Big Brother 19 Finale results “thank god”

It’s finally over. Big Brother 19 was a bizarre season and something tells me the drama has just begun with the show finally over. I hope you all enjoyed the site this year it was fun as always. Thanks to everyone that supports us and what we do. If it wasn’t for these supportive people we wouldn’t be here. BIG THANKS! Keep an eye on this page for the fall as we may be expanding our youtube show with some post season drama.

My week summary and LIve show, HOH results posts from Thursday are a good general summary of the season if you are looking at a quick and dirty birds eye view. This season wasn’t everyone’s favorite but there was still a lot of drama and good times.

Final 3 HOH

Paul wins Part one

Josh wins Part two
Josh Wins Part three

Josh takes Paul to the finale. Cody is now not the stupidest finale 2 player Josh is.

Jury segment

Matt’s a douche and Raven is the puppet master.
Nobody thinks Christmas should win the game.
Dr Will – So Xmas’ biggest move is getting a broken foot
They’re all biter… some of them are f*ing the worst during this segment.

Jury Vote

The Jury laughs when they hear Josh took Paul to the end.

The questions begin..

Elena calls him out for bullying. He denies it.

Matt speaks but nobody cares

Alex calls him out on friendship.. Paul lies..

Cody asks him if he played Paul’s game or is own.
Josh mentioned owning a business but falls to mentions it’s a ebay storefront that sells cheap chinese hair products.

Jason calls Paul out for pour poor jury management.
Paul says he did everything he said he was doing. Blames the backstabbing on “the entire house”

Mark brings up Josh crying after he would bully people
Josh – one of my game moves is to expose people’s move
Josh now claims he’s a fan of the game and this insight allowed him to pull out the shady players.

Shitmas speaks nobody cares

Votes go down

Cody – going to stay true to my word
Elena – cutscene there’s no jury management
Mark – congratulations both of you
Matt – I’m a idiot..
Jason – somebody has got to go
Raven – blah blah blah surgery i’m the worst
Alex – it’s just a game.. and we’ll just be friends afterwards I’m voting for who stab me in the front
Kevin – you played a great game
Shitmas – I love you both…

Jessica calls them the jury out for being idiots and it’s glorious. She says they all have been quoted for saying they trust paul and want him to make it far.
Everyone but Cody feel like idiots.
Production shows cutscenes of them saying they trust Paul with their Lives (kinda)
The jury sans Cody feels stupid

When Jason was asked if he’s shocked that Paul played him. jason say yes, he forfeited his own opinion for Paul. Alex jumps in with this “that was my fault sorry” (THIS THIS THIS… Jason came to Alex many times and she told him to trust Paul because friendship. It sounds like Alex knows she made th9s mistake)

Cameron says everyone was playing for Paul or each other.

Cody says he’s been warned multiple times that he’s not allowed to run out and hug her.

They need 5 votes to win

Shitmas – Paul
Kevin – Paul
Alex – Josh
Raven – Paul
Jason – Josh
Matt – Paul
Mark – Josh
Elena – Josh
Cody – Josh

Winner of Big Brother 19 is Josh


The only problem is we’ll see Paul again..

America’s Favorite player is

They had 15 million votes

Cody (thank you)

Top 3 were Kevin, Cody and Jason

This was the first year we ran the ranking system. I’m glad it lasted this long without any major bugs. I’ll be expanding on this system for next year adding some bells and whistles and making it more portable. Thanks again for everyone’s valuable feedback. Kinda funny after the type of game Paul and his minions were playing they tanked in the ranking and stayed there the entire season. I wonder if any of them will stumble upon it. They all (for the most part) hated Cody and while we didn’t like Cody we hated them more therefore Cody was the beneficiary of the fan support it seems. All it would take is ONE person to go against Paul and they captured a HUGE chunk of the feed fans and cat people. Funny almost nobody else has what it takes.


Even all the people that hate me I know there’s at least 12 of your cause that’s how many people I had to ban. I still thank you for coming here and being mean keeps me Smiling.

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Omg! This is josh chance to win 500k. Take Paul out! The jury will respect you more.


100% agree. Josh needs to let him go.


“Cody is now not the stupidest finale 2 player Josh is.”

And why is that?


Because BB 16 Cody took derrick over Victoria who did nothing and would not get a vote. He chose derrick and lost.

Botox Pelosi

I’m not a Josh fan and I thought for sure he made a mistake when he choose Paul to go to the finals with him but he understood how much jury hate there was for Paul.


Can you please tell me what Cody meant by saying “I kept my word” as he placed his vote?

Thanks for a great ending to a terrible season.


He said that he would never vote for PAul. Don’t remember when.


I remember Cody saying if Paul was there in the end he WOULD vote for him. That’s why I thought for sure Paul had his vote. I was shocked and confused why Cody gave Josh his vote.

Your Common Sense

Ohhh the irony. Paul would have won if he had sent Cody home and kept Jessica in Jury instead.

True story.


Cody told Alex if Paul was in final 2 he’d vote for PAul to win, but I think he said it in an attempt to break through the mist and get someone to go after Paul. I don’t think he ever meant it. He was trying anything he could to get someone to join him, and finally realized they were all ok with 2nd place so he stopped trying.


I believe in one of his DR’s he said “He would never Vote for Paul”


Poetic justice that the deciding vote on who wins BB was Cody’s. Take that Paul. Paul knew he lost as soon as he heard Elena’s votes for Josh, then Mark and he absolutely knew the tie 4-4 was Cody’s vote to win wouldn’t be for him.. Sweet justice, sweet revenge!

