Amanda says I don’t even care anymore! I hate it here! You have no idea how it feels to be tortured!

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used POV Ceremony Sep 1st
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Sept 5th
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, Jessiem, Helen, Aaryn
Have Nots


1pm In the living room – Spencer, Ginamarie, Judd and Andy are hanging out talking about random things. Judd comments my talons are sore! Andy laughs. They notice that the “Nomination’s Today” appears on the living room tv. Gina says she is going to head upstairs to the HOH room to start doing her makeup. Andy heads up with her and he comments that he is happy Spencer won the money but I wish I had. Gina agrees but says things happen the way they do for a reason. $5000, $50,000 ya know what I mean. Gina says I just hope I don’t go out with nothing you know. Big Brother tells Andy to exchange his mic. He gets annoyed that he just came up here and now has to go back down.


CBS Interactive Inc.

1:10pm – 1:20pm McCrae heads up to the HOH room to talk to Ginamarie. He asks her if she is going to do meetings today? Gina says yeah I just want to do my make up and go see the medic for my foot. McCrae says okay you want to just call me up when you are ready. Gina says yeah I will probably talk to Andy first since he will be up here but I will call you up after. McCrae leaves. Andy comes back up and tells Gina I don’t even think I need to talk to you before nominations, do I. Gina says no. She says that McCrae already came up asking to talk and I told him I was going to talk to you first. So basically you can lay out and relax, listen to music and we can pretend we are talking. Andy goes to listen to her Britney Spears CD.


1:10pm – 1:30pm In the kitchen – Judd, Spencer and Elissa are talking about random things. Elissa wonders if they will still have a have/havenot competition. Judd says he isn’t sure. In the bedroom – Amanda tells McCrae that Gina is up alone in the HOH right now. McCrae says I already talked to her she said she would come get me when she was ready. Amanda asks why he doesn’t talk to her now. McCrae says she is talking to Andy right now. Amanda asks do you think she will put me up? McCrae says I don’t know. Amanda asks do you care? McCrae says yeah. Amanda says I don’t even care anymore! I hate it here now! McCrae says that’s a good attitude to have. Amanda says I am upset and feel tortured. You have no idea how it feels to be tortured. McCrae says so you are just giving up. Amanda says I just want her gone, I don’t want to talk about her any more. I don’t know what your attitude is about but it doesn’t help! And you don’t talk to me, you don’t even tell me what is wrong. Which makes me more upset. McCrae says I think you are fine. Amanda asks so what is wrong? McCrae says I don’t know. Amanda says you were making jabs at me. McCrae says you were turning the lights on and off and annoying people. Amanda says that Big Brother was f**king with us so I was f**king with them. Everyone was laughing. The camera’s switch to the kitchen. Judd goes and tells Amanda and McCrae the backyard is open. Amanda asks for a cigarette and takes one she asks if he is coming and he says no. Amanda heads outside. Judd asks McCrae what’s wrong. McCrae says that he is just annoyed. Judd asks with who? McCrae says I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I am just annoyed with Amanda.

1:35pm – 1:50pm Out in the backyard – Amanda, Spencer and McCrae are sitting on the backyard couch talking about Elissa. Amanda says that she can’t stand being in the house with Elissa any more. Her voice is like nails on a chalk board. Amanda wonders if how many balloons were in the house would be a question in a competition. Spencer says a good estimate would be 1000 – 1500. Amanda says f**k I just want to sleep for the rest of this week. McCrae asks Spencer if Judd has made any deals with you? Spencer says no. McCrae says I figure he’s made one with Ginamarie. Amanda says he just made that week to week deal. Spencer says that he is going to wait it out in Gina’s room to talk to her. Amanda asks where is the devil (Elissa)? Spencer says in the back room I think. Amanda heads inside. Spencer tells McCrae that he and Amanda need to get out of their foul a$$ moods. McCrae says that he is just pissed off at Amanda, she is annoying the f**k out of me. Amanda joins them again. They talk about pushing for Judd to go up because this is his second chance. Amanda says I am pushing for Judd and Elissa. Spencer says yeah f**k I think we all are, united front! Amanda says if she puts up Judd and Elissa I will volunteer to go up as the replacement. Spencer says I will volunteer the same thing. Amanda gets called to the diary room. McCrae heads back inside. Spencer talks to Elissa about how Amanda and McCrae are mad at each other. Elissa laughs.


Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV:

BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

CBS Interactive Inc.

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Can’t wait to see their faces and hear their crying when they get nominated. It’s all led up to this moment.

Amandas Vagina

I own you and all others in my domain. Nobody get’s away from my meat curtains of power.


I think McCrea knows he’s going up and who he’s going up with. Amanda is putting up a wall in her mind and that aint good for nobody, especially her, when it comes crashing down.

Best Move

What if Amanda can trick Gina into hitting her? It is possible with Gina personality. Then Gina will be evicted and her nomination would be voided.


Fun Fact: Amanda’s middle name is “Joy”. How’s that for ironic ?

Amandas Vagina

Not ironic at all because when you slide up in me you smile with great JOY!


I think ASSHOLE would be more fitting.

Amanda Asshole Zuckerman

Sounds pretty good.


And how do you think it made ME feel when I found that out? Do you know how MUCH it costs to legally change your name?


Andy is pathetic, pathetic is Andy. So, now he’s Gina Marie’s best friend?! He’s so stale!


I can’t say enough how I am so surprised by GM, she has really improved in a lot of ways in my opinion and I certainly am routing for her now.

My list is:

Judd, Eliss, GM = FINAL 3 PLEASE

I say

Watching the feeds and Amanda is very annoyed with Gina. Gina is not letting Amanda come into HOH to talk game. LOL


Yes Amanda, you are tortured, as are we who are cracking our knuckles and sighing with grief everytime you are safe. I think we were tortured.

Zingbot Fan

Do you think Amanda will blame GinaMarie putting them on the block on Elissa?


I am glad we finally got a BB15 bingo!! I am talking about the square with all the faces near the top of the page. Hopefully we get closer when McCrae is eliminated.

Amandas cootch smells like onions

well well trouble in paradise with the vile couple. I can hardly wait to see the look on Amandas face when her and MC are put up on the block!


They both look like they smell really bad. its really gross.


I agree EB, they both look funky with foul smelling breath and private parts!!! Ewwww!


Amanda is trying way too hard to play the victim, it’s just making her look like a delusional hypocrite.


what do you mean ‘look like’?

she *is* a delusional hypocrite

eli rules

Exactly!! In her delusional mind, GM will nominate Ellissa and Judd. Even as she’s telling Spence and McCrae this, they just nod and let her believe it’s a possibility. Spence knows and McCrae suspects what’s going to happen. McCrae is getting ready to cut her loose and go into self-preservation mode. Finally!

kathie from canada

Funny how she can dish it out for weeks, but everyone is supposed to join in her pity party now that she isn’t the divine ruler of the house. I love it!!!


Can Amanda go like 5 minutes without bringing up Elissa? This is getting ridiculous!


Yep, and if she wanted The Governor and get all aggressive than she should have rode that persona out instead of swinging back and forth into hissy fits. Elissa isn’t even HOH and is barely hanging on herself week to week.


1.- The best thing that could happen now is that Amanda AND McRae are both nominated for eviction
2.- The next best thing that could happen is that neither wins the P.O.V.
3.- And finallt, icing on the cake, would be for Amanda to be voted out unanimously.

(They may have to take her for her interview with Julie in a straight jacket).


I’m with you on #s 1 and 2, but for #3 – I really want McDoNothing to be booted first so that ANoMan will be alone. Then, the double eviction – Andy.


One of the best posts, yet.


I’m thinking the best scenario would be for McCranda to be nominated, everyone vote for McNasty to go, then with the second eviction, put up Rat boy Andy and Amanda, vote out Andy and let Amanda stew for a whole week with NO ONE to be there for her. Put Elissa in Andy’s place in the Exterminators.

helen is still clueless

Cindy I lean toward agreeing. Amanda will be useless and either leave or stay in the bedroom once Mcrae leaves. Elissa wants Amanda gone and I get why. But Andy and Spencer are both planning on acting surprised when Mcranda goes up, then they want Amanda gone so they can work with Mcrae. I hope the others see this.


Helen you are correct, I think that has been Spencer and Andy’s plan, to work with McCrae.


Spencer is going to win BB. Why? He flew under the radar.


My wish:

Amanda and McCrae are put up, McCrae leaves. In the second eviction Thursday Andy leaves.

Then next week Elissa wins HOH and puts Amanda and someone else, and Amanda is evicted.

That would be great!


