Amanda says Slurpee time! Aaryn just got frog gigged by J U Double D!

POV Holder: AMANDA Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 26th
HOH Winner: Elissa Next HOH: Aug 29th
Original Nominations: Aaryn and McCrae
Current Nominations: Aaryn and Andy
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, Jessie. Helen
Have Nots

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12:15am Amanda and McCrae take a shower together in the downstairs bathroom. She says I need to re-wash my butthole. There’s something sticky on it. Amanda and McCrae make out in the shower. She disappears a few times and he makes facial expressions when she tugs on him. Meanwhile up in the HOH room – Elissa, Andy, Judd, Ginamarie and Spencer talk about random things. Judd asks Aaryn what time of car she drives. Aaryn says she has the Ford Edge. She says she likes it because she can answer her phone from the steering wheel. Spencer heads to bed because he has a headache. Andy leave soon after to practice his eviction speech. Gina leaves and its just Elissa and Aaryn. Elissa says I hate that we couldn’t work together. Every time you time you talk normal to me it makes me sick because my heart feels for you and I never had anything against you and I always wanted to work with you. I think Amanda is just super manipulative and it sucks. It sucks that she got into your head and basically ruined your game. She did, you didn’t! She ruined your game. Aaryn tells Elissa that they made an alliance with me, Andy, McCrae, Amanda. They asked be to be in a four.. Big Brother switches the camera..

Spencer and Andy in the bedroom talking about wanting to be tomorrow for this to all be over with. Spencer says they told me things to make it look like you and I aren’t as important as she is to them. Andy asks if Amanda and McCrae believe it. Spencer says he isn’t too sure Amanda tries to think of a plan that is grander. Andy asks but I am okay still? Spencer says yeah, you’re fine, you’re totally fine. Spencer says if they get HOH, I think they would put up Ginamarie and Elissa up. We could be final 4 soon.


Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: FREE 2 DAY TRIAL

In the rainbow room – Gina talks to Amanda and McCrae about Aaryn trying to make waves before she leaves so that we would all not trust each other. Amanda questions why Gina was up in the HOH room with Elissa. Amanda and McCrae tell Gina that she is not their target. Ginamarie asks if it’s Elissa. Amanda says yes and one other person. Ginamarie says if they want to ask her in front of Aaryn she is okay with that.

Meanwhile up in the HOH room – Elissa and Aaryn continue talk. They talk about how they wanted to work together and that it sucks they couldn’t. Aaryn says it’s fine we can be friends outside the game. Elissa says I really should have put them (Amanda and McCrae) up together. I wanted you to stay and was crushed that she won that veto. Aaryn says I was crushed too. I knew it was the end of my game. Yeah she is a not very nice person and she ruined my game. Elissa says she wishes she would have nominated Amanda when she was MVP because getting her out in the beginning of the game would have been a really good thing. Aaryn says that it made her want to vomit when she had to try and get Ginamarie nominated. I only did it because Amanda said the only way I would stay was against Ginamarie. Aaryn says that it was hard to do that to Ginamarie because she was my friend. Ginamarie joins the. Ginamaie tells them about how Amanda confronting her about me putting Amanda and McCrae up on the block. Aaryn tells Gina that Amanda is just trying to make sure you don’t vote for me to stay. Aaryn tells Ginamarie and Elissa not to listen to anything that Amanda says. Aaryn says that she told Amanda and McCrae that she didn’t know who Ginamarie would put up. Aaryn says this is because Andy is freaking out and Amanda is scared that I am going to stay but that won’t happen so she doesn’t know why Amanda says that. Aaryn says Amanda could have waited for her to leave before she started spreading lies about her. They study the order that Zingbot zing’d them. Gina and Aaryn head downstairs.

1:05am In the storage room – Judd and Amanda talk. Judd tells Amanda that he still wants to make a one week deal with her and if that works out we can go forward. Amanda agrees. Judd says there was no way I could work with Elissa she would always do whatever she wanted to do. Amanda agrees. Judd says that if I won HOH I would put up Elissa and someone else. He isn’t sure and would need to talk to everyone. Andy joins them and they all leave soon after. Gina sits at the kitchen table and Amanda asks her what’s wrong. Gina says she’s just sad losing a friend (Aaryn). She says it sucks seeing Nicks face every day too, it was so long ago he was here. Nick that shaddy f**k, look at that smirk. Amanda says I have a new moving company and I am moving all of you out of this house. They start talking about each one of the evicted house guests. Amanda says and Jessie leaving I am not upset about that. Gina says yeah she needs to talk to someone.

CBS Interactive Inc.


