“I’m freaking out I think they are backdooring me.. Ok listen… Something is really really off”

Head of Household Winner – Christmas
Have nots – No havenots this week
Nominations – Bay & DaVonne
Power of Veto Players are – Christmas, Bayleigh, Da’Vonne, Nicole, Ian and Dani.
POV Host: – David
Power of Veto holder – Christmas
Power of Veto Ceremony
Powers – Christmas, Dani, David
Live feeds —-> Grab your Live feeds here. Try it free.
Rank the houseguests —-> Big Brother 22 Ranking

Veto Results:
– Christmas Won the Veto
– Dani won the Home Gym
– Day won the 5K
– Nicole got the Slop-tard punishment
– Bay has to do 500 laps riding a tricycle on a track
– Ian didn’t feel well so he didn’t play

12:18 am Blood moon

12:21 am Dani and Cody
Dani – I’m freaking out I think they are backdooring me.. Ok listen
Cody – I was just talking to Bayleigh doesn’t seem like that
Dani – I just talked to Christmas.. Don’t repeat this obviously. We were upstairs and she makes this all girls alliance .. right the four girls
Cody – You, Da’Vonne, Nicole and her
Dani – it was really weird.
Dani – when I went to the bathroom Tyler was whispering with them all comfortable
Dani – It feels like a setup.. I know I’m like reaching but I’m telling you. Something is happening. What if Christmas and Tyler had a final 2?

12:27 am Cody and Dani
Cody asks what will Tyler be able to go to Christmas with Da’Vonne and Bayleigh that will get her to flip on her, ‘Since when did Christmas not trust you”
Dani – I don’t know
Dani – she has literally not told me anything her and Tyler were whispering in the kitchen. “Something is really really off”
Cody – why wouldn’t Nicole know about it
Cody says the only way they’ll know is if Him, Tyler and Enzo get some time alone they’ll get it out to Tyler
Dani – do you think he’ll tell you?
Cody – if he doesn’t i’ll be like you’re f***ing shot
Dani is suggesting that Cody isn’t getting all the information because they know they are close.

Dani says Christmas would split the sides “which doesn’t make sense because she hasn’t been with them”

Christmas – Da’Vonne, David, Kevin and her that’s it.
Cody – if she wanted to do it don’t you think she would have done it with Kaysar and Janelle.

Dani brings up talking to Christmas before the nominations saying “Just to feel her out.. I said I’m kinda getting bad suspicions. I’m here Tyler is throwing my name out there she was like Really why would he ever? She got really defensive it was weird”
Dani – it was straight up she did not want to hear anything about negative about him it was kinda like.. I didn’t push at all .. It was like she didn’t wnt to hear his name
Dani – I Don’t freaking know.

Dani says Tyler is “Playing a poor game’
Cody suggests that maybe Tyler played his season with really poor people that is why everyone thought he was so good a the game. (Cody critiquing other peoples season competitors)

Dani – she hasn’t even told me. This last week Christmas has gotten close to me she would tell me everything she hasn’t even said Dani I need to talk to you or anything
Dani says Christmas and Tyler were talking for 2.5 hours “they were drinking hard kombucha it was real”

Christmas joins them..

Cody says Da’Vonne is better to stay because she’s close to Christmas.
Christmas – I’ve been working towards letting Da’Vonne be more comfortable with me. She said I was her untouchable
Christmas says Da’Vonne hasn’t won sh1t “In three seasons it’s crazy. When she’s under heavy pressure she doesn’t do well”
Christmas – Bayleigh .. Bayleigh thrives under pressure .. wait I won’t say that.. Da’Vonne has keep her under wraps so she doesn’t spin out

Christmas goes on about not telling anyone who to vote out until after the veto ceremony “I want to obey the rules’
Christmas says Bayleigh has been “Sassy” these past couple weeks. Mentions that this is a social game “You have to be nice and if you’re not willing you have to be able to face the circumstances. This is a social game”
Christmas – she’s realized what she’s doing what she did in previous seasons that is getting too sassy

