Celebrity Big Brother 2 Finale Results

Tamar votes to evict Dina
LOCO votes to evict Kandi
Ricky breaks the tie votes out Kandi
Kandi was evicted by a vote of 2-1

Head of Household Winner is Ricky

Ricky Evicts Dina and LOLO

LOLO is pissed at Ricky.. “It’s frustrating” LOCO goes on a rant about Ricky..
LOLO comments to Julie how little money Ricky will get coming in Second place. something like 50 grand. (essentially taking her eviction well)

They vote..

Tom gives a shoutout to the BB community.

Julie counts the votes.. The winner receives 250K the runner up wins 50K
Jon votes for Tamar
Ryan votes for Tamar
Joey votes for Tamar
Kato votes for Tamar
Nat votes for Tamar

Tamar wins Celebrity Big Brother

Everyone voted for Tamar

Tom wins America’s Favorite Player

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If they do another series I hope you guys will do a better job of summarizing for us watchers. In particular where are the summary pages and status pages at any particular moment. Very disappointing.

Tom Is a A Canuck

It is free. Why complain?


I’m sure if you’d like to donate enough money so that Simon and Dawg could quit their regular jobs they’d be happy to devote more time to Big Brother.

Dancing on Tamar's Grave

Thanks for all your updates this season Simon. I did enjoy the season except for Ta Ta winning. I would rather they give the cash to Frankie Grande for glitter or to Paul to treat his beard lice than this miserable Tamar getting the money. At least Tom won AFP.


will you guys be covering bbcan this year?

You can't sit with us

Congrats Tamar! Lolo still looked like she wanted to argue with someone at the end of the show.

Guano Loco

Craymar’s acting skills…… no Emmys for you, girl! The “ just be kind” was laugh out loud funny ! The mean girl faces when Tom wins AFP were just as expected….. didn’t think Lolo could stoop any lower but her waaa-waaa I don’t like Ricky anymore because he didn’t pick me was pathetic!!!! Yup, the guys will be waiting in a line to hook up with you, Lolo. ( eyeroll) Such a sad , sad person, just wow…..thanks Simon & Dawg….. onward to Season 21 where they aren’t pampered and demanding as Tamar and Company

You can't sit with us

Lolo did not take getting evicted well. She would have been happy with 2nd place but made it seem like it was nothing. She deserves nothing. Just a game.


She’s probably thinking ‘Olympics all over again’. Oh well, she shouldn’t have backstabbed her Tom/Kato alliance. Karma sucks, don’t it. And then Ricky also got Karma back lol.

another name

or her jonathan ryan alliance. or her four girl alliance (both times she had a four girl alliance). The only person she didn’t have an alliance with this season is the person she saved at the first vote tonight.


Well… I’m not surprised by Cray-mar taking the quarter mil home. So much for Ricky’s stealth game! What a dufus… he was doing okay with his little spills here and there, gossiping bits and coming out on the other way unscarred but then he gets to final and does not send the 2 biggest players still in the house out. Perhaps he just wanted to give Cray some money from the beginning. Tom Green winning AFP was great because he now can rub it on Cray-I-lack-in-sportsmanship-Mar and I-won’thug-you-Natalie’s faces that America loves him.

I enjoyed the season. It was good to pass the time. I must criticize Julie for wasting so much time on Pinocchio Lochte at the during the catch up interview. Dude had a chance to own up to his mistakes but on Monday’s episode we got to see that he just tried changing the narrative of all the wrong things he did and portray himself as a victim. No patience for people who keep on lying even after they got caught.

See you guys during the summer. Simon/Dawg I keep on clicking on ads. I hope that’s helping!

Demetria Trent

Roxt, I totally agree about the long winded time Lochte was able to carry on and on about his injustice not to mention he and Joey going on and on till the break of dawn about their LOVE for eachother!


