ELISSA Coaches Aaryn to say in interviews that she was encouraged to say the things she said by Amanda.

POV Holder: AMANDA Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 26th
HOH Winner: Elissa Next HOH: Aug 29th
Original Nominations: Aaryn and McCrae
Current Nominations: Aaryn and Andy
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, Jessie. Helen
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10am – 10:20am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return – Ginamarie is laying on the living room floor. Elissa is helping her because she has back pain. Elissa does some chiropractic stretches. Gina says thank you. I don’t know what I did to my back. Gina says she is going to go lay down. They head into the kitchen and talk about the morning wake up music. Elissa says I can’t believe it’s Thursday! I guess I should start bringing my stuff back down stairs. Aaryn comments that she just heard someone throw up in the bathroom. Gina then comes walking out of the bathroom. Aaryn asks her if she okay. Gina says yeah.


10:33am – 11:10am In the kitchen – Elissa tells Aaryn that if you do get, go home today you need to make sure you tell in your interviews that you were encouraged to say the things that you did by Amanda. And make sure that you have people know that you don’t usually hang out with people like that and that you thought that just because she had allegiance to people in that house that you like felt manipulated by her. And she would encourage you like when you were awake she she would encourage you. Aaryn says yeah. You have this girl that obviously has a lot of life experiences and you have me who just came straight from school and you got manipulated. Aayrn says yeah. Elissa says ya know!? Elissa heads up to the HOH room. Andy is using the HOH shower. When he finished Elissa talks to him. Elissa tells Andy in the bathroom about her conversation with Aayrn and how she told her what she needs to say in interviews. She is going ot get blamed for the things she said. Everything she said was encouraged by Amanda. Andy listens to her cd and then heads downstairs to shave.



11:25am – 11:50am Elissa does yoga in the HOH. Big Brother then calls all the house guests up to the HOH room for the HOH room lock down. The live feeds then switch to trivia…

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295 thoughts on “ELISSA Coaches Aaryn to say in interviews that she was encouraged to say the things she said by Amanda.

  1. What a liar Elissa is. Aaryn didnt need any coaching for any of the stuff she said early on.

    Elissa is the worst kind of shit stirrer. She might not cuss and is an ultra conservative prude, but she is quite evil. they kind of evil that marries an old guy for his money and wipes him out in the divorce by lying through her teeth.

      1. For doing exactly what Amanda did in the beginning? The scene they showed on TV? The one where Aaryn said it was other people’s problem for being so sensitive?

      2. While some of the material on here is topical and clever, there are far too many idiots with half a brain posting racist material. As a man of Asian descent, some of these “jokes” offend me long time.

      1. She also wasn’t there when Candice called Spencer a hillbilly, called Aaryn a redneck, called GM white trash, said Spencer better never talk to her as long as his white ass points down, and went around the first few weeks telling everyone that she has a white side and a black side (which is why Kaitlyn said “the black side’s coming out?”) So I’d just blame it on her and people’s racist double standards.

          1. Simon, do they usually ask “HG” to the “HOH” room this early before live evictions? What’s up with that? Or do you think they could be preparing for “Pandora’s Box or Golden Veto”? Thanks

            1. I think it might not live tonight because Aaryn is coming out and they are concerned about the audience reactions. Apparently, they did the same thing for Howard’s eviction, filled the audience with CBS employees and taped it earlier.

        1. I’m not taking up for Aaryn…at all…merely repeating what I believe I heard from Candice moments after the mattress flip, which could have ignited the entire racial argument. Tell me if any of you heard this too……. Candice: ” I’ll show you what I’ll do wi chu if you wanna see that side of me” ! ……Aaryn ( neck rolling as mimmicking Candice): ” Wha chu gon do, gurl…..”? So……as bad as it is….sounded to me like Aaryn was responding to Candice’s prior comment/ semi threat. BUT…..it was still an extremely rude/ racist comeback on her part.

          1. Candice started that fight, but she’s black so that’s OK – she gets special privileges and the little blonde girl from Texas is the bad one.

            1. Aaryn flipped over Candice’s mattress, threw her pillows off the bed, and told her she had crabs. But yeah Candice totally started that fight…..

        2. Not condoning the things candice has said, but I do want to say this.

          There is a little bit of a double standard. HillBilly shouldint be used, white trash isnt that bad comparing it to the things gm and aryn have said because GM is white and she is also trash.

          Candice being racist is unlikely in my opinion . Aaryn and GM being racist is a FACT. After all those things they have said there is no oubtg in anyones mind.
          Candice has a white mom, it doesint make sense for her to be racist to her own race. Aaryn could probably pass for ignorance but GM is 33 years old, and a scumbag at that.


          1. 1. I agee….the mean girls were horrid. 2. I was referring to the “….wha chu gon do….” explosive argument. 3. Quit screaming. 4. It’s..further…not farther.

        4. BBK, obviously, you weren’t there for Amanda and Aaryn’s trash talk, were you?.

          p.s. whatever Candice said is nothing compared to what Demanda and Aaryn said!
          so shut up! -_-

        5. If you continue to beat a dog he will eventually bite you. Candice made comments after being bullied over and over, she is not racist. But good try. A person could only take so much and say things out of anger, “NOT HATE” but anger, hurt and pain.

      2. but she did say candice can only win a beauty pageant in Africa, that is what we call jealousy, it still amazes me how amanda can get her eyebrows to wrap around her head

        1. We know that everything that come out of or into Amanda’s mouth is whorable….this cast of nutjobs wouldn’t know class if it crawled up into their vag and festered for 90 days!!!!!

      3. So what’s wrong with saying fucking gorillas now? Some anti-cruelty to animals agency has a problem with it? Or is it still just the same bored imbeciles looking for something and someone to hate on again? Soon we won’t be able to say the word pencil, because some tree-hugging organization will have a problem with it.

        To all you bored imbeciles constantly looking for something new to point your finger at and call ‘racist’: FUCK YOU

        1. Trying to sugar coat racism is not cute. If it needs to be explained then obviously you are as immature as they are. No one finds ignorance very interesting or amusing. And before you intelligently say “fuck you”, I will say once again, ignorance is not interesting or amusing.

    1. Elissa is trying to help Aaryn because she knows Aaryn is going to catch a lot of flack for the things she has done and said in the house. She’s giving her the advice that any mother would give to her own child. We all know that Amanda did a lot of manipulation on most of the houseguests, but ultimately, they allowed themselves to be manipulated by her. Elissa is just trying to help Aaryn deal with a very sticky situation. Go Elissa!!!

      1. Aaryns very WORST comments were made in the first 3 weeks, way before she started hanging with Amanda.
        Elissa knows this. It is way fucked up to be advising her to blame it all on Amanda.
        Thanks be there is plenty of documentation out there that will prove her wrong if she tries to play the little
        angel influenced by the experienced older woman.

        The fact that Elissa belives GM is a nice girl who was led down the wrong path ( we all know this to be untrue)
        reinforces my opinion that Elissa is an ignorant, condescending, elitist snob.
        The fact that I truly believe she has a background very much like Rachels (her vegas period) makes it all the
        more ironic.

        1. “… my opinion that Elissa is an ignorant, condescending, elitist snob. The fact that I truly believe she has a background very much like Rachels (her vegas period) makes it all the more ironic.”

          You mean as opposed to realizing she is playing a GAME? And BTW – slinging despicable names is better than the HG’s…how?

          1. Totally agree, calling names, insulting and hating HG’s doesn’t make those who post hateful messages any better than Elissa, Aaryn not even Amanda. It is a game and that is what should be discussed, when we go after HG’s looks, marriage, children, race etc we are becoming worse than any of the one we criticize…

        2. The first two weeks when Jeremy was there created a turmoil of an atmosphere throughout the house. He had that kind of influence. It was bad and a lot of people were involved in a lot of bad shit that was said. Aaryn, sadly, got pulled in, as did Kaitlin. I’m leaving Gina and Amanda out of that because they are just vulgar and have not watched their mouths since. I don’t put Aaryn in the same category.

          Elissa thinks her shit doesn’t stink, but I have started to watch that lately and I think she is realizing she’s actually liking Aaryn quiet a lot and it almost feels like she wishes they grew closer in the beginning of the season. I think her advice to Aaryn is good and I think she’s doing it out of concern. So take it for what it’s worth.

          And she’s right. Amanda starts talking racist, stupid, crap and all of a sudden people are laughing and some get pulled in with their comments. Elissa isn’t lying. After the stuff that happened yesterday and the shower thing with McCrae and the exposed boobs and her washing his dick and making him wash her a-hole and then the talk about their sex talk in bed… I mean, she’s fucking disgusting and I don’t know how she will show her face around town after this.

          Amanda is going to have problems when she leaves.

      2. Where in Dawg’s blawg @ 10:33 does it say that they are talking about Aaryn’s racist comments? Was there some context on the live feeds to suggest this that isn’t conveyed in the blog? Elissa has been the victim of many of Aaryn’s manipulative lies instigated by Amanda, and the brunt of Aaryn chiming in on the bullying jag instigated also by Amanda and all caught on camera just like the racist comments. For all I know & hope, Elissa may very well have legal action pending against Amanda, and is coaching Aaryn to distance herself from it because she doesn’t intend to go after Aaryn. Defamation or assault? just guessing. In the business world would you want to do business with Aaryn? Everyone says no because of the racism. I agree, but my primary reason for never doing business with Aaryn is because she lied her ass off constantly while trying to do business throughout the house to further her game. Yeah, but its just a game! Horseshit, what do you think business is? To have a career, you have to do business with somebody that trusts you as far as they can throw you. Speaking of the same, good luck in the real estate game Amanda.

