“She had 3 eggs in the first 5 minutes.. she’s good at weird sh!t” -Spencer

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used POV Ceremony Sep 1st
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Sept 5th
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, Jessiem, Helen, Aaryn
Have Nots


7:51pm Amanda, McCrae and Spencer

Amanda – I’m going to be on her like a fly on sh!t..
Amanda adds she is going to keep reminding GM that ELissa got out Aaryn and Elissa said GM was a disgusting freak.
Spencer – Can we have a competition where I don’t suck
Amanda – as long as ELissa is on the block we’ll be fine
GM joins them
Amanda asks GM why Elissa is so f**** happy. Amanda adds that she now knows she is being portrayed as the bully.

McCrae says GM is going to get Pandora’s box. GM doesn’t think they are doing that this year.
Amanda – I hate they are making her look like an angel and making me look like a devil.
Amanda brings up Elissa not wanting to sit next to GM because she thinks she is a freak. Amanda adds that she stick up for everyone in the house against Elissa and she is the one that looks bad.

Gm says they can have a cake for Aaryn on Tuesday, “Dinner on me tomorrow.. Chicken Parm?”
GM is very excited she gets to see Nick again..
Amanda – “You can tweet G-Haus”
GM – “G-Haus”
(Amanda is fully pissed at Elissa.. you can almost see the steam coming out of her ears)

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8:07 Bedroom Spencer, Amanda and McCrae
Spencer – “ I know Aaryn was your friend and stuff and I know she was saying stuff about me but it was all BS “

Amanda doesn’t care about what Aaryn was saying she knows Aaryn was trying to make herself be the biggest target.
Amanda adds she doesn’t think GM will put her up. Spencer doesn’t either. McCrea is quiet.

Amanda – “you can’t go from being a nasty b1Tch to being nice to someone because you cannot play in the HOH one week. she sent her best friend home and made sure of it”

Spencer – “Ya.. I’m ready for that VETO.. it’s getting to the point where the veto matters”
MC – “yup”
Amanda – “I’m going to be up her a$$hole like it’s nobodies business.. I’m the new bunny.. She’s going to put up JUDD”

MC – “We need Andy to do a lot of the pushing.. “
Amanda – “just as long as none of us go up as the initial nominees “
Spencer – “dude she doesn’t like me much at all she might want Elissa and me”
Amanda – “if that’s the case if someone comes down maybe she will put JUDD up “

Spencer – “she had 3 eggs in the first 5 minutes.. she’s good at weird sh!t”
Amanda – “if I have to look at that Joker face for another day.. THe entire house wants it she won’t go against it”
Spencer – “ I don’t think so “
Amanda – “did she look like a idiot “ (Elissa during her live show question)
Spencer – “a total idiot.. she only said about 15 words with these long pauses”
Amanda – ‘that is why they don’t ask her questions ‘

Spencer – ‘they won’t again’
Spencer hopes all the drama between Amanda and Elissa didn’t overshadow her POV Victory and saving McCrae.

Amanda – I cannot stand her.. but GM is easily influenced.. we all have to be on top of her all the time.


8:16pm bedroom Andy and Amanda
Amanda asks him who is going up
Andy doesn’t know what is in GM’s head right now she’s thinking Elissa will go up.
Andy – “I don’t know where she lays with you and McCrea.. i’ll work on her but I don’t know”

8:22pm JUDD and GM
JUDD – Amanda and McCrae are going to be on you like White on rice
McCrae comes in Andy whispers to him he thinks one of them are going up (Amanda/McCrae)

(GM has whispered to JUDD, Elissa she is putting Amanda and McCrae up for nomination)

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319 thoughts on ““She had 3 eggs in the first 5 minutes.. she’s good at weird sh!t” -Spencer

  1. This is my wish of how I like the remaining season to play out (fingers crossed):

    Amand-ewww and McCrap are put up and neither wins the veto so that they are both on the block the entire week. They are have-nots with Andy and Spencer.

    Amand-ewww is voted out with Andy as the second eviction next Thursday not McCrap because I want Amand-ewww flushed to the jury house alone to face the wrath of women scorned for the remainder of the season. I want to see Andy panic, cry, plead and be flushed from the game like the little rabbit turd that he is. Also he won’t have had the opportunity to have packed his sh!t before he was blindsided by the double eviction. (BTW, if Andy is rabbit turd, Amand-ewww is non-stop projectile diarrhea. The kind that you have to keep flushing to stop the bowl from overflowing, as she is a putrid, vile hot mess, with very little substance.)

    Spencer, then GM will follow as the next evictions leaving Elissa, JuDD and McCrap as the final three, with McCrap being knocked out and leave in third place, therefore he won’t go to the jury house and will be separated from Amand-ewww for the remainder of the game. This also will limit Amand-ewww’s opportunity to get in McCrap’s ear and control his jury vote.

    Going out third is just desserts for McCrap as he would be so close he could taste the win. Oh who am I kidding, it will take years for McCrap to grow his taste buds back from having Amand-ewww’s (turd) balls in his mouth all season.

    JuDD vs. Elissa final two with JuDD taking the win.

    1. Amanda said her worst nightmare is Mcpussy going to the jury house with all the girls there, so I’m hoping he goes before her.

      Judd also said on BB After Dark yesterday that he wants to punch McRae in the face and hopes he goes home before Amanda. He gave him “the dumb slut of the day award”. I would actually love to see Amanda in the house without McRae. She would have a mental break-down, McRae might snake his way into something, Amanda would just lose her shit. Just as long as it’s one of them I will be happy. Can’t wait for both of their exit interviews now hehe

      1. Amanda’s exit interview is going to be crap cause Julie won’t say shit to her. They didn’t show any of the racist crap that Amanda said on primetime, just that tiff with Candice. Only people who watch the feeds or read these sites know what she said. Julie Chen is a little b, cause she won’t call out anyone unless there’s a twitter storm, and even that just ppl who have no friends in production. Aaryn will take the fall for everyone.

      2. Pooper Scooper says:

        This is my wish of how I like the remaining season to play out (fingers crossed):

        Amand-ewww and McCrap are put up and neither wins the veto so that they are both on the block the entire week. They are have-nots with Andy and Spencer………..

        Amand-ewww is voted out with Andy as the second eviction next Thursday not McCrap because I want Amand-ewww flushed to the jury house alone to face the wrath of women scorned for the remainder of the season. I want to see Andy panic, cry, plead and be flushed from the game like the little rabbit turd that he is…….

        Spencer, then GM will follow as the next evictions leaving Elissa, JuDD and McCrap as the final three, with McCrap being knocked out and leave in third place, therefore he won’t go to the jury house and will be separated from Amand-ewww for the remainder of the game…………

        Going out third is just desserts for McCrap as he would be so close he could taste the win.

        JuDD vs. Elissa final two with JuDD taking the win

        I love all of it except I would like to see McCrae go this week and then the other houseguests REFUSE to vote Amanda out until 3rd place. She said last nite that her worse nightmare is for McCrae to go to jury with “all those girls.” So even if she begs them to vote her out earlier, my hope is that she has to be separated from him and freaking out about what he is doing in jury.


        Just a thought.

      3. Amanda’s face was priceless when Julie asked her about bullying Elissa. It was almost like a light bulb went off above her head that she is definitely coming off very badly to the public. I wonder what her excuse will be? “Uh I’m from Florida, that’s how we talk out there”. I’d like her to go next and before McRae so we can see if that boy actually has any game in him.

          1. Aaryn really doesn’t get it. Julie was waiting for her to apologize, but…nothing.

            Saying “I’m sorry people took it that way” or “I’m sorry I came across that way” is not an apology.

          2. Aaryn will arrive at the jury house broken now that she realizes how the viewers feel about her and the harm she may have caused, and in the jury house the first people to comfort her is the Asian and the African American. Both of them have a forgiving spirit. If they can forgive her if she wants to be forgiven, I hope others will also. I don’t want Aaryn to have lasting torture of this. She is young keep that in mind please. I’m a person of color and I don’t get any pleasure from her pain. People can dislike other races, but don’t torment or do any harm Live and let Live. Jesus forgives, are we better than him?

