.
Terrance says take ownership Michael and Brittany. Monte talks, says why didn’t you tell me? Terrance holds them partially responsible for his move against Joseph.
Britt is hot seat, Michael is trying to blend into the furniture. Typical of their dynamic.
Taylor says she doesn’t get the opportunity to be walked through these experiences.
Monte says beyond game. Taylor says eviction should be his only consequence.
Kyle says he’s going home this week, so he wants to get better. He has work to do as a person.
Not showing Turner getting promises from Britt, Taylor and Michael to put Kyle up, he’d get safety if he did it.
Michael removes Brittany.
Kyle replaces with Kyle.
Kyle asks how to go through the next few days and not isolate.
Monte D/R: Kyle can talk to me he’s owned his mistakes.
Alyssa doens’t want to fix him.
Kyle hopes there is hope. Alyssa says you’re selfish.
Alyssa D/R: lies and manipulation.
KYLE / MONTE talk:
Tears. Same game. The look in the Have not room (disgust) friendship means a lot to me.
Kyle made assumptions that weren’t Monte’s fault. Hit me. Not helpful.
Monte tears up. Tough because he went to a prestigious white highschool where social dynamic was he must be a token jock. He has more comfort with black people because there is always a racial question. Monte doesn’t hate Kyle, he hates the thought process.
Monte and Taylor: talk about timing with Michael and Britt.
Did they play this out just for game. Monte is pushing for Michael back door.
Taylor doesn’t disagree. Comp beast.

ED. OPINION: Michael and Britt obviously used the reveal for game. Is Monte also using the reveal for game given he was ALREADY pushing Michael as target? IMO, Yup. EVERYONE is using the reveal for GAME. Turner got promises to be safe to put Kyle on the block. Monte used timing to push a target he was already pushing for a week and a half to two weeks. He’s using timing to wedge Taylor away from Michael and Britt. Terrance uses timing as moral indignation to push Michael hoping to keep numbers? All of this is using the reveal as a strategic game tool.

Kyle: learned a lot about himself. Kind words for each houseguest.
Taylor: Love is strength. Love you and support you Kyle. Keep me.
Evict Kyle
Michael, Alyssa, Terrance, Britt, Monte
Kyle evicted 5-0.
JULIE KYLE Exit Interview:
Kyle is feeling tough week, grateful.
Kyle says it didn’t click when he said they’ve all got the same reasons to put them together.
Britt quoted ‘can’t assume’. Kyle didn’t consider it, he was overthinking. Outing Alliance: Joseph wasn’t for that reason. He felt on the outs, so he stabbed Joseph before Joseph could stab him. How much of his alliance jumping was due to Alyssa protection? The after party was part of that. NO GBM.

Transfer pieces to platform build puzzle. Front of Zingbot away from the start platform.

No Name

See,BB made it nice.

un autre nom

Yeah, all the un-nice stuff… that was all during feed cuts.
Given the way the conversations were shown, and the descriptions of the conversations on feeds… that was masterful cut and paste.


It’s as if everyone is trying to win a boatload of cash or something!!!

un autre nom

True. I think It was a thought that hit me though as i was watching the episode.
So, as usual, I added it in.

Bb is done

Thnx for last few years Simon and dog!!! I always liked when I was ahead of my friends…. I’m half way thru tonight… this shows over… anybody… I’ve been in front of a shrink then Uber a prosecutor… dumb kid from Utah… dumb ass kid… I woulda tore into room after Alyssa told me…. Kids balls ain’t dropped yet… much luv from Muskegon mi…?


It’s too bad that the live feeders don’t get to see Zingbot on the feeds and have to wait until Sunday. I think everyone needs it

The Pale Man of the Labyrinth

I love how everyone conveniently puts the blame on Michael & Brittany, but…

1. They never called Kyle a racist, they never even said he had malicious intent.

2. They’ve been calling Kyle “KKKyle” on Twitter for about a month now…
In fact, the night he made the comments, #KKKyle was trending on Twitter…. which was weeks before Michael & Brittany said anything.

