Tyler “I’m going to ask Christmas today to use the veto on one of you and put me up. I want to go home.”

Head of Household Winner – Christmas
Have nots – No havenots this week
Nominations – Bay & DaVonne
Power of Veto Players are – Christmas, Bayleigh, Da’Vonne, Nicole, Ian and Dani.
POV Host: – David
Power of Veto holder – Christmas
Power of Veto Ceremony
Powers – Christmas, Dani, David
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Rank the houseguests —-> Big Brother 22 Ranking

Veto Results:
– Christmas Won the Veto
– Dani won the Home Gym
– Day won the 5K
– Nicole got the Slop-tard punishment
– Bay has to do 500 laps riding a tricycle on a track
– Ian didn’t feel well so he didn’t play

6:03pm Havenot room. Day, Bay and Tyler.
Tyler – I wanted to talk to you guys to let you know what is going through my head. He studders and then rubs his eyes. I want to apologize and say thank you I guess. I have been struggling in this game and I feel like I was kind of starting to self sabotage just a little bit. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Tyler – I had a feeling like it was going to come back around and then when it didn’t I felt so guilty because I knew that meant like that you guys didn’t really trust me.. a little bit you know. I appreciated that. I told David earlier in the game .. I know you guys are here for a greater reason .. if that makes sense. Big Brother cuts the feeds. Tyler – it was a little bit selfish because I knew that Dani was coming for you guys and I thought that it was the other way around. I thought that she was pinning you guys against me but that wasn’t the case. I apologize for thinking that you guys weren’t fully trusting me. As far as wanting you guys to go far.. I am a competitor and I love this game .. but I want something bigger. I want to win but I want to do it the right way. When you guys were put up .. something clicked with me which is why I avoided you guys. When something is really difficult for me I try and avoid it until it goes away.

I feel like you (Day) .. especially seeing you lose yesterday.. I see how bad you want to be here and I feel guilty that I don’t want to be here that bad. I don’t want to take that away from either of you… so I was going to ask Christmas today to use the veto on one of you and put me up and I want to go home. Day – god! Tyler – because I owe you guys that and I think you guys can do better. I am sorry for anything I have said about you guys. I said that you (Bay) were a bad game player because of how you were reacting the other day even though it was justified and I just want to say that I am sorry for that. I am sorry if I positioned you in any bad way .. I was telling the truth about Dani. I thought it was my position to just sit in the middle but it does feel right.. I don’t want you guys to be targets or anything. I think you deserve better and I think that I might have messed up your game a little bit so I want you guys both to stay. I am going to ask the house to .. big brother cuts the feed. Tyler – I don’t have powers or anything like that .. I just think that you deserve better and you’re standing for something greater than me and I want to see that. I want to see that play out. This is what I told David.. I know you (Bay) and I had our beef and that’s what I wanted to work though. Is to make sure you see that it was genuine and that I want to see you do well. I don’t want to see you break down like you did before. You’re an amazing person and I don’t like to see you backed into a corner. And you (Day) are an amazing competitor and a mom and you never made it as far as you deserve… and you deserve a better chance. I am going to ask Christmas to use the veto to put me up and I’ll ask the house to vote me out. Bay – well lets ask for Day to come off and you and I sit together on the block. Tyler – why is that? Bay – she deserves to be here more than anybody. Tyler – you deserve to be here too. Bay – most of the mist of attacks were against our game to each other.

Bay – after you did get down on me .. I think that maybe my attitude does suck and that I do internalize .. and all these things.. this and that. My attitude was terrible. Tyler – and you were justified to be upset. Bay – during that time there were plenty of people that played into that and made me feel bad. Tyler – I know your true character and not just how you react when people are being rude to you. I am really proud of you for how you are acting. Bay – I feel guilty for dragging Day into this drama that had to do with us running around and being paranoid of each other. Tyler – all I want to give you guys a second wind. I don’t want to be here anymore. Day – that breaks my heart because I know you’re not a quitter. Tyler – no I am not. I can fix your game however you want. I will announce the to house that I was lying about Dani coming after you guys just to keep Dani at ease. I am telling the truth about Dani. So watch out for her. Bay – let me turn around an apologize to you. My mind is just messed up .. I don’t know if I am walking into traps. Tyler – I don’t even expect you to believe what I am saying is even true.

Big Brother switches the feed from the havenot room to Ian and Kevin by the hammock (WTF?!)

HOH room. Christmas and Dani.
Christmas – all three of them are in the havenot room. Dani – they better not be talking smack about me! Dani – I asked Cody and he told me basically everything that they said ..that Tyler was talking crap on me and trying to flip them against me.

Havenot room. Bay, Day and Tyler.
Bay – I think this is the craziest and bravest thing I have ever seen anyone do! Day – I am shocked! Tyler – I am not trying to be some freakin hero.. I see that you guys want to be here and I don’t! And I am guilty. Bay – for us nobody has ever done anything like that for us at all. As a people ..no one cares about us. So for you to say that .. its not a big.. no this is a big deal! Even now I am like WHAT! Day – in this game specifically were the ones that get tossed away. No one ever throws us a life vest and you’re throwing us a life vest. And that means a lot! A LOT! Tyler – its important to me that you can get a life vest in life and in big brother.. because it all represents then same thing. Big brother represents life you know?! Bay – the life guardian comes to life. Bay – this is a weight off my shoulders. Day – this was bother her. Tyler – it bothers me too. I am not going to say that I am completely guilty of maliciously trying to attack you but I am not going to say I am completely innocent. Big Brother cuts the feeds.

Havenot room. Day and Bay.
Day – if he (Tyler) gives her (Christmas) the okay and she still says no.. then we’re being targeted.. because that is a big a$$ target. That is huge! He could beat all of us in here with his eyes closed. So if she still says no!? Then we know how to handle her. I think she is going to struggle because of the conversation you and she had. Bay – to add an extra layer .. she is going to be extremely threatened by us because she knows that people like the cause and respect us as women. Day – she is going to feel like sh*t because she put us both up. Bay – MMmhhmmmm. Big Brother cuts the feeds. Day – if these people want to keep him over my .. then I am out of here. But you got me, Enzo.. I can get you Dani and Nicole. Bay – I feel like I have David. Day – and I can get you Kevin.

Day – this could set the motion for you, me, Kevin and David to be then final four. It sets the spiral. oh sh*t! Bay – I love this.. because I have been praying.. and god tells me to just sit still. And I am like sir.. the house is burning why do you want me to stay. Whether I stay or not .. that conversation was powerful! She is evil! I already made a tweet about both of them. Now I have to retract both of them. Day – she (Dani) wants you to go… this is going to f**k her up! This is going to mess her up! When you talked to her did she say anything like oh you don’t have my vote? Bay – no. Big brother switches the feed. Bay – Kevin is the most selfish person I have ever met in my life.

7:30pm Bedroom. Enzo, David and Bay are chatting about randomm things. Meanwhile in the HOH Ian and Christmas are chatting about what the powers could be. Ian thinks one is the ability to nominate a third nominee. Or you would save of the the two people and then that forces a third nominee.

7:50pm Enzo, David and Bay.
Enzo – its going to get f**king crazy in here Yo! I know the live feeders are like WHEN? WHEN? WHEN!? Yo, we putting on a good show already. Not maybe the drama sh*t yet .. but its coming. This is all stars season.. there are a lot of good players in here .. but sooner or later you’re going to have to make moves. Bay – 100% and it is coming. Shots have been fired against me so cool.. I already know what’s up! So when it comes .. its going to get crazy!

