Big Brother 18 Finale Night Results

HOH Part 1 Paul HOH Part 2 Nicole
HOH Part 3 Paul Final HOH Winner: Paul


CBS All Access Exclusive: Stream the Backyard Interviews LIVE with the Big Brother 18 Houseguests, TONIGHT after the Big Brother finale.

Here we go Folks it’s all over the season comes to a end. Tonight we’ll find out who wins the Final Head Of Household competition between Paul or Nicole. The winner will have to pick who will they take to final 2. Will James stumble his way to the ultimate BB upset? Maybe.. it was a Kraken season after all 😉

There’s also the question of America’s Favorite Player. Going by my Poll here at OBB it showed a very close race between Victor and James. Out of everything this is the contest I’m most looking forward to getting results for the most.

It was a fun season, I enjoyed it (for the most part) very much. We’ll be doing 1 more Kill Show on Saturday so make sure you catch us on there. After that it’s time for us to gear up for Big Brother Over the Top. YES! we’ll be covering it to some degree, I’m still on the fence not sure what to expect. Will be it Kraken? probably .. 🙂

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-21 18-51-52-770

Second HOH winner was Nicole.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-21 18-59-27-287

Dr.Will meets the Jury.. .and it’s awesome 🙂

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-21 19-04-58-951

OMFG we get to vote for Joeza on BBOTT!!!! VOTE JOEZA

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-21 19-15-53-180

Paul wins Part 3 of the Final HOH
Paul is the final HOH

Paul takes Nicole to Final 2

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-21 19-31-59-459

FInal 2

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-21 19-44-54-066

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-21 19-55-18-184

Winner of Big Brother 18 is Nicole

James votes for Paul
Corey votes for Nicole
Victor votes for Paul
Natalie votes for Nicole
Michelle votes for Paul
Paulie votes for Nicole
Bridgette votes for Paul
Zakiyah votes Nicole
Da’vonne votes for Nicole

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-21 19-59-07-042

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-21 19-58-55-661

America’s favorite Player is Victor

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Paul FTW

Really hoping Paul wins $500K. He definitely deserves it! Vic for AFP

Benghazi: Hillary's Only Accomplishment

Vic for AFP


I thought possibly Corey had grown up since his trouble in College but the way he f with Michelle in the house the little psychological games(the milk ect) , the way he said he would maybe accidentally fall on a button to kill someone for money, He tries to act innocent but even tonight he just makes me sick!!! He and Nic the innocent two barf!!!! I hope Paul wins first and James 2!!!! Paul owns his game Nicorey are self righteous hypocrites. GO Paul go Vic and James 2nd!!!!


So Michelle is getting a lot of heat on here for saying Nic did not play as well as Paul. I agree had she said Nic was better than Paul you guys would have said it was personal for what he said to her. Most of us on here agree Paul played better than DARLING Nicole so why is Michelle being called petty and jealous. I actually was proud of her for saying Paul played better even though she did not like how he treated her. I really thought she would trash Paul and Paul thinks the same thing. Da is just voting for a girl and they ask Michelle what Nicole did that was strategic and like most of us she had no answer how does that make her jealous? I think she played true to a super fans heart I really like her so much better GO Paul sad face because NIc gets money

Very Dirty Harry Reid

LMAO! Nicole for the win!

Hillary Wipes the Server

For me the biggest surprise of the night was that Natalie was in the final three for AFP. The good thing about that was it caused the James votes to split and let Victor win the $25,000 which he really needed.

Congratulations Nicole and Paul.


Jun Sung winner of bb4 tweets last night:

“If you all think the BB social experiment is happening in the house then you’re wrong. The fans are the lab mice. #WakeUp”

“If production has their storyline all mapped out there’s nothing anyone can do about it. The wrong people lose, the wrong people win.”

A former winner is TELLING you it’s fixed.


Saw that tweet, I actually felt the same way after I started looking at all the stuff out there. I think they happily destroyed Michelle because people loved seeing her ,Paul and Victor and of course she made fun of Frankies arrogance so that really sealed her fate (She really was funny Mongul hehe). Played of Paul’s ego about his work. Played on Victors niceness to make him look like he was move in on Nicole, F over James let him think everyone loved his sh!t with Nat (remember how shocked Austin looked last year when he found out no one liked him or Liz together and she was not a favorite). I don’t like to be big brothered!!


When Nicole won, did anyone notice that she kind of ignored Corey? Maybe because she ran up to her brother and parents. I like them both. But did anyone see that?

Good for Paul ...