            1. I HOPE TO OBAMA THAT:
              Hellsinky & Canned Ass have rice and fried chicken and “colored” greens waiting for Aryan Nation.
              They can have a big old Jamboree in Jessie’s hills.

            2. Forgiveness is good but for one to forgive the culprit has to realize he/she did something wrong and accept responsibility. In addition, even if you forgive someone he/she still has to pay the consequences for their actions.

              1. Actually, that is not at all what forgiveness is about. You can only control your actions, not those of another. Forgiving someone is about letting go of your feelings and emotions, and they no longer have any control over them (or you). It doesn’t matter if they accept responsibility or not or receive consequences or not. Forgiveness is about you.

    2. Pooper Scooper I agreed with everything you said except I want Elissa to win instead of Judd.
      Amanda and Ratandy have to go in next week’s double eviction. They can reminisce together in the jury house.
      And then maybe Amanda will want to sleep with Ratandy and Ratandy will be crying.

      1. I am ok with Elissa or JuDD taking the win. I only stated JuDD for the win because from what I can tell, it seems that JuDD needs the money more/ it will change his life, and Elissa lives a comfortable life with her family.

        BTW, I should correct that Andy is Rat Turd, not Rabbit Turd. LOL.

    3. It’s double eviction Thursday….I hope it’s McPuss and Amanda goes……that will be so funny to watch..,,,,it will be a rating bonanza…

    4. Best scenario ever. I love it. And completely agree with every word. I normally wait for BBAD to c who won HOH, but I just couldn’t stand it anymore, I had to get on here & look. I was really hoping GM or Judd would win. Bc they are the only 2 that for sure would not put up Elissa & that has the balls to nominate Amanda & her puppy. I think Spencer would nominate them also, but u never know with him. He’s been up their a$$ A LOT lately. So yyyyaaaaayyyy congrats GM. Now do what u gotta do & nominate them skank-a$$es:)

      As far as the surprise goes for Sunday….. It’s gonna be some sort of power….we kniw that…bc they haven’t had anything like that..yet…this season. And we all know its coming. I was surprised Elissa didn’t get P-Box. All I can say about it us; I am going to be BEYOND pissed if it goes to Amanda or McCrae & they somehow save themselves thus week.

      ****On another note… this week will be a tell tale sign if that so called ex BB employee is legit or not. Bc Amanda will be on the brink of eviction, we’ll see if they pull a rabbit out of their hat to save her. Gosh I hope not. I’m a huge BB fan & if she won this game I’d be sick. Seriously.

      *** I loved listening to Aaryn’s boos as she walked the plank tonight. And thank u Julie for calling her out & quoting her:) I never thought I’d say this, but a small part of me….kinda….feels sorry for her. She’s gonna have a rude awakening when she gets out of jury & deeps the backlash from all the $hit she has said. I just hope she learns from it. Oh & just in case anyone missrd it. Her & Amanda was just talking about Aaryn’s fried rice comment last night(on BBAD) & she said it was her very comment she has said. And Amanda said she “Hates” Asians. They went on thrashing them for awhile. But my point us… it was funny for Aaryn to act like she didn’t say all that when confronted but she was just talking about it 20hrs ago. Imagine how bad she feels right now & all the crap she has running through that little pea brain of hers. Not only will she b sad about being evicted but now she’s going to be questioning everything she did & said. I think it’s going to drive her nuts in jury. 1 benefit is Helen will be there to give her an “America will forgive you speech” LMAO:)

      * I know that was a lot to read…..so I’m sorry abt that. But I had a lot to say tonight…

  2. Amanda is going to be blindsided when she gets nominated tomorrow and it’ll be AMAZING!!!!

    I loved Aaryn’s eviction interview, she deserved that for her hate filled words all season! Good job, Chen!

    1. legitimate question…

      lets assume demanda gets really mad when either hearing GM will put up her and mcpussy, or gets blindsided in nominations. now lets assume she pulls that crap she did on elissa on GM. what if GM loses it too and punches/pushes/ whatever demanda.

      obviously GM kicked out, but will they keep nominations the same with no HOH (if the hypothetical fight happened after nominations) and if it happened before, would they do a new HOH competition?

      i wonder because i could see demanda being a bully again and i could also see GM cold cocking her because of it. anyway, plz reply and let me know how you think they’d handle it if that situation happened and GM had to go.

      1. Amanda will/may try to bully GM but GM is a mean girl herself and she can talk 500 words per minute and even louder than Amanda. She will not hide in HOH like Elissa. They will go head-to-head and production may have to pull trivia curtains to separate them. But most likely Amanda will just cry in bed and in HOH (But I hope not in HOH bed yikes)

    2. This is going to be the best week of BB15 so far! We are going to see Demanda lose it this week! She is going to fight with Ginamarie, Elissa, and even McCrae if she goes up! McCrae will not be able to take another one of her temper tantrums and it will lead to a major blow up between the two of them! She will likely not be able to concentrate on the Veto challenge because she will be too caught up in all her drama and will have lost complete control. They will likely have to declare a 5150 on her before this weeks reign as HOH is out. Poor girl!

    3. legitimate question…

      lets assume demanda gets really mad when either hearing GM will put up her and mcpussy, or gets blindsided in nominations. now lets assume she pulls that crap she did on elissa on GM. what if GM loses it too and punches/pushes/ whatever demanda.

      obviously GM kicked out, but will they keep nominations the same with no HOH (if the hypothetical fight happened after nominations) and if it happened before, would they do a new HOH competition?

      i wonder because i could see demanda being a bully again and i could also see GM cold cocking her because of it. anyway, plz reply and let me know how you think they’d handle it if that situation happened and GM had to go.

      1. simon, plz delete the above reply

        i had seen you approve another reply that came after my original so thought it was lost and reposted

      2. Wow. That’s a good question. I could totally see GM punching Amanda. I’m not sure what BB would do. Hopefully Amanda doesn’t try to do it. Or if she does, hopefully the other HG’s will be around to hold GM back.

    4. Aaryn was such a personality in the house and she has won the most by far. she did derserve julie to ask her those questions but i feel like its adding to her fame rather than hurting her, she seems to have changed a lot since the beginning. She also has the pretteist hair ever but that doesnt really matter

      1. Oh common you Aaryn’s PR, she has no fame. It is not just us on here who despise her. It is the public as you saw tonight. If she had already been a star, she could recover. But she was a nobody and now will remain a nobody

    1. When Amanda goes home, Julie Chen better give her the same treatment she gave Aaryn. Aaryn said a few stupid things early on in the season, but Amanda has has said them all season long and in a vile and disgusting manner. I want to see her dumb a** booed and Julie give her the same treatment…

      1. Willing to bet Amanda doesn’t even get one comment about her racist comments. CBS wants the little blonde Southern girl to be the racist. Amanda hasn’t gotten half the hate from commenters on her racist comments as Aaryn did and Amanda is 10 times as bad as Aaryn.

        1. Amanda doesn’t pick and chose who to be nice to or who to not. Aaryn on the other hand was raised racist. that’s the difference black or white or Asian Amanda had a bone to chew with everyone, Aaryn was specific in her hate.

      2. IMO Amanda has been way worse than Aaryn in regards to the racism. Amanda says some really vile and racist things, almost daily. Also, I do believe (could be wrong) that Aaryn is really ignorant (in the true sense of the word, not derogatory) in many ways. I think she was raised a certain way and just doesnt fully understand how hurtful her comments are. I think her beliefs are so ingrained that she is blind to her behavior. Amanda on the other hand, knows precisely what she is saying and understands the implications of her comments. Disgusting!

      3. Aaryn never stopped saying racist things ever. She was still saying them as recently as 20 hours ago when she was hating on Asians big time. Not a day has gone by without her being racist. Yes Amanda did more than her but Aaryn never stopped. Never changed. Was in denial with Julie. May never learn if she continues to blame the listeners and her state of Texas for the fallout.

  3. “There’s no way she won’t put Elissa up” – Amanda

    She really doesn’t have a grasp on the game she thinks she does. There is NO way Amanda or MC doesn’t go home this week.

