lets get ready to rumble “I’m sorry Amanda I don’t strip and sleep with guys to make my money”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used POV Ceremony Sep 1st
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Sept 5th
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, Jessiem, Helen, Aaryn
Have Nots


10:06pm GM and Spencer
GM tell him she has to split up Amanda and McCrae
GM – “I can’t play safe anymore.. because them two are going to f*** power.. I have to split them up”
Spencer – “Yup for sure.. Amanda is going to be up you a$$”

Gm – “I may be blonde but I’m not f**ing Aaryn”
Spencer – “Exactly”

GM – “Check it”
Spencer says him and Andy were talking about the exterminators and they are so F**** glad she is with them.
GM says thank you she worked her a$$ of, “If I get protected I get to protect all of you”

THey hug GM says Spencer looks cute drinking his beer in his chicken suit

Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here Most are Amanda but there’s a Helen in there ;)


10:30 Backyard couch Andy, Amanda and McCrae
Amanda asks Andy what GM said to him. Andy says he’ll tell her later when they are in private. Amanda tells him if she doesn’t put them up she had volunteered herself as the replacement nomination.

Spencer joins them he says he has to have a piece of the costume on at all times. If he wants to swim he has to wear the hat.

Spencer heads to the hammock. Amanda tells them that Elissa had a full beer and a huge glass of wine whereas the other house guests only had a beer or a glass of win.

10:39pm Hammock Spencer, Elissa and GM
Elissa says she is so happy they have taken control of the Big Brother house.

10:40pm Storage room Andy and Amanda
Andy says that GM never gave him a definite answer but she did say she needs to think about everything. GM also told Andy that she liked what Amanda was saying (Andy is BSing Amanda)


CBS Interactive Inc.


10:48pm Amanda, Andy, Spencer, Elissa
Amanda confronts Elissa for calling GM and Spencer disgusting .
Elissa says she never said smiles at Spencer
Amanda: “Elissa you are so much better than us you have multiple homes, multiple boats you are Big Brother blood you are so much better”
Andy: ‘Listen you guys this is GM special night”
Amanda tells Elissa she is going to be up on the block tomorrow.
Elissa smiles
They start talking
Elissa – “I never had bad conversations with Jessie”
Amanda – “Even when she said you were Rachel’s shadow”
Elissa – “I thought Jessie was super mature.. I thought she was funny”
Spencer – “Jessie was hot”
Elissa – “I loved Jessie.. her butt was banging.. she’s a 10 for sure.. she’s the only 10 in the house”
Amanda – “You are such a f*** b!tch .. what is wrong with you.. you can take your perma smile with your F*** joker face and shove it up your nasty a$$”

Amanda points out that Elissa is smiling at Andy and Spencer but they don’t smile back because everyone laughs behind her back.
Andy says “C’mon Ladies “
Elissa tells him not to call them ladies because there is only one lady in the living room.
Andy say he needs to go to the bathroom. Elissa leaves to. (They start chatting in the bathroom together)

McCrae comes in tells Amanda to stop because GM hate that shit and she’s going to f*** things up. Amanda says Elissa is pushing her buttons tells him to ask Spencer. Spencer confirms that Elissa is but adds that he understand both sides.
Amanda – “I’m not going to sit here and take it.. Spencer would you”
Spencer – “No no I wouldn’t..”
Spencer leaves..
McCrae tell Amanda who the f** cares what Elissa says, “take it and don’t say anything around Ginamarie.. i’m telling you.. play the victim.. DOn’t go back at her” Amanda doesn’t want America to think Elissa was this sweet innocent mother.
McCrae – “Who the f*** cares what America thinks at this point”
Amanda asks McCrae if her response during the live show made Elissa look bad. McCrae says it did.

Amanda is really worried she is being portrayed as the bad one and ELissa as the nice one. McCrae tries to make her understand that it doesn’t matter how you are being portrayed you are here to play a game and right now Elissa is winning.


11:06pm Poolside Andy, JUDD and Spencer

Andy says Amanda really thinks Elissa is going up. JUDD – “She is going to be pissed” THey agree that this week is going to be full of fights. JUDD wonders if Amanda will just lay down and die.

Spencer – “I would rather work with GM than Elissa Any day.. we had that good conversation in the cockpit and then she puts up Andy” JUDD and Andy agree they are glad they sided with GM.
Elissa joins them says Spencer was laughing with Amanda. Spencer says he wasn’t laughing he’s not going to get involved with two grown women fighting. Elissa mentions she heard what he was saying to Amanda after she left. JUDD sticks up for Spencer says he heard Spencer say to Amanda he didn’t like being around people fighting when it doesn’t involve him.
Elissa says she wasn’t fighting, “I’m getting tired of being followed around and harassed”

Elissa – “Why does she call me a princess my husband came from a single mother of 6 My passion is helping people.. My husband works his butt off he deserves nice things.. I work from 6am to 3am every day”
Elissa – “I Deserve nice things”
Elissa – “I’m sorry Amanda I don’t strip and sleep with guys to make money”
Andy tells her not to egg Amanda on maybe just leave the room when she see Amanda is getting heated.
Elissa – ‘C’mon Andy get real I was not egging her on .. DON’T get this twisted I was not egging her on.. “
Andy says maybe she wasn’t but if Elissa gets the inkling that Amanda is acting like she is getting “egged” on she should just either stop or leave. Spencer points out at this point anything ELissa says is going to get a response out of Amanda maybe they should just avoid each other.
Ellissa – “she follows me around and starts fights with me all day.. don’t you start saying I am antagonizing her”

Elissa thinks Amanda is a evil and disgusting person. JUDD agrees. (Andy and Spencer stay silent)


11:20pm Living room McCrae, Andy and Amanda
Amanda is crying saying she’s really bothered by ELissa, McCrae continues to try and tell her not to let her get under her skin.

Andy tells them that he told Elissa to not egg people on and she flipped out on him, He adds that talking to Elissa is like talking to a brick wall.
MC – “She’s a f** nutcase”

Amanda says she is being portrayed as the a$$hole and Elissa is taunting everyone in the house.. Amanda brings up how Aaryn stopped talking about Elissa weeks ago yet Elissa still egged her on.
McCrae doesn’t understand why Amanda cannot just chill the hell out. Let Elissa do what she does.
Andy says there has been so many people that irritate him and he’s kept his mouth shut and they have gone home.
Amanda – She has to go this week.. she has to go this week.. :”


11:42pm GM gets her HOH room

Theres a picture of NICK McCrae says you can see the outline of Nick’s D1Ck in teh picture.. GM grabs the picture “He’s packing heat”

Elissa says she’s missing poopy already . Amanda starts laughing.

