“If it was a trick he’s going to look terrible to America.. Black Lives Matter .. that’s what he said.”

Head of Household Winner – Christmas
Have nots – No havenots this week
Nominations – Bay & DaVonne
Power of Veto Players are – Christmas, Bayleigh, Da’Vonne, Nicole, Ian and Dani.
POV Host: – David
Power of Veto holder – Christmas
Power of Veto Ceremony – Veto not used.
Powers – Christmas, Dani, David
Live feeds —-> Grab your Live feeds here. Try it free.
Rank the houseguests —-> Big Brother 22 Ranking

Veto Results:
– Christmas Won the Veto
– Dani won the Home Gym
– Day won the 5K
– Nicole got the Slop-tard punishment
– Bay has to do 500 laps riding a tricycle on a track
– Ian didn’t feel well so he didn’t play

1:59 pm Bayleigh and Da’Vonne
Da’Vonne – you didn’t get a power
Bay – no, I would have told your a$$
Da’Vonne – there’s nothing we can do now
Bay – the fact that both Dani and Nicole said if there’s anyway we can help you
Bay – she has to know they will call her racist online.. she has to know that. She has to know
Bay – she played me like a fiddle even before nominations

Tyler comes by.. “get off that block”
Bay – this is my spot this is where I live
They hug (Sweet baby bird)

Da’Vonne – well my friend.. my sister.. my ally let’s enjoy.
Bay – now that she’s scared because I called her out it’s going to be me
Da’Vonne – I don’t think so.. She can’t vote.

2:22 pm Kevin and Bay
Bay filling him in on everything that went down with Tyler in teh past 24 hours. Says that Tyler wanted her out prejury.
Kevin saying that they are doing to Bay/Day exactly what they did to Janelle and Kaysar. They are making they think they have a chance.
Kevin – this season is sick on a different level

Day joins them.

Kevin – whoever stays we’re just going to be cannon fodder.. they have a final 6 they’re just going to keep it like that they’re not going to twist it up unless once of us wins.. They’re going to mess with our minds making us think there’s a shot.. we have to know theirs no shot
Bay – there’s no shot it’s clear. we know that they know that I think even David knows that
Da’Vonne – out of everyone in this house he is going to get his heart broken so much .

Kevin – he might have worked something out though he did’t win power early in the game

They bring up Tyler wanting to quit.
Da’Vonne says she didn’t Believe Tyler at first, “there was one line he used”
Bay – if it was a trick he’s going to look terrible to America
Da’Vonne – he said to us I know the cause and the reason why you two are here
Bay – I talked to David about it and I’m for it I want to be an ally for you guys I don’t want to be a person that sits there and stands by and watches this happen
Da’Vonne – how do you say that.. that can’t be game. If that’s game ohh he’s a piece of sh1t
Kevin – his motivation is he looked like an a$$hole on his season
Bay – he’s going to look like a bigger a$$hole
Kevin – he would never offer his life up to sacrifice.

Da’Vonne goes on about how Tyler offered them a Christmas present and Christmas didn’t take it.
Kevin tells them that everything to do with Tyler volunteering is fake. He already knew he had zero chance of going up so he told bay/day.
Kevin – he’s doing that to cover himself so he looks good to America
Bay – That’s low
Kevin – they did it to Janelle..

Kevin – why would he marry Christmas his a$$ out of this house..
Da’Vonne – he said he was ready to go
Kevin – C’mon this is the dude probably top tiered players
Bay – ok can you not laugh at us .. so we’re just dumb as f** (yup)
Da’Vonne – I called bullsh1t up until that line because I couldn’t believe in my heart that any person would use that line as game..
Kevin – they use that line on people
Bay – on our colour
Keivn – Colour.. allies is not colour
Bay – Black Lives Matter .. that’s what he said.. not ally in the game
Kevin – he said the movement
Bay/DAy – YES
Da’Vonne – this is what we were talking about. To even make it clearer I started crying and I said this means so much because people don’t sacrifice for people like us
Bay – nobody does that for us
Da’Vonne – they don’t do that for us. We’re disposable they throw us away

Bay – he specifically said I said to David and I know why you guys are here I know the cause you guys want represent and I am supportive I know this is tough in a game for people like you
Bay continues to explain what Tyler said – I am an ally of the cause I support the cause and I don’t want to be the reason why you guys get separated.. this is not an issue of game this is an issue of him saying because your lives are not valued. Black lives are not valued I support you
Bay – so if he used that in gameplay that’s messed up
Da’Vonne – that’s some sh1t
Bay – if they are laughing and joking about the black lives matter movement and black people getting separated and thrown on the block together then sure..
Kevin says he thinks Tyler had it locked the veto wasn’t being used, “That is a over gesture.. it’s like over correction it’s like a tell .. you must be really secure to offer your whole a$$ game.. ”
Da’Vonne says Tyler has apparently been trying to self evict since last week
Kevin – I don’t buy it.
Kevin – What’s happening is there some shady a$$ gross a$$ stuff going on they’re privy to it and they are just grossed out by it and they are trying to tell people I am grossed out by it I want to go home but in reality it’s just their way of saying.. keeping their hands clean because of it..

