“I’m obviously not going to use it but we should use this opportunity to gain an ally. Bay going is the best move.”

Head of Household Winner – Christmas
Have nots – No havenots this week
Nominations – Bay & DaVonne
Power of Veto Players are – Christmas, Bayleigh, Da’Vonne, Nicole, Ian and Dani.
POV Host: – David
Power of Veto holder – Christmas
Power of Veto Ceremony
Powers – Christmas and Dani. Christmas = protection from being a renom. Dani= Lets an HOH play in the following week HOH competition
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Rank the houseguests —-> Big Brother 22 Ranking

Veto Results:
– Christmas Won the Veto
– Dani won the Home Gym
– Day won the 5K
– Nicole got the Slop-tard punishment
– Bay has to do 500 laps riding a tricycle on a track
– Ian didn’t feel well so he didn’t play

6:56pm HOH room. Dani and Christmas.
Christmas – I have had a super successful HOH. I don’t have anyone gunning for me and weirdly I feel closer to Bay and Day than ever before. Dani – yeah they came up to Nicole and I and asked if there was any chance you would backdoor someone. I said I have no idea. Christmas – Day brought that up to me and I was like who is coming after me.. and Day had no answer. Dani – I don’t think there is any power that is going to mess you up. Christmas agrees. The best move was for me to win the veto. I am obviously not going to use it but we should use this opportunity to gain an ally. I think that Bay going is the best move. Dani – I don’t think this is going to happen but.. if one of the pre jurors were to come back.. If we sent home Bay .. I feel like she would be a bigger threat to beat Janelle. I know it sucks to say but Day would never win. Christmas – with Day when the pressure is on she cracks so hard. They both had false starts .. I don’t trust that. I can’t 100% believe that .. that wasn’t thrown. Dani – why would they throw it? Christmas – to set themselves up for a power. Dani – I don’t think so.

7:30pm Bathroom. Nicole and Day.
Day – you, Dani, Ian, Kevin.. What do you think Tyler would do? Nicole – I don’t think he would vote her (Bay) out no matter what. He is worried about being ridiculed on the outside. He is really worried about that stuff. Day – I am trying to get Cody or David or even Memphis and then that’s five. Nicole – I am going to see what Cody says. You don’t think you could get Enzo? Day – no. Nicole – I don’t think so either. Day – Not at all.

7:35pm In the kitchen the house guests talk about the Slop-tard costume that Nicole has to wear as a punishment from the veto competition.

7:50pm – 8:15pm Bedroom. Cody, Enzo and Tyler.
Tyler – Did Nicole talk to you guys. Cody – no. Tyler – Bay told Dani. Cody – that’s why Dani hasn’t been talking to me. That’s why Dani has been acting weird. Tyler – is Nicole talking to you? Cody – Nicole, yeah I guess. Tyler – did she tell you? Cody – na she didn’t tell me. Tyler – just me. Cody – that’s what I told you it doesn’t matter if we’re included .. she is going to be pissed that we didn’t tell her .. so like we’re f**ked anyways! Yo f**k whatever! Tyler – I am going to keep acting like I don’t know. Cody – you think that’s the play? Tyler – I think I’m the scapegoat for Bay .. I am just going to keep pretending that I don’t know. Enzo – I am going after every f**king one of them! F**k YO! So we get rid of Bay then? Tyler – yeah. I am sorry I started this sh*t! Enzo – I don’t give a f**k yo! At least we know we can’t trust Dani. Tyler – she isn’t coming to us to tell us. Enzo – why is Nicole the champion and in a better position than anybody?! Tyler – Nicole and Dani aren’t saying anything to us. They talk about how they think Kevin has a power. Enzo – I think Ian has a power. That’s why he is all f**ked up getting his blood pressure checked. Tyler – Bay is comfortable right now. Enzo – until she finds out she’s the one going. Cody – she can’t find out. Enzo – its a wrap ..Christmas is HOH. She’s not doing anything. Tyler – Dani is going to backdoor me next week .. I swear to god. Cody – its not going to happen.. you don’t just backdoor someone .. you have to make sure you have the votes first. Besides she has to win the HOH first. Tyler – I am just not going to say sh*t to anyone.

8:30pm – 8:40pm Bedroom. Bay, Day and Kevin.
Kevin – man, this is going to be a season of all men. Day – I know you’re lying. You’re lying. They speculate on if it will be a double eviction this week. Kevin – once you make it through this week we will talk about strategy.

8:58pm Nicole comes out of the diary room – WHO WANTS TO SEE MY SLOP-ITARD! Everyone starts laughing. Nicole – its hideous!! I hate it! Kevin – I’m uncomfortable looking at it. Nicole tells them that she has to wear the blonde wig and has to wear the costume all the time. Nicole – okay I am not going to be grumpy about it .. I’m happy ..its fine! Enxo – I already know what I’m going to say in the DR! Nicole – stop it Enzo! Day – do you feel boxed in? Are you a serial killer?!

