Big Brother Canada Season 3 Finale Summary and Results

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Summary of the final 4

Final 3 Jury Twist.

The Final 3 are locked in the vault where they have to decide on who to evict from the Jury house. They must all come together on this vote it has to be unanimous. AS a result of this vote the Jury will go down from 10 to 9. Ashleigh proposes they both pick two people they want to keep on the Jury. She picks Zach/Pili, Sarah picks Willow/Brittnee. Godfrey doesn’t think this is the best approach to take says he doesn’t have two people. An argument ensues but is cut short to be shown on the Wednesday show.

Twitter Spoilers

(Big Thanks to @hamsterwatch for providing these spoilers)
Godfrey wins Part 1
Ashleigh Wins Part 2
Godfrey wins Part 3 Evicts AShleigh
Sarah and Godfrey in the final 2 with Godfrey holding the final HOH win
Jordan’s vote was nullified he had voted for Sarah to win.

Sarah wins Big Brother Canada 3 by a vote of 5-2 (Not all the vote were revealed yet)

Results from the Show

Part One HOH
Sarah out first followed by Ashleigh, Godfrey wins.

Part Two HOH
Sarah and Ashleigh compete
Sarah’s time was 21:13
Ashleigh’s time was 4:55
Ashleigh wins part 2

Part Three HOH
Godfrey and Ashleigh compete. The competition is questions from the Jury members.
Godfrey is the winner of part 3 and is the final HOH

Final HOH Winner is Godfrey.
Godfrey evicts Ashleigh.
Final two is Godfrey and Sarah.

Jury questions the final 2.

Evicted Jury member is Jordan.

Jury Vote Breakdown
Sindy Votes Sarah
Bobby Votes Godfrey
Kevin Votes Sarah
Willow Votes Sarah
Bruno votes Godfrey
Zach Votes Sarah
Pili Votes Sarah
AShleigh’s vote ?
Brittnee’s Vote ?

Sarah wins Big Brother Canada 3.
Sarah to Canada – “I couldn’t have done it without you and your secret power”
Godfrey says he made the right choice taking Sarah tio the final 2 she had his back from early in the game. Tells the jury they made the right choice.

Big Brother 17 US

If you’ve been around the site for awhile you’ll know BBUS is when things get wild around here. If you are new think of it as BBCANADA without sleep and 10X the craziness!
US live feeds are also much different than Canada. The visual quality may not be as good but everything else is generally better. US feeds are on most of the time and they cost just $5.99 a month. With this you also gain access to the last 16 seasons of the show. PLUS they have flashback which means you can go back to any point of the feeds and watch what you’ve missed. Simon and Dawg will index the season flashback lets you catch up on the good stuff.

All sites offer the same deal with the US Live feeds. A great way to support the website whose content you value is to buy your live feeds through them. Simon and Dawg will watch all the US feeds, We won’t sleep we’ll barely eat and our families will forget our names. We’ll keep doing this if you all keep supporting us!

Big Brother Canada 3 Simon’s Final thoughts on the feeds
(Just a disclaimer I watch very little of the TV edit)

  • Great cast of people, still the strong point for BBCAN over BBUS
  • Great quality feeds (From a technical perspective). Had very little trouble watching them and we watched a lot
  • Ridiculous non stop twists ruin the show. (Pssst production your twists are killing this show)
  • BBCAN is fostering an atmosphere of Production Vs the feed fans. I know feed fans probably do 99% of the complaining but we’re also the ones that love the show enough to spend hundreds of hours watching it. We know the show at much more intimate level and therefore can see BS sooner. We care enough to call this BS out. BBCAN pointed out on twitter we represent less than 10% of the fan base.

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godgrey and sarah final 2!




Thats the hard one. I cant take side this time….. Maybe Sarah….They both really did great. Good season!


And there better be no Frankie Grande this summer or we find Grodner and kill her.


how do you think the votes will shake out for godfrey and sarah? i feel like godfrey has a better chance at getting the diapers vote, but at the same time he was clear about his desire to get them out. should be exciting to see!!


Besides Brittnee’s overpowered SP (which I didn’t really like because how unfair it seemed), which twist did people not like? Having people see votes, instant evictions, and eliminating jury members were all great additions I thought, especially when people were surprised. The triple eviction might have been a little heavy but it changed the house a lot which typically in BBUS is a huge weakness…

Doctor Will's Son

I wasn’t too big on Brittnee’s power as well. Contestants come to play the game and even though the fans and the audience make the show popular, I hate how there are these twists (especially anything to do with fan voting a power to a HG) that can ruin people’s games. It’s how the game has changed throughout the years by adding on these random twists to alter how the game is currently played and it’s disheartening that fantastic gameplay can be neglected by a twist, especially if that gameplay isn’t loved by the viewers. I recall the first five running the show last year and their game got dismantled after a quick Canada HOH. I don’t recall BBCAN3 having a Canada HOH this year too but instead, it became the secret power that was awarded to Brittnee/Sarah.

I would pretty much go insane if I became a contestant because I’m sure being in the house already makes you paranoid enough but as far as being a viewer at home, some of the twists do make for good TV.


bruno screwed up with his 2 vetos powers!

Guy From Canada

Britney screwed up her power. Why didn’t she put up Ashley?


