Ian says he told Britney the true beauty of the season was evicted, but I’ll get that hairy orange beast out.

5:30pm Shane, Dan and Frank talk about the secrets some of the house guests had and wonder who else in the house has a secret. Dan says that he thinks Joe has a restaurant. Not a big milti-million dollar restaurant but maybe like “Arvin’s Diner” Shane talks about Kara being a playmate and Jojo being a go-go dancer. Frank says that Jojo wasn’t really hiding that though. They talk about how they only have two more weeks to go. Joe joins them.

5:40pm Ian joins Danielle on the couch. Danielle says that it’s just too weird that we are finally getting him (Frank) out. Ian says yeah we have all the votes. Danielle just imagine you are the one getting him out. Danielle says I wish I could see Britney’s face right now. Ian asks about how long Frank and Ashley were making out. Danielle says that they were making out for a couple weeks.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Ian and Danielle agree Frank is Going home this week

General Chit Chat about past competitions. Ian rocking the hammock hard..

Danielle: “I can’t wait until Thursday”
Danielle really wants to see Frank get out of the house. Ian didn’t think they would be able to do it. Last week he had a feeling they would try for 2 weeks to get Frank out and fail. Danielle is happy they can do it now. she’s confident they have the votes because her and Dan will vote
Danielle warns Ian that Frank is going to be really working Ian once Joe is out up. Danielle thinks that Frank is going to feel that he has 2 votes and it’s up to Ian to vote him out. Danielle wants Ian to be ready. Ian assures her the only way Frank is staying is if he flips 3 votes. Danielle: “There is no way that is going to happen”

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Big Brother Spoilers – Is anyone immune to Dan’s Misting powers?

12:20PM Danielle and Dan continue talking about nonsense while Shane is sleeping beside them. Joe is inside the house, Frank has been working out for the past hour and Ian is rocking the hammock. ? is probably sleeping.
12:24PM Danielle is saying she almost bought the new Nissan Maxima before coming on to Big Brother 14. Dan starts pushing her to get a FORD. Danielle says that her father will never allow her to get a FORD. Dan: “Does your dad tell you who to date?” Dan really pushes the point that he drives a older model Ford it runs fine and he has no payments. He bought it straight out and his only payment is gas and insurance.

Danielle says she really likes Nissan. Dan: “Drop the Nissan.. whats this about Nissan”
Danielle: “I like how they look.. they make good cars”

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Dan tells Frank that as long as you are cool with it, that’s what I will do.

9:50am Frank is out in the backyard talking to the camera. Frank says that the truth is that he didn’t have any trust issues before, but he will when he leaves this house. Frank says that he is just surprised that a lot of the people here don’t know the game, it’s sad. I guess all the people that do know the game, went home. He says that he almost got it yesterday, OTEV got me! I just hope losing that competition doesn’t get me sent home. I just don’t know how much I can trust Dan. If he uses it on Jenn, then I know I can trust him. He has no reason to keep me if he isn’t trying to work with me. He (Dan) thinks he can’t win against anyone in the end. Jenn joins him. Frank tells Jenn that he hates that we have to trust Dan right now. Jenn says yeah it hard when we were working so hard to get him out and now we’re working with him. Frank says that at least for you if he turns on us, I will be going home, not you.

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Joe tells Frank that his social game sucks. Shane says his does too because Britney was his social game.

12:15am Shane grabs Danielle’s bikini top to try and see the label. Danielle tries to get it back so Shane throws it to Dan. Dan tries to look at the size, but Danielle also grabs it back. Dan throws it back to Shane and he reads out the 34D label. Danielle chases Shane and he eventually gives her top back. Ian calls Danielle a stage five clinger for chasing Shane all over the yard. Ian and Dan start playing pool. Dan notices that the word p***s is scratched into the table and asks who did it. Ian confesses that it was him when he was smashed. Dan tells Ian that he has an obsession with Matt Hoffman & Shelley Moore and says that he isn’t sure why. Ian asks Matt Hoffman? You don’t get why? Dan says that well Matt didn’t win. Ian says that Maggie won, so winning isn’t everything. Ian starts talking about how he would want to meet Renny from Dan’s season.

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Ian says “Right now I could put Osama Bin Laden up against Frank and Frank would go home”

8:53pm Cam 3-4 Frank and Jenn

Frank is worried about Danielle’s vote. He doesn’t think he can get it. Jenn tells him to relax she can get Danielle to vote to keep Frank, “I trust Danielle”. Frank: “OK OK if you trust her i’ll trust her” Frank: “Think Danielle will roll with us to the final 4” Jenn: “YES you are being much to paranoid”

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Final 2 deals for everyone – Joe “I’m playing for second.. it’s a great prize”

6:04pm Cam 3 HOH Joe and Ian
Ian tells him that he told Dan not to use the Power of Veto. Ian doesn’t think Dan will risk it, Ian, Shane and Danielle will all be pissed at dan. Ian adds that if the Veto is played he will have to put up Joe as the replacement nomination but he wants Joe to know they have the votes.

