Big Brother 15 SPOILER – SURPRISE COMPETITION – Spencer WON $10,000!

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used POV Ceremony Sep 1st
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Sept 5th
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, Jessiem, Helen, Aaryn
Have Nots

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10:40am – 12:25pm The live feeds switch to TRIVIA. When the feeds return – There are popped balloons and confetti everywhere! Amanda says that was her childhood dream to have a room full of balloons. Andy comments to Ginamarie that he didn’t find any. Spencer wonders why they have to do the clean up. They house guest comment about having to pop the balloons to find a token for a certain amount of money. Ginamarie says that if she had won she would have ended up buying Freddie the new truck he wanted. Gina says she wishes there had been 3 – $5000 prizes instead for more people to to win it. Elissa says that was super fun! Spencer says when they were told the rules he wanted to bite his nail so that it was sharp to pop the balloons better. Amanda says that she can’t believe all of them were in one spot and not spread out more. In the kitchen there is a post with a button on the top of it to press when they had it.Judd says confetti what the hell!? We are going to be finding it for the rest of the season! Elissa says Spencer got a trip now and $10,000, that’s good! Amanda says I can’t believe they are making us clean this up! This is going to to take all frigging day! Judd says Thank you Big Brother. Spencer laughs at how Judd is being sarcastic. Amanda says that Spencer no matter what you have won, you got a trip and $10,000. Spencer says that he has made out good on Ginamarie’s reigns. (He won the trip during Gina’s last HOH) Amanda says yeah you have. They find more balloons in the shower and one has a chip in it. They pop it and it was just a zero. They had to find a “1”, a “0” and a “k” to spell out 10K. Spencer tells McCrae I feel like I will definitely go up now (Get nominated by Ginamarie because he won the $10,000) Amanda asks McCrae what did he say. McCrae tells her. Amanda tells McCrae that he needs to talk to Ginamarie today. McCrae says yeah.


CBS Interactive Inc.

12:30pm – 12:40pm Judd comments don’t worry Andy we got this. (Andy isn’t really helping clean up) They all complain about their back hurting from sweeping and cleaning up. Judd says I think they did this to get us to clean the house after Julie Chen’s comment about how messy the house is. They talk about how there was only one “K”, two “1”’s and three “0”’s. McCrae jokes that he found two diamond power of vetos. Judd comments how he needs his suit cleaned now he has been sweating so much. Gina comments how all the prizes and money have been during her HOH’s and POV. Judd says lets start calling her luxurious.

In the storage room Andy comments that if he couldn’t have won it he wanted Spencer to win it. Andy says I would have killed myself if Elissa had won it. Spencer says she would have said you can’t buy anything with $10,000. Spencer says she said last night that her (Elissa) hockey rink seats 5,000 people. Andy says that he is scared to win VETO because Amanda and McCrae will want him to use it. Andy says but Ginamarie and Judd will be mad if I don’t fight for it. They talk abotu how they both still want Amanda out over McCrae because they think he is more controllable. Spencer and Andy talk about waiting after the nominations to come up with a plan.


In the kitchen – Elissa looks at Ginamarie’s toe. They wonder if she broke it. Elissa says she probably didn’t break it if she isn’t in extreme pain. You probably just sprained it.


12:50pm – 12:55pm In the bathroom – Amanda asks McCrae so you’re not going to talk to her?? McCrae says I am going to talk to her! Amanda says well I am going to sleep and it would be nice if you talked to her because it would really help me out. McCrae says again in an annoyed voice I am going to talk to her. Amanda rolls over to go to sleep.


Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV:

BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

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McCranda………Where is all talk? That’s right, GinaMarie will screw you regardless!!!!!!!


I can’t believe Andy is saying that he doesn’t want to win VETO because Amanda & MC will ask for it. does this idiot not understand how important is to win the VETO. if you don’t win the VETO there’s a possibility that you may go up on the block. if anyone at this point of the game ask you to use the VETO, just tell them F NO, especially if it’s Amanda & MC who are the main targets this week.

Danity Kane

I’m pissed because there are so many superfans that would DIE to be on Big Brother, and Andy is such a useless waste of space on the show. I wish they didn’t give him the spot.. he won’t make a big move, and he floats each week. He needs to be evicted. Like honestly- if you’re going to be on Big Brother, you HAVE to make big moves if you want to be a real player. If you want to be a boring Enzo, continue doing what you’re doing, Andy. Enjoy 3rd place.