People with the live feed have ears, they heard him long before Michael & Brittany brought it up this week and have been buzzing about it ever since.

Kyle’s taking responsibility, he said his words were rooted in race, and yet the apologists on here still blame Michael & Brittany, yet Kyle was the one who said the words… he gets a pass for actually saying it, but they get the blame for bringing it up. Ridiculous.

Someone on here made up a BS lie that Kyle’s only taking accountability because production made him.
That’s a ridiculous thing to say, so you can continue bashing Michael & Brittany, rather than putting any owness on Kyle.

Nice narrative.


Good comment.


Two wrongs don’t make a right. No matter how you slice it, Michael had MALINTENT, Kyle did not. Michael is the one that will burn in Hell, not Kyle. Sorry to burst your racist bubble.


Oh no… just no. Big no.

You Kyle supporters and fans try to cast Kyle – who is 29 – as an innocent, clueless, man child. He’s not. And we saw how he’s very adult for many other (if not MOST) things. Michael is younger than Kyle; Michale is 28. And Brit is 32. Interestingly, you – Kyle supporters and fans – choose to cast them as adults with malicious intent and instead push the “oh, our poor, naive and young Kyle” narrative. Not cool.

If you guys need refreshers, there are edits on YouTube and Twitter just with the problematic things Kyle have said in this game. M/B didn’t tell manipulate his words. He said every little single racist thing he said. He better own it, and his fans should too. What he probably does not like – and the same goes for his fans – is that he got caught. Too late to cry now. Cat’s out of the bag.


Michael played big brother. You know the game they’re currently trying to win?


Malintent? Burn in hell? What’s wrong with you people? Sometimes I truly can’t tell the difference in toxicity between some houseguests and the fans.
They are playing a GAME people. They used it for game but they didn’t manipulate the truth. Besides, the hurtful assumptions based on biases were not coming out from anybody’s mouth but Kyle’s, neither did the the micro aggressive and jealous comments toward Taylor from other players people seem to forget already. THAT was malintent.

my opinion

They weren’t completely just assumptions. When Monte, Joe and Taylor were running the leftovers. Taylor herself said she wouldn’t put up a black woman and didn’t want to vote out a black woman. I mean the cookout specifically said if they each team up with a white person they can ride it to final 7, which they did. Was what Kyle said wrong? To some extent. But that also means so is Taylor and the cookout.


That’s the kind of gas lighting they do, on Twitter, etc. Everything they don’t like is someone else’s fault. They are constantly tagging someone who disappoints them to “burn in hell”. Just toxic people. lol


Michael and Brittany used the black players race as a strategy – they are the evil racists here


Perfectly put. Agree 100%.


Completely agree. Kyle did himself in when he betrayed Joe and the LO to save his hide. Michael knew he was next to becoming Kyle’s victim so he played the game.

Any reading of Kyle’s racial musings on the feeds are very uncomfortable. He has roots in racism but I don’t think he’s hopeless. He’ll leave this experience and as Hal Holbrook said in “Wall Street”, he’ll “look into the abyss “ and maybe come out a better person.

4 be 4

Oh shut it. He did nothing wrong move on Your comment is very vomit worthy!


Monte’s reaction alone should tell you he most definitely did wrong in his assumptions. He just threw his relationship with him and Jo away when he was in a winning position in the middle of the LO, all because he was worried about something that wasn’t there.


Everything is taped, and production sat on this information, before Michael or Brittney. It should NEVER have been put in Michaels hands to bring forward. It was already being talked about on twitter before being brought into the game play from Michael. PRODUCTION SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN FRONT OF THIS.


