Veto not used – “We’re almost untouchable” Christmas

Head of Household Winner – Christmas
Have nots – No havenots this week
Nominations – Bay & DaVonne
Power of Veto Players are – Christmas, Bayleigh, Da’Vonne, Nicole, Ian and Dani.
POV Host: – David
Power of Veto holder – Christmas
Power of Veto Ceremony – Veto not used.
Powers – Christmas, Dani, David
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Veto Results:
– Christmas Won the Veto
– Dani won the Home Gym
– Day won the 5K
– Nicole got the Slop-tard punishment
– Bay has to do 500 laps riding a tricycle on a track
– Ian didn’t feel well so he didn’t play

11:16 am Dani and Cody
Dani – I talked to Christmas and she blatantly lied to me.. she said he was up there for two and a half hours talking about how he missed Angela.. C’mon
Cody – what he said to us is he tried to quit yesterday Alison had to come. (THE GROD!!!! I curse thy name)
Dani – oh really.. I think if it stays the same i’ll just up to him and be like Lets talk this is stupid.
Ian joins them. Dani goes on about questioning if she should have been on the show this season.
Cody – you should have .. everyone has these moments
Ian – This week has been emotionally draining

Cody going on about his skin being like his dad and his brother’s is like his moms.
Cody – in the winter time I’m very pale I have to keep my facial hair or my dark circles
Cody looks at Ian “you’re trying to hold my hand”
Ian – no I’m trying to scratch my head
Cody – ohh

11:31 am Christmas and Da’Vonne
Day – So what you thinking?
Christmas – it’s so weird right. I would really like to figure out our game. I just want to see how Bayleigh reacts.
Day – ok, so your going to use it
Christmas – I can’t tell you
Day – Ok
Day – 5 is great 4 works it’s up to you guys..
Christmas – Nicole adores you.. we all want you here I’m going to make that very clear. It’s just really weird with the Tyler and Bayleigh thing It’s just.. I’m still trying to wrap my head around it.

Christmas says she’s getting pulled into something she has nothing to do with/ (bay vs Tyler)
Day says use the veto put Tyler and Bayleigh on the block let them battle it out.

11:45 am Tyler and Da’Vonne
Da’Vonne – I’m constantly asking are you sure.. are you sure
Tyler – I’m sure. I won’t go back on that. I did what I can without throwing in the towel I was told I’m not allowed.
Da’Vonne – You’re not
Feeds cut..
11:47 am Tyler and Christmas in the HOH
Christmas – you’re ok
Tyler – yeah I’m good
Feeds flip to backyard.

11:51 am Da’Vonne – Bay
Da’Vonne says she thinks Christmas will use the veto. “She was like I can’t tell you because of the guidelines”
Da’Vonne – she pisses me the f*** off with the guidelines of the show

Bay says that is why she thinks Christmas is not using the veto.
Bay – ‘I’m a stickler for the rules of the show’ (as shitmas) .. so she thinks.. because he just wants to go she’s cheating the show if she allows Tyler to be on the block.

11:59 am Christmas and Tyler
Christmas – Angela can have you for a whole life time let the world have you for 2 more months
Tyler – right two more months .. less than two months. You’re right
Christmas – we’re in such a great position we’re almost untouchable.
Tyler says he’ll have to squash the beef with Dani.
Christmas makes it clear she’s not into backdooring someone in this game.
Christmas – I’m not into playing dirty I’m not into mud slinging (ZOMG)
Christmas tells him when he talks to Bay/Day just say you were trying to make me understand.
Tyler mentions how they have to make it sound like she’s still trying to figure it out.
Christmas – day wants to have an all girls alliance with the final 4..
Tyler- final 4 girls
Christmas – yeah.. I’m not throwing the girls under the bus.. My loyalty is God, me, Family, and in the BB house You, the committee and the girls..
Christmas says that Da’vonne is telling her that Bayleigh burned her “I don’t know how much of that is 100%”
Tyler says they can’t trust neither of them.

Tyler says she’s done a good job this week building up trust “I think we’re ok”
Christmas – Kevin can’t get it. David can’t get is and Da’Vonne can’t get it. (HOH)

12:16 pm Tyler and bay
Tyler – what I can’t do is openly you know try and go that’s considered quitting
Bayleigh – 100%, If you are on the block next with me we can genuinely let the house decide. If me and you were in the same boat if we go home Great if we stay great
Tyler – I was going to tell you that to you can’t .. they told me it’s against the rules to ask people .. to give people permission to vote you out
Tyler – I learned this yesterday

12:25 pm Bayleigh and Da’Vonne
Bayleigh – she specifically told me don’t worry if I got home this week he’s my target. I will make it my mission to get him out he’s next

12:27 pm Tyler and Dani
squashing their beef.
Tyler – I’ve been having a rough time.. sorry I’ve been self sabotaging in a way”
Dani – Is wear on my life I swear on everything I’ve never said a bad word about you in this house. nothing even I don’t like him in the game her’s a threat .. like lets get him out NEVER once.. I swear it on everything I have (Yikes)
Tyler – we need a little bit of a reset if you can accept my apology
DAni – I can

12:31 pm Feeds cut to cats for the Veto Ceremony

1:32 pm Veto not used

Bayleigh cries. “My heart is broken.