    1. Vote thumbs up if you think GM will put up the power couple or vote thumbs down if you think she will only put up one of the power couple with Elissa.

    2. Funny you say that. … Amanda is currently clueless in much the same way Helen was clueless during her last couple weeks in the House.

      Yet, they were the two Houseguests who appeared most in commend for much of the game.

      If Amanda had nurtured a close relationship with Helen, instead of making Andy her third in command (MC #2), who knows how dominant they could have been, especially with Aaryn acting as their champion lap dog.

      1. Slow down there Nick! Wait one minute. You two are not even married yet and you are already putting her in the final two and counting Gina’s money.

          1. We all know the real Obama. Phony President with real scandals. But only phony people refuse to look at his real record of corruption. Eric Holder is a joke AG whose it the biggest racist in the country.

          2. Okay, Slim Shady; everyone knows YOU’RE the REAL Pinocchio…….So, WON’T the REAL Pinocchio PLEASE shut the F***K up, shut the F***K up, shut the F***K up?

    1. Amanda and Andy that way she goes 2 jury freakin out bcz he’s not there with her and her minion Andy can b her shoulder 2 cry on unless he wins POV and takes himself down then McCoochie goes up with her but I would prefer 2 separate them as long as possible 4 game play and the drama in that jury house without McCoochie there 2 b her captain save a hoe would b so worth all the garbage we heard come outa her filthy mouth. But I would also hope that every1 n the jury realize how foolish they were 4 not getting her ass out when they had her on the block.

    2. Would be awesome if she nominates those 2 morons. Would also be good too see McRae win the veto and have Elissa put up in his place so then Amanda can feel like a piece of shit when she leaves instead of Elissa. Then Elissa will hopefully figure out she’s gotta work on Judd and GM to get rid of the 2 gingers.

    1. BB after Dark Andy said he will throw the veto as everyone but the Nasty couple knows they are both going up…GM will follow the plan to evict the most vile couple ever to be in BB House, the language I had heard in my life but the sex talk and slams against the female parts were so bad..how can someone who is suppose to be a lady talk like that and expect her friends to accept her like she talks….Amanda is making nice with the group they are talking about being servers she said just a year or so ago was a server so being in real estate…fake or real…Pandora’s Box should be this week….

  4. SO MUCH FOR PUTTING DIFFERENCE ASIDE! Thought a disgusting hypocrite cant get worse??? Think again. ONLY Amanda can outdo Amanda….she is FAKE. I’m excited….I hope Amanda gets the heat Aaryn got…although I was somewhat sympathetic towards Aaryn…..not sure about Amanda….since she isn’t giving me a REASON to be sympathetic

    1. Name, I was somewhat sympathetic to Aaryn too. When Demanda gets evicted I hope her interview is 5 times worse than Aaryn’s. She’s not only a bully and a racist. She’s mean, dirty, vulgar, threatening, and crazy. Plus you can add other things if you want because I can’t remember everything she is.

      1. dont forget the glorification of violence. for example, how many times did she mention how she wants to kill elissa just tonight? then you got all the other times talking like that, most famously in the ‘amanda zuckerman social justice warrior’ youtube video where talking about slitting throats, passing jessie around to be gang raped, and knocking out all her teeth for forced BJs.

    2. Elissa is going to have to sleep in the same room this week with Amanda. I think if Amanda goes up on the block this week. She will definitely have a meltdown and Elissa will feel the brunt of it by being in the same room with Amanda. I hope BB security is good. Because I can easily see Amanda physically attacking Elissa right after the nominations. If Elissa even smiles in Amanda’s direction, its going to be on. When Amanda realizes her game is over, she will torment Elissa hoping for a physical response and thereby destroying Elissa’s game.

  5. Are you serious??? Spencer and Andy don’t have the balls (excuse the french) in just telling Amanda where to go and how to get there. I mean seriously??? If they were scared before, they shouldn’t be now and show they have the numbers and make her scatter “like a cockaroach”. Just saying.

    1. while i dont like rat bastard andy or spencer, i get why they are not telling demanda anything. its best for their game to just nod and humor her. right now she has no idea they aren’t in her corner anymore. and for all they know, there might be a diamond veto or coup d’etat that’d wreck GM’s plans anyway so they gotta play it like they are.

    2. Spencer is a big ole wuss and pervert whereas Andy is a girly girl without testes.
      I’m still thinking Amanda is a MAN by birth!

    1. Well Andy the RAT shows his true shady coward colors…already spilled the beans to McNasty that him or Amanda are going up. Please please GM if double eviction get Amanda and The Annoying WHITE Rat out. The RAT also thinks he’s so cleaver…and good looking. Ugh. He is always admiring himself in the mirrors.

    2. No kidding! Whats his freaking problem? All I know is put his @ss back on the block if Amanda or Mccrea come down. Uggghhhh can’t stand him.

  6. NOW we see Crapmanda Fuckerman PAY…..watch for her to go into non-power mode-crying, hiding, pleading, whining. How’s that sure bet lookin now, BuffalBullshit???? Hmmmm? you ran your mouth now karma is a bitch,,,,,

    1. She’s also gonna be crying until the noms because of how she’s being “portrayed”(lol). She’ll need to be fitted for a straight jacket if McRae goes first. It will be amazing to see that meltdown.

      1. Agreed. Elissa laughing in Amanda’s sobbing face was one of the best moments of the season. Elissa has the right approach. Amanda takes great pride and pleasure in beating others into submission (just ask McCrae), Not giving her the response she demands is the way to go. In the end though, neither Amanda or Aaryn will ever take responsibility for their actions. Aaryn is probably in jury right now, blaming Amanda (and Texas) for making people label her as a racist.

  7. Before we all celebrate don’t forget about what Julie said about the special comp this Sunday. Sounds like a perfect way for Production to safe aMANda’s fat ass.

    1. she envies that showmance there is no way she can not put them up plus she said no matter who wins the veto one of them gotta go.
      I think Amanda might actually win the veto but will take Mcpussy down thinking he has a better chance at the 500k, but Andy and Mcpussy will be up again when Elissa wins the HOH in the double eviction, and the two love birds will be reunited. at that point Andy and Elissa will be the big Targets.

      it safe to say final 3 will be Judd, GM and Spencer

    2. Gina won’t wavier. She’s from Brooklyn, they eat rats. Wait that didn’t sound right. I forget how Gina says it. I know its about rats and not dating out her species.

  8. “(GM has whispered to JUDD, Elissa and Andy that she is putting Amanda and McCrae up for nomination) ” Hope, hope, hoping GM sticks to this plan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Yah GinaMarie doesn’t look like the type to take BS. I liked Elissa too she smiled when Amanda was taunting her that’s a good way to piss her off, coz I imagine there’s nothing more annoying than taunting someone who’s smiling and laughing the whole time.

      1. Agreed. Elissa ran her HOH the way she wanted to. Amanda’s pissed she could not control her no matter how much she taunted her or persuade her to put up Gina Marie. Elissa has a mind of her own and I’ve come to root for her now, she handled Amanda very well.

        1. I wonder if Gina will let Amanda and McCrae use her HOH room for sex again. They were in the Gina’s HOH room more then Gina the last time. If Gina doesn’t give up the room to Amanda and McCrae this week. Then Amanda should quickly realize she is in trouble.

  9. WOW! THAT AARYN INTERVIEW!!! WOW! They grilled her! I absolutely detest the things Aaryn said in the house, although I cant help be embarrassed. for her. She had BOOs and people laughed at her excuses. Sucks she blamed her state. She should ADMIT her wrongdoings….she always tried to put the blame somewhere else….I really hope she learns a lesson…..but we shouldn’t lower ourselves to her level and be cruel to her. She looks like she wanted to cry

      1. Actually Texans are some of the most racist ppl in the world, so she does have a point how this accepted over there

        1. True Texas and Alaska are high on the racism list (yes) but Aaryn should not blame her state.
          The sooner she can take responsibility, the sooner she can move on.