Lucas, you are a genius and I agree with you wholeheartedly!!! I don’t want McNasty winning either. I’m rooting for Judd, then Elissa, then….nobody, maybe Spencer if I had to pick a third choice….


Cindy, I agree with you. Boot McPussy out this week and them put aMANduh and Andy the Rat up next for the double eviction. It would be AWESOME to see Andy the Rat then go home, but that is wishful thinking.

Amanda's Therapist

Amanda’s “bosom buddy” (AG) may run the show
as an executive producer – BUT… IF her Amanda does not
GO this time around? hmmmm?
If she is voted 5 – 1!!! All players but—McPussy?
Andy the LEECH ….. dunno?? Could be 4 -2 ?
Who cares about the end results? MAKE IT HAPPEN !

(If – Amanda….gets a “pass” again!)


Even more fun that Amanda evicted – MCrae sent to the Jury house to live with Jessie, Amanda in the BB house with evy1 who evicted her stinky man.


I want Amanda gone for all of us, but I think it would be kind of fun watching her lose her mind because McRae is in Jury House with 3 females!


ooops 4


Oh Amanda, Elissa’s not the target, you are.. you silly girl


Ohhhhh the nectar of the karma gods!

Good Grief

HAHAHA! Love it!


Good one, Name, sounds like you’re imitating Amanda ha ha ha


lmaoooo good one

Zingbot Fan

Zing! Good one name!

Elissa's gloppy eye lashes

I hope Elissa gets punched in her smug plastic face before all is said and done. Maybe lose a few hair extensions in the process.


In some of the screenshots posted she actually looks like a mannequin. It’s like the uncanny valley. *shudders*

Amandas Vagina

I’m gonna wrap myself around that plastic noggin and slide up and down it like kids at a birthday party on a wet banana.


You give fat, lonely, cat lovers a bad name.

Elissa's Ass

Grumpy Wumpy awwww KISS ME!!!!!


whatever Amanda’s mom. talk about gloppy-you seen your daughter’s vagina lately?


You have to be a relative. Even McPussy is sick of Amanda’s shit. You better get a grip and try and help your daughter. Perhaps help yourself too. It has to be torture to come on these sites and see the whole world, less people in your family, tell the truth about your daughter. It must be painful. Do yourself a favor and quit reading. She’s made America despise her beyond her game. They despise her. Everything she stands for. By a few extra trashcans for she can be comfortable when she gets home.


Imagine the look on McCranda’s face when they are both nominated together. Wonder if she will just self
Evict after that..


When and if Ameanda and McNasty are put up on the block tonight I believe she will lose it and maybe they will have to put her in a straight-jacket before our eyes. If she’s not put in a jacket I hope she does not go after “Elissa”. We joke but I believe she is sicker than we think and now McNasty finally sees it himself and is probably kicking himself in the butt. I wouldn’t be surprise if she did self evict

If anyone gets hurt “CBS” will be in “BIG TROUBLE”


I hope Amanda does self evict or does something to get removed from the house. Then they can give her jury vote to America. She’s just really uncomfortable to watch…

Amanda's Therapist

laddie* You are so ON THE SPOT… about Amanda and her
crazy wacky spinning completely out of control!! Also feel that the production crew and others on the CBS staff within the BB
house are hopefully not choosing to ignore her outbursts?!?


CBS gives her Meds and beer. Go figure

Amanda the Stupid

Amanda actually thinks her manipulation skills are so great because they have worked on these idiot hg’s , that she can manipulate America into believing that she is being tortured by Elissa who hasn’t said a word to her. This is why Mccrae is so annoyed by her now, Amanda’s acting skills are deplorable. He knows she’s starting to ruin his game. Mccrae has only been married to her for a couple of weeks and already tired of the sex, the nagging and whining,the divorce will be official by Thursday.

spencers mind

What game? McRae has never had a game, he came in as a quirky, kinda likeable super fan with a dream to play BB, and who knows? He might have won, but he let Medusa control him and in the process he became as vile and disgusting as her , it will probably haunt him the rest of his life.


She is on something. Her pupils are always dilated and she is irrational, and agitated. McCrae is going to blow up at her and that will be the end of them. Could you imagine what his parents are thinking? I bet they won’t even talk to her at the finale. I would be thinking don’t you dare date this cracker.