12:11AM HOH
they all agree that the zing were great except for Spencer. They knew it upset Spencer

JUDD starts telling them about this dreams
He was feeding this dog that had overdosed he was trying to see what drug the dog overdosed on by giving it more drugs. He was giving it heart burn medicine and stuff. (Judd’s dreams do not make much sense)

12:08am Kitchen Elissa and GM
Elissa – “Oh my gosh Ginamarie.. I can’t stand to look at her.. She’s so disgusting and delusional”
Elissa – ‘she really is delusional’
Gm – ‘I can’t wait to have this coffee tomorrow// oh my god it smells so good’
ELissa – “I’m more excited about sleeping upstairs’
GM – ‘if you want to sleep upstairs with me.. I told Andy he could do the same thing’
Elissa – ‘Ya i’ll sleep upstairs with you’
GM says tonight she wants to be by herself because of her back. Elissa say she doesn’t usually like sleeping with people beside her husband,.
Elissa – ‘I can’t stand her oh mu gosh’



12:32AM Backyard Amanda, JUDD and Andy
(Prior to this Andy is talking about How him and JUDD deserve the money more than Amanda)
Amanda – ‘It gets funnier ‘
Andy – ‘Just don’t let it get to you’
Amanda – ‘we’re upstairs all talking.. me gm and Elissa.. and ELissa said GM do you want to go downstairs and put those sheets on that bed’
Amanda says that GM walked upstairs and winked at her. Amanda thinks this means that GM knows Elissa is being antagonistic.
Andy – ya
Amanda – “can you at least it JUDD”
JUDD – “I mean ya I can see both side.. you both hate each other’
Amanda – ‘But I’m not starting it’
JUDD – ‘Ya I mean i’m just.. i’ve been trying to stay out of it like. If I hear you or her say anything I just walk away’
JUDD – ‘ ya i don’t know what’s going on’
Amanda – ‘how do you not know what is going on’
JUDD – ‘ sdfkjhsdjflshfd’
Andy walks to the other side of the backyard
Amanda – ‘what’s wrong Andy’
Andy- ‘i’m going to run’

CBS Interactive Inc.

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i am sorry but amanda and Elissa has both got to go—they both make me sick—one is to real and the other is to fake


F**k that noise, I can’t wait until after veto and nominations stay the same to watch Amanda turn on EVERYBODY, including McCrea. Now that will be fun. It could very well turn out to be Judd, Elissa, and GM vs Andy, McCrae, and Spencer.


Its so ironic that Amanda’s fans (actually its just one person posting different names) are very similar. They keep saying everyone hates Amanda bc they are Eliss fans…All i know is i could careless if Elissa wins i just dont want someone as vile as Amanda to win. She is a really evil person and anyone who sticks up for her actions are probably just as evil and delusional. I cant stand Andy the rat but i rather him win it than Amanda. Sure everyone is entitled to their opinion but sorry to say if your rooting for Amanda then MY OPINION is that you are CrAZy!!!


Untrue you ass. Shows how little you know. Even Dan said she is playing the game and she speaks how it is. Shut your fucking mouth if you don’t know anything. And calling someone vile for rooting for a goddamn player in a stupid as fuck BB game is pathetic. Are you in junior high? I think so. Go back in the hole you dumbfuck


Actually Dan said she is playing the game “like a brat”. He also said he doesn’t think she’s acting, that is really Amanda in real life. And HE played the game ruthless but never brought a HG family into it or embarrassed them by talking about anything other than their game. Seems to me Dan thinks she’s a POS like pretty much everyone else….


Name and Name everytime she takes MEDS) and drinks (what is CBS thinking) she gets mean.


Read Dan’s twitter… he does NOT like Amanda… he tried to keep it “game” talk on TV.. Amanda is a jealous disgusting loser, and thats why she constantly talks about past HGs and talks about Elissa even when shes not around.

k jenkins

refuse to comment??? is this amanda? because that seems like something she would say.. you and her other FAN are obviously delusional people who see yourselves in amanda. too bad your face isnt on tv for all the world to see..lol

k jenkins

that comment was for the person below me,sorry..


I will agree with Dan this show is hard to watch. After dark is not fit to watch..After ten weeks of being jealous of allisa followed her around , made personal comments about her family . I am sure you are watching the live feeds and can see what a monster she is. Is it not strange when she wants someone to go her way Allisa, its a sweet , kind person. That will not work long . And if Macrea Has any brain left he will see it soon. A lot of amandas problem is she wants to be Alissa . She is the only class in that house. And after ten weeks she decides she will be the victim . Too late girl you are you and the comments you have made about Candices dirty NAPPY hair was a lot worse then what Erin said….Oh Macrae , All you wanted here is bragging rights. Well you got tho it was not for the game.. I guess you could brag about sleeping with a woman ,laying around like a dirty dish rag,being selfish with your ciggs. under amandas orders. What is funny is I guess amanda thinks she is acting like the town whore to impress who.. She wants alissa to hit her. She is too much of a lady but racheal is not and I do hope you meet up real soon LOL…I love Gina marie and I am waiting to see if she has the guts to put the two love birds up..Ginamarie you are too pretty for that dirty of a mouth. I will vote for her for fan favorite . I just cannot get past amanda . Who would book this woman Her mouth is gross. I dont think she could ever act like a lady..CBS , fire the one that caught her fat ass.. She makes me sick and it does NOT make good tv..


i can assure you there are many amanda fans out there and many on here. most of the people i know refuse to get involved in the comments anymore because the disgusting things that come out of people’s mouths about the house guests are infuriating and there is absolutely no respect given to people who don’t agree with the amanda hate. i think its funny that people say disgusting things about all the house guests and say amanda has got some nerve to talk about peoples looks only to say worse things about the house guests and insult amanda’s looks when she is a beautiful woman.


Absolutely! I’ve received a few thoughtul responses to posts on here, but this is not a place for real discussion. It’s too easy to read into comments things that the poster didn’t intend, myself included in that. I sometimes want to write responses to people that I don’t agree with, but I just can’t get on board with all the crazy hate on here. They’re all such good and moral people who have never behaved badly in their lives, and yet so void of empathy. Seems strange to me. I try to just skim and look for people actually talking game. Regardless of who you’re rooting for, I really appreciate the game comments. Amanda is likely going to jury this week, so hopefully people will start to chill a blt. Anyway, love Amanda, she played a great game and made this season fun for me!


I like Elissa however I am rooting totally for GM or Judd to take it to the final two. Please God no POV for the McManda duo. Their fate needs to be sealed!


OMG!! I totally agree!! I get so frustrated watching Amanda, and I think it is very comical that she makes jokes about Elissa’s appearance, because as far as I am concerned, Elissa is a much more attractive person than all the Botox in the world could ever help Amanda to be. So many things about Amanda make me feel nauseous, but one of the things that bugs me the most is when she is wiping her tears away during what seems like a bi-polar melt down and holds her mouth open like she is waiting for another dirty cock to latch onto… her mouth is soooo ugly… anyone else noticed what I am talking about??