2:51 pm Tyler and David (this is a longer conversation where David goes on and on about not believing Tyler doesn’t have a power)
David – who would you put up if you won
Tyler – Nicole and Dani because I feel like Dani is closer to Nicole than anybody else. If Bayleigh told Dani and Dani told Nicole and neither of them are coming to me to ask me if it’s true so that means they’re coming after me
Tyler – is that what you would do
David – its crossed my mind

3:03 pm Kevin and Da’Vonne
Ian’s been with them for a bit chit chatting. After he leaves.
Da’Vonne points out that Ian doesn’t look like a person that wants to leave and lost his chance out.
Kevin – it’s all lies.

3:12 pm David and Enzo
David – who do you want to keep?
Enzo – I mean I think .. I love Bayleigh more but I think the house wants her out
David – we can flip that. Let me tell you how.
Enzo – yo I want to keep bayleigh more I do YO. I just don’t think we have the numbers YO.
Enzo – will Kevin vote for her to stay
David – I can talk to him.
David says they need to spread throughout the house that Bayleigh is the bigger target if she stays and they can get her out next week, “All the house wants is things to stay in line”
Enzo – yeah… keep her in the house because she already has beef with Tyler let them go at it you know what I’m saying
Enzo – Kevin is really close with Da’Vonne.. you need 5 votes who the f**.. right now it’s me and you that’s it who the F** else.
David – if Tyler wants to fix his sh1t keep Bayleigh .. convince Kevin.
Enzo – Tyler doesn’t want bayleigh in here because Tyler doesn’t want to deal with this shit no more. He’s not going to want to keep her. THe noms are locked I’m down to try Christmas can’t do shit now.
Davi d- can you convince Cody
Enzo – I don’t think so .. I’ll try..
Enzo – they want Da’Vonne because she can’t win sh1t.. bayleigh can win so they want her the f** out.. She’ rings drama in the house she’ll be the target. The girls are going to go after her. Tyler is going after her.. What the F***
Enzo – I’m with that if we can convince him. Tonight we’ll chill out we have the party starting tomorrow I’ll start chipping away YO .. I’ll try to get Kevin I’ll try to get Cody that’s four right there yo.. it’s not going to be easy .. she’s got a start me and you. At the end if we don’t got it we have to go with the house.
Sounds like David is saying he’ll throw Bayleigh a vote. Enzo says here’s his vote. Fingers the camera.

3:35 pm Cornhole

3:55 pm Christmas and Enzo
Enzo says it’s awkward right now but tonight they’ll accept it. “it is what it is”
Christmas – I feel like kinda what happened with Tyler will happen with me where it gets dragged out into the real world. that’s not why I came here to play I didn’t come her to have a beef after this I came here to play the game. Afterwards I’m done. If you come after me if you slander me if you talk about me in this house i;s the game you choose to play.
Christmas – I will own everything .. (when she gets out)
Enzo – this isn’t my life this is a game i’m playing..

Christmas start talking about how much she worked on her first season she wants this season there to be no question she deserved to make it “I was part of that team. I will be damed if This season i’m seen as anything else than a competition F**Ing monster”
Christmas says Kevin has a power she thinks if she would have used the veto Kevin would have activated it.
Enzo says that Day/Bay don’t have a power.
Christmas tells him she’s good as long as Da’Vonne, Kevin or David don’t win the next HOH. Assuming that bayleigh leaves this week.

4:05 pm Nicole and Dani
Dani – trust no one.

4:24 pm Feeds on stars.

5:02 pm a flash of the party.

5:21 pm stars yo
6:00 pm feeds no
6:30 pm Stars yo

6:35 pm PArty is starting up

6:40 pm Memphis working the grill

6:50 pm Bayleigh eating her BBQ outside alone the rest in the house.

Da’Vonne joins her.
Bay talking about being in “Live or death situations where I’ve given so much and there’s nothing given to me and literally no one there to give it to me”

7:00 pm BBQ ..

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I really hope bayleigh does go this week. I’ve said this before, but I don’t like how things are becoming so personal in this game. I honestly don’t see why Tyler took so much heat when Dani was the one to throw everyone under the bus. This game is just going to shit right now. Is any even still targeting Cody, Dani, or Nicole now? It would be great to see a combination of the 3 up next week. I feel like attention is shifting off of them though.


It’s insane that these “All Stars” are ignoring 2 winners and a wall yeller who pointed out an obvious pregame alliance. Weird how everyone forgot about that… stupidity at an all time high.


More likely they already know about it and have been told by production that Nic or Cody are winning. The rest are just there for self promotion and to get more Insta followers. They all seem to be getting bored and restless with this “game”.


I think when they get to the final 6 these 2 will be first targeted. The strategy now is to keep their alliance intact, whichever alliance they are a part of that is.


I agree!


lets say the two winners had been evicted already, you would still be here with the rest complaining the season was boring and predictable


Couldn’t agree more! If I were in there, and someone yelled out that two people were playing everyone then those people would definitely be on my radar.


who did Dani throw under the bus? I`m confused.


Cody is a ghost, he turns himself invisible.

I’ve got $250 on the oil man.