Christmas – I still love the girl I would love to go our and RAGE with her
Cody leaves..
Dani – what was Tyler saying> He talked crap on me? don’t lie
Christmas – he’s just concerned he feels tension from you
Dani – I haven’t even done anything to him
Christmas – no no don’t get piped up.. he was just asking me if everything is ok.
Christmas – he’s having a really hard time being away from Angela right now.
Christmas – I’ve cooked 1/2 the meals in here for him.
Dani goes on about all these things she’s done for Tyler can’t understand why he would think she never liked him on a personal or game level.
Dani – I’ve never said his name.. It’s frustrating

Nicole joins them to put on pre Diary Room makeup
Christmas asks who will vote the way they don’t think
Dani says David and Kevin
Christmas warns her to not tell Kevin anything “He’s a snake”
Dani brings up Kevin saying he’ll vote with the “majority of the house” but says he won’t “Vote with the house”
They count the votes, Dani, Memphis, Cody, Ian, Nicole
Christmas – right there is enough

Christmas says that Da’Vonne is really hyped about the girls alliance.
Christmas brings up Mentioning to Da’Vonne about Dani saying Season 6 had a all girls final 4. (friendship)
Christmas – it’s a good idea for you guys to try and squash it. It’s been blown up.
Dani says it should have been obvious she liked Tyler

1:06 am they bring up the new wall yeller
Christmas about the backyard “what the hell was that”
Dani – same thing as always
Christmas – who was outside?
Dani – Kevin, Ian and Cody
Christmas – what it say
Dani – they don’t know
Christmas – I don’t believe it
Dani – Ian said he heard power..
Feeds cut

12:45 am Da’Vonne and Bayleigh
Bayleigh saying that Dani had Christmas cornered in the bathroom
Da’Vonne – she gave me a vibe that she will not use the veto so.
Da’Vonne asks Christmas if there were people that came to her and said they wanted Bayleigh out. She said there wasn’t many but a few.
Da’Vonne – I said I’m telling you we have the votes to get Tyler out of this house
Da’Vonne – I’m trying to think who the f** that was. I don’t know if someone really had that conversation with her.
Da’Vonne goes on how she told Christmas she can throw Da’Vonne under the bus but the need to take out Tyler “girl she was not going to use it until I said I would take care of you then she was like.. Okay”
Da’Vonne – what I thin is going on she’s linked with Nicole and Dani but she knows she’s the third wheel
Da’Vonne – this time she wants a partner..
Da’Vonne – right now I’m saying Girl you got to use it. Make no sense to leave her on the block. You leave her on the block she goes home. You wasted an HOH on Bayleigh what are you doing
Da’Vonne says Christmas wasn’t going to use the veto if she thought her and Bay were a duo.
Da’Vonne – she said do you think she will come after me.. I said I will take care of her .. you’re good. You keep her in here you got me I got her you good..
Da’Vonne – then she threw me under the bus so now what..
Bayleigh – she’s really not smart.
Da’Vonne – I’m glad she’s not smart because the sh1t’s working to make her use this veto..
Da’Vonne says the more she talks to Christmas the more she knows that the target was Bayleigh.
Bayleigh says Dani, Nicole and Cody were in the room for an hour today and when she walked in they acted sketchy.