Yes I know exactly what you mean! Her mouth (like everything else about her) is fugly as hell. Every time she makes that face where she sticks her lips out and smacks them together I want to shoot may face off. McCrae told her to “take it on the chin, and suck it up and smile”…well we all know that she is an expert on that front!


There is great truth in saying that the ugliness of one’s soul can distort their outer beauty!

I do agree that Amanda is an attractive woman…. until she digs her venomous fangs in someone, and attempts a death roll.

Zingbot returns

Joker face: At least I don’t strip and sleep with guys to make my money.
Zingbot: You just strip and sleep with an old sugar daddy (who has to be blind) to make your money.

At least Amanda is naturally beautiful and doesn’t need 10 pounds of make-up, fake eye lashes, hair extensions, Gel-injected duck lips, and fake boobs to cover up a whole lot of nastiness.

k jenkins

its obviously someone in her family…


Aaryn made it on tmz again “Aaryn Gries was evicted from the “Big Brother” house Thursday night … and on her way out, she told Julie Chen she’s not really a racist, she’s just a misunderstood Texan.

Seriously … Gries — who mocked Asians, trashed black people and referred to a gay houseguest as a “queer” during her stint on the reality competition show — had the cojones to look Chen in the face and say, “I did not mean to ever come off as racist.”

Here’s her ridiculous explanation:

“In Texas, we say things. Sometimes we joke and we don’t mean it. I feel how bad it is being seen and how I’ve come across to people. I don’t want to seem like that person.”

Aaryn — who told Julie she doesn’t remember ever making a racist comment in the house — added, “I apologize to anyone I offended for that. That was not meant to be serious and if I said those things, I feel horrible for that. I regret that.”

Julie — being the badass that she is — didn’t let Aaryn off the hook and READ some of the offensive comments right to Aaryn’s face as Aaryn sat there like a racist, homophobic deer in headlights.

FYI — Aaryn still has no idea she’s been dropped by her modeling agency over her behavior in the house … because she’s made it to the “jury house” and will remain sequestered from the outside world until the show ends in September.•”

I mean come on, who doesn’t know harvi and production are jews! Amanda is disguisting and should be making headlines too.
They are gross.

OMG I can’t wait for nominations. It’s going to be explosive. ;)

Old Man

Isn’t funny how Julie Chen and CBS isolate Aaryn, when so many other past and present BB houseguests have made racist or homophobic comments. Jeff Schroeder who is the BB poster-boy and loved by all made racist/homophobic rants in both seasons he was on. I guess they jumped on Aaryn like an animal in a trap, good job Julie and CBS keep up the good work. Now your hands are clean for picking these worthless houseguests and they can act and say whatever they want from here on.


After watching the disgusting people all summer, my take is Aaryn stupid and ignorant and just repeating what she has heard and she just really needs to be educated on what is and what is not acceptable and was just trying to hard to fit in what she thought were the cool kids (Jeremy, Kaitlin, DAVID, and GM). GM was the first to make the rice comment and also called Helen a gook and both her and Kaitlin used the N word. She still has that high school mentality and think that going to jury and talking with Candice, Helen and Jessie will actually help to get her to understand a lot. Spencer is just disgusting and there is no other word to describe him. AMANDA on the other hand is just NUTS. She literally is the worst person to ever be on this show. It does amaze me that Chen and CBS did not call Kaitlin out on her actions and I don’t see them calling GM or Amanda out on their comments so why did they just decide to put all the blame on Aaryn when in fact she was in no way the worst. Guarantee if Amanda goes Chen will not ask her about her racism, homophobic comments, her bigotry or just her acts of pure hate. It does make you wonder because even though I like Jeff he did say some very offensive and racist and homophobic things but they protect him and Evil Dick said horrible things but Chen never called him out for his actions either. TMZ really is disgusting that they never bring up Amanda who is a true sociopath.


Julie won’t confront Amanda because she cannot be certain it would be safe to do so. Someone posted to GM to hide the knives…..good idea. Amanda is clearly not well, and could really hurt someone before production could stop it.

Julie doesn’t have body guards sitting beside her so confronting Amanda might not be safe.


Everyone wants to get away from Amanda even Andy and McCrae! Can’t she see that she’s a walking disaster! Stop blaming Elissa you stupid woman, it’s not her fault that you’re an unbearable nutcase and now everyone else sees it too and you’re public enemy number 1 Mrs. Mastermind! DELUSIONAL!!!!

Amazing Amanda

Yeah, until Amanda wins HOH. Then they’d all be crawling in her butthole wanting to make deals. Even joker face.


Amanda is not going to win HoH!!!!!! She sucks in everything!!!!!!!


First evict Amanda then Mcpussy on Thursday. Just slap them both in the dick. Straight up!


I gained a lot of respect for Andys game at first I thought he was amends bitch but now I think he was using them to keep the target off his back and now that he was nominated because of them he’s getting them out.


Do you all see how much prettier Ellisa is now that all that botox has worn off out of her face . She needs to stop getting that . She is pretty without that stuff .


Yet the same Amanda lover…

Amazing Amanda

If my dog had Elissa’s face I’d shave its ass and walk it backwards. ZING!


“one is too real and one is too fake”

brilliant and spot-on


“one is too real and one is too fake”

EXACTLY!! I can’t decide which one of them I hate worse….vulgar and rude or snobbish and passive-aggressive. But I’m really getting annoyed with those deep breaths Elissa pushes out of her nose followed by her infamous “umm…ya”. There’s literally no one worth voting for in that house.

Brilliant and spot-on if ur deaf, dumb and wrong

Which of the two is “too real” ?!? Is Amanda the “REAL” slut-bag with the “FAKE” bargain-basement-boob-job, who spends morning, noon and night sleeping, crying, NOT-showering and gargling Mcrae’s baby juice like it’s Manneshevitz? Which of them is “too fake” !?!? Is Elissa the “FAKE” substitute sister; a C-lister-for-life, low-rent version of Rachel, whose struggle for standing-room-only-space in R. Riley’s shadow is eclipsed ONLY by her tragically misguided, sorely misplaced and laughably “REAL” self-image? At the end of the day, I believe the true losers of this fiasco are 1.) Elissa’s husband… divorce is a bitch and alimony is the bitch’s mother and well; he picked her! …and 2.) all surfaces in the BB house, defiled by the commingled fluids of the beast with 2 backs, Amanda & MC and the poor minimum-wagers hired for after-the-final set dismantling and clean up. As for Amanda? Sadly, the definite winner; wait, don’t boo, just listen…. like the COCKROACH before her and the eons it spent surviving various climatic elements, atmospheric variables and having the predicted adaptability to inhabit any post apocalyptic environment, Amanda too, will nonchalantly and without fear scatter silently away to reproduce offspring that your grandchildren’s grandchildren will someday crunch beneath their collective boots, leaving behind only the invisible trail of it’s parasitic existence and countless crops of newly improved pesticides promising to someday come up with a (no pun intended) final solution.



k jenkins

i couldn’t agree more.. she should have spent the boob job money on an ass and some class. i can only imagine what she’ll find in her next meal at a chinese restaurant. me chinese me play joke me put peepee in her coke!!!

k jenkins

you suck just like the rest of the house guests besides judd and eliisa,she IS too passive,she shouldve punched the skanky amanda in her crooked eyebrowed,no assed face,but she has class.. constantly cooking and cleaning for these weasels,trying to be the bigger person,but if you have any sight you can see her laughter is kicking amandas ass… its people like you who need a good ass kicking too!!!


