After getting a power “I literally started crying..I couldn’t stop crying I was so upset it’s horrible”

Head of Household Winner – Christmas
Have nots – No havenots this week
Nominations – Bay & DaVonne
Power of Veto Players are
POV Host:
Power of Veto holder
Power of Veto Ceremony
Powers – Christmas and Dani. Christmas = protection from being a renom. Dani= Lets an HOH play in the following weeks HOH.
Live feeds —-> Grab your Live feeds here. Try it free.
Rank the houseguests —-> Big Brother 22 Ranking

Midnight Christmas and Dani
Dani – who are you going to pick if you get houseguets choice .. I have a weird feeling Tyler will pick one of them. He was calling them his sisters and stuff
Christmas – I dunno I need to talk o Tyler
Dani – don’t say I said anything
Christmas – Bayleigh told me
Dani – she did?.. don’t tell Tyler anything so we can figure it out
Dani says Bayleigh is getting super emotional and throwing in a lot of personal stuff
Christmas says bay, Day and Kevin have been coming out of the have nots all day
Dani – Kevin has a power he’s never acted the way he’s acting. I think I know who has the other one.. I think enzo
Christmas – really
Dani – I would put money on it.
Christmas brings up Ian and how his behavior has changed.
Dani – Nicole said he hates being here..

Christmas says she doesn’t trust Ian anymore “After that Nicole thing.. his behavior these last 2 days shows me he’s up to something”
Dani says Ian told her he threw Nicole under the bus to Kasyar
Christmas says that Kaysar was “leveraging” something that happened outside (yeller)

12:17 am Nicole practicing her Danielle Murphee impersonations

1:20 am Cody and Dani
Cody – I just can’t sleep
Dani – crap on your mind
Cody – not really
Cody says he’s just tossing and turning and sweating
Dani – what do you think it will be like Tomorrow
Cody – Bayleigh just said to me i’ll get crazier tomorrow and she just walked away

Cody – she was saying some weird stuff.. like it’s a individual game blah blah blah.. someone with the power might not use it..
Dani asks for details
Cody – I’m just speculating.. I’m just over this hole f**ing thing. I’m over being the person this season that is always the pit fall. well you’re friendly with everyone
Cody – I’m the only person in this game that hasn’t been yanked into a room and this is the 5th week. So why am I the one doing all the sh1t while I’m the only person that hasn’t been yanked into a room

Cody – I’m the scapegoat i’m the one Cody’s doing this cody’s doing this. Cody’s in a big group. I’m so f**Ing over it.. I’m like yo just send me home and everyone else play the game (Please can this happen)
Cody – just do it i’m over it I’m tired of tip toeing around and everyone is f**Ing whispering .
Dani – I don’t think anyone is talking about you this week so you have nothing to worry about

Cody – It’s so petty to me this whole week. I’m over it. What did I do why did I offend.. I guess I’m the only one that came in to play Big Brother and now I got dragged and everyone else it’s personal (Pregamed big brother)
Dani – everyone is where you are but for different reasons
Cody – I would be fine if I can sleep at night.. I’m not resetting at all now we’re 30 days in
Dani says she’s heard a lot of crap about what Kaysar was saying “From people you wouldn’t think would tell ya”
Cody – I don’t know what his f**Ing deal was with you
Dani – I have no idea (none?)
Cody – After three times you don’t have it..
Ian strolls in.. “I can’t sleep at all”. Chit chat until 1:33 then Ian leaves

Cody – Day ever turned around today
Dani – not really it plateaued
Dani says she spent the day getting questioned and getting fact checked
Dani – and tomorrow is going to get crazy.. I’m scared
Cody – I feel bad for Christmas she was hysterical

They go on about not playing the game personal
Dani – every season it goes there.
Cody – it never did in my season. People understood this is a game and sh1t was happening.. I was on the good side of it.. Nicole was on the bad side of it but she never felt so and so doesn’t like me.