Ashleigh made a deal with Brittnee in the storage room during the Triple Eviction. Ashleigh told Brittnee that should would not nominate her next week if she won HOH which of course she broke that promise because she put Brittnee on the block as replacement nominee after Sarah won the Veto the next week when she won HOH. In hindsight Brittnee should have put Ashleigh on the block but give credit to Ashleigh for great game play. Zach was on the block but she put her game ahead of Zach’s and made a deal for herself.


When the house is full us people who are there to seriously play the game, twists are not needed IMO. This was such a great cast of players I would of loved to see how everyone did without the twists.


I agree with you about the first part. I am not sure if the house was full of gamers. Part of the problem I have had with BB lately and why I could not get myself to watch the last season of BBUS is that pretty much anyone who has somewhat watched the game goes in with similar strategies. Lay low, don’t ruffle any feathers, let’s go with the house (Helen’s season). This strategy has been so overrated and everyone has been so afraid to make a big move, or make a move early that they proceed with not making any move at all.

Bruno had a chance to make a move, he felt it was too early and chickened out.
Zach had the chance to take Bruno or Bobby out which was the initial plan, he chickened out after Sindy came into the house.
Kevin and the fembots were the only one not scared to make a move this season and I would have liked Kevin to stay in the game for longer.

Big Brother was fun and enjoyable without needing any twists when there were two sides in the house winning back and forth. However, when there is a big alliance dominating and noone wants to ruffle feathers, imo, the game becomes pretty boring. The players might think it’s unfair but in that case, they should go play Survivor. Anyone who did not survive the twists this season had ruined his own game (Bruno by refusing to work with the girls and feeling safe since his buddy Zach was his protector and knight in shining armour). The showmances had painted a huge target on their back for a long time so sooner or later, a twist was going to get to them. That’s just my personal take.


The players who get hurt the most by the twists are the ones who get overconfident, comfortable and stop playing the game with all sides of the house


Bold prediction: Someone will win tonight.


Why the hell would God evict Sarah???? when it’s a sure win if he keeps Ash!!! might just cost ya the 100K God!!!


I think Ash has more fans in the jury than Sarah


I mean why would God evict Ash!!! stupid move God!


Prob cuz he thinks she has the vote of Kev, Pili, Zach and Bobby…and he’s convinced that Zach could influence everybody else to vote for Ash…Sarah was his best choice but I think he was damned either way (unless he wins, lol)


I’m inclined to agree Zeenie. I think at this point, Godfrey should have tried to keep Pilar around, because she was the only person I could see him easily winning over. Ash has more friends in the jury than him, and Sarah has played the best game of the 3 remaining. I think it will potentially be close, but I think the votes will fall like this:

JP- Sarah (nullified)
Zach- Sarah
Ash- Sarah
Britt- Sarah
Sindy- Sarah
Willow- Sarah
Pilar- Sarah
Bruno- Godfrey
Bobby- Godfrey
Kevin- Godfrey


The thing is Godfrey had no say on keeping Pilar when she got evicted: he sat beside her on the block, Ash voted to keep her, Sarah voted to evict her and Brittnee, as HOH and tiebreaker, sent her packing.


really? I figured God would beat Ash for sure, but at this point it looks like Sarah is taking the 100K


It’s tough to say. I think we can all agree anyone would have beaten Pilar.

Ash to her credit has stepped up her game. She’s won veto every single time she has been on the block these last few weeks. However, for the majority of the game she was carried through, and did nothing but paint her nails and sit in that HOH tub with Zach. But winning competitions isn’t enough to be a winning player. She’s done good socially and has a lot of friends in jury. But she’s made no moves in this game, and taken no one out.

Do I think Bobby would vote for Godfrey over Ash? No. Nor do I see Willow voting for him or JP. Willow and JP never worked with him (but both did with Ash), and Bobby is obsessed with Ash. Even if Kevin, Bruno, Britt, and Sarah voted for him I’m not sure it would have been enough. Sindy might respect Ash’s comp wins more than Godfrey’s passivity.

The problem with Ash and Godfrey at this point is that neither of them has made any moves as I stated earlier. Don’t get me wrong I respect all types of gameplay expect being a Coattail Rider or Do Nothing. Godfrey has Coasted his way through the game, made threats that he never came through with, and generally mastered the art of appearing non-threatening. Ash was the blonde who got swooped into multiple alliances, and never had to do much until the end game.

Sarah has been playing since week 1, and has been a target since at least week 4. And she won a veto when she needed it as well. Sarah has helped orchestrated a LOT of people’s eviction intentionally and unintentionally (sorry Willow). She’s had a up hill battle and has all three things a winner needs: Comp wins (though DR. Will would disagree 😉 ), Social game, and Strategy.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching Sarah and Godfrey, and am honestly happy they are the final two. I know those two could really use the money (even though needing the money isn’t a case to win; I despise it when people try to give a reason for deserving the money more than someone else. Play the game!).


Wasn’t Ash just about in every alliance. Stupid bobby would have gave credit to the chop chop? So, ya that would make her associates with everyone. Zack pimped her out to bobby.


