“Play hard win that F**ing veto so we can put someone that is deserving .. more deserving to be up there”

Head of Household Winner – Christmas
Have nots – No havenots this week
Nominations – Bay & DaVonne
Power of Veto Players are – Christmas, Bayleigh, Da’Vonne, Nicole, Ian and Dani.
POV Host: – David
Power of Veto holder
Power of Veto Ceremony
Powers – Christmas and Dani. Christmas = protection from being a renom. Dani= Lets an HOH play in the following week HOH competition
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7:48 am Dani and Cody
Dani – were you going to tell me ever?
Cody – yeah I was planning on it. I didn’t want it to be a huge blow up. inevitably that is how the world works
Dani – I want them to blow up
Cody – because of everything that was going on it made me feel like that it was .. they were flipping on you and me. So I was really pissed. I didn’t want to say something to you and have you all pissed off..
Cody – then it kinda just unfolded in the worst case scenario

7:53 am early wake up for Power of Veto player picks.
Christmas talking about how low her resting heart rate is.
Christmas – I’m a crazy a$$ athlete

8:00 am – 9:20 am Feeds down for POV player picks.

9:23 am Dani and Nicole
Dani – Tyler’s a piece of crap
Nicole – you cook for him
DAni – I hang out with him a lot
Nicole – I’m confused why he would betray you
Dani – idiot Stupid idiot He was trying to be a hero and game too hard
Nicole e- he was trying to be a hero in the wrong way

9:31 am Da’Vonne and Dani
Da’Vonne she picked Dani for Veto.
Dani – If I can throw it to you i’ll throw it to you. If I tell you something don’t repeat it.
Dani – I feel with Christmas Bayleigh is the target I feel if you are there at the end of the week we don’t have the votes. I feel like we have to get you off of there
Da’Vonne says Enzo, David Tyler, Cody will vote for Bayleigh to stay
Da’Vonne – what is NIC going to do
Dani – she’ll vote for you..
Dani says Nicole wants to win veto to pull Da’Vonne down “if she can convince Christmas but she’s scared she can’t convince her because she doesn’t want to do that and have everyone hate her”. “Don’t repeat this not even to Bayleigh”
Dani – does Kevin have the power? Don’t lie.
Da’Vonne – no
Dani – swear
Da’Vonne – no he doesn’t either that or he’s not telling me.
Dani – I feel like he does
Da’Vonne – from what he’s telling me he doesn’t have anything
Dani – I feel like he does he’s changed a lot yesterday.
Da’Vonne – what is Ian going to do
Dani – I feel like he’s closer to you right. I don’t think the has any relationship with Bayleigh. He’s a mess all he talks about is self evicting

Da’Vonne – how did I end up on the block. I didn’t understand her speech.. I even asked to get clarification. You put me up because of a conversation you had with Bayleigh not becuase your threatened by me not because I threaten your game because of a conversation you had with Bayleigh.
Danio – I know she was crying a lot yesterday. I don’t know man
Da’Vonne – I don’t understand it I don’t get it
Dani – she might just want to cut that because she knows you and Bayleigh are tight and she see’s Bayleigh as a threat to the house. It’s obvious she wants her gone over you
Day – I don’t know if she does.. she talks game with Bayleigh. we don’t talk game.
Dani – well she can’t vote either way.
Dani – who will Kevin vote for
Da’Vonne – Kevin will vote for me.. .Here she comes
Christmas joins them.
They talk about how “weird” the veto player picks were.
Dani leaves..

Day asks if the nominations stay the same does she have Christmas’ support “I have to ask you otherwise i’m not doing my job as a player”
Christmas – truly I pray that one of you get the veto then we have to have a continued conversation that is my ideal situation I want to see you play this game. Without getting into too much some things have bubbled up.. POPED off in the last 24 hours it puts some different light on the game for me.
Christmas – I meant what I said here and I want to remind you of that.. Play hard win that F**ing veto so we can put someone that is deserving .. more deserving to be up there (if there’s more deserving people why not put them up?)
Christmas – I told Bayleigh if the veto is won I would like to have a conversation about …
Day – ok .. ok … ok.. ok …
Christmas – about options
day – ok.. alright.. okie doke lets play

they hug..