My worry

I’m not trying to be funny or rude but honestly worried when I say that I truly don’t believe she hid behind that trash can to cry, she’s cried plenty of times in public. She had no need to hide to cry. What I do know is that she looked around shady like when she pulled the trash can in front of her, not looking sad, and then sniffed for a while. I’m not sure, but I believed both xanax and adderall can be crushed. I’m not saying for fact that she did, but I certainly think the whole scene was very suspect.


McRanda is heading toward self-destruction! Lovely!


Elissa is only happy when other people are miserable. It’s part of her elitist persona.

Amanda is annoying the shit out me. No wonder McCrea is bugging out. I think it would be best for all if Amanda goes this week, then Elissa. Let the rest fight it out.

Evict McPussy

Please evict McPussy. I want to watch Amanda in that house alone. I don’t care if Elissa has to go in the double elimination. I want to see Amanda all alone. Andy might crawl up her ass, but I don’t believe Spencer, Gee, or Judd will put up with squat. If McPussy is sick of her now, just imagine how sick the others are.

spencers mind

I think Elissa genuinely enjoys seeing other people do well and win prizes, she is obviouy of strong moral fiber, she is resolute and makes courageous moves that the other chicken shits won’t.

Loving It!

” You have no idea how it feels to be tortured ”
Really Amanda? Weren’t you the one who was making personal attacks Elissa and bashing her husband, her children and her face? Go f*ck yourself. Amanda has got to have the WORST spots man ship i have ever seen of Big Brother. She acts like shes Queen B when she’s only won ONE competition and when something doesn’t go her way she cries and hides behind trash cans. I hope that next weeks double eviction will be her walking out with her lap dog following right behind her. None the less, i don’t want Jessie, Candice and Helen having to deal with this gruesome twosome having sex in the jury house all damn day. I hope Julie is as tough on Amanda as she was on Aaryn.

the Truth

This is what happens when an entitled bitch who always gets what’s she wants, suddenly doesn’t. Tries to make everything about HER. fuck this dumb Jew bitch. She’s the way she is from bad parenting…must have been a terror for her parents growing up.

This Season Blows

“fuck this dumb Jew bitch.”

I can’t stand Demanda and abhor her behavior, but the fact that so many people can’t seem to criticize her without saying something like this (and you’re not the only one) makes you no better than her.


I agree with everything you said except calling her a “Jew” that’s little bit “Derogatory” this is what we are trying to get away from, just call her a Bitc? or Butt Hole, we need to stay away from her race?


But “Jew” isn’t a race….and neither is “gay” despite what many will try to tell you these days.


Torture? Waterboarding, now that would be real torture for them.

Could you imagine how disorientating it would be for a Amanda or MC to get a wash?


I would prefer only Amanda goes home and McCrae stay for now only because it would poetic justice for Amanda to be in the jury house surrounded by people who do not like her and she will not have McCrae to run and cry to, Elissa can go after Amanda which would make Amanda’s life more miserable because the girls in the jury house are friends with Elissa and won’t put up with Amanda torturing her, if anything tables will turn. But on the flip side seeing Amanda in the BB house without McCrae would be fun to watch also. Either way she is screwed and will continue to show her true colors no matter where she is at


I’d like mcstench to go first…just so am can spend and a week torturing herself imagining him with Jesse


demanda feels tortured? elissa is the devil?

chick lives in a fantasy land.


Amanda, you’re not being tortured, you’re torturing Elissa and you know that deep down that’s why you keep asking for reassurance from everyone! You’re a dispicable person and everyone else including McCrae is seeing it, b*tch!


unfortunately, whenever she is asking for reassurance, they give it to her. which enables her to keep acting that way.

Amanda's Therapist



I can’t wait to see Amanda flip out after nominations today, glad I got the feeds, hope it doesn’t happen until I’m home from work! Amanda is psychotic, they should be more persistent with her meds. I’ve never seen anybody go from one extreme to the next with her mood swings, I feel bad for what’s coming to Elissa after the noms today, hope everybody opens their damn mouths and sticks up for eachother when Amanda starts her bullying spree again, enough is enough. Yay, it’s going to be an interesting weekend in the house!


No one has stood up to any of the bullying and bad behavior in the house so far, so I doubt it will happen now. They will all sit back and say thank god it’s not me!


Who thinks Andy, Judd and Spencer will vote out Amanda instead of McCrae? They’ve talked without GM about wanting Amanda out. I know they are sitting there telling GM what she wants to hear, but I’m not sure they won’t make a decision to act the other way.

Amandas Vagina

It’s my time of the month and I’m a little cranky.

