Ian says “Right now I could put Osama Bin Laden up against Frank and Frank would go home”

POV Holder: DAN Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 3 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 6 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Jenn and Frank
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Britney

8:53pm Cam 3-4 Frank and Jenn

Frank is worried about Danielle’s vote. He doesn’t think he can get it. Jenn tells him to relax she can get Danielle to vote to keep Frank, “I trust Danielle”. Frank: “OK OK if you trust her i’ll trust her” Frank: “Think Danielle will roll with us to the final 4” Jenn: “YES you are being much to paranoid”

8:55pm Cam 1-2 Joe and Danielle Hot tub
Joe tells Danielle if he wins the HOH competition he’s going to put Jenn and Dan up. He thinks they have a final 2 deal.

Joe is saying that Dan was trying to get Ian to put Danielle up. Joe adds that he’s not sure but that is what it’s sounding like. Joe says that Dan has been trying to sell final 2 with everyone in the house, Jenn and Ian in particular. Dan’s pitch is he’s the perfect person to go to the end with because no one will get his vote because he’s already won.

Danielle: “That make me so made”

Joe: “I don’t’ know what is true.. But.. “ Joe is saying that Dan is telling everyone around the house that he’s the perfect final 2. Joe: “I talked to Ian he’s very on board with us getting to final 4”
Shane joins them, “Joe you spreading rumors again” (LOL Joe is totally spreading rumors)
Shane: “We just have to wait until after the meeting”
Joe: “He’s not going to use the veto”
Shane doesn’t think so either but all this scheming before the POV ceremony is a waste of time.

Joe says If Frank goes home he’s going to realize his worst move in the season was to take Dan off the block and put up Britney. Joe thinks any time you have a chance to take out these power players you need to do it.

Joe tells them he trusts Ian now because he’s stuck with his word and his nominations speech was polite. Shane: “You never trusted him last week”

Joe says that he’s going up on the block if the Veto is played. Shane doesn’t think it will be played. Joe is confident that he’s got the votes to stay. He mentions how the headhunters can ride again.

Joe thinks they should tell Frank they are keeping him just to avoid Frank harping on them for Votes. Joe mentions the time when he was the swing vote Boogie and Frank were on him every second of every day

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9:20pm Cam 1-2 Ian and Danielle

Danielle says she’s trying to get away from Joe because he was trying to tell her Dan was throwing her under the bus. Ian explains that he doesn’t want the POV to be played but if it does get used Joe is going up.
Danielle: “Did my name get mentioned today”
Ian: “No not even once.. it’s well known that you and Shane are not going up as per the conditions of the HOH Competitions agreement”

Ian: “Joe has been given stern warning that if the POV is played he’s going up”
Ian: “I told Dan if you use the Veto I’ll rip you face off”
Ian: “I could put Osama Bin Laden up against Frank and Frank would go”

Danielle: “Frank needs to go .. Frank here doesn’t benefit any of us”
Ian: “Not a single benefit.. Frank has to go he’s too dangerous “

Danielle is tired of Frank going around talking sh!t about her. Danielle asks if Frank has been mentioning her name as a replacement nomination.

Ian says that frank did not mention Danielle’s name once, He’s only talked to Frank once since the POV.

Ian: “I was nervous when we didn’t get shane in the Veto.. But when I saw Dan win it I was relieved”
Danielle: “I was so excited when Dan won… “

9:33pm cam 1-2 Dan and Danielle Hammock
Danielle tells him that Joe is going around telling people you were throwing her under the bus to Ian
Dan: ‘Good”

9:45pm Cam 1-2 Jenn and Danielle
Danielle tells her that Joe is going to be the replacement nomination and they need to vote Frank out.
Jenn mentions how Frank is trying to get Jenn to work on danielle’s vote. Danielle: “I want your a$$ out the door you curly haired punk”

They start to laugh at Frank. Jenn says she told Frank we’ll get the votes.. HAHAHA they laugh saying “Let’s get the votes.. (So much for Jenn city being loyal to Frank)

Danielle tells Jenn to make a deal with Joe after Frank leaves this week just in case he wins the HOH. Jenn: “So you really want Frank out” Danielle: “IT’s not only me.. there’s 4 people in the backyard taht want Frank gone”

Jenn says if Dan uses the veto on her he will have gained her trust 100%

(WOW Dan and Daneille have this game under their control… it’s going to be awesome to see it shatter.. Production do what you do best stir the pot)

10:51pm CAm 1-4 Jenn lounging near the hot tub. Everyone else eating Ian’s HOH Doritos. Talking about Mas****ba**tion .. Sounds like Shane, Joe and Ian have all done it in the house.

Ian is drinking again.. Dan says that Ian has drank the most beer this week than any other Big Brother player. Frank disagrees says that he drank more.. Ian and Dan do the math and find out it was Ian.