9:37 am Dani and Nicole
Nicole – I know it’s sad but if Bayleigh leaves than the Tyler situation will be diffused a lot better won’t have to worry about it blowing up every day
they head to the bathroom.
Dani mentions telling Da’Vonne she doesn’t have the votes to stay so they need to get her off the block. Dani hopes this really motivates her to win. She asked Da’Vonne if Kevin had the power because if he did they could use it to save both her and Bayleigh.
Dani – I still think he has it
Nicole – for sure

10:30 am Christmas and Bayleigh
Chiy chat about their work..
Bayleigh “I’m really good at being a creative director, I’m really good at delegation, I understand this kinda stuff and I’m really good at being the face I’m good with people”
Bayleigh – Modelling if you need a creative director for a photo shoot I can do that

Nicole comes in says that David just got called into the Diary Room

Nicole – what do you want me to do.
Christmas – you mentioned something last night about keeping the girls in the house how do you really feel about that
Nicole – I want to keep Day in the house. I don’t think I can ever trust Bayleigh.. the Dani, Tyler and the Bayleigh stuff.. it already causing Dani to be very stressed
Christmas – that freaks me out.. The Tyler thing
Christmas – Memphis can’t compete do we carry him around as a vote but we can’t control him. If we did talk about keeping them and what would that look like I think that my reaction yesterday was that I didn’t want to do it. If they win it and they pull themselves off whose the option
Nicole – Kevin (BORING)
Nicole – they have numbers too
Christmas – if they pull one of them off than it’s not on us and we still can get rid of one of the other numbers but we don’t have to get rid of the one we want. AGAIN The whole point of putting one of them up there was to get one of them out.
Nicole – Me, you Day and Dani establish something.
They argue who will stay. Nicole says Bayleigh because of the boys. Christmas says the boys will keep Da’vonne.
Nicole – the boys have control and right now they want Bayleigh to stay
Christmas – have they said they wanted to keep her
Nicole – Dani thinks Day would go I think Day would go I haven’t talk to anyone else.
Christmas – I will tell them what do to
Nicole – they might not do it.
Christmas – I’ll f***ing wrath.
Nicole – but what are you going to do you can’t play in the next HOH
Christmas – no but the next one I do i’ll figure out who f***ing led the campaign and put them up
Christmas – we’ve respected ever HOH’s wishes if they are going to go against what I ask them to do then im just a shield for them.

Christmas – I’m disturbed what is going on with Tyler I know he’s had suspicious with DAni.. don’t tell her that
Nicole says Tyler did a stupid move but she understands he didn’t trust her because he thought she was playing everyone

Christmas says Dani mentioned to Janelle that she was an option week 1
Christmas says she doesn’t trust Dani fully she thinks she was trying to play the whole hose.

Nicole – don’t so the dirty work of getting Tyler out
Christmas – I’m good with Tyler.. let Dani do it.
Nicole – do you want me to try to win this thing so we have options or do you want me to throw it
Christmas – can you throw it without thorwing it
Nicole – to who
Christmas – let Dani win it..
Niocle – she doesn’t want to win it
Nicole – I need Da’Vonne to win it I can’t have Bayleigh win it.

Nicole says if they get rid of Bayleigh they have Da’Vonne. If they get rid of Da’vonne they don’t have Bayleigh.
Nicole – I think me or you need to win this. We need the option say Kevin has some weird fricking power.. saw they are both down and they’re mad at us. Who are you putting up? You can’t put up Kevin because he’s safe with his power who are you putting up. (LOL nice question)

Nicole- Bayleigh uses a veto and Kevin has a shield power pulls Da’Vonne down now what. Kevin, Bayeligh and Da’vonne are all safe this week who are you putting up
Christmas – I can’t answer that I would have to figure it out then
Christmas – do you know he has a power
Nicole – I know he has a power
Christmas – do you know if it has anything to do with noms
Nicole says she has no idea what the power are

Christmas – Dani needs to f***ing try . you need to try I even need to try. (Veto)
Nicole warns that Tyler and Bayleigh might “rekindle” what they had.
Nicole – They told Dani that they had a pre alliance
Feeds flip

10:47 am

11:02 am Enzo and Christmas
Enzo – I want you to win. Tie me with three your baby’s daddy and lock them in
Christmas – if they are locked? (noms)
Enzo – I would get rid of Da’Vonne
Enzo tells her he’ll do whatever she wants she’s the HOH.
Christmas goes on about Kevin having a power and being in a third person alliance with Bay/Day.