Joe says he’s worried that Dan and jenn are close because she used the Veto on him last week he might want to return the favor this week. Joe tells Ian that Jenn “Hates” Ian.

They agree it will be 3 to 1 if Joe goes up against Frank with Jenn being frank sole Vote. ian: “This is our shot.. the one shot to get rid of Frank”
Joe: “Obviously I think it’s a great idea.. I have run through scenarios and it’s looking like it will come down to Shane, Dan, Danielle, me and You”
Joe: “very nice”
Ian: ‘Very Nice.. I want to know if I would go up if you won HOH”
Joe: “I’m giving it to you now 100% you are safe” (Joe will never win a HOH)
Joe: “right now I believe the best move in this game is with you.. 100% with you”

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Big Brother 14 Power of Veto Results Till Quack Vs Quack

4:44pm Cam 1-2 HOh Dan and Ian is in the Shower
Dan Wins VETO!!

Dan is talking to himself saying how crazy his week has been.. back from the dead, Public enemy number one, not nominated won the Veto and Made a Final 2 deal. Dan yells at Ian.. tells him this deal is legit even when it gets down to Quack Vs Quack. Dan adds that Ian must never tell anyone about their Deal. Ian says he won’t Dan puts the Veto up to the Cammera says “finally my ticket to getting Frank out”

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Shane says he isn’t homophobic he just doesn’t want to touch another dude. Dude’s are gross.

1:15pm Frank talks about how up in Canada there are some of the most beautiful girls in the world and that their strip clubs are the best. He says and you can best the best steak dinner. They laugh. Danielle brings up how Janelle said Frank was hitting on her. Frank says he only asked her once if she wasn`t married would she have a showmance with him. Frank says that she said something like she would be into his type. Frank laughs about how last night Joe was asking teach me how to W. Frank says he is almost certain it means teach me how to give a b**w j*b. Joe walks by and Frank tells him, Joe yells huh!? Danielle and Frank tell Dan about how Frank and Ashley used to kiss. Dan is surprised. Frank busts Danielle on sneaking down from the HOH room in the morning when Shane was HOH. Danielle calls it a no-mance. Frank says HCC …Hard Core Cuddling! Dan brings up how Frank blew Jenn out of bed with a Frank. Dan asks what were you thinking?!

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Frank says that Ian thinks the others are just as mad that Britney left, but they’re not, they don’t care.

9:55am – 10:05am Jenn and Frank are talking in the kitchen. Jenn is concerned about Dan talking to Ian last night. Frank tells Jenn that Dan talked to Ian last night to keep himself off the block as replacement nominee to make sure Joe would go up so that Dan, Jenn and Frank would be safe. Frank explains that Dan and him talked about him keeping close to Ian. Frank says that he thinks Ian putting Dan’s key last is just his way of messing with people. Frank says that he is going to go out there and try and win today. Frank says that even if Joe goes up as the replacement, we still want to have Dan on our side for the next week or two. Jenn says that she is going to go out there and kick a**. She asks Frank what type of competition it might be. Frank says he isn’t sure, it might be Otev. Frank says that Ian think the others are just as mad that Britney left, but they’re not, they don’t care. Frank says we are going to get this done, one of us will come off.

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Dan asks Ian if Britney told him not to trust Dan. Ian says Britney said beware of the mist.

2am Dan and Ian continue to talk in the HOH room. Dan brings up how Ian said he graduated when he was 16 and asks if it’s true. Ian says that it’s not true and says that he feels horrible for the things he said and did the other night when he was drunk. Ian says that it’s funny if they believe him, but that he’s not that smart. He says that he thinks Joe believes him, and it’s funny to him because it’s just Joe being wrong, again. Ian says that he doesn’t think his behavior in the house has been good. Dan asks what Ian wants to do when he gets out of the house. Ian says he wants to do the charity events, like the reality bash, Vegas, Reality Rally. Ian says that he will go to Matt Hoffman’s event even though it’s not a charity.

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Big Brother Spoilers – POV Tonight? Danielle tells Jenn if Noms are the Same Frank goes home

8:22pm Cam 3-4 Bathroom Danielle and Frank
Danielle mentions that Ian is convinced that it’s OTEV early in the morning.

Frank thinks that 4 people are going home in the next 2 weeks. Danielle thinks it will be staggered because 2 back to back fast forwards is too much.

Frank: “I just hope it will be that competition that you crawl through that sticky stuff.. I know you don’t want it but I sure do”
Danielle: “I just don’t want it in my hair”

Frank starts talking about all the “W” he’s had in this game. (Frank calls wins “W”) Frank now reminds Danielle that he’d play in every POV comp. Dan walks by and Frank asks him if it’s rare to have a person play in all the POV comps. Dan says it is. Frank :’That’s so crazy.. I’ve played in all the POV comps so far.. So crazy.. all the W i’m winning”

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