1:00 am Cornhole

1:30 am Da’Vonne and Kevin
Kevin – I hate how I can’t contribute to conversations. they just change the topic as soon as I go up there (because everyone knows you are a rat)

Da’Vonne says that Nicole “Cosigned” her plan the reason why is because getting rid of Tyler will pull on personal away from Cody.
Da’Vonne – I really think it’s possible.
Kevin – how can we incentive’s it.
Da’Vonne says there is.
Kevin – you have a good vibe
Da’Vonne – mmmhmmmm, I just have to pull it off. Bayleigh has the votes to stay. Who wants him in here.. Cody? (Tyler in here)
Da’Vonne doesn’t think Enzo wants Tyler in the game.
Kevin – is the incentive more powerful than the threat of a hidden power?
Da’Vonne – I don’t think he has one.
Kevin – I think he has it
Da’Vonne – that sh1t will backfire on her (Christmas) I’m trying to get my a$$ off the block
Kevin – but she worries about it.
Da’Vonne – The package deal is if we can pull this off she’s going to use the veto on ME
Kevin – and
Da’Vonne – I don’t give a f* about what happens after that. I don’t care.
Kevin – The incentive has to be bigger than the threat of a power. Is it?
Da’Vonne – trust me I’m going to finesse some sh1t. We’re praying we’re crossing our fingers, our eyes and our toes. Anything can happen. It could possibly happen I feel good.. I feel real good.
Da’Vonne – she would be real stupid not to take this.. she would be a idiot.
Kevin – she would get Cody mad at her

Da’Vonne – nope .. this is the sh1t that pisses me off.. these girls.. you know you’re shedding why is your hair in the damn drain. Grossness.. (Messy bathroom shower)
Kevin – the girls are getting kicked out of this show quickly
Da’Vonne says if her and Bayleigh survive this week she might be able to pull a “girl power lets make it happen” thing with Nicole and Christmas.
Da’Vonne – you get attached to that. I’m not going to lie to you it’ll be a girls alliance with 5 they will try to boot you at 6. and you know I’m not voting you out. that woudl mean they will use you to take out Dani or to take out Cody.. Nicole
Kevin – girl use me however you are going to use me.
Da’Vonne says Christmas wants a person, She sees Nicole/Dani and Da’Vonne/Bayleigh. She might want to get rid of Bayleigh so it will be Da’Vonne/Chritsmas
Kevin – her person is Memphis. HIs perspective is do not shake up the house if you have to.
Da’Vonne – this won’t shake the house
Kevin – why are you saying that
Da’Vonne – It’ll make sense tomorrow
Kevin – Girl if it don’t make sense.. you owe me so much. Because i’ve been making sense all the time (ZOMG)

2:05 am Nicole and Dani
Nicole crying about something Cody said about her flirting.
Nicole – she said he never gets put in this situation because chrissy (COdy GF) doesn’t flirt with guys.. Neither do I!
Dani – I don’t think he meant it like that..
Nicole – it’s going to be a whole week of freaking crying this week (fun)
Nicole – everything.. everything I was saying he ‘s just god so annoying I hat him some times.. he was getting defensive.. he gets mad about stuff..
Feeds cut..

3:00 am Unplugging the sink

5:00 am Sleeping.

9:55 pm Lights on

10:07 am Nicole working out some sort of nest from her hair.

10:40 am Cody, Ian and enzo
Cody got the call from CBS “second week in April”
Ian got the call end of April
Enzo got the call one month before they were in sequester.

10:43 am Tyler and Bayleigh
Bayleigh – I really don’t think she’s going to use it because I think she thinks it’s a trap and she feels like I want to come after her If she doesn’t I just want to say thank you before hand and because of what you did was really sweet.
Bayleigh – I want to give you permission to vote me out. She deserve to be here
Tyler – so do you Bay
Bayleigh – I wrapped her up in all of this she had no issue with you she had no issue with Christmas. It’s my fault she’s even on the block.
Bayleigh says the “Baggage” she had from season 20 messed up Da’Vonne’s game.

They hug.

10:50 am Tyler, Ian, Cody and Enzo

Cody pointing out that after this week it will be 7 guys and 4 girls.

11:04 am
Enzo – Yo if I win HOH i’m going after the two people that are the most comfortable in the f**ing house yo
Enzo – I’m going to flip this house upside down yo ..
Enzo says there’s 2 girls that are very comfortable in this house
Cody – there’s four Girls I don’t think they are comfortable at all

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Cody for the win.