Raven's yeast infection

Where was Megan and why couldn’t you vote for her?


Big Brother Feedster? @BBFeedster

Paul tells Josh that Cody and Jessica would never vote for him in the final two out of spite, while Elena would make a fair decision #BB19
3:11 PM – 5 Aug 2017


Big Brother Feedster? @BBFeedster

Paul tells Josh that Cody and Jessica would never vote for him in the final two out of spite, while Elena would make a fair decision #BB19
3:11 PM – 5 Aug 2017

Resist the Twist

When Alex and Jason flipped and it was obvious that Cody was going to hand out the 500K , the teary look on Pauls Gnome face made it ALL worthwhile

DENIED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Simon, Thanks Dawg. Another Season in the books, see ya next summer

Cat Nip

Thanks Simon and Dawg for the best blogging and posting. I enjoyed myself so much here. GREAT site.

That said, so glad BB cluster f**k is finally over. The little rat placed 2nd, hahahahaha, lost again. The big blob rat won – moron got lucky. And Cody AFP winner, that must be burning some HG butts. Eat that Shitmas, you weren’t even nominated for AFP.

Till next time everyone be happy, well, and safe. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€


I think it was his way of alerting the jury members as to how he was going to vote.


I agree…. I thought that was a code by Cody to let jury know he’s NOT voting for Paul.


Simon, let us know the post show you tube show’s name. Love to watch and see if you follow the aftermath of these HGs when they get out. Thanks for everything.


What Cody meant when he said, “I kept my word” and looked at the jury members is that he said in the jury house that he’d never let Paul win, giving the jury the heads up on how he would vote. He reiterated that after Elena, Mark and then Jason came into the jury. They talk about Paul’s betrayals, being in F2 with all except Cody, and mentioning that Paul thinks he’ll win…Cody said, “Paul’s got another thing coming,” or something like that. So Cody was telling the jury…I’m voting for Josh, NOT PAUL…He would never vote for Paul to win.


Last night on the live feeds Josh was talking about the jury and saying, “Yeah we terrorized them, we played them.” He knew what they did to the HGs, the terrible tactics they, the three stooges, used. Even tonight when Xmas was evicted, Paul said to her, “THROW YOUR CRUTCH AT CODY.” What the hell is Paul’s problem. It’s not enough what those three did to the HGs, they still talk trash,even last night, and literally are cruel. Why does Paul say that to xmas tonight? He’s just trash and hateful.


Because Cody is an asshole.

Jealous Johnny

Bitter much?


No…because Cody was the one that wanted to get Paul out. Cody was a threat to Pauls game.


Josh should have taken shitmas, so many times he doubted Paul, him and Christmas had each others back more so than Josh and Paul. Josh is just such a fan of Paul he would do anything to “look cool” and be Pauls “friends”. Christmas would have not received one vote… well maybe from Raven because they are both girls struggling with physical challenges *inset eye roll*

A nicely folded towel placed in a random location.

Commercialized Holiday didn’t have Josh’s back in the Jury, but she sure was hugging him tightly after the announcement.


Josh was duped by Paul telling him that everyone liked Bitchmas. Josh would have got every jury vote if he took Bitchmas over Paul.

Where can we see the backyard interviews????


Cody long ago said he would NEVER vote for Paul to win this game.


My favorite moment was watching Paul walk his floaty back to a room ( with his luggage) Paul was so certain that he was going to win that he had already planned to walk out wearing the floaty while being named winner of BB19.


I missed that on the live show but when I rewatched the episode I did see Paul grab the floaty that he had on the couch and head back to the bedroom with it. Awesome.


because he said in the beginning of the game he would never vote for Paul to win the game.


He said he’d never vote paul to win after Paul took him out

Cody's word is obvious

I think what Cody meant as he looked at the jury and said he was keeping his word, was a mere ‘heads up’ to Elena, Mark, Alex & Jason, that he was honoring his vote towards Josh that the 5 of them ‘may of’ set up before the vote to have Josh win over Paul. They did admit they were bitter and what a way to sting Paul in the end. Cody got the final backstab Paul….Zing! Good job Josh~ enjoy

Franks Fumes

Josh’s tip offs about Paul on the eviction messages won him 500g simple as that…… move for such a meatball…..and Paul seemed to love it too.(lol)


Yup. That’s why Paul said it was cowardly because Paul realized Josh was smart enough to screw with his plans just enough. For Paul people only counted until they walked out the door. He forgot about those extra 30 precious seconds that leaves a lasting impression, especially to a juror.


and that’s why he isn’t one of the greatest players. Bugs me when people say they are the best player because they lied and manipulated in the game. The real skill is being able to do that AND have the jury like you.

Franks Fumes

Jessica in her backyard interview mentioned Ravens scab eating you tube video……..Dr. Will did an amazing job at filling in as host.(lol)


I wish Jessica, when asked by Julie before the vote was revealed, had said to the jurors, “Your public perception may not be as favorable as you hope it will be because of your actions in the house.”

Also, any word on the status of Joshua’s family’s house due to Hurricane Irma?


Where are the backyard interviews?




Totally agree. Cody was foolish for taking Derrick. Cody had the great opportunity of being able to choose the person for the final 2. It would have been a slam dunk if Cody chose Victoria; the $500,000 was his hands if he chose Victoria. Very poor and stupid game move on Cody’s part. Cody went so far in the game, then Cody sabotaged and destroyed his own game! Pity

Cody the Combat Vet AFP

Hahahaha hahahaha to all you SJW assholes who hated Cody … kiss my assssss!!! LMFAO hahahahaha even though a retard won the game . Fuck Paul and Shitmas


Sounds like a Cody fan using the R word in 2017. I’m surprised you didn’t call everyone trannies.