      3. Elissa has been viciously attack by Amanda and believe since Amanda is so vocal with her vile comments that she’s the ring leader……But when Elissa leaves the house she is going to see that Amanda and Aaryn are both leaders and instigators of vile comments being made…..if anybody was encourage it was GM…they would instigate situation with Candice just so GM gets piss and goes on a rant….and Amanda and Aaryn will laugh about it…..,,Aaryn by nature was not going to own up to her action anyway…..Elissa advice won’t help her….because we all have eyes and ears…and saw how Aaryn was acting……..and Aaryn blaming somebody else for the comments she made will not work in the real world……..is not even going to work for GM………Elissa advice was nice…but it won’t work……..Elissa know this…..When Aaryn tried to blame Amanda for Helen and Elissa being up on the block…..Elissa told her that (” you we’re HoH…it was your action….you can’t place the blame on Amanda for your actions….you are responsible for Me and Helen on the block…accept responsibility for your actions ….your an adult”)………………Aaryn will do her fake apologizing…but deep down inside…she’s going to feel she did nothing wrong..especially when she goes back home and surround herself with people with the same ideology…..Same goes for Amanda…..I think GM will be the only one sincere in her apology……but all three deserve repercussion for there actions…i know GM will be the saddest but she’s 33 years old living in a state like New York…she’s street smart…she should of known better……Aaryn and Amanda deserve what’s coming for them….and the crocodile tears that will flow…i won’t believe them… I hope they take this experience and grow up from it…….but i doubt it….

      4. You are full of shit. Helen was the master manipulator and when that didn’t work she was a bully and threatened people. Elissa went along for the ride EVERY week and NEVER stood up to Helen or told her to change her ways. And Elissa always voted ‘with the house.’ So spare me the it’s-all-Amanda’s-fault routine. Elissa you are a loser who never had friends in the house because you couldn’t be bothered to try to make any. Because you thought you were so superior to everyone else. Trust me, if you hadn’t win HOH last week you would be going home tonight. And nobody would’ve given you the time of day all week. You may have ‘friends’ today thanks to your weeklong manipulation marathon but that will all change tonight after a new HOH is crowned. I hope it’s Amanda/McCrae because that will guarantee that your ugly stuck-up ass goes up and out the door next week.

        1. “And Elissa always voted ‘with the house.”
          well voting against the house this season wouldn’t go so well, these cowards always voted together so if the vote wasnt unanimous it would probably caused level of paranoia.
          ” Elissa you are a loser who never had friends in the house because you couldn’t be bothered to try to make any. Because you thought you were so superior to everyone else.”
          Well for one Helen was Elissa’s friend, and she was trying to be friends with Mcpussy(and others) early on, but people were against her just because of her sister.
          ” Trust me, IF you hadn’t win HOH last week you would be going home tonight. And nobody would’ve given you the time of day all week.”
          who the fuck cares about ifs and buts? also u mean won, not win.
          “You may have ‘friends’ today thanks to your weeklong manipulation marathon but that will all change tonight after a new HOH is crowned. I hope it’s Amanda/McCrae because that will guarantee that your ugly stuck-up ass goes up and out the door next week.”
          did i miss something here? who did Ellisa manipulate? she was pretty straight foward with her intentions this week, and didn’t have someone do her work like Amanda does. i cant tell who’s uglier, you or Amanda…. o wait until u bring up my family its Amanda,

      5. I am a Mother and I would never tell my child to lie…..that is what Ellissa is doing……Amanda never told Aaryn to say anything of those things that she said…..I have all of the shows and all of the after dark shows……I have gone over it and Amanda had nothing to do with the racial remarks that Aaryn and Gm said…..In fact it was Amanda who went to Aaryn and tried telling her to stop with her remarks…..So if you think Ellissa is being a good mother figure by telling her to lie to people then i have some questions

        1. @Name: “I have all of the shows and all of the after dark shows……I have gone over it and Amanda had nothing to do with the racial remarks that ”

          You don’t have all the shows. You don’t have all the BBADs. And you certainly don’t have ALL the feeds. So that myth is busted. Now that we have that cleared up, we can tell the truth.

          Aaryn and GM said a LOT of terrible things on their OWN. However, Amanda really did push for some of those remarks made by both Aaryn and GM. Amanda is a racist whoooer herself. Amanda knows she can manipulate these young, STUPID girls into saying-doing anything. And she has done just that on more than a few occasions.

          So please “Name” take these lies somewhere else!!

      6. You must not be a parent. I would not tell my child to lie and blame someone else for something they did. My children are a little younger than Aaryn and would never say the things she did. What Elissa told her to do is disgusting and irresponsible.

    2. WTF
      Aaryn has been very ugly to Elissa and said alot of stupid immature hateful things. Elissa warned her that it would have a negative effect on her real life. NOW Elissa is trying to help out Aaryn for when she get’s out and faces the crazy media we all know is coming…

      and some of you people think this makes Elissa look ugly?

      1. Yes, because Elissa is out and out lying. But I guess that’s OK because Elissa is doing it.
        Aaryn wasn’t close at all to Amanda when most of the comments were made. Elissa is
        encouraging Aaryn to knowingly defame Amanda. Such an ugly thing for a person to do.
        But you can tell Elissa has an ugly soul.

        1. WHERE does it say Elissa was referring to racist remarks? Or are you just assuming? Aaryn has said and done A LOT in this game she should be ashamed of. Not sure how you magically know exactly which she is talking about.

      2. I agree and disagree. I think that Elissa is planting the seed because Aaryn is going into the Jury House and wants Aaryn to bad mouth Amanda as well as throw her under the bus. Eliisa’s is thinking of VOTES if she makes it that far,

      3. I agree, I think Elissa is trying to help Aryan. Maybe not the best way, but I think Elissa probably does think of Demanda as the being a worst influence, etc. and she may be right about that. Interesting though, that Aryan was somewhat noncommital. Maybe she was uncomfortable with the whole topic (denial, etc.). At any rate, I do think this is Elissa being kind to a very young person, AND not giving a rat’s patootie how Demanda is viewed.

      1. Bull crap. I’ve been saying this all along. Elissa is just as big a scumbag as the others. She just approaches it a different way. She is scum just like her sister and just like the rest of these houseguests.

        1. Yep. You’re SO much better than all of them! That’s why it’s ok for you to call names and not them. Otherwise, you’d just be a jackass.

        2. You keep using the word ‘elitist’ in regard to Elissa in an unflattering and demeaning way. IMO, she, as is any other normal person, not comfortable with the constant sex talk and open sex, verbal abuse and belittling, rude belching and farting, etc. that seems to be the norm for many of these people. Frankly, that kind of behavior may be what makes great TV ratings, but it should not be a reason to call Elissa elitist just because she might have been brought up in a more traditional (and palatable) way.

        3. Harsh words for someone that has never made any racist, homophobic or discriminatory remarks toward anyone, nor has she threatened, bullied, or said she would kill, rape or physically harm anyone else. Yes, she may act stuck up and act like she’s better than everyone else – but news flash, she IS better than everyone in that house (except for Judd). The entire house is full of uneducated, classless fools who constantly make narcissistic and derogatory comments on a daily basis. And the by-standers like Andy, Spencer and McCrae are just as bad for allowing it to happen and not having the balls to stand up to them. Okay, so Elissa acts self-entitled and arrogant but I would probably act the same way if I was stuck in that house for months with these scumbags. After hearing what people like Amanda, Aaryn, GinaMarie and Spencer have all said during this season, I most likely would have lost my cool at least half a dozen times. The fact that Elissa has remained so calm (for the most part) all season and has been able to tolerate their constant bigotry is nothing short of remarkable. Like I said, Elissa is definitely flawed, but certainly not as flawed as some of the other houseguests.

      2. Elissa is Rachel’s sister. She has a very solid sense of the real world consequences facing Aaryn. More so than anyone else. Just because you think someone is racist, or childish, or a bully doesn’t mean that it makes you a bad person to want the best for them. I agree..she’s a Mom and she’s feeling maternal based on the shitstorm that she’s the only one able to look far enough ahead to see…

      3. Elissa just wants Aaryn’s jury vote or have her on her side in case there is a blindside of Andy tonight. Kind of wish she hadn’t said it, though. Aaryn needs to own how despicably she has behaved.

    3. Do you think Elissa is sending AAryn out of the house looking for a jury vote? I remember Amanda being the nice person, looking out for your interest to every other persons that has been evicted. She did this without Mccrae.

    4. I agree Aaryn made her own bed and didn’t need much encouragement in the beginning but to say those horrible things about Elissa because she was trying to actually help someone that was EVIL to her most of the game is uncalled for. I swear half these people are as bad as the house guests. NO CLASS!!

      1. How can you help someone when you tell him to blame all bad things he does on other person because you don’t like him … do you have some logic people???!!!

    5. There is nothing wrong with trying to help another with interview questions .. Elissa has only been privy to very few negative things Arryan has said.. The rest heresay .. Elissa’s advice is good for what Elissa saw (amanda manipulation to have Arryan play Amanda’s game) Arryan spewed tons of garbage and when this show is over you will see .. Conspiracy theories that say Arryan was framed .. And she will either get her job back or get a new agency to represent her or maybe be even able to sue her agency for publically dropping her (I do think she has a cause of action for that) .. So as much as you hate these houseguests ..cut them some slack .. It’s just words with no power behind them .. Not once did Arryan or Amanda or anyone convince me to be or say bad things because they were .. They just look like derp.

      1. Its not just words with no power because people were actual hurt by what was said to them. Just imagine if you were in house were people were saying awful things to you and you couldn’t get away from them and why whould aaryn have any reason to sue her employer they fired her for good reason. Many people get fired for way less then that.

    6. I actually think that Elissa is 100% correct, and it is very nice that she understands and sees what a really horrible person Amanda is. I am getting on the Elissa train!

    7. What show are you watching, Chuckles? I watch the show and feeds and despite Aayrn being an obvious racist, I have seen where Amanda has COAXED Aaryn into talking more about racist things, offering her own bigotry. I have also seen Amanda start “race” conversations and even heard Amanda call Aaryn out on being a racist behind her back. Amanda CERTAINLY has started some of those conversations, obviously not all, but many.

      Elissa used the word “SOME” of the behavior. She is trying to let people know, that it was not just Aaryn as the sole racist in the house.

