Big Brother 18 Final 4 Eviction episode results

Nicole and Corey HOH

So here we go, with Paul winning the HOH there is some chance of a non-showmance, non vet player making it to the final 2. For me I wanted the vets/showmance’s out from the very moment they started to congeal. With that said there’s a chance James and Nicole make it to the final 2 and along with it the BB community of feed watchers will implode. I called it a KRAKEN season so I would expect nothing less.

Here’s the schedule

  • Tonight there is a live eviction James will be the sole vote to evict either Corey of Nicole. Prior to the feeds going down his vote would be to evict Corey
  • Part 1 of the finale HOH may be started Today/Tomorrow or Friday this is usually a endurance competition. The houseguests from the last ~5 season have performed pathetically on this and it typically ends very quickly. Again with that said there has been seasons where this competition goes the distance WE have endurance “beasts” this year so I’m hoping for some entertainment
  • Friday’s Episode 8pm – Will most likely show the winner of part 1 or the beginning of it
  • Tuesday’s Episode 9:30pm – Part 2 of the finale HOH will be shown. We will most likely know the outcome from this due to the feeds
  • Wednesday’s finale episode – Part 3 of the finale HOH and the final eviction followed by the Jury voting for who they want to win Big Brother 18

The online version of Big Brother called “Big Brother: Over The Top” starts on the 28th at 7pm PST. It promises to offer Game Changing voting (from fans), competitions on the feeds, live evictions and more. This might mean more “fan favorite” things included and a season loaded down with nonsensical twists. Or it could mean CBS is going to give us what the fans have always wanted a season free of bullshit. Only time will tell 🙂 🙂

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-14 17-03-34-196


Corey is evicted

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-14 17-03-25-255

There’s a fight in the Jury house..

Tears from Pauls’s HOH win we missed.. “That one is for you Victor.. that’s for you buddy”

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-14 17-17-52-691

Pictures of the Jury fight.. Da gets into it until a handler comes in.
Paulie says Da is making showing a poor example to her daughter this sets Da’Vonne OFF! one of the hadnlers has to step in and pull her away
Da’Vonne says Paulie made Zakiyah looks like a idiot on national television.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-14 17-23-23-429

Victor in Jury.. everyone sad

Results from the show

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-14 17-36-07-001
The Power of Veto competition is up next. They’re asked a question about what day an event happened. They have to run the bases to get to the correct number of days and then hit the umpire. James strikes out 3 times and is out of the competition. James – that’s what happens you don’t study and show up to a final exam. Nicole is out next. Its down to Paul and Corey. Paul wins the veto!

Veto Winner: Paul

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-14 17-41-25-650

POV Ceremony: Paul does not use the veto

Corey gives Nicole a quick kiss at the end of his speech.

James votes to evict: Corey

When Julie asked Corey if he and Nicole will continue their showmance after the finale.. Corey says they’ll be good friends and he’ll have to wait and see.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-14 17-50-54-737

At the end of the episode the final 3 celebrate with champagne

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-14 17-57-42-540

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Pre-Op James

Turn on the waterworks Paul. Nice Big Meech impression.

In That Order

In That Order:
September 7, 2016 at 6:37 pm

Tomorrow: Natalie
Next: Victor
Then: Corey…

Final Three: Paul, James, Nicole

James wins final competition, and takes Nicole..

Final two: James and Nicole.
**Remember this post when it happens**

— In That Order

dirty hands

tonight on livefeeds Nicole asks Paul if he and Vic will be BBF outside the house. Paul says they will be friends but they have very different lives. Everyone thanks Paul is so great but he’s a rich KID who acts like he did it all himself .He also dresses like he’s a tough streetsie guy POSER He used Victor and had no intention of really being his friend and I am sure production told him to pair up with Vic to clean his image up. Yes I have sour Grapes. I think Victor is legitimately nice guy and hate to see him disappointed

BB18 Worst Season

Jury…most entertaining.
But honestly…this show has been moving in a different direction from a couple of years ago.
The season is filled with followers…very few leaders…not enough unique personalities..only a couple using strategy…just a bunch of houseguests who are looking to have their 15minutes of fame.