How can he lay so low, yet be the command center?


he had good teachers in derrick telling him exactly what to do and his brother telling him exactly what not to do.

Just Sayin'

I know a lot of people on here like Tyler but he is pissing me off this week. I don’t care if Angela signed him up originally, he chose to go in there and play. Its beyond pathetic to me that he wants to quit, even christmas said he has had to cook half he meals because he is useless without Angela. His reason for wanting to leave for bay and day is complete bullshit, he just is being a big baby. This is what happened on his season, he was doing so well and then as soon as he got into his showmance he became completely useless, and im convinced its one of the reasons he lost. Seriously how is this Allstars?? Do any of these people actually want to play or are they just there to promote their shitty jewelry companies?


Tyler is just taking the heat off of himself. The little bird is letting Christmas take care of him so she feels in control. Also, she’s the HOH and Veto holder this week! Of course he’s playing it up to Christmas right now! See how she is defending him? It’s working! As for how he’s playing, he played low-key last time as well. Unfortunately, the way the alliances are this year, we never get to see him let loose with a group and we never get to see him mastermind anything because there are too many paranoid, A-type personalities here..the slightest misstep, and you will be seen as a threat and your group will turn on you. He tried to maneuver something with Bayleigh, but she screwed up and told on him. No way he’s going to stick his neck out right now… he had to retreat… hard… play dead. After the veto ceremony is over, and he’s not on the block, I’m surely he’ll suddenly be feeling better again.


No one wants to play the game anymore. Say or do the wrong thing and your life is ruined.

Tyler gets it.

bbb Superfan

This what racist white ppl say when black ppl get thrown a life vest.

Golden Gate Granny

No. It’s called “Cancel Culture.” And it’s more widespread than Covid.

Hurricane Bayleigh

Give em hell Granny!


All this chaos, for nothing. Xmas will not change the mom’s.

Big Rigged

I hope she doesn’t. You know Grodner and CBS are going to do everything they can to make sure Da’Vonne, Bayleigh or David win this season.


wow, just wow! I hope Tyler doesn’t go through with it!


Me too. I dislike him the least, even if he is acting like a big baby. If he is allowed to call Angela she could probably talk him off the cliff.

Cameron Pierzina

Laughing hard reading those spoilers i feel like im in the circus

Georgia Peach

Why not get the two people out that have WON the game all ready!!!!! Dang? No one is making big moves, I hate when they say that and come up with some predictable nomination crap.

Get out Nicole F, Ian, Dani, Tyler, for sure Memphis (ugh!!) and crazy David, and Christmas too. The rest can duke it out.

The others need to really win something to change this game around. Plus, production is not on their side, and….they should really listen to the wall yellers…Geesh!! Just wake……up!

All need to come to play; shake things up or just don’t be on the show, period. No one thinks for themselves….just block votes and followers….uuggghhhh!!!!!!

Florida Orange

So you want Kevin, Bayleigh, DaVonne, Enzo or Cody to win? Kevin, Bay or Day would be the worst Big Brother winners ever. Just wait and things will get spicy once these numbers whittle down a little bit.


So if the Blood Moon normally is supposed to make things chaotic, is that why we are not seeing much change in the houseguests?

Golden Gate Granny

It’s not a real “Blood Moon.” (Look it up) The moon is that color from all the fires here in Cali. Another big wildfire just started a day ago in San Bernardino (very close to LA) at a gender reveal party from a (irony anyone?) smoke machine. They’re lucky to be getting any outside time with all the wildfire smoke. There’s been reports that it has traveled as far as Chicago.


This is by far the worst all star season.


Due to the pandemic we got a lot of SCRUBS! Definitely a lot of sloppy seconds, Nicole F and sloppy thirds, Nicole F again! lol But Nicole does have the ingenue, damsel in distress, Karen in the making Game down pact doesn’t she?!


Leave it to Dani to blow up the girls game. What an idiot.