You are soooo on point!!! I think it’s hilarious that he was pissed at he Zingbot saying he was a floater!! He doesn’t think he is a floater. Really.???? Do these people really have any idea of what they look like in this game!!!! Smh.


They have zero self awareness especially Amanda, McCrae, Andy, and Elissa… I pick Elissa to win over all of them to win, but you can tell she is new money. You don’t go around talking about having this and that.. I love Elissa and how she has morals but she has no social skills. She acts as if she’s had money all her life. It’s really sad how she doesn’t know to just shut up. That’s the only thing that keeps me from liking her completely… Let me make it clear I don’t care if people have money. I want them to. But anyone that has a lot of money knows not to talk about it if you had if for any period of time. You only end up getting hit up by everyone you know. It’s a pain in the ass. Easier to just avoid those conversations.

Floating = Winning in BB

Andy is playing all sides and Floating which is by far the optimal way to get far in BB as much as you all hate it–winning comps non stop is a loser’s way to play BB–just ask Janelle or Frank. His strategy is flawless get to Final 4–win a key comp or two and you win the game because he is so well liked. There is nobody in the house in a safer position than him–he’s harmless, liked by everyone, and has deals with everyone. He’s playing a fantastic yet terribly boring for tv game.

Big game move

And taking out Helen wasn’t a big move, Danity? I know you haters are obsessed about Amanda, but for the umpteenth time, Andy is in an alliance (2AM). He will do whatever to protect that alliance, just as apparently GM and duck lips will to protect theirs, Judd and Spencer theirs, etc. Other than Amanda nobody remaining deserves to win the $500k. I get you and Elissa’s other relatives hate Amanda and want her out for personal reasons but don’t shit on Andy for a) liking McCranda, and b) doing what he feels is best for his game. He may be a rat to the others but he is a loyal alliance member to McCranda.


andy is a weak little boy who doesnt want to get caught up in his lies . Well they are going to find out when he votes one of them out .

Real Scandals Phony President

Andy is such a floater. I’m sure he will start the water works when he finally gets voted out. Hopefully it will be soon.

connie chung

LOL if andy wins the game, i think i’ll die. he will be the biggest floater to ever win the game and rachel should be the one to hand over the cheque. she’ll prob rip it in his face. he’ll be like sandra in survivor.

Big game move

Hello? Other than Amanda, EVERYBODY is a floater at this point. Helen and Aaryn were the only two others who played and unfortunately they got voted out. If and when Amanda goes I won’t watch BB any more because none of these worthless pieces of crap deserve to win. Especially the blog favorite Elissa. How disgusting.


I hope Amanda gets the POV. Then she can see she has no power. McRae will be with the women she hates.She will go batshit. McraE will be pi–ed at her for starting all that shi- with Elissa & getting targets on them. Amanda will be in the house all by herself.That would be entertaining

Elissa for the Win

If damanda wins POV and takes herself off the block, mcpussy will still be on the block and GM has to make a replacement nom. If GM puts up Elissa (the only one not in the Exterminators alliance), then Spencer, Judd, Andy and damanda can/would vote out Elissa! Or they would vote 2 for Elissa and 2 for mcpussy to go. Then GM would have to break the tie. Hopefully, she’ll stick to the plan to break up damanda and mcpussy! IMO, I think the guys and damanda would vote out Elissa and then GM’s HoH would be wasted. Production please warn GM before this happens!!!!!!!!


GM did a total 180 – starting to love her!


Go McNasty you have your orders.


It makes me mad how horrible Spencer n Andy talk about Elissa…especially since she has been respectful n kind to them. She was truly happy for Spencer Creeper Spencer just threw Elissa under the bus calling her a fucking crazy bitch to a amanda. Rat Coward Andy is horrible too. I hope GM figures out was a RAT Andy is and Spencer will float wherever…the pig. They are so jealous that Elissa has a good life. BB has nothing to do with your financial status..I guess they would feel the same about Dr Will n Boogie. They are all spitfull envious disgusting people. Hurry up nominations! All hell will break loose. Coward Andy will be hiding in his Rat Hole.


The funny thing is that elissa defended Spencer to judd when judd got back in the house and wanted spencer out…. but as we say in our country spit in the air and it lands in your face. Tht pedi would get what he deserves


HaHaHa… that would of been a fun comp to participate in! :)


Not to be annoying but I see people make this same mistake over and over on numerous sites and its starting to bug me a little lol. It’s not “would of”. It’s “would have” (or “would’ve”). Same thing goes for could have (NOT “could of”) and should have (NOT “should of”)


Is it shut the F-up, or shut the fu*K up, or STFU, it’s really tarting to annoy me…


you should of shut up dumbass

Bullying Bitch

LMAO best response ever.


