Andy tells Aaryn his speech will be about the emancipation proclamation – Freeing the Slaves

POV Holder: AMANDA Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 26th
HOH Winner: Elissa Next HOH: Aug 29th
Original Nominations: Aaryn and McCrae
Current Nominations: Aaryn and Andy
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, Jessie. Helen
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1pm – 1:25pm Big Brother ends the HOH lock down. All the house guests leave the HOH room. In the kitchen – Aaryn tells Amanda that there should be a most hated and America’s favorite award. Aaryn then says you would get the most hated. Amanda asks do you think people hate me? Andy says I think its polar – there are some that really love you and some that really hate you. Elissa says that she wonders why BB put another camera in the Diary room. Amanda says sometimes they do that. Elissa says she thinks there must be a reason for it. Aaryn leaves the kitchen and sings to herself f**k mom I’ve been evicted! In the rainbow room Andy is packing. Gina is doing her makeup. Aaryn asks what was your favorite part of last night. Amanda says you and Judd making out. Judd says he was surprised no one made fun of them. Amanda says we did after you left. Aaryn says that Andy said you (Amanda) kept Howard’s big black shirt because you wanted to remember his scent. Amanda says no I didn’t! Elissa joins them and asks Aaryn if she really made out with Judd. Aaryn says no. Amanda says yes you did and it sounded like this smack smack smack. Andy says yeah we heard it in the rainbow room.


Aaryn leaves the room. She heads into the kitchen. Aaryn says that is one thing I won’t miss, captain call out. Andy makes a comment about his speech being about the emancipation proclamation. Aaryn asks what is that? Andy says never mind you wouldn’t like it. She asks what is it? Andy says its the speech that Abraham Lincoln gave about freeing the slaves.

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1:35pm In the rainbow room – Elissa comment after Amanda leaves that she is being so annoying. She is trying to get Aaryn’s jury vote. Aaryn joins them again and tells them that Andy is using the emancipation proclamation in his speech. Judd asks what’s that? Aaryn says it’s about freeing the slaves. Judd says oh my god. Aaryn talks to Gina. Gina is pissed that Amanda just used Aaryn and then f**ked her in the a$$.

1:45pm – 1:50pm In the other bedroom – Andy says if he gets blindsided he won’t want to say goodbye or hug anyone because he will need to run to the back to grab his stuff.


2pm In the rainbow room – Aaryn questions Andy and why he would use the speech about freeing the slaves for his speech when she is on the block. Andy says that is not what you think it is and I didn’t even think about that until you quesitoned me about it. I am only really using a small part of it and its really about where I am from. You will see when I say it. Aaryn is still really nervous and says she wishes he would us that while she is on the block. Andy say don’t worry about it and leaves the room. Aayrn then talks to Judd about how she has done everything for Amanda and the one time she needs her, she isn’t there for her. Aaryn talks about how Amanda and then thought he wasn’t very smart. Judd says he knew they thought he was dumb. Aaryn says no not dumb just not as smart at the game as he really is. Aaryn says that they don’t want me to got to the final 2 because I got out Helen. And Elissa wants me out to have that under her belt.

2:10pm In the lounge room – Andy and Spencer chat about random things while they eat pizza.

2:40pm All the house guests are lounging around waiting for the live eviction / HOH show tonight. In the living room Elissa shows Ginamarie yoga positions.


2:45pm Andy jokes if I get voted out, I am not going to jury! Judd and Spencer laugh. They laugh about how it would be funny if people thought he was serious and really did vote him out tonight.


3pm Elissa cuts Andy’s hair in the bathroom. Meanwhile in the bedroom the others joke around. Amanda and Aaryn practice her nomination voice. Aaryn jokes that she got f**ked over royally today and isn’t voting for any of them in the jury…


3:15pm Big Brother switches the live feeds to the TRIVIA screen for the live show tonight!!

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: FREE 2 DAY TRIAL

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358 thoughts on “Andy tells Aaryn his speech will be about the emancipation proclamation – Freeing the Slaves

    1. “Being racist is illogical,” Andy said. “We all come from Africa so we all have black ancestry.” “Yeah” I replied, “But then some of us evolved.”


      1. I’ve heard people in Alaska are the most racist people in the world. I’ve heard they don’t even allow their towns to be dark at night.


        1. A lot of people will have a huge surprise on judgment day, God said love thy neighbors “color and race were never apart of his request”. So laugh now at your jokes, who will have the last laugh?

          1. Bible also say, Jesus(you know, homie who got murdered and came back from the grave) already forgiven us for ALL of our sins(meaning things we haven’t even done yet from that day forth), that was our cue that we pretty much can do whatever the fuck we want until the end of time.

            But if you believe in bullshit like that, then I don’t know, maybe aliens and zombies are real?

            Can’t let everything get to you…. There’s more shit in life to be worried about than bullshit we say on a blog..

            1. God is in this moment… so this moment is perfect. Tolerance, peace, love is what the world needs alot more of… Krishnamurti said we transform society through our relationship with it. Everyone be happy. Believe what you believe, all we take from this life is our state of mind…Love to all.

            2. forgiven yes.. but it doesnt give you a free pass to do whatever you want. your suppose to repent and stop doing things you know are wrong.

              1. NinaDobrevNinaDobrevNinaDobrevNinaDobrevNinaDobrev!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            3. I don’t know about zombies, but aliens ARE real;we have two named Jose and Manulo that maintain our lawn and clean our pool twice monthly.

          1. Aaryn did it!

            So Aaryn took her only one and remaining move last night. She had sex with Judd! Yes the Aaryn that said she was finished campaigning, campaigned hard last night. Just like the Venus Fly Trap lures it’s prey into its clutches, Aaryn lured a very willing Judd into her bed last night. So what’s the follow up you say. Aaryn talks how Amanda has manipulated her to Judd. Indirectly by telling that story to Judd. She is asking him to be her knight in shining armor and save her.

            Yep Aaryn traded sex for a vote. I guess that thing about waiting for David is over. A girl can only wait so long. LOL!

            1. I think she might have had Judd’s vote already, she needed to give some lovin’ to Spencer… or at least let him watch. If she had promised sex nightly with Judd and made a promise to Spencer that he could watch, Rat boy would be leaving.

            2. You just called Aaryn a prostitute since prostitutes get paid for giving out sex (in this case a vote). In reality Judd isn’t paying Aaryn anything be it a vote or otherwise. So that makes her a slut. And a desperate one at that. I wouldn’t go 10 feet near that ugly dumb ass shady f&ck. Ewwww. Hope you enjoyed it, dud. You will never get anything better looking than that again.

        2. Hey Dawg or Simon, do you guys know have a live stream link that those of us affected by the shift in channel can have?

          1. Come On, everyone knows Eskimos don’t let their towns go dark. Its a political statement. Didn’t you learn that in American History?

              1. I really wish you would stop pretending to me and saying you are me. Everyone knows the Democrat imitation being you and the real thing.

                    1. I feel sorry for Aaryn. Those nasty girls in the jury house will be waiting to pounce on her.

        3. I find it funny that if you speak highly of Amanda’s game and poorly of Elissa’s you get down voted to high hell. But you make racist jokes ( which aaryn did not say by the way) and people are up voting the hell out of it… So are we to think Elissa lovers are also closet racist joke lovers as well?

            1. The site is cached so comments are refreshed every 15 minutes + I don’t sit in front of the comment moderation screen refreshing it waiting for new comments to come up I usually check it every 10 minutes or so.


      1. I agree. His DR sessions would probably question his logic for not putting them up, but in the end he’ll put up the safe bet: GM and Spencer.