She can’t keep anything to herself. Hence why Tyler has been wanting to get rid of her. He can see she can’t be trusted. She’s all over the place.


because it is a dumb idea to begin with. if you choose to play with certain people based strictly on their gender but not how you mesh together as players you are doomed.


Dani is not foolish….She felt it was a trap by Xmas as she could go easily to the guys and tell them they girls are forming a alliance, and Dani knows this is hows all girls alliance ends.

Rockin With Ian

Dani is foolish. Her scheming is common knowledge all thru the house.


Bay and Day deserve to go home because they are bad game players. Person after person has warned them about the power group but they vote that person out and keep giving information to the power group. Tyler is willing to go out for them and not only do they not seem gracious about what he’s doing, they’re stabbing him in the back by STILL aligning with Dani which he has warned them not to do. I can’t believe that they feel right about how this is happening, I certainly don’t and if Tyler does leave and they ruin their games by dedicating themselves to another FAKE ALLIANCE (the all girls one) I’m not sure they’ll be an point in watching this anymore. All stars? What a joke.


Agree! She’s got her whole heart set on another fake alliance. She really thinks they are about to be final 4….oh lord


I mean last week when Tyler told her, it was kind of a he said she said thing so I can see how she maybe didn’t automatically believe him. But during the knockout competition which forces people to show their cards, Dani literally told Day and Bay she’s coming for them by putting them against each other. Dani gave them the receipts herself and they still don’t get it? Stupidity isn’t even the word to describe how dense that is.

Hurricane Bayleigh Sighting

Day & Bay should get honorary FOUTTE memberships.


This season should have been called the bros vs the weakest women of BB history.

Or maybe evil dick junior by outing the girls alliance to cody wants to prove everyone she can be the next shiiitmas and the next ” I wanna be part of the bruhs!”

Shiiitmas has the golden opportunity to get rid of Mrs. Angela and weaken cody and memphis’s game(without blood on her hands since Mrs angela cannot wait any longer to be with her hubby angelo) but she won’t do it cause she is dying to be part of the bruhs!

Meanwhile, the one who is sitting pretty is Memphis lol

Golden Gate Granny

Operation Save The Ratings is in full effect. Fans are certainly rabid and polarized now. Just like the Grod needs. Told ya the feed downage smelled like a reboot.


Agreed, they were setting up for this week. Which means Tyler isn’t going anywhere as he is their pet. He will also “win” every individually timed competition that the producers are really just picking a winner for.

Golden Gate Granny

The beloved Chenbot’s deviation from her closing statement was another huge tell in what was to come from production’s reboot.

“And remember, leave judgement at the door.”

She hasn’t gone off script like that, (with the exception of the “I stand by my man Moonves” name addition), since 9/11 in her closing. There’s a solid reason she IS the “Chenbot.” Her continuity.

another name

Every week this season she’s been giving a new and different closing thought.
It’s her new software update.

Golden Gate Granny

What were the other three glitches in her update?

another name

Similar veins. Pretty much a bunch of be kind to each other type messages as a social awareness commentary without actually saying anything.


This show is a liberal sjw joke.


yeah, cuz having aaryn was so much fun.


You spelled David wrong.



Production Meddling Coming

CBS is Rather biased.



Absentia Fan

Bay & Day can be woke in the jury house. I’m glad David hung onto his power.


I pray this is a back door Dani plan!! Come on BB gods, we deserve it!!


If I don’t see DaVonne or Bayleigh walk out the door on Thursday this show is officially toast. What the hell is Tyler thinking? You signed up for this game, you knew what you were getting into. I believe he is worried about all the fake backlash in the outside world over Bayleigh and DaVonne. No one wants to say it but those two suck at this game. Bayleigh was pathetic in season 20 and she is showing her true colors again. What the hell has DaVonne ever done in this game besides run her mouth? They have had opportunities to win challenges and have failed miserably. Time for one of them to go so everyone can be faked outraged about the fake racism that doesn’t exist in this instance.


