Dani “We need to figure out a solidified plan to backdoor him [Tyler] & get him the hell out of here.”

Head of Household Winner – Christmas
Have nots – No havenots this week
Nominations – Bay & DaVonne
Power of Veto Players are – Christmas, Bayleigh, Da’Vonne, Nicole, Ian and Dani.
POV Host: – David
Power of Veto holder – Christmas
Power of Veto Ceremony
Powers – Christmas and Dani. Christmas = protection from being a renom. Dani= Lets an HOH play in the following week HOH competition
Live feeds —-> Grab your Live feeds here. Try it free.
Rank the houseguests —-> Big Brother 22 Ranking

Veto Results:
– Christmas Won the Veto
– Dani won the Home Gym
– Day won the 5K
– Nicole got the Slop-tard punishment
– Bay has to do 500 laps riding a tricycle on a track
– Ian didn’t feel well so he didn’t play

12:48pm Bathroom. Dani and Day.
Day – If I am doing the math correctly .. she would only have Cody, Enzo.. Dani – no Enzo is like .. I don’t know. Day – Cody, poss Enzo and David. Kevin. Dani – and Nicole told me that she talked to Memphis and he wants you to stay but its only freakin Sunday. All we need is one more. That’s it. Day – I know. Dani – Stop saying there won’t be a battle back because I’ve been talking to Cody and saying that sending out Bay would be better to battle Janelle. So stop saying that. Day – Okay. Dani – If Thursday is a double we need to plan ahead to figure out how we can get the votes to get Tyler out. We need to figure out a solidified plan to get him the hell out of here. I also think he would have to be up against Memphis. It couldn’t be a pawn.

12:50pm Backyard Couches. Kevin, Tyler, Christmas, Memphis, Nicole Cody.
Christmas – We all have like this.. we have all been conditioned .. we have all be trained through the years to fight a certain way, love a certain way, feel validated a certain way. And when it doesn’t serve you in the best way for you .. then that is when it gets you in trouble. The entitlement .. the ego. For Zeb its taken a couple times .. to have some serious sit down conversations for me going you have a decision but I am not going to wait for you to decide. I have hard boundaries and they are there to protect me not for me to retreat. He is relearning how to have a relationship and I am relearning how to have a new relationship because I have some old traumas. She continues to talk about relationships and how she handles it.. bla bla bla.. I feel so sorry for Zeb..

1:20pm – 1:30pm Day – I am going to let people breathe today. Tomorrow we have the party .. I am going to be super social and everything I need to be. Tuesday.. That gives me two days to come up with some sh*t.. today and tomorrw.. Tuesday I go to work! Kevin – can you explain something to me.. I genuinely don’t know and I might be a bad player. I don’t understand this concept of taking it easy. Day – and not hounding people? Kevin – I didn’t say hounding. No one is saying negative sh*t. Taking it easy is strange to me. I believe it should be heavy up front and then relax. Then heavy because right now all day today people are going to be talking and you didn’t give them anything to.. Day – I talked to everyone yesterday! Kevin – oh okay. Day – immediately after the competition I went to work! Kevin – okay, then yeah. Because she (Bay) was like I think I’m going to relax before I start campaigning. And I was like girl that doesn’t make any sense to me. Day – I need to go talk to Christmas .. and I need to tell her the votes that I don’t have. Between me and you .. you can’t say this to anyone .. not even David. She wants me to stay. Kevin – okay. Why is that so secret? Day – that can’t be known information.

