Power Of Veto Winner Results! “How embarrassing. Don’t be a sore loser!”

Head of Household Winner – Christmas
Have nots – No havenots this week
Nominations – Bay & DaVonne
Power of Veto Players are – Christmas, Bayleigh, Da’Vonne, Nicole, Ian and Dani.
POV Host: – David
Power of Veto holder – Christmas
Power of Veto Ceremony
Powers – Christmas and Dani. Christmas = protection from being a renom. Dani= Lets an HOH play in the following week play for HOH.
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Veto Results:
– Christmas Won the Veto
– Dani won the Home Gym
– Day won the 5K
– Nicole got the Slop-tard punishment
– Bay has to do 500 laps riding a tricycle on a track
– Ian didn’t feel well so he didn’t play

3pm The live feeds return from being blocked for the veto competition.

HOH room. Day is crying. Day has a 5K medal around her neck. Day – how embarrassing. Don’t be a sore loser. This is so wack! Not only did you lose you were the first one out.. like what are you doing!!? Why am I so good on the challenge but then I am wack. I am complaining with 5K around my neck .. get it together DaVonne! There are people in this world that really need this 5K!

Lounge room. Christmas, Dani and Nicole.
Christmas has the veto around her neck. Dani – I am genuinely like really sorry. Christmas – this is the best case scenario. Dani – Day looked at me and was weeping tears. I was literally like I don’t know what to do right now because I am screwing both of you. I was like which one do you want me to take .. just tell me. Bay looked at me and was like please don’t take it from me right now. I swear to god I did not know what to do. Nicole – and I want explain my.. Christmas – I understand we didn’t have like a set plan going into it. Nicole – no if I would have gotten first you could have kept the 5k! And I would have taken the veto.. does that make sense? If I would have traded it for the veto .. then you would have had to trade me for the veto right?! You get what I’m saying? Christmas – MMmmhhmmm. Nicole – no tell me the truth. Christmas – I don’t know what I am feeling right now other than it is on me. I didn’t tell you guys what I wanted and laying it out.. that is on me as HOH. That is my fault. Dani – no we’re a team .. don’t put it on you. We both love you so much! Christmas – this sucks for all of us. I wasn’t ready to take on this responsibility but time happened. Nicole – I wish I would have taken the time to ask you. Dani – but then that would have put it on you in front of everyone. Dani – next week you’re not HOH I will do whatever I can to take it off you and diffuse any heat on you. Christmas – I am not mad at you .. its a sticky situation. Nicole – if I had had the veto would you have taken it from me? Christmas – I think I would have taken it or taken the 5K. Nicole – I think they all know we’re working together. Dani – I think they know but don’t know know. Christmas – I am really big on accountability .. I appreciate both of you.. but the truth is I did not tell you what to do. The secondary truth is I won the veto b***hes! They high five. We let the house decide. I need to poll the house. Nicole – we will do what you want and do whatever to make that happen. Christmas – this is Day’s third time playing.

3:13pm Lounge room. Day and Christmas.
Day and Christmas hug. Day – I was a wreck as soon as I saw that comp. .. that is the same comp that took me out of BB18. That was a sh*t show. And I know against Bay .. I don’t have the votes. Christmas – you obviously want to stay. Bay wants to stay and you’re close to her. We will figure this out without it being a campaign or flipping the house. Day – I do not want to campaign against her. But at the same time I met her 21 days ago. Christmas – I don’t either of you to campaign against each other. There are big brother rules to maintain the integrity of the game. What are our options to be as gentle and kind as possible. Day – are you down to backdoor someone? Christmas – I don’t know .. its not my style. I am not saying no. Day – I know if we (Bay and Day) stay in this house together.. this week is going to happen often. Christmas – I also just met Bay.. I f**king love that girl and I get overwhelmed thinking about her not being here. I hate the fact that a lot of women have left but the ones that are still here are the baddest bit*hes. Day – I am down to ride! I will set this whole place on fire. Christmas – you know what my mom tells me ..that I make a honey badger look like a honey bear. Day – for me you know my why! The dynamic .. you, me, Dani and Nicole .. would be a power house! These seasons .. these guys grab one girl (Day points at Christmas) and they toss her. Christmas – I have really good communication with people in the house. I know is scared of you and who is in favor of you. I want to see you in this game. I don’t want to see Bay leave .. but one of the two has to happen. This is your third time.. you are a legend and I want to see you get further than you have. You have a lot more favoritism than you give yourself credit for. If noms stay the same .. you are not guaranteed to go home.