8pm HOH room. Tyler and Christmas.
Tyler – I want to come clean about some stuff. Christmas – I feel like I am in trouble. Tyler – no, I just appreciate how open you have been with everything. Coming into this game my thing was to never trust anyone 100% so I appreciate how you’ve trusted me 100% you know what I mean. It means a lot. I just feel like I have not been as forth coming with you as I should be. So I am sorry for that. Christmas – okay .. thank you. Is there something that I need to know. Tyler – no, I just feel like I am the reason why Bay and Day are on the block. Big Brother cuts the feeds.

All four feeds switch to Bay and Day praying in the lounge room.. (So now we don’t get to see Tyler’s conversation with Christmas and her talking him out of it. Great camera work BB!?) Bay – as we are praying god said you asked me if anyone has set traps for you that they would fall into them themselves. So for me to be sitting here and watching.. Day – it unfold!! Bay – not only one now .. but if this goes through it will be two that are falling into the traps that they set! Day – he is going to move it out of the way. Big Brother cuts the feeds.

8:42pm Bedroom. Nicole and Dani.
Nicole – she doesn’t know that you actually said those things. Dani – that I know that he said these things and I believe it. And I have been acting totally cool with him. Nicole – I don’t think..she won’t do that. Dani – they’ve (Tyler & Christmas) been up there for two hours Nicole. Nicole – what is going.. Dani – and Day and Bay haven’t said anything about .. she lied when she came in there and said that she just woke up from a nap. Dani – what the freakin hell?! How did this even happen?! Like I have said nothing bad about this kid! And now he is trying to get her to throw me up there. Nicole – there is no way that is what he is trying to do. Dani – for two hours.. and he and Christmas never talk.. I just hope that she keeps her mouth shut and doesn’t let him know that I am mad at him.. like he doesn’t know that first hand. I don’t know what Day and Bay told him either. Why am I caught in the middle of this?! Nicole – and also I am in the middle of it too. What do you think he is trying to get her to do? Save Bay? Dani – backdoor me. Nicole – she wouldn’t do that. Dani – so what if I said she should go.. why is Tyler bringing himself into this and trying to flip it on me. This is so dumb! Nicole – but we don’t know for sure that is what he is trying to do. Dani – yes he is. Cody told me that yesterday. He has to go! If its a double next week I want him out of here. I don’t know how we would do it though ..it would have to be in a way where The Comity still trusts us. Nicole – I just hope that she just gets you two to sort it out and not backdoor someone. I wouldn’t worry too much. Dani – and he had just talked to them. Nobody is saying anything.. I am not stupid. I am so over him. Nicole – he is going to end up making it worse for himself. Dani – and if he has a power .. who knows what could happen.

9:05pm Outside the HOH room. Bay and Day.
Bay – My last little scary thought .. is there a possibility that you think this could be a ploy for him to get on tv and then nothing happen and him stay? Day – no because we have the votes. Bay – no I mean him not even be backdoored. Like for him to look good .. he is sacrificing himself and then she doesn’t do it? Day – no because .. big brother cuts the feeds. Bay – I want to bust in there. Day – what do you think they’re doing? Bay – she is probably trying to talk him out of it.

9:20pm Bedroom. Nicole and Dani
Nicole tells Dani that she walked into the HOH room to aks them to play cornhole. Nicole says that Christmas was awkward and Tyler said he would play. Nicole – Christmas looked spooked. Dani – great! It’s obviously going down. He is definitely throwing me hard right now. Nicole – she is not going to do it. And she doesn’t have the votes. Dani – if she doesn’t tell us anything .. then we know something is up. Nicole – I would never ever ever forgive her in a million years.

9:33pm Tyler is finally out of the HOH room. He heads to the back bedroom to grab clothes. He says hey to Dani. She doesn’t say anything back.

Storage room. Day and Christmas.
Day – me, you, Dani and Nicole. I still want that. Christmas – its hard to get in the same damn room to talk about this. Day – its just they’re everywhere.. and Nicole has this big damn cereal box. Christmas – people are asking me and you know the rules .. I can’t.. what the f**k to do. I am making my points as delicately as possible. I wanted to pull you in because no matter who is up there I want you in this house. Day – okay. But if I am up there next to her .. I don’t have the votes. Christmas – not true. Day – I’ve been talking to people.. I don’t have them. Christmas – I told people I am not discussing anything until after the veto and you know there are a few people that owe me some favors. And I feel like I have shown that I am a competitor.. if you’re coming after me .. you better f**king have me pinned down and tied and tranquilized because I will be fury. Yeah lets get nasty! Day – I was talking to Nicole today about being the first four people to enter the house .. and the last four to leave. Christmas – yes! I did not have much to go on .. and I do feel like you were collateral. Day – the four of us need to meet to solidify it. Christmas – Honestly between the two of them.. if I do decide to use it and put him up there.. I don’t know who would stay. I just don’t know.

10pm – 10:30pm HOH room. Christmas, Day, Nicole, Dani.
Christmas – I don’t know how to officially start these .. this is an amazing crew!! Thoughts!? Day – the first four people to enter the house. Dani – I know isn’t that crazy!? Christmas – do we want to … Day can stay! I haven’t given direction to the house because I don’t want to until after the veto ceremony. The veto meeting. The noms will then be locked in and I think that .. big brother cuts the feeds. Christmas – if the two girls are up there. I just think that we should secure DaVonne staying. Dani – yeah. Nicole – I agree. Nicole – I feel like we should do a chest bump together. Christmas – you don’t have a chest to bump. Dani – we would knock you over. Christmas – the guys have done a great job at figuring out what they want to do and when they want to do it. We need to step up our game. Dani – being the last four girls is a dangerous game. Christmas – I am unable to play HOH next week and a double is next week or the week after.. Whoever gets HOH .. hopefully one of you three.. we start making a hierarchy of who we need to get out. Dani – we need a plan in case of a double. Nicole – I don’t care if I win (in a double) I would pull all you three in a room and ask you. Dani – I am down to have code names for everyone so we don’t have to go in a room. They talk about sleeping on what their alliance name would be. Nicole – I want it to be cute and spicy! Christmas – like the rabid honey bears. Day – whats another name for sneak attack. Christmas – blitz. Nicole – I want it to be something sour and sweet like sour patch kids. I don’t want to be the sour patch kids. Day – how do you sprinkle glitter on sniper? Nicole- flower power. Day – the venus fly traps. Christmas – Honey pots. They seduce the guys for information. Nicole – if i have to use the word seduction .. Vic will not be happy. Dani – neither will Dom. Christmas – and I won’t get my house. Nicole – what about the blitzing bombshells? Day – you might have hit some sh*t! Dani – the BB’s! They agree to think about it other ideas.

10:40pm -11pm Lounge room. Day and Christmas.
Day – we’re four .. not five? You want to include her? Christmas – I thought that you already included her? Day – I didn’t know. But if we include her that makes us even more powerful. Christmas – they don’t know the Tyler thing. Day – because we agreed not to bring it up in front of everybody. That’s why I wanted to talk to you and be like should we bring it up in front of all of them? Christmas – no. Day – no? Christmas – not yet. I don’t know what I want to do with it yet. Not what I want to do with it but how I want to.. Day – approach it? Christmas – yeah because Tyler didn’t want to tell the house. Bay said that no one in the house needs to know. Day – if you use it and put it on me to come down.. that is great.. They expect you to use it on me rather than anyone else because of our thing. He goes up then we can bring her in. Realistically its another woman in the house. Christmas – I don’t know if I will be able to influence the .. Day – there are votes to get him out .. as sure as my name is DaVonne ..we have the votes.

