Big Brother 15 Eviction And HOH Results Poopy Vs The Rat


Poopy Vs. The Rat

A real roller coaster game for Aaryn (Aka Poopy) she went from riches to rags to riches then finally landing in the rags again. For Amanda’s Game Aaryn had a very good reason to keep her but ultimately it came down to who does Amanda and McCrae think they can trust more, Andy or Aaryn. They will choose Andy. Either way I think Amanda and McCrae need to win the HOH or they will go up. The rat (AKA Andy) says he’s targeting Amanda/McCRae. Maybe he thinks if he takes one of them out it will be the big game move he needs to win the 500K or maybe he’ll continue playing his safe game by hiding in the shadows jumping in on conversations.

Amanda/McCrae have lost a lot of influence in the game this week they need comp wins to get it back. JUDD and Elissa would most likely be their targets.
GM is now on Elissa’s side if she wins HOH she will target Amanda/McCrae if not she will float to the power
Andy is a bit tougher to figure out. He might target Amanda/McCrae if he wins HOH and if not he’ll float to whatever side has the HOH
Spencer is another tough one I believe he will target Amanda/McCrae and float if he doesn’t
JUDD will target Amanda/McCrae

Regardless of who wins HOH this weekend is going to be a fun time on the feeds. Big Players will find themselves on the block fighting for their lives.. Maybe New Years Granny will come back!

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My Predictions
Aaryn goes home with all the votes against
HOH Everyone will be trying for HOH.. Maybe Amanda, McCrae and JUDD will be trying the hardest.

Actual results
JUDD votes to evict Aaryn
Spencer votes to evict Aaryn
Amanda votes to evict Aaryn
GM votes to evict Aaryn
McCrae votes to evict Aaryn
Evicted houseguest is Aaryn


HOH losers have to wear either a Bunny or a chicken suit for 48 hours..

Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here


7:42pm Storage room JUDD, Andy and GM

JUDD: “We gotta set some traps”
Andy “All three of them do things that Annoy me”

GM says it doens’t matter who win Veto.. points out that Amanda thinks Elissa is going up. Tells the guys they have to protect her a$$ next week

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223 thoughts on “Big Brother 15 Eviction And HOH Results Poopy Vs The Rat

      1. Aaryn has gotten the racist playbook down pat. Aaryn admits to no wrong doing and states that everyone took her comments the wrong way. Play #1: Tell the listeners that it was their fault and mistook my wit. Aaryn apologizes by saying, if you mistook anything I said I apologize. Play #2: Its a southern thing and you just don’t understand. Aaryn said she is from Texas and that’s just how we speak. LOL! Ah! I don’t live in Texas, but if that’s true what Aaryn is saying, then those Texans must be riot to hang out with. Play #3: Deny ever saying those comments. As Julie was reading Aaryn’s comments to her, Aaryn was denying initially that she ever said those things. Wow! Aaryn you do know that those comments are on tape?

        Why did her family hire a PR person? That was a waste of money. Aaryn has got the racist playbook down pat.

        1. What to some is a cheesy joke, to the more sensitive it is racist and hurtful. I happen to agree with Aaryn that a lot of stuff that was said in the house could have ended up in either category, depending on who is listening. Much of the stuff that Aaryn said could be thought of as ignorant, but looking at Aaryn as some kind of white supremacist is, frankly, idiotic.

          1. I just watched last night’s BB episode for a second time and am angry at Chen’s exit interview with Aaryn. Normally these interviews last 3 minutes but it seems like last night they took 10 min to portray Aaryn as an out of touch racist. Chen warns before the interview that bc Aaryn is on the jury she can’t give any feedback from the outside world but it was pretty apparent from the questioning and statements made by Chen just what the outside world is thinking (according to Chen). And to illustrate the point she reads off a few quotes and says that these statements are on the Internet forever. And she also has to comment that maybe when Aaryn gets home and watches the tapes she will have a new perspective on life going forward. WTF? I don’t agree with any of the statements that ANY HG made that were bigoted or bullying. Neverthess, I also don’t believe it is right to tell a person how they should play a game for a $500k prize. And I don’t believe in censorship. People should be free to say whatever they want but then deal with whatever consequences that follow. It is not Chen’s role to play God. And because of your public shaming of Aaryn she’ll probably now really be self conscious and vote for the politically correct person to win the game (Andy the gay guy or Elissa the snob) since everyone else whose left in the house has made similar comments. I know Chen is married to Moonves and is therefore untouchable but I am really appalled at how she acted last night. Aaryn is a 22 year old on a reality game show and got caught up with a group of like minded idiots. Chen is a professional who is supposed to be doing a job interviewing evicted HGs about their game play, NOT making judgments about their conduct. Once again CBS and production are trying to rig this game and steer the jury vote to Elissa. I hope Chen does her job and stays neutral when the other evicted HGs are interviewed but I have a feeling the politically correct community won’t allow for that. Shame on Chen and CBS. You should just cancel BB after this season if you are going to manipulate the players in what they can say or how they should think.