11:15pm Chit chatting in the backyard.. Ian jokes that he is bummed out that JOdi is gone he so wanted to hook up with her
Dan asks Frank how many older women has he hooked up with. Frank says 2 one was older than 40
Frank: “Older women are a little bit more giving.. When you are a younger guy they feel like they have to make up for them being older”
Shane says his friend hooked up with a girl that was 78..

11:30pm everyone but Jenn outside on the couch
They all tell Frank that Janelle was telling the house he would hit on her. Frank is shocked. Joe teases him says that Janelle told him Frnak was getting too close to her and she had to push him off her. Everyone laughing Frank: “She’s not the Janelle from Season 6 Thank you very much.. I would never hook up with a married women”

Frank is a bit pissed that people would think he would hit on a married women.

11:46pm Jenn joins the backyard crew. Frank seems to be getting pissed about Janelle telling everyone in the house that Frank was hitting on her, Frank: “I’m getting heated about this.. I’m about to go into the DR and raise some sh!t” (Frank is funny on the feeds tonight.. everyone is actually having a good time)

Ian brings up Janelle coming up to him out of the blue and started talking about science stuff. HE says she would bring up aliens and if they had s$x or not. Jenn says that Janelle talked to her twice once about what types of girls does Jenn like and the second time for a vote.

they are arguing about who should sleep in what beds. Everyone seems to be trying to get Shane and Danielle to share a bed. Shane is against it. Danielle doesn’t seem to mind.

11:55pm Backyard Joe starts dancing.. (Support Team Joe and Prevent a Dan/Danielle sweep of Big Brother 14 #TPH4L)

Share it YO!!

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Frank’s best strategy would be to blow up the alliance he had with Dan, Danielle, and Jenn and hoping Ian gets pissed enough to put up Danielle as the replacement (basically using Frank’s “I can’t put you up but I can put up your closest ally” speech). It is unlikely though.

So long Frank, you’ve been fun to root for this season. Now I have to root for someone else who gets irrational hatred from people on this board. I think Team Powerhouse is calling.

Joe's wang

I’m on Team powerhouse once Frank goes…Boogie was my original “Team”…


Danielle was actually my first favorite this season but I jumped on the Team Frank Bandwagon two or three weeks in because so many people just hated him for pretty much nothing. But, as a feed watcher, I can’t help but root for Joe. He’s so consistently unintentionally hilarious. I’ll be sad if he goes.

Joe's wang

The show will be boring if Frank and Joe both go back-to-back, imo…Sure, Dan is great at this game, but he is still boring to listen to…I loved the way Mike would talk game, it was lively and entertaining to watch…


Really, the only constant entertainment from the feeds now is Joe being the living embodiment of a Foghorn Leghorn tape recorder. Jenn is wallpaper, Shane is dull, Danielle gets tiring to listen to, and Ian blathers on about nothing I care about.

Overall, I have the same opinion about Frank and Dan when it comes to watching the feeds: they sound like they’d be interesting to have conversations with but I’m not having the conversation with them so why should I be interested? Dan does have his moments where he remembers he has to keep live feeders entertained and talks to the cameras but no one else really does. Frank is annoying when he gets cocky but at least he’s entertaining when he gets all pumped up.

Dan is THE MAN

Foghorn Leghorn – you nailed it! LOL


Powerhouse 4 Lyfe
He is just going to skeet- i mean steer his way to the final 2 :)


Cj-Agreed. Unfortunately Frank is still too trusting of Jenn and Dan to blow it up but that would be his best move pre pov ceremony. If Dan uses POV on Jenn like they talked about Frank will think they’re sticking to the plan and will get blindsided with his eviction not having a chance to try to flip the script on Dan, Danielle and Jenn.


He had a hell of a run, considering the house was poisoned against him from the beginning. The bonus of him not winning is that he’s all but guaranteed to be back next year or the year after. People love him and hate him, which means we’ll see him again.

I never watched Dan’s initial season, so I checked it out this week. He’s basically got things set up almost exactly the same now as in Big Brother 10.

Danielle is Memphis (Is going to the end with Dan)
Shane is Keesha (Thinks he will get to the end with Danielle)
Jenn is Renny (Thinks she’s part of the gang, but they’ll cut her when it’s safe, despite trusting a younger girl higher in the pecking order)
Joe is Jerry (Thinks he’s onto Dan, but is about as worrisome as a cloudy day)
Ian is Michelle (Thinks he’s part of the gang, but is too volatile and will be cut before he can wreck anything)
Frank is Ollie (Was attached to somebody that made him toxic and made the mistake of trusting Dan)

What makes the plan work in this case is the two people (Frank and Ian) with the brain to see what Dan is doing both think they’re Memphis, while everybody else is either dumb, oblivious, delusional, overconfident, or completely misreading what’s right in front of them.


