Big Brother 18 Finale Night Results

HOH Part 1 Paul HOH Part 2 Nicole
HOH Part 3 Paul Final HOH Winner: Paul


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Here we go Folks it’s all over the season comes to a end. Tonight we’ll find out who wins the Final Head Of Household competition between Paul or Nicole. The winner will have to pick who will they take to final 2. Will James stumble his way to the ultimate BB upset? Maybe.. it was a Kraken season after all ;)

There’s also the question of America’s Favorite Player. Going by my Poll here at OBB it showed a very close race between Victor and James. Out of everything this is the contest I’m most looking forward to getting results for the most.

It was a fun season, I enjoyed it (for the most part) very much. We’ll be doing 1 more Kill Show on Saturday so make sure you catch us on there. After that it’s time for us to gear up for Big Brother Over the Top. YES! we’ll be covering it to some degree, I’m still on the fence not sure what to expect. Will be it Kraken? probably .. :)

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-21 18-51-52-770

Second HOH winner was Nicole.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-21 18-59-27-287

Dr.Will meets the Jury.. .and it’s awesome :)

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-21 19-04-58-951

OMFG we get to vote for Joeza on BBOTT!!!! VOTE JOEZA

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-21 19-15-53-180

Paul wins Part 3 of the Final HOH
Paul is the final HOH

Paul takes Nicole to Final 2

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-21 19-31-59-459

FInal 2

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-21 19-44-54-066

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-21 19-55-18-184

Winner of Big Brother 18 is Nicole

James votes for Paul
Corey votes for Nicole
Victor votes for Paul
Natalie votes for Nicole
Michelle votes for Paul
Paulie votes for Nicole
Bridgette votes for Paul
Zakiyah votes Nicole
Da’vonne votes for Nicole

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-21 19-59-07-042

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-21 19-58-55-661

America’s favorite Player is Victor

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445 thoughts on “Big Brother 18 Finale Night Results

      1. I thought possibly Corey had grown up since his trouble in College but the way he f with Michelle in the house the little psychological games(the milk ect) , the way he said he would maybe accidentally fall on a button to kill someone for money, He tries to act innocent but even tonight he just makes me sick!!! He and Nic the innocent two barf!!!! I hope Paul wins first and James 2!!!! Paul owns his game Nicorey are self righteous hypocrites. GO Paul go Vic and James 2nd!!!!

        1. So Michelle is getting a lot of heat on here for saying Nic did not play as well as Paul. I agree had she said Nic was better than Paul you guys would have said it was personal for what he said to her. Most of us on here agree Paul played better than DARLING Nicole so why is Michelle being called petty and jealous. I actually was proud of her for saying Paul played better even though she did not like how he treated her. I really thought she would trash Paul and Paul thinks the same thing. Da is just voting for a girl and they ask Michelle what Nicole did that was strategic and like most of us she had no answer how does that make her jealous? I think she played true to a super fans heart I really like her so much better GO Paul sad face because NIc gets money

          1. For me the biggest surprise of the night was that Natalie was in the final three for AFP. The good thing about that was it caused the James votes to split and let Victor win the $25,000 which he really needed.

            Congratulations Nicole and Paul.

          2. Jun Sung winner of bb4 tweets last night:

            “If you all think the BB social experiment is happening in the house then you’re wrong. The fans are the lab mice. #WakeUp”

            “If production has their storyline all mapped out there’s nothing anyone can do about it. The wrong people lose, the wrong people win.”

            A former winner is TELLING you it’s fixed.

            1. Saw that tweet, I actually felt the same way after I started looking at all the stuff out there. I think they happily destroyed Michelle because people loved seeing her ,Paul and Victor and of course she made fun of Frankies arrogance so that really sealed her fate (She really was funny Mongul hehe). Played of Paul’s ego about his work. Played on Victors niceness to make him look like he was move in on Nicole, F over James let him think everyone loved his sh!t with Nat (remember how shocked Austin looked last year when he found out no one liked him or Liz together and she was not a favorite). I don’t like to be big brothered!!

        2. When Nicole won, did anyone notice that she kind of ignored Corey? Maybe because she ran up to her brother and parents. I like them both. But did anyone see that?

          1. Nicole is very close to her mom. Her brother was on stage and right there giving her the first hug from what I saw. Just a close family embracing after months apart I think. Corey is not interested in Nic that way and said so all summer, however, he may stick around for a short while now LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

            I think all the showmances will last for the bits of money still to be made, than split quickly.
            Paul will surpass the 500 g on his demand on ‘never cared, sitting ducks, friendship’ etc tees….go pablo

          2. Thanks so much to Simon and Dawg for a great season. We all really appreciate your efforts. Isn’t it funny that the most kick ass US Big Brother site on the web is run by two guys from Canada?
            I’m worried that both James and Natalie being final three in the AFP vote means we are going to see them again.
            Vic winning the 25K was awesome. I know he needs it so well done Victor.
            I really enjoyed seeing some new comps in the final HOH. Please keep changing things up Big Brother.
            James went out with real class after being evicted.
            I don’t think Meech is going to enjoy watching the season. She almost seemed to be breaking down at the end. I hope she feels better soon.
            Congrats to the Nicole fans here who put up with a lot of hate to see their girl win in the end. I was surprised that she won but I do think the three best players made it to the end of the game. When James voted for Paul I thought Nicole was toast.
            I had to feel bad for Paul. You could see how shocked he was that he lost.

            It looks like the rumored James/Nicole alliance can be put to bed.

        3. What troubles had Corey had in college? It looks like he was cut from playing baseball after frosh year. But that may have been due to injury. Has he ever said anything on the live feeds? He went to a Christian high school, so he must be a good person right? ;-0. What did this good Christian boy do?

      2. What has this show become? Every single person had a chance to return, and someone got evicted three times and won AFP. What a joke…

    1. Not a James fan at all but I don’t believe Nicole did that in 7 mins and he was almost 3 times slower …. Oh production you break my heart

        1. YUP! And can you “truthers” please stop saying that EVERYTHING in this show is rigged? I came here weekly and read so many comments about how Frank would have the return ticket, and how I dunno what else was rigged, and blah blah blah. Most of the talk on here about something being rigged was just yapping. Drop the conspiracy theories, please…

        2. i think that it was one of the easiest comps i’ve seen that did that kind of puzzle of who did what based on the question. before i’ve seen spoke wheelse, match up the HGs, and get many many more combos right, not just 3 sets of combos. the questions were so simple that i could answer them without all the studying that nicole was doing.

          and if you lived it 24/7, who wouldn’t know who had never been a have not, save lots of time on that one alone.

          i am disappointed in day’s vote, altho not surprised. i 100% think she voted for nicole only to vote for a vet. had james been there, her vote would have gone to him. i was suprised at nat’s vote, but not surprised her vote was different from james. people always try to say she does what he does, but it has never really been true. obviously tho, paulie told zak to vote for nicole. she might have anyway because they were friendly but who knows.

          i am super glad the votes came down for Vic. i knew he would appreciate it the most. hope they get stipend plus the prizes,

        3. Have you watched James? He, himself, has said he’s only good at endurance comps. He’s slow in running back and forth in that F2 comp with Nicole. And I think he was so thought both Nicole and/or Paul would take him to F2 that he slacked off. I believe Nicole did it in 7 minutes, she is athletic and wanted it. I like James but I was so disappointed in his vote for Paul. He was aligned with Nicole forever.

      1. That was so sketchy. James had one more wrong than her. I can’t possibly fathom what took him 12 extra minutes. And I have never been a big fan of James but that exit was classy and he did not vote bitter. he was such a good sport about it.

        1. You sure James didn’t vote bitter? I would have bet his vote was locked for Nicole once he was kicked out by PAUL, and especially since James Nicole and Paulie will now all be managed by Paulie’s father (along with Derrick and Cody). I think James turned bitter when he heard Paul’s answer to his question and learned that Nicole had been ratting out his conversations with her to Paul throughout the last week, which made him change his vote to Paul. She basically killed any chance he had at Paul taking him by doing that due to Paul’s sensitivity to being “back stabbed”. Could be wrong, I don’t know for sure, but I really expected him to vote for Nic, just like his ride or die Natalie did.

            1. I agree that Paul’s comments turned James bitter. But James should realize that Paul is a liar and manipulator thru out the game. Paul hated James and said so many vile things about him to Nicole. I thought Nicole would take James in F2 and went along with some of Paul’s views frankly because she had to..she wanted F2. James should have voted for Nicole. James rested too much on trying to play “Derrick’s Game” as he said, but he’s no Derrick. I like James but what was he thinking!

          1. Like they NEED a manager/agent. That is hilarious. They can answer their own emails about showing up at Farm and Fleet for a Meet and Greet. GAH.

        2. I like James but his vote was a bitter one. Paul fixed it when he said to James in the eviction speech that Nicole told him everything James had said and that’s why, because of Nicole’s words, he voted James out. He said the same and worse things about James to Nicole. It was Paul’s way of guaranteeing James’ vote for him. What a manipulator. Congrats Nicole.

      2. Obviously the playback of 2nd HOH tonight was edited for tv. On the feeds what I understood is that James had to run back & forth on the first question quite a bit – answered it incorrectly plus he had trouble with getting the camera perfectly sync’d. Running back & forth on that course was very time consuming and James mentioned his legs were cramping. Nicole only had to adjust her picture taking strategy after one try so not nearly as many redo’s as James. I don’t see how blaming production on this.

        1. They don’t show those compa on the feeds. So I’m not sure what you mean by on the feeds? They only let you watch a select few competitions on the feeds. The rest are all blocked out including the first 2 parts of the final hoh.

          It’s a timed competition, of course it can be manipulated. But whatever, I don’t think that was the rigged part as much as a couple of the jury votes.

      1. Paul dug himself an impossible hole when he chose to evict James. Rookie mistake. Not that Nicole was worthy in any way, but it is hard to convince the jury you knew what you were doing when you don’t take the weakest player with you. Nicole wouldn’t have made that mistake.

        1. Paul most likely would have lost if he would have taken James as well due to bitter jury votes and previous alliances. Nicole votes for James because Paul just evicted her (back stab), Corey votes for James because Nicole does, Paulie votes for James because Paul back stabbed him and a pre-game alliance due to post game management ties (his father), Z votes for James because Paulie does, Natalie votes for James due to ride or die Showmance, and Big Meech votes for James due to alliance and she likes him better than Paul. That’s six and only leaves Victor clearly for Paul, Bridgette probably for Paul, and Davonne who I think could go either way. The point being if Paul took James, he would STILL have lost, only by a wider margin.