        2. That bitch is a damn lie. I have lived in Texas my entire life and it is a great place to live. People do not go around speaking like that. Maybe the people she hangs around with. But do not put that on the entire Great State of Texas.

          1. I am born and raised and still live in Houston,Tx which is the 4th largest city in America and very diverse. Most of the people here are very nice,kind and helpful to all races. We have a mayor that is lesbian, very large Nigerian and very large Asian and Gay community. For Aaryn to blame the whole state of Texas for her racism is very ignorant and unacceptable. She just needs to admit that her family is a bunch of Kluckers(KKK) and they only tolerate their kind

            1. She was also put on the spot for comments made over a month ago which the entire house has since moved past to the point that the were making jokes about it.

              1. Name the only dummies that moved passed it was the ones that it was not directed toward except for Andy who is rat. Let me call you out of your name and then go talk to someone else and move past it. dumb a!@

          2. Yup. I lived in TX for 10 years. It’s actually one of the most diverse state in the country, and there are people from all parts of life. This little bitch tried to blame it all on her being from TX. This bitch is just garbage. Her life is going to suck from here on out. How is she going to go back to college? During that first 4 weeks of BB, even the local paper in her college’s town wrote about her bad behavior. Her parents are probably hiding now. She not only screwed up her life, but now she exposed her family’s clan membership on national TV. Trust me, Texas is not the South East. There maybe some rednecks here and there, but Texas mentality isn’t that it’s part of the south. It’s mentality is that it’s separate and independent.

            So no job, no travel, no college, no showing her face in public. She wanted to be on TV. She got it. I predict a name change and a move to a different state in her future.

        3. Don’t blame it on TEXAS Aaryn or it being a Southern thing.

          I am a native born TEXAN….a very proud Native born TEXAN at that and a Southern Lady.

          Trust me…Aaryn does NOT represent TEXAS….so Don’t Mess with TEXAS!!!!!

        4. Let me assure you that Miss Thang does Not represent the typical Texan. I was literally screaming profanities at this sorry excuse of a human being. Most of the people that I know here would not have anything to do with this low life. This comes from growing up hearing crap like this. I’m still so MAD I can hardly type this. And then to blame everyone else because they misunderstood. Please. She sure was flying high when he was saying it. I am sorry that they cannot see what’s going on in the real world from the jury house. Hope she is shunned big time while in the jury house.

      2. Great. The biggest and most vile floater of the season wins tonight’s HOH. Her back ‘ailment’ was just an act. Watch everyone now run up and kiss her butthole all week. She should put up joker face for all the season-long insults. And for putting up and sending home her best friend. Please please do one good thing this season and put that fake dumb ass flake on the block this week with Andy or Judd.

        1. GM will not put up Elissa. She may be vile herself but she sees that she can go farther with the Exterminators + Elissa. She will put up Amanda and McNasty. She has NO deals with them and she knows that THEY are the reason Aaryn was evicted regardless of Elissa putting her up. They broke Aaryn’s trust and GM knows it (Elissa was smart in making everyone see the boundaries…)

          1. What are you talking about? Aaryn is gone because joker face out her on the block and targeted her after she realized she couldn’t get McCranda out. And I didn’t see GM, Aaryn’s supposed friend, campaigning with Elissa not to put her up. Quite the opposite, she talked shit on Aaryn all week. She didn’t even give Aaryn a sympathy vote. So don’t put her eviction on McCranda… the vote was unanimous. As for keeping Andy, they were aligned with him before Aaryn so they didnt have a choice. GM and Elissa are both assholes.

    1. Hi Simon!!! Thanks for all your good work. I don’t really like Ginamarie but she’s not Amanda, McCrae, or Andy, so go girl, GO! Andy’s little speech was ridiculous. I thought Julie Chen has been pi$$ed at Aaryn all this time but I didn’t think she was going to grill her in the exit interview. Good for her. You could see that Aaryn was completely blindsided by Julie! You could just see the regret creeping up onto her face. It will probably stay there for a good while. Anyway, now I won’t have to quiet watching because yucky Amanda won HOH or something unfortunate like that. Good job GM.

      1. That hideous creature has returned with her nasty hair extensions. Is it me or does it look like joker face put on 10 pounds? Her face looks so bloated. Even her 5 pounds of make-up, fake eye lashes, and hair extensions can’t cover that ugliness up.

    1. I knew the second Julie asked Amanda that question- even before Elissa gave her side- that Amanda would lose her mind over it. This is AWESOME! I liked when Amanda tried explaining with some BS and Julie was like “um ok whatever you say”.
      Amanda: it’s how I’m portrayed
      Here’s a hint dummy, the feeds are on 24 hours, it’s ALL you. The edits actually make you look ever so slightly not too horrible.