Amanda's Yeast Infection

We both know she has a dong buddy!!!!!


Amanda would never bully GM because GM has a strong personality and would give it right back to her. Should be interesting.


So Amanda is being tortured?? Why because she is not able to bully GM, and she knows she is going up in the block?? What a big baby… Grow up Amanda you can’t always get what you want


Poor thing, it’s her mind torturing her. Do they have a recovery house for that type of thing?


I’m afraid Am will need m ore than a recovery house. In all seriousness, I think she needs to be on suicide watch. Don’t get me wrong- I detest how she has “played” this game and the kind of person she seems to be –but as much as she is racist, mean, a bully, a manipulator and delusional–I am concerned that when faced with her delusions being exposed, she could snap. Like When/ If she and her bf are both nominated; when/if Mc blames her for messing up his game; When/if she realizes the whole house is against her and she no longer controls anything; when/if MC goes to jury with Jessie, When she gets evicted AND ESPECIALLY WHEN SHE READS THESE POSTS AND REALIZES HOW AMERICA SEES HER. I’m not sure there are many people (esp delusional people) who could read the kinds of things we post here about themselves and not be crushed.
I’m not trying to rain on anybody’s parade her nor am I saying to stop posting what you feel like posting, I am saying I’m only going to post about strategy and who I like AND I am soooo glad they have a shrink on the payroll at the BB House!


Hey, if we could get more of Pandora’s Box and less of Amanda’s box, that would be great. Thanks!


Just to do a “test,” I clicked the thumbs down button on your comment. Immediately, there appeared my 1 thumbs down and 20 thumbs up. What’s up with this?


When you first come on to a thread (or return) and hit an up/down – the votes of people that have voted prior to you joining or rejoining the thread show up.


No idea… but thanks for your support :)


Hey WTF you are right , all the posts do that when you hit thumbs down. Suddenly like 5 or 10 thumbs up pop in too. What a bunch of rigged BS. I don;’t know what’s worse that this site is rigged or BB 15.


Can’t say if BB is rigged – but the technology regarding the thumbs up/down is simple. If you don’t think my explanation is correct ask Simon.


The explanation given for the thumbs up is spot on. Go back to a thread that’s 4 weeks old and you’ll see nothing happens. However, you shouldn’t even have to do that. Are you too delusional? Look at the entie internet, Amanda is percieved as the biggest prima donna bitch in not only the US but the world. If you don’t see it, you’re in for the same “shock” that poor Aa got last night… but, but, but,… I’m from Texas and it was takin’ out of context… Oh you mean like the following three statements you have on tape. Denial only works when there is no proof and the proof be in the fn pudding. She better start getting used to entering and saying, the first thing I would like to say is I know how much of a nasty as racist bitch I am.


Aww Amanda you feel tortured why dont you change places with Elissa and see what it REALLY feels like you fugly egotistical moo cow biatch!



First Kidnapping in Big Brother History! Scumanda kidnaps young male House Guest. Rapes and tortures him and holds him hostage for entire summer.


Amanda is supposed to be a “high end” real estate agent. After this I can’t imagine anyone buying a dog house from her. She is NUTS!!!


She only worked a couple of months for CB Realitor


GinaMarie got 2 HoH win
Spencer wins 10k
McCranda got double evicted Priceless!!!!!!


I would love to see McCranda face that both are on the block and never got used the veto!!!!!!!!!


Hopefully it’s goodbye Amanda

Danity Kane

Is it true that Amanda made a DOR? Too bad they didn’t let her! LMFAO


I am just drooling while impatiently waiting to see Gina Marie knock the socks off McCranda!!! That is just going to make this whole BB15 worth all the BS we’ve had to watch this summer. They have no clue what is coming their way. I’m kind of hoping that McCrea will dump/divorce his BB wife. Now that would be a perfect season in my opinion!!!


Someone made a comment on one of the other sections about Aaryn being from the South and her actions being the norm. I beg to disagree.

I am from the same state that Aaryn is and grew up in a generaton where racism was more prevalent than I “thought” it was today. However, I would never, ever have said these things in private, much less in public and would never have thought about saying the things she said to someone else’s face. My parents, while having some of their own biases I am sure, always taught us to respect other people and when we disagreed with them, to do so based upon their individual actions and NOT because of race, religion, etc.