Agreed! I’m so glad this website is so neutral. Amanda is absolutely bananas, but Elissa is no angel either. Not exactly sure as to why you got thumbed down but it’s refreshing to see someone who shares my views, lol. I feel like if you aren’t commenting about how terrible Amanda is, people will disagree. I’m personally not a fan of either of those women. Team Judd

Think Stategy

Whoever makes it to the end should take Amanda with them, because there is no way anyone is going to vote for her in the jury house.

Amazing Amanda

That’s where you’d be wrong. Sure, if Amanda is smart she’ll make that argument all day long to the HGs… until she’s in Final 2. Then she’ll say the opposite to the jury. And win. That’s how Dr. Will won.


so to being real is acting like a bully and being fake is keeping it classy.. rightttt!!!!


the first update after nominations happen may get as much web traffic as a thursday show


I Wonder if Aaryn Is Being Talked Off A Ledge About Right Now…


Just Saying, It’s So Funny Watch Spencer And Judd Talking Game In Their Chicken Suits.


I’ll admit it, I am a big Aaryn fan. And, a huge fan of Aaryn in a bikini. But, can’t stand some of the nasty things she has said while in the house. I hope her interview with Julie woke her up to bad behavior. Too bad BB doesn’t have a live feed from the jury house. I’d love to hear what Aaryn had to say to the other jury members, with what Julie said still on her mind.


I wonder how the conversation went with Candice, Jessie and Helen. Aaryn said that she and Candice ‘were cool’ because she apologized. When did that happen? There needs to be a straight conversation in the jury house between Aaryn and Candice about the things that Aaryn said about and to Candice. It’s time she finds out from Candice who was affected by her ‘jokes’ how she felt. None of Helen’s let by gones be by gones crap. Little Miss Texas needs to learn you don’t get to talk to people any kind of way and get away with it.


Aaryn: I’m not a racist, I hate everyone equally (except for people like me of course)

Amanda and McCrae deserve each other. STINKERS!

Watching Amanda in GM’s HOH room on After Dark staring at Elissa was scary! It’s so, so, so obvious that she’s jealous of Elissa and somewhat obsessed! Everything she says to everyone is about E. All I see in her eyes is vile, disgusting, hate. SHE’S SO INSECURE AND IT’S SO OBVIOUS!


I couldn’t agree more!! Very well said!

Amanda is SOOOO insecure about Jessie that when Mcrae sat next to her, Amanda freaked. She is jealous of Jessie’s and needs to constantly put her down. She’s especially jealous of Jessie’s ass so you know that had to hurt.


Amanda is mentally unstable. she has some very serious and personal demons and you can tell she is def. like this in real life. this is not some BB game act or some sort of twisted form of entertainment designed by her. there’s a reason why she is taking numerous prescribed mental medications. and on top of that, she suffers from the deadliest disease of all… JEALOUSY. it’s time for everyone in the BB house and CBS to pull the plug on the Amanda experiment. Amanda isn’t even remotely funny or entertaining. she has turned herself and this season of BB a travesty.


OMG, Amanda is on the live feeds crying right now because Elissa or anyone else for that matter won’t pay any attention to her. There’s something seriously wrong with this broad and she had the nerve to call Jessie out about being insecure! Hahaha. Joke of a person! I love the fact that Elissa is not reacting to any of her bullying and making her look like the BIGGEST NUTJOB in Big Brother history.


the devil gets very angry when it is not in charge anymore and when it starts loosing its power…..this is what is happening in the world right now….in the last few years I have seen so many people like amanda (who works for the devil) go a bit crazy because their demonic power is being overpowered by god and it makes them get even crazier. This day was always coming…..in the world and in the BB house….it is a fight to the end! As the devil looses power it gets nastier and nastier but more and more insecure. Elissa has handled this pretty well in the past week but she does just need to stay away from Amanda and it will be hard for anyone to not see Amanda clearly and they will be more supportive of Elissa. Elissa just needs to stop being so passive aggressive. Elissa has had to supress so much in this game and then sometimes she just can’t seem to keep a lid on it and gets herself in trouble with the asshole guys in the house. In the world who are mc, andy and spencer….nobodies!!!! they just have Elissa outnumbered in the house. It’s gross to watch. Keep it classy Elissa.

k jenkins

giving the devil credit for amandas behavior is ridiculous.. its AMANDA ,not the devil… sorry to burst your old testament bubble.. say hi to moses for me

k jenkins

the fact is people like you give christians a bad name… im sure in your mind,Jesus’ second coming will be at the next HOH comp.

bbproductions* 100% Agree! AMANDA HAS MORE THAN A

And Amanda is too. The predictions are coming true. All those fans that thought Amanda was playing a great, as soon as she lost her rat her game disintegrated within seconds. It’s funny to see her buying Andy’s BS. GM is playing her so good that Amanda actually thinks GM is gonna put up Elissa. Then she tried to play the victim with GM. Afterwards GM said if Amanda wants an Oscar she should act in the movies. Classic


More, it’s time, in her own best interest. I’m kind of facinated by big brother. But I’m also troubled thinking media’s giants can and actually chose to make money on such fragile people… And I can’t help keeping watching it, saying to myself it’s gonna help some individuals to grow up, starting Amanda herself. In that particular point of view, I trully appreciated Julie’s words to Aaryn at the end of the live eviction interview.


I blame CBS for picking /recruiting a bunch of T&A without checking to see if they had at least 1 brain cell between all of them! Elissa is even more annoying than Rachel and I did not think that would be possible. WORST BB SEASON EVER!


The petition against Amanda is at 15000 signatures now. I’m rooting for her eviction!


the petition won’t get her evicted but I do hope that the numbers keep going up so that when Amanda finds out about it it will be harder for her to stay in her delusion.

k jenkins

STFU! apparently you are one of amandas siblings.. is this her brother or sister?

Go Bitches!

Stinker, you already posted this comment previously. Elissa is and has been just as obsessed, if not more, about Amanda and…in case you missed my reply the first time you posted this comment….

Elissa obsessed for hours and hours on end about Aaryn, that’s all she bitched to Helen about for 2 days straight …Elissa is the same stuck-up, snobby, delusional bitch that she was in highschool. A real Mean Girl as I recall. No one was surprised she got herself a sugar daddy. BTW, has anyone (tried) to read her HOH blog? She wriiiites juuuusssst liiiike sheee taaalks…..mmmhhmm.

k jenkins

yeah,prove you went to high school with her!!!! your just another delusional,jealous cow who is obviously projecting your mean girl past onto her.. dont be mad because youre forever single and you lost your virginity to your REAL daddy….