        2. Give credit where credit is due. I’m sick of hearing Nicole wasn’t worthy to win. If Victor didn’t come back and carry Paul, he would have been out long ago. His mocking, backstabbing, obnoxious, pushy personality was overbearing and crude. Nicole was smart and strategic with a target on her back since day 1, aligned herself with people who she trusted, fended off Victor’s over the top advances, bantered with silver tongued Paul, who she was afraid, studied, won comps when she needed, except F2, and conquered the cattiness of Michelle and Bridgette. She needs the money, not Paul. He constantly bragged about his cars, world travel, dog runs and waterfalls in his back yard, living next to superstars. Give Nicole some respect.

      2. The person who should’ve won was the one that received the most votes. It was Nicole. She deserved to win. Paul play a better game? Yes. It’s more of an opinion. My opinion is Dan would have been my choice, not Ian, but Ian deserved to win because he got the most votes.
        I really can’t stand Paul and Nicole. Not very many on this season I could stomach. Lost love for James, Nat got on my nerves. Maybe Corey??? He was less less annoying of all the players, IMO

    2. If big brother isn’t fixed then I can’t even begin to explain that bull shit voting.

      Clearly there’s a fix in. No one in their right mind would say Nicole earned that over Paul

      I’m done dude

        1. There is no way Snake Nicole is the new Janelle. She only won part two of the final HOH. The first HOH was given to her. The second HOH was given to her by James, because she could not go another day with out hearing from her best friend, her Mom.
          Janelle did not spend 90 something days laying in bed with Corey, playing games under the cover. Nicole spent a whole lot of time in bed. Janelle played the game every day. Janelle is one of the Big Brother greats!
          I think production wanted Darling to win. That is what the Dairy Room called her. The DR told Natalie and James to work with Snake and Corey. But they forgot to relay that message to Snake and her boy toy.

      1. Sure. And maybe it’s production’s fault that Paul took Nicole over James. Arguably one of the dumbest final HOH decisions of all time, right behind Cody’s. He lost the game right there, and had no clue how boneheaded a move that was. On that alone, he deserved to lose. Not taking a lame player like James….pathetic play. And you could tell that he was regretting it at the end….like damn, I guess I should have taken James.

        1. I thought it was gonna be so cool Paul telling Nicole that hes taking James……….and to see her face but Paul made a super dumb move and doesn’t deserve the money now as tough as it is to swallow……I mean he just gift wrapped the whole game for Snakole. :(

    3. So there was a post back when Meech was on the block or maybe when she and Nat were cohoh that said Paul and Nicole would be finale 2 and Nic win and Meech would get a bad edit and picked on because she some what made fun of Frankie. They only posted it once (not like that other guy who was wrong)I wonder if it was someone who lives or knows some production people. It is also why on the live feeds Paul and James started talking about Frankie and Nicole shut it down. What is CBS obsession with Frankie What was that thing with Jozea and Jason too bizarre Who ever wrote that original post on how exactly the game came down please respond. How did you know? Also Paulie ‘s voted for Nic because he was bitter about Paul booo

      1. I also remember the post you’re talking about, they predicted the eviction of every house guest in exact order when there was still 7 HG’s… even said predicted N/P/J final 3 and N/P final 2, and Nicole for the win…. and finished by saying remember I this post this is exactly the order, don’t forget I told you

        1. Now that you mention that post I remember it too….it had everybody in perfect order of eviction but I think everybody blaming Paul for taking Snakole……well thats productions doing……and for those who think this ain’t fixed well you are mistaken……No way Paul really thinks Snakole would be easier to beat than do nothing James…..definitely tllted for the ” Darling” one to win.

          1. Remember all the girls would have voted for James. They, except for Davonne, said that in the jury deliberation. Paulie blames Paul, rightfully so, for his backstabbing him, Corey loves James…two more votes for James. I think Paul would have had Victor’s vote, maybe Davonne. Nicole would have been upset and she does love James outside this game, she would have voted for him. 7 to 2 for James if he was in F2.

        2. Also remember that post but dismissed it . Why would they care about a super fan saying anything about Frankie that we all thought that would be Petty. Now though Whoa.. That post also said that they were turning Michelle against Paul and telling her to say sh!t about his work. That was the only time I saw Paul really take the game personally and production new he would and it would be the only way for him to not take Michelle and Victor to the end because that’s what he was thinking.. I don’t think they realized Paul would get so mad as to use the C word but it also made it easier for Nicole to win as the only girl against a man hating guy(ugh). I think Paul and Michelle got screwed the most. Michelle will look crazy and upset all the time but when you have people in Dr making her paranoid and telling her sh1t why would she not be. Paul will be that guy who did not win against Nicole and called a girl the C word. I think this is stupid of CBS because I think Meech ,Paul and Victor have real appeal and they could make good money off of them.

        3. My eviction prediction post was based on a number of conversations on the feeds and…a few “behind the scenes”…i do not work directly for the show, but was given some insight…

          I didnt mean to be obnoxious by posting it more than once..but it was indeed the correct order, and winner…

          Happy some Remembered the post when it happened
          – In That Order

      2. Paulie’s vote for Nicole was because he was in alliance with her from the beginning. Paulie was also responsible for reminding the jury when he went up to vote what Nicole forgot to say….that she was only on the block once…very important plus for Nicole. Paulie let in Paul when Victor was first evicted and carried Paul for quite a few weeks. Can’t believe how terrible Michelle acted when Nicole won…everyone clapping except her and she had such a scowling look on her face. Glad you won Nicole!!!

      3. Frankie is Ariana Grande’s brother, and Ariana is signed with CBS or one of their music companies under CBS’ umbrella. That’s why.

        1. To BB1fan-just a reminder of something I mentioned. I despised Frankie on the show-he was arrogant and disgusting. No one called him on his behavior. I couldn’t wait for him to be voted off. Then he was recently on the UK Celebrity BB and was actually likable. No one allowed him to be the center of attention because the show had some bigger celebrity personalities PLUS and I think the most important-he was made to respect personal space. The men didn’t allow him to crawl all over them. I have no problem with gay/lesbian couples showing PDA but that wasn’t what he was doing. He was just thinking it was his right to climb all over people (usually men). So for the most part Frankie was okay. Surprised me most of all. So if he should return, that’s the key I think. He might actually be an ok guy.

    4. Really wanted Paul to win, but oh well. Disapointing season, disappointing ending. On the plus side, James got absolutely nothing, and looked so pissed that he never got AFP, so that kinda made my day!

    5. It’s all over and at least Paul and Vic did get something out of their efforts as the sitting ducks. Congrats Nicole, even tho I wanted Paul to win.
      Kudos to James voting for Paul. Was nice seeing James embrace is darling little girl and beautiful mommy.
      Its all good!

    6. .. They’d do anything n everything at ALL costs.

      Lika said before, they kept propelling Nicole to the finals, with big help especially from Corey *in the house* and Da *big mouth who has always wanted a female winner* outside the house.

      I saw the feeds and production’s doings.. They kept telling her what to do, gave her winnings for comps, care packages, etc.

      It makes me really sick how heavily blatantly rigged BBUS is now.

      This is DEFINITELY NOT a reality show IMHO.

      Again, many2 thanks, Simon and Dawg <3 <3 <3

        1. How do you know they didn’t get paul to chose Nicole? They got Natalie to keep Nicole and Corey when she wanted to put them on the block. That’s a fact. She said it more than once on the feeds. I don’t think she’d randomly make that up.

          Days vote was bs. She carried on and on about paul. Paul’s speech was better, his answers were better, and he played a 1000% better game than Nicole and yet day voted Nicole? Weird.

          Also I think we all know why paulie voted Nicole since his dad “manages” her. And of course Z just followed paulies lead like the good little love stricken dingus she is.

          And Natalie has said since day one she’s voting a girl no matter what, so that ones not surprising.

          1. Here’s a thought. It’s not that deep. It’s only a show, not some power positioning for world domination. There’s just not that much motivation for production to be that heavy handed. Really, it’s just not that important to most people. They have an entire network to run. They are not THAT invested in micromanaging to such a degree. They get their jobs done, CBS gets their ratings, and they move on. And what you are saying is totally illogical. The final HOH is not going to throw his game away by just following along with a production script. They do influence to make things interesting, esp when it comes to house flips. But really, there isn’t some backroom smoke filled room secret society, where all the HGs are in on it and fearing for their lives. Goodness, the paranoia in this world is astounding. Anti-psychotics for everyone, please.

            1. Wow, Winterfell, I didn’t realize you have more insight than an actual contestant on Big Brother (actually several contestants on Big Brother tell you it’s rigged/fake). Where did you get all this inside information and know more about production than people that have actually been on the show and won $500,000 from CBS?

        2. Yes they DID!!!

          Paul prolly listened to production’s advice in the many diary room sessions, to take Nicole to the finals.

          Paul wins challenges, and he constantly heeds the advice of production, as per LIVE feeds!

    7. Did anyone catch the manipulation Paul used on James when he voted James out tonight? He said, Nicole told me you weren’t loyal and she told me everything you said…that obviously left James with a bad taste in his mouth for Nicole. So he voted for Paul which I thought was awful. Nicole kept him safe throughout the game.

      1. I am glad Paul let James know the reason he didn’t take him to f2 & exposing that Nic does run her mouth contrary to what James may of believed about her keeping it to herself. Good to know for future games for James or whoever. Nic may not be as smooth as Paul with words, however she does wiggle out of a lot of stuff she does when caught in a predicament. I luv’d James immediately trying to let Paul know he had his vote on the way out.
        Da saying she hopes the final person for jury isn’t Paul, then votes NIC?? wth was that? Did you get a lil raise on your paycheck for that vote Da? sketch
        After it was all over go watch Z talking to Frank in the back with seriousness on her face. I believe she asked and he told her, that indeed she was being played by Paulie the entire time, including manipulating her to vote for Nic after the praise she had given Pauls game play.
        LUV”D seeing Paulie going up to Nic’s parents and hugging them….one big happy family….SKETCH

        1. Day sold out point blank and the period. Another Jun Sung tweet (bb4 winner) that explains why they voted that way:
          “If I sell myself out more than the next BB alum, then maybe I’ll get more attention from CBS”- most BB alum”

          This is exactly what happened. The past alumni that aren’t trying to ride the coat tails of CBS onto other shows tell you the truth.

        2. That’s not why Paul didn’t take James to F2. it’s just what Paul wanted James to think so he’d get his vote and be mad at Nicole. He knew he never would have won against James, and he thought he’d beat Nicole.

        3. I think Da said that comment of I hope it’s not Paul as last evicted because then there would be two vets, Nic and James in F2 and she would have had a hard time choosing who to vote for.

    8. Did anyone watch “The Talk” today with Nicole on? While the audience was cheering and she was talking, lower third tweets appeared on the screen, saying I wanted Paul to win…Paul was better, etc. from social media. There were one or two congrats Nicole. That was so disrespectful..Whether you like Nicole or not, she is the winner. Give her the spotlight and respect while on your CBS show! Congrats to Nicole. Enjoy!