3:15pm Bedroom. Nicole and Dani.
Dani – Oh my god I can’t believe you gave Day the veto .. that was so nice of you. That was game and very nice of you. Nicole – Everyone was like it was so nice of you but I wanted the Slop-tard .. I really did.

Lounge room. Christmas and Bay.
Christmas – the dilema that you saw all the girls having is that no one wanted this thing (Veto). Bay – I wanted it! Christmas – I want you to know that I did not say anything to Tyler. I called him up there to study. I don’t know why he would have looked at you like that but that is why we got called into the living room and had to stay there. Bay – okay .. its a lot in my head. Christmas – the Tyler thing?! Was it bad? Bay – its a long story .. it was bad and kind of scary. I will get to the bottom of it. I will figure it out. It just made me a little bit nervous. Christmas – well I definitely didn’t say anything. Bay – I appreciate that. I don’t doubt you. It just scared me when he looked at me like that.

David and Day.
David – I am not locked in right now. Day – as we get closer ..I don’t expect you to say right now. Hear her out and read the temperature of the house. See what they’re doing and go with your gut. I am just waiting for you to trust me so that we can rock this sh*t. Realistically one of us are going home this week. David – it wasn’t supposed to happen this way. Day – I know .. but there is a lot of big brother to be played right now. Listen to your heart and whatever you decide.. I support.

3:47pm Bedroom. Bay, Day, Nicole and Dani.
Bay – is there any chance to get her to use it to put someone bigger up? And I am not even doing this preferential.. if you feel like it pull her (Day) off and put someone else up. Or pull me off and put someone up next to Day. I just want to know if its a possibility. Dani – I have no idea. Nicole – I wouldn’t say there isn’t a chance. What did she say. Bay – She said that she needed a second to prepare if it was an option to put someone else up. Dani – I will put my feelers out to see if she will put someone else up. Bay – I know I can get Kevin’s vote ..depending on who is on the block… and I think I can get David’s vote. That would be five for sure. Day – oh my god five votes. Bay – I am just trying to be optimistic. Dani – there is always a slight chance. We will just think it out and see if there is anything we can do. Bay leaves. Day – I don’t think she will use the veto. I think realistically we will both stay on the block. Nicole – you have my vote. Dani – you have me, David, Nicole, Kevin.. Nicole – Ian maybe. Dani – you need one more. Day – what about Memphis. Dani – I will talk to him and see where is head is at.

4pm Lounge room. Enzo and Day.
Day – I am going to try whatever I can to get her to put someone else up. Enzo – she doesn’t f**king tell me nothing. I will talk to her too and feel her out. Are you willing to make a big move or not. Ian is really sketched out. Like relax bro! Chill out! Day – its just who we can present.. but its not even just who we can present .. its do we have the votes. Enzo – who is there!?

HOH room. Christmas and Cody.
Christmas – dude Kevin has to go next. He works and works .. and I am pretty sure he has a power Cody – I think the same thing. I have no problem throwing him right up. Christmas – he is fully capable. Cody – when you play the roll and say that your aren’t but he essentially is .. I won’t call him a floater .. he’s a free agent. I am not down to cannibalize ourselves. For us to get to the six is so attainable right now. We control the HOH from inside The Comity. Christmas – so after this week it will be Ian, Kevin, David and Enzo. Cody – yeah .. I am really nervous about Ian because of how well he did on his season at the back end. Christmas – oh I know trust me.