Frank’s best strategy is to pull a Dan? You mean where Frank takes a chum bath, agrees not to compete the next 2 HOHs and his ally accepts to eat slop the rest of the season in order to get out Dan, and then Dan, the guy you trying to get out, comes to you with some story about how Ian told on Boogie. Instead of Frank playing game, he wanted to standup for the honor of Boogie! Ah Frank, Boogie is not in the game anymore,time to think about number one. If everything Dan told you that night was true, it still meant Dan was complicit in getting rid of Boogie and Dan was the bigger threat.

So now you are telling me that the not so bright Frank should pull a Dan. Hmmm…the only problem ….Dan’s strategy only works with someone like….well like Frank; however there is hope for you. Dan has this house so wired up. He could pull Jenn of the block, and her replacement would be Shane…..Shane, “I still don’t understand how to play this game”, has volunteered to go up. Dan, may target Shane this week instead of Frank, not because of anything Frank says, but he takes a major competitor out. Frank still can’t compete in the next HOH, so he is not a threat. Dani won’t even cry when Shane leaves, Dan will mind control Dani as usual and then Dani will go in front of the mirror and say” mirror mirror on the wall, who is the thinnest house guest of all”. Yep Frank is staying, but only because it helps Dan game; whereas Frank’s move last week was….well just stupid.

chief c

loved your post jump jump hysterical ha ha soo good

Carol & Steve

Powerhouse – he just jumps to whomever has the power. Now he & Ian are all buddy buddy. So funny that Shane called him on the rumor spreading – unfortunately I don’t think Shane will realize he caught him.
I have a feeling that all Joe’s power comes from that thing on his chin – the longer it grows the more powerful he becomes & the more bricks he can haul! LOL!!


When Frank goes home captain is finally going to leave us all alone

captain underpants

Ian is totally nerding out about Pokemon right now!

Carol & Steve

Seriously – can’t wait form some drunk pokemon speak! LOL!!

Joe's wang

I sick of Ian’s act…


I really hate everyone is the house except Frank … Shane is boring and does whatever Danielle says and then Dan swears on the Bible and then goes back on his word . I know its big brother and u have to lie blah blah blah .. Buy why does he feel the need to bring God into it…The dude works at a catholic school ..I also don’t remember him swearing on his Bible or his grandfathers cross during season 10. I think its unnecessary and ridiculous.


in season 10, Dan swore on his girlfriend and family that Ollie could pick the replacement nominee if the veto was used. When the veto was used, not only did he not let Ollie pick the replacement, he put up the only person that he swore he would keep safe (Michelle). If any of these houseguests have ever seen season 10, there is absolutely no way they should trust him. He never has hesitated to go back on his word when it benefits him. Even if he swears up and down. He says before he comes in the house, as long as he goes to confession after he leaves the game, he has no regrets.
Dan is really good at this game…..but it also helps alot when you are playing against a bunch of morons. Anyone that watched season 10 should’ve gotten him out the first chance they could.

production rigged it

you’re exactly right this season was a house full of morons for the most part, that’s why i disagree with alot of people saying that what dan did was a genius move, i don’t really think it was the only part i thought was good was making everybody think him and danielle were no longer together but the rest of it anybody could have thought of, throw britney and ian under the bus and turning himself into a rat like everybody was saying ian was by ratting ian out to frank and then frank being a stupid moron and believing that he could trust dan, can’t wait for carrot to go to jury and see the welcome that britney gives him i’m sure she will have something either very funny to say to him or something that makes him look like an idiot and making him mad at her either way it will be entertaining as hell.

Nicky Brand

Initially, I thought it was the greatest move I’d ever seen, but the more I think about it, you’re right. It was a samrt play by Dan, but if Frank weren’t a complete fool, it could have never worked. I’ll bet he will have a long time in jury house to think about how he’d still be in the running if he’d let Dan go home instead of Britney. A guy comes to you, knifes all his friends in the back, and you give him your complete trust. Come on, Frank! Dan appears to be taking candy from babies at this point.

chief c

production rigged it sad your fallin in your own vomit hating is so lame cant give credit where due

Ians virginity

Ahhhh the christian way. Do whatever you want as long as you are sorry about it! Just dont be gay….


Holy shit

Dan is fuckin soooo good

He’s just runnin this shit right now


Dan is playing with Morons so it does not count. Production orchestrated Britt’s demise because she was the only one with half a brain left. For the first time in history a PB Veto was less than the regular veto. You can bet if it benefited Dan, Ian would have went second like they originally planed.


So does that mean Dr.Will’s win doesn’t count,since his season was full of morons too?