Dani brings up Jordan telling her she felts personally attacked because Dani wanted Jeff out “they wanted to spend the summer together and she thought I was tearing them apart”
Dani – excuse me? it catches you off guard. I feel like I’m also caught up in something in this house it’s frustrating
Cody – i’m over it.
Dani – I don’t want to upset people period on a personal level
Cody – Da’Vonne was crying yesterday she came up to me asking WHY? I asked you some time the other day and you brushed it off I see you laughing with other people what did I do
Cody – Seeing her get upset sucks.. what did you do? I was just around people laughing I wasn’t around her I didn’t do anything.
Cody – we never had that on my season
Dani says new school big brother is you can’t be friends with everybody because it means you’ve betrayed everybody “that’s not how it use to be”

Cody – I would rather be myself and have people be like Ohh I can’t trust him than be something and have them come at me for that to. They’ll find a way
Cody – everybody finds an excuse in this game. No body likes to look in the mirror.. I know I’m loud, Super friendly with everybody

Cody says Zach on his season was the funniest kid ever “we needed a zach in here”
Dani – instead we got Kaysar
Cody – for a tech guy he knows a lot about body language
Dani – Tyler thought he was FBI. Like I can’t with anyone
Dani says Kasyar told Christmas “these people are so stupid I can’t believe i’m more intelligent and I’m leaving and they’re going to win ” (true)
Dani – don’t repeat that it’s from Christmas. Memphis made a comment about how the conversation really is dumbed down in this place.
they laugh
Dani – Ian told Memphis he wants to be the second person in Jury so he can watch Netflix
They laugh

Dani – who else do you think has the powers
Cody – I don’t know. The rack my brain with that is not something I want to be doing.. not me.
Dani – I thought you would have it.

Enzo joins them
Dani – you went to sleep at 9:20
Cody – It’s 1:50
Enzo makes something to eat chit chat and leaves

Cody to Dani – what are you waiting for
Dani – I was just trying to be nice and keep you company I’ll leave you now with Enzo.. so rude
Dani says there’s a lot of “personal crap” that involves Bayleigh
Enzo back with them.
Dani – you look wide awake.. You were eating rice while sleeping
they laugh .. chit chat..
they talk about the basement suite competition
Enzo – once they turned the lights off I started to panic yo.. I was like I don’t know if I can do this yo
Dani – everyone got real quiet near the end.
Enzo – I don’t think they are really game changing powers though I thin kit’s to protect you yes but not change the game yo
Enzo – three people have powers yo.. whatever I don’t give a f** .. at first I was like I give up I want to leave.
Enzo says he’s never played with powers “Win POV, HOH old school yo f*** it” (There was a DPOV on his season but it flopped)
Enzo – power apps and sh1t now f*** it

2:15 am Cody and Dani continue their kitchen chat
Dani asks him if he ever said in the house that he would evict her
Cody – never.. why are you asking me that
Dani – cause I’m fact checking
Cody – who said that
Dani – that is what I was told
Dani – I was told there was a group meeting and it was brought up you said you would
Cody – a group meeting? between
Dani – why are you looking dumb you have no idea? it was brought up by other people and you said you wold go along with it
Cody – no, nobody talk to me me.
Dani – nobody did?
Cody – I’m sure it did not with me there
Dani – okay
Cody – that’s f***Ing annoying

Cody keeps denying..
Dani says she heard that the there was a group meeting and in that meeting someone said they would go after Dani and Cody said he would vote to evict her.
Cody – you know how much I have your back in this game.
Dani – everything I’ve done in this game is to help the group
Cody says the point of the conversation was if she’s coming for me are we going after her, “I wasn’t even like yeah 100% go after her I was like yeah find out what’s going on”
Cody says that pisses me off because conversations that didn’t happen are getting spun
Cody – I’m f**ing pissed
Dani – please don’t repeat it
Dani – the conversation had nothing to do with you that was a excerpt i took out that bothered me
Cody – what you are to me in this game it makes me more mad
They tease each other about he other one having a power.
Dani says she’s certain Enzo has a power
Dani – I know for a fact. don’t say anything
Dani – so it’s me him and Kevin.
Cody – I can’t believe you lied to me all day because you were mad at me..
Dani – it’s not exciting I literally started crying.. that’s it and then I started crying.. I couldn’t stop crying I was so upset it’s horrible the good thing from that means they’re all trash.. maybe one of them is actually good it cold be Kevin and that would be bad.
Dani – do you not want to know what this trash thing is?
Cody – alright what is it
Dani – it’s horrible. Nicole thought I was lying
Dani explains her power.