    1. Paul got screwed!
      First girl ever to win big brother seated next to a man in final 2…
      …first girl ever to win big brother by doing nothing all summer besides being seated next to man…in bed


      1. Did you watch the show or BBAD? Nicole played a great strategic game, sitting back when necessary and ramping it up when needed, aligning herself with the right players, staying off the block except for one time. Hard to do when you’re a vet coming into the house with a target on your back.

  1. Thanks guys!! Really appreciate the update since I have to wait for it to air.
    As I said in the last post…. Thank you both for the good times! BB18 has been fun especially on this site! The comments were more fun than watching the show.
    Paul FTW!!

    1. Thank you Dawg and Simon for all the updates. In support of your site I’m purchasing stuff from Amazon using your link. Thanks again!

      1. That’s kinda funny cuz I found myself buying stuff from Amazon as well. I really appreciate all the spoilers, I’ve made a couple of donations but with all the supporters I’m sure I’m one of MANY. Truly appreciated. I must admit I do think there should be several different categories for voting/contributing because there’s many that would make someone rich like, donate to any or all of these topics, rip out meechs vocal cords, poor corey the scarecrow don’t think he’ll ever find his brain, James don’t stand a chance with the attention starved high pitched fake ass bitch that needs her face kicked in, Glenn really? Who is he? Frank and his grocery store feet make me sick but so does his face and lack of IQ, tiffany keep crying, Jozea oh f@$king please, Bridgette will have 1 lifetime friend no one else but that dumbass plant that she should shove up her ass, Paul should’ve won, James didn’t even play he was blinded by p@$sy that he’ll NEVER even get a whiff, they should’ve let momma Da beat paulies cry baby bitter ass, Z blinded by her pimp cuz that’s all she was to paulie. Victor great player and not a sore loser like paulie. Paul come on FRIENDSHIP! I’m So happy Bronte didn’t make jury cuz then I’d have to hear her mouse mouth, I like snacole but Damn she’s dingy with horrifying taste in males, I can’t even say men , I mean look how excited he got when he got uptight T. Swifts cd REALLY DUDE? I could keep going cuz its so Damn easy. Simon&Dawg deserved 1st and 2nd. Thankssssssss guys!

  2. 1st place: Paul – 500k
    2nd Place: James – 50k
    3rd place: – Nicole a pile of sh*t
    AFP: Victor -25k

    If this doesn’t happen … we riot

    1. How about NO political comments/names for OBB-it would be so refreshing! So sick of the stupid Hillary rhetoric. Vote for who you want-it’s your right-but stop imposing your views on others.

      1. It is called freedom of speech, people should be able to freely speak their mind just as you have freedom to not read the post.
        We all don’t need “safe places” if you do maybe come back after you have grown up.

      2. I usually don’t even notice the screen names unless they use them to start their posts and that’s just because the post sounds odd until you read the name.

  3. Thanks Simon and Dawg for all the hard work. Had fun reading the updates. I also read them to my Mom she loves them too. She also thanks you. Great work.

  4. I really enjoyed this season, and hanging with the OBB crew again this summer.
    I will be watching Over the Top and super stoked Simon and Dawg will be watching also.
    Vic for AFP!!

    1. Yep! She sure does. Meech was such a baby at the jury deliberation and so, so bitter to a point of obsession against Nicole. Even when Nicole won, she couldn’t even be courteous and clap or smile. She’s not a representative of a super fan. She’s shown she’s just a sore loser.

      1. I think part of that is she was prevented from putting Nicole up during her own HoH. Now as a super fan she’s seen behind the curtain and realizes just how much production controls everything.

      2. Her face was bitter in pretty much every camera shot tonight. Especially when Nicole was crowned winner and she was the bitter ‘super fan’ who voted on pure jealousy rather than gameplay.

        1. So please list how Nicole played a better game?

          Because she was only on the block once? Not by her own doing. Production kept her off the block. That is a fact.

          Anything else? There aren’t any other points for Nicole. Darling laid in bed all summer making soft porn for
          Live feeders. She did nothing.

          Comp wins? Two of those were bogus. One was a team comp. the other Corey saved her butt otherwise she would’ve been out by staying. The other two, one was a comp she played in her last season = unimpressive. The other one she “won” and was a blacked out timed comp so who really knows.

          The bottom line is production wanted their “first ever female to beat male” ending and a female winner since there hasn’t been one since Rachael.

          1. Nicole entered the house with a target on her back. Michelle and Paul made up the snake crap when Michelle got nominated and she wanted to take Nicole down and tell some lies b4 she left the house with Pablo in hand (that was pure spite.) Nicole was strategic in her alignments with the right people, got out of trouble every step of the way, planted who she wished to go to the Hoh, damn, she got Natalie to put up her alliance member Vic and better yet, she got Michelle, who hated her, at the same HOH to nominated Paul. Right there she saved her game. Brilliant move. She won HOH and veto and fended off Victor’s advances, which were a bit much, and Paul’s mind games. That’s what she did and she deserved to win. Paul would have been a poor representative for CBS and BB. In his own words he’s crazy and obnoxious and foul mouthed. Add a bit cruel to that.

            1. Why would you parrot Nicole’s speech? It was cringy. Basically it’s just like Derrick said, showmances were put on the back burner because of all the big targets in the house. It really wasn’t anything Nicole/Corey did, or James/Nat. It was simply there were always bigger fish to fry.

              Another other season with only one or two big targets and it would’ve been the usual, showmances targeted.

  5. OMGoodness. Simon and Dawg…. I am so sorry. Either Jason or Josea is going back in the house. I feel.for y’all if you are watching for this site. That’s the start of a short nightmare whichever way it goes.

    1. Way to blow $450,000 Paul f you took James you would have won
      Your ego got the best of you because you didn’t want to give James
      $50,000. WAY TO GO BUTTHEAD

    1. The edit seemed very pro-Paul to me, even though they did say some nice things about Nicole. Virtually every comment about Paul was positive except the one about his brash personality.

      By the end I was very surprised by DaVonne’s vote because she was waving her arms in excitement while Paul spoke, more than once.

  6. How Paul became so dumb.. I’m lost for words!

    I give up!

    Many thanks for all the postings. Much appreciated ??????

    1. Yeah, I listed to Paul’s practice speech last night over and over. Yet his answers tonight were lame and too off the cuff. Guess the pressure got to him or, since he’s rich, there wasn’t as great an urgency to win as for Nicole, who just graduated nursing school.

  7. from the jury’s debate, I think paul made a wise decision to take Nicole. James doesn’t have any enemies in the jury and it now seems like janes wikl vote for paul since paul exposed that nicole ratted him out. yay for Paul!! good always prevails guys

  8. This is going to be very close. I’m trying to look at the jury to see if I can read them and I’m stumped. I can’t even figure out Da’Vonne or Bridgette.

    1. I knew from when BB visited the jury house that Davonne would vote for Nicole since she said, That damn Nicole is gonna make me vote for her, Momma Da’s reaction when she found out Nicole won HOH and veto awhile back. And in tonight’s deliberation, Davonne defended Nicole when Bridgette said Nic was aligned with the guys. I also figured Bridgette would vote against Nic. Natalie surprised me in jury when she agreed with Da about Nic, that’s when I knew Nic had her vote. Still, I think James threw that vote to Paul out of bitterness and Paul played him.

  9. I think Paul may have dug his own grave with that answer about how rude he was. He basically said “I’m an ass get over it”. Not so sure some of those females will get over it. I didn’t like Paul’s personality so I will laugh if Nichole wins.

    1. His answer confirmed what he’s shown all along….that he totally lacks self-awareness. He regards himself as the loud and crazy guy who really loves everyone, but he doesn’t understand that he crosses the line into a level of crassness that is socially reprehensible. So he thinks he’s owning up to his ways, but really he missed the point of Nat’s question. It’s not just playful over the top behavior….it’s disgustingly oppressive and hurtful.

      1. Paul is also a major conversation hog and in my opinion that shows a huge lack of awareness. It’s easy for anyone to talk too much when they’re excited but they usually realize they are dominating the conversation.

        There were nights where he would talk to say Corey and Nicole in the kitchen and he would talk for 5 minutes, they’d say ‘yep’ and then he’d go on for another 5, non-stop.

      2. Well put, Winterfell. Paul has no filter, no boundaries and when confronted says, well that’s me. That’s the actions and words of someone who has been pampered all their life, coddled and praised, spoiled. Natalie’s question demanded an apology and Paul, as usual, was obnoixous, that’s who I am! Really? If Natalie had a question as to who to give her vote to, Paul lost that vote right there.

    2. Paul lost the second he didn’t apologize for being rude to the females, especially calling Michelle the “c” word. How would he feel if someone called his mother that on national television? He wouldn’t like that, that wouldn’t be friendship. In the end his ego lost him the #1 position. Last month I was cheering him on, but then he became insufferable, I just hate that coin slot nostrils won. Thank goodness Victor was afp!

  10. Simon and Dawg, Thank you so much for all the work you do for us fans! Thank you to your families for letting us borrow you for Big Brother.
    Thank you to all the posters for your insights on Big Brother.
    I am very grateful for Online Big Brother! Thank you for what you do!

  11. Everyone notice Nicole’s shocked and panicked face when Paul mentioned a deal between James and Nicole?

    I can’t stand Nicole trying to rewrite her laying around with Corey all summer as working hard. Production did more work protecting Nicole than she did herself.

  12. For the love of all things good, right and justice ………. please let it that Paul wins BB

    The snake is delusional from beginning to the end with her speech and game play.

    1. It’s really sad that the person who deserves it the most doesn’t always win this game, especially when they lose in final 2. Nicole was in AWE when she heard Paul’s speech. I think even she would’ve voted for Paul lmao. She was asking herself “how did I win, how did I win?” Says everything we need to know about the jury. TERRIBLE. #Pissed

  13. SIMON & DAWG …. Thanks for the forum and an opportunity to share a few opinions on the show.

    Congrats to Nicole on winning this season.

    1. Because that jury was the worst. Natalie’s vote didn’t surprise me but Days did. I don’t completely hate Nicole (though she drives me insane and especially after this last week never want to hear her voice again) but all feeling aside, I don’t care how you dice it, Paul outplayed her.

    1. I think Paul is still in shock. so much for Natalie wanting a girl to win. She was fake all the way to the end.

      Congrats Nicole.

    2. Exactly! James is too lazy and dumb to even have a final speech prepared. Paul got suckered into Nicole’s chats the last couple days that James was one of the ‘bros’ and Corey and the boys would vote James over Paul etc. James was a useless lump on a log this season.

      I could have beat James in the final two, and Im not even on the show.