Paul Got What He Deserved

Another melting liberal snowflake. If your upset that Cody won you should take it out on Paul. Paul’s actions is why Cody won.


And Cody got what he didn’t deserve, all of you FANS who only voted for him to stick it to Paul are no better. It should have went to your Favorite player. Seems the Jury was not the only bitter ones.


This season sucked!! There was no favorite player.


You r so right in saying what you said. I was going to say the same thing. Even Kody girlfriend said she would of voted for paul.

I didn't mind Cody that much

He was my favorite.

Franks Fumes

I didn’t see anything that appeared to be shocking to the other houseguest that Cody won AFP. I guess they don’t care if they didn’t get it themselves (lol).


CBS really didn’t show the other HG’s reactions to Cody winning. I so wanted to see Paul/xmas/Josh’s faces. They were so sure they were the cool kids on the block. Yeah, the bully kids, and Josh, the man child crazy I guess was the lesser of the three evils.


The one who was the most bitter about Cody winning was Christmas. She thought she was going to cash that 25K. Witch.

Josh's 500g richer Prometheus head

There it is the guy that calls people snowflakes………missed you genius!


Wow doctor will is up ravens ass he must know she’s easy

Final Bash

Nah. He’s just hoping she’ll pay him to operate on her Corrugated Kneecap Syndrome. She’s the patient that keeps on giving.


Or the inverted spine


(smh) this is now officially the worst season ever. this cast was dumb from start to finish. this cast never had the concept of playing the game, and you hand them the keys to vote for the winner, and they vote for Josh. even giving AFH to the worst player of this season (Cody) is embarrassing. I didn’t like Paul this season but he was the only one who played.

Disappointed Fan

Paul was by far the best player. He got everyone to do everything! I’ve seen every season of BB since the first season and I’ve never seen such a bitter winey jury! They voted against Paul simply because he outplayed them! CODY as America’s favorite? Really? Guy was a total a$$! I’d be embarrassed to say I know him! The season was only boring because every single player did EXACTLY what Paul asked them to do!


It was boring because of paul


and cbs.

"Harm" "Threat"

A big part of big brother is having a good social game oh, and while it appeared Paul’s game was on point he came up short and that area. Even in the end his arrogance wouldn’t allow him to own up to his own mistakes and lies he told. He wants to take the credit without the accountability and that’s why he’s a loser…..Again


What the hell was the point in bringing back all the cast if CBS didn’t let them all review the season. Ramses, Dom and Jillian didn’t get to say anything. Jessica’s comments segued into a Trust Paul segment, Paul, Paul, Paul…Enough. Please don’t bring that lunatic, terror inducing maniac back again. So glad he at least didn’t win. He deserves to be arrested with the other three stooges (TMZ reported that BB behavior, i.e. Paul slapping Josh, Josh bullying along with Paul are chargeable offenses!) Hope they see their true colors when they watch this horrible season.


Obviously Paul WASN’T the best player ever. Playing an A$$ didn’t work, nor did playing the Friendship card. Hopefully CBS doesn’t make the mistake of bringing Momma’s Boy back again.


Karma’s a bitch Paul. Evil person, evil player, poetic justice.

I didn't mind Cody that much

He played his self by not managing the jury and owning up to his bullshit. That’s why he didn’t win.


You’re correct in that Paul probably deserved to win but I’m glad that the jury decided to show him that there are consequences to being such an asshole. Seeing him come up one vote short again,,,,priceless. Did you see him poop himself at the end? They will have to cleanup those little gnome pieces all over the BB house. LMAO.

One F'n vote again!

It was great watching him squirm in his seat when he knew Codey was the last vote. Are there any post show videos / interviews to see Paul’s reaction to loosing by 1 vote for the 2nd straight year. WOW that was priceless.


Yes you can see Pauls reaction I believe on Jessica twitter it was pretty funny

Ameatball stain on an otherwise fabulous shirt.

Paul played himself. And he’s a guy who gets screwed over in the end and cries about it from his mom’s basement.

Ravens semen storage device

I never did understand Paul’s bizarre idea it would be better to take Josh when he knew the jury was super bitter……another 500g miscalculation……Paul is not a good finisher(lol).

The Tea Towel

Matt is the best finisher in the house.


Cry Paul you ahole!

Josh let me down

The one time I wanted Josh to yell “You played yourself, Fool”

Josh is a Human Being

Exactly. Paul TOTALLY played himself. Lied til the end, took no responsibility for anything that upset people…. until he took responsibility for absolutely everything that happened in the house in his speech in a supremely Braggy douchey way. Yup Paul, you can’t treat people like that.


I think Josh’s speech topped Paul’s too. I actually believe him now – that he was “playing dumb”. Exposing Paul in his goodbye speeches was a really, really good move on his part. And you could see that Paul was blindsided by it. Pure Gold! I didn’t see it that way originally – only that he was doing damage control for himself – which again was smart. Do I think Josh played the best game? No. But this was the best outcome for me – that Paul didn’t win.


When Josh won Paul wouldn’t go out the door with him. He had to compose himself because in his arrogance, he couldn’t believe an man child, who he held the strings to, usurped him. He especially hated that Josh told each evicted HG in his goodbye dr that the he was in an alliance with Paul/xmas. Paul called Josh a coward. Now Josh, will you wake up and see you were used for your bullying and childish outbursts? Don’t think so. Josh really believes he was a master strategist in this game. Ugh.