Nicole is very close to her mom. Her brother was on stage and right there giving her the first hug from what I saw. Just a close family embracing after months apart I think. Corey is not interested in Nic that way and said so all summer, however, he may stick around for a short while now LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

I think all the showmances will last for the bits of money still to be made, than split quickly.
Paul will surpass the 500 g on his demand on ‘never cared, sitting ducks, friendship’ etc tees….go pablo

Pinocchio Obama

Thanks so much to Simon and Dawg for a great season. We all really appreciate your efforts. Isn’t it funny that the most kick ass US Big Brother site on the web is run by two guys from Canada?
I’m worried that both James and Natalie being final three in the AFP vote means we are going to see them again.
Vic winning the 25K was awesome. I know he needs it so well done Victor.
I really enjoyed seeing some new comps in the final HOH. Please keep changing things up Big Brother.
James went out with real class after being evicted.
I don’t think Meech is going to enjoy watching the season. She almost seemed to be breaking down at the end. I hope she feels better soon.
Congrats to the Nicole fans here who put up with a lot of hate to see their girl win in the end. I was surprised that she won but I do think the three best players made it to the end of the game. When James voted for Paul I thought Nicole was toast.
I had to feel bad for Paul. You could see how shocked he was that he lost.

It looks like the rumored James/Nicole alliance can be put to bed.

Pinocchio Obama

It is never too late to hit the tip jar.


Thank you Simon and Dawg for the chance to voice our opinions on BB. You do a great job.

Big Guth Trump

What troubles had Corey had in college? It looks like he was cut from playing baseball after frosh year. But that may have been due to injury. Has he ever said anything on the live feeds? He went to a Christian high school, so he must be a good person right? ;-0. What did this good Christian boy do?

Big Brother Sucks Now

What has this show become? Every single person had a chance to return, and someone got evicted three times and won AFP. What a joke…


Not a James fan at all but I don’t believe Nicole did that in 7 mins and he was almost 3 times slower …. Oh production you break my heart

Nicole the Baby Faced Assassin

Mike Drop


Who’s Mike? and why are you dropping him?


She did say on the feeds that it was easiest competition this season so I don’t believe it’s rigging


YUP! And can you “truthers” please stop saying that EVERYTHING in this show is rigged? I came here weekly and read so many comments about how Frank would have the return ticket, and how I dunno what else was rigged, and blah blah blah. Most of the talk on here about something being rigged was just yapping. Drop the conspiracy theories, please…


Actually Frank is still in the house. The NSA is keeping us from knowing it.

sunny dee

i think that it was one of the easiest comps i’ve seen that did that kind of puzzle of who did what based on the question. before i’ve seen spoke wheelse, match up the HGs, and get many many more combos right, not just 3 sets of combos. the questions were so simple that i could answer them without all the studying that nicole was doing.

and if you lived it 24/7, who wouldn’t know who had never been a have not, save lots of time on that one alone.

i am disappointed in day’s vote, altho not surprised. i 100% think she voted for nicole only to vote for a vet. had james been there, her vote would have gone to him. i was suprised at nat’s vote, but not surprised her vote was different from james. people always try to say she does what he does, but it has never really been true. obviously tho, paulie told zak to vote for nicole. she might have anyway because they were friendly but who knows.

i am super glad the votes came down for Vic. i knew he would appreciate it the most. hope they get stipend plus the prizes,


Have you watched James? He, himself, has said he’s only good at endurance comps. He’s slow in running back and forth in that F2 comp with Nicole. And I think he was so thought both Nicole and/or Paul would take him to F2 that he slacked off. I believe Nicole did it in 7 minutes, she is athletic and wanted it. I like James but I was so disappointed in his vote for Paul. He was aligned with Nicole forever.


That was so sketchy. James had one more wrong than her. I can’t possibly fathom what took him 12 extra minutes. And I have never been a big fan of James but that exit was classy and he did not vote bitter. he was such a good sport about it.

The Beef

You sure James didn’t vote bitter? I would have bet his vote was locked for Nicole once he was kicked out by PAUL, and especially since James Nicole and Paulie will now all be managed by Paulie’s father (along with Derrick and Cody). I think James turned bitter when he heard Paul’s answer to his question and learned that Nicole had been ratting out his conversations with her to Paul throughout the last week, which made him change his vote to Paul. She basically killed any chance he had at Paul taking him by doing that due to Paul’s sensitivity to being “back stabbed”. Could be wrong, I don’t know for sure, but I really expected him to vote for Nic, just like his ride or die Natalie did.

at least give jamesy a whiff nat

agree 1,000,000,00 % pauls comment turned james bitter


I agree that Paul’s comments turned James bitter. But James should realize that Paul is a liar and manipulator thru out the game. Paul hated James and said so many vile things about him to Nicole. I thought Nicole would take James in F2 and went along with some of Paul’s views frankly because she had to..she wanted F2. James should have voted for Nicole. James rested too much on trying to play “Derrick’s Game” as he said, but he’s no Derrick. I like James but what was he thinking!


Like they NEED a manager/agent. That is hilarious. They can answer their own emails about showing up at Farm and Fleet for a Meet and Greet. GAH.