    2. I knew the second Julie asked Amanda that question- even before Elissa gave her side- that Amanda would lose her mind over it. This is AWESOME! I liked when Amanda tried explaining with some BS and Julie was like “um ok whatever you say”.
      Amanda: it’s how I’m portrayed
      Here’s a hint dummy, the feeds are on 24 hours, it’s ALL you. The edits actually make you look ever so slightly not too horrible.

    3. Camilo* Hate Amanda and McPussy BUT AMANDA SAID TO
      McP the reason she looks BAD is bc of —— E D I T I N G !
      Dear Dear Amanda YOU R IN 4 THE SHOCK OF YOUR LIFE!!
      Amanda Amanda U R gonna be eating a lot of CROW!! :-)

    1. Why evict MCnasty and not whoremanda?
      Amanda is a good manipulator! I loved how Dan trashed her. Lol
      She should go first. I just don’t trust Andy, yes he is with The “exterminator” but something
      Tells me he is a traitor.

      1. *name* Andy is so disgusting…BUT – he is pissed and ready to get out the “dirty duo”!!
        Amanda & McPussy BOTH GONE – WOULD BE AWESOME!
        GM deserves to win ALL the $$$!

    2. Why evict MCnasty and not whoremanda?
      Amanda is a good manipulator! I loved how Dan trashed her. Lol
      She should go first. I just don’t trust Andy, yes he is with The “exterminator” but something
      Tells me he is a traitor.

      1. donb* “DIRTY DUO” …… DOUBLE EVICT!! OMG! OMG!



  1. I’m sure Aaryn’s parents and the PR team are hoping she gets out of the house so she doesn’t say more racial slurs.

      1. Gee, I wonder why. Ironically I think Chen was being a bully last night by having Aaryn on the hot seat and blindsiding her while playing God. Disgusting tactic. Chen should stay neutral and leave the self-serving judgment to every person watching instead of trying to manipulate the viewing audience how they should feel. SMH.

    1. Dan’s say Amanda is the only person playing this game. Obviously he ignored the racism and bigotry charges and said Amanda is just being a villain. That sums it all up, we all just over reacted to these racial jokes.

      1. Stop using my screen name. I am the real Pinocchio Obama. As far as Elissa’s sister Rachel, did you see her wedding ring? That ring looked so ugly. Who picked out that ring? Yuck!

        1. Just like the administration you are lying about who you are. I am me an you are you. You poser, its past your bedtime.

      2. That’s not what he said. First off, he claimed that she was “one of the few people actually playing this game” insinuating that there were a couple others that were playing the game (most likely implying Elissa and maybe Judd?). Secondly, he said that the way she was acting in the house was probably the way she truly is outside the house calling her a “brat”. How did you take that and think that Dan was ignoring the racial slurs from Amanda? Dan actually dislikes Amanda and even in his interview he said the difference between him and Amanda was that he never personally attacked anyone in the house nor said any derogatory remarks.

          Being a player on BB does not excuse their rude crude
          back-stabbing bullying obnoxious behavior!!
          There are limits to which a person should be allowed to exhibit their negativity!!
          They would not last long in most environments !
          In the “REAL WORLD” people who disrespect others
          so viciously would be out on their ass!!

      1. Why should Chen grill her? Who died and left her judge, jury, and executioner? She is just the host and should remain neutral. I will make up my own mind about HGs. I don’t need someone telling me what to think.

        1. For sure, I also hated how the audience was cackling the entire time, I don’t get what kind of moral high ground these people think they’re on. You guys all need a reality check, some of the things said about Aaryn and Amanda are way worse than anything said in the house.

          1. Guess you must’ve forgot the lets slit Jessie’s throat and then rape her as she’ll be nice and loose because of her dead limp body…..

          1. I do and it was hilarious I love that skit. She’s not a comedian though so it’s not politically correct. What is politically correct is this great landing pad Amanda shaved above me to guide Mcrae into my sewer chute.

        2. CBS simply cannot ignore the situation so Julie did what was necessary. I am on western coast so I have to wait until 10pm pacific to watch. From what I have read in spoilers, Julie does a good job and Aaryn’s ignorance shines.

        3. Chen does not need to remain neutral. Hey she is Asian and needed to ask Aaryn about the rice remark which is personal to her. She had to represent all those wronged by Aaryn’s mouth

      2. I take it back. WOOHOOOOO i didnt think production would allow julie but am SOOOO GLAD she did. STELLER INTERVIEW!!! Haha aaryn, got a taste of karma.

    1. CBS and Chen couldn’t resist appeasing the politically correct community with the gotcha questions. So disappointing. Duck lips exit interview for Aaryn was so predictable. So much for being Aaryn’s friend this week. 2-faced fake.

