Day “If this is your week to go out .. you have to go out swinging!”

Head of Household Winner – Christmas
Have nots – No havenots this week
Nominations – Bay & DaVonne
Power of Veto Players are – Christmas, Bayleigh, Da’Vonne, Nicole, Ian and Dani.
POV Host: – David
Power of Veto holder – Christmas
Power of Veto Ceremony
Powers – Christmas and Dani. Christmas = protection from being a renom. Dani= Lets an HOH play in the following week HOH competition
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Veto Results:
– Christmas Won the Veto
– Dani won the Home Gym
– Day won the 5K
– Nicole got the Slop-tard punishment
– Bay has to do 500 laps riding a tricycle on a track
– Ian didn’t feel well so he didn’t play

4:25pm HOH room. Day and Bay.
Bay tells Day about her conversation with Christmas. I had two talks today .. one long one with Christmas and the more and more I converse with her .. the more disappointed I am. Day – what happened? Bay – Nothing, there was no emotions or anything. She did the typical .. my job is done.. I don’t want anything to do with anything else moving forward. I don’t have a preference. You were just a pair that had to go.
Day is shocked (See photo below) – She was cut and dry like that? Bay – yeah and then in the sweetest possible way I broke it down to her. I said its five weeks into the game and there is no one that has talked game with you? Let me break it down .. there are at least pairs in the house that you over looked. I can probably name three that are coming to you saying they’re on an island. I made one mistake and I error-ed with one thing and that was trusting you and extending an olive branch. The reason I said I had an untouchable is because everyone else does .. and I wanted to make it fair to you. Day knew I wouldn’t come for you. She said yeah she told me. I said just enjoy your week as HOH.. I won’t bother you again. Day – Bay no! Bay – 100% Everyone thinks I am a bigger threat than you so I am just going to enjoy my week. Day – no I heard it was the opposite .. I heard they want to get me out because if there is a battle back and .. I would probably beat Janelle. (LOL because you’ve won 0 competitions!? How does even she believe this!?) Bay – She said that this is all stars and she isn’t playing for anyone but herself. She said that we isolated ourselves. Day – why is Tyler so comfortable coming up here. Bay – Tyler does this each season.. I saw it happen to Kaitlin.. I am a lone wolf, I’m lost, I don’t have anybody.. (Poor wounded baby bird). She loves to nurture people. That’s where she finds her value. Tyler is her baby now. She can rub his back and stroke his ego. And he can do everything that she says and she can protect him. Tyler is cold blooded. He said the same thing last week to Kaysar. I know his game. I didn’t think people were dumb enough in here to believe it. Day – if this is your week to go out .. you have to go out swinging.. (Yes feed the fire!)

4:50pm – 5:10pm Havenot room. Day and Bay.
Day – what is there to process?! Its a game. I don’t have conversations with my friends and say I have to process this and call you back. I am sorry she told you that. When it came to you and her I felt a little threatened.. I was like what is this sh*t. That’s sh*tty. There is no way for her to get a good edit out of this. It wasn’t a power play .. it wasn’t a necessity for the house. Bay – I was pouring information to her .. it looks like a betrayal. Day – and after being nom’d it was the first time you talked to Tyler right?! Bay – yes. When I get off of this show .. I don’t want to be friends with you .. all of you are blocked! Except for you. They manipulated me. Day – how

Bedroom. Enzo and Cody.
Enzo – I just want this to get locked tomorrow so we can get f**ked up Yo! Cody – yeah.

Havenot room. Bay and Day.
Day – its not going to be unanimous one way or the other. You’re telling me something and I am telling you what I’ve been told. Wires are being crossed one way or the other. Bay – what do you think would have to be done to get her to use the veto? Day – a group of people would have to go up there. Bay – and you think they won’t? Day – who? Me, you, Nicole and Dani? Who would be the fifth person? Bay – Kevin. Day – he wouldn’t do it .. he’s terrified. Bay – David? Day – would he? Bay – 100% if we do it. And you know who else Ian. Day – to take Tyler out? Bay – nods her head. Day – okay lets try it. I don’t think Ian will do it. Sticking his face out .. I don’t know. Day – its scary because she (Christmas) is calling him (Tyler) up there. Ian is scary ..because he beat Dan!! Why are we not looking at him?!! Its going to be a long week. I wish I knew about the powers if they have to be done before the vetos.

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Andy the Red Rat

It is a win whether Day or Bay go this week.


Neither of them deserved another chance to play this game.

It’s insulting that Davonne was an original week 2 evictee and the producers still brought her back for a third time!!!

Good idea said nobody ever.

It’s pure insanity that Bayleigh got a second chance to play when Angela was still able to backdoor her. Though bayleigh had a power app to save herself from a backdoor.

They decided as a duo it was a good idea to vote with the majority for four weeks!!