1:37 pm Bayleigh and Da’Vonne
Bayleigh is pissed.
bayleigh – can I hug you no b1tch if you ever come near me again.. (about Christmas)
Bay – I feel very .. played.. I feel played by him to
Da’Vonne – who
Bay – Ian . His eyes are darting he’s so nervous. He was talking sh1t about Nicole and Cody last week to me.. I don’t know what I am going to do with that. He straight said she’s not my Brittney I’m not going to be loyal to her because her loyalties are elsewhere.. I haven’t even said anything (LOL Ian isn’t why you are on the block)
Bay – I’m tired of being played with

1:41 pm Da’Vonne and Christmas
Day – I told you I don’t have the votes against her Christmas..
Christmas – I don’t think that’s true
Day – I know that’s not true
Christmas – I can’t be caught in the crossfire of someone else’s situation. This will destroy my place in the game 100% it will look like I don’t know what I’m doing I put her up because of what she said to me.. not because what Tyler has done if she was Tyler out she’ll have to do it that’s not my job
Christmas – he’s a big player he’s never thrown me under the bus.. I don’t have a cross with him that’s hers’ not mine
Feeds cut.. when we’re back.
Christmas goes on about how Day is in the girls alliance with them.
Christmas – I didn’t pull this out of thing air. I promise you.
Christmas – as much as you need it I need cadence to see their momma win (Day’s daughter)
Christmas – I will cut somebody when they leverage my child.. I want her to see you win HOH (Day’s daughter)
Christmas – my commitment to you Is I’m working with you this week as well.. (ZOMG)
Christmas – I’m not campaigning against BAyleigh I’m campaigning for Da’Vonne. You are the one that needs to be in this game

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Golden Gate Granny

Can Bay hold herself together for the next few days? Methinks no. She’ll erupt like Mt. St. Helen before Thursday. Probably several times.

Sink the Floaters

I hope she erupts and then the house votes out DaVonne. Bay can follow next week.


Yeah, I’d rather risk bay making jury than da, but my preference is neither do

Starry night

I’m going to make a prediction that Bailey is going to tell several huge big lies this week. I hope they don’t fall for it. I don’t have respect for people that play the game that way. I’m just waiting for the blowup.

Bounce Dani

Christmas – “Kevin can’t get it. David can’t get is and Da’Vonne can’t get it.” (HOH)

Well this tells you that Bay is getting voted out this week.


You don’t have respect for players that tell big lies?!?! Haha haha, well you’re watching the wrong game. All the players left in the house lie all the time, Dani just swore on everything she has that she never talked bad about Tyler or ever mentioned getting him out to anyone, which is a BIG FREAKING LIE. Dani is the most disgusting player in my opinion this year, she straight up sucks. I want her on the block and out soon, more than anyone else, which says a lot because I wanted NicoleF out day one.


Well you have no respect for any of them because they all lies


i hate this season

Meow Meow

My final three prediction is Enzo, Ian and Christmas.

Houka Inumuta

With Ian winning AGAIN

Tyler on Top

Good job Christmas!


I agree. Christmas is my new favorite player.


As expected


Yep…when all else fails fall back on “…it’s the rules.” ! Christmas is such a phony…so fake. She talks like she’s got the biggest balls in the house, but if she did, why waste your HOH on two of the weakest players in the house? If she wants to prove that she is such a comp beast she should have put up two of the guys who keep winning the comps. I think she can beat both Day and Bay so why is she threatened by them? I just can’t get a handle on most of these player’s strategy this year. I know that some of them (Kevin) have no strategy, and some (Dani) just revert their old shit-
stirring and lying strategy….someone in the house has to have a brain. Ian and possibly Tyler are my last hope!