2:40 am
Dani – Kaysar was coming up with a whole thing for people to nominated me after he gets out which were conversations I wasn’t privy to
Cody – Christmas told me Kasyar said and I’m really scared of her so please don’t say anything she was like don’t tell anyone..
Cody – Kasyar was trying to spin the girls them two (Day/Bay) this week coming up that you and Tyler need to go up
Dani – she told me that ..
Cody – and I needed to be backdoored.
Dani – I think bayleigh is going to go off on Tyler
Cody – yeah
Dani – don’t say anything or I’ll kill you. If she says anything about me will you have my back
Cody – yeah, what do you mean
Dani – mmmmmhmmm tyler has been saying a lot of stuff to me about them and basically taking all the information I’ve been saying like.. hes been saying and flipping it around on me to them.
Dani – please don’t say anything to him for real.. for real..
Dani – it’s turning into a lot of personal stuff about her. he said a lot of personal stuff about her. and she’s taking it to a whole new level that I don’t think has anything to do with it. (Bay)
Dani – it’s kinda a mess, I don’t want to get caught in the middle of any of this I don’t freaking do that I don’t say personal stuff. that’s not who I am .

They tease about Cody going on the block. Dani says she can get him on the block “easy”
Cody – it’s not about getting me up it’s getting me out
Dani – easy .. Challenge?
Dani – you would suck at this game if I wasn’t here..
they giggle

Dani – what did Tyler say to you today when he pulled you into the back room
Cody – he didn’t pull me into the back room today \
Dani – yes he did.. you lying again
Cody – no i’m trying to think
Dani – after Baylegih talked to me
Cody – ohh he was nervous I told him to go talk to her… he was freaking out
Dani – he came to me did she throw me under the bus (bayleigh)
Dani says Tyler has been throwing her under the bus

3:41 am Sleeping yo

7:00 am Wake up!

8:00 am Feeds on Puppies

9:19 am Feeds on puppies

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BB SmallStars

Wow. I’ve seen a few Bay clips online and she is on a Self Pity World Tour. Oh, and of course, rude and condescending as is her MO. Complete diva princess who cannot accept when things don’t go her perfect way and is playing the victim role to the max. That convo with Ian, she was speaking AT him and didn’t let him get a word in anytime he tried to speak. Just belittling him purposely trying to make him feel bad and be the Bay Bully she is. And desperately making a show of how Janelle is her friend…don’t speak a word about her bla bla. Seems like she’s desperately trying to get Janelles fans to be her fans too Associating herself with a popular player. Nice try. And it’s everyone else’s fault except her. Janelle and especially Kaysar tried telling her but all she did was snap and scold Kaysar bc she knew it all. Well, there you go Bay…you were such a know it all so u should have seen this coming. And remember this is a game…and you got PLAYED.

Anyone Want to Step Up?

If the noms stay the same I can see Da’Vonne getting the boot this week. We all know it is only a matter of time before Bayleigh blows her own game up and they might vote Da out knowing that the rest of the house will want to evict Bay next.

BB SmallStars

Yep, very true. Hoping that it’s Bayleigh out first though.



Just Sayin'

Way to make the game so much more exciting with these “powers” production…..*sarcasm* sigh, how are we still this early in the game, it feels like we are at least 25 weeks in


Are you freaking kidding me?!!! The only reason Cody is saying it wasn’t personal during his season is because he was always right behind Derrick while Derrick got others to follow him like sheep. I am quite sure some of the people he and Derrick picked off took it personally. I know people were disgusted with Cody when he would whine his way out of being a “pawn nominee”


This power would have been great for Dani on Seasons 8 and 13.

Fingers Crossed

I hope Bay got the third power and that it is something to make her less annoying.

Anyone Want to Step Up?

Interesting that the two highest players in the ranking poll have already been shown the door. I sure hope that we don’t get a floater for a winner this season.


Cody keeps saying things were not personal… his Season was really personal and cold. Cody lies about Season 16 a lot. He lied about Brittany M and the all night soccer thing. They could giver her advice and sit out there with her or cheer her on… they just couldn’t kick it… because Donnie did that. They just had no compassion for her. They shunned people in the house. Nicole took everything personal and NEVER brings up Christine Cody’s cuddle buddy that was booed when she left. They spent the entire day sleeping and talked shit about people all night.