      Congrats Nicole. You laid on the right side of that bed all season and whined to Corey. Nice person but snore.

      1. I can’t bow to anyone that looks like they borrowed an outfit from the Ariana Grande closet of clothes for pedophile enthusiasts.

  14. CRAP!!! Guess Corey now has 500,000 new reasons to stick with Nicole a bit longer. I am really disappointed in the outcome.


    1. The three worst winners were all picked by production and all happen to be females
      Jordan Rachel and now Nicole
      Kinda like buying a degree online, it looks good on the wall but has no real value
      Participation trophy’s for everyone

  16. WOW OMG. Bitter Jury couldn’t get over the fact that Paul is an A$$hole, despite the fact that he played the best game. Well, I hope this is a huge life lesson to Paul: Be a nicer person. Calling someone the C word was not ok.

    1. Yet Michelle hates Nicole so much that she voted for Paul who belittled her in the worse way with his vile mouth. What does that say about Michelle?

      1. You actually think Nicole played a better game than Paul? Lol. Holy crap, how do you make it through every day life?

        She didn’t “deserve” anything.

  17. HAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA He should have taken James!!! Awesome ending hahahahahahahaha

    Just a note. You said Nichole showed more loyalty because she came running her out to you about everything James said? To me, that shows no loyalty on HER part! Congrats Paul, you’re this season’s Cody. Dumbass!


  19. YAYA IM SO HAPPY NICOLE WON. She deserved it imo. I love all you on OBB, and I know that most of you dont agree but this is just my opinion :)

    1. Really?!? What did she do to deserve the win? If spending 75% of the game in bed with someone gets you a win, BB has really gone WAY DOWNHILL. Yes, she played the last few weeks but not before then. Such a disappointing season.

      1. That’s just a slur, you can say that about every house guest. What did Paul do all day except prance around in front of the kitchen cameras and humor people with his awesome personality?

        Nicole did plenty of strategizing, worrying, talking game and other similar shit. You choose to ignore it because you dislike her. Hate her all you want but be honest about people’s games.

        1. Every single houseguest that steps in that house “worries, and stradegizes” that doesn’t mean they should win. And tbh you’re the one that’s biased since you’re a Nicole fan. That’s pretty obvious by all your many comments. I’m not really a fan of either, so I’m a bit more unbiased than you I would say, and I think out of the two, paul is clearly the better player all the way around.

          But unlike you, I’m not basing that off of my love for a particular player, I’m basing that off of being an avid live feeder and big brother fan.

  20. I figured with production working so hard for Nicole to stay in the game, they’d make sure she’d win. Nicole did nothing except give Corey handjobs all summer and Nicole’s biggest move was production telling Natalie to work with her and Corey.

      1. Nope production had nothing to do with it. Just like production had zero to do with the most staged jury questions i have ever seen……

      2. Yes they coax certain Jurors to vote for productions desired outcome……seriously lts not that hard to understand…….its always been what is known as a “soft scripted show” expect the expected!

      3. Hahahahaa and YOU’RE calling the original poster a moron? Wow, pot meet kettle, please.

        You honestly think production couldn’t or wouldn’t “sway” jury votes?? Lmfao

    1. She wasn’t just playing with it either. They had sex multiple times in the house but people choose to ignore that and only trash talk Z instead.

    1. Would you rather be hated and win OR be loved and lose? Well, we know where Nicole stands on that. Not everyone would have made that choice. She’ll live with it. Money goes away fast, but someone’s reputation (especially online and in media) stays FOREVER.

  21. I really can’t believe Nicole won. Paul was robbed. I can’t believe Da’Vonne voted for Nicole. I feel so bad for Paul. He looked so disappointed. All I can say is WOW!!!

  22. Wow! Can’t believe in the end Da was the deciding vote & voted for Nicole! Awful! Was she in the same house? Paul deserved the win!! Oh well. YEAH Victor was Anericas Fav House Guest!

    1. Oh oh!! This could be the beginning of a bad trend on BB that will clearly favor the female houseguests.
      Future houseguests pre-entry interviews- “Well my first line of business is to align by way of handjobs. I’ll start with giving handjobs hourly, then bi-hourly handjobs, then possibly back to hourly handjobs. You know, mix it up a bit!”
      But hey, if that’s what it takes to finally have a female win, so be it, right!?
      I’m sure the dudes won’t be upset with letting the girls “earn their respect” this way in the future.

    2. She won because of bimbos like Day, Natalie and Z who voted for a “woman” to win instead of the best player. If I were Nicole I wouldn’t be bragging about the win. EVERYONE knows she wasn’t the best player.

  23. Nicole did not deserve to win! Paul was a better player. Nicole won because COREY INFLUENCED PAULIE’S VOTE BECAUSE THEY WERE TIGHT AND, OF COURSE, ZAKIYAH ALWAYS VOTED BASED ON HOW PAULIE VOTED. I didn’t like Paul…but, he was robbed!!

  24. So Nicole sees her family, gives them a light hug and a tap on the shoulder.

    Paul on the other hand, hugs his family and starts sobbing :(

    Says something about who they are as people: snake vs. normal human who hasn’t seen his family in 3 months.

      1. 1. Nicole is NOT a queen of big brother. 2. $300,000.00 does not make one rich. You can buy a decent house and car with that, pay off some bills, but not rich. My husband makes close to that annually, and we are no where near “rich”.

  25. Paul’s dumbass took rat face to the end and handed her $500K. I was really rooting for him but as soon as I saw he was taking rat face to the end….I knew he was going to lose to her. None of her speeches made sense. She was all over the place cause even she knew deep down she didn’t deserve to win over Paul. I’m honestly disgusted she won. Glad to see Vic won AFP though.

    1. You guys are really going to blame all of this on Da???? LMFAO You do realize 4 other people voted for her to win right? Da made it clear from the beginning that she wanted to see a woman win. I disagree but I’m not at all surprised she voted for Nicole.

      1. Yes, we blame Da because of those 5 votes she was the only one with half a brain & smarts enough to know better. Not much integrity was expected from Paulie, Z, Corey or Natalie.

    2. i don’t get why Da said when the next Jury member was coming “Please don’t let it be Paul”. It seemed like she wanted him to win. WTF happened? I know Nicole answers and speech couldn’t have switched Da’s vote because it was the worst since ” i can only be me, Gina Marie”. So rushed barley could hear what she was saying but i guess it was kind of a blessing for viewers, not funny (when you got to tell people its a joke, its not a good joke) and she really didn’t give any good reasons why she played a better game then Paul. I usually say who ever wins deserves to win it be because they either played a good game or the other person had too many bitter jury members against them. But this was neither, she won because 2 of her votes just wanted a female to win, 1 vote for summer long handjobs. Paulie voted her because i think he was bitter the only 1
      “P” made it to the end and Z who does whatever Paulie tells her.

    3. To vote just because it’s a girl in the finale is just as bad to vote for someone because for example they are African-American, and it was time for an African- American person to win. Voting should be for the best player, period.

    4. People on Twitter are slamming her so bad on there. She tries to keep changing the subject but it’s not working lol. They’ll be over it in a few days but it’s still pretty sad that she did that. I’m really surprised. I thought she was smarter than that. Guess she wants to keep the CBS money train rolling or got paid a little extra for that vote.

  26. It may not have turned out the way we wanted but seriously you really think production told those people how to vote? Give me a break….stupid stupid stupid!

  27. I am sick to my stomach. Even after pauls speech which was perfect. He called meech the c word and still got her vote. Zakiyah did whatever paulie told her she has no clue about the game and dayvonne hasnt been in the game since 4th of july practically. Its sickening.

  28. So upset. Obvisouly paulie was still bitter and he put in the ear for zykia to vote for nicole and thats how she won. Hands down paul played the best game the entire season. Very upset nicole won! She spent the whole game in bed with corey and started playing the past week or so.

  29. In hindsight (20/20), Paul should have gotten rid of James instead of Corey. Unfortunately Corey influenced Paulie and brainless Zika’s votes.

  30. from the look of things, paul will have still got second place if he took James. it’s all the jury’s decision and davonne and natalie are bitter unforgiven people. it will catch up to them some day

  31. Paul played a good game and so did Nicole. Paul’s answers, if you can call them that, were horrible. All he did was yell. Paul would have lost against James as well probably. I am shocked that Davonne voted for Nicole though. Thank you Simon and Dawg for this site. It was a good season better than the last few. Congrats to Nicole!

  32. Where to start! Michelle needs serious help as she is one crazy ass chick. Z has no self esteem and screwed up the ending because super doosh Paulie voted for Nichole. Really awful cast and even worse ending. Worst season since Bb16!

  33. Well, at least Vic won!
    Nicole winning BB is a joke. DaVonne should be ashamed of that vote!
    Thanks Simon and Dawg for all of your hard work making this season bearable!

    1. I noticed and thought the same thing. Completely seemed written, super general, boring and short. Where’s the heat? Oh yeah everybody or cbs loves mediocre floaters these days. No heat necessary.

  34. OH MY GOD! PAUL!!!!!! Paul.. PAUL: learn something, friend -> when people call you out for RUDE WORDS and BAD BEHAVIOR, if you’re sitting pretty at the final, you MUST stand up and apologize even if you don’t mean it. Those people are giving you a clue as to why they may not vote for you. You’re not supposed to brag! You’re not supposed to say that that’s the way you are and period. Say that you are sorry for any harsh words and that you apologize. Say something to mend or rebuild bridges!

    And here’s another lesson for you and any future BB players: you take a LAME player to the final with you… you don’t take a possible winner. You must read from BB17 Steven’s book, and not from BB16 Cody’s! Taking Nicole to the final was basically handing her the 500k, you dummy.

    And yes, folks: terrible final speeches. Those two do not understand they must USE all the available time. Complete answers and no quick, half assed, kinda funny answers. Talk, sell yourself, show that you are playing until te very end! FIGHT!

    I disagree that it was a terrible season. The fact that Nicole won when most of us thought that she didn’t really stand a chance up against him is just great! It means that up until the very last moment it’s anyone’s game.

    AND MY MEAN COMMENT OF THE DAY: this is really mean spirited but I will say it… Paul bawling his eyes out on his mommy’s shoulder and clearly complaining about losing it last minute… LMFAO FOR THE WHOLE WEEKEND! Thank heavens I have this on DVR… I will be watching it a lot! His mom trying to console him “no, no, you did great!” Poor thing… and CBS didn’t even bother cutting the audio off… LOL! TV GOLD! Almost as good as FrankieGrande’s face when he realized he wasn’t AFP!

    P.S.- Victor winning AFP was just great… and I didn’t even like him for most of the season.

