McCrae says I wanted to tell Elissa – We f***ed in your bed. Amanda says I would love for you to c** in her bed.

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used POV Ceremony Sep 1st
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Sept 5th
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, Jessiem, Helen, Aaryn
Have Nots


12:35am Out on the backyard couch – Amanda, Judd and Spencer are talking. Amanda comments that while up in the HOH room Elissa asked GInamarie if she would help her put sheets on a bed because she didn’t know how. Spencer and Amanda laugh. Amanda says that Ginamarie sees it though she’s not stupid. Amanda says god if we were not in this house what I would do to that girl! You’ve no f**king IDEA! Judd asks so Aaryn said she would like me outside the house? Amanda says yeah. Spencer says yeah I heard her say that too, she wants Jessie to try and steal David at finale so she can f**k you. Judd asks so she can f**k me? Spencer says I don’t think she said that but I think it will head there. You play your cards right brother because you’re going to get drunk and she’s going to get drunk and there’s going to be hotels! F**k yeah! Judd says it will be weird though because we will be with our families. Amanda says she (Elissa) followed her (Gina) around like a puppy, like a little bit*h. Amanda says if I got handcuffed I would handcuff myself to Elissa and I would smoke right in her face. Amanda leaves to go follow her around. Judd comments I don’t even think we need to campaign. Spencer says well Ginamaire is loyal to us now that poopy is gone that’s for damn sure. Spencer asks Judd if nominations stay the same who do you want out? Judd says McCrae because he is better at comps and if he got to final 2 he would probably win over her. Spencer asks you think? Spencer say see I don’t think anyone can beat Amanda in the final 2. Judd says if Elissa had just put both of them up we could have had one of them out. Spencer and Judd agree it is their Exterminators alliance (Judd, Spencer, Andy, Gina) all the way. Spencer and Judd complain about Amanda and McCrae wanting them to pledge their allegiance to them all the time.

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: FREE 2 DAY TRIAL

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1am Up in the HOH room – Gina, McCrae and Elissa are hanging out. Amanda joins them. Amanda asks McCrae how the Britney Spears CD is. McCrae says it’s really good, it reminds me of the old days. They head down stairs. Out in the backyard – Amanda, Judd, McCrae, Spencer and Andy are talking. Amanda is upset and crying. They tell to not even try tonight to get along. Spencer says it’s just a character flaw that you’re dealing with. Amanda says it’s like constant stress. I feel like I am 13 again. I have never dealt with an adult like that before. Yeah I dressed up as an old lady and bugged her but I apologized. I have never met a more infuriating person in my life. I can’t even sit and have a normal conversation without her trying to antagonize me. I can’t even say anything. McCrae tells her to let it go, don’t let it bother you. Amanda says and I look like the bad guy! Amanda says to have her sit up there and this entire time she has been taunting a 22 year old, Aaryn and she is going to sit up there and say I miss Aaryn so much! Like what this entire time you have been talking sh*t about her. She tortured that girl the entire time she was here. I just don’t like walking around the house and her talking sh*t about me!! Amanda is crying. She says we apologized and I was over it. Spencer, Judd and McCrae tell her not to worry about. Amanda says it’s stressful. Spencer says we know what type of person you are trying to deal with. Gina joins them. Amanda tells Gina that Elissa is trying to torture and antagonize me. I am over it, it’s like we are in high school all over again. Her sitting up in your room, how f**king dare her. Amanda reminds Gina how before Elissa didn’t even want you to sit next to you and now she wants to sleep in your bed (Nick’s bed in the rainbow room).

1:30am – 1:55am Up in the HOH room – Gina and Judd talk. Gina says that Amanda always tries to play the victim. You want an Oscar, go to a f**king movie! I ain’t giving you an Oscar! I don’t feel bad for her! She did it to herself like she has been antagonizing, I know Ellissa has her parts too but Amanda has always been doing this and she will be doing it to the end and I don’t feel bad about it. That f**king grandmother this was ridiculous. Judd tells her that they keep using Aaryn to pull on your heartstrings. Judd says they’re trying to use Aaryn against me, trying to say that she liked me. Judd says it’s no ones business but ours. Gina says I am putting them both up (Amanda and McCrae). Gina says I will lie to Amanda and McCrae until the nominations and tell them I am putting Elissa up and then tell them after I changed my mind. If we don’t break them up now it will be win win for both of them. As long as you guys will protect me next week. Judd tells her we all have your back. Judd says he want McCrae out this week. Gina says that’s what I was thinking too. Gina says then if Amanda stays she will go after Elissa. Judd says if you get house guest choice for the veto you should pick Andy or I. Gina says this is a big move and I just need backup from you guys. Andy and Spencer join them. Andy says he needs to keep being chummy with Amanda and McCrae to not tip them off. They talk about what the different POV competitions it could be. They think it will be the reward/luxury competition. Spencer heads down stairs. They all head down stairs. Spencer heads to bed.

CBS Interactive Inc.

2:25am Amanda, McCrae, Andy, and Gina are in the backyard. Gina kills a huge cock roach in the corner of the yard. That’s proof there are real cock roaches in the house. Amanda asks Gina what do you think about this, a final four? Gina says whatever’s clever, I am good with it. Amanda asks you want to do it? Gina says I just didn’t think about it, like who I would put up next to Elissa. Amanda asks who it’s between. Gina says I am not sure we will just have to wait until tomorrow to see. Andy says at this point it doesn’t even matter. Andy says yeah. McCrae says but me and Amanda will always be going up before you guys next week, we are huge targets. Gina says we do nominations tomorrow and we will see. Amanda asks do you think Judd would take Elissa off the block if he won. Andy says no. Amanda says well that’s easy then. They talk about Elissa. Gina plays it up and says that it’s weird that Elissa is up her (Gina) a$$. Amanda says you know we got you, you got us. Amanda says if we, us four just keep it under wraps we are good. McCrae says we are all so f**king strong too. Amanda says and we (Amanda/McCrae) are the targets. McCrae says I will probably talk to you tomorrow. Amanda says Elissa will be up you’re a$$, just don’t listen to her. Gina says no I don’t. Gina talks about Elissa following her around. Gina heads inside. Amanda and McCrae talk about how at least Gina knows it that Elissa is up her a$$. McCrae says I will just go up there tomorrow and go over the points again with Gina. Amanda says just tell her what she needs to hear about how we’ve got her. They talk about how they think it will be the how bad do you want it veto. McCrae says I will take every damn punishment in the history book. Amanda says if it is me and Spencer up on the block and Judd and Elissa, they will both vote me out so it will be two to two and Gina will break the tie. Amanda says we will tell Gina that if she does that then she would have two targets instead of just one. Amanda asks McCrae if he is nervous. McCrae says yeah. Amanda says I really don’t think she will put me up. Amanda says that Gina smiled and liked our final four deal, she smiled about it but wasn’t 100% down with it. McCrae says I think I can sway her if I get to talk to her alone. Amanda says you have to go slow though because she gets confused. McCrae says as long as week don’t go up, I don’t give a f**K. Amanda says I really hope she puts up Judd.


2:50am – 3am Andy talks to Amanda in the bathroom. Andy says he kept pushing for Judd to go up but that she kept saying she would think about it. Andy says she told me I was good, but that’s not good enough, you know. Amanda asks do you think she will put me up? Andy says I don’t know, I genuinely have no idea who she will put up next to Elissa. Amanda says hopefully Spencer. Andy says she never said no about Judd either. Amanda tells Andy to tell Gina about how Judd has promised everyone safety if they don’t put him up this week. Andy says long story short even if one of you guys do go up, Elissa cant win the veto. But I honestly don’t think she will put up either of you. Andy says he has tried to talk to her. Amanda says it’s going to get harder and harder but we’ve done it for 8 weeks. Andy heads to bet. Amanda says it’s okay we will figure it out as long as Elissa goes up on the block. Amanda and McCrae head to bed.