11:08pm Bathroom. Dani, Cody and Nicole
Dani – Tyler was talking with them (Day and Bay) for an hour and a half and then with her (Christmas) for 2 hours. Cody – about what? What was he saying? Dani – I don’t know yet. She hasn’t told me. I know its obvious that he is trying to get me backdoored. Cody – THIS WEEK!? NO F**KING WAY! Dani – I promise you I know what’s happening. I need her to freakin tell me. Nicole – I was trying to get your attention for the longest time. Cody – I know it was obvious what were you trying to get my attention for? Nicole nods at Dani. Dani – I went in and sat on the bed and she asked me to leave. I am worried that she is not going to trust me. Dani – every question (in the diary room) is about him (Tyler) .. like I am not stupid. Big Brother cuts the feeds.

11:30pm Backyard. Ian teaching Nicole all about physics and chemistry.

11:40pm – 11:57pm Backyard. Bay and Cody.
Bay talks to Cody about how she felt a little betrayed by Christmas for using Day being her untouchable against her. They talk about her tricycle punishment. Bay talks about the other reality tv show she was on. Big Brother cuts the feeds again..

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Tyler’s Guilty Conscience



Why Tyler? Can it please be someone else – he is the only one left to hopefully win imo.

Backseat Driver

I think you’re right Dawg…….


If he really wants them to stay the best play if to convince Christmas to backdoor Dani. Come clean to Christmas about the slick six which may let her know that Dani and Cody have been double dipping. This would gain trust between Day, Bay, Christmas and Tyler and they may be willing to work together to get Dani out especially if Christmas tells Day and Bay about the commission (upon hearing about the slick 6) in which case all 3 of them will know they have been played by Dani and Cody this whole time.


Im really hoping that him coming clean to christmas and she feeling like she can fully trust him will make her want to go full in with him and backdoor dani
Lines being drawn would really make this game more interesting, and honestly tyler leaving would only make it worse since hes one of the very few ppl who could stop cody/nicole/dani
Its a reallyyyyyy long shot tho
I can see christmas wanting him in this game and not being willing to take him out. However if he really calls a house meeting she will have a lot of pressure to put him up, especially having dani and nicole in her ear pushing her in that direction


I think Tyler is making a boss move so he can justify doing major changes in the game… with Day he gets 3 votes, add possible Enzo or Christmas…. Tyler could take out Cody and rule the house…. of course I could be dreaming of a boss move too much.


So Tyler said they should stay because of a bigger “cause”. What is their “cause” based on?


That is ploy so he can say he tried. His Season Swaggy C and Angela split the house on day one… Swaggy one the first comp for safety, he wanted to make a deal that kept him and her safe… Angela turned him down. Then Angela kept acting like Swaggy broke his word when She was the one who turned it down.

The house split into two sides with JC, Tyler, and Sam.

While the two sides went to war Tyler was added to Angelas side but the Swaggy C side still thought they had Tyler.

The house did what happens almost every year it divided by race. There wasn’t any racism… it just looks racist.

I think Tyler took a lot of hits accusing him of racism and other problematic things.

NOTE: What really sent Swaggy home wasn’t racism… it was jealousy. Kaitlyn was jealous that Fezzy spent more time with Swaggy C than her… Tyler only made the best of that situation. That Season had three situations of jealous females that had a thing for Fezzy. Kaitlyn back dooring Swaggy, Sam nominating Haleigh and Rachel… and finally Kaitlyn mad because Fezzy saved Haleigh with the veto and not her. It was a Season of Jealousy. Rockstar was jealous of almost everyone… but never had any power.




Tell that to the black lives.

Kid Rock

Cody, the Oil Man.

Kid is slick.


Meow Meow

The funniest thing I have heard in a long time is when they call these players All Stars.


meh. this cast could be so much worse that i don’t want to complain. we somehow dodged rachel reilly, frankie, and paul which i’m kinda chalking up as a win. going into this season the only two i was disappointed to see were xmas and da’vonne and da’vonne i only dislike because she’s an initial pre-jury boot who’s already had a second shot (and blown it), and while this also applies to kaysar i was unfamiliar with him.

The Beef

So this means you were happy to see David, Kevin, Bayleigh and Nicole A. in an All-Star season? All four of these are extremely weak players, even though two of them were carried to the final 3 in their seasons because of that fact. In my mind, Keesha is also a weak player. Dick pretty much carried Dani to final 2 in their first season, but she at least has a strategic mind, unlike so many of the others.

To me the only legitimate All-Stars in the house are Ian, Cody, Tyler, Janelle, Enzo and probably Kaysar. Christmas has proven that she belongs by at least winning three competitions this season, although the HOH she won was given to her. I don’t like Nicole F., but as a former winner, I guess you would have to include her on the list as well. That would be 8 out of 16 that qualify as All-Stars in my book. A pretty low percentage when it’s been 15 seasons since the last one took place.


WTF, really?


I honestly think it’s a ploy to get Dani on the block..I can’t see Tyler just throwing in the towel.

The Beef

If it is, it’s the best ploy since “Johnny Fair-Play” lied about his grandmothers death on Survivor many years ago!

I don’t think it is though. I truly think Tyler feels some guilt about all of this, although I think it is misguided guilt. I hope Christmas refuses to use the veto, or if she does choose to use it, she puts up Dani instead (which I don’t think she will do).

I think Tyler has a good heart and is trying to do the right thing here.


Mind blown!!! I kind of thought that Tyler would want to “self evict” or go home because someone mentioned how out of it he looked (believe it was Dani). Just surprised by how it’s unfolding.


Tyler has seemed off this year, especially the first week. Now I read it was Angela who said yes to CBS for Tyler, then she had to talk him into it.


It’s almost ironic that while Tyler is saying I’ll tell the house I was lying (which he wasn’t) to put Dani at ease, Dani is in the other room saying they better not be talking crap about me. What a difference in character between the two.


Tyler is more strategic than most even when he wants to leave


Why this self evict garbage?!


I watch a interview with Janelle today and she talked about how close Nicole F and Dani are outside the house. She said they were absolutely pregaming!!


Long time BB fan and OBB reader- With that being said I have to say this is the first time I hear tht 3 players want to self evict..2020 is one for the books.


Welcome to BB Canada….Thank god that “deadly” Sars 2 flu virus scared the hell out of all the millenials in the house and a few in production so what do they do? Take their soothers and blankies and head home.


I’d want to self evict too with this sh*tty cast


I agree, but then again they have to look in a mirror and realize they are at fault for the sh!tty game play

Guy From Canada

Bbcan this year. One self evicted, two got removed for racism and only one house guest was evicted before the show got postponed due to CoVID…..this isn’t far off


Two got removed for racism? Umm no thats not what happened at all! A black guy threatened to shoot a white guy outside the house and got kicked off the show. Then the Woke mob went to social media crying about it so BB kicked the white guy off the show who got threatened, who did nothing at all.



Guy From Canada

A black man said if you talked that way to the wrong person on the street muscles dont matter against a gun, and made a gun gesture with his hand. With his phonics, the white people did not understanding him, interpreted it as a threat against their life, black man removed even after he apologized for the miss interpretation. With public outcry from feed watchers and clips, the white person was only removed after they reviewed what a gas lighter he was doing. Black man owned his words, white guy still denied the miss treatment after the fact. White privileged complained about an outcome, black man submitted. This is 100% a racial issue showing the deeper under pinning of systemic racism in Canada.

Had this been two white people from the suburbs, similar context of conversation but different phonics, 100% nothing would have happened. But because two white privileged people felt threatened by words of a black man, he was removed unjustly.

just my 2 cents from watching, im sure many others may feel differently and I respect their opinions how how they interpret what happened. #teamjamar


Sounds like your comments are already biased and racially motivated just by your choice of words. Racism is racism no matter which avenue one chooses especially if any race is mentioned. If you don’t want it to be then keep race out of it. That is why we all have names. Simple.