I think God took Sarah with him because he’s a guy with integrity
and he felt he owed it to Sarah after her & Brit kept him safe.
I really feel that way. He felt more of a bond with Sarah…
I am thrilled she won, great satisfying ending to this season.
Thanks Simon & Dawg for all your hard work. I really
appreciate what you guys do for us fans. Peace until next month yo!


wjho vote the diaper alliance!


The live show has begun already? I had a feeling Godfey would take Sarah, and I can’t say I’m surprised JP’s vote was nullified, but that sucks for Sarah, because he would have definitely voted for her to win.

Are there any links to the live show?


Thanks so much for the heads up Simon, and all the hard work you and Dawg have put in! I can’t wait to be here for BBUS 17, and see what happens tonight on the finale. This has been a good season, not the best ever, but far from the worst (at least we didn’t have a BBUS 16 repeat).



does anyone have a streaming link to tonight’s finale? 🙂 thanks!



Go Godfrey! You should have taken the maintenance guy to the final though.


I wonder if Willow is going to vote emotionally and NOT vote for Sarah to win…Last we saw Bruno was telling Willow in jury that Sarah voted her out…


Bruno’s best move of the season!

Go Sarah :)

She did it! So happy, finally a contestant I chose from the beginning won.


Yes you can thank production for that win aswell!! 🙂


Well Sarah did thank Canada for the Twist.


sarah won


I was rooting for Godfrey, but I can’t be mad at the result. Sarah played a really good game

Godfrey WHY??!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!

he wins the final hoh and takes sarah what an idiot!!!!!!!!!!1
if he took ash he would have won but no he had to take sarah idiot x100


Yes, the only way Godfrey MIGHT have won is by taking Ashleigh to F2. Anyway he played the entire season like for the second place and … this is what he got..


It didn’t matter who Godfrey was sitting next to in the final, the jury was never going to give him the win. Not a chance. I thought Kevin and JP might vote for him, but we all know how that turned out. He knew he wasn’t going to win, so he decided that he would rather lose to Sarah then to Ashleigh. Sarah played a role in getting him as far as he got, so he wanted to make sure she left the game with some money.

Child please!

Come on! There’s NO WAY Godfrey would have won if he took Ash.
Most of jury already resented his game play.
The winner only needs 5 votes to win… And if you noticed… As soon as Ashley joined jury the diapers were shocked.
Kevin even swore under his breath – if you read his lips he said “f-k” as clear as day.
Ash would have had 3 votes from the diapers, Sindy’s vote, Willow’s and most likely Sarah (who already made it clear that she would be a bitter juror)
I’m just more surprised that Godfrey didn’t come out swinging in his speech.
I.e revealing that he played the role of the Buffon and is actually an intelligent player.


He didn’t have much chance to speak. Only 3 questions from a jury that already had their mind made up and softball questions to Sarah.
For a superfan based jury they responded to the task in a juvenile manner.


Thank you very much for covering non-stop this BBCAN season.
Great job indeed!




Why the TD’s? Facts are facts. Kinda irrefutable!

another name

so, if spoils on here are true, that means godfrey won the final hoh. I wasn’t going to look, but curiosity got the better of me. that means a man versus a woman. statistics are not in the woman’s favor. there is no topaz on the jury… unless pilar pulls a topaz. no woman has won over a man in north America if you discount the asterisk win by jillian (win by juror error, so I tend to asterisk it in my head).
would be a pretty big status quo game changer if both the double eviction bbcan curse and the final vote curse were both broken.
if sarah were to win against godfrey, i’d be surprised. not because of who deserves it more or anything subjective like that, but because I’ve only ever backed one winner in all of the seasons I’ve watched. i’d be happy with either of them, but I was more impressed with sarah’s tenacity than godfrey’s patience. interested in seeing jury arguments. I am starting to be excited about the finale. finally.


Just out of curiosity what do you mean by double eviction BBCAN curse? That it’s always a pair that leaves?

another name

the bbcan double eviction curse is that in the double evictions show/fauxmances of male female close allies have gone one after the other. season one liza then tom/ alec then topaz. season 2 sarah then Kenny (the fauxmance). Zach and pilar leaving in season three double it was the first season that a showmance or closest ally pair didn’t get evicted together. i didn’t actually coin it a curse myself. i read about the hg’s in season one and two considering the double eviction to be a showmance curse.


I can see Sarah haters spinning the story that production influenced Godfrey’s decision to keep Sarah.
Anyhow, Sarah deserves to win by convincing Godfrey that it is better to keep her than go up against Ash. Last episode Godfrey was keen on going against Ash but Sarah’s mist worked against Godfrey this time and bit him in the butt.

Good season overall, I still prefer season 2 but this is way better than last season’s BBUS. 🙂


Only blind sheep like yourself can’t see a fix even when it’s staring you right in the face.


Only an irrational troll like yourself can’t recognize how strong Sarah’s convincing and manipulation skills. Godfrey had the opportunity to evict Sarah but it is his OWN WRONG decision to pick her over ashleigh.


Sarah would have been gone much earlier if production didn’t go into their bag of tricks to help her. Dr. Will agrees that the twists seem to favour certain players and takes away from the integrity of the game. So if you are as rational as you claim, you would see this for yourself.