2am – 3:30am Aaryn, Judd, McCrae, Amanda, Andy, Gina and Spencer are in the bedroom talking about movies and other random things. They talk about McCrae and Amanda getting married for real outside the house. Andy heads to bed. Andy goes to bed. Amanda comments that her worst nightmare would be McCrae going to the jury house with all the girls. Aaryn tells them that her grandfather subscribed to the live feeds. Judd laughs. Amanda teases Aaryn that she wants Judd’s di*k. Aaryn says no I don’t. They continue to talk about random things and they turn out the lights.
Judd and Aaryn are cuddling in bed. They start making out. Judd leaves. Amanda tells Aaryn “Slurpee time!” “That was the quickest pu$$y eating I’ve ever heard.” Aaryn says whatever. I’m over it. Spencer says I wanted to fart so bad during the middle of that. Amanda laughs that Judd had to do the walk of shame with an erection after that. Amanda says that Aaryn just got frog gigged by J U Double D! Amanda starts kissing and slurping with McCrae. (Judd is in the rainbow room listening to their conversation at the door.) Aaryn says whatever I never make fun of you guys. Amanda says that’s because we’re in love and married. Aaryn says I didn’t even get to bang in the HOH room. Amanda asks who would give better bl*w j*bs girls or guys. Spencer says girls, just because Andy always talks so poorly of gay bl*w j*bs. Aaryn says you just do a little figure eight and el’pepper crack hair action and its all good. Spencer asks what are you talking about Aaryn would you like to show me? Aaryn says no. Why did I just said that my grandfather subscribes. They all go to sleep..



5:50am All the house guests are still sleeping..

9:45am Still sleeping..

10am Big Brother wakes up the house guests..

Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV:

BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

CBS Interactive Inc.

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Tonight my Jewish Oueen will be sending Aaryan back deep in the heart Texas. Doesn’t matter who wins HOH, GM or Judd will be going next. This game is so easy to figure out. I’m in the money. Yeah Baby. Thank you Amanda and CBS.


BuffaloBill you are a Super Genius like Wile E. Coyote.


BuffaloBill, your dumb as a post. Your an idiot!!!!! Elissa is not going anywhere.

Chuck Jones

Buffalo Bill – it seems to me that someone that answers themselves on a blog is really just a Looney Tune!

Room 101

Either Amanda or MC will win HOH (not my dream – but my nightmare).


And then BB will give them a super power to make sure they make it to the final 4.

Is Aaryn a whore now

Ewwww. Did Aaryn really have sex with Judd? He is so gross. And that shows how desperate she is to get a vote. Granted there aren’t any good looking guys in the house now to hook up with, but Judd is about as rank as Spencer or McCrae. And he is so shady. She should know that Jesse whoring herself out to him didn’t work so why would she think he will vote to keep her. Aaryn is a babe no doubt. But tonight she sunk a notch in my view of her.


It will never happen!!!! McCranda will failed like always.


I’m starting to see similarities between Amanda Bynes and Amanda Zuckerman. The constant crap talking about others looks, constant talk about vaginas and the serious need for attention. Amanda Z. Amanda Bynes is receiving help and treatment, I hope you follow her lead and seek help. Not a dis towards Amanda Bynes, I’m glad she is finally safe and getting help, after others just stood by laughing at her.


My other post did not make it, and maybe this one will.
Amanda’s family are receiving threats


What if the police come in under a 5150 involuntary psychiatric hold and took Amanda away? Threats to her family if true are horrible…

Den den

Ok so Amanda sucks….we all get t. But seriously leave her family out of it! They are probably just as embarrassed as we are!


I agree, it is wrong to threat the family and the cast.

Amanda's Therapist

*what* WTF? One thing the 2 have in common…
BOTH … are – JEWISH wannabes!!

give me a break

It will be so funny if McPuss and Amanda get double evicted……….


I hope you’re being sarcastic, but I’m getting the feeling you aren’t. Just remember, there is still an HOH comp, and if Amanda or McNoballs doesn’t win— well, you sure GM or Judd will go home?

Bring Back The GLASS BOX

OMG Desiree… he totally isn’t. I suspect he waits for them to post one of these just so he can be at the verrry top so he can say something revolting to get a rise out of the general population here. It’s weird, some of us read these because we don’t have time for the live feeds and some of us are here with all the time in the world just to F**k with everyone


Not going to happen!!!!! Judd will backstabbed Amanda and put up McCranda on the block. Amanda doesn’t have a clue. She agrees but Judd will Backdoored Amanda if he have to.


@CaptainWedgieArchNemesis: “She agrees, but Judd will Backdoor Amanda if he has to.”

I’m SOOO absolutely sure this isn’t the first time or second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth… (you get the picture) that Amanda has been “backdoored” in her lifetime.

Fact is, she’s already told McCrae she loves it. I know…. Shocker!!!!!

Amanda's Yeast Infection

Bet you stand in the mirror with your shrine to Amanda saying…Would you do me? I’d … I’d do me hard!


Just when you think Amanda has grossed us out to the max, she continues to be most VILE.
Aaryn is a nasty lil c*unt.
Poor Gina. One has no idea what will come out of her mouth next. She just blairs it out!


Juden is the new Nazi


Buffalo bill, your such a fool!!! Amanda is going up next week, regardless how dumb and stupid of Amanda does she. Elissa will make it to the end!!! Judd will screw Amanda!!!!!

Amanda's Therapist

*captainwedgie* OMG! JU D D is going to put
the “screws”
to the WHORE – and NOT feel a thing!!
wimpy stinky McPussy the fake pizza boy!