I agreed. I have always felt production have their hands in the narrative of what goes on in the BB house. I bet when they saw Micheal ( whom I like ) about to go I bet in that DR session they also were suggestive about Kyles comments. They probably put in his head it could be used too. That’s why so many drop feeds so they can control the narrative of what we know. We are in a BBB ( big brother bubble) ourselves. Why should we get all twisted up, causing conflict among ourselves when we don’t have all the facts of what lead to the comments of not only Kyle but M&B too. The real show is The full DR Sessions. We probably would be appalled at the manipulation, and misleading questions that can get in your head. Remember the show is called Big “Brother”. Ask yourself what part does he play. guess we will never really know he is the real racist turning the heads of discord. Oh what a laugh he’s having. Haha haha ha


Everyone else in the cast is being so supportive and kind to Kyle. Then, after the meeting, Michael’s, “Bye, Kyle” was just vindictive — got ya.


You got to understand. Kyle and Michael had this weird rivalry where Michael knew Kyle was not being real with him and way before anything happed this week Kyle called Michael evil in one of the AfterParty meetings


I understand what you are saying, and I am not a Kyle fan, and I do not support his actions. I’m also not a fan of ruining someone’s life outside of the house to further your game. Just my opinion. I understand that lying, cheating, and backstabbing are (fun) parts of the game, but waiting for weeks and then using it to further your game is not behavior I personally can condone. The dig at that moment was just tacky and classless to me.


What you are describing is part of regular game play.

Whereas Michael vindictively enjoying the sounds of the aortic rip from the knife plunge, even after seeing Kyle and the other HGs pouring their hearts out to each other, is very cold and unforgiving on a personal level.

He just does not seem like a very compassionate or principled guy.

4 be 4

He is a damn attorney that should tell you all you have to know. Any Black clients anymore????? They know you should have said something right away if he felt it was so wrong.

4 be 4

Mikie is a little wienie.
Never got picked till last at recess.


Michael is still showing his true colors. EVIL.


Lol this is the dumbest comment he’s playing a game for 700 thousand what kind of show would it be If everyone played nice? Did you forget how Kyle was talking about Michael in that diary room on Wednesday come on people quit being blind




He’s playing BB with more skill, intellect and strategy than any player I’ve seen in over a decade.


Michael is a vindictive person with no personality or empathy.
Go Monte and Turner


Kinda how Kyle was when he threw his “good ally” Joe right under the bus to get him evicted! Michael is playing the game. Kyle was a snake and probably a racist.


Kinda how Kyle was being in the diary room on weds show talk about calling the kettle black


What you also need to understand is that when Kyle came back into the house after Dyre and the AP had been formed, Kyle would not talk to Michael. Michael figured out that Kyle had betrayed the LO, got Joe evicted, and for certain he’d be next.

The Kats Meow

Going to place a mirror on the wall here, for all these comments about Michael being vindictive, evil, or lacking compassion. Are y’all trading your comments? Kyle played the game in a sneaky cutthroat way, as did Michael. Michael was just better at it. No one on over a decade has had his competition prowess. He even won the cookie contest lol


The morality police should just stop pontificating. It’s so hypocritical and ironic especially with the name calling.


Just wondering. Your posted rating screen shot above shows Paloma at .78
The daily rating chart shows her at:
day 50 – .69
day 51 – .64
day 52 – .61
day 53 – .66
day 54 – .69
day 55 – .63
day 56 – .69
day 57 – .69
day 58 – .71
day 59 – TBD (4.5 hours till midnight)

Since the votes are tabulated at midnight BB Time, where did you come up with .78?

I look at the rating chart a few times each day and see the numbers of various folks changing almost hourly. If in fact the votes are calculated at midnight, numbers shouldn’t change from one midnight to the next.

Julie Chen

5 every time. But she’s really a 10.


Waiting for the Fashion Police to comment on Julie’s outfit. I need to laugh.


I know it sounds weird but after Taylor’s eviction night speech the song Aquarius from Hair popped into my head

4 be 4

She is playing for AFP & to keep a well “groomed” appearance for future employment she wants. Im sure production coached her into what to say to come off the best to most people. She really hates him, and is pretty much the same kind of person as her “fans” that you read here or on twitter.

Big Fan

Do you personally know her,or are you just assuming she is not capable of coming up with her own words?


Hate much?


Did you guys hear the audio leak when a female producer informs Julie it’s her turn to speak? haha – I love live TV.