  35. Yes, Paul played a good game for a newbie although his mouth was too much. You do not have to talk so badly about your houseguests. Nicole on the other hand, also played a good game for a vet. She had a very valid point, if her fellow houseguests watched her previous season, they knew her game. Therefore, she had to change it up. Paul made a poor choice in taking Nicole. I believe hands down, he would have won in a landslide.

  36. I feel that I wasted 40+ hours of my life this summer watching this show to finally see this unworthy bimbo win. I’m not getting into BB next season. I’m done.

  37. Highway robbery. Paulie voted out of spite cuz Paul helped get him out, his GF (forgot her name already cuz she didn’t do ish) just followed Paulie shocker, and da I really don’t get? Wtf. I knew he shoulda took James who did nothing. Yay another floater wins. Giving bb one more chance, another floater wins and I’m done.

      1. Never said Paul was my guy but I like players over floaters. Can’t deny as he said in his speech he never hide he was in the forefront and made it to the end. James and nic were both floaters but yes she did more than James hence why he should have taken James but as he said He didn’t want to reward someone who did nothing though he could have… and yes should have.

    1. Meech, if you read this, we’re on your side. Yes, her vote was personal. Yes, Corey and others were intimidating you with a creepy smile as though to say your opinion didn’t count. It did, we all felt the same and if you look at the HG fav ratings, you’ll even see Nicole and Corey were in the bottom and you rated higher than them the entire show.

  38. The only other injustice that rivals this one in BB history is when Danielle from season 3 lost due to a bitter jury. This was the wrong decision. Never mind the fact that he should have taken James, it should not have mattered. He played better than both of them.

  39. Think if Mr. Just Being Myself had been a little less himself when he decided to call Nat a c$$t he would be counting his money? Karma.

    1. Definitely a lesson he should learn however it wasn’t Nat that he called the c-word, it was Michelle and she voted for Paul. Nearly everyone had nasty words coming out their mouths, the longer they stayed in the house the trashier they talked in the heat of the moment.

  40. I can’t believe Paul lost. He was so far ahead of Nicole as a player that it is just laugh out loud worthy he didn’t win. Not since Dan got screwed on winning it all on his second play through (Dan’s mist season) have I seen a player that so CLEARLY deserved to win get shafted like this. Unreal that someone that did almost nothing in the game in Nicole somehow wins over the only player with not just the most wins in the season but most times on the block. I don’t know if I can watch the show after this and I’ve been here since BB3.

  41. WOW! you put in some of the worst players ever and make them part of the jury, and you will end up with this ending. the sad thing is, I believe Paul would of been screwed if he would of faced James too. Davonne, Paulie, Zakiyah, Nicole, Corey and Natalie would of voted for James..Paul and Victor were the true stars of the show this season, and to have it end this way just brings back the pain of how bad this season actually was.

    Simon and Dawg, you guys deserve major props for the work you guys put in from day one. as always, the entertainment is always better here when BB season is in play. also to the regular posters, great times as always too. see you guys next year!

  42. I respect Paul’s game move to take Nicole if the top prize was 50k . But for 500 k .. You take James ! He got hung up on the honor code bs… It’s BB baby ! You take that layup because soon nobody remembers but you have 500k ! If him and Nicole were super super tight then maybe … He legit blew it ! Jury sux too… But still ! IYIYIY kid was crushed

  43. Anyone else find it suspicious that Davonne voted for Nicole? I mean she was loving Paul’s speech and seemed to be the biggest Paul advocate until the actual vote.

    1. Davonne was so happy the whole time because production probably paid her off to vote for Nicole if she ended up in the final 2

    2. Not suspicious at all. I suspected Davonne would vote for Nicole…surprisingly enough… after seeing Friday’s episode. Da mentions in the jury house how she has to admit that Nicole played a good game. It was apparent then that she (Da) would not be a bitter jury member.

    1. Nicole was going for the Ellie May Clampett look tonight (from the old Beverly Hillbillies T.V. show for all the youngsters). She managed to look like a horny slut with the too tight, too low cut, too short shorts as she sat there kicking her leg back and forth in the move that psychologists refer to as a type of masturbation. Send her back to Ubly to buy a new tractor for her brother. Paul will wind up investing his winnings and 3 years from now will have much more to show for it than Nicole will have. Especially since she has to split her share with Paulie and James and Corey! (preseason agreement)

    2. Haha that was my second thought after she “won”. Wtf was that outfit?! Where would you even buy something like that? And the WHITE clunky shoes! Lol omg that cracks me up.

  44. I’m okay with Nicole winning. Would have voted for Paul, but so what. The best part is that Pervy James won nothing. Hope he goes to jail soon. Was Bronte there? I didn’t see her.

  45. Paul was NOT robbed – he lost. He lost because Nichole’s social game was just one vote ahead of his.

    Being loud and proud about being an asshole is not a game-winning move, sorry.

    1. Paul had to fight the whole season, and while yes, his obnoxiousness and language were grating at times I still fail to see how using the c-word is a good enough reason for him to take 2nd place over someone that spent 75% of the season in bed, attached to Corey like a barnacle. Paul absolutely drove me insane at many points through the season and I wasn’t impresssed by some of the things he said but he deserved that win. This show has officially jumped the shark and the need to have great gameplay is out the window because it’s all about the feels. That blows. I mean good god, Evel Dick terrorized and pissed off every single HG season 8, and while they all said he was king of the a$$holes they still voted for him because he played the best game.
      If they could do it, this jury could’ve. I just can’t see where you look at Paul and Nicole’s games side by side and decide she played a better game over the entire season than he did, because frankly, she wasn’t playing the whole time. So that, to me, is robbery.

      1. Well, the social aspect of the game is so often ignored or denigrated. It’s part of what it takes to win this game. If you’re a competition monster, and you depend on that to win, you must do it in a way that’s so convincing that it overrides what the jury thinks of you personally, or you must do it without making the jury feel like you ripped them in the bottom.

        On the other hand, you can be a complete backstabbing snake and never win anything competitionwise, but if you do it craftily and get to the end without making people hate you, you can win. It’s a valid strategy, because, it can work. It has worked.

        Every single game is different, different mixes of people make it so. There is no all-winning every time strategy. Winners must often wing it. You do what you have to do, with the abilities you have, to win.

        Who thinks Paul would not have won if he just had the self-possession to can it once in a while? That he couldn’t do that was his fatal flaw. Not an overwhelming one, but just enough.

  46. First of all………thanks so much to Simon & Dawg for all their hard work this summer. So glad they will be doing BBOTT. Will definitely follow on here.

    Secondly……..HAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….Paul pulled a Cody & it cost him $450,000. He would have won against James.

  47. So glad I didn’t watch. Just came here for the results. By watching you are not letting CBS know you are sick of their rigging. I had enough of Nicole couldnt take even watching the final even if the rigging hadn’t happen.

    I do have a question how did Corey react to his bed buddy winning?

    1. I didn’t see Corey’s reaction but the reaction of the rest of the cast was hilarious. They all clapped but just lightly and they all had stunned looks on their faces. Like what in the world just happened? Lol

  48. Natalie really might be bipolar.
    I want a girl to win, doesn’t matter who.
    If you work with Nicole and Cory, delete my number I’m never talking to you again
    I want a girl to win yayyyy….

    Who cast this girl. I will personally fight them.

  49. That Nicole controlled the whole season without ever having to win a comp past the first week. Always convinced everyone to do her dirty work. She played by far the best game this year. Paul would of won against James but Nicole convinced him she wasn’t gonna win and she done more than James.

    People are gonna hate but, every season Jeff asks
    “Would you rather win and be hated or lose and be loved.”

    Nicole just proves that statement.

    So happy the right person won against another person that definitely deserved to win as well.

  50. Thanks to SIMON & DAWG! For all the updates throughout the BB18 season. Applause to you!!! Job well done! ????
    I looked fwd to checking the site for updates instead of waiting for shows to be aired! Y’all ROCK! ????

  51. Anyone else notice they didn’t air an advertisement asking for applications for next season? Points to an all-star season in the works, perhaps?

  52. Holy cow! Big, huge, enormous ups to Simon & Dawg for providing us bb-onliners more than the show did. At any rate, I DID stay totally entertained, most of which revolved around Simon & Dawn’s site. Thanks, guys!!!

  53. This is why we need to stop having just 20 somethings in the jury…idiot people who turn the game personal and vote for the girl who spent the whole season chasing a penis….if production really wanted to put the final nail in the coffin this was it, many loyal core fans from day 1 will turn their back on BBUS…Nicole was handed the win, would not be surprised if she got extra help from production during DR’s all season as well…100% rigged

  54. Simon and Dawg,

    Thanks for a great season of updates. I’ve watched BB since season 1 (Eddie McGee) watching feeds on dial up on RealPlayer, and I should be too old and mature to be going to your site during the workday to get updates! The earlier seasons (post season 1) used to have hard alcohol available at night so late night was more chaotic.

    Not sure how I feel about this new ‘exhibition’ season in the fall. I live outside the US so cant get CBS All Access . Havent checked if After Dark is going to air for this. If not, I probably wont be back to your site until June 2017 (although I will probably peek!).

    GREAT job Simon and Dawg. (Dont see the tip jar on the page?)


  55. Really, Da’Vonne, what the hell were you thinking…….
    We watch her reaction when Paul gave his 101 reasons why he was the better BB player and then she vote for Nicole? I honestly would like to hear Da’Vonne reason why she voted for Nicole? I was rooting for Da’Vonne in the house too. I’m soooo disappointed in the jury.
    Natalie wanted a female to win. Da’Vonne probably wanted a vet to win. Paulie is friends with Nicole. Zakiyah likes Nicole more than Paul. Of course, Corey voted for Nicole to get some of that money.
    How did Nicole play a better game than Paul? Curious minds would like to know.

  56. Didn’t ever want to believe it…. but Wrestling is more real than BigBrother
    Dude won more Veto’s and HoH’s combined over everyone, social game blew Nicole away, Final speech was great, while she was worried about playing under the covers he was worried about playing Big Brother…
    In the 10years I have watched BB, I’ve been disappointed certain players didn’t win, but still couldn’t wait for next season….
    but just like wrestling as kid, when I realized it was fake and fixed, I stopped caring and stopped watching… Sad it’s come to that with my favorite show, but I am out… thanks for the memories from the good old days

    1. Let me start off by saying I am a big fan of Paul and I was rooting for him for the past 8 weeks to win the game (outside of Victor who did deserve it). Paul ruined his chances with the first jury question… I know know he didn’t want to change his self image and trying to own his crazy not giving a shitime character, but had he shown remorse for calling Michelle a see you next Tuesday I think he would have won :/

    2. Let me start off by saying I am a big fan of Paul and I was rooting for him for the past 8 weeks to win the game (outside of Victor who did deserve the win against the people who were still in the house when he finally left for good). Paul ruined his chances with the first jury question… I know he didn’t want to change his self image and trying to own his crazy not giving a shit character, but had he shown remorse for calling Michelle a see you next Tuesday or any of his questionable comments I think he would have won :/

  57. I really notice something in the comments tonight…All of the Paul fans are saying “NOOOOOO” Yet all the Nicole fans are being really rude “suck it losers hahaha”
    Although I think it might just be one person changing names pretending that there’s Nicole fans out there.