The only one that was just business was Derrick… that is why he won… it was a bitter jury.

Johnny Depth

season is becoming a snoozefest…bring on Hurricane Bayleigh!


Dani – what did Tyler say to you today when he pulled you into the back room
Cody – he didn’t pull me into the back room today \
Dani – yes he did.. you lying again
Cody – no i’m trying to think

Me: he’s lying to your face and it shows cody and tyler are pretty close and have a deal.

Dani: lalalalala yeah cody and tyler have my back.

again if none one takes a shot at tyler cody or memphis one of them will get the big prize. what a fools! LOL


Bayliegh is just gonna keep digging her own grave with her behavior. Tyler was right when he said someone like Bayliegh can’t be in jury, because she would vote with emotion. Every one in the house will recognize this as well, the longer the week progresses. Bye bayliegh


How was Tyler viewed by live feeders before this season. I heard he was a great player and was liked.

I skipped 20 because of the nichole f win and the garbage that was 19 thanks to the nichole f win


Tyler was very well liked in Season 20. He won America’s Favorite Player by a huge margin. He led an alliance of 6 and also had 2 foot soldiers in JC and Sam on his season. He won a lot of comps. He also got a power that he never shared with anyone or had to use. I take that back he did finally tell KC near the end of the season about his power. But,as much of a fan I was of BB20. I am not seeing the same out of him this season. At least in 20 they had 2 sides battling each other. This season it’s like the past several seasons excluding 20 where you have 1 group picking off the rest and there is no real game play. So I can see why Tyler is not well liked anymore. He should of formed a team with Janelle, Kaysar, Bayleigh, and Ian and they should of plowed through these morons. But, he choose the boring popular kids and now we have a snooze fest. Just my humble opinion.

Michele Smith

I think you’re 100% on your Tyler evaluation. Season 20 was entertaining and exciting. I loved Tyler from day 1 and loved most of his play that season. But this year his vibe or mojo is way off. Siding with Cody & his crew makes Tyler much less likable & who wants to root for the pre-gaming mean spirited cheaters crew???


Ppl here keep saying who he shouldve teamed up with but they dont realize that you need to win comps to advance in this game
Just look at who have been winning every single comp… had he teamed up with those ppl amd go against codys crew upfront like ppl want him he wouldve been gone by now, simply because these ppl dont win comps
He knew hes at the bottom of dani cody and nicole and its why he was trying to get dani out, trying to put the target on her
These ppl you want him to team up with (some of them) clearly dont know how to play the game. Leaving out the part that they dont win comps, they think any info they get is meant to be used to confront ppl instead of holding it and using it when its necessary
Tyler warned bay and day, and what did they do? They went to dani and told her and for what???? Whats to gain with always asking like they do “why do you want me outtttttt what did i do to you?????’ Ofc this person (dani) will deny everything and say its all a lie and blame it on the person who warned them, cause hey not like shes gonna admit it
But they simply dont understand this amd its why its so frustrating to tyler and why he was calling her stupid (which ofc its a really bad look on him but its out of frustration)
They cant be helped in this game cause they end up sinking whoever tries to help them by outing always the info they have and trying to “fact check”
Tyler understands how to play ppl and how to hold info, he would say “bay amd day have to go” to the ppl who already were saying that cause thats what they wanna hear, but then he would always slide some comments about keeping bay…
He wanted bay in this game, which he told several times to enzo, but bay doesnt know how to play
Bay doesnt understand how nicole wanted her out since the whole “many bois and tries”, oh well she did know that… yet when told what she already knew was true seeing nicoles and danis behaviour towards her, she held it for some time, and eventually ended up confronting ppl about it and thus throwing tyler under the bus hard and ended up believing dani who she even heard talking to tyler about her and how she acted on season 20
Shes had everything in front of her to see through danis and nicoles bs, she was told by ian, tyler and kaysar, yet she goes and tells dani and believes her… so seeing this can you really blame tyler for being so frustrated with her????