Before we get carried away by commenting on how many votes Tamar got, or that she deserved it, or she’s ranked at the top of all BB, let’s not forget this was Celebrity Big Brother. It’s a side version of the ‘real’ Big Brother. A different set of rules, a different length of time, I mean the list goes on. The people who outlast 3 months in the house and win the $500, 000 definitely deserve to be placed waaaaay above any winner of CBB. And the jury isn’t sequestered, so we don’t know what kind of stuff was discussed behind the scenes that would have put Tamar ahead of Ricky. I don’t even count that Over-the-top online version of BB (which I never watched, even though I’ve watched BB since season 1) as canon.
Having said that, I’m disappointed that Tamar won. She was definitely the least deserving, after Dina. She was a poor sport, constantly caused drama, and was generally not a nice person. She won a few comps, but she also bailed on one HOH comp (the slaughterhouse). She was on her best behavior tonight because she needed get the sympathy votes, and sadly, I think they just went for the sob story. I can’t believe NOBODY wanted Ricky to win, so I’m wondering if stuff also happened behind the scenes to ensure she got ALL the votes.
One silver lining to this bungled finale is that Tom got AFP.
Anyway, it’s been fun reading all the comments here. I can’t wait for the summer edition.


I don’t watch the live feeds, so maybe I missed something, but how did Ricky who won more not get a single vote? Did he like insult everyone constantly? Can someone explain this?


Despite any pledges of allegiance Ricky may have made, no one (except naïve “Team Player” Lolo) was ever really certain they could take him at his word. He was careful not to be too overly chummy with any one person. If you had a deal with him, he was friendly, but only in private, i.e., in the absence of lots of witnesses. With Tamar and the others, there were clear lines drawn regarding loyalties. Most of them didn’t seem to have a clue as to how to play Big Brother. The fact that even Kandi ( the supposed brains of the outfit) took it as a “threat” when Tom was simply discussing routine Big Brother strategies with her, demonstrates the limits of game-play in the house. And Tom(AFP) himself was so afraid of fan backlash that, in his belief that America was somehow in love with Ricky, decided to SAVE Ricky, to the detriment of his own game. He never caught on that fans respect a fearless player more than a houseguest unduly concerned with internet trolls. He earned the AFP title, but he could have gone further.


Tamar was DRAMA for sure, but season would have been boring as heck without her!


tamar did not deserve to win but of the two left did not have much of a choice


What a sore loser Lolo is. But then I’m not surprised. She was sour, emotional and could never understand IT’S A GAME!!


So for the record, what do you guys think: Was this a bitter jury that gave it to Tamar?
Ricky really dominated the game in HOH wins, etc…and strategized a whole lot more than Tamar. But he wasn’t good on a social level. And of course, the backstabbing of Lolo cost him that vote.


Some, like lolo, were bitter . But the most of them i think realy did connect and respect tamar more.
Ricky was spending his time mostly with lolo and Natalie , who was tamar friend as well.
Also, tamar needs the money and i belive it adds to the decition.


I was really happy for Tamar when she won and I was rooting for her over Ricky, but I literally cried when Julie revealed that it was unanimous. The fact that Dan was the only player who could achieve the “perfect game” was this beautiful aspect of BB that differentiates it from shows like survivor where there have been many unanimous votes. I feel like this title of winning unanimously should only have been given to someone really spectacular, or maybe it should have gone down in the history books with Dan. The fact that Tamar got it while Will, Andy, Derrick, and other greats couldn’t get while Tamar did makes me a little sad.

Congrats Tom and Tamar!


Yeah, but at the end of the day Celeb BB is condensed version of the game and not the same


This is a different show. This celebrity edition can not compare to Big Brother at all. Don’t even put them in the same category.


Well, this is just Celebrity Big Brother, it’s not the real thing. So, I personally don’t think it really counts.


I think the votes were against Ricky more than for Tamar


Thanks very much Simon and Dawg for your excellent take during this Season.
Thanks all for the very enjoyable posts and inspired thoughts.
So, Ricky ‘s horoscope is. N0 V0TES.
And I very much doubt he will get any business from his Being a “Healer”.
He was demeaning and insults no to the players and slept most of the time.
I think he wanted people to think he was just deep in “thought”.
I know this. For Tamar to win. There was. LOT we didn’t get to see or hear about Ricky in the house.
Over and out.


