Zach says I am getting gallons & gallons & pools full of blood on my hands! I don’t give a F**K, I literally give zero f**ks!

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 26th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 28th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Zach
Battle of the Block Winner Next HOH/ Next BOB July 31/Aug 1
Original Nominations: ?
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Nicole, Caleb, Christine, Derrick
POV Players ?

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-25 04-52-31-454

12:25am Caleb tells Zach that he doesn’t want him to put up Amber so that he can look at her and say that her game is literally in my hands. Zach says it is for sure. Caleb says but in a way she doesn’t realize. Zach says she doesn’t at all she is spitting in your face dude! Caleb says Cody is in there calming her down. Caleb says I think I believe her when she says she isn’t coming after you. Zach says yeah I understand you point of view but I have people coming up to me telling me that she is coming after me. Caleb asks who do you think has more control over her than anyone? Zach says herself. Caleb says yeah that too. Caleb says Amber has agreed that no Jury members go up until after jury. Caleb says if I am only one person and can only protect her to a certain point. If people want to put her up after that’s fine. Zach says alright sounds good bro! We’ll talk later.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-25 05-02-29-802Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds
12:30am Victoria comes up to the HOH room to talk to Zach in private. Victoria asks what the plan is. Zach says he wants to get out Caleb. I am not putting you up. Victoria asks is Frankie? Zach asks he told you?! Victoria says no. Zach says you’re possibly going up. Victoria asks why? Zach says we haven’t really talked yet because every time we do Caleb comes up here. Zach says the best way to do it is to put up someone that will throw it. Victoria says I will not throw it. Zach says I am thinking Christine and if she doesn’t throw it then I am done with her because she does nothing!! Victoria says I think that I’ve earned my stripes to not have to go up. Zach says I’m not putting you up. Victoria says but Frankie is. Victoria says every time I have been put up I have pulled myself off. Zach comments that he might put up Christine and Amber to get Christine to throw the BOB. Victoria says Christine won’t throw it. Zach says then I would put up Nicole and Christine. I am tired of Christine not doing anything. She has done nothing for me! Victoria says people that are putting me up are screwing themselves for later because I can be a jury vote. Frankie joins them. Victoria tells Frankie that she doesn’t want to go up. I don’t think theres a reason for me to go up. If I stirred the pot or sucked at competitions then I would get it. Frankie says my take on the situation is that its easy for you to go up on the block because you’ve already been up and it doesn’t get blood on your hands. That’s just the only thing that I can see as a reason. Victoria starts crying and says I just want people to respect me as a game player. Frankie says you are respected. Victoria says no I’m not that’s why I keep going up. Some people are just chilling and don’t know the feeling and its a sucky feeling! Frankie says hopefully if Zach puts up his nominations first then it might f**k up who I put up but hopefully that doesn’t happen and I can put up who I want to put up. And if that happens then you won’t go up. Frankie says I just want to stay in power because Zach is such a wildcard and could put me up. I mean his targets have changed a million time in the last 5 minutes.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-25 05-13-36-057

12:55am Amber comes up and talks to Frankie. Amber says that Zach is stirring up everything. Frankie says he is a lunatic. Lets just see if we can get him to stick to the plan. Amber says you’re name and Cody’s name is being thrown around. Frankie says I wish Derrick was up. Amber says honestly I thought you were in on it to until I heard your name being brought up. Amber asks how can you stay HOH this week. Amber says I thought Zach and I were on the same page. I thought we were on the same side and that we could work together but I guess not. Amber says apparently he is putting me up with Christine. Frankie tells Amber I am not putting you up and I am not back dooring you. Amber asks but how are you working with Zach? Frankie says Zach wants to stir things up and I don’t know why he wants to stir things up. You know that he and Caleb talked about you and him fighting. Frankie says you and Caleb fighting, it needs to stop. Like don’t give him a reason to put you up.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-25 05-27-31-995