    1. It’s 100% the same couple of people changing names and posting congrats to Nicole. She was hated all season. The jokes are on you Nicole fans, she is and will remain hated.

  58. I am so disgusted with Davonne and Z!!!….They were the two votes that screwed this win for BB 18!! This is one time when I believe voting for the female just for a female win was SO WRONG!! Z is a clueless lump of flesh, and Day probably stuck the wrong key in the slot because she is an emotional wreck! Thanks a lot chicks—hope to see you NEVER!!

  59. Well, I absolutely hated the ending of this season, what a waste! I’ll miss this message board though. I have to say, being a Canadian, I’m kind of sick of seeing these stupid screen names Hilary, Bengazi, Tiny Trump hand…. wow. Bye!

  60. Very surprised that Paul took Nicole over James. I thought Paul would easily beat James if they were final 2

    Did you all notice how Nicole barely acknowledged Corey after she was acclaimed the winner and came out to meet the jury? Corey gave Nicole a hug but they weren’t facing each other. Corey was at her back and put his hands around her waist. Weird.

  61. Where FRODO is. Donald miss him
    James nogood Nicole betray James he vote out of revenge and Niols stil won Revenge not good Paul not good but he still have cunt friendship and Meech pissed but cry last time till next year and victor AFP hooray, james sad but me happy he sad

  62. Worst ending ever. I can’t believe Paul did that and I can’t believe that Davonne voted for Nicole. In my opinion this is one of the worst seasons ever, even worse than season 9 and season 16. The only worse seasons were 15 and 13.

  63. Congratulations Nicole!!! You deserved to win! Paul played a good game as well but I believe Nicole played a better once. Especially since she had a bigger target being a vet and made it all the way to final 4 without being nominated. All the haters will says it’s rigged since their favorite didn’t win. My favorite never wins except for this year. I’m thrilled. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but it’s funny how bad people will hate on Nicole and say production rigged it. Grow up. On another note, thank you Simon & Dawg for another Summer of BB updates. It is very much appreciated :-)

  64. Corey’s hug after Nicole wins was awkward. Nicole looked like she was having none of that. I think production gave her heads up to Corey dumping her.

  65. too me I think pual should of won to win the last three or four comps in lose the game
    to me Nicole won along time ago mean she was pick to win how can a person win about 7 wins
    lose to a person who laid in bed or talk about corey all summer long if she would of won the last comp
    I would respect her game she not a bad person she a sweet breatiful person but game wise pual got played
    by the jury what a joke that’s why America should do the end vote to see who win worse winner in big brother history im not watch big brother 19 at all

    1. I agree with what you say but there has to be a change to their format. They need to keep the idea, but change up the voting somehow. Like you have to vote the way America votes or else the winners and stipends get halved or something. That may remove the bitter jury members if you are out of pocket for voting emotionally.

      1. LMAO! The Jury has to vote how America would vote? Then whats the point of having a Jury? They’re secluded so how would they know what America wants? Bitter Jury members have long been part of the game, there’s always 1 every season. I think the only bitter Jury members this season were Meech and Paulie so they cancel each others votes anyways. I said earlier that Z probably voted how Paulie voted but i think if her and Pauile were not on good terms she would have voted Nicole anyways because Z didn’t play the game and would of just voted who was nicer to her. I look at BB13 as a good example. Dan played the best and most entertaining game that i’ve seen and i was angry when he didn’t win, but as time went on I’ve realized it doesn’t matter how good of a game you’ve played if you can’t convince Jury to give you the votes then you don’t deserve to win. It’s part of the game. They could switch the format to America votes who gets evicted or america just picks the winner, but i think Nicole still would have won because of her existing fan-base/good edits she got.

  66. Whoever is responsible for casting should be fired.

    Casting success: Paul, Victor, Michelle.

    Casting disasters: Paulie, Zakiyah, Jozea.

    Oh and the returnees had no business returning. I was trying to tolerate Day, but she ruined the season at the very last minute with her stunning vote. She voted for a woman over a great player.

  67. Nicole won. it’s a real shame how many people take who wins or loses so seriously. The remarks this year are the foulest ever. No need to call her so any of the other contestants such disrespectful names. Nicole is probably one of the nicest girls ever on this show. It’s a TV show I especially love those of you who say that’s it I’m done And within a half hour you’re back making comments. Those accomplishes what a good show should it keeps you in the game

  68. Love that fruit loop dingus….haters be like Nicole did nothing all season….have you watched?!? Not true! You may not like her but she played!!

  69. Paul, you should have taken James to F2. So what if James tried to campaign to Nicole…that’s called BB strategy. Your pettiness with James lost you the game. You would have beat James easily…you deserved to win.

  70. Thank God Victor won AFP so the ending of the season was not a total loss. I could not stand either him or Paul at the beginning of the season, but everyone else’s game was so dismal I ended up wanting them in the final two. The thing I hate about Big Brother is investing and entire summer watching only to have someone who slept all summer win, but I guess that is the way it goes some seasons. Thanks Dawg and Simon, I hope everyone is generous and gives you some support for all your hard work :)

  71. What really shocked me during the 4-4 tie before pulling davonnes key i was thinking about how she went crazy cheering on pauls perfect speech then voted for nicole. Wow.. Im all for feminism and women getting equal pay and equal treatment but there was a feminist thing going on in the votes which is stupid because this is a show about gameplay and strategy not feminism. Bridgette the ACTUAL FEMINIST voted for paul. There have been plenty of great women in this game both winners (jun, rachel, maggie) and many non winners (janelle, danielle reyes & donato, etc) that played a hell of a lot better than nicole who played pathetically. Lets go back and reward the female non winners who played a great game instead of bad player nicole. The jury wasnt even bitter just political.

    Will the jury vote for the best gameplay ever again or will every season be voting on a political agenda?

    1. I’m not sure what word I would use to describe this vote. Political ? Gender related ? Bitter ? Maybe they all fit …or maybe none of them fit. As a female viewer myself I don’t root for or excuse any group of players, I connect or don’t connect with them individually. My favs were Paul, Vic, Bridgette, Frank. My least fav were Paulie, Z, Corey and Nicole. I was fine for the most part with Michelle and Da’V and James and Nat. The others didn’t register at all. Each hg had good moments, some had great moments and there were cringe worthy moments as well. BUT, if we a look through the lens of just which players made it their business to eliminate all female payers save one, that was Nicole. Sure, some guys in general wanted that as well, that’s usually a given. But as a self professed “girls girl” at least Natalie should have not awarded this “guys girl” with her vote. It’s a little more than just name calling, but if you aren’t paying attention you miss it. Now she is getting all the accolades for being the first female that beat a male on this show … I think it’s funny that in 7 days she and her BB18 season will be overshadowed by BBOTT.

    2. I was rooting for Nicole but I agree it’s dumb to vote based on a person’s gender. Just like it’s dumb to vote on their skin color.

  72. Paul Was by Far the better player but unfortunately we had bitter female
    Jury members this year (Paulie, Day, Nat…). As much as i liked Paul’s game, I think he has a lot of growing up to do, he DID offend a lot of people on a personal level. Nicole did not get personal and unfortunately that’s what it took for her to win.

  73. So I haven’t seen any convincing arguments of why Nichole should have won. Paul nailed it with why he should have one in he big picture, but didn’t articulate it well. But Nichole articulated it even worse. If Paul was a fan of the show, and not an Instagram recruit he would have known to apologize at the end, but Nicole being a fan and a Vet should have nailed the end questions for the win. Paul won, hands down, and if I’m wrong please tell me why?

  74. Pauls reason for not taking James was lame. Really sounded like a personal reason when all season he was able to not play so personal. A lesson to everyone to watch their mouth …. He did say some pretty harsh stuff.

  75. I called it, I said d Paul took Nicole to final 2 he was losing. Paul made 500,000 mistake. The way the votes went, if Paul took James it would’ve been a 6-3 Landslide in is favor. Only Corey,Nicole,and Natalie would’ve voted for James. Kraken got what hey wanted. I’m already ready for BBOTT.

  76. Hate all the feedback that Paul is the only one who played the game, deserves it more., etc. The game is played in different ways. He obviously didn’t play the social game well enough which is part of the game. I’m glad he lost. He was too cocky and vulgar.

  77. The real travesty of Nicole winning is that future players are going to go for the lie back, lose competions, and stay in the background approach. Doesn’t make for an interesting show, does it?
    I’m sorry that you weren’t rewarded for your hard work , Paul. You gave it 100 percent and stayed true to who you are.
    You may have not been the most kosher, but you should have been judged on your immaculate game play and nothing else! Can’t imagine how awful this season would have been with out you or Victor.

  78. Sooooooo incredibly disappointed! But, on the brighter side, I’ve been watching Big Bother Uk which is ever so much more interesting.

  79. I told yall nicole would win , when jury started because I saw the writing on the wall, but all yall said she deserved to win over Paul, riddle me this batman, what did she do the first 6 weeks besides get called out for lies and floating ? Because I remember her cuddled up with corey literally every night can’t respect that part of her game.

    1. Challenge accepted. She hid behind her boys, pretended to be one of the girls, and relayed all the info. She played Da like a fiddle, threw her UTB to Frank… Da knew she was played. Hence the vote. (Although she and Nat voted that way because they didn’t want to be perceived as bitter, they are better than that, and they are critical thinkers) LOL… Batman strikes again.

  80. Good enjoyable television. They milked the drama for all it’s worth. 4 to 4 vote all the way to the end. Votes going different ways than I would have thought. When Da said Paul was the one she didn’t want to go to jury from the final 3 I thought he had her vote for sure. Course she was all over the place.

    The jury presentation and debate more or less went the way I expected. Paul had a better presentation than Nicole. But Paul due to nervousness was less confident and less persuasive than how he practiced it. Nicole was also of course a bundle of nerves. I expected the jury to be where things would even up. Corey was calm, cool, and collected and a great asset to Nicole. Victor seemed less involved in the debate than I expected. And Meech with her shrillness and failure to even lose the veneer that it was all personal probably hurt Paul.

    When Paul was asked about his conduct towards others he should have said he was an emotional person and sometimes says things he doesn’t mean in the heat of the moment and apologizes for any feelings he may have hurt because he loved everyone and it was all about friendship. But that was not the game he was playing. And in the post-interview he made it clear Victor is the only one he had any plans to stay in touch with and he more or less disliked the other house guests and looked forward to telling them how much they annoyed him.