1:37pm – 2pm Lounge room. Nicole and Day.
Day – So I am trying to figure it out. I don’t think I have them. I have four (votes) but I don’t know what Memphis is going to do. And I don’t know how close Christmas and Memphis are. I think they’re close and I think .. do you think I could go to her and ask her to talk to him? Nicole – yeah I think that would be a good idea. I think they are closer .. like I don’t talk to him like that. I wouldn’t .. I think you would stay. I assume the veto won’t be used. I don’t want to go to work because they might be like Nicole is sticking her neck out .. lets put her up there but if its not used I will go to work to get you to stay in this house. If Kaysar says that I’m running this house .. I will start running this house. Day laughs. Nicole – I will talk to Christmas and give her all the points for you to stay. I will talk to Cody. I think you having four is really good. That means we only need one more. Don’t panic, I think that is the worst thing you can do. Bay isn’t doing that. Lets be honest people want people to stay because its an advantage for them. I was thinking could we convince Christmas to pull you down but she isn’t going to want to put someone else up. Day – I am going to let people breathe but tonight I will talk to her (Christmas). Nicole – I don’t know a ton but if she is leaving you up there I am assuming she knows you have the votes. Its nice that you have four solid votes without even trying or offering anything. Day – would it be smart for me to go to her and tell her my weak points.. tell her the votes I don’t have. Nicole – what advantage would that be.. for her to work those people. Day – yeah. Nicole – yeah that would be a good idea. Day – I was going to mention Tyler. Nicole – yeah I would definitely mention Tyler. Who else. Day – David. She talks about how David keeps bring up their beef from earlier in the season. He met Bay outside the house so he will probably keep her. Nicole – Ian said that he is keeping you because he met you outside the house. Nicole – I think you focus on David, Cody and Memphis.. You need to get one of those three. Day – I am going to chill and relax .. but I don’t want to miss the window. Nicole – I want you to stay in this house and I will do what I can. Day – thanks Nic!

2pm Lounge room. Kevin and Bay.
Kevin – so you don’t think you have his (Tyler) vote then? Bay – but the good thing about that is that he is going around saying that he is voting for me. Kevin – okay because he wants you to feel secure. Bay nods yes – so those people will probably vote for me and assumptions that he is voting for me. I just have to go back and have conversations. Kevin – Then use this moment with Tyler.. like that you’re good and that is not what you’re going to do. If you do get past this week use it as a gesture be like you really showed that you were trusting of me and I will do the same for you. Bay – he already told me that he has my back. Kevin – I am team I want to win so I am trying to figure out a way to get far. Bay – I have enjoyed my experience with Day but I am here to win, to make a difference, to win some money. I don’t want to be the first person in jury. Kevin – we’re going to have to win power next to make some bold moves. Bay – I will talk to Christmas and see if she has a preference on who stays and how I can make her week easier. Kevin – you need to make the HOH feel like you will protect her in x amount of weeks. Empathize as much as you can and give her something concrete on what you can do for her. She can use us to accomplish the things that she doesn’t want to do like backdooring people. She isn’t comfortable betraying people. Bay – unless its me. Kevin – getting to the end is not getting caught up in the distractions. Someone (Dani) is playing the distraction game.

HOH room. Bay and Christmas.
Bay – I have been working all the angles. I have decided that I won’t make a plan for you to not do anything else than what you’ve already done. I don’t want to make it any more rough for you. It is what it is. I want you to know that I am not going to compromise your game and put any extra pressure on you so that you can keep the noms the same. Christmas – I appreciate that. Do you have a preference on who you would like to stay? Christmas – I have done what I am required to do and I leave that up to you and Day .. and really the house I don’t want that decision to be frank. That is totally game-wise because you and I are connected. Bay – okay. Christmas – that’s probably not what you wanted to hear. Bay – I didn’t have any expectations. Christmas – isn’t that nice. You and Day regal women and won’t campaign against each other. Bay – I am coming to you for a read on what you think is going to happen.

