Amanda says I woke up and felt miserable, I need to cleanse myself from the negative energy.

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used POV Ceremony Sep 1st
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Sept 5th
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, Jessiem, Helen, Aaryn
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9:10am – 9:30am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return – Judd, Elissa, Ginamarie and Andy are outside finishing their dance party to the wake up music. Andy and Ginamarie head inside to go back to bed. Judd and Elissa sit on the couch and talk as Judd has a smoke. They talk about hard the chicken wire HOH competition was. Judd says he thought he was doing well until he looked around and saw how well the others were doing. He thought what do you guys have chicken wire at home or something?! He says that he understands how Andy did so well because he has long slender fingers but doesn’t understand how Ginamarie did so well. She has the smallest fingers out of all of us. Elissa says don’t you think it’s the best possible situation that Ginamarie won HOH. Judd says Elissa asks she is 100% going to put them (Amanda and McCrae) up? Judd says probably. Judd asks if Ginamarie was thinking about putting him up? Elissa says yeah she was.. then she tell him just kidding. Elissa says she doesn’t understand why everyone buys into Amanda’s craziness. Judd says I think everyone tries to just avoid it. Elissa says that’s what I tried to do, I didn’t say one word to her. I was making the bed to go to bed and she stormed in there and like she did to Jessie, Candice and Kaitlin. Elissa says I can’t believe they played the chicken dance music. It was the best ever. She comments on how awesome the chicken costumes are. Elissa says I just wish they made you dance to the chicken music throughout the day. Judd says he is glad they don’t have to do that. Elissa and Judd head back inside. Elissa goes back to bed and Judd takes off his chicken suit to take a shower.

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9:40am Amanda wakes up and heads to the bathroom. She asks Judd if he danced to the chicken song. He says yeah. Judd comments on how gross the showers are and says I don’t even know how to clean them. Amanda asks if there are flies coming out of it. Judd says yeah. Judd talks about how the chicken suit is already getting old. He says that he will probably sleep all day. I have to at least wear the head though if I am in bed and talking. Amanda says that’s got to be hot. Judd says yeah and it’s annoying trying to go to the bathroom. Judd says I feel like the veto is going to be crazy tomorrow. If it is the punishment one I don’t even know what I am going to do because I have to wear the chicken suit till 9 or 9:30pm tomorrow night. Amanda says I am done, done! Judd asks what speculating. Amanda says yeah. Big Brother call Amanda to the diary room.

9:55am – 10am Elissa heads up to the HOH room to talk to Ginamaire. She says I am going to give you the heads up that I am going to keep my distance from Elissa. I woke up this morning and I felt miserable! Amanda starts to cry. I love you and want to hang out with you but I am just going to keep my distance so I can just re-cleanse. I feel like Aaryn got it. I am just emotionally spent. Gina says don’t get upset and you can come up here any time to talk or hang out. She says I just need to cleanse myself from the negative energy. Gina says yeah no problem. Amanda says I know McCrae will come talk to you today. Ginamaire says yeah absolutely, its nominations today so I know everyone will want to come talk to me. Amanda says just know I love you and I just wanted to give you the heads up. Gina says yeah. Amanda heads back down stairs. Ginamaire motions with her hand that Amanda was being a cry baby.

10:05am – 10:15am Ginamarie heads down from the HOH and slips on the HOH stairs. Elissa sees her and asks if she is all right? These stairs are dangerous. Gina says she is okay she hurt her back though. Elissa says these stairs are dangerous in slippers. Gina sits for a moment then gets up and said okay these slipper are going in the garbage. She heads into the diary room and asks what is wrong with me!

10:15am – 10:30am Ginamarie heads up to the HOH room and asks if Elissa in the kitchen if the Nomination screen is up down stairs on the living room tv. Elissa says that’s probably later. Gina says it’s weird I just have two arrows on my TV up here. I’ll try and just reset it. Elissa checks and says the nomination screen isn’t up yet. She says maybe you’ll get a pandora’s box! I would be so jelly! Judd heads into the kitchen in his chicken suit. Andy joins him. Judd comments how annoying the chicken suit is to wear and go to the bathroom. Andy laugh and says just imagine if you lived your life like that and then I slit your throat, because that’s what a chickens life is like. Andy heads out into the backyard and says hi to Amanda. Amanda tells him how she went to bed feeling good but woke up feeling miserable. She says it was like waking up and feeling like you broke up with someone. Andy says yeah. Amanda continues complaining and Andy stops her and says its too hot out here and he heads back inside.


10:35am – 10:40am Judd heads up to the HOH room. When he opens the HOH door he spills coffee down his chicken suit. Spencer joins them. Andy and Elissa come up next. Elissa tells Spencer, Judd and Andy about how she fell down the stairs and hurt her foot. Judd wishes he could just wear the pants and the hat. Ginamarie and Elissa laugh at Judd and Spencer. Judd says it was fun last night but now I am over it.


10:40am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the TRIVIA screen…

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237 thoughts on “Amanda says I woke up and felt miserable, I need to cleanse myself from the negative energy.

    1. ELISSA WARNED AARYN. She warned from day one that she would have to pay for her crap and that’s what happened.
      -To anyone that thinks Julie went too hard on aaryn

      1. This is the second week in a row Amanda & McCrae have no control of the nominations but this week is even better because at least last week Elissa gave them a heads up about McCrae going on the block now GM is completely blindsiding BOTH of them and it’s gonna be glorious! Especially is neither win the POV tomorrow! As Gina would say “How you like them apples Amanda”

      2. Aaryn if a fat racist , a skinny racist, a pretty racist, and an ugly racist all jump off a cliff. Who wins?


    2. I am honestly worried about what Amanda is going to do when she and McRae get put up. I mean this lady has a serious mental problem and I am not trying to be funny here. She said she sometimes does not take her meds and that sits her off. Also, she is so convinced that she is right, and no one is trying to really tell her otherwise. You can clearly see she is building up, in her mind, that she is going to be justified in her actions.

      I dealt with potentially dangerous employee situations for 30 years in my career with a major corporation and this one ranks right up there with what I have seen. This is tanamount to “firing” someone and I have seen people completely loose it after that happens. And to think you were going to have to spend the next 4 days living with her is very, VERY scary. She is becoming almost psychotic. I wonder if BB has brought in someone to analyze her actions and demeanor and give them advice about what might happen?

      I hope that BB is close by to take care of any incident that might happen since she will no doubt be after Elissa AND Gina Marie.

      I am NOT trying to be funny. My “gut” is worried about this.

      1. They have a psychologist/psychiatrist on staff. I’ve heard several HG’s mention it. I’m sure they’ll be calming her down as much as possible. Might have to prescribe a little ‘mother’s helper’ (xanax), but it’s for the greater good.

      2. Very true my friend. When Amanda does act out she feels justified in her actions which is very scary. On top of it she blames the person who she attacks for “pushing her buttons” (it’s not hard to set off of TNT I guess lol). The house guests better be on guard or lock themselves in the HOH room when they sleep at night. I can picture Amanda standing over a sleeping Judd/GM/Elisa with a knife just staring at them like the possessed girl from paranormal activity.

      3. @ jptx I am scared too. If I was in the house, even if I wasn’t Elissa/GM, I would plead to sleep on the HOH couch and make sure to lock the door whether daytime or night! She is psycho and the other houseguests may not be safe this week. I wish she would lose it and self-evict. Her and MC deserve each other. He is not her victim at all. I hope they never procreate

      4. Jptx, why are you worried about Amanda? She isn’t going anywhere. In order to collect the $500k check she has to be there at the end. And that is what she intends to do. You should be worrying about your relative Elissa and how she’ll react when she’s nominated next week, and then evicted.

    1. Yup! Lol
      Wake up call should have been “Cry me a river” by JT. Like for real Amanda.
      You are in the wrong show! CBS is not an acting school, it’s a GAME.

