Big Brother 25 Week 7 DOUBLE Eviction Results

It’s double eviction tonight. My favorite episode to watch! Cameron will be evicted first after that it’s really anyone’s guess. Cirie and Jared are in trouble with most of the house wanting at least one of them out. Don’t worry Stunt fans Grodner has twists coming to keep them safe. We have a Kraken filled weekend ahead.

Scary week.. Horrifying competitions and terrifying twists.

America and Cameron give their final plea.

Double eviction results

Matt votes to evict Cameron
Bowie votes to evict Cameron
Cirie votes to evict Cameron
MEMEME votes to evict Cameron
Jag votes to evict Cameron
COrey votes to evict Cameron
Felicia votes to evict Cameron
Blue votes to evict Cameron

First Evictee is Cameron.

Head of household winner is Corey

Nominations are Jared and Blue

Power of veto winner is MATT

Power of Veto Ceremony results Matt says he’s keeping the noms the same.

Matt votes to Evict Jared
Bowie votes to Evict Jared
Cirie votes to Evict Blue
Felicia votes to Evict Jared
Mecole votes to Evict Jared
America votes to Evict Jared
Jag votes to Evict Jared

Second Evictee is Jared.

Ohh a twist!

Jared and Cameron are living in the house as Zombies. “One of you are resurrecting your game”

No HOH, NO Veto, No Eviction. Jared or Cameron will get a chance to reenter the game.


7:59pm The feeds are still blocked.

8:50pm Still nothing

10:16pm Not back yet..

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un autre nom

Most doubles, the first eviction ends by about the 24 minute mark, with the entire week happening in less than a half hour plus commercial blocks. Sunday will have 20 minutes of flashbacks to explain what happened.
Live double…OR IS IT?
everyone gunning for HOH
Post Veto Meeting
Jag: perfect
Cam: 2 mentals or one proven on your side
Meme isn’t after Cirie she’s after the youngers
Blue won’t target Jared she says to Matt
Matt says shady
Scaryverse Transmission
Blue can’t read the broken transmission.
Cam hopes this helps him stay
America worried she’s gonna get screwed.
Matt, Bowie, Cirie, Meme, Jag, Cory, Felicia, Blue.
8-0 Cameron is Evicted
Amazing experience.

SOUL MATES abc buzzer
Meme V. Bowie
Blue V. Felicia
Jag V. Cirie
Matt V Cirie
Cory V. Cirie
America V Blue
Meme V Cory
Cory V Blue
Cory tells Blue she might be a nom so she doesn’t save Jared. swears she’ll vote him out.
Cory asks Jag, says take a poll.
Cory Jared hug do what you got to do.


bb25 WEEK 7d.jpg
East Coaster

I don’t think I could eff any harder at the tv. And grod EFF !! EFFFFFFFFF. I was so pumped that Jared was leaving. And that happens. Omfg. Keep the knives away from me because I might poke my gd eyes out. My blood pressure is spiked hahahahaha I hate you BB and grod! Did grod ever grod.

Game show lover

I wish Cam and Jared could both come back into the game however, it just one so I am hoping it is Jerad.
Bowin and Mecole are playing the same low profile game but 95% of you got nasty things to say about Mecole game play but nice to say about Bowie game.
This is the same reason I am hoping producers do as you all has been wishing happened. All the talking about Cirie has all the answers and she will win because producers will set it up for her. All was a lie and now I hope it comes to pass this time, Jared comes back into the game, win HOH and put up Cory and Matt, they are the two playing the game same as Cirie and Jared.

I don’t care what you all have to say.
I was all for the Cookout and Taylor opportunity for all and I like how the house guests are playing so far. Producers did a great job casting.

Game show lover

35 of you that disagree. Didn’t I said that I didn’t care what you say, the same reason your want him gone is the same reason I want him to get back into the game. Come on Jared!


Hahahaha. I dont agree but speak your mind!!


Hmmm wonder if as a zombie Manson catches a housemate they switch places and he gets back in the game.

