Amanda tells Ginamarie if you put up ELISSA & JUDD I will volunteer as the Replacement!

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used POV Ceremony Sep 1st
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Sept 5th
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, Jessiem, Helen, Aaryn
Have Nots



2:50pm Out in the backyard – Amanda is talking with Andy. He says that he told her that he really didn’t want her to put up me, you or McCrae. Amanda asks do you think all four of us (Andy, Spencer, Amanda and McCrae should go up there to talk to her. Andy says I don’t think that would be good she would felel that we were strong arming her. Amanda says that she doesn’t even care anymore. She says Gina is going to put up whoever she is going to put up. She should put up Judd and Elissa that would cause the least waves. Gina says and if she does put me up then we will see how much that helps her next week. Amanda says that Gina better not listen to Elissa. Andy says that Gina only talked to me for like 5 minutes and said I was fine. Amanda asks well why was Elissa up there for so long? Andy says she was talking about starting over with a clean slate with her while I was up there. Andy tells Amanda to let Spencer talk to Gina first.
CBS Interactive Inc.

3pm – 3:20pm Up in the HOH room – Judd and Gina are talking. Gina says how great would it be for Amanda and McCrae to both still be sitting up in those seats on Thursday .. holding hands. Judd agrees and says I he really wanted it to be him to put they up but this is great too. Gina says I didn’t say it was me getting them out either. I’ve been saying it’s the exterminators alliance (Gina, Judd, Spencer, Andy) getting them out. Amanda joins them. Judd leaves. Amanda says this is what I would do if I was HOH. I would put up Judd and Elissa. And if you didn’t everyone would be enraged! The propagative of the HOH is to go into next week with the least amount of people mad at you. If you put up Judd and Elissa then I will volunteer to go up as the replacement because I am pretty certain I would stay over them. Gina says that she is think about Elissa going up and someone else she isn’t sure about yet. Amanda says Judd has made deals with everyone, he needs to go. McCrae joins them. Amanda explains if you do that they you would only have 1 person coming after you instead of 3 people. Gina says I am all alone in here where as every one else pretty much has someone. Amanda leaves and McCrae talks to Gina.


3:25pm McCrae tells Gina he doesn’t want to tell her what to do. I want to see what you want to get out of this week. Gina says she thinks this week there will be a double eviction. I know also that if I put up Judd there wouldn’t be any hard feelings. If I put up Elissa no one would be mad either. McCrae says and Spencer won that money today too. McCrae tells Gina that if it is the reward/punishment and Judd/Elissa were up then you could go for all luxuries. I want to be the one to win the veto because I want to send Elissa packing. McCrae asks if Gina has any deal with anyone. McCrae tells Gina that she could tell Judd that everyone pushed for him to go up so you had to do what the house wanted, that way he wont be mad at you. And you can tell him that Elissa is the target anyways. McCrae tells Gina no matter what you do I will respect your choices. McCrae leaves. McCrae heads downstairs and tells Amanda that his talk with Gina went well. They head outside to smoke.


3:25pm – 3:35pm Out in the backyard – Judd tells McCrae and Amanda that he is nervous and doesn’t feel safe. Who is going up me and Elissa? McCrae and Amanda says they aren’t sure and think they could go up too. Judd and McCrae both say if its the punishment competition they will take all the punishments just to win the veto. McCrae says that if it is that competition Elissa wont go for any of the luxuries because she doesn’t need anything. Judd says I really wanted to win the money today. McCrae says he didn’t want to win the 10G’s today. I would have given it to Gina to not put up Amanda and I. Judd questions it and says 10g’s is a lot of money. McCrae says it just makes you a bigger target and I don’t need any more reason for people to want me out. Judd and McCrae head inside. Judd and Andy talk about their talk with Gina. Judd says he is worried he will go up because Gina was so vague.