      Just last night on the “After Dark”, when Aaryn was talking about Asian people, I specifically seen Amanda say “I hate Chinese people”.

      As for Elissa’s husband, frankly that is not your or anyone else’s business, that is her personal business. He is not doing the show, SHE is, so leave her family out of what you have to say. By the way, he is 50… Seriously?

      1. It’s so funny when people say “your an idiot”.

        You’re = you are
        Your = possessive case

        A correct example of the usage looks like this; “Your grammar sucks, therefore you’re the idiot.”

        Happy learning, everyone!

        1. I just don’t know how I could have managed without that learning lesson. You’re terrific! Your grammar policing is so accurate.

    8. Uh, OK Chuckles….people do actually have to lie in this game, including Elissa. Let me guess that you are a little biased, as you are accusing her of marrying for money and stuff. Quite an evil accusation. I count myself as not necessarily a big fan of Elissa’s, but I am supportive of her mostly for one reason: Because she has the good sense to be completely repulsed by Amanda and the vile way Amanda talks and acts. (Judd is to be commended for having the same kind of sense.) Say what you want about Elissa’s looks. Amanda is over all high definition ugly in every way.

    9. I think it’s Elissa’s way of telling Aaryn (hoping Aaryn believes her) that she blames Amanda for Aaryn’s behavior-she needs Aaryn’s vote if she makes it to the final 2 or Elissa is just trying to be nice on the slim chance that Aaryn stays. Gotta cover your bases.

    10. Exactly. I’ve been saying she is evil all along, but everyone seems to be falling for her schtick like sailors to a siren. I’ve seen evil and it has a name. Elissa.

      1. What exactly do you consider evil? Just a tiny example- Why don’t we drop you into the middle of Syria, Libya, or the like where warring factions truly hate…then you’ll see evil – real, sadistic evil…what human beings are really capable of doing to one another. You think Elissa is evil? Be thankful for your freedom to speak as you wish and maybe use a little perspective in choosing your verbiage. Just sayin’.

    11. Elissa was not couching Aaryn……Aaryn was complaining to Elissa about Amanda…and how Amanda use her and now she’s going home…..Elissa was saying that Amanda uses everybody…….she’s a manipulator……that she could explain to Julie Chen she was being evicted because she was following Amanda…….that is all she said……..in the content…….Elissa was just trying to be helpful since Aaryn is leaving tonight…….it was small talk…..not this huge plot that Elissa was acting like a pr team to help Aaryn…….give me a break………Elissa cares more about Candice feelings then she does of Aaryn…….the word couching is excessive…..to me….

    12. So Elissa is giving advice? The queen of I’m my own person and nobody tells me how to think? But it’s ok for her to manipulate and tell people to just lie? That shows you that she’s the kind of person who would lie if she got herself in a jam. It isn’t going to work joker face. Aaryn made her bed and now has to lie in it. As for Aaryn redeeming herself the last few weeks it all went out the window last night when she said she hates Asian people and then proceeded to make fun of them for a couple minutes. I’m sure Julie Chen liked that. Elissa is disgusting and now her true colors are coming out trying to manipulate all the HGs. You will be going next you freak.

      1. OMG!!!

        Like Elissa is trying to help the young racist wolfgirl appear less DISGUSTING by blaming the most DISGUSTING creature in the house Aman- DUH!!!!!

        Now KISS ME!!!!!!!!

    13. It occurs to me that often in life, people give bad advice. In my opinion, this is bad advice. Aaryn should own up to her mistakes. As to all the other chatter, none of us know the motivation behind Elissa’s advice. Of course it could have ulterior motives, or she could have the best of intentions. None of us know her heart or intent. Each will look through the lens that colors our perception of Elissa to make our interpretation. I just think it is bad advice. It happens all the time in life.

    14. By “liar” do you mean Elissa’s playing the game like EVERYONE ELSE in the house? To be honest, Aaryn (not my fave) is still young and a product of her small Texas bubble. She can and will learn a hard lesson from this after she leaves the house, and I think Elissa understands this.

      Amanda on the other hand, is MUCH older/experienced (boy is she experienced), has expressed/wondered how the public is perceiving her bullying and has caught herself after horrendous comments by claiming ‘that wasn’t racist was it ?” She’s even coached Aaryn to tone down the bigotry. This tells me she is VERY aware of her behavior, but is unwilling to change it. Amanda’s latest excuse to the public for wanting to kill Elissa in her sleep was because she was off her meds apparently. IF the meds thing is true, the CBS needs to take some responsibility for putting an unstable individual in the house thereby putting other HGs in potential danger. I do remember Amanda saying at one point that DR would not give her her meds (Simon, pls confirm?).

      In any case, at least Aaaryn never threatened to kill, dismember or rape a housemate!. To be clear, I do not condone Aaryn’s behavior, but I see room for change with her and GM as well, which is why Elissa is showing some maternal instinct to forgive and protect them….in my opinion

    15. Elisssa is not a trouble maker or a lair and doesn’t curse like most of the houseguests, she has class and walks away from it which is the right thing to do…. Elissa , hope you win BB , you deserve it!

  2. Elissa = production’s pet, end of story. She’s feeding people lines now! How much more obvious can it get?

  3. Just as a follow up to my previous comment, she is the worst kind of liar. A vindictive liar that aims to ruin people OUTSIDE the game. What does it help her or Aaryn for Aaryn to lie and say Amanda put her up to say those racial things? Nothing. Its to hurt people outside the game.

    There are feeds out there! The truth is indisputable! What the F*CK are you thinking Elissa? Typical gossipy, slandering, vindictive, holier-than-thou, judgmental old church-lady.

    1. Isn’t Elissa the one saying Aaryn should take responsibility for the things she said when Helen was defending Aaryn? So now she is turning a 180 and telling Aaryn to blame it on someone else? Aaryn was saying racist things long before she was aligning with Amanda. Aaryn should just say she was wrong and that is it no one’s fault but my own.

      1. Exactly! What she should say is “I made a lot of comments early on out of pure ignorance, it’s my fault, and I’m sorry,” and then pledge to do better in her normal life. Blaming it on Demanda is pure bullshit. It’s production trying to set up the villain arc for Demanda and their pet Elissa going along with it as a revenge tactic. Aaryn should ignore that crap and take the high road.

        1. or it’s Elissa working on a jury vote. C’mon. Making a mountain out of molehole here.

          When Aaryn gets to jury she will have to talk (fight) with the other jurors and no handler can keep that from happening. Aaryn will have to realize that no matter how she meant those things she said, they are being taken, rightly or wrongly, in a negative way. If she follows Elissa’s advice, then at least for the eviction she can deal with the interview with Julie until she has time to decompress. Although we all know Julie won’t address the subject the way it should be addressed because Aaryn is going to jury.

          Either way, Elissa being nice or working a jury vote, she knows what the backlash will be considering her sister’s experience on BB. That’s why she keeps personal stuff to herself.

    2. i really dont see it like that at all……Elissa has some awareness of america’s perception of AA. and i truly believe she is trying to prep AA for doing some damage control. Eliss (thanks to Rachel) has the MOST AWARENESS of being watched on TV and the effects it has. Which explains alot of her “strategies” in the house.

      1. So she’s trying to somehow “protect” Aaryn from what happens when she leaves the house…I don’t think so, it will make Aaryn look even worse if she listens to Elissa and lies, since anyone who’s watched this hot mess from the beginning knows its a lie. If Aaryn takes her advice it will just make her look worse than she already does.

        1. In all actuality, Elissa is not trying to get Aaryn to lie. She is trying to help her. She wants Aaryn to use her youth to her advantage. Amanda was a bully and Aaryn wanted to impress her. She allowed peer pressure to encourage her to act a certain way so that she can be accepted by the bully, Amanda. I believe that Aaryn truly believed the things she said (look at the names of her llamas). She was raised to have the thoughts she has. Amanda did not make it any better. Amanda was the older adult with more lie experiences. She should have helped Aaryn instead of encouraging the bad behavior for her benefit.

      2. So the best advice she could give Aaryn is to blame others and not take responsibility for your actions? Is that what she is teaching her kids?

      3. I agree. I think it’s possible Elissa is referring to things like throwing GM under the bus. Elissa hasn’t even heard most of the racist comments Aaryn has made, so I don’t think the coaching was specifically related to that. I also think Elissa is well aware of the backlash Aaryn is about to face and is trying to give her a subtle warning.

        1. I really hope it’s about game play and not character play. One is true, the other is not (Amanda in Aaryn’s head). If she is referring to racist comments, then she is no better than the rest. In fact, that would make her even worse, since she’s well aware of how wrong it is, unlike some of the ignorant house guests. Also, I’m kinda’ surprised that there are no comments about Elissa trying to secure a jury vote from Aaryn. I mean, she’s not totally stupid.

      4. …also with Aaryn being so pliable Aaryn can convince herself that it is true. It was Amanda’s fault! And then if Amanda is in F2 Aaryn won’t give her her vote because she will hate amanda for doing that to her.

        Either way, it gets the job done. Elissa being manipulative or nice. Doesn’t matter. Everyone else has done their share of manipulating in varying degrees this whole season, based on very primal human emotions and reactions. It gets the job done.

    3. By coaching Aaryn as to what to say during her exit interview, Elissa believes it will help to secure a jury vote in her favor. Isn’t that what they are all doing?

    4. I’m so glad you’ve said the “truth is indisputable” because there has been a small handful of pretty ugly people who ignored all the bad crapola that Amanda has been doing and praising her as if she’s a saint. Thank you for saying that. Hopefully now those PUPs will see the truth.

    5. Elissa is the root of evil! Been saying that since day one. She does her wimpy little voice and makes herself look innocent and keeps telling these lies about people over and over till someone believes her. Then walks away with the most sinister smile. Devil woman!!

      1. Exactly! I can’t wait until the tide turns against her and there is a ground swell of people whose eyes have been opened to the wicked evil witch’s ways.

    6. “If a plaintiff in a libel or slander action qualifies as a public figure, he or she must show that the libelous or slanderous conduct of the defendant was motivated out of actual malice as required in the case of new york times co. v. sullivan, 376 U.S. 254, 84 S.Ct. 710, 11 L.Ed.2d 686 (1964).”