There’s a reason why the power hasn’t flipped in this season, it’s because Bay and Day are a two of the worst Big Brother players we’ve ever seen in this game!!!


This season makes no sense but maybe it does to some degree. Anyone watching the feeds can see that Tyler, Cody and Dani has been targeting Day/Bay although they are in the “slick 6” they said since Day 1 that the alliance is basically fake although Bay/Day didn’t know. But on their interviews on the show Cody and Tyler are acting like they wanted the Slick 6 to work which is the opposite of what they’ve been saying on the feeds. I think they are “prentending” like they wanted to work with Bay/Day to America to look good for whatever reason because why lie during your own confessional/interview. They do know the people who watch the feeds watch the show lol. I have a theory but won’t speculate.


Tyler had to delete his Twitter account after he got out of the house, due to that massive fight with Bayleigh on their season (when she made her own mouth bleed).
Fans were so mean & vicious towards Tyler… it was so awful.

I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what’s happening now… I mean, who’d want to go through all of that again??


I agree! People going after people on twitter about BB clealy have problems and too much time. But to me that does not explain him going back and forth. There is nothing wrong with him wanting Bay or Day out if that is what he wants but he is not consistent. Like now, he is making it worst going to them saying he is willing to go on the block “to save them” which makes no sense at all when he could have told Xmas the HOH who he has a F2 deal with not to put up Bay/Day from the beginning. Let’s be honest Xmas listens to everybody so she would have went with an even safer/predictable pick like David and Kevin. He should just play the game he wants and not try to be America’s Favorite Player! He has a right to want out whoever he chooses though.


Do you mean when Bayleigh had her category 5 hurricane and became unhinged? She made a repeat of that meltdown on MTV’s The Challenge. I’m sure we will get another performance soon. She always plays the victim.

I think Day just needs to chill and wait for Bay to lose it. I think Bayleigh’s only chance is if David uses his power to save her but if he does he just might be the replacement nom.

I’m hearing Tyler is losing it now and asked Xmas to put him up as a replacement nominee. He is saying he wants to leave the house.

Golden Gate Granny

I’ve seen Dani in an interview say she likes to whisper as quiet as whispering is possible in the house and lie in the DR to keep production as in the dark as possible.


Tyler wasnt targetting bay, he wanted bay in the game at least for a few more weeks. He would make comments about them just like everyone else and then in the real talks would slide comments about keeping bay. Even when christmas got hoh, she was set on day/bay from the week before which she said several times, following all of nicoles wishes, and tyler actually tried to talk her into nominating someone else, not agressively cause he knows he cant do that to christmas, but the person he wanted out the most was dani.
Bay has proved again and again to not understand this game. Even if she thinks tyler cant be trusted she should realize hes one of the ppl she could get a vote from if she played it well. This is a numbers game and she knows she wont get dani, nicole and kevin. Therefore her only chances, even if they are slim, are trying to get other ppl including tyler. So if that means going to tyler and hard throwing dani under the bus (a vote she wont ever get anyway) and pretend to believe everything he told her (even if she doesnt), thats exactly what she should do. Instead of that she goes around telling everyone how much tyler wants her out, how mean hes to her bla bla, proving once again that she simply doesnt know how to play this game. She even went to enzo, who she should know is working with tyler, and to cody, and talked shit about tyler. What does that accomplishes??? Nothing… but she doesnt even see it, cause all to her is personal.
If she could leave all this personal things and victimism aside she would realize that for tyler shes better than davone, and so is for enzo and cody. She could see the other girls want davone to stay. Yet shes blind to it all and proves in the end tylers point that she cant be in jury from his pov, cause all she will do is not only vote based on only personal reasons but also poison the other jury members for weeks against whoever she feels hurt her feelings.

The Beef

You do understand that CBS is producing a TV show that is different from the actual game the players are playing right? This means CBS’ plot line doesn’t always line up with the the actual game plot line that is happening inside the house, so they have to manipulate the D/R interviews to “smooth out” the story they are trying to tell on the air. Is it different from what they are saying on the feeds? Of course it is, because CBS is lying to us in the story they are feeding to the viewers on the air! It’s not the true story of what’s happening in the game, but instead the story they want to “produce”. That’s why Grodner is called the executive producer of the show, and why as many have pointed out on here, Big Brother is NOT an actual game show, but reality TV. The players can try as hard as they can to win a fair game, but if they like, the producers can change the rules, throw in new comps or diamond POV’s, Pandora’s boxes, or whatever they like to change things, and there’s nothing the players can do about it. Why? Because it’s a damn TV show at the end of the day, as much as most of us don’t like that.


Are you kidding me?!!! It was David with the 3rd power!!!

Barney Rubble

The rookie is learning to keep information on the down low. Well done grasshopper.


He may be the official inspector clouseau of the group so let’s see how he decides to use/not use the power

Save the All Star Season

He has no one to tell. I think they just want to get him to jury. He’s just terrible.

