Zach’s theatrics “I WANT YOU GONE.. Beast mode Cowboy my f***ing A$$.. for real”

POV Holder: Hayden Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 28th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Zach
Battle of the Block Winner  Nicole/Christine Next HOH/ Next BOB July 31/Aug 1
Original Nominations: ZACH’s Noms (Christine & Nicole) Frankie’s Noms (JOcasta & Victoria)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Nicole, Caleb, Christine, Derrick
POV Players Frankie, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny, Hayden & Christine

BB16-2014-07-26 17-20-20-766

4:38pm HOH Cody, Frankie, HAyden and Zach
Hayden – 100% using it, THeres literally so many things to think about though
Cody says if caleb goes up there will be hell if Amber goes up less hell but still hell. Frankie is going to have a long conversation with Caleb and tell him the truth about Amber. After that he will be onboard to get Amber out.
Frankie points at Zach “You better be on your best f**ing behaviour, make up with Christian and Nicole”
Cody and Hayden agree says everyone downstairs is hating on Zach right now.
Zach – this makes me want to be a d!ck even more
Frankie says Christine, Caleb, Nicole and Amber are the players that want Zach out he needs to mend that rift.

BB16-2014-07-26 17-07-32-369

Nicole and Christine roll on, Frankie asks Zach, Nicole and Christine alone.
Zank tells them his nomination speech was all theatrical. He explains to them he didn’t have any other option of pairs to put up.
frankie wants them to make peace but the girls are not accepting Zach’s reason.
Zach – Did you want me to put Cody up
Nicole – NOOOOo

THey start getting heated
Nicole and Christine say they are OK with Zach just drop it
Zach leaves.
CHristine – He got so defensive
Nicole – I’m not mad at him at all.. I’m fine with him putting us up and letting us dominate in the competition now we’re safe.
CHristine – I just don’t like his reason
Zach comes back says there was only one plan that was to back door Caleb or Amber they know he didn’t want them gone.
Zach – if you guys want to talk sh1t about me I can take it here is 30 seconds say whatever you want
Frankie – he’s trying the whole Eval D1ck thing
Frankie wants to talk to Christine and Zach alone “I’m healing bridges”
Zach says nicole is extremely gullible I asked her who she trusts. Zach never told her to stop trusting Christine. Christine doesn’t believe him says Zach told Nicole there is so many things I want to tell you right now maybe you should look at the people close to you .
Frankie – did you say that
Zach admits it might have
Christine “You run your damn mouth “
Christine – you got way too power hungry you threw everyone under the bus.. I don’t want to work with you if you do that
Zach – fine one of us have got to go
Christine – Everyone down there hates you
Frankie – to blindly create havoc that’s your MO #WildCard
Caleb comes in Frankie tells him they are having a Private talk
Caleb just rolls on in
Frankie OK
Zach says he was really awful in the meeting I need my TV time
Christine – Well I got my DR session in
They hug it out. Caleb and Zach decide to pretend to fight.

BB16-2014-07-26 17-09-41-837

4:50pm Nicole and Cody
Nicole is upset that Frankie told her to leave to talk to Zach and Christine alone. She was nominated too. THey hear fighting up in the HOH room Cody bolts.


4:54pm HOH Christine, Frankie, Caleb and Zach
(THey are doing a fake fight)
Caleb – Backdoor me I don’t care.. iit’s hard for me to keep a straight face
Frankie – It’s hard for me to keep a straight anything.
Zach screams I WANT YOU GONE .. I WANT YOU GONE.. Beast mode Cowboy myu f***ing A$$ .. For Real get the f*** out of here” BEat mode peaice of sh1t
BEast mode pu$$y.. for real what the f**
Caleb – try to back door me watch what happens
Zach laughs “I will “
Cody runs upstairs thinking there was an actual fight
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BB16-2014-07-26 17-27-27-513

5:21pm HOH Nicole, Cody, Amber, Christine, Zach, Frankie
They are talking about Brittany taking Jocasta’s life stories and using them for her game because they were so sad.
Zach – That is awful.. Brittany if you are watching this you’re a idiot
Frankie – She drives a BMW 5 series that she just bought
Frankie mentions that Brittany had a nanny she doesn’t work.
Christine brings up the first week when her and Brittany would talk. Brittany had no idea that she should play poor instead she was bragging about all her stuff, Large house, BMW etc..
Christine says Brittany got really defensive when Christine told her to downgrade her home to pay the bills. Brittany said she couldn’t downgrade because it would be a 1 bedroom apartment. Christine told her “We’ll that is life”

BB16-2014-07-26 17-31-18-984

5:32pm Caleb and Zach ROCKROOM
Caleb is trying to get Zach to talk to Amber and let her know nobody has had her back more than Caleb. Zach says Caleb has done so much for Amber and the way she treats him is upsetting to watch.
Caleb – My game with her it’s over If I win I won’t hesitate to put her up..
Zach – bro you went over and back for her bro.
Caleb – I really have
Zach says he will talk to Amber but he’s not making a case for Caleb she should see it for her self. Zach says Amber is so blind to what Caleb has done.