Kyle’s warm reception by the audience… hahaha…

I don’t feel sorry… the dude did it to himself.

And CBS keeps – year after year – knowing how to keep the buzz for this show alive. Social media was riddled with problematic videos and posts that Kyle had posted on his socials. They turned a blind eye because they knew he’d eventually reveal himself after 3 months being recorded 24/7.

Let’s see how this interview goes now…

Don’t watch if Kyle goes

Just like I didn’t waste my time watching it wouldn’t give cbs another person

Rachel E Kennedy

Are you no longer watching?


Kyle was being Kyle. His claim to fame this summer is having 10 second sec and betraying his alliance to save himself.


He almost admitted live what he said on the feeds: he was sore that he had to be outside during the split


This is different. Normally Zingbot hosts the Zingbot-related competition

Paul Sucks

So the last veto competition was sliding back and forth to fill a jug and this HOH is run back and forth to assemble a puzzle.

Guessing Michael takes the win with Alyssa and Terrence on the block with Monte as the back door plan.


Michael hates Kyle because as a gay Jew, I am sure (sadly) that Michael has been tortured and bullied and intimidated many times by athletic, blonde, straight white guys in his life. This was personal for Michael. This was a vendetta against specific people in Michael’s life, and had little to nothing to do with anything Kyle specifically did. I hope Michael won’t be destroyed too hard for his calculated actions in this house. BB fans are brutal and relentless.


I think Michael will be just fine. He came in BB to play. He saved what would have been a ho hum summer to an exciting one. I have loved watching him go from being left out of the all boys alliance to a comp king. With strategy and intellect. He’s one of the best things that has happened to BB. I was just about to watch summer reruns of Survivor when I noticed Michael and stayed on.

It's me

Hate Zingbot!
I can never understand what zingbot saying


I always put in the closed captioning when zingbot is on for that very reason

It's me

Hope Terrance wins HOH!

Good grief BB24

What is wrong with Alyssa?

She wanted to have babies with Kyle, she thought he was her person? He doesn’t even have a job !?! High standards there ???


She wants to win BB more!

Good grief BB24

Ya….she’s not going to!

un autre nom

A baby would be the only real proof they actually indeed had sex since all of their sex acts added together in terms of time only crossed the one minute threshold yesterday.


I think it’s total BS that Taylor said that she was going to keep Jasmine because she cannot vote out a strong black woman. It’s OK for these racial comments and Kyle did not even put in a racial comment and everybody ganged up on him about the cookout all he did was make an assumption observation about the cookout from last year. I think this is totally ridiculous


She didn’t say she was going to keep Jasmine and that she cannot vote out a strong black woman, she said she wasn’t going to nominate her and she wouldn’t NOMINATE a black woman. She voted Jasmine out, hence she didn’t “keep” Jasmine.


I really don’t get it either. To me it just feels like a double standard. Like why can a POC say they won’t vote out a POC but a white person can’t say they want to work with white people? I know people will say it’s a bigger cause when a POC says it but it just isn’t right in my opinion. If everyone wants to be treated equal it shouldn’t be allowed to be said by anyone regardless of their race. I honestly don’t think Kyle meant anything racist by what he said. Why is he not allowed as a white man to make a assumption that maybe an alliance is being formed like the Cookout. Maybe saying it was wrong in some ways but he wasn’t being racist. I do think it was shitty how Michael and Brittany brought it to light. That kinda strategy should never ever be used in the game. They made it a way bigger thing than it actually was.

Rachel E Kennedy

Taylor NEVER said “she cannot vote out a strong black woman” Stacie, she said she would never nominate a black woman….Taylor would not/did not say she wouldn’t evict a strong black woman. Enough with the cookout “racist” comments. Look back at all Kyle said since the beginning of this season. It’s not just his assumptions, which I’m sure (or not) you’ve heard, making assumptions is making an ass out of you and me…..
No one has ganged up on Kyle, his own words have landed him where he is.
It doesn’t matter that he’s lived a “sheltered,” life, he is 29 years old. He might have believed life in BB24 would be easy going, now he knows how hard life under a microscope can be…….welcome to the world outside of being young(ish), blond(ish) and normally loved by everyone.
Your thought of this being totally ridiculous is well……..REDICULOUS ???