Oh please, you’re giving Bratney too much credit, LOL!

Ian "the new Alpha Dog"

Dan better clue Danielle in on what is really going on. I still think Dan wants Joe gone this week.

Doesn’t Dan want the fued between Frank and Ian to continue? And doesn’t Dan want to keep all of his other alliances intact?

He has already lost Brit’s jury vote. I think he knows he would probably not have Ian’s jury vote either. He needs many of the other votes, if he wants to wins this rhing.

Carol & Steve

If Dan really wants Joe out then why in a previous post would he look at the cameras in the HOH when Ian was showering & say this was his chance to get Frank out?

Ian "the new Alpha Dog"

I thought he said that for Ian’s benefit, because Ian could hear him from the shower (I mean hear him through the MIST in the shower).


Possibly, Dan did not think everything through at that point (just winning the Veto). If he goes against Frank NOW, he will probably lose two more jury votes (Frank’s and Jenn’s).

Carol & Steve

I might have not read it right, but I still think he wants to take Danielle to final 2. Whether he wins or loses, he did what he signed up for – getting one of his team members the win. If he wins b/c he misted everyone to keep himself in the game while still coaching Danielle so be it. I do think that he would win no matter who he’s up against in the end – Frank included.


I agree. I’ve been trying to remember if Julie said by them entering the game, they are no longer eligible for the 100k. I have a suspicion that they are and Danielle would be his best chance at the 500k, but at least he knows that if he doesn’t win that, there’s a possibility he could still win 100k for bringing his player to the final 2 and them winning. Who knows…..maybe they aren’t eligible for it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if, for Dan, at the end they say “Oh and guess what! Your player won Dan so you get your 100k”


Actually, I notice that most of the voters do vote for the Player that deserves to win. If Dan take Danielle of Jenn Dan will most likely win. If he takes Jenn or Joe, Dan will pnce again win 7-0 votes!

Britney as a fans of BB will not hold it against Dan as it’s was his best move. He outsmarted everyone and deserves to win if he makes it to Final 2!


He has Brit’s jury vote, just check her interview with Jeff after her eviction.


I disagree. I don’t want Dan to win, but if he makes it to final 2, he will win against anyone that sits next to him. Brittany will definitely vote for him out of respect for the game. Also, he would have the best argument to win over anyone. If you make it to the final 2 TWICE, you can’t deny that he is really good at this game.

Not the best though. Always be Dr. Will no matter what anyone says.


Didn’t Dan make a pact with Frank that they would work together when Frank was HOH last week? Yeah, it was supposed to be Frank, Dan, Danielle, and Jenn. I remember that those two talked about that group of four going forward. Funny, Danielle nor Jenn were there – they were up in the HOH room. So I guess that Frank thinks he has the votes to stay this week as long as Danielle is still in the alliance that she only heard about from Dan (or did he not tell her?)
She hates Frank or appears to. So now Frank and Jenn are on the block, and Dan has the POV and Frank thinks that he will take him off the block and put Joe up. Even if he takes Jenn off to pay back to her taking him off the block last week, Frank figures he still has the votes to stay. I really hope he is


Sorry…..I hope he is WRONG !!! I don’t like him either.

chief c

when people go to jury theyre naturally angry but time though short and updates from other incoming guests ensure dans votes anger is short lived once ya got food time at pool and booze lots a booze ha yeah give it to the guy/girl thry believe took them (EGO)out. human nature to value your own play regardkess if good.


Joe makes a fucking final 2 deal with every single HOH

This guy is one of the worst BB players in the history if the game

his performance in the last hoh was absolutely pathetic

Joe's wang

Lawon and Ronnie get might vote as the two worst players in the history of BB…

Joe's wang



idk marcellas winning the pov and not using it on himself was pretty dumb especially since i believe it was final four at that point

chief c

dont forget the great willie and shima

quack-pack fan

I think Joe has a final 2 with the oven mitt!

He is clueless about this game. Joe giving game-play advice to other houseguests – priceless!


Joe Has a final two with his hands. They get to play in his pants not wash em and then go cook food. Grossssssss

Dan is THE MAN

Joe had a final two with the grill, but it got evicted. He’s working on the new hammock now.


Joe is still there and likely getting Final 3 if he lasts past this week.

And no one will ever beat Lawon for dumbest HG ever.

Zingbot Fan

Marcellus has to be up there. In season 3 he was up on the block against Amy when they were down to five players and he had the Golden Veto and did not use it on himself . He said he didn’t want Jason to have to put someone else up. When the vote came up one to one Jason broke the tie and voted him out.


The primary difference is that Marc thought he was safe, Lawon said “maybe if I’m evicted, I’ll come back with a special power.” Lawon WANTED to get evicted.


