Jenn says that she thinks Danielle is gaming Frank, real good! Dan asks you think, that’s why I like her.

2:15pm – 2:30pm Jenn and Dan are lying out by the pool. Shane and Danielle are playing a card game, while Frank watches. Shane keeps getting bad cards and yelling out fudge packer and f this and that. Shane yells rummy and tells Danielle she can s**k it. They continue to play. Shane gets rummy again. Shane yells in your face! Danielle tells him he is horrible to play with. Dan and Frank are in the bathroom shaving. Frank wonder if it will be another double eviction this week. Dan doesn’t think there will be because he can’t think of other competitions they can do for the live show because one has to be mental and one physical. Dan leaves to go hang out by the pool.

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Frank says “Dirty Scallywags, the whole lot of them, except for Jenn, she’s a good girl.”

11am – 11:30am Frank says that he needs three votes to stay, I think I have Jenn and Shane and I should have Dan’s vote too. He says that this is pretty much déjà vu for me, it was just a few weeks ago when I was in the same situation. He says that they lied to me then and I hope they don’t do it again. I don’t want history to repeat itself, unless I don’t go home but you see what I am saying. I really do hope that it’s a 4-0 vote, at least that’s what I am told and if that happens then I have just pulled off a huge turn around. Frank says from what I am told I am fine and maybe I am stressing out for nothing. “Dirty Scallywags, the whole lot of them, except for Jenn, she’s a good girl.” Frank talks about how Ian screwed him over and how he made a dumb move. Ian was such a disappointment to me that he flip flopped on me. No one wants to work with him since Britney left. The last two people I want to see win this are Dan and Ian. I would rather someone who deserves it less than someone who lied to people to get to the end. Frank says he has only told a couple lies. Frank says that I lied and told Joe that I would help him get to the final two.

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Joe says I don’t want to go to the jury house; I’ve got a chance to win this thing!

9am – 10am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Jenn and Ian are the only house guests awake. Ian is sitting up in his HOH room. Jenn is out in the backyard. Big Brother then calls Ian to the diary room. Frank and Joe wake up and head out into the backyard. Joe talks about needing to campaign today. Joe says you’ll be Barack Obama. Frank says f**k that I’ll be Bush. Frank says I would have liked to have had a cookie last night, but Jessie threw them all away. Frank heads inside. Joe talks about how he will be doing a little bit of sweet talking today. Telling them how nice they are and kissing butt. I really don’t want to kiss Dan’s butt, but I guess I will have to. Frank started getting into my territory by cooking hot dogs and onions last night. Joe says that Frank farted on him last night and he didn’t appreciate it, he says maybe I will have to start farting to be more like Frank to get the votes.

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Dan says he messed up and asked Frank who he thought Joe would put up if he wins HOH.

12:15am Out in the backyard Joe and Ian are by the hammock talking. Joe is complaining to Ian about how Frank is trying to steal his thing by cooking for the others. Joe says that he isn’t happy about it! They talk about wanting to evict him. Ian says that he wishes he could get the blood on his hands sending Frank home. Joe brings up how many people have tried to evict Frank unsuccessfully. Joe says that when he walks out of the house Thursday I’ll s**t myself! Ian and Joe notice Frank cleaning up inside the and say that he is trying to do everything he can to stay. They laugh about sending Frank to the jury house. Ian says that this is for Britney! Joe says that Britney will be just as happy to see Frank walk into Jury as they are to see him walking out of the house.

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Dan’s misting of Frank “You’re serious final 2 .. We’re Golden right”.. Dan: “Ya Ya obviously”

8:56pm cam 1-2 Shane and Frank
Shane saying he thinks there will be a fast forward.. tomorrow might be a eviction for all they know. Shane says that when he found out Dan was using the POV he thought he was going up. Shane says he talked to danielle a little but he doesn’t know where her vote is he thinks she’s waiting for Frank to talk to her. Shane: “If there is something I can do let me know”.