@ Gomerspile LMAO ha ha ha,

For hire: Hit-woman to wack grammar Nazis

No, it’s actually PLEASE shut the fuck up,and THEN lol in lower case! I’m so sure, don’t you know ANYTHING? :)


Aw, C’mon. This is such a fun blog and I hope it’s not spoiled by correcting the writing of others. I think we can all figure out what someone’s saying and this isn’t an English class, after all. Let’s lighten up and just be thankful we have other Big Brother fans who comment on these pages.

For hire: Hit-woman to wack grammar Nazis

Cumba-freakin’-Yah, Lord; Cumba-freakin’-Yah.


Tart off, lol


Spencer will be able to upgrade his blow up Marilyn doll to a solid silicone Marilyn doll ! Lucky guy, Congrats!

spencers mind

Yeah, he can get a vinyl life size doll that looks exactly like a real woman that you can position anyway you want, they, mine cost 5000 dollars….oops TMI

Amanda's Therapist

A* hmmm!! WHY NOT B? OR C! OR D! OR E! OR F! etc etc


….and you call yourself a therapist!

For hire: Hit-woman to wack grammar Nazis

Stop fucking screaming, Dr. Nick…Thanks everybody!

My two cents

Umm, we are not in English class!!!!!

Brown Fat

What an asshole!!!


Oh yes Rooster! I’m so happy The NASTY due didn’t win anything.
Andy needs to go. He is clearly playing both sides. He wants to be good with amanda and MCG because he knows they will vote for him
in the final. Hopefully Elisa wins HOH next week and take him out.

I can’t wait for Thursday, bye bye MCpu$$y and nastymanda


Ooops “the nasty duo” :/

Brown Fat

no worries, theres an english prof a few comments above you who will correct all your fuck ups…

Jim 64

Way to go spencer enjoy the 10 k

Chilltown, Dans Mist, Brigade, we miss you

WOW Julie you say surprise comp and all of our heats start to race for what? A lux comp??!!!!

In previous seasons we are never told surprise comp is a luxury but is this season come to the point where they have to stretch the truth to keep us interested.

So disappointed LOL !!!!!!!

Next week will be fun when possibly both Amanda and McCray are out but nobody really has a great personality or strategy to keep the fun rolling..

I mean guys once McCranda leaves we really get back to how vile GM and Spencer are
annoying Elissa and Andy are
sudden boredom of Judd

I actually wish this season would of had the first group of people evicted lasted longer than who is left.
I mean I personally loved Nick, Jeremy was not as bad as portrayed, Howard, David was so oblivious it was hysterical, Kaitlyn was hot, Candace and Jessie were aright as well.


hope they clean up the rest of the house while they are at it. hope someone calls out rat bastard andy too for not helping

OH Brother

Should be called the Oh Brother Show. They’re all sore from sweeping cause they’re all out of shape sitting around every day!!!!

what the fuck

Wow! That lucky bastard! he got the most out this house without actually winning BB. A trip and 10k. Congrats

Spencer wallet

Yay .. Now I can pay my 10k on the taxes I need to spend to accprt my trip to the Bahamas !!! Personally I would ditch the trip and keep the 10k which will end up closer to 5k after taxes … Yay government

In the know

I love how now that amanda strategy is exposed to all of the houseguests that her wheeling and dealing is seen nothing but comical .. She has to be a dunce not to realize the jig is up and she needs to make new alliances and stop with her old strategy .. Does she forget that one of her alliance left ?? Amanda wake up and stop pity partying ! This season is finally getting more interesting to read about :)


Without winning anything in fact, unless I’m forgetting something. No HOH, no Veto…A trip, $10K and his stipend. That probably totals a year’s salary for him….BB has been very good to Spencer.


Spencer has won one veto it was the one where they traveled back in time


Spencer has won one veto it was the one where they traveled back in time


He’s going to need it because he probably doesn’t have a job or a girlfriend.


He will still have his goat


Not even close to a years salary…


McCranda…….you think Elissa is going up. How stupid are you? GinaMarie will screw you both and make sure the nomination stays the same.


I wish they would make Amanda clean the entire mess up by herself since she never cleans anything – including herself! But then again, she probably wouldn’t know how and would just cry …

Amanda's Therapist

kate* Amanda is SO bad in her playing a victim
and her fake “act” of crying!! Boo fu~kin – Boo hoo!!
You would think a theatrical and drama major
would be capable of faking tears at least?!?
She is doing a “bang-up” job
of faking as a human being!!