9:20pm Bay gets called into the diary room. She realizes she’s being called in for her punishment. Dani goes into the storage room and sees a costume. Dani – I think Bay’s costume is in here.

9:28pm Bay comes out of the diary room – who wants to see my tri-athlete punishment!? She says that her punishment lasts for 12 hours and she has to stay up all night. She has to do 500 laps around a track on a tricycle. Bay gets everyone to gather by the back door. She tells them that no one is allowed to touch anything.

9:45pm Bay says that if she doesn’t complete the 500 laps in 12 hours she can’t compete in the veto if she is here next week even if she is nominated.

10pm The tricycle is already broken..

10:30pmThe house guests are hanging out in the backyard. Cody tries on Nicole’s wig. Dani – you look disgusting.

10:50pm Bay is already at 235 laps.. 265 more to go..

Bay takes a break and Enzo takes the tricycle for a spin.

11:06pm Kitchen. Bay and Day.
Day – what happened? Bay – as I am riding my tricycle I am getting more and more mad. She disgusts me! Day – who? Bay – Christmas! It makes me so upset .. I genuinely told her .. I told you that I would never touch her in this game. So she is mad that I said .. literally this is what is playing in my head.. Day is my best friend in the house.. I won’t touch her. I told you I won’t touch Christmas. Nicole said Ian is my best friend in the house I won’t touch him. Its not a problem … but its a problem. So I am very, very upset.. THEY WON THE GAME. I haven’t won sh*t.. This sh*t is bullsh*t! So what I stay in the house just to go to jury again!? I am so f**king frustrated! I am tried of it. They say Bay is my friend .. no you’re not .. you’re not my friend. I am not even defeated .. I am just mad. I know I am the cream of the crop .. so what the f**k is this sh*t!? But yet I’m a reject?! What the f**k?! Day – but you’re not! Bay – then to have the added layer of having Kevin scalding me for holding my head high .. stop it, stop it… and you need to be struggling more with these laps. You’re making the laps look too easy! F**k you! The laps are easy! I literally said no ..they’ll never see me sweat!

11:35pm Bathroom. Nicole and Dani.
Dani – Christmas is so out of touch with this game. Its like hilarious! She literally thought that Bay and Day threw it (veto). Nicole – I did too. Dani – NICOLE?! I thought it was strategy. You’re hanging out with her too much. Nicole – did I think they did .. no but it crossed my mind.

Kitchen. Dani and Cody.
Cody – Tyler said that he thinks you’re going to backdoor him next week. Dani – what did you say? Cody – I was like bro she is not. Relax! Don’t be paranoid. Everybody is freaking out. What do you think I would say?! Yes! Dani – I am just asking. So obviously if he is thinking that he is going to be coming after me. Cody – no, I don’t think he would because I would be the one he would tell. Dani – if he does come after me I will freak out. If I would have won HOH .. I would have put up a pawn and backdoored Bay.

11:58pm Bay is at 390 laps so far.. She’ll be done in no time.

12:10 am Dani and Cody
Talking about taking out Ian this week.
Cody – it would be a lot doing it quick is almost like removing the band aid with Nicole.. Getting it done. If it’s right now the double eviction is next Thursday is it the right time to isolate Nicole for 7 weeks
Dani – Nicole wouldn’t care she would be sad but
Cody – I’m not worried about her being sad I[‘m worried about isolating her in the house .
Dani – If Ian were to go she would be paired up with? (DIdn’t hear who)

They start talking about who to evict of Nominations stay the same.
Dani mentions if they send Bayleigh out and there is a pre Jury battle back she would have a better chance against Janelle.
Cody – true.. would they do a 5 person battle back?
Dani says she doesn’t thin there will be a battle back but if there was..

12:38 am Da’Vonne and Kevin
Day saying that she’s got Ian.
Da’Vonne says Enzo not budging.
Da’Vonne – Ian, Nicole, Dani
Kevin says Memphis approached him for the first time today. “He never talks to me”
Kevin – I know when people are annoying me and not wanting to talk game at all I was in the kitchen. He’s been avoiding me all season. We were in the kitchen he goes. Man I’m feeling like a lone wolf in this game.
Kevin – I was like ohh .. he said I feel like we’ve entered a part where we’ll have to switch it up
Day – that’s HUGE he doesn’t want to talk to anybody
Kevin – at this point you can’t share anything with Bayleigh
Day – I told her ..
Kevin – even this conversation about Memphis
Day – I don’t tell her stuff
Kevin – at this point it has to be zero.

1:00 am Bayleigh completes 500 loops with the trike.