Caleb suggest he say – there’s one man that has done everything that no one in this house will do and he’s done it strictly for you .. for his game to but .. but the fact that he actually cares about you and if you cant see it all over his face that it’s bothering him not talking to you you’re blind as a bat.. With no d1ck,.. and quite frankly you need to grow some b@lls and talk to him(Caleb) “
Derrick comes in wearing his underwear, Zach tells him to put some pants on. Caleb “Your mushrooms is falling out”
Zach to Derrick – Amber is throwing him under the bus bro
Caleb says that Amber was up in the HOH Zach asked her what was up with her and Caleb and she told him he’s blowing it out of proportion.
Zach adds that he told Amber she should go talk to Caleb and she said “I already did everything it OK i’m not going to back him up into a corner”
Derrick did hear Amber say Caleb wasn’t talking to her.
Derrick tells him to pull Amber aside and be like you want to talk lets talk .
Caleb – “I’m always the one going up there talking to her
Derrick asks him if he’s a sucker. Caleb says no. Derrick – Than don’t be a sucker”
Caleb – That’s why I’m not talking to her
Zach – she’s making stupid move bros you can’t keep carrying her on your fucking back bro
Caleb wants zach to tell Amber “Hey I just want you to know quite frankly you are making a stupid move because he is beast mode cowboy”
Zach sher’s blind as a bat with no d1ck dude
Caleb says if he wins HOH he has other targets than Amber right now.

BB16-2014-07-26 18-10-56-448

6:04pm Have nots food is delivered “DEEP FISH PIZZA”
Frankie – Congratulations have nots.. America has voted for a treat that you can enjoy anytime in addition to slop it’s called deep fish pizza. This combination of Canned fish and pizza crust is yours to enjoy all week long bone apetite. Christine got gluten free pizza crust Derrick is really excited say they got a jackpot this year.

6:09pm have nots thanks America for a great food to eat
They got fish, Cans of Sardines, Cans of Clams and digiorno pizza crusts.
There’s so many things we can do with this.
BB16-2014-07-26 18-20-36-590

6:10pm bathroom HAyden tells victoria he’s using the veto on her

hayden – 100% you’re good”
Victoria – Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you

BB16-2014-07-26 18-25-44-510
DEEP FISH PIZZA for the have nots

Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
Final 2 Deal “The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole

(Defunct or unknown status)
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
The bottom Feeders = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and Hayden (still being built)
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This season is so boring. Even the backd**ring of amber is predictable. Get it together, cbs!


i hope they take a page from BBCAN, let the nominations be decided by the public (let’s see how the detonators handle that one) or put a hidden veto (to see if they are better than Jeda in diffusing a bomb).

It’s BB12 all over again minus the awesomeness of Britney, the drama land of Brenchel and the entertaining unforgettable arguments of Rachel vs Kristen/Raegan.

Waaa Waaaa Waaaa

“Let’s see how the detonators handle that one?”
Translation: My team isn’t winning life isn’t fair so let’s ruin the spirit of the game by taking the ones who are playing the best out of it.
I know let’s just poll America and hand out the title now…
I’m cool with legit twists but even then why pretend it is a competition
here is a twist let the best player win!


Exactly. So sick of these whiners that want some cheater twist because they don’t like the people winning the game.


I still think this Season is more like All Stars vs. Newbies
The Newbs got picked off one by one until Jury.
That season was dull until Dani’s Flip.

I still think the worst Season was last year.


So true. They need to add some twists to create controversy and drama.


i agree with taking a page from BBCAN and having America nominate 2 people but I doubt that people from the detonators would be nominated because the vast majority of voters aren’t people that browse spoiler sites/watch the live feeds, they are people that watch the show and take what CBS has edited as the real personalities of players so in the case of BBCAN it was obvious sabrina and andrew were crazy but in my opinion the detonators are edited in a way that makes them look like good people. Zach would be the only detonator I could see getting nominated if America voted for noms.

Waaa Waaaa Waaaa

Why doesn’t anybody respect the game and just enjoy watching who wins?
Why does anybody want CBS to intervene?
Letting the public decide ruined BBCAN
This is SUPPOSED to be a competition NOT a F%#%# soap opera…
go back to your stories if you want it written for you.
Reality TV fans my ASS!


