“Look at them as pieces on a chess board.. you want to keep your queens. Kaycees not necessarily a queen”

***updated ***

Big Brother Spoilers I don’t see Tyler using the veto on rocks he’s using it on Angela. Kaycee will probably be the the replacement nominations. At that point it’s a battle for which side can capture Sam’s and JC’s vote.

11:02am Sam comes out…
Sam asks her what she’s thinking about.. Rocks has been working over the votes trying to figure out if she’s staying and what she needs to do.
Sam – I think it’s a done deal babe (you are staying)
Rocks – because he would be stupid not to take that deal
Sam – Tyler has alliances and teams whatever they are all shaken down now week to week.. yeah I think you are fine
Rocks – My ultimate goal is you me and haleigh Final three..
Sam – that would be amazing
Rocks – I’m working that out logistically. If Angela goes the next move would be to knock Kaycee out
Sam – I don’t know if I can do that
Rocs – then it would be Brett and JC
Sam – I can’t do that either
Rocks – you have to ..you have to get rid of everybody that’s the whole thing..

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“I’m on my power trip I have begun this week is not over yet Kaycee take a seat”

Big Brother Spoilers

12:10am FEs, Haleigh and Rocks
Rocks and Haleigh are talking like Tyler would use the veto on ROCKS after Haleigh told the house that Tyler was her backdoor target.

Fes comments that he would like to get to know Angela outside the house “She’s hot”
Haleigh says fes is just trying to piss her off.
Rocks – she doesn’t have an a$$ and he likes a$$

Rocks – I think he’s going to do it
Fes – I should have a talk with him too about how we share the Kaitlyn connection
H – what’s that going to do
H – you do need to try and make a connection though
Fes – I have a good connection tih him.
H – then tell him to use the veto on ROCK
Fes – ok
Rock – reinforce that he has safety
Fes – he knows that
Rock and Haleigh – how does he know that..
Fes burps out something… “look bro I know with the whole Kaitlyn stuff me and yo haven’t been on the same page.. ”
They laugh at Fes for not making sense..
fes to Rocks “you’re on the block for the third time.. you could have won veto but you told Tyler and I’m trying to help you and you are making fun of me”
Rocks – you are supposed to be my champion warrior knight..

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Tyler “Its funny that Haleigh thinks I would do what she wants when she just tried to get me out..”

7:55pm HOH room. Scottie and Haleigh. Haleigh – he is going to take Angela down and the I will put Kaycee up. Scottie – I think it would be unlikely for him to not use it. Haleigh – he sat right here and said how we needed to build trust. And I said Tyler, I will not put you up and I will not backdoor you. Scottie – but he spent last week solidifying his trust with Angela. Granted I think that whole thing was planned. Haleigh – that was her wanting to go after Bayleigh. It had nothing to do with wanting Tyler off it had everything to do with her wanting Bayleigh up. Tyler thinks you’re his number one. Even if he keeps the noms the same I would be okay with that. Please try and talk to him.

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Hacker Changed a Nomination! “There are some pu$$y a$$ motherf***ers in here!”

HOH room. Tyler and Haleigh. Tyler – I swear its not me. Haleigh – its like why target her. She hasn’t won a comp. What because I’m HOH?! Tyler – I swear its not me. Haleigh – I believe you. I really don’t think it was you. There are a few people I think it could be. At this point we just need to win veto and put it back to the original noms. So that’s just what has to be done. The good thing is I name the replacement. The only thing is if Kaycee wins the veto then she can’t go back up. If you get picked I need you to play really really hard. Tyler – I will.

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“It is really just occurring to you that he [JC] might be the bad guy”

Big Brother Spoilers – Tyler or JC one of those will be Haleigh’s treat but of course the hacker and Veto can change all of this. Also keep in mind that Tyler has the Cloud app. If the Hacker compe and Veto don’t go Level 6’s way he pops the cloud app before the Veto ceremony and he’s save from the backdoor.