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1:10am – 1:45am Zach, Cody and Frankie are up in the HOH room. They asks Zach who he’s putting up. Zach says he would love to put up Amber. Cody says can’t she will blow all of us up! Zach says to who?! Victoria?! Everyone else knows about us. Zach says Christine dude, I am doing this for Victoria. Zach says I went to Christine to throw it and she flipped her sh*t! Cody says if we are putting up one of the 5 then our alliance is shot. She is our ear on the other side of the house. Zach says but I asked her to throw it and she lost her shit. Zach says I am not putting up Nicole over Christine. Cody says you literally sound like an idiot to her. She is in the ear of Nicole. Zach says need to put my robe on, I’m not thinking clearly! Cody tells Zach that he is big time power tripping. Zach says Dude I don’t give a F**K, I literally give zero f**ks! Zach goes into the other room and Frankie whispers to Cody I need to stay HOH. Zach says I am not putting up people that I have gained trust with. Zach says I am thinking of putting up Christine and Amber. I want Caleb or Amber gone!! I don’t want to put up Nicole, Donny or Victoria. I am getting gallons and gallons and pools full of blood on my hands! Cody says you’re only saying that because you thinking of putting up an alliance member Christine. Zach says tell me who to put up? And I’ll put them up! I am enjoying this power trip right now! I don’t want to put up Nicole. If I put her up she will be like why didn’t you put up Christine! Cody tells Zach that I heard you threw me under the bus by telling people that I told you to put up Nicole and Christine. Zach says come on dude! I didn’t do that, why would I do that! Its not really that’s what it is! Zach says getting Christine to throw the competition ensures that Amber goes up on the block.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-25 05-44-25-969

1:55am – 2:15am Nicole comes up to the HOH room. Zach asks who should I put up? Nicole says I don’t know I’ve heard everyone’s name. Zach says I want Amber to go! And I don’t Christine to throw the competition.. In a perfect world I put up Amber and Christine and Christine throws the competition and Amber goes home. If she wins the veto then Caleb goes up and goes home. Nicole says I heard I was me going up. Zach says there’s a fork in the road and I feel like no matter which way I go I f**k people over. Nicole asks I don’t understand why you would put me up. Zach says I am not going to put you up. Zach says I don’t want to put up you, Donny, Derrick or Cody. Zach asks do you trust Christine? Nicole says I trust her, we’re friends. Zach says essentially I want Amber gone. I know that I am not going to win and the only way I get to the final 3 is if I do something crazy. Turn my back on people, stab people in the back .. Zach says I want to put up Caleb but thats not right, right now. Nicole says do what you think is right. Zach says you would hate me if I put you up right?! Nicole says I wouldn’t be happy. Zach says wrong answer you would hate me. Tell me what to do, or I am putting you up. I am not putting you up. If I put up Christine people will be pissed at me and if I don’t people will be pissed at me! Nicole says I am not coming after you right now. Zach says so if I put you up you will come after me. Zach says well this conversation was terrible. Nicole says are you serious! Nicole says asking someone to throw a comp is stupid! Would you throw a comp if you were asked?! Zach says yes. Nicole says well I will keep that in mind! Zach says my game is F**ked after this week no matter what. Kill me now. Nicole says that’s irrational to think that because that’s basically saying anyone in power.. means their game over. Nicole says good talk and leaves.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-25 06-07-46-761

2:20am Nicole heads to the hive room and tells Christine, Victoira and Frankie how uncomfortable it was in HOH room talking to Zach. She says that that she thought someone was hiding in bathroom and that it felt like Zach was fishing for information. Frankie says sorry for Zach’s insanity. I don’t know what Zach will do. I will do his best to control what’s going to happen. Christine says that Zach is crazy.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-25 06-30-58-743
Up in the HOH room Frankie and Zach are talking. Frankie tells Zach to put up Amber and whoever else he wants. Frankie tells Zach to not mess up the sub alliance in their alliance. Zach says that he has no choice except for Nicole with Amber. Zach wonders if they could they backdoor Amber by putting up Hayden or Nicole first? Zach says so the plan is to put up Hayden and Nicole initially. Frankie says that’s a huge possibility. Zach asks if he should tell Hayden he’s a possibility. Zach tells Frankie he will have to backdoor Caleb because Jocasta and Victoria will probably lose the battle of the block competition. Frankie says he wants to backdoor Amber. Zach says he does too. Derrick and Cody join them. Zach says he is going to put up Nicole and Hayden. Derrick asks Zach if he told Nicole he’s putting her up? Zach says I’m not putting her up. Derrick says that he likes how Zach lies to people. Zach says that he wants to put up Jocasta and Nicole so he could be sole HOH and be the one to backdoor Amber. Derrick tells Zach to not put up Victoria because she trusts him (Zach). Frankie says that Caleb came up to him and said that he doesn’t want Amber to not be put up by Zach or him (Frankie). Frankie says that if one of the nominees win POV, Caleb or Amber will go thermonuclear and they will have to put Amber up. Frankie says and Caleb can’t be mad. Zach says that he wants Christine to stop acting like Jenn City and do something. He says he wants Amber or Caleb to go home. Derrick tells Zach that he hopes Zach does a ZACHATTACK at the nomination ceremony. Zach now changes his mind again and says that he is going to put up Nicole and Christine.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-25 06-31-32-017

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Devin's Tears

Caleb asks who do you think has more control over her than anyone? Zach says herself.