A bunch of immature crybabies wanting to be noticed as standing on a moral high ground. Tyler and Bayleigh are ridiculous!! No respect. Tyler just needs to curl up in the fetal position..suck his thumb for a while… and then the baby might feel all better.. ugh just a Horrible season.

"It's Jake...........from State Farm"

Tyler falling upon his own sword of self guilt?If so,this show is becoming way too political and is missing the point of it being entertainment and becoming a podium for issues that are best left outside.

Houka Inumuta

I told you he will not last


I totally agree that this is not game playing so if this is the case then just hand it to one of the three black players… no offense just saying.

The Beef

And Day says to Bay – OMG, this could swirl into me, you, David and Kevin making it to the Final 4!

Yeah, if all of the other players also decide to cut their own throats so the four of you can waltz to the end for “social” reasons. What a lovely picture that would paint for the TV audience wouldn’t it? Everybody quits so that we can finally have a POC Big Brother champion!

And exactly how much would that championship mean if that is the way it was won? I mean seriously, already your advancement in this season will have to be questioned if this move is made and Tyler is taken out over one of you! Is a win still a win if somebody just bows down and gives it to you? Don’t you want to actually merit winning the game, and not have people “forfeit” to you, just to get a black winner?

I understand the importance of a black winner, but actually WINNING is important too. You’ve got to win a comp or two along the way somewhere. Bayleigh has won, what, one in two season? DayVonne has never won a comp in 3 season!


Im pretty sure he just misses Angela


As Tyler said… A Bigger Cause”

Not Your Usual Bear

You are missing the point. This show has long been biased against women and Black individuals. Bay is targeted in part bc she is stereotyped as an angry Black woman. The show at essence is a social experiment. As such, the racial issues cannot be ignored or put on the side. You cannot leave race oppression on the outside. It is everywhere. You just don’t want to see it. Sorry. Can run, but cannot hide. Not anymore.

Always BB Kind

The thumbs up and thumbs down are also indicative of real life views outside of the house and the social problems that have come to a head this year. You can say it’s just a tv show and “entertainment”, but these are real people who play with their preconceived opinions. I don’t think anyone deserves a free pass in the house, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that putting Day and Bay up together just plain looks bad.


To people who don’t know the show, it looks bad. To me, it looks like a final two duo being broken up. It does look bad that people in the house automatically assumed they were together before Bay advertised it, but then again, they’ve not been very good at hiding their friendship.

Always BB Kind

I know the show, have watched since season one. I am not even a fan of either Day or Bay. I’m just saying when you seriously look at the optics of this, and knowing what is happening in the real world, to put them up together is a bit cruel. There are plenty of known duos (ones that have ALREADY WON) that are much more serious threats, so it makes it look a certain kind of way. Whether done consciously or unconsciously, that is the actual point. That’s all I’m saying.


Just get all the big bad whiteys tossed out and hand the trophy to one of the “minorities” for “the cause”.

Always BB Kind

No one is saying someone should WIN based on their color. If you do not live as a POC, you will never understand the pressure that comes along with it. It’s funny, the white women who act a fool are never labeled “angry white women”. Enzo isn’t labeled “ghetto” for the way he speaks. If you cannot see it, you are part of the problem. The great divide in our country will never heal if people aren’t willing to step out of their safe little bubbles and actually learn about the struggles POC face daily. Of course, that requires actually CARING about people who are not like you.

Brain G

Truth. Imagine these two ladies even allowing someone to do that. Disgusting. But CBS has there racial drama and I believe now I’ve figured out who they’re pushing to win. Tyler the white boy who lied to these black queens lol. That is great foder for social media

Boring Ass Season

Bay IS an angry black girl. Not a stereotype.


Whatever. Anytime a woman (Bay is a woman, NOT a girl) speaks up, makes some noise, shows some passion, she’s labeled as “angry.” I’ll take that over someone passively watching the game (or life) pass by, and not standing up for themselves. Bay is no “angrier” than Dani or Nicole. And Christmas, she hasn’t been pushed this season yet….. (note: not rooting for any of these people this season, but this “angry woman” crap is BS)

Always BB Kind

I couldn’t agree more. Not a fan of Bay, but she has really tried to keep herself calm, and is much more aware of how she will be labeled again if she shows real emotion. I mean, Cody “almost lost his shit” when Kaysar commented on his love triangle with Dani and NicF, but he can feel any type of way he wants. And Dani called Kaysar disrespectful bc her feelings were hurt. Please. They’re just pissed that their secret alliance isn’t so secret anymore.

Guy From Canada

Problem is that kasting casts stereotypes as big personalities. Hense you get the black people that talk ghetto. Hense you get racist white muscle for brain. Ect, ect all for the big personality excuses . The kasting process provides the houseguests and production then picks those they shortlist. There is very much systemic racism in this show from application to first day of shooting.


People tend to gravitate towards and trust others that look like themselves, it’s human nature and it’s a survival thing. If you take a person, and show them pictures of faces and ask which one do you trust the most, they will pick the one that most closely resembles themself. In this way, the show IS biased towards non-white people. It is also biased towards older people and towards less attractive people. This is because the cast is mostly young, beautiful, white people. I guarantee you that if the cast was mostly black, with three white people, the white people would never win, and white people would say it’s racist (whereas right now they are saying it’s not.) The casting is what makes it biased, and that fact that you are forming initial alliances and voting the first people out based on minimal interactions It’s really tough, this social experiment, when you have to make snap decisions on trust based solely on looks and first impressions, and your first impression, genetically, is to gravitate towards sameness and not diversity.

Always BB Kind

Very well said. It’s true, it is more than a game. Humans have emotions and the worst parts of their personalities tend to come out in this game.


THANK YOU!!! <standing ovation…loud clapping noise>


Nope. Tyler has always been a snake. This is just another one of his ploys to get christmas to use the veto so he can dig the knife deeper, stab someone else in the back that’s already after him and have a change of heart after the decision has been made to use it to backdoor somebody. Haven’t you people learned anything yet from the snake’s gameplay? The guy’s a snake!! And do you all really think gold-diamond digging angela, and I mean that literally, will be ok with him coming home with his tail tucked between his legs because he couldn’t handle it?? Nooooooooooooo.

another name

Wall yeller.

someone “claiming responsibility” says they yelled:
Memphis, Cody, Nicole Dani have a final 4…. Xmas Tyler have a final2…. David has a power.

another name

Ian believes the wall yellers are his fans trying to wake him the fuq up to the game.
Because he’s been in the yard every time it happens.

Dude. When you have a hammock glued to your ass for the entire length of time the yard is open… you’re going to be there. Coincidence. it’s not like Houka is standing outside the wall 24/7.

Kevin also thought the yeller this time yelled the liars have a power or tyler has a power.
Or so he told Da. Oh Kevin. Don’t change. Chaos gremlin Linda on the job.

another name

Note to Kevin. Screw the dentures. Get hearing aids. ‘cus duuuude.


“Its not like Houka is standing outside the wall 24/7” hahahahhahha i died with that

Miss Impression

Wait is Houka standing outside the wall?hmmmm…..


Well….Things took a turn

Miss Impression

Ian and Tyler don’t want to keep playing because they know the winner has already been picked and it’s not either of them.


So who is the chosen winner?


Bay, Day or David

Miss Impression

Even though CBS is trying to rehab its racial BB image by promoting the Slick 6 as this controlling alliance that runs the house and includes 2 black women,we know it’s BS.Bay Day David or Kevin could never win.Why?They are horrible at this game,terrible,stupid gamers.Shouldn’t even call them gamers,they have no game.Just bad move after bad move.