You better hope your horse isn’t going home tonight! All bets will be off and your money gone with it. Not sure if your aware but a tweet suggested Amanda is voluntarily leaving tonight. Got a good settlement supposedly and will try to get her life back in order. As was said a long time ago…. They shot horses don’t they?(think that was a movie tittle?) Hope you have better luck versus the spread this football season!ROFL


Comp tonight is “before and After” based on Zingbot zings. Spencer wins.

Loser Says What?


How many hours a day do you spend lying on a couch talking to a man holding a hand puppet?


Beween 4 to 6 hrs. I am wealthy, so I have all the time in the world. I make smart bets and betting on my Jewish Queen is the easiest bet I ever made, with the help of CBS. This win will give me another fortune to play with. It is nice to get up any time, travel whenever I want to, go to any sporting event and have an easy life. One of my close Jewish friends taught me a long time ago to love will bring many riches. I hope you and other’s on this site get rid of all of your anger


It’s call cheating!!!!!!!!!!! That why you suck in everything!!!! AMANDA WILL NEVER WIN. As long CBS will barred from interfering everything will be fine.

Pinocchio Obama

Buffalo Bill,

I think we all know what you are really playing with……

Amanda's Therapist

*buffbill* PLEASE!
AM willing to BET … you are a #1 “Bull-shit-ter”!?!

Spencer, Spencer child molester...

Buffalo Balls, you’re Jewish Queen Amanda is a WHOREABLE, WHOREABLE, WHOREABLE slutbag….and I wish you’d stop calling her your “Jewish Queen”. I’m Jewish on my fathers side and every time I read your posts, I imagine her wearing a Yahrmacha while giving MC a blow-job. The vision is so scary and real that I just burped up one of his pubic hairs. If by chance you do win some money, do us all a favor and go buy yourself a small circle of friends to rid you of your obviously empty social calendar and stop posting your wet dreams online. Or better still; buy yourself a deserted island and go strand yourself on it. Peace.


Rela Cowboy. Get rid of that hatred. My Jewish Queen is playing a great game and she will win, with a little help from CBS. Just take a deep breath and let go of that anger. Peace my brother.


OMG!!!! Amanda is cheating because of CBS production. Unlike Jordan, she isn’t playing fair of winning it because of Allison Grodner. That why Amanda cheat herself to win. So shut your mouth and get over it.


Aaryn looks like a saint next to Amanda.


OMG!!! amandUGH was almost a contestant on Bachelor 17 with Sean Lowe. Can you imagine her threatening the other girls for talking or kissing him>? She would be THAT one psycho girl they always have on the show…. man alive shé’s a loose cannon!

Have Not

Amanda’s parents must be sooooooooo pround of their little tramp!


Amanda gets dropped off at the parents house, it has a fence around it and looks abandoned, she goes inside, written on the wall in spray paint is “F*** YOU DEMANDA!”.


Hmmm, now that sounds familiar……..nice post.


I’d really like to see the rat go tonight. Lets see what happens after tonight if the cowards have the nerve to do what they’re talking about and separate and defeat McRanda, they’re wasting time as usual


I so want the RAT gone! I couldn’t care less if the RAT says his target is Mc/Am; he said weeks ago before he won his HOH that he wanted to get blood on his hands and make a big move. He’ll wimp out and nominate Elissa and GM. Anyhoo, the RAT is beyond likable and just annoying, boo-hooing hypocrite.

Get the RAT out, if not this week than next week.

Where does the RAT shop? Gaps for Kids?


I would hope that the new Alliance would Evict Andy and Amanda gets removed through the Diary Room Doors with no chance to lie to us public anymore.
I would like to see the exterminators bring Elisa into the Alliance once they get rid of Phony Andy. Keep Aaryn but put Aaryn and Mccrae up next week. Then Spencer and Aaryn the week after that as I would like to see Spencer leave before

Ewww Just Ewww

Amanda has a tattoo that says “tramp.” She said she got it at age 19 and that she wants to get rid of it. Too late, Amanda. You are branded for life with that name whether you remove it or not.

Loser Says What?

In this day and age when you have to worry about needles this is the first time I have felt sorry for the tattoo artist. Who knows what Amanda might of given the guy that some super anti-biotic won’t be able to kill.


Poor judd!

Amanda's dog Woofy

Judd sniffs around for a while, says : No. Still don’t like it.

Have Not

Amanda needs to CBS.


You mean Elissa is CBS!!!!


my question is, after they talked about fart fetishes, who did a search to see if there was at least one website for it? also very glad to see that the HG had some games and cards to play with. maybe it will keep them occupied and they won’t say such disgusting things.

666 amanda

You would think Judd, GM, Aryn, and Spencer would come together do defeat her whose name cannot be spoken……


666 how could you say something so evil about my Jewish Queen. It doesn’t matter who wins HOH, Amanda isn’t going anywhere except to the bank after she wins BB15. More important after she wins my flight to Vegas to pick up my winnings because I picked the smartest person in the house. Never pick against the Jewish people, the smartest in the world. Always have been, always will be.


BuffaloBill you are just like Elmer J. Fudd, you are going to own a Mansion and a Yacht.