    1. That interview was pretty brutal. I don’t think Aaryn was trying to blame all of Texas for her behavior – in fact, she contradicted herself on that one. She was essentially in a complete state of shock live on television trying to do an interview in front of a booing and jeering audience, so you can understand how she’d have trouble explaining herself. Hopefully this experience will at least set her on the right path for her life and teach her to think before she speaks and not perpetuate ignorant stereotypes anymore.

      That being said, production looks like a bunch of hypocrites. Firstly, they’ve succeeded in making Aaryn the lone scapegoat for a cast full of racists, bigots, and bullies. If/when Demanda, GinaMarie, and Spencer get evicted, I highly doubt they’ll get read the riot act like Aaryn did even though they’ve said and done much worse things. How is that fair? Secondly, other houseguests on past seasons haven’t been called out and booed live on air for similar behavior (i.e. Jeff’s homophobic comments, Joshuah’s suicide jokes, Erika’s racist comments about Asians, etc.) so why start now?

      1. George Zimmerman
        Paula Dean
        and Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriage are just some of the reasons why these issues are big deal today, with all the backlash left right and center anyone going in BB house there is no excuse in the world to justify those actions.

      2. Before you accuse CBS or Julie Chen of making Aaron the scapegoat lets see what happens if and when Amanda is evicted. If it happens during the double eviction Julie might not have as much time to grill her but I doubt anybody thinks Amanda is much better then Aaron. And if we’re being honest, although I think Aaron is more careless, immature and stupid then she is a racist as bad as Amanda has been she hasn’t made nearly as many racist remarks as Aaron did. Amanda is a gross, disgusting and just an overwhelming bully but didn’t play the part of the racist on the show, Aaron did.

      3. What bothers me is Andy the rat is likely to make final 5 and to me, that’s really sad and disgusting. Here’s the way I see it going down this week and on double eviction day. GM puts McRae and Amanda up. Even if one comes down Judd and Elissa will evict whoever is left on the block and with GM the tie breaker for the first elimination next week it’s automatic, one is gone for sure. That will leave GM ( who can’t go for HOH the 2nd eviction) , Elissa, Judd, Spencer, Andy and either McRae or Amanda in the game temporarily. If Andy wins HOH or POV, he’s safe for sure. If McRae wins HOH or POV Andy is once again safe. Heck maybe if Spencer wins one or the other Andy might be safe again. And if Elissa or Judd win HOH they’ll want the other half of the showmance gone and probably not Andy. It sucks.. but Andy makes final 5.

        1. If Andy has half a brain he won’t try to win HOH double eviction day. Unfortunately he’s not going anywhere and he would be smart to lose and be able to go for HOH when he makes the final 5.

  10. GM… PLEASE do America a favor and put McCranda up together! I want Amanda gone so friggin’ bad. Sincerely, A Huge Non-McCranda Fan From Texas

    1. Couldn’t have gotten any better. You must be Lurker version 2.0. Because that was a hilarious comment. If Lurker ever gives up his day job, you can slide right on in.

  11. Andy told McCrae that either Amanda or McCrae are going up. I knew Andy wasn’t going to be fully loyal to the Exterminators. He wants to get to the end with Spencer and McCrae, but I think he wants to get rid of Amanda.

    1. I am not team Aaryn at all. But I do think she is a young, ignorant girl who is a product of her environment. I truly believe she thought she was being funny, witty even. She will watch this back and be mortified. Hopefully she will learn something.

      Amanda on the other hand is a fake, hypocritical, b*tch. She knows full well what she is doing and saying. I am not a fan of labeling adults as bullies but she is a bully by definition. I seriously think she has a personality disorder. Can’t wait to see the fireworks this week when she is up against her spineless boyfriend.

      1. BB15letdown-you are completely right. I can see the difference between Aaryn and Amanda. Aaryn’s behavior is nothing compared to Amanda’s.

      2. I’m almost certain McCranda is going up. But Julie said something about some type of surprise. So I think in case Gina Marie or Judd won HOH they were going to throw in a “surprise” so McCranda will have a chance to stay in the game. I won’t be happy until I see at least one of McCranda walk out on Thursday. Hopefully they’ll probably walk out one after the other since it’s a double eviction.

          1. The houseguests don’t actually have a choice of whether or not to open Pandora’s Box. For instance, Porsche from BB13 didn’t want to open it when she was HOH but production forced her to so they could rig Rachel off the block.

        1. Hi “1984”.. Just wanted to mention that i’ve been using that handle in this forum and would appreciate if you’d pick another one. Thanks.

      3. Everyone on this site is a hypocrite. Who hasn’t made a black/ethnic joke or called something or someone ghetto? Aaryn was just pissed and reacted in anger, like girls calling other girls b*t*h or ho etc. While she was stupid for saying it on TV, she will learn from this.

      4. I’m not so sure Aaron is nearly as much of a racist as she is immature and stupid. I think she cracks racist jokes thinking she’s funny, I’m guessing she comes from an idiotic family that does the same thing. On the other hand I think Amanda knows EXACTLY what she’s doing. She’s just a bad person. She’s mean and she’s a bully. She told Candice who was adopted that her own mother didn’t want her? Wow. That’s as low as it gets. At first I wanted McRae out and Amanda left to suffer for a week without him in the house but with a double elimination next week they both have to go or she makes final 5 where anything can happen. I’ll throw up in my mouth if she makes the finale

    2. I agree…That and/or he is working them b/c he knows more than likely, one of them is going to go and up until this point he was 100% loyal to them. Amanda knows Andy tries to find out everything so maybe his plan is to make it look like he is working with them so they can keep dibs/info on McCranda…

      What I would do if I was Judd/Elissa (who i’m rooting for), is let Andy do his thing, get GM to put up McCranda,vote one of them out, then hopefully one of them wins HOH and puts up the other that stayed with Andy and Spencer as replacement. GM, Elissa and Judd final 3 (with either Spencer or Andy as final 4)

  12. It’s funny how Amanda does not realize that her game is fucked up. I can’t wait to see the waterworks this week. Hopefully it would be greater than that of Rachel. :)))))

    1. I know, I think people are giving her too much credit too(but let wait and see what she pulls off this week), it needs no genius to manipulate some damn blonde (Aaryn) and a Rat (Andy).

      I hear GM will have to do what the house wants, like the house is her and Mcpussy and last week Amanda saying its going to be the whole house going after Elissa. hmm! who is shaking now or who is laughing now.

      She has been on attack way to long she needs to think of a defensive game for a second. Otherwise whats coming ain’t good, its going to be a checkmate. The queen and king all go down in a couple of moves by their own ponies.

    1. …Then Elissa doesn’t use it.

      Hopefully Elissa comes up with something snarky to say to the Mouth. Amanda saying, “Sit down thrash” (to Elissa) at the last POV showed a definite lack of any class.

      1. If Andy wins the veto, no way he would take one of them off, rats always abandon the sinking ship. Damn I hope he goes next cant stand to look at him any longer.

  13. Way to go GM.. Thought you might have an advantage wih small fingers use to doing delicate type work. Please put up Mccranda. Lets hope Amanda goes. She is sooo nasty.

  14. UGH i cannot stand Amanda. You would think after being asked that question by Julie she would get her shit together and stop this nonsense. YOU’RE BEING PORTRAYED THIS WAY BECAUSE YOU’RE A NASTY BITCH.
    So happy GinaMarie is putting them up.

    1. It’s double eviction this Thursday……..GM has to put up McPuss and Amanda….and hope they don’t win the POV…and seeing both of them go out on Thursday will be so funny and a rating bonanza…..

  15. that is wrap city for mccranda ….maybe that’ll finally calm some people down around here …but Julie did say that there was a special contest this week so it might be coup de tat.

  16. I can still control people’s HOHs, they’re still afraid of me, I’m not a bully, I’m a respectable lady with morals, class, and dignity, said the voices in Amanda’s head.

    GM knows that Amanda and McCrae are the REAL reason Aaryn went home, cut the bull, don’t be a sore loser.

    Not that I want Elissa to stay much longer, but Amanda or McCrae has to go 1st.

    Now let’s see if some underhanded shit happens to protect them with a Pandora’s Box power ala Season 13 with Pacer’s HOH… Shall We?