Did Anyone Notice?

When Corey was evicted and speaking to Julie…he said he was surprised that James voted him out…he seemed genuine in that moment..and i think he finally realized that maybe James and Nicole may have had an arrangement before the show…


Reporting Live from Jury House

Just as a side note..but since the 4 remaining houseguest really dont have anything going on…could CBS just put cameras in jury and let us watch THAT show??

The drama we saw on episode between Da’Vonne Paulie and Zakiyah is at least worth consideration!

Pinocchio Obama

That was the best jury house footage ever!

Life lessons

Oh my goodness, If I were Paulie, I would shut – up. It is apparent that Paulie has never seen a woman ticked off! It is pretty bad when a crew member had to step it and break it up………………I don’t think that idiot (Paulie realizes how close he came to having his testicles served up on a platter. 🙂 I am speechless with Z and her dumb attraction has with that nitwit………..:)

Unbiased Truth

As far as the game….its clear that based on what we have seen (and CBS plans), James and Nicole will be in Final two together…Paul and Victor were more deserving…but they have set themselves up for a second BigBrother appearance…

As far as jury..the unbiased truth is Da’Vonne was wrong for getting into Paulie’s face/personal space…and Paulie was wrong for bringing her child/parenting skills up in argument…

Truth: Da’Vonne was probably more hurt at Zakiyah than angry at Paulie..
Paulie saw an opportunity to push buttons, and childishly did so.

Although entertaining…Da’Vonne will not be happy with her reaction to Paulie.
And hopefully when Paulie gets back to NewJersey, and gets a icy reception.. he will reflect on all his cumulative poor behavior in BigBrother.


They need to put DaVonne in a limo and take her back to Englewood……..getto


Sorry, Inglewood…..I wonder if her employer, Commerce Casino, will appreciate her outburst?


Not a Paulie fan at all but from what I saw I’d say Da started the fight with a dig at Paulie when Natalie was having her moment to talk, and then getting up in Paulie’s face the way she did……don’t agree with it at all.

It looked very immature of her and also with then Bridgette chiming in, you can tell they are still really sour. This time they started with him and were wrong for that.


agree! I knew that was just below the Da surface.


I am NOT a fan of Paulie either……………he’s vile! I think that Da needs to keep it civil. She took it to the Getto extreme. I grew up in Los Angeles County. I know getto when I see it and Da went Compton on Paulie. To save her self respect, she needs to learn to how to (and teach her daughter, how to) be more respectable. Walk away! NO DOUBT Paulie is an A$$hole. He doesn’t respect women (Z, stop screwing him. he using you, for s e x). Z, PUT CLOTHES ON YOUR BODY!!!! This is advice from a mother of a daughter your age. You look like you are a hooker or at very least, someone desperate for attention from any man who will look your way………Advise: leave a some (most) to the imagination.


Dang ie !!!! Advice*****


it**** I should”t partake in the Kracken………

Zakiyah's Self Respect

Excuse me!!..HI….im lost!!..could someone please return me to my owner??

She hasnt seen me in over 3 months..and I am afraid if I am not found by her soon, she will stop searching for me, and never find me..

Dump Da

It sure seemed like the studio audience was pulling for Paul to win that veto comp. Could James be any more lame?

Loves the Beach

It’s called strategy! Some house guests win comps, that’s their thing. James got to final 3 by purposely doing what he did. He has had a strong social game, made some moves when he had to (Paulie and Victor). You may not like his method/strategy, but he is in the final 3 because of it….

Another Anonymous

In turn, would you say that Victoria was a brilliant strategist in BB16? Some weak players, like Victoria and James, just get carried along to the end. It’s not a function of their brilliant strategy.