Yeah, too bad she can’t channel some of the tears I should be crying for wasting my time paying attention to her disgusting behavior.


Spencer was walking around the house when he sees Amanda with her big breasts. Spence says to her, “Hey, Amanda, would you let me bite your breasts for $100?” “Are you nuts?” Amanda replies and walks away.

Spencer turns around, runs after and gets to the kitchen before she does. “Would you let me bite your breasts for $1,000?” he asks again. “Listen, Spencer I’m not that kind of woman. Got it?”

So the Spencer runs around following Amanda and faces her again. “Would you let me bite your breasts… just once for $10,000?” And you know I have the money because I just won it. So Amanda thinks about this for a while and says, “Hmmmmm, $10,000?” She thinks a bit “OK, but just once, and not here. Let’s go to the bathroom.”

So they go to the bathroom and she takes off… her blouse to reveal the most perfect breasts in the world. As soon as Spencer sees them, he jumps on them and starts caressing them, fondling them, kissing them, burying his face in them… but not biting them. Finally, the Amanda gets all annoyed and says, “Are you gonna bite them or what?” “Nah,” Spencer replies. “Costs too much!”


WA WA WA LOL I could see both Spencer and the slut Amanda doing this


Don’t spend one cent on that slut Amanda. Congrats Spencer


Loved it. LOL LOL

BB Fan

Lurker, You made my day, AGAIN!

Twerk Miley Twerk

Glad that it wasn’t Amanda who won the $10,000. I would have been fine with McCrae but NOT Amanda.


Complaining about cleaning up? OMG!

Now Spencer can buy all of his s#xual fantasies with the $10,000.

Amanda's Therapist

!!!! DREAM !!!!

OH Brother

What a good way to force them to clean. ha ha ha


“Amanda says that was her childhood dream to have a room full of balloons.”

Thought she’s be excited, seeing a room full of “rubbers”, but they’re usually the used kind..

OH Brother

Andy and Spencer, shut your perverted mouths! Hope they go soon.


Only a gross scumbag can win a trip and 10 grand in this game. Spencer makes me want to puke!

Clownie is alive

Congrats Spencer. The $10k and the trip you won are earned. Now get Stinky (McCrae) and More Stinky (Onion Crotch) out of the house.


well. you know what that means. now spencer doesn’t deserve to win because he has money in the bank. he might as well just evict himself. I can’t wait to hear people start that BS. he doesn’t deserve it because he is a lousy player, not because he won 10k, but its a great way to keep Amanda off their back til the noms

I feel like someone is going to have to defend gina marie, I bet this is when elisa will snap back at Amanda BIG TIME.


This probably has to do with Pandora’s box. A good thing happened to the house so a bad thing must have happened to GM or is going to happen soon.

amanda's under-wear

yeah Spencer!!! wear a chicken suit win 10k–pretty damn cool!!! and I would clean up the mess too—jeeze bunch a whiners demanda—sorry you could not bring your maids to clean. geese clean up or shut up.


So with stipend and prizes,Spencer is a right around 30k for the summer I would nom. For that reason alone.


Meant to say I would nominate Spencer for that reason alone


Andy and Spencer plan to throw POV so they won’t get in trouble w/ Amanda…………………..these guys are the biggest wimps I have ever seen.


Don’t they know you should NEVER throw a competition in this manner? Andy has previously done this and it was noticed by the other HG’s. I’m not sure if Spencer truly intends to throw it….he may just be agreeing with Andy. I hope Andy does throw it. That it is noticed by everyone else – or Spencer tells, and Andy goes up with the remaining McCranda member in the second eviction or as the replacement nom if Amanda or McCrae win veto!


Rat boy should stand up with Amanda, just like Elissa did!!!!!


I just hope if One of the gruesome twosome gets the veto she puts up the rat she seems to be getting close to him ,He would put her up he’s only with her cause she HoH


And she should say to him, ” Should have tried harder Andy”.


You took the words right out of my mouth….wimps!! Oh, what happened to the DR threat that you were now going after McCranda, Andy?? All talk!!! I hope Spencer and Andy do not some now make the final 2.

My name is name

Spencer should clean up since he won the money. I hoped Gina Marie or Judd had won the money.


Good to hear GM’s HOH didn’t get screwed up with a power.. YET


Hey Everyone!!! Please reply & Thumbs up that @BuffaloBill is totally a liar!!! Explain why @BuffaloBill using a site for gamble?

