Day “Remember when Kevin got nominated week one and he said don’t shun me.. why haven’t I seen him?!”

Head of Household Winner – Christmas
Have nots – No havenots this week
Nominations – Bay & DaVonne
Power of Veto Players are
POV Host:
Power of Veto holder
Power of Veto Ceremony
Powers – Christmas, Dani have two of the powers. Christmas’ lets her block renoms. Dani’s let’s her pick an HOH and enables them to play in the next HOH.
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Storage room. Nicole and Dani.
Dani – he said everyone thinks they’re big powers.. they’re trash ones. So like maybe all of them are bad. He said one is like .. you can play in any veto competition. He said one is you can play two weeks in a row in the HOH. Nicole – how does he know that?! Dani – I don’t know but he knows they’re little crappy things. They’re not even big powers which makes me feel better if they’re crappy. Nicole – That’s what I thought about with yours .. say its a double if you just won HOH .. then you can play again. Dani – but if the double is next week.. I have to tell them by 10am. Nicole – like 10am on Thursday? Dani – yeah, 10am on Thursday. Nicole – that sucks. You wouldn’t know if it was a double. Dani – its so stupid. The whole thing is so stupid! Nicole – he lied to me and said he didn’t have it. Dani – he has it 100%! Nicole – Did he lie to you? Dani – yeah. Nicole – he said that he was just walking around on the sides pretending I was doing something. Dani – Interesting!? Nicole – interesting. Dani – yeah he has it for sure! Good better him than someone else! Nicole – yeah. And Kevin has the last one. Dani – yeah.

9:53pm Bathroom. Bay and Day.
Day – why is she crying!? What the f**k!? Bay – MMMhhmmm..and you know who is hugging her? (See photo above – Christmas and Cody) Day – I saw! Girl I saw! Good job! Thank you for being my pet. Bay – I took one for the team. Day – right!? That you’re not even really a part of. Bay – she (Christmas) literally said you’re the person that talks game with me the most. Day laughs. Day – remember when Kevin got nominated week one and he said don’t shun me.. why haven’t I seen him?! Bay smiles and says – that’s your friend. This is about him.. he isn’t worried about us.

10:30pm Havenot room. Kevin and Day.
Kevin – I am not going to be like kaysar and Janelle where they complained the whole time. I hated that sh*t. I was like point noted ..they have the power .. we’re going to get picked off. Noted thank you! Now moving forward what the f**k are we going to do? That is the part that I didn’t like.. like not trust each other. The other side is like on point! They’re running circles around us. Guess who was up there consoling Christmas.. Day – I saw. Kevin – Cody! Day – he consoled her when she got out of the dairy room too. Kevin – like that fool is on it. Like what game are we playing… we’re either bickering at each other or like complaining how we don’t have the numbers or like getting side tracked by .. I keep saying this sounds like a distraction.

11pm HOH room. Christmas and Bay.
Bay – I want to know what you want from me moving forward .. because one thing that I don’t enjoy and you have seen this last week is that when there are issues or things are going on with me .. I feel really uncomfortable with people in my space. I don’t want that to be something that happens for us. What would you like to do about that? Christmas – I think that I am going to have to take direction from you. I want to respect your space and your time. I don’t have the answer. It would be good to collaborate and tweak it as it goes. Bay – I don’t know .. I am just upset because I feel like I would come to you a lot and you would always calm me down. So I don’t know how I am supposed to act. Christmas – and that is 100% okay too. I don’t want you to believe or feel that our vulnerability with each other was un-authentic. My appreciation for you and what you’ve done ..and what you’ve done over the last couple years.. I relate to that. Bay – you’re the only person that I’ve let touch me this whole time. And Ian said that he was afraid to talk to me. Christmas – Ian is afraid of everyone. Bay – but he said it specifically about Day and me. I was told today that I was personally and game targeted by some other people. Its just a lot. Dani and I had issues this week. Dani told Tyler that she needed him to take me and Day out. And so I talked to Dani and she said the opposite that Tyler told her that me and Day were coming after her. I feel like I fell into a trap ..I expected it to be coming from them and didn’t even expect it to be coming from you. I feel stupid. Christmas – you’re not stupid. Bay – I am just hurt. I wanted to play this season differently. Christmas – you are. You’re honoring yourself and your marriage.