    7. I’m reading these comments made by some and find them a little silly. For those of you that are trash talking Elissa I’m curious if you actually know her? Because in all honesty she’s done nothing different than any other person in this game. So she’s making small talk with Aaryn trying to help her. I mean you can’t expect someone to just sit in a corner 24/7 just bc they aren’t good friends with people, none of us would like that. She’s making the best of her situation.

      It’s funny because I was not an Elissa fan at first (purely on the basis of being Rachel’s sister, as I found Rachel annoying). But after watching I actually like her, she’s very straight forward (aka. What the haters call her bitchiness). The funny thing is that I actually wanted Amanda to win the first couple of weeks bc she was standing up to the “racists” of the house. Then her ego got in the way. She forgot her own words “what game are you playing?”.

      I personally don’t care who wins this season bc it’s been like watching episodes of those crazy housewife shows. I give credit to these players who haven’t snapped. I personally am not a person who feels comfortable being in situations where people are constantly yelling and screaming one minute and then crying the next. And I bring this up bc Elissa might feel the same way, the only difference between us (the viewers) and the house guests is that we can walk away from uncomfortable situations and they can’t. I’m sure someone will say they can go to a different room but this years cast seems to be filled with childish people who like to follow people around and continue to poke at them. I keep waiting for someone to start throwing punches to be honest with you.

      1. Cap, why so much hatred? Love thy neighbor. Things in your life will work out better and you will be a happier person, like my Jewish Queen when she wins Bb15. Take care my friend

        1. STFU BUFFALOBILL!!!!!! Your Jewish queen is not going to win. She going to Jury next week and Second. I’m not your friend, you’re dumb as a post. OKAY!!! Buh Bye!!!!!

          1. Captain you need to talk to your partner Teneill and get off the hate wagon. I know you are down and out, but things can change for you. My good friend Seth always taught me hatred takes away from one’s creativity. That’s why we are both weathy, can do anything we want everyday, see behind the curtain, and make plenty of money. BB15 is so easy to read and as much as you don’t want to look behind the curtain at CBS, my Jewish Queen is going to win and make me plenty of money. I understand your hatred and you don’t want to call me friend, but I will call you and all of the people on this site my friends. Love not hate always wins and will propel you to a better life. Take care my friend.

            1. STFU, DUMBA$$$!!! Your Jewish Queen will be splitting up! OKAY!!!!!! Your the hater!!!!! Stop being a Moron!!!!!!!!

            2. Many of you are becoming emotionally unraveled, ranting without self control and seemingly bordering on hysteria…all this “extra” all over some comments made by the Buffalo Bill dude? Please; what you are achieving is the appearance of excitability in the face of intellectual fragility….Buffalo Bill is obviously a liar with time on his hands and/or lack of any “business” to busy himself with. Ask yourself this simple question before compromising your blood pressure and your self respect: Why would anyone, due in part to his fearless wage-making technique, advertise his affluence and an abundance of unlimited wealth to virtual strangers ON LINE? Doesn’t the prospect of bragging to friends, family and business rivals about your recent “come-up” out rank the feeling of satisfaction achieved by the approval of faceless waves of people in cyber-reality-space? Responding to replies all day and night, with the kind of marked urgency had only by those with lots of free time? Really, Mr. Rockefeller? And attributing the imminent future of (yet ANOTHER) financial success to mankind’s failure in acknowledging Amanda’s big win as a “sure-thing”? Well; a gloat-filled, berating, sing-song-repetition is hardly the sign of an experienced, big-money hustler/roller who, in his sophistication, is accustomed to the good life of leisure and winning in general! The angrier and riled up you get, the more he seems to retreat condescendingly, into an almost “zen” like affability urging you to love one another (HG’s included) and mock-shocking you with the pretense of confusion when he responds to all the hate? My “bullshit” sniffer is in fierce competition with my “lonely-con-man-with-a-computer-and-online-access” detector and nothing seems to have even a remote ring of truth. It’s shocking, but I’d make a bet there are a lot of dishonest people online. This is only one persons opinion–mine–on what is obvious; maybe only to me but I doubt it. Remember what everyone has stated on line before you; just because YOU say it doesn’t make it TRUE.

  4. Shame on you Elissa! Instead of having Aaryn own up to her mistakes she is having her blame someone else?! How in the world is she going to learn that she needs respect others if she is able to shift the blame and take no responsibility. That is exactly why she is in the position she is in right now! No accountability.

    I know the Elissa lovers will thumb down this but I don’t care. She gave her some pretty bad advice. For shame!

    1. Shame on Elissa? This is the worst she could do after Amanda said the most vile things to her and about her? Am I to believe you wouldn’t retaliate in anyway? Please, you’re grasping at straws. Amanda deserves everything she gets and this isn’t even a stepping stone to backlash she’s about to feel in the real world.

    2. I know Elssa is feeling sorry for Aaryn but I think it would be best to just stay out of it. Amanda has enough on her plate as it is. No need to add Aaryns mess to it. The only advice I would give Aaryn is if you feel and know now that some of the things you said were out of line and offensive, own it, sincerely apologize. Move on, because that’s all you can do and except responsibility. She hurt the feelings of many, made many mad, but speaking for myself I’m alive, she did not murder me or any f my love ones. She has a lot of self reelection to do, because her conduct was bad.

      1. A simple apology is not gonna cut it. Chances are, the apology won’t even sound sincere. She needs to speak out against racism and show the public that she understands that what she said and did was unacceptable. Actions speak louder than words.

    3. I agree with you 100% if she is talking about the racist remarks, she was hanging around Gina and Kaitlyn and had nothing to do with Amanda so take responsibility for your actions. But we sometimes forget that we on the outside hear and see everything that happens they don’t, we see Aaryn as a racist so we are going to assume that’s what Elissa is referring to. It may be that she is talking about all the things she did when Amanda was contoling her with Gina Marie and the people she back stabbed. Still def not an angel, and she is still the one that did Amanda’s bidding, but I can at least understand a little bit why Elissa would be saying that.

    4. I don’t think Elissa is coaching Aaryn on explaining her derogatory comments from early in the season; I think she’s trying to help her with any comments she made recently about doing Amanda’s dirty work and why she got rid of certain players.

    5. @ Meat Lovers Pizza

      Elissa is playing the game. Aaryn is on her way out, and the only people who are really going out of their way to be nice to her is Judd, Elissa and GM. Elissa knows that if she makes the final 2, she will probably be sitting next to Amanda, McCrae, Andy or Spencer. Being kind to Aaryn (even though she’s leaving tonight) is a good idea. This might get her Aaryn’s vote if she makes the final 2.

  5. All the Elissa fans starting to see that the only difference between her and Amanda is volume level? Just as much of a schemer and game player…and there’s nothing wrong with it…it IS a game. Well, except she’ll then pull the “I’m a Christian Mom” hypocrisy card. Loud & in your face OR quiet & hypocritical…which is worse? Hmmm……

    1. oh no, Elissa is a schemer(this is big brother)

      Amanda is hated because she is Trashy and a Bully.
      Is Elissa any of those things?

    2. Elissa is feeling sorry for Aaryn. Aaryn has no idea whats waiting on her, and Elissa kinda has a sense whats waiting on Aaryn and that’s her attempt to advice Aaryn to deal with whats coming. I doubt she(Elissa) claims to be a publicist or some kind of professional how best can one in situation advise. I don’t think anyone can give Aaryn any sound advice on how to deal with her situation except for what the mother has done find publicist to help her spin it.

    3. This is Big Brother, they’re supposed to scheme? There is no comparison to what Amanda has been doing and what everyone else in the house has been doing.

  6. The powers that be are finish using aaryn image or whats left of it ….. Amanda told her her services are no longer needed … Cant wait for the live show tonight thursday 9 pm takes long to come

  7. All I can say is we better not hear Julie claim she can’t discuss outside events with Aaryn tonight. I get she can’t talk about her losing her agent, but Aaryn needs to be asked about her racism.

    1. Chenbot isn’t going to get “all over” Aaryn about that stuff. She gave an interview in the L.A. Times a month or more ago stating as much. Kind of silly of me to think people on here would read a newspaper I admit, but nonetheless she did indeed do so.

      1. you complete and total asshole. I amazes me that you read anything outside this blog or anything not related to this game. you are pathetic so do not wonder if the rest of us read magazines, cock-sucker.

  8. For all you Amanda haters, Elissa coaching Aaryan that she was taught all those racists remarks by my Jewish Queen. Wow, I really feel sorry for Elissa to stoop so low and become a hater. Who now do you all say is the evil one. Good move CBS, take heat off Amanda. I’m in the money. Yeah!

    1. Dude…..get over it. It’s all Amanda idea. Elissa is nice, sweet, innocent woman who has class but not like Amanda. She all trash.

      1. Wrong Amanda is a real woman who doesn’t need to any excuses she can do what she wants. Your elissa has to hide behind her “I’m a mom” and her dad/husband. The moral high ground is boring and annoying

    2. cant wait when Amanda is evicted who you going to blame for the money you lost buffalo bill the guy that worked for cbs with no name well its a learning experience for you don’t believe everything you here

  9. Elissa, in the beginning I felt sorry for you, being picked on by the mean girls…you, however, have shown you are no better than them, perhaps worse…encouraging Aaryn to lie and say Amanda told her to say all those bad things? How disingenuous, since we watched all of you in the beginning and know that is not true…all you’ve done is show your true character..you are no better than the people you openly disdain and condemn…you will be taken off your high horse soon.

    1. The thing with Elissa is she honestly thinks it’s OK for HER to lie because she’s a good person and a slanderous lie from a good person is OK but a game-lie from a “bad”* person is evil vile and the lowest of the low.

      * “bad” in her mind is anyone that likes sex, talks dirty, cusses, likes people their own age, is not a mom/dad, poor, middle-class, and is not christian.