Buffalobill, you will end up crying that your beloved Jewish Queen Amanda is going home next week. Too bad, she will be gone!!!!!!


SHHHHHHHH! Be very, very, quiet we’re hunting Amanda’s…it’s Amanda season!


I love it!!! It’s Amanda season.

Frank from last year

Gosh BuffaloBill – I thought I was your favorite.

Clarice Starling

Buffalo Bill: The only reason you like Amanda is because she is the only female in the house with a big enough back to cut the diamond patterns out of for the woman’s suit you are attempting to make for yourself. Will be sooo happy to see your “Jewish Queen” evicted. Have you already prepared your posting of how it was all rigged for Elissa, Judd, etc. to win? Will it include comments of how Amanda didn’t want to win anyway, she just did this to further her career in entertainment? That she already has a multi-million dollar book deal?
At any rate, whether she wins or doesn’t win, she has made what will be a lasting impression when she leaves the house. I seriously doubt it was the impression she wanted. I actually liked Amanda at the beginning of the show, and was rooting for her amongst the entire cast. What happened to her? Cabin fever? Her true colors came out? Didn’t take her medication as directed? I don’t know what caused such a drastic change in personality in such a short period of time, but it was a complete 360 degree flip. If she had entered the house with the personality she now displays, i might have thought of her more as an Evel Dick type, but the drastic change simply makes her appear bi-polar and off her medication.


Warning: Buffalo Bill is really AG. That is why she/he knows that AmanDuh is going to win BB15. So, we’ll just have to wait and see. Notice she/he brags about how wealthy she/he is. I say “he” only because she is using the screen name “Buffalo Bill”, incognito. I’m sure IF it is AG, she isn’t going to be winning any money in Vegas. As, a matter of fact, I really cannot see any benefit at all for her setting this game up for such a whoremonger, unless of course AG is getting a payoff. Not from Vegas, but for some unknown reason from CBS. Cause, I cannot see any reason on God’s green earth why they would ever choose such a disgusting subhuman to win this game? Come on, she is the grossest woman on any reality tv show, ever. But, why threaten her family, they didn’t sign up for this game? She is an adult in total control of her own disgusting mouth and actions.


Simon, do you believe the comment about draggin n****s behind the back of a pick up is appropriate? It’d be nice if that racist remark were removed posted by Amanduh’s Dog Woofy. Ignorant remark, regardless of the reason! Posted page 1.

Pinocchio Obama

That was strong Clarice! I do think it would of been nice for you to provide Buffalo Bill with a towel after you peed on him like that though.


Buffalobill, you need a hobby!!!! Amanda will never win big brother!!!!! Period!!!!!!!!


Can’t believe I’m still watching this mess of a show. Sad to see so many floaters make it this far. |Originally a fan of Amanda after the first couple of weeks but can’t stand the girl anymore. As much as I’ve disliked GM from the start I’d rather see her win over the tramp. Mcstinky or the little snitch Andy!


I want McCranda gone, too, but I want to see RAT go first.

The RAT now wants to be the one to nominate McCranda;is that still considered a big move when the whole house is against them? Just wondering.


don’t forget Ellysa.


I wish Andy the rat would go. If only Judd, Spencer, GM, Aaryn and Elissa could pull it together to go against Mcmanda. UGH.


Has there ever been a couple in the BB house who had as much sex as Amanda & McCrae? I think she cares for him but I think more so it’s a way for her to keep him connected and controlled. And the fact that they are having so much sex but only bathing once or twice a week is just gross.

helen is still clueless

I hope these hgs are listening to Amanda here. That’s the second time she said something about not wanting McRae to go first. She also admitted she would be useless there if he goes first. I want to see her lose her mind and self evict once McRae is evicted. How ironic when they said they wanted Elissa to self evict.


Very strange season…no alpha males, bullies and cowards instead (well, they’re the same thing really), most are attention-seeking wannabees who are just after their 15 minutes of fame so they’re boring to watch/listen to, which then makes someone like Elissa seem decent and ‘normal’, so no true hero or heroine to root for… Oh well…it will soon be over…

mark h

Thank mvp twist for that. Giving power to those that hadn’t earned it resulted in hoh noms early on having no affect except to make those hohs targets. Wont see that twist again. Backfired big in creating a dull six weeks of predictable nominations and votes.


I agree about the MVP twist, Mark H – but I don’t think David, Nick, Jeremy or Kaitlin would have added anything more (of value) to the show had they stayed any longer. It’s been a very disappointing season for me…

was a bb fan

Sorry JD, you’re wrong, there is an alpha male in the house, his name is A-MAN-da


Ha, ha Was A BB Fan! – I’m discounting Amanda, she’s one very messed up person and (I believe) a stooge who’s been put there to cause chaos and drama for whatever reason…

was a bb fan

Agreed. Very messed up. This stooge was definitely not placed in the house for entertainment……..