If I ever heard my children were like this, I would be so disappointed in myself for having raised them that way. Yes peers have a major influence on our children, but that comes later in life. The first 10 years of a child’s life is still very much influenced by their family and what they hear and see in the home.

I do hope that Aaryn comes out of this a different person. According to psychologist, once we have reached a certain age, the only thing that will change the way we act or think is to endure what is called a “single emotional event”. It can change us for the better or worse. I think this will be a “single emotional event” for Aaryn and I hope it will change her for the better. She is a beautiful young lady on the outside and I pray she will learn to be a beautiful young lady on the inside.

As for Amanda…………… I am not so sure. She has real problems. I am truly worried about her state of mind if both she and McRae go on the block. She totally does not see herself as doing anything wrong. I am not trying to be funny or ugly about this. I hope she took her meds and that BB has staff available to help her if she really starts to freak out.

Letting her and the others suffer for ratings is just WRONG. She seriously needs some help.


Aaryn is the one that used her being from the south as an excuse for her behavior. In her eviction speech with Julie Chen, she said: “Being Southern, it is a stereotype and I have said some things that have been taken completely out of context and wrong…”
Chen did a great job, BTW. She confronted her about these “stereotypes.” Most of us know ALL southerners are not like this. It is a select few and it is very unfortunate this “select few” appeared on such a popular television show and shared their very unfortunate opinions with millions of others. No need to defend southerners. We get it.

This Season Blows

I’m pretty sure that’s what she actually meant: that it’s a stereotype that the whole South is racist. Keep in mind there was very limited time to do the interview in, she had just been evicted, and on top of that, was being booed and laughed at by the crowd and eviscerated by Julie in a way that no other houseguest has ever been. Given the circumstances, I think she actually did a pretty good job with her interview and her verbal flubs were understandable.


If she’s ever watched BB and has any awareness she knows that she endured the most harsh eviction in the history of BB. That’s 15 seasons. It should give her time at the jury house to know that she’s in for a rough time when the game is over. She probably won’t be able to project she lost her modeling contract, but she’lll be better prepared for the justice she’s going to have to endure. She was given a gift last night. She can now get ready and not be completely blindsided again. Additionally, I felt like the only thing she was sorry about was the fact she got caught. That’s the only grief I saw.


Is it a ‘verbal flub’ to tell Helen to “go make some rice”.


I can’t argue with anything you have said except that her upbringing was different than yours. You said your parents raised you to respect people and clearly hers did not. Aaryn has stated a few times things her father has said or would say about homosexuals and minorities which clearly illustrates her way of thinking. We learn from our parents and as we get older we learn for ourselves and toss away some of the ideas our parents have filled our heads with. Aaryn learned this bigotry from her family and just got taken to school by the ever classy Julie Chen. This experience will forever be stained on her brain.Maybe the lesson I learned. Maybe not, but we can all agree it was f@$king awesome to watch.

Thanks for the memories Aaryn.


I think Amanda is seriously unstable. She should be taken out of the game before she hurts someone. CBS has been warned, by her recurring behavior that it’s coming, but choose not to eject her. She has repeatedly threatened to kill other houseguests. She is one scary individual.


I think maybe Amanda needs a stronger doseage of her medication or maybe another type that is effective. The meds she takes now if for this condition are not working at all.


Tortured???? Really? Wow, she had no idea what torture is like. She is creating the situation of the house being uncomfortable and unpleasant all by herself. She could easily ignore Elissa and play the game, but instead she chooses to be obnoxious, rude and vile. I don’t like Elissa and thinks she is mean in her own right, but she will walk away from the drama and go talk about the person behind their back. She has fueled the flames, but so has everyone who has to listen to Amanda drone on about Elissa on and on, it’s how Elissa was with Aaryn.


Amanda used the excuse that we should get Elissa out she doesn’t want to be here.
Now Amanda saying she doesn’t want to be there. Hypocrite?

Keri Helen

Oh god I can’t wait to see Amanda lose her SH*T. I’ve got popcorn ready and everything.


Haahaaahaa that is funny Keri!

Roisin Dubh

Good luck with that chick of yours Keychain, she’s some piece of work, She’s a bully, can’t take it when other people are happy and gave you the herp. Elissa is just mind banging her hard and loving every minute of it. She’s figured out how weak Ahandjob is and is just going for the jugular in that passive-aggressive way. Can’t wait to see her face after that feeds come back after the noms. I hope Elissa says Keychian is going to juryhouse with all the other women. She would just explode.