Linguini Pants

Biggest ghost I see right now is Memphis. But of course that will change. I wonder how sincere the Memphis/Cody F2 is versus the Cody/Nicole F2? Seriously, I can’t figure out which of Cody’s F2s is the real F2. Anybody know? Cody is the common denominator in many alliances, which most have figured out. When will someone be brave enough to take the shot? Or are Cody’s tentacles widely effective in protecting him? Cody is certainly sitting in the catbird seat right now with so many reporting to him all they see and hear. I’m just confused as to where his true REAL alliance lies. Seemingly it’s Nicole, but with Derrick and Dan’s pregaming, hummm, maybe it really is Memphis? I haven’t watched all the live feeds. Does anyone know? Seems to me he would have been instructed by Derrick to find a Number One ride-or-die, but maybe he’s not so loyal to the pregame game plan. I’m just confused about his real alliances at this point.

Houka Inumuta

False alarm Tyler is here to stay for another week.

I seriously think that Ian is playing the best game in the house. To have no one targeting you in week 5. it’s very impressive.

Memphis Mania

Get ready for three more days of Bay/Day playing the victims.


Bayleigh is finally gone.
Proving once again that she got smoked like a cigarette when it came to playing Big Brother

Angela Rummans blazed her like a pack of Kool’s by backdooring Bay when Bay had a Power App to save herself from the Backdoor in season 20.

…… As a tip:
For future reference you might want to use the damn power!!! Especially if you mention that you were going to back door the then HOH (Angela)
JUST TWO WEEKS PRIOR in the first month of the game !!!!

Really outstanding intuition there Bay!

God only knows how great your gameplay would be to the rest of the house if you came back for a second time !!!

If Bayleighs game play this season has shown anything it’s that her reputation has completely preceded her because her vision and foresight in how you socially deal with people might be some of the worst we’ve ever seen in the Big Brother house.

Bay and Day dont have the slightest clue on how to use info to their advantage which is their ultimate downfall- because of that MAJOR FLAW in their GAMES it leads to their inability in gaining loyal allies and building numbers to work with them!!

Note to self for future players
What Bayleigh And Day proved in season 22 is that when you vote for the majority for a month straight and you’re the next one to go you have no one to blame but yourself!!!

If Bay and Day would’ve opened their eyes especially to the last minute advice that Bayleigh completely dumped on when she was mean and nasty to Kaysar When all Kaysar was doing was trying to make her aware of what was happening in the House!
When that happened last week she (Bay) deserved to be the next one to go!!

Bayleigh and davonne have No one to blame but themselves because
with the first four people those two (Bay & Day) decided to evict Those four players would have been loyal allies!!

In yet they continue to decide to do the dirty work for the house by phone with the majority for four weeks straight!!!

Those girls completely reaped what they sewed because their gameplaning and more importantly their VOTES were put to awful use!

Davonne getting her undeserved THIRD chance of playing Big Brother getting that 5K is Plain insulting and not something that She earned!!!
Especially with how she’s shown How Inept she is when it come to playing this game in three seasons!!!

Newsflash Day you’ve played three seasons and won zero competitions and your social game is up there with Bayleigh as being some the worst we’ve ever seen. Here’s a tip it’s called body language you might wanna look at yourself as far as when things go awry for you because it’s really easy to pick up until when you are upset and when you don’t want work with people anymore.
With Day it is so noticeable when something up and she doesn’t trust you anymore and her body language says it all!!!

Can the producers not take a hint that she is not good at this game!

Thanks to Davonne Being an original week two Evictee in season 17.
Viewers have to now put up with this garbage of getting players that are terrible at this game coming to play for an X amount in this case a third time which in point makes the game that much worse….
Because of Davonne setting an awful precedent getting kicked out week two we end up getting players like David the first day I get kicked out of the house so I deserve to be brought back for a second chance….. And that is the ultimate reason why season 22 is so down!!!

The power hasn’t flipped it because those three players have shown that they are still complete rookies with no sense of intuition of gathering numbers!!!!

They never know how to use the information to their advantage in order to pull people on their side!!!


All lives matter Day, you aren’t special. Boo Hoo for you, she isn’t good at the game.


Last week I saw a sign in a car window that said “God’s lives matter”. I’ll leave the interpretation to you but I think it is straight forward.

Deal With It!

Tell that to all POC whose lives seem to matter less than white ones.


POC crime on POC shows that those lives matter less as well. Is that the case?

Deal With It!

Any word on White crime on White people?
oh wait, it’s not a THING, is it? Of course, doesn’t serve your narrative!


I have dealt with it my entire life so You deal with it. I don’t think you can which is your problem, not mine.

Hey Hey

White lives matter also. Deal with it!!

Tom is a Canuck

A grey brain matters.


Disagree with what they are doing in the game but please never say “All Lives Matter”, fucking embarrassing. Where I come from (Canada), there is 0 tolerance for that shit.


Well your Canadian, who cares.

Spelling narc

FYI, it’s “you’re”


“Bay – she has to know they will call her racist online.. she has to know that. She has to know”, the only racist in the house is Bay’s blockmate, Day. She flat out said and DID, that she’ll vote for David over Nicole A based on skin colour not game play. None of that got any airway, if production showns any of this bullshit, then we know their agenda.


I agree that neither Bay or Day are good players. I also agree that they are not special. I go with
“Equality Matters”, not for just blacks..for everyone regardless of color, religion, sexual preferences,
whatever. We are all just people…


See the poor victims all feel like them being losers, is someone else’s fault. Look in the mirror, if your life matters? ALL LIVES MATTER….