      2. Andy would keep Amanda and McCrae safe because they are Republicans and they are the only ones that know how to play this game. The rest are still reading the BB rules. I wonder if Gina has gotten to the part concerning whether she is allowed to hit Candice yet?

        1. I’m proud to be your idol but could you please come up with your own screen name? I think Jealous of Pinocchio Obama is available.

        2. He helped evict HELEN the GOP Scientologist talkinghead/consultant/lobbyist — if he is an Obama Democrat
          who lives 1.5 miles away from “Mittster” Helen, he perhaps is not a LOG CABIN REPUBLICAN who tries to do
          things RNC in a big way. I had assumed Helen was a BHO person and she connected up Howard’s Hotlanta
          with Herman Cain’s unsuccessful GOP potus run that was more successful than Allen Keyes’s. there once
          was a GOP shindig fishfry straw poll in Perry, Georgia in 2011 that Newt gladhanded his old friends at. Herman Cain
          dominated by three votes over Ron Paul at it because he sent three of his company/campaign busses down the
          interstate to it, the Paulbots on the net felt robbed. When i see Helen is GOP she goes out of James Carvell’s realm
          to that of wily Karl Rove. If ANDY is the only total OBAMA Democrat inside a house of apolitical and/or GOP people…

      1. GM hurt her back. If it is anything physical I would not expect her to win this HoH.

        If Spencer wins he could very well put up Elissa and Amanda. Let them fight it out for the whole week while everyone else lays low.

        1. She could be just pretending so the others don’t see her as a threat? She’s shown us that she can be quite astute…at least sometimes.

        2. *name* WTF? “Sometimes they do that!”
          This was Amanda’s answer when she was in a convo with Elissa…and she asked WHY another camera – was put up in the Diary Room?
          STRANGE that Amanda would say what she said? Sounds like what someone “behind the scenes” would KNOW about!

        1. Aryan asks what’s the emancipation proclamation?
          Andy says never mind, you probably wouldn’t like it.

          I laughed out loud . It’s obvious the other house guests
          know exactly what a hateful little racist she is.

    2. Andy’s gonna cry while he declares HIS freedom from the oppressive Mcranda duo!! The Zingbot’s floater comment scared him to death that America was seeing him as the weakling he is….so he’s gonna earn back RESPECT by declaring…HE’S FREE AT LAST!!

    1. Uh, Judd, the others think you are dumb because you ARE dumb. I don’t know how you can be so comfortable in a house where everyone there voted you out. That means they don’t trust you. But yet you still walk around like you own the place. You aren’t welcomed there. And you will be going out again right after Elissa. At least you got a piece of Aaryn but her scoring with you only confirms how desperate (and retarded) she is. Ewwww.

      1. Judd is a slow talking country boy. To many people equate slow talking with dumb and that’s so far from the truth. The rate of speech has a lot more to do with colloquialism, local speech patterns, and behavior. Judd is very smart. He just like Helen, thought he could ride with Amanda and McCrae to the final five then fight for the final two. Also like Helen, once they got rid of Howard, he didn’t realize that he just became the biggest threat to Manda/McCrae.

        1. Judd “country boy” is slow
          as are most “country boys!”
          Talking slow has nothing to
          do with it. They simply have
          very little upstairs to process
          information to spit out.

    2. The tears of the rat would be flowing non-stop. He would have promised Spencer and Judd and GM anything their heart desired to stay in the house…. not some weak ass making out.

    1. if you have cablevision channel from Long Island. 10 on my system. Cbs will show it some time after 2 so set your DVR for 2-4 . also should be online tomorrow or CBS ON Demand

  1. so who is the target? Are we back to aaryn?

    Hoping for Andy to leave. I’ve had enough of that pasty snake..

    To bad she should have put up mcranda, would have solidified one of them leaving. O well we tried. Could have been a better week. Amanda is vile and disgusting and must leave soon

    O heck just give her the money so we can work on next year if there’s any fans left

      1. Best screen name ever Pinocchio Obama. Since Amanda has lied non stop since she has entered the house and will be looking for a job when she leaves the house she could fit right in with your adminstration. Does Obamacare cover tramp stamp removal?

        1. actually she is born too late… its BILL CLINTON who’d do more than
          classic 1940s “wolf whistles” to all the new cute female interns…

  2. Andy is something else. He never stood up and said that all the racial slurs were wrong and now he wants to use an emancipation speech. SMH. I hope (most likely not) he is evicted.

    1. even though Joe Biden & Hillary Clinton are starting to strategically position so as to inherit
      the Imperial Throne, given that Veeps + Sec’ of State have an allure and stature, it almost
      sounds as if Andy is hoping BHO can run for a third term in office like FDR despite the big
      hurdle to the same, a constitutional amendment passed by the GOP in Harry S. Truman’s time!

      1. if Nick the Yalie and Actor’s Studio wannabe is the brightest and brainiest guy this season,
        and Andy at least humoured the idea of getting more than a Bachelor’s degree, and perhaps
        Helen at one point had applied herself to her studies, are the rest of the cast flukes or simply
        anti-intellectual? we have no doubts as to Spencer’s favorite magazine, and it ain’t PLAYBOY!
        i can forgive Judd if he’s from a small town, and yes, the others worked for a living, or even
        like Candice, often have brains and a very attractive body. Howard the thespian with acting
        ambitions once lived in Hotlanta, and even if I am slighting slightly Kaitlin & Jessie, i feel i have
        informally ranked one and all with a rough guess as to their I.Q points while doing this posting.
        Normally i’d have Howard above Spencer but for the fact that the wily slug may hold onto his
        neat, reet and laid back union job after he leaves the show despite his rude + unsettling quips.

        1. Had to read your take a couple of times before understanding what you were getting at. You must be a Democrat, because you rambled on and on. If your point is this cast is not very bright. I strongly disagree with you. You seem to associate intellectualism with behavior. You may be very upset with their behavior but don’t equate intellect with behavior. As man to man, woman to woman, or man to woman, we know right and wrong and desire fair treatment just on a humane basis. A guy with a doctorate degree can be just as much a d**k and the kid from small town USA.

          1. actually i was quietly MeSeyz at’s chatroom
            and am aware of both the Daily Paul and the RPFs.
            i admit to having voted for Teddy Kennedy from time
            to time, and i think Mitt’s two best speeches were
            the ones he gave after loosing both the senate in
            1994 and the POTUS sweepstates in 2012. i was
            politely online as the mittsters in a chat were hit by
            swarms of paulbots and obama~netbots. i tend to
            vote third party as in GREEN PARTY or LIBERTARIAN.
            in 2008 i went to Cynthia Mckinney. i take it, you do
            realize BHO is less dishonest than the “W” but that
            the anti~war “left” is freaked because there were few
            transitional hiccups in the jingoistic foreign policy we have?

    2. Have been wanting Aaryn and Amanda out SO badly but at this point I can’t take much more of Andy. He is so obnoxious and annoying that he ruins watching the feeds. By some miracle could there be a double eviction and put us out of our misery! Set a RAT trap PLEASE!

  3. Where the hell did they find these dummies? Who doesn’t know the emancipation proclamation? That Lincoln movie just came out last year. Also I thought that was just common knowledge. I love BB but not a fan of anyone this year. Judd is cute but dumb, and not the best at the game

      1. There are thousands of colleges out there, many of them very bad and easier than high school. And colleges are full of stupid people. I don’t think any of these contestants are representatives of primo universities.

    1. The Lincoln movie was boring & inaccurate, but I agree that I am amazed they don’t know it – I was not born in the US so missed a lot of US History in school but am still well aware of it.