Godfrey would also been gone week 5 if not for a twist. Remember Sindy coming back? That was also a part of a TWIST.
I’m just saying Godfrey lost because he chose Sarah and his reasoning is that he owe it to Sarah because she had his back for a longer time. That is a big BS, Sarah only had Brit’s back but for him to think of it that way speaks how strong Sarah’s social game is.


Carlos it seems to be a common misconception that Sindy returning resulted in Godfrey being saved. It was Sindy’s return that put Godfrey in danger. Zach and JP’s initial plan was to backdoor either Bruno or Bobby. Zach got cold feet on that plan with the returning HG. So Sindy returning actually resulted in Godfrey becoming the target.


My point here is that everyone is hating Sarah’s win because of a twist that saved Brittany [it wasn’t even Sarah who was in jeopardy that week] but fact is since the start it is of a twist that changed the entire course of the game. Pili being saved by Canada (production if people does not believe that Canada’s voting) and Naeha being screwed over by an instant eviction affect the dynamics of the house. Had it not been Pili who stayed Kevin would not likely gravitate towards Zachleigh, Naeha in just an hour of talking with Kevin managed to create a ‘pseudo alliance’ with him, Johnny, Sarah and JP.

Indeed Godfrey became the target that week because of Sindy returning, having said so if Sindy didn’t return one of Bruno/Bobby/Godfrey will still be out the door and he will need to win it out to keep himself safe the next week from the diapers after he declared war on them. Also everyone on the house assumed that Godfrey was part of the boys club of Graig so he is a target no matter what. Sindy returning actually helped him more because he was able to play the i can’t win card and float to the end, if not he would be forced to play harder (which he was doing in the beginning i.e. the HOH which Kevin won, HOH which Zach won). Sindy returning also put him in a safe position with Sarah (and Britanny) who learned that he was not a part of Chop Shop.

Everyone can argue that Sarah was a winner because of a SP that changed the course of the game having said so everyone can also argue that Godfrey also lasted that long because of Sindy returning to the house. If there is an argument that production gave Brit the SP then why can’t there be an argument that Sindy’s return was a fix to help Godfrey’s game?

Reality is, Godfrey screwed his game by choosing Sarah as his final two. Whether it was because he was banking on a bitter jury [his mistake] or he was scared of Ashleigh’s friends on the jury [his mistake] or he played emotionally because Sarah saved him before [Sarah’s social game], Sarah manages to convinced/manipulated him that it was better to take her over Ash and that fact was not part of any twist.


Funny, I’ve read all season the people who refused to acknowledge Sarah’s game. In the end she went on the block just twice three times if you count tonight. Only Ash put her on the block with the intention of getting her out and she won POV.

You have specifically refused to see reason and resort to name calling when you can’t come up with a logical argument. You can shout at the top of your lungs forever it still won’t change the facts:

For example: citing the twists as why Sarah made it to the end is pretty ridiculous given the following:

The very first twist was to save Pilar. Had she been voted out instead of Risha the house dynamic would have been completely different. First Kevin would likely have leaned toward Johnny, Sarah and Britt without her and Zach/Ash would have been more susceptible much earlier. It cracks me up that people only see what they want to see.

The twist for an immediate eviction also helped the Diapers/Chop Shop. And Bruno choosing to not use his did as well.

Sure Britt lucked out, but so did Pilar, (which extended to Kev/Ash/Zach) and Bruno could have.

When you say Sarah/Britt benefited from Sindy returning so did Godfrey/Bruno AND .. she could have gone with the other side. She didn’t b/c of how they acted.

If you go back to a previous post I compared this season to last season and there were very comparable challenges and twists on almost exact weeks. (though they did get more booze last season).

Bottom line, in the end it came down to social play, strategy and manipulation which Sarah masterfully pulled off by getting Godfrey to take her. There’s no denying THAT was the move of the game!


Kevin and Bruno played much better games up until these ridiculous twists. Sarah was only nominated once because Brit kept winning and protecting her. If Brit had gone home when she should have, Sarah would have followed soon after. Burying your head in the sand doesn’t change those facts.


Fuck Dr Will

Dr. Who?

I’m sure Dr. Will is proud to be associated with you, being a fellow member of the Troll Society,

But are you both members of the Sheep Obsession order as well?


Your post offers nothing to this debate. Who the hell would be happy to be associated with you and your empty head. When you have something to say regarding the show feel free to share.


Oh stop pouting CryBaby – it’s done!


I said it previously that Sarah/God’s relationship would play a factor. Since his game was all about getting no blood on his hands he viewed the fact Sarah did as a negative with the jury.

PLUS he made small mistakes with his answers. When Sindy asked him if he could have stayed w/o her influence he said of course he would have. The truth is he wouldn’t have. If he’d owned up to that I think he could have shifted some minds. Second: by trying to tell the jury he was never in alliances they didn’t believe him as at one time or another he was and finally, when they asked for his biggest move he should have said getting Sarah to vote out Willow. It WAS his best move of the season and Kevin ( who wouldve come with a Pilar vote attached) would have given kudo’s for that. Instead Kevin gave Sarah the benefit of that decision.

Sarah chose to be more honest and it worked to her benefit. I KNEW Bruno wouldn’t vote for her: (transparency).