“If I don’t see one of the black girls/ black ppl finally got home this week I AM DONE”. Lmao y’all be begging for sumn interesting to happen then when a house flip is going down you upset ? just tell us how you really feel. I bet if Janelle/ Kaysar got presented this opp you would be jumping up and down with joy. Just ssshhhhh. You even saying they suck so why they on the block as targets of the whole house ?

Production Meddling Coming

Because they are expendable to the large alliance and neither one can keep a secret.




What’s up with Dani game play—is paranoid and chaotic. Is she trying to be like Evil Dick? Has it been too long since she played so she’s lost?

Davonne is thinking she’s got this now. She really thinks they are good to keep her and Bay safe. And she is STILL trusting Dani. Smh. She really does not get a good read on people. I like how Kevin questions her logic even while he is not in half the conversations she is in.

Team New School

I hope Dani is right and she’s the one about to be backdoored! Christmas’ all girl alliance seemed way off. Maybe she and Tyler cooked this up to show Dani and Nicole’s true colors?


I wonder if Shitmas told Tyler about the all-girls alliance.


She did….. when they were talking in the HOH this morning. Tyler just threw his arms up and gave that look..


I think that might have been a game move from Tyler (the talk with da and ba) kinda like Dan’s funeral. If he gets dani on the block and keeps da and bay and gets in their good side with that talk it would be a hell of a game move. I think it’s a game move because he sees the house dynamic right now and knows he is like 5th or 6th without winning the necessary comps. he either wants to go out before jury or wants to go all the way so hes trying to make a big play right now to shift the dynamic. I really wish we could have seen the convo with Christmas because that would tell us if it’s game move or he just wants to go.


Day and Bay did not buy Tyler`s BS… They both said he did it to get TV Time .

Absentia Fan

They can talk about it in the jury house.


I think he is pulling a Dan move also!!! Thank God someone else mentioned it.


Are you two seriously referring Tyler the coward’s big baby bird move to Dan’s funeral??? You two don’t get out of the house much do you?? Most ridiculous comment I have read today. Congratulations! SMH.

another name

When Derrick approached the Grod about his big ideas to make this season great… do you think either of them had this in mind?


Message to Nicole A – Being voted out early saved you from a world of hurt. Thank your lucky stars!

Evel Dickless

I had already forgot that she was even on the show.


If I were christmas I would keep noms the same, and send home bayliegh. If baby tyler wants to self evict that’s even better lol…. two big players out during your HOH reign. She should tell tyler go ahead and self evict, but your not saving anyone. It would be such a dumb game move for Christmas to keep both players she put on the block.


Tyler played his season with really poor people that is why everyone thought he was so good a the game

I knew this all along… That season only had weak players

It is truly amazing how Dani can read people so well….she just knows everything that is happening…. She already senses Xmas and Tyler has a final 2. What a amazing player she is


Has anyone thought about the possibility of Christmas using the Veto and taking Day down, put Tyler up and then turn around and use her Powder to save Bay and back door Dani?If that is how her power can be used. Would it be smart on Christmas, probably not since it would put a big target on her and she wouldn’t have power again but if she wants to play with the guys, she could do it. Maybe this is what Tyler and her talked about for “2 hours”.

Evel Dickless

Related to Houka?

Houka Inumuta

No, I would say Ian can read people. Not Dani

another name

Bayleigh tells Tyler that she doesn’t think Christmas is using the veto. Thanks him for the thought and gesture. Tells him she gives permission for him to vote her out ( calm down, she’s saying he can break his word from week one that he won’t nom her or vote her out).

Cody wants the noms locked in. Ian wants no chicanery. Enzo repeats yeeeah no chicanery. (how much Enzo thinks chicanery is the nouveau cuisine name for chicken dipped in mayo that caused him so much gas?)

I just realized I haven’t had enough coffee for these people. Later.