The Foosa

A true Hillary Clinton move…Paul loses about the same number of times as Hillary….Next up, big book deal called, “What Happened” by lil Paul….Bwahahaha…

These People

You are so right, I hated it when they used that line. Most of those people didn’t play themselves they got played by a lying sociopath with no soul. Paul actually played himself out of $500k no one did that to him but him.


Josh reminds me of Cronk on emperors new groove. he’s kind of big and dumb and he’s Paul’s boy toy ..but I’m glad he won…and Paul and Raven look like they belong on an episode of true blood to redneck hillbilly vampires Man Matt and raven really showed themselves as the biggest losers of the season…

Head Scratcher

What was the deal with Raven standing beside Paul rubbing his arm as the finale went off? Strange!


Money. Being around him means people see you. Get your foot in the door for a few good scams.

Botox Pelosi

Thanks for all you guys do Simon and Dawg. This really is the best Big Brother site on the entire web.


She had a crazy look in her face! HahahA


I am so happy Paul never won. I don’t care that Josh won.


I am soooooo happy that Paul did not win and as expected he was pouting and bein a poor sport about it.

He was allowed to say he was the puppet master over and over not to mention waaay worse comments HG will see when the watch the season but go so pissed when he saw Josh had been spilling the beans in his good bye messages which was GAMEPLAY and ya cant blame someone for playin the game wasnt that what he always said?

I just know had the shoe been on the other foot he wouldve expected Josh to be happy for him and he wouldve been!

Standing on stage pouting into the camera was the epitomy of his poor sportsmanship to the t I just hope he doesnt make Josh feel bad for it for the rest of his life! Go Home Paul!!! What did you guys mean Simon and Dawg when you daid he would be back?? Thanks for everything you guys do you rock!!


I completely agree! I was going to post something similar actually. But you summed it up pretty well.

I must say that had Paul watched BB Can this year, Sindy with a “S” would have taught him a great lesson: jury management is very important. Paul completely ignored that.

Once again Paul lost because of his lack of empathy and for knowing himself too little. Last year he didn’t apologize for some terrible things he said to the girls while in the house, and the worst: they kinda hinted with one of their questions that he needed to do so. This year, again, he lost for LYING to everyone in the goodbye messages more than just evicting everyone. I commented days ago how I loved that CBS edited the goodbye speeches in a way that showed Paul lying and Josh spilling the beans right after it. GENIUS! Paul is a very rude person and needs to mature.

Jessica’s comments were so on point that I think I need to download that clip and laugh at the jury members forever.

I hope Paul doesn’t come back as one of the “celebrities”… it’d be annoying as hell. They need to let him go! So tired of him. His pouting is so annoying but watching him lose a second time was priceless.


Moreover, Paul has no reason to be pissed at Josh – Josh chose him for F2, and many thought Paul would win in the end. Second place is Paul’s doing 100%. Will he ever truly see this? I doubt it; the entitlement is strong in this one.

Paul the Punk

Paul got punked!


From the looks of Paul at the end, he is going to need a lot of psychiatric help. The wind was totally taken out of his sails. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy. There is a God in heaven!!! Somebody please tell Cody why so many of us voted for him. He was the only one who had a clue about Paul. I am pretty sure the rest of them couldn’t argue about him getting it.


I don’t know why people keep saying that. He was NOT the only one who had a Clue about Paul. Dom also told everyone Paul was a snake. That fact that people voted for him as AFP is as Pathetic as this season. There is a God in heaven, but I can assure you, he would not approve of Cody’s actions. As a Fan it’s the most embarrassing thing I’ve seen.


Cody would probably agree with you – he seemed entirely embarrassed by it as well.

Paul the Punk

Cry us a river Paul. LMAO.


Whoever said cry me a river Paul : he actually does look like he was crying in photo above our posts. You couldnt see it on the show because the camera cut away to Josh cause he won.

Thanks Simon and Dawg for putting that picture in so we all could see his face right at the moment the self entitled little f#&cker realized he had lost.


On a sad note I will miss coming on here everyday until it comes back on again! Thanks again guys!

Little Paulie

Paul looked great with that turd in his mouth.

Botox Pelosi

Did Christmas actually use the word integrity talking about her game???


Yes. xmas thinks we are buying into the fake on-air persona she puts on. She’s another snake. Notice Julie didn’t buy into it and the audience didn’t clap when she gave her “inspirational bull.” Talk about how you said to Josh you would murder families, and all the other vile things. Then the live show comes on, and she cries and smiles and talks so sweetly. She’s another piece of work. CBS should have never let her stay once she was injured. But she was there to help Paul so guess she got a pass.


It was very obvious to most on this board that Josh would win. On other websites the less sophisticated fans who do not grasp “reality” tv were overwhelmingly predicting a Paul win. For those of you that are shocked by the ending…please keep in mind that this is “reality” tv (which is almost as “real” as pro wrestling). Stop thinking of what’s best for the players and start thinking of what’s best for production. Production had hours and hours and hours to convince Josh in the diary room that Paul was the one to take to the final two. We wanted to see Paul exposed and humbled. We wanted Paul to have a great fall. A fitting end for a puppet master…ultimately defeated by a simpleton who almost self-destructed on week 1. One of Paul’s puppets showed a bit of cunning and blew up Paul’s game in goodbye messages. Paul felt so betrayed and the viewers just laughed really hard. Lastly, the look on some of the puppets faces when Cody was announced as AFP was also priceless.