I like James but his vote was a bitter one. Paul fixed it when he said to James in the eviction speech that Nicole told him everything James had said and that’s why, because of Nicole’s words, he voted James out. He said the same and worse things about James to Nicole. It was Paul’s way of guaranteeing James’ vote for him. What a manipulator. Congrats Nicole.


Oh no! He “manipulated” someone on big brother? Foh


Obviously the playback of 2nd HOH tonight was edited for tv. On the feeds what I understood is that James had to run back & forth on the first question quite a bit – answered it incorrectly plus he had trouble with getting the camera perfectly sync’d. Running back & forth on that course was very time consuming and James mentioned his legs were cramping. Nicole only had to adjust her picture taking strategy after one try so not nearly as many redo’s as James. I don’t see how blaming production on this.


They don’t show those compa on the feeds. So I’m not sure what you mean by on the feeds? They only let you watch a select few competitions on the feeds. The rest are all blocked out including the first 2 parts of the final hoh.

It’s a timed competition, of course it can be manipulated. But whatever, I don’t think that was the rigged part as much as a couple of the jury votes.


And just like that…the season tanked.
Paul should’ve won.

Lying Arrogant Hillary Lock Her Up

Congrats to the winner……………..Production.


Paul dug himself an impossible hole when he chose to evict James. Rookie mistake. Not that Nicole was worthy in any way, but it is hard to convince the jury you knew what you were doing when you don’t take the weakest player with you. Nicole wouldn’t have made that mistake.

The Beef

Paul most likely would have lost if he would have taken James as well due to bitter jury votes and previous alliances. Nicole votes for James because Paul just evicted her (back stab), Corey votes for James because Nicole does, Paulie votes for James because Paul back stabbed him and a pre-game alliance due to post game management ties (his father), Z votes for James because Paulie does, Natalie votes for James due to ride or die Showmance, and Big Meech votes for James due to alliance and she likes him better than Paul. That’s six and only leaves Victor clearly for Paul, Bridgette probably for Paul, and Davonne who I think could go either way. The point being if Paul took James, he would STILL have lost, only by a wider margin.


Bridgette said in the backyard that a mock jury vote gave Paul a win over James 8-1.


Give credit where credit is due. I’m sick of hearing Nicole wasn’t worthy to win. If Victor didn’t come back and carry Paul, he would have been out long ago. His mocking, backstabbing, obnoxious, pushy personality was overbearing and crude. Nicole was smart and strategic with a target on her back since day 1, aligned herself with people who she trusted, fended off Victor’s over the top advances, bantered with silver tongued Paul, who she was afraid, studied, won comps when she needed, except F2, and conquered the cattiness of Michelle and Bridgette. She needs the money, not Paul. He constantly bragged about his cars, world travel, dog runs and waterfalls in his back yard, living next to superstars. Give Nicole some respect.


The person who should’ve won was the one that received the most votes. It was Nicole. She deserved to win. Paul play a better game? Yes. It’s more of an opinion. My opinion is Dan would have been my choice, not Ian, but Ian deserved to win because he got the most votes.
I really can’t stand Paul and Nicole. Not very many on this season I could stomach. Lost love for James, Nat got on my nerves. Maybe Corey??? He was less less annoying of all the players, IMO

The coreys

If big brother isn’t fixed then I can’t even begin to explain that bull shit voting.

Clearly there’s a fix in. No one in their right mind would say Nicole earned that over Paul

I’m done dude

Nicole wins!!!

Ya it must be fixed since not everybody sees things the way you see it right?!

Nicole the New Janelle

Done like Corey’s career?

Roll Tide

There is no way Snake Nicole is the new Janelle. She only won part two of the final HOH. The first HOH was given to her. The second HOH was given to her by James, because she could not go another day with out hearing from her best friend, her Mom.
Janelle did not spend 90 something days laying in bed with Corey, playing games under the cover. Nicole spent a whole lot of time in bed. Janelle played the game every day. Janelle is one of the Big Brother greats!
I think production wanted Darling to win. That is what the Dairy Room called her. The DR told Natalie and James to work with Snake and Corey. But they forgot to relay that message to Snake and her boy toy.


Sure. And maybe it’s production’s fault that Paul took Nicole over James. Arguably one of the dumbest final HOH decisions of all time, right behind Cody’s. He lost the game right there, and had no clue how boneheaded a move that was. On that alone, he deserved to lose. Not taking a lame player like James….pathetic play. And you could tell that he was regretting it at the end….like damn, I guess I should have taken James.