      1. Surprised Elissa said what she said to Aaryn on the exit tape. That might have just cost her a jury vote from Aaryn down the line. Poor move.

    1. One night she was nibbling on J U Double Ds ho chi min trail (that’s the gooch area if you don’t know, or if you don’t know what that is it’s the area between the scrotum and anus) and he had been on slop for a week. Well he tried to sneak out a squeaker and well lets just say Aaryn got a ballon knot squirt squirt.

  2. OMG my local station is showing a vikings and titans preseason instead of big brother thats soooo fucking stupid like WHO THE HELL CARES about a bunch of loser football players

    1. They can do that? It’s showing BB on my tv, but they usually have the games be on 1st, then right after they show BB…

  3. I need to get out of here and violate another Mc-twenty! OMG! Where is my xanix–aderall–where is my medication OMG!!! Mc granny PIPI! were are my pets!wy aren’t you listening to me–I am AMANDA!!!

    1. I cannot be contained…. Whatever I come into contact with gets devoured….. Speaking of that I’m hungry where is my pizza boy sex toy….. MMMmMMMmmm I want my baby back baby back baby back Mcribs.

  4. It still boggles my mind why anyone in the house thinks Andy is the better option. Neither Aaryn or Andy is trustworthy, but at least Aaryn is strong in comps, which is what will keep you potentially off the block. If McCrae and Amanda vote her out (which they will) and then lose this HoH, they will regret this day. Bye bye powerhouse; bye bye jury vote.

    1. I don’t know very many normal people that would be able to forgive ANY of the personal attacks that happen in a game like this, holy cow! I am appalled that Amanda has the audacity to sit on National TV or anywhere else and place blame on someone else for her actions. It is true when your buttons are pushed you WILL react & sometImes it will not be in a positive way. However, to launch an assault and act the way Amanda did this week towards another houseguest/player is unacceptable. I have been a fan BB for years and have watched a variety of people play this game. I have been very disappointed in some of the players this season. Amanda is vile & disgusting. She is also racist and a hypocrite. Aaryn brought all of that on herself by acting the way she did earlier in the game, she tried to mend the fences a bit in the last few weeks, but clearly her reputation is in shambles right now. She will be dealing with the fall out from her actions for a long time. Amanda’s day is coming VERY soon! I’m not sure she’s prepared for her reintroduction by into the “real world”! It’s even more vicious out here & she will also be dealing with the backlash and will still be placing blame every where except where it belongs ( all on her). I don’t care who pushes your buttons or how bad.. That’s on them, it’s up to you to have enough self respect and control not to let them drag you down to their level. You and YOU alone are responsible for your actions. You can choose like your mom told you when you were little ( mine did) to walk away! Amanda chose to verbally assault a houseguest playing the exact same game she signed up to play. These other people have EVERy right to play their own game. They don’t owe her crap , and I hope CBS doesn’t reward her with a check for 500k. I hate when evil prevails! Amanda accept responsibility for your actions and accept defeat. Bye, bye, bye!

      1. Blow it out your ass, Name. If that’s really your name. This is a game. Don’t put your expectations on somebody else and tell them they have to behave accordingly. I seriously doubt you would let anybody control you the way you want to control the HGs.

        1. And how about saving the book for people who want to actually read a book. Nobody is going to read your tome.

      2. *name* Amanda on BBAD AND HER HARRASSMENT

  5. Is it not against the rules to threaten violence towards another player? Amanda has threaten to hit Alyssa……if it isn’t against the rules,,WELL IT SHOULD BE.

    YOUR FAMILY MUST BE SO PROUD OF YOU AMANDA, bullying is not a pretty trait to have….

  6. A bunny or a chicken costume for whoever gets last place on HOH competition? I was expecting something exciting today, not something dumb.

  7. If Amanda makes it to the final 2, does CBS know how many viewers they will lose? If somehow Grodner is trying to rig this show for Amanda, I think she might rethink that and realize her job is more important than Nympho Skankanda. Thumbs up if you would not watch this show anymore if they allowed that trash to make the finally.

    1. More like if Amanda doesn’t make it to final two does CBS realize how many viewers they are going to lose? I will stop watching the night Amanda is evicted. I’m sooooooo tired of floaters making it to the end every season. People bitch about how floaters need to be thrown out so that the real players can duke it out but this season it’s the opposite. People want those who have played the game (Amanda and Aaryn) out and the floaters to make it to the end. I mean, really? Stuck-up Elissa? Racist and psycho GM? Shady Judd? Rat Andy? McCrae? NONE of those floating assholes have done shit all season and don’t deserve a penny let alone the $500k. By getting Aaryn out and probably now targeting Amanda these rejects have effectively ended the season for me and I will watch no longer watch if Amanda goes before final 2.

      1. To so tired of floaters ……….. Bye! Bye! Zuckerman Family

        Dont let the door hit ya!