Game fan

Hopefully bowie


That would be cool


Either that or the zombie twist will put one of them back. Now have to root for zombie Manson if that’s the case lol ?


Please let Jared go home!!!!

Here We Go

1000 thumbs up!!


I REALLY hope it’s Cam that comes back & not Jared. But something is telling me they are lining this up for Jared to return ?

Queen Catia

I really, truly hope that whatever they do it will be fair…I hope this is not some crazy diversion just to get Jared back in the game cos that would be just yuck!

Lauren Austin

Same, I really don’t care as long as it’s fair. After all nobody complained when the “stars aligned” and Jag got to stay.


This is the TRUE winner of Big Brother and I am so happy to witness Jared Bag-O-Rocks-4-Brains is out the door!!! The prior week was EXCRUCIATING!!


Like the option that Cam may be saved as a zombie. Some slight hope he can cause more drama.

BB totally gonna rig it so Jared and dewrag is back in the house. Ugh

Jared’s Toddler-like Temperament

He is the only one with balls! Seems as if Cory wants to but is in the club that is afraid to put up Cirie. He should have put up both Cirie and Jared, obviously. Blue wouldn’t have been much of a loss to Jared and Cirie and it’s possible that whoever they replaced Jared with, in the event that Cirie won POV and took Jared down would have been voted out. That was very risky on his part.

Nether Region Euphemism

He wasn’t afraid. Blue dug her own game, thinking she has the mist abilities to pull off a middle gamer strategy. She made herself very suss the last 2 days by saying she won’t put up Jared and Cerie. Then she’s foolish enough to tell people that she’s putting up Cory. Geez what an awful player.

She was the perfect pawn; if she fights hard and wins veto, then Cerie goes up. If Jared won veto, Cerie goes up.

He sent a message to Blue that he’s not going along with her game nonsense. Either Blue has to be all in, or all out with a group. I’m your target, you might be mine.

Although Cory wasn’t aware, it was great knowing that Jared fighting for veto knew that once he came down, his mom was going up. More suffering for him.

In any case they had the votes to take out Jared. Even if Cerie not on the block had been picked for veto, DE vetos are always heavily speed dependent. The one that Ian won, although not high cardio demanding, did require motor agility and ability to process quickly. A definite loss for her with any DE veto, dead in the water.


I find it hilarious that Blue stated a few times that she was going to get Jared out on her HOH. LOL I never believed that for a second!

Nether Region Euphemism

She loves to think of herself as sassy, but she has no actual grit.


I hope not. He is annoying. But he other side doesnt win so it makes it easy for him to be in power.


Damn it Simon! What did you do? We might as well not watch the feeds this week!!


The episode was great except for when that twist was announced. I want to know who came up with Dead Week (and it isn’t close to Halloween !!) so I can yell at them for this idea. If there is something worse than Kraken this is it


So instead of the normally exciting double eviction, we got 1/2 of an eviction. One person will eventually leave but it will take 2 weeks. Ridiculous.


They ruined a 14-hour pressure cooker with a power and now a double eviction with a twist? BB has officially jumped the shark. Just need the Fonz to put up two thumbs up.


The twist ruined a great double eviction.
Instead of having three people leave after these two weeks we are only going to have one person go yuck. Who ever came up with this idea to ruin such a great thing (Double Eviction). Leave it up to big brother. Such a waste of time.

Here We Go

Dbl eviction my butt! So pissed. Loathe Jared.

Jared Sucks

I hate this season.


Apparently this season is for the producers and not BB viewers. How offensive can you get ! !

Felicia's eyebrows

I think that Jared going home would have been the best possible thing to happen to Cirie’s game.


You have got to be sh&$ing me with this twist?!?! For real…just magically “someone” gets to come back in the game???? I wonder who it will be????? *insert eye roll and middle finger to production here!*


TWO middle fingers !!