      1. The movie was based on a book, you might enjoy the book! Not a Steven Spielberg movie fan, but his first film at USC as a student “DUAL” is a wicked good movie!

        1. Actually part of the film is directly from the Congressional Record and has historic vitriol in it…
          the rest of the film has scenes only slightly more accurate than Walter Huston’s 1930 lincoln
          or Henry Fonda’s young Abe Lincoln. i do admit like Redford’s THE CONSPIRATOR it has a poetic
          script and significant insights to those troubled times. COPPERHEAD the indie flic gives one a feel
          for the times. Lets face it, GONE WITH THE WIND has a soap opera at its core inside good costumes..

    2. I agree, I just can’t understand any American not knowing that. In my day the school spent weeks on the events before, during and after the civil war. Maybe Jay Leno found these people while doing his street walking segment.

      1. Most people are surprised to realize that American history classes aren’t nearly as thorough as they used to be. They don’t cover the colonial period at all and barely touch on the American Revolution. Unthinkable, I know, but why don’t they cover these things? They aren’t on “the test.” Teaching to the test is turning out stupider people every year.

      1. Thank goodness all my knives are dull because i definitely agree that that is exactly what is gonna happen tonight. Did u hear McCrusty tell Amanduh to make sure she takes her meds before HOH? See thats why Aaryn won 4 HOH’S cuz shes on Adderal…i dont think thats fair. If they have to take meds, i think they SHOULDN’T let them take em the day of COMPS…oh well

        1. my exwife got my son on that before he was in highschool in school he wasn’t really focused I know first hand when he took his adderrall he could disarm a nuclear bomb piece of cake had a bunch of college kids work for me used it like speed for school

          1. Ah! This nuclear bomb that your son could disarm. Ah! Where would this bomb happen to be right now? You can tell us, we are just BB fans. The government is not listening, pay no attention to that over hype NSA stories or Department of Homeland Security. So you were saying?

          2. I love Adderall, it really keeps you on task. One day I refenced the chicken yard, cleaned all the carpets, painted the guest bathroom, and made a cheesecake on one little pill!

        2. Sounds like CBS let’s them abuse Adderall if they are letting them just take it whenever they want to. If it a truly legit RX I would think it would state when the drug should be taken and not just leave it up to when the patient feels like taking it. I know my son’s did.

      2. Actually if Amanda or McCrae win it will confirm that there is a God, and that justice will be served when joker face goes on the block and is laughed at when she cries. Like she did to Amanda last week. Karma is a bitch beotch. And if Amanda gets her way, as she always does, you will be going to jury next week.

    1. It’d be great if she did win and then tomorrow after nominations she gets a Pandora box after nominating Elissa and GM and as she opens the Pandora Box it tells her that her nominations are no longer nominated and Elissa and GM each get to put one person up and she’s not allowed to compete for the Veto as well…’d never happen but it would be great to see her head explode though….

    2. Do you promise, Starr? Because I am rooting for Amanda/McCrae to win. Maybe then a lot of anti-Amanda posts will stop if people like you do what you threaten. Cannot wait to see duck lips put on the block and then evicted next week. Maybe we’ll be lucky and see her walk out the door tonight (as she threatened) if Andy goes.

      1. I admit, Elissa is a snob and does have duck lips but she is far better than watching The MCcrusty Show. Amanduhhh and McCrae are discusting to watch. If either of them make it to F2 against anybody…well i think only Amanduhhh wld win cuz she got all the idiots in the house to do ALL her work. McCrae did nothing other than picking, biting & eating himself and boning Amanda dirty giving her that yeast infection. That is all

    3. If either of those two wins HOH I will not bother to watch or read about till next Thursday. I have no urge to watch Amanda strut around the house like she owns the place.

      1. Just like a Democrat, wanting to quit watching and turn the channel when the going gets tough. Even if the good guys, Amanda/McCrae, win HOH this week. There is still the POV and HOH comp the following week that can change the balance of power. So I am giving you hope, but I agree in reality that the Republican’s game is so much superior then the rest of those Democrats, I mean house.

        1. What’s with all the political ranting? Shouldn’t you be chatting on one of the right-wing chat sites? Or out on a ledge?

  4. It does not surprise me one bit that Aaryn has no idea what the Emancipation Proclamation is because in her ideal world, slaves still exist.

      1. Well I see the immature jokes has spilled over from the house to the spoiler pages. Now we know who will be in the house next season. Pack your bags “Name” i’m sure you’ll enjoy your stay. Say hello to Karma when she speaks to you……

    1. Remember Aaryn is from TX where they simply chose to ignore the Emancipation Proclamation and didn’t free slaves until several years after it was signed. I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t even teach about it in their history books.

      1. like the rest of the South, some folks in Texas did not want secession, Sam Houston himself did not want to split from the Union.
        Not until the Presidential Reconstruction of Andrew Johnson did Texas legally end slavery. There were often more Scalawags
        in the South than one realizes, and like the Copperheads in the North, HONEST ABE & JEFF DAVIS quite often had perceptive critics
        as they went after small presses and many newspapers, and respectively suspended the Writ of Habeas Corpus. Not all Texans
        are total bigots, Lyndon Baines Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Andy is a history buff!

      2. I hate how careful you have to be these days in case you offend other people.

        I mean, you can’t even walk down the street in white robes with a burning cross, putting dog sh*t through the Asians’ mailboxes, whilst shouting get out you f*cking muslims without being labelled as some sort of racist.

        It’s political correctness gone mad!


      3. Neither did the rest of the south. I will point out that GinaMarie is from NewYork. Not all Texans and Southerners are racist. Just like not all northerners are snobbish jackasses.

      4. Aryan goes to college in Texas but I think she grew up in Colorado. Therefore, Texas should have no impact on her formative education. I definitely knew what the Emancipation Proclamation was before I went to college.

      5. Don’t forget the Governor of Texas has a family ranch that was called “N****r Head”. It’s in their blood.

      1. Where is SNL’s Leonard Pynth Garnell and his classic take on all “bad vermouth” theater? I miss him dreadfully!

  5. As I mentioned in my previous post, Elissa is prepping Aaryn for her exit interview for the purpose of swaying Aaryn’s jury vote. Elissa would not be mad at Amanda if she wasn’t trying to do the same thing. More power to her, but this does show that Elissa is smarter than some of the posters think.

    1. No, Elissa is trying to get back at Demanda by telling Aaryn to lie about her on national television. Elissa is no better than Demanda, period.

  6. WOW. Surprised that BuffaloBill and Chuckles weren’t the first to comment. However, NOT surprised that Aaryn didn’t know what the emancipation proclamation was.

      1. I take it that they are silent because neither Amanda nor Elissa are the main subjects of this spoiler, or is that neither of them know what the Emancipation Proclamation is either?

      2. Hey Cap, you really missed me. Just was out for a swim and some relaxing in the jacuzzi. Thinking about how my Jewish Queen will make more money for me so I can buy some more property and my trip to Vegas, then off to Aruba for a month. So what’s up my friend?

        1. F&CKED NO!!!! Your really a DUMBA$$$$$. Nobody is your friend. Your going to lose anyway. I would love see your face that Jewish Queen will go to the Jury House along with McPussy!!!!!!

        2. @ BuffaloBill: “Just was out for a swim and some relaxing in the Jacuzzi.”

          No you were not. You were watching some purnografic material and jump starting your main brain.

          Stop lying and just admit Amanda looks like your mom and you’re attracted to both. Easy-Peezy. :))

          P.S. Get a job and get out of your (perceived) MILF’s basement.

  7. This made me laugh so hard:
    “Andy makes a comment about his speech being about the emancipation proclamation. Aaryn asks what is that? Andy says never mind you wouldn’t like it.”