Teri B

Yep, she sees it coming. Time to whinge and moan and pout…..”I wanna go home” WAAAHHH.


For real

Please let the nominations happen soon! Get Amanda out of her misery to complete self-destruction.

Spencer the asskisser

I just f-in hate Spencer. Amanda may be the vile bully but his jabs are not helping. He is always trying to be at everyone’s side it’s jut\st so annoying. I hope he leaves sooooon.


I totally agree with you! He’s like Andy…He’s a RAT


The A man tramp is being tortured. That’s rich.


Amanda says “you have no idea how it feels to be tortured”.

Amanda is literally too delusional to insult. The fact that she thinks she is being tortured by Elissa is almost laughable. Did Elissa take some subtle jabs at her? Absolutely. But Amanda certainly overreacted and is blowing this whole thing out of proportion. And even if Elissa was torturing her (which of course she isn’t), how does that make Amanda any better than Elissa when she was torturing Elissa just a few days ago. She can dish it out but can’t take it. It’s that simple.


Name, Amanda saying that she is tortured by Elissa makes me notice that Amanda really has a problem. She really doesn’t perceive reality well. All Elissa has done is smile and laugh at Amanda because she doesn’t know how to deal with the bullying she has been subjected to. I wouldn’t call that torture. She will probably need medical attention soon. Something is not right with her.


I can just imagine the nomination ceremony and what GM is going to say based upon her last HOH. I nominated you Amanda because your a cockroach bossing everyone around and I hate it. We all hate it and I hope you die. I nominated you Mc because your a p*ssy *ssed loser with no backbone. Back home you would get no respect and we beat wimps like you. Other than that I love you both and hope we have a great competition


That was funny Lurker! Especially the last sentence when she tells them she loves them after everything else is said.

Todd Crane

Amanda has problems, she is not ok p there. I don’t say this joking. To act like that you probably have some type of mental disorder.


So glad to hear that Amanda feels tortured. Now she knows exactly how she made the others feel in the BB house! It will be torture yet again for the Jury members to have to live with her! Can you imagine the reunion between Amanda, Aryan Nation vs. Candice and Jessie? (Helen will probably ”try” to make everybody get along…I liked her in the beginning, but toward the end, I couldn’t stand her). I hope they show the Jury members footage of the evicted HG interviews…It would be nice to see others react to Aaryn’s eviction as well as Amanda’s!!!!


If they both go up I think Mcrabs will be the one to go ballistics. Amanda will be so frustrated she will wail


Amanda has made this the worst season of BB, IMO.

Amanda is an example of the classic abuser – manipulating the environment and everyone around her as Amanda makes everyone her victims by forcing them through the cycle of abuse (tension building, abuse stage, remorse stage) over and over again.

Watching Amanda illustrate the classic abusive relationship is not enjoyable. In fact, it seems as though viewers are feeling hurt and confused by watching Amanda’s abusive behavior – it has to be very difficult and unsafe to be inside the house with Amanda.

Amanda’s hypersensitivity, extreme cruelty towards Elissa (and everyone that Amanda has threatened to kill and/or punish), blaming others for her own mistakes – Amanda’s abuse is unmistakeable – BB Producers have to see that Amanda is an abuser (again – Amanda follows the “classic warning signs of an abuser” perfectly – even illustrating more classic signs of an abuser with force during sex with McCrae).

The classic definition of abusers could easily be psychopaths, pathological liars, and Amanda.

This is scary – and it is unfair to everyone that has been forced to be a victim of Amanda’s abuse this season.

I admire Elissa for handling herself so well with Amanda – I hope that GM has enough confidence and self worth to escape being crushed by Amanda’s violence.

Thank you Simon and Dawg for creating and being the quintessential Big Brother “experience.” Your work brings a great deal of enjoyment to many people!


You described her perfectly! And now she’s playing the victim, because McRae keeps telling her to. Do they not realize we see the feeds and will figure out she’s acting?


I agree totally with what you say about Amanda. She and Mc have made this season pretty disgusting. Being so dirty and leaving their ‘messes’ all over the house I would consider a health issue. I don’t think the $500,000 would be enough to want to stay around their filth.


If only America got to watch as Aaryn and GM where told they lost their jobs and Candice got to be the one to tell them.


Elissa, GM, and Judd need to be a real alliance. I just wish Elissa and Judd didn’t show signs of distrusting one another because they’re both really good people.