Can't compare

Victoria was picked by Derrick to drag to the end. He knew she wouldn’t win anything and remain super loyal to him. James is getting through this by not looking like a strong competitor. If you recall last season that’s one of the reasons Vanessa wanted him out.


Meh. I’m not from anywhere close to inglewood but it will be on if someone brought my son or daughter up like that too. She didn’t slap him or even push him. Although he deserves it.


I grew up in Southern California (not to far from Inglewood) and could come up with a different way to handle the situation than the way she did……… shows her familiarity.

Just saying

@Awkward…I think it’s “getto” to misspell ghetto…LOL

Oh no he didn't!

You DO NOT bring someone’s child into it! Big man had to hit below the belt and bring her daughter up. That’s a bunch of crap! You’d have to pull me off someone who did that. Z needs to learn to respect herself…so sad to see what she’s become.


Wow awesome got to see production and Bridgette is cute even when she angry


Dis Corey and Nicole have one last “In and Out”?

Min O'Pause

“I’m not leaving without making it to first base.” Really Corey? Who you tryin’ to fool?

Paul's Groupy

That kiss did not make a good argument for #notgaycorey.


Corey rehearsed his eviction speech with Nicole before feeds cut out. He originally wanted to go on in with a full make out but Nicole said she would be flustered for her speech. Corey respectfully said I’ll give you a peck then. Nicole never lets Corey make out with her but last night the were smooching more than usual. Nicole’s not the type to be lovey Dovey and its unsual for her to compliment someone or to accept compliments from him. That’s why you rarely hear him compliment her because she seriously stops him. Corey said it makes his day hearing her say positive things about him and means a lot too him. Most of the time Nicole is mean to him and so he can’t tell if she’s sincere when she does say nice things. A lot of these websites on Nicorey are biased and they post mostly cut off conversations. I’ve noticed they make Nicole Seem like she’sin a one sided relationship. I think it goes both ways Nicole, straight out told Victor when he asked about Corey and she snapped at Vic and replied I’m nobodies girlfriend. I think Nicole secretly has a crush on Victor and Corey knows it deep down. He questioned her about marrying Victor or if she’s going to go on that date with him. It sound ps like she’s leaving her options open to Victor in case Corey doesn’t work out.

Lying Hillary Left Our Men To Die In Benghazi

Hopefully we never have to see Paulie or Da’Vonne again.


Paulie, yes i never want to see but I’ll see Davonne again anyday!


Maybe in a lineup.

So anyway...

Probably too late but I’d love to see Davonne win AFP after watching that jury fight!


She does not deserve a dime! She is a poor example of how a grown woman should act under pressure. You will ALWAYS come across people like Paulie & she needs to learn how to handle people with a little more maturity. Acting out like that, she makes herself look worse than or equal to Paulie. She is trash!


Blah Blah Blah! Here goes the proverbial back seat driver! Using maturity in a sentence doesn’t make you sound wise or even mature.


No, Anna, using maturity in a sentence doesn’t make me mature. But knowing how to act like a grown, respectable woman does. Your message makes you seem bitter. I am sure you act the same way Da does… immature & ignorant.


Agreed!!! Davonne is absolutely pathetic. Can’t stand how trashy she is!. Between this season and last season she has just gotten worse and honestly she needs to just give up on Big Brother and look for another reality show to ruin (one that DOESN’T have competitions since she frickin SUCKS!). Like if Davonne is so disgusted with Paulie why does she have to take it out on Zakiyah? If those idiots want to flirt and have sex in the jury house then whatever, just ignore it as long as its not hurting anyone else. Davonne and Bridgette need to just stay out of it already. As long as Paulie’s not directly physically or emotionally abusing THEM then they have no reason to say anything to him.