    Hahaha! Zing, you racist b*tch!

    Seriously, though… how on earth can Aryan and Judd NOT KNOW what the emancipation proclamation is? It is one of the major and most basic topics in US History that you learn about in school growing up. And Aryan is in college?! Also, there have been a lot of movies about Abraham Lincoln lately. Even if they are ignorant of basic US History, surely they would have seen a movie or documentary about Lincoln? Their ignorance astounds me.

      1. I am Canadian too, educated in the U.S. You would be surprised at how many people her age didn’t learn anything in school. It is very sad and disturbing, but not surprising unfortunately. My youngest brother is a constitutional scholar so we all get schooled incessantly. : )

    1. Schools do not teach these important speeches in history anymore…even in college, unless you take a specific class of “Historic Speeches”, sometimes you just graze over the important parts of the speech. I went to an Indian Reservation school in Arizona and it was not taught…it wasn’t until I went to college in the midwest that I was introduced to this speech in Western Civilization. I just asked my kids (one who is in high school and the other in college ) if they knew what The Emancipation Proclamation was and they had no clue…kind of sad

      1. Wow, seriously? I am really sorry your kids are not getting a solid education in US History. Declaring the freedom of the slaves via the Emancipation Proclamation was the major issue of the civil war aside from reuniting the union. How on EARTH can schools just graze over the topic? It gave strength and numbers to the union army and without it, who knows if they would have won the war. I did not do well myself in History classes and yet there is no question that it was covered more than once in my lifetime, enough for me to know what it is even though I couldn’t quote from it or give you the date it was issued. The Emancipation Proclamation is a critical part of the Civil War and it is shocking that kids are graduating from high school not having a clue what it is.

        1. My ninth graders couldn’t even tell you when the Civil War, WW I, WW II, or Vietnam took place….The majority were like Aaryn; they didn’t care.

          1. This is disheartening. How do these kids get into college?! When I was growing up, my entire education from 6th to 12th grade was focused on getting into a good university. I almost failed math every year, but I managed to take mostly Advanced Placement courses throughout high school. I realize I may not be in the majority when it comes to that, but it was pretty much a requirement to do moderately well in high school and be ambitious to get into college that wasn’t a community college. I am appalled that there are college students in this country like Aaryn who skated through school not learning something so basic as the Emancipation Proclamation. Have school standards dipped to an all new low?

            1. Sadly, Crystal, not all teens are as ambitious with their education as you were. Kids are exposed to/ tested on major events,etc., but they don’t retain that knowledge………They can tell you every song that was on lil wayne’s latest cd though…

          2. @RetiredTeacher: “My ninth graders couldn’t even tell you when the Civil War, WW I, WW II, or Vietnam took place….The majority were like Aaryn; they didn’t care.”

            I’m willing to bet mega-dollars to doughnuts half the “teachers” that educate ninth graders in the United States are in much the same boat as the students (i.e. Judd and Aaryn). I’ve met a few teachers that were clearly unqualified in regards to what they were teaching (K-12).

            It’s extremely sad on both fronts (students and teachers) in regards to education in this country.

      2. Emancipation Proclamation was not a speech. It was an executive order signed by President Lincoln which freed the slaves. You may be thinking of Lincoln’s greatest speech, the Gettysburg Address.

        1. I was taught about the Emancipation Proclamation and the Gettysburg Address in both Texas History and American History. No need to insult a whole state because you don’t like Aaryan. Or maybe it is ok in your narrow, small minded view. I believe, based on the context, this might be RatAndy’s declaration of freedom from McRanda’s rule.

          1. if poor RatFink RatBoy the Worm wants to turn into a medieval Wurm, and he’s either hoisting up his true PRIMARY COLORS…or
            if he is about to rant against CBS as well as give Aayrn a much needed history lesson, is he about to royally set people up in the
            BB endzone of the social game he has played? he knows he got floaterZapped by Zingbot and they all laughed. Andy was stung
            and he cannot blame Helen or Elissa. He knows Amanda played him big~tyme. his eeeFFFing over of Helen had me wondering if
            Andy is into satire, and his EXTERMINATORs scenario is a borrowed version of Nick’s boasts, brags, and swagger. itz showtime!

          2. At Hollywood High school we had a U.S History class that people killed to get into. The teacher was the greatest guy, married to a Japanese woman whose whole family was interred during WWII and he covered it all. Our U.S history book had 2 sentences about the internment of Japanese Americans, so he really covered that subject in depth. Learned alot in his class and he was the greatest ski trip chaperone ever! He and his wife would make out in the back of the bus… super sweet.

    2. I guess Aaryn and Judd will learn about the emancipation proclamation when they are in the jury house watching “Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter” but than again they might think our 16th President actually fought vampires…..okay scrap that idea….

    3. Does anybody REALLY believe that AAryn would choose to see a movie about the man who freed the slaves? She seems more like a Porkies or Weekend at Bernies fan -my apologies to all those who enjoy the humor in those 2 movies!

    1. Maybe Amanda knows that because she is smart and pays attention. And maybe Elissa doesn’t know that because she is a whining self-absorbed dumb ass and doesn’t pay attention.

    1. true.. that!!! he’s been on the fringes + edge
      of every major conversation in the house since
      nick got the bum’s rush out the door, if andy was
      accumulating intell as AMMO and his intent was not
      2 whammy amanda or helen, CBS has bigger fish
      to fry. if he has a very good memory, which is
      needed to catalogue all he has said, oh my!!!!

  8. I wish rat Andy was leaving and Elissa, Judd, Gina Marie and Aaryn would work together to boot Amanda, McCrae and Spencer out of the house. Now that would almost make up for this horrible season of Big Brother, but unfortunately production will not rig it to make the season worth watching and will just let rat, Andy, stay in the house. UGH!!!

  9. Hey dawg I have a football blackout here tonight I know you have posted it before but what’s the website to watch the show live tonight.

  10. Oh yeah… I am most definitely skipping class tonight so I can watch all the Aaryn booing!! CBS pleeeease let them boo!!

    1. You mean Amanda is the ugliest/ stupidest person to ever play BB. Elissa is more sweet/beautiful/innocent person ever to play BB.

  11. Thumbs up if Elissa’s a fake, plastic hypocrite and a snob.

    Thumbs down if Elissa’s a fake, plastic hypocrite and a snob.

    1. I also just realized BB is not on my tv tonight. I am not familiar with the midwest and sites to watch BB here. Does anyone know what time I can I see this online?

  12. HA Aaryn, you should listen to Helen!! But no, you listen to Dumba$$ Amanda. Now you have consequence to go to Jury. Next week will be McCranda for double eviction.

  13. I won’t forgive Aaryn and Amanda for saying “I hate Asians” last night. As an Asian American male, I find this season hard to watch and can’t root for anyone but Elissa. These people are vulgar and disgusting.

  14. Since CBS has chosen to show football tonight instead of big brother, can someone please give me the website where I can watch tonight’s show as it is being played?

      1. Jackie, here’s an idea, maybe if you had a west coast friend, you could watch it on Skype, or Apple facetim…just a thought , when schedules clash CBS should live stream it online….

        1. It says website not active…do you think they’ll be up later? I feel like a whining little brat but I’ve been waiting sooooo long to see Aaryn go and Julie’s interview and instead it’s the Jaguars!! The Jaguars for god sake!!

      2. Jackie here in Miami they are showing a Miami Dolphins game tonight. Last week and this week they told us where to watch BB and it was in one of the local channels, not cable. So go through your local channels and you might find it.