I have to agree with you BBCAN has way to much interference for me its almost like watching a scripted show on RealTV or whatever that channel is called.

Just Sayin'

100% agree. What do people want the disgusting people that were on last season and pushed by production to “stir things up”? Loser racists with bad attitudes? if people want that kind of stuff they should just watch the real hip hop mob basketball wives of Atlanta California and leave BB to normal people that don’t enjoy that kind of contrived over the top disrespectful drama


No BBCan did the right thing. The error was letting the HG’s vote who to evict of the 2 nominees when clearly Canada wanted Sabrina gone.


Production will always influence/interfere with the game. BB fans will always have their faves. Live Feeders will always express their passion on sites like these. How bout you stop crying about it. If you don’t like the opinions written here, don’t read them or express yours…scramble.


P.S. Hope the production gods rig it so Jocasta goes home.

Bye bye jocasta

Jocasta has to go. She is telling false incorrect lies about the Catholic Church, the first Christian Church Jesus started and will prevail til the end of time.

Waaa Waaa Waaa

Never have i complained about people having their Faves. I just don’t understand why real fans of the COMPETITION that is BB would want it rigged. No sports fans would feel good about their team or athlete winning if it was handed to them. I am for getting upset if your fave goes home or rooting for whoever you want.
Twists no problem HIDDEN RANDOM DPOV cool.
But wanting the public to determine the outcome in a reality show that is supposed to be a competition is just dumb.
just have a poll and crown the winner then. Nice to see where the world is headed, no wonder they don’t keep score in soccer anymore and soon i guess i won’t be allowed to have my own opinion. but the following is not an opinion it is a fact:
IF you want it rigged or for America to just decide YOU ARE NO FAN OF BB.
You are a pageant soap opera fan period.
What if they just threw Dr Will out of the house?


The drama begins and ends with HOH. The beautiful people are dominating! Numbers and power makes routine. Not exciting but it’s the 1st 1/2 of the season. At least the strong are sticking around….. up til now. Nicole gets the most upside comp wise if Amber goes. Derrick and Cody have it on cruise control atm. Frankie and Zack need to talk a lot less. Right now I see Hayden possibly replacing either. Christine is over thinking and digging a hole for herself.
Folks worth watching…..

Derrick- slick, social and a thinker. Can he win comps when it’s needed no idea. Only thing missing from F2 material. I like him F4 more each day.
Cody- getting the ultimate BB gift this week! Amber goes he has no distractions. Another F4 possibility
Zack- runs good a few days in the house then blows up again. Quickly becoming to unstable for my F4.
Frankie- social good, comp terrific but he sticks his foot in his mouth to often. Stop telling everyone your game plan! F4 possibility but far from certain at this point.
Donny- benefitting from AT as Derrick is keeping him around IMO. Like by viewers and respected in the house. May get to jury.
Hayden- May get in with Derrick and Cody. Good shot at jury. They’d be crazy to take Hayden F4. Solid for jury atm.
Caleb- been fun while it lasted but won’t make jury.
Jocasta- never, never never F4!
Nicole- sleeper atm. If AG does some girls versus each other comps after Amber goes she could become important. Christine has a target she is bringing Nicole along at this point.
Christine- turns out to be just plain nasty. Layabout is not floating. Reminds me in BB style of the girl from BC in BB Can 2. This one doesn’t get F4 and both girls are in huge trouble if Hayden jumps to the guys.
Victoria- useless spoiled brat. Eventually they will boot her but I think she might make jury which is pathetic. Always better targets than this troll!

Buzztime Murf

I get what you are saying. Since the evictions have been so predictable, it HAS been a bit boring. However, I think its because an original bomb squad member has been the “final” HOH every week. I am confident that once that pattern breaks, this season could get VERY good in a big hurry. In one respect it “somewhat” reminds me of season 11. Jessie’s side of the house won all the early HOH’s and picked off Jeff and Jordan’s allies one by one. At the time, that was also kind of boring to watch. But when Jeff got the power, eveything changed. Regardless of who you were rooting for, (at the time) the second half of that season was great stuff.
For my part….This season I am rooting for Nicole, Donny, and Hayen.


I hope Christine and zack fight and they can’t stand each other anymore so the whole alliance can be over when Cristine tells Nicole everything. #fingerscrossed!

