Big Brother 21 Week 8 recap and Live Eviction Results

Every week we get so close to Christie being evicted, This was the closest yet. I truly thought this was going to be the week. At least there will be no lack of funny faces in posts to come and plenty of CHOMPING.

Last week ended with Kat being evicted. Jackson went on to win the Slip n Slide Head of Household competition. From the moment he won the HOH it was clear Christie was going to be nominated and he wanted her out. Jackson spent considerable time talking to the other players securing the votes to evict Christie. It’s no surprise he ends up nominating her with Sis. The power of Veto is played and Jackson pulls out the win . Jackson doesn’t take Christie’s deal. He does not use the veto keeping Christie/Sis on the block.

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Big Brother 21 Week 7 recap and Live Eviction Results

It was a happy week on the Big Brother 21 Live Feeds. Everything seemed to fall into place and something I totally wouldn’t have predicted 2 weeks ago happened. With my joke being if Jessica wins HOH she’ll put up her allies and do whatever Jack/Christie said. Not a Chance! Jessica did win the Head of Household and took the shot we all wanted. Couple this with the blow up last Thursday and the season is finally out of the dumpster.

Before the live show last Thursday there was a big BLOW up between the 6 shooters resulting in their final disintegration. On one side you had Jack, Christie, Sis, and Tommy. On the other side, you have Michie and Holly. Most of the outsiders have coalesced into Cliff and the angels. Jessica wins the HOH staying true to her Angels nominates the two strongest men in the house Jackson and Jack. At this point, Christie’s power is still active so everyone is playing nice.

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“I’m just sad and really confused right now with everything.. I really have to pee”

2:57 pm Sis and Jack

Sis crying.
Jack – this game’s hard
Sis – I know I f*ing hate it I signed up for the wrong thing

Sis – I really trust you and everything. I don’t know what to do about Christie.
Sis – it makes me scared because if she was close to you and is doing whatever the f* she is doing I don’t even want to know what she could do with me
Jack – I already know what I am going to do
Sis – what
Jack – I don’t even want to say it out loud. I know what I am going to do
Sis – I don’t know what to do

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“I’m not going to take credit for manifesting your win But I prayed .. I prayed in the booth”

12:54 pm Jessica and Christie
Jessica – what happened yesterday through me for a loop
Christie goes on about hos “painfully awkward” today is.

Jessica – I kinda have an idea of what has to happen

Christie – you have my full support. I respect and I support you in no matter what you do what you do
Christie – I’m not going to take credit for manifesting your win But I prayed .. I prayed in the booth..

Christie says she prayed that someone from the other side wins HOH ” I feel that there needs to be a shift something needs to happen. I feel like your win had to be”
Jessica goes on how she doesn’t want to backdoor anyone

Jessica – you are someone I trust whole heartily
Christie – same
Jessica – I was never part of the 6 the 8 or the nine

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“I’m trying to think .. this comes down to two big guys.. If one of them comes off put one of the four up”

4:07 am Holly, Jessica, and Kat

Holly is going over some of the excitement before the feeds.
Holly said she listened into sis and Tommy talking about they were going to flip the vote but not tell Sam because they wanted him to go ahead with his original speech so that they weren’t onto them flipping
Holly – did that just happened.
Kat – what got to me is they both looked me straight in the eye and said I swear to god. Sis you’re such a bad liar
Holly – that made my heart sink. She also told me today she called me a b1tch
Kat – Jack and Sis were scheming all-day

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HOH Competition Results! “You tried to bury me today.. Like you’re a piece of sh*t!”

8:16pm The live feeds return. Christie and Sis are in the boat room. Christie – literally he just showed his cards to everyone that he is feeding everyone little bits.. little bits.. and I don’t care if my personal feelings about Jackson came out. I wanted to work with him until it was convenient for us. I still wanted it to be me, you, Tommy and Holly. But I don’t know if that’s risky. Sis – the Holly thing makes me nervous. Yesterday when we went upstairs and you were in the DR.. Sam had just told us all. I think that we need to talk to her. Holly had no idea and Jackson knew the minute he and Sam were in the boat room. Jackson knew for that long and he never told her. Christie – I agree, I want to talk to Holly .. the three of us. And not anyone else. Tommy doesn’t need to be there.

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Big Brother 21 Week 5 recap and Live Eviction Results

Holly wins Head of household beating out Sis in an endurance competition. Holly sticks to the six’s plan and puts up, Sam and Nick. The target is Nick. Nick goes on to win the Power of Veto and obviously uses it on himself. Holly was considering Nicole as the replacement nomination but under heavy pressure from Christie she puts up Kat. Sam is the target.

In the hopes of helping out his bottom feeders, Sam wants to expose Christie’s game. He was going to do this during his eviction Speech but decides to do it the day before. The core of his information was how during Cliff’s HOH Christie was 100% on board with getting out Jack. She was going to accuse Jack and Michie of bullying and use that

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Big Brother 21 Week 4 Recap and Live Eviction Results

Summary of tragic events

Last week Cliff was evicted by the 6shooters ostensibly because “Nicole was unjustly treated by Bella and Nick” The real reason is Christie convinced them all that Cliff is targeting the couples and he’s building an army. An army containing Ovi, who is evicted and Nicole who was on the block beside him.

In a huge shocker Cliff wins the camp comeback then goes on to win the Head of Household competition. For the first time since week one, the fandom is happy. Cliff’s plan is simple. He wants to reduce a number on the 6shooters by temporarily teaming up with Nick and Bella. He makes it clear this is their last chance to turn the tide. Cliff nominates Jack and Jackson and we are all filled with hope.

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