The Black Fish

Glad the ‘surprise competition’ was a fun luxury one in lieu of some stupid DPOV/MVP competition which would have been given to mcnasty.


Looking at this final seven, thinking that two of these people will win 500/50k is sad because personally I can’t respect any of their gameplay. Dr. Will, BB3 Danielle, and Dan are a few people that played hard and sneaky, but it was fun as hell to watch. Tbh, even this season’s original cast of 16 didn’t have any standout personality.

A really strange feeling season the whole way through.


Yeah. It’s been like watching a freak experiment. Or being stuck in a recurring nightmare. But I have to hand it to Elissa, JUDD and GM. They have salvaged a very sad season. Hope they go to the final 3 together. They are the best that we have.


Can’t stand the showmance any longer. He whines like a baby. And she coddles him like she’s his mommy. Touching him, pushing his hair back, rubbing.
She bugs him to tell everything that is on his mind. And acts like a teenager “nothin” “NOTHINGGG”

Had enough. This is the weirdest relationship i have ever witnessed. And I want to erase it from my mind.


That is so hilarious. I laughed out loud reading your comment.


I can’t wait for the double eviction. Get McPussy out then his evil brother aMANduh.


I have gained soooooo much respect for GM over the past two weeks.




a) GM is smart enough to nominate Amanda AND McCrae, right?

b) I missed you guys.

Clownie is alive

WTF Amanda? “I can’t believe they are making us clean this up.”. Buffalo Bill, she is not your Jewish Queen. She is the BB House’s Jewish American Princess. Who (in your feeble mind) SHOULD be cleaning it up? Do you think “The Stupid Clown” should be cleaning it up for you?

I looked up LAZY in the dictionary, and your picture was right there!!!!!



I know right!!!!! BuffaloBill is such a douche!!!


Andy is still a floater. Floats over to any new alliance, still doesn’t want to win veto so he doesn’t ruffle Amanda and McPussys feathers.


Can’t wait for today’s nomination ceremony and tomorrow’s POV competition! I want it to be official that Amanda and McCrae are on the block and nobody is going to take them off no matter how much they beg and lie! We all know they both deserve to be there, especially Amanda the giant bully!

derick alaska

I can’t wait to see Amanda’s face after the POV ceremony!!!!!!


In that last picture it looks as though Amanda is giving McCrae an enema. They are such trash, not a big fan of Elissa, but she is not a bully and not disgusting trash. I would call Amanda satan, but that would offend satan. I am not sure if I want Amanda gone first or McCrae, too me they are both like pigpen and have a stank cloud around them. I would love to see all the girls in the jury house go off on Amanda for once.


Maybe she’s surgically giving him back his balls? She’s had them the entire summer, only using them when she needs a bed stained.

aMANduh's bulge

Getting my popcorn ready for today’s nomination….. the look on the snank aMANduh’s face will be priceless. GM’s speech will go somewhat like this….. “I puts yous up McRrea cuz lz want to see youz win the Veto…. as for youz bitch, youz just vile nasty skank, and yous bully my girl… No hard feelings, I loves yous both.”

aMANduh will torment Elissa 24/7 in-between molesting her pizza boy and chaining smokes.


American can easily forgive and forget just because Gm is putting up the crazy mcpussies and you all are happy please don’t forget she was just as racist as the other mean girls.


I haven’t forgotten, but right now, GM’s the lesser of the evils in that house.


I don’t think people are forgiving and forgetting GM’s remarks but in the context of the game, whom should we be cheering on? We do not have many likeable options this year. I do not in any way condone GM’s previous remarks but, I do not believe GM has had many advantages in her life — and that is NOT an excuse for her behaviour. Where Aaryn comes from money, she tends to have a sense of self-entitlement. I believe GM has been brought up in something much less than luxury and has had to fight for every opportunity. I don’t think she has had a great deal of affection and thus her obsession with Nick. I believe that when GM is your friend, she will stay true to you and watch your back. I think she has many redeeming qualities and given the opportunity, can turn her life around. I would love to see someone take her under their wing after the show and give her some much needed guidance and moral support. Just my 2 pence worth.

Danity Kane

I don’t think they would do a competition for $10,000 that has nothing to do with the game. Perhaps there was a power that someone found, or there was a Pandora’s Box… hmmmm. Ideas?

This Season Blows

“I don’t think they would do a competition for $10,000 that has nothing to do with the game.”