      2. People will forget the wrong things that were down in the house. Even real celebrities do way worse stuff and people forget. It’s really not that big of a deal Aaryn and GM will find other jobs for sure I think Andy should be more worried. I’m from Chicago and he might just be the worst dressed and fugliest gay man ever.

    2. I don’t think Elissa is coaching Aaryn to blame Amanda for the racist comments. She’s referring to the way she played the game once Amanda brought her into her fold. Aaryn could have chosen to play the game for herself, but like everyone in that house except for Elissa, they chose to bow down to the Demanda Queen. I have no doubt that Aaryn is now wishing that she would have listened to Helen and put Amanda on the block last week. To me, Elissa is trying to protect Aaryn like she would a younger sister. I applaud her efforts even though I don’t think they will help.

      1. That’s what I think too, GoElissa – Elissa seems to be advising Aaryn on how to respond based on comments about her game play (and not her racism). Elissa has questioned and grilled GM about her racist etc comments – it’d be good if she could do the same with Aaryn so that they can both (GM and Aaryn) try to learn something from this experience. GM is very immature for her age – seems to live in a bubble and not the real world.

      2. I TRY not to pretend any more that I know what these HGs are doing, and their motivations.

        Every time I do that I realize that it was wrong. I go thinking a HG is getting smart and will make a certain move and then realize it was just me hoping. Hope springs eternal though.

        But I can’t pretend here. I have absolutely no way of knowing why Elisa is doing this.

  10. Damn i cant wait till the live show will the crowd boo Aaryn while she walks out the house? and most importantly how is Julie going to keep her cool after Aaryns Chinese comments ohhh the suspense!

      1. Worse, no. More directly personally insulting to Julie, yes. Sorry if that is too complex of a concept for you, Woofy.

    1. Actually from what I read, there wont’ be a studio audience boo-ing her. After the racism issue cropped up so bad, they started not allowing a random live studio audience for that very reason. A few of the audiences on eviction day/night were made up entirely of CBS employees who were instructed to cheer. There are also reports (I don’t know how true) that when they needed to do this, they did it at NOON and thus the eviction shown in the evening was not actually live. There are mentions of HG’s discussing why the eviction happened early in the day instead of regular time.

    2. *vibrose* Julie Chen is Mandorin…isn’t she?
      She likely will remark about all the racial slurs….from Aaryn!
      STFU!! DO they think they can say ” ANYTHING ”
      on the show….and get away – without being judged?

  11. I dont think Elissa is productions pet. I honestly think she is a descent person, who is kinda smart. Besides Judd, she is the only person in the house I can tolerate. I pray that Amanda, Mccrae, Spender, and Andy do not win HOH. They are truly the scum of that house

    1. decent (noun)
      1 an action of moving downward, dropping, or falling:

      Indeed, Elissa is dropping and falling. Dropping her mask to reveal her true vile self, and falling over herself to prove she is on the same level or worse than Amanda.

      But, she is certainly not “kinda smart”.

      And, lastly, praying ain’t gonna do a lick. So keep it up!

      “Two hands working can do more than a million clasped in prayer.”

      1. That’s descent, not decent you dumbf*ck!! Now every comment you make has no credibility because everyone knows you’re stupid!!

    2. I have no favorites but you watch winner will be one of the exterminators judd gm andy or spencer Amanda elissa and mccrae so preoccupied with each other America will be shocked winner will be someone they never never thought would win

  12. I can’t read up daily on this season like normal, this cast is lame. So, is it said and done that Aaryn gets the boot tonight?

  13. Elissa is the only one in the house who has shown class besides Judd. People forget in this game you have to lie. The live feeds have shown all their true colors. Elissa and Judd have never acted disgusting. Some of my friends have married older men for love. Don’t be so quick to judge.

    1. Wow, Elissa’s fans could spin ANYTHING to make her look good.

      There’s a big difference between lying about, say, your vote or your loyalty to an alliance and telling someone to slander another houseguest on LIVE TV for no other reason than to further ruin their reputation. This was not a show of class or a nice piece of advice, it’s a despicable tactic that has nothing to do with gameplay.

      Elissa is no better than the “Mean Girls” she once railed against. She is a hypocrite. Period.

    2. So Judd wasn’t disgusting to Jessie when he got into that fight with her the morning of her eviction huh? Guess I must have been hallucinating and didn’t see what I saw then.

    3. Personally why would anyone care who she is married to: are they taking care of any of us, NO: are they going to invite us to one of their parties NO, so why should the public care who she is married too. That’s none of our business, I don’t even care who you’re married too just like you don’t care who I’m married to, (it’s called your choice). Get over It People

    4. And many people men and women alike from the older generations do not use such language and talk of such things in mixed company. Perhaps that is why Elissa chose someone older.

  14. Could Elissa be looking for her jury vote? Let me be nice to her and give her advice so she votes for me? Only Aaryn alone can fix her self, lets hope she does after she leaves.

  15. Why is everyone mad at Elisa? Aaryn is still the one that made the comments.. Elissa is clearly playing the “I’m trying to help u out” card to secure a jury vote.. She’s just giving her tips so Aaryn will be great fully and hopefully repay her. Chill out! It’s just a game

  16. Amanda is no Saint, but to tell Aaryn to lie and say she told her to say racist things is a bit harsh! Live Feeders know the truth and she wasn’t even really aligned with Amanda in the beginning of the game. This would only make things worse for Aaryn in the end….

    1. I don’t recall Elissa stating exactly what to blame on Amanda. I did not jump to the conclusion that she was referring to the racist comments. It seems to me that Elissa was referring to her game play.

  17. Goodbye Aaryn still not a fan of yours but I wish it was
    Rat face Andy leaving tonight .
    Come on Judd or Ginamarie win the HOH
    and put up Amanda and pizza boy.

    1. Agreed!!!! Come on Judd or GinaMarie!!!! Win that HoH so McCranda is going up and Backdoored Rat boy!!!!!!!!

  18. Just when you think you have someone to root for. Ugh! Go JUDD! He is the only one left at this point I can get behind now. This cast sucks butt.

  19. I think its nice of Elissa to offer suggestions to Aaryn for how she can minimize the damage she has done to her own reputation on this show. However, I must point out that Elissa may just be acting helpful to get a Jury vote AND I don’t think there is anything Aaryn can say that will make people believe those awful words didn’t start from her own mind.

    Not to mention that on the CBS broadcast they showed Amanda counseling Aaryn to stop saying racist things because it made her look bad and hurt people’s feelings. Aaryn’s reply was “I PROBABLY SHOULD CARE ABOUT THAT, . . . BUT I DON’T. If you are wondering what could make a person act like that –BE LIKE THAT? Look up Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I have some training in this field and IMO Aaryn is a candidate for this diagnosis.

    1. What happened to that version of Amanda, anyhow? Remember back when we saw that and thought “Hey, that Amanda chick, she’s not disgusting like Aaryn.” Yeah, could we bring that version of Amanda back please, she was way better than the Vilemanda we have in there now.

  20. has anyone else been keeping up with Wil Heuser’s bb15 impression sketches?? OMG I am over here crying in laughter… like, my face hurts. check them out on youtube … just search Wil Heuser bb 15.. there are only 8 episodes now. 1 a week! I NEED MORE

    1. Ditto that! Wil is hysterical and his impressions of Elissa and Gina Marie are SPOT ON!!!!!!
      If you want a “good BB laugh in the face of this bullshit season”, check out Wil’s BB15 episodes on You Tube.

      1. Anyone else think telling Aaryn to blame everything on Amanda is a ploy by Elissa to get Amanda to go ballistic?

        It’s Ellissa’s mean girl version, the same one her sister has and it is viscious in nature.

        Helping Aaryn cope with what is coming is one thing, but to put it all on Amanda is personal and can’t be defended if one wants to have any credibility.

        Rationalize it how you like.

  21. Elissa is a hypocrite too. She didn’t like it when Demanda brought up her husband and kids on the feeds, but sees no problem with telling Aaryn to slander Demanda on national television and ruin what’s left of her reputation outside the house. Elissa is just as bad as Demanda, she just expresses it differently.

    1. Dude!!!!!! SHUT UP!!!!! You’re the hypocrite!!!!!! Elissa is really innocent person. Not like McCranda!!!!!

      1. Captain, why do you have so much rage? You like to tell everyone to “shut up” . Are things bad in your life? Calm down. It is just a game, it is very staged. Sit back and enjoy the game, but more important enjoy life.

    2. Elissicko’s conspiracy to slander Amanda is motivated out of actual malice aforethought too.

      Big no-no. Producers will block it.

  22. Really Elissa? Did she just forget the cameras were rolling the entire time she was coaching Aryn to lie?

    Aaryn was bold enough to be nasty as she was in the house then she should put her big girl panties on and face the music. Similarly, Amanda will have to answer for nastiness too.

  23. Is Elissa trying to get jury votes or is she just that crazy? Then again what she’s doing is not different than other people telling lies about other HGs.

    Lots of tall tales in that house this season. This one would be as big a lie as the lie that Manda said about Howard….

    No shame in these HGs.

  24. The problem with blaming Amanda and not taking responsibility for her own behavior is that one obvious fact….um it’s all recorded. And Aaryn’s wasn’t even aligned with Amanda when they did the racist montage. Besides, that’s up to CBS/Production to brief her on what she may face once the show is over or before the finale. I would imagine that Julie’s Chen questioning won’t even be that in-depth since Aaryn is going to the jury house. Let it go Elissa and deal with this upcoming week. We all see how Amanda is.

  25. I wonder why Aaryn isn’t playing the card to Spencer that her HOH wins offer Spencer more protection if he keeps her instead of Andy, as well as a larger target being on her back if she stays as opposed to being on Spencer’s. It seems like the houseguests are giving up too easily without putting up even an adequate fight. Keeping Aaryn would actually be a smarter move for the house because then its 5 on 2 (Amanda & McCrae) and it now becomes anyone’s game as opposed to Amanda getting the win.