Tom is a Canuck

Grey brains matter.


The Tyler heat is so undeserved. Idk what blinders these people are using but Tyler the guy who is trying to help Day and Bay is being labelled fake while Dani who actually started all of this comes out clean. If they had half a brain cell, the fact that Kevin says Tyler is lying is the biggest indicator of Tyler telling the truth because Kevin has been wrong about everything in this game lol. I used to like Day but now she irritates me as much as Bay, Nicole and Dani.


I think the difference is that Dani owns her shit. Tyler is catty and talks shit but then makes a big show of feeling bad about it afterwards. It was easier for him when he played before, Amanda and Kaycee made sure he was basically never talked to by the other cast members for any length of time, so he didn’t have the opportunity to put his foot in his mouth.


Dani own her sh$t!!! Are you kidding, she denies everything she has said and even swears on everything she has… that’s not owning her sh$t.


Dani owns her shit? Really? What show are you watching? The only shit she knows is shit-stirring! She needs to GO!


She has ZERO accountability for the dirty machinations that she does around the house. But that is a type of game play. If only she would own it in the diary room I would respect her game instead of being annoyed by her. My eyes are so tired from rolling every time she opens her mouth.


Dani stared what? Since when wanting someone out of the house is wrong? Should we say Dani is racist against blonde women because she wanted Kessha and Janelle out?? Bye Felicia

C. D.

No Dani is JEALOUS of blonde women who are prettier than her.


Nicole is prettier than Dani for sure….but Dani is not jealous of her at all


Who called her racist or wrong for wanting them out? Coming in a little hot there. The fact is Dani wanted them out and Tyler told them but somehow the anger goes to Tyler for telling them. Their anger should be aimed at the person trying to get them out…


Does this scenario of being angry at the info conveyor rather than the info creator sound familiar? Same BS that Nicole F threw at Rachelle and her sister during the Amazing Race!


Dani is ALL Star for a reason. She knows how to play this game. Last week the house turned against her and everyone wanted her gone…

1 week later??>.. Dani got herself out of trouble and now the house is turned against the guy that wanted her gone and Bay is going home

She wanted Bay gone….Bay is leaving this home

She wanted to have Day without Bay, as Day will be working with her….. And she got it

Don`t mess with the Queen


I forgot to mention. U got it wrong.
Dani did say she wanted Bay and Day out…..but then Tyler went told Bay and Day what Dani said.

When Dani asked Bay what happened, Day told Dani someone told her she was coming after her (Bay).

And who is the person that betrayed Dani and went behind her back and told the girls what she said? Tyler…. now imagine she Dani had been the one to betray someone???

Tyler betrayed Dani…and this is what he gets….Don`t u mess with the Queen….ever


Hi Dom


two things to clarify,
It’s clear Tyler is trying to look good with whoever stays after all the drama so he plain and simple lied, which is ok since this is a game for half a million dollars.

second, Tyler is not so innocent as he pretends to be. For god sake his gf is Mr Angela the one who was nasty and a little racist towards other players during her season.

and finally I can’t wait til shiitmas gets evicted by one of her brush lol

Kevin finally spotting the lies floating around but for god sake Kevin start strategizing. and no being a floater is not a game plan since you are not in the brush team.

Ian Undercover

The only thing that is protecting Kevin is that he is such a bad player the house knows they can dump him anytime they want to.


There goes that nasty “r” word again.


facts matter


Quit with the racist crap please.


Who the hell is Kevin to now be defending Janelle and Kaysar? He was one of the worst in the house for burying them. Telling non-stop lies about them and saying absolutely negative things about them. He was the reason Nicole A believed they were plotting against her & NOW he wants to spin it differently. GTFOH

Sorry – but for him to be stoking the flames with Bay & Day is equally bothersome to me b/c he did NOTHING to help any of the people who left the house but now he’s trying to position it like he’s someone’s ally. He’s painting a negative narrative on others in the house without knowing any details and that is just as disturbing.

He KNOWS Grodner got called in — they all do. So what benefit does that serve other than to rile up Bay/Day?

This is turning into a chit show – and he’s not the person who should be opening his mouth b/c he’d bury either Bay or Day in a second to help himself.

another name

Said it before, saying it again.
Kevin is intentionally cast as a demented Chaos Goblin that disrupts the cohesion and game of anyone NOT in the pregame alliance. Why else would KEVIN of all people have been one of the first people cast on this season. When they were discussing getting casting calls, Kevin was one of the first called in terms of how long they have known they’d be on.
Why? He’s not an All-Star in anyone’s sense of the word. SO… why?


he’s one of the few minorities to go deep into the game plus he checks off the lbgt box. my guess is they called frankie first, he passed, then they scrambled to find another gay contestant.

another name

As far as the Lgbt guy box, there are a lot of problematics out there in terms of network standards (removes the ones actively under contract to do porn) or other persona non grata issues (I don’t think anyone wants to deal with ANYTHING 15 related so not Andy. JC is just a dumpsterfire of clusterfuqs… Tommy would have made it too heavy in the 21 zone. Jason was on OTT, the season the network is trying to banish from memory). And if Frankie had been on, I wouldn’t be here because damn, nope. never again. not happening. Aren’t both Frankie and Tommy on contract elsewhere anyway?