Funny image

When I read this all I could think of is comic from far side with the two human sized bugs with a jar with two humans inside it and one but says to the other .. If I shake it do you think they will fight … Lol 🙂


Why do I have a feeling ZachAttack will end up in the final 2? Love his theatrics!!!


i have that feeling too now i wonder what other guy will b sitting ext to him the final 2 i hope for is Zankie or the hitmen


I wish that was a real fight instead of a fake one


The way Caleb talks is so misogynistic!!!!My stomach turns every time he speaks, especially about/to Amber. He needs to go, he can go.


If there ever was a Big Brother Second Chances Season I would want Amber to come back , hopefully she can get to play the game without having to deal with unwanted boy issues. Her whole game is all about Caleb in some way as long as he’s there she’ll always be linked to him.

Devin's Tears

Oh wow that’s a good idea. I’d love that!


She is horrible at this game. With or without Caleb.


Amber could have put a stop to Caleb a long time ago but she chose to use him to protect her. She wanted it both ways and eventually being the “victim” is not working.


But what was she supposed to do, be mean to him? I mean everyone in the game is all nice to each other’s faces but secretly there’s resentments and possible hatred. She was all for friendship and an alliance, but only friendship. In a game like Big Brother you don’t want to piss off a person who’s proven to be loyal to you. And she did say in many different ways she was not into him like he was into her.

We all know the whole house thinks Caleb an idiot for the whole Amber situation, but are they really going to say ‘Caleb you’re an idiot to his face? No, because they’re playing a game and don’t want to piss off a person that might become HOH and take them out.

So Amber is not the only one ‘guilty’ of what do you call it, ‘using Caleb to protect her.


Yes, she told him she wasn’t interested in him, but she wasn’t exactly telling him to get away from her was she?, So she was using him.


Yes, I just said that. I believe I said she’s not the only one guilty of using him to protect herself. Everyone’s using each other.

Again I repeat, everyone is using each other.


I guess I’m watching a different show from you, she told him from day one she wasn’t interested and her preference was AA men. So if that idiot racist cowboy (called the POTUS a Muslim Monkey) can’t handle the truth, it’s not her fault. I’ve never heard this guy say she’s sending mixed signals. It seems to me all the lying going on in the house is coming from those fake azz $%^&#$.


EXACTLY, she could’ve been told him to F*** Off, but she knows Creepleb’s obsession is the only thing keeping her safe. Calling her back would be a waste of time, her game is non-existent, she as well as the other females relied on the boys alliance.. Better to call Brittney and Joey, back at least they wanted to play the damn game.

Every other female does whatever the guys tell them to, Including Amber.

If Amber had any game at all, she would take full advantage of his obsession., and he would carry her as far as he could, which in that house would be close to final 3 at least.

Least season if Amanda wasn’t sucking McCrae’s d*** 1st week, to get him to turn on the Moving Company, no way could she have lasted as long as she did… It’s 500k, you do what you gotta do..


Next season for BB: second chance. Invite back anybody who did not make it to jury since season 8. When you have 4 evicted houseguests, have a comp to come back into the house. 18 to 14, becomes 15. 15 to 11, becomes 12. 12 to 8, becomes 9. 9 to 5, becomes 6. Evictions on Sunday and Thursday until final 6.

Fabio (the real)

Come on backdoor zach!

Christine's crazy eye

Really, Caleb, really!? If a man told me, you have a beast mode cowboy right here for you, I think I would back away, slowly, until I could run. The best thing for Amber, might be to be voted out. At least then she would have a head start to get away from him.

Caleb's Cool With Me

You don’t get it! IF she was playing the game she would be quite in tune to have him aligned with her. I just don’t understand how any of you people think. You see one way and one way only to play this game. THIS IS A GAME! IT IS NOT REAL LIFE! You take what you can get and work the HELL out of it. It’s okay to everybody, I guess for her to lay around with Cody’s dweeb ass and get rubbed, when he hasn’t promised to do anything to assist her game. Matter of fact, all he has done is talk sh!t about her behind her back, (jumping her bones to spite Caleb) and that’s supposed to be okay, but Caleb talks about getting her to the end of the game, relationship or not and he gets a F-ing boot up his ass from her and social media…BE FOR REAL!

Christine's crazy eye

I think you don’t get it. Yes it’s a game and Amber has allowed others to play hers instead of being proactive. For that vote her out.
But Caleb is a scary type guy to many women. He’s the guy who says, I bought u a drink, I bought you dinner, you owe me. He’s the guy who “helps” you even when you neither ask for it nor want it. He’s the guy staring at you and whatever man is near you while you do whatever. He’s the guy who think you are sending him coded messages saying how much you love him, even though it’s a restraining order.
Caleb took one look at Amber and decided she was his, her feelings have neither been required no requested. And that is what she should be running from. Because those are the types who will turn into the if I can’t have you, no one can.
Having Amber away from him might also allow a cooling off period for him. He has a chance to wake up and really see the truth.