I watched wednesday nights episode of BB and I must say that CBS does not care if any of the houseguests bully another. We are living in a day and age where people have actually committed suicide because of being bullied…Amanda Todd, Rehtaeh Parsons just to name a few. Have we not learnt anything by people being bullies? What Amanduh did needs to be dealt with. CBS has let the racism get out of control even tho it has settled down and isnt as huge as it was when BB first began, they allow Amanduh to have sex on camera and talk about going down and blowing McCrae and now they are allowing her to bully Elissa. Yes she has bullied all the houseguests ths season but what she did to Elissa is disgusting. We raise our children with values and morals and if they break a rule or do something not right that there are consequences. What are Amanduh’s consequences? For her to also lash out and verbally bully Elissa’s husband and son as well as her step children makes me want to throw up. We all know nothing will be done because the predetermined winner isnt going to be sent packing. She is so smug because she knows she is the winner which is why she is a bully and allowed to get away with it. Elissa’s family would no doubt have watched wednesday nights show and possibly the livefeeds. How do you think those kids are going to react seeing their mother being bullied? People dont get over being bullied. I am 49 years old and I still recall my tormentors.

Consequesnces Amanduh….consequences. Aaryn will be paying for her actions with losing her job and agent. Ginamarie also is paying for her actions. Spenser i havent heard but am sure there are something in the works. Come on CBS. Let the rest of BB be enjoyable for your viewers seeing the first part of the season got off to a horrible beginning.

Elissa for the Win

Spencer is a judge’s son! The “Good Ole Boy” system will protect him, unfortunately!. Aaryn will get picked up by another agency, unfortunately. The person I feel really bad for is GM. Hope she gets some money to start a dance school!


I think Amanda doesn’t have a clue that Judd will Backdoored Amanda and make sure Elissa is 100 percent safe!!!!!

Canadian BB Fan

I hope you’re right – but i’m worried you aren’t, and Judd actually meant it when he said he wouldn’t work with Elissa.

For the past few days, everyone is talking about targeting her.

If she goes home, there is no one left worth watching on the show.


Elissa is not going anywhere. As long a Judd will put up McCranda. Elissa will be fine!!!!!


The tricky thing about that is Elissa told him to make sure Amanda didn’t think they were working together. So is he saying that just to throw Amanda off? If you go by what he is saying in the DR, I would say he is only saying it to BS her. But we’ll see.


Ok so somebody please! please! fill me in on what you think…….So by listening to Andy’s DR yesterday saying he will no longer work with Man-manda and McLice, it solidifies that “the exterminators” are for real right?…..So if any of those 4 win HOH they will put them up on the block, the only problem I see is Andy, I can see him being totally manipulated by A-Man/McLice to do their dirty work again, right? Elissa would be safe as long as Judd and GM win HOH as far as we know right?… sucks I cant watch BB tonight due to Football game but I will be stay up to watch at midnight or any links out there I would appreciate them. So whose team are you? I’m team Ellisa and Team Judd


You can watch tonights episode at CBS.Com tomrrow.


I’ll post a streaming link tonight where you can watch it live.


Simon, I am also in the area that will be showing the football game! It would be awesome for you to post a link where we could watch it live tonight! Wild HATE to have to wait til 2:07 to watch, which I totally would if I had to! So, huge THANKS for a link!


I don’t know where you are, but in the New York Area, you CAN watch the live broadcast at 9 PM EST on Verizon Channel 510 (or just 10, for Standard Definition).


Amanda should b taken out, she is the biggest fat bully bitch

World of Warcraft

What the heck is Aaryn talking about: “…you make little figure eights and el’pepper crack hair…”? Please enlighten me. Thanks.

Amanda's dog Woofy

Just something she heard her daddy say when she interrupted him in the calf pen.


Tonight is going to be another crucial HOH. If Judd or GM wins I believe Amanda and McCrae will be on the block. IF Amanda or McCrae win than it will probably be Ellisa and Judd. Not sure what Andy or Spencer would do at this point. They have 2 options. Stop floating and get in the game or do what Amanda demands they do. I am hoping Judd or GM wins. As much as I want Amanda out of the game. I kind of want McCrae to go to jury. It will drive Amanda crazy if McCrae is in the house with Jessie and Aaryn. Like to see a week of her being paranoid on the block, then a week of being paranoid and jealous. I think that will give us some viewing pleasure. Then get rid of her.


Biggest twist of the week, Mcrea took a shower and used soap at the same time.

Ewww Just Ewww

MC took TWO showers this week!

Amanda's dog Woofy

Taking a shower with Amanda doesn’t count. He comes out nastier than he went in.


I think this was part of Production’s “enough is enough” speech: “Clean your room, clean your mouth and in the name of all that’s Holy, clean yourselves!”


Yea, it’s official, DR told them about the other HGS complaining on the feeds how funky Amanda and McCrae are… Still they would need 4 or 5 more showers for the rest of this week to break even.


simon youre saying aaryn will definitely go home? wont spencer, judd, GM and elissa all vote to evict andy?


Elissa can’t vote for 1 and for 2 Spencer is WAY to aligned to Andy to go with Judd and GM.

Bring Back The GLASS BOX

Amanda’s edit was fab last night. I suuuper hate her.


With the exception of tonight, ever since Howard left, Amanda stopped walking around in her underwear.


My predictions for the upcoming week.

Amanda (or McStinky) wins Hoh
Elissa wins POV
Gina Marie Evicted.