CBS Interactive Inc.

3:20am – 3:55am Amanda says that the house will be so much better without Elissa here next week. She doesn’t deserve to be here. McCrae agrees. McCrae says Oh my god, so much better! McCrae says and I wouldn’t say that about anyone because everyone deserves to be here but nepotism isn’t a good reason. Amanda asks what that means and McCrae explains it to her. Amanda says well at least she (Elissa) is going up on the block. Amanda says even if I’m on the block with Spencer and Gina will break the tie, and she will send Spencer home. Gina says that she doesn’t want to piss off you or Andy. Amanda says that Gina has made no big game moves, she is just going with the flow, she hasn’t made any big moves. Amanda says that she wonders if Andy will vote her out over Spencer to break up the couple. McCrae says I don’t know. He has been distant lately. McCrae says what a c**t. What a stuck up c**t. Amanda says that Elissa thinks she’s god, she literally thinks she can do no wrong. That’s what happens when you are spoiled, she is so delusional. McCrae says she is so f**king delusional. Amanda says I don’t even want her jury vote. McCrae says my goodbye message to her would be this (McCrae holds up his middle finger). Amanda and McCrae talk about how if Amanda has a bad reputatioin it is because of the editing. McCrae says I was here I know what happened. McCrae says he will laugh and be so happy when Elissa goes. He says this will be the best eviction ever! McCrae bring up how Julie Chen commented on how messy the house was. He says that Elissa said up in the HOH room that she didn’t even talk about the worst of it with all the condom wrappers. I just wanted to be like we f**ked and came all over your bed. We thought it would hurt your skin and you would have a breakout but you didn’t. Amanda says I would love for you to c*m in her bed. Amanda says that Elissa is the most evil person in this house, she picked on a 22 year old this whole game, just picked on her.. McCrae says just play the victim and cry about it. Amanda says see I am feed lines. McCrae tells her not to talk about that. Big Brother cuts the feeds. Amanda and McCrae talk about needing this veto to ensure Elissa leaves. McCrae and Amand head to bed.



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lord knows I have disliked houseguets in the past but with Amanda it is HATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bitchy butchy bully. GO HOME now!!

House Ghost

It’s too bad that McRae who came into the game as a quirky, likeable guy, and a huge BB fan has had his game perverted by Amanda, he has become as vile and hateful as she is.

Amanda's Yeast Infection

At night those two freaks compare who has the bigger penis and vagina.


I hope Amanda’s interview with Julie is at least a thousand times more grilling and awkard than Aaryn’s – and audience, PLEASE MORE BOO’s!


I will be watching the 6pm Diamond Power Of Veto competition in which Amanda will win in my Vegas hotel today. I wish I could place a bet for Captain and What About Bob. Love you CBS. You think just like I do. It’s all about the Benjamins. Love you all.


By the way, YouTube or Facebook your evidence!!!!!!!!!!


@ BuffaloBill, your a liar. You don’t have a evidence!!! Just post the Facebook.


@BuffaloBill, Shut up!!!!! No one cares about your Vegas bet crap!!!!! Elissa will win DPOV so the nomination will stay the same!!!


Yes Sin City, in my Limo now headed to my Suite at The Wynn. Then have to place some more bets. Now Captain what did I teach you about hate. Are you still saying, ” Shut Up”. When I went to the Bohemian Grove encampment this year, a very powerful speaker talked about hatred of people. I’m really trying to help you because I can tell you are a very angry person. If you want to be finacially successful, get rid of that hatred. I know you can do it. You are a good person and I know you can be successful. You have to make that step my friend. My Jewish Queen will win the Dimond. Take care.




@BuffaloBill, your going to lose your winnings!!!!!!! Amanda is not going to win the DPOV!!!!

Ignore Buffalobill

This guys name links to a gambling website, it is just spamming to get y’all to spend money there. Just ignore this guy.


Yeah I know!!! I look the website and don’t see it!!!! That’s why he just not worth it but he needs to admit that he is repulsive liar.


Everyone, I am not trying to get anyone to gamble. I have no site to gambling. I just do it because I have the money and its fun to bet on sure things like my Jewish Queen winning BB15. Her odds are back up to 10 to 1. Thank you CBS for those beautiful edits of Amanda. Keep the faith everyone. Love you all. Even you Captain.


@BuffaloBill, you’re such an idiot!!!!! No one cares about your gambling!!!! Amanda will lose and there goes your money!!!!! GET A LIFE ALREADY!!!!!!! Where’s your evidence. Post it on Facebook!!!

Ignore Buffalobill

This guys name links to a gambling website, it is just spamming to get y’all to spend money there. Just ignore this guy.


I so want my Jewish Princess. I don’t care if she’s my sister. I want to feel that hot mouth like when I was younger.


You’re such a turd!!!!!! She going home!!!!!


O, my goodness “Ameanda” is certified-able all jokes aside she is really sick. I hope “CBS” sees this and keeps a close watch on her. I’m afraid when she is nominated she might really hurt someone. I hope wherever “GM” and “Elissa” sleep they lock their doors. “McNasty” is “NO” better either he’s either edging her on so she will self-explode or he’s just as off as “Ameanda”.

I believe “GM” can handle herself but when someone is sick like “Ameanda” is or portraying, you have to be super careful. I hope “CBS” is really watching to make sure everyone in the house is secure and safe. It’s everyone’s fault except for “Ameand’s” I’m afraid for all their safety.


Arryn blames “Texas” for her racism, and homophobic actions and words, Arryn says that’s how they act where she comes from, “NO”, I believe it begins at home. Her words and actions are what I believe is said at the dinner table and other places and person within her group. This is “2013” not “1951” Those things should not be coming out of her mouth if it was not ok at home. So, who do we blame, I blame both, she is old enough to know not to say those type of things even if it was ok to be said at the house. Don’t blame “Texas, Mississippi, Alabama or Arkansas” for your racists and homophobic words. Maybe she needs to work in an “Asian” or Black Restaurant, and go live in a gay house hold with children. This way she will see people as people regardless of race, creed or gayism. Or maybe she will marry an “Asian or Black” guy, (Guest who’s Coming to Dinner) Mom and Dad shame on you your sweet grandchild may be “Asian or Black” I bet that conversation will change at Christmas Dinner.


Um…There is no such thing as “gayism”.

Wednesday's BBAD

Did anyone watch Wednesday’s BBAD (Aaryn’s last night)? It was right before the show ended, Aaryn was talking to Amanda and Aaryn started to speak in a heavy asian accent then the show ended so don’t know what else happened. I’ve read many accounts of them both saying “I hate Asians.”

Did anyone catch it on live feeds?

I was wondering about Aaryn and her so-call “respect, love, admiration” of Helen because what she says doesn’t not go with her mannerisms or actions. The reason I’m pointing out is that many people seemed to think that the remarks she made about minority houseguests were just insensitive jokes but I just don’t think so. If it were just a few isolated cases, maybe? She really said ugly things especially about Asians. Not the rice thing, which by itself wouldn’t be bad, but a slew of attacks.


Did you watch the show last night, Aaryn was hammered for her actions, the studio audience was laughing in her face, as they should, wait until onion puss gets evicted…..