To the person that was talking about the DR sessions. That was one of the weird things about this season They called the HGi nto the DR alot this season and for long periods of time yet we didnt get to see hardly any DR funny sad or orherwise! They can be hilarious. So what WERE they doin in there all thoae times O wonder?

Final Bash

That’s one of the things people are talking about when they say production interferes in the DR.

Production has two ongoing storylines at any given time. They will have the houseguests repeat similar lines and statements over and over until they get the exact words and delivery they want.

Once the houseguests are worn down, they can start asking questions.
“So, do you think you can trust Paul?” (houseguest talks at length about how they can trust Paul, they’re asked to rephrase and repeat for the “best take”)
“Raven has been spending a lot of time with Paul this week. Do you think she’s trying to take him away from you?”

It’s pretty easy to plant ideas if you have enough time and enough repetition.

Christmas' Opiod Bottle

I watched half the season and kept up with it on this site. I love it when true justice is done. Paul loses and Cody gets favorite player. America is a great place. We reward honesty and true grit. Josh is a fool but at least he likes his family. I am hoping Paul has anal gaping on knowing he got f’d.


My prediction came true
Josh and Paul finale
paul take 2nd again lol

BB Fan

Josh took Paul best move for him. Totally bitter jury that I’m ok for as they are entitled to feel bitter to a former HG given a lot of advantages and knowledge about comps etc. that they did not have. Still kinda on the fence about Christmas and Raven prior friendship but Raven’s stroking him on the finale kinda freaky. That girl has some serious mental issues. Didn’t like Josh or his actions much but I believe he’s just an immature kid who was taken advantage of by two older manipulative people in Paul and Christmas. BB20 has got to be better or end of the road for me me after day one. BB celeb won’t even bother.

Matt the cereal killer

I said it before and ill say it again: Matt and Raven are the worst

Franks Fumes

Why the hell didn’t they show Paul Josh Xmas reaction to Codys AFP……that’s what people have been wanting on here for a month…..WTF?


Why the hell would Josh care if Cody won afp after he won half a mill

Cody America's Favorite Houseguest

Because in six months when Pot N Pans Meatballs goes bankrupt Josh will living back at home again looking for a handout.

Cody's word is obvious

Paul sat there after every comment or segment shaking his head denying his part, then calls out Josh as a coward for out smarting Paul in the DR’s. Josh wasn’t a coward Paul, he was genius in thinking to do that…give the man credit where credit is do and stop being a know it all. I am a Paul fan, however weeks ago, it was just too much, and I began hoping for Josh to win.


It’s the day after and we have to deal with the “paul deserved to win” morons. One of them happens to be Julie Chen. You are talking about some other game if you believe so and so DESERVED to win. Big Brother is not about who Julie Chen thinks deserved to win or who the viewers at home think deserved to win. The whole game is crushing people’s dreams, sending them to jury and sitting next to somebody who will get LESS jury votes than you. The jury can be bitter. That’s actually allowed. The jury can all decide to flip coins for their jury vote. It still won’t mean the other person deserved it more. It’s on the contenstant to connect with jury members in a way that makes them feel good about actually voting for you. If you want to make final 3 deals with everybody and then have to stab your jury in the back and leave them betrayed and not even own up to what you did…then you probably played a game good enough to earn second place. Only the jury can decide who deserved it. That’s the essence of the game…people you voted out holding your fate in their hands. The folks at home or Julie Chen do not decide who deserved the win (that would be a different game entirely).


Dr.Will would have won this year even if he didn’t play the game through interviews. Dr Will the Greatest!!!!!!

Captain Crunch

Josh wins part 3 and now its time to make the right decision by cutting Paul.


The Jury showed how bitter they were. I would be surprised if they actually voted Paul to win


I agree they are very bitter it just a game.


It wasn’t just a game this season. Did you watch the live feeds. The harassment, bullying, cruelty that they displayed was degrading and despicable. TMZ was reporting on the Hg’s behavior as unsavory and chargeable offenses legally. They said Paul should be brought up on charges. Paul/Josh badgered and berated and attacked non stop. Even this week on the feeds they were speaking so terribly about the Hgs. Tonight when xmas was evicted, Paul told her to throw her crutch at Cody! Give me a break. These three enjoy hurting people. Especially Paul who took joy in inflicting pain. That’s not game. It’s cruelty when you delight in other’s misery and keep hitting when someone’s done or gone already. Enough.


Josh blew it

galaxy 19

josh blew it


Simon, Dawg, fellow commenters….one again it is time to say farewell until next time.

As usual, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with all of you, have appreciated all the hard work that goes into this site ,enjoyed Simon and Dawg’s commentary and everyone’s perspective even when it did not align with my own.

Wishing everyone a prosperous year filled with health, laughter and blessings. Stay safe and well until we meet again.

PS–I will be checking back for Celebrity Big Brother and BB Canada!

thank you everyone

Thank you Simon. Truly the best BB site i have found. You are my go to BB site.


Love you Simon and Dawg! Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou for all your hard work. Great Job! Can’t wait to see what comes next. Take care of yourselves. God Bless y’all and all the commenters. Be good and don’t bully! ??


I can’t believe he is taking Paul . Smh

Same Ol' Same Ol'

I’m not surprised.

Pauls MistP

He made a good decision


The biggest meatball turned out to be Josh


I what world does Josh think he has a better chance of beating Paul vs Groundhog? Oh….. maybe in production’s world. What a meatball! Can only hope the jury remains better towards Paul.