Andy is really getting ticked off that he can’t be the Rat he really wants to be. That is twice now (that I have seen) that Elissa has made it known that she doesn’t want him in on the private conversations she is having. He is feeling snubbed because she doesn’t want to pretend that those conversations ARE private. Everyone else in the house would just stop their private conversations while Andy was there or include him. And she lets him know outright that she is excluding him from her plans. You know he’s feeling disrespected by her.

And he STILL runs to the McNasty’s to report when things don’t go his way.


amanda you are not the victim you are the bully you bully elssia that night in it was wrong you wasnt even on the block in you bully her
you did say you sorry but you didnt mean it cause you doing it again you should have play the game with out the bullynest in play with beggin in deals that need to be kept

for you macre you play this game alright but to talk mean to a women like you did to elssia is wrong your fault in this game is protecting amanda
in making fake deals

like dan said lastnight he dont understand why those two is sill in the house they are a showmance thats why i said a while back if dan was there they been going before jury


It definitely ain’t over BB will save their asses. This is just for ratings The golden power of veto is still out there. Watch they’ll get saved. A big build up for a come back

Say it ain't so

Unfortunately, I agree with you.

Johnny C.

I dont think that Amanda will really flip out until after the POV, if they dont win……THEN she will go on a psycopathic rampage and perhaps self evict then.


and uninformed comments.

Are there really people out there who think people are either all bad or all good?



Andy is a rat

I am so sick and tired of hearing those on here refer to Elissa as an elitist, snob and all the other bs names…..Why is she that, because she doesn’t refer to the other females as c****, like others have referred to her as. Because she doesn’t talk disgusting and vile???? Because she has values and morals and doesn’t like being around vile, racist, disgusting, people…..I would rather hang out with Elissa and actually Judd than any of the other garbage in the house…..

This Season Blows

She’s elitist because she brags about her personal wealth, homes, and vacations to an inappropriate degree, because she decided from minute one that everyone was “sooooo disgustingggg” without ever giving them a chance, and because she feels entitled to winning and getting her way all the time because she’s Rachel’s sister. On top of that, she’s a hypocrite and one of the biggest shit-stirrers in the house – she just does it behind everyone’s backs.

Just because other houseguests are rude and vile doesn’t mean Elissa is the pure, perfect saint she’s portrayed to be on the CBS edit. She’s honestly one of the least likeable people this season, and that’s pretty sad.


hey BuffaloBullshit-cat got your tongue? The best is yet to come btw.


Yeah BuffaloBill is ain’t no talk. He has no life and making a fool of himself. He thinks that he went to Vegas. He probably went online and betting on that website so he will lose like always.


Spencer walks from the bedroom where he was laying on the bed, to the staircase and he’s out of breath.

He needs Eliss-ercise.


Oh, Amanda, please. That girl is a special kind of schizophrenic pyschopath. If she’s a victim at all, she’s a victim to her own ridiculousness. I think the best case scenario would be to send McCrae to the jury house – that way, Amanda would basically curl up in a ball and give up. She would have no one on her side and she’d be easy to take down. Plus, she’d constantly be spazzing out about McCrae being in the jury house with all the ladies, especially Jessie who she was VERY jealous of!

And I love how she keeps saying she’s sick of hearing and talking about Elissa, and yet, she can’t seem to curb her obsession with Elissa. She can’t stop bringing her up, talking about her and tormenting her every chance she gets. Hard to believe this is a grown woman!

Cheryl L.

Amanda tortured?….she must not know the meaning of the word…ha, ha……I do hope that production is ready to step in….as vile as Amanda has been towards Elissa….when Amanda and McCrae go up together, I am afraid for Elissa….Amanda is not an emotionally stable young woman….she has been awful to Elissa and that is without being up on the block…..not a fan of Elissa but absolutely no one has deserved what Amanda has been doing to her!!!!


I am new to posting on this site, sorry I think I have left a couple replies in the wrong place. The updates on this site are really good and there is a lot of good feedback from posters. I was thinking, I can’t believe I am going to say this because GM was never a favorite of mine, but I think that if she goes through with it and nominates Mc and Am she deserves America’s favorite for being the first person to put them up together. Oh the wrath that girl may take from the both of them and she knows it is coming and will do it anyway. No other move before or after will be as big or come with the consequences of living in the house with both of them for one week and also knowing one will be left behind. That takes guts!