    1. Amanda needs her meds adjusted she thinks she can control GM when GM has seen and told Aaryn for weeks not to trust Amanda. Please Please get these two out. they are disgusting and Mccrae was nice for 2.5 seconds in this game now he acts so arrogant and we run this house we control everyone. I pray that they leave, then Andy weasel God he is so friggen annoying i would like Elissa and Gina Marie final 2… Now if Amanda gets free after this week then it will be beyond obvious CBS has a huge hand in this game and will never respect CBS again. I see how so many things coming true per the ex CBS employee stated but still have faith that CBS would not do this . There is no way in hell she does not go home or the very very least by next week but MCCRae has to go split them the hell up. and don’t forget spencer get his ass out he needs to go to Jail… God as i’m writing this it makes you think who are these people seriously. ok gonna go see if football is over yet…. ughhhhhh thanks everyone for your updates and time to put your imput

    1. AMEN!… when i read here GM won HOH, i did my happy dance omg this is fantastic. i am so beyond happy for her. I am so glad the true GM is showing now well i hope and that she shows her true side i truly do not believe this girl is racist where she is from no way she would not last a quick minute. nah she is awesome and i hope she wins and shows her family how awesome she is and gets the help she needs for learning and her eating issues. ok sorry made a happy moment sad… no no not tonight it is happy night and happy dance so flippen happy yahoooooooooooo….Amanda ask why is Elissa so happy ? because your a$$ going home thats why he he he

  17. looks like the only thing your Jewish Princess is bringing home is the hatred of millions…..plus she gets to get humiliated like Aaryn by Julie Chen for her racist comments and vile behavior-oh this is gonna be good. THE ENTIRE HOUSE IS FINALLY UNITED AGAINST McCRAPSTERS!!!! Bah ha ha!!! I love it!

    1. seriously?

      i am sorry. but a sentence: “(…) jewish princess (…) bringing home the hatred of millions(…)” is as offensive as it can get.

  18. I do not trust Andy for a second! I have a strong feeling he is going to try to convince GM to put up Amanda and Elissa. What I really want is for GM to put up McCranda and if one of them wins veto, to backdoor Andy. Aryan and Elissa have both stressed to GM that she CANNOT trust Andy. But Judd and Spencer do. So it really comes down to who GM trusts more — Elissa or Andy. It’s worrisome. He has GOT to go. Not only is he annoying to watch in this game, he referenced the Gettysburg address, NOT the Emancipation Proclamation. He is either a VERY sorry excuse for a teacher or he changed his speech on purpose because it bothered Aaryn so much.

    1. I’m pretty sure he thinks the emancipation proclamation and the Gettysburg address are one in the same. Seems like a lot of people get these two confused.

  19. Did I read that correctly? The Rat is at it again and has already told mcranda what GM told him about putting Amanda/McCrae up??

    1. Biggest Fan, the Rat said to McCrae that one of them (McCrae or Amanda are going up). I think the Rat probably wants Amanda to get evicted and wants McCrae to stay.

  20. Nice win GM. Now do the right thing and put Amanda and Mc on the block

    When counting your chickens, save time by counting them before they’ve hatched

    When buying eggs, save space and time by putting them all in one basket.

  21. Typical rat andy runs to mcrae to tell him he heard Mcrands going on the block.
    Ughhh Andy, u suck at this game!!!

  22. I Kind of felt bad for Aaryn during her exit interview, she seemed really sad imagine how sad she is going to be when she gets out of the house and reads how alot of do not like her/threats etc

      1. I haven’t seen it yet, only 8:30 on the west coast, but I’m cringing at what others have posted. I think she’s a young, semi-ignorant girl who doesn’t deserve being publically humiliated in front of millions. This punishment most definitely does not fit the crime. On the other hand, I’m enjoying Amanda’s edit and her discomfort, so call me two-faced “)

    1. I did not feel sorry for her at all. When you are an adult you have to face the consequences of your actions.

      And if enough people feel sorry for her, then she falls back into “oh, it’s not my fault. they are just being overly sensitive” then she doesn’t learn a damn thing.

      The whole point of confronting her is because she is young and can learn. Don’t blow that for her.

  23. BE strong this week as HOH. Amanda pushes, GM, don’t touch her. Let the crazed loon made the contact. Won’t be a need for a ceremony to boot that vile diseased poor excuse for a woman!! BB will called the men in white jackets for her. Bitch needs to be locked up in a paddy room with her aborted baby.
    Aaryn last work to GM, stick with Elissa.

    1. I agree GM can not touch Amanda, she will try and want her to hit her and i pray she doesn’t, she has to stick with Elissa and not even breathe on Amanda. Amanda unless CBS truly put their foot down on her bullying she will be worse with GM for couple reasons one because she knows she will be on block and second she knows that GM will fight in a heartbeat so she will try her very best to push her buttons. I hope and pray she laughs like Elissa did, it was awesome smiling and keeping quiet is the best answer to someone who is so vile as Amanda.

  24. I just wanna give a special shout out 2 the folks who recommended that Ustream site to watch the live eviction. I was so torn cuz I did want 2 watch my team play football, but it’s pre-season, so I’d survive missing some of the game for the eviction. So, not only did I get to watch the GLORIOUS eviction and interview THREE hours earlier than normal, I still get to watch my Niners. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

  25. Andy is a rat is a rat is a rat.
    Judd is naive is naive is naive
    Amanda is a mean bully is a mean bully is a mean bully
    McCrae is a bitc4 is a bitc4 is a bitc4
    Spencer is a pervert is a pervert is a pervert
    Gina Marie is a winner is a winner is a winner
    Elissa is a fighter is a fighter is a fighter

  26. how can demanda not think that at least 1 person told GM the plan to try and manipulate elissa into putting up GM, which obviously meant she’d get voted out? chick lives in a fantasy world, as proven a few weeks ago when she completely dismissed the idea that america may have nominated her.

  27. Can’t WAIT to see amanda’s face when she gets evicted by GM of all people…if amanda wins pov again this shit is rigged lol

  28. Amanda – I’m going to be on her like a fly on shit..

    I think some one should break it to her gently, she is that fly.

  29. “Now we are getting to the point where the veto matters.” I can’t believe Spencer said that. These players are ridiculous. The veto has always mattered!! I need a do over with this season. These people are lames. I still can’t believe that they are still doing house votes too. Where in the hell did CBS find these people!?!?



  31. I hope GM gives Amanda a run for her money. I dont see GM backing down from a fight with amanda. I just hope she doesnt hit her and get kicked out. GM is pretty spunky

    1. I would love a shouting match between Amanda and GM too! Of course, they’d have to hold GM down so that she doesn’t end up hitting Amanda and getting herself ejected from the game. But GM is probably the only person Amanda cannot out-shout.

      What I really want to see eventually is a fight between Amanda and McYeasty over the fact that Amanda’s over the top aggressive behavior has alienated them from the entire house and it’s her fault that both of them ended up on the block. If he could dump her before she gets evicted, it would be pretty awesome.

      1. I can see Mcminute weaseling his way back into the ‘power’ group. He will distance himself from Ameanie. I hope no one buys his s#it! He made his pig pen now he can lie in it!

        Can’t wait to see Ameanie lose it this week.

  32. One of McCranda is definitely going home, and there is a very good chance the second is going out in the double eviction.

  33. Mc and AMan. up! Double elim would be good – If one comes down, Spencer. GM likes Andy too much. Good for her if she does that.

  34. when Amanda gets nominated will she nagg ,,, torment or bully gm like she did elissa I doubt it because hog know where to rub their skin .. she knows gm wont back down …

  35. Here`s to GM putting up Mccranda and splitting up that ANNOYING couple. I can`t wait to see Amanda`s face when she`s nominated :D


    Now!! All we need is Amanda and Mcbitch to go up, and all will be well!

  37. That Rat Andy is telling Pizza Boy that he or his beast of a girlfriend are going up. I swear they needed to vote his butt out

  38. Apparently we aren’t the only ones finding it hard to watch Crybabymanda Ian from last year tweeted he can’t watch her either.