That is bullshit!!!! It’s not predetermined who will win and let’s be real, probably won’t be any of them. I truly thought Tyler had a lock because of how he was playing. As long as Dani and Nicole don’t win, I’m good.

I’ve been watching BB for years and people of color rarely make it to the finals. These idiots really want to sit next to Nicole and Ian who have already won??!!

Kaysar was right.. they aren’t playing smart. So disappointing..

Miss Impression

My guess Cody with Nichole at final 2 with Dani at 3rd.


Nicole or Cody. They walked in knowing they were untouchable attitude. Plus, they have the closest ties to Derrick, who has a large BB fan base.

another name

Think about which completely irrelevant alliance has been heavily included in the show edit: The Committee.
Think about the only other alliance in a show with 23 alliances fake alive or dead, that has show inclusion: Slick Six.
Think about who is getting edits that don’t match their game the most so far: Cody, Dani, Nicf, Memphis.
Think about the production house meeting after yellers and banner. No longer does anyone mention Cody and Nicf as a pair. Even though Kaysar put it in his speech.
This is odd behavior. As is Ian’s recant.
Look at the pattern of the episodes.

Brain G

Damn I thought I had figured out the winner. We know it’s usually someone undesirable or undeserving to blow up social media so..

Houka Inumuta

I want everyone to say that HOUKA INUMUTA is right.

Tyler’s game falls Ian’s game rises.

Joe Hiden

Even a blind squirrel………. All hail Houka!


Oh alright you big blow-heart, you were right – maybe. But its not a done deal yet.

Miss Impression

1st of all when have you ever been right?2nd Ian and Tyler’s games are indirectly intertwined,they will need eachother to take on Cody/Nichole/Dani.And 3rd you should be rooting for Kevin,he’s more your style.

Big Brother

Davonne doesn’t deserve to be in that house for a third time let alone the undeserved second chance she got in Big Brother 18 – after being evicted week 2 in Big Brother 17.

All Stars???

Why single Day out? What about David? Nicole A? Bayleigh? Christmas who had an injury most of her season?

Big Baby

The point they are making is that it’s just plain insulting that an original week 2 evictee has had a THIRD chance to play when she sucks at this game!!!

Bayleigh never deserved a second chance got backdoored when she had power app to save herself from a backdoor in yet Angela Rummans smoked Bay like a pack of cigs!!!


Agreed they should have played in next season, if there is one. Not All-Stars. Just think we could have had more HG interested in playing.

another name

This isn’t “all stars”.
This is “best we could get on short notice due to a pandemic veterans”.


Totally agree. About Christmas: white privilege is being charged with a felony, not getting arrested at the scene, turning yourself in a month later, getting 12 months probation, then getting cast on a reality show and having the audacity to label the two black women as violent and claiming you are afraid of them…She would not have been allowed back on if she was black…

Shirron Sue Stone

white privilege with her trashy attitude

Shirron Sue Stone

I agree


This is unbelievable. I have watched Big Brother since season 6 and I can’t believe what I am now witnessing. I enjoyed watching the gameplay and strategizing but unfortunately that is gone. It has become political just like sports and many other forms of entertainment in our society. Let’s be honest, DaVonne and Bayleigh both suck at this game. This has nothing to do with race. They are playing the victim card and I am tired of watching and hearing it. No accountablity and just blaming everyone for their inept play. These 2 have been on a combined 5 seasons and won 1 comp. If Tyler goes on the block this week because of his “white guilt” I am done with this show.


Its not about his “white guilt”. Why ppl feel the need to turn everything into a race issue? Yes he opened the door to that, but theres way more to it
He simply doesnt want to be there and he sees how both of them do want to be there. He has said b4 how he doesnt like it in there, how he misses the outside world. On top of that he can see how the season is playing out and how his chances of making it to the end are extremely low. He said it last week how he wanted to go b4 jury if he couldmt make it to the end, and thats exactly whats happening. Tyler can read the house, he knows whats going on and what will likely happen next few weeks. He can see how he doesnt have ppl he really trust.
Put all that together with the fact that they get paid the same leaving now or in jury. So why would he, knowing all this, want to be stuck in jury house when he could go home now? If that also helps bay and day, who he indeed said that would like to see go far in the game, then its more of a reason for him to do it, but its definitely not the only one

Not Your Usual Bear

There is no need to turn anything. There is just fact. Fact is, that racial oppression is everywhere. It is in this game. You can’t just bury your head in the sand.


Did I see you doing the moonwalk with your feet on fire in North Portland the other day?


You are talking to someone who is black. Trust me I know what true oppression and racism really is and this ain’t it. I just love white peope lecturing me on how I should feel about race. You are so enlightened. lol


I would love to see a more diverse cast… only 1/4 white, at least 1/4 black, more than one or two gay or transgender people, etc…. that would be a better social game and more interesting…


So in other words, he is playing the baby card cause people have caught on to his snakeplay and doesn’t want to play with others anymore???? Ohhh, booo hoooo.



Big Baby

I completely agree Bayleigh And Davonne have completely shown they are inept at playing the game of Big Brother!!!

It has nothing to do with their race.

Bay got backdoored by Angela Rummans when she had power app to save herself from a backdoor!!!!

Proof that she sucks at this game!!

Davonne has played three seasons never won a competition!!! And was an original week 2 evictee that has a social game that is borderline the worst we’ve ever seen in 20 years in this game!!

And they have the genius idea of voting with the majority 4 weeks into the game!!!

Bay and Day are the deserving houseguest to leave this week!!


The fact that they are so bad at this game and can’t win anything is why it doesn’t make sense to target them this week, especially not for christmas and not for anybody else! So nominating them together has a lot to do with race and very little to do with gameplay. I guess racists always find excuses to justify their so called game moves, but it is easy to see the reasons given are just smokescreens. We have seen this in so many seasons before. It sucks.


Sad but true.


I totally agree. If it weren’t about “race” to the three of them then they wouldn’t be saying stuff like “I’ve never seen anyone win that looks like me” come on… this feels like a set up.


He had a real conversation the other night about Bayleigh…I’m sure he’s been stressing about how he’s being portrayed and he’s already said he doesn’t want Angela to get harassed for his game play…big brother isn’t the same game… they have to be cautious of everything they say and do..I’m sure it’s just not worth it 🙁 people want to see bay,day,David,or Kevin win and he knows that. It’s not about game play anymore

Not Your Usual Bear

Please wake up. This is your own white fragility that is talking. Race oppression is everywhere. It is in this game. Tyler knows that, and he knows we MUST do better. The targeting of Black players is no longer for your viewing pleasure.


You don’t know what you are talking about. I am black, you fool..I know what true racism is and it disgusts me to see black people that use it when it doesn’t apply.

bbb Superfan

“This has nothing to do with race”. We all know that DaVonne and Bayleigh aren’t the best big brother players in the world.. so hmmm why are they such a big target when there are winners, other duos, and big targets in the house. Let’s not forget the reasoning for even targeting them was a fabrication made by Dani. Also, we’ve seen worse players make it to the end let’s just be honest. “It’s just political”. I will never understand when wypipo say that. What’s political about race ? Are there all-black parties that I’m not aware of? Damn bro after 22 years of minorities making up a max total of 25% of the cast you ppl can’t stand for Tyler to even give them a chance.

If you think Christmas, a woman, best possible game move was putting up 2/5 of the remaining women in the house, who aren’t even going after her, is a good move for her game idk what to say.