I was unsure about Kevin but said he’d vote Sarah based on a longer relationship and he was the only player I was iffy on. (as per previous page) so I’d also assume Britt/Ash voted Sarah i.e. it wasn’t close. I think Godfrey is better with time to mull over what he wants to say, but quick responses aren’t his forte.

Give Sarah credit for convincing him (creating that relationship early) and I do think Ash would have taken her too. PLUS … how classy was Godfrey at the end? It made me smile that he actually was F2 when he was so humble about Sarah winning. I think they both live in Toronto and have a feeling they’ll be life long friends.

Ash was also very classy with how she handled leaving in the worst position (third).


I agree it would have helped if he claimed the Willow vote. I disagree with the Sindy portion as it is the returning HG that produced Zach backing down from his and JP’s backdoor plans resulting in the target shifting to Godfrey. I do not believed anything Godfrey said would have gained him more votes. The jury’s minds were made up prior to their appearance on the Side Show. Many made it pretty clear that they were going to award their votes to anyone but Godfrey.


People need to stop complaining about production “rigging” Godfrey’s choice. He would’ve lost to Ashley, too. She was a comp beast, in a showmance and a part of two big alliances (Chop Shop and Diaper Alliance… basically the whole jury house). Sarah was not a comp beast, only had one main alliance (Britney + Sarah), and had Willow and Sindy as sure votes. Ash was a bigger final two threat and that’s why Godfrey chose Sarah.

ya but

i would’ve rather saw God lose to Ash than Sarah.


Sarah’s won?! Oh my gosh this is awesome! I can’t wait to see the finale! Does anyone know the final vote? I wonder how close my predictions were!


Do you have live stream links? Is the finale al;ready aired?


What’s the under/over on Sarah killing herself from smoking $100,000 worth of pot? I say she’s done within 1 month.


What’s the under/over that you would actually do a little research on cannabis and find out the facts instead of posting ignorant statements.
I’d say the odds are better of you joining Zacks new Cult he will be starting. lol
Sarah played a great game … She was my original pick/fav.
Congrats Sarah!


Why don’t you enlighten us on your research instead of telling others what to do.


I’m not telling others what to do.
You’re free to do and say whatever you want. How you are perceived is up to you.
I’m only suggesting that you educate yourself before making uniformed statements.
It is up to you to inform yourself … you would most likely dismiss whatever I say anyhow.
I would however suggest starting with the medical benefits.
No one has ever died from cannabis besides the people that the police/law kill over it.
On the other hand it has saved many lives and improved the quality of life of countless people. Remember that next time you vote.
I could go on n on but this is not the place for debates on this subject
Best of luck to you and everyone!
This BL’s for you Sarah!

Guy From Canada

How about how any inhaled smoke particle increases your risk for bladder cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer. Before you go hating on that and say that’s just cigarette smoke, 99% of all lung cancer is smokers. Almost the entire rest of that 1% are fire fighters….people who inhale smoke that didn’t come from a cigarette. So inhaling any smoke can increase your risk for cancer. So yes, no instant deaths like overdosing on other illicit substances, but can still cause harm.

So read an academic journal instead of some website propaganda………Unless it’s a BB website, believe that 110% 😉


So are all smoke particles the same? all increase the risk for cancer the same?
watch Super High Me. the guy smoke nothing for a month, then smoke as much pot as he could for a month. it affected his lung capacity 3%.
that’s sweet you trust academic journals, not like academia isn’t corrupt like ever other institution


So all smoke particles the same? All increase cancer risk the same?
Watch the documentary Super High Me. Guy doesn’t smoke for a month, then smokes as much as he can for a month and his lung capacity was affected only 3%.
That’s so sweet you trust academic journals, not like academia isn’t corrupt like every other institution. Do your own research and learning something instead of trusting some dogmatic authority.
Alcohol is 100x worse for your body than some plant.

Guy From Canada

Thanks again Simon and Dawg for your posts this season. I look forward to your upcoming BBUS17 posts. I just donated a little cash for your business for hosting a fantastic BBCAN3 season, and hope other people will as well if they haven’t 🙂


Thank you! We sincerely appreciate it and we’re glad you enjoyed our bbcan updates 🙂

Guy From Canada

Its fine what you want to believe. Not everyone who smokes gets cancer, it just increases your risks and certain cancers are more prevelant with lifestyle choices (in extremes like Bladder). I mean Leanord Nimoy quit smoking something like 30 years ago after 20 years of use, and the damage he did back then cause him to pass away with COPD (again another prevalent smoking related illness).

Im not just coming from acamedia, I am coming from a profession. Do you know what its like to hold a patients hand while they tell you they wish they never smoked in their past? To have it progress to a dying patient in bed, unable to communicate with family members looking to you for support? That is where I am coming from, not trying to press views of ignore the “conspiracy nuts”, but share my experiences. I by no means am trying to belittle what you are saying, just that what I have read has been evidenced by what I have seen.

The problem with your analogy is that cancer is a slow growing problem where it takes years to progress to even a detectable state. The immediate is a diminished lung capacity, but you lungs are only 80% efficient to fully oxygenate your blood. Reduce that by even 3% and that makes an inefficient thing even more inefficient. un oxygenated blood carries around 75% oxygen, and a stable oxygen saturation is around 98% (92% is kind of a minimum before supplemental oxygen is needed).