I wrote this in a previous post but worth putting it here too. Tyler did everything he could to help Day and Bay, they weren’t smart enough to use it and have proven to be bad players. I resent the fact that Bayleigh is so arrogant, she truly believes that she is in this position because of Tyler. Had she not run to Cody with everything, she would be fine, THAT is what got her in this mess not Tyler. Tyler has gone above and beyond gamewise to give Day and Bay good info and because they were too dumb to listen and sold him out, HE’S the one who feels bad and wants to go? This is beyond ridiculous.Day and Bay are acting entitled as if Tyler owes them something when people like he, Kaysar and Janelle have only tried to help them and are crapped on for it.

Starry night

You’re 100% correct.


I agree. Now, did Tyler, Janelle, Kaysar try to help them out of the goodness of their heart? No, they were playing the game and they saw Bay and Day as potential allies that they could work with and flip the house with. It would have been sooooo good, too, but Bay ruined it every time by running back and blabbing to their fake alliance. This is what happens when you put non-All stars in an All Stars season. When people reach out in the game, you need to keep that info to yourself!

Mcdonough Joanne



I’m honestly so glad that someone pointed this out. It makes me feel bad that people are still continuing to blame Tyler when he has stuck his neck out for them. I’m also annoyed that everyone seems to have forgiven Dani. I don’t get it.


I think that’s the part that east at me most, the heat Tyler is taking (and accepting himself) is undue. Sure he was wrong when he thought that Dani was pitting them against him but the info he gave them was still accurate. Bay didn’t have to go telling people about it. If anything SHE has ruined HIS game by putting him in Dani’s cross-hairs not the other way around. And then Dani acting as if Tyler has committed some sin and talking bad about him and once again he’s the one apologizing. Talk about gaslighting lol. Tyler did nothing wrong on a personal or game level.

BB SmallStars

Preach it Canadian. Not only is Bay arrogant but she’s so delusional thinking she knows all/ sees all/ understands all. She’s out of her league in the mental part of this game. Janelle and Kaysar tried telling her and Day and they would still “vote with the house”. Like mindless sheep. Kaysar also tried to make her see the majority did NOT have her back and he got his head bit off for it and then says that HE was rude and condescending. Obnoxious, delusional, and mean is what she is. And now she’s paying for it. Oh and playing the victim now. Please. Buh-bye Bay.


I’m inclined to agree. Bay is terrible at this game. I had hopes she might be able to turn it around this season but alas, she is making the same mistakes.

Why does she seem to always go against the people who are trying to help her? Wasn’t rockstar willing to walk out the door so she could stay in BB20 and then she continually berated her and treated her like a whipped dog.

She takes everything as a personal slight against her, even from people who are genuinely trying to help her. Um, duh, Tyler doesn’t want you to go around and tell information he gave you in confidence to the very people he warned you about. That’s not being condesencing. That’s literally the game.

And both Bay and Da’Vonne seem to be totally against Tyler now….like, wtf, did they literally forget about the HOH comp 5 seconds ago where a huge chunk of their supposed alliance targeted them first?

If that doesn’t set alarm bells off in your head and causes you to distrust the person who gave you information and didn’t actively target you then maybe you deserve to be condescended to.

Memphis Mania

Bayleigh and Day can now start the competition to see who is the biggest victim.


Too bad for them, they’ve already been lapped by the ultimate victim Handy-McPig-Slots Nicole.

Just me

Now the question becomes, how will CBS edit this situation on Wednesday. I don’t see any way to spin this into a positive thing. Unless they portray it as a “Tyler’s Funeral” ploy to gain Day’s trust.


Who is to say it wasn’t


Cody, the oil man.

The new King.


Absolutely not!!!


Lame ?
At least Christmas should of put david or kevin and try and save day after she told !!! Day has alliance with you girls!!
Why you did that! And Danni did that too with cody. So annoying !

Ho Ho Ho

You did a great job breaking up a duo Christmas. Another successful HOH. I’m hoping that Ian, Kevin or Dani go next.

Memphis and Nicole are really keeping a low profile right now. I wonder if their flying under the radar strategy is going to work for them.

Go make jesse a sandwich

Successful? She put up two people who won win anything When her 6 way final 2 deal explodes well get to hear her cry for ages


I’m glad it wasn’t use!! They deserve to get the boot since never took the opportunity to work with Janelle and Keiser when they had the chance, they screwed their own game.


Shiiitmas – day wants to have an all girls alliance with the final 4..
Mrs Angela- final 4 girls
Christmas – yeah.. I’m not throwing the girls under the bus..* (nah you are just serving all girls head on a silver plate to the bruhs)

shiitmas rules are fake. Previous seasons several players asked to be evicted for n reasons and they didn’t break the rule. That’s the problems with the floaters, they believe whatever crap they are told lol

and yes shiiitmas is making invisible to the bruhs alliance and sadly she is not part of the brush yet she never will lol

Simon is Memphis still in the game? Haven’t heard from him from a long time


Is his sole for existing to get out Ian and nothing else?