Now Tyler …. Great BB player. Don’t even want to see him dying on this hill of self eviction. But pls don’t pull this crap cause you “know DaVonne cause” and “how important it is to them” cause if you really cared you woulda fought to not have them on the block. All this energy he using to get himself on the block.. should be going to Dani. If they are gonna have any chance in this game , they need Tyler too.

Open Your Silly Eyes

You big silly, race has always been a part of the show. Sometimes low-key, sometimes not.

If I had a dollar every time someone complained about “politics” being injected into a reality show and then said they’re done…


I think he just misses Angela. Even if Tyler falls on his sword for Day and Bay they will still be targeted for the next 2 weeks.


More like he’s worried about her losing followers, she isn’t going to sell any cookbooks with a bigot for a boyfriend.


So both Tyler and Bayleigh are imploding right now. Bayleigh currently saying that she doesn’t want to do reality tv anymore


Good…we don’t want her to either!

Big Baby

Bayleigh never deserved this opportunity to be on big brother for a second time especially when she got back doored when she had a power app to save her from the back door!!!

She deserves to leave this week and if this goes through and Tyler leaves this week it is a complete joke this show And what it has become!!!

It has nothing to do with race nor should it be the fact that davonne was willing to say I’m gonna vote for David instead of Nicole Anthony because he’s African-American shows how inept she is when it comes to this game.

Danielle Reyes was one of the greatest players we’ve ever seen play this game and she’s an African-American woman. And she earned her place in big brother history because she was a bad ass!!!
It just so happened that she got to the end taking the wrong person in Lisa Donahue to the end and Lisa had the greatest social game n big Brother history! Because she showed how to get no blood on your hands Lisa. She could put you on the block as HOH or vote you out and you would still vote for her to win the game (Lisa).

But by no means does that diminish what kind of player Danielle as a player she completely represented how to be a bad ass big brother players!!! It was only an unfortunate final two circumstance that happened to her .

With the five big brother lives that bay and Day have combined for they have shown that they completely suck at playing big brother because their social games are so awful that they have no insight or ability in order to get in good with people because of their poor social games and their lack of instincts to gather numbers !!!

Open Your Silly Eyes

From what I’ve read by her, Danielle Reyes would disagree with your assessment.


Danielle Reyes made a huge error in underestimating Lisa Donahue!!!

Lisa proved she didn’t need a number one and she could do it alone without a #1 ally by not voting Eric back in to the house. Lisa proved she could take on the rest of the house and ultimately taking down Danielle and Jason in the final three by her (Lisa) earning the final HOH by taking down that duo of Jason and Danielle.

When Lisa won that final HOH taking on that duo that meant she had more competition wins than Danielle Reyes. And often times from we see in big brother history that is not something you want chance when your up against somebody in the final 2!!

Underestimating Lisa at the final 3 HOH And not realizing how
enticing Lisa’s game could Be to the JURY VOTERS by having LISA PROVE that she could take out that duo of Jason and Danielle and still have more competition wins than Danielle made Lisa’s case that much better
Danielle Reyes GAME IN BB3!!!

Unlike Danielle with having a ride or die in Jason – Lisa’s showed that she could do it by herself and take on that duo single handily in final three with showing she could navigate through the rest of the house with out a ride or die by HERSELF AFTER HER ORGINAL ALLIANCE TURNED ON HER!!

The reason why Lisa got a large majority of the votes was because she was in a major six person Alliance to start Big Brother 3 and she wasn’t the one that turned on them. Lisa had Loyalty and only turned on people once they wanted her out of the house!!

What made Lisa impressive was that she was able to get in good with Danielle and figure out before the end of the game them (Jason and Danielle) having a secret alliance!!!

Three reasons why Danielle lost

1. Underestimating Lisa
2.completely burning and betraying Marceles About not using the veto he won in the final five just to embarrass him By evicting Marceles after his veto win
3. NOT eliminating Amy Crews at the final four OVER LISA Completely costed Danielle!!!

Open Your Silly Eyes

Here’s the single reason why Danielle Reyes lost: jurors were allowed to vote after seeing what she said about them in the diary room because they went home after being voted out. This is why BB implemented the sequester house. This is common knowledge.


People say that sequester argument all the time in season 3 and it didn’t matter…. its completely false!

And there’s a reason That didn’t matter the sequester thing in
Season 3 because Danielle Made a
HUGE TACTICAL ERROR by Thinking it would be a good idea to take Lisa to the end!!!

It matters who the hell you go to the final two with!!!!

What is common knowledge my friend is that it’s matters Who you go to the final two with and that it was a stupid decision getting rid of Amy at final 4 instead of Lisa!!

Lisa knew every beat of what was going on in the big brother house season three!

Lisa when she tried to expose Josh in front of the whole house when Josh lied about Lisa to Chiara when Chiara won the Veto.

Lisa: “I keep my eyes open and my closed mouth closed, and I know a lot more about this game than you think I do!”

Considering that line was all the way back in 2002 showed how advanced Lisa was as a player!!!
Considering how early big brother was in the progession stages of the game and how it has evolved since.
Considering that was 18 years ago shows how genius that advice was that Lisa gave!

It’s common knowledge to realize that it matters who you go to the final two with!!! Lisa Donahue was the the wrong person to go with!!!

Big mistake not getting rid of Lisa at the final four especially over AMY CREWS. That is complete common knowledge that that was a boneheaded move by Dani and Jason and it was a result by Lisa charming Jason and him having a schoolboy crush on her even admitted by Julie Chen on the live show in BB 3

And Lisa was able to convince Jason to keep her despite them (Danielle and Jason) not realizing how big of a threat she was to beat them both in the final three HOH

And when Danielle burned Marceles by lying to him about not using the veto that he rightfully won in the final five she lost his vote in addition to Amys vote because they got rid of her at the final four as well as what they did Danielle and Jason to Marceles and how they completely blindsided him at the final 5 That would’ve completely rubbed Amy the wrong way since they Amy and Marci were a duo then and that is the reason why Danielle didn’t get either of their votes Amy or Marceles at the end.

Lisa got lori’s vote because Danielle completely flipped out on Lori week one about the Gerry bathroom fiasco!

And Lisa got Tonyas Vote because she built a relationship with her in the first two weeks of the game!!

Danielle wasn’t getting Roddy’s vote because she repeadetely called him “The Devil” !!!

And Lisa got a large majority of the votes because she was in a major alliance at the beginning of the game!!! and they were the ones (Josh, Gerry, Chiara, And Roddy) that turned on her when she was the one that was loyal which was the reason why she earned their votes!

Lisa only turned on people once she realized people wanted her out of the house which is justifiable and allows you to make moves without getting blood on your hands!

Lisa showed she could take on the House single handily by herself when she decided not to vote Eric back in the house while taking on Jason and Danielle and showed it because she beat them in the final HOH and caught on to that duo and realized they were a team before the end of the game.


That’s bull


I’d like to see Tyler work with them instead of get evicted for them. Why not attempt to get Dani backdoored? He does have a good relationship with Christmas. Let’s make it happen!


I really am starting to like Tyler – he’s not a complete asshole like 90 percent of the current house.

JJ Demeaning

He just thinks he’s superior and they need his pity. Demeans them as players.


Is it possible that Tyler has a power that allows him to pull himself off the block and/or pick the replacement nominee and this is all some crazy strategy to get Dani before she gets him? While also having the benefit of gaining the full trust of Day & Bay, along w/ David & possibly something w/ Ian maybe he sees this as his only way to get the numbers in his favor as he’s realized he is low on the totem polls of the other sides various alliances.


I like the way you’re thinking ?


Unfortunately I just saw the episode on CBS and David is the one with the third power….so that’s that I guess.