Avid watcher

Don’t worry about it. You’ll never understand.


Black players can start an all black alliance based on their race, then the next season they can try and start another all black alliance, but if a white player is concerned that they may start another one then that white player is the racist…..ZING !!!!!

Rachel E Kennedy

You must be a person who hasn’t really truly experienced race privilege ?

Good grief BB24

Pat Sajak is always calling people out on wheel of fortune…

He should be the new Big Brother host, imagine those interviews! Yowzer!!!!!

un autre nom

Scary thing? My first reaction was to make sure Sajak was still alive.


Julie needs a hair and wardrobe stylist…

Good grief BB24

Agreed. Zingbot needs to zing that top!

un autre nom

Stats: Michael won HOH.
Monte is playing middle.
Michael and Britt reaffirmed their final 3 last night (final 4 with Monte, Monte absent).
Monte has pushed forward with his Get Michael Conversations. Britt has told Michael.
Turner is trying to play YaY Leftovers…. why don’t you trust me… is it putting you on the block or taking advantage of the Kyle reveal to make you swear not to nominate me?
Terrance likely still thinks he has the numbers.
Alyssa as formed an alliance with the butterfly pool floatie.
Double eviction is coming… guess who next week’s target will be….

BB24 WEEK 8a.jpg
Good grief BB24

Butterfly pool float is hahahahba!!!


So DEAD at Alyssa/Butterfly Pool Floatie being a F2.

It would beat her too lol…


Michael won HOH!

I’m glad since it appeared Monte had switched Taylor over to target Michael. I hope Monte gets revealed for how hard he was gunning for Michael & becomes the target!

Annoyed by how production has elected to position the narrative — let’s play the game & take out the big targets which for Michael has to be Monte!


My guess is that Terrence & Alyssa are on the block. Right now the best time to evict Michael is during double eviction


Why was it so important for Julia to showcase her armpits this episode?

I am traumatized.

The puzzle of that top.

I need Joan Rivers right now.


I wish spirits of the dead could be conjured up (like in OG Charmed with Grams and their mom).

Joan would DRAG Julie for that atrocity and deservingly so!

un autre nom

I’ve always thought the commenters on here have better zings for the houseguests than Zingbot. Go for it, folks.


We should all want equality….it becomes a problem when people want to “get even”.


Please don’t attack me, isn’t saying the African Americans have the numbers and can make cookout2 a problem so let’s remove some of them part of the game? Didnt they actuall make the cookout last year and end up winning? Would it be different if there were 5 woman and 3 guys left and the guys said hey we need to remove some woman or they’ll steamroll us?
Not sure why Kyle is a racist for saying the obvious?

Tired of racism

My thoughts exactly. It’s okay to have all black houseguest team up against whites. But because he mentioned this, he is racist. Very disappointed that Big Brother has turned into a race war.
Why is it not racist that Taylor said she couldn’t nominate a black sister, referring to Jasmine, even though they had no solid ties.
Why not just make it all people of color from here on out so America doesn’t get butt hurt when someone gets voted out?

BB No More

I stopped watching this season as soon as they brought all this stupid drama in. This show is supposed to be entertainment and a game. Go back and watch previous seasons… like season 10 when it was actually fun to watch and there was definitely drama, but way more entertaining. What a difference in casting and game play between the seasons.

Post comment

Cry about it Kyle fan girls

BB Fan 68

Michael and Brittany only used the information to divide the house and to save themselves. They weren’t upset about it three weeks ago. Kyle’s remarks were stupid but i honestly do not feel he was being malicious at all whereas Michael and Brittany were. The Cookout was formed and is a part of the game now so it was a valid concern. Brittany’s only game is Michael. They made the situation worse by saying what they did three weeks later and made it 10 times worse than what it was. Again, Michael’s comment was wrong but so was their witholding the information until it would help them.