Dumpster Fire

If Jared gets put back into the game, then I’m DONE with Big Brother. The show is so blatantly rigged for his mom Cirie. There’s never been a battle back between only two people. This is why there’s no episode on next Wednesday and Sundays episode is on at 10 cause the ratings are in the toilet. Everybody is tired of the politics and the blatant rigging of the show. I wish they would bring back the original Big Brother and fire that producer Allison Grodner. She single handedly ruined the show.


The shows been rigged the last 3 years to ensure a black person wins. Just say it. We all are thinking and knowing it.

Spot ON

Reilly? I mean, really?


100% if Jared comes back, I’m done!

Spot ON

We’ll see. lol

Game fan

There was a vote to having amy/eric i think was his name? In season 3.
I think the same happened in season 9.
In season 13 there was a battle between Brendon and lewon.


If the other side won something he wouldn’t be in power so much. Its annoying !,,, i lik Cam but they dont show him talking to others much so not building relationships so it seems.

Rubber Ducky For The Win

Blue had the perfect opportunity to reveal her Fields family “secret” in her pre-vote speech but she chose not to. That was a dumb move. At this point, houseguests must be getting paid extra to keep the “secret” quiet to the end of the game. At least Cameron’s game is not completely over yet.

Another Dixie

She didn’t have enough time. She had to make sure everyone knew she had more clothes. You have to consider her priorities.


She knew she was safe next to jared. Also, I think it could work against her to announce you know a huge secret and have been keeping it from the people you’ve been claiming to trust and be working with.

Spot ON

I think it’s a contractual gag imposed on all of them because CBS wants to “break the news” and have everyone pretend it’s a surprise.

Game fan

To make an enemy out of cirie?

Cirie’s edges

The worse twist. What a waste of double eviction.


They are letting Jared back in!? For a whole week or longer?! Horrible twist. Disgraceful. Sorry he doesn’t seem to be a nice guy. Just awful nite. Get that guy off the show. Zoom zoom crash.

Spot ON

Well, whosoever is allowed to go back in will (presumably) have to work for it and earn it.
This “second grace” is quite different than when JAG was unanimously evicted and was simply allowed to stay in the house, thus hijacking CAM’s HOH.

Not Jasons Holly

Just put Cameron back in the game!

Jared’s Toddler-like Temperament

They delivered in the drama department but wasted another week. We can blame the greedy writers and actors for this one. Jared is going to throw the biggest tantrums if he is physically in the house a zombie. Hopefully for the sanity of the house guests, they are just watching from cameras or confined to a room. Blue is going to have to find another guy to ride on. God I hope it’s Jag but after being publicly intimate with Jared, she is tainted and will be lucky if she finds a boyfriend again (for more than thirty minutes). I bet that her family is so disgusted with her!

Another Dixie

Since they don’t have a HOH, they’ll probably be in the HOH room, watching on the TV. BB will lock it up.


The writers on strike, yet it feels like every other season.

Jared’s Toddler-like Temperament

True words! I was referencing that over the fact that they are adding extra weeks to the show. This is the second time that they have done this so far…

Spot ON

“Blue is going to have to find another guy to ride on.”
Who better than CORY? The guy is having a great “game”. He went in not knowing how to make out, and leave as an expert at a ménage à trois. Right Beef?

Queen Catia

Now we have ourselves a game BB25!


such bs. but i guess the cameron fans still have a lifeline. there’s a good chance the comp is something like the 5 piece puzzle craytlin still couldn’t do that jared similarly screws up.

Spot ON

JARED couldn’t fit two pieces of the puzzle in Day One. GO FIGURE.
It will be great for CAM.

un autre nom

Dear Grod,
Tonight my last 2 remaining nopes were evicted.
I should be thrilled that I get a jury with no nopes
Instead you reach down your pants and pull a pandora’s box out of your ass like you’ve OD’d on BBCanada.
Now you’re gonna tell me I’m getting a nope back?
so i gotta take back the guy that said ‘don’t make me punch you in the head’ to a woman (you gave him a verbal) or the guy that called a woman the r-word (you broke your own no hate speech zero tolerance policy). wonderfuqinful.
Kindly, you suck.