You’re welcome! We’re glad you enjoyed the updates 🙂

You can't sit with us

Yeah Tom for AFP. Well deserved!!!


Thank you Simon/Dawg you guys do a great job I’ve been reading you for years and for the first time my hubby watched BB and I tuned humid in to you guys for the best spoilers – narrative. See you this summer!!!


That’s great!!! And you’re welcome!!

Mom of 3 Boys

Tamar – “INTEGRITY” & “BE KIND”???????????? Girl BYE!
Ricky – trust me, you showed America EXACTLY who you are
Tom – your win was the ONLY one that MATTERED to me. Knowing AMERICA LOVES YOU is the BEST prize!!!

P.S. Hands down, best line of the night was Tom casting his vote and saying, “This is a tough choice…for A LOT of reasons”!!!!!! And Loco stayed TRUE to her BITTER, MEAN SPIRITED self with her final words. Good luck ever finding a warm body that wants to be with you girl.

Dancing on Tamar's Grave

@mom of 3 Boys

I just wanted to say that you were my favorite poster this season.

Mom of 3 Boys

P. S. Tamar, your acting STINKS.

Mom of 3 Boys

Thank you for the GIF of the Mean Girls reaction to Tom winning AFP!!!

Mom of 3 Boys

Well, maybe Tamar can afford some better wigs now.

hernanday oleary

Lolo was so bitter, I never knew why people always bashed her and said she had a bad personality, I thought they were just mean or jealous. But Jesus christ, for a person who got so many people out, she was SUPER salty, 50k is not that much after taxes and agent fees, pushing Ricky away after the winner was announced and refusing to talk to him.


I don’t understand all the hate for Ricky? He played a good game. Was very respectful, brutally honest at times & gave advice only when asked. He was laid back but very aware of others motives around him & how to play the game. He was not a floater like ummm Dina. Ricky was constantly trying to avoid all the girls drama but b/c he slept in the same room they kept pulling him into it! He was a lil different than others & just misunderstood, Imo! & I wasn’t even rooting for him! Lol! Now Lo Lo didn’t deserve to be f2 anymore than anyone else. Everyone has a story & reason why they’re there & their need to win. The ugly bitterness was not a good look at the end. Very disappointed about that & I think she will be too. I really liked Lo Lo, Natalie Eva Marie, Ta Ta & Kandi. You can miss me with Dina however! Did she even realize she was on BB? I don’t do the dingy female act.? I just don’t get Tom’s constant dislike of Ricky just b/c he wouldn’t be one of Tom’s puppets & could think for himself! I think Ricky really got to Tom when he trapped him in the bathroom with all the real questions he was asking Tom & Tom didn’t like the rawness of them & he didn’t have time to think them through before answering on camera for the world to hear. He was really trying to be someone he wasn’t & that set the tone for their relationship or lack there of. I thought Tom was mean spirited & not funny at all (& I have the live feeds so I saw more than what CBS showed). But that’s just me. ????? Kato is funny & a sweetheart but he needs to run far far away from Tom! Can you imagine having to listen to Tom outside of the house & all his deep thoughts & scenarios thinking throw just the simplest things! If I go right……but if I go left…..think I’ll go left! No right! No left! No straight!?????? I really enjoyed this season of CBB & was sad when Jonathan, Joey & Ryan got voted off. But if everyone stays, no one wins! (WHOA!)???? Hate that it’s over but I always feel that way with each season! Blahahaha!?? Congrats Tamar Braxton!???
Be bless everyone! #BBFANFOREVER

Mom of 3 Boys

I don’t know what you were watching Weezy, but the WHOLE ROOM Ricky slept in was the cast of Mean Girls, including him! How you talk TO, ABOUT and TREAT or IGNORE people says A LOT about you. Karma’s a b*tch


Tom was making decisions for a quarter million dollars. I doubt he strategizes that much over “the simplest things”. And what you may call “respectful” & “brutally honest” others may call passive aggressive. Being honest doesn’t necessarily mean one is not rude.