3:35pm – 3:45pm Andy heads up to the HOH room and talks to Gina about her conversations with Amanda and McCrae. Gina says that they were pushing for Judd and Elissa to go up. She says the push was that way I would only have one person after me. Andy says the thing is that they don’t know you, me, Judd and Spencer are all working together. Gina says I didn’t tell them they wouldn’t go up because I don’t want to lie and for them to use that against me. They talk about how they are happy Spencer won the money and not Elissa. Andy says I wish I had won it since it would change me life. Gina says if Elissa had won the money she would have bought a new pair of shoes with it. Andy says we need to get out McCrae this week but Amanda needs to go next week. Gina agrees. Andy takes a shower in the HOH shower. Gina tells Andy about how she asked Spencer to take some punishments since he won things already. Andy agrees. Gina says if one of them Amanda or McCrae come off and Spencer had taken a bunch of luxuries I would put him up as the replacement.


3:45pm – 3:50pm In the bedroom – Amanda and McCrae make up and kiss. McCrae says part of the reason he was mad at her was because Amanda put confetti in Elissa’s bad and denied it. He says that he looks like the a$$hole because he said who the f**k would do that when she asked. Andy Judd saw you smile when he came around the corner. Amanda says maybe I just shouldn’t have told you about it. She smiles. (She is super happy now which is a complete turn around from earlier today.) Amanda tells Spencer when he joins them that she thinks Gina is going to put up Judd and Elissa. Amanda says that Gina said she wouldn’t tell Judd he was safe even though he wanted her to tell him he was.


3:55pm – 4pm In the backyard – McCrae, Amanda and Spencer are talking. Amanda is super excited and thinks that Judd and Elissa will be going up. Amanda says this will be awesome if this works! They talk about their conversations with Gina. Amanda tells Spencer not to be nervous. If this works then we will be final 6! Amanda says then next week we only have one person to worry about and I hope it isn’t c**t face (Elissa). McCrae says watch Judd and Elissa’s keys come out first. I will vomit! Amanda says she wouldn’t do that, she doesn’t want any targets next week that’s what she told us. Amanda heads inside. McCrae says he feels that Gina was genuine and thinks she will put up Judd and Elissa. Spencer says I want Elissa out so bad, my mouth is watering.


4pm Big Brother calls for an out door lock down and tells all the house guests to go outside and close the sliding glass door. McCrae says this is it! (Nomination Ceremony will be happening soon.)

4:03pm The live feeds switch to TRIVIA..

Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV:

BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

CBS Interactive Inc.

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Amanda is so bad I’m rooting for GinaMarie. #worstseasonever


I’m loving GM! She doesn’t listent to their (McRanda’s) bs. Sorry but bye bye bitches!


I’m hoping that GM and Judd don’t fall for Andy’s duplicity. Now, it’s like he’s trying to be GM’s consigliere. Like Chaucer’s characters, he wears his inner-nature in his outward appearance. He’s such a sham!

Big Brother Fan from Canada

I’m not a fan of GM, but I’m glad she won HOH this week. I’m not sure if Andy, Spencer or Judd would have the guts to put McCranda up on the block. GM hasn’t made her nominations yet, but at least she’s seriously considering putting McCranda up on the block. I think she could make it all the way to the final 2.

Roisin Dubh

I wonder what Honey Boo Boo’s take on all of this is?




Nomination ceremony this coming week is gong to be must see TV. Amanda is going to blow an F5 tantrum when she is put up. Put all sharp objects away. GM knocks out Amanda Mike Tyson style.


if she does but up the scum duo and makes it to the end, she should win, that will be the biggest move…… id kinda like mcreepy get evicted so amanduh self destructs like she was last nite

helen is still clueless

It’s SOOO funny that Amanda is happy again believing the Mcrandas are safe and Judd and Elissa are going. Not such a good player when she loses her secret agent. This should make some great TV. Smug looking smile to defeated crying.


Helen, what bothers me is that Andy is going to make it seem like he didn’t know anything about it. He’s going to throw GM under the bus.