Franks fumes

I thought it was gonna be so cool Paul telling Nicole that hes taking James……….and to see her face but Paul made a super dumb move and doesn’t deserve the money now as tough as it is to swallow……I mean he just gift wrapped the whole game for Snakole. 🙁


So there was a post back when Meech was on the block or maybe when she and Nat were cohoh that said Paul and Nicole would be finale 2 and Nic win and Meech would get a bad edit and picked on because she some what made fun of Frankie. They only posted it once (not like that other guy who was wrong)I wonder if it was someone who lives or knows some production people. It is also why on the live feeds Paul and James started talking about Frankie and Nicole shut it down. What is CBS obsession with Frankie What was that thing with Jozea and Jason too bizarre Who ever wrote that original post on how exactly the game came down please respond. How did you know? Also Paulie ‘s voted for Nic because he was bitter about Paul booo

The Roach Coach

I also remember the post you’re talking about, they predicted the eviction of every house guest in exact order when there was still 7 HG’s… even said predicted N/P/J final 3 and N/P final 2, and Nicole for the win…. and finished by saying remember I this post this is exactly the order, don’t forget I told you

Franks fumes

Now that you mention that post I remember it too….it had everybody in perfect order of eviction but I think everybody blaming Paul for taking Snakole……well thats productions doing……and for those who think this ain’t fixed well you are mistaken……No way Paul really thinks Snakole would be easier to beat than do nothing James…..definitely tllted for the ” Darling” one to win.


Remember all the girls would have voted for James. They, except for Davonne, said that in the jury deliberation. Paulie blames Paul, rightfully so, for his backstabbing him, Corey loves James…two more votes for James. I think Paul would have had Victor’s vote, maybe Davonne. Nicole would have been upset and she does love James outside this game, she would have voted for him. 7 to 2 for James if he was in F2.


Also remember that post but dismissed it . Why would they care about a super fan saying anything about Frankie that we all thought that would be Petty. Now though Whoa.. That post also said that they were turning Michelle against Paul and telling her to say sh!t about his work. That was the only time I saw Paul really take the game personally and production new he would and it would be the only way for him to not take Michelle and Victor to the end because that’s what he was thinking.. I don’t think they realized Paul would get so mad as to use the C word but it also made it easier for Nicole to win as the only girl against a man hating guy(ugh). I think Paul and Michelle got screwed the most. Michelle will look crazy and upset all the time but when you have people in Dr making her paranoid and telling her sh1t why would she not be. Paul will be that guy who did not win against Nicole and called a girl the C word. I think this is stupid of CBS because I think Meech ,Paul and Victor have real appeal and they could make good money off of them.

In That Order

My eviction prediction post was based on a number of conversations on the feeds and…a few “behind the scenes”…i do not work directly for the show, but was given some insight…

I didnt mean to be obnoxious by posting it more than once..but it was indeed the correct order, and winner…

Happy some Remembered the post when it happened
– In That Order


Paulie’s vote for Nicole was because he was in alliance with her from the beginning. Paulie was also responsible for reminding the jury when he went up to vote what Nicole forgot to say….that she was only on the block once…very important plus for Nicole. Paulie let in Paul when Victor was first evicted and carried Paul for quite a few weeks. Can’t believe how terrible Michelle acted when Nicole won…everyone clapping except her and she had such a scowling look on her face. Glad you won Nicole!!!


Frankie is Ariana Grande’s brother, and Ariana is signed with CBS or one of their music companies under CBS’ umbrella. That’s why.

Anonymous 2

To BB1fan-just a reminder of something I mentioned. I despised Frankie on the show-he was arrogant and disgusting. No one called him on his behavior. I couldn’t wait for him to be voted off. Then he was recently on the UK Celebrity BB and was actually likable. No one allowed him to be the center of attention because the show had some bigger celebrity personalities PLUS and I think the most important-he was made to respect personal space. The men didn’t allow him to crawl all over them. I have no problem with gay/lesbian couples showing PDA but that wasn’t what he was doing. He was just thinking it was his right to climb all over people (usually men). So for the most part Frankie was okay. Surprised me most of all. So if he should return, that’s the key I think. He might actually be an ok guy.

Can you link

Link to the old comment if you can find it !! I wanna read it !! I
Issued that one !


Really wanted Paul to win, but oh well. Disapointing season, disappointing ending. On the plus side, James got absolutely nothing, and looked so pissed that he never got AFP, so that kinda made my day!


It’s all over and at least Paul and Vic did get something out of their efforts as the sitting ducks. Congrats Nicole, even tho I wanted Paul to win.
Kudos to James voting for Paul. Was nice seeing James embrace is darling little girl and beautiful mommy.
Its all good!

well look at the bright side...

maybe we wont see her again LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL


Oh, but we will because now, gag gag gag, she’s considered an “all-star” 🙁

Production is sooo desperate for a female winner

.. They’d do anything n everything at ALL costs.

Lika said before, they kept propelling Nicole to the finals, with big help especially from Corey *in the house* and Da *big mouth who has always wanted a female winner* outside the house.

I saw the feeds and production’s doings.. They kept telling her what to do, gave her winnings for comps, care packages, etc.