Not what I want to happen but if I was scripting the show it’s what I would do.


Whatever you are a Super Genius. Love your take. Unlike the Captain and Tennille’s takes which are very predictable. Sorry Captain for tihe negative take on you, but like Whatever you will soon come around and appreciate the Jewish Queen.

Bring Back The GLASS BOX

It puts the laptop in the basket or else it gets the hose again.


LOL OMG seriously, idk why, but that literally made me spit my drink out from laughing so hard.


Dude, you’re such an idiot!!!! Amanda is going up next week.

Amanda's Therapist

* buffbilly* Why did your Jewish Queen lie about her age?
She is 38 NOT 28! J Q will be in jury house with
the “mean girls” …..AGAIN !
WTF ? U think the girls R gonna give J Q any breaks?
Security will be doubled – to protect your HATED….J Q!!


“Aaryn says you just do a little figure eight and el’pepper crack hair action and its all good.”

What the hell did I just read? lol


Please BB Gods (production), ensure a win for either Judd or Gina. It’s sad that it’s come down to this. But please please please redeem this gone to shit show for me, PLEASE! I really do want to stay a true BB super fan. Hopefully it is rigged. BYE Amanda, you disgusting wicked slut. Ugh!

amanda's mom is an ass clown

things she taught her daughter:
dont shower
open your mouth as wide as possible-you never know what might pop in for a visit
when you’re not in a position of power, whine, plead, cry and hide behind garbage. when you’re in a position of power, yell, taunt, torture and gloat.
remember-only what you want is important-other people are just tools to get what you want.
cheapen the act of sex as much as possible. hit the streets if you can, even.
lay in bed as much as possible. other people’s bed if you can.
find a brainless, submissive man-no man with any self worth will want to go near you.
dont use feminine hygeine products or deal with infections or infestations down there.


I thought you meant what Amanda would teach her daughter.

amanda's mom is an ass clown

oh yeah, and -remember money is the only thing important in life-money money money. worship it. talk about it. gloat about it. its the root of all evil and remember dearie, WE’RE EVIL!!!! mwah ha ha

Amanda's dog Woofy

Aaryn’s daddy told her: Now if you have any trouble with any n*****s in that house, don’t worry about it. Just invite them to come visit and we’ll drag them behind the pickup. Hookem.


Amanda’s dog Woofy………… “You are a complete idiot! And your racist comments just prove you are just as pathetic as AmanDuh! You are a disgusting moron. I hope Simon removes your ignorant comments, you racist idiot.

Pinocchio Obama

Simon it is time to put this dog down.


Hey Woofy, the rabies shots didn’t work so we’re gonna have to euthanize you… any last words?… nevermind, consider yourself roadkill!

My Bad Side

I despise Amanda and the creepy thing that follows her around, but leave their parents and families out of it, Please?


True, a 28 yr old is no longer the product of her mother. She’s had lots of time to slide downhill all on her own.


Did anyone catch what Amanda said on BBAD Wednesday night? She said she hates Asians and the way they drive. Julie Chen is the host of BB and she’s chinese. I can’t believe that CBS lets her get away with all that stuff. She is so hateful and disgusting. Hope Andy goes, he’s such a sneaking little shit.


Amanda also added that she would never kiss a chinese person, however, that she would gladly have them make her food. True comments!

Amanda's Therapist

*mybad* WTF? Last night on BBAD-Amanda said her parents names … Robert & Marilyn and she also said the names of McPussy’s parents too!!
Amanda was babbling about her meeting his parents and
their wedding after BB…LMFAO!
Amanda is going to meet with the
LIFETIME “restraining order” … McPussy’ s parents have filed against the WHORE wannabe bride!?!


Amanda, you don’t have a clue that Judd will Backdoored you and end up in the jury house. Too bad McPussy will joining you in double eviction.

amanda's mom is an ass clown

ps it cracks me up that ass-mom keeps gloating about amanda ‘bringing that money home to her’-this dumass doesnt even realize that her selfish daughter wouldn’t part with a single dime-she learned from her mom to grub money and she learned from the best.

thats the wrong thing to do

As much as i don’t like aaryn, i actually really wanted to see mcranda go, they’re so disgusting. Anyone who will put up mcranda for HOH.


I have tried to keep an open mind about Aaryn. saying she is young. stupid, under-exposed to people wh are not hateful Texas cowpeople, but this stuff tonight about her scummy dad and the gorillas ends it for me. They are what they appeared to be- KKK DADDY & KKK BARBIE . Let Texas go.


It will be nice after the my Jewish Queen wins BB15 and the after party where Amanda will drop Mccrae the little boy and hooks up with my man Howard. In a post interview, Howard did state he would date Amanda. There is no way McCrae ends up with Amanda. She will dump that quick pistol.


Not going to happen!!! Elissa will win big brother and after party her sister shows up and hug her of winning big brother just like her sister. Rachel will be proud of her of winning big brother and now the Reilly sisters will have Big Brother winners.


Part of me wants spencer to win HOH just to see if marylin is real or not, lol.