Bayleigh heads to hammock to cry to SwaggyC

2:14 am Bayleigh and Da’Vonne
Bayleigh – I’m not even going to campaign
Da’Vonne – you should and you will
Bayleigh says if she wins HOH the house will be even more scared of her.
Bayleigh – I want to be here but socially for me I’m at such a disadvantage I’m not a big talker. I can’t sit and talk for hours. I can listen to people. I have a really hard time with complainers we have a lot of them in this house. I have a really hard time with self centered people we have a lot of them in this house. I have a really hard time with people sitting and talking about themselves for hours and not asking you anything about yourself. It’s very difficult for me because I don’t operated with that.
Bayleigh – I have a very emphatic heart I take on a lot.. Its not anything I can control. Growing up I had older sisters to protect me.. It’s my heart I always get so messed up I don’t know if I’m willing to do that to myself this time.
Bayleigh starts to cry.

3:51 am Kevin talking nonsense in the hammock, Da’Vonne and Bayleigh talking about God in the bathroom.

5:11 am Most of the house is sleeping. Da’Vonne was just roaming around in the bathroom a bit ago.

9:05 am Sleeping

10:20 am Memphis is now up.

11:17 am feeds on stars .

11:20 am lights on.

11:31 am Memphis in the key room tell Nicole, Cody and Ian “the Backyard is open, It’s hot as f*** out there and there’s cornhole”

11:35 am house is getting ready for a morning in the backyard.

11:47 am Cornhole!

11:50 am Grill!

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Houka Inumuta

HA HA I told you Tyler is getting evicted.

He has a giant target in his back and 4 people after him.

Ian continues to remain supreme!!!!!!!

Miss Impression

Great now Tylers gonna win all stars.Thanks for the Houka curse.


His name should be spelled Hookah.

Coin Slots

If Sh!tmas can’t figure out what Ratcole was doing by giving Day they veto she deserves to go out 7th

Lynn Wheeler

They are all idiots


I agree with you. I guess we’re all rooting for the person we dislike the least. Mine seems to change everyday.


Amen to that. I either start to dislike someone because they are so personal with their comments, or they are clueless to what is happening. I am so tired of this season. I think I will just read these recaps so CBS doesn’t get additional viewership.

Kid Rock

And Cody slides through another week.

The kid is grease.

True All-Star.

Legend status at this point

Wooden Nickel

“If” Cody, Tyler, Memphis and Enzo stick together everyone else is toast.


Bay thought she could trust Tyler again, lol,… wow, and her strategy was to throw the people who could vote for her under the bus. bye Bay, you shouldve listened to Kaysar and Janelle


She could have trusted him and still should have. He was telling Bay and Da the truth that dani was coming after them. Even after Christmas firstwon hoh and talking about putting up bay and da Tyler was still sticking up for them and subtly guiding Christmas towards putting up only one of them and putting dani up next to whoever she put up. I can guarantee you if that were the case he was going to try and get dani evicted. Dani went and lied to bay and da that tyler was basically forcing her into going after them and he was going to backdoor bay. The duo ate it up and flipped on tyler. Once they did that he quit trying to get anyone else put on the block and basically just became a yes man to Christmas for this week so he can build up some trust with her. Bay keeps claiming tyler has been talking so bad about her personally because dani said so. When all he said was she was an emotional player that plays the victim and poisoned the jury against him because of their argument. Bayleigh while campaigning today admitted she is good at “poisoning juries.” So he hasn’t said anything untrue.

Wooden Nickel

“I am just mad. I know I am the cream of the crop .. so what the f**k is this sh*t!”

Typical Bayleigh comment. In the words of NSYNC “Bye Bye Bye.”

another name

At this point I REALLY want another wall yeller to interrupt the Monday Party they are all so looking forward to.
I don’t care what they yell.
I don’t care who they yell about.
I don’t care if they make shit up.
I don’t care if it means feeds are down for 9 hours.
I just want the house guests to be forced inside for the day.
Make it a yeller. Make it a drone. Make it felonykaren’s suv aimed at the wall like it was her ex’s new gf’s car (tossing dildoes out the windows optional). Don’t care.
Just something. Anything to screw with them
the way Grodner has been screwing with us.
Is this too much to ask?

Another Canadian

I wish we could up-vote that a million times!


i hope you’ve applied to be on big brother b/c you’d be hilarious

another name

Petty me:

Would have been better if the costume box was called Janello’s, and had Janelle’s face in the corner. Imagine the whining.
There should be a slogan on the side: A couple guys gave ’em a couple tries.

Okay. I’m getting pettier and pettier.
and I don’t care today.

another name

At least some of the advertising is on point.


She looks so freaking cute.

another name

she looks like the postergirl for the canadian safer sex during covid advisory advocating the use of gloryholes.

Guy From Canada


another name



but you got Janelle in a costume, that is a picture of Janelle in a costume on this season. it happened, you wanted it, you got it. what the hell are you talking about?

another name

Janelle as the figurehead of the actual legends. The greats. Where they actually had to game in order to game.
Nicole as the figurehead of the recent overly pre-storylined Grod seasons complete with production interference. Where they can have d/r telling people that some house guests are untouchable.


still fail to see your point. Janelle was on this season. You got to see her game in this All Stars season, what are you mad about?

another name

okay, take the literal out for a second.
think symbol.
think symbol of the players that made the game what it is. think of the wills, the dani r’s, etc.
and the symbol of the newer ones that completely depend on production to make their way in the game FOR them.