Big Brother Fan from Canada

CBS planted a few people in the front row to clap for Aaryn when she came out, but overall the audience reception was down right chilly. At least she wasn’t booed.


Actually..she WAS booed…

Amanda's Therapist

Actually the audience reception overall was GOOD. She got a lot of applause when she came out. It was just a couple of politically correct haters (probably CBS plants) who booed. And that was only after the applause died down. Seriously, it was 2-3 people booing. And hectoring when Aaryn tried to dedens herself from the blindesided judgment questions. Watch it again. I thought the entire interview was a farce. Who is Chen to be cross-examining anybody on how they played their game? I’m not defending anything racist that’s been said in the house, but I do defend the right of a person to say what they want. People can make their OWN judgments. We shouldn’t be forced to listen to Chen acting as the morality hall monitor whose giving out detentions. Totally inappropriate in my opinion and it took away from what this game is. Sorry, but don’t try and manipulate me as a viewer in how I’m supposed to feel. I didn’t like Aaryn coming out of the house (for totally different reasons) but I actually liked her a little more after that inquisition. And vice-versa with Chen.

Just Saying

OMG I thought I was the only one that heard “I hate Asians”, not sure if it was Aaryn or Amanda or both, that was Wednesday BBAD. I couldn’t believe my ears! Are these women nuts?!?! dumb?!?! or what ?!?!? Saying something like that on TV or anywhere is sad, not to mention that the person that is going to give them the exit interview is ASIAN!! What were they thinking?!? I guess they were NOT thinking…


Last night they should have grabbed Amanda when the door opened and threw her out like the smelly trash bag she is

Pinocchio Obama

” Amanda tells Gina that Elissa is trying to torture and antagonize me. I am over it, it’s like we are in high school all over again. Her sitting up in your room, how f**king dare her. ”

What a loser Amanda is. She starts all the trouble and every other word out of her dirty mouth is Elissa this Ellissa that. She is so obsessed but the clincher is Amanda complaining about Elissa being in the HOH room. Amanda acts like she has owned the HOH room since day one. This bitch needs to hit the road.


OK, first of all, how funny is that shot of JUDD lyng on the HOH couch? He looks like he’s on a McNugget assembly line. Second of all…and I really have no words for this. Amanda: “How dare she (Elissa) be up in the HOH?” Seriously? The girl is just plan ridiculous (and not as smart as we may have thought given she doesn’t know the word “nepotism”. How does she think she got into real estate if not through her mother?). If she really believes that Elissa is pushing her buttons, she’s delusional. I haven’t seen much of anything from Elissa towards her…but then again, I don’t get the feeds, just going by the updates here and what y’all say.


Amanda spent the whole season laying in the HOH bed with MC. Until last week when Elissa changed that and now this week it seems like GM is having Elissa in HOH instead of mcranda! So Amanda is having a melt-down. Even her drugs are not working.

Big Sister

Simon/Dawg, is this the largest number of thumbs up on record?? Once again, thanks for your superior work!

Big Sister

This was a reply to Ricky above.

Amanda's Therapist

Why are you jealous of Amanda, Ricky? Or are you really one of Elissa’s relatives? You and all the Amanda haters need some serious help. How about group family therapy?


When are nominations?


Some time today….cuz the PoV is tomorrow.


Later today



Pinocchio Obama

It will be so sweet to see the faces of Amanda and McCrae when GinaMarie puts them on the block.

Thanks to everyone on this site for posting the link that allowed those of us who were in markets where football pre-empted Big Brother last night to see the show. This site is awesome.

Big Brother Fan from Canada



oh and how beautiful were Jordan and Jeff last night? <333 god I love them.

best BB couple ever and nobody even comes close.


I liked that segment a lot more than I thought I would


I’m not a fan of showmances of any kind – but gees the contrast between J/J and M/A is HUGE. They are such a class act and M/A are not. That is all I will say.

This Season Blows

Yeah, Jeff was REAL classy when he threw around homophobic slurs. His rant about how gay people shouldn’t be allowed to run schools or be around children were just the epitome of class.

Leave Jeff Alone

Never comment….but Leave MY JEFF ALONE! thx!


I actually completely agree with you. Jeff definitely has his flaws. It’s unfortunate that he feels like that but everybody is entitled to their opinion. I feel like I could have a healthy argument with him about it though. Best you can ask for really with somebody with those views…

House Ghost

Really? Jeff a gret guy? Give me a break, he made racist homophobic comments all thru both of his BB tenures, yet CBS rewards him , I don’t get it. Aaryn deserved all she got from Julie , but be fair , why I are Jeff’s actions overlooked?


Because since then, he has discussed and apologized for that issue. It’s called redemption


Or damage control.

Vile Amanda

Yep as nasty and racist as Aryan has been if she truly one day realized what she did and apologized sincerely then she would be forgiven like Jeff. Still wouldn’t like her, but could forgive her.

This Season Blows

So did Aaryn but she won’t be forgiven by the cat ladies.

House Ghost

It took him two seasons to be redeemed? After his comments on the first season he shouldn’t have been invited back, as much as I disliked Aaryn, Jeff was never called out by Julie when he was evicted. CBS is being hypocritical.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

I know! I don’t know why they keep inviting him back to the show. I am sick and tired of seeing his face.


Becasue he was lucky to win over Jordan’s friendship and Jordan, who may not be the best player, is definately one of the most liekable HG to ever enter the house.

This Season Blows

Jeff was one of the most bigoted houseguests ever, but since he got the “BB royalty” edit from production and is beloved by cat ladies, all is forgotten. It was really ironic how, on the same night, they had a puff piece glorifying Jeff and then dumping on Aaryn for saying stuff that could have just as easily come out of Jeff’s mouth on his seasons.

This Season Blows

I almost forgot – Brendon was included in that showmance puff piece too, despite his racist slurs against Mexicans and his demeaning comments about Julie Chen during his first time on the show. Yet Brenchel drones still root for that guy.

I say

Brendon is Hispanic and I never heard him speak ill of his ethnic brothers and sisters.

Pinocchio Obama

I loved when Jordan said “The next step is for him to put a ring on it.” They make a really good looking couple.


Best case scenario this week would be if Elissa wins Veto. I can just imagine Am/Mc trying to make a deal with her to get her to use the veto on one of them. I hope Elissa laughs in their faces again. Also, does Spencer not know about 3AM? In the previous update he said he couldn’t work with Elissa up b/c she put Andy up despite their “deal”. Surely he can see how that was her best move. Elissa has a far better read on the game than Spencer…


Her veto speech: “Sorry Amanda, I guess I have come between you and your man.”


Yeah, she will make sure the nomination stay the same so McCranda will go home!!!!!


“Time to take the trash out” as Elissa replies to Julie Chen this coming Thursday.


Aaryn told him about 3AM. He’s just talking game smack.


also Andy outed 3AM to Spencer one night


The way Elissa is handling Amanda’s bullying and verbal abuse is incredible, children and teens out there who are being bullied should take notes. Bullies like Amanda love the attention and they love confrontation and getting a reaction from the person they are bullying. Elissa is doing a fabulous job at not only NOT reacting the way Amanda wants her to but not letting it get to her either. She knows Amanda is a useless, disgusting and despicable slob and she treats her like it. She ignores her, smiles at her, laughs at her and treats her how every bully should be treated. But probably the most amazing part of this season of Big Brother is the fact Amanda truly believes in her hear that Elissa is the bully and not her. That might be the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen in my life. The fact Amanda honestly BELIEVES that Elissa is the bully is incredible beyond belief.