Well, does he eat any cereal?


For once, Christmas actually does something good. So glad to see one of those two useless girls gone.


I’m glad Tyler is still in the game. He will be far more interesting to watch than Bayleigh in the coming weeks. I think his intent to self-evict was genuine. My guess is that he got a hint from production in the DR that he’s getting BB Twitter hate, so he thought the only way to survive post-BB house is to give up his own game in favor of Bay and Day. What he doesn’t realize is that BB Twitter will hate him for anything and everything, so he can’t play to appease them. Play to win.


I believe it was genuine, too, because he was trying to protect his life outside the house. However, I bet they told him that if he self-evicts he doesn’t get paid, and that if he stays, he can still work with the person who doesn’t get evicted.


I’m ok with this crisis being averted.

It hasn’t been the greatest season so far, and Tyler leaving would certainly not help us avoid a F3 of Dani, Cody, Nicole

Of course my mind might change when we end up with a F3 of Tyler, Nicole (hopefully Enzo instead yo), and Shitmas, lol

Team New School

Right now, Enzo, Tyler, and Christmas sounds pretty good!

Houka Inumuta

You forgot Ian


and Bay gets pissed that people call her emotional. She has no self awareness, it’s sad.

Team New School

I loved her spiel about how she couldn’t stand people who complained and only talked about themselves! LOL


I’m just glad Tyler took off his sunglasses when he went to console Bay


Ha! Good one!

another name

I’m intrigued by the statement that it’s against the rules for people to ask to be nominated, or have others promise to evict them.

BBcan8 Carol asked to be evicted for 22 out of 24 days they filmed.
CBB Keisha waves hello. Guess Tyler couldn’t prove his breastmilk was depleting.
Lawon. c’mon. La-friggin-won.
For that matter, every person that volunteers to go on the block as a pawn. Like Christmas last week. Volunteer means asking to put their game in jeopardy. Doesn’t it?

That rule doesn’t sound like it’s a thing unless it interferes with storyline.
Note: not a bitch about Tyler. Not a bitch about Christmas. Not a bitch about either nominee. This is me wondering about the arbitrary enforcement of rules. That’s all.

To me it’s obvious. Tyler wanted to leave. Grod said no money, and maybe I’ll up your part in the story a little and make sure your edit is good. Tyler is staying.
The siting of rules regarding noms this week? It’s intentional. To try to get viewers invested in what will happen, and to attempt to get people’s fevers rising.

Bounce Dani

Well it seems pretty obvious to me that Grodners story this year is a SJW Da’Vonne victory.

another name

When has Grodner EVER been about sjw?
Not in a century of Sundays.
Grodner will manipulate the fanbase with a few social commentary conversations.
To attempt to show a different side of the show and network post season 21’s absolute bullshit.
But. Grodner’s motivation being social justice? OH hell no.

Bounce Dani

Didn’t you see the Day/Kaysar love fest?

another name

re-read the comment.
the manipulate with social commentary conversations part.
Ask me again.


The rules on noms are pretty loose. Technically it’s true but it’s never enforced (for example an hoh can legally say “I’m thinking of putting up player A and B” but it’s illegal to say “I’m putting up player A and B”). They take violence seriously but if it’s just discussing noms in a way they’re not supposed to it’s usually a slap on the wrist if that

another name

It’s completely intentional with this week, this HOH, and these nominees that suddenly the no communication about who will be nom’d rule is being sited.
It’s absolutely about enflaming debate all over the spectrum. For ratings.
It’s week 5. Week 5 is notorious for lower than average ratings unless something is done to get people talking and get people more invested. It’s last week prejury. Usually a slam dunk easy week. Week five is also usually one of the hardest weeks to block in terms of advertising revenue. Something has to be done to get the advertisers to pay the rates in a week that usually has lower viewership. Not sure why. but the numbers for week fives traditionally show a slump not in market share, but a per capita downturn before jury. Not a huge slump, but enough that advertisers question the rates. Time to toss in some intrigue because they aren’t doing a battle back.
We’re falling for it. Again.


There is not a rule against influencing a nomination or use of veto in the USA or Canada. Every week houseguests are asked to state why the veto should be used on them… Christmas lied. Houseguests are allowed to self evict… Grod probably did a rule change in the Diary room.

It is bullshit.

Jaysar for all stars 3

I would love, LOVE, at the end of the season for there to be a segment of all the people saying “I swear on my life, child, game, Bible, etc. I never said a bad word about you” and then clips of all the bad things they’ve said about the person. It would highlight how much the game has become about blatant lying for the sake of lying rather than strategy, alliance, or actual game play.