Jared’s Toddler-like Temperament

I’m not going to divulge too much but i “dated” her back in the early 00’s. It was pretty much hanging out, acting like adults, and listen to her yap. This was before BB if I recall correctly. There is a 0% chance that they actually let her make decisions, or if so, the other producers work with her. She is not all there and I am incredibly surprised that she has had this successful of a career. I quit “dating” her because she became too possessive when we just had a casual thing going.

Nether Region Euphemism

I would always trust a casual ex who uses women for sex, has no interest or respect for what they have to say, and then cuts them loose once they start having expectations for an actual relationship, as cannon source of information regarding the women he’s preyed on.

That’s a cut!

un autre nom

How did her spiral perm fit in your car?


“don’t make me punch you in the head’ to a woman (you gave him a verbal). “

When did cam says this to whom ?
What else has cam said ?

un autre nom

Week one to Reilly while he was gaslighting her, breaking down her psyche, telling her he’d be her daddy (she told him her father died when she was young).
This was the night he straightened his hair possibly.
He’s mentioned getting called to d/r and told the guys if you say your going to hit a woman, make sure you add on just kidding somewhere in there or you’ll get a verbal warning.


It’s almost like the game is rigged to get Cirie or Jared to win. Advantage of two family members going in now this. Why are these players who win or popular taking these spots on all the other reality shows on the same networks. It looks like they have been employees since the start. Anyway with all the expect the unexpected the networks can almost steer the game in a manner that suits them. All the twists and turns should be made public as soon as the contestants are sequestered to keep them from manipulating the game as they see fit. Just my two cents…

Daniela Fitzsimmons

Bingo! production began bringing in these twists so they can introduce them to the game when they need a correction in the game to help fit their script. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Jared is given the correct answers behind the scenes early this week to ensure he comes back. Sad

BB Karma

Never seen a site so biased against certain player, would love some neutral commentary


Neutral? With CBS’s bullshit? You drinking the CBS kool-aid.

East coast

No HOH this week. My guess is that come Thursday, the houseguests will vote to see who is resurrected.

Queen Catia

Oh my goodness I hope the HG’s do not vote to return Jared to the game. I would prefer the two of them competing in a challenge or allowing America (as in USA) to vote but you may be right…

Team Taylor

Between the two evictees, I’d rather have Jared back. Lets be done with Cameron for good next week.

Jared’s greasy doo-rag

Jared is the bigger douche….plus he has an UNFAIR advantage with mommy in the house…. My vote is for Cam to come back, ideally to replace Blue & send her to the Netherworld or whatever TF it is


If Jared gets put back in the house:


“Let’s gooooo!!!!”

“Ya bouuuyyyy!!!”

“Yo don’t raise yo voice at meh!?!?!”


You forgot the list of Profanity

Spot ON

“Between the two evictees, I’d rather have Jared back”


un autre nom

Jury won’t start until day 72.
of a 100 day season.


Ashy Jared Bag-O-Rocks-4-Brains is out the door becomes a zombie then is back in the house. I knew I should’ve stayed away! Fk this Sh1t of “sculpted” reality just give them the check

Up coming schedule (trying to keep schedule changes straight sorry in advance if mistakes are listed but subject to change nevertheless. Check local listings for accuracy. All times are in eastern standard time)

Sunday Sept. 24
10 p.m.: following Yellowstone

No Wednesday episode due to 90-minute “Survivor” Premiere

Thursday Sept. 28
8 p.m.

Tuesday, Oct. 3
8-9 p.m.: new time slot (Wednesday episodes are moving to Tuesdays to make way for 90-minute “Survivor” and “The Amazing Race” episodes on Wednesdays)

Thursday, Nov. 9
8-10 p.m.: two-hour finale


I hope Cameron smokes his a$$.


This was an all time great double eviction that of course big brother finds away to destroy at the end with this stupid zombie twist. What a waste of a week and great double eviction !