GKON the delusion and lack of self awareness is incredible. Aaryn wasn’t insensitive and didn’t use racial and homophobic slurs, other people took it wrong. She actually tried that excuse before Julie cut her off. Amanda admitted bullying Jessie but said it was ok because Jessie deserved it, I guess because McRae sat next to her once. Now she crying about how mean Elissa has been to her being the meanest girl like ever. Does she think GM forgot when Amanda was coming at her in the kitchen?? Amanda uses slurs but says if someone doesn’t like it it’s their problem. And both Mcrandas think Amanda only looks bad because of edits. Amanda is always playing to the cameras and she knows they’re always on so why would she think that it’s editing other than delusions. If anything the CBS edits make her look slightly less horrible


What would be hilarious is if McCrae won veto. Can you imagine Amanda telling him to use it on her?


The worst case scenerio is if Amanda won veto and Elissa goes up. Andy and Spencer might vote with Amanda to save McCrae. Remember they have that alliance too, and even though they are in two, they just might fall in line again because they don’t like Elissa either.


Now we know why McCrazy is attracted to aMANduh…they’re both filthy, vile, unhygienic (I&*^&! Anyone who has eaten one of Mc Cray-Cray’s pizza’s should take penicillin stat because who knows where his seeds have landed. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW do people like this exist?

I\m not even close to being a snob but if I were in that house, I would have huge issues with the filth that comes out of their mouths and lord knows where else…Also, is he just humoring amanda that she got a bad edit, or is he equally as delusional as she is? Did he forget the tirade Amanda went on when she was harassing Jessie who’s 25, but Elissa being unkind to 22 year old Aaryn who hurled all sorts of racist remarks at Helen and Candice? PLEASE GinaMarie, stick to your plan and put these two tools up – you’ll be a hero!


Spencer IS a complete idiot if he truly thinks Amanda would win against anybody in F2. It’s a good indication of what he thinks good game play is (?)


I think this years BB will go down as the “special olympics” of the BB franchise.


This comment is not appropriate. It looks harmless but not nice to make fun of “special Olympics.”


You are correct. My most sencere apologies to special olympians.

Deja Vu, to you....

OMG, I swear on a stack of A and MC’s condoms that I said JUST that a few weeks ago; my 8 year old daughter used to get mad at me when I let the “R” word (retarded) slip on occasion (rightfully so, it was wrong) so, she re-conditioned it out of my vocabulary and now I say “brain-dumb” or “vegetable thinkers”…anyway, 2 wks ago I made a comment referring to this cast/these HG’s as being rejected by Special Olympians due to the fact that there is nothing “special” about them and that although they are probably all-inclusive when it comes to meeting entrance requirements, finding competitionstalking shit, kissing ass and seeing who could stay unshowered and humming with odor the longest are not do not meet the criteria. Oh, and that they’d be hard-pressed to find a sport utilizing A and Mc’s strengths because it is against the rules to compete in a sport naked, or in a horizontal position.l


I will be so frustrated if Julie Chen doesn’t go hard at Amanda in her exit interview like she did Aaryn. I hope Amanda goes this week instead of MCrae. Either would be fine but Amanda is the worst. I can’t believe how Amanda justifies her actions.


Yes yes yes, she better go hard on her. She is
Just so gross and rude. I’m so happy GM sees
Right through her. Can’t wait for nominations today. :)

House Ghost

Mcranda are wounded and weak, yet they don’t stop with the hate speech against Elissa, the two eunuchs Specter and Handy enable Amanda by not telling her to cool it, she is deteriorating rapidly ! She is becoming a danger to herself and others, she should be removed and 5150’d.


It is terrible to say, but it would not surprise me if we actually ‘lost’ a houseguest due to the pressures they created for themselves. With a few of them actually unstable, chances are someone end up dead.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

Isn’t there some kind of screening process for potential houseguests? I thought all potential housguests were subjected to psychological assessments before being cleared to enter the house.


Vote out Mcpussy

Tell Amanda how good Jessie will be giving it to him in the Jury house. Watch the fun begin. She may be on suicide watch or self evict. At the end of the day, who cares, she will be gone too.


I especially hope that Julie reads the quote from amanDUH where she talks about killing Jessie and raping her limp body anally. DISGUSTING creatures. (p.s. I never get so upset or use foul language as much as I have in my past few comments, and even repeating what amanda said makes me cringe…This troglodyte is just beyond comprehension – sorry to all the readers).


I thought Julie treated Aaryn with kid gloves, it could have been much worse.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

I agree, it could have been much worse. Julie Chen could have really grilled Aaryn by asking her:

(1) If she was embarassed by her behaviour
(2) If she thought her family was embarassed by her behaviour
(3) If her parents raised her to be a racist
(4) If she hates asian people…and if yes…does that mean she hates Julie Chen
(5) If she has any friends who are visible minorities…and if no…why not?
(6) To define racism
(7) If she voted for President Barack Obama in 2008…if no…then why?

This Season Blows

You do realize there’s only so much time they can spend on the interview, right? Seeing her melting down on live TV with the audience booing and laughing at her pain wasn’t enough for you? The questions Julie asked were perfectly fine and much harsher than any other HG has ever been asked. People need to calm down and realize it’s a freaking game show.


Aaryn’s defense was , we all talk like that in Texas!
I live in TEXAS, you lil dumb bitch! STFU!! You don’t represent me and I don’t want you speaking for TEXAS!
You are a disgraceful spoiled bigoted brat!


I totally agree, but I think it was because they still need her to be semi-ok for jury and not panic and bolt. I’m REALLY hoping for a post-finale special where she not only shows clips of Aaryn, Amanda and Spencers comments and behavior but grills them for a good hour….at least!


I thought that was pretty brutal on Julies part. Who the hell can remember what they said many weeks back in a casual conversation. Like McPussy said this is a game, you act, say, do whatever you can to win. If she says it to their face. Gameplay. Behind their backs it does cross the line. You say shit to mess with their heads. It could change the outcome of a vote. They are not in there to be PC idiots. Again Gameplay.

If BB want to play PC like this I can assure you it will much more difficult to recruit contestants in the future. Weather you want to admit it or not EVERYONE has some level of prejudice towards something. It doesn’t always have to about skin color of sexual preference.

Aaryn is a cold fish who I am sure she has got her way 99% of the time based on her looks.


Ask her if she voted for Obummer?
Are you kidding me? I didn’t, does that make me a racist? You liberal bastards are fucking sick in the head. Lets say this. If you didn’t vote for McCain/Romney you are a racist against whites! You didn’t vote for them because the color of their skin. See how silly that is? Probably not liberals are just mentally ill.

Don't forget..

With double eviction there is a chance both of them could go :) I just hope the special power doesn’t mess it up!


I can’t believe the way she honestly believes SHE is being victimized! Dumb @ss McNasty should keep his nasty hands out of his mouth and stop feeding in to Amanda’s mental disorder. She is “Baker’s Act” material – a loose cannon on the verge of erupting and is a danger to Elissa and soon GM. When GM puts her and McNasty up, she is going to loose her marbles completely and if I were a HG, I would be seriously afraid she would stab me in my sleep or something!


HAHAHAHAHA! WHOOOOOO! It can’t get any better than this! Poor McCranda thinks they’re safe! I can’t wait for nominations to see the fireworks go off! This is going to be so good!


Me 2!!!!!!!! Let the fireworks began!!!!!!!! 2am is now 1am because your rat boy turn on McCranda! exterminators alliance + Elissa= Final 5!!!!!!