Rocco Gianini

I hope Mcranda get so pissed that they turn on Andy

Spencers Vinyl Vagina

Let me get this straight, McRae keeps turning down blow jobs and sex from Fluffer Face Amanda, yet when she asks if he choked his chicken ( masturbated) he says yes, that should make her feel desirable.

connie chung

mcrae is hideous, he should take what he can get LOL


I know it may sound stupid to you guys but with Mcranda on the block i’m scared for Elissa’s safety

I s

Me too. How long does the ceremony take? It’s been over an hour-you think Amanda kirked out?

connie chung

this is one of the best seasons ever, so much drama. Let’s face it, thats why anyone watches any reality show, no one wants to watch people bake cookies and hold hands and smile at each other. look how polarizing the players are, everyone is talking about it and them.



No you were Second Haha!!!

Haha second is the first loser Haha you are second WOOOO

You know, Delusions of Helen's ghost edition

Gina Marie I’m telling you, that you should put up shady spencer. It might be too soon to take out the power couple of Amanda and Mccrae Ok Ok Ok. Remember we are all still super friends and the goal is to make it to jury you know. Gina Marie you are a legend like brittney, you know the girl who did not win any competitions and was blindsided by the brigade.

Real Scandals Phony President


Please hide all the knives in the house before you put Amanda up.


I wanna hear WAY more Boo’s than Aaryn with miss mcranda sh-t head.

Monica (Dalek says)



we know Amanda and mccrae are going up but they are talking about taking mccrae out first bad move hope Amanda goes crazy and they decide its just to much shes got to go

Disappointing Season

Reply to: Real Scandals Phony President

On live feed earlier today Amanda was in kitchen…and said, “Why can’t I find any knives..where did all the knives go?!”

Real Scandals Phony President

That is awesome! Production must be thinking the same thing.


Earlier, when cleaning up after the secret comp, Elissa noticed that BB took away ALL the knives. Forks too. Her and Spencer agreed it was so no one would use the cutlery to pop the balloons.

But BB had a different motivation…..

Big Brother Fan from Canada

Amanda’s mood changes from minute to minute. It must be difficult living in a house with someone so unpredictable.

Maui sunset

I hope MaCrae realizes this before he moves in with her…..


imsure he realizes it he has know her less than 3 months hes not in love you know this because he has told Amanda no when it comes to sex several times im 52 have not every told a women I liked no in the first 3 months and that’s dozens hes got nothing better to do there taps it when needed

dans non-mist

Dan got married after knowing his current wife for 3 months…..things can change…hello not lasting


Who cares what McCrae does after this?

Besides, they can have their bad moods together, when they are both are on the rag.


After he sees his new moniker, mcpussy, I don’t see how he can stay with A-Man-Duh unless he really has no self worth what so ever. He would have to hate himself so much to stay with A-Man-Duh after realizing she not only wears the pants but taken every masculine quality he has ever had.

ur a nub

wow… welcome to women

Chilltown, Dans Mist, Brigade, we miss you

Are Amanda and McCray really that delusional to think they are not going up?

For their sakes think about this, We were never loyal to GM and we sent her best friend home. We sent everyone home so far. We are a showmance and none of the showmances ever go to the end cause the other house guests are not stupid enough to believe they can win against them.

You would think a super fan like McCray would know that.


His meat shield is blocking his view so he can’t see what’s in front of his face.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

I think McCrae knows that there is a strong possibility that he could be going up on the block with Amanda. He can’t tell Amanda that because she’ll go off the rails and blame Elissa for their current situation. She’ll also attack GM, which won’t help their situation at all. He’ll never admit it, but he sees the way Amanda treats Elissa and he’s disgusted by her behaviour.


If McCrae sees Amanda is wrong and is ashamed, why isn’t he manning up and telling her? Earlier today, he was agreeing that Amanda was the one being bullied. He said that he’s been there and he knows she hasn’t been the one bullying. McCrae is thinking with the wrong head.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

McCrae wants to say something, but he has seen what happens to people who cross Amanda. He can either be her lap dog or feel her wrath. For now…lap dog seems like the better option to him.


He is probably sick of her too but he can’t tell her that now. He needs to make sure she will campaign for him in the jury house if he is in final 2 and she isn’t.