11:13 am Feeds on stars

11:55 am Waiting for Veto yo

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can’t tell if bay or day is better to get out. day is more social which is both good and bad as she could either spill others’ secrets or if you’re not careful out your own. bay is likely gonna be better in comps. wouldn’t mind either going though.

Joe Hiden

Well I can’t wait to find out who has the third power and what it is. I’m surprised that someone can actually keep a secret in this house. My guess is that it is either Tyler or Ian.


Can someone explain Christmas’s power

another name

The way Christmas described it:
before veto ceremony she has to inform the d/r that she is activating her power, making herself invalid as a renom. If Christmas is the veto winner, she can activate her power to make someone else invalid as a renom, and still use the veto (meaning she can save 2 people).


Ok thanks


Vomit … really Enzo. She might ram your ex wife’s car! You are not in the committee so why is she going to protect your game. She knows now to make sure Day wins it. Said no to Tyler so she’ll put up Kevin.


Can’t believe I am even saying this but please let Kevin have a power


Christmas – I meant what I said here and I want to remind you of that.. Play hard win that F**ing veto so we can put someone that is deserving .. more deserving to be up there 

later on.

Veto winner: yo xmas ok who deserves to come down and who’s going up as a replacement?

Xmas: I changed my mind the boys have my back. leave nominations the same

Later on….. Final 3

Xmas, dude 1 dude 2

Dude 2: I decided to take to the final my bruh 1 sorry xmas you have been eliminated Ops we4 did it again…..

Xmas: oh not again!


yup, that’s essentially xmas’ game. she still thinks had she not been injured she wins the final hoh and the game.

another name

Kevin is sleeping in have nots?
Really? Just diving into that whole alone on an island sympathy bullshit. Thinking he’ll get a special segment, isn’t he?
Trying to prove he’s not with Da and Bay, and making them run to him in his fortress of solitudinal suckage.
Reality. Kevin wanted Janelle out once he saw NicA hang around with Janelle. He already wanted her out for trying to get Keesha to stay. But when he saw Janelle talking with NicA he got jealous.
Now we have Kevin in a damn alliance with Bay and Da. Twenty minutes later he’s telling Enzo they have to go. Why? Because he’s jealous of Bay’s relationship with Da. This is his game. He wants his one person and one person only, that will never talk to anyone else while he runs around sucking up to every hoh.

I understand what game Kevin THINKS he is playing. I understand what game Kevin IS playing. Neither are effective. Because everything is put through a filter of feeling sorry for himself. All information he gathers is put through a poor me paranoia cycle before he can process it. Let alone share it.

Kevin was cast as the dissent creator that keeps the house guests not in a pregame authorized alliance from ever becoming cohesive. He was intentionally brought in as a game spoiler to the other side. Convince me I’m wrong.


Cant. You’re not wrong


Again remind me WHY is Kevin an allstar? GEESH

another name

What’s funny. The power they keep attributing to Kevin, is Xmess’s power.

The Beef

And Christmas knows she has this power, but still can’t figure out that Kevin doesn’t! Einstein to the nth degree!


This is the WORST season of BB. For an AllStar season what a waist! I have been a loyal fan since the beginning of this show but I have to admit this season is really bad! CBS could have come up with a better bunch than that. They are so annoying it’s beyond words. I feel they are there just to be on TV and not really to play the game. You get rid of players like Janelle and Kayser to leave annoying Nicole and the likes behind? Huh?


This seasons twists blow… just like every other season…. smacks of manipulation. It’s not enough that you get 1 chance out of 10 to be HOH safe,, or one chance out of 5 to save yourself every week in POV, now there can be 3-5 people safe from eviction every week with the comps and powers.

Lady E

Okay, that had to be rigged. Random draw, my ass

another name

Considering they are checking to see if Ian can play due to blood pressure issues?