11:31am The HIVE
fes – I like JC I don’t think he would wrong me
H – can we just establish that this four is a good four
Scottie – YES
H – and we trust everyone in this four
Rocks – yes
Fes – ok
H – so going forward I don’t need anymore of this who said this who said that

Fes – what do we do about JC
ROCKS – keep him at an arms distance..
Ha – listening when he has something to come to me with..
Haleigh says they reevaluate what he says and figure out what is bullsh1t.

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Nomination results “If you don’t see your face there you know I’m working to backdoor you”

Big Brother Spoilers Haleigh nominated Angela and Kaycee

9:08pm HOH Haleigh and Rocks
Haleigh mentions how Tyler was telling her if he didn’t see his face on the nom board he will know that they are working on improving their relationship.
Haleigh – no Tyler.. if you don’t see your face there you know I’m working to backdoor you
Rocks – JC has loyalty to fes..
Haleigh says JC has been actively working with the other side.
Rocks says if JC goes up Fes would be livid..
Haleigh – it’s not like he’s a number for us..
Haleigh says JC is a scary person
ROcks – if you put Angela and Kaycee up if someone else win they’ll put us up together ..
H – I think people will do that anyways
Rocks – no t if we keep winning.. that’s the goal

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“Turn off the lights.. I’ll wait for you to go to bed then I’ll go downstairs.”


Big Brother Spoilers Angela and KAycee or Angela and JC are going up. Haleigh is going to try to backdoor Tyler. Hacker competition played today.

2:25am HOH Haleigh, Fes and Rocks.

Haleigh – I nominate you Angela and you Kaycee.. guys we are getting down to the last few weeks of this game and the further we go in this game the harder it’s going to get. I know we all have amazing relationships we’ve built theses friendships but this is the p[art of the game that sucks.. I had to nominate 2 people and I’ve made my decision based on how close I was on everyone in the house.

H- Angela, you and I are friends and I think we will be friends outside of this house.. it’s that what she said to Bayleigh.. inside of this game we haven’t had much game talk.. and with everything that happened last week it just makes me think that you will definitely come after me.
H – Kaycee, I think your a$$ is floating through the entire game

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“I feel like I am the only f**King real person in this f**king house & I am trapped in here with all you f**king psychos!”

11:34pm Havenot room. Sam and Haleigh. Sam – who is making fun of me? Haleigh – I don’t think anyone is making fun of you. I think people take advantage of the fact that you’re a genuine true person. And I think that some of the people that you have put your trust in don’t have your best interest at heart. Sam – who is it? Haleigh – no one has said anything. Sam – but people are making fun of me. Haleigh – why do you think that? Sam – I don’t know. I just think that things are happening and I need you to tell me. Tell me who is making fun of me?!

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Sam “I volunteer as tribute. Take me out. Get me the f**k out of here!”

9:05pm Havenot room. Haleigh and Angela. Haleigh – there is so much still to happen. Angela – if I do happen to get the hacker I will come to you and we will figure it out. Haleigh – good, thank you. I appreciate that. Angela – these next few day are going to be long. I am so excited for this hacker bullsh*t to be over. Well if you need moral support or advice I am here. You’re going to be woken up at 4am and asked to look decent. Angela – also don’t let anyone get you to do their dirty work. I had a few people try to do that with me. Haleigh – I am excited to talk to Tyler and see where his head is at. There’s a lot that has to happen tonight.

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Big Brother 20 Week 6 Summary and Live Eviction Results

Big Brother Spoilers – The week definitely had it’s ups and downs. We had the first house meeting with expected blow up! There was standard HIVE f* ups that we’ve all gotten use to by now. There was also some punishments given out along with the Hacker power. In what could be the funniest thing this season the HIVE still doesn’t know the vote flips and I never think they will.. lol..   “Rockstar thinks it was Scottie, Scottie thinks it was Haleigh, Haleigh thinks it was fes.. “

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