All puff no stuff

What a crap fest

grodners a b*tch

How the hell can grodner say quitting is against the rules and Christmas can’t use veto. Honestly I’d rather bay leave than day or Tyler anyway but to watch him tell them both that he would sacrifice himself and then tell him no you’re not allowed is complete horse poop

The Beef

Quitting may be a violation of your contract, which would cause you to lose your contractual payment, but there is no way they can force them to stay inside that house if they don’t want to. They are NOT slaves. They are people with jobs, just like any other people, and if they want to quit those jobs, all they have to do is work up the gumption to do it. There may be consequences to doing it, like never being invited back, but that’s about it as far as I can see.

For some of them $40k might be a lot of money, but for others, they probably make a lot more than that in three months outside, so they may be actually sacrificing money to be in there, unless they win. Janelle and Kaysar both probably fell into that category. Memphis too, although his businesses are still running while he’s inside. Hard to know about some of the others just how important $40k is to them.


if CBS wanted to bring back black woman who could represent they couldve brought back Kalia, Jocasta, Zakiyah, Neely, Danielle Lickey, Amber, Dominique, the list goes on and on.

CBS brought back Day and Bay because on their seasons they lost self control and went hysterical yelling their heads off, to the point where security held back Day and Bay was spitting blood.


Amber and Danielle Lickey yes. They tried with Danielle Reyes who would have been the best but she said no. The others you mentioned can stay home lol.

another name

From initial reports, Amber was on the short list of returns. For some time.
So was Dani R.
No word on why Amber fell through or was dropped. Just rumors.
Dani R. was yes/no/yes/no. Cody stated he thought he was going to final four with Dani R. and was surprised she wasn’t there. Week one.


Im really wondering what tyler will do when has to start making some really tough choices. Will he stand by christmas or david/davone. Im sure hes hoping for other ppl to take them out but if he gets to final 6 hes gonna have some really tough decisions to make and truth is w.e he does social media will be all over him and im sure hes very aware of that

Tyler on Top

I think Christmas is his number one.


Allison steps in with the save for her “favorite” yet AGAIN. Of course I didn’t want Tyler to go, but they’re other big targets & Christmas chose to play it easy. We may not get a single big move this season. The big alliance going after each other when nobody else is left isn’t a big move…


Feedsters once the season is over: “So Dani, how would you like to be executed?”

(PS before this is posted, just know it’s only dark humor for her swearing on her life and then lying immediately after. I do not encourage murder.)


I am so tired of the fake racism that Bayeligh and DaVonne think they are being put through. It’s sad they are begging for pity because of their race when this has nothing to do with them being on the block together.Janelle was voted out 2 weeks ago and last time I checked she is Caucasian along with NicoleA. I am a black man and I am sick of people acting like they have to feel sorry for black people. I live a good life and although racism is a real thing I don’t allow it to affect my life. I don’t use racism as a crutch and I damn sure not looking for pity from anyone. Our society has become so weak and I tired of hearing this garbage.

grodners a b*tch

They didn’t ask Tyler to do that though he came out and said it. I would have personally told him no that I don’t want his handout but I haven’t seen day or bay call anyone in the house racist or say they need to keep them. Day talking about her experiences as a black woman is why they wanted her back.


Did I miss something? I didn’t see them blaming anything on race. Maybe I just didn’t see it. The lack of cast diversity certainly doesn’t do them any favors, but I think they will see their mistakes when they go back and watch the season. As for our society, I think it is stronger than it ever was, and we’ll come out of this time better than before. Peaceful doesn’t mean strong. Like Big Brother, we’ve been long over-due for a little power shake-up.


I agree with you.

The Beef

Just love your posts and the fact you keep it real! There IS still racism in the world today, but thank God it’s not like it was 60 years ago, despite what some would have you believe. We still have a ways to go, but we have at least covered some distance – the trick is to keep making improvements and to not get complacent. We may never rid the world of those with hate in their heart, but we must work together to try and diminish them as best we can, so that things can get better for ALL of us.

Big Jim

95% chance Cody Nicole Enzo or Tyler wins smh

My 2 cents

Gotta say I’ve gotten a kick outta seeing Nic in her sloptard. Last night she was complaining her stomach hurt and she needed to fart. Tyler said, “well don’t hot box yourself!”


Couldn’t David use his power to remove one or both of them? ( I don’t remember the details) This would be hysterical! Then, Christmas would actually have to make a real move.

another name

David has the power to save himself or any one other houseguest from being nominated. The person designated safe cannot be a renom either.
He gets to activate his power AFTER the nomination ceremony.