        Where the good Lord split ya!

        STFU!! Amanda your blowjob Jewish reject of a daughter

        must make you want to leave Florida and go into the

        Witness Protection Program!! :-)

  8. I LOVE that Dan just said Amanda was one of the few people playing the game, but is playing like a brat. Too true!!!! I hope she watches this back and cries. Again.

      1. That’s because Dan IS a dufus. I didn’t like him the first season he was on and liked him even less the second time. Playing the Christian “aw shucks” guy when he was really a manipulative evil lying backstabbing conniving douche bag. Shame on CBS for giving this jerk any air time. And besides, who really gives a rat’s ass what this dufus thinks?

  9. Really Julie. Is that the most lame twist you could ever come up with. I mean we are getting down to the most important parts of the competition and all you can come up with is a bunny or clown suit for 48 hours. Give me a big giant break. Geeeez.

  10. #BBChicken or #BBBunny …

    If Amanda is at the bottom, which I have a hunch that she will be, Chicken suit would fit her best.

    GM would make Bunny the baddest bunny ever on TV.

    Decisions, Decisions.

  11. Damn!!! Dan is on tonight’s episode. Julie asked Dan about Amanda’s game. He said that she is one of the few people playing the game this season. However, Dan put it out there that Amanda attacks people because of their race and religion. Dan is Team Judd. Also got Brendon & Rachel, Dani & Dom and Jeff & Jordan talking about their showmances. Jordan said that Amanda is the one wearing the pants in the McAmanda relationship.

  12. Haven’t we already seen the chicken and bunny suits before?

    I say…

    #TurtleSuit (from the last HOH comp!)



  13. I’m glad that Julie brought up the Amanda/Elissa issue to Amanda and Elissa, but Amanda managed to say she apologized AND threaten at the same time. She will never learn.

  14. Did Dan just call out Amanda on National TV. He did not pull any punches. Oh boy Amanda you are going to be in some hot water coming out of that house.

  15. What Julie Chen meant to say was, “The house has voted together all season long, let’s see how McCrae votes.”

  16. Spencer – “Julie, thanks for asking me a question, it has only been 10 weeks”

    Spencer is a punk but that is one of my favorite BB lines ever. Good job Spencer…

    1. Because GM is a rat with serious MH issues and doesn’t have any integrity. She is the biggest piece of crap in the house. Cannot believe she has managed to fly under the stinkdar this long.

  17. Well amanda was asked about her tirade. She ended her “speech” with a “warning” essentially. It means that the other HGs now know better than to push her buttons.

    Amanda in all her bullying glory. For all the world to see.

    1. Melanie, maybe when Amanda gets evicted, Julie can say “looks like YOU pushed THEIR buttons and got voted out, Amanda”

  18. Well, they voted out Aaryn 5-0. I think Gina Marie should have voted to evict Andy. Elissa didn’t vote to evict Helen, and that was the correct thing to do. It’s just one vote and it doesn’t matter, but you show your loyalty. I felt bad for GM because she feels the whole house has to vote the same way.
    I hope Elissa wins the game.

  19. To the posters talking about Aaryn and Judd not knowing what the Emancipation Proclamation was. Sounds like Andy didn’t either since he quoted the Gettysburg Address. A college professor???? I think not.

  20. Ha, Jules called Amanda out – she looks uncomfortable as hell. Regardless of what happen’s with HOH, Amanda is gonna be whining like a baby about that later. If Judd wins HOH, she just may become suicidal. Come on Judd!! I’d take GM or Spencer also.

  21. wow, people in the backround laughing at aaryn… lol the hypocrisy is not only inside the bb house apparently.

  22. OH.MY.GOD. Aaryn looks like she’s trying not to melt into the chair. Her eyelashes are falling off. Every time the audience laughs at her, her shoulders hunch more. If she wasn’t such a horrible person, I’d almost feel bad that she’s this ignorant about her behavior. Thank you Julie, for busting out some of the best Aaryn quotes! I can’t believe Aaryn is seriously trying to blame context and Texas humor. Woooooow!

  23. Julie was seething during that interview with Aaryn. She really wanted to say more but as she stated, Aaryn is a member of the jury so she can divulge any outside news to Aaryn.

    Love the audiience laughing at Aaryn vey poor attempt to deny what she said and meant. This is one delusinal racist chick.

  24. Julie got that racist. She wasn’t playing. She wasn’t warm and inviting at all. Go Julie!!! Aaryn about to cry

  25. Finally Aaryn got it !!! Thank you audience for laughing at her and not clapping. She felt that. She felt her dream of being somebodies spokes model or actor wash away. When she gets out of the jury house she going to have to move to Australia.

    1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Poopy is booed and confronted. I love how Julie reads her what she has said. And her argument, that everything is taken out of context is funny considering it is all on the live feeds. Then her follow up argument, “people from texas just joke” wow. the more she talks the more she digs deeper. Bye Aaryn!!, I hope Mccrea ends up in the chicken suit, Amanda in the bunny suit and both of them on the block.