Fraggle Rock bottom

Sorry, but the whining needs to stop. Jan/Kay should have maybe tried a bit harder to actually win something, like maybe an HOH or something? That would have changed the trajectory right there by default; by how much? Guess we will never find out because they are not that “All-Star” ish………

another name

Again. Literal vs. Symbolic
Like the use of allusion, or symbolic metaphor.
Drop the Literal Pretext. Think of the Symbolic Subtext.


I love Ja/Ka, but we heard it time and time again after Janelle left “we’ve been here for 4 weeks and this is the first time that Kaysar has talked game to me” we heard it from multiple people.

They shouldn’t have isolated themselves so much from everyone else… they needed to branch out more.

I’m sorry to see them go so soon.


Yes, believe everything the snakes spew out. Might as well drink their koolaid too and be their poster boy. Ugh.


What are you babbling about?
I have the live feeds, I saw it with my own eyes.

Get back on your medication, you sound unhinged.


Are you kidding me? I pay for live feeds. I watch them quite a bit. I live Jaynie & Kaysar, as a matter of fact I recently rewatched season 6, but this isn’t about who I prefer. Jaynelle & Kaysar got thrown under the bus by the few they aligned with and chose not to talk with others until they were headed out the door. Wish it been different.

Team New School

Agree completely! If you come in with the attitude that you are so much better than these newbies, you’d better be able to back it up with something. Win comps, mist a few people to get some numbers — do something! They came in with a Rachel Reilly attitude and no comp skills.


I’m not understanding why people aren’t understanding this symbolism, it’s like you’re explaining to a bunch of Kevins and Davids. People wanted an awesome All star season with power struggles back and forth and epic blowups (old school BB- hence Janelle in the picture), not a boring season of a big group in the house going with what the HOH wants the whole time picking off people and being totally predictable and BORING (new school- hence Nicole in the picture). Who cares if both of them were in the actual season this year, it’s that they symbolize each era of BB. The only reason in my mind that people aren’t understanding this is because they never watched old school seasons, or forgot about them. Do yourselves a favor and watch some old school seasons of BB, they were epic, mainly because they had alcohol which fueled some drama, and because back then people weren’t doing it for Instagram followers or fame, but rather to win the dang game.

Brain G

It’s over. This is BB now. I can’t guess who production picked as winner but it will be something that is either very popular or and more likely very unpopular like Nicole being first two time winner. Maybe 1st black winner to make people really talk . This is how it goes. It’s tv

Brain G

More than likely this show is so fake now Janelle probably signed a 3 week contract agreement. Probably the winner is already chosen by production. It’s not really a game it’s scripted television


Well then they need new writers, because this script sucks!

Just Sayin'

This is fantastic


I think Nicole’s costume is an improvement. It matches her personality.


‘A couple guys, a couple tries’ is really the best quote of the season.

Couple of guys

Don’t forget that the same statement can apply to Dani. Every time I see her and Nic-hole together, that’s what I think about.


Lol totally. I wish I could have seen Bay say it to Nicole. I only saw Day tell Bay she made Nicole cry and it was freaking hilarious.


totally! people forget she went thru the guys too, Nick and then Dominic


Tyler acts all catty and gossipy, whimpers to his alliance with his tail between his legs, and they agree to let him hide behind them. I wish I was surprised.


With the weather here in Los Angeles this weekend, slot-nose is going to be in pure hell if she has to go outside in that costume. Sunday high of 112 low 80, Monday high 110 low 74, Tuesday high 103 low 71. Sucks to be her this week.

Fraggle Rock bottom

“Slot-nose”, that’s some good, truthful humor right there. I was actually thinking earlier in the week that if one were to put a dime into her nose while she was lying down, I bet a 2’fer of bubblegum would appear from her mouth…..




Sucks to be her… period

Big Jim

I agree with Willie “Bunch of bitches round here”

Feeds Gold

it says on the back of the sloppitard “free handies”


That makes Vic sloppy thirds?

Brain G

Female James Rhine

Feeds Gold

now the backyard is open for 12 hours…all wall yellers swarm swarm

“afp for the hoh who evicts nicole”

“why is nobody targeting nicole?”

“day…you know nicole will snake you again”

“nicole plans to backdoor tyler or enzo”

“nicole is using ian…laughs behind his back”

“day dont give nic another jury vote”

“america wants nic/cody noms…nic evicted”


I don’t know why, but instead of HOH, I thought I read ho. I lost it. Lol


Why are two winners not on the block Xmas? Duh!!!!!!!

Miss Impression

Nichole will be handing out sloppies to all the guys.