      1. I give her a thumbs up for not being too afraid to nominate the two players who the entire house has been afraid to even speak against this whole season. She by far will have made the biggest move. She deserves the win for that alone. It is fitting that the viewers sent chicken suits into the house.

      2. Andy should be wearing a chicken suit too, as he and Spencer are the two biggest chickens in the house. Sooo afraid of Amanda.

    2. thumbs up if you have forgiven Gina for her earlier antics due to how she has been playing to the camera after Amanda’s antics and her intentions on nominating the couple.

      thumbs down if you are still on board with not liking Gina

      1. It’s not so much that she’s not falling for Demanda’s BS. When Elissa was talking with GM she brought out more than we had seen before. Everyone thought she was dumb but now we can see she has a learning disability which was probably ignored as she was shoved from grade to grade. She’s not just a hoodrat. And she really appreciated that Elissa talked game with her not just telling her how to vote. Not even Aaryn did that.

        When she gets out GM needs to work on her many “issues” but I don’t think she has the black soul we thought she did. That’s still Demanda’s and Aaryn’s world.

        1. GM is a good soul. She just I think been picked on a bit too much …I got money on her for the final 3–maybe even win. She sure has a cooler head –than demand that is for sure. GO GM!!! For some reason GM personality now is reminding me of Brit from BB1 but with a hard edge..esp when she works to the camera/ last night.

        2. Yeah you could see GM light up when Elissa was nice to her and was upset that people didn’t want her to hang out with the “only one being nice” to her. I hope she gets some help with her nom speech. AND I hope when Andy pulls his “oh my gosh I didn’t see this coming” shit that GM and Judd call him on it.

      1. Me too. I think she really does have her heart in the right place. She just doesn’t have a very good filter! Unlike Amanda, who is truly vile.

    3. I agree with you! GM is kind of growing on me, I just wish she wouldn’t have said some of the stupid things she did those weeks ago

      1. I think GM will see those moments and know/admit she was wrong. Unlike Aaryn because we all know that all people in Texas are like that…can’t believe that girl tried to throw the whole state under the bus.

        1. @Jackie, i can’t believe that Aaryn would involve all of
          Texas being that way….She needs to speak for herself. Texas is not a Racist.
          she needs to Hide when she returns, especially to San Angelo, San Marcos where she attents college and state where she lives…would
          not surprise me if her Parents moved away and left her…….lol

      2. Gina Marie made much worse comments than Aaryn since it was Gina Marie along with Kaitlin that used the N word and also made the rice comment about Helen first and Aaryn just agreed to it, but I too have to say that Gina Marie is growing on me. Also, really think she is the one that could use the money the most of anyone in the house.

    4. GM is as big a racist as Aaryn was you people have short term memory loss. Amanda is terrible but she is trying to win. Elisa is
      An evil person but somehow is given a pass by all you sheep, she has looked down her nose at everyone in that house but Helen

    1. Let us not get too excited yet….wait until the Veto has been played for and hopefully not used and that no Pandoras Box comes into play to get them off the block…..THEN we can be happy.

    2. Instead of worrying about ‘cleansing her body of the negative energy’ how ’bout Amanda start with the basics and just clean up her body, period. Then she could work on cleaning up her mouth. She has a lot of work to do. The day will simply fly by LOL!!!

      1. Just picture it though. Heartbroken, a crazy and delusional amanda is clinging to McCrae as he takes his bag and heads out the door. As he walks through, Judd yells out, “Hey mcCrae, give Jessie and Aaryn a big hug for me.” Epic meltdown ensues until Amanda is finally carted off to a locked facility with certified medical personnel.

  1. Oh, I get it… Amanda is trying to find a way to stay off the block… the same way she tried to keep Andy of the block. Hm, lets see, your antics stop working last week. Give up the BS crying and victim act. Not even us the audience buys into it.

  2. So they are leaning to sending Mccrae packing first I see. Makes sense because then you have the house locked down with Elissa v Amanda in a blood war with the exterminators watching and controlling things. Can’t wait for the Amanda total meltdown when her hubby is sent packing!

    1. Amanda already said she doesn’t want McCrae in the jury house with all those girls (I think she meant Jessie). Sending him out will totally eff up her game in multiple ways.

    2. If you take McStinky out, Demanda will know she’s alone. She may go insane (AGAIN!) or she may crawl behind the trash and never come out. Either way she’ll know she’s next and you cut the legs out from any guys alliance.

  3. Oh noes…GM slipped in some of McPussy’s cum that Amanda left there. Mixed with self-righteous tears and it’s very dangerous. :(

  4. “Amanda says I woke up and felt miserable, I need to cleanse myself from the negative energy.”

    You, ARE, the negative energy, bitch..

  5. poor amanda, she’s such a victim, and everyone in the house has bullied her, while she has behaved in such an inspiring way, while holding her composure with everyone, every day.

    it’s too bad the other hg have picked on her all season, and they should be ashamed with themselves. if they had only listened to her, and done what she asked. :D

  6. I love how not impressed everyone is with Amanda. What a whack! Her outburst last night was further proof of how unstable and insecure she is – like she thought she was even close to being a 10? Please. Jessie was a curvy girl in all the right places, if she thinks she’s even close to as sexy as Jessie she needs to stop the drugs ASAP.

    1. What Elissa was doing was intellectually insulting Amanda. Which looks and plays better then running around like a chicken with
      His head cut off, with the head saying “did my clunking sound good?”

      What I don’t like is why they feel they can’t say Amanda just “shut UP!” We hear you, you’re saying the same thing over and over again
      Don’t you hear yourself? What Andy and Spencer told Elissa did not set right with me. Just hit her in he face, etc. knowing that would get her evicted. Ok
      Maybe it’s game play, and maybe they think Amanda is acting or faking. From my point of view it could turn dangerous real fast.

      1. Elissa couldn’t “intellectually insult” a garden slug, let alone a human being or even a mammal.

        Rewind to her explanation of ratios to see what a dim bulb she is. 80 IQ at best.

    2. They said yesterday there was a flash flood in Riverside,CA. Just wait until Amanda go on the block, there will be a flooding at the Big Brother house from Amanda crying so much. There will also be a fire, cause she is going to crash and burn.

    3. Amanda really likes her booze but I’m getting a little concerned that sometimes she becomes more whackadoodle (if that’s even possible) because….on a daily basis she’s already mixing Adderall and Xanax but when you add alcohol???—really not a good idea! BB better hope nothing bad happens.

  7. I’m loving GM more and more – the way she keeps mocking Amanda is awesome.

    It’s great that she’s keeping Elissa safe – but she needs to get her and Judd (Elissa, GM and Judd) into an alliance, that doesn’t include Andy and spencer.

    But only after they get McCranda out.

    Spencer is a disgusting misogynistic pig. And Andy is just a rat. The other three would be better off without them.

    Of course, even those two don’t hold a candle to McCranda for being disgusting – but it would be a shame if McCranda, Andy or Spencer made it to the end.

    1. Only the Brenchel Army fails to see that Elissa is hugely passive aggressive. She absolutely antagonizes Amanda…and IT’S AWESOME that she does. Elissa is showing she has some of her sister’s taste for combat and isn’t a wimp like the rest of the house. I don’t like Amanda or Elissa and Amanda is far more detestable…but please don’t pretend that Elissa is not rude, sanctimonious, and an undercover b***h.

      1. So, lemme understand: Amanda following Elissa around, and yelling at her – while Elissa just leaves and doesn’t say anything – is being rude and sanctimonious?

        Or did you mean when Elissa didn’t bite during the 5 hours of tirades Amanda heaped on her. Was that rude and sanctimonious?

        Or did you mean when Elissa didn’t bite back after Amanda told her to sit down (Trash) after the POV, was that rude and sanctimonious?