2:50pm Lounge room. Bay and Enzo.
Bay – I don’t like when people back me into a corner .. it makes me feel really uncomfortable. But whenever she did talk to Day she figured out that it was Tyler. She came to me and spilled me everything that he said about me that I’m an emotional player, that got so mad that I blacked out and bled from my mouth and that I should go home before jury because I am just going to pollute the jury against him. Enzo – I don’t get involved in this sh*t! Bay – because of what happened on my season .. Tyler wants me to blow up. Enzo – yeah. Bay – and I am not going to. Enzo – don’t do it.. out play em. Has Christmas told you who her target is? Or is she leaving it to the house? Bay – leaving it to the house. I have been talking to David and I feel like he is going to vote for me. Kevin said he hasn’t decided yet. The Tyler situation .. he doesn’t know that I know anything and I am going to keep it like that. Enzo – I want you to stay. Bay – I am not asking you to stick your neck out for me .. just read the temperature and let me know if there is anything I should do. Enzo – three seasons she (Day) has been here and she hasn’t won a comp… that’s why they want to keep her here. I am just being honest with you. Bay – for you and Cody .. I am a better competitor so that is better for you. David and Kevin know that. Enzo – I think you need to work on Cody and Dani.. because if you have them .. you have me.. that’s three.

2:30pm Backyard pool. The house guests relaxing in the backard and pool.

3:35pm – 3:50pm Backyard Couches. Bay and Cody.
Bay – the reason why I’ve been a bit off the last few days is because I felt personally attacked by someone… if that makes sense. Cody – that makes perfect sense. I can imagine how that is really tough. Bay – I know people like me but they also know that I’m a competitor and physical and all that kind of stuff. I have to walk a thin line that the people that I am working with know that I am ready to fight and compete.. and making sure that I am not threatening. Christmas joins them and the conversation ends.

4:30pm The house guests are relaxing and enjoying having the backyard.

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Welcome to the twilight zone.

Andy the Red Rat

Dani has cooked her own goose.

Starry night

No Dani..they need to back door your ass at the double eviction..not Tyler.

Tyler's Toes

Why? We want to see excitement. Dani will keep stuff going. Tyler is just good at competitions, no excitement value.


Tyler leaving would be everything! People are so unfair to women who lie, cheat, and deceive in this game, but they’re okay with men doing it. Go Dani and Nicole!


U just said it all….There`s a double standard among fans for sure.


Perhaps the ladies should stop being lazy, focus on the game, layout a plan and stop the drama and gossiping why do most BB winners are dudes? cause they strategize and work their brains since day 1. It’s not about gender or race but who is the smartest.

Starry night

Christmas is the only girl strategizing and winning comps. She was also a good sport with her penalty…13 babies. I love her.


shes stupid ,and is no allstar,xmas is like david. plus shes racist

Not Your Usual Bear

You only view it that way bc you are sexist. The very same behavior seen in both genders is labeled with a negative spin when it is displayed by women. Also, the game is not an IQ test. If it were, Ian would be in charge right now. Or Kaysar, Nicole A. Day is quite sharp. Janelle is at least as smart as all of the remaining men. Much smarter than dumb ass Cody, for sure.

Bay Has Online Access?

Bitter party of one. Not your usual bear…..is that you Boo Boo?

Big Baby

Ironically nice nasty miss Kansas City
royally sucks at playing this game.

Once she was condescending and crappy to Kaysar in the John of all places it was time that she got flushed out of the big brother house perjury like a nasty turd.

I’m gonna back door Angela two weeks earlier on my (Bayleigh) HOH
if the Veto is used and I’m gonna let Tyler know that and two weeks later I’m gonna have a power app to save myself from a backdoor on Angela‘s HOH reign in yet I’m not gonna use it. Thats is a classic example of terrible gameplay!!! That was historically bad what she did in season 20!!!

She got played like a spade and
Angela completely smoked her like a cigarette!!!!! That Proved Angela deserved to be there this season over Bayleigh!!!

Good riddance Bayleigh you always did suck at playing this game!

Barney Rubble

Disgusting. I can’t believe you are going to drag her through the mud like that and on Rockstars daughters birthday,


Most underrated comment.

Rockstars daughter’s birthday gets me every time.

Team New School

I really hope Dani goes next week.