Just can’t stand how Davonne, Bridgette, Natalie and Michelle have all tried to make it seem like Paulie is horrible to only women which is a load of crap because if that were true then why was he so rude to James but not Nicole???And he was pretty bad to Victor and Frank too. Like he trashed almost everyone, but honestly he just came off more as a cocky rich boy than a blatant misogynist.

I also can’t stand when they start bringing race, gender, etc into it as it just starts making the situation look worse than it really is. I know we don’t know everything that was said or happened but honestly from what we’ve seen all Davonne have been doing is taking small things like Frank pinching her on the butt, Frank calling her a slut (which she laughed at and agreed to in joke!) and Paulie flirting/screwing with Zakiyah and turning these situations around to make them appear as if they are strictly gender related issues. These issues were more of Frank being too cocky and comfortable with Davonne and Paulie being cocky and insensitive to Zakiyah specifically. Like none of the other women had any issues with Frank (Bridgette was his best friend!!) And as for Paulie the issue was initially between Paulie and Zakiyah, until Bridgette, Michelle, and Natalie just used Zakiyah as a reason to trash Paulie and then the arguments escalated and got out of hand from all of them.

Overall, I think all of them are wrong: Paulie for starting a showmance and then treating Zakiyah like crap in the house and not using the veto on her, Zakiyah for throwing her crap game away for a crush on a guy who didn’t really care about her, and Davonne for constantly trying to make the situation worse than it is (not just in the Paulie incident but also in the Frank and Tiffany incident..she tried to make it seem like Frank, TIffany, and Paulie are horrible people which they aren’t they just got caught up in the game with their emotions, but I can’t recall one racist or sexist thing that they have said. Not sure if I missed it during the show or on the feeds, but I don’t recall Paulie saying anything sexist or racist about women in general, he only insulted these pathetic girls (Davonne, Bridgette, Natalie, and Michelle) on the show as they have been a nightmare to watch. If you want to look at horrible people just take a look at the controversial cast from BB 15….


This is the best post that I have seen yet in regards to the Paulie Versus the MEAN GIRLS club from season 18!!!!


I missed it. What did Paulie say about Davonbe’s kid to make her go off on him?


Something about setting a poor example for her kid by behaving that way


He trolled her like a violin with that comment

Andy the Red Rat

So much for Vic not joining the jury house.

Shelli's Chompers

Once again proving James’ gut was on point! Ha!


OMG the fight in Jury House was a classic. Paulie is the ultimate douche bag a-hole. Unbelievable how he treats women.

What a bore

Paulie is a punk ass little bitch for talking to a females the way he does. I hope someone bitch slaps his ass good when they leave the house.


I hope he gets out of Jury and goes direct to his psychiatrist, no stops. This guy needs therapy reeeeeaaaaaaal bad.


I hope when he gets home to NJ the NJ girls give him what he SO deserves…..he is an entitled, arrogant, misogynistic A-HOLE!!! I hope Z ends up with a Paulie baby and SUES his F****** A$$!!!


Sorry but as soon as that scene was over all I could think was what a troublemaker Z is. Yes Paulie is a *(&^$, we already knew. Da & her out of control outbursts – we already knew, she needs to learn to stop going down to someone’s level in her fits of anger because now she looks just as bad as him. BUT Z is the one starting this stuff! He was mad because they were treating her bad since she was messing with him again – guess who is feeding him full of that? Just like she was doing in the house. She loves it too – she loves the attention & the “my man is sticking up for me” victim role. Sorry but I gotta say it, she’s one of those girls!


This just ain’t a Kraken season – it’s a Cthulhu/Spaghetti monster/SMOD season.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Victor is getting some serious love from the jury members. I bet we see him in All Stars down the road.




Every couple of seasons there are 1 or 2 houseguests that most people want to see again. This season I do not know if I want to see anyone besides Paul & Victor again

dirty hands

Meh Paul not so much Love to see Victor though!!!!