No wonder posters on here basically each others’ faces off. Following this thing brings out the devil in us. Watching these house guests lie, cheat, back stab, talk sh*t and scheme gets a rise out of everyone.


These boards are worse than the things people say each other in the house.

Dan's Magical Mist

Ian is getting a hard-on tonite talking about fricking Pokemon cards. WTF?

Really, BB please do a better job of casting next season. Get some people who are not still lost in the mindset of a 12 year old.

The live feeds are so boring. What next? A stimulating conversation about Hannah Montana. Gimme a break.

Don’t waste your money on the live feeds.

Simon and Dawg’s website is way better, gives you the highlights and funny commentary and it’s free!

Magic Dan is ALIVE!!

No production, leave it alone for once. Let it play out. I’m sick of all the stupid “super” powers. Just let the players play. Although I’m sure production will somehow try to save Frank yet again. Ridiculous, please just get BOZO the clown out, then I don’t care what happens.


Were you complaining last week when there was a Pandora’s Box that was likely set up to save Dan?

Notice I didn’t say it saved Dan but was likely set up as a way to save Dan.

I really would like a season with just new HGs though. The more vets are involved, the more everything is altered. Let the hamsters in and let them figure it out for themselves.


Completely agree.

If production is reading this, you should do a rotation.

Do a season with casual fans who understand the basics of the game but won’t just try to copy a previous successful player. It would be refreshing to see some fresh minds take a shot within the structure of the game and see how it could impact future editions

Do a season with hardcore fans who know the game and all the competitions and can mimic prior strategies. This is a cast with people convinced that had they been playing would have won every season. So theoretically you get lots of big shot, a**holes in a cast where everybody wants and expects to win, shunning the “I’m just happy to be here and on TV because maybe I can become a celebrity”. Hardcore fans know BB is a 15 minutes of fame experience.

Do a season with veterans who showed some promise, but made one mistake or trusted the wrong people, etc. Having recently watched season 10, I really think Brian, the first HG out, could have been a hell of a player. He just went too fast and talked to too many people. I think if you gave players like him a second bite at the apple, they would impress.

Do a season with All-Stars, players who made moves to win and had a run in the game. This is my favorite season by a country mile. Everybody knew each other, knew their capabilities, and all were there to win and claim they were the best.

The vet seasons are great because of the familiarity game on a firsthand basis. It’s one thing to watch from home and talk a great game, compared to having actually been in the game. Big Brother is a high end prison. I don’t know that we understand as fans how that can screw with your thinking. Seriously, imagine inviting a dozen strangers to live in your house that you can’t leave for 3 months, other than than a 50/50 foot back yard with a 30 foot fence, with food sometimes in scant quantities or withheld in lieu of gruel….oh yeah and one by one, you’ll vote each other out and the winner get $500K. It’s just not fair to put a newbie against a vet for the simple fact that experience is invaluable.

I think when you mix all four like they did this year, you get a situation that is much less interesting and I hate the saddling players as prefabricated teams concept. It’s a gimmick that screws up the organic process of finding allies and can ruin a player’s chances who gets put on the wrong team. If anything try to cast people in pairs that you think would be natural allies, since those will be the people most likely to clash or be tight as can be. Maybe a little more diversity too.

Anyway, it’s just a thought.

Dan is THE MAN

You forgot to add a season with OBB fans/posters!


Um, you have it backwards.


Frank may commit suicide after his”dream” is destroyed. Hmmm….or will production allow this to happen?


Damn right production stir the pot
On another note Joe’s wife is gonna be pissed when she learns that every female that was in the house is pregnant from all the spooge joe flings around

Magic Dan is ALIVE!!

Oh Simon, that was so WRONG! Funny, but wrong!

Dan is THE MAN

A little bit of Joe on everyone, especially Joe’s shirt.

quack-pack fan

aww…we finally know the origin of Sloppy Joe!!! Thanks


Frank has been everbody’s #1 target since day one and it just shows the stupidity of it all…

Danielle: “Frank needs to go .. Frank here doesn’t benefit any of us”
Ian: “Not a single benefit.. Frank has to go he’s too dangerous “

Um…how about Dan Gheesling, the man that is f’n misting the entire house and has you all on a string!?!?!?


Carol & Steve

Technically Dan & his team were the #1 target to get Dan out, but somebody always went up against Danielle & went home. Frank became a threat after he kept winning POVs & HOH.
Funny if they’d voted out Danielle after Kara neither her or Dan would be in the house now…..

Shao Kahn

NEGATIVE!!! I agree partially with the part of you saying Dan’s team was the #1 target. Mike Boogie was the main target as well. He was more so a bigger target than Dan. & Danielle has only been on the block no more than 3 times. Frank has been on the block week after week after week. He was on the block the week Willie was HOH which was the 1st week if i’m not mistaking. Either way Frank had a tougher time playing this game because he was constantly always on the block.