Dixie Rekt

Keep hoping. Dani ain’t going anywhere. You’ll really be crying when she’s sitting in final two again.

Barney Rubble

Does Houka have a new screen name?

Dixie Rekt

Tyler reminds me of a serial killer or cult leader. He’s got those crazy eyes. You can tell he’s got a dark side and use’s his fake friendly ways to manipulate people. whenever he’s alone with Enzo and Cody and the real Tyler comes out.

Starry night

Tyler is not faking his friendliness. He’s probably the nicest one there.


It’s called the Angela effect! creepy lol

Evel Dickless

Dixie sounds a little jelly.

Dixie Rekt

Strawberry or Grape?


I wonder if Zeb is watching the live feeds right now and rethinking his relationship, especially after seeing how Christmas has been manipulating him this whole time like he’s a houseguest on BB?


Cody still slick.

He learned from one of the greatest and now he is the greatest

The oil man

Britney is a Dime

I do like Cody but I never was a Derrick fan. As far as being the greatest that might be a stretch. He would be the greatest if he joined FOUTTE.


This season sinks


They’re just sheep… sheep following along to the slaughter.

Golden Gate Granny

This season sunk.


BB Floaters Hysteria: We need to send someone strong so that person can beat Janelle on the battle of the undead!

The bruhs: yah you floaters focus all your energy on that while we evict you one by one LOL

duh duh duh dumb!!!!!!!!


Yes Dani let`s do it… oh wait, I bet CBS already gave him the 3rd power to keep him safe for the next 8 evictions, just like they did his first season.


I’m SOOOOOOOOOO ANNOYED with this season of this wannabe All-Star season. Cody wants desperately to get out of Derrick shadow. But Derrick is a true All-Star because he would’ve taken FULL advantage of Dani telling him she has a power where she can play for HOH even if she was already the HOH. He would eliminate the threat especially if he knew she was playing every side in which he discussed with Enzo and Tyler. Christmas is useless and she would listen to whatever Cody said. Why did production have them compete for the powers and not have the fans vote on who to give it too because this season is BORING. So incredibly frustrated with this season of boredom


Then go watch Love Island instead.


Wait a second. Am I correct in assuming that there isn’t a battle back?

Paul’s Beard

I can’t imagine there being a battle back, Julie has told them a lot when she interviews each one of them after eviction. Information you wouldn’t want them to have if they are going back in the house.


Julie has also shown them all of their goodbye messages — Julie never shows the goodbye messages if there’s a potential that the houseguest might coming back.

Golden Gate Granny

Yes. They’re all already outside the bubble, at home, all over social media. No battle back will happen this season.


How did Memphis hurt his back again?

Golden Gate Granny

He farted.

Okay, obviously that was a joke. But, it wasn’t much more. During the Puppet Master POV he hosted, he can clearly be heard (while done hosting and seated) “That just seized my back” when the unexpected launch of colorful goop was launched at the players.

That’s the true story of what really happened to Memphis’ back.

Golden Gate Granny

To watch: S22 E12 23:47


Does anyone think Da threw that HOH comp? I’m starting to think she did. How could you do so well and just bomb on that last question? It would make sense. A, she’s a poker player. B, she knew Christmas would put her and Bayleigh up and that Bay would go home over her. Also I think Da knows bay isn’t good for her game long-term. Plus Da has been acting a little fake friendly towards Bay since she went up. I think Da really wants Bay to go so she can stop putting a target on her back and so she can align with Dani and Nicole.


That’s a huge gamble… especially if you are that close to winning HOH! She would of tanked the competition sooner if that was her plan

Andy the Red Rat

I don’t think she threw it. I just think she choked and answered too fast.


It would’ve been her first/only HOH win… she just choked under pressure.

another name

Bored. Go ahead and Skip if you aren’t in the mood for my droning. I won’t mind.

Analysis of the Pseudo-Alliance in BB22: the all female alliance aka the Complaint.