But. Given he was cast before most of the rest of the hg’s, I think they took one look at his current psych profile, said oh he’ll be gold at making sure our chosen ones get further because he’ll screw every game he comes in contact with… and then ran with it.


frankie definitely has potential conflicts that prevented him from reappearing but he’s the only lgbt contestant i can think of who’s been even remotely memorable other than jc who is way too much of a creep.

i never buy too much into the pre-planned story mindset. yes, the network has favorites and far too often they cast to fit archetypes rather than people who know how to play which frequently leads to the game becoming a lopsided contest with one group bulldozing the rest of the house, but i genuinely think they’re trying to fix some of the representation issues that bb15 exposed. unfortunately their strategy seems to be to get more of the no-game minority contestants that fit those established archetypes (we had 5 this season) rather than cast people who have a basic understanding of the game and may just happen to be minorities (why not invite back kaycee? she’s a little boring but at least had game).

another name

If they were trying to fix 15’s legacy, 21 never would have happened.
Remember back to the first 3 days of feeds in 21. they had two feed cuts in order to have meetings. one about public perception of premiere and day ONE of feeds. The second about houseguests that hear something problematic yelling feedsfeedsfeeds to remind the offensive speaker to hide their problematic language. 2 house meetings about bias awareness… by day 3 of feeds. By mid week two they had 2 MORE meetings. They were WELL aware of what was happening. They were well aware of public perception. They did nothing about it. They covered it up until finale in the episode edits.

I wrote this once before. I think there should be an experiment season. I’m being up front in saying an experimental season to see if ‘no-game minority’ tagline is valid. I think cast a season with 12-14 poc and 2-4 white people. Honestly. It would show us as viewers definitively whether or not the argument of fish out of water is valid. There’s no reason not to really. I’m just saying i’ve read opinons stating it wouldn’t matter if it were reversed or equal because of the no-game monicker. Let’s prove it. There’s nothing to fear. Let’s throw caution to the wind. Let’s do it, and end the arguments about validity once and for all.

Too many people have said Kaycee was invited back for me to believe a post season start statement saying she wasn’t. She was. She was cut for one of two reasons: either breach of quarantine (one week plus two weeks sequester), or testing false positive. Keesha was the last minute replacement for Kaycee.


they’re trying to fix 15 with leaving the same biased casting people. the casting is generally the problem which is why it keeps happening.

i do think a season of 75% minorities would do wonders for big brother. as controversial as it was when survivor did it, it worked for them.

i hadn’t heard the kaycee rumors. i kinda would’ve hated to see her and tyler together again though. they were too strong a pair.

another name

When they cast people whose social media shows just how problematic they are, they don’t say damn, nope. that won’t fly. we won’t cast that. they say wipe your social media.
They intentionally cast at least two houseguests with diametrically opposed viewpoints or experiences that they know are going to rub each other the wrong way. Too often they use hot buttons to do so. In order to have the dramatic ratings fires.
It’s not just complicity. it’s intent.


yeah, i get that. and certainly they’ve had issues with other moments. jeff schroder seemingly putting aside his homophobia being a moment i think the producers are proud of. the problem is when they do this regarding race it generally marginalizes the racial minority viewpoints into creating a white savior narrative for the racist white contestant while marginalizing the racial minority’s role into a supporting one with no option for growth in the game. this is the minority contestants’ game too, and “be more white” is a pretty sh*tty thing to enforce in terms of succeeding in the game but gets presented as their only option. bb would be much better suited not trying to create this situation at all by screening for racial bias as their current casting strategy is pretty racist at its core.


Spot on

Save the All Star Season

Can David use his power to pull Bay down and replace her this week? If he can I am sure that is why Tyler stayed. He probably know there is already a plan that they all stay.


He could have at the veto meeting not afterwards. He would have been a fool to use it this week anyway

Boring Ass Season

Why on earth would David use it on her? He’d be a fool. He will save it for himself. During the 3rd week of power he may use it regardless.


Kevin is a delusional idiot


Did xmas just say she’s a comp beast? Am I missing something ? when you take a win by default thats a win but unsure how proud you can be when it was just a fluke. Anything else she’s won is random winning. Not enough to be a beast of any kind.. or beat a BB title holder . Gosh I hate herrrr

another name

Oh. I thought she said complete beast.
My bad. I thought she had a moment of self realization.
Joking. Sorta. Maybe. Not sure.


she’s still of the delusion she would have dominated her first season had she been healthy (instead of getting carried because she was injured).


Exactly…her and her little short Popeye arms. She’s so self righteous and phony

C. D.

So what happened between Day and David? He is now trying to keep Bay over her? Im confused.

another name

David and Bayleigh have been friends since his season ended.
Da’vonne has questions about his behavior in his season.
David was told Da’vonne tried to flip the vote to evict him instead of NicA.
Da’vonne fact checked David’s statements to her after he named names (Tyler and Cody to her). That got him in trouble with Tyler and Cody (his error, her fault mentality).