I am happy to debate any time, but this isn’t the correct forum 😉

Like BB, please look at both sides, and make yourself an informed decision. Its your body, your beliefs, and your rights to do what you want. Just like BB, watch the Live feeds, the blogs, the show and make your own opinions about what you see in this world 😉


Hi simon or dwang

Can u plz show me where i can watch when zack and pill entered the jury house


Hi Simon and dwang plz do u where i can watch when zack and pill entered the juray house


I don’t think they showed any clips of them entering the jury house .. just photos of them in jury.


Tnx dwg


On the last Side Show they showed clips of the first 6 entering…but that did not include Pili. It was Zach, Ash, Jordon, Godfrey, Sarah and Britt.


wow big brother rigs another season. say it isn’t so. maybe with that 100 k she can buy some shampoo and actually wash herself lol

Guy From Canada

If by rigged you mean the questions to Sarah, how they didn’t ask Ashley for a summary like they always ask the last member of the jury, the heavy Sarah content and how she was first and the narrator of almost all the clip, and how on facebook she gets heavy advertising then I have no idea what you are talking about……..

Second prize

SERIOUSLY i have looked everywhere, what does 2nd place win?

another name







I believe it’s $20,000, but I could be wrong.


20 Gs




what a useless stupid comment!


Why because its 100% true? We can thank the ridiculous twists to why these two made it this far. Just curious, what usefulness did your comment contribute to this discussion?


it is a Stupid comment
1st his dog wasn’t competing.
2nd Sarah can spend the money how she wants ( I don’t smoke FYI) as much as any other winner – Who probably did much worse then smoke pot.
3rd why giving the money to a floater like Godfrey? Just ’cause you didn’t like the winner. Booo hoop cry me a river.

For your information my comments are just as useful as yours mr Saracrybaby. Your comments are normally about how much you hate Sarah, how unfair it is blah blah…. Talking about a crybaby!! Are you still sobbing?


Wow that was so clever. You’re either 12, or have the mind of a 12 year old to come up with such a clever insult. This hurtful insult, coupled with Sarah’s win, will ensure I’ll be crying for weeks.


stopped by just to see ur whining..hahahahahahaha
you are such a moronic troll it is hilarious…I’m hoping you contract IBS since you already have Irritable fool syndrome..haha….peace out dumbass


sarah is gonna be so high from the first joint tonight. its been 10 weeks with no weed in the house to smoke


I need some weed. just ran out yesterday


2nd place 20 thousand


Did anyone else breathe a HUGE sigh of relief when Ashleigh was evicted?


I was actually kinda upset. I know a lot of people aren’t fans of her, but I grew to respect that string of veto wins and being so close to winning the final HOH. I was still happy that Sarah won in the end though. She started at the bottom and fought her way to the top. I respect God too. He played without close allies, without that one person you can almost completely trust, and won the final HOH to secure his spot in f2. I have mad respect to all the final 3, and I wish them all the best in living the rest of their lives as normal people.


Why do people say god had nobody? When he started the game he was with Bruno and Craig. He was always with Bruno but kept it on the down low. Bruno even voted for him. I was a little surprised as even Bruno said he and Sarah were playing the same game. Really thought he’d get over it and vote for someone he was claiming had the same game.

another name

i agree with you marie.
godfrey joined what he believed to be a men’s alliance in week two. the instant eviction hoh in week three further outlined the perceived alliances in the house. naeha and godfrey calling out each other and their allies. godfrey was aligned with graig and Bruno at the beginning of the game. in the next week he called graig his number one ally in the house. graig was evicted. godfrey stuck with bobby and Bruno. Bruno and godfrey had the official name of black and bru. coming up with a name and a final two deal means alliance.
godfrey’s game was saved by cindy sarah and britt the next week. cindy convinced the girls and reached out to Bruno (who did nothing but say get to work buddy). sarah reached out to Bruno multiple times (he ignored her until he got called on it by godfrey) and britt convinced bobby. godfrey asked Bruno cindy and sarah to flip their votes. that was the extent of the work he did. the girls did all of the convincing.
after the Jordan eviction, the alliance that could have been was derailed by bobby. after cindy left that week, the others did form a group for 24 hours. this was destroyed by the toxic dynamic of Bruno throwing sarah under the bus, sarah finding out and throwing Bruno under the bus.
just because these deals and alliances didn’t have names and hand signals doesn’t mean they didn’t occur. at no point in the game was godfrey ever actually alone in the game. he just down lowed every game relationship he had.
going in front of the jury, many of which he had these game relationships/deals/alliances with and saying he was a lone wolf was an error. he should have said he was perceived to be a lone wolf because no one knew about the strategic social work he did in the game. that would have been respected by the chop shop that wanted to be a down low power house, as well as the Newport/fortress/bromuda that also wanted to be a down low power house.
his own episode and d/r edit bit him in the ass imo. without the constraint of the i was the outcast loner that made good, he could have made a much stronger winning argument.




@ Anonymous:

I was definitely relieved when Ashleigh was evicted. She didn’t do enough in the game to warrant her winning the game or even taking the second place prize of 20K.


and Godrey did. what a joke.