As most are aware, a group of crows is called a Murder. In similar fashion a group of Karens is called a Complaint.
The pseudo-alliance that i am calling the Complaint breaks down in this way: Previous Alpha (the target of the rest of the species), Beta coveting an Alpha role, Gamma the envious, and the Delta, a fledgling that is actually not a Karen, but a Becky.

The previous Alpha is a former long time leader in the heirarchy that has been supplanted by the Beta. While she is now removed from the herd, her legend lives on in the Complaint. She is envied and feared by the remaining Karens, even though she is removed from the Complaint, and no longer present.

The Beta, the most guilesome and treacherous of the Complaint, desires nothing more than to be viewed as an Alpha of equal and greater public respect than the previous Alpha. In the internal political structure, she claims devotion to the former Alpha until she can wrest control for herself. At the same time, she befriends the Gamma, and feeds the envy of the Gamma, telling her she can actually one day be the new Alpha (a Gamma can never become an Alpha due to it’s codependecy). The Beta has many of the traits of the previous Alpha, but lacks her Status due to some form of character defect. The Beta is often mean, even monstrous in her behavior in manipulating others. Brief glimpses of humanity may emerge, but are quickly tossed aside as the rotten behavior continues. This is the character defect that will always cost the Beta the respect afforded an Alpha, a genuine lack of compassion and humanity.

The Gamma, a codependent sponge of envy and self pity, is more fearful of the previous Alpha. In terms of strategy, the Gamma depends on others to do things for her, and whining about fairness and fear and discomfort. The Gamma is far more likely to call for the manager when she does not get her way. The Gamma requires others to validate her at all times, and this need for validation makes her very susceptible to flighty fits of dislike if her ego is not stroked. The need for validation and codependency on others is the reason a Gamma can never be an Alpha. A Gamma will sell out all other Karens, destroying the Complaint, in order to surround herself with the male of the species.

The Delta fledgling, or the Becky likes to believe herself to be a Karen. She is not, and never can be, because the other Karen see her as a means to an end, and a flawed member of the species. The Becky is most likely brought into the Complaint by the Gamma, the codependent that requires others to act for them. The Becky is easily deluded into believing itself to be a Karen of equal standing. Further, the Becky will usually believe itself to be the new Beta to a false Alpha… which is actually the Gamma in the Complaint proper. While the Becky has many characteristics of a Karen, she will never be a real member of the Complaint, and will be discharged from the group at the earliest convenience of the Beta.

Over all, the structure of a Complaint of Karens is similar to pack mentality, but can never operate effectively with more than 3 members. All three can never get along at the same time, as two will always deride the third. Every Karen will backstab every other Karen, and this is their true weakness.

Just Sayin'

Can we call Kevin the Omega Karen then? The crazy karen who is forgetten and annoying to everyone…..

another name

Kevin is soooooo obviously a Linda. I mean… am I the only one that sees that?

oh. explanation. A Linda is a slightly older breed, from a different generation, and lost the plot a long long time ago, but still maintains they are relevant and know what’s going on… they don’t, and are only allowed to coexist for short periods of time with the Karen, but are at least one step removed from absolutely everything.

Just Sayin'

Hahahaha ok, love it



Golden Gate Granny

Your mind is fascinating. In the case of any (real or perceived) Karens working together, long term and methodically, it always falls in to the category of 2 can keep a secret if 1 is dead.

The Murder sees all.


The Beta is conniving, but more so she is bitter that she’ll never be as (fill in the adjective) as the former Alpha is.
That level of bitterness is deep seeded and usually incurable.

Beta the bitter.

Miss Impression

Bravo!I read that in the voice of Sir David Attenborough.

another name

I was going for a cross between him and the canadian hinterland who’s who commercials.