When it comes to your assessment of Tom and of Ricky, I don’t think we were watching the same feeds. Maybe you watched the ‘alternate feed’ version ?


If Ricky would have kept LOCO, he probably would have won… I’d rather anyone other than Taymar won. Can’t stand her and her pantomime ways. She’s just so cartoon-ish. So glad my man Tom got AFP . Glad I voted!


If Tom could not win (My favorite player) I was very glad to see Tamar win. Only because of her personal journey. Most see loud, obnoxious…and that is a part of her. But sometimes the loudest in the room, is going through the most. And anyone who randomly shaves their hair off……truly is in the thick of something HEAVY 🙁 . She needed this. Over any game play. So that would be the reason I am satisfied with the turnout. Overall, I truly enjoyed the season. It has been a long time that I have seen so many players (excluding Dina) in one season. All had a chance at some point in the game. All who were not only thinkers but social experts on how to stay relevant in their groups/alliances. Yeah, it was a short time frame, but MAN was it entertaining. Until next time.


Congratulations to Tamar!! Feel kinda bad that Ricky didnt get not one single vote. Congratulations to Tom Green on being selected as America’s Favorite Player. Hopefully Dina will see her “Catfish” lol.
Last but not least, So disappointed in the Salty Attitude of Lolo. Even if she was bitter, (which she really was), she should have sucked it up in front of the cameras and been more Professional about it

Mom of 3 Boys

So disappointed in the softball questions Julie Moonves (eyeroll) was asking the celebrities. I was really hoping her to ask everyone what they thought of Tamar, the Tap Dancing Christian’s, antics when Tom left, but I forgot only a TRUE journalist would go there. Gotta pamper the egos of these sensitive “celebrities”.

Mom of 3 Boys

To all the Tamar fans, I ask you this, who showed the true meaning of the word Christian…
Tamar who treated Tom like garbage and displayed poor sportsmanship with her little tap dance act when Tom left
Tom, who even after the way he was treated by Tamar and was able to see and hear how she was in the house, STILL voted for her???

Given the F2 choices, I think I would have just pleaded the fifth…

Not a Tamar Fan Butt

Tamar explained in the DR that she was so happy that she was still in the game that she was shouting for joy. She was not celebrating Tom’s demise. Tamar is EXTRA but I think she played just as good a game as everyone else except for Dina. She was true to her alliance after Jonathan and Ryan were voted out (I blame Ryan for that) and she and Kandi squashed their beef. She also promised Kandi she would not vote for her, which she honored, and made a final 2 with her, which I think she would have honored too.


did they do backyard interviews with the celebs like they do with regular BB?


Not many celebrities would come on a show like this if there was no money for them. It’s too risky. There will be some backlash for a few players ie Loco, purple chick, cramar and even Ricky and Dina I bet. I thought Mooch tho he left so soon showed so much class especially since he was seriously vilified in the press across so many lines. Anyway looking forward to BBCAN.

double D

If they don’t get paid they can’t buy health insurance


I think the jury had to vote for the lesser of two evils. Tamar was rude and disrespectful but Ricky just manipulated everyone to do the dirty work to get him to the finale. Glad to see Ricky LoLo and Natalie get the Karma they deserved. Just wished Tamar would have gotten some too. So happy Tom won AFP! Hopefully they will watch themselves and realize how they treat people and get some help to make them better people.

Tamar looks like Miss Piggy

On paper, Ricky should have won….. more comp wins, planting seeds, manipulative, etc., which makes me think he was an even bigger douche in the house than we thought OR this vote was totally manipulated by CBS/production…….nah, that would never happen 😉


That’s an insult to the real miss piggy. I think you mean she looks like a b*h.

Dancing on Tamar's Grave

I liked what Kato said too. The game gave him the chance for America to get to know the real him instead of the side show look of him that we all got at the OJ trial.

I’ve got to say that Natalie impressed me with her game play too. I did not know who she was before the show but she seemed to be one of the stronger players to me this season.

Except for the outcome this season was a lot of fun for me.