Spot ON

It was a compromise. Production had to come up with that zombie rig to make up for the longer season.


i knew something was up when julie didn’t tell cameron about jared and cirie being related

hopefully he can return

Nate Covingston

LOL! So if it was America or Corey that was send out the door. You know alot of you would have championed this twist. But now Jared or Cameron whom we don’t know which one is going to win the chance to get back in the game are once again crying foul.

un autre nom

I hate all re-enters and all battle backs.
If my season fave sits next to Chenbot, they lost. If they go back in through a twist… they still lost and don’t deserve to win the season. Once someone is unable to game themseles out of being evicted and sit next to Chen, they lost. period in my books.


I don’t mind Battle Backs (Victor) but the issue is , and I especially see it this season, they get sent back out almost immediately


So Taylor should have lost by your estimation.

un autre nom

did Taylor get voted out, leave the house and get interviewed on stage by Julie Chen? If she did, then yes. If she didn’t then no.


Its the samething. Whether or not you got to talk to Julie doesn’t qualify whether or not you got saved from elimination by a twist. Taylor wasn’t able to game herself off of the block from eviction by her own means. Taylor was getting voted out unanimously and leaving the house until Julie Chen said at the last second before they voted the 1st eviction was canceled for the first time ever. Taylor was unable to game herself off of the block. But because of a twist Taylor got to play again because the twist gave her a second bonus life that out of her control canceled her elimination.

un autre nom

Taylor was not evicted, then came back into the game.
I’m 1/2 and 1/2 on Jag, because he was fake evicted but didn’t leave the house. the moment a house guest leaves the environment after being voted out, I write them off as a viable winner I feel deserves the win.
Re-enters and battle backs.
I don’t consider winning a comp to resume play earning your spot because it sets up the paradigm that comps are more important than using social strategy to keep yourself from being evicted in the first place.


First time ever canceled 1st HOH/Eviction at the last second that hands a second life is the same and not a master play. Taylor Lost leaving unanimously by the whole house but something out of her control kept her from leaving beyond her own means. She was handed a second bonus life that nixed her elimination to resume play again that canceled her unanimous eviction that’s literally what happened to Taylor. A second bonus life chance that cancels the eviction is totally going back for someone that lost and giving a second chance through a twist. The twist took away the important use of the social strategy in that Taylor wasn’t able to get any votes. Taylor didn’t prove that she could survive a week 1 vote or do anything to prove that she survived that backdoor.


They knew Cameron was gone. And then they set up a knockout, which meant a very high probability Jared or Cirie would go second. This was a save Fields twist.

Nate Convington

Its not a save fields twist its a twist for any jury HG to get back in the game..Its the same broken record. Anytime a HG a person don’t like get back in the game they always think its rigged. But never make that same conclusion that the game is rigged when a HG they like wins.


I do not argue that the twist would save any evicted HG, it’s just the timing is a little suspect. Given they could have announced to general viewers and actually implemented it last week and then there would be more than one HG available for reentry.

again to me the timing is suspect

Nate Convington

Disagree its not suspect and here’s my opinion on that. Big Brother is known for having battle back twist in random points in the game season after season? Think of the random points a battle back type of comp occurred season after season. This season the option to get back in the game involved 2 HG that were eliminated during double eviction. Just like next season or the 2025 season they will have a battle back twist at another random point in the game.

Queen Catia

I am happy about the twist because I want Cameron to have a chance at getting back in the game. He made a big move on his HOH thinking he had made it to jury but that turned out not to be the case. As for Jared, I realize this may all be some grand ruse on the part of production just to get him back in the game for Cirie, but I hope not…

Nate Convington

Its not, proudction is not trying to work in favor of Cirie and Jared. But if Cameron wins will you think its a ruse? Jag could of gone home but was saved due to a power. Was that a ruse? No… it gave a HG a 2nd chance. So now this twist is giving the HG that was evicted during Double evict night a 2nd chance.

Nether Region Euphemism

See evidence of cherry picking and confirmation bias at play.