  27. Wow!!! Aaryn was caught completely off guard by the audience reaction and then when Julie read Aaryn some of the comments that she made in the house classic. The audience booing her response that she’s good friends with Candice and that she loves Helen. Nobody is buying the b.s. That one interview almost made up for this entire season

    1. I wonder if as she left the stage (not shown to us) if Aaryn continued to get booed. She must have heard the boos as she walked in, and there wasn’t much applause. She was actually thinking she would be Americas’ Fav Player, and even said that BB might ask her to take over for Jeff if he moves on…I think she was in shock after the interview. Can you imagine! I’ll bet she cries herself to sleep tonight.

      Isn’t she going to be interviewed tomorrow morning on a talk show? I wonder what comments or questions await her…

  28. Aaryn said that in Texas people say things that are JOKES, but someone might think was racist. Excuse me, I am from Texas and people are very sensitive about what they say, if they aren’t RACIST! Jokes are jokes and racism and racism. I know the difference.

  29. Double eviction next Thursday!!! Either Amanda or McCrae (hopefully both) is for sure 100 percent leaving next week.

  30. What a cop-out. As a Texan, I absolutely despise people like Aaryan, who use being a southener and a Texan, as an excuse for their own ignorance and prejudice. This is not 1865 and Texas and the south both have many modern, cosmopolitan, multicultural cities. And by God, the kkk does NOT think for all of us
    No, it absolutely is NOT the way anyone should talk or think! And if they have the balls to say or think it, they should have the balls to own it. And not try to blame it on where they live. She is an adult and should at this point act like one.

  31. Ms. Aaryn,

    After becoming aware of your disparaging remarks about the people of Texas, we no longer believe it is appropriate for you to reside within its borders. As such, we are requesting you refrain from returning to the Lone Star State.

    After all, our state derives it’s name from the Caddo word for “friendship” – something you should know as from having taken multiple years of Texas History as an elementary student. We feel that you no longer help us live up to our motto of “The Friendship State.”

    Texas (yes, all of us)

    1. No. She just knows she got caught. She is only thinking about how others are viewing her. She doesn’t care about others. Aaryn plays the victim all the time. She only cares about herself. She even says that in her houseguest bio on the big brother website.

      1. Aaryn was making nasty comments again just last night with Amanda, about Asians. She’s perfectly aware of what she’s saying.

    2. For those that feel sorry for Aaryn. People seem to forget how Candice and Howard were upset after the mattress situation. Julie only asked questions. Nothing harsh. She did not change her tone of voice, she was not accusatory, she simply asked questions and quoted Aaryn. Nothing compared to what Candice and Howard went through.

    1. I hope GM does the rt thing and destroys McRae and Amanda. Go had Amanda scream yr nonsense at GM she’ll knock yr fat pitted ass out……hahahaha

  32. it was uncomfortable watching aaryn’s interview with julie, julie didnt cut her no slack, amanda will soon feel the pain

    1. It seems to me like Julie Chen likes Amanda and will not be hard on her at her exit interview if she gets evicted. Production edits to make it the Amanda show and it seems like Julie also loves to make it the Amanda show, asking her questions almost every Thursday night…

    2. Aaryn doesn’t deserve any slack. She not only offended Candice she also when making comment about Helen, in turn offended Julie… I hope she doesn’t hold back on any of theses idiots…. Where in the hell do they finds these morons…..I would love to be on big brother. But I’m a Montana Girl and I wouldn’t put up with any trash talking. I would have to slap a bitch…

  33. Perfect ending to a perfect Thursday!!

    Julie rips Aaryn a new one
    Amanda awkwardly called out by Elissa/Julie for taking things to a personal level
    GM wins HOH!!!

    Amanda or Mccrae are 100% guaranteed to go home! Time to break up the most grotesque couple in reality television history. (on an appearance level and a personality level)

    Now lets have Elissa and GM both win HOH next Thursday for Double Eviction!!

  34. Just wanna say….wouldn’t it be funny if……McCrea is done. …. Amanda and elissa just roll and roll and you get those 2 in finals and the rest are just sucking their dicks.!!! Ho ho hooooooo maaaaaaaan!!!!!

  35. Aaryn’s gone now it is time for Amanda, GM, and Spencer to get it too, but I think only Amanda and GM will get the tongue lashing they deserve from Julie.
    Amanda in many ways says worse stuff things then Aaryn. But, at least, Amanda always said, “Im joking” or “I’m kidding” after all the vile, obscene, and racist things she said. Aaryn didn’t and that is why Aaryn has always got the brunt of it. You could just see the hate in Aaryn’s eyes. I felt like all the nasty things she said came from a cruel place. Amanda too, don’t get me wrong, but Amanda was smarter about it.