I agree. It’s always hard to see make this classic mistake. Someone tells them someone is coming for them and their only play/move is “confront the person” and then believe them when the say is not true. It’s like Stockholm syndrome.
Tyler is smart for wanting to get Dani out—it would place him in more of a position of power. He just should’ve know Day and Bay would known what to do with info.

He is kinda put his trust this year in people that do not understand the game. Specially David.


He has indeed, and he realized when the thing with david happened that he couldnt trust him
He did what he did with bay and day as a last attempt imo to “go big or go home”. He realized getting dani out was what needed to happen but in order to that he needed to plant seeds first since most of the ppl in the game are so bad at seeing whats in front of their noses. He took a big risk and he was aware of it, and i think it also comes with the fact that he wanted to either set himself up well for 2nd half or leave prejury since he doesnt wanna be stuck there
But who else could he put his trust in who actually understands this game seeing this cast??? Kevin? Hmm nope, kaysar? Well he tried to work with him in the very beginning… also lets remember even tho kaysar had a good idea of what was going on, he would tell EVERYONE about it, including these ppl who as you said do not understand the game, so in the end the result wouldve been the same… thats not even thinking of how none of these ppl win competitions… teaming up with kaysar wouldve put a huuuuge target on his back for codys crew, especially since hed be the only one capable of winning comps in that side making him potentially enemy no. 1.
Truth is in this cast the ppl who do understand the game are mostly in codys side and their loyalties were established b4 the show, and b4 the pregaming everyone blames… they were friends already outside of the house
Ian is potentially the only person tyler could trust not to sink his game running the info he gives them… and we saw how that went in this hoh and how ian crawled all the way back to nicole, even tho as smart as he is he gotta know hes pretty fucked going forward in the game since his potential allies to go against the core keep getting voted out one after the other and cant win comps… he surely knows hes in a bad spot yet in this hoh he decided it apparently still wasnt time to go against them and threw the comp in an attempt to not show his cards yet, even tho everyone already knows what hes been doing… we will see how it turns out for him, hopefully it works but it seems unlikely at the moment


Very well said!!! I guess I am just frustrated as most with the whole season. I loved BB20, and after last year being so terrible.I thought okay we get returning players. Maybe we’ll get a Great season. I thought wrong. So yes I understand the frustration Tyler is going through. He had reliable members who he could talk to in 20. Everything he says now, gets bounced around the whole house. Hope he starts winning more comps or got the 3rd power so he can start getting rid of the 2 headed monster in Dani and Nic F.


Yeppp level 6 actually knew how to play and be a team… they would tell each other what was going on, who was targetting them, and then they would plot how to get those ppl out. Theres wasnt this silly fact checking where essencially all you do is out your source and get a big denial from the person you fact check with
Sadly i dont see a way out of this for tyler… day and bay already hard burned him and now hes top in the list for both dani and nicole, and they will also pressure cody if he wins hoh. He now obv has to try some damage control, that wont work, and therefore go against day amd bay since they threw him under the bus. So even if tyler gets hoh, even if he gets someone strong out, he will have no one to rely on and he will be next. Even christmas who does trust him will be pissed when he turns on the comittee like shes already said multiple times… but hey these (bay and day) are the ppl everyone so badly wanted him to align with!!! Only hope imo is for ian to finally decide to play and team up with him against cody dani nicole, but seeimg how things are going and how they wont have anyone else to back them up i dont really see that happening 🙁


Tyler is the only one of who you mentioned that won HOH…so how did your “dream team” expect to plow through with the loser team you put together?


I know it’s been said but I have to say it again. A lot of people are going to feel like stupid idiots for not teaming up with Jayser. They were too busy thinking they could be a part of the “cool kid’s” group. They should have chosen the “cool grownups” in the game instead, they sh!t on them. Janelle and Kayser’s attitude when leaving…it’s a game. The rest will hold grudges. The word “bitter” comes to mind. I would never decline the opportunity to play on team Jayser.

I’m so disappointed with the “All Stars,” (cough!) that I started watching BB6 and plan on watching BB7. It’s been long enough that I don’t remember everything so it’s good. It did remind me of how much I detested Eric aka Cappy and Ivette with her creepy obsession with Cappy.