    On the other hand trying to get James to vote for him despite breaking their “Final 2” by blaming it all on Nicole was brilliant. Nicole looked besides herself because she knew it was going work and it did.

    Funniest thing was Paulie’s after interview where he took credit for Nicole winning saying it was him and Corey who convinced the jury. I have a feeling the only vote he influenced was Bridget’s.

    As for the vote itself. Nobody was robbed. This is not a game show with a set of criteria on who decides the winner, But a completely “social show” where the cast uses their own arbitrary criteria with the game aspects (the comps) helping to move the show along.

    You also have two other factors to consider. A lot of the jury being separated from the “action” and not knowing what is going on except for bits and pieces. And second by watching feeds or reading about them you are more aware of what is going on than even people in the house. Especially since there is so much dead time and no one can talk “game” 24-7. So that hour of Cory and Nicole dryhumping while the other folks are napping by the pool? You may remember that. Everyone else just saw them disappear for a bit and reappear for dinner. Or put another way each house member is judging the other on how they interacted with them day to day. Not on how each person conducted their entire day. Because they are too busy with their own lives to give everyone that much notice. And don’t have internet websites like this one to fill them in on what they missed (or didn’t miss).

    I also think Nicole dodged a bullet. If she had won HoH she probably would have brought James and James would have beaten her 5 to 4. I also think James would have beaten Paul.

    But hey. Paul’s from a wealthy family, has his own business, and just won $50,000. Can’t feel too sorry for him. Particularly since I wouldn’t be surprised if the invited him back next year to try again for $500,000. He played a good game and right to the end it could have gone either way. Nothing to be ashamed about.

  81. Cannot believe the season is over. Not sure why CBS found it necessary to drag it out to 99 days but the last week of inactivity was sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssso boring.
    When Big Meech started with the crocodile tears during the Dr Will segment, I thought he showed remarkable restraint. You could just see he wanted to grab her, give her a good shake and slap and send her to a corner. Hope never to see the less than Superfan again.

  82. Thanks Dawg and Simon for Big Brother Canada and BB US updates.
    HARDWORK is much appreciated.

    The True Champion is VICTOR AFP!! Battle Back Champion Beast and Jury Buy Back Winner. Also winning the Entertainment Package in that one comp.
    Victor’s Family is awesome!
    Victor Arroyo made Season 18 Entertaining!

  83. I agree with some of you on here Paul deserved it more than Nicole and he was an excellent player of Big Brother….but in the end he made a huge mistake which cost him $500,000 dollars he took Nicole he had that wrapped up by winning the last competition all he had to do was take James….in the end he made the mistake which by the way is noble wanting someone at the end that deserved it problem is the last move in Big Brother is the most crucial as you must for your own game take the person you can beat easily not someone who you may or may not win against… I was surprised that after his great game play he would make that move esp since him and Nicole weren’t even close so In the end he made the wrong decision which cost him the game so I’m not that upset that Nicole won he outplayed himself since he was holding all the power for a couple of weeks now!

    1. “Paul deserved it more than Nicole”,
      This parroted statement is so annoying. At every turn Paul made a bad alliances and bad decisions, and every single week one of his group members got sent home. For the exception of Da, Nat & Meech. However, he got used by everyone, including Nic. He was way to cocky in the end. Sure he has the comp wins, which I respect. but thats not enough. With all those comp wins, and you are in F3 w/ 2 vets, and you choose to sit beside NIC???? It just proves he didnt know what he was doing, he stumbled through the game, he done and fucked up.

  84. When arnold shapiro was in charge the game was more pure. Grodner has and will continue to fuck with the game as long as ratings stay good.

  85. Seriously lost all respect for Davonne. When Julie asked who she wanted to see as the ninth juror, she says just not Paul. So what changed??! Why was she then cheering during his speech. Long hissssssssssssssssssss! No surprise on the other hand for zakiyas vote. Girl is clueless, and has no shame or dignity

  86. This thing where actual other live feeders are saying that nicole convincing natalie and michelle to put up vic paul was a great move and her best move blows my mind. Natalie literally cried and said she couldnt believe that they (production) talked her into putting her own allies up. They even showed the crying part on the edited garbage show. Production manipulation has gotten worse and worse and its so out of control this isnt even big brother anymore.

  87. Did you see how heartwarming it was to see nicole reunited with her family? Lol not. Her family seemed unaffectionate and barely hugged. The first thing Nicole asked her parents if she was portrayed as brat. Girl that shouldn’t even be entering your mind. You won half a million. I hope she learns some humility after they tell her about being rude entitled, rude, condescending and lack good morals that she’ll be more appreciative.

  88. I’m not even a Nicole hater, but Paul got robbed and it would’ve happened if he took James too (paulie and Z as an extension is close with Nicole and knows James outside of the house, Nicole would’ve voted James, bratalie james, and BigMeech James)…. Anyways Paul by every measure except 1 played a better game than Nicole (the caveat to the referenced 1 measure is a difference of opinion in my mind. Some would say she had less direct blood on her hands than Paul, but she had that only due to her laying around most of the time which should not be rewarded imo). Either production made people vote a certain way or the jury and mainly 1 persons vote was just ridiculous (that being one of the worst players of all time -da, who had an agenda this season). All that being said my biggest disappointment was natalie being top 3 for AFP. Oh and this last thing might get me thumb downs, but regardless of personality Big Meech is sexy!

  89. The only BB related thing I’m not pissed about right now is a snapchat Day posted showing Ian and Meech together. Meech is basically beaming and Ian has his shirt completely unbuttoned with his arm around her and I don’t know why that is but it’s bringing me so much joy right now I can’t stand it! I’m guessing he was successful in asking her out on a date, lol ;)

  90. This outcome was grand larceny. This particular jury was too biased to deliver a fair verdict. Too many people either made their votes because of personal ties (Paulie and Zak with Paulie’s ride or die ties to Corey and Paulie’s Dad’s ties to Nicole and other vets) or because they wanted a woman to win, no matter what woman (Natalie and Da). It isn’t feminism to judge the woman according to much easier standards than the man.

    This outcome was a travesty, delivered by an unfit group of judges.

    1. Biased and already had minds made up ?….Like Meech ? she wouldve voted pablo over nicole, that was just pure jealousy , I am and would be happy with either winner this season. I think they both deserved to be there, and each had thier plus and minus. It’s Big Brotherand over all a good season i think.

  91. Tough spot for Paul . If you take James it’s the easy way out and the finale is a stink fest . 8-1 over James . Or you gamble for good tv and the honorable thing to do and risk 450 k . His financial stability may have influenced his decision. Victor isn’t making that mistake. Perhaps he just got too cute . I knew she would tip him over at the end … It was Paulie Z Corey allience or friendship that killed paul. Da’Vonne was the dagger .

  92. I’m wondering if the speculation about Paul crushing on Nicole was just validated by the fact that he took her to F2. Such a dumba$$ move. I’m also wondering if maybe Paul clued Nicole in on how Corey really felt about her and spoke of their relationship (or future lack thereof) at some point when the feeds were down and that’s the reason for the awkwardness between Corey and Nicole after her win.

    It seems Paul’s arrogance cost him the game. He thought he could beat either of them, so he took the one he wanted to hookup with after the show. Or he thought it would make for a more epic win to beat the stronger of the two. Then instead of being contrite about pissing people off and hurting people’s feelings, he basically said “Suck it, get over it.” Arrogance, emotions, and (possible) production influence are the absolute last things you need to take into the F2. Good job Paul…

    And it was no surprise to me that Paul won the final HOH. Of course he knew the other houseguests better–he didn’t spend the entire game lying in bed with one of them.

  93. I am stunned that after all these years people still don’t realize that only snakes win this game, not comp beast or in your face obnoxious people! Think of Andy the red rat, Steve, Derrick, etc.

    As much as I hate Nicole’s personality, she did win by being a snake. She manipulated the men, rode their coattail, got rid of all the women who were calling her out, and layed in bed playing with Corey’d d!ck all summer. If that’s what it takes to win 500k and you don’t care about your reputation, kudos to you!

  94. $500K is a lot of money, but I’m still willing to bet this hooker burns through it chasing Corey and ends up a broke down chain-smoker in the dark corner of a bar in Ubly. On the plus side I should never have to hear Corrrreeeeey or her squeaky ass voice again.

  95. Try your own advice and make a real case for NicHOLE to win.
    Seems like you would compete in the Para Olympics to get a medal since winning one on your own would take honest effort and all that matters is winning.

  96. This lackluster season ended in a lackluster way with Nicole winning. Her win just sums up how this game show has become nothing more than people who sit around (or in her case lay around) all season and wait everybody out. Winning comps when there are mostly other lazy/bad players left isn’t really winning and/or competing. It’s called passive success.

    What’s even more insulting is how she spun it to look as if she was some great mastermind pulling all the strings when, in fact, she was just going along down the path of least resistance with whatever faux alliance existed at the time. Let’s not forget how much of a nervous wreck she was to do anything remotely risky.

    Unfortunately, since that strategy is rewarded with the big prize, other future HGs will study and use it going forward.

    I’m no fan of Paul, but when it came down to who worked the hardest to maneuver himself out of tough situations AND win comps AND maintain a decent social game, he beat Nicole,hands down. It’s sad he ended up with just the $50K.

    The only bright spot is Julie calling James out on his nothingness all season and the fact that he was properly rewarded for his effort with a big fat ZERO at the end.

  97. Just goes to show ya……..BB isn’t a game of ONLY winning comps, or being outrageously funny, or having the most crass personality, or staying true to yourself, or having the biggest ego, or hiding behind the biggest target…………

    If you don’t incorporate ( & are sensitive to ) other hg’s emotions (the bitter vote)….THAT is the “social” part of the game… You Will Lose.

    It wasn’t nobility that convinced Paul to bring Nicole to the end. He thought all the women would be bitter against her & vote for him. He was the one counting on the bitter vote! Turns out, he was right. They were bitter alright….just more so against him than Nicole.

    She didn’t win the $500K…….Paul gave it to her. I’m glad he didn’t win. He didn’t play the best overall game.

  98. I don’t get how people say finally a girl wins again – didn’t a girl win last year or have we all forgotten about Liz? If they were so dead set on a girl winning this season I would of liked to see what win that didn’t lay around having sex on national tv all summer. Best female on the show to win Bridgette – I would of even taken Michelle over Nicole.

    1. Lots of people are saying taking Nic to F2 was a bad idea. Perhaps. But with this jury, I feel like James could’ve easily won the $500K as well.

  99. I think they should have aired Paul’s win for the final 4 to the jury. I think that may have changed the result in the end. Also Paul’s VETO win that got Corey out. Just saying, those were huge wins and a picture is worth a thousand words.