They do prize competitions nearly every year. Sometimes it’s dinner, sometimes the winners get to watch a movie that isn’t out yet, sometimes it’s a shopping spree for clothes, etc. Doesn’t necessarily have to be from a Pandora’s Box.

My name is name

Andy the Rat didn’t help with the cleaning as well as McCrae and Amanda. It doesn’t surprise me. Those three and Spencer are the worst.


I love GM so much this week


McCrae should of dumped Amanda a long time ago! She really took his game down. I liked McCrae at first. I thought he was a weird guy but likable. Now he is getting just as foul mouthed as she is. I bet he will dump her as soon as BB is over.


Not sure if Amanda created the monster McCrae, or just helped bring out his real personality, but at first I liked him too, but now he is pathetic and just as disgusting as she is.


More like she will be dumping him if he doesn’t win, he can’t afford her 200k a year lifestyle, she was just using him for more chance to be able to get the money, because she’s a ho who’s currently living good becasue of her families’ business.


Last night, she was talking about how she’s been waiting tables since she was 19–“all the way up to a year and a half or a year ago”. Guess I never realized that high-end real estate agents supplemented their income this way. With this work ethic, McCrae has nothing to worry about!


I bet MC’s family will have an intervention.


Meanwhile back at the jury house Helen is jumping up and down trying to get the HG’s attention. She wants to advise GM to not nominate Amanda and McCrae as this is not the time to vote out Amanda. Helen also says you are all great players I love you…P.S This is not time to vote out Amanda.
Andy replies I go this I will squash it.. now where is my cheese.


Has anyone else noticed the few times McCrae has been in an upright or erect position he still looks like a rag doll.


Lazy asses whining about having to clean up after the Comp and Andy, Red Weasel Rat Bastard not helping out in the clean up effort.
Red Weasel Rat Bastard said last night that when he was on Slop, Helen cooked all of his food for him and he never had to fix any of his Slop meals. And Aryan complained while she was HOH how Andy was constantly raiding the goodies from her HOH Basket. And last week during Elissa’s HOH, Red Weasel Rat Bastard said he’s been going up to her HOH room and stealing three of her candy bars without her knowledge. And I’ve noticed since day 1 how Red Weasel Rat Bastard guzzled the chocolate milk from the storage room, not even bringing it to the kitchen for the other HGs. And always asking about when the Luxury Comp was going to arrive and how is he being ‘portrayed’ in the BB House. Andy – you are not being ‘portrayed’ – you ARE a Red Weasel Rat Bastard.

Now that the HGs have lost their Baker (Aryan) and their Cook (Helen), the guys are wandering around hungry wondering ‘what’s to eat?’ You could tell last night they were all hungry but too lazy to get off their lazy asses to do anything about it. The only one left in the house who really cooks is Elissa and once she’s out, they are all going to starve!

What a bunch of pathetic people.

Real Scandals Phony President

Andy has an advantage since he can just eat out of the dumpster like all his fellow rats.

Andy is a rat

Andy the rat faced weasel is always saying he is going to kill himself if someone does something he doesn’t like…….well Andy you rat faced weasel instead of making idle threats do it already…….I can’t stand that rat faced weasel……

Amanda is a skunk

I don’t know why Amanda is asking McCrae about what’s wrong. What is wrong is that McCrap the pig is tired of putting up with Demanda the skunk. After the game is over, he’s going to take the first flight out to Minnessota.

This Season Blows

So much for that “rigged for Demanda” theory. If it really was rigged for her, they wouldn’t have wasted this opportunity to hand her a Coup d’Etat or DPOV.


They still have time…. wait til after the nominations, and they end up losing in the POV.


They will after her and McCrae have their “big fight”. Amanda will get saved from the block.


GM said she’s not trying to start rumors or anything, but Elissa told her she was pregnant before she ever came on the show………………….why would Gina say this to Amanda? I hope she isn’t flipping on Ellisa.


Nobody cares about a luxury comp. We want the nominations to happen!!!! At least Spencer won something this season. Let him have his moment cause it might be the only one he gets.

I am already wanting next season to start, I feel like we did not get the Big Brother we have all come to know and love. So, I feel like we have been cheated this year. I bet next year more people are going to watch what they say and do on the show because of all the controversy we had this year. So, just maybe we will get back to actual game play in the Big Brother house. Keeping my fingers crossed.


Poor little Amanda, is really losing it. She is upset that people are not ignoring Elissa. And poor little McPussy is getting the brunt of her BS.