I disagree to an extent. Janelle went crazy early on (when her team and Brit’s team were working together) about how good Frank would be in comps before he even won one. When Frank won HOH after being up on the block, it was easy for her to point and say “I told you!” Keeping in mind, Shane (or his team) had already won three comps by the time Frank’s HOH ended.

Quick fun fact: Shane (or his team) won five of the first six comps this season.

Frank didn’t go on his comp tear until two weeks after the reset. He even mentioned that he didn’t come into the house wanting to win a bunch of comps but when he had one foot out the door before the reset and was put up on the block again after the reset, he thought he’d be a target every week and hard to start winning everything to stay in the game.

Frank’s made some mistakes along the way that will likely get him evicted Thursday:

1. His biggest mistake was winning the second HOH. Janelle was pushing for Frank to go before he even won a comp with the excuse that he was going to be a huge physical threat. When he won a mental comp, it was very easy for her to say he’ll be a physical and mental threat in comps. The target was already there, his first HOH win solidified it.

2. After being up on the block during Danielle’s HOH and him getting saved due to Boogie’s smooth talking, he should have cut a deal to throw the HOH to someone else so he wouldn’t be seen as this huge threat. IMO, this is where Boogie failed him. Instead of taking the heat off his boy and winning HOH to keep Frank safe (and building a relationship with Ian while HOH), Boogie threw the comp and Frank had no choice but to keep the target on his back.

3. His attitude when him and Boogie were up. This is self-explanatory.

4. When Boogie left and he ended the night as HOH, he didn’t really bother building relationships or making meaningful alliances. He’s damn lucky Jenn decided to fall into his lap when he got the power.

5. Giving up HOH when you’re that big of a target is never a good idea. His best hope to get through this week would have been the “what if” factor as in “what if Frank goes up, wins POV, then wins HOH again?” Him giving up that HOH gave away all his leverage to stay beyond this week.


all true but production kinda screwed on point five cause he didnt know he would have to sit out 2 he thought that was a freebee

Magic Dan is ALIVE!!

That’s why Dan is so good. They don’t even realize how dangerous he is. He stays calm and can BS better than anyone in BB history. Voila Social Game King!!

Frank is dangerous physically, but brags constantly about being the best player ever and that he’s going to win 7-0. Voila, no good social game at all. That is his downfall (and Boogie passing his arrogant ego on to him didn’t help matters either). That’s why he’s been on the block every single week (except when he was HOH). Cockiness causes the target on your back to grow and grow and grow.


A cocky attitude hurts your social game, for sure. No one likes arrogance. But I think Frank has a huge taget on his back not only because he’s dangerous, but mainly because when the Silent Six disbanded, Frank was on the wrong side of the numbers. Him and Boogie fractured away from the rest of the group after it was revealed that Boogie wanted Britney and Shane on the block (on top of the fact that Britney and Danielle knew Frank considered backdooring Dan.) Ever since then, the numbers were against him and he had to win everything to stay in the game.

I think there are several factors as to why Frank’s in his curent position:

1.I think Frank spent too much time having a foul attitude and being vindictive. Instead of swallowing his pride and biting the bullet, which is sometimes necessary for safety, he let his personal feelings get in the way a lot, and that destroyed his social game. He came off as a jerk, and that isolated him from the rest of the house.

2.He treated people like trash when they didn’t let him have his way, when he should have been trying to build relationships and bridges with other HG’s.
He made no effort to gain allies until he needed people’s votes, which made his game VERY transparent and they all saw right through that. (Except for Ashley, but he only gained Ashley because she was alone.) And when he actually tried to form alliances, he ended up promising the world and final 3 deals to everyone, which made him look worse to the house when everyone realized it. (This happened mostly when Boogie was on the block.)

3. Shane’s won a lot of competitions as well, and is pretty dangerous too, but the difference is Shane was able solidify a long-term alliance to keep himself safe.

4. Falling for Dan’s “magical mist” and putting up Britney.

chief c

e u watching dan not up dan not going up has veto dream a little dream much ha get Jenn not loyal to frank oooo go danielle get that vote girl


jens an asshole wtff so much for being loyal to frank till the end


I hope Joe wins … I cant believe Jenn is turning on Frank .. The girl goes psycho when she’s nominated. I really hope Ian gets drunk tonight and tells someone about his final 2 deal with Dan preferably Shane ..


I’m sorry – exactly why should Jenn be loyal to Frank again? Wasn’t she expendable to Frank and Boogie when they thought there might be a coaches trade? I’m sure that made her feel real loving toward Frank. Oh, and didn’t he campaign strongly against her just two weeks ago? Jenn of all people has no reason to be loyal to him. Frank expecting her to be just cements the fact that he is the most gullible player in BB history.