Bruno was soo bitter … His vote against Sarah looked like Donny’s vote against Derrick last year.


Brunos body language reminds me of a Gorilla. Every time they talk of Sarah’s game play he starts swaying back and forth aggressively.


Bruno reminded me of an agitated Gorilla. He was swaying back and forth whenever the Jury was told something about Sarah’s game. He looked around to Bobby a couple of times when thing were said. (A look that said… I told you she was poison!). I’m surprised he didn’t throw some feces at her when she came out..
I think Boobys vote was cause he was scared of him.

Sarah Smile





How could Godfrey not see Sarah would win?! Wow!

Glad Sarah won, and Godfrey got a second prize at least. Better than being in jury.


I presume Godfrey knew he would have lost against either of the girls and chose Sarah over Ash because Sarah (with Britt) helped him a lot to get that far.


yeah!!! GO SARAH!

The Truth

BHAH HA HA HA HA HA! Sarah and Godfrey made the the finale!!!! AND SARAH WON!!!!!!!!!!

I knew Godfrey would win the first comp and Ash the second. I was surprised that his answers to the jury questions were not as good as his speeches. Like so many people have already said Godfrey’s game was so under the radar that no one knew his strategy, not even Bruno (who still looked very bitter) . But I’m glad Godfrey made it to F2 and ousted Ashleigh. No showmance victory today! She handled her self pretty well considering the fact that she was just eliminated. As always Sarah did not disappoint and had THE MOST convincing argument!!!! WOHOOOOO!!!!

Still waiting for the Novella like Sarah rants to commence. I’m sure once they’ve had a conniption they’ll flood the boards with their incessant and petulant drivel.

Sarah may have been accused of being a b*tch but she’s a BADASS B*TCH!!!


Godfrey probably realized that he was playing a losing game either way.

Sarah winning is not a surprise, and she is a satisfying winner. She broke the record for the Man vs Woman finale record, as she is the first woman to EVER INTENTIONALLY win against a man in the final 2.

As for the season overall, it was a pretty decent season, as there is a lot better and a lot worse. The editing was annoying at times, and the twists were too much, but the cast was pretty good, the competitions were creative, and there was a lot of gameplay (though there ere a lot of gameplaying mistakes too).


“I couldn’t have done it without you and your secret power” – Sarah

That pretty much says it all.


The only two votes “against” Sarah (not “for” Godfrey)
were Bruno and his puppy … oops I mean Bobby
Looks like Bruno’s true colors shine through again!
Jokes on him in the end!


JP just looked bummed after he got booted. He bounced back well though… annoyingly well.
He reminds me of Peter.

another name

so it’s over. I’ve enjoyed parts of the season. I’ve enjoyed liking some of the players, I’ve enjoyed disliking others. I’ve enjoyed some hg’s strategies more than others.
i noticed that godfrey’s answers to the three out of ten questions he got didn’t go over well with the jury. the answers didn’t work. cindy was unconvinced by godfrey saying he still had the votes to flip without her. he didn’t. the math didn’t work. Zach was dissatisfied when godfrey answered what move are you most proud of with big moves are overrated, i used my social game. his answer to pillar’s question seemed at best dismissive. he should have tried harder to answer her question thoughtfully. the entire jury is listening to the answers and the speeches, not just the juror asking the question.
why wasn’t he asked more questions? Bruno could have asked godfrey a question in order for godfrey to be able to amplify his case. Bruno chose that opportunity to kick the sarah can one more time. Bobby could have asked godfrey a question as well. he voted for godfrey without asking him a question that could have opened more eyes to bobby’s own point of view. their tactic to help godfrey was to attempt to show sarah’s shortcomings instead of promoting godfrey’s strengths and in doing so allowed sarah to answer them. they gave the person whose persuasiveness they all discussed as poison a chance to address her shortcomings. their error.
in the future i’d enjoy bbcan more if the twists were dialled back just a bit. make the occasional veto comp a double veto comp with one double veto or two single vetos up for grabs. give the instant eviction nominees a fighting chance at a veto or a few hours between nom and vote to attempt a hail mary. make all special powers an all player competition. make any viewer votes have a positive negative component making it a choice not a reward to hg’s (like you can have a bum veto, but you have to be on slop for the rest of the season).
i don’t really know how to feel about sarah’s win. it’s only the second time I’ve actually supported a winner. really confusing. how’d that happen?

Guy From Canada

I agree on all your points here. Why didn’t God get half the questions? Why was it that his votes didn’t come from people to ask him questions?

Cindy’s impression was not good because she heard “your vote saved me” when what Godfrey was trying to say I didn’t need to work for that 5th vote, but I would have if I needed to (which he didn’t cause of her).

Zach was all about big moves, when he got his best friend evicted (guess that was a big move?). Godfrey didn’t want big moves to keep the target small, made sense to me, not to the touch down “captain” Kanada….

I honestly didn’t understand Pilis question (missed something with her accent?) But in the moment I wouldn’t know how to answer that either, lol!