4:35pm – 4:50pm OH room. Christmas, Memphis, Cody and Nicole. Memohis – In the jury .. who is going to be most clear minded person? Nicole – DaVonne because she voted for me and she didn’t like me. She doesn’t vote bitter. She respects the game. Memphis – it should be based on game play. Nicole – she said that she didn’t want to vote for me but did because she respected the game too much. Memphis – that’s a point in my mind. Nicole – but essentially Christmas if you have a preference one way or another ..we will back you to because you’ve already done so much for us. If you want Bay to stay .. or Day .. we will back you. Christmas – I just want to take the day off.

5:05pm – 5:15pm Bedroom. Dani and Enzo.
Dani – if there is a battle back Bay would have a better chance at coming back against Janelle. Day isn’t winning anything. They talk about how Day let the pressure get to her in the veto comp. Dani – did you win a power? Enzo – yeahhh.. oh no .. did you? Dani – You just said yeah! Enzo – na! Dani – you lying sack of.. Enzo you’re a freakin liar! Enzo – I swear I don’t. Dani – I freakin know you did. You’re a piece of trash! Your trash power .. you already talk about how bad it is. Dani – I am so glad at what I got. Enzo – you cash that out that is at least 10K. Dani – I think someone needs to take a shot at Kevin. Enzo – I will, I don’t f**king care.

HOH room. Christmas and Tyler.
Tyler – you did it!!! You’re killing it! Christmas – now I am so freaking locked in. Tyler – you’re so locked in! Christmas – I am so proud of myself. Tyler – you should be. Christmas – Day totally f**ked up. Tyler – that was sad man .. but it sucked. That’s the game. Christmas – the only way they threw that is if they have a power. Memphis, Nicole and Cody were up here early. The further we get the more locked in we are. And if we’re not trusting each other right now ..we’re f**Ked. IF we miss-step it will f**k us. I don’t want anyone getting any funny business. Ian and Enzo are friendly. Kevin is not a friendly. Tyler – he does that thing where he says he wants to work with you but then never says anything else. Christmas – I have a favor that I can pull from Enzo whenever I want. If there is a weird power floating around hopefully it pops up this week. Tyler – we have the votes .. Me, Cody, Memphis, Nicole, Dani .. that’s five right there .. and then Enzo. Christmas – we can get out whoever we want. Tyler – you want Bay still? Christmas – Bay has won before. Day has showed when the pressure is on she gets shook. The girls .. they really do almost believe everything immediately. They spin out fast.

6:30pm Christmas is cooking. Meanwhile in the bedroom. Cody, Ian, Dani and Nicole are chatting about random things.

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Meow Meow

Don’t use that veto Christmas!


I wish she used to backdoor one of the boys.

Barny Rubble

Nicole gave the veto to Day earlier in the competition??? What gives with that? Has Nicole flipped?

Clown Shoe

I’m sure that she did it for show. She knew that whoever was the winner would take the veto so it didn’t matter if she gave it to Day.


If this is the veto comp where the next person can take whatever they want from the previous guys then it doesn’t matter as long as one of your “allies” are still left to go. The last person can still get the idol. It most likely was either a move to deflect negative perceptions or so she could get a positive prize.


No, think about it. Now Da’Vonne thinks that Nicole is good with her but Nicole knew that someone was going to take that veto away.

Alien bitch of Kat once I was

Nicole is playing well. Like her or hate her but she has played well.

The Beef

Nicole was playing for the TV coverage! She wanted that “slop-tard”, which I’m sure is some tight sexy unitard thingy, since mostly girls were picked to play in the veto comp, and Nicole always wants to be the center of attention, so I’m betting she took that from DayVonne for that reason. Oh, and it also keeps her from being in the position of having to say no to using the veto – makes Christmas have to step up and do it, which is why she was apologizing and making excuses about it afterwards.

It’s so Nicole! Exactly how she plays the game.