11:45pm HOH room. Nicole, Christmas and Ian
Nicole and Iam play a game of backgammon.

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Dixie Rekt

I’m just happy Dani is safe this week.


Hi, Evel Dick or Dom!


def dom evel dick has said dani is playing a terrible game

Nicole rulez

I’m happy Nicole is safe. As long as the new bb queen doesn’t go up the block, that’s all that really matters.


hi vic.


I know everyone is defending bayleigh right now, but her mouth is going to ensure that she gets evicted if she doesn’t get POV. She plays way too emotional, and takes things too personally. I kind of hope she does get evicted. Day is being way more level-headed.


I agree, between the two of them, but I would REALLY like to see a backdoor of Dani or Nicole… I know it won’t happen, but I can dream…..


I would like to see this as well! Honestly, with Christmas as HOH, I’m guessing that bigger moves aren’t going to be made. I’m hoping that someone with the balls to backdoor Dani will win next week. Unfortunately, I haven’t heard Nicole’s name being brought up for a backdoor.

The Beef

Guaranteed, if one of them wins POV and takes themselves off the block, it will most likely be Kevin taking their place, and if not him, David or Ian will be likely suspects. Dani or Nicole are not going up this week, unless one of those powers somehow come into play, and it doesn’t sound like they will.


I love Bay and am pullin for her…but yes, that is an issue.


Haha, at least we can all agree Kevin sucks and is a big reason this season sucks! He should’ve got the boot week one, then week two spinning all that shit in nicoleA’s head, plus his sh*tty hot takes. Yeah Day, he doesn’t give a f about you, you and bay should’ve listened to Janelle and Kaysar


Oh that’s right, janelle and kaysar never trusted Kevin; they knew he was a mole. If I were Day and Bay, I would’ve never went back on the show. They should both self evict. They don’t have a shot in hell. Even if they win HOH, they’ll have some game changer. Oh wait, xmas and evil dani has it.

BB Psycho

I think Kevin’s eyes are starting to open now.

The Beef

Open to what? That there is an actual game going on in the house around him? That would be news to him! Oh, I forgot! He did actually win that one POV comp, so good for him! He proved he’s actually better than Orwell at playing the game!

Kid Rock

Cody is oil.


I’ve got $250 on him for the win.


Cody is not slick. Janelle and Kaysar knew Cody’s game when they walked in the door.

Dean Gulberry

I just sense a fight between Da and Ba happening this week. I feel like it’s only a matter of time anyway.


I sense a fight, but not between them…. they will agree to do like Janelle and Kaysar did… each make their own case without trash talking the other one. I can totally see them calling people out, though.


No way. Their really close outside of the house. Bayleigh said something like if she won the money, Da’vonne would be fine. So no, I don’t see it.

another name

Petty moment.
Tyler complaining for the umteenth time that something isn’t Vegan. (this time cookies).

Eat the frickin package then. I’m sure it’s vegan.
I’m not down on Vegans. I’m down on the complaint.


Did you ever notice, Tyler resembles a blonde Carrot Top.


I love how people are so upset with Janelle and Kaysar being evicted and now possibly Day or Bay but you either win or go home. The people running the house are the ones winning…so if you don’t like how the season is going…don’t watch! P.S. Kaysar is no all-star, dull as a rock and can’t win a ham sandwich and Janelle is no queen but is a 4 time loser…Zinbot for the win!




Must be.a Franzel Fanatic


Hard to win when there’s a pre-game alliance that has plotted and strategized your eviction 2 months before the game started.

Lenora Sampson

. she will always be the queen and Kaiser is the king compared to the losers left in the house


Umm, there are two former winners still in the house. Two former winners that “floated” to the second half of the game before they had to pick it up for the win. I say it’s working for them so far.


I stop watching when Janelle left.
Very boring and predictable season.


The boring and predictable was Jenelle and Kaysar not winning anything…keep them in the game for what…more losing?


Then tell me all wise one, who should I bet on?


I don’t like the way Bayleigh is talking to Kevin right now. I’m no fan of his but it’s very rude and condescending. It’s just like she did Kaysar last week. Each week she picks on someone to try and bully. She’s disgusting and needs to go.


Kevin is trash always, I didn’t like how she spoke to Kaysar, but with Kevin she can carry on.


I have to say, another big move by the hoh.