        I’m not sure which time you’re referring to. Did you mean when Elissa finally took a jab back, saying Jessie was the hottest woman in the house?

        Of course, that completely ignores Amanda bitching at her, and throwing her dirty looks.

        But naturally, Elissa is a rude sanctimonious bitch.

        Makes perfect sense.

        Ignore Amanda, defend yourself occasionally,. refuse to be manipulated by McCranda, and laugh when she attempts to bully you.

        That definitely makes Elissa a rude, sanctimonious bitch.


        1. Elissa didn’t choose to not fight back during Amanda’s tirade she is just gutless, cowardly and not very quick and witty to go toe to toe with Amanda. Point in place is she DOES antagonize Amanda on and when Amanda erupts she hides in dr or HoH room. Listen if your gonna poke the bull you better deal with the horns.

          As for what name was saying he was mentioning the times Elissa provokes Amanda by saying things as ‘we threw the veto to you” “your a stripper” etc Elissa knows they both don’t like each other but gets a free pass from the bb fans and CBS because Amanda is just worse but neither are good.

          Julie Chen and CBS are hypocrites for calling out aaryn the way they did on evictions and yet never confront the rest of the evicted on any of their comments nor have they been so sanctimonious to previous house guests in old seasons. They are making villains (which I agree people should be held accountable for their actions) but in a biased way and in the process are hurting people’s lives for ratings and people are on board with that which is sickening and painful to see how people can (hate) individuals that have never harmed or said things about them but we judge because we feel we can? Your being no better than the bullying Amanda does.

          And the reason Amanda called Elissa trash (not condoning just explaining) was Elissa did not need to say anything negative during the veto ceremony but choose AGAIN to poke Amanda after her speech and say how her sister wouldn’t approve etc etc. Elissa could’ve done what most HOH have done and just pick a replacement nom and speak to them instead SHE CHOSE to speak to Amanda. So lets not baby Elissa and say she’s a victim as she has been making herself into these situations.

          Again I’m not condoning Amanda’s actions either she’s brash, abrasive, and arrogant with other things as well but to villianze Amanda and place Elissa on a gold petelstal is hypocritical. Nobody this year has been a pillar of excellence and moral values, so anyone arguing thus is naive.

          But at the end of the day none of us really know any of these people and this is a tv show based around money! Don’t cast stones at these people before hearing them first is all I’m saying be just and attack the real villain this year which is CBS and there love of this seasons drama and controversy

          1. well said.

            Elissa=vapid example of everything wrong with western culture.
            Amanda=very damaged person who is hurting…hurting others.
            CBS= exploitation of the whole deal.

            Sad, sad sad.

      2. She’s passive agressive in reaction to Amanda’s all-out aggression. Passive aggression is far from an admirable trait when it’s done as a matter of every day life. When locked in a house with a crazy, reactive bully….it seems like a good strategy. She has plausible deniability and Amanda comes off even loonier. Win-win!

        1. I don’t dispute that; it’s just a bit ridiculous to criticize her for reacting to what is going on.

          If she was the one provoking things (Elissa), then i would be more willing to blame her for being passive aggressive. But the fact that she’s been a target since day one warrants the passive aggressive behavior in my opinion.

          She is, after all human – and after 10 weeks of this, it’s bound to get on your nerves.

          I can honestly say, i doubt i would have bitten my tongue as long as she has.

          So if she occasionally acts out on her frustration, i think it’s completely understandable.

          And saying that Jessie’s butt was nice, in no way compares to the vitriol Amanda has spews at Elissa.

          Attacking her husband, and kids is way beyond anything that is acceptable.

          Makes the passive aggressive behavior almost saintly, in comparison.

          1. I replied to you Judd, but it wasn’t directed at you; i was just continuing my thought on the situation.

            Amanda is completely blind to her own hypocrisy. And possibly just how out of line she has been.

            McCrea sees to be getting an idea – but that kid just a loser.

            Hey America, and he gives the finger.

            He’s obviously not playing for Favorite player.

            Nor does he seem to understand he only has the opportunity to be on the show because people do actually watch; and if you don’t care what they think, then you’re just screwing yourself.

            I hope he goes this week, and Amanda seriously looses it.

      3. Dude,

        Simon has warned us time and again: Do not mess with the cat people. Elissa is a saint and can do no wrong. Stick to the cat people party line and you’ll be fine.

      4. I don’t get why it’s assumed that some people are in the Brenchel Army if they like Elissa or they dislike Amanda more. I like some things about Elissa. But I thought Rachel was trashy and annoying and very unattractive. Oh yeah and overrated. She like Amanda had to resort to pathetic behavior and sex acts in order to snag a keep a man in the Big Brother House. At least someone like Danielle and Dominique forged their relationship outside the house. Elissa can come off self-righteous but I that’s something that can be dealt with if you don’t take offense. Their behavior isn’t comparable. Amanda is the nasty b*tch jokes about leaving bodily fluids on beds and resorts to the oldest tricks in the book using sex and tears no wonder she’s so insecure. The big girl had a big mouth so she should take the tables being turned on the chin. But instead she comes unraveled because the numbers are dwindled and she can’t get away with controlling people she thought she was smarter then like she could a couple of weeks ago. Can’t wait until she goes up and losing it. At least Elissa kept her composure being on the block more than once. It doesn’t take being in a Brenchel Army to see the difference.

        1. It’s assumed because if you read the content of any comments you can tell majority have little to no knowledge of the game. Else they would respect Amanda’s gameplay more and realize that Elissa is just as horrible as Amanda, but in a more “behind your back” then the “right to your race” approach Amanda uses. They are ythe Brenchel army because and mindlessly flock to sites to white knight for a D-list celebrity relative as evidenced by not even recognizing when they voted her on the block as MVP after the switch. “Ogh Brenchel tweeted the site to vote…let me quickly click and push the Elissa button as many times as allowed without even reading what I am doing”

          Also if Amanda was a guy, she would not probably not be getting near enough hate considering some of the worst behaved houseguests are all fan favorites and also all male. Once a female attempts similar actions they are reviled and hated upon, something not unique to Big Brother.
          Jeff, the Golden Boy of BB, said inappropriate remarks, as much as Amanda but was fortunate enough to have his showmance with one of the most likeable HGs ever and everything is forgiven and forgotten with him. EvelDick was way worse but he’s cool and male so not a problem there.

          Now, that being said, Amanda is not dooming herself by recognizing too late, or not at all, when a plan is not working or backfiring. The trend in recent seasons is for HG to be more “America friendly”, primarily due to the stronger presence of social media than in earlier seasons, and the desire to have BB be a career booster. Because of this HGs are more inclined to evict and jury vote more emotinally (just look at Dan’s second attempt as the most recent). They are afraid that being portrayed as evil or even being associated will cause hatemail, death threats, no career opportunities or even being fired now. This season a few people caught on early about the portrayals and were wise enough to shut their mouths. You can tell that if Elissa didn’t have coaching from production and very positive edits in the show she would be putting ehr foot in her mouth as much as Amanda.

          After this season it will only get worse, so I expect BB16 will be filled with people going overboard on how much they are so openminded and liberal and overly nice.