Paulie is a disgusting human, and Z is so naive, I can’t believe she actually went back to him.
Davonne was right in my opinion and he was awful for bringing her daughter into the argument!
He’s a vile human being


James is officially a useless moron. If it wasn’t clear before, well it’s pretty obvious now, after seeing this Veto comp.


He’s a moron that’ll be in the final 2 so he must have done something right!


You have to understand the concept of dragging a moron with you to final 3 to beat him in the finale!!! It’s called “doing the Victoria”.


But the jury was saying that he’s playing a great game! Why would they think that?!


Because they are morons.


They might be saying that, but keep in mind some of them have been out of the house for weeks. When it comes down to crunch time, they will scrutinize the last 2 HGs standing and realize how useless James was. Besides, I don’t believe his bullshit about throwing comps. He’s just not good at comps! The only comp he threw was the last wall comp. He’s only strength is endurance, standing there playing dead.

Min O'Pause

James’ heart didn’t seem as passionately in the game this time.


I agree. And I truly think that he’s complaisant, all he wants is the 25K from the AFP.


Just a heads up, finale night is actually Wednesday, not Thursday! ????

Oh Z!

Why oh why would she be interested in Paulie? Has she no self respect? I am saddened for all women.


For the same reasons why abused women go back to their man: Low self-esteem and no self-respect. It’s pathetic and pitiful.

Min O'Pause

Hard to understand but so true. My friend kept going back until he beat her to death.


Hmm, Z does not represent all women why are you sad for the rest of us? This is actually as condescending and misogynistic as Paulie’s actions.

BB Fan

So James knows everything and Victor will go to a hotel for a few days before going to jury

Nicole the New Janelle

It is official your BB winner is Nicole.


No chance. Paul will win the final HOH & take James because he knows he will absolutely CRUSH James in F2!! Either way, if Paul makes it F2 then he deserves the 500K, hands down. It’s not even close. He has been playing the game since DAY 1.


He better win out to get there, then b/c neither one of those 2 are taking him.

Dump Da

I think you’re right Nicole is going to be the winner. My prediction is she and James will be the final two.

Paul BB18

Not if i have anything to do with it! I will win this thing, friendship!

Corey is evicted

Let me hear you say “Woooow let’s goooooooooo” now, BRUH!
Don’t forget to chest bump Nicole on your way out.

BB Fan2

I find it funny that Corey loses a baseball themed comp.


Oh let’s not forget that silly and cringeworthy eviction speech Corey made. “I’m about to go to 1st base with Nicole” gtfo with that crap, you already passed that a long time ago with Nicole under the covers multiple times, doofus.


Corey was taking 1 step for every 2.5 steps taken by Paul. The physical part of that comp was made to put Corey at an advantage. Thank God Paul had the BRAINS to seal the deal!!


I noticed that. Corey was crushing and basically hopping from one number to the other.

No backdoor for me

Z is about to be booted from Paulie bed corey be slipping in to Paulie bed. And quite possibly him


What is a kraken?


It’s a spiced rum used to loosen the senses in the event of a lame a$$ season Lmao


A legendary sea monster of giant size that is said to dwell off the coasts of Norway and Greenland.


The sound Nicole and Corey make when they finger-poppin each others’ a$$ hoes.


That Final 3 huddle looked like the lollipop gang LOL

James for the win

Cory– I don’t like trolls but I like elves


episode link?


What was Corey pissed about the Veto for? Paul won fair and square. Corey couldn’t even see Paul. They way i sounded Corey was mad because Paul cheated… I don’t get it. Did he think the answer was wrong? What was it?

That fiht between Da’Vonne and Paulie… wow. Every body knows never EVER never bring up a woman child in an argument… Security had to be called in. Paulie is trash… total trash.

Victor for Americas Favorite Player.

What happened??