    1. This cast has only voted in mass for the same person as dictated to them by the HOH, Amanda, etc. almost every week. It doesn’t matter to them if keeping Aaryn in the game is a benefit because it would keep the target off their back. They have been programmed and to break that thought process now is inconceivable. If it does occur to them to veer off the chosen path they are immediately beaten back into submission. Like lemmings if the leader jumps off the cliff they will all follow not taking into consideration the leader has a parachute to deploy at the last minute to rise as the victor.

  26. Does anyone know where I can watch a live stream of tonight episode? Football is on in my area and BB won’t be on until 2:00 am. Ugh! Please help!

  27. If Elissa was truly offended by the comments Aaryn has made she wouldn’t be giving her this advise. I guess that only thing that she was offended by was that they were not on the same side or she wasn’t kissing her behind.

  28. I see that all amanda supporters are out in full action on this blog 9-12am on a weekday. Pathetic losers. Go get a job.

    Elissa didn’t tell Aaryn to blame racial remarks on Amanda. She’s talking about the lies and game play numb nuts. You guys are so stupid.

  29. It’s obvious McCrae will need a place to crash after the show but I’ve always wondered what would happen if he was nominated, did his idiotic leap over the couch into the living room then sprained his ankle prior to a veto ceremony where he was a nominee. In this case, GinaMarie is hurt so is she still eligible to participate in tonight’s HOH? Would they risk her having a worse injury or is it solely her discretion?

  30. I see this completely different. First of all the entire conversation isn’t written here, and secondly based on the conversations between Aaryn and Elissa the last 36 hours or so I don’t think Elissa realizes that by telling Aaryn to say that she is telling her to lie. I think Elissa is really starting to think maybe Amanda had way more influence on Aaryn then she actually did. Don’t forget for weeks Elissa had to listen to Helen defending Aaryn saying she didn’t believe Aaryn would say those things and the crazier Amanda is acting the *sweeter* Aaryn has been pretending to be.
    Amanda confronted GM saying Aaryn said you were going to put us up, which remember is what Aaryn told GM to do. Then when GM asked Aaryn about it she completely denied saying it. She says she has accepted her fate but she has been doing everything possible to stay in the house. Unfortunately Elissa is starting to feel sorry for her, which she said to Andy this morning in the HOH room.

  31. Now, I want to go back and watch those old comments. Although I believe Aaryn owns what she said, was she parroting Amanda and Ginamarie with her racist comments?

  32. Maybe, just maybe, Elissa has (dare I say it) compassion for her fellow man.

    I realize that some of you want Aaryn’s life to be ruined, but there are those of us who believe in redemption. Once Aaryn realizes the fallout from her comments, I suspect she will give serious thought to her “learned” prejudices. Those of you who are without sin please let us know so that we can avoid you.

    1. I can speak to this issue from personal experience. I was raised in a house where my Father was and still is as prejudice as they come. He’s 97 now.

      It wasn’t until I went into the Navy at 17 1/2 years old and served with all different races and nationalities that I realized that (if I may quote MLK jr.) people need to be “judged by the content of their character”.

      I called my Father on this 7 years ago (another story all together) and he hasn’t spoken to me since.

      People can change but sometimes they first need to change the environment they are in.

      1. That must have been a tough conversation to have with you father. It’s too bad that he reacted that way.

  33. Elissa was just trying to make Aaryn feel better.. who gives half a $hit about slandering someone who has beyond slandered everyone else?? (including herself) I think this is a tribute to Elissa’s class.

  34. I think Elissa is trying to drop hints to Aaryn that she is going to have a very uncomfortable time in the media outside the house. We have to remember that when it comes to Elissa, you have to read in between the lines and look for the nuances. Elissa didn’t have to give Aaryn these reprecussions, she’s being nice and she understands that this game can really take a toll on people’s lives. I like Elissa because she thinks beyond the competition. This is Elissa’s way of saying “though i hated you in this game, i want you to be careful.” Elissa knows that no one deserves the type of treatment that Aaryn is soon going to get.

  35. Has anyone stopped and looked on the other side of the coin? Could it be possible that the “evil” Elissa was trying to help the little racist leave with a little grace? Yes Arryan said a lot of things I don’t condone but that was out of her own ignorance. The game moves and play she made as HOH were not of her own doing but of Demanda’s orders and threats. Arryan owns 50% of the blame only because she accepted and went along with it.

    This cast of HGs are the worst lot ever. Look at what we have left playing for $500K: A Jewish Gestapo Princess, A whipped unsanitary Pizza boy, A sex starved Pedophile, A Rat’s Rat, A loud-mouth Bimbo, A country bumpkin and a Yoga yogi.

    I rather the final three be the loud-mouth bimbo, country bumpkin and the Yoga yogi.

  36. Does anybody else think that in the Jury house Jessie and Candice are saying : ‘We hope Amanda gets evicted soon, I want to see her in here” and Helen says : ” Noooo, it’s too soon”

  37. Wow, Elissa you are coaching someone who has been mean to you since day one and who has made fun of your closest friend in the house. Aaryn made those comments way before she was working with Amanda as did GM. Yet some how Amanda is to blame. I hope Helen never talks to you again after she sees this.

  38. Granted it wasn’t good advice Elissa gave her, Aaryn doesn’t have to listen to it. I don’t get the intensity. Elissa isn’t perfect but to put her up there with Amanda is really reaching that chick has no dignity or self-respect and will literally let anything fall out of her mouth (and into it). And I’m not referring to the game play her overbearing villain tactics outside touching people’s stuff and being disgusting with it. But just her general character of having no standards or boundaries. And Elissa isn’t perfect (who is really?) but she does have a level of standards and boundaries that Amanda clearly is immune to.

  39. amanda is a SLUT, gross and evil. I feel so sorry for her family. There is a life outside of the house and the user is going to have to live with the repercussions.

    1. And Elissa clearly wants to make things even worse for Demanda’s family by encouraging Aaryn to lie about her on national TV.

      Gotta love Elissa’s double standards. Her family and personal life are off-limits but it’s open season on everyone else’s, apparently. What’s sad is that her fans are defending it and STILL making excuses for her! Just imagine the meltdown they’d throw if it was Demanda coaching Aaryn to say that the racism was Elissa’s fault.

  40. i wonder if CBS let the audience BOO the crap out of Aaryn when she is voted out and if Julie Chen will tell her about her being racist throughout the show. Thoughts?

  41. Believe me…….I am NO fan of Elissa’s……….but, she’s 27 and he’s only 40………..which is NOT old ! ! ! Why do people keep calling him old ? ? ? That is just so ridiculous ! ! ! ! Helen was 37…….was she old ? ? ? All these 20 yr. olds that make these comments make me sick…….they better hope that with the way this world is…..that they are lucky enough to make it to 40 ! ! !

    1. My husband is 8 years older than me and believe me I didn’t marry him for money. He isn’t the best looking guy I’ve dated but he won my heart with his charm, sense of humor and the way he treated me…with respect. He is not that much older than Elissa, and she seems really in love with him, her HOH letter was sweet.

  42. I definitely think Elissa was trying to pander to Aaryn’s jury vote as well as throw Amanda under the bus in America’s eyes. Two birds, one stone. Just in case Amanda might be portrayed as a strong player, I think Elissa wants Aaryn to slander Amanda to Julie/America. The blood will be on Aaryn’s hands, not Elissa’s. I would think Aaryn has some sort of idea that Julie would ask her about her mean girl image based on her Zing! and DR questions, but I don’t think she has any clue about just how bad it is. I don’t think Julie can comment on just how awful the backlash has been, nor how she has lost her job until the game is over. So unfortunately for us, I don’t think we’ll be getting any giant reactions tonight.

  43. first of all elissa knows that Amanda is looking good on tv yes aaryn has made some nasty remarks all by herself but Amanda instigates all the racism and nastiness I actually feel bad for aaryn cause aaryn looks like a terrible person but Amanda has been the biggest racist and bigot in the house elissa being the good person that she is is trying to take the heat off of aaryn which is a true valor of kindness we have all seen amandas edits she is a vile repulsive racist bigot and bully so elissa does something nice like take some of the heat off aaryn and some of you get offended we all have saw what cbs has done with aaryn gina and spencer but they never show the true disgusting Amanda yet they will air all of aaryns racist comments I personally think its nice for elissa to take the heat off of aaryn cause Amanda deserves the most backlash if aaryn would of come in like a Jordan we would all love her and I think I would too but cbs has made it clear that aaryn needs to be the worst person when Amanda in so many ways is the worst elissa is just being smart and making sure the viewers that don’t watch this all the time know what kinda person Amanda is yes aaryn made her own decisions and said horrible things and did what Amanda wanted but elissa is the only person in the house that does not want to play follow the leader the rest of the houseguest are cowards plus did any of you remember Amanda calling a a Chinese food worker chongface come on people wake up elissa is smarter than you think and I totally think its awesome case shes tainting the jury against Amanda and its coming back to bite her in the ass as Jessie last said f*** off Amanda

  44. Does anyone think maybe she was being nice for jury votes. Elissa is not stupid, she knows what she is doing. She has had everyone pegged for a long time. Her only stupid mistake was listening to Helen. If Helen had listened to Elissa she would probably still be in the house. No matter what the reason is behind her “helping” Aaryn, at least she putting the past behind her. She has hated Aaryn for weeks and is finally getting over it. Plus, Elissa seems to be the only one in the house that is smart enough to realize what they say in the house can cause problems outside of the house. So you might not like what she told Aaryn , but give her credit for being smart enough to have figured it out cause none of the rest of them have.

  45. Julie Chen better bring it up that Elissa told her to say those things. That’s just wrong…….Amanda ain’t innocent by any means but that is really mean. Elissa better get sent home next Thursday. Shut the fuck up for life Elissa.

    1. Not going to happen!!!! Elissa ain’t going nowhere. She will keep winning PoV until she will make it to the end.

  46. To those who can’t tell the difference– Amanda has some biochemical brain disorder. She is on some med other than Adderal. She is not a nice person, but she is also not well. Aaryn, on the other hand is a text book sociopath. No empathy. inability to introspect. inability to learn from mistakes. etc. Aaryn will be a racist the rest of her life. Amanda might wake up. Aaryn will not.