You can backdoor Tyler this week, go tell Christmas to use the veto & grab the rest of the alliance & vote him out. But the house doesn’t want to do that they wanna make an easy move for the 4th week in a row.

another name

What was the subject of the House Meeting that wasn’t on Feeds?
Production called a House Meeting? Why is this just casually slipping out in a house conversation like it’s nothing?
Ohhh. The whole Fruit of the Poisonous Tree thing. Riiiight. Forgot.
Like the Production Field Notes Meetings they had during feed outages after HOH comps last season. Gotcha.
Never mind. Crisis Averted.

Golden Gate Granny

You know… the re-scripting actor training & contract renegotiations feed blackout they/we had after the yellers.

So shady Ian is in a perpetual panic attack.

another name

Wall yellers never happened. It’s all Kaysar’s speech. Okay.
Death of Slick 6. Well it was created as a fake alliance to check and betray Da and Bay from inception… so okay. Whatever.

On feeds, Christmas for some odd reason has decided Tyler is in the have not room scheming with Da and Bay. who are… alone. She’s thinking of being sneaky. Whatever that means.

So. Back to episode. A lot of things are left out, but have been for weeks. Too much. But. Da and Xmas did talk game. When the two of them were against the Kaysar alliance idea and they said keep watching each other’s backs, but no need for Kaysar in command / Bay and Xmas were close. This whole never talked thing? Bad edit.

Basement Competition announcement.
Now we get to find out the Third power.

On feeds. Bay is done with Xmas. She spouted one too many Tyler quotes at Bay for comfort. Meantime Cody and Enzo agree that Ian has got to go asap.

Basement comp.
Decoy shapes involved.
Nicf fighting for her life? When one of her allies . stooges is the HOH. oookay.
David wins in the dark. redemption arc complete for David. Wait. I joked about that a few days ago. Seriously I was joking. But okay.
Dani wins second power.
Christmas wins third power.

On feeds. Da and Bay want to get the girls together to get Tyler or Ian on the block. But they know Xmas and Tyler always (?) meet up as soon as someone talks to Xmas in HOH. Meanwhle Xmas is still convinced Tyler may be in the Have Not scheming with Da and Bay.

Replacement isn’t what Xmas said. Shield. protects her or someone else being the renom. after veto has been played.
Replay is what Dani thought. Use it for herself or someone else.
David’s Power. Disruptor power. secretly saving a nominee and forcing a new nomination.
Bay and Dani talk. Dani lying. Bay being honest. Enzo sells Dani down the river. Ooops.

On feeds. Xmas finally sees Tyler is in kitchen. Not in have not room. So he isn’t scheming on her with the nominees. She’s relieved. And sketching herself out like a paranoid dictator.

Da tells Kevin they have to talk tonight. Christmas says she doesn’t want to make any deals. She has Tyler. She has Nicf … and that’s enough. (?) Divided attention warning.
Dani runs to Xmas… who knows that Dani was out to get Da and Bay. But Xmas is stupid. We see what was happening with the Tyler situation with Bay. it was her fear of being portrayed ABW and being the agressor no matter what. I see both sides. So i’m not picking one. Sue me.
Nom ceremony. They skipped everyone telling Christmas to go after Da and Bay. 1)to make Xmas look self sufficient. 2) to protect image of the ones that told her to do it most agressively (Nicf / Dani).
Da’ spoke up during noms. That doesn’t happen much.
Xmas crying. Ummm. already talked about my feeling about her tears the night of noms.
and we’re out.

another name

Sept. 4 2:54 am (before the basement comp was played)

Gee. why am I suddenly expecting something stupid like David winning a basement prize as his redemption for going out in the first in the dark comp? It would fit what they have been doing for the redemption arc people, wouldn’t it?

Roisin Dubh

Yeah, sounds familiar, so what should happen now is that somehow Cody goes around the house fartin out the fairy dust, everyone gets a good wiff, gets control back, and goes back to picking off the safe choices under the guise of shaping the jury.

Nannie Loves BB

Dani needs to go now! She has been an instigator since day one. She is not to be trusted by anyone. Watch your back, Nicole – she’ll come for you, too, given the chance.