Good Grief

I know, right? It’s going to be an ugly week, they’ll all have to hide out in the HOH room from Amanda’s wrath. It’s going to get ugly in there folks!


They are not afraid of McCranda!!!!! She will hide in the trash can and cry some more. Elissa is also not afraid of Amanda!!!! Rachel taught her how to lay low.


Me 2 Double eviction for McCranda. Two in one special. It’s happy hour baby!!!!! Quote from Mike Boogie


McCrae doesn’t like boobs, not that into Amanda, looks like a woman when he smokes his cigarettes and likes Britney Spears? …. no comment LOL


we all know! He doesn’t have a solid identity….it is a form of illness

The Incognito

Exactly! I’ve suspected that from the beginning. He’s using Amanda as a smokescreen – way to obvious to me.


I can’t stand Amanda. I used to like her but now I despise her. I used to hate Gina Marie and now I like her. Still team Judd. Everyone else sucks to some degree.

Yes, Amanda, it is GROSS that you are screwing on TV and talking about your boyfriend spewing his juices on someone’s bed. That’s NASTY!!!! You are despicable.

Another disappointing season

If GM puts up Amanda and McCrae this week (and doesn’t back door Elissa) I am taking the week off from watching and reading about BB. And if Amanda goes home on Thursday I am done for good this season. I am so sick of floaters making it to the end every year. And with what is remaining none of those scumball losers deserve the money. Stupid GM can’t figure out that the girls are out numbered. And unless a guy goes home next week they will pick off all the women and make it to the end like they do every year. The only exception is if Elissa gets evicted. She does not need the money and she definitely doesn’t deserve to have made it this long. Stuck-up beotch with NO allies or game. Get that fake liar out of the house already.


Oh get over yourself. You are just one more of the hundreds who say crap like that. Wahhh, if my favorite player goes home I am done for good…wahhh.. well at least until next year when I start watching again. Admit it! BB is like a train wreck, its horrible, its disgusting, things happen you absolutely hate but you just can’t look away!!! Please feel free to stop watching, reading and posting. You will not be missed.


Yeah, Elissa is stuck-up. Yeah, she will go home. After one of McCranda goes home, Elissa will be the default target. The exterminators have thought this through. I almost think they should keep her in the house just as a target and because she will never win 1st place. Whoever brings her to the end will win.

Floating is a legitimate (albeit annoying) strategy. Look where winning comps got Aaryn. Her puppet masters didn’t want to keep her because they thought they were better off without such a large threat in the house. It doesn’t pay to win comps too early or too often. Spencer is the only true floater this year. He hasn’t won a damned thing. He’s useless and disgusting. I really wish Judd and Spencer would have told Amanda off instead of agreeing with her. Say, “Just leave her alone and she won’t bother you.”

Varys Blackfyre

I truly believe that once Amanda is out of the game, Elissa won’t care about being there anymore. I would gain a huge amount of respect for her if after Amanda goes home, she volunteers to be placed on the block since she really doesn’t need the money.


Spencer won the veto where they had to put the veto puzzle together, remember?


What has Amanda done? She is riding on the coat tails of everyone else. IMO Amanda is the ultimate floater. Bullying is not good game, if your going to be a big crybaby. Poor, poor Amanda. Boo-hoo.

Bullying Sucks

I think Julie and Dan said it best, this isn’t a game move for Amanda this is who she really is-a mean person to the core!


How can you not say Amanda and McCrae arent floaters. They havent won nothing but 1 HOH and a vito. Yeah they had others doing their bidding, but being bitchy when someone doesnt bow to you, win a HOH and nominate who you want. Wait, you both suck!! and can win shit… I think it is awesome they are finally getting put up, Elissa needs to go but after at least the bitch Amanda, always a victim.


Yes McCranda has floated to power of the week. Just because they try to demand that the HOH do their bidding doesn’t mean that they aren’t floaters.

They would always say I want this person to win HOH or that person, but they have never stepped up to win it themselves. And just because they are loyal to each other means nothing. they are one in same. A 2 headed monster.


Zingbot 3000 has a twitter feed. I am going to look for Judd’s zing


Your rational makes no sense. GM should not put up Amanda, because the boys will pick off the girls. Oh, but you can put up a different girl. ??? Remember, last week Amanda wanted GM up against Aaryn so they could vote her off. For GM, who is in a 4 person alliance with Judd, Spencer, and Andy, and who also has a strong relationship with Elyssa, it makes perfect sense to nominate Amanda and her sketchy bf. You complain that she is a floater, but when she plans to make a big move, you call her stupid.


McCrea will go next.. or, he’ll go after Amanda. Then, the Exterminators will be down to a THREE person (supposed) alliance. At that point, I can see JUDD and Ginamarie teaming up with Elissa.. and targetting Spencer and Andy. THAT is the scenario I would bet on.


Lol I saw that pic of GM and thought 48 Hours


What does having money already have to do with it?


Exactly, we sometimes have this twisted idea of fairness when we’re bitter about our lives. It’s a game, let’s the best player and actually the jury decides who should win. The whole “hating on Elissa” because she flaunts her wealth is pathetic. I understand being annoyed by this kind of behavior but constantly hating on someone because they’ve more money than you, talk about defining your human worth by your possessions. I don’t like snobs but I hate envious and jealous people.


I know it is just an opinion. I dont want to judge anyone for their actions it is a house. However, how has Elisa not been playing the game. She has basically been on her own all game, especially since Helen went home. The whole house has been against her the whole time she has been there. No one has liked her. She has won when she has had too for herself. So to say she has not been but floating and not playing the game is a little ridiculous. The ones with game play I would vote for so far are Amanda (as much as i hate to say it), Elisa, and Judd ( he has managed to keep is hands clean without degrading anyone the whole time he has been there)


Like someone posted the other day, it’s like a train wreck and we can’t look away. I am not watching every show any more, but read the updates here daily. Amanda should have been voted out weeks ago. They all made the mistake of keeping her in this game this long. Same with Elissa, they could have gotten her out the first few weeks. It is the houseguests own fault for blindly following the house each week. I don’t think anyone in the house really deserves to make it to the end at this point. They all have serious flaws and issues and most of the people left have been riding the coat tails of others. Floaters gonna float!


At this point I just don’t want to see Amanda, McCrae, or Andy win. I could care less which of the remaining HG’s win. What I don’t get is the notion of saying Elissa “doesn’t deserve to win because she already has money”. Wasn’t Dr. Wil a successful doctor? Did he not deserve to win? It is a game. A game that each of these people willing went into a the risk of losing their jobs, losing their reputations, and putting themselves out there for anyone to look at. Each, even the ones I don’t want to win, “deserve” to win. They are playing a game! And, the name of the game is to win! For those of you who feel this way, maybe you should start a petition demanding that BB only cast unemployed people, people who do not manage their money well, or are currently on government assistance! This type of thinking sounds like a whiney cop out. From what I’m seeing, Elissa will be lucky to survive to F5 much less F2, so whatever. If the winner is based on the income of the HG’s coming into the house, then McCrae should win. GM now, due to her being fired, would be above McCrae. Do they really “deserve” it more than anyone else?


Too bad!!!! Elissa is not going anywhere!!! I would love to see McCranda face that both got nominated!!!!!!!!