In her Miss Tuggy-tard


lol just spit out my coffee


Whats this about hand and tug jobs?


Nicole spent her previous seasons lying under the covers working on her manual dexterity and learning to drive a stick.


Ive watched her seasons and always follow here and nsfw pages. I dont remember any of this. Was it ever captured? Any links?


Especially “ CO-DEEEE”

another name

About an hour and a half to two hours into the bike.
Bayleigh has finished half her laps.

If she has any thought of staying, now is the time to fake a charlie horse.
Otherwise, they’re going to say look how she beasted through that… gotta send her home. No if and or but.

Fraggle Rock bottom

And Duh-Vone will be out thereafter soon enough as she has absolutely no ability to stay calm and rational when things get slightly difficult.

another name

To be 100% honest, I don’t actually care which leaves this week.
I’m pointing out that the house is going to get spooked if Bayleigh does a 12 hour challenge in 3 hours. Unless they completely belittle the accomplishment as they have been doing.
I’m making a strategic assessment. Not fanning.
I’ve never said I saw a strategic path for either of the two to win the game because of inherent strategic flaws in the way both are playing.

Clueless Dani

Dani says Christmas is so out of touch with this game and doesn’t know what’s going on.. LMAO… Dani is a little out of touch since she thinks Tyler was the only one trying to get her out of the house when her entire alliance flipped on her…. and she knows for a fact Cody was apart of the conversation but she still runs back to Cody to tell him everything including she has a power and what it does…. Clueless…. can’t wait for her to go but Bayleigh needs to go first.

another name

So far:

at 200 laps
Sloppie seconds make that thirds: She should have to do more laps. it isn’t faaaayer.

passing 400 laps
Evel (the dickless one): Well SOMEbody obviously miscalculated.
Cody-pendant on production: yeah, Bigtime.
Dat wench Evel jr.: this is the WORST punishment of all time… like.. the easiest.

Just can’t help being wretched.
Lets see one of them do.. I dunno, ten laps.
Lets see one of them not complain any time anybody else does well at anything.
At least one of them will be whining in D/R to Grods flying monkeys about this.
Bank on it.

Btw: Remember Episode One. The groups of 4. Remember who was in the female groups?
NicA. Janelle. Bayleigh. Keesha. All in the same group.

Bayleigh finished her laps at about 1:02-1:05 am BBT.
so about 3 hours and 20 minutes give or take. with a couple breaks.
she did the last 35 or so with one pedal because the wrench got stuck or something.

The Beef

LOL – and Twitter is on fire, at least Swaggy’s account is, with what a warrior Bayleigh is because, OMG she did it with only one good leg! You would think she tore her ACL or something, and still managed to complete the drill the way those people reacted to the final few laps when she was pedaling with only her left leg, and they assumed she was injured or something and “battled” through it!

Can’t believe how bitter, vicious and just down right mean Nicole and Dani are with comments like this that they constantly make in the house. These people just seem to forget they are wearing microphones and people can hear every word that they say. Like when Dani made the comment before voting Kaysar out that this was the first bad thing she had said about him – doesn’t she know we all know that’s a huge lie? Don’t they think that constantly talking shit about the other people in the house, just might be the reason why people are yelling things over the wall that’s hurting their game? Have they not watched other seasons, when people thought they were hugely popular on the outside, only to discover not only were they not popular, but THEY were the hated ones in the game due to their behavior in the house?

I think some of these folks are in for a rude awakening when they exit the game. They may be so dense that it doesn’t matter to them, but several of them are not going to be nearly as popular with their fan base coming out, as they were going in.


Agree. Having done this before, you would think they would have a clue.

another name

sort of like when Xmas said she was going to mount Kevin on a stake? or her gonna get shot or forked in the face talk?

Brain G

That’s an interesting point about the first four females. It’s more than obvious this is completely scripted. Like some how the winner always has the cast pic with checkered plaid shirt. Lol


I have always believed that a person on the block, wins veto. Then uses it on themselves, should then, not HOH, pick their replacement. This may stop who is put up, and worry those that are in alliances. Now that would be “expect the un-expected”.
To be honest, I watched the first 3 weeks. Its to painful to watch this show as one watching a 50+ point lead in a football game, you turn it off. Same for this show. I cancelled Live Feed and watch anymore telecast either. I’ll stop in here once in awhile to not read any and haven;t “spoilers” but rather comments which are more interesting. But still don’t understand why so many “nut” cases are still rated above a 2? I commend those that can take the worst show of the season, worst All Stars ever picked and possible the last BB because of this season. I’m not alone, local facebook has many negatives about this season and surprised how many diehards have turned the show off and may not return.
I still would like to know how Christmas became a HOH for doing “nothing”? She should have at least had a correct answer to win, otherwise another go-around.


i’ve always felt the veto winner should be automatically safe and then get to take one nominee off the block if they desire (thus if the veto winner is already on the block they can potentially take both nominees off the block).