I was wrong!. So glad. So happy Paul did not win!


Am I the only one disgusted watching this finale?

Infected nose ring hole

Are you kidding. One of the most entertaining finales. Calling out most of the crap they did. Finally. The look on pauuls face PRICELESS. congrats Josh !!!!


Hahahahha, the look on Paul’s face was priceless when he lost. F*ck Paul. LOL


I screamed at first when he said he was taking Paul but maybe the jury will choose Josh over Paul.




Josh made the wrong move. F2 Josh taking Paul.

Thank F'ck it's over!

Well, it could have been a great outcome! Paul getting third! F’ck! Don’t care who wins now…….


Well, I was feeling the same way until that ending… him being second again and Cody winning AFP was a better outcome…


Bitter, my thoughts exactly!


Simon & Dawg I hope you don’t let this American season of big brother discourage from coming back next year. You guys are great and did a great job of making this nasty season bearable.
? here’s to a better next year with our favorite guys and hopefully a better season of big brother.


here’s to another kraken season


So everybody in that DR segment said that they trusted Paul except Xmas. The best that she could muster is that he was interesting

Glad Paul Lost

Well she voted for Paul to win because she is crushing on the gnome.


Did anyone else catch her telling Paul ” I love you ” just before she went out the door? In true Paul fashion he did not reply at all.


Not everybody. Not Cody.

Impractical Joker

so who won afp?



Tyra H

Yea did anybody hear Cody thank America? Maybe I missed it idk. He’s still a d!ck. Poor Jess.


The poor guy was in shock! Hope Paul understands why he got it!!

And the winner is...

Josh won BB19 – exciting Cody won AFP – disappointing! Cody’s reaction to winning AFP – priceless! He was not in shock! He knows he didn’t deserve it! His comment said it all!!!


I think Cody was surprised he won AFP. I’m glad he won. He was the only one to tell Paul that Paul treated people like dogs and knew his game as right off the bat. He had Paul’s number. And I think Cody is a person of few words. He’s a war hero, whether you like him or not, and he’s been fighting in both Afghanistan and Iraq for years with medal of honor. He deserved AFP. Dom backed down when Paul confronted her snake comment. Cody never did. and didn’t in the jury or on stage either.


No he didn’t, he said it doesn’t make any sense, which he’s right, it was pathetic and embarrassing that he won, even he knows it was a joke.


Cody winning AFP shows how much people disliked paul.


Well his girlfriend was all over social media telling people to vote for him, so now that he knows that he’ll understand,

Botox Pelosi





Worst big brother ever


Made 16 look like a gem

Impractical Joker

So Paul was this seasons Nicole
who will be next seasons Paul?



Josh, Josh…. what are you doing?…. You just handed Paul the half a million!

Kathie from Canada

I think it is safe to assume that the ‘friendship’ between Josh and Paul officially has ended tonight. Paul looked SO pissed as the night went on.


paul is a sociopath, he has no intention of remaining friends with any of these people.


Agreed. Paul looked so pissed when Josh was talking. I Hope Josh caught on when Paul said he carried Josh here knowing he could beat him. How do you feel about your boy now Josh?


When Mark and Elena voted for Josh, Paul knew he was toast and that his plan backfired. He had gone to a great extent to have Josh bully Mark and Cody hoping in the end they would absolutely hate Josh. That’s the only reason he took Josh. His logic failed because the jury knew he was the real instigator and he didn’t take ownership.

Botox Pelosi

Excellent point Dodie.


Who’s the Fool now Paul? Wasn’t that what you called Josh all the time, instead of his name? He won.(even though Josh is a impudent child.)


I ageee. He talked so badly about them and although I did not like Josh either I’m glad he’s the one Paul lost to because Paul thought he was stupid. Way to go Josh! And Paul ain’t your friend


i found it pretty telling when paul lost part 3 of the hoh that he didn’t bother to get to know any of the houseguests on a personal level (josh didn’t do much better, but he did do better).


Paul looked really super pissed. Josh out played him with his diary room confessions but Paul decided to pout and call Josh a meanie or some other childish name. Paul is officially a two-time loser.

Real nurse.

He called him a coward. Josh was smart to out Paul in his goodbye messages. It won the game for him. Paul should have “sold” himself as well in the goodbyes. Kind of reminded me of Russel Hantz’s loss in Survivor. Bitter jury though he played the best game. Paul overplayed.


I ageee Paul is NOT gonna be his true friend


LOL. I’d been saying it for weeks. Paul’s jury management was garbage. Don’t lie in good-bye messages. Own your moves.

Kid Rock

Killing part is he lied all night tonight…. Why lie the show is over own your moves and backstabs!! How can he call josh a coward for telling the truth in the goodbye messages…. smh the misty knew he was lying still….. Paul messed by trying to lie his way to 500k


both had really bad responses to jury questions (which was how paul’s game sunk last year).

i think paul vs. cody will happen either next year or the year after.

least people can’t claim the game is rigged any more.


I could not agree more. I think if Paul had sold himself properly, the game would have been his. He should have used his farewell messages to give his back story and spelled out his game during jury questions and comments.

This was the most bitter jury that I ever saw. Alexis was the worst one, what a sore loser!