          1. Wow, you really make some whopping assumptions and conclusions. Respect Amanda’s “gameplay”?? IMHO, Amanda has no real BB “gameplay”. The way she “plays”, and this whole season has never happened on BB before. It was just a big tattletale-fest, bash-fest and selective ostracism from the bed-flipping day onward with Andy being the best liar (who also used mostly emotional manipulation). Players in the past may have done some similar things but it was never their whole persona (not even Evel Dick) ! She knows how to look to the future and use BB wording but it means nothing unless she first establishes her only real “gameplay” which is intimidation with personal injection. She has never intended to stick to any “alliance” and has played a very personal game. It’s very simple, if she can intimidate, dominate and make someone bend 90-100% to her will, she considers them part of one of many alliances and a friend only to be used like a game board piece. If not, she will repeatedly disparage, insult, lie and fabricate anything she can to her crowd to get them to hate her target. Their 3am just lasted longer because of Aaryn whom she promptly discarded like one of her and McC’s used condoms. Let’s face it, in the real world there are much smaller percentages of those who stand up to bullies, especially in a group – it’s just human nature. Amanda wouldn’t have lasted two weeks in any past BB season. NB: Amanda has said more than once that she is the same way in the real world as she is in the house. That’s just sad to know.
            By the way, you do know that Amanda lists the Dolce Group as being one of her employers as an “actress” from 2007 to present on her LinkedIn profile, right? Dolce Group is co-owned/co-founded by BB’s notorious Mike “BOOGIE” Malin – gee, what a coincidence.

      5. Of course Elissa is being passive/aggressive. This is now a mental game. Demanda has no clue how to play that game because all she knows is attacking. Passive/aggressive is the best way to push Demanda’s buttons to drive her insane which makes everyone RUN AWAY. That leaves her alone. Even if Elissa doesn’t win the game she took down the Evil B*tch Queen with backhanded compliments/insults and a laugh and smile.

        More than anyone one else in that house did.

  8. Amanda seriously needs psychiatric help. I honestly don’t know how anyone can even remotely suggest that Elissa was egging Amanda on; she barely talks to Amanda. IT’S TAPPED FOR GOD SAKES. She is due for a rude awakening, and when this happens she’s going to realize that she looked like a complete PSYCHO on the show.

    And to that one Amanda fan who keeps using different names, but the same awful grammar and the same stupid points as to why she deserves the money, YOU are one hell of a loser . I highly recommend you stop watching the feeds, BB, and this blog. You would be better off reading an educational book or two; trust me, you need it.

  9. Okay the more time that passes, the more I absolutely LOVE GM!! Yes she can be a little much to take at times, but she isn’t intimidated by any of Amanda’s bs. She most likely will end up the last female in the house, which I NEVER would’ve expected at the beginning of the season!

  10. The only two people that worry me in the Exterminators Alliance is Spencer and Andy. They’re super shady. They seem to flip with the numbers. The thought of Judd, Elissa, and GM seem like a good group to me.

    1. I love how Amanda is so blase when asking JUDD if there are flies COMING OUT OF THE SHOWER as though that is normal! No, Amanda. The only time flies come out of the shower is if you are the spawn of satan.

    2. OMG right, she is acting like it is no big deal for flies to be coming out of the drain… That just tells you how truly disgusting she is. Judd get some comet and a sponge and must wear gloves … scrub-scrub-scrub. Really Amanda takes being disgusting to a whole other level.

      1. There isn’t enough comet in the world to help that shower. Hell, a hazmat team would even struggle to clean that after demanda has been in it

      2. Remember…..Amanda grossly announced how she has peed in the shower from time to time. Why? Is it because she is too lazy to drag her troll body to the toilet like normal people…..I would love for BB to put together a montage of everything horrible and disgusting to have come from her mouth….maybe she will make herself throw up.

  11. I hope they evict MC. Sending him to jury where there are four women will drive AM ballistic.

    Then Elissa can casually wonder out loud (in earshot of AM of course) if Jesse and MC are taking advantage of the situation.

    1. In an ideal world, Elissa won’t be able to do that to Amanda because Amanda will be following McCrae right out the door next week on double eviction!

  12. CBS better give Amanda & McCrea the same punishment if not worst then Aaryn. Aaryn is a 22 year old spoiled child. Amanda, is a 28 year old who should know better . This show is getting completely out of hand, good day.

    1. Amanda will do both on a rotational basis until eviction day. She will first act like a psycho, then cry to GM to suck up, repeat, repeat, repeat. The real question now is how will McCrae handle it? I think he has realized since her ranting during Elissa’s HOH that this behavior does the duo no good, but how will he react to the two of them being on the block? Does he console her, or distance himself? Or try to play both sides? I think he plays both sides. Console her, then sit with Andy, Spencer, and Judd saying how he tried to tell Amanda she was putting a target on them.

      1. I believe his best move is to stop telling Amanda to calm down and just let her do what she does. She will get even worse without him trying to stop her and she will get herself evicted over him. His best plan is to do nothing, worked for him so far.

  13. I can’t wait for the noms ceremony… It is going to be so great to see them on the block! I feel bad for GM because she is going to have to deal with evil Amanda but it will be worth the pain.

  14. I felt sorry for Aaryn last night. All these weeks, I disliked her for her racist comments which were disgusting, but last night looking at her, I thought to myself, this young woman is a product of her environment, this is the way she was raised, and really doesn’t have a clue. Her parents should be ashamed of themselves. And by the way, I’m a Black woman, I’m also a Lesbian, and I’m a Republican…and 60 years old then end of this year. I think she will come out of this a WHOLE different person, from the one she was when she went in.

    1. You’re a black lesbian…and a Republican. Either you have a healthy dose of self-loathing – hence your defense of Aaryn – or you don’t have all your marbles. Aaryn deserved every ounce of what Julie dished out last night and at first she was going to deny ever saying those things, then she went into the fake “I’m sorry if you were offended, but down in Texas, us white folks love racist humor” nonsense. She’s 22 and college educated. This isn’t a 16 year old kid. This is an adult. If this experience changes her, then great…but apologizing for her is excusing her behavior. That’s inexcusable.

      1. Are you stupid or what? I was NOT defending Aaryn, I was simply looking at why she behaved the way she did, and it comes from her up-bringing. Of course Julie was right in doing it the way it was done, and Aaryn needed to know. Make sure when you jump on an issue, you READ EVERYTHING and don’t mix my words. We all make choices in life, and have to live with those choices. And I am VERY comfortable being Black, Republican and a Lesbian…MY CHOICE! NOT YOURS!!!!

        1. Good for you Name! I think your comments on Aaryn are spot on…and it’s good to see that you can be black, a republican and a lesbian — none are mutually exclusive of the other…one of the smartest people I know is gay, white and a’s good to see folks finally being able to come out.

      2. She didn’t defend Aaryn at all!! She said it’s a shame that she learned it because it IS a learned behavior. Parents aren’t to be blamed for everything, but they do set a tone. And, why did you attack her being black, lesbian and a republican???

        Shock!! It is her political belief and she should not be denigrated for that. It gets old…

    2. I agree. I expected Aaryn to be grilled after the things she had said, but she seemed honestly surprised and genuinely horrified and embarrassed to hear we own words spoken back to her. She clearly felt about two inches tall. Which, while she probably should have, it still made me feel badly for her. Over these last several weeks, Aaryn had proved herself to be maybe ignorant but not deliberately racist. I really believe she will learn from this experience and I sincerely hope she does. Helen and Howard were both people that Aaryn genuinely liked and respected as people, and I really don’t believe she thought her comments were as bad as they actually were. I think she’s got a good heart inside, and her experience on big brother will prove to be good for her personal growth.

    3. Name: I am a white woman, straight, a Democrat and in my early 60s and I agree with you! (that’s kind of crazy)
      I felt sorry for her because kids ARE their environment. Oh, she said disgusting things BUT she is just a kid.
      PS – How does being a black lesbian jib with being a Republican? Usually they don’t go together but, hey, good for you! Someone on these board with reason.

      1. @qk…it can be interesting at times, especially when your family is all Democrats. One thing that comes to mind is when Obama won, people would just assume I voted for him, by talking to me about it, and then when they finished talking I would just say…I didn’t vote for him ….the look on their faces was comical.