Honestly…..I like reading these posts just to see how upset people get about a tv show….I think most of the house guest behaviour has been terrible at some pont and I’m not really a fan of anyone left in the house but I do have to say that I am more shocked about thing awful things people say in their comments on this site when people disagree with them then what goes on in the house…..talking about someone being raped by their father as a comeback? Really? I’m not sure anyone would be proud to have someone supporting them as a fan that speaks like that…….at least these people have been stuck in a house forever with no outside support (still no excuse) but what’s yours, you are just sitting around by your computer writing things like this? Classy…….

Go Bitches!

Stinker, you already posted your comment previously. Elissa is just as obsessed w Amanda and Aaryn. In case you didn’t see my reply the first time you posted your comment:

Elissa obsessed for hours and hours on end about Aaryn, that’s all she bitched to Helen about for 2 days…Elissa is the same stuck-up, snobby, delusional bitch that she was in highschool. A real Mean Girl as I recall. No one was surprised she got herself a sugar daddy. BTW, has anyone (tried) to read her HOH blog? She wriiiites juuuusssst liiiike sheee taaalks…..mmmhhmm.


Elissa has valid reasons for disliking Aaryn. It all started with Aaryn’s racist remarks and bullying of Candace (who happened to be one of Elissa’s closest friends in the house). Aaryn was the Queen mean girl in the house during those first weeks with Kaitlyn and GM as her minions. Elissa could never get past the BS and personally, I give her kudos for keeping it real when everyone else floated around going from power to power kissing Aaryn’s ass through 4 HOH’s. As Aaryn rose to power week after week, it obviously infuriated Elissa and she talked sh!t, who cares? Talking sh!t is a part of this game, (but it should never be in the form of personal attacks). You can tell that Aaryn’s issues with Elissa are not founded because she coudn’t even form an intelligent thought or reason why she disliked Elissa when asked by Julie Chen. The truth is Aaryn and Amanda hate Elissa because Elissa has everything they want without having to compromise her morals. People like Amanda and Aaryn are fine with being vile and disgusting people because that is who they are in the game and in real life…. Amanda especially… shes a cut throat bitch who does and says anything to get what she wants. And more than anything, Amanda hates that Elissa is doing her own thing in this game and can’t be easily controlled or manipulated like the rest of the sheeple in that house. For weeks Amanda was running the show until little ol’ Elissa destroyed her entire game in one week. Amanda fake apologized for bullying Elissa just to ensure that she looked a certain way on the live show, but when that didn’t work and Julie made her look like the bully she is, now she is embarrassed and enraged again and back to bullying Elissa. What a big time bitch, if she doesn’t like how she is being “portrayed” she should lay off the bitch pills and start actually playing to win instead of just bullying the only person with enough balls to stand up to her despicable antics.


I totally agree with this post! Well written & well thought out!


Yes! I was thinking the same thing, extremely well written & 100% spot on!


Ideally, I’d LOVE to see Amanda gone this week, and then ANDY with the 2nd eviction. Let Amanda go to the jury house without her little McCrae dog for a while. Let Helen, Jessie & Candice eat her alive! Hopefully even Aaryn & Andy would be anti-Amanda in the jury house! Then send out GM (yes, I know – she’s doing a GREAT job right now, though!) and let Spencer get out after that & GO ELISSA & JUDD!!!!

Amanda's Yeast Infection

Sometimes on the rare occasion she looks at me I get afraid she has those demon eyes…the herpes and crabs always tell me just look away!!!!!


That was a quick healing for GM. she was able to win HOH? She was dying, crawling around, and now she’s jumping all over the place. Great acting.




They must have given her pain killers before the comp. With back issues, that numbs the pain temporarily.

Brilliant and spot-on if ur deaf, dumb and wrong

How come WE don’t get painkillers? WER’E the ones who really need them after watching this piece of shit cast from this piece of shit season; not for the competitions; for just getting out of bed every morning and making it through each day without committing suicide or taking out a Burger King full of children. C’mon you CBS dick-heads, what about OUR share of the motherfucking dope, huh?


It’s called adrenalin…funny one would think someone who goes by the name “topgun” would be familiar with it ;)

Go Elissa

Elissa helped her with her back !


Amanda is such a bully! I don’t particularly like or dislike Elissa (though I really appreciate her putting 3am alliance members up), but she doesn’t deserve this nonsense. No one does – not Jessie, not Candace… nobody!
I cant wait to see the look on her face when she gets nominated. I hope she fights with GM, Elissa, McRae and/ or Judd and is finally put in her place!


I can’t wait to see Amanda turn on Andy! He’s obviously SO unnerved when anyone argues & he’s been up Amanda’s a$$ for so many weeks – to FINALLY see her realize he’s going to evict her will be PRICELESS!!!!


Amanda is sooooo gross


about time allisa actually does something intead of just taking it and using amanda agression to her advantage. though her trying to cover it up instead of admitting to the house just egging her on as retaliation is making her look shady and will cost her. expecially when andy and spencer said they wouldnt take it


Those two are full of it. They would probably love to see her hit Amanda and get evicted so she is out of the way. I think she should do what she did last week and try not engage her and Amanda will go nuts since she all about trying to control people and their emotions.


I think that andy, spencer and judd don’t like the fighting because amanda tries to get them to support her and they don’t want to “publically” choose sides.


I dont necessarily like Elissa but I would totally egg on that psycho slut Amanda just to watch her go nuts then cry like the bitch she is. I am no bully but WoW. I am thinking Amanda has a asevere case of BPD. GO JUDD!


Sorry Heidi….you sound like a bully to me. I’m not defending Amanda’s behaviour, I’m calling you out on yours. Like some others who comment here, you’re a hypocrite.


The idea is that by egging her on Amanda goes crazy and paints an even bigger target on her back. Why would Ellissa not egg her on? The crazier Amanda looks is better for Elissa’s game. I would hesitate telling Elissa anything though, she laughs every time she is lying or hiding something.


That kind of strategy works very well in sports, Elissa def shud while she’s alone with Amanda say stuff to her to piss her off, then again would Amanda get physical?


I thought it was funny that the one comment Elissa said that made Amanda go absolutely nuts was “Jessie was the only 10 in this house.” Like seriously? Is Amanda that insecure about herself that she’s going to go on rampage because some other person thought that Jessie was the hottest girl in the house and not HER? It’s just funny that Amanda thinks that comment of Elissa’s is “pure evil” when in reality Elissa never said a word about Amanda. For all she knows, Elissa could think Amanda is a 9. Unlikely, but for her to get upset over a comment like that is just plain psychotic.