Caleb's Cool With Me

Nothing like that has ever been shown on this show between Caleb and Amber. Now you are just starting rumors that have no validity. How can you possibly sit and watch a show and call someone who hasn’t portrayed a proclivity to beat his wife or put her in a closet, or tie her to a chair or whatever nightmarish sh!t you are conjuring up. You are making this man out to be something that you know nothing about, pertaining to his life…maybe your life is what you are discussing, but I don’t see any of that description in Caleb. I supposed you all want him arrested at the end of show for liking a girl. How ridiculous and how stupid will this tar and feathering of Caleb get with all the assumptions based on absolutely nothing, NOTHING!


Right, nobody is saying Amber had to f*** him, but at least flirt with him and have him carry her in the game, but Amber has no game.


I can’t control myself anymore and just HAVE to say it: All of this talk about rubbing and nips and humping and ” feeling up” is starting to creep me out. Do you have a sex obsession, or lack thereof, or something? I get that you like this guy, it says so in your name, but really, do we have to be so graphic? If Amber wants to “lay around” with Cody, why should you care? I honestly think she’s looking for just a little bit of normalcy and her options are slim to none. I hate calling out another poster, but I’m beginning to feel a little queasy.

Caleb's Cool With Me

Are you serious? First of all, everything I said has happened on the show, what you are ranting about has no merits, it’s all make believe and foolishness. Describing what she’s doing with Cody creeps you out, yet you STAND BY IT, but Caleb hasn’t even touched her in that fashion, not once and he’s PUBLIC ENEMY #1. The fact that I say that Caleb is cool with me is a positive and what YOU SAY about him is ALL NEGATIVE, so what is your point. You make up stuff that hasn’t happened and I speak about things that have…and you call me out? You mean to tell me that you just overlook the fact of how she acts around Cody but Caleb should be put away for just wanting her to say Thank YOU or just to talk sometimes. Why do you care about how Caleb likes her so much? He has not hurt her or damaged her in any way. It’s all in your head and all the other people who sit and follow each others ridiculous nonsense. Your point of view makes no sense to me because it’s all a mirage.

Re: Thumbs Down/Caleb's Cool With Me^

The 26 people who rated my comment thumbs down must be somebody’s kids playing on their parents computers. Come to the house with a game plan or hope for house sympathy and a floating boat.


Frankie, your sister is a pop star with the number four song in America…please dont talk about anyones living situations.


Exactly …. It’s fucking disgusting listening to him judge Brittney about her life outside the house.

Frankie STOP

I don’t think anyone in the house would even know who Ariana Grande is (well maybe Victoria, she lives a child’s life)


does anyone think caleb is one bit over amber? i don’t. frankie’s conversation might hurt caleb’s feelings, or make him angry with amber for a moment, but it won’t change how he feels – caleb is in too deep.

based on his feelings, i don’t see any way caleb will not tell amber she’s the target, i just can’t imagine it happening. caleb runs his mouth 24/7 in the house – he will tell her, i’m convinced.

the question is whether amber can develop enough social game in time to flip the house to vote out jocasta (either one leaving is ok with me).


Hayden is a good guy!


Hey Zach go win HoH and get Christine/Cody out of her

#thereaintnoDetonators #Zachattack #Wildcard

Btw listening to Christine being pissed is comical because she is a joke when it comes to BB.
At least Nicole gets it to shut up but Christine doesn’t understand Zach will destroy her.

Once again #F***Cody #F***Christine #wildcard #ZACHATTACK


If its so predictable stop watching it and get off this site


SIMON and DAWG: Just donated. Keep up the good work! !


You’re Welcome


Just so jealous of amber….What is the real reason for backdooring her???? I’m so confused… As crazy as Caleb is, these girls are still jealous of the attention he gives her. Honestly, girls are sometimes flattered when a guy falls that hard and all she did was walk in to a room. Just being honest.


Have you not watched anything ….

The reason Amber is going home is because she is a snake and is horrible at this game. She is one of the worst females they have casted in a looooong time.

cinderella's sister

Wouldn’t you be jealous of Amber!!! I mean she is absolutely gorgeous BUT not humble about it! The stuff she says and the way she says it… I am jealous!!! Well…I have to take off my bra off now…


Hahahaha! Funny!! 🙂


What is the reason?

Amber is onto the guys and she has said she wants to target Zach and Frankie. She is a threat to their alliance.