      2. I was thinking the same thing about Aaryn a few days ago. Here is a 22 year old kid that is somewhat sheltered in her own environment and obviously not exposed to cultural diversity. She obviously follows the behavioral patterns of her parents and other people who have the racist mindset. Granted she doesn’t have to be the way she is but she obviously is young and impressionable and was not aware of how things are outside her environment. Hopefully this experience has been a huge life lesson for her and she can learn to appreciate people for who they are and not care what race they are. Amanda on the other hand has obviously been exposed to different cultures and has had success in her life. She, being Jewish, should know better than to use racial slurs but she is so obnoxious, she just doesn’t care.

      3. I agree with both sides….however, Aaryn’s good behaviour was short lived…or have you all forgotten her last remark about Asians the evening before she was evicted….

      4. I know some folks are robotic and think if you’re this you must be that: if you’re a lesbian you must be democrat. but since some people actually think for themselves they can be whatever they want. they can be a lesbian black who is sick of government interference and waste-that’s a republican.

    4. While it was a little uncomfortable to watch, I still don’t feel sorry for Aaryn. I do believe she will learn a valuable lesson from this experience, but none of us will know if she actually will then practice what she has learned by becoming a more open minded individual with the perspective of valuing all human beings. I too believe she is young and immature, but the younger generation is more aware of technology than any other age group. Knowing she would be taped 24/7, she was well aware that everything she did and said would be on the internet for all to see. Her immaturity is in thinking that the majority of Americans thought as she did. This is because the people she associates with most (her friends, not her parents necessarily) also think, talk, and act as she does. Check any basic psychology book. Who you are as a person is influenced more by the people you surround yourself with – not your parents. This is why siblings are not clones of each other. Parents have influence, but not as much as you think. Don’t cry too much for Aaryn – she’s young, she’s beautiful – she will move past this and will be okay after the initial backlash. She probably will, however, always regret having ever agreed to be on this show.

      1. Parents have a lot of influence but even more than that is her peers. I am from the deep south and whether you accept it or not racist comments are not unusual in the South and at colleges throughout the south they are very common. I think that Aaryn will come out of this experience a lot better person because unlike Amanda she will learn from it. You could tell that she actually was horrified when Jule repeated back some of the things she had said, and do not think in her dumb brain she meant them as truly racist because like you stated she sincerely liked Howard and Helen, and the not liking Candice thing had a lot to do with Spencer’s lie about the hat and about the Peer Group she was hanging around with like Kaitlin and Jeremy. Amanda on the other hand is just one hateful person who thinks nothing she has done is wrong. I mean she even defended her actions of terrorizing Elissa on the show, and acted as if it was the norm. While the 22 year old, Aaryn, will benefit from her experience and being in jury will in truth probably make her a better person; the 28 year old Amanda will learn nothing and still act as if she did nothing wrong because she was already asked about it by Julie and just made excuses. CBS should give the exact same treatment to Amanda, Gina Marie, Spencer, McCrae and the others as she did Aaryn and do not see that happening because CBS did not confront Kaitlin about using the N word when she was evicted.

        1. Maybe Aaryn will learn from this, maybe she won’t. I do see Aaryn as the alpha of her peer groups. Kaitlin, and even GM (a 33 year old) followed Aaryn’s lead. IMO, Kaitlin nor GM would have made the comments they did if it weren’t for Aaryn initiating the slurs and behavior. I do hope she learns and grows from this experience, but I do not feel sorry for her. Even very young children are taught there are consequences to bad behavior, and are taught to take responsibility for the actions they take. She’s 22! At what point would you say you are of age to understand that racist comments are not appropriate in any context, and being “immature” is no longer used as an excuse?

          1. I am from the same state that Aaryn is and grew up in a generaton where racism was more prevalent than I “thought” it was today. However, I would never, ever have said these things in private, much less in public and would never have thought about saying the things she said to someone else’s face. My parents, while having some of their own biases I am sure, always taught us to respect other people and when we disagreed with them, to do so based upon their individual actions and NOT because of race, religion, etc.

            If I ever heard my children were like this, I would be so disappointed in myself for having raised them that way. Yes peers have a major influence on our children, but that comes later in life. The first 10 years of a child’s life is still very much influenced by their family and what they hear and see in the home.

            I do hope that Aaryn comes out of this a different person. According to psychologist, once we have reached a certain age, the only thing that will change the way we act or think is to endure what is called a “single emotional event”. It can change us for the better or worse. I think this will be a “single emotional event” for Aaryn and I hope it will change her for the better. She is a beautiful young lady on the outside and I pray she will learn to be a beautiful young lady on the inside.

            As for Amanda…………… I am not so sure. She has real problems.

  15. See Amanda the only difference between you and Elissa, in GM eyes is….

    1. Elissa told Aaryn she was going on the block, but you were the real target and she wanted to blindside you.

    2. Elissa, Judd and GM were trying to win the POV to remove Aaryn to blindside you.

    3. Elissa did not put up GM as a replacement nominee so that you could evict her and keep Aaryn.

    4. You never really talked to GM, it was always you and Aaryn.

    5. You and McCrae fucked over Aaryn after all she had done for you two.

    6. She is really tired of all you BS and manipulation.

    Revenge is a dish best served cold!!!

    1. Oh, i bet there is very little booze tonight, if any at all.

      Amanda is unstable enough as it is, and while CBS might like ratings, they don’t want any crimes on their hands.

      Assault would not look good for the network – especially if they fueled it with copious amounts of alcohol.

      Haven’t you noticed: since the First night Amanda started fights after drinking, the booze has been given in very small amounts.

      That night, even McCrae told her she shouldn’t drink, because she causes shit.

  16. I can’t wait for moms today. Amanda’s head is going to spin a few times around like the exorcist!!!! I just can’t wait to see it, and hit Amanda to realize the her bullying might had just cost her the game. I wish the exterminators would swap Andy for Elissa… Andy needs to go right after Macranda

  17. GM is an accident waiting to happen. Now she messed up her foot going down the stairs.

    She better be careful. She is needed to “take the trash out”

  18. Amanda: you feel like crap from your OWN negativity! It’s not Elissa’s fault. And BB isn’t “portraying” you as the mean bully, it’s what you are. I cannot WAIT to see her get the boot and get the same (if not worse) reception that Aaryn did upon leaving the house. Elissa may not be perfect, but SHE is not the problem. Amanda is TOXIC. Maybe her weenie boyfriend will atand up and finally play hos own game if she’s gone.

  19. I was just thinking when I watched the episode and playbacks, we all think its so funny that Amanda just pushes herself on McCrae. I don’t think its all that funny. In one clip she just forces him to kiss her, he says stop multiple times. If it was him doing it to her, BB production would say something and we would all be in an uproar that he is pushing himself on her. There are multiple times on the feeds when he says no to her and she just goes ahead and does what she wants. It the roles were reversed everyone would be going crazy, but because its girl on guy its OK? Makes no sense, No is No, whether or not they are intimate at other times is not relevant. And I am not a fan of anyone so I am not jumping on the hate bandwagon, just watching a game. I don’t take anything personally because I don’t know these people.

    1. My 17 year-old daughter said, “In high school you get kicked out for bullying. Why doesn’t CBS kick her out for her excessive behavior?” Especially after the numerous times she’s said she wants to physically harm Elissa.

  20. I HOPE CBS pay close attention to Amanda after her nomination, unless she is bluffing, that woman has some serious mental issues being anger one of them. I find her capable of doing something bad to Elissa, her sick obsession with her is borderline crazy… Please CBS put SAFETY first before RATINGS! :(

  21. Clearly GM will have some ‘splaining’ to do at the end of the show – just as Aaryn and others – but at the moment I’m enjoying her immensely. The house is turning into a classic I Love Lucy episode – it is pure entertainment.

  22. So is BB having a priest or rabbi come in for an exorcism to cleanse Amanda of the negative energy? Cause I think that might be the only way.