Obviously that HOH was not geared to Cerie’s strengths, she was not fed the answers. And the veto with the preschool puzzle was not meant for Jared to win.

Now watch all the conspiracy theorists ignore all of that, as well as how utterly incorrect their predictions were, but immediately jump on anything that will fit their narrative of heavy production interference.

They are now moving on to say that the twist is meant to keep Jared in the game, despite the fact that it was already in the works prior to Jared being the definite evictee.


I am genuinely just curious as to what contest would be geared to Cherie’s strengths? I have seen her in multiple contests over the years and I haven’t seen any contest in which she won (unless it was a team challenge and even in those she didn’t contribute much that I could see). She has only gotten as far as she has in every show she has been on because of her powers of persuasion…not because of her ability to win the games within the games. I am not knocking her for that if that is her thing. I truly am not being snarky. I just want to know what everyone thinks is a contest within the game that would be geared towards her strengths.

Nether Region Euphemism

With Cerie it’s the suspicions that DR would give her the comp answers. They could have easily done that for that particular comp,

People who said that then ran into the weeds to dig out the next cherry to pick for their conspiracy narrative.

Some also said that Cory was dumb to not put Cerie OTB in case she won veto and took Jared down. Those people want to be haters. Whereas no way in hell was Cerie winning a DE veto as those are always too fast paced for someone like her.

Haters enjoy opportunity to act superior to geniuses such as Cory bc IRL they are always inferior.


PLEASE put Cameton back in. He is the highest rated player. Can’t stand Jared.


He got screwed with the first twist, so it would fitting that he benefits from this one I guess.


being rated on a non affiliated big brother site doesn’t mean anything. Cameron better outplay Jared if he want to get back in the game. But I hope he doesn’t.

un autre nom

they’ll do the bbAus trick and vote for a return most likely.
Jared the default comp winner or Cam the stand in one place comp winner.
Jared has 2 guaranteed votes. How many more default comps can they have….
oh wait they’ve got ind time vetoes they can do for the rest of the season (bbCan11 almost all vetoes were individual time or production decides comps).

what the double did:
Blue will no longer work with Matt, Cory, or llikely America. bitter she’s not perfect middle spot.
Schoolyard picks showed Meme was team Cirie and Jared. She tried to eliminate Cory over Blue. This could sus Fe because Blue chose to take out Fe.
Cirie knows nobody wanted her to win.
Bowie won’t care, but Meme chose her first.
Not sure if a byebye bitches reunion is coming because schoolyard picks were messy.

Expect shifts in alliance mapping.

Spot ON

CIRIE finally got castrated. Regrettably, it was a two-step process. Left nut last week. Right nut tonight.
Let’s keep it that way.

Daniela Fitzsimmons

It’s insane the lengths production is going to this season to ensure a certain individual wins. It’s blatantly obvious at this point & infuriating

Usually A Lurker

Ugh. I’m just catching up now. And, I generally don’t post on BB forums (including this one). Also, I don’t always subscribe to the idea that production had a hand in everything. But, please!!!! What is this “zombie” BS, which was oh-so-conveniently pulled out *just when* the exalted Cirie’s precious baby boy was about to be sent packing for good??


Exactly! It’s very obvious and they want son/ mother duo together. However, like others have stated on here, if he comes back, he’ll eventually be booted off!


That is the most rigged show ever. But if Jared goes back in, they’ll kick his ass out again very soon. Or else why don’t you just open up a show with Cirie and Jared? Just those two. Worst. BB. ever.


If Jared gets back in the house I’m done with Big Brother. This season has been so unfair

un autre nom

Pressure cooker. The wall. Double eviction. all nullified.
But hey, let’s continue eviction as planned week one after turfing a guy for breaching the zero tolerance policy that was later ignored for another houseguest because his family relationship is the season twist.
Honestly, the way the show/company/network handles things is so cringe.
It’s not difficult to manipulate a season without leaving neon bloody fingerprints.
I accept the story manipulation side of reality entertainment programming. I just don’t want the fuqery to so blatant.
This season is going to end up in the pack with 18, 21, 22 bbcan6, 7 and 11 as the most obvious manipulations in bb history.
Go ahead, craft a narrative. Just don’t make it so bloody obvious. We’re not all morons. Surprise me. Sheesh.

un autre nom


It’s like BB Squatters at this point.