Okay back. Ian says this week has been draining emotionally. eyeroll. what.. did the hammock break?
This is just after Dani goes viper spitting bile for a second about how much of a liar Christmas is… 2 1/2 hours talking about missing Angela and nothing about Dani? the nerve. Cody tells her Tyler tried to quit and they had to call in the Grod. eggface viper.


? just saw that on you tube omg I want Dani gone next what a crock of poo!

another name

Anyone buying the Christmas and Da’vonne conversation in the bathroom as anything more than a production mop up to explain things … boy have i got some real estate for you… no, it’s supposed to smell like that. Really. This is giving Da’vonne the social edit that she fought. This is giving Christmas her sneaky edit she thinks will make America lover her.

I’m still not convinced that the veto gets used.

THIS WEEK ON BIG BROTHER ALL-STARS: Watch to see which house guest that doesn’t want to be there is forced to stay this week.


Dani: “I’ve never even said his name” (about Tyler).

When it comes to Dani, I really wish that liar’s pants would actually catch on fire. It would make this season so much more fun to watch.


Dani needs to stop drinking her bong water.

Absentia Fan

That was strong!


Enzo is still a big talking idiot and Tyler is still a fake. I didnt fall for any of that “I will self evict” BS

Golden Gate Granny

My tin foil hat says production got their humanity healing “Awww!” footage with Bay and Tyler and the noms will stay the same. Hope I’m wrong.

Personally, I’d prefer a blindsiding backdoor.

Golden Gate Granny

Well Xmas confirmed that quickly. No backdoors from her. And Ty can now magically live without Angela for another two months too.

Womp. Womp.

another name

Oh big time healing time scenes.
What i’m actually wondering is what concessions Grod gave Tyler in the d/r to get him to stay. After the whole ‘thou shalt not mention what the yellers talked about even if it was spoken of in the house’ commandment meeting, I’m sure she had to make some sort of concession.


I Really hope Tyler stays. I think they should sign something saying they cannot self evict and if they do they lose their pay. I don’t like what Tyler is doing but hopefully Christmas will keep the noms the same. Keeping Tyler will be interesting to see how it plays out. Maybe If he stays no one will trust him at all and he will be by himself. I cannot imagine how the HG feels in the house. They are to play a game so play the game. Put your big boys and girls pants on and give us a show. If others cannot be friends outside of the game we’ll that is their choice. You came to win not be somebody’s friend. Trust yourself.


I would just like to say that Enzo is such an idiot…what a joke with all of his “big talk”…BACKDOOR ENZO, pleeeeeaaaaase…hahaha!

Enzo Envy

Backdoor Kevin and Da’Vonne. That way you don’t have to listen to them whine all week.

Starry night

Tyler is trying to do what’s right for POC (David and Baileigh). Tyler told them the information to help them…not for them to run and tell the person he was trying to protect them from. Day and Bay should not of shown their cards by giving Dani the cold shoulder before they saw who got HOH. Dani talks bad about everyone but Cody and Nicole and yet these girls are aligned with her. Day and Bay were so easily OK with letting Tyler give up his game when he worked so hard for them…when they were the ones that screwed up his game.

Golden Gate Granny

This is the last week to get anyone out not wanted in the jury too.

We’re gonna have a shitty jury deciding a shitty winner of this shitty season of this ridiculously shitty year.


I could not agree more. Tyler did everything he could to help them, they weren’t smart enough to use it and are bad players. I resent the fact that Bayleigh is so arrogant, she truly believes that she is in this position because of Tyler. Had she not run to Cody with everything, she would be fine, THAT is what got her in this mess not Tyler. Tyler has gone above and beyond gamewise to give Day and Bay good info and because they were too dumb to listen HE’S the one who feels bad and wants to go? This is beyond ridiculous.