Amanda is sooo delusional even if Elissa called Spencer/GM disgusting and laughed at Amanda and talked shit on Aaryn…Amanda has done all of that and then some!! I don’t understand how she can be that big of a hypocrite…is she gonna be like Aaryn and say “Oh it’s cuz I’m from Boca”

Amanda didn’t get a bully edit bc she’s just a straight up bully

Last season Danielle annoyed the shit out of me, but after watching Amanda I’d rather watch Danielle again

Amanda's Therapist

Layla* Sorry to disagree! WTF! NO WAY should there be any way that Danielle from BB14 should be compared to the “BB15 AMANDA …. WHORE STORY” !

Jim 64

I hope Elissa starts to fight back.i hope she laughs
Her head off when Amanda goes on the block.

Not a PHD Student

Elissa laughing at anything Amanda says is the best thing she can do. Even when Elissa doesn’t reply to her just adds fuel to Amanda and pi–es Amanda off even more.


And when Amanda walks out the door Elissa should say “bubye trash!”


I hope Elissa keeps her mouth shut after the noms….let the “boys” deal with amanda for a change….the “boys” benefit when amanda and Elissa fight….I’m tire of it.


I Love It, During GMs Hoh, Amanda Is Just Fuming With The Fake Smile In Her Face

Amanda's Yeast Infection

That aint all that’s fuming!!!!!


Round 1! Elissa winning, duh! Amanda bi-winning.

Tragic Kingdom

if you had told me when this all began I would be rooting for Judd, Spencer or GM I would have called you a liar, ugh, this cast is horrible. Picking someone to root for is like a starving man looking at spoiled food, you know you have to pick someone, but they are all nasty as heck.


the ginger rat is annoying the bejesus outta me with his need to run to macranda every 5 mins and report ,, and demanda may indeed explode and lose her mind , what little bit of a mind she has! I kinda hope Elissa eggs her on enough so that she snaps and slaps her …. then they have to boot her skanky demented ass outta there!!!!


andy is the one who should have gotten the chicken suit because is the chicken

Onion Blossom Twins

How is Elissa egging on Amanda? By sitting there and being the mature one and not saying anything back! That does piss people off more than a response! I’m not a huge fan of Elissa’s but I’m on her side on this one!


Can’t see Andy letting her give him a Bl*wJob ,,,I don’t think he would stoop that low..


Amanda hates Jessie and is ridiculously jealous of her, so Elissa knows this and started saying how hot Jessie was and she was the only 10 in the house. This feeds Amanda’s insecurities especially if she’s worried that McCrazy will end up in jury house alone with her.

To me this is totally within the game strategy and E is just trying to psych A out. It’s working. If amanda was as tough as she was when bullying Jessie and Elissa she would just ignore it, but Bullies are the most insecure people who harass others to make themselves feel good. Too bad the cameras can’t follow them around after the show ends because I would LOVE to see their parents and friends reactions.

written by drunk, cigar smoking monkey

Don’t “wig”…not with all the sense you make -and no, I’m not being sarcastic …To add to your comment regarding bullies and their obvious lack of any self-love, self-respect and /or self awareness–or, the fact that they carry mass amounts of fear and loathing in the place where others carry peace of mind. I’m not about to celebrate the fact that Amanda is just a WHOREABLE,walking and talking vagina, nor am I throwing her any pity; as if! But can you, for a moment, after knowing how morally bankrupt and devoid of any femininity Amanda is, IMAGINE just how TOTALLY fucked up her family–ESPECIALLY her mother!–must be? I mean seriously, what kind of warped number do you think THAT sideshow act did on her to shape what was to become “adult” Amanda we are watching today? If coming into a show like BB, controversial and televised for all of humanity, a concerned effort in portraying yourself within the most positive context would be priority number one. I can’t imagine that with a career, clientele and the insurance a reputation provides you for the purpose of making a living, Amanda’s attempt at toning down any behavioral tics or personality issues would be a given! However, if this is her at her best, for all to see, I can only surmise that her mother/father/family was EXPONENTIALLY fucked and in turn created an environment where all potentially disgusting and disturbing character traits were free to thrive and grow. She is so unlikable that I have trouble feeling even a little bad for disliking her as much as I do. behavior would be anything but behavior with a career and a reputation


Yes that was the best come back I have heard thus far. I died laughing. I think Elissa is a lot smarter than people think. Love it!


I agree. I’m confused as to exactly what Elissa is saying that is making Amanda think Elissa is being antagonistic. It can’t be just because Elissa said Jesse is a 10 right? Or because Elissa asked GM to help her make the bed? I don’t even understand Amanda’s argument on this one. She definitely needs some kind of counseling when she gets out because she has major self esteem issues!

GM's Tongue

I think Amanda is just doing this to try to turn the house against Elissa. It’s all part of Amanda’s strategy, but she’s deluding herself as those other morons have finally had enough of her.

Crystal Ball

Although I would LOVE for Amanda to be evicted first, it would certainly be entertaining if McCrusty went first. Amanda would flip out! She would latch onto Andy as if he was the only lifeboat and she was drowning at sea. He would be stuck placating her while everyone else edged away from her madness. Then, they should evict Andy the rat. Amanda would be left with absolutely nobody with Elissa, Judd, GM, and Spencer watching her flail. Witnessing her decline and descent from power would be amusing and justified. After that, I would gladly see the final 4 duke it out. I would be fine if Elissa, Judd, or GM win.


If Amanda gets any hint that this is a double eviction week, Elissa won’t have to egg her on, she will go crazy on her own.


your crystal ball is right…it would also help to break up the boys so that mc doesn’t join spencer and and judd


Too bad Amanda isn’t adult enough to ignore people, she could’ve saved her game for when she needed jury votes. Jury is filled with her enemies who all plays personal like she does, she has no chance to win. Spencer would be the ONLY HGs left that she could win against in the finals.


Oh Wait, she’s leaving next week, unless production saves them with a power. Which I’m guessing they will, because McCrae would follow her out the door in the double eviction.


I seem to remember Rachel losing her mind to the extent that supposedly they had to sedate her, she ended up winning! I’m with you, the DPOV will surely be discovered by McCranda any minute now, Amanda is gonna be kept on the feeds no matter what, or, they’ll start featuring the JH as much as thaey do the actual BB house-

captain call out STFU

Is it just me or does it seem like Amanda is obsessing over everything Elissa does? I think it’s funny Elissa is getting her to flip out so effortlessly!


amanda has lost her power and it is making her more crazy than before


It’s really so entertaining to watch! Amanda is clearly so jealous of Elissa, and Jessie too for that matter. Elissa hasn’t said anything to solicit such an emotional response which goes to show that Elissa’s remarks are hitting home. When Amanda viciously attacked Elissa, she took it and never stooped to Amanda’s level. She got upset but never dragged the house into the drama. When Amanda gets insulted or told a thing or two, she cries her eyes out begging the house guests for confirmation that she’s not the bad one and the bully, What a joke… she can dish it out but clearly she can’t take it!