Love BB

Hey Simon & Dawg: I’m a little confused about the POV rules. It seems like all the HG think that if they use the POV, then they can’t be nominated as a replacement. Is that true?

Love BB



This is what Amber gets for being mean to Caleb. She acted like that because she thought she’d have a showman with Cody. Let’s see if she tries to get Caleb to save her now! Too late now, Amber!


Amber mean to Caleb? No….it’s Caleb’s feelings hurt because she’s not reacting the way he wants her to. I bet if Amber sat down with him and was direct about not being attracted to him at all, in the nicest way possible; not wanting any romantic relationship with him in and out of the house, he’d still be pi$$ed at her for taking him for granted, according to him.

The lesson here is obvious, you CANNOT make someone like you if they don’t. It’s Amber’s right to NOT like Caleb, she’s not obligated to him, he doesn’t own her, she has the free will to follow her own feelings. All the attention Caleb bestowed on her….UNWANTED. So how can someone be grateful for attention they didn’t want or ask for in the first place. If anything, not showing too much gratitude is the best way to discourage more of the unwanted attention.

Caleb's Cool With Me

You are talking about REAL LIFE, this is a Game! She is supposed to be smart enough to understand the scenario that she is in, but instead she’s more concerned about Caleb trying to ask her to get in his bed. Yet, she gladly gets in bed with Cody, who does nothing but talk shit all day and doesn’t care about her and squeezes up on all the girls. If she really wanted to win this game she should take the stick out of her ass and see the POSITIVE in working with Caleb instead of against him, because she HAS NO GAME, though in her mind she has her own back…I can’t see it. Let’s see where it gets her.


Right on it’s a game. Now tell that to Caleb. It’s a lose-lose situation for Amber, if she tries to break from Caleb then she doesn’t see the positive, that she needs to work with him to get to the end, if she sticks with him then she’s using him and is blasted for it.

Game or not, I’d imagine it to be hard to work with someone who seems to be expecting some sort of reward for the things he does, and these rewards are not game related, they’re REAL LIFE, like a date, marriage, you know these kinds of things….so I understand Amber if she wants to break from Caleb because hers and Caleb’s situation is not really ‘game’.

Caleb's Cool With Me

I guess I’m the only one who has been listening to the fact that the ONLY thing that he wants the most from her is a “THANK YOU, CALEB” for whatever he has done for “on his own free will”. You people act like he has the plague or something and she is THE QUEEN who can’t possibly see the GOOD in him. I’m so sick and tired of the BS. She is a paranoid BITCH, I’m just going to say it because there obviously is something that happened in her life to make her think that SHE HAS TO PUT OUT if she says, “THANK YOU”. Throwing herself on Cody and acting as though he’s GOLDEN because he has “a pretty face” is about as BACKWARDS and Numbskull as she can get. The object the show is to do whatever it take to get to the END and to WIN.

Christine's crazy eye

Yes we are talking real life. Caleb sees the game as real. That is the danger he poses. He apparently cannot make the distinction between what is real and what is the game. He is a narcicist what ever happens it is about him. Amber was just the unlucky one to draw his attention. The sooner she is away from him the better.


VERY well said, Queen. Now I’M jealous!! 🙂


And for Queen and Crazy Eye: I don’t see the point in wasting your breath. You obviously can’t win this one )-:

Caleb's Cool With Me

You are right because you all act like you’ve never met a man who wanted you to the point that he wasn’t willing to give up so easily. Caleb is just like any other man who has his eye on a woman and thinks that she is the one. Sadly, she has never been the one because she has no mentality on how to deal with men. Obviously, none of you have much experience on how to deal with the situation either. He is not a troll. He is a man who has serve his country and is looking to settle down and start a family. If she was ready to do the same, and she wanted one of the guys and they didn’t want her the story would be reversed or she would be taken advantage. I don’t know, but it seems all of you think life goes on the same all the time in every person’s life. You should know the diversity.


I haven’t seen her blatantly mean to Caleb who is overly aggressive to the point that it’s disrespectful. And stonewalling is a form of abuse. It’s a manipulative tactic. But I have read where he “joked” about smashing a banana in her face etc. I couldn’t believe how patient she was sitting with him at that fake date. I’m the first one to be critical of some of her game moves in game personality. But she can talk to any guy she wants and doesn’t have to lower herself for Caleb who really isn’t saving her in the first place. If he was trying to help her game he would have told her everything he knew people were saying about her. And not only that he actually will go on semi-bashing sessions with the other men behind her back like she’s lower than him and the other guys. If I went home I just would go home. His “protection” comes with some type of cost and that’s insulting. Besides, with a guy like him he probably honed in that she’s more passive and has taken the chance to try to “wear her down” and pursue her anyway knowing she can’t leave. Which is on the predatory side but maybe the thinks he’s in the wild killing sh*t and hunting. So if I were her I would go home with my dignity and not beg any of them if I went up. And just chalk it up as I tried and not worry too much. Caleb is a very selfish and egotistical and backwards and if they other people in the house support somehow allowing her game to be attached to his than maybe she just needs to go and get out of that type of environment.