Dakota Barb

OR…is IAN in process of self evicting ?

another name

Ian has been in the process of self evicting since the first house lock down.
they keep talking him out of it.


It would be funny if Ian self evicted thus cancelling the need to evict either Bay or Day this week. That would throw a wrench in everyone’s game.

Joe Hiden

They call that the Grodner draw.


yeah, it’s not like they’ve straight up asked anyone what are you good at so they can make a comp out of it…yet.

another name

that was 20 and the hacker comp for hayseed right? and her hoh.
i had a good time bitching about that while all her fans were wanting me dead.
aaaah. memories.

Kaysar rockstar

Dani and Cody had that prior conversation about not playing personal. And now Dani starts making it personal about Tyler.

Meow Meow

Dani has a lot of Evel Dick in her makeup.

another name

Dani has been making personal comments about everyone since day one.
It’s not new.


but she said i’ve never said one bad thing about Kaysar. Dani doesn’t lie (sarcasm)


She’s throwing him under the bus HARD, he was telling the truth, she’s the one that went against Bay and Day…she played too hard too fast and instead of reeling it in she’s just blowing up someone else’s game…she’ll have no one left on her side but Nicole soon!


It’s mind boggling how bad Day and Bay are at this game. Janelle, Kaysar and Tyler have each told them that they cannot trust the people they are working with and each time, they believe the person targeting them instead of the person warning them. It’s almost laughable.


day did that in her last two seasons. why change it up? she went so far those seasons. …oh, wait. why is she getting a third chance when she can’t even make it to the midpoint in a season?

Joe Hiden

Can you imagine what a Dr. Will, Britney, Jeff or Dan would do against this crew?


dr. will would probably be targeted and booted early. i don’t think jeff is really all that impressive of a player but he’d probably find himself in a similar spot to cody. britney’s a bit overrated too, but would also be safe. dan they might as well already write a check to.

Luci in the Sky

I don’t know, Dr Will could probably talk Xmess around. I’m sure he could do some sort of mind meld on Cody and Enzo. Neither one of them are actually very smart. Cody is following Derricks directions. You can tell by how he reacts when someone doesn’t follow the plan Derrick programmed him with. And Enzo really just wants a bromance.

My 2 cents

Triple-digit heat in California this weekend. May not see veto played until tonight.

My 2 cents

Maybe they’re flooding the “basement”. Lol Is it too early for OTEV?

another name

gotta get that all female wet t-shirt contest in for ratings.

another name

For drama best Veto win: Bayleigh
For current story arc, best Veto win: Dani or Da’vonne
For gotta keep Nicf happy in the prod. office best veto win: anyone but bayleigh, dani or da’vonne.

Let’s See what they gonna do.


i hope ian wins and keeps the noms the same.


Betting money it will be a xmess win

Meow Meow

Good call!

another name

Flashback comment
Xmess: every time we’ve followed what the HOH wants. If they don’t, next time I win HOH they’ll feel my wrath.

How many HOH’s are going to be stand there looking stupid and not participate to win HOH comps??? What, everyone is going to run another foot race and give it to her??
More beast than comp beast, that one.


So is it possible Ian isn’t really trying to self evict? Is it possible he won the other power and that is why he was in the DR?

Could TPTB be using him (delivering plot lines) on how to add some spark to the season – – hence his chat with Kaysar last week and insurance alignment with Tyler?

The other interesting tidbit – is Nic F & Dani are basing their comments that Kevin has a power just based on his outward actions (he seemed happy). Could that be b/c DR told NicF he has the power? Or could it be b/c Xmas told him he was safe?

I still think Tyler has it. We’ll see.


xmas won


If Xmas were smart she would take down Day and Bay then put up Tyler and Cody. She will never get the opportunity to get one of them out like this again. She can simply blame it on her being tired of too many women being targeted and sent home by Cody, Tyler and Memphis (who are obvious comp threats week after week as well). Time for the cocky guys to feel the sting for a few weeks. Wise up or you’ll be the next to walk out the door girlfriend.


She can only take down 1 person not both


It was stated earlier that her power was to be able to replace both noms if she used it.