BB20 All Black Hole

No Stars


Can someone please help me out? I can’t find the extended post-eviction interview of Julie with Kaysar. Even when clicking on the link in BB’s tweet, it directs me to their fb page, but no video. Maybe I can’t see it bc it’s geoblocked (Europe)?
Any idea where I can see it? Or where I can find a transcript? (I’m also curious about the GB messages)


First off: Thanks a lot for answering! 🙂
Now… I thought Julie ended the episode with telling viewers to check out her extended interview with Kaysar online. I assumed that was her conducting the interview, and that we would get to see Kaysar being shown some of the goodbye messages (which they didn’t find time for during the episode here).
Did I just misunderstand?


It is on BB Rewind on FB.There is an interview with Ovi before the extended interview and goodbye messages


Thanks! So yeah, it’s confirmed, the videos appear as non existent for me (geo-blocked in Europe). Your link sends me to a page where it says “this page hasn’t posted any videos yet.”
i hate to ask, but If anyone iwould be able to upload this to youtube, I’d be forever gr… THANKful!
I cross my fingers!


I said it once and I will say it again. Terrible season. If they don’t restructure the way the game is played the end is near. This big alliance stuff Is garbage. What a snooze of a season.


The reason why there isnt a power shift is cause the outsiders cant win a comp…
Yes pregaming sucks, but dani and nicole are friends outside of the house and so are nicole and cody, had they not talked b4 entering the house, they would still be a tight team cause thats what you get when you bring ppl who have past relationships
The inability of the ppl not in the core to see whats happening AND most importantly win comps (cause theyve lately had bright moments of realizing whats really going on) is what in the end makes this season what it is
Its easy to blame the big team but reality is that everyone enters wanting to form some strong team, hey even kaysar said thats what he wanted
Problem comes when the ppl not in that group dont come together to create a real opposition or “other side” and actually win comps and take shots at the other team
Id like to see all of nicole cody and dani go, but blaming them for the other ppls inabilities to win and go against them isnt really fair. I mean they all go against anyone who tries to help them even, by outing all the info they get, sinking other ppls games and gaining nothing in the process. That makes them at the end of the day really bad allies. Now ask yourself, were you in that house and wanted to work with them, while obv acting cool to the main group as long as they have power, really willing to say anything to them seeing what they do with it?
They just cant shut up and withhold ANY information… whether it is about the guys alliance, or being targetted or anything at all, they ALWAYS run back to ask about it as if ppl would ever admit to it


I think of the game as chess.
On one side of the board
Nicole-king—connected to Cody(queen), connected to Dani(knight).
Cody has more pieces connected to him: enzo(rook), tyler(bishop/knight not sure), christmas (knightish barely), Memphis(bishop), Davonne(pawn), Bayleigh( pawn who thought she was Bishop). David-poor pawn.

On the other side of the board
Ian-queen randomly protected by the others side King.

Nicole A-knight

Save the All Star Season

We are acting like them in the house. If you don’t go “with the house” and hope for the more poll popular houseguests then your opinion is wrong. Everyone is bitter because Janelle and Kaysar are out. I love Janelle and Kaysar, but unfortunately they are gone. There is nothing else on tv that I like right now, so I will watch. It’s a game. It’s not personal. We all know the smart thing to do was get out Kaysar and Janelle before they could make an army. It was smart. Watching old seasons, Kaysar, Keesha, Janelle, Enzo all sitting together in the audience. They all knew each other. Let’s enjoy the season, even if our favorite isn’t still playing. I am not going to lie, I don’t know how much I would backstab for $500,000 but probably a lot. I am still hoping for a true LEGENDS season, even if it’s a shortened season! Popular duos maybe? J&K?, Dan and Memphis? Cody and Derrick? Cody & Paulie?, Paul and Josh? Cody and Jess? Whatever it is, I just hope for some regular Big Brother. Enough with peoples feelings getting hurt because they are nominated. Except for one person, everyone else has to be eliminated.