Roisin Dubh

I’ll laugh so hard if Joe wins.


Fuck this game, Frank is the only one who deserves to win, everyone else sucks, and Dan swears on everything then breaks his word the next week, so much faggotry in the house…




Me too! I feel for Frank’ never really had a chance being outnumbered!


Why? Why does Frank deserve to win? By what critreria do you gage that he “deserves to win”


I second that! Frank and Dan are really the only ones playing this game right now. Everyone says frank can’t be trusted but the sad part is that when he’s made deals Frank kept his end yet these hypocrites were the ones that lied to him! What makes it worse is He should’ve got Dan out last week but Ian is more dumb not realizing it was Dan that got Britney out not Frank! I won’t say Dan is the best big brother player after this season cause no offense he didn’t play the game till what week 4/5. Dan’s move last week was good but common most of these players this season don’t know how to play or never heard of the game (cough cough Danielle and Joe)


All of you who are Frank fans like myself just look on the bright side he is guaranteed to be back if there is an all stars season

production rigged it

yeah maybe if they have an all-star season of dumb players and let me explain myself, everybody thinks he’s this great player how many times has he been on the block now 6 i believe, he would have already been gone if not for the reset and if wil and ashley each had a brain and kept kara instead, he’s arrogant, brags about how much he’s won and thinks he has this great social game, there’s a reason he’s been on the block so many times it’s because nobody likes him, look how he treated everybody when he was on the block with boogie, also how many chances did he have to get dan out and how many punishments did he take to make sure it happened this past week and then after an hour with dan him and dan were working together (not) and dan was safe and now he’s gonna be sent home by dan, yeah that’s real all-star worthy take a bunch of punishments including giving up an hoh to get dan out then turn around and save him only to get eliminated by him next week, i rest my case.


Before the reset, Frank was on the block twice after winning only one comp. That was Janelle planting the seed that Frank was a threat before he had done a thing (meanwhile her ally Shane was winning left and right).

Right after the reset, Frank was on the block again. At that point, what choice does he have but to win comps?

He’s not on the block due to his poor social game. If that were the case, Joe would be up every week. He’s on the block constantly because Janelle put the target on him and it’s stayed there for two months now.

production rigged it

ok maybe he hasn’t been on the block so much due to a poor social game, but i do believe it does have a little bit to do with it and you’re partly right too i’ll give you that, but you have to admit everything else i said does make sense even if you do like frank.


Frank is more of an all star than howie,marcellas,erica,james,nakoma and a couple others who were all stars need i go on

production rigged it

this isn’t about whether or not he’s better than somebody from the previouse all-star season this is about now, i only have two things to say, one if it wasn’t for the reset he would have been the 5th one eliminated and two i’ll say once again he took how many punishements to take dan out then after an hour with dan he turned around and saved him only to be eliminated by him it looks like this week, i would hardly call that all-star worthy.


his comp wins alone are enough case and point buzzer beater game over


Loser Allstars! I like that! We could have a season with the biggest losers from each season since Allstars: S8 – Waamber and Dustin S9- Natty and Mattie, S 10 -Ollie and Renny, S11 – Lydia, S12 – Captain Kosher, S13 – Kalia, Lawan and Adam and S14 – Powerhouse and Ashley. The twist would be that four newbies enter the house and coach the players on how to play the game.


I really hope Dan plans to evict Joe. You can’t F*** everybody in the BB house and expect to win unless you’re playing for second place.
Seriously, can just one person tell Frank something and then follow through? I don’t even like the guy, but come on people…….


Even though I want him gone, I kind of feel bad for Frank. He and Jenn are putting so much trust in Dan, but Dan has no intention of taking either of them very far. I love it, but it’s also kind of sad to see lol.But then again, it’s their fault for falling for Dan’s “magical mist”. I mean, that’s how the game goes. No one is obligated to tell you the truth or give you a break just because the house is against you. Like Ian said, “If you have to win every competition just to stay in the game, then you’re doing something wrong.”


Ian seems to have a fetish for 9/11 terrorists


Seriously. I hope Jenn doesn’t hear that because she’ll probably rip Ian’s tongue out of his head.


That’d make for entertaining feed watching.


Can someone make danielle cry or call her fat so she can go crazy btw if anyone would do it it would be frank

Dan is THE MAN

Simon and Dawg – I’m smiling at the pic of Willie and Joe going toe to toe. If Willie only knew the action those two paws had seen, he would have run from the Powerhouse!


Everyone is so concerned about getting Frank out they are so no realizing that Dan is the biggest threat to them all! I wanted Frank to win, but Frank is not very keen on reading people so that will ultimately be his downfall along the fact that he’s never had anyone to help him out after Boogie left.