I don’t believe that. He still kisses her like he always did. He is only thinking game but he still loves her

Big Brother Fan from Canada

Maybe McCrae was just flattered by all the attention he was getting from Amanda. He may not get a lot of attention from women in his everyday life, so it was probably a pleasant surprise. I don’t think he expected his showmance with Amanda to be so emotionally draining. The guy looks exhausted. Every day, he is forced to bite his tongue and agree with whatever she says. He is also forced to listen to her talk about Elissa non-stop. I mean all he hears is “Elissa is plastic” and “Elissa thinks she’s better than everyone else”. The guy is on the brink of madness.

Maui sunset

Chilltown……yours is the best analogy I have read all day!!

Big Brother Fan from Canada

I’m glad GM has chosen not to give out too much information. After watching Aaryn being voted 5-0, I don’t think she really trusts anyone in that house…including The Exterminator alliance.

ur a nub

Umm.. watching? Gina Marie didn’t watch Aaryn get voted out 5-0, she voted Aaryn herself.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

Aaryn told GM to vote with the house since she didn’t have the votes to stay. GM was willing to vote to keep Aaryn. All GM could do was stand by and watch while her closest ally in the house got evicted.


wow you’ll volunteer to be the replacement IF the veto gets used? That’s mighty big of you.
keep grasping at straws horse face.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

Amanda only volunteered to go up as a replacement nominee to keep McCrae and her from being put up as initial nominations. If the veto is used, I can see her attempting to go back on her offer…claiming that putting her up would ruffle too many feathers in the house. She would tell GM that putting her up isn’t a smart game move. GM isn’t buying what Amanda is selling. Before GM won HOH, Amanda had never made any attempt to make a deal with her. GM has not forgotten this.

This Season Blows

This season is so terrible that Gina freaking Marie is the only deserving winner.

BB Bones

I didn’t like Gina Marie at first but she has been growing on me and I would be ok with her winning it all.

Real Scandals Phony President

I’ll be happy as long as it isn’t Amanda or Andy.

ur a nub

I agree this season is terrible, but Gina Marie is just as bad as everyone else left in the house.

JUDD would be OK, but he’s already been voted out. I can’t stand letting someone win who has already been voted out once. How many tries does he get?

Amanda's dog Woofy

I hope Snooki & JWow are following the feeds. GM would fit nicely into their new show. They don’t care much for cocka roaches, flipfloppas or rats, either.


Yeah, that racist, ignoramus DEFINITELY deserves to win 500k. smh


You look like an idiot if you hate it that much and still watch it and continue to comment. LOL


The money can really help her like going back to school etc


Cannot wait for the nomination ceremony. I hope Amanda and McSlob is on the block.


NEWSFLASH: Big Brother Headline

Mass Massacre on the CBS set of Big Brother 15. Admandamanson found under a pile of used condoms chewing on a brown weave. Repeatedly saying “I hate the Joker”. A red head rat was found floating in the pool. Two chickens found dead in the HOH room, the smaller chicken found without a head , and the bigger chicken hands have yet to be found. One blonde women found at the bottom of the staircase , she appears to have died from blunt force with a picture frame.

Other then Admandamanson found alive was a stringy hair young man found bondage with condoms to a airplane seat, repeatedly say, “just let go”.

Julie Chen was going to announce the big twist and winner of BB15 Sunday, but it has already been leaked that Admandamanson & McCrack the finalist
Will appear on the next Big Brother 16 “Survival San Quentin.”

Botox Pelosi

Amanda’s defense team claims Elissa committed suicide.

Nick's blue cap

Her bipolar disorder mood swings scare me


Oh man… I can’t wait to see the look on Amanda’s face when she gets nominated along with her pizza boy. Ha, they’re all happy and thinking that they’re going to send Elissa to jury but the joke’s on them! I’m so excited for Sunday’s episode.


Amandamaniac’s bipolar behaviour emerges into the game. Going to need a double eviction to get rid of both Amandas.