Exactly! Im baffled how these ppl take everything so personal! Theres 500k on the line and in the end everyone but one will be eliminated a week after the other… its only natural that some ppl will want you out, cause why wouldnt they?? Its YOUR job to set yourself as up as possible to try to have strong allies and be away from ppls radars. Everyone whining about “why they want me outttttt??? Why meeeeee??? I did nothinggggggg!!!” So what? You want them to not want you out and instead want someone else out who by your logic will also whine exactly the same… it just makes no sense
Yes ppl backstab and do whats best for their games and why wouldnt they????. Some times it works and some times its the worst moves for them to make, but they do it cause they think its their best move at the moment
Maybe just stop thinking everything is about you and understand that its how the game works, and when youre in power you also want certain ppl out, so stop being so hypocritical and self centered


Let me help you be un baffled. It isn’t the back stabbing, lying or other gaming we don’t enjoy. It is the big alliances that steam roll over the house, it makes for very boring TV. Back in the day, there was real game play, each week. Most weeks we had no idea who was going to be evicted. That is a good game. This “I will vote with the house.” is boring and doesn’t show the real game play we miss from seasons past.

The big alliances that started before the season started have ruined it for me. They should have never been able to tell anyone they were going in, that would have been great TV to watch them re build those relationships from scratch, the first day and not months ago when they were told they are going in.

It isn’t just because Queen Janelle and Kysar were evicted we find the house boring. Especially after the COVID happening and most TV shows went on furlough, we fans from BB1 were excited for an All Stars, that turned into a big black hole to come back into a normalcy.

But we did have hope the older season players would bring us what we crave, old school gaming that J/K tried to bring and the “Big Alliance” was too scared to play.


Oh lol im not baffled by the ppl who commemt but by players who take everything so personal
I do agree is boring when big alliances happen
But again there are a lot of ppl who arent in those big alliance who could team up and create another side, but they dont, they prefer to think that theyre higher in the totem pole than they actually are and decide its better to play a floater game, not realizing there actually isnt 2 sides to float from. Then when reality hits them theyre already on the block after deciding to ignore all the red flags in front of them and decide to victimize themselves instead of realizing that its their own fault for the way they decided to play the game

My 2 cents

If only Memphis had formed an alliance with Janelle, Kaysar, Keesha, and Enzo. I think Production may have expected that to happen. Would have made for a much more interesting season. Blame it on Gramps.


Personally, I’d want to see Dr. Will and Janelle together as a duo. Will & Boogie had a falling out and she would be the perfect partner for him. As much as I love Kaysar they aren’t the perfect partnership but Janie & Will are – can you even imagine their dual diary room session? LOL

For me a true BB All-Stars would have to include Dr. Will, Danielle Reyes, Dan, Ian, Hayden, Kaycee and I’d like to see Eric Stein who got weighted down as America’s player.

Others who would be worthy are James Rhine, Tyler, Nakomis, Rachel (love her or hate her BB All-Stars would be better with her), and while I don’t know if I could deal with Vanessa for a full season she should probably be included.

I also enjoy humor so Zach, Britney Haynes and Will Heuser would be good additions.

another name

So it sounds like veto picks are Dani Nicf and Ian.

Tyler’s streak is broken. Probably because so many people in the house asked if the bag is actually 10 Tyler tabs, a house guest choice, and a couple randoms. Tyler will sweat that his premonition will come true (first time he’s not in veto he’s getting back doored).

(little secret: since bbcan 7 i’ve been skeptical about veto picks. The night before veto choices were pulled from the bag, one of the houseguests [the one i nicknamed Schlumpy Eeyore] walked into the storage room and saw a rack of bagged costumes, went through the rack and was upset there was no bag for them. Named the names on the rack. Next day those were the names picked for veto).

Every time Hot Dog Day and Wankzilla talk, every damn time, I just get so creeped out.
It’s like oh good the raving lunatic co-dependent thug and the human mattress are about to make noises that resemble words. MUTE.

Dani wanting to save Da’vonne from the block has nothing at all to do with Dani wanting to save Da’vonne. Get real. It’s try to get the fealty of the one that will stay mixed with try to backdoor someone else
Let’s get crucial. No way, no how does Xmess put up Tyler. No way does Xmess put up Dani now that Nicf is her squeeze. She puts up Kevin. Every damn time. If Nicf wasn’t in her ear it would be Ian. but Nicf is treating Xmess like she’s giving her a psychic handjob. So Kevin. Every time.
And that optics discussion she had with David will look even worse. Way worse in social media land.

Ginger Thompson

Could someone please tell me how to cancel my trial BB live feeds. I can’t seem to get it done.