C. D.

Right, then I thought he was all over that and had a crush on her (Day). LOL! Interesting because she will never vote against him so im no so sure that is smart because Bay will.

another name

The crush thing was before he was told she tried to flip the vote in the timeline i put forward there.

grodners a b*tch

Idk how they edit this without making Tyler or Christmas look like a huge a$$ hole

another name

They could skip the Tyler part entirely. It’s pretty easy to do actually given some of the odd scenes they had going.

have the Christmas is suspicious of Tyler but relieved he isn’t in the have not room part (before Tyler went to Have not).
have Da’vonne trying to get Christmas to use veto on her part. include a d/r of each for suspense.
have Tyler talking about being homesick. include his feeling bad for what he did to Dani and Bay to Xmas as a confesssion without offer to leave *gets tinkly piano.
have Dani suspicious spinning. (without including Christmas and Dani talking while Tyler is talking to Da and Bay). drama increase.
Have Davonne and Christmas bathroom convo. Christmas d/r no dice.
Have Da’vonne and Bay talk about how she is or isn’t going to use it. Da d/r i’m a mastermind. Bay d/r we in shit now.
Bay speech wanting someone else on the block with her.
Christmas no dice.
All wrapped up in an easy 12 minute block of the show.

Before you say it’s impossible, this is the season that only acknoweldges 2 of 23 alliances, and calls Memphis a mastermind.
Sure they could.


Tyler does seem to be their golden child so I wouldn’t surprised if they skipped Tyler’s part in this.

The Beef

There is no way they are going to skip that conversation, given the stuff going on in our country today. I’m sure they will milk it for all it’s worth, and fire up everybody who thinks Tyler is Grodner’s golden boy, when the veto isn’t used. CBS is not going to pass up the opportunity to air that. No way.


Production will do their best to get a lot of Tyler crying in the DR….They will make look like a hero.


Well you know they are not going to edit it in a negative light for Tyler and they are definitely planning the Wednesday show to be the Tyler show. So I guess Christmas, Bay, Day, and Dani will be made to look bad so Tyler can have a storyline.

The Beef

Yeah, no good deed goes unpunished, so why not crucify the man who tried to sacrifice himself so that two black females could stay in the game? After all, he only spent two hours trying to convince the HOH to use the veto to take one of them down and put his ass up, so it must have been a ploy, right?

But we don’t know that for sure, so let’s just assume the worst. Maybe they will edit him as the guy that used BLM as a means to get ahead in the game, as Bay and Day now seem to suspect (along with Kevin, that mental giant). Well, if he did that, I hope they DO edit him that way, but I suspect production knows that isn’t the case, and will give him the edit he deserves.

He did what he did. For once I hope the TV show will actually reflect what actually happened (without I’m sure his talks with production being involved) so that everybody will know if it’s a ploy or if it was an actual genuine act from the heart by Tyler that Christmas simply decided not to act on. We all deserve to know the truth of the matter.


How BAD is Bay’s Game???

Bay’s game is SO BAD
When someone gives her info to help her, she runs to DR and tells America that they’re so condescending…..


If Tyler, Kevin, David, Ian, and Day/Bay (whoever stays) could win the next HOH, the game would change course.
I wonder if Ian has been throwing the HOH comps and now realizes that he has to stop laying low to save his game. It might be too late but I hope it isn’t. I can’t get a good read on what Ian is thinking, but I am ready for him to start playing. It’s fun watching Ian play; he can be ruthless. My ideal would be Ian teaming up with Tyler (merely because I think Tyler could help Ian get far)

If Ian wins HOH, wonder who his target would be? I’m thinking Cody. (because of the wall yeller)
Dani would target: Tyler
Nicole would target: Kevin or David (a boring easy week for her)
Ty would target: Dani/Nic
David would target: Have NO IDEA, Memphis, Day?
Kevin would target: Christmas or Enzo (probably)
Day would target: Cody or Enzo (guessing)
Bay would target: Dani, Nic, or Christmas?
Memphis, Enzo, and Cody (Maybe Cody) would target: Ian?


Tyler has always been boring and he would probably do what the house wants.
Now if day, kevin, david or ian wins the hoh that would be good tv but let’s be honest chances are very very slim.

The Incomparable Skidd Marks

As a Black Man and long time BB fan:
No one of ANY color is entitled to Jack $#IT in this life. That rule of thumb should extend to the Big Brother house Bay, Day, and to some extent David are making themselves look bad with that victim mentality. Stand up for your beliefs, yes; but do it while being a strong competitor. They simply lack the competence to play the game. They have slapped the hands of everyone who has tried to help them and sabotaged themselves at EVERY turn. It saddens me to watch.


Amen brother!

Big Jim



I’m so sick and tired of these phony race baiting talking points leaking into my entertainment. If this keeps up, Big Brother’s ratings will crumble to dust just like the NBA’s. Most people who watch BB don’t give a crap about this SJW garbage. No, the liberal twitter mob and the transplants we’ve received from twitter do not count for “most of BB fans”. BB fans on Twitter will just “stan” any black player and condemn any white player who goes against a black player. In reality, Bailey, Da’Vonne, Kevin, and David are abhorrent players. Period, and there’s no one racist on this awful season.

PAblo BB Fan

What’s swj? Actually the BB bring good points about racism cultural indexation and ignorance. Sorry America is fully diverse not white. True those you mentioned are awful players.