  15. People say I’m racist, but I’m only racist when black people aren’t around… I mean, when Howard was around, I have to focus all my attention on my personal items.


  16. If I were Aaryn, I’d use my speech to call out Amanda and McCrae. I protected you guys through 4 HOH’s and the first time it was your turn to protect me, you voted me out. Neither one of you will get my vote in a million years. I’d vote for Elissa before you two. You’re both disgusting and I hope that everyone finally realizes it and votes you out of here.

    1. We can tell who you want to win Kyle. Aaryn protected Helen and Elissa too, and put up who they wanted. Where was Elissa when Aaryn needed her most? The HOH whose #1 mission was to send Aaryn home. If Aaryn should be bitter at anyone it should be joker face for putting her on the block. Elissa has been trying to act the part of dumb ass (well, she actually is one) and tell Aaryn that she regrets now putting her up and that it’s Amanda’s fault. Joker face knew what she was doing. Don’t fall for it, Aaryn.

    1. Not because he is great, but because he is the least offensive individual of the most unlikeable cast in BB history. In other words, because he is the least of the worst.

    2. Because they don’t like anyone else in the house.

      Judd is to BB15 what Adam aka Beacon Man and Joe Powerhouse is to BB13 and BB14

    3. Look at his romance with Aryn… JUDDs got the moves. I’d let Judd be my redneck Romeo . Good thing Aryns getting evicted, I’m getting jealous lately. Wish I had a guy like that

  17. Andy and his Em Proc reference – I guess CBS just can’t help itself. Pretty darn clear Rat Fink didn’t come up with that all by himself. While Aaryn did bring a lot of this on all by herself, this is just a tad overboard.

    1. I highly doubt that Andy’s reference to the Emancipation Proclamation has anything to do with racism or Aaryn specifically. Are you familiar with this speech? Even Andy told her it is not what she thinks. Basically, Lincoln proclaimed that all the slaves in the 10 rebellion states were to be considered freed. This was not a law, but a move on Lincoln’s part to make eradicating slavery a wartime goal for the Union army in addition to reuniting the nation. Freed slaves were accepted to fight in the Union army.

      Although Andy hasn’t made it clear what his speech will be about, I wonder if it will make a connection between the warring factions in the BB house (McCranda vs Everyone Else) now that the 3AM alliance is now broken up. Civil War? Freeing McCranda’s minions and leaving them free to escape their tyranny now that Aryan is going home? Officially freeing himself from any and all previous alliances so he can fight for his own rights as a player?

      1. LINCOLN the movie is spot on as
        it shows how the 13 Amendment
        got passed. Andy is to speechify
        on today’s politics or mayhap to
        utilize it as a metaphor about the
        winds of change and liberation?

      2. Also, before Lincoln became President, he was from Illinois. Andy is from Chicago, I think he is going to make some kind of parallel between him and Abraham Lincoln. The funny thing is that Abraham Lincoln was a man of action, while Andy is the consummate floater. Two men couldn’t be more different!

      3. I follow your reasoning – unfortunately, I don’t think the audience will – however, point well taken Crystal Ball,

  18. Aaryn the college girl doesn’t know what the emancipation proclamation speech is. How does this happen?
    I wonder if she knows what emancipation means?

  19. yup… Aaryn evicted Helen happily after having the deal with Helen.
    Andy is about to pack LINCOLN the movie into his missive. if Helen
    was even remotely a mittster and Andy is an unquestioning fan of BHO
    then we can say politics makes strange bedfellows. lil Ms Amanda
    knew that Helen’s alliances were weak as queen bee mode arrived.

  20. Oh my freaking cow no way. Don’t use that in your speech Andy. You could get fired from your teaching position over that, not to mention the angry mob of people you’d have to deal with when you get home.

  21. Emancipation Proclamation……..”what’s that? ” these people amaze me with their ignorance, unfortunately its a cross section of America, watch ” Waters World ” or “Jay.Walking ” sometime and see how uniformed the average person really is. No wonder we elect the type of leaders that we do….we deserve it.

  22. Who doesn’t know what the Emancipation Proclamation is? I mean it’s probably one of the top 5 most important speeches in the history of this country.

  23. Am I the only one who wants Aaryn to leave tonight?

    I am looking forward to it. I don’t have any HG to get behind, but I do know who I’ve had enough of. And it’s Aaryn. She just doesn’t stop. Get her outta there.

    1. Gosh I hope so…was thinking today they have to have at least one more double eviction. Wouldn’t it be great for it to be a one, two punch. Not in any particular order, but Amanda and McCrae.

  24. They were talking about the shower order with amanda. I didn’t here amanda but she must have used the word woman or girl because spencer said yeah biologically.

    LOL even Spencer thinks she behaves like a guy.

  25. Forget Pandora’s box. Forget a double eviction. With this cast what we need is to introduce something new this season. CBS please give us a Suicide Bomber

  26. Andy should have used the I Have A Dream Speech. Especially since this week was the anniversary of the speech. I bet Aaryn wouldn’t be familiar with that speech either. Even though her llama is named Martin Luther.

      1. Aaryn’s father went to the llama ranch. The ranch foreman and the llamas couldn’t believe how badly Aaryn were behaving. When Aaryns’s father told the ranch foreman that he wanted to get some llamas for his daughter, the ranch foreman said, “I’m very sorry sir, but we don’t do trades.”

  27. HEY you ppl looking for tonights live eviction: google it !!!!! you should be able to find it on your local stations and if not you can always see it tomorrow on TVGN who air the three previous shows every FRIDAY…. good luck!

    1. Local station is showing football. FOOTBALL! This is the biggest BB eviction of the season and they are showing FOOTBALL!

  28. I Hope Andy goes home tonight. He says just as much disturbing things as Aaron does! He should lose his teaching job too. I would not want my kid in his class!

  29. Shame on BB for inflicting this cast of horrendous,ignorant, racist, deviant, psycotic, neurotic, unsanitary slimeballs on us. CBS needs to fire the entire production staff.

  30. Say what you will about Elissa, she isn’t sitting around hoping for the best with GM injured! She has been contorting and twisting her up for the last 30 minutes so if it is a physical comp, GM has some kind of chance. GM is really limber. GFTW GM!!

      1. True. If GM spends more time with Elissa, she may start to learn what is appropriate to say or not to say. GM’s problem is that she adapts to whatever social norm she is currently exposed to. If everyone around her is racist, she will be too. If she were surrounded by people who did not tolerate that behavior, she would adapt and learn how to behave more appropriately.

  31. I was wondering if anyone thinks that Julie is going to ask Aaryn a question about her racist comments. I feel like they are just going to say “we cant talk about that because she is going to jury” and then not talk about it.

    1. I HOPE that julie can confront her. But i have my doubts. The show may wait for Finale or maybe they wont be allowed to ask too much as Aaryns (and Amandas) mom(s) have hired PR and lawyers and going after the show for ‘protraying their daughter(s) as racists’. (Yeah the moms blame editting .. Rolling my eyes.. Denial!!!)

  32. The smartest (and boldest play) would be if Elissa could get her “people” to switch and vote Andy out today! Wanna see Amanda go berserk…..not only that but Aaryn is so pissed off at her right now she’d put her up if she won HOH. Awwwww……..I don’t think Amanda would survive another meltdown with BB producers.

    1. I do not think Amanda would be the only having a meltdown. Elissa would be melting down right next to Amanda, McCrae would be pissed and it would be the smartest move for Judd, GM and Spencer to make.
      Elissa is only trying to garner Aaryns Jury vote. She needs the eviction of Aaryn for her finale Resume.
      McCrae and Amanda would BB Divorce, because he would believe Amanda went against him and saved Aarryn.