Feeds Gold

d i think thats a little too strong a power for veto winner

but isurrender, your idea is not bad, i wouldnt mind seeing them experiment with that, where a nom winning veto can name their replacement(but anyone else not on the block winning veto, the hoh names the renom as usual)…it would make veto comps way more critical, where an hohs allies are vulnerable and gives either nom a chance for revenge…then theres a chance the 2 noms are one of the hohs targets and one of the hohs allies…maybe they could try it just for first 5 rounds pre jury

another idea i would like to see…if a veto winner is a have not, they get rest of the week being a have…and veto winner gets a decent amount of alcohol saturday/sunday night to share with one person each night as a way to build relationships or make a deal with hoh to backdoor someone…perhaps this could see less throwing and more usage of vetos

they need to find a way to make the monday to thursday part of each week, particularly the vote, be more unpredictable, like how the immunity idols make survivor tribals have so much uncertainty…as a trial for first 5 rounds pre jury, i would like to see 3 noms…2 nominated by hoh…3rd nom decided by a comp on friday, its whoever finishes last…theres the usual veto comp and potential renom, but 3 noms going into eviction night…but the winner of that weekly friday comp gets a power where they can save(or not) one of the 3 noms on eviction night(after the vote but before vote is revealed)…the power is only good for that week…so like an idol if the person with most votes is saved, the next person goes home…example if its a 11-1-0 vote and person with 11 votes is saved, then person with 1 vote goes home…or if its 10-1-1 vote and person with 10 votes saved then the two with 1 vote is a tie and hoh votes out one of those 2…i think this would make campaigning more intense and interesting, with 3 campaigning, and eviction night and the vote be more entertaining and unpredictable

The Beef

I actually like your idea of having the veto winner name the replacement nominee (if that person is one of the nominees). This would change the strategy of nominations a LOT, would go a long way in ending the practice people throwing veto competitions and would certainly offer the opportunity to shake up a boring, stale game.

The other ideas aren’t bad either. One things for certain – they need to do something to shake things up, as things are so predictable and boring now the way things are, the show is just going down the tubes. The formula now is form a large strong alliance, and start picking off the weaker ones. New school has shown us everybody is too afraid to go against the strong alliance, “make waves” or “risk their game”, so nothing changes, the sheep get lead to slaughter, and we all are bored to tears. Changes need to be made to improve on this weak ass formula. Survivor hasn’t been afraid to make changes to keep it’s game exciting and must see TV for it’s fans. Big Brother must follow suit, or it will soon be DOA, if it’s not already.


I do like the idea of a nom who wins veto, takes themselves off and then picks the renom. That would certainly shake things up, hopefully making BB more palatable.


IMO the veto winner should be able to pick the replacement nom


If certified winners could pick the replacement we would see them used a lot more..love it


After she won, didn’t she call herself a comp beast? Lol!


This is an every year thing. There are some who swear they are not watching if so & so goes out, only to pull for the next person, or just root against the most unliked. There are die hard fans who never comment or follow social media. It’s 6 of one, half a dozen of another. CBS Cares (not).

another name

Kevin at around 2:20 – 2:35 am BBT
Talking to David about basement power comp.
Says Tyler said he went into the room first, but Kevin thought he was the first to go in. David called to D/R he ignores. they keep talking.
Kevin said he put his piece in, but guesses the prize was already claimed because he was told to take the piece out again. feeds cut. Kevin says he doesn’t know what’s up with all the decoy D/R calls, here’s how you can tell if it’s a decoy call feeds cut.

The problem with casting a kookoo for cocoapuffs agent of chaos into the game: can you control the agent of chaos?
Evidently Production is having that problem with Kevin tonight. They can’t shut the chaos gremlin up.

David leaves for D/R.
Kevin has decided he should likely cut ties to Da’ and Bay and move on to Tyler and Enzo.
Enjoy the ruin of your games, Tyler and Enzo, if that’s the case.

Feeds Gold

nic got the 3rd power…its called the ‘handy vote’

she is handed a bonus vote each week for the next 3 eviction votes

its always handy to have extra votes up your sleeve

upon hearing the news she furiously pumped her fist in the air


Are you kidding me? This game has got to be rigged.


The game is rigged… it has always been rigged.


I think that was meant to be play on words “handy’ joke.

If not – then even TPTB play into her known alias

Brain G

Of course. I hear they had a mystery house meeting ? That’s when the script is changed or new convos need to be rehearsed.

The Beef

Hahahaha – You sure it’s not called the “Tuggy” vote?


Christmas – I have had a super successful HOH. I don’t have anyone gunning for me (yep tyler cody and memphis are weak and they would take you to a final 2 LOL) and weirdly I feel closer to Bay and Day than ever before ( but you are sending home one of them so good luck getting them as allies)

Why BB couldn’t bring real all stars to this season. I mean its called all stars not some stars and some dumb.

another name

A few of the ones they brought back were hyped and promoted by the powers that be as being the player to watch in their season… that failed.
This includes Christmas (that they were actually grooming with on air experience to be part of one of the morning shows as a health and fitness contributor… until the 19 bullying scandals made her impossible to use).
The other network and program promoted for their seasons returns were David and Bayleigh.