  47. “GORRILLAS” is a term some people in New York/New Jersey to describe men with large bulky muscles… Nothing racist about the word.

    1. WTF? Are you talking about? I lvied in NY/NJ for over thirty years and no one runs around saying Gorillas, unless they are at the Bronx zoo.

      Aaryn is not even from NY/NJ area and more than likely has never visited here. She has lived in Texas and Colorado.

      Furthermore, in watching the live feeds, it is very clear that GM is actually a permanent resident of Staten Island and just happen to be born in a Brooklyn hospital. She has never lived in Brooklyn, never.

      Amanda and GM clearly do not know the NYC area that welll based on their conversations. Which is very bizarre since one is from Staten Island and the other is from Long Island. What real NYer does not know that both airports (LaGuardia and JFK) are in Queens. And also that the only two boroughs that are conncected is Brooklyn and Queens. The other 3 boroughs (Manhattan, Staten Island and the Bronx) and Long Island, must be reached by bridges over bodies of water.

      1. Sociology, 100% agree (I’m from NJ, work in NYC). However, GM is not the sharpest tool in the shed, so she may not know what areas the airports are located. She threw out a comment about Long Island, then mentioned Connecticut, which made the person she was talking to (Judd? or Andy?) ask if Long Island was near Connecticut. She was all mixed up about how long one place was to another, etc. I don’t think she worked in Manhattan on a daily basis, but arranged/worked at the pageants in Staten Island venues under the direction of others.

        Maybe Aaryn is a devotee of the “Jersey Shore” lingo & lifestyle and picked up the term gorilla from that show, and used it thinking it would be something GM could relate to.

        Love your posts!

      2. Not that I’m defending her because I don’t even know what she said exactly. But she is about the age group that watches Jersey Shore, and they used that term all the time to describe guys that worked out all the time and had the big huge muscles.

    2. It is also used in Texas for describing big guys, but that comment is mild and only one of several comments she has made and there is no arguing the fact she has def made racist remarks.

    3. Well, it is interesting that some are dumping on Elssa, whio is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. Yes, she can easily laud her life over the others but her’s is a self-defense mechanism to distance herself from some of the inherent bashing and disgusting behaviors of the other HGs. She probably feels like she is stuck on an isolated island, with people who she would never associate with in her own world and reality.

      I believe, that she knows Aaryn has said some very serious derogatory comments, however, for some of the more serious offensives she was never privy to the actual conversations. So, I think, she’s under the impression (right, wrong or indifferent) that Aaryn has been manipulate by Amanda’s domineering personality, to be as crass as she wants to be. This is the social dynamic of these individuals who remain in the house, which is what exactly BB designed and casted for this season.

      Alas, Elissa does not know, that this is inherently Aaryn’s make-up and character, she was borne and raised this way. Aaryn is very cognizant of what she is and being portrayed as; because you can’t not hide one’s true identity when being captured via cameras and microphones 24/7. The same goes for all of them.

      Remember, in every bit of jest, there is definitely some truth….Regardless, if soneone say’s they are joking or not!!! Some have stated openly and freely that they do not care what America is thinking about them. Well, I guess the joke is on them when they exit the game.

  48. Prior to all these sites becoming popular, CBS BB site had chat rooms, etc but also various pics of hgs that some very talented fans would photoshop, add captions, etc. Does anyone else recall this and if so, is there any site where this is still done? The pics use to give me some really good laughs. Responses would be much appreciated.

    1. Simon and I, used to do Photoshop images for the HGs, but we didn’t do any last season.

      I WISH we could do it again this season, so many personalities that can be roasted…

  49. I don’t think it matters what Aaryn says. She has already shown her true colors. When she got with Amanda the 2 of them continued to make racial comments. They are peas in a pod. Aaryn can’t do any more damage to Amanda than Amanda has done to herself. Even during the edited show, they didn’t show the truly horrible things she said about Elissa’s family and they have never shown her describe in detail what she wanted to do to Jessie, Candice and Elissa. I think they will all have things to answer for when they get out. Hopefully people will get over it like with Shelly from BB13.

  50. I guess I missed something, because I didn’t see anything about Elissa encouraging Aaryn to blame any racist comments on Amanda. I guess I’m reading it as ,all the mean girl stuff, she is telling her to blame it on Amanda.

    1. Exactly Varys, I keep going back to the 10:33 blog because based on all the comments I keep trying to find where Elissa & Aaryn are talking about Aaryn’s racist comments as opposed to the mean girl stuff instigated by Amanda. I never could find that context in the blog. Thank You for the confirming my sanity!

  51. Time to get real! There is nothing Elissa can say or do that will effect the reputation of Amanda and Aaryn outside the house , they alone have shown what their made of and most everyone knows that! And as for this jackass BuffaloBill that keeps makin stupid comments , everyone needs to ignore him because hes just tryin to get a rise outta evryone like the attention seeking whore he consistently praises!

  52. So funny.

    Everyone sits here & calls the HG’s out on talking too much crap about one another. Calling them disgusting human beings, and such. Did you forget you were also human?

    You also have emotions that control your poor decisions. Stop pretending you are perfect – it’s so delusional, it makes me sick to my stomach.

  53. I think it’s great Elissa told Aaryn that. AAryn is a racist heifer and I’ve
    Been waiting for weeks to see her go home. I pray ginamarie or J U double D
    Wins HOH tonight. Ill go on strike from watching it for a week if
    Mcranda wins, I hate those bullies as much as I dislike Aaryn

  54. Wow once again we see Elissa’s true colours.. Plastic to the core.. That girl is taking the game to reality. Aaryn is going to have to face a lot of heat for what she said ( wether fully justified or not. I still maintain that Candice started a lot of those fights and said a lot of crap as well but because she’s white she will take the most heat which is JUST as wrong and JUST as racist. We all say or think crap we shouldn’t and don’t mean sometimes, doesn’t mean we are the worst of society) She definetly should not be placing the blame on Amanda as again the rest are going catch their flack as well. This has been a controversial cast and sadly Elissa ( to whom should have been booted long ago, has been given perks like home calls at the drop of a tear and caused more trouble in the house with lies , deception, manipulation, conciet and over all hatred for everyone ) will come out smelling of roses and go along on to do more CBS stuff to bore and horrify us in the future all under her sister Rachel’s name. Hmmmm let’s see can we see the Reily sister now doing Amazing Race , Survivor all sorts of crap tg or e en coming back in the house to reign terror. However the rest of the casts name will be dragged through the mudd for this years going on like she had nothing to do with it which is complete and utter crap. I actually say those of us that aren’t Elissa fans should let CBS know that we will not support future endeavors with joker lips on it.

    1. Maybe you are just not use to seeing genuinely nice people in action. Elissa comes from a knowledge base.. knowing what happens to people once they have been featured on a national television reality show. She has witnessed first hand how it affected her own sister’s life. Cynics around here may opt to think that Elissa is first and foremost fishing for a Jury Vote.. and that is their prerogative. I think that her true motivation is genuine concern for what awaits Aaryn once out of the Big Brother House.

  55. I believe that Elisa knows that Aaryn. will have a hard time with her own comments she made. I think it speaks volumes that she even cares that Aaryn will have to live with the things she said on national television and reap what people think of her. Amanda is a straight out slutty scumbag. Her and the woman she has taken up with. They are dirty and nasty. I feel no sympathy for those two. Elisa is trying to help Aaryn. She probably shouldn’t care, but she does. Call Elisa what you want, but Amanda is no saint and spouts out racist shit herself. Her comment about Candice being a beauty queen in Africa was uncalled for too. Candice is so much better looking than Amanda, and has class! Amanda is just jealous. I want Judd to win, so I am not pro Elisa – but she is the only one who knows exactly what is going on (as much as us watching) after being in the house and isolated from the real world. Aaryn just listened to whatever McManda told her to do. Andy is a major follower. Spencer is just gross. GM, she got a mouth on her, but I liked how she stood up to Amanda. Amanda did turn into Jeremy, and everyone will know that Aaryn said what she said and it was her. I think Elisa just feels sorry for her. Remember that they all want her jury vote too. I think if Judd makes it to the F2 – Aaryn will give her vote to him. So will Candice and Jessie. Don’t know about Helen. Depends who he is next to if he makes it to the end. I really would love to see McManda leave. They gross me out more than Spencer.

    1. I don’t think that Elissa feels bad for Aaryn and if she was such a Christian ( forgive all) she definetly would not be giving the advice to lie. Plus again under the forgive all understanding of Christianity would that not mean that Amanda and Mc Crea are up for forgiveness as well.. Should be forgiven and not lied about.. Hmm funny how one conveniently can be forgiven and horribly helped while the other two can’t and she completely screws over at her own manipulative whims… She’s not a good person .. I’m Christian and a good person and normally have a live let live attitude. I don’t feel the need to strike for no reason I will stand up for what I think is right. Do I think any in this house are “bad people” nope.. Just unfortunate products of “our entertainment ” that have been monitored 24/7 and guess what have had the mind slips we all do when pushed from time to time when alcohol and drugs are introduced to an already volitile situation. No judgement. However that girl has been nothing but judgmental to her own peers and using her religion as the basis yet not backing it up.

      1. You DON’T EVEN KNOW what Elissa is referring to! No where in the conversation did either one of them say ANYTHING about racist comments. She could just simple be referring to her game play with Helen ect. You have no idea. Why ASSUME what she meant? Just so you can have something to run with to bash her for??

  56. There were more derogatory remarks about asians made last night by Amanda who stated she hated them unless they were cooking and Aaryn. Please tell me someone why you would need to bleach your anus Amanda, Aarynand Mccrud did that last night too. Also I guess it is all right now to hae sex regular and oral in the shower in front of God and the world. Why the hell was Judd in bed with Aaryn last night and according to Amanda giving her a slurpee? I am a a loss as to the level these young women will stoop No Amanda though she does on the inside what she does on the outside she’s just a psycho pig.