She’s fake. Covering all ends as usual. She knows she safe regardless

Xmas Party

Day time to cue the acting tears.

Beware Grodner

What happened to Memphis? Did they put him in a witness protection program?

rumor is..

It’s Ian’s that’s in witness protection for fear of Bay and Day.

Nicole's Vagina

Oooh Krampus won. I’m so happy I could queef!



Dixie Rekt

I hope Dani wins this next HoH and backdoors Tyler.

Barny Rubble

Don’t hold your breath on Dani winning anything. She is to comps what imitation crab is to seafood.

Dixie Rekt

I guess you didn’t watch her previous seasons, newbie.

Barny Rubble

And I guess you think the McRib is barbecue.

The guy

Tbh even in her previous ones it was her daddy lighting people up… And she spent most her time cheating on her ex and cuddling guys


She will win when she wants too. No one for her to win so far. The queen is sitting pretty well right now

Britney Haynes Fan

She is way too sketchy and her alliance knows it. She is going to need Nicole to try and calm the boys down because they are all on to her scheming.


In her two previous seasons, four HOHs and five vetoes.

Her problem is that she gets bored and stirs things up, which bites her.


Uh so she is to comps a version of a comp that isn’t what it appears to be but is still a comp?..isn’t imitation crab made from fish??? So it is seafood. Not sure I understand the analogy lol

Bottom Feeder

FOUTTE member?

Team New School

I hope Tyler wins and sends Dani packing.

Dixie Rekt

Everyone is onto that closet fag. He won’t last much longer.

Miss Impression

Hate speech is inappropriate.




Where are you from, 1975?

Joe Hiden


Do you think Da’Vonne winning 5K makes it easier for the houseguests to vote her out now if she stays on the block?


it might but the girls think that they can draw Da’Vonne into an arrangement. They know Bayleigh won’t fall for that

The Beef

LOL – Won’t fall for that? Those two have been begging to get into that power side alliance for FIVE weeks now! They even accepted the invitation to join the fake “Slick Six” alliance, which they surely know is fake now!

The others prefer DayVonne over Bayleigh, mostly I think because they think she is less volatile of the two. Both have loose lips and need to fact check everything. DayVonne also has more experience playing the game, and Nicole obviously owes her one for giving her the winning margin of victory in BB18, although it had nothing to do with respecting the game, and everything to do with the fact she was a woman.


This week would have been so different if Day had got that last answer right lol


Oh boy. I didn’t want her to win that day, but I would give anything to go back in time and have her win


Yeah that’s how it goes with big brother production. Especially when houseguest run to the DR room crying “It’s not fair”….


Watch on you tube the former BB houseguest Zach; I think that’s his name. He’s talking to Kat from the previous unwatchable BB season with the fake aquaman guy.
He talks about hearing the production curse when certain people won, and all kind of advantages for favorites. Watch it!


Oh Brother!

Landslide Coming?

If Christmas wanted to backdoor Tyler they would have the votes to do that this week as long as one of the powers in not used. The person off the block, Dani, Nicole. Ian and Kevin would be the five votes needed to evict.

Starry night

Christmas and Tyler have a final two. There’s no way in hell she’s going to back door Tyler. Nobody in that house has any clue that they are together. Go Tyler!

The guy

Tyler has one with everyone


Seriously? I thought my final two with Tyler was legit…I’m crushed.

The Canadian girl

Hahahahaha! You made me laugh!


Ian would not vote out tyler. Tyler is huge target (shield) and they are working together.


I don’t think Ian would vote that way nor would Christmas want to do that.


yep, no kahoonies though


Yep. What happen to cmas I’m going to make a big move. Still waiting on someone to make a big move. They’ll all be eating meat by time someone makes a big move.