Brain G

They simply couldn’t get anyone better to play again. Do you think production wanted this cast? Lol! They got what losers we’re willing to come back and do a rigged scripted show again. Most won’t. Only people that really don’t have anything else going on. Anyone know what they had to pay Janelle to come back? Because she wasn’t interested at all season 14 and said she’d never go back again she’s a mom now. They had to pull at least one star I’m for few weeks. Janelle was never going to be there more than few weeks. She’s very interested in a real estate type show I heard


Day and Bay being alone at this point in the game is on them! Good for them for being so stupid and voting with the house. Smh


I knew it after Nicole A they were doomed. Tried to hard to be down.


I agree. I never get the whole voting with the house thing—it doesn’t benefit you unless you’re in the group that’s running the house.


Has anyone revealed they have the third power yet?

Wooden Nickel

Grodner has it. CBS is looking for a specific winner this season.

Brain G

Absolutely. I can’t figure out who though? That’s what keeps me interested. Who is the winner? It’s gotta be someone that blows up social media

another name

As of the time everyone went to sleep, the third power was still unknown.
Kevin has taken himself out of the running.
Dani thinks Enzo has it.
Tyler would keep his mouth shut. Double edged sword there (not telling Sam for weeks caused her fracturing distrust of Tyler, but telling her caused problems).
Ian would keep his mouth shut because of last week. He isn’t in danger, so doesn’t have to use it as a bargaining chip to suck up to Nicf yet.
Cody would have returned it, kicking screaming and threatening to hold his breath til he turns blue until it’s made into a fast forward to final three prize.


Last night, I felt I had narrowed it to Ian, Memphis, or Tyler. Now, I feel like the feeds are being manipulated, but I started thinking this morning. Those old-timers know how to work the cameras. Tyler told feeders on his season about his power. Ian is having hard times so I might not expect much from him. Memphis, I’m not familiar with his play.
‘Now it cant be Ian because didn’t he sit out? He didn’t play? OR was that just for veto?
But, I started thinking David. Watching him and Kevin last night, he had looks on his face that were odd. And, David, being the rookie he is, I don’t think he realizes how to talk just to the feeders. I just feel like the old-timers would tell us. They know we want it, and I think they would want their families to know as well.
Oh well, regardless, we will know tonight! Right?

another name

Those odd looks on David’s face when talking to Kevin.
Name someone that doesn’t make odd faces when talking to Kevin.
He’s a bag of feral cats.


David, of all people, has it.

another name

How to tell someone has HOHITIS.
Have they taken to wearing the HOH robe around the house for hours at a time?
The sunglasses are an extra bonus this time.
Do they think everyone should thank them for being HOH this week?
Do they believe that everyone, even the other nominee will want to work with them after the HOH?
Have they started talking about torture and threats if they aren’t the sole decider of the path for the week?

Haven’t seen HOHitis like this since Bayleigh’s HOH in 20. ooooh. that was a bad case.

Btw. been holding this in for a while. The HOH comp. The final question. Orange filters.
over 3/4 of the screen looked orange. How do you not hit more?


Funny you bring up the orange filters – my immediate instinct was to count how many total boxes there were. So that question to me was the easiest b/c there were far less non-orange boxes (if I recall correctly there were 5 green boxes). So the simple math got me to 11 in a split second.

I think what happened is Day truly believed both she/Bay were safe with Xmas and thought – cool I’ll be eligible to win next week.

It was a poor miscalculation on Day’s part. Then again, the guys in their 6 person alliance (without Dani in the room) had made it seem like Dani was the target while Enzo made Day/Bay believe Xmas was also on board for that. Plus there were conversations held with Xmas that implied that was the case.

Again, it’s poor judgement (instinct) and falls back upon Day (and Bay) for trusting the Slick 6 was a real thing and that they mattered more to Cody/Enzo/Tyler than Dani/Nic/Xmas did.

As everyone on here is pointing out Day/Bay ignored the obvious and played themselves. They had no problem running back and forth delivering information that was provided to HELP and WARN them so now that those warnings are coming to fruition it’s hard to feel empathy for the situation they are in.

The Beef

There were 9 orange boxes IIRC. I know I went back and counted them and the only question is if I remember correctly, and I think that’s right. I DVR’ed it and stopped it, not only to count the boxes, but also to verify and see if Christmas made a move to answer, and if she did, did she have the right answer. She did move to answer and she did answer correctly, just after Day did.