Tyler east just caught in his own mess and this seem to be his only way out. He thought Dani was telling Bay and Day to come after him but she wasn’t. Dani was trusting Tyler and wanting to go after Bay and Day. He messed up thinking Dani wanting him out too. It wasn’t until he realized through Bah and Day that Dani wasn’t talking about him that he now wants to make it seem like he was wanting to work with them two more. He’s terrible because now he’s trying to make it about “something bigger”. I don’t believe his intentions.


the amount of times the feeds go to stars is driving me insaneeeeee I get they want some stuff for tv but that will barely show 2 min of the convo!!!! Barely worth paying for !


I don’t believe Tyler for 1 minute! Why wear the sunglasses when having a heart to heart with someone like that. I’m sure he knows Christmas won’t do that, she’s got her mind made up! I call BS!

Lady E

Sympathy votes, maybe

Backseat Driver

I just opened the Kraken……


Great site!!! Especially like the comments. Crazy stuff going on with Tyler! Just wondering if anyone else noticed that Dani’s piece didn’t quite fit in the puzzle exactly right? It appeared too small. There were different pieces as well as different sizes of puzzle pieces. Is it possible to go back and check the footage? I don’t have the ability too. Thanks and again great site!!


This is right up there with Dans funeral for himself. I think Tyler is pulling a boss move.

1) He knows Christmas will never do it… she will not take off Day or Bay.

2) It solves the problem of turning against Cody, Dani, and Nicole

3) He can now create new numbers in the house.

4) He can win HoH and have the numbers to take out Cody or Dani… and they won’t use their powers to save themselves because they won’t see Tyler doing it to them.

The entire time he can say “I told you I wanted to go home…. you’re the ones who kept me here.”

It could be a freeing brilliant move going into jury.

Bye bay

I was thinking same thing or he missing his love


Does anyone know if any of the house guests checked under all the rubber ducks? Every time is see a pic of them i want to pick them up to look.


Why are they not showing his convo with christmas uhhhhhhhh so annoying
That convo will prob dictate what happens this week and they switch feeds?!?!


Or David

another name

Maybe this will charm Grod and her monkeys into showing us wtf is really going on:

“Gee… I bet we won’t see or hear about Christmas and Tyler on feeds again until after the VETO Ceremony Tomorrow.”

If Grod hates me as much as I hate Grod… that ought to get us some background on feeds.

SPECIAL NOTE: when Dani says Tyler has been in HOH for 2 hours…. I’m guessing that’s venomous hag time… cus he’s been in there for 46 minutes.


KMSL!!! The last bit of your comment is gold. Hilarious!!!

JJ Demeaning

Tyler feels sorry for Bay and Day. How demeaning. How much superior does he think he is treating them like victims instead of game players.


That’s what it’s starting to feel like right?! Ridiculous! Play the damn game!

Tyler's Guilty Conscience

If Xmas puts up Tyler as the replacement nom, it keeps Bay/Day for the week, but they’re still going to be a target going forward. It doesn’t help them in the long run. This plan of his is terrible for the season.


Think about this. He does this grand gesture, gets himself out of hot water with the girls. She puts him up….Votes to get Bayleigh out: Cody, Memphis, Enzo, Dani, Nicole. But he comes out looking like the hero.

Kat’s Alien Bitch

So if Tyler does want to leave production may have told him if he self evicts he violates his contract. So he comes up with this.

But something is rotten. Maybe more than one thing. Let’s agree several things are rotten and I don’t trust any of this.


I do not believe this BS from Tyler for one minute. He’s working them for jury votes. Why wear sunglasses if you are having a serious conversation like that. He’s as phony as the rest. I don’t believe Christmas would go for that anyway, she’s determined to have her HOH the way she wants it. She wants to be the last female in that house with the guys!

Tyler's the worst actor

He sold out don’t buy the agenda. No judgement, that’s a lie, but I’d take the money too, instead of going 6th for nicole f and cody. I’m just saying he’s not going to be getting an emmy or whatever for his performance.

another name

What we know from current feeds.
Dani is paranoia spiralling. Convinced Tyler is outing Dani’s game. Trying to get her on the block.
Nicf is there to help. oh good… ask a squirrell to help you stay rational. Ask the woman that wants someone evicted based on saying ‘couple tries couple guys’ to help you stay rational.

Now sloppie the spinning squirrell is running to Ian… glued to the hammock of course. Breaking up an HOH talk like she told Dani she was going to do? That’s not squirrelly. She needs someone else to do it for her.

Nicf is REALLY MAD at the things Dani has imagined that Tyler is saying to Christmas. Let that sink in.

Meanwhile Bay/Da upstairs lounge are wondering if this is all image… Tyler does this, looks good, but one of them still goes home.

another name

Kevin thinks he’s crafting a conversation with Evel Jr.
It’s going as well as you would think.
Here is an example
“once she goes you won’t have anyone left to blame now.”
Look. Someone gave Chaos Gremlin Linda a shovel.

Meanwhile Xmas is trying to sound wiseguy again… shudder.
While she can’t divulge her decision, she is not uncertain about what she will do. She’s a stickler for rules. Some people owe her some favors.
(who owes her jack? You don’t get bonus points for volunteering.)

Dani and Nicf have joined Da and Xmas.
Still no word on Xmas’ plans.
She thinks after the veto she has some kind of power to direct the house.
No… that’s something an HOH secures during the week.

Christmas uses veto. David unknowingly uses his power (chances pretty close to zero here). Commenters commence a war of words. It gets ugly. Popcorn.

another name

Keep in mind as the Women’s Alliance are coming up with names *I guess they aren’t taking my Complaint of Karens Seriously*
We see the appearance of a NOTTHEKAREN included. In the Karen world dynamic we have thus far met The Karen, The Becky, and the Linda. Now we have a notthekaren, Subset name to come.

I digress. After Christmas has asked if the alliance will be a 4 or a 5 (incl or excl Bay) Da’vonne gives us a silent cursing session with a couple wild hand gestures.
Yeah, Da’vonne is acting when it comes to this alliance. She’s not going far with Christmas.

Real talk. The way Christmas is talking: there will only be 4 girls left after the vote.
So even if she puts up Tyler, She’s going to tell the boys to keep him.


I think Tyler is looking for a ‘ get out of jail free card’ and then win the popular vote for easy money.

My 2 cents

This ploy of Tyler’s would feel a lot more genuine if he’d gone to Christmas FIRST to see if she’d put him up as a replacement. Why get Bay and Da’s hopes up without knowing if it would even happen? Seems like he’s going for the hero edit, AFP and an easier social media life for he and Angela afterwards. An added bonus is that Dani is losing it while he and Xmas are talking.

Open Your Silly Eyes

Telling them first is making sure he follows through with it. He’s nervous and emotional right now.


Tyler did this (a) for TV, he had a rather difficult experience last time he got out of the house with people praising him for being a great liar and manipulator, he wants to be recognized for something other than that this time around (his GF Angela even mentioned it this week on her channel and last week he told David the same thing) and (b) he knows he got caught in drama with Bay/Day/Nicole/Cody/Dani and that they are gonna try to backdoor him sometime soon. They were all thinking he was sketchy, he told Cody and Enzo that he knows Dani is gonna come for him and that he knew the girls had talked because they were acting different towards him. I believe he did this with Bay and Day as a last ditch effort to plant a seed of doubt again about Dani. Therefore, next week on double eviction he really won’t have anyone trying to backdoor him at all. He knew if the hate stayed on him Bay would freak out and expose him to the house (most likely) and Day would be gunning for him if she won HOH. He knows full well Christmas won’t nominate him, the first thing he said when he entered the room to speak to Christmas is that he appreciates her trusting him fully. I agree with the previous person’s comment of him doing a “Dan’s Funeral” act as a way to get himself out of this mess he was in. I would think it would have been genius if he wouldn’t have brought “the cause” into it, he knew damn well they would go for it.