It makes me really sick how heavily blatantly rigged BBUS is now.

This is DEFINITELY NOT a reality show IMHO.

Again, many2 thanks, Simon and Dawg <3 <3 <3


Did production also tell Paul to keep Nicole, thus losing him half a million?


How do you know they didn’t get paul to chose Nicole? They got Natalie to keep Nicole and Corey when she wanted to put them on the block. That’s a fact. She said it more than once on the feeds. I don’t think she’d randomly make that up.

Days vote was bs. She carried on and on about paul. Paul’s speech was better, his answers were better, and he played a 1000% better game than Nicole and yet day voted Nicole? Weird.

Also I think we all know why paulie voted Nicole since his dad “manages” her. And of course Z just followed paulies lead like the good little love stricken dingus she is.

And Natalie has said since day one she’s voting a girl no matter what, so that ones not surprising.


Here’s a thought. It’s not that deep. It’s only a show, not some power positioning for world domination. There’s just not that much motivation for production to be that heavy handed. Really, it’s just not that important to most people. They have an entire network to run. They are not THAT invested in micromanaging to such a degree. They get their jobs done, CBS gets their ratings, and they move on. And what you are saying is totally illogical. The final HOH is not going to throw his game away by just following along with a production script. They do influence to make things interesting, esp when it comes to house flips. But really, there isn’t some backroom smoke filled room secret society, where all the HGs are in on it and fearing for their lives. Goodness, the paranoia in this world is astounding. Anti-psychotics for everyone, please.


So are the past big brother winners that are telling you it’s rigged, it’s fake, also “paranoid” too?


What other BB winners have said BB is rigged besides June? Anyone know?


Wow, Winterfell, I didn’t realize you have more insight than an actual contestant on Big Brother (actually several contestants on Big Brother tell you it’s rigged/fake). Where did you get all this inside information and know more about production than people that have actually been on the show and won $500,000 from CBS?


Yes they DID!!!

Paul prolly listened to production’s advice in the many diary room sessions, to take Nicole to the finals.

Paul wins challenges, and he constantly heeds the advice of production, as per LIVE feeds!


Did anyone catch the manipulation Paul used on James when he voted James out tonight? He said, Nicole told me you weren’t loyal and she told me everything you said…that obviously left James with a bad taste in his mouth for Nicole. So he voted for Paul which I thought was awful. Nicole kept him safe throughout the game.

Good for Paul ...

I am glad Paul let James know the reason he didn’t take him to f2 & exposing that Nic does run her mouth contrary to what James may of believed about her keeping it to herself. Good to know for future games for James or whoever. Nic may not be as smooth as Paul with words, however she does wiggle out of a lot of stuff she does when caught in a predicament. I luv’d James immediately trying to let Paul know he had his vote on the way out.
Da saying she hopes the final person for jury isn’t Paul, then votes NIC?? wth was that? Did you get a lil raise on your paycheck for that vote Da? sketch
After it was all over go watch Z talking to Frank in the back with seriousness on her face. I believe she asked and he told her, that indeed she was being played by Paulie the entire time, including manipulating her to vote for Nic after the praise she had given Pauls game play.
LUV”D seeing Paulie going up to Nic’s parents and hugging them….one big happy family….SKETCH


Day sold out point blank and the period. Another Jun Sung tweet (bb4 winner) that explains why they voted that way:
“If I sell myself out more than the next BB alum, then maybe I’ll get more attention from CBS”- most BB alum”

This is exactly what happened. The past alumni that aren’t trying to ride the coat tails of CBS onto other shows tell you the truth.


That’s not why Paul didn’t take James to F2. it’s just what Paul wanted James to think so he’d get his vote and be mad at Nicole. He knew he never would have won against James, and he thought he’d beat Nicole.


I think Da said that comment of I hope it’s not Paul as last evicted because then there would be two vets, Nic and James in F2 and she would have had a hard time choosing who to vote for.


Did anyone watch “The Talk” today with Nicole on? While the audience was cheering and she was talking, lower third tweets appeared on the screen, saying I wanted Paul to win…Paul was better, etc. from social media. There were one or two congrats Nicole. That was so disrespectful..Whether you like Nicole or not, she is the winner. Give her the spotlight and respect while on your CBS show! Congrats to Nicole. Enjoy!


Let’s go PAUL!!!!
Vic for America’s Favorite!!!!

The Roach Coach

Paul got screwed!
First girl ever to win big brother seated next to a man in final 2…
…first girl ever to win big brother by doing nothing all summer besides being seated next to man…in bed



Did you watch the show or BBAD? Nicole played a great strategic game, sitting back when necessary and ramping it up when needed, aligning herself with the right players, staying off the block except for one time. Hard to do when you’re a vet coming into the house with a target on your back.


It’s actually pretty easy when production protects you.

Just here for the entertainment

I guess you can sleep your way to the top.

