Big Brother 23 Finale Results

Xavier won the first part of the final head of household and Azah won the second part. BIGD was pretty much guaranteed a second-place but over the course of the last couple of days, he talked himself into a spot where he’ll likely be third. Either way, the winner is probably going to be Xavier. In the final 2 with Xavier, Azah, I don’t really see the jury giving the win to Azah. In the final 2 with BIGD and Azah, she has a chance. If BIGD wins this season I’m calling Kraken.

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Big Brother 18 Finale Night Results

Here we go Folks it’s all over the season comes to a end. Tonight we’ll find out who wins the Final Head Of Household competition between Paul or Nicole. The winner will have to pick who will they take to final 2. Will James stumble his way to the ultimate BB upset? Maybe.. it was a Kraken season after all πŸ˜‰

It was a fun season, I enjoyed it (for the most part) very much. WE’ll be doing 1 more Kill Show ON Saturday then it’s time for us to gear up for Big Brother Over the Top. YES! we’ll be covering it to some degree, I’m still on the fence not sure what to expect. Will be it Kraken? probably .. πŸ™‚

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Big Brother 18 Final 4 Eviction episode results

So here we go, with Paul winning the HOH there is some chance of a non-showmance, non vet player making it to the final 2. For me I wanted the vets/showmance’s out from the very moment they started to congeal. With that said there’s a chance James and Nicole make it to the final 2 and along with it the BB community of feed watchers will implode. I called it a KRAKEN season so I would expect nothing less.

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Big Brother Canada 4 Finale Episode Spoilers!

The Finale of Big Brother Canada 4 is finally here! On tonight’s 2 hour episode we will find out the results of how the final 3 house guests did in Part 1 and Part 2 of the HOH competition. Then the we’ll watch live as Part 3 unfolds and the winner of the final HOH decides who is the final jury member and who they take to the final 2. The jury members will ask the final 2 house guests questions and then they’ll vote on who they want to win the grand prize! The winner of Big Brother Canada 4 will receive $100,000, a $25,000 gift card from The Brick, and an OxiClean prize pack valued at $10,000.

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Big Brother 17 Finale Night

It’s finally here the finale for Big Brother 17. Personally I really enjoyed the season much better than the last 4. Tonight we’ll see Vanessa and Steve face off in the final Head of household competition. The final HOH competition looks to be a crossword called B.B Gazette. Both Vanessa and Steve have told each other they are taking the other one to the end.

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Big Brother Canada Season 3 Finale Summary and Results

Final 3 Jury Twist.

The Final 3 are locked in the vault where they have to decide on who to evict from the Jury house. They must all come together on this vote it has to be unanimous. AS a result of this vote the Jury will go down from 10 to 9. Ashleigh proposes they both pick two people they want to keep on the Jury. She picks Zach/Pili, Sarah picks Willow/Brittnee. Godfrey doesn’t think this is the best approach to take says he doesn’t have two people. An argument ensues but is cut short to be shown on the Wednesday show.

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Big Brother Canada Finale Night SPOILERS

Final 3 is Gary Levy, Emmett Blois and Jillian MacLaughlin. We have no idea what has happened in the BB House this week as the feeds have been down. (we actually did record all the feeds for the past week in the hopes that there was a leak.. no luck πŸ™ )

What’s my take on the first season of Big Brother Canada? I really liked the cast and the feeds were great. We were allowed to post videos of the feeds which was awesome.
The only problem I had with this season was the twists. I don’t like a lot of pointless twists and Big Brother Canada was all about pointless twists. Still in the end of it all A great first season.

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