This Season Blows

I’ve gotta say, Aaryn’s been taking her likely eviction in a very classy manner – FAR classier than others have this year. I think she’s learned a lot and become less ignorant from the BB experience and hopefully she’ll find success after the season is over.

Good luck Aaryn

Aaryn can be very sweet and nice but she can also be bitter and mean. Which one is the real Aaryn?


Aaryn’s participated in her share of lewd comments too. She’s no southern belle. – From Wiki ” An essential element of the Southern belle was social grace. They were always good-mannered and could make any guest feel welcome. The “Southern belle” epitomized Southern hospitality, a cultivation of beauty, and a flirtatious yet chaste demeanor.

Amanda's dog Woofy

Yeah, she’s classy– world class Nazi Girl.


Right on Amanda’s dog. Aaryan is a first class racist. Go back deep in the heart of Texas.


BuffaloBill remember be fake nice to Aaryan like your Jewish Queen has we need her vote.


That’s right BuffaloBill. We will be nice until we bring home our Benjamins. You are the best!


You just wasting your time moron!!!! Elissa is not going anywhere. As long as she wins big brother, everything will be fine!!!!


Aaryn is going home and next week is McCranda!!!!!


Aaryn is going bye bye


Aaryn is going home and then McCranda!!!


i believe it was ‘slurpy derp’ not ‘slurpee time’ – in reference to the meme ‘slurp derp’

Bye Aaryan

Would be great if they just walked her off without an interview (they aren’t going to confront her so why bother), or have someone beside Julie interview her and tell Aaryn Julie refused to interview her because of her racist comments. It would be a shame to give her a glory goodbye and have people applauding and cheering her.

Any other exit interview ideas for Aaryn?


Ever since the first week, many of us have been looking forward to the eviction interviews with unsavory house guests. I don’t think there will be a bowl of rice awaiting Aaryn tonight. I am sure Julie will make a slight reference to things, but I don’t see anything more than that. I’m not saying I like it, but I think these people are in a very delicate state of mind when they first get out and CBS probably has some liability concerns.

Canadian BB Fan

If they go to jury though, don’t they skip the exit interview – because the HG’s have to be sequestered?


You could be right. I thought they touched base briefly with the evictee, but I can be mistaken. It also occurred to me that they may not want to say too much so as not to affect their vote – if they know there is a negative perception of them, they may alter their votes as a form of damage control. I think it will hit the fan when the show ends. That will be more interesting to watch then the actual game.


Maybe they’ll give audience members KKK hats to wear.


Aaryn has some nerve talking about Jessie being desperate! She also said she would be afraid that Jessie would go after her boyfriend if they hung out at home. First she was with David, she talked about hooking up with Jeremy if Kaitlyn left before him and now she is making out with Judd.

This Season Blows

Predictions for this thread, and all others:

Elissa’s fans will call Demanda a racist, ugly, a man, smelly, “onion vag,” claim that it’s rigged for her, and make other crude comments.

Elissa’s fans will then downvote and lecture at anyone who posts any slight criticism of Elissa. “You’re disgusting, why are you so hateful, you’re no better than Demanda, etc.” They’ll conveniently forget all the shit they’ve just posted about Demanda.

Lather, rinse, repeat. Does the hypocrisy ever get old?


You forgot the part about how they will keep hitting page refresh so they can continue to click on thumbs down to any anti-them post or pro Amanda post.

BBfan from Florida

I think Judd’s week alliance with McCranda is just a safety in case one of them wins HOH this week.


Hey Judd, welcome back! Here are your complimentary blood stained sheets and condom wrappers. Oh, and you’re going to hear all about us having period sex, get wrestled by Gina marie, and get blue balls from Aaryn. Bet you wish you’re back in the jury house, at least they have butterscotch.


Simon… Is there website to watch the live show tonight – 8/29… Pre season football preempting Big Brother in our region … Thanks!


Here are the symptoms for Histrionic Personality Disorder. Let’s see if they remind us of anyone? Also this Disorder isn’t supposed to be treated with adderall or xanax…makes it worse.

In many cases, people with histrionic personality disorder have good social skills; however, they tend to use these skills to manipulate others so that they can be the center of attention.

A person with this disorder might also:

Be uncomfortable unless he or she is the center of attention
Dress provocatively and/or exhibit inappropriately seductive or flirtatious behavior
Shift emotions rapidly
Act very dramatically, as though performing before an audience, with exaggerated emotions and expressions, yet appears to lack sincerity
Be overly concerned with physical appearance
Constantly seek reassurance or approval
Be gullible and easily influenced by others
Be excessively sensitive to criticism or disapproval
Have a low tolerance for frustration and be easily bored by routine, often beginning projects without finishing them or skipping from one event to another
Not think before acting
Make rash decisions
Be self-centered and rarely show concern for others
Have difficulty maintaining relationships, often seeming fake or shallow in their dealings with others
Threaten or attempt suicide to get attention


Sooo…BB/CBS gives Amanda the Hutt adderall and her Xantax and alchohol to mix with it (her friend at CBS must really care about her)????? So “cousin it ” is a product created by CBS and is not a real player??????? If CBS can create a houseguest/player, and Amanda can qualify , then I think Zingbot should have the chance to win this season. “Ya ma da poonoo”


After Amanda wins BB15, during the after party she will dump little boy quick pistol McCrae and hook up with the real man of the house Howard. Howard did state in his evicted interview that he would like to hook up with Amanda my Jewish Queen. I think Amanda needs a real man in her life, not a little boy.