Joe's wang

My hope is that Joe continues to float, and then a miracle happens, and he starts winning comps at the very end…He can stand in front of the jury and say, “I skated by most of the game, but starting winning at the right time”…

Roisin Dubh

Dude beats his meat all summer and walks out with 500k. That would be classic beyond belief.


If i was frank and knew i was going to jury i’d look on the bright side and be like hey at least ashley is there with all the liquor i can drink i’ll be gettin laid every night and when ian joins me all he’s gonna be able to do is the powerhouse pull

Joe's wang

Ian’s getting KRUNK!!! lol…


My eyes! MY EYES!!!


Shane is an undercover weirdo. He’s had some random comments about him or friends that say FREAK all over them


Even though Frank is leaving this week it would be GREAT television to see him throw Dani and Dan under the bus………….like Dr. Ian Terry would say “COMEDY GOLD”

Joe's wang

BBAD is good tonight :)

Joe's wang

The stuff about him hitting on Janelle is funny.


I just finished watching iron chef america and couldn’t help but picture joe elated as the chairman anounced the secret ingredient semen ALA CUISINE!!!!!!

production rigged it

hahaha shane saying that he doesn’t want to sleep with danielle that’s too funny, guess what genius if you had voted her out and kept britney then you wouldn’t have to worry about her stalker ass now would you?


I hope one of the TV episodes does a piece on this season Joemance.


Production is going to mess with the game 100% cos at the moment, it’s amateur hour. Dan is running rings around this house.

Nicole N.

Dan is playing a perfect game so far. He has everyone thinking they are on his side when he reality I believe the only person’s back he has is Danielles. Of course for all of Dan’s plans to work these people have to be clueless and they all are. They are being played like fiddles. Dan has worked them all so well they actually don’t believe he’s a threat. Even when people flat out of told everyone what a threat he is. Britney I believe told everyone on her way out not to trust him but they all seemed to forget very soon after that what a great threat he is. It boogles my mind that most of these people watched his 1st game and still haven’t gotten him out.

production rigged it

just shows what a house full of morons they had this year, apparently britney was the only one smart enough to know that dan couldn’t be fully trusted and now he has everybody eating out of the palm of his hand, makes them all look pathetic and stupid.


I think at this point bb has conceded the win to dan and is done with this season unless he is evicted thursday.Their probably eating up all the unwarranted hype about him being the best ever.We would all have a great shot if we were safe for 3 weeks


I am team Danielle right now! I think she is playing an awesome game. She’s got everyone fooled. They all think she is just a sweet little country girl, but she has lied more than anyone in that house. She is setting herself up for the win!


setting up to finish 3rd IMO


@bbfan1014.”They all think she is just a sweet little country girl.”I don’t know if you remeber,but on the first episode Dan said in the DR that his strategy for picking his team was to chose girls that had a innocent face,then he would coach them to stab other house guests in the back with out them realizing what happened(I’m summarizing what he said).As of right now Danielle is doing a good job at doing what Dan asks of her(and I’am not taking a shot at her).It will be perfect if Dan&Danielle are in the final 2.Obviously it will benefit Dan more than Danielle,but since I’m rooting for Dan,what’s best for his game is all I care about.Lol.


I don’t know what happened. Joe used to annoy the hell out of me but now he’s finally learned to not lie to everyone and calm down and he’s much more likeable. Feeds were pretty funny tonight.


frank had a chance to win, until he decided to listen to dan. mike should have warned frank about dan, too.

the good news, frank will have a lot of time to think about his mistake to keep dan when he’s in jury with ash and brit…


Dan’s doing a great job…. no one knows what he is going to do… Including live feeders.


I like the way that Joe guy dances, he’s a real looker, gonna get me some of that tonight


They can’t beat out Ian and shane I final 4 I’m praying for Ian shane alliance


Joe is the only one in the house that has figured Dan out but with all his tall tales no one believes him. He said Dan has a final 2 with everyone…yep. Dan will be getting Danielle out soon, he is starting to plant that seed in everyone’s brain. He doesn’t want to sit next to a player so he will take either joe or jenn to final 2.


Why is everyone hating on Frank? He’s my fav!! :)


“Jenn says if Dan uses the veto on her he will have garned her trust 100%.”And that is one of the reasons Dan is taking Jenn off the block.Lol.


I comment


So is Dan using the veto on either of them? I love Dan So happy he has the POV But are they all really going to agree to take Frank out? Then Ian? Then ate they going after Dan part 2 of double eviction? Help!


I can’t wait to see Frank walk out that door! I’m so sick of him! I Don’t care who wins, but Frank is to co**y and i’m sick of his out bursts. He’s not Evil Dick!