Fake News

The NBA ratings aren’t in the dumps. Don’t believe what Don says.


And the race game starts. Where’s the Kraken?


How? How on earth are we this far into the game, two or three yellers and a plane banner into this game and neither Cody, Dani, Nicole, or Enzo have even been seriously thought of being put on the block? All stars my rear end!

This game hit a serious new low when the HOH won by default. Chicken George was infinitely more fun to watch. At least he had good stories. I want to make my own banner and say “do any of you realize that this is supposed to be entertaining? I eye-rolled so hard when Dani was complaining about her power like it is useless. Ugh!!!

BB.. Can you please give them a power that they have to use? If you force them to use it or start giving out serious disadvantages during games then we might actually have something entertaining to watch.

These players are terrible. It is like they are at a summer camp where they clique up and the snooze all day. I don’t get it. There are previous winners in the house who have not been even on the block and I just don’t understand it. Don’t get me wrong, I personally want Ian to win now that Janelle and Kaysar are gone because I simply like him as a person, but I don’t understand why anyone in the game would want to keep him.

Oh and BB… Can you please stop cutting the feeds every time a yeller is discussed? I pay for the feeds and you keep cutting the only slightly interesting thing being talked about in the whole show. It isn’t like what they have said gets through the players thick skulls anyway. Put the yellers on the payroll or for crying out loud make a twist that is clique-busting.


I appreciate the fact that Tyler really thought he could play against Dani. While Tyler is a snake, Dani is a freaking shark. Something that Tyler can`t handle.


No, it all started because Tyler wanted to trust Bay and Da, he wanted to work with them and gave them some info so they could watch their backs and gain their trust. His only mistake WAS believing they were there to play. And, I believe he may have wanted to do this, in part, to help the two black girls in the house get farther along. His goodwill is now being spun in the eyes of a movement which can’t seem to actually see truth and not color.


Tyler only wanted to work with Bay and Day because they are black to make him look good and supportive of BLM . But as soon as his plan did not go as planned and the girls figured out he was just using them, Tyler got furious and lost his shit.


Would really love it if Christmas was taken out ASAP.


No don’t ruin the end. I want shiiitmas to get to the final 3 and get evicted by the bruhs again LOL


And Tyler comes in second, AGAIN.


She’s such a boring player and so unlikeable. Would love for her to go too. I really hope somehow she doesn’t win……


If I was Bay I’d purposefully ruin the bbq by bring up BLM and what Tyler did…was he using it to look better or did xmas just not give a hoot about what he wants? Not everyone knew the plan, so shake it up…she’s going anyway…why cover for these people.


The reason I was glad it kept going to stars…. I HATE the sounds Enzo makes when he eats… it is disgusting… I honestly can’t stand it… next to Holly Season 2s laugh and Rachel Rileys crying…. it is the worst sounds I ever heard on the feeds.

Can you imagine Rachel in All Stars… giving birth right after she won an HoH…. “Who wants to see my HoH Nursery.”…. I could see that.


I hear you – I can’t stand the loud eaters or ones who eat with their mouths open (makes me feel nauseous seeing it). Christie was the worst last season.

Frankie’s voice also drove me insane even more than Rachel’s whine.


I wish I had a tiny violin to play for Bay


Day and Bay? Isn’t that their platform for playing the game? That’s what they both said…taking about how prejudice the game is because there has never been a black winner, etc . If the four blacks are any indication of intelligence, I am sure there are very many intelligent black people who could sign up to play. These 4 just happened to be the only ones they could get this year!


Swaggy would have been a better choice. He’s smart. But he doesn’t need reality tv. He has done well for himself, but he shouldn’t flaunt all that money, very tasteless.


The only All star that comes to mind that is black was screwed out of her season by allowing to the contestants to see diary confessions before they voted. What black All stars would be on the list if these are “the one’s left”?


Here’s the thing… Bay/Day are trashing Tyler for not handing his game over for “the cause” and using it as a way to further his game… but … isn’t that the same thing they are doing? Do they want to play the game and win, or do they want it handed to them? #doublestandardmuch


Swaggy wants Bayleigh to go home. He just bought her a $93k Tesla. He said the environment is not good for her, too toxic.

another name

If Tyler had actually wanted to leave, all he had to do was remember the sage advice of Whack-a-doodle Sam in season 20:

“Take a right, Two lefts, another right, walk down the hall and through the door and I’m OUTSIDE.”

Obviously, he didn’t want to leave THAT badly.

Anyone that thinks this is anything more than sarcasm. Relax.


These past few months I’ve seen protesting by people of every color to support BLM, but bay and day continue with the bs narrative that they have no one supporting them in this world, because they are black. Give a break. Quit your whiny attitude and playing the victims.


The point of this game is to EVICT people. Fans are all up and arms for one person wanting another person out… you cannot be mad at that, you are just mad that your favourite player got out played by someone you don’t like.


So, which white guy is winning this season, Cody or Memphis?

another name

Part of me wants to see the vote go sideways this week.
This is not preference for Bay over Da or vice versa. I don’t care which of the nominees go. They’ve both got so many tactical errors in their strategic gameplay that it doesn’t actually matter in terms of over all game view.