      Gm and Judd say they gave Aaryn a sympathy vote because Aaryn and Andy said that McCrae and Amanda told Aaryn she did not have enough votes, “I thought GM/Judd was voting to evict Aaryn.”.
      Spencer just has to say nothing. Keep his mouth shut. no one would ever know it was Spencer.
      GM, Judd and Spencer tell Aarryn that they saved her. Gaining a better ally then Andy.

      McCrae and Amanda would be so freaked out they would loose the HoH, Elissa can not play. Spencer, Aaryn, GM or Judd win the HoH and nominate McCrae and Amanda, if one of them wins PoV Elissa is the replacement nominee. then one of them can claim Amanda, McCrae or Elissa on their BB finale resume.

      Will this happen? Probably not, they are all BB Brain dead at this point and can not recognize a smart game move to save their BB Lives.

  33. “Aayrn then talks to Judd about how she has done everything for Amanda and the one time she needs her, she isn’t there for her.”

    That’s what EVERYONE who is/was aligned with Amanda will find out….

  34. Imagine if it’s a double eviction and Aaryn and Andy or one of McCranda leaves today. That would be glorious. It would be better if Andy and McCrae leave (eventhough it is not going to happen). Imagine Amanda in an alliance with Spencer (I don’t think so!!!) and then Aaryn would go to Elissa’s side. For their alliance to disappear McCrae has to go before Amanda. Eventhough I know Amanda is the nastiest player.

  35. Anyone here from Florida and won’t get the show tonight? I am in West Indies so cannot access websites for the live feed nor do I have the option of a sister channel. Does anyone know if CBS might re-broadcast at a later time — 2 or 3 a.m.

    1. In Jacksonville CBS is supposed to show it at 137am. However, I’ve been burned before so if you record it go early & even later – in case the game runs late. Would hate for you to miss the end.

  36. What is GM’s fascination with anal sex? She can’t end a conversation without refering to someone committing the act, or having it done to them.

    “Hey GM, did you hear what happened last night?”

    GM: “No, what? Amanduh f*&^’d McCrae in the a$$???”

    …..”….ummm no. we got extra beer”

    “Hey GM, what do you think Aaryn will do in the jury house?”

    GM: “Probably f&=@ Candice in the a$$.”


  37. kinda wish they evict Andy …so Aryan-race wins HOH and evicts my owner Amanda—and I am set free from her stinky mcranda ass!!

  38. When aaryn needed mcranda they stayed loyal to Andy. . .andy who has stayed true to them since the beginning and has prevented multiple chances of everyone to get them out. So to be upset like gm is such a joke…..and isn’t gm in an alliance with Andy and crew anyways….Amanda did her best to get aaryn staying and it just too bad. The houseguests are in a hate Amanda mob mentality…. and its only because Amanda is a bitch who says it like it is and that she is loyal to a fault …….so suck it up house guests and pray they don’t win hoh.

  39. First year I have ever watched this show, are these people really that bad compared to previous seasons?? That said; Andy has gotta go.

    1. I hate to say this, no, not really.
      Elissa sister Rachael was a hot mess in both her season and also on Amazing Race.
      Racism and Homophobia are also nothing new. As a matter of fact in pror seasons Racism was more overt I.E When a house guest called Jee a Gook all of the time or when to House guests of Middle Eastern decent where called Terrorists.
      There has always been ageists in the Big Brother.
      Even Fan favorites have displayed way more obnoxious behavior.

      I think the only difference is. This season has a mind numbingly boring cast that sleeps all day. Never makes a bold move, So things stand out more.
      In previous seasons a Nick would still be in the House along with a Kaitlyn.

      I think for every obnoxious, psychotic, slutty, skanky, racist , homophobic, slobby or rude house guest you can name at least one person as bad if not worse from other seasons. It just stands out more because this group is just so uninteresting in every other way.

      1. Seems like they would continually cast the same type of “characters”. Maybe they should issue IQ tests prior to casting lol…Either way, I think it’s absolute entertainment

    I found this from last week so hoping it is the same.

  41. I saw a picture of Elissa cutting Andy’s hair. She should cut McCrae’s hair too. He would look better without that mop on his head.

  42. I cannot stand Aaryn but I almost hope she does stay over Andy. Andy claimed to be turning against McCranda but I don’t think he has the balls to do it. Spencer is already talking about putting up Elissa and someone else. Judd is offering a one week deal to Amanda – although I think he might be bullshitting. I think GinaMarie and Aaryn are the only two that would 100% put up Amanda and McCray. Elissa can’t play so unless GinaMarie wins HOH, I have a feeling Elissa is going home next week then Amanda and McCray will slide into the final two easily.

  43. Okay first off, I love this board. I for the most part have lost interest in the watching the show, except on Thursdays. This might have been the worst season for BBAD to leave Showtime. Imagine how much we would have been entertained. I still cant forget the Evil Dick and Jen meltdown that was live on Showtime. Second, this goes to ALL the hypocrits that complain that these Houseguests are morons, disgusting, egocentric, boring, etc….This show is EXACTLY what we want for the most part. Yes its not perfect but the whole idea is to put a group of people together that are the most outrageous and simply sit back and watch the carnage…No one is innocent, not the production, not the houseguests, not most of the posters in here. This show is a trainwreck that we all wish didnt happen but cant take our eyes off seeing..I am amazed, well not really, that those who are complaining that its rigged are the same that are calling for production to kick people out or throw a PB out there, or this or that…Third, If you are THAT offended then simply stop watching or leave this site. Big Brother is only as powerful as its viewers. This show was on the verge of being cancelled for lack of viewership and all of a sudden its having better ratings, wonder why that is?? Finally, if you truly want to be disappointed in anything then be disappointed with the shows manipulation. Im guessing this has been going on for years, Im just saddened that its becoming more and more obvious. Thats probably the biggest thing that has ruined this show for me, yet i still love watching and reading about it…BB fans, just sit back, relax, keep your pie holes shut and enjoy the ride…if thats not possible than hit the streets and go preach to those who may care..This is CLEARLY not the forum for righteousness….

  44. Elissa is such a phonyand hypocrit,, all season she played I’m more noble than the everyone else in the house, saying she couldn’t tolerate racist Amanda, said she hated her and her racist comments, she said the same thing about GM, now she’s their big buddy.She needs to go, she’s no better than the rest of them.

  45. No, this season is the worst. It’s like a train wreck, you just have to look and then wish you didn’t….lol. The cast is all pretty young, except Helen, so that might be the reason for it.

  46. Maybe Andy is going to publicly “emancipate” himself from Amanda and Mcrae during his eviction speech. Don’t think that would be a good idea…..

  47. Oh geez since im not a live feeder cuz TIME WARNER SUCKS and so does my ANDROID that i cant download Adobe Media player cuz my phone doesnt support it, i will have to wait for over 3 hours for any SPOILERS…I guess ill get back to my own damn life: (

  48. Simon or Dawg
    I realize the two of you are busy but would you plz provide the web link to the live show for tonite, I use to have it saved on my laptop but it crashed and all my info has been removed.

      1. Thanks, Simon! Sounds like most of us are going to be screwed over due to football being on tv tonight. I usually watch live but tonight will have to depend on the good people of the internet! If you could post an active link on the front page when the show starts, it will be really helpful.