Go make jesse a sandwich

You lost me when you mentioned day and winning in the same sentence

Just me

I just keep thinking, Could this be a “Dan’s Funeral” type of move??


Thought the same thing. If it was a game move, I would respect it and hey… finally some excitement! But the more I view….looks like he is really doing it… which just sucks. No one wants to watch a pitty party and a martyr. Or maybe I’m just speaking for myself. *sigh*

Open Your Silly Eyes

I could be wrong of course, but Tyler just doesn’t seem like the kind of person to be using a Dan’s Funeral type ploy when it involves race. I don’t think this is a brilliant maneuver, it looked like it was coming from the heart. And also, some guys put their shades on when they are emotional, strange that some commenters don’t get that.


If Tyler does this and Day just decides to align with Dani and Nicole anyway I’ll lose my mind. This show has become so hard to watch.

another name

How long before Franzel Blanc Boxed Whine turns to vinegar over the thought of even pretending to be in a Women’s Alliance?


I think sometimes Big Brother production is messing with things behind the scenes more than I ever thought. I am starting to think (and I know that I might be very wrong so I am not saying this is certain) but I am starting to think the whole slick 6 thing might have been a production push to try and keep down the accusations of race issues considering the other major alliance didn’t include minorities. Like hey, make a side alliance that includes black people so that you don’t get accused of looking biased like many of the other seasons. I think that may be possible because most of the white people in the slick 6 said from the beginning that it wasn’t an alliance that they were going to be faithful to. I could be wrong though. Just something I have been wondering.


I don’t like David, but I’m glad he kept his trap shut about the power he won. I don’t understand why people can’t keep their big mouths shut. Same on Survivor with the immunity idols.


Can someone explain what exactly Tyler did to Dani? Cody? Bay & Day? I haven’t seen nor heard the story. Was it sharing a truth or a malicious move?

another name

He told Bay and Da’ that Dani wanted to target them. It was true. But also it was Tyler’s way of getting someone else to go after Dani.
The Triple Thr3at had Da’ Bay and Dani all believing that they were all after each other, partially as reason for Dani to target the girls more forcefully. Nicf played her part out of dislike of Bay (for the couple tries couple guys comment and wearing Janelle’s jacket in her presence).

Cody? he knew about the plot. He took part in the plot. He didn’t warn Dani. The plot blew up and became public knowledge.

Da’vonne spilled Tyler was the source. Bayleigh kept Cody and Enzo out of it. Blamed Tyler, Kaysar and Ian.
Dani concocted that Tyler was the instigator of the plan to get them after each other.
Dani got Bay going by bringing up history, trauma, and past health issues and public reaction blaming Tyler and vengeance as his reason

The worst Tyler did was push to multiple people in the house that they should be scared of Bayleigh because of how she flipped out during their season. It changed the behavior of houseguests toward her. That was the worst he did. The rest is Dani concocting, and Bay /Da’ running wild with speculation.

Starry night

The culprit in this mess is Dani. I will take joy when she’s evicted. Tyler is a standup guy in my book. I feel bad but I know he’s going to at least not have to sit in Jury for seven weeks. He was very kind to Bay and Day… They don’t deserve it in my opinion. They continued to talk about him even after he left the room. The conversation is on YouTube. Not all of it because production this year sucks and won’t let us see everything.


Agreed. Stop the game now please


It’s interesting that after her HOH 2 hour talk with Tyler, Christmas calls up Dani, Nicole, and Da. For an alliance
wouldn’t that Indicate she’s not putting Tyler up as replacement? Otherwise, why would she leave out Bay?

Starry night

Because Dani and Nicole do not know about the plan to put up Tyler. They still think the two girls are going to be up there and that Bailey is the one that’s going to be voted out. They are unaware of the plan because Tyler doesn’t want it revealed yet.

Linguini Pants

So many players expressing wanting to just check out, whether real or game play, says a lot about how much this season sucks!!!!

Linguini Pants

I’d honestly rather watch a group of dummies that have NEVER watched the show, but GROD gives us just a bunch of narcissistic young “characters” chosen for their roles, the young men hipsters, the obviously young beautiful women, the obvious nerds, the outcasts, the one person over 40 to be the first sacrificial lamb, blah blah blah. Anything is better than this circle jerk. All Stars my ass!!!

Here’s my vision at this point after this season so far, something that might actually be entertaining: A houseful evenly divided between real smart people and the dumbasses, said dumbassess who are only looking for followers, (too many names to list here) you know, those people who have applied for EVERY reality show, none of them having watched this actual game before, (David), up against real actual smart people, who have ALSO never watched the show, but that aren’t looking to get famous, and let’s see what happens!!! But that will never happen. BB is really no longer a game anymore. It’s a popularity contest…vote with the house, conform at all cost. BORING!!! I can’t believe how much this game has devolved into pure fiction. Production should absolutely not be involved at all. Yet for at least 10 years, or more, we all know they are, to the detriment of true game play. They insult us as viewers. Just watched the Eco Challenge. Great thing about that is there was no interference. Winners were actual winners. Straight up challenge. BB lost that long ago. Just the edit of Nicole F puts them on blast!!!

Sorry for the rant, just with Covid and quarantine and spending too much time thinking about this dumbass sh*t…argggg. And how they edit this game compared to what’s really happening is just a metaphor for the world we live in now, and it drives me crazy…this false reality, these “alternative facts.” What???? Facts are facts. I was so happy when BB came back, just for that semblance of something normal in this dystopian nightmare we are living now.

another name

No sooner than it’s made:
Dani is spilling the girls alliance to Cody. She’s still spiralling that there is a big plot to get her back doored. I wish.
Off they go to Christmas. Bathroom conversation.
More Christmas is pro Da’vonne, neg Bayleigh, obey the rules and reveal nothing until the noms are locked after veto. Her neg Bayleigh stuff is odd.
Christmas had been trying to get Tyler to change his mind. Include fake backgammon game.
Cody leaves (no doubt to try to download with Enzo and try to pull in Tyler for a sitrep).
Dani is pushing Christmas for a play by play of all the rotten things Tyler said about her when she’s been the nicest to that kid and never said a word about him. Ugh eyeroll.
Dani doesn’t understand why Tyler hasn’t come to Dani to make Dani feel better about the tension and anxiety she has about Tyler. What a Nicf thing to think.
Christmas doesn’t believe the wall yellers (she says… good little prod. pets).
Christmas still believes her season had 2 clear cut sides…. oh honey how strong were those painkillers (can i have some for this season????)
Bayleigh sees part of the meet. She tells Da’ that Dani had Christmas cornered in the bathroom. Da says Christmas give the feel she won’t and was never willing to use veto.
Da’ says she told Christmas that she wasn’t pleased with Bay for landing Da’ on the block.
Bay tells Da’ to do what she has to do, if one of them comes down it’s time to go to work.

Oh look. Enzo and Cody are playing their version of bocce ball. So…. bitcce ball? Too tired to pay attention to an Enzo Cody talk. oh. turned into a mix of core4 and prime4 talking. about tinder. and a joke about who’s getting bd’d this week?

Meanwhile Da’vonne has told the Chaos Gremlin too much again. Just wait until he decides every woman in the house wants to evict him because Da’vonne didn’t offer enough incentives and impose deadlines on Christmas… it’s coming. Chaos Gremlin going spin.

IF there is going to be a throwdown any time this week: it will be Bay and Christmas.
just a feeling. It will not sit well with Bay that Christmas thinks Bay needs to be managed or babysat.