Golden Gate Granny

Wait. WHATTT?! Deets please!


The episode tonight showed him winning one of the powers that involves taking someone off the block

Big Baby

Bayleigh has done it to herself.

Kaysar tried to warn her and davonne kept voting with the majority after a month of gameplay !!!

Bayleigh Had a power app to save her self from the back door in yet Angela is still bad enough to send her out door anyways!!!

Legend has is it:

If you look towards the sky you can still see the smoke of Angela blazing her ass like a cigarette from big brother 20.

Farewell Bayleigh you always did suck at this game!!


Who is Angela? Bayleigh doesn’t have a power

Big Baby

In season 20 Bayleigh had a power app to safe herself from a backdoor in yet the HOH Angela Rummans still played her like a spade backdooring Bay out of the house anyways!

Till this day Bayleigh still has trouble sitting on benches because her ass is so sore from being smoked by Angela.

Kaysar tried to warn bayleigh this season about the house in yet bayleigh blew him off and still continued to vote for the majority of the house.

Bayleigh Never should have had a second chance to play big brother to begin with and Angela Rummans proved that two years ago back in season 20 – that Bayleigh sucks at this game and Angela completely outclassed her as a game player and was more deserving of a second chance to play this season over Bayleigh.

Luci in the Sky

Angela sent Bay out of the house last season. Bay haD a power she didn’t use to save herself.


What in the what?
These two are still believing everything everyone is telling them??


Not exactly. It appears Dayvonne is just acting like she is believing everyone


da’vonne believes no one. especially when they tell her the truth.


At this point it doesnt even matter what they believe its true. Theyre both in the block and they need votes. Day acting like she believes everything dani says (tbh she prob does, id like to think its all a strategy from her to stay but i doubt it) is playing to her favour and it guarantees her nicole and danis votes, and potentially ian since he thought of as nicoles puppy. For her, given the the votes she can get, it makes sense to trash tyler and keep fueling dani in that direction, cause thats what she wants to hear.
Problem comes with bay who just cant think stratigically for once and remove her personal feelings from the game. If she did that she could get some votes and have a chance, at least a chance, to potentially stay. Her pitch should be focused on how day will be a number for the girls, how dani is so dangerous and has been throwing tyler under the bus amd talking about backdooring him and getting him out. She should try to make herself valuable to those who could potentially vote for her to stay over day.
Yes shes more of a comp threat than day, but lets be real, the guys arent worried about that when it comes to her. Thats not why shed be voted out, thats just one more argument used by the girls (who already know will have day for themselves) against her. I really think if she played her cards right she could have a chance, but seeing her attempts of campaign its clear that she doesnt know how to get ppl to her side and what info to use and against who

another name

Tyler currently in have not room telling Da and Bay he wants to self evict by having Christmas put him on the block instead of one of them.
Not sure if this is real or strategy.
No really.
He’s done wounded baby bird one too many times for me to trust.
So either he doesn’t want to go to jury.
Or he’s trying to make sure the nom that stays doesn’t come after him because he tried.
Who knows for sure.

Christmas was pre-emptively watching for Tyler in the Have not room. Left HOH before Tyler went… to the have…not…room. This is starting to feel… plot scripted.
Christmas and Dani are now talking in HOH about Tyler being in have not room and Christmas being concerned and Dani feeling betrayed because she’s never said one unkind word about Tyler and she’s been nicer to him than anyone else in the house (ohffs… that’s not even… really???).

This is starting to feel… off. Like Tyler wants to leave because of the house situation and house meeting stuff. Like he doesn’t want to play on such an uneven playing field anymore. Just my perception. Tyler was gone for a loooong time in the d/r before going to the kitchen. NOW THIS.
Something doesn’t add up. At all.


I wouldnt be surprised, tho i find it pretty sad. I think tyler knows very well that he has no one he can rely on this season. He can see how this is going to play out and odds are heavily against him. The entire dani thing was his attempt to change this. Day and bay proved theres no ppl he can work with that actually know how to play the game
He did say that he didnt want to be stuck in jury and i really dont see how he can make it to the end unless he starts winning every comp, and even then idt this cast would give him the win
Ian tyler david and bay teaming up against cody dani and nicole was the only path to a less boring season with kevin being kevin and enzo likely floating
Ian and tyler prob both realize where this is all going and see how much it sucks


Tyler is self evicting? Is this true? He is asking for Christmas to put him up. He is tired of playing.


Every year I get so mad at how dumb these players are. It was so dumb for a big alliance to get rid of Janelle and Kaysar. They should’ve known their alliance would fracture and any of them could’ve used J and K. They should’ve gotten rid of players like Ian, David, etc.


More terrific gameplay by Davonne this season. I cant wait for her 4th and 5th season. Shes this generations danielle reyes or jun song.