  49. Elissa should have cut the word Floater or Rat on the back of his head when she was giving him a haircut… He would have been so pisses, lol

  50. I’ve been a BB fan since the first season. Being a person of colour, at first I wanted to give all the houseguests a chance, even though I felt that some of the things they said were inappropriate (I’m talking about Aaryn and GM in the beginning). Then, Amanda started it and now Andy is talking about including something from the Emancipation Proclamation. I think it’s gone a little too far, and I am aware that everyone can have an opinion and that we can all make mistakes, but this season is pretty horrible. I’m not rooting for anybody to win. Most of the players I liked left. Some of the stupidest moves in BB history were made by Helen, who sent home her friends (WHY?!?!?!?!) so she could then be backdoored by the people who actually hated her from the beginning for being who she is…Elyssa and Judd weren’t my favorites, but I do like them a lot and I hope one of them wins… This season reminds me of BB 6, when Maggie won, everyone was like WTF!!! But it was still just a game back then…
    This time most people really genuinely dislike the players! And if Amanda or McCrae wins, I don’t know what I’ll do!!!!

  51. Is Andy seriously going to use part of the Emancipation Proclamation in his speech on Big Brother!?! What an insult and way to degrade that part of our country’s history. I cannot believe how inappropriate that is – especially with yesterday’s 50 year MLK Jr.’s monumental speech. I am more angry with myself because as disgusted as I am, I will still watch. But seriously, these people need to get some perspective. It is a tv show. They are not important people and the world doesn’t revolve around them. On that note, I hate it when I hear house guests saying things about a move being stellar “in the history of big brother.” That being said, I am just as bad by continuing to watch.

  52. I get That Andy isn’t a floater, but what name can call him? There’s a new word for him, and it;s Not Good player…

    Unless “Rat” is going to become an official BB Term..

    1. Scabbers the rat, from the Harry Potter movies, who was really Peter Pettigrew, who regretting betraying his friends to Lord Voldemort. Scabbers was also the pet of Ron Weasley for many years until his true identity was discovered through magic.

    2. He should be referred to as a, “mole”. He is seen as a vital source of info for his team, and non-threatening by everyone else. I think he’s playing a great game.

    3. He should be referred to as a, “mole”. He is seen as a vital source of info for his team, and non-threatening by everyone else. I think he’s playing a great game.

  53. I believe on a much earlier comment made by Simon on a earlier message board he mentioned he would be posting on here closer to show time where you can watch the show tonight if football is being shown. So, I would be checking the message board. Also, if you go back you will see several places where people have posted several links where you can watch as a matter of fact a few on the message board alone, where you can watch tonight if you are having football during the BB15 episode. Just go back and read through the comments and you will find the links, they are many!!!

  54. I finally realized that Amanda is total scum and that Elissa is smart & pretty… and that Elissa deserves to win BB!

    1. Oh come on… doesn’t have anything to do with it…..he’s just a piece of $hit for his “game play” this season!

  55. Everyone enjoy the show tonight, have to close on some of my property tonight. Business first to make some money. Enjoy my Jewish Queen tonight. Bye, bye Aaryan don’t forget to vote for Amanda. Finaaly, Captain, hav a drink and relax my friend.

    1. Buffalo Bill, I guess it was wishful thinking that you crawled back in the hole from whence you came. I guess no such luck! I am hoping that your bye bye is for the rest of this season because I am sick of you and your Jewish princess BS. Obviously you did not get enough attention as a child. I hope you get the help that you need!

    2. you’re like the guest that everybody hates that wont leave the party. i bet you get that a lot.
      and we all know you live in a trailer clipping coupons. der.
      yeah I live in a mansion on the moon so there.

  56. I really wish it was a Double Eviction night tonight! I hate that none of the HGs can see that Aaryn going home is bad for their game. Andy is beyond slimy. Yes, Aaryn has made a big target for herself, but you would think Elissa would try to work with her since she can’t play for HoH this week. They should have made an all girls alliance with Elissa/Gm/and Arryn since clearly McCrae and Amanda are too stupid to weaponize Aaryn any longer. Am I the only one who thinks this way? If Aaryn has to go home tonight, I wish it was a Double Eviction night and we could have the drama of another HG going too! I’m sick to death of the whole house voting together.

  57. Simon and Dawg, if you had the chance, would you play BB? I would also ask this of the die hard fans on this site. I personally would not chance it since I am not arrogant enough to think I could so 100 /- days without doing anything to offend SOMEONE. It seems like their families and friends also are attacked.

    1. I would not participate in Big Brother. Although I am fairly sure that I would not do anything to embarrass myself or my family and friends, we have all seen how you have to resort to doing a lot of things you normally would not do — specifically lie and backstab. It is the nature of the game that to win, you must resort to these tactics because everyone else is doing it. If you don’t, you may have a moral victory but you will not last in the game.

      People who choose to be on Big Brother must be willing to do WHATEVER it takes and reap the consequences afterward, whether they are good or bad. It takes a unique kind of individual. You have to be ok with millions of people dissecting everything about you including your looks, your weight, your intelligence, your morals, and your family. Your private life will no longer be private. Obviously, most of the guests would like to have a life in the public eye so they are willing to put themselves out there. However, it is a gamble. Aaryn and Amanda thought this show would be a stepping stone to bigger and better opportunities. It has gone completely pear-shaped for them.

  58. CBS and BB scripted Aaryn’s exit is the definition of IRONY at it’s very best…

    It’s on the heels of the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech.

    Andy (the rat), being from the great state of Illinois, the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln, will give a shout out or reference to the “Emancipation Proclamation” as a part of his nomination speech.

    Andy, also happens to be the only openly gay houseguest, which is considered a minority group in America (well if they only knew).

    Then comes the exit interview with Julie Chen, who happens to be of Asian descent, and highly offended by Aaryn’s racism..

    Damn, Aaryn it really sucks to be you right about now.

    But as the saying goes, “Life is just a bowl of cherries”! Because cherries sometimes have pits – and life can sure be the pits sometimes! Cherries also represent the dichotomy of both sourness and sweetness, depending on the choices made.

    1. Andy may sound very PRIMARY COLORs political. CBS might be having a mimi-rally happen
      on the BIG BROTHER set like as if our sitting POTUS is about to run for a third term and has
      tapped ANDY rather than HELEN as a campaign manager. I hinted on about FDR’s 4 runs as
      well as WHY in Harry S. Trumans time the GOP wanted all presidents to be only 2 termers…

  59. Andy is playing a great game! He hasn’t said any racial or vulgar remarks. He is playing them all, but isn’t that what this “game” is about? I like his strategies and they have kept him in the house. Who on there hasn’t repeated what a HG has said about another HG?? Let’s Go Andy!!

    1. Zingbot laid out his basic issue… he’s been very agreeable and likable and underfoot as in omnipresent in
      all conversations of late but has not done obvious moves, he’s a floater’s floater par excellence until he is
      into saying WHY he has game and has been carefully gaming with a goal in mind. this is like the ship at sea
      that has to either hoist the Jolly Roger, or be a privateer or have a country’s flag on it or say what navy it
      actually belongs to. he has to show that he does more than just take up space in CBS’s BB house tonite!!!

    2. Yes he has. Many times. In fact, he instigates quite a bit of the crap talk. He and Amanda are a lot alike in the fact they both need to be center of attention.
      You obviously do not have live feeds.

  60. I am trying to donate but the site does not recognize my State in the US for the AmEx? I do not have Paypal since I was phished on it years ago. What, if any, other options do I have? I want to support the good work you are doing here.

  61. Really, what’s to like about ANY of these houseguests ? Amanda: Attention seeking, loud, foul mouthed bully GM: Volatile, bulimic, foul mouthed racist delusional man stalker Spencer: PERVERT, stinky man balls McCrae: aversion to hygiene and attracted to Amanda Elissa: Spaced out elitist robot with elastic lips, painful to even listen to her talk Andy: Insecure rodent…wow, what a catch eh guys ? Aaryn: Conceited entitled racist brat…..JuDD: boring to me now, sounds like he has a mouthful of marbles when he talks.