SO why do i want a secret voting mutiny??
I wanna see felonykaren’s HOHITIS withdrawal pity party rage if she doesn’t get her way.
ONLY REASON. I wanna watch her crack. I wanna see her flip out with surprise.
I want to see her cocky bravado get knocked down a peg or two. I want to see her Fes out wondering who flipped.
I would enjoy seeing that.


Day, Bay, Kevin, and David just played bad games. Period!

Kevin playing the rat, as usual. And people just see through it! He kisses butt to whoever is in power and thinks he is an advisor. (delusion at it’s worse)

Bay came in treating people condescending and bragging about what a great leader she is. Seems to forget you have to have some followers that agree before you brag. (Not Twitter followers, doesn’t matter in BB.) Even then, bragging in or out of bb is a turn off. Spoiled and entitled attitude along with treating people rudely is also a turn off in or out of bb.

David is a rookie and has made some rookie mistakes. And he uses ‘being a rookie’ to cover his screw ups. Who doesn’t know if someone tells you something in confidence, you don’t tell, in or out of BB! (Bay does it too but at a dumber level-She calls out people that try to help her!) This puts them in a position where no one trusts them nor wants to work with them. THEY taught everyone to not give them information. Don’t get how they think they had nothing to do with it.

Day clung to Bay too hard too fast. She did a poor job of hiding her cards. She also had some ‘baggage’ from prior season and she let that interfere with her game. She should have know better.

All four of them knew there was another side. They chose to play with Janelle and Kasar. Bay just ‘adored her’. Bay and Day isolated themselves! They showed their cards early. All four (6 including Janelle and kasar) have won nothing so they never had any power, Memphis would have worked with either side that got the numbers. But they lost all the HOH’s and vetos. So no power.

My point..If you lose CHALLENGES, suck at SOCIAL PART of the game, and LOSE NUMBERS, YOU FRICKEN LOSE!!!! PERIOD! They can’t blame losing on anybody but themselves!

Tiring hearing them play the victim and blaming others for their poor poor games! Bay talks more crap about people than anyone else! Very poor sportsmanship.


I hope Bayleigh goes. I do not like her insinuating that players are racist because they were nominated. I’m sick of this personal crap, and it helps nothing.


In a BB dream world (or reality), the best of All Stars would comprise of getting those out who won first followed by the one’s that came close to winning then the rest to fight it out.
Only in the BB universe do they think it’s cute and “good game play” to cause drama versus getting people out that already won the money.
Ian and Nicole both said they barely have to play and “do nothing” until later in the game. In an All Star game, that bothers no one that winners are “floating” until they “have” to play?
The race additives with covid pregame play and to boot add production makes what we are analyzing not based on anything most people would do.
Tell me most of us looking at this would KEEP the people that already won? Instead we are expected to digest and believe that in an All star season people that are “threats” are people that talk to each other of the same race versus Ian and Nicole talking, being the same race and winning??? I call BS race baiting at it’s finest and every one there is cast to play a part and a chosen few to WIN the game!
These people are CAST for a reason. Not because they believe they are ALL good players but because there is a set dynamic and angle that will play out the way production can play with.
There’s no way on earth that the dozens of times people have mentioned people who have won as threats but then somehow Kevin winds up on the block twice, (Not that he is any stretch of a decent player but he is no threat to win), boggles my mind.
In All stars a perfectly good season and reason to get people out is if they had won previously. Even if all moves were not successful forcing Ian, Nicole, Tyler and Cody to “work for it” would have made much better game play and more of a game angle versus a drama, race baited and or sexist slanted game.
I find it also interesting that race always seems to pop up as we have clearly seen the boy network discuss how drama filled and idiotic the women are over the years, yet we fail to hardly point that production angle out.


I’m just catching up, real life is in the way of live feeds so I have to read what has happened.
First: I’m so tired of Bay/Day and the ‘they’re a racist” comments. Tyler isn’t a racist because he supports the movement. No is racist because they threw the 2 black girls on the block. Is everyone supposed to not put them on the block because they are black or be deemed a ‘racist’ if they do??? Is Kevin really this dense? How does he think anything he is saying to the girls is helpful? Even when Bay says something about what he is saying he still doesn’t stop.
Second: David, does he really think that Enzo would be supportive of him when he (David) hasn’t talked game with him or anyone really? Why they would bring David back for an Allstars season – I don’t get. He isn’t an allstar, hell, he doesn’t even seem to understand what BB is..LOL.

I hope Bay goes, I didn’t like her on her season at all and I don’t like her now either. I was giving her a chance before I formed an opinion. I figured maybe with skaggy not with her, she might actually play the game well and not lay around having sex with skaggy and then skaggy running around bragging about it to everyone. I was hoping she would go far, I really was. And Day, pfft she is still just an idiot. She thinks god is speaking to her and helping her play the game. You would think she would know he has bigger things to keep him busy than to worry about her playing a game.
Christmas, she really thinks she has proven herself to be this competitor. How? when? where? She won the HOH because Day jumped the gun and got the question wrong.

I don’t even know who to cheer for, none of them have made that much of an impression. Tyler is usually the only one that is actually playing the game all the time. BUT, with his whining and wanting to go home, is just pathetic.

Shirron Sue Stone

Cheer for your stupid ass self