Not that I was hoping for Cory to win:
It looked like Cory hit his button at 38.
I don’t understand how he was so far behind Paul because Cory was flying around the bases and Paul was kind of slow.
And the last camera shot showing both at same time showed Cory at 31, 10 points behind Paul who had 41.
Don’t blame him from questioning the results.


On the feeds late, after the veto comp
all four houseguests were discussing technical difficulties during the comp.
They said at one point comp was stopped to fix a problems. Some buttons weren’t working properly. Lots of fish during this convo also.


HELL YEAH PAUL!!!!!!!!!!! NOW GO WIN BB 18!!!!!!!!!

Canadian Chick

Paulie is a classless pig-but for Z to have any part of that trashy guy is even more pathetic.
Get off the TV, go build some self respect–Da isn’t going to be there to fight your battles for you.
Woman up and kick that slime to the curb.
How embarrassing that she’s a teacher role modelling this submissive behaviour.
Da should have shown him a mirror and told him “No-this is the result of sh*tty parenting.”


How did they get that fight on camera at the jury house? Do they have a camera guy there staying with them 24/7 at the jury house just waiting to get footage? Also Corey should of been called out by Big Brother. In the final comp the Jury are asked questions and the finalist have to answer what they said. The question they asked for her should he answer serious or comical by giving her an advantage.

Bye Corey!

They have cameras in the house when the a new jury member comes in and they all sit down to watch clips of the HOH and Veto comp. Looks like the fight broke out when Nat was showing them the footage.

Bye Corey!

Just when you think Paulie’s hair cut can’t get worse, well… it does.


When I first saw Paulie, I thought, “Wow! What a good looking kid”. Unfortunately he can’t keep up the façade of being a normal, decent, human being. Isn’t he from NJ? Surely he knows Black Woman 101- the course where you learn not to talk shit about a Sister’s child? This Z – to throw in her lot with this piece of garbage? A year from now she’ll be working the poll; and he’ll be her manager. Would like to add, if I was Da’s employer, I’d probably give her a raise!

Paul's Groupy

Buh bye Corey!!!


Simon — I know it is a typo but finale is next Wed, not Thurs


Thanks …we’re both delirious after 90+ days of almost no sleep


I took a shot of the ole Kraken every time Corey said “ya know” while talking to Julie. I had to drink the whole bottle. time to pass out………………..ya know?


So what?!? Ya know!!! Man. Just where we from!


That jury fight was like watching a fight from The Bad Girls Club with one of the girl’s boyfriend (Paulie) was in the middle of it…. sheeeesh.


Isn’t crazy that the house the jury is in was on one of the seasons of Bad Girls Club. That fight was meant to be lol!


Comps aren’t proportional with Corey taking one step to touch a base vs. the others having to take 2 or more to touch a base. Same with the popcorn comp and Corey’s long strides. Comps should compensate for their size. What’s up with James being from Texas, he’s a transplant, stop with the gig ems, Texas code crap and Texas forever BS. He needs to go back to SC.


Da is not ghetto. She was trying to have that dumb ass girls back. Paul has a type naive and submissive. Da’ s was totally right her delivery was just wrong. Give her a break.

Dump Da

I’m in no way defending Paulie but Da is a total witch. CBS should never bring either of them back again.


She was acting like Willie Hantz


I Think Paul made a Big! mistake keeping James and Nicole, they are both good in endurance comps, I pray he wins the last Veto and HOH because if he doesn’t he is gone!! Please BB gods let Paul win!! I want Nicole to go so bad and the moron sent Corey packing, didn’t like him much better but he would have done bad in endurance! we will see soon!!


Hi, welcome to BB, the vetoes are done, no more vetoes, just the final HOH and the decision

BB fan for life

Yay! Woot woot!! Corey is toast, and yet he fails to admit it wasn’t in his best interest to turn on his alliance!?? Really?? Who knows who would’ve went home this week? Smaybe he’d be in the final 3?? Paul needs to stick with James and next to go hopefully is snacole! Sssssss…
AFP I’m hoping for VIC!! I will use up all my 20 votes everyday until they close the poles!!!! James/Paul final 2!!!!