Carlito's Way

This has to be the worst twist yet. Finally get rid of Jared and they let him back in! So infuriating!!! At the very least they should let us vote back who we want.


If they did an America vote they would just rig it and say it was close, but Jared won.


I’m SO happy Jared got evicted but I just know they will make it so he comes back…

If so I want him back out the house like Brendan (was a fan of him/Rachel) on Season 13!

Hopefully Cameron wins the zombie competition though and is Jared’s undoing. Had Jared targeted America by not backdooring Cameron he would have had a stronger chance of being resurrected but karma might mean his choices come back to bite him. 🙂

I hope Cameron whips his douchey ass and does make jury at least! Please let there be a puzzle element to the zombie game. We know Jared is dumb AF smh.

un autre nom

Broken Transmission from photo above re-integrated:

Queen B

Looks so simple now lol. I can see how the house guests wouldn’t have figured it out. They know right about now though lol


Why is it tonight these two have a chance to get back in the house? Why not the guest that got voted out prior to tonight. Seems very unfair that is why I call all this BS.

un autre nom

Okay, let’s break down the season so far.
Twists and comps are usually planned during pre-production up to 6 weeks in advance of season start.
night one a stuntcast didn’t have to participate for safety.
Week two had the netherverse twist whose sole purpose seems to be immunity for the other stuntcast.
week 4 had a fan vote ind time comp for salvation in case a stuntcast was failing
week 7 has a re-entry comp in case a stuntcast fails.

Add to that the default wins to keep them safe on off twist weeks and the shortest wall in history where everyone jumped practically nobody fell for the first time in show history.

All together, what you should see is a concentrated pre-season effort to plan for safety of stuntcasts combined with in season comp oddities that provide safety for the same stuntcasts.

Tyler was robbed

Exactly, because of the enormous secret power given to the fields, any battle-back should have been between the people who were wronged by the secret twist / power. (Izzie was entertaining as heck but she benefited by the twist although didn’t use it to her advantage when she could have snitched.)


BB still has to send out 1 person per week to get to Nov 9, so nobody leaving this week then only one next week doesn’t math. I think each Zombie will somehow infect/attach to another player, and then next Thursday one of the two Zombies AND another player will go home, while the other Zombie and his infected player will both stay.

un autre nom

there’s been rumors of a final 3 because Cirie has ptsd about final 2’s.

Tyler was robbed

BB will either do another double or one of those “nominate 3 evict 2” weeks.

The math can always be made to balance when Grod is producing….

Tyler was robbed

I am NOT a fan of battle-backs, I feel once you are evicted that’s it you have used your 1 life.
With that said, this season a lot of players were evicted due to a enormous secret power (the unbreakable mother/son relationship) that allowed one HG (Jared) to remain as a secret spy on the other side of the house knowing that his mom would 100% have his back. NO one in BB can trust anyone 100% except for that type of familial relationship.

The only people who would deserve a battle-back this year are the already evicted House guests who suffered at the hands of that secret power / twist.

Jared may not win the battle-back, but if he does the optics just look so bad for a show that pretends to be a “competition.” BB purists are livid!

Mike Honcho

Cam suffered the most. Almost criminally so. Confiding in Jared, “hey do you want to shake things up and play the game or stick with the status quo?… take down Izzy and put up Cirie.”

un autre nom

Dear female houseguests of Big Brother 25,
You’ve got a 6/3 (6/4) numbers advatage.
In case you haven’t noticed.

Carlito's Way



Now Bag-O-Rocks-4-Brains has to have convos with mommy holding his ashy zombie hand. What a baby!