That last photo of Amanda smiling without a care in the world is great considering what the near future holds for her… I usually do not look forward to the CBS broadcasts…. but I cannot wait to see the expression on her face and the fire in her eyes during the nomination ceremony. The feeds tonight should be entertaining… even though Andy and Spencer will probably play it off like they had no clue (which is what’s best for their game)… I don’t think Amanda will really realize what is going on until her or her boo thang walk out that door on Thursday. Can’t wait!

Crystal Ball

I really hope that Judd stays loyal to Elissa and that after McCranda, the next person to leave is either Andy or Spencer.


Judd doesn’t have REAL deal with Elissa , he has a deal with GM, Spencer, and Andy. Elissa hopefully goes out the door right after Amanda on Thursday.

derick alaska

Oh come on with it already!!! I wanna see those crocodile tears of Amanda!!!


OMG Amanda’s mood swings are nuts…I swear she is Sybil…multiple Personality Disorder. Now shes talking in ababy voice to McNasty! goo goo gaga..I wish I could see her face when They get put on the block…hahaaaa brace yourselves , get some popcorn and let the fireworks begin..Andy is going to be the coward white rat..either hiding or running around tattling. He’s an idiot. Spencer is a slob, and ginormous creeper.

Ewww Just Ewww

OMG the baby voice…”McCrea WHY Won’t you pay attention to me?!”….Amanda is beyond annoying-like a 200 lb. fly at a picnic. How can he stand her! I cannot believe he hasn’t blown a gasket. She has eaten all of the life force out of MC. She is certifiable. Amanda GET SOME HELP.

connie chung

but you gotta give props to amanda, she’s the reason mcrae got this far, otherwise he would’ve gone long time ago. his moving company alliance, he was just there, didn’t really seem to have much in common with the other guys. i feel like he has no game, not socially or physically.


Every time I see Amanda, the song Maneater pops into my head! Hope she goes to jury this week I’m really getting sick of that song.

Amanda's dog Woofy

Wish you hadn’t said that.(long-tjme Hall& Oates fan)


I think of “The Wall” (pink floyd) the Big Flower, turns into a big mouth….


…oh, oh, here she comes, watch out boys she’ll chew you up!
Gee, thanks Ely! This will be in my brain all night!
Damn…I think we just showed our age!


Any chance Production put a Veto chip in one of those balloons in the “special” comp earlier today?


Yup. Thinking along the same lines. 2 vetoes. One already has one and the other wins the veto.


Now that would be a twist!!! If production didn’t I am sure they wish they have thought of it. Of course they could still pass one off in the DR to someone they want to keep and we would be none the wiser.


McCranda!!!!! You can squirm all you want. It doesn’t matter, your going up anyway.


Nominations happening NOW…YAY!!! Bam!


poor Amanda Joy.. everyone is picking on her.. She been an angel and it’s just not fair…. todays melt down is going to be epic


“The propagative of the HOH is to go into next week with the least amount of people mad at you”

Amanda still thinks it’s a month ago, with “the house” making decisions…totally oblivious that this late in the game, there’s no way not to ruffle feathers. If she had a brain, she’d pitch putting up herself and Elissa, letting “the house” decide who should leave. This way she keeps McCrea off, has two shots at veto, and (mistakenly) thinks she has the votes regardless. She really should have seen the dynamic shift last week and seems clueless against a house that seems to be finally playing the game.


Since the sun and the moon revolve around Amanda how would she even notice that she is in for a world of hurt.


Yeah, “the House” bit is over already & no one’s afraid of that big mouth & I guess Amanda forgets how she was cussing GM just the other day??? They both can go during this double eviction & then Elissa cause, like it would be amaaaaazing, mmm hmmm….

Bak Bak

There is something about two men sitting on a couch in chicken suits that sends me into fits of laughter until I wet my pants.

Teri B

Wow… LOW can she go? LOLOL This is so much fun!!