Congratulations Nicole


Thanks guys!! Really appreciate the update since I have to wait for it to air.
As I said in the last post…. Thank you both for the good times! BB18 has been fun especially on this site! The comments were more fun than watching the show.
Paul FTW!!

It's me

Thank you Dawg and Simon for all the updates. In support of your site I’m purchasing stuff from Amazon using your link. Thanks again!


That’s kinda funny cuz I found myself buying stuff from Amazon as well. I really appreciate all the spoilers, I’ve made a couple of donations but with all the supporters I’m sure I’m one of MANY. Truly appreciated. I must admit I do think there should be several different categories for voting/contributing because there’s many that would make someone rich like, donate to any or all of these topics, rip out meechs vocal cords, poor corey the scarecrow don’t think he’ll ever find his brain, James don’t stand a chance with the attention starved high pitched fake ass bitch that needs her face kicked in, Glenn really? Who is he? Frank and his grocery store feet make me sick but so does his face and lack of IQ, tiffany keep crying, Jozea oh f@$king please, Bridgette will have 1 lifetime friend no one else but that dumbass plant that she should shove up her ass, Paul should’ve won, James didn’t even play he was blinded by p@$sy that he’ll NEVER even get a whiff, they should’ve let momma Da beat paulies cry baby bitter ass, Z blinded by her pimp cuz that’s all she was to paulie. Victor great player and not a sore loser like paulie. Paul come on FRIENDSHIP! I’m So happy Bronte didn’t make jury cuz then I’d have to hear her mouse mouth, I like snacole but Damn she’s dingy with horrifying taste in males, I can’t even say men , I mean look how excited he got when he got uptight T. Swifts cd REALLY DUDE? I could keep going cuz its so Damn easy. Simon&Dawg deserved 1st and 2nd. Thankssssssss guys!


That link doesn’t work for my MAC…….any other link??


If James and Nicole are the final 2 I may lose my lunch.


1st place: Paul – 500k
2nd Place: James – 50k
3rd place: – Nicole a pile of sh*t
AFP: Victor -25k

If this doesn’t happen … we riot


At least Paul & Nicole agree on 1 thing: compared to them, James has done nothing


Going to miss all of you. Enjoyed all your comments good, bad and the funny. Read you next season. God Bless.


Have a great year, Mimi!!


Thankyou Robin. Hope you do too!????

Yet Another Hillary Lie

The part two HOH comp was really cool. I love seeing some new comps this time.


How about NO political comments/names for OBB-it would be so refreshing! So sick of the stupid Hillary rhetoric. Vote for who you want-it’s your right-but stop imposing your views on others.


It is called freedom of speech, people should be able to freely speak their mind just as you have freedom to not read the post.
We all don’t need “safe places” if you do maybe come back after you have grown up.


I usually don’t even notice the screen names unless they use them to start their posts and that’s just because the post sounds odd until you read the name.


Thanks Simon and Dawg for all the hard work. Had fun reading the updates. I also read them to my Mom she loves them too. She also thanks you. Great work.


You’re welcome Mimi! Glad you and your mom loved our updates. 🙂 Make sure you come back to check out our fall edition updates too!


I really enjoyed this season, and hanging with the OBB crew again this summer.
I will be watching Over the Top and super stoked Simon and Dawg will be watching also.
Vic for AFP!!

Count Chocula

Who cares about Will. Lets see the jury instead.


Yay! No more Count Chocula and his lame comments! You are truly annoying!

Shakin Up the House

Agree. He is totally lame and is a total a-hole. He has had one Botox injection too many. It’s creepy.

Count Chocula Owns You

Glad to annoy you. Nicole Rules!

Shakin Up the House

Oops! Thought we were talking about Dr. Will. Hee hee


Michelle, bitter party of one!

Count Chocula

Big Meech sucks!


Yep! She sure does. Meech was such a baby at the jury deliberation and so, so bitter to a point of obsession against Nicole. Even when Nicole won, she couldn’t even be courteous and clap or smile. She’s not a representative of a super fan. She’s shown she’s just a sore loser.


I think part of that is she was prevented from putting Nicole up during her own HoH. Now as a super fan she’s seen behind the curtain and realizes just how much production controls everything.


Her face was bitter in pretty much every camera shot tonight. Especially when Nicole was crowned winner and she was the bitter ‘super fan’ who voted on pure jealousy rather than gameplay.


So please list how Nicole played a better game?

Because she was only on the block once? Not by her own doing. Production kept her off the block. That is a fact.

Anything else? There aren’t any other points for Nicole. Darling laid in bed all summer making soft porn for
Live feeders. She did nothing.

Comp wins? Two of those were bogus. One was a team comp. the other Corey saved her butt otherwise she would’ve been out by staying. The other two, one was a comp she played in her last season = unimpressive. The other one she “won” and was a blacked out timed comp so who really knows.