Xmas said she wants the final 6 to make it together at least to Final 7. And I do believe she’s being truthful


Soooo predictible. Yawn

another name

ok. Let’s assess where we are:

You’re going to tell me that the whole house has just forgotten about the Cody / Nicf thing. huh.
You’re going to tell me new powers just happen to fall into the lap of 2 of Nicf’s bbfs. oooh… ok.
You’re going to tell me that the woman Nicf is mad at (and complained to d/r about) for saying couple tries couple guys is on the way out by coincidence… and gets a veto punishment? While Nicf gets a costume… her schtick… again?
Nope. Fuq that noise. This is too obvious.

Aand you’re going to tell me megabitch when it comes to being a have not Dani just coincidentally got a slop pass? mmmmhmmm. totally buying this. suuuure.

Aaaaaaandduh you’re going to tell me the veto was the one everybody handed to Christmas by default in season 19? As in redemption comp???? eyerolls x 10. yuuup. total coincidence.

Oh. OOOOOOO-kay. Cus I was born an hour ago and apparently had a head trauma to boot. Riiight.
My god. What’s next? Cus i’ve definitely had enough of the Grod complex in this plot.
I just want them to stop making it soooo obvious.

And now we get to listen to the valley of the blondes complain about how difficult this week is… when it was THEIR PLAN, and they have CONTROL OF THE HOUSE AND GAME THIS WEEK.
ffs. get some cheese for that whine, i’m over them. Nickaren, Evelkaren, and felonykaren need to be quiet for a while.


well said


Another name said “Nickaren, Evelkaren, and felonykaren need to be quiet for a while”
I just spit out my soda laughing; lol.. They are sooooooo freakin’ annoying I cannot take it. This is so silly.
CBS begged janelle and kaysar to come on the show to grab viewers.
That’s why when Julie made the mishap during Kaysar’s exit interview he would be going back, Kaysar nearly fell off the chair. He was looking at Julie like, that wasn’t the freakin’ deal!!!!!


Love the names


xmas – I don’t know what I am feeling right now other than it is on me. I didn’t tell you guys what I wanted and laying it out.. that is on me as HOH. That is my fault.
Dani – no we’re a team .. don’t put it on you. We both love you so much!

Tyler Cody and Memphis laughing so hard in the back…….Let those B eliminate the floaters and maker our job easier.

Xmas: The guys still have my back…………


And I do think they have xmas’s back. Enzo said he wont make the same mistake he did season 12 by taking a guy that can beat him in the final.

Big Jim

Watching this makes me miss the good ole days of Big Brother 9, 15 and 16…

another name

you forgot 21. O__0


ANYONE know who has 3rd power?????????????? Evel danis dad says that Tyler has it? Is this true? Her dad said his favs and who he is rooting for are enzo and ian lol!!!! He didn’t mention dani he says shes been lying to much and has been playing a bad game.

another name

People left that could have it and are good at keeping quiet:
Memphis. Tyler. Ian.
Kevin Enzo. Cody.
Doubtful but stranger things have happened:
so… a guy.
Even money on Tyler or Ian. following the trend of nicf supporters getting them: Ian.


Evel Dick dosen’t know (no one does) BUT– it makes sense b/c Cody/Enzo would’ve told each other. Memphis also would’ve told Cody.

Kevin could have it but it’s HIGHLY unlikely he’d be able to keep that to himself.

So my guess was Tyler b/c he has the capacity to actually keep a secret – the only option I think is Tyler or Ian – They said Ian was in the DR for a long time b/c he is struggling emotionally – but he could have the power and was talking about that.

Still my money is on Tyler & that he has a BIG power like one where he can remove noms and pick replacements (again this is speculation)- so I could see that being how Grodner could mix things up if viewership keeps dropping. Read Dani talks someone into trying to backdoor Tyler & he stands up on eviction night puts up Dani/Nicole & says sorry not today ladies.