If you want self evict, just walk out. No need to discuss it, make deals. Just walk out and both nominees are then safe since one evicted. Happened before.
Its odd, but on Survivor, no one worries about backlash as bad as they do on BB. There they take out those that win a lot of comps. or have lots of allies to get rid of votes. BB must recruit people only that can be herded like cattle, follow the leader(s), and eliminate the stragglers first. Also to ensure winning, many Survivors take also try to take along the “runt” of the litter for better odds of winning.
Sorry people, I don’t watch the live, telecast, and now find it hard to even read the “spoilers”. Somebody just say this season is just having a nightmare, or pilot episode which no sponsor will pick up.


The difference in Survivor is when you get voted out you leave right then and no one can blow up your game. In BB, you are stuck in the house for a week after they are nominated. I do think BB players are weaker than Survivor players.

another name

breach of contract. no 40k.
That’s why nobody that wants to leave actually leaves this season.


Chitmas is a racist pig! She nominates two black girls together and then cries after? I call BS!!!

I Love Bacon

Christmas for the win!

Reading between the lines

Christmas and Dani = Karens

I Love Bacon

Like you can read.

Asking For a Friend

Was it racist when Da said I’m not voting against anyone who looks like me?



Tyler was serious about leaving b/c Alison Grodner had to come in to talk to him and he told Cody/Enzo he tried to quit.

Dani still losing her mind tells Cody about the “all female” alliance and how she KNOWS Ty is trying to get her backdoored & that she doesn’t trust Xmas.

Cody tells Dani – Tyler tried to self evict & Grodner had to be called in (oops – cut to picture of Dani with egg on face).

Christmas talking to Ty pre veto meeting – she doesn’t play the game where she takes out people without giving them a chance & reinforces the position they are in (her/Ty)

Xmas tells Ty about the 4 girl alliance formed (so whatever went down in the HOH during the feeds cutting Xmas/Ty are now fully committed to telling each other everything ).

They’ve cut to the POV ceremony where it seems unlikely anything will change.

After the fact – let’s see if it gets back to Day or Bay that the guys already know about the 4-girl alliance just to keep the tensions high between the ladies (ie. Dani cannot be trusted — b/c Ty won’t disclose that Xmas told him but Cody will tell you can guarantee that).

Meanwhile – knowing Ty tried to self evict now Dani is all worried running to Ty to try and fix things between them – bc she knows she’s said way too much to the ladies negatively about Ty.

Unlikely David uses his power though he could and if he does odds are he would remove Bay & then Kevin would go OTB (or could Dani land there? — doubtful).

So much was happening leading up to the POV ceremony – it kind of sucks that Xmas didn’t get to hear that Dani told about the 4-girl alliance or her distrust of Xmas. If that had gotten back to Christmas we might’ve had a shot of seeing Dani on the block.

another name

If Bayleigh gives her planned speech without saying Tyler’s name, Dani is going to be completely convinced it’s about her.

That should make for more venomous micro agressive accusations followed by “i’ve never said one bad thing about that girl”


Enzo “I’m gonna make big moves, yo” delusional
Christmas “I have all the power”. True except no real control, literally being used by all. Delusional.
Bay hasn’t heard a thing she’s not personally offended by and reactionary to.
Nicole. Just no. Thankfully Ian has gained some awareness, not that awareness equals action with any of these all stars.
Maybe I’m missing something with canceling feeds.

Golden Gate Granny

They’re back.


Feeds returned with Day/Bay still sitting in nomination chairs with Bayleigh crying so it looks like Christmas kept nominations the same.


This is Tyler playing to the base. lol He wants to do damage control that he got caught, once again, screwing w Bayleigh’s game! He has been low-key and outright targeting her since the beginning while smiling in her face. Tyler, Sacrificing himself for Davonne and Bayleigh to Christmas… his final 2 and person… yeah like she’s going to allow that! I’m sure she talked him out of it and he’s able to say he tried but mean ole Krampus, oops, I mean Christmas just wouldn’t do it! He’s redeemed, finally, and now will work w whoever stays to target Christmas.