The bottom line is production wanted their “first ever female to beat male” ending and a female winner since there hasn’t been one since Rachael.


Nicole entered the house with a target on her back. Michelle and Paul made up the snake crap when Michelle got nominated and she wanted to take Nicole down and tell some lies b4 she left the house with Pablo in hand (that was pure spite.) Nicole was strategic in her alignments with the right people, got out of trouble every step of the way, planted who she wished to go to the Hoh, damn, she got Natalie to put up her alliance member Vic and better yet, she got Michelle, who hated her, at the same HOH to nominated Paul. Right there she saved her game. Brilliant move. She won HOH and veto and fended off Victor’s advances, which were a bit much, and Paul’s mind games. That’s what she did and she deserved to win. Paul would have been a poor representative for CBS and BB. In his own words he’s crazy and obnoxious and foul mouthed. Add a bit cruel to that.


Why would you parrot Nicole’s speech? It was cringy. Basically it’s just like Derrick said, showmances were put on the back burner because of all the big targets in the house. It really wasn’t anything Nicole/Corey did, or James/Nat. It was simply there were always bigger fish to fry.

Another other season with only one or two big targets and it would’ve been the usual, showmances targeted.

Hillary Lies Matter

Welcome to Over the Top Jason.


OMG Please no Josea. I’m not a fan of the other one but PLEASE NO JOSEA!


OMGoodness. Simon and Dawg…. I am so sorry. Either Jason or Josea is going back in the house. I feel.for y’all if you are watching for this site. That’s the start of a short nightmare whichever way it goes.


I know it’s hard to believe but I think Jason is worse than Jozea


Watching the jury segment and Michelle is a straight up petty bitch.


Big Meech is such a baby. Think she is jealous of Nicole cuddling with Corey.


No Jozea plz!


Yes! The conspiracy theorists were wrong. Paul is in the final 2!


Knew your boy would win part 3!!!!!!!!!!! HELL YEAH PAUL!!!!!!!!! #Friendship #BBFinale

Jimmy 64

Way to blow $450,000 Paul f you took James you would have won
Your ego got the best of you because you didn’t want to give James


I afraid that Nicole is going to win no matter what. The jury sounds really in favour of her. Yuck.


The edit seemed very pro-Paul to me, even though they did say some nice things about Nicole. Virtually every comment about Paul was positive except the one about his brash personality.

By the end I was very surprised by DaVonne’s vote because she was waving her arms in excitement while Paul spoke, more than once.


What’s bbott?

Lying Hillary Accepting Bribes 24/7

Big Brother Over The Top


Watching hocker Canada vs Europe any one know who won part 3

Lying Hillary Accepting Bribes 24/7


Benghazi: Hillary's Only Accomplishment

Paul won part three and took Nicole.


Dr. Will’s hair… crisco much?




I knew it Paul put FRIENDSHIP before the game.


I think Paul thought that James would get more votes than him because how how James was socially


Paul took Nicole!!!!! YOU DUMMY!!!!!!


Jury will respect him more for it.

1/2 million moolah mistake

How Paul became so dumb.. I’m lost for words!

I give up!

Many thanks for all the postings. Much appreciated ??????


Yeah, I listed to Paul’s practice speech last night over and over. Yet his answers tonight were lame and too off the cuff. Guess the pressure got to him or, since he’s rich, there wasn’t as great an urgency to win as for Nicole, who just graduated nursing school.


I hate the fact the either James or Nicole had a shot at going to final 2.


Every year there are questions that make the final 2 say to each other “WTF”


from the jury’s debate, I think paul made a wise decision to take Nicole. James doesn’t have any enemies in the jury and it now seems like janes wikl vote for paul since paul exposed that nicole ratted him out. yay for Paul!! good always prevails guys


Paul used that to manipulate James to vote for him. He was just an guilty. James loyalty should have been to Nicole.


Their answers were horrible, worst season ever!

Nicole the New Janelle

Best ending ever. Someone needs to give Paul a towel so he can clean up after Nicole sprayed all over him.

Misty Beethoven

Nicole is NOT, nor will she EVER be as good as Janelle. Don’t be ridiculous.

You are correct

Nicole is waay better SHE WON
Janelle can’t say that…


Exactly. Janelle never won. Nicole did.


A production generated win hardly constitutes as a real win.

Nicole Schools HorsssseShoesssss

Nicole’s bank account seems to disagree.

Only can wish

This is going to be very close. I’m trying to look at the jury to see if I can read them and I’m stumped. I can’t even figure out Da’Vonne or Bridgette.


I knew from when BB visited the jury house that Davonne would vote for Nicole since she said, That damn Nicole is gonna make me vote for her, Momma Da’s reaction when she found out Nicole won HOH and veto awhile back. And in tonight’s deliberation, Davonne defended Nicole when Bridgette said Nic was aligned with the guys. I also figured Bridgette would vote against Nic. Natalie surprised me in jury when she agreed with Da about Nic, that’s when I knew Nic had her vote. Still, I think James threw that vote to Paul out of bitterness and Paul played him.