Your comment makes no sense. Even if GM agreed with you that Elissa has “no allies or game”, why would she backdoor Elissa? Hello, you may WANT to keep the people with no allies and no game, not get rid of them. All repulsive behaviors and personal feelings of disgust aside, why WOULDN’T ANYONE want to break up a power couple? And for your information, guess who is the ultimate floater? That’s right, it’s McCrae. He lets Amanda handle it all while he sits there and smokes and worries and bites his nails. Think about it. And really, who CARES if Elissa already has some money. That doesn’t make her any less deserving to win a fairly played game. Come on. People who resent other people’s money or stuff sound like real losers.


“I am so sick of floaters getting to the end every year.”

Yes because last season Ian, Dan and the Quack Pack were complete floaters, right? They weren’t playing the game at all (sarcasm). And two years ago Rachel was a floater, right? And three years ago the Brigade were floaters right? What show have you been watching for the past 3 seasons? I hate to break it to you, but typically the right people make it to the end. Not always does the right person win the game, but usually the people sitting in the final 2 deserve to be there.

DR Hacker

Okay…see you next year!


You are completely disillusion and the amount of thumbs down comments should tell you that. OMG yes Elissa acts stuck up but she is in that house with TRASH that rather insult and degrade everyone than play a game. I would be the SAME way and I would come off the same way. Stuck up but no a horrible evil person. OMG you are so far out into left field you made a home run out of yourself.


So you don’t want floaters getting to the end? Who do you think is responsible for who’s left in the house? You should be directing your anger towards Amanda, right?


Good Strategy GinaMarie, make McPussy & DeManda think Elissa will go up and don’t have a clue that she putting McCranda up instead. That way, it would be both will be leaving next week.


It’s great because Amanda is so sure Elissa is going up. I can’t wait to see that smug look on her face disappear as the keys come out. And she starts to realize that the noms aren’t what she thought.


Amanda will hide in the trash can like always. ???? She will cry some more until she will get evicted!!!

helen is still clueless

Listening to Andy there is no doubt if he won HOH he would be rethinking his big talk and would nominate Elissa and GM/Judd. I hope this playing both sides bites him in the ass this week. Both sides have secrets on him that will just blow his game up. I’d like to see Mcrae go first, Andy in double evict then Amanda would probably self evict right after. The rare triple eviction.


As much as I would like to see both Amanda and MCrae gone, It would be more fun to see them separated. Send MCrae to the Jury house with Jessie lol – and watch Amanda go batsh*t crazy. Oops, forgot…she already is.

Nasty Amanda!

That last paragraph, is a perfect example of the mentality of these two scumbags, how absolutely disgusting. Who does that, or even thinks like that? Earlier in the evening when Amanda was boo-hooing with her acting as the victim, McCrae gave us the finger and said “F You America….”, no McCrae, “F You!”


you see guys mccrae is not the nice guy everyone thought he was…..didn’t like or trust him from the start….what a weasel.


I agree!!! Remember the old saying “birds of a feather flock together?” McCrea is just as disgusting as Amanda. Any decent man would run from a person like Amanda, not sleep with her… No matter how drunk they were. Im not a huge fan of Elissa’s but Amanda would drive anybody to loose it. I’m pretty calm and I would have hit her already. I find it interesting that she is so worried about how America sees her but she is STILL acting and saying disgusting and mean things. She is so screwed when she leaves the house. I think SHE will be the one houseguest that people will be really not want to see gain any more fame or profits off her BB stint. I hope we all don’t reward her behavior. I would die if I were related to her.

Amandas Vagina

Nobody gets between me and my Mcschlong.


In addition, did anyone take notice to the deranged look again, in Amanda’s eyes? The same deranged look, that she had the other day when she was going off on Elissa. Her face takes on another look when she is out of control or mad. It was eating her up last night and her paranoia that we are AWARE of what she is, thus being portrayed as. The truth is Amanda, you need no re-edit on the feeds, we see you for just who you are….

amanda's under-wear

I hope she is taking her meds. IS PRODUCTION ON THIS?!?!? I HOPE!?!!? right? narssasitic delusions of grander –with over tone of bi-polar manic behavior -good going BB.


McRanda are acting like Hitler and Eva Braun in the bunker at the end of WWII. Stuck in their own world just before hell reigns down on them.

ur a nub

lol, what? How do you know what Hitler and Eva Braun acted like in their bunker?

Thanks for posting probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever read.


I swear all they think about is Elissa and sex and not necessarily in that order. Every time either of them open their mouths they just keep spewing out more and more evidence they are both, Amanda and McCrae, white trash – just low down white trash. I wonder how their parents are defending them? hhmmmmm Not saying Elissa is an angel – she certainly isn’t however she has not been antagonizing Amanda. Amanda is delusional – seriously needs to seek emotional/mental health assistance.


She’s already on medication but I think the doctors need increase her dosages.
Amanda is bi-polar at best. She’s literally stalking Elissa in the house and then verbally attacking her. She can seriuosly be a danger to Elissa. Her behaviour is very erratic. She definitely has no control over her feelings. She is full of hatred.
I don’t think it will stop at Elissa either. The next person that will go against her, she will act and do the same as she’s been doing to Elissa.


Amanda follows Elissa around and then Elissa laughs in Amanda’s face and then she gets pissed.

Problem with Amanda she believes her own crap. saying to herself we need to put up Elissa, and somehow she automatically thinks that command will be executed. or Saying that the whole house will be coming after you and somehow the whole house is supposed to be going after Elissa.

Other hgs went to BB for the money, not to take orders or pick fights.

Elissa is more focused on that money, than perhaps most think. She has already sniffed out that exterminator alliance only thing she has not placed GM in it and she is thinking of it as the boys something.

Elissa’s knows she needs to win to stay alive, i think she is trying to avoid going up initially. and after that she get on throwing Andy under the bus, and people will begin to defend each other and that alliance will be exposed too. whether or not she wins the veto she is not going anywhere, of the people left not many people can beat her in comps. I think the HOH for the double eviction will be key.

Spencer wont win it, Judd i think is just some hot air i doubt he really can win much, GM rarely comes through and cant play anyway, Amanda or Mcpussy am not convinced, Andy got lucky if you ask me for his two wins. but hey never count out luck anyone of them could get lucky.


Amanda is sooooooo delusional that she thinks it is normal. They are TRASH. I think she is obessed with Elissa and how Amanda wants to be like her. That is ALL Amanda talks about Elissa and Sxxking McCrae Dxxk. I can’t believe BB would allow how Amanda is acting…………….but she is friends with the producer ALLISON.

Classless Amanda

I think Elissa antagonizing Amanda is nothing compared to Amanda’s reactions! I think after what Elissa went through last week her taking her little jabs at Amanda are nothing. Elissa has still been the bigger person. The only thing that Elissa said about Amanda last night was that she was gross and disgusting, which is true. Amanda talks about KILLING Elissa, calls her every name in the book then cries that Elissa is so evil. Amanda is a sick individual!!!!


What did Zingbot say too Spencer?


I wondered the same thing. I noticed that it was edited out of the broadcast. Must have been a touchy subject?

Amanda's dog Woofy

Marilyn is a goat.


NM I googled it

Zingbot- Spencer, you say you are a conductor…but you spend too much time in the dining car! ZING!


You are a conductor,but you spend too much time on the dining car.


I’ve been wondering the same thing. They didn’t air what Zingbot said to either Spencer or Judd…

Simon…Dawg…do y’all know what Zibgbot said to Spencer that was so horrible or to Judd??


Spencer, you say you are a conductor…but you spend too much time on the dining car!




I think it was something about his weight, but not positive.


I was curious as well


That’s what I want to know too…. they said it upset him. Something about all the nasty things he calls the girls in the house and then in the same breath, says how much he loves Marilyn? IDK.


ya wat did the zingbot say about judd?