Bahahahahaha. And these post titles are just omg no words! Thanks Simon and dawg!!!


Have to agree….Pulitzer worthy headlines!

I Love to Hate Zach, at least he makes the game worth watching.



it was fun having some action last night. Hopefully ZachAttack continues all season


I like Zack!!!


Amber is going to need a restraining order once they are done with this show. Caleb is one sick bastard.


It was really cringeworthy seeing Christine trying to touch Cody as much as possible.


I wonder what Chistines husband is thinking while watching his wife on the live feeds all over Cody like that it looks like she is basically molesting Cody no wonder why she wanted britt gone so bad and now Amber its all to have Cody to herself. Funny thing is Cody would not even look at nor talk to Christine in real life hes only using her for game purposes this is probaly the closest Chistine will ever get to a hot guy like Cody and she knows it and is taking every single advantage of it she can. She is so vulger i feel bad for her husband.


Most have already seen the below post, but I think this will answer your question. Christine’s husband tweeted this July 22nd:

@timstinks Tweeted:
“I just blocked about 30 people. no, I’m not stoked about Christine cuddling with Cody. no, its not your issue so chill.”


Ikes! This breaks my heart. Poor guy and they are newly weds.


You may have already seen the below post, but Christine’s husband Tweeted about the Cody issue on the 22nd. I don’t think I can post a link here, but here is the Tweet, along with his username. Check out his replies to others as they commented as well. His post:

@timstinks Tweeted:
“I just blocked about 30 people. no, I’m not stoked about Christine cuddling with Cody. no, its not your issue so chill.”

I think she is one of the most obnoxious, catty and disingenuous players to ever stay in the BB house. I SO HOPE Zach doesn’t back down and actually puts her up on the block, if for nothing more than to sweat it out a few days.


Hey he actually did an interview with “BigBrotherTVFishbowl” about her date with Cody… not sure what he says in it, I’m loyal to my OBB for my info… 😉


I agree. Sorry but she is no looker. I call her “no lips.”


Go, Zach, go!!!


i give zach credit, he is playing the game, nicole turns my stomach with her belly aching. zach is right no one wants to get blood on their hands, i thank him for bringing life to this game so we can watch the rats turn on each other.


In a big alliance, Bomb-squad 2.0, its very important to know where you are on the totem pole. Christine and Amber are idiots if they don’t know they are at the bottom of the squad. If they have anything going on upstairs, this is the week they can bump up in a new alliance.

Loyal Bomb-squad = Frankie, Zack, Caleb, Derrick and Cody (5). Others = Nicole, Jacosta, Donny and Victoria (4). Bottom of Bomb-squad (or swing players) = Christine, Hayden and Amber (3).
It would be better to ax Christine, Hayden or Amber (CHA) this week. If any of those 3 turn on the Squad, the can right now and will make the others the majority. If you take CHA out of play, Donny eta cannot pick them up to turn the tide!


Could not agree more about Nicole’s whiny bellyaching. It’s nauseating and sooooo juvenile. The depth of her game play is to continuously repeat, “I don’t understand why you’re putting me up. I wasn’t targeting you. I never said I’d put you up. I haven’t done anything to put a target on my back. I never put you on the block…” Yuck. Such a stoopid girl. These are the reasons why she thinks she can be nominated. Furthermore, she keeps insisting she’ll only put up people who nominated her. What a simpleton! She’s got the reasoning skills of a 6-year old!


Lol. This is sooooo interesting. At the rate at which Zach changes his mind, I won’t be surprised if during the nom ceremony he ends up nominating himself and Cody. That kid is crazy. This is the best entertainment so far. Everyone is scared because they don’t know what Zach will do.


And they said Devin was crazy. Hmm I guess everyone is capable of having a little crazy come out when given power and stress.