I think Paul may have dug his own grave with that answer about how rude he was. He basically said “I’m an ass get over it”. Not so sure some of those females will get over it. I didn’t like Paul’s personality so I will laugh if Nichole wins.


His answer confirmed what he’s shown all along….that he totally lacks self-awareness. He regards himself as the loud and crazy guy who really loves everyone, but he doesn’t understand that he crosses the line into a level of crassness that is socially reprehensible. So he thinks he’s owning up to his ways, but really he missed the point of Nat’s question. It’s not just playful over the top behavior….it’s disgustingly oppressive and hurtful.


Paul is also a major conversation hog and in my opinion that shows a huge lack of awareness. It’s easy for anyone to talk too much when they’re excited but they usually realize they are dominating the conversation.

There were nights where he would talk to say Corey and Nicole in the kitchen and he would talk for 5 minutes, they’d say ‘yep’ and then he’d go on for another 5, non-stop.


Well put, Winterfell. Paul has no filter, no boundaries and when confronted says, well that’s me. That’s the actions and words of someone who has been pampered all their life, coddled and praised, spoiled. Natalie’s question demanded an apology and Paul, as usual, was obnoixous, that’s who I am! Really? If Natalie had a question as to who to give her vote to, Paul lost that vote right there.

Tyson's Mom

Paul lost the second he didn’t apologize for being rude to the females, especially calling Michelle the “c” word. How would he feel if someone called his mother that on national television? He wouldn’t like that, that wouldn’t be friendship. In the end his ego lost him the #1 position. Last month I was cheering him on, but then he became insufferable, I just hate that coin slot nostrils won. Thank goodness Victor was afp!

Roll Tide

Simon and Dawg, Thank you so much for all the work you do for us fans! Thank you to your families for letting us borrow you for Big Brother.
Thank you to all the posters for your insights on Big Brother.
I am very grateful for Online Big Brother! Thank you for what you do!

Lying Arrogant Hillary Epic Meltdown

Simon and Dawg are great. Bama by 40 over Kent State this week.

Crimson Tide

Nice call since the final was 49-0 Bama.


Everyone notice Nicole’s shocked and panicked face when Paul mentioned a deal between James and Nicole?

I can’t stand Nicole trying to rewrite her laying around with Corey all summer as working hard. Production did more work protecting Nicole than she did herself.

Botox Pelosi

Congrats Nicole. Nothing wrong with 50K.


I mean, I doubt she could really be pissed about getting 50k, but I’m sure she’s much happier taking home 500k.

Ya girl knows

Paul bby for the win!!!!!!


For the love of all things good, right and justice ………. please let it that Paul wins BB

The snake is delusional from beginning to the end with her speech and game play.


It’s really sad that the person who deserves it the most doesn’t always win this game, especially when they lose in final 2. Nicole was in AWE when she heard Paul’s speech. I think even she would’ve voted for Paul lmao. She was asking herself “how did I win, how did I win?” Says everything we need to know about the jury. TERRIBLE. #Pissed


SIMON & DAWG …. Thanks for the forum and an opportunity to share a few opinions on the show.

Congrats to Nicole on winning this season.


Son of a f*ckin’ bitch.




Why did she win…


Because that jury was the worst. Natalie’s vote didn’t surprise me but Days did. I don’t completely hate Nicole (though she drives me insane and especially after this last week never want to hear her voice again) but all feeling aside, I don’t care how you dice it, Paul outplayed her.


Nicole wins!

Suck it losers


You have as much class as Nicole no wonder you like her



Pablo Has More Game Than Paul

More like pissed on.

$500,000 mistake

Paul did a Cody.

Meech: Rhymes With Witch

I think Paul is still in shock. so much for Natalie wanting a girl to win. She was fake all the way to the end.

Congrats Nicole.


Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut she voted for Nicole…?


Exactly! James is too lazy and dumb to even have a final speech prepared. Paul got suckered into Nicole’s chats the last couple days that James was one of the ‘bros’ and Corey and the boys would vote James over Paul etc. James was a useless lump on a log this season.

I could have beat James in the final two, and Im not even on the show.

Congrats Nicole. You laid on the right side of that bed all season and whined to Corey. Nice person but snore.




You just made a fool of yourself in front of Nicole. Now bow down to your new queen!


I can’t bow to anyone that looks like they borrowed an outfit from the Ariana Grande closet of clothes for pedophile enthusiasts.


LMAO at Paul. Should have never put FRIENDSHIP before the game. You suck! Nicole, the worst winner ever!

Andy the Red Rat

So I am off the hook?




Bad call Paul. Picking Nicole over James. Worse game move.