  39. Why did GM tell Andy her plan already??? Doesn’t she know by know that Andy runs and tells Amanda EVERYTHING!! I hope she has the b___ to stick to the plan and not be bullied…its time for Amanda to be evicted!! You reap what you sowed Amanda! Like Dan said tonight, she is a brat and a bully playing a very ugly GAME by personally attacking houseguests who have the nerve to stand up to her!!!! Amanda has been the definition of bully for months. I personally liked how Elissa just laughed it off when she was being intimidated this week.

  40. Congrats to GM!!! I hope she just goes for it and puts up Amanda and McCrae…
    myself personally would put both of them up with my target being McCrae…
    people like McCrae, and it may be the only chance to get him out, if he stuck around he could possibly win HOH
    Amanda on the other hand, I would want her around for another week, she would be in a house without McCrae,
    she would have no one to truly align with and it would give me at least a week to be all over her like she was to Elissa…
    I would show that B*tch what a bully really is and she would have to go hide behind a trash can and suck her thumb because she wouldn’t have the comforts of McCrae and sucking his D*ck…
    if going to the end with McCrae, a 50/50 shot I would win
    if going against Amanda, well no one likes her, my chances are a lot better

    1. … also if McCrae went to jury first, it would drive Amanda crazy. She is so jealous of the other girls

      But there is a double eviction next Thursday. So if the house is smart they will follow each other out

  41. I can’t stand the thought of G.M not putting up Amanda and McCrae…they need to leave and not win a cent of money!!

    1. Amanda – “I hate they are making her look like an angel and making me look like a devil.”

      You did it to yourself you bullyskank!

  42. ARG! So boring! Can it get any less entertaining? I honestly want McCrae out because without Amanda in there harassing Elissa… it will just be a snooze fest in that house… Can you imagine how fun it will be to watch Judd, GM, Spensor, Andy and McCrae after Amanda and Elissa are gone? Now that is not worth staying up late to watch on After Dark!

  43. For those that complained to CBS…… they should now thank them for handling the Aaryn eviction properly.

  44. Awesome exit interview she never knew what hit her !! And then even better GM wins HOH, one hell of a night for sure. I cannot wait for Amanda’s exit interview Friday Julie better do the exact same thing, call that nasty bitch out on all her racist remarks and read them back to her when she denies them!!

  45. I freaking love GM right now! Watching the live feeds and GM and Amanda was talking. Of course Amanda was trying to work her magic, but after Amanda leaves GM starts laughing flips Amanda off behind her back! Smiles at the camera and gives us a thumbs up! Woop! This is the end of Mcranda

    1. officially love her. and now with her sidekick Aryan gone maybe she can go her own way and not conform to the racists. she was a different person this week with elissa being nice to her. I am actually starting to like her. I wanted her to win all week, yay!

  46. As I predicted earlier McRanda would have to run the table on HOH comps. They didn’t. Amanda will go into attack mode, and 1 of 3 things will happen. 1. Amanda will win the Veto, remove herself from the block, and revert to a complete a**hole as she tries to save McRae. That won’t happen.
    2. McRae will win the Veto, and Amanda will beg him to use the veto on her. That won’t happen and she will go ape shit.
    3. Neither Amanda or McRae will win the veto, and Karma will rip Amanda a new one as she asks Andy, Spencer, Elissa, and Judd to vote to evict McRae. I predict Amanda will be mercilessly booed when she is evicted.

  47. Please, Gina… break up McCranda and you will redeem yourself for all of the asinine and racist things you said when Candice was still in the house! Well… not really but it would help. Although I would looooove for Amanda to go home this week… McCrae is a bigger threat all around. He’s better liked and stands to get more jury votes in the final 2 and he’s much better at comps than Amanda. Amanda, for whatever reason, has been able to be effective at manipulation but her luck has ran its course and I don’t think she’ll be able to dig her claws into anybody else.

  48. I’m glad that Gina Marie won but I’m not keeping my hopes up because when Julie said something about a special competition, all I could think about is that extra Veto ball from BB14. Come on BB production, don’t let Amanda and Mccrae get away this week!

  49. “Amanda – I’m going to be on her like a fly on shit..”

    Flies are already on Amanda and McCrae, because they smell like their favorite food “shit”.

    1. Yea If GM put up Amanda and McCrae wonder if Amanda go off on GM like she did with Elysa. Either way….someone needs to be brave enough to break them up…and I’m not sure why it is taking so long.

  50. If you think Elissa doesn’t care what anyone else thinks, just wait for GM! E put Aaryn on the block but her “allies'” did not vote to save her. When Amanda is selling GM on the final 4, she didn’t mention if GM is on the block with Andy and we KNOW what they decided to do last time. Hmmmmm……does she think GM is TOTALLY stupid?

  51. Thank God our Phony President has better things to do than watch this sheet. Fast and Furious scandal and the Benghazi scandal do not have legs, so just deny and hope the American people are watching the BB feeds. And that Syria thing, folks look away as we create more enemies just because we can.

    1. What the hell do your opinions on politics have to do with Big Brother? Leave that shit out. And don’t assume because we all enjoy it (as you are also reading it) that we don’t know what goes on it the world. This just isn’t the place we want to worry about that!

  52. Is amanda using a “baby” voice now? Trying to sound nice because of how she is being “portrayed” by BB?

    Get off my screen amanda!

    GM said to the camera: She’s going home (when amanda left the room after laying out her orders)

  53. Why did Andy rat out GM to Mc? Because he’s a RAT! It’s his nature. He is a RAT to the core of his being. That is who he really is. A RAT IS A RAT IS A RAT!!

  54. Got a feeling there will be a pandoras box this week. Especially if gm does nominate demanda and her keychain. Wouldn’t be a surprise at all

    1. The interview could have been much worse. Julie could have replayed Aaryn saying all that hateful stuff and asked her if she wanted Julie to shut up and go make her some rice.

    2. This is a different GM than the last time she won HoH. I bet she doesn’t let McCranda take over her bed this time. I think Elissa opened her eyes to a lot of things and GM is nothing if not loyal to a fault.

  55. Man i’m starting to hate RAT BOY more then Amanda these days. RAT BOY plz shut your big fat mouth for like 2 seconds. plz and thanks.

  56. Spencer: She is good at weird Sh*t.

    Judd: I’d bet she would be great at blinking wildly and then close her eyes really tight for an interesting light show. Inventing a weird twitch Trying to swallow her tongue. Bark like an angry dog at people in the street or shopping center And we already know she is the best at getting herself as nauseated as possible

  57. Well, it didn’t take the Rat long to hint to Amanda that one of them may be going up. Of course he will work on GM but she better not fall for it. Amanda and McCrae need to be put up. If for some reason Andy wins the Veto then Spencer needs to be put up and GM will break the tie. ugh She better keep her word to Elissa!

  58. The rainbow rat Andy is still at it with his telling mcslob that him or his hooch amanda is going up. I can’t stand that dirty rat. He has to go soon and when he does I hope Julie questions him on why he called Elissa a c*** and to think that rainbow rat is a professor who has females in his class…..he is a disgusting vile person….

  59. I hope GM does not change her mind. PLEASE put up Amanda and her dude. Although Amanda is a mess….her dude McCrae is quite is annoying. It is like he is on vacation…laying around all day. What exactly is his strategy to WIN.

    Aryn’s interview with Julie: Arny totally in a state of disillusion.

  60. Perfect scenario – McNasty goes up, “nasty” (actually someone wrote Amand-ewww…my favorite name for her) goes home, then second eviction in Andy. I really would like to see what McCrae does then.

    1. I like Amand-a-racist better as a name for Amanda Zuckerman. I hope that she gets the same treatment from Julie Chen as Aaryn got. Aaryn is young and and not very experience in life, (not making excuses, just stating). Amand-a-racist is old mature and thinks that she can say anything racist and hateful and as long as she says, “I guess that makes me a racist”, she has a free get-out-of-jail card.

      Amand-a-racist Zuckerman totally realizes what she is doing and even though she is on national tv, she cannot control her racist urges spewing out from her black heart, hope she goes to jury house this week to face Jesse. Amanda is a skank!