McCraes Balls

When Mc/Am are nominated, who will Amanda terrorize?
Nobody else will put up with it. I am thinking she will still
go after Elissa.


there will prob be a huge mc/am vs GM fight today

Roisin Dubh

Ahandjob is just gonna lose it when the nominations go down. Keychain knows what’s going on and to his credit, he’s laying low and not adding any fuel to the fire. I’ll be surprised if Ahandjob doesn’t take a swing at El this week, she’s getting her buttons pushed bigtime. Andy is at the end of his game, after this week it starts crashing down on him. If Spencer plays it right, he’s final 4 and very possibly final two. He’s played the only game he can quite effectively considering he’s been in a box since the moving company got outed. He has to win HOH next week or the veto comp after. Aaryn’s talk with Julie shouldn’t surprise anyone. It’s not gonna hit her until she back home. This is gonna be a very explosive weekend in that house. Hurricane HandJob is gonna hit that house Category 5 style.


I haven’t posted in awhile but I’ve been keeping up with the show, and although this may be late I have to say I absolutely LOVED tonight’s eviction interview with Julie. I loved Julie, her questions, and I especially loved the crowd’s reactions to Aaryn’s blatant lies. That had to be one of the most cringe worthy interviews I have ever watched, so imagine how Aaryn felt…and not to pile on to her situation but she deserved every cringe worthy second she endured on that stage. I’m extremely excited that she is gone…(next up is Amanda ;) anyway you will NOT be missed Aaryn….like you and Amanda would always say…”BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEE”

Big Brother Fan from Canada

Did Aaryn really believe she had fans rooting for her to win the money? She looked really embarrassed when Julie Chen read out some of the comments she had made during the season. I can’t believe she said she didn’t remember saying those things!


Here’s a great question, will Aaryn tell her fellow jurists about the Julie exit interview?

kathie from canada

As humiliated as Aaryn was during the interview with Julie, I am positive that once she reaches the jury house, she will continue with her racist comments about Candice for sure. She doesn’t strike me as a ‘quick learner’.

kathie from canada

As humiliated as Aaryn was during the interview with Julie, I am positive that once she reaches the jury house, she will continue with her racist comments about Candice for sure. She doesn’t strike me as a ‘quick learner’.


Amanda is seething.She’s like a teapot waiting to boil. I hope Gina Marie puts she and McCrae both up it’s going to be epic drama. Talking about someone dishes it but can’t take it. I don’t know if I’ve ever watched such entitled people clustered on one show. And I think she’s pissed off at Elissa’s answer to Julie Chen’s question. It wasn’t diplomatic enough for her. Not that it should have been. I wish somehow by the end of the week Andy was exposed. He’s just as bad as Amanda without being in your face with it. On another note, I like Elissa. I think she has a certain quirky sense of humor that doesn’t land in there sometimes. But she really needs to keep her mouth shut about what she and her husband has and what they plan to build. All she is doing is making herself and even bigger target with the bragging from fans wanting her on the show to how great her life is. Sometimes it’s better to just shut up especially in a game where you are trying to make it to the end and the prize is 500,000. She had some cringe worthy moments tonight on BBAD. Her best bet is to watch and try to ignore her when she tries to bait her. The ridiculous thing about Amanda is that she wants to play and be the evil character but is too insecure and weak to pull it off completely with her temper tantrums. I hope she gets evicted this week. Or actually I hope McCrae goes to the jury before her to a house full of women without her.

Roisin Dubh

Ahandjob shouldn’t worry, nobody wants her stinky, sloppy seconds.


That’s what Dan said last night in his interview. If you want to play Evil Dick you can’t go cry in the corner because you didn’t get your way. Amanda is a 2 year old in and adult body. Temper tantrums one minute, crying for daddy (McCrae), and playing the big girl the next. I wish I was a therapist because she going to make someone very rich.


I think Dan said it best… She is playing like a brat… a lil girl who isnt getting her way so she pouts… whines.. cries and when that doesnt work she throws her toys(pads, condoms) and verbally assults people because she cant hit them… or i thik she would be running up like a 5 yr old beating her fists against elissa’s leg saying” puhlease pleeease love me and be nice to me and teach me how to get money guys like you not pizza boys like i have been getting since highschool”




Thumbs up if you hate Elissa

Thumbs down if you like Elissa

Amanda's Yeast Infection

Thumbs inside Amanda with me if you want to pet the crabs and herpes!!!!!

k jenkins

ill bet you anything elissa would beat her ass all over the place. i just hope we hear a future news story of how amanda gets gang raped by asian restaurant employees. ( i can dream,can’t i?)

k jenkins

perfect scenario… amanda and mcrae go up on the block,amanda cry all week in bed,mcrae right next to her chewing his fingers down to the bone,then mcrae winning pov and taking himself off the block,elissa going up and amanda getting false hope and of course her getting her flat ass booted to jury ,with boos and chastising from julie before she retreats to the bedroom of the jury house.. then elissa get hoh next,sending mcrae to console the evil b!tch!!!


“you have no idea what id do to Elissa outside of this house.” Amanda

Prolly absolutely nothing. Making threats, especially empty ones are real cool bro. Stay classy


Elissa – “I loved Jessie.. her butt was banging.. she’s a 10 for sure.. she’s the only 10 in the house”
Amanda – “You are such a f*** b!tch .. what is wrong with you.. you can take your perma smile with your F*** joker face and shove it up your nasty a$$”

nasty ass? really cum gizzler with a yeast infection…. I don’t think anyone in that house cn be more physically or mentally nasty than Amanda.

Sounded like she got jealous when Jessie was called a 10.

I don’t think she was a 10, but a solid 7.5, Amanda is like a 3, and that’s because of the boobies. Elissa, 6, because of the yoga body alone. Aaryn 8.. GM 5 .5, Kaitlin 9. Candice 5.5…. Helen 5.

Slurricane Pat

I was with you until you rated Candice the same as GM, only half a point up from Helen and half a point behind Elissa.

That’s crazy. Candice was a solid 7 at least, only really getting knocked for the squeaky voice.


I think you must have gotten confused. Jessie was a 7.5. GM is a 3. Kaitlin was a 10. Aaryn was a 8. Helen was a 7.5. Candice was a 7. Amanda is a 7.5. Elissa is a 4 at best unless she is wearing a mask and isn’t allowed to speak.


Poor McRae! Amanda’s psychotic behavior is going to cause him to gnaw his fingers to the knuckles.. ’cause there can’t be any nails left by now.


McStinky should have realized earlier that his meat shield was going bad but he couldn’t smell it over his own stench.


seriously cannot wait at all for the nominations and the aftermath. amanda is going to be squirming all week and I can see her throwing mccrae under the bus.

“silly amanda, elissa isn’t the target… YOU ARE!”