Dingus does end up nominating himself. Serious Zachlash! Zachattax again and again. This kid is relentless.


Omg, I could watch last nights live feeds over and over again. Zach is so hilarious, and I love how he doesn’t really care what others think. So sick of Frankie- zach is so loyal to him and Frankie just talks shit all day long.


Frankie won’t make a big move and then talk ike he would next week. That is what most of the HG are doing. Look at Cody right after he would not back door Caleb. Go Zack


you so right and frankie’s shit does not stink


As much as I hate the idea of voting out your alliance members when you’re in control of the house, the best move for Frankie/Derrick/Cody/Hayden right now would be for Frankie’s nominees to remain on the block, and use the backdoor option to get Zach out. Now.

Zach is going to destroy their games if they let him be the sole HOH this week. Loose lips sink ships, and his lips are looser than those of Jenna Jameson.


No that is not best for their games because if they do that Zach will blow up everything! He will rat out the detonators and they will all become targets.


I really want to see Christine and Nicole on the block and watch how they handle it.


I want nothing more than for Zach to light up Christine. It will make my Big Brother season.

christine sucks

Your husband is watching christine. You’re disgusting. I seriously hope all of America sees your true colors.

Megan C.

The others in this house need to get it together and form an alliance. I feel like there is one alliance( detonators?) just picking everyone else off and the others are just waiting for them to do so. Amber, Caleb, Donny, Hayden, and Nicole need to form an alliance. Everybody seems to hate Caleb but I hate a couple of the other houseguests a lot more. Not sure what the hell Jocasta is doing besides saying praise Jesus all the time and speaking tongues. Victoria I think is somewhat trying in the game? Maybe idk, at least more than Jocasta.

I Don't Like Derrick

The problem is Caleb, Amber, and Hayden still think they’re part of an 8, and Nicole probably thinks she is somewhat part of it, because of Hayden and Christine; and Victoria seems to trust many of them. Donny and Jocasta are the only ones with a clue. I wish Donny would just throw it out there. He is going to be picked off anyway, if he says nothing.


Victoria has been seriously groomed by Derrick “We’ll be the final two together” so she will tattle on any outsiders alliance ASAP.


Donny seems smart enough to work the Team America angle and not get picked off. A few things help him. If the Team America tasks are hard, it benefits Frankie and Derrick to have a 3rd person help them make 5K a week. Having Donny also lessens the chance that Caleb, Cody & Zack see Team America work against Bomb Squad goals. And lastly, Donny can threaten disclosing Team America, and the money they’ve been banking, if Frankie and Derrick don’t tighten up and keep Donny off the block!

Best believe Crazy-Caleb and Zack-Attack will turn on Frankie and Derrick; if they find out F&D has been making side cash and keeping secrets!


Yeah but I don’t think Donny can rat out who is in TA… Derrick said something about them signing a contract when Frankie was worried about Donny ratting them out. I think he tell others he is part of it and that there is a TA but not who is in it.


I hope Zach does the speeches he is practicing to put up Christine and Nicole. The TA assignment was too easy cause Zach lives for this $hit!


Can’t wait for the argument of Nomination or POV ceremony!!!


Unless TA does some serious instigating, it’s not going to be an argument. Christine does not appear confrontational at all. She’ll take what Zach says and probably go cry alone out of hurt/anger.

Zach is potentially ruining his own game because those same TA people can use that speech against him when they say he’s too toxic to keep around.


Just watching BBAD and Donny was telling Derrick that the argument could be one sided, as long as it goes on for 20 seconds. Christine will defend herself.

smd nicole

this alliance is totally dominating this game! HoH every single week so far but that will change soon I’m hoping caleb amber victoria or jocasta go home this week and donny and hayden or nicole win HoH next week(or maybe this is the last week of BoB) and they go after cody and frankie

Christine's crazy eye

Zach might nominate your Nicole. What will you do then? Especially if Frankie nominates Haydum…


Poor Cody, being molested by Christine all night.
Does she actually think that he thinks that she’s sexy??
I just puked in my mouth a little from thinking about Christine trying to act sexy.


I puked ALOT in my mouth thinking about it !!!


Why is Nicole still wearing the Germitard?


She got it at the POV for a week. It hasn’t been a week yet.