  61. Poor Aaryn, Julie was so harsh to her… She made a joke about someone’s race … but that was not intended to be mean

  62. Wicked Witch is Dead!

    Its official, Amanda is delusional. Amanda is saying that Elissa is being portrayed as a bully in the house. Amanda you tormented Elissa for at least five hours this week. You made personal attacks against her family. You made personal attacks about her husband.and their marriage. After saying all these hateful comments, you really think Elissa is the one to be portrayed as the villain? I know that their is a conspiracy theory going around that your best friend is head of BB Production and is favoring you. However, not even your best friend could clean up this mess you made this week.

    Amanda, you also say everyone hate Elissa, Ok, and this is based on what? Your personal hatred of Elissa? Notice McCrae is saying nothing about your accusation that the whole house hate Elissa. McCrae realizes you two are in trouble. Its time for him to separate from you. The question is who can he work with and trust after your eviction this week. Judd is a no. Gina is a no. Andy is a maybe but after he votes out Amanda, you will have your doubts. Spencer doesn’t like you, but has been laying low ever since the MC went out of business. There was Queen Helen in her arrogance that told Spencer that she would allow him to get to the jury and that’s it. Helen then proceeded to evict her own minions and soon left thereafter. Spencer wanted to find a home and asked for an alliance with you and Amanda several times but got only noncommittal responses. Queen Amanda didn’t need Spencer and saw him as a pawn in her overall game. Queen Amanda in her arrogance holds a wedding proclaiming their showmance in BB. Queen Amanda dictates to Aaryn every HOH who to put up on the block. Queen Amanda tells everyone who they are allowed to talk to. McCrae condones Queen Amanda’s terrorizing of house guests who have the audacity to put them on the block. Opps! You now need Spencer and he remembers all the BS he had to eat from you two. Now McCrae needs him.

    Now McCrae has a cold chill up his back as he realizes that Queen Amanda reign is over. Who can McCrae trust going forward? He suddenly realizes he has no one once Amanda leaves.

    1. Amanda is underestimating GM! She’s called GM dumb in the past…but GM will get the last laugh as she puts one or both of the McNasty’s up on the block.

  63. I’m glad GM got HOH. If I didn’t want Mcnasty to be broken up and 1 go home I’d say put that lying weasel Andy up cause GM already whispered to Elissa/Judd/Andy shes putting up Amanda/Mccrae and dam Andy done snitched to Mccrae so he definitly needs to be put up if 1 of them get veto.

  64. TMZ just posted an an article titled Aaryn says “I’m not racist ,II’m Texan”. LOL. Let the blacklash begin!!

    1. Chessie_K – thanks for the info on the TMZ piece. They’ve put a link up to view Julie’s interview w/Aaryn . I watched it again and it’s clear that Aaryn didn’t see Julie’s questions coming! Also when Julie read back Aaryn’s comments, the audience’s reaction was not positive.

      1. I thought it was interesting that even celebrities wanted to be there to see Aaryn’s “coming to Jesus” moment with Julie. I clearly spotted Sara Gilbert and Matt Morrison in the audience. I think there were more sitting around them, but the audience scan was rather quick.

  65. Personally I would love to see Amanda and McCrae up. Amanda going home. Followed by Andy leaving next week. McCrae doesn’t deserve shit. Nick handed him his HOH win. He did not out right win it. Since then he has done NOTHING all summer. I’d like for Elissa and GM to take it all the way together. Knock out Amanda, Andy, Judd, McCrae, and finally Spencer. GM is foul mouthed and nasty sometimes and Elissa is stuck up but those are the only 2 I want in the end. Judd came back big deal. He did the same comp as the rest of them. He didn’t FIGHT to get back in. It was luck that the girls fell first.

  66. Lets all take a moment to take in how great Aaryn’s exit interview was. Julie even did the disappointed mom voice. I loved it. And I am sorry but being from Texas is NOT an excuse for being racist. It is not okay. Sometimes people may slip forget to be diplomatic and politically correct, but she was being mean. The comments were not in a joking manner at all. I have a very diverse group of friends and sometimes we joke around together and make fun of, without offending the other person. Its quite easy.

    1. Everyone is so ready to be so PC that no one is remembering that every time Aaryn said something it was when her side had lost a comp or was nominated. No excuse but how many of us do not ever say something out of anger. Amanda needed no reason that is just who she is but she got good edits because she isn’t Southern and didn’t fit the “profile” that BB wanted to promote their agenda.

    1. Very light cheers followed by some underlying booing. Felt like the audience were threatened not to boo her or something.

  67. Should out to Nick, YO!!! Gonna show these cock-a-roaches how we do it in Staten Island, YO!!! None of these MOFO’s have any balls, YO!! This if for you my bunny!!!!

  68. best case scenario was a GM win, in fact, it was really the only scenario I had any faith in, as Judd etc could easily do the wrong thing here. mcranda go up, one goes home, and elisa is HOH eligible next week, perfect.

  69. Your days are numbered now you dirty skankmanda–the only way you stay is if fatass grodner decides to save you with a PB

  70. This is the best scenario. I’m very happy too see another person become hoh that’s not scared of putting up Amanda an her whipped pup lol I can’t wait too see them evicted it will be very amusing! Amanda is a psychotic bully! You can’t trust her for a second you don’t know what mood she will be in next everything sets her off. Sheesh what an sad pathetic person! God forbid anybody pushes Amanda’s button lol that’s cracked me up when she said that an that people knows not to upset her or else hahaha what is she exempt from getting back what ya dish out! She can dish it but can’t take it that’s for sure. She thinks she calls the shots am everybody better obey I don’t know who she thinks she is but it’s about time they show her who’s boss in the big brother house an it ain’t her an her boy toy!! Goooo GM, Elissa an Judd!

  71. OMG! GM has done the deed and came through. So afraid the rat Andy was going to win. She is a street fighter and will not fall for McNasty’s bull—-! Now let the games begin. GM will not forget the kitchen drama when she screamed at her and E. Aaryn told GM not to trust the McNasty group and never believe anything Amanda promises. GM realized how Aaryn was dumped by the McNasty group and I don’t think she will blame E at all for putting her friend up – she knows E refused to put her up and knows the McNasty’s pressured her to do so.

  72. Can I just say I LOVED Aaryn’s exit interview with Julie Chen. You could see her anxiety level skyrocket as it progressed. Imagine what will be going through her head in Jury. WOW.

  73. Go team JulissaMarie !! Spencer Told Amanda and McCrae that Aaryn told him and Judd about 3am, and Andy is being rat bastard Andy with McCrae saying he’s sure one of McCranda will go up. GM was in the rainbow room and Amanda was down her throat about putting up Elissa and Judd and after she left GM look at the camera, gave the hand to mouth sshh symbol and said you’re going up Amanda! ha ha ha

  74. GM, please don’t give up your HOH room to the pigs like you did before. Enjoy the win and do the work others were afraid to do. Whatever you do, don’t trust Andy. He is still working for Mcranda.

  75. its so funny how everybody on this forum use to hate GM because of a foul mouth and her racist comments but now that she’s going to put up mccranda, everybody loves her! the level of hypocrisy on this board is just amazing!

    1. Oh please!

      They are just enjoying the game and direction it is taking. It’s a GAME on TV. It’s not personal. So I don’t think “love” has anything to do with it

      1. Pahaha!! Did you really just say its a game and not personal?? Umm have you read like 90% of the comments on here?? Oh Im sorry hun, but you are delusional if you think for one minute that this board isn’t TOTALLY personal!

  76. I would love to see Elissa and Amanda go in the double eviction just to really change everything up. What will everyone else do when there is no big target left to float around? I am so sick of everyone voting with the “house” every week this season. The only thing close to a surprise was Judd getting back doored and he came back in! lol

  77. Oh well, Amanda should have never came up with the plan to backdoor GM. GM has no one in her sights other than Amanda and McCrae. Because even though Elissa put up Aaryn, GM knows that the ultimate target was Amanda or McCrae. And the fact is was so easy for them to discard their own key alliance.. Nomination is going to be total madness. Amanda is going to go ballistic.