  23. I cannot wait for Amanda’s meltdown this week. In a perfect world, they will follow Judd’s suggestion and evict McCrea in order to keep Amanda around to war with Elissa, then we get at least another week of Amanda in full crazy mode. Production needs to put it in Amanda’s head that she needs to embrace the villain and do all she can to make Evil Dick look like Jordan in comparison.

    1. Remember its double eviction next week, so Amanda may not be in the house for a whole week while McCrae is sitting in the jury house. Amanda may be going to the jury house the same night as McCrae.

      1. Amanduh is so insecure that if McCrusty gets evicted, she will be begging people to evict her next. She cannot stand the thought of him being out of her sight or control for more than 5 mins. I feel that we are on the edge of World War 3 and the threat is not from North Korea, Iraq, or Afghanistan but from Hurricane Amanduh. She has very low self-esteem and extreme jealousy issues and all the psychiatric counselling in the world is not going to help her once she leaves this house.

  24. And once again Amanda reveals her erratic disturbing behavior. She needs to be committed after she gets evicted. Now she’s crying’s exhausted from spewing all the hate and vile antics. Because of her lack of self control he comment that she’s removing herself from Elissa I’m sure will be short lived. I’m so excited to see her unravel when her n McNasty get nominated today. I hope GM and Elissa figure out what a coward White Rat Andy is. He is disgusting. Please please let Elissa win the veto.

  25. Gina Marie’s reactions to Amanda’s crybaby/victim act are killing me. THANK YOU FOR WINNING GINAMRIE!!!! Now please align yourself with Elissa and Judd with Spencer as a fourth and take Andy out of your alliance. Your an exterminator and he’s a rat!!!

  26. I love that Gm is letting the live feeders know exactly what she thinks! This week should be epic.. Can’t wait to see Amanda crumble. She thinks Elissa has nobody and that everyone is with her.. I can’t wait until she realizes she has it backwards. Keep laughing Elissa.. Its driving Amanda insane!

  27. My ideal scenario:

    GM nominates Amanda/McCrea. Veto is played, Elissa wins and keeps nominations the same.

    Thursday, Mc is voted out first, then right after Andy the red rat goes out. Then we get to watch Amanda cry, be completely alone, and freak out because her dirt McCrae is in the jury house with Jessie. It would be HILARIOUS!

    Spencer is just useless thus far.

    Final 3: GM, Judd & Elissa!

  28. GM shine on you crazy diamond! Aaryn’s hometown, San Angelo TX, looks like its in the middle of nowhere, ranch country no doubt. She needs to get out of there and get exposed to the real world and grow up.

  29. Okay, here we go. First of all, let me make it clear that I am not related to anyone on the show. All I will say is, for all the Amanda haters, just look at the facts. Amanda is who she is. She’s playing the game. Anything she says about someone, she says to their face, unlike some of the other HG’s. You don’t have to wonder what she’s thinking — because she will tell you straight up. Personally, I respect that. Is she a bully? Probably. Is Elissa egging her on, thereby promoting that behavior? Probably. Elissa can be quite evil herself. She (Elissa) is, IMHO, a conceited brat who thinks she is “above” everyone else and “entitled” to win. After all, she’s “BB Royalty,” right? Sorry, but I find her behavior nauseating. She can’t even make her own bed?? So now GM is her maid? Gimme a break. She has threatened to “self-evict,” but when Helen left, she didn’t carry through on her promise to leave and go home. She doesn’t deserve the $ because she has no respect for the game. She is just on the show to promote her business venture and show off her body. And CBS is letting her get away with it. I hope Amanda or McCrae wins POV and somehow gets a special power and sends Elissa packing. Okay, I’ve had my say. And I didn’t even have to call anyone a disgusting name (unless “brat” qualifies). I know many will disagree with me, but everyone is entitled to an opinion, right?

    1. The Other Side of the Coin…are you watching the same BB we are? You MUST be related to or are friends with Amanda. It matters not what you think Elissa may be doing to irritate Amanda. There’s no excuse for being VILE. Don’t forget she is quite the nasty little hypocrit, too. Constantly making fun of Elissa for possibly having plastic surgery. That’s rich coming from Señorita Silicone. Yeah….no pity for Amanda. Karma will be her bitch :)

    2. You lost me exactly when you said that Elissa was egging on Amanda. What feeds are you watching??? You are right, everybody has is entitled to an opinion, but only when they don’t contradict the very visible facts. Try watching what is actually happening and then get back to us with an opinion that actually fits what is going on.

    3. Quote:”Anything she says about someone, she says to their face”
      Well she has yet to tell Elissa she wants to punch her in the face. And anything else that is physical that she wants to do to her.

      And just because someone lets everything they think fall out of their mouth doesn’t mean that what THEY think is correct or more meaningful. Or even useful. Things like that don’t change the world. They just make it a more miserable place to live.

      Quote:” Is she a bully? Probably.”

      She is! Classic text book case. Everything she says is an order, and if you don’t follow her orders then she attacks you, chastises you and threatens to expel you from the “cool kids” clique. Oh yeah, and while she it at it, she makes sure everyone else does the same thing. Classic bully.

      Quote:” Is Elissa egging her on, thereby promoting that behavior? Probably”

      Well wouldn’t you? Especially if that was your only way to fight back, in case you didn’t want to use Amanda’s tactics.

  30. Feeds are on Trivia, I wonder are they doing the “special comp”, that will miraculous;y save McCranda from eviction ala Season 13 during Pacer’s HOH????

    1. You know CBS loves the high drama so until I see either McCrae or Amanda walk out the door on Thursday, I’m not buying that either one of them are going anywhere.

  31. I keep having this feeling that someone is missing from the last few update comments. Oh Yea, It’s BuffaloBill! What’s the matter Bill, are you too busy listening to your money in Vegas slowly vanishing?

    1. akasnana he posted last night after gm won hoh said hes putting more money on Amanda I tried to tell him even if she made final 2 she cant win just like dan of last year votes weren’t there and we knew it a month ahead of time

  32. I all of a sudden like GM she is outsmarting Amanda and it’s so entertaining to watch. Amanda is the ultimate bully she threatens people that she won’t like them if her and her precious McCrae go up. Please what makes her think she should remain safe and everyone else should go up it’s some kind of strange entitlement, I can’t wait for her to go on the block. Her face is gonna be priceless because she thinks no one has the nerve to put her up lol!

  33. This is what happens when you realize your game is DONE… She said it last week, when she said she gets upset when she can’t control or be in control. Welcome to reality Amanda, your jig is up!

    GM is the only one other than Elissa, that did not hide nestled in Amanda’s disgusting breast and I can’t say how awesome that is. Despite her previous antics with racist comments, she is turning out more and more to be the people’s player. Unlike Aaryn and Andy, she is pushing her to the front door with her little side-kick “McCreepy”… Go GM!

  34. Amanda, you’re the biggest crybaby ever. No one given a crap about you. Your face will be priceless if you and McPussy are going up. Here comes the divorce court!!!!!!!!!!! Boo Hoo!!!! I will doing a happy dance to see you go. As long as McPussy will join you.

  35. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t stand GinaMarie…Especially after the nasty thigns she said about Candice as she was leaving the BB house (about her mom not wanting her,etc.). This said, I’m glad she won HOH thi week. In a way, having her win means that one of the most EVIL players in BB this season will leave. I can’t wait for Amanda or McCrae to leave the house…I’d rather see McCrae leave, he’s boring and doesn’t have any balls, and I want to see Amanda have an epic fit!!!! She never wins a competition so she will be less of a threat!!! lol

  36. CBS better have security ready to roll when Gina Marie nominates Amanda and Mccrae. Amanda will surely go ballistic and I think she is quite capable of physically attacking Elissa. She is so full of hate and venom and needs to be locked up. Her bullying is not game play but she seems to thrive on it.