  62. What is the REAL reason a lot of you don’t like Andy? Is it because you can’t accept that he is gay? Talk about racists!

    1. I think it’s because he was helping McCrae and Amanda’s games. If he had been working against them, everyone would love it. He’s actually in a great position right now. Elissa is the only person that would have put him up, and that was just because it was the only way to strike at Amanda.

  63. Nunnie, I think we struggle with Andy because he has “befriended” everyone and made them trust his loyalty while simultaneously “outing” everyone for any game move. We didn’t like Shelly last season for the same reason and she was hetero?

  64. Anyone notice the bags packed on the end of Demanda’s bed? Also, the drawer next to her bed, slightly ajar, is empty. Is this Aaryn’s stuff? So want it to be true that Demanda is leaving tonight.

    1. Yes, Aaryn started packing yesterday. Andy packed superficially but didnt pack nearly all of his stuff; hence his comment that if he gets backstabbed and voted out he wouldnt hug and say goodbye to anyone because he would have to go back and grab things. Aaryn has known she was going to the Jury House for days. There isn’t a chance in hell that Amanda got a slap on the wrist, let alone is being asked to leave.

    2. I hope I am leaving tonight this is getting boring…I need another Mc-twenty something to violate—-I AM GETTING BORED!! LIKE TOTALLY OMG!

  65. Wouldn’t it be great if Spencer and Judd change their vote to keep the racist in secret and backdoor the rat??? now that is a big brother move. lol

    either one leaving is good with me but … i’m soooo over looking and following the rat. it’s dizzying.

  66. As much as I truly hate to say this, it will really surprise me if Demanda does NOT win HOH. Seems like she just “skates” by when it’s gonna mean her or the highway. Can’t stand the bitch, but it wouldn’t surprise me if this was fixed in her favor. UGH

  67. “Amanda asks do you think people hate me?”

    No hate, we just enjoy the fact that Amanda gives us truthful material to talk about her, we don’t need to make up anything.

  68. When Elissa back is up against the wall she win veto or HOH she will take herself off the block. The only way Amanda and Elissa will leave the house is to be backdoored. lol

  69. Dawg:

    Please, please have my back. We’ve been preempted for a Jacksonville Jaguars football game and won’t get to see BB until almost 2 a.m. eastern time. Someone, please, please let me know what is happening tonight (or where I might could see the live show on my PC). I don’t have a clue if any of the rumors are true, but reading between the lines something tells me that something is REALLY going to happen tonight on the live show. Please someone comment often about the goings on in the house!!! PLEASE!!! (I suspect I may be addicted to Big Brother!!) <3 <3 <3

      1. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’m going to go pull that up right now. I LOVE YOU SIMON/DAWG!!! <3

  70. I think we should understand aaryn because I think all the people have said at least one racist comment in the life and I m even not a white girl or a black girl I’m in the middle of colors and I have done racist comment.

    1. Somebody on facebook posted that his brother is a lawyer with NBC, whose best friend is CBS lawyer who inked a deal for Demanda to leave with a financial settlement tonight and an opportunity to apologize for racist behavior nationally on live t.v. She also spoke to her mother who enlightened her as to what is happening to her family business in Florida.Apparently production was trying to get her to self-evict the night of her meltdown, she demanded a lawyer.

    2. she is not–someone send out a fake e-mail earlier in the week saying she was leaving tonight to save face, but it was later determined to be a fake!

  71. As an Elissa fan, here is what im hoping for…

    In no particular order, i want the next 3 out to be Mccrae Amanda & Andy.

    Final 4: Elissa, GM, Judd, Spencer
    Final 3: Elissa, GM, Judd
    Final 2: Elissa & GM (cuz i think Judd would beat Elissa)
    Winner: Elissa

    Jury Votes in event of Elissa vs. GM

    Helen: Elissa
    Aaryn: GM
    Candice: Elissa
    Judd: Elissa
    Amanda: GM
    Mccrae: GM
    Spencer: GM
    Andy: Elissa

    I feel like itd be a 5-4 vote.
    Amanda, Mccrae, Aaryn and Spencer would all vote GM
    Helen, Candice, Judd and Andy would vote Elissa.
    Jessie is probably the swing vote. She doesnt like Elissa but certaintly is no ally of GM. Would make for a close vote and good TV!

  72. there is a very old story in some of Andrew Jackson’s biographies that claimed that when he was ten or eleven years of age
    he read the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE out loud in the commons of a very large city in Tennessee. At the risk of also
    thinking Parson Weams is accurate, i feel the story has its credence due to the British officer’s saber scar young Andy wore
    on his face until his dying day. Big Brother’s ANDY referred to the document as a speech first, and Aaryn did not correct him,
    he created the confusion by simplifying things like yesteryear’s READER’s DIGEST. Dawg has it twice in short order in the way
    he summed this up. ANDY is hinting he has several powerplays to do, i am thinking he either betrays his own Exterminators..or
    he rides someone’s coat~tails to the top 3 in a sweet, reet and complete laid back manner. he has to destroy the “floater” image.

  73. Well, Amanda-haters or Amanda-lovers, all have to admit that she turned the public perception of the house guests totally!

    I couldn’t understand why Elissa was on Big Brother, I found her elitism distasteful. But after seeing with the grace she took the vile, vicious, personal comments by Amanda, I now have a great deal of respect for her.

    I liked Amanda at first and her “racist” advice to Aaryn was quite good; it was only later that I realized that Production had probably encouraged Amanda to discuss the racist talk of the house with Aaryn. And my respect for her totally fell apart with her own racist and homophobic comments; and her trying to publicize her “TRAMP” tattoo and attitude. I was on active duty with the Army during wartime and I knew hundreds of soldiers – none of them had a mouth as vicious and dirty as Amanda’s. And her perception that America loves her? Delusional. I am a bit worried about her mental state and think CBS has a responsibility to screeen guests better.

    Ginamarie – Aside from her obsession with Nick, I was disturbed about her racist comments and her mouth. But she has a “New Yorker” mouth (I hope that none of my NY friends are insulted). And I think she just tried to fit in and was under the racist influence of Aaryn and Amanda. Due to Amanda, I now hope tht either Ginamarie or Judd are the winners.

    Aaryn – now I see her tainted by her association with Amanda and she is younger and more impressionable. (Though this doesn’t excuse her racist comments)

    Helen – I rate her far above Amanda,as she influences graciously, but then, on the other hand, she’s either a lobbyist and/or a politician and is much better at communicating. Helen used “I Love you, I love you,” so often, that her insincerity was making me sick. But Amanda makes me sick as soon as she opens her mouth.

    Spencer – he has the potential of being a male Amanda, though not that good at manipulation.

    McRae – I really liked him for most of the season, but watching him with Amanda just makes me sick thinking of him.

    Andy – who when I now think of him, I think “Ratboy,” not “Andy.” With his constant betrayal of confidences and his perpetual running to Amanda, I also see him as Smeagol the Gollum – running to Amanda “My news, my news, my precious news.” I really used to like gingers and now whenever I see one, I think of Ratboy and the fantasy is ruined.

    Judd – I can see after 70 days in the house, why the women would find Judd really hot. He’s attractive and the only straight male now available who’s not disgusting and depraved.

    I had hoped to watch the eviction tonight, but sports interferes. I stopped watching the program and just read the updates, as watching just made me sick. I think Simon deserves to be commended for his hard work in transposing the conversations. Thanks, Simon!

    On the other hand, with the current houseguests

  74. the rat frees the slaves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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