Im not sure on Sarahs win, but if her convincing Godfrey to take her is the reason she sat there, she deserves the win. If it was Gods choice because he was worried about Ashleys friends, then yes she didn’t deserve to be there (if that makes sense? Now that I have written this it doesn’t but I am still going to press the enter button…..).

another name

yeah, I do think that godfrey forgot about finessing the jury.
to cindy he should have said ‘thank you for working so hard on my behalf’, but should have included that the target as far as he knew was not him until she re-entered. godfrey bobby and Bruno had been told the target was kevin. the rest of the house thought the target was bobby or Bruno. that strokes cindy’s ego. that plays into the diapers because they know that argument is the truth.
to Zach he should have said his big move was his speeches. declaring a side in order to get the majority of the house to think you have a declared target is a big move in a season where many hg’s were jockeying for the middle.
to pilar he should have asked if she could repeat the question (said maybe mic problem). then he could have said that he went in with the express purpose of causing chaos as a strategy when needed. could have included that he lied to people (ie sarah before the triple vote) in order to weaken alliances so he could more easily stay between both or make players need him more.
should big brother have stepped in to make sure each got asked five questions? possibly. but looking back, the ratio of questions between jon and Sabrina wasn’t equal. the questions asked of jillian and gary weren’t equal. in each of those two seasons juries walked in with their decisions made. the questions were afterthought. it did seem that this season at least, a portion of the jury walked in with the ability to be swayed. I think sarah was better at finessing the open minded portion of the jury than godfrey was. I believe that Jordan and kevin were key. finessing them and getting those two jurors on side was the way to win.
given that sarah downplayed her ability to get possible votes (her conversation with B versus her conversation with godfrey and ash in the vault and thereafter), and used every opportunity to campaign after the hoh loss, in some ways I consider that she did earn her spot in the final two. she used godfrey’s own strategy of mental manipulation to portray yourself as weak against him. She used her only consistent character trait, persuasiveness, to get a spot in the final two.
If godfrey had produced a lovers paradise or a blood on hands speech in the final two, instead of a speech akin to his take me you can beat me speech when on the block against pilar, I think he could have swung a couple more votes.
the problem with sticking to his d/r character edit in the final two is that nobody has seen the d/r commentary. their perception of his game comes from all of his actions in the house they were privy to, not the actions production crafted into his storyline.


Well Bruno just proved to everyone how bitter he still is towards Sarah. Him and Bobby are the only ones to vote for Godfrey to win! Bruno has serious anger issues! You can even tell when he is speaking in his body language! They guy needs some chill pills.
Sarah deserved the win!
Thanks Simon and Dawg for the updates. Can’t wait for BBUS next month 🙂


Moments I’ll always treasure from this season:

Jordan’s Blindside (and the looks on the Diapers face! *0*)

Godfrey’s Speech to Zach at the Veto ceremony

Johnny’s birthday lap dances

BBTV with Judge Sarah “You like these legs?! Ya guilty! I got some hard evidence… all my evidence is hard!”

Sarah’s roast of the HG! “Godfrey man, I’m sorry I didn’t have a joke for you I thought you’d be sleeping. See you in the final 2 when you wake the f**k up!” (I can’t believe this actually ended up happening!)

Marsha’s roast’s “Oh Ashley! The blonde bi**h who tried to kill me on the road trip! How did you manage to spend 60 days with Zach, and are still leaving a virgin? I think Johnny got farther with him than you!”

Bruno and Sarah fights.

Willow going batsh**t when she was nominated and evicted (but I love her, she is a sweetheart).

Every feel free to list your own!


If it were ash and god how do you think the votes would have went?
Pilli / ash
Zack / ash
Kevin / ash
Britt / god
Sindy / god
Sarah / god
Bobby / god
Bruno / god


WIth that Jury, sadly, I feel Godfrey would’ve played for second place no matter who he went with…


While I do feel that Sarah was the most deserving out of that F2, I did feel that the questions were pretty one sided

another name

cindy revealed in an interview posted today that production had assigned the jurors with the task of asking questions to jurors. five jurors were supposed to ask godfrey questions. Jordan and Bruno asked sarah questions, but were assigned to ask godfrey questions.
the jurors were told if it is Ashleigh and godfrey, you five will ask godfrey. if it is sarah and Ashleigh, you five will ask sarah, if it is sarah and godfrey, you five will ask godfrey. somewhere. apparently Jordan and Bruno screwed up which person they were supposed to question in the eventuality that it was sarah and godfrey. if cindy’s interview is to be believed.


I felt that the first competition was really unfair to the girls. It required pure physical strength. There was no way Godfrey could have lost it (unless he decided to throw it). In BBUS the first competition is an endurance completion where the only thing that is required is concentration and the will to win it. Anybody can win it if they want it bad enough. I know production wants a certain outcome, but at least let the final 3 battle it out fairly.

The Truth

In BB7 Janelle, Mike Boogie and Erica participated in an endurance comp which Erica won then a physical comp between Mike and Janelle where they had to use a lot of upper body strength, which men naturally tend to have. Of course he won.

A Fan

A couple of things:
First – Congratulations Sarah
Second – Godfrey – What were you thinking?
Also your plea to the jury – very disappointing. At least it showed that your
brilliant and funny speeches in the house was no way yours.


Sarah’s pot smoking sure is the reason she didn’t win any comps. Ash 4 mins. To her what 24 mins. Lol
She’s an idiot! The game was fixed all along for her!
Disappointed in bbcan