  37. I’m not a psychologist, but its pretty obvious to me that Amanda is a narcissist. That’s why she has zero sympathy for anyone, but rages if anyone dares to defy her. They just need to start exploiting it. She’ll lose her mind.

    1. From WebMD…sound familar?

      What Are the Symptoms of Histrionic Personality Disorder?

      In many cases, people with histrionic personality disorder have good social skills; however, they tend to use these skills to manipulate others so that they can be the center of attention.

      A person with this disorder might also:

      Be uncomfortable unless he or she is the center of attention
      Dress provocatively and/or exhibit inappropriately seductive or flirtatious behavior
      Shift emotions rapidly
      Act very dramatically, as though performing before an audience, with exaggerated emotions and expressions, yet appears to lack sincerity
      Be overly concerned with physical appearance
      Constantly seek reassurance or approval
      Be gullible and easily influenced by others
      Be excessively sensitive to criticism or disapproval
      Have a low tolerance for frustration and be easily bored by routine, often beginning projects without finishing them or skipping from one event to another
      Not think before acting
      Make rash decisions
      Be self-centered and rarely show concern for others
      Have difficulty maintaining relationships, often seeming fake or shallow in their dealings with others

  38. Overall, not a good season. I really don’t like any of them, I will root for elissa as the best of the options available, but she is fairly self righteous in her own right. Originally I found Amanda to be clever, but she is way too self centered. McCrae would be better off without her at this point. Elissa’s biggest mistake was to not. Align with Aaryn last week, they would have been a formidable team, then the good bye message cut her own throat if she reaches final two. If Amanda happens to pull off a miracle and when look for a BB all stars next year with Rachel and Amanda both back. Now that would be good t.v.

    1. Elssa did try, but Aaryn ran right to mama Amanda and told it. Then Amanda used it o confront Elissa. That’s why when Aaryn eyes became open after knowing they would keep Andy over her, Elissa was not having it. The trust was broken Elissa I’d the best thing put Andy up.

  39. did anyone notice on the show last night:

    Amanda: Why is everyone being so nice to her (Elissa)? I was the only one standing up to that b**ch and everyone else is hiding in my shadow….I want to punch her in the face!
    Andy starts to leave the room
    Amanda: Don’t walk away. You listen to me b**ch about Elissa. And you will be a part of it.
    Andy: Okay

    And when she called Spencer over from the hammock to confront him in front of Aaryn? When he was finished confronting Aaryn he says “Are you all done with me?” “yes” then he leaves.

    You know Spencer was playing that back in mind, going “i DID NOT just let her do that” For a misogynist, he’s easily “tame-able” by the likes of Amanda!

    1. I definitely noticed it too. Amanda is only as scary as they allow her to be. It amazes me how much kowtowing and explaining they do to someone like her. I don’t get it since she’s neither physically intimidating nor not much when it comes to verbal sparring. A few choice words easily sends her off crying.

      The BB House this season is an interesting microcosm, similar to inmates in a prison who just want desperately to keep their heads down and serve their time.

      1. Amanda has a big face, sunken dark eyes. I notice she walks hard upon houseguest. Except
        The New Yorker Gina Marie. Why because she knows Gina is very small but GM will and I mean will
        Go there with her. You notic Gina ask the guys to have her back as far as Comps. Not in fear of Amanda.
        She Amanda talks big to Gina as she is walking away. GM mouth is much bigger and over powers
        Amanda. GM cuss like a sailor.

        So yes I believe most of the Guest or intimadate by her. The house guest girls.

        The Guys: just dont want to go there and knock her out if she were to keep pushing. I don’t remember her
        Yet going there with a guy. Did not see first couple of evictions.

    2. I think this is exactly why Amanda has so much hate towards Elissa. Elissa does what she wants and just lets Amanda make her own self look bad. Amanda cannot stand that she cannot control Elissa.

  40. I agree on Aaryn and as a human I felt very sorry for her to be grilled on national t.v. I am sure everybody has said or done something they wouldn’t want to be grilled about on national t.v. Overall, she managed to hold it together as that was the single most brutal exit I’ve witnessed on BB.

    1. It was pretty mean and amazed me why Chen did not grill Kaitlin like that when Kaitlin actually used the N word, and wonder if she will do the same to Amanda and Gina Marie and Spencer who have said much more horrible things than what Aaryn did. I mean Gina Marie used the N word, made the rice comment first, and said what she did to Candice. Wonder if Chen chose to belittle the 22 year old because of her age, and will not do anything to the others because they are older and will fight back. It was hard to watch her do that to a 22 year old even though Aaryn did same horrid things.

    1. Hey Captain, just place some more bets. Going to see Eddie Griffen tonight. The guy is so funny. Wish you were here to get you out of that angry mood you are in. Cheer up my friend, things will turn around for you. You have to cleanse yourself from your hatred of people. I still believe in you. Remember it’s only a T.V. show. You have the capability of doing anything. I’m done for the night have to catch up with some friends. Take care my friend.

  41. My question is on all other big brothers if someone bully another guest on the show they were taken off //why is Amanda allow to stay ?

    1. It’s all about ratings and $$$$$. Amanda is a piece of work but she isn’t “breaking” their golden rule of physical contact .. Her bullying is actually very immature a you can see she doesn’t even think she is a bully .. She thinks she is being funny and creative .. She doesn’t understand the mental abuse she pushes … And the worst part is she can’t take what she dishes .. She immeditely crumbles when she is confronted or things don’t go her way .. Some bully .. She is just insecure.

    2. Unfortunately, treating others the way Amanda has treated Elissa is fair game. Remember Evil Dick, he was one mean and nasty person and I couldn’t stand him but his tactics got him to the end of the game. They just aren’t allowed to touch them or threaten them with a weapon (knife).

  42. I hope that GM sticks her guns and nominates them both! If anyone can handle Amanda while she is on the block it is GM! I agree that Aaryn will come out of this a whole different person. I felt bad for her too, but she can only blame herself. I think she came to the realization last night that what she said and did was wrong and was perceived as wrong also. And…Amanda is very, very insecure! That is why she is so quick to cut everyone down, makes herself feel better. Very immature. Wondering if it’s true that she is really 38 and not 28 like I read some where? Sad!

  43. While I despise Aaryn, I did feel a bit bad for her last night. She started hyperventilating and everything. I just hope she learns from this, and can move on from it. I hope she doesn’t get death threats and stuff like Amanda’s family has been getting. One things for sure, she might be a rotten person, but it takes a rotten person to wish that upon her as well.

  44. Say what you want about Elissa, but she is a SURVIVOR. She was the target from the get go but has somehow gotten to this place

  45. It is sad how Spencer and Andy just sit there and let Amanda bully Elissa. Andy is just a mean girl, and Spencer just floats his fat a$$ from one side to other. Has anyone noticed how every conversation Spencer has involves sex in some way? They both make my skin crawl.

  46. They are more than likely having the nomination ceremony right about now. I believe that is what GM said, last night it was going to be around 11:00 AM.

    So as soon as the feeds come back. Expect the Unexpected. We will be in for a bumpy ride. Andy and Spencer will be cowering somewhere in a corner.

    Also, Julie said, that the special competition would be on Sunday. I’m thinking they will have a luxury competition. If there is DPOV at this point and Amanda or McCrae win it, then the conspiracy meter will rise exponentially.

  47. Ginamarie, another evil, non-empathetic bitch. Everyone should make fun of her behind her back when she finds out Nick wants nothing to do with her crazy ass.

  48. @BuffaloBill, what’s your location of placing bet? Prove it that if you telling a truth. What’s your Facebook? Post your link!!!! Yeah that’s what I thought liar.