Keri Helen

Finding it incredibly amusing that Amanda is looking for reassurance from everyone that she’s not being a bully or starting sh*t and is basically being met with near radio silence. Sorry you’ve lost your mean kid group Amanda, but people seem to truly be over stroking your ego and laughing along with your personal verbal attacks. Elissa is annoying, you hate her, we get it! Now if you could please graduate elementary school and stop acting like a damn brat that would be great.


quick question, I missed tonights episode, is this week gonna be a double eviction?


For all the attacks of Elissa’s plastic surgery, coming from a ‘woman’ with implanted double d’s? Um….she’s is seething because as soon as she learns she can’t control someone or something she wants them out of her world – yes, her world. Amanda is nothing like anyone, ever on Big Brother that I can remember. She fantasizes about harming others when they don’t behave according to plan. That is what should be aired on CBS.


When Julie Chen starts to grill Amanda re her behavior, I think that might push Amanda’s buttons. We all know what happens when you push Amanda’s buttons.


wondering if Pandora’s box is gonna save Oscar the grouch aka the green hooded Amanda


I agree that elissa looks like the joker……but that doesnt give amanda the right to act like she is


Okay I know we all make jokes about Amanda and how crazy she is, but I am serious starting to get concerned. Like, seriously. Amanda has gone bat$hit insane. How is Elissa even taunting her? She’s the one starting all the fights. It’s so easy to tell that Amanda is so jealous of her, always mentioning her husband and how “rich” she is. She’s become so obssessed with her.

Crystal Ball

Wow, Amanda just confronted Elissa in the rainbow room while Elissa was putting clean sheets on her (formerly GM’s) bed. Amanda went in there with a taunting voice saying she wanted to point out that Elissa was taunting her and all Elissa did was ignore her. She walked out of the rainbow room to the kitchen, Amanda followed her out and then Elissa went back to the rainbow room. Luckily, Amanda didn’t continue to follow her but mocked her for not saying anything and accusing her of being immature for not speaking to her.


I felt bad for Aaryn because the audience was so tough on her. She looked as if she was going to run off the stage crying, but it was just punishment for the awful things she has said. Anyways, the rough reception Aaryn received made me excited to find out how the audience will react when Amanda leaves! Hopefully there will be a symphony of boos and laughing at that yeasty, vile, antagonistic, psychotic, classless, immature, bitchy person.


What did Zigbot say to Spencer that upset him?


What did Zigbot say to Spencer that upset him?


we don’t know it hasn’t aired

oh my

i can’t believe i will say this, but i think i’m leaning team GM now. the fact that none of the guys have the balls to tell amanda she is out of line is infuriating. not only will they not do that, but they enable her. they make her sound like she is in the right. there’s 4 people can’t root for. obviously can’t root for that mean ass delusional bitch amanda. elissa, while nice and all (though little tired of her going on and on about amanda to other people. if you don’t like her, tell her. we don’t need to hear a bazillion times you telling other people you don’t like her. stand up for yourself because none of the rest of those people are going to do it for you), is kind of weird and definitely does not need the money. bought a hockey rink? though it hard to forget all the racial stuff GM has said.

i’m on team “give the money to charity”


This chick is one fry short of a Happy Meal. She is not happy unless she is the center of attention. Why oh why is Elissa picking on me.

We get it you both hate each other; so stay away from each other. It is not rocket science.

And, all those alledge guys (with the exception of Judd) does not have the balls to stand up to Amanda; and tell her the truth.

Spencer’s comment, well I’m not going to get between to chicks fighting is the most asinine response ever.

McCrae knows he can’t control her and he is afraid to tell her the truth. He is earning the name McPussy.

Andy is just a weasel and really is lame excuse for a man periiod, it has nothing to do with his sexuality either.


Hey Pat, Elissa is in such good shape she would whip Amanda

McCraes Balls

Amanda told GM just now that she doesn’t understand why Elissa is being so mean.
(Elissa is walking away from her everytime Amanda follows her)
Amanda said “I am not a mean person and I don’t understand why she (elissa) is being so mean”
Does Amanda have a twin? Or have I been watching a different show.


The biggest thing antagonizing Amanda is the fact that ELissa isn’t scared and intimidated by her. It’s really funny watching her get so frustrated over nothing lol. Few jabs by elissa sure but Amanda does the same thing. Funniest was watching her go into a room and say a bunch of shut and then cry when elissa walked away. It’s finally going to be fun watching the feeds again


OK OK..so I’m just curious. Do we have any Amanda fans or what?


Right now I’m wishing Amanda wins the VETO just to see who would get sent home instead of her lol. Either way, Elissa and Amanda are going bye bye next week. Though for some crazy reason, I got the feeling Elissa isn’t gonna go anywhere cuz she is the “star” of the show, clearly. It would be hilarious if both Amanda and Elissa stay in the house post the double eviction. but it’s inevitable that one of them leave next week.

production rigged it

Wow Amanda has really lost it now saying that Elissa is a nasty ass. If I was Elissa I would have said really Amanda I’m the nasty ass, let’s see you started blowing and screwing a guy the first week you met him in here, you’ve talked about screwing while on your period, you’ve had a yeast infection, you’ve left stains of all kinds all over the sheets oh and pizza boy only washes his nasty ass once a week and you still blow and screw him every night. You might wanna rethink who the real nasty ass in here is. I’ll give you a hint go look in the mirror and you will see who I am talking about.

Also you know she got jealous when Elissa said that Jessie’s butt was banging and that she was the only 10 in the house, especially since Amanda said earlier in the game that she didn’t like Jessie because Jessie had a nicer ass than she did. If GinaMarie sticks to her word and puts Amanda/McCrae up on the block then McCrae will crawl up Amanda’s ass and hide for the rest of the week because she will go f*cking nuts!!! it will be awesome.


This week is going to be even more hilarious than last week! Amanda is losing it and it honestly gets better every day. Love her or hate her she has been mentioned in 99% of the posts on this page, she is all any of you talk about. This week will be epic and entertaining, but after the double things are going to be very very very boring. So get it while its good because soon anyone with any sort of strategy or personality will be out of the house.


Elissa is absolutely egging that psyco, err, Amanda on. All she has to do is sit n smile at her. If she got up n walked away, it wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining.
The othe hgs know exactly what is happening. And none of them want to be in shrapnel range when Amanda finally blows. All these other hissy fits have just been tremors. Mount-Amanda will explode for sure if/when she n mcpissy-pants go on the block together. Then BOOM! Just like Pompei, nothing but ash n dust left.

Cry us a river Amanda

and build yourself a f**kin boat and paddle your disgusting ass out of the Big Brother House. I think they need to re evaluate the type of medication she is on because she is a nut case. If they all know Elissa is stupid why do they care what she says about how great her life is. Amanda keeps saying she is worried they are portraying her as a bad person but she is doing it herself. Amanda and McCrae’s behaviour is disgusting and I wish they would just blur them out lol
Amanda has to go .. Her bi polar bullshit is bringing the game down.