And while I usually agree with most of your takes here, I disagree that Day threw that one. There’s a lot of pressure to answer quickly before your opponent does if you want to win, and some of those boxes had more orange in them than others did, which kind of camouflaged them a bit. 9 out of 16 boxes is only 1 over half, so more, exactly or less, that’s really right on the border line, and with the pressure to answer first, I think she just got in a hurry and guessed wrong.

If I’m wrong and she DID throw it so that she could play next week, then she’s just a damn fool. We know Kaysar and Ian had talks with them about what was going on. I can’t remember if the discussions with Tyler were before or after that comp about Dani wanting them out, but if they were before, then that’s even more reason she shouldn’t have thrown. Plus, why throw after winning three rounds and pissing off so many people by picking them to play – Hell, at that point you’re much better off going ahead and winning the damn thing and doing what damage you can! You’ve already drawn the lines in the sand with your picks!


What bothers me so much about this cast is Dani told Cody about her power and Cody Tyler and Enzo are seemingly together and on yo Dani but won’t convince Christmas to back door Dani to flush out her power. Like how are these people All-Stars? They say they don’t trust her but would allow her to stay in the house to probably be a back to back HOH ??? I’m so bored with these house guests. This All-Star season is corny as hell


This is what you get with “New School” All Stars!


Does anyone else watch any feeds? And, anyone else feel like they are being manipulated to keep us paying subscribers from getting REAL INFO? Every single time I watch, they cut right when there’s good game talk starting. The other night with Cody and Dani.
then, last night, finally getting a little talk with Kevin and David. They’re talking about how they were figuring out the 3rd power by DR sessions. CUT. They come back 30 seconds later and Kevin says some sessions are decoys, and CUT.
I don’t watch them to watch them eat, play backgammon, cornhole, or cook. I watch for the game talk. And I feel like it’s being kept from us.
I would be such a paranoid BB player…..

another name

oooh NO!
awful dreadful thought.
What if the third power is a reset to the week.
Would we have to live through this week all over again?


The only thing left is when they start eating their own and who will be first? Will there be crying and begging, or tantrums thrown and will they vote as a house?

another name

They seem to think it will be a split vote this week.

The Beef

What do you think? Seems to me Christmas Dani and Nicole have all decided to keep Day. Day seems to think she has Kevin too, so that’s 4. Ian seems to be groveling to Nicole, so he will probably vote to keep Day as well. Won’t Cody vote along with Nicole and Dani? If he does, that’s 6. I know that Tyler and Enzo like Bay better, but they are also both pretty close to Christmas, and Christmas is letting everyone know she expects them to follow her commands, and if Day already has 6 votes, why would those two not fall in line like the rest and vote with the house? Memphis is probably a Bay lean too, but again, if he learns it’s a lost cause, he may just make it unanimous. I can see anything from 6-3 to 9-0 for Day to stay, but if it’s 6-3, I’m betting new school rules kick in and the herd mentality takes over.

Go make jesse a sandwich

This season blows just drop a bomb on the house or send chilltown in to shake it up


It’s only Enzo/Tyler that want Dani out – Cody has vacillated on that point which was proven by him telling Dani how worried Tyler is that Dani will backdoor him next week.

The fact Cody did that and as far as I know hasn’t told Tyler/Enzo that Dani has a power shows where his true allegiance lies (and always has – truth be told). Although there is an alternative theory to consider…

This all might be a “plot point” to set up Dani.

  1. Cody/Dani were feuding a bit so that conversation where he lied about not saying anything against her and vice versa was to clear the air.
  2. Then she admits to having the power which she originally lied to him about – proving to Cody how easy it is for her to lie to him
  3. By telling her Tyler is worried – it reinforces she should be worried about Ty coming for her
  4. Dani talking to Nic F admits she was targeting Bay
  5. Simultaneously, we’ve got Nicole reinforcing with Xmas that Tyler is fine & shouldn’t be a target.

Here’s the issue — Cody KNOWS if Tyler leaves he becomes the number one target with no other option to consider (hence it makes zero sense to target him at least until much later in the game).

Sooooooo this all goes to say I believe the powers that be could be pushing this plot line & that they know Tyler has the third power. Memphis suddenly being nice to Kevin out of the blue took him off my list as possibly having the power (b/c Memphis thinks Kevin might have it). Only Ian/Ty could realistic have it and keep it quiet and I just believe in my gut Ty has it.

I think TPTB want Dani to try to get Ty put up soon & I think Ty’s power will be one where he can replace himself & possibly both noms & rename who replaces them. That said, I don’t think TPTB want to lose either Ty or Dani before jury so this might continue to be a running plot line.


I have a really hard time with self centered people” ……says possibly THE most self centered person to ever play the game lmfao!!! When she’s not playing the victim….or the race card…… Truth: Bayleigh is a good competitor. She’s very pretty girl. She’s smart….not BB game smart, but intelligent……but she’s a complete phony. She’s very condescending and talks to people like they’re stupid or ignorant. And she’s a gigantic hypocrite.
You’re not a ‘victim’, you’re just kind of an a$$hole.