I can not believe that I am saying this, but Jessica made the most intelligent comments of the whole
night. Paul played everyone. I personally truly believe if Jessica had spoken before the vote, Paul would have won. A disappointing season all the way around.


personally paul losing saved the season for me (josh thus winning being an element i’d rather not focus on).

but that’s the error in paul’s game (that also hurt him last year). you need to be able to vote them out actively willing to still vote for you, or at least have a pitch that you made genuine connections with them while they were there. but paul made the erroneous decision to play it off like it was all a game, and when people have perceived a connection with you where you’re not making it clear where the line is, they have to assume he’s completely dishonest and not worthy of their respect or vote.

ultimately this is a social game, and paul blew it because it’s not about how well you play the game “stats-wise” but it’s about the relationship you have with a very non-impartial jury (and acknowledging who can separate game from personal and who can’t). people don’t make decisions because they’re logically sound, they make decisions emotionally. paul sucked at recognizing that aspect last year, he sucked at it again this year.

i don’t think jessica would have changed people’s minds. after all, dr. will definitely seemed to be trying to steer the jury towards paul and clearly did not succeed.


I think Alex’s comment was perfect. One of you stabbed me in the back, one of you stabbed me in front. I’m voting for the one who stabbed me from the front. In other words the one that owned up to his game move and didn’t weasel out even in the jury questions.


Isn’t it ironic that when it came to voting out Jody, Paul wanted Jessica out first so she wouln’t go to jury. Ha Ha. She would have voted for you Paul. Though I think that’s ridiculous.


Yup!!!!! Lying til the end did him in. good!


I’m speechless and lmao

Glad This Is Over!

Paul thinks Josh is a dumb a$$ and clearly shows that with his facial expressions when Josh speaks…what a douche! Karma’s a bitch Paul…congrats Josh!!!

The Beef

Actually, Paul KNOWS Josh is a dumb a$$, which makes it hurt that much more that he lost to him after leading him around by the nose and using him for the entire season! This was one of those “You can’t make chicken salad out of chicken sh@t” situations, as far as I was concerned, as clearly Paul dominated the entire cast throughout the season, but if you are dominating a herd of sheep, have you really accomplished anything?

Despite Josh’s claims of making “big moves”, and outing “shady” players, in reality he just did what the gnome told him to do, and he did it over and over and over again. I mean, the way they were throwing comps around in the herd, and evicting the weekly (read “Paul’s”) target, it was almost like the entire cast outside of Paul was just floating along, expecting him to take each of them to the finale.

So I don’t think any of them did anything to deserve to win other than Paul. Having said that, given the way he played, his lack of jury management and the bullying, I’m glad Josh won in the end (maybe should say was “awarded” the victory, since I can’t see how in the Hell he beat Paul). Was even happier to see Cody win AFP as a final FU to the worst excuse of a BB cast that CBS has ever put together.


I was totally surprised that Cody voted for Josh. I know he hated Paul, but he had said Paul played the game and controlled the house.
Congrats Josh, you got lucky.


Josh won


WOW. Bitter Jury.
Paul deserved the Win.
Idiots lol
If Cody wins AFP Im gonna barf…


Barf away!


He’s so clueless about why he won afp because he knew he did nothing except have sex with Jessica and because He made the stupidest game move and had zero personality. So he wins because ppl hate Paul? an actual game player. This isn’t jersey shore.
I wish I could barf all over him lol Maybe he’d twitch?


nah, worst game move was still jessica leaving ramses on the block next to josh.

True that

Having sex with Jessica is EXACTLY why he got my vote for AFP!


Hahahahah….oh well, I hope you made it to the toliet


Can’t believe Paul called Josh a coward. Although I didn’t like any of them, I’m glad Josh won instead of Paul. Paul didn’t even have the guts to own his lies. Yay, Cody won AFP!


Start barfing. lol.



Cody for AFP

I can’t believe Paul lost. That was awesome.


And Bitter jury decides! Thank you Simon & Dawg for putting up with this and all of us who have visited your website!


LMAO, Paul got second again and Josh threw shade all over him! No friendship now!


Loved the look on Paul’s face when he realized it was codys vote that would decide the winner.


Codys vote lost Paul the game and Cody wins AFP. What a great night!


And the crowd goes wild!! Josh wins! The whole crappy season was worth it!

Same Ol' Same Ol'

I wouldn’t go THAT far. ๐Ÿ™‚




Hey Paul, eat a bag of d!ยขks!!!!
Second place again!!! Bwahahahahaha

Congrats to Cody on AFP!


Is it true, Josh won????
hahahhahahhaha, I want to say best season ever, but it wasn’t

Better then paul

Omg josh won.


Omg Cody deserved that as much as Josh deserved the 500 k

Peed On

We left you a towel by the sink so you can wash that stuff off your face.




See even Cody said him getting AFP doesnโ€™t make sense! Jason deserved it more than him


That’s because he’s not aware of the level of anti-Paul feelings in the bb fandom.


Not after what he said about Kevin’s wife and daughters


I have new faith in this game, look at ravin rubbing the bridesmaids arm. Yes Cody


I was very surprised that Paul didn’t shake her off. It was creepy the way she was hanging on his, with her lips it a duck pout.

Butters Mom

Her lips were really weird… she is so unaware of how ridiculous she looks and sounds its sad.

Min O'Pause

Karma is one bad bitch baby!

The Truth

Wait, I thought Christmas was the bad bitch?!?


Yay! Josh won! Paul is pissed that he was out played. So glad Paul did not win, he was an a$$.


The way Paul was acting when Josh was answering questions show the true Paul. He was pissed Josh was owning his game play while Paul was still lying.


OMG! Cody wins AFP?! What a joke! So done with this show!!


Cody for the win…love it

Big Brother Redeemed

Jury made the right choice


You think Josh played a better game than Paul?