  57. There is no defending Aaryn’s remarks. The things she said and continues to say are just terrible. But I don’t think all of the house guests, including Elissa, know everything Aaryn has really said. The only one who has probably heard it all was GinaMarie. The rest of those left in the house have probably only heard a comment or two and then a lot of talk about her being portrayed as racist (which I think Amanda heard in the diary room and then was coached to say something to Aaryn). Elissa probably has no idea how many things Aaryn has said and how horrible they really were. So her advice to blame it on Amanda (which is not great advice to begin with) is maybe coming from a decent place. Meaning, Elissa was maybe trying to protect Aaryn a little, as misguided as it is to blame it all on Amanda. But from the house guests perspective much (not all) of Aaryn’s behavior could have been influenced by Amanda. You wouldn’t know for sure being inside the house and not watching on live feeds.

    Amanda is much older and more experienced than Aaryn. Amanda clearly has no problem coming off as a controlling, skanky, b*tch. Aaryn is younger, sheltered, and probably has racist/homophobic parents (Aaryn made a comment yesterday that she knew what her dad would say about her getting evicted: that of course everyone would have to be politically correct and not vote out the q*eer). Like it or not, we are a product of our environment and until she is exposed to other ways of thinking she may never even realize what she is saying is wrong. People like to blame the “political correctness” of world as a reason to keep on being racists, or homophobes, or sexist, or whatever. Hopefully Aaryn will learn a lot from this experience and its aftermath.

    But as fans and watchers of the live feeds we have to remember that they don’t see what we see or know what we know. We get to see so much from so many different house guests. Maybe, in her own way, Elissa was trying to help Aaryn, granted it was by slandering Amanda, but still. The intent might have been more about helping Aaryn than hurting Amanda. A little more tolerance and understanding goes a long way in this life. Having a black and white view on people and life leaves a lot of the gray area you never get to see.

  58. Changing the subject; I just watched the show from the Veto Ceremony. I remember Amanda saying that she was going to get ready for the show and wanted to look pretty for the camera. Was that outfit her idea of “Pretty”. My goodness, nothing matched and did not even fit well. Those high heel shoes with the cutoff jeans and maybe her best real estate blazer? Come on now. Even the goodwill has a better choice of outfits than that. Starlet or Streetwalker?

    1. and my grocery store does not stock anywhere close to the amount of cottage cheese on those thunder thighs. Women with that amount of cellulite should never wear short shorts in public.

    2. My EXACT thought when she walked out. WTF is she wearing? And how in the world does that make her look even remotely “good”.

  59. Elissa isn’t the purehearted anti-racism warrior her fans portray her as.

    She whined about how “disgustingggg everyone is, mhmmmmhuh” to Candice but then laughed at racist jokes behind Candice’s back.

    She despised GinaMarie and Aaryn’s racist comments when it was beneficial to her game and her edit to do so, but now acts buddy-buddy with them and wants them to blame it all on someone else when it’s time to get jury votes.

    I’d respect Elissa’s fans a lot more if they dropped the morality pleas and admitted that she’s not an angelic saint, she’s no better than anyone else in the house, and they care more about Elissa winning at all costs than about racism or bullying.

    1. Thank you… That’s what I’ve been trying to say lol. Well put.. I’m really not a fan of anyony but soooo sick of everyone poor Elissa ing when really to me she’s one of the worst culprits :(

  60. Whoever thinks that Amanda will win is dillusional. There are only two people who would vote for Amanda and that is Amanda and McCray. That bitch has a better chance of seeing GOD than winning Big Brother.

  61. who cares fuck… if amanda did tht her fans would be defending her i never dod mcranda out . cant stand her but its dumb . haters spend all day waitintg all day waiti for el to screw up so they can talk cock suckin shit .. el is aplayer yall are just aplayer hater

  62. Amanda and McCrazy annoy me to no end. Aaryn going into the jury house is great! Maybe she will play in Candyland and love everyone.

  63. Just a few questions:

    Who has herpes?

    Why is everyone upset that Aaryn said gorillas cut her yard? What does that mean?

    Why does Amanda feel the need to remind everyone over and over about the size of MC’s diddle?

  64. Elissa is not trying to help Aaryn she is trying to hurt Amanda. Big difference…. she is justifying her messed up behavior.

  65. Thank you for bringing that point up. I agree with you 100% that her coaching by Amanda may have been what Elissa was referring to.

  66. I think Aaryn should respond to Julie Chen’s questions about racism by just saying…

    this is a game. i came here to play… i was playing with vile people and i figured this out early on…. the way i played the game is not the way i live my life outside the house. end of story.

    things were said about aaryn and aaryn said things about the others… during the game. once she is out of the game… that is over… real life begins again… and the game should not be carried into real life..

    i hope aaryn realizes how the things she said in the house were offensive, no matter what context she said them.and i hope she does not continue to be offensive in the outside world. she is young… she made mistakes… she has time to reflect and learn… the haters should be more interested in her making a positive change than destroying her life for the mistakes she made.

    Julie Chen better watch it as well…. cbs and bb production have not put the spot light on the others for the racism like they did to aaryn which is wrong on their part. Aaryn has grounds to sue all of them.

  67. Wasn’t it Amanda who went to Aaryn and told her America was seeing her as racist? So she followed up with comments that Aaryn picked up on in an attempt to make the kid look even worse.
    Amanda should be ashamed of herself on so many levels, she is not a young woman with integrity, her morals are non-existent, she is a bully. Wonder what she sees when she looks in the mirror.
    And what was the sweatshirt shorts and high heels for last night? She looked cheap and dirty. I noticed in the diary room sessions she looked like she hadnt bathed or washed her hair.

    Give Aaron a little break, she is young, she comes from a place where attitudes have been grown for generations. I think she has it in her to re-learn attitudes. If you put aside those qualities, you can see a little girl peeking out who just might find a way.

    I really dont have a winner wish this time around, but I do believe Elissa has shown class in the face of that devil girl Amanda, She hasnt flipped up her shirt or wandered in camera range in her panties, she hasnt chased a fellow around the house, and I am pretty sure she keeps out of the distasteful conversations about sex acts and her partners. If I were voting, I would vote to give money to her as opposed to the others.

    The rest of them are just annoying to watch, they are obnoxious and if my kids brought one of them home, I would toss them over the fence onto the road. And I am an old lady, but I am sure I have enough left to do that….

  68. Hey Simon just curious, you know how you put the ” Graphic conversation” warnings before foul language remarks, is ther anyway you could put ” Foul and Vile picture coming up” for me ? Gotta tell you that Amanda and McCrae shower scene made me want to throw up, matter of fact just about every picture of her is pretty nauseating so a little heads up would be nice . Jk you guy’s are awesome thanks for all you do .

  69. People not everything they say is racist, im sorry. Yeah there has been raciest comments no doubt, yet here you are when one of the HG slip up you the readers are the first ones to throw stones at them like you guys have never said anything raciest or degrading to or about people heck you guys trash the HG all the time. I am sick of reading your comments that are mean, like you do no wrong in your life.

  70. If Ellisa was coaching me I might have to quit the team.

    Amanda may be the devil, but Ellisa is surely an agent of the devil.

    And also….I find this season fascinating BECAUSE of the behavior of the houseguests. I think the reason most are repulsed is because they are repulsed by their own shadow parts of themselves. It has been intriguing to watch the show and the hub-bub surrounding it. Judgment and anger and finger pointing with all the rest of those fingers pointing right back at our own messes in our own families and lives. Very Interesting Season.

  71. No one has noticed that in her HOH pictures, Elissa’s son and her stepsons are all around the same age range. Her husband IS NOT an old man, and yes they do have a lot in common…parenting young boys, and being very good at it. A lot of times children bring the most unlikely couples together and they make a wonderful blended family out of love. I applaud Elissa for taking the high road, and still trying to help Aaryn, and Ginamarie, as well as being friendly and ‘cutsie’ with Amanda last night, all the while Amanda is still whispering about punching in her face with brass knuckles…did you miss that little comment she made to her >’eh hem’ < "husband" during beer pong?

  72. Will someone kindly post the address of the site to watch tonight’s live episode? @#$%^ Football is on, bumping BB15. I know a few posters have already asked, but no one has answered as yet. Much appreciated!

    Tonight’s show should be pretty good, can’t wait!

  73. @ Tigger, I find it very profound that you are being judgmental on Elissa christian belief. As others have mention in this post , the HG who are not in the in crowd don’t know what all is being said. I don’t agree on all things that Elissa says but I believe she was having this conversation on two levels. One, to ensure she can get a jury vote and two, letting her know she has been bullied by Amanda and was timid so she went along with the program instead of standing up for what is rt. Amanda knows exactly who she can push over and who she can’t. Aaryn is a young girl who has alot of growing up to do and will need to learn how do deal with conflict w/o making derogatory, racist and sexist comments that will lead you to have consequences to deal with. By the way Tigger you say your a christian but yet you have the audacity to call Elissa plastic to the core. I guess your views of being a christian is obviously not the same way I consider myself as a being christian.

  74. What is the website where I can watch tonight’s live episode as it is airing? I had it a couple of weeks ago and lost it. The show is being pre-empted here tonight.

  75. I honestly think people that are still fans of Amanda have to be as bad as she is! She let her game play go and became a bully to the highest! Amanda is the biggest sore loser-crying because she couldn’t win a comp the next time she didn’t win she hide behind the trashcan in the SR! When McCrae when on the block she sleep the entire next day. Then after she wins the Veto she went on a high and personally attacked Elissa and her family.
    Amanda talks horribly about EVERYONE, she always talks about her past and present nasty sex life, her herpes, anal sex, glory holes, etc.
    This woman has absolutely no class what’s so ever! Anyone that finds this vileness gameplay must have as many issues as she does!

  76. Elissas trying to win shes not trying to please you guys so dont hate on her if turning the jury against amanda is going to win you five hundredthousand dollars who wouldnt shes playing the game how she wants not how amanda tells her to unlike evreyone else she earns some points for that one

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