That’s the same way I was thinkig it would pan out. It would be freakin’ hilarious if David stood up and said he has a jedi nominee removal.
And says, Xmas you have to pick 2 new nominees & you cannot pick me. Then sits down and say “who’s the rookie now Memphis” lmao

Roisin Dubh

At this point, I honestly wish they would have brought back the undisputed king of the house herd mentality. That’s right folks, Mr. Meathead, Clown shoe, Technotronics himself, Jeff. Loved it or hate it, at least his house smackdowns weren’t boring.


Still waiting for dr will here


My bet for 3rd power is either Tyler, Ian, or Memphis. They are the three who keep their mouths shut. Tyler may be the least of these though because I think he probably would tell Christmas when she confided in him. And nobody even has a clue that Memphis is in alliances. But, there again, did his back interfere with his play?
that leaves me putting the bet on Ian….
and, it’s probably the best one.

Britney Haynes Fan

My guess is that Grodner will pass off the third power after the veto ceremony.


I doubt he’d tell Xmas (at least not right away) b/c he’s caught her in lies & also NOT telling him stuff. Like he’s tested her on things he already knows & she’s played dumb.

Recalling his original season he trusted Kaycee implicitly and STILL didn’t tell her about his power for weeks & only told Angela when things got dicey with both Angela/Kaycee on the block in case he had to use it. There isn’t anyone in this house he trusts like that.

He was getting there with Enzo/Cody but then the wall yeller showed up & he started paying more attention to things (who was talking/meeting). Of the players in the big group he’s working the house harder (and IMHO better).

Everything he says has a reason behind it. He tells Xmas enough to make her think she’s his number 1 b/c he knows she was loyal to Paul/Josh but he’s also seen her working Memphis, the girls and Enzo told him so much about having her wrapped so that likely also gave him pause to tell her too much.

Ultimately I don’t think he fully trusts anyone. – however, as the house thins out more his ties to Xmas will get stronger IMHO b/c he’d rather have her there late than any of the other females.

Although Xmas he’ll trust more once the house thins out more I suspect.


I am tired of the racism talk. DaVonne and Bayleigh both suck at this game. They have had opportunities to win comps and have failed every time. Kaysar told Bayleigh what was going on and she didn’t listen. I don’t feel sorry for them and I don’t want to hear how they are being racially targeted. This isn’t week 1. And this is coming from a black man.

another name

There is absolutely no reason why they can’t have a season where there are 12-14 guests that are black, middle eastern or asian with 2-4 white people then.

Britney Haynes Fan


When is the POV ceremony?

Britney Haynes Fan

Thank you Dawg. You two are the best!

another name

So are we going to have to hear about how hard the game is for the Karens all the way until Monday? I… really…. uhhhh.
Oh dear god.
Why give Nicf a Slopitard…. Kevin’s whole game has been a sloppy turd. And she’s low key trying to figure out how to wear it even less than Janelle wore hers because she’s not petty.
And Bayleigh having to ride a tricycle? Given the whining that’s been Nicf’s game.
They screwed up.
I demand a redo.


Christmas – so after this week it will be Ian, Kevin, David and Enzo.
Cody – yeah .. *giggling inside…. don’t worry babe before enzo we will send you packing to join all the weak girls…….


New game: I started doing a shot everytime Enzo said “Yo”—-yep, I passed out in 30 minutes (would’ve been 20 minutes if I was doing Kraken!)…lol

Terrible Horrific Season

How is there 8 more weeks of this crap? 8 weeks watching the rest of the turds get to the end.


Christmas get 2 easy comps back to back & a power? Production totally didn’t have a hand in that, no way. Not that I like Day or Bay, but the idea that this season is a major snooze-fest & it being AllStars makes it even worse. Can there be an entire season of zero big moves? I mean once the premade alliances get out all the easy target,ls, going after each other is a given. The “Entertainment” factor of BB is slowly dying. Not much can be done to bring it back to it’s former glory.

Rick Dawson

Here they go trying to get rid of all the black people again. Day and Bay posed no threat to Xmas at all. When will women learn to stick together and take out all the strong men in the house. That was a move the men in the house wanted. Stop being a follower and play your game