  36. I felt sorry for her but it’s not because she actually was repentant for what she said, because she still denied saying it so clearly she wasn’t, but because I can’t help but feel sympathy for even the worst of people when they’re that close to tears and have to hold it back. I don’t want to feel sorry for that deplorable person but Amanda is so much worse

  37. Any Vegas odds on how long it will take for Amanda to completely melt down once she realizes that McCranda are the targets???

    1. To debra s * IF you caught BBAD – Aaryn is gone BUT Amanda

      1. I have been a faithful fans for years, but this year is really making me rethink watching next season . If they have people like Amanda , Aaryn, or the fucking rat boy scuz-ball Andy, I will not be watching anymore. Life is to short and there so many choices. It’s not worth watching gross bottom of the barrel scum….

    2. I’m telling you all rt now , it’s only a matter of days until Amanda implodes on herself. She can’t even get McNasties attention….. Call the physc ward she’ll be ready to go in 2days….. Keep on playing like she doesn’t exsist Ellisa… And hopefully rat boy follows her and Walmart boy out the door……lol

  38. Aaryn: I’m good friends with Candice…lolol that chick is delusional! I’m glad she got booed! I hope they show us when she gets into the Jury House. Now that will be interesting!

  39. I have lived in Texas all of my life. We are a very friendly state and I take great offense to being likened to Aaryn. We are not a racist state. Being a racist is something that is learned from your home life and family. Grow up and accept responsibility!

  40. Tonight was great!!!! Dan said Amanda is playing a good game but she is cruel and hurtful which he didn’t do. I am so glad GM won. i just hope she sticksto her word and puts up the pigs Mcranda. I loved Julie tonight. She put it out there and Aryan tried to say everyone in Texas makes jokes about other races. What???? I think Aryan finally figured out she could not win with Julie and wanted to crawl away. She got what she deserved and I hope she gets more when she gets back to the real world. Can’t wait to find out what happens when she gets to jury with Candace.

    1. Omg the fucking rat (Andy) up to his going back and forth telling Amanda one thing and Ellisa . GM needs to get Mcranda then the rat boy and Spencer. Now Amanda says she’s the victim …. On what planet…. I hope Julie gives it to Amanda and the studio audiaunce books and slams hurt

  41. Omg I am SO HAPPY GM won HoH!! I love how she, Andy, Judd, Spencer, and Elissa are all so happy and giddy. While Amanda sweats it out and talks a mile a minute. Hahaha!!!!

  42. GM takes it!!!!!! Maybe this will be the week where we see the power couple crumble! One can only hope. The show has been so monotonous otherwise.

  43. i cant wait to see BBAD to see Amanda and MC CRUMBLE. i hope gm and judd go all the way. i dont think ellissa really cares about winning this year. shes done what she needed to do. she doesnt need the money like the others. i dont want spencer going to much farther. i loved julies interview. I felt sorry for aryan SHE did look like a deer.

  44. aaryn’s out!!! i can finally get back to my life now… right… right…. right… wait i just remembered as I was typing that dude aMANda is still there. uh so is general masochist. no such luck on that life I was hoping for.

  45. Whoever is posting as “Amanda’s Vagina” and “Amanda’s Yeast Infection,” you are hysterical! I’m cracking up over here! Lmao!!!!!

  46. I have never appreciated Julie Chen as much as I do at this moment! I know some people feel bad for Aaryn being put on the spot, but I don’t. AT ALL. The reason that Julie put her on the spot is to show Aaryn, in that very moment, how her words affect other people. When Julie quoted the remark about Helen, “Shut up and go make some rice,” Aaryn got to see how her words could personally offend Julie. Her entire life, Aaryn has said whatever she wants in front of her friends and other like minded people and so she never saw negative consequences from her remarks. If people continue to let it slide, she will keep getting away with it and blaming other people for being overly sensitive or flat out denying it. Julie did not allow Aaryn to get away with any of it.

    This is the best thing Julie could have ever done for Aaryn. She will now enter the jury house and have a few weeks to seriously think about the implications of her behavior and prepare herself for the outside world. She will know that her family watched the show and heard those quotes. She will know that she will have to answer for them after the finale. It is a gift that Julie gave to Aaryn so that Aaryn can have a few weeks of privacy to compose herself and accept responsibility and seriously think about changing her attitude. If Julie did not grill Aaryn and bring to light all these comments, Aaryn would have emerged from the finale shocked and blindsided by what is waiting for her outside. She would be scrambling and the entire world would be watching and wanting to witness it. This way, Aaryn has a chance to flip out in private and then brace herself for what’s coming.

  47. Vote thumbs up if GM will put up the power couple or vote thumbs down if she will put up only one of the power couple and Elissa?