Zingbot 3000: Yes, I zinged Judd. But I had to do it in his language so he would understand it and CBS couldn’t get the subtitles right.


I read that Spencer didn’t like Zingbots comments about him, that he was upset. I guess it might be something about being perverted.


it had to do with his weight


Its mind boggling how Amanda really thinks Elissa is the one starting trouble. Ive seen her bully her and down right harass her non stop, yet shes crying. I think shes simply losing it because she cant control her. Elissa pays her no mind, n even if she does occasionally laugh in her face or say something back she has every right to. On another note, aaryn must feel like poop. She was gunning after Elissa for no reason this whole time only to be evicted by her. Love it.


McCranda doesn’t have a clue that GinaMarie is putting them up. Bye Bye McCranda!!!!! Have fun at the jury house. Don’t make out in the bed.


Amanda should be evicted by BB staff. She is dangerous and like some of our dangerous world is making threats that she would follow through on. She is evil and mentally sick and could go out of control so easy. It would be so sad if she hurt one of the players or worse.

Ewww Just Ewww

Amanda is a disease. A cancer to all those around her. Talk about sucking the energy out of the room…


Amanda does show signs of someone who is very Mentally disturbed. I believe she is dangerous. She has no self control. I feel horrible for Elissa. She is handling the situation the best she can. What is pathetic are the cowards in the house Especially that slimy white RAT ANDY. None of them come to Elissa’s defense. True definitions of COWARDS! Andy needs to be exposed soon. Hopefully it will happen on GM’s watch. As Andy thinks he’s cleaver and admires himself in the mirrors, McNasty chews his nails and Amanda unravels…GM and Elissa and Judd are playing a good game…and brave enough to stand up to those disgusting Hateful people.


I do not blame Elissa for avoiding Amanda.
a V.D at times needs only a few drops of
blood to spread. if Amanda goes to the JURY
she can be taken aside and talked to firmly.
Young Hantz got evicted for a headbutt.


My Handmaiden


I am very happy GM won and glad to see she is (maybe) going to keep her word and put the douche bag duo. What I don’t like is how she has come across as all tough and yet she lies to them so, in my opinion, she won’t get the harassment and bullying that E got prior to the nomination ceremony. Maybe a smart move on her behalf because that gives AM one less day to vent her shit all over her but in the end she is going to get the same type of treatment E did. My only hope is that AM goes so far over the line that CBS will actually have to do something better than just making her apologize. We all heard her threat during the eviction ceremony last night, “warning to the HG what will happen if you push my buttons”. This will be another nuclear week if GM keeps the intestinal fortitude to dump the douches on the block.


Thumbs up that BuffaloBill is a freaky liar!!!!!!!!!


It is so funny to read Amanda and McCrae plotting and loving that Elissa is leaving when the joke is on them!
Amanda says, Gina hasn’t made a big move and has been floating – until this week! Gina getting out McCrae or Amanda would mean the final prize for her because she did something no one else would do. Not a huge Gina fan, but, I love her this week if she goes through with putting up Amanda and McCrea.

The fight between Gina and Amanda will be epic!

Cal L

OMG I can NOT wait for Demanda and McPussy to get nominated. She is for sure going to lose her shit!!!!


after this whole show is over, Amanda should really seeks some type of counseling or therapy. she has some deep rooted issues of anger and manipulation. I mean an adult bully on a tv reality show is just strange….she makes Jeremy look like a pussy cat…. also I kinda really hate the way spencer, judd and andy know how awful she is acting but fail to take any real action and intercede…. “because its good for their game” give me a break.


I’m pretty sure that if for some stupid reason Elissa was to be evicted before Amanda, she’d still talk about her and all the times Elissa has “antagonized” her.


Amanda and McCrea are the delusional ones. They are totally obsessed with Elissa. The BITCH(Amanda) needs to realize she is giving production a ton of material for a bad edit. I seriously think Amanda needs to be on some good meds. She is fucking nuts. As for McCrea he is too pussy-whipped to see how crazy the bi-polar bitch is!!!


So pumped that GM gets to put Amanda in her place this week, I really don’t think anyone else could handle Amanda’s anger. GinaMarie will go right back at Her and win!


Amanda is a true head case. I think Elissa egg her on at times, but Amanda go over board. Amanda bullied her all last week, and expect for her to just drop it. I still don’t understand how the fight started last night? Amanda is really upset because, she could not control Elissa’s vote last week. Amanda need to realize that this is Big Brother and chances are you will not control the entire game. I don’t think she will start that crap with GM, because Gimes will put her in her place. I hope GM really put Maranda up, and I hope they have extra security after noms.


*Reads Title*……That’s Nasty


Yay!! Finally someone with a pair will put up Mcranda!! About d*mn time!!! Bye bye one of you :)

Varys Blackfyre

I can’t believe they think that the editing has anything to do with how they behave. Their Elissa obsession is just stupid now.


Boo freaking hoo Amanda. Elissa isn’t going anywhere this week; either you or your boyfriend will walk out the door. Preferably you’re boyfriend so we can watch you continue to meltdown and freak out…which will probably cause you to do something stupid since McWhipped won’t be there to talk you down anymore and hopefully you’ll be removed from the house.


McCrae and Amanda are an embarrassment together and individually. I hope McCrae realizes that Elissa’s husband knows what really went on in the house because he’s watching. I would not be surprised if Elissa’s husband cornered him at the finale party and lets him know just how much he did not appreciate the way he talked about his wife. I am sick of hearing him call her. a ‘b’ or a ‘c’. If this is what he thinks is being a man, then he has a lot to learn. As for Amanda, a little conversation from big sis Rachel is definitely in order and 3x a week visits with a therapist.


Amanda is really trying to use the simpity card. She is just like Helen, because they both can turn the water works on at the drop of a hat. The only reason she is mad at Elissa is because she can’t control her. I really want to see how she will react if GM put her and MC up. I bet she will not bother GM, but instead blame it on Elissa. Amanda acts crazy, but she know who to f**k with.

Ians Beer

“McCrae says we are all so f**king strong too.”….did he steal some of the other houseguests drugs??? Holy hell, even Dan’s Mist couldn’t make people more delusional than this.


Big Brother needs to address the BULLING on this show….Bad Message to online viewers, horrible language

Bob barker

Could we please have a triple eviction? As much as most of us despise Amanda and her bitch, I’d really like to see Andy’s little weasel ass go too! I can’t stand hearing his voice anymore not to mention looking at him!

j. laneki

Gotta sy, SOOOOO happy that Julie gave lil’ miss Aaryn something to think about in the jury house. BUT MAN does it really tick me off, “well, I’m from Texas, and we say things that we don’t mean them the way they come out” BS!!! I’m from Texas and would never make the racist BS comments she made. So don’t pass the buck and blame your bad behavior on Texas. Glad to see her go, Now hopefully GM will have the backbone to do what no one else has so far. Take out the rest of the trash. Amanda to the curb would be nice or even pizza boy. I have never witnessed two people having a public display of affection before and it making my skin crawl till now, after time I see them , I feel like I need a shower.