BB fan for life

Oh and I can’t wait to see the look on victors face when Corey walks in!!! Priceless!! Best move possible!! And the jury house tonight was awesome, davonne gets under my skin. Ppl keep knocking Paulie but I wouldn’t be able to keep my mouth shut when it came to her either it shouldn’t be about his being less than a man or not! Bottom line is she is an instigator and she enjoys causing drama!


Lol Corey was talking about that last night with Nicole saying he hates giving Victor the satisfaction of going home right after. Corey has been very competive with Vic since day one. especially since Victor has persistently flirted with Nicole and he doesn’t say anything because they are playing a game. Nicole was in the kitchen with Paul Corey and Victor, Nicole’s attention was on Pau. Both Vic and Corey tried getting her attention, CCorey started juggling while Vic was balancing a chair. Victor is a Alpha male while Corey is very competitive he is weaker minded and a pushover. I do know why Corey says he doesn’t care about Victor flirting when he really does. Corey he did say to Nicole after he nominated Vic and Paul he caused a lot of problems between them and Vic said a lot of inappropriate to things to NicoleNicole. He said hypothetically if we did having something then he’s not a friend because he’s going against guy code.


Lol the seasons still boring.


once i was pretty much assured that victor was going i didn’t plan on watching til the finale but i just HAD to see that jury footage!! Usually da’vonne is too much for me but i thoroughly enjoyed the douchebag getting reamed by her! I agree I was disappointed she let him get to her like that but it made for great tv and i respect her (of course not as a game player but as a person) for it!! any girl who views paulie as a viable candidate of romantic affection can not possibly have a high level of self esteem, da’vonne hit it on the head, he never ever spoke to another man like that, just the women. i know that’s super judgmental but i just can’t imagine sitting by while he’s in another woman’s face, brings up her children, and just has to satisfy his napolean’s complex by getting the last word in. zakiyah doesn’t even deserve to be talked about. home girl is quite literally the most useless and horrible houseguest ever. i didn’t expect her to treat paulie like a pariah but sheesh, girl, have some dignity! i guess that’s too much to ask.


As cringe worthy as that fight in jury was Zakiyah looks the worst out of all of them by far. Its really pathetic. We feed watchers know he treated you like a dog most days and you were in the bumper cars with him at night. Battered woman syndrome. It blows my mind because she is beautiful


Have a few thoughts on the jury house. Paulie has easy buttons to push which almost guarantee he will say something really stupid. And the other side of the equation was not a model of decorum either. Which is why I cannot really get too worked up over it. It seemed very staged and scripted for the cameras. And if Z and Paulie dig each other. Good for them. Don’t care.

From jury house comments it seems like perhaps James is not the surefire loser everyone assumes. In fact it’s possible both Paul and Nicole may regret stabbing each other in the back. And they both seem very inclined to do just that.

Meech seems to be Nicole’s greatest asset. The whole “snake” thing makes Nicole seem like a much bigger player than she actually is. And already in many jurors minds she is given credit as the “evil mastermind” for everything Corey ever did. Given Meech seems to have it out for Nicole on a very personal basis she might be better off downplaying Nicole’s influence in the house rather than overplaying it.

Paulie on the other hand might be the endorsement nobody wants with the way he has “charmed” most of the jury house. Which might be bad news for Nicole as I suspect he will vote for her.

James versus Nicole would be an interesting final 2 if the dichotomy is James is far more liked than respected. And Nicole is far more respected than liked.