Yes it is, take the power away from someone that bases their vote for the winner based on gender or race over game play.

Billy Bob Thornton

Let’s get real….this show was made to entertain people. CBS doesn’t care that the majority of the contestants are blonde and blue eyed and gang up on minorities….it makes for good TV. If it didn’t, the show would’ve been canceled many, many years ago.

I just hope future minority contestants look at the stats of winners and figure out they have no chance in hell in winning and don’t bother applying to this racist show.

Black Girl Magic

That’s why I’ve never applied. Watched it since I was a kid- why would one put themselves through that type of psychological warfare. Newsflash: there is never going to be a black winner.


danielle should have won in season 3 she was black and female but jury was bitter as hell because at that time they let just see DR comments (now they don’t) and she said a lot of rude things, had she not she would have 100% won, but regardless of what she said she should have won she played amazing and ran the house, but people were too upset to get over it.


The first 3 evicted were white women…

Fraggle Rock bottom

Yep, for sure, must be, it happens every year right? Oh wait, what’s this? Bay and Day making it very clear on day 1 that David is safe under their wing because he has the same color skin. Yeah, so………Imagine for a moment if the “whites” in the house said they had unbreakable bonds because they have a similar skin color and generally the same ancestral background. Keeping it real here and based on actual comments and behavior in the house, the “minorities” as you refer to them have made some really racist comments, more so than anybody else. Why do minorities seemingly always bring in skin color into everything, specifically when it is simply not warranted. It’s tiring really…..

Bay and Day are just bad BB game players. Sure, they make for good TV and CBS feels better about themselves to virtue signal, but they put them into All-Stars knowing full well that Day/Bay don’t have a hope in hell in being the winner. I said this before, but you race hustlers need your own BB series so you can stop complaining about phantom racism. Put, the African Americans, Indian Americans (yeah from India), Chinese Americans, “Spanish” Americans (legal and “undocumented”) and why not throw in some Muslim contestants (since many of you think this religion is a race) however, the Muslim women would only get 1/2 vote (sorry people I don’t make the rules of Islam) and you will see some serious racism….Go for it CBS…..


Even if CBS did that people would still complain about racism that is in the house. It would morph into the different skin tones the players have rather than the black and white thing. I think some people just need to complain because they are lacking any real meaning in their life.

The Canadian girl

Reason why I said earlier this season that I enjoy watching BB Canada much more.

These kind of behaviors don’t fly easily here. White on Black, Black on White or whatever.

On day one, everyone has an equal chance to win the game, the alliances are mostly multicultural.

Less “predictable” and much more enjoyable to watch.

You should give it a try, I tell you.

BB All Scum

If minorities didn’t apply, neither Josh or KC would have won.
If there were a group of black friends with a prearranged alliance who won competitions, they would be running the show.
BB does a lousy job recruiting black and LGBTQ players.
Doesn’t matter if 5 females are maybe blond, odds are it will be a brown haired white guy winning this year.
I guess the woke liberals could renounce their white privilege and quit the show. At least that would put a quick end to this season.

The Beef

Funny you say they do a lousy job recruiting LGBTQ players, yet TWO have won the game in the 21 seasons of Big Brother! That’s 9.5% winning percentage for a group that only makes up roughly 4 – 4.5% of the total US population, according to what I can find online.

And let’s not forget Tamar Braxton won Celebrity Big Brother! May not be considered by some as the equal to winning the regular show, but a win is a win to me. She won and she is most definitely an African American woman.


Smh what sad situation..They both played themselves for actually thinking they were good. Day blowing that hoh sealed their fate.

Lucy in the Sky

kevin, go sit down and be quiet. if it wasn’t for you running that cry baby mouth, none of this would be happening


Just frustrated. Yes Bay is emotional but Shitmas (sorry stealing from you guys <3 all love) used the Bay/Day are linked is such BULL, Cody linked to 3 other's a dang bull horn confirmed it. And someone better tell Enzo cause Shitmas is ALL about (what is it) the committee which he isn't in so when his allies go and not Cody's or Tyler's that's going to be interesting. He's all about his boys but they don't seem to be all about him

And if Ratcole was truly about her game not being around a guy. She should have straight up told Shitmas she the girls talked it out. It was Tyler and guess I he’s in another alliance so it’s not hardcore the committee let’s tally do this and put up Cody and Tyler.