More importantly, why do people in that house keep sharing that same HIDEOUS sweater?!? Who does it belong to? I thought it was Amber’s, but now that I see Nicole wearing it, that doesn’t make sense. People I’ve seen wear it: Brittany, Caleb, Amber, and Nicole (and I think I remember Hayden in it, but not positive)


I think it is Ambers… she lent it to Nicole because she has to sleep in the have not room


Ha! I love that someone gave that comment a thumbs down… I just stated a fact, how can you disagree with that?




The hope is ZachAttack has caused enough of a stir to break things up in the house for the week because I’m fully expecting everyone to fall in line when it comes to nominations.

Double D

Zach winning HOH is the best thing to happen to Team America’s assignment. They need to fire up Christine right before the nomination ceremony so there is an exchange.


Why are Frankie and Cody getting their panties in a twist?? Zack is the only one getting blood on his hands and doing the dirty work that someone will eventually have to do!!
I love it.


Derrick, Frankie and Cody probably think they are going to win the game if the current trend continues so they want nothing to derail that.

I Don't Like Derrick

I’m hoping Zack and Frankie will be smart and realize that no one will beat Derrick in the final 2, and turn on him. I really don’t have any hope for Cody. Frankie and Zack actually seem smart enough.


so happy Zach is causing a commotion. he is breathing some much needed life into, what has become, a BORING season. he is hilarious too. I love the bathrobe bit!


Hurricane Zach is really onpredictable. His mouth and brain are all over the place and I am loving every bit of it!!


Wow just wow! I didn’t like Zach much cuz he is an asshole but my mind has changed! I love him right now!! So glad he is sick of Christine and caller her out as a floater. How funny he said he will say the definition of floater would have a pic of you and Jen City holding hands- lmfao! Christine’s worst fear was to be called a floater and I just can’t wait to see the look on her face. I hope he sticks to putting her on the block. I really want her gone. All she is good at is being a rat! I want her back in reality so she can go online and see how we all know how she really is! I thought this week the noms would stay the same as they have been but with Zach in charge we may get some excitement! Hopefully he doesn’t bitch out. Fingers crossed!!


oh, and Zach is right, he takes so much heat off of the other guys by just being there. he really needs to play that angle.


I have never rooted for the assh*les in BB but I can’t help it. I love Zach-Attack!! Please BB gods don’t let him leave this house anytime soon.


It would be great if Frankie won HOH and decided to put up Zach to backdoor him. Then Zach got Hayden, Amber, Donny, Caleb and Jocasta to side with him. He can explain to them that Derrick and Frankie are the ones in power, and they need to stand together to take them out.


I really think he is planting seeds to start trying to form a new alliance with Nicole, Donny, Victoria, and Hayden based on his convo with Nicole last night. He feels like he is on the bottom of the totem pole in the detonators and made the comment in order to get to the final 3 he is going to have to turn on people he trusts.


When Derrick said, “We need to keep Victoria. I trust her.” What he really meant was “We need to keep her because she is easier to manipulate and its good for his game (Derrick’s). Vic, needs to go!!!


Every time I see Victoria with that blank stare on her face I think of Sister Mary Patrick (Kathy Najimy) from ‘Sister Act’.


And I will take her to the final 2 because no one will vote for her.

Stop Saying Beast

Whoever is in charge of casting needs to pay attention to Zach. He may be obnoxious and people in real life probably get annoyed but if this show had 10 more with his personality the ratings would be off the charts. He is perfect for this game. Not afraid to stir it up or make moves. Too many people play this game anymore by sitting and doing what they are told by 1 or 2 people. BORING. More Zach!!


Just watched Zach practicing his nomination speech, again and again… Laughed so hard; I don’t think that’s happened yet this season! Classic brilliance of Zach’s definition of crazy! I hope he goes with it and doesn’t “fall into step” like every other HOH seems to have done. Zach is blazing his own trail, and this crazy adventure is worth the ride, if he follows through. Rooting for this #WILDCARD to give us more drama this week!


im getting sick of frankie and cody acting like friends to zach’s face and then trashing him to no end behind his back while zach has done nothing to them.


Well, it pretty much is what they all do in that house. The only people I haven’t heard do it are Donny and Jacosta. Everyone else can’t wait to bad mouth practically everyone.

(BTW, I wonder what Christine’s BFF Nicole would think if she knew Christine asked “why not put up Nicole”.)