  100. Also, I am so happy for Vic. That made my night after the disappointment of watching hand job win the big prize. I saw an earlier post on here that said Vic and Paul should do the Amazing Race – Yes, I agree one hundo percent!

  101. I am no Nic fan… But seriously, she did deserve it more than Paul. The only real person Paul manipulated/persuaded was Vic, and he was a meat shield. Without Vic, Paul wouldn’t have even made it to Jury. Just because Paul was your favorite, doesn’t mean he “deserved” it more.
    However Nic persuaded/manipulated Corey, James, Paulie, Da, Nat, Meech, Frank, Vic, Paul… Well fucking everybody. She lied to absolutely everyone, and was working with everyone at some point. She was called out by almost every house guest, and still never sat on the block. I think James felt very used by her in the end… I don’t think he voted Paul because of Nat, I think he realized he was a workhorse for her through Nat & Meech, and she didn’t even give him credit. She said she worked Meech through Nat, no, it was James. Then she treated him horribly after she was done using him.
    I say these comments with my tongue in cheek, since I don’t believe for a second the reason why she never sat on the block is by her own merit. Production had a heavy hand this year.
    James is my favorite, but he didn’t deserve the win or 2nd place OR AFP… He played too aloof, like Johny Mac… I was rooting for him, and was disappointed me, week after week.. Still he is MY favorite houseguest this year, cause I still like his personality most.

  102. Hey Corey, so did you finally bone Nicole? How was it? I bet she was as ready to explode as you were. 3 months of buildup, 30 seconds of bliss.

    1. He’s been boning her all summer. Check it out on youtube. These videos are there to stay forever, even after the money’s gone.

  103. Yes, Paul played a good game by remaining true to himself and winning comps, but Paul’s loud, in-your-face, crass personality was not appreciated by the other houseguests. Perhaps including a sincere apology in his final speech would have secured him that final vote??

    Paul’s fatal mistake was not taking James to F2. Paul’s contempt for James and his gameplay puzzled me. So what if James campaigned to Nicole to save himself….it’s called BB strategy. Paul’s tendency to take things personally and to hold a grudge may have lost him the game.

  104. I was s disappointed Paul didn’t win. But I just watched Big Jeff’s backyard interview with Paul. He came off like a first class jerk. Total turn off. I don’t feel as bad now.

  105. Although I was a Nicole fan all summer and rooted for her, Paul deserved this more than she did. I would’ve even give it to Paul. The only way I would’ve been truly content with Nicole winning is if she won final HoH and took James. Next to Paul, anyone should’ve lost, even Victor.

  106. mama day classy right? yelling at paulie and flicking her hair like a immature baby. and then saying to z “is that who you lay wit , is that that what you lay wit.” what a hood rat. she’s definetly not classy. shes classi with an i and a little dick hanging off the c that fucks the L out the ass. classi. like in south park.

  107. If you’re ever on Big Brother and end up with a jury full of women… You better hope you never called one of them a “c..nt”. Talk to the hand!!

    1. She totally deserved comment if you ask me. She was clueless. She trusted people she disliked most? Nicole Paulie?? Why did she believe it in first place!

  108. I feel that the wrong person won. Paul should have won this whole thing hands down. I was shocked by Day’s vote. I couldn’t believe it. I am not shocked by James vote at all. The last week in the house Nicole ranted and raved at James about him evicting Corey. She realized she would have been gone if he had kept Corey right? She hardly spoke a civil word to James at all, and I think he realized she wasn’t the person he thought she was. Her behavior was very off-putting, and when Paul answered James question by saying that Nicole had run back to him and told him everything James and Nicole had talked about, he basically knew she had sealed James chances for the $50,000. I wouldn’t have voted for her neither. In my opinion, she was the dirtiest player in the house, and after spending 3/4 of her time in bed with Corey, didn’t deserve the sweat of Paul’s ass let alone $500,000.

  109. Paul should have won hand’s down!! Even after making the bad descesion of taking Nicole over James. Nobody else was even remotely close! But the game does involve jury votes too. Too bad the jury had people like Zakaya in it!!

    1. You know, all season long, I’ve been seeing these little attacks on Clinton. I’ve pretty much chalked them up to being the ignorant remarks of a troll. I will say this, I don’t have any sons that are of an age to go to the war Donald Trump seems to think we fight now, but if I did, I hope they would receive the same deferments the Donald got as the son of a wealthy man. Those jobs are gone- even the Donald and his family’s manufacturing of their various products- is in China. Luckily, I have an education and a career- not a job, so I don’t worry too much about that. My taxes probably won’t go up-but hey, if they do, I have an accountant , she’ll figure something out-always does. It is the poor who will suffer- especially the poor people who are aligning themselves with their Cheetos hued hero, thinking by branding themselves as Trump supporters, they are his compatriots! That they’re in it together! Laughable! Could you be any more pathetically unsophisticated?
      BTW I think some money passed hands with DaVonne and production, and Paul was probably brainwashed to pick Nicole. So, if you see Paul on the Amazing Race next season- you’ll know what was promised – if he did the “right thing”.

      1. You seem to ignore all of the lies by Hillary and the fact that she left our men to die without even trying to send any help in Benghazi. You were right about she will raise our taxes though.

      2. @ Patrizio

        I notice you didn’t have any problem with the troll calling her opponent racist on here all the season. Go huddle in your liberal. safe space.

        I love how you think Da’Vonne was paid off since things didn’t go the way you wanted them to. The actual people who played the game voted Nicole the winner.

  110. It wasn’t the smartest move to take Nicole to the end.
    But then again, if people voted against Paul for his personality and not his game play (Since he blew her out the water on that end), taking James would have been even worse since James had no enemies and didn’t offend anyone.

    I though Paul would still beat her, because I thought Paulie would for sure vote for his bro and that Day thought nicole was a snake.

    Paul pissed off too many people, objectively he played a better game and won more comps, and had a tougher time, so he must have lost from rubbing people the wrong way. That is hard to reverse without a genuine apology. I think they voted against Paul, rather than for Nicole.

  111. People, please boycott this show until they make a move to return to its more original intimation. I watched 1 episode this year, the first one, and by reading this blog still, I don’t regret missing one minute of this terribly castes, overtly and insultingly scripted show…that must be because they only choose idiotic millennials to be in the cast now.

    This show has become caricature of itself and I’m embarrassed for it. They need to honestly select a balanced representation of the population, take all the bullshit games and twists out, therefore eliminating any affect of whether you’re a super fan or have never watched it. Make this an actual barebones chess match of dr. will and wit. Screw comps, It’s simple, 15 diverse people go in, a hoh is chosen each week, two go up, one goes home, until we have one. I believe there’s a misconception that the game would be easier and less entertaining like that, when I’m certain that the exact opposite is the case, it would be a game that places the spotlight and pressure on the right areas, human personalities and stress response. The feeds would be incredible because of the more bare knuckle fight that’s going on, and true strategy, wit, intelligence and fortitude revealed in those who have it. The cream would not be able to help but to rise to the occasion and top. And those ugly smudge fingerprints of the producers would finally be washed away and a more pure game would result, not the WWE version of it.

    Why do those in control think that’s what we want, trashy, bullshit entertainment from bb to our presidential election; it’s all become an insulting farce and forced dumbing down of our younger generation who believes this all the norm and how it’s always been, only forcing it to get worse as time passes and they get older. Doesn’t anyone else feel like we should demand a more engaging, intelligent representation of life on our televisions; Jesus, we use to think decades ago that tv rotted the brain…today, it can’t because it immediately ensures we’re vapid and have nothing to rot.

    Do yourself a favor, get on YouTube and watch two things — season 2 of BB and any presidential debate from 1980 or before. I would bet all I’ve got you’ll be left feeling ashamed of what we’ve allowed this retarded monkey circle jerk become, and when you feel that embarrassment of our negligence, use it as motivation to say “no more” and demand we’re given intellectually challenging and inspiring programming and infinitely more substance from those who ask us to give them the keys to the car of control.

    Fuck today’s big brother and fuck the two asshats who’ll do their best to mimic that heap of shit on Monday night when they try to earn our votes with “your mama” jokes and fake wrestling speeches panning to an audiemve that tailgated in the parking lot outside before the retarded cage match.

    I may sound crazy linking the two things, but the truth is you’re part of the problem if you don’t see how clearly these two are connected and affect the quality of your life now and to come…it’s all become a wall of vapid and stupid noise that needs to be shut down and changed for our sake.

    Again fuck the crap they’ve handed us placing the bb name on and it’s epilogue on Monday night. Have respect for yourself and care for those who come after us and say “no more, we deserve better!” And if nothing changes, avert your eyes until the show is cancelled and those with power are rendered mute without the only true source of derived power; your acceptance and blessing.

    BB has lost a viewer in me until it changes, and I can at least rest assured my life’s a small bit better having made that choice. And on my ballot in November, as I live in Texas and we’re a write in eligible state, I’ll cast my vote for all politicians to blow me…or I’ll vote for dawg….I haven’t decided yet, but either way I’ll rest better knowing I’m not taking this shit anymore and I’ll fight for what we all deserve, acknowledgement in our collective intelligence and right to infinitely more than what these sphincters try to cram down our throats!

    Here’s to you all, if you’re a longtime fan and a good person who lives in the US, I write this in solidarity and confrontation for all of you along with myself. Nicole can choke on that cash for all I care, the lot of these casts now are all merely “polyezniy idiots” (look it up), and their winnings, nothing more than the peanuts given to the monkey in a fez playing a musical box for its owners profit.

    Goodnight and good luck.

    1. You had me until I started reading. Actually you didn’t because I allready read your name! Nicole deserved to win because it all really does come down to jury votes. Paul didnt get them! Only 2 or 3 members of jury based their votes on gameplay over a bias or grudge!!! That might have sucked for Paul but that’s part of the game too!!!

  112. I hope people like Zakaya will NEVER be casted again. Even when Paulie told her he wasn’t gonna use veto on her she didn’t even try to guilt trip him? Why was she there in first place? One of the worst cast members of ALL TIME!!!! I hope America in general can GIVE a “care package” to remove a worthless houseguest from the game and Jury in upcoming seasons!!!!

  113. Was NO surprise that N lost part 3….. How could she possibly know what others were saying when she was always hidden away in her (or his) bed!!!! And why all the hate for J voting for P…. His vote had NO affect on the final outcome… I feel that P deserved the win over N, but at least she did display some moments of strategy and was a better choice than most. But c’mon N….you know you are going to be in the spotlight and -win or lose- you will be photo’ d on that stage — could you not have found something better to wear than a romper which nobody else over the age of 4 would dare be seen in. FGS… Spend some of the $$$ on a wardrobe – the Daisy Duke look went out in the 80s.

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