    1. for her game, she has to put up the power couple. she might actually have a shot at getting to the end and winning the money if she takes mcpussy or onion vagina out, and gaining respect in this game. I also think GM is going to appreciate how good elissa was to her this week.

  48. I want to feel bad for Aaryn. I really do. But she deserves what she is getting. The girl has basically DESTROYED her life. However, in the end it is her fault. She should have known better than to spew her stupid racism on national TV. I just can’t wait for karma to hit the other houseguests when they get out of the Big Brother House.

    1. While in the BB house, Aaryn used to say how stars get away with anything because their fans are always so forgiving. She thought of herself as an invincible star who has many adoring fans that will forgive her and follow her to fame. She was so blindsided by the turn of events

  49. (Dedication)
    Even tho’ they all thought you wasn’t too cool
    fer standin’ up fer the Aryan Nation
    Mommy, I know you wasn’t no fool
    fer getting blood on yer hands that wasn’t caucasian
    Well it’s over now Aaryn, you know you my girl
    so don’t make me cry by sayin’ goodbye
    Just say sayonara ’til we meet once again
    in that big HOH nail salon & fried rice palace in the sky

    (Shout Out)
    Gimme a G, for Gina Marie!

    She went away on eviction day
    Said she’s going to the jury house in L.A.
    But she never got there
    She never got there
    She never got there, they say-ay
    She went away on eviction day
    Said she’s going to the jury house in L.A.
    But she never got there
    She never got there
    She never got there, they say-ay

    The KKK took my Barbie away
    They took her away
    Away from me
    The KKK took my Barbie away
    They took her away
    Away from me


    Now I don’t know
    Where my Barbie can be
    They took her from me
    They took her from BB
    I don’t know
    Where my Barbie can be
    They took her from me
    They took her from BB

    Ring me, ring me, ring me
    Up the Boogie Man
    And find out if
    My Barbie was canned
    Ring me, ring me, ring me
    Up the Chill Town
    And find out if
    My Barbie’s a clown
    Yeah, yeah, yeah

    Oh Oh Like Candyland
    Oh Oh Like Candyland

    She went away on eviction day
    Said she’s going to the jury house in L.A.
    But she never got there
    She never got there
    She never got there, they say-ay
    She went away on eviction day
    Said she’s going to the jury house in L.A.
    But she never got there
    She never got there
    She never got there, they say-ay

    The KKK took my Barbie away
    They took her away
    Away from me
    The KKK took my Barbie away
    They took my girl
    They took my Barbie away-ay

    (Staten Island Publishing)

  50. While Amanda told Julie that she and Elissa have smoothed things over, got past it – whatever she said – she wastes no time after the on-air show to start to really bash Elissa again and make threats on her life! Even her last sentence to Julie was that the houseguests should know not to push her buttons – who does she think she is???

    I can’t wait for Amanda to get voted out! She will then go to the Jury House and make everyone miserable over there.

    1. I really don’t think Amanda will make them miserable at the jury house. At that point they are not really playing the game and they don’t care. She will not have any victims there. She might then become a victim because the sheep are deaf to her shenanigans

  51. I am so sick of this racist crap. I do not agree with Aayon, Amanda, Spencer or any of the other idiots in this house. But oh my God! I am a poor white girl, born and raised in projects in the Pittsburgh area. I live with both black and white residents. Some people are just so into thinking they are self-entitled, either due to their skin color or due to their circumstances. Is there a white Miss USA? No. Is there an organization equivalent to the NAACP that helps whites? No. Is there a TV station such as BET dedicated to whites? No. Is there any sort of affirmative action for whites? No. It’s just total BS. Blacks are no longer the minority. Whites are. Read the statistics. But if you can’t read, just watch TV commercials. More black actors/actresses than whites. So STFU. I’m sure this won’t get published but I am right.

  52. mcyeasty said that the most important chess piece is the Queen… I believe the most important is the King and all other pieces main job is to protect the King. just goes to Show that he is officially p***ywhipped!

  53. Omfg, why is amnasty so obsessed with Elissa. She is watching her like a hawk and is sheathing with hate! Please get rid of that piece of shit! Christ, she just can’t help herself

  54. Aaryn’s comments trying to defend the racist ugly things that she said during her stay in the BB House was just pitiful

    I am from TEXAS and no we do not all think & say those horrible things that she said and that are her belief system.

    Don’t blame all that on TEXAS Aaryn…..blame yourself & your value system and what you were taught growing up….not TEXAS!!!

    TEXANS will shun you just like we did the Dixie Chicks….so Don’t Mess with TEXAS!!!!!

  55. Just please let GM burn thru theses sleize bags… O’ and one tea-bag,,,,ya u know who I’m talk about ginger snap … talk big shit now Spencer. It’s about time u won something instead of sitting on ya lazy fat ass…if u dont put McNasty and ginger rat boy up yr a fool….. Either way no one will give anyone but GM America’s vote..

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