You ladies are KILLING it!!! Props to all three of you…and right on the money IMO!


Cody needs to go he is always complaining, talking behind peoples back but he runs away when it is time for action

Caleb's Cool With Me

Thank you! He’s a tadpole and needs to go back in the water.

Please --other people complain too --who are more whiny

Victoria — by being put up on the block all the time (I would be upset too though)
Amber — for Caleb always trying to go after her
Christine — well, what doesn’t she complain about? –> Now she needs to go…
Caleb — for Amber not willing to give him the time and day
Jocasta — well, she doesn’t really complain but for some reason I’m finding her rather annoying –> Maybe it’s the blubbering?

I’m rooting for Derrick, Cody, Zach (because he’s not fake and after seeing him tear up for what happened to Frankie –I think he’s got a soft side he hides with his big mouth), Donny, Nicole, and Hayden
As for Caleb, I feel sorry for him more than annoyed. Amber should have sat him down to let him know that she’s not interested. Caleb might just be thinking that she’s playing hard to get. –I think I read somewhere that he tried for the Bachelor too? So maybe he is looking for the special someone –and he’s seeing it in Amber.
The people that I would like to get evicted are Christine (whenever I see her, I’m like — “she’s one to talk…”, Amber (she seems so fake), Jocasta (well, good for her for being a minister –but she’s not doing anything in the game), and Victoria (I think she’s just waiting to be picked of –I don’t really see her talk game.)


i agree with u 100% i want those guys in the finals i love how all the girls r to stupid to realize what is going on that there being picked off 1 by 1 i love the detenators and i am cheering for them and the hitmen but the girls really need to get a clue i wonder who the last girl will b in this game and how far she will make it

Jody H

But everyone is like that. Not one person there (Maybe Donnie if he won) has the guts to do anything. Even Frankie, If the girls had worked with Joey to work WITH girls rather than against, things would be very different.
These hgs remind me of the old school game lemmings. Unless led by the nose, they just voluntarily walk off the edge (or out the door).


I find it interesting that people yell and scream and say it’s so unfair for production to “guide” the game by making comps easy for certain people, or giving certain people power, yet those same people advocate for production to get involved and “Shake up the house”.

You can’t have it both ways people. Either production “guides” the game or they stay out of it completely.


It’s impossible for them to stay out of it. They guide the game through out. People maybe just want to them guide it in a more entertaining fashion when it needs it. They do anyway with the alleged twists and the stupid things to let watchers feel like they are involved like Team America.


As of right who do you think will take all the monwt

Butters Mom

Frankie or Derrick


Its absolutely disgusting and sickening listening to Frankie judge Brittney about her life outside the house and make accusations of what he thinks she is when he easily has the biggest secrets and is the least deserving to be there.

Fuck Frankie.


Why do people seem to forget that Frankie actually applied to be on the show (unlike others like Brittany) and was a fan of big brother and survivor beforehand. Even if you do not like his game please give credit where credit is due- at least he is playing the game. You can be fake/or a rat or whatever and still be good at the game, especially if you have the whole house trusting you. I love this show and would never not try to look at each individual player’s point of view during the season. I love bb and love Simon and Dawg for what they do for us commentors. God bless America.


Yes, let’s keep it real. I’m sure Frankie agency applied to bb for him.

Amber's Bodyguard

My gosh… how do these people keep from telling Caleb to shut up. They all have more control than me because I’m afraid I’d have to call him out on his “Bitch Mode Cowboy” self.

german team

Hayden and Victoria for final 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicole from Tx

Ugh Hayden. Don’t use it on Victoria. I say leave the nominations the same.

I wish the guys would drop Christine and start being loyal to Nicole.

Jody H

As I do every year since I started reading this site, I donated to help as much as I could. I needed to wait for a paycheck, but finally got it! Thank you for all your hard work.
BTW, who are you rooting for this year?

Jody H

You are very welcome! The feeds have been crazy this year! If I could, I would help more!!

Julie's Glitter

Uhhh, like Day 3 Caleb confessed his love for Amber and she told him she wasn’t interested. He told her he was going to throw the comp (she never asked him) and she told him not to throw it. She’s done nothing to lead him on and is considered a physical threat by TA. If she could have teamed up with someone with half a brain, amber could have gone pretty far. Unfortunately she got caught in the cross hairs of psycho stalker. Probably for her owm good to get the heck out of there before jury.