I don’t think so. It will never happen, Elissa will win big brother. Plain and Simple!!!


Only thing Howard should give Amanda is a summons due to suing her for slander


I really wish they would send Andy home. But I don’t see that happening. I’m not an Aaryn fan but I think if she stayed she would be more likely to try and take out McrAnda than Andy would. Andy is too big of a baby to make any big moves.


Do guys really like girls who talk like that?? (amanda/aaryn)? If I said half of what they said in front of my boyfriend, especially in front of other people, I think he would be super disgusted. God McCrae.


Big night tonight, Aaryn goes home and hopefully two things happen 1) Amanda and McCrae lose hoh miserably, like not even close, that they suck soooo bad it’s embarassing.
2) These house guests that have been sucking up to them finally grow a pair and tell them they are going up for eviction. It would be awesome if they knew for a whole week that one of them is going home, I want Amanda to suffer as long as possible !!
I think, in order of who would have the nerve to put them up is : Gina, Judd, Spencer, Andy. Problem is Spencer is shady and Andy is a pussy rat that they can bully into changing his mind.


Maverick, it doesn’t matter who wins HOH tonight my Jewish Queen isn’t going anywhere. Do you really belive Elissa was upset about her nominations. That is what CBS production wanted. In regards to the Amanda edits CBS has to show that BB15 is not rigged and to appease the BB15 followers that the game is fair. You should have done what I did a month ago and made a big Vegas bet on Amanda the winner of BB15. The hate I read among the people who write on this site is just plain jealousy of people who don’t have it.


LMAO Your right, I DON’T have it, but I sure as HELL don’t want it !!!!


Your wasting your time. Amanda will not win. PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She will not get any vote. Your Jewish queen is going bye bye next week. As long as CBS production would keep their mouth shut, everything will be fine!!!!


She who remains nameless cannot manage to bake a bun in the oven but is great at brewing yeast in the slop pot.

A Very Kind Guy

Excuse my obliviousness but is there some hidden rule that I am unaware of that prevents the current HoH from replacing a vetoed contestant with an entirely different contestant that won said veto?

I'll Try...

The winner of POV can remove a nominee – and the winner of the POV cannot be nominated in his/her place.


See yet another! Does anybody ever remember a yr when soooo many people who don’t know the game flooded this site and have to have basic rules/premises of the game explained to them?! It is purely a byproduct of the I-hate-Amanda/Aaryn-but-I-love-Elissa army. You all need to realize your opinions/arguments and basic overall stance get laughed at and or thrown away when you, say for instance, don’t know how power of veto works.


Thanks Prof


I do not get why none of these people in the house have protested against the way Scuzzmanda and McCheezeballs conduct themselves. I have seen pig styes cleaner than the way their area looks. The way they only bath intermittently, obviously wear soiled clothing day after day, leaving disgusting messes on bed sheets infested with condom wrappers and just the way they talk about crass things. And OMG somebody feed McCheezeballs before he eats all of his fingers. That slime bucket is the most common unsophisticated human, well him and Scuzzmanda, that I have ever had the great displeasure to witness in person or on television. And I was in the service where you have the opportunity to meet some dirty nasty individuals. After thinking about it I am not surprised that these house guest have not challenged these maggots on their behavior because they are all guilty of the same to some extent. I would have to give Spencer the title of First Runner Up in he nasty disgusting competition these house guest are in.


After this season I 2 restraining orders being requested.. Nick against GM and McCrea against Amanda
I think lifetime will have a story about McCrea an Amanda- I killed my BFF after big brother. She will go nuts after the show and he breaks up with her.


Julie Chen isnt going to say one thing about Aaryn’s behaviour when she gets evicted tonight. There is no way that CBS is going to do anything that may cause a jury member to go home and that is most likely what would happen if Julie mentioned anything to Aaryn, at this point Aaryn has convinced herself that she was just misunderstood and since the rest of the houseguests have all seemed to have forgotten her behaviour, she thinks that things are Ok right now. Having her in the jury house with the main person she insulted has major rating juice anf they arent going to waste that gift.

Julie will ask her about her comments, Aaryn will talk about how hard it is being in the house and that everybody says things that they shouldnt have in an effort to minimize her behaviour and Julie will just sit there and nod. Aaryn will somehow cast herself as the victim and will rationaloze away her behaviour then Aaryn will head off to jury and it wil be over until she goes home and realizes what has happened to her outside of the house.

Dont expect too much tonight, it will be a CBS employee jury so there will be no booing, no catcalling, just applause and Aaryn going to the jury house…

666 amanda

She whose name cannot be spoken has destroyed her life. And she has taken pizza boy down with her.


Anybody that would put that as their handle is a loser. Get a grip. Its people like you that make others want to root for Amanda…f*ckin moron.