Weird! Just last week Amanda was all up in Elissa’s face for putting McCrae up with Aaryn. Now she is telling GM that she is cool (All B.S.) with going up as the replacement nominee if Judd or Elissa comes off the block because she is confident that she’ll stay. Where was this confidence at when Elissa put McCrae up with Aaryn? No, she proceeded to f**k with Elissa for the rest of the week. Man, I can not wait for nominations. How much do you wanna bet that after GM puts McAmanda up, Amanda will go off to the far corner of the house and bitch to McCrae. I don’t think Amanda would try that crap with GM that she did with Elissa. Typical trait of a bully – pick on somebody that you know won’t do anything serious back.


i hope she goes insane and self evicts.

Bak Bak

I hope she goes insane and doesn’t self-evict. It will be a serious let down if we can’t watch her lose her mind throughout the week.


Why on earth do they want to get McCrae out before Amanda. Damn just when you think these ppl have a little sense they prove you wring again.


I think the rest of the house guests still think he’s smarter than he actually is.


Elissa hasn’t done any campaigning yet, once the nominees are known, she will change their minds, plus Mcpussy will start throwing Amanda under the bus, plus Amanda herself will make it a living hell for everyone, so that they get her out not her man. she has more faith in her dick toy than she has in herself.

So dont giveup hope yet, i just hope GM actually goes through the plan and put them up.


Amanda said herself that her worst fear was McCrae going into the jury house before her with all those girls around him.


Everyone and their mother knew that Amanda put that confetti in Elissa bag. Telling everyone she is over it (i.e. bullying Elissa). But every other word out of foul mouth is Elissa this and Elissa that…

She is defintely borderline psychotic and may well have a psychotic breakdown right after nominations are made.

BB announcer: Security clean up and disqualification in the pig-stay room.


Amanda is the worst person ever! I hate her more than any off the past players!


Ginamarie is awesome so glad there is someone in power who won’t take Amanda’s bs


Bring on the nominations!!!!!!!!!! Oh the torture.


I hope that rat Andy, pervert Spenser and chicken Judd will protect GM from the wrath of McCranda if they are put on the block together.. At least Elissa will have company.. Although Amanda doing the nasty to GM like she did to Elissa could turn physical..


I can’t believe she’s going with the put up the person who makes the least amount of waves routine. Wrong week b*tch. It’s only what 7 of them now? For Amanda and McCrae to not think the should be the biggest targets shows what a crappy season of contestants where in there. They should have never made it this far together anyway. In theory, what would be amusing is if Amanda and McCrae are put up and Andy wins the veto. And the spotlight was on him both ways. He would probably melt into the ground like the wicked witch in the Wizard of OZ.


Notice how a while after Amanda was called to the diary room her mood is the complete opposite of what it was! Maybe they gave her some meds!

Go Elissa

or a warning

Botox Pelosi

Or a diamond power of veto. The fix is obvious if they did.


Or maybe in the diary room they told her all the answers to VETO questions


or they told her she would get a secret power. the one where she can pull her and Mcrea of the block and she gets to put up who she wants. hummm, Judd and Elissa. whats it called, the coup-de-cata or something like that. If that happens CBS I vote to cancel BB forever if you go that low for your chosen nut case to win. Boo hoo hoo, America thinks Iam the mean one , but its really Elissa. Makes me want to barf!


or maybe that’s the diamond power of veto. any way if any special thing is given it will only be given to save mc–nta. AG’s pick for winner. If this happens it will be the shitties BB ever. its sap pose to be a game, NO PREPICKED WINNERS CBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


McCranda…..Are you dumb and stupid? GM just screwing you both and you both are going to the jury house!!!!!!


Amanda and McCrae are going up yo.. feed your cats cause tonight it’s going down


I wish Dan is here to mist on Amanda!!!!!! BRING ON THE MIST!!!!!!!!!!!


I’m on my way to the local animal shelter to get a kitty – I have a dog.


Oh they are besties with GM now even though Amanda said at least 30 times last week that they had to get GM nominated. 1 hour they will be talking about how stupid GM is and how much they hate her and how she just cannot fucking think logically and why oh why do they have to be in the house with somebody who is so stupid… turn on the waterworks….