I really hope Zach blows Christine up to Nicole!


thats true but my point being that zach has kept his mouth shut about codry, derrick and frankie but they have run him into the ground so hard


I knew it was only a matter of time before zach got into it with christine & nicole!! This. Is. Awesome. And I love that derrick wants to use nicole & christine for the TA mission!! I just hope zach sticks to this plan and somehow it backfires and nicole or christine goes home, preferably christine!!!!!

Julie's Glitter

Year after year, and the girls never learn – you can never trust an alliance of guys.

Christine's crazy eye

So, I thought these people were playing for $500k, but most of them seem to just wanna get to the jury. I have always been of the mindset that if you think you will fail, you fail. Isn’t just getting to jury a failure? I get that they get a stipend, but jeez, why are you only trying to help someone else win? Some of these crack-heads act like it’s an honor to get to jury. You still loose.


Getting to jury is a ‘win’ for unemployed/underemployed people. It means they get a guaranteed salary versus playing too hard too early and being booted out,which nets no additional income.

If they got rid of the jury house stipend,maybe you’d see a different type of game. But who knows what type of HGs would sign up then?


It walks it talks it crawls on its belly like a reptile. Hope he walks his talk–zack zack. I wanna show! Bring some ketchup and pour it on!


Never thought I’d say this but, Zach is my favourite BB player in a looooooong time. Sad to know he’s probably going to screw himself after this week. LOVE how he’s finally breaking that united house shit that always happens. Amazing, cant wait to see the nom ceremony.

Frankie and Christine are actually two of the most awful people. THE WORST.

#ZachATTACK get Christine!


OMG Zach is making me dizzy! He can’t hold a thought for more than a minute til he’s changed his mind.

I agree Christine has done ZIP and should be on the block. If she blows up she blows up… big hairy deal.


Sorry if this was already answered somewhere but can someone tell me where Caleb got that monkey and why….just why the heck is he carrying it around?

My theory was that it was in Ambers and it came with her HOH room…
But really production better be concerned about how delusional Cabel has become over Amber…


I actually thought the monkey was one an item from one of the winners of HOH recently. I think Cody??


The creepy thing about it is that the monkey is actually from CODY’s HOH basket! Of all people…


Thanks for clarifying where that sock monkey came from – from Cody. It is another example of Broke Beast Dumbo’s passive-aggressive taunts aimed at Cody. First, it was Caleb drawing a target with his finger on Cody’s back. Second, it was Caleb crawling on his belly to the HOH room to dodge the HOH TV when he was stalking Amber to catch Cody flirting with her. Third, it was Caleb sitting in the HOH room, stabbing the plastic fruit with the plastic sword/knife while giving Cody the evil eye. Fourth, it was Caleb wearing Cody’s HOH bathrobe in the backyard one evening. And now, Caleb has kidnapped Cody’s gift from his HOH basket. Caleb is one sleazy, gutless mofo. His attacks are always passive ones.


Zach’s little brother is going to think his older bro is a BOSS if he puts up christine & nicole then possibly backdoors caleb…. He won’t bitch out like Cody!!!! Zach deserves to go far in this game because he’s one of the few people actually playing the game.


Please Zach…….have Amber & Christine argue at Nomination or POV Ceremony. I want to see fireworks!! This is for Team America!!!


Hopefully Zach stays HOH, this is hilariously entertaining!

Devin's Dealer on the Outside

Ever since Zach did the Gator Chomp on live tv I have been a fan and if he puts up the vile mouth christine then he will be my favorite going forward. I love his honesty even if it is a little rude. What I dont understand is how Nicole and Hayden cant tell from last night’s HOH that Christine is really working with the boys over there three person alliance. Just from the way people were picked any person with common sense could see what Donny and Jocasta see. Amber, Caleb, Victoria, Nicole and Hayden are not smart, cause if they team up they would have the numbers. This is the week Donny needs to strike with Amber right after she goes up(if she goes up) and have Amber pull Caleb in. Victoria needs someone to cling too so she will be easy to pull in even tho she is jealous of Amber. Nicole and Hayden are going to be harder to get in but atleast give it a try.

Michael LB

Off topic, but going back to last night’s show: how cute were Brittany’s kids, cutest kids ever!

new to BB 14

I hope Zach puts up Christine and Nicole

And Frankie(the little lite in the loafers fruit loop)grows a pair and nominates Derrick and Cody two that haven’t been on the black yet .

And whoever wins they can backdoor calib

wishful thinking I know

memo to Julie Chen we are all still waiting for the season of twists