  49. Amanda is one sick delusional bitch and Mcslob boy is no better. I wonder what their parents are thinkng about their vile, disgusting cretins. I hope when they both go out Julie holds them accountable for their vulgar, vile, disgusting remarks, like she did Aaryn. It’s disgusting when you hear the females use the c*** word against Elissa but I find it more vile when a man uses it like mc slob and the rainbow ratfaced weasel Andy used it against Elissa. Julie better call those three dirtbags out on their racismand vulgar remarks……

  50. I was for Elissa for the win but now I think someone more down to earth like Gina Marie or Judd should win. I would love Elissa to go farther than Amanda, Spencer, McCrae, and Andy.

  51. Just an observation about last night’s exit interview between Jule and Aaryn.

    While, I agree, it was extremely painful to watch and I did feel a little sympathy for Aaryn. It, however, needed to be done. How else is one to learn life’s little lessons unless they are confronted with the truth. It’s called taking responsiblity for one’s own actions.

    In my humble opinion, it could have been really extremely worse than it actually was. Julie and production could have presented Aaryn with a video montage of her and all her glorious comments. So she should be thankful that they didn’t.

  52. I just have a feeling that something is going to throw a wrench into the plans and screws up Amanda leaving, like her getting golden power of veto in the comp.. until I see the noms I will be on edge all day…….. nothing is ever as they plan it, but with Amanda not planning I hope the exterminators git r done. but wish they would substitute elissa for andy’s spot,,,, when will they see he has been a ‘double agent’…. keep elissa for the comps till andy and Amanda and mccrae is out… we are all hoping for the best outcome,,, but I think we have another week or two till we can breathe a sigh of relief…..I think production wants to prolong the drama as long as possible…. I hope I am wrong.

  53. Amanda knows how America feels about her, she said it the other day when she came out of Dairy room….all the tears and hugs are for SHOW…she knows how awful she is. Now she’s trying to convince America and other houseguest that its not her it’s Elissa. Nice try Amanda, you and only you have mad us see what you really are.

  54. Is MC high? He said he KNOWS it’s not Amanda it’s Elissa….. wtf? Even if that were true Amanda is still responsible for her reactions.

    I was an Amanda fan in the beginning…. now I just want to wash myself for ever having liked her.

  55. The boys are going to want to keep McCrae over Amanda. I’d vote him out first, it’s a better strategic move. But for the sanity of the house it’s better to evict Amanda first.

  56. Amanda is going to sht herself when it happens..I bet the cbs make it were ther is a power to save her and her nasty boy..I think he was told to do all of this in BB ..She is a mean person inside and out..

  57. While the way viewers/commenters hurl anti-women/gay/jewish/etc. remarks at the…”hateful house guests” is more than a little hypocritical, I suppose that, along with bits of red meat like Julie Chens grilling of Aaryn do provide for our daily “Two Minutes of Hate” if we’re going for consistency with the whole Orwellian theme (Big Brother).

  58. Big Brother found a way to get them to clean up the house. BB made such a big mess that the HGs are FORCED to clean it up plus all the mess they have been making (and of course, amanda says why do WE have to clean this up. lazy cow)

    Way to go BB!

  59. Julie Chen was out of line. Sure Aaryn made some awful comments early in the game. She’s a very young girl who was locked in a house on reality show exposing every facet of her humanity under extreme pressure. So she said some stupid, insensitive things. Julie made her point and Aaryn fumbled thru her repsonse, let it be. To continuallyharp on it like a maniac Julie looked like a bitter deranged lunatic who wouldnt let it go. She came off looking worse than aaryn and handled it terribly. These are random people off the street thrown on tv, waht do u expect? perfect morals and behavior from these people? its not a bunck of monks in there. I wouldve literally told julie to f*ck off on national tv and to get over it.

    1. People who are racist and make a conscious choice to air their views on a public forum, are asking for the back lash. For anyone to make excuses for them, is suggesting that this behaviour has once again become perfectly acceptable in the 21st century.

  60. Does anyone remember the episode of Criminal Minds where the skinny, kinda dirty looking chain smoking guy who did odd jobs at a luxury hotel had an alter-ego from when he was molested by his stepdad. Her name was Amanda and she took control of him, forced him to dress in drag and murdered a lot of guys who were aggressive toward women. When the show ended, the guy, I think his name was Adam, didn’t exist any more. Chain smoking, evil Amanda had taken over and was locked up in a maximum security mental facility where “she” told Spencer if he was looking to find Adam, he was going to be looking for a very, very long time. Sound like anybody on our favorite reality show?

  61. Todays noms will be like —Bull in a China shop—I am guessing. GM the bull and demand the china—hence she wil CRACK!!!

  62. That chicken suit really “suits” Spencer….being as he’s a “chicken choker” with his hands down his pants all the time, it’s fitting :)

  63. You are at your least powerful when you are angry. Non-reaction is the best way to deal with anger as it fuels the others’ powerlessness and takes away their energy – Amanda woke up ‘drained’.
    As I stated in earlier posts, I have never seen Big Brother played this personally before.
    Having said that, although GM hated Candice, she rose above it to hug her and say thanks (for the B-day greeting) and GM is 100% game. Everybody has attacked on a personal level (even the so-called victims).
    I am admiring her right now anyway because she is fully aware of everyone’s tactics at this point and as she said ‘whatever’s clever’.
    I don’t have a dog in this race so I don’t personally care who gets the money.

  64. I personally think Andy the RATFINK should have gone before Aaryn. I feel for Aaryn bcs. she was badly used by Amsluth/Mcslot and she shd have fought a lot harder to stay, also she shd have befriended El. Wy do they hate El and why the comment about her having money? So did they come on the show to lose? Whoever wins is he/she going to give the money back bcs having money is not good? Then all of them except El shd go home now and not wait to win the bad bad money. As for the things Amsluth/Mcslot if I were their parents I wld put my head in the biggest sand dune they cld find. These two things cld not have been bored by humans, they came from a can of worms (sorry worms). I think Elissa deserve to win she is the only one who has acted decently and then Gm 2nd. I am so disappointed with Judd. The others yuck yuck yuck!!

  65. Amanda is like those employees on the Job hat need to be fired and you wonder, Why don’t they get rid of them?
    My take is, Amanda is holding a card on production. MAybe there is something they don’t want exposed.
    I’m so lawyer, but I would say they would be canceling her contract. Would she then not be bound by the
    Contract? She would go after CBS full force.

    Did anyone notice how when she was pull into DR about bullying, she came out and went
    To the BB rule book to see just how far she could push the rules. She sat on that bed like big foot
    Reading. So, no they don’t want her to go and I don’t think it’s about ratings. I bet CBS lawyers or on
    Set as we speak wondering what to do with this mess!

    1. I have said on numerous occasions that I believe Amanduh has some dirt on AG or other exec producers or possibly on Julie’s husband.

  66. GM and Judd are the only moral people on this show. GM is so sincere and seems to be a very sweet young lady. Judd is just a precious hillbilly. Go Big Orange. Hope they both win big.

  67. What I would like to know is why when I give a thumbs up to anything negative that’s said about Elissa, the thumbs down number automatically pops up by 3 to 6 numbers at the exact same time. Happens each and every time. Got your thumbs up and thumbs down numbers a little rigged, Simon and Dawg?

    1. while you were reading other people “thumbed” their opinions. When you “thumbed” your opinion, the page refreshed and now you are seeing an updated tally.

      Paranoia will destroy ya

  68. Am I crazy or could Gina be playing up the whole Nick thing jokingly…..Think about it, he is an actor…they became friends and this is her way to keep him from just being “that guy”…I just dont think its authentic..Thoughts??? Im curious.

  69. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey Buffalo Bill….who did you kill….Buffalo Bill……..
    ha ha ha no more comments about your jewish princess?????
    no more quick pistol comments
    what a douche

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