Hope to never see Paul again

I think Paul is a psychopathic FAKE who took joy in being unnecessarily mean to people that he pretended to be friends with. He thought he was smarter than everyone else and they would never figure it out. He even lied in his goodbye messages and when answering the jury’s questions tonight. And I am glad he didn’t win. Don’t forget that jury management is part of the game. He should have learned that last year. And yes I think Josh played a better game… BECAUSE HE WON!


YES. Paul was unnecessarily mean and enjoyed it.


yes i do! paul hid while everyone else did the work. remember it’s not the viewer that is voting, the jury didn’t see what he was doing like we did. they seen josh out front playing the game while paul was hiding behind him. josh deserved to win imo.

House of Idiots

Yes I do. Lying to the jury and making them mad is one of the stupidest things you can do

Final Bash

The player makes the jury bitter. Ergo, Paul played a sh*tty game. If he was a good player like Dr Will, say, he could lie and manipulate and make them love him for it. As it is, he’s just a weak little high school bully that no one has to put up with anymore after they graduate.


Josh played a better jury game, He was smart enough to know who to work.


The jury made the wrong choice.


I am in shock. This was another Ian v Dan. I did not like Paul’s tactics but Josh won….


Yes, Paul made better games moves and manipulated like Dan. That’s where the similarities end. Dan did not create a lord of the flies environment. Dan also owned his shit, Paul was all lies and denies. The way he spoke about the others house guests and the bullying he orchestrated was what sickened me. I was disappointed when Dan lost, however, when Paul lost tonight I couldn’t have been happier. I didn’t want him to win (even tho he deserved it more than Josh) simply because I wanted to see him be runner up again and see the look on his face. Made the whole miserable season of BB19 worth it.

Don't want Paul to win

I wish they would of showed Pauls face when they announced Cody as AFP.


Me too. He played the better game.
I still think he’s a douche though. Lol


That makes me feel better about you Simon (being one of those who have argued with you lol). ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m surprised so many fans root for people who literally get carried to the end. Where are the true fans of the GAME of Big Brother who want to see those who are playing the best game do well?

I can’t stand bitter jurors.

Even Dan Gheesling just tweeted the player in him feels terrible for Paul and that he played his face off.

Butters Mom

I kind of felt like Paul used Josh to do his dirty work and hid behind Josh. If Paul had owned it during his DR I could have given him more credit… but he lied there too (hiding still behind Josh)..

BTW.. Thank you Simon and Dawg for a great job! I could not have gotten through this season without OBB! You did a great job!!

Just a?

Did he piggyback or use him as a shield?


I will say this about Josh he always wanted to win the game unlike the others he wanted to come in second he really did want to win


Jury management is also part of the game. He probably should have owned his shit instead of lying in his goodbye messages and when answering the jury questions. He should have won but I’m not disappointed with the outcome like I was when Dan lost. Dan is a decent human, not too cool nfident that Paul is.


Not after what he said about Kevin’s wife and daughters


Thanks for running this site!!


I would of voted for Josh. I am a bitter fan!


Nobody deserved the money, any of them!

Cousin It Lost

I’m glad Paul lost, and if he had won future cast members would follow his bullying game play. It’s not fun to watch adult bullies. Although Josh did the deed, everyone knew Paul was encouraging Josh and others to do it. Paul had a good plan, but intentionally hurting and bullying folks on a personal level is not entertaining and just mean. Not smart!!!

Real Nurse

Is that why it says Paul is winner of BB 19 at top of site? Lol.

Anti Divider

Not gonna thumbs down this cause I love Simon and Dawg…and I do think Paul played the hardest and best if you’re simply looking at how to get to the final 2…with no repercussions with jury members. This sounds ridiculous I’m sure, as I know Josh was a big part of the bullying as well…but I could not award half a mil to someone who instigated the hate and bullying and isolation that Paul did. Previous winners of BB made plenty of shady moves…but you cannot compare Paul’s nastiness with theirs, and that is exactly why he lost.



I can only say that best of all poopy outcomes happened! But it is like being happy about poop falling on your shoe and not your pants cuff.

Still poop!

Biff Tannen

Great job, guys. I bailed on watching the show around halfway through because these were such empty people, but I still wanted to know what happened, and your updates were great! See you for Celebrity BB this winter!

Zing Bot

Paul must be one of the most people in America lol

Big Brothe

Wrote a brutal comment before the winner was announced & it didn’t post lmao..who cares meatballs won & the big brother world is right again….Cody congratulations on afp…. thank you to Simon& Dave… best update fan discussion out here …Alex redeemed herself voting for Josh lol. Much luv let’s get sucked back in to Survivor…PS…CBS fire production…. they’ve become complacent & irrelevant thank you jury you made the right choice!


How so? Becasue you didn’t like Paul? How can you honestly say Josh played a better game. He wouldn’t have even been sitting in that chair if it wern’t for Paul.


Well, yes you’re right but when Josh implied his beauty business technique conned Paul into being loyal to him, it gave me pause. The look on Paul’s face was priceless that he hinted that he played Paul. He also threw Paul under the bus with his goodbye messages so that counts.

Check This Out...

I’ll just post this article one more time, should save people a lot of typing…
Why Paul Sucks…

John W

I mean, it ended as well as you could have (at this point) hoped for. The shocking look of disappointment on Paul’s face, followed by Cody being like “America, thanks for the cash for no reason. Even I don’t get it.” (I voted for ya buddy. You were a jerk, but not a stupid jerk, and that’s good enough.)

Thanks for all the hard work Simon and Dawg!