Paul versus Nicole can be seen in a few different levels. First in personal presentation which Paul be more of an extrovert than Nicole should win it. But then you will have Victor and Corey giving their own defenses which should be more even. And then how those who feel wronged by Nicole and Paul act. Whether they take it personally and want payback or whether they respect is as a game moves by skilled player trying to survive and win. Meech certainly takes it personally. And I suspect Paulie takes Paul’s betrayal personally. But then you would have other people like say Natalie who does not like Nicole switching sides but does not like how Paul treated her either (ie telling James she threw him under the bus) or James who might be miffed at whoever did not bring him to final 2. You have Paul being both more charming and more abrasive vs Nicole being more averse to confrontation making her seem either sweet or weaselly depending on the circumstances.

James vs Paul is probably the most interesting. One loud and charismatic. The other more blending in the background. Do they give James credit for his “social game” by staying out of everyone’s radar? Or do they respect Paul for getting himself out of jams often derived from heat he brought upon himself? Might be similar to Nicole vs James. More people dislike Paul. More people also respect Paul. His gift of gab might save the day for him. And on jury Natalie and Meech probably won’t be as good an advocate for him as Corey would be for Nicole.


I think part of the reason the jury house blew up was because they are still trying to form voting blocks. Apparently the girls have shunned Z and Paulie (and vice-versa) so they are angry and on edge because they can’t convince each other to vote for a certain winner.

Roll Tide

The Sssssssssssssssnake made it to final 3. I hope she does not win! If she wins I will know that CBS picks the winner before the game is played. I will not pay for the fall edition if the winner is predetermined.


If Paul wins BB18, I can say that the season was saved and successful. If Nicole wins, it will be disappointing but somewhat justifiable based on how she played the second half of the season. If James wins, it’s a travesty.

James has no blood on his hands. Things are very personal this year, and seeing how bitter the Jury is, I’m afraid they will vote for whomever is the nice guy, aka James. Travesty!


I found it interesting that in his interview with Julie that Corey intimated that he was surprised James would vote him out over Nicole. Like he and James were “boys” since the beginning. I never got the feeling that him and James were that close until he used that same logic to evict Nat and Victor. James will probably go to F2 unless Paul is really dumb enough to take Nicole. However I think he should have kept Corey to ensure a win against Paul. In these latest comps Corey appears to have shed his dummy persona and his height and athletic skills have given him a physical advantage in comps. Longer strides in butter comp and faster around bases in baseball veto. He would have won that veto if he had kept better track of his score board. Maybe that was his complaint that the score board registered to much or two little based on his own accounting of the number of times he hit each base. Of course this is James we are talking about the good little soldier who does as he is told and who has a pre show alliance with Nicole.

Da'Vonne is a Disgrace (Z too)

Seriously, was Kalia from Season 13 the only African-American woman to appear on the show to not act like a ghetto stereotype?


What are all the white women, who have screwed on the live feeds and got into nasty arguments called? Oh I know, white trailer trash!

Leave Davonne Alone

you’re surprised a black woman acting like a black woman? Leave her alone!


You know a black woman standing up for herself is called ghetto. A white woman sexing on live feeds, playing grab the sausage under covers and midnight butt patrol, is called a good competitor.


Poor Zakiyah, poor Zakiyah!! Poor Zakiyah my a@$!!! Zakiyah is a grown a@$ woman, who dresses and carries herself like a side chick. This stupid female has actually been giving it up to that piece of crap in jury. Every episode that they have showed with Paulie in jury, she is dressed like a skank. And as far as Paulie goes, he himself said he knows how to make situations confrontational. Day, unfortunately fed into it when he mentioned her daughter. Even in jury he wants to break up the Day/Zakiyah alliance so that Zakiyah will vote with him. All I know is Paulie looked like a punk, who was about to get his ads whoop! Zakiyah is pathetic and can kiss her teaching career goodbye in NC. Can’t wait until she sees how Paulie talked about her, like a tramp.


“a@$” whooped


Seriously Paul, you pour James and Nicole a bunch of foam in their champagne glass and then proceed to hog the rest of the bottle for yourself?!?!?!? SMH


I really detest those ridiculous Bieber hats.