It’s really quite logical to put Amanda and McCrea up together. I think GM saw that last week how dangerous it was to put them up separately. But in Amanada’s world view, the only logical i thing to do is make Amanda happy. That’s an infantile view of the world. She has a 3 year old’s mind in a 28 year old body.


Amanda is sooooo entitled it is unfathomable! Wow! She is completely incapable of seeing things through someone else’s eyes.


Um – a 44-year-old body. ZING :)


the joker says the joke’s on you amanda
GM says deal with you? Fuhgeddaboutit
Judd says mgrdbblujmshs or some shit
Andy says ratboy stuff and scurries off
Spencer says my nuts itch
McCrae says I dont even like this bitch


Classic!!! Thanks Bob…


Bipolar Amanda is up and down with her delusions, well in a few she’s going to be down again and whining/threatening at 1000mph.


Ewww Just Ewww

Well at least the veto ceremony forced the McCrudy’s to brush their teeth today.


soooo, the “house” will be angry at GM if she doesn’t put up Elissa? Maybe that is why Amanda has gone cray-cray. She thinks she’s a house……


Hit the beer store we’re playing the OBB drinking game tonight

Every time Elissa whines/whimpers or whatever the hell you call it drink
Every time Amanda calls Elissa a c***t drink
Every time Andy rats someone out drink
Every time Spencer creeps you out drink
Every time JUDD tells you about a dream drink
Every time McCrae says “yup” drink
Every time GM says she wants to marry nick drink

Every time a cat person leaves a comment drink
Every time you miss a stooge drink

and last but not least every time you vote dawg drink !!

Teri B

Well, Simon, I must say I’d love to join your game, but I’m just getting too old to drink that much! LOL

This is so exciting!!!!


LOL I better not follow the OBB drinking rules or I won’t be able to manage the site..

I’ll be playing a modified version :)

The Black Fish

lol we’d all be talking like Judd.


OMG Simon, it is ok to drink like that as long as it is tea or apple juice.
But if we notice no updates on here, we will know you were drinking something else.
For all our sakes please just stick with the first two options because we cannot miss
the mcranda drama updates.


I think we might need to invest in one of those beer hats with the straws & just keep them coming b/c looks like we’ll be constantly drinking! LOL!!
Waiting impatiently for the feeds to return.


I can’t WAIT to see Amanda’s reaction to going up with McCrae! I believe the headline to the next posting will be, “AMANDA goes postal! Live feeds shut down due to an apparent masacre in the BB House. Stay tuned, live feeds switch to the local police scanners.”


DEEDEEMAHA, thanks for the laughs, i couldn’t stop laughing after visualizing


Everybody will be enraged, says Amanda: translation – I will f**kin go mental on you and destroy you – if you put me and McCrae up.
I want to see her lose it because she’ll probably do something that will get her removed from the house. (hoping)
Not everyone gets hostile about being nominated.
I think it could be a mistake getting McCrae out first, but I don’t know why GM is doing that.

Ted Marie

Last night the “Rat” was telling Spencer that he is 100% throwing the veto so be doesn’t get any blood on his hands. What a piece of trash he is. The best thing to happen if one of the gross duo won and (I’d hate it) but then the “Rat” would be nominated for replacement and who could he blame?? Only himself since he 100% had to throw the veto so the gross duo wouldn’t find out he’s a true “Rat” oh the irony of that would be hilarious.


Spencer and Judd in those chicken costumes remind me of Foghorn Leghorn (Spencer) and Egghead, Jr. (Judd)

For your viewing pleasure…


They should really stick to getting Mcnasty out first, pretty sure if Skankmanda goes this week, Mcnasty will succeed in creating an “all boys” alliance. Let’s see how fast She would self evict lol definite penalty nomination with her honorable behavior with no Mcdick.


If there is a night to watch live feeds, this is it. Amanda is going to be absolutely insane. I’m picking up a six pack.


got mine yo!