I too am from Texas, South Central Texas. I have to be honest, my generation (40+) heard a lot worse from our parents and grandparents. I know that when I’m super pissed off, sometimes those same thoughts still pop up in my head from hearing them the whole time you grew up. The difference is, I’m in my 40s and I know to keep my mouth shut. At 22, I can’t guarantee that I did. I’m no defending Aaryn, I’m just saying she’s REALLY young and not just in age. Her maturity level is young also. I’m guessing that she grew up here in South Texas, hearing those kinds of comments from her parents/grandparents/aunts/uncles, etc for years and because of that…. those types of comments just pop into your head. She hasn’t grown up enough or had to have consequences for saying those types of things in the past and thus doesn’t realize that they are what they are. Racist, homophobic… whatever. I can remember being a teenager and buying the Purple Rain CD (was totally in love with Prince) and my dad saying, “you can’t listen to that jungle bunny music”. I was horrified that he had made a comment like that (and he’s actually from Maryland, not deep south). Sometimes whether you want to admit it or not, your background sneaks up into your thoughts and you think something (even a racist or homophobic comment). The difference is having the age, wisdom and intelligence to know that the thought is wrong. And definitely not saying it out loud. Aaryn’s biggest problem is no one has ever told her that what she thinks in her head does not need to necessarily come out of her mouth. That it’s wrong. I feel that once this show is over and she is subjected to the words out there about her, she’ll see how it feels to have things said about you behind your back that make you feel less than nothing. She will hopefully learn a little from this experience and know how to keep her mouth shut next time. Of course, that’s just my opinion. Hell, she may just keep going right along with it because she’ll go back to her perfect little bubble and no one will ever tell her to “Hush”.

House Ghost

Texas should evict her, by a unanimous vote, it’s what the state wanted.

Good Grief

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I can’t wait until nominations today!!! You know, there really isn’t any 1 person that sticks out to root for except Elissa and Judd. I know in the past there has been fighting and the whole 9 yards but I don’t remember a couple that has been as gross as Amanda and McCrae. Yes, their all adults and hook ups are going to happen. Fighting, lying, backstabbing are going to happen. But the nasty sexual talk that goes on between some of them is just gross. Even when I was single and wild I don’t remember discussing things in such depth, it’s gross and shows what little respect some of them have for themselves and for others. I hope and pray they send McCrae out the door first, would love to see Amanda have a major meltdown. Sorry honey, but your just spoiled and let me be honest with you, life isn’t always fair and you odn’t always get your way, suck it up! She talks about Elissa being spoiled and picking on a 22 years old. Give me a break, Aaryn was no angel and she was an adult who could speak up for herself, at least Elissa didn’t use her then throw her away when she was done with her. GM is no dummy and I’m so glad she isn’t falling into their bullcrap story.

derick alaska

Hey Mccrae, we watch live feeds 24 hrs…WE KNOW WHAT HAPPENS TOO!!!!!!!!!


I can’t stand Amanda or Elissa. Amanda is constantly being vile and nasty and Eissa is so condescending and fake. They both need to go. They’d be smart to evict Amanda and not McCrae this week and hopefully, Elissa follows her right out the door this Thursday. McCrae will follow shortly.


I’m with you there. Amanda is an absolutely disgusting human being. I could never date something like that. However, Elissa is definitley a loner in the house for good reason. She really has poor social skills with the rest of the house, and once she thinks she has an alliance in GM, she just follows her around all night, which GM got sick of very easily. it was hard to watch. After McCranda is split up, Elissa is next in line. I see McCrae, Amanda, and Elissa being the next three exterminations.

Btw, I’m digging a Judd, Spencer, GM Final Three


Z said he was fat
S knew a comment like that would be coming
Spencer did not like it


Always a drag living on the east coast when the nomination ceremony may very well be electric – come on BB – wake up the troupes early and get the ball rolling.


America is watching a person in the middle of a pure nervous breakdown. Meds, mood swings, irrational behavior, paranoia, crying, obscene language, harassment, disgusting personal hygiene, exhibitionism, revenge, bullying, denial, etc. Any basic college course in Ethics would teach that CBS is unethical in allowing this to continue. But of course CBS isn’t about ethics – it is naturally about ratings and money.

House Ghost

Amanda needs a 5150



Please tell me something. I can’t get the live feeds so I rely mostly on what you share/post about the feeds. Please tell me from YOUR point of view (getting to see the feeds); is Elissa really antagonizing Amanda as Amanda says. I confused by this because it seems more often than not, Amanda goes after Elissa – even when she’s not seen her or talked to her all day. I guess I’m just wondering if Elissa is saying this stuff when you’re away from the feeds or what. I’m still concerned myself, that Amanda is suffering from both some sort of mental illness and/or a hormone related issue (which can seriously resemble mental illness).

By the way, thank you again for posting the usstreamlive site. It was GREAT getting to watch BB live on the PC and football on the TV and I didn’t miss a thing. <3 <3 <3


If you consider not responding to verbal taunts, breaking out in laughter when someone says something so vile and disgusting there just no other way to respond, and walking away instead of standing still and taking the abuse, antagonizing someone then, your response would be yes Elissa is antagonizing Amanda. The definition of antagonize is: to make hostile or unfriendly, to make an enemy of, to act in opposition to. I believe Amanda is truly antagonized by the fact that she cannot get into Elissa’s head, cannot bully her into tears, cannot get a reaction and is basically ignored by Ellisa. So I suppose if you really wish to apply to definition to how Elissa is not reacting and acting in opposition to Amanda’s aggressive behavior you could possibly see why Amanda keeps using the word. Most normal people would not see it this way, but as we’ve seen countless examples of, Amanda is not normal.


Amanda really believes her own bullshit. She is worried about how she is being portrayed on tv. The crazy bitch does not understand that if she did not act like a damn fool, they would not be able to show her acting like a damn fool. She is delusional.


Crusty McNasty “…needs to get some blood on his hands….” guess what, you WILL, but it will be your own stupid!


Everyone is getting excited about amanduh and McCrea going up but forgetting a few things. Julie did say there would be a special game this week which means maybe Pandora’s box. It may have a DPOV in it. Amanduh is already the predetermined winner. She will have that DPOV and remove herself and mccrea will win the regular veto. I can see it happening. So why get excited?

Allison Grodner

Amanda WAS the predetermined winner of Big Brother but her outrageous behavior makes it impossible for anyone (even me) to save her now.


Yeah, I see a final three with Judd, with Judd winning. No one is that delusional, (MCCranda), who is functioning in the real world. Amanda is an actress, I think McCrae has been promised an industry job. They’re entertaining though, “The Couple you Love to Hate!”. I hope by the time Chen gets her hands on GM, they show a little video montage of her greatest hits.

Tickets Please

Angela, you may be right – but if GM does nominate Amanda and MC – the look on their faces will be worth the price of admission. – and the aftermath will be worth every dime.


OMG I HATEEEEEEEEEEE AMANDA!!!! she is absolutely VIAL…and saying that if she looks bad on television because of EDITING>….ummmm HELLOOOOO….the live feeds ARE NOT edited! ….i hope she is the one that gets the boot next!! SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!! #TeamELISSA

ur a nub

vial: a small container, typically cylindrical and made of glass, used esp. for holding liquid medicines.

vile: morally despicable or abhorrent

When you say Amanda is vial you’re showing that you truly are #TeamELISSA

Big Brother Fan from NJ

Every time Amanda shows up on my TV screen, I actually throw up a little in my mouth… Can you imagine what her parents must feel like having to see what a complete piece of trash their daughter is? She disgusts me in every sense of the word to the point that I have trouble even looking at her on the TV screen. I have a daughter and if I ever saw her act like Amanda does, I don’t know what I would do. I actually feel really bad for her family because no parent should have to witness their own child be such a piece of worthless crap. I don’t post much, but I read this blog on a daily basis and I just had to give me 2 cents…..