  78. Amanda & GM being yellers, if GM does what she says she’s going to do, I expect, it’s going to get mighty loud in there this week.

  79. Ok, I want to see Amanda and Elissa go in the double eviction. What will everyone else do when there is no big target left to float around? I am so sick of everyone voting with the “house” and no one doing what they actually want to do or what will help their own game. I think most of them forget they are even playing the game half the time! Please someone do something? The only thing close to a surprise was Judd getting back doored and he came back into the house again! lol

  80. I really hope Amanda doesn’t get to GM, GM isn’t as strong willed as Elissa, Amanda will easily manipulate her, and get under her skin until she cracks. I hope people will defend her if anything happens, its not easy for someone with low self esteem.

    1. Don.t remember who she was referring to, but I seem to recall Gina saying there would be two hits. One in the face and one when they hit the ground. That doesn’t sound timid to me.

      1. GinaMarie could be a loud mouth but she is like playdough she conforms to whatever situation you put her in, she becomes like the people she is around, she has no real backbone. Empty pots make the most noise. She has some issues, and Amanda will use her weakness.

  81. GM wil NOT put up Amanda and McCrae together. Andy is still playing both sides. When will they get it through their heads that this is what needs to be done? Putting those two against each other?

  82. i am glad gm won, but she should but up mccrea and elissa, then amanda will have to win the veto again. i do not think she is able to do it again. if she does then put gm will put up poor stupid spencer because she still hates him too.

    1. No way she risks the chance that neither of McCranda go home for the second straight week. This is the week they are broken up.

    2. Anyone else think McCrae cannot wait for Amanda to be evicted? I can’t stand listening to her for five minutes, imagine dating that thing.

  83. If I was McCrae I would WANT to go to Jury, Candice, Jessie, and Aaryn All Single? Can you say “Orgy In The Jury house”?

    Amanda is going to go hard to get herself evicted, if she really cares for McCrae.

  84. all i got to say thank you gm you lost my repect early in the game but now close to the end you got it back i knew elssia whould be good for you in anything i said to you im sorry truely sorry cause now i know you could have wrok with candice an elssia if aryan an amanda wasnt there you are a good person gm just try in think about other people fellings before you respond in on more thing say sorry to us for what you did to candice an say sorry to candice too do i think you should get your job back yes if you say sorry about everything the only people i want hire back is arayn amanda spencer reason spencer is because i dont want him driven a train drunk in you know why the other two

  85. Haha you know what they always say, “what goes around, comes around.” and Aaryn got a good taste of KARMA tonight, haha love it! GREAT JOB JULIE!

  86. If Amanda or McCrae get some stupid a** power that saves both of them this week. I will actually shoot myself in the face.

  87. Is this week about the time we get a peek into the jury house during the show or is it done later. Thanks for answering. (my stupid question mark not working on keyboard)

  88. Omg!!!! That was an awesome exit for aaryn. Did y’all see her heavy breathing n that clownis look on her face. She was about to deny it when Julie just went on n on about her deragotory statements. She was about to lose her shit right on stage. And the continuous heckler from the crowd was awesome. When the goodbye messages appeared she wasn’t paying attention – she was PANICKING… :0

    Further, I’m from Texas n I don’t know what part she’s from but the part I’m from we’re not racist n we don’t talk like that – not even the ones that are uneducated. Don’t make excuses take responsibility n Candice IS NOT your friend you made that very clear when she competed last week in your conversation w Amanda n GinaMarie.

    Still watching Mcranda n waiting for her exit. She’s pissed at Elissa for not arguing back w her – she made her look like fool – not just like a pig-bull. You’re next.

  89. Hopefully Elissa will win POV so McCranda’s nominations won’t change, or so that she can get someone off the block in case both Amanda and McCrae are not on the block and that forces GM to put someone else.
    Also I hope she wins HOH next week and they evict whoever is left of McCranda and Ratandy.

  90. Amanda isn’t being portrayed as anything she isn’t already. It’s easy to see that she IS a bully. Just like Aaryn is a racist, homophobic asshole that cannot for the life of her own up to her own actions. Who blames an entire state for their ignorant behavior? Oh, that’s right – AARYN. Grow up, and OWN UP or SHUT UP.

  91. Question about Aaryn’s interview: was anyone else creeped out at the audience literally laughing at her suffering? It’s bad enough that she was an emotional wreck dealing with being evicted and hearing the comments she made. Having the audience there took that interview from “honest discussion of Aaryn’s racism/ignorance” to “biased, over-the-top witch-hunt.”

    It’s gonna be really ironic when GinaMarie gets a loud round of applause and absolutely zero criticism from Julie because she sucked up to production’s pet, Elissa. Apparently that erases every bit of racism you’ve perpetuated during the season.


    What’s really sad is how he thinks he is actually a good player. Listen Andy, you haven’t done $hit, other than report to big bully Amanda. Go ahead, go with McCranda and see how (in GM’s words) they will “f@ck you in the ass” and then toss you out when you’re not needed.

  93. It’s such a shame that Demanda and McCrap didn’t get to wear the chicken suit.
    Imagine both of them being nominated in it!

  94. Only thing I didn’t like about Julie’s interview with Aaryn was, she didn’t light her up about the”Helen should be fixing us some rice and doing our nails” comment. That was the EPIC I was looking for.

  95. Was so glad they showed Amanda being a bully on the TV show. There are many who don’t understand why she’s disliked.

  96. i warned this would happen if elissa didnt put up both mccrandas-if she had done so one would be gone already. GM do not make the same mistake-PUT UP BOTH McCRANDAS. ps we’re not hearing much from barffaloBullshit about her Jewish Princess and her Sure Bets….Hmmmm I wonder why….hiding out in her trailer I guess.

  97. I loved Julie holding the racist bitch Aaryns feet to the fire, way to go Julie. I would love to be a fly on the wall when that racist bitch goes home and has to face her dad and grandpa……..the mom condones her racist devil spawns behavior, because instead of being mortified and appalled at her daughters behavior and letting her get herself out of the mess she created she hired a PR firm to clean up her racist daughters image……way to go mom…

  98. The Aaryn Aryan Eviction Interview…Priceless…Weak Applause, Boos, Sarcastic Laughter…Priceless

    GM has somewhat redeemed herself…Now its time her to show Mcranda her a$$ and the Door, NYC Style

    So happy, Pop goes the weasel punk a$$ bit<h did not win HOH.

    Now finish what Elissa Started and get that Piggish Onion Twat outta here!!!!!!!!

  99. Tiny hands wins a comp designed for tiny hands . . . hmmmm . . . this game is so rigged — if you watch the feeds you see that Elissa is just as much of a bully and witch as Amanda, but is portrayed as Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm — disgusting — I hope this is the last season as it has now jumped the shark.

  100. We can only hope that Amanda and McRae will go to the Jury house next week. However, that will create a major problem for Big Brother. They will now have two houses that will have to be fumigated , two sets of destroyed mattresses to be discarded, and ants and other vermin will be moving in with the nastiest, dirtiest couple I have ever seen.

  101. Dont worry guys. Amanda and GM had a conversation in the rainbow room and after Amanda left, Gina looked up at the camera,smiled and said ” She’s going up guys. “

  102. I had a feeling production wanted GM to win HOH and as soon as I heard what the game was about I knew they made it happen. The person with the smallest fingers and hand had a huge advantage in trying to get the egg out. That person was GM. Everything done on the show is pre orchestrated by production, Judd wins a contest to come back in the house because he’s the viewers favorite to come back, Elissa wins when she has to, Amanda wins when she has to, and now they are ready to get rid of psyco Amanda and guaranteed she will be out the door next week put up by GM.

  103. Couldn’t agree more with Can’t Believe You Can’t See This is Rigged. An HOH game tailor made for the smallest hands and fingers. It’s so obvious it’s not only embarasing for production it’s insulting to true BB fans.The show has become a sham. Pathetic!!

  104. GM a hypocrit of the first order. Putting Amanda down for not voting to keep Aaryn in the game when GM was supposed to be Aaryn’s best friend and didn’t vote for her either.All these people are total airheads.

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