I like zack but comparing his game to dicks is wrong. Dicks game was 100% dick and i have a feeling zachs game is a little more production thing pushing him than dicks. Backdoor caleb please


When are these girls going to wake up. How can nicole and Christine listen to a speech like what Zach gave them and not want to have his head on a platter. Instead, they decide to hug it out ???? Who does that? As I think back on all the past girls, this has to to be the most clueless group of women I’ve ever seen.


Nicole and Christine are battling for who gets to be the Brittany H.
When it happened to Brittany she put the pieces together too late. I have to admit the Brigade was much better at keeping their alliance together better than the ones since. I think if Lane or Hayden had picked Brittany over the MeowMeow she may have won that Season and they knew it.
Now if you are a woman and you watched that Season (All Super Fans have watched that Season.). You would know you are the Brittany H. I have no respect for a female player that does that as her game.
The fact is in games like this Women usually make other women their target until it gets down to one girl or they do a Rachel and have a showmance. I think it is basic human instinct. Women are more competitive with each other than men. I think it is men compete for sex and women compete for resources to live. I think there is an instict to get other women out of the way as a means to insure that the resources go to them and their children or future children. I think this instinct plays out in games like this and survivor. I watched it play out Season after Season. I think that the S**t talk is a means to justify these instincts and they get really angry if they are ever questioned.
It is better for Christine and Nicole’s game if the House Flips and two or three of those boys go home. What they really need is for Derrick to get evicted. I think that is the person who should be their target, but they will never notice. Frankie would another good person for Christine to get out.


yea but the thing is the house will never flip not if the guys keep winning HoH and keep it will only flip if donny wins and puts up 2 guys but even if that happens and its still around they could win botb and take back control of the game so i see no way of the house flipping because lets face it these girls r dumb as rocks and are’nt thinking or playing there just being led off like lamb to the slaughter which is why two guys will b in the final 2


I think if America Nominated I don’t think the results would be what we hope it will be. Live Feeder rarely vote in those things. Most of the votes are from people who just see the edit.

What we might want is something like.
Derrick/ Christine
Frankie/ Christine

America would vote.
Zach/ Caleb
Zach/ Jocasta

If you watch the episode those are this years villains or people production just does not like for some reason or the other.


America loves zach!!!


I find Nicole very annoying. She is always, I mean always complaining.


Zatoria (Zach/ Victoria )
final two would be awesome !!!


Ooooooooo christine got her speech about zach inthe diary room. We are all on the edge of our seats waiting to hear that. Another godawful superfan


All Amber has to do is a little flirting with Creepleb, and make him carry her to the end… Cody isnt trying to protect her in the game AT ALL and she was letting him rub on her… Creepleb would do anything for her..

A Nonny Mouse

Dammit this show is like watching paint dry and being disgusted by the damn color afterwards and I’m sick of all these nelligans walking around in their BVDs thinking they’re hot with their chicken nuggets flapping around in the wind especially Frankiesha. Enough already!

I Don't Like Derrick

Dumbasses, Stop blowing the Caleb/Amber thing out of proportion. It is not that serious. DAMN!! Yeah, I’m sure you all would be so scared for your life if you were in Amber’s shoes. David Letterman had a real stalker, many years ago. The woman would go into his house and claim to be his wife. Caleb doesn’t compare. Why do people have to blow things out of proportion, instead of keeping it real. Not getting the hint or being persistent doesn’t translate into Stalker. DAMN!! I guess blowing things up makes your life seem more exciting.


I love how people watch and read all the spoilers and then say the show is predictable…….STFU. If you hate every season and no season is good enough how about pissing off and letting the rest of us who actually like the show and the game play, enjoy it and talk about it.

If you have seen any of the other Big Brother’s, UK, Africa, Spain, ect ect. Production and the viewers are always involved. BB Canada and BB USA do it the best IMO.

Enjoying the show and reading the spoilers on this site. 🙂

warlord link

amber going have to ride frankie and caleb d1ck for real get in the bed have dp if she going stay in them,,zac might join also maybe cody have orgie….yea on live feeds or she might do like brittaney was doing rubbing dicks in there and hayde said damn that not my stomach that mine dick,,,she also is said to be giving cody bjs he wanted her he could not stop them voting her out…now i heard he banging amber but he dont like her he doing it cause zac told him to piss caleb off…but i heard caleb saw it then got mad told frankie..he said he forgive her if she come talk to him and know her place be his woman got damit…