Shane says if he won HOH he really doesn’t know who he would put up.. Shane has a bit of a idea

Shane saying that Joe was pissed when Dan used the POV to save Jenn. Frank tells him that it’s obvious that he has Shane and Jenn’s vote they just need to get Dans. Shane says he never talks Game with Dan ever since he threw Britney under the bus but he’s willing to talk to him to help out Frank. (Shane is bull Sh!tting Frank)

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Joe says Dan’s creeping him out reading the bible while he stabs you in the back

7:24pm Cam 3-4 Joe talking to the camera.
Joe starts off by giving us a rundown of whats going on. He’s nominated against Frank and he needs to start gettign the votes.
(A collection of things he said.. )
Joe:” maybe Frank will fart on someone again.. Maybe he’ll get mad and yell again”
Joe: “Joe has to play it cool.. kiss some butt.. cook some good food”
Joe: “Shane and Danielle have to be happy and as long as they are happy I have 2 happy votes”
Joe: “Gotta work on Ian.. he’s the swing vote.. I know Ian doesn’t like frank that’s going to help me”
Joe: “Gotta work my ass off.. I need 3 votes so I gotta steal 1 vote from either Dan or Jenn.. Dan I don’t know where his evil heads at.. and I don’t know about Jenn.. but I gotta try”

Joe: “3 Days baby 3 days to really campaign.. to get the votes.. Joe has to win the HOH I gotta get something out of the wheel house here.. tough up in here.. tough time livin..”
Joe: “I’m going to keep cooking keep working… I got a snowballs hell chance of winning this.. got a bit of luck..”
Joe:”A boy can dream… A Boy can dream.. anything can happen.. you get so tired so worn out..“

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Big Brother 14 Blindsides Frank can’t wait to see the look on Ian’s Face when the Vote is 4-0

2:56pm Cam 3-4 Danielle and Dan

Danielle says she’s been telling Shane that Ian is targeting her because she’ll win in the mental competitions. (They want Shane to nominate Ian next if he wins HOH)
Dan stresses the good spot they are in the only thing they have to worry about is if Joe wins the HOH. Dan: “Even if he wins HOH it will be Me and Ian or Me and Jenn nominated”

Dan: “What do you and Ian talk about”
Danielle:”We talk about our DR’s and how much he hates Frank”
Danielle also mentions that Ian is still onboard with the final 4 (Dan, Danielle, Ian Shane). Dan warns her if Ian gets to that final 4 he will win the POV and advance. Danielle: “I know”

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Dan got revenge on Danielle; he took her panties, froze them and then threw them in the pool.

1:58pm – 2:10pm Dan comes out into the backyard with Danielle. He wrapped up her panties and frozen them. He throws them in the pool and tells her he told her he would get her back for messing up his pool game earlier. Danielle says he found my pantie drawer and froze my panties. Jenn grabs them and hands them to Danielle to throw them in the hot tub. Jenn tells her to ask BB to turn on the hot tub. Danielle says will you please turn on the hot tub so that I can unfreeze my panties? BB doesn’t do it. Danielle is sitting there defrosting them. She says it is just frozen around the crotch area, if I wore them I would just get freezer burn.

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Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Power Of Veto Ceremony Results

11:35am Frank and Shane are talking in the arcade room. Frank comments on how Joe isn’t too happy and that he is up in the HOH talking to Ian right now. Shane says yeah and Ian doesn’t even have a vote. Frank says yeah that’s why I am talking to you. Shane is talks to Frank about how wishy washy Joe is and how he can’t be trusted. Shane says that he is still down to work with Frank. Frank says we just need to worry about Danielle’s vote right now. Shane says that he will work on her. Frank and Shane shake hands and leave the arcade room. Shane heads out into the backyard and tells Danielle just a heads up, Frank is going to be all over you for the vote. Danielle says gross. Shane says that Frank thinks he has Jenn’s vote but he doesn’t. He thinks he just needs your vote. Shane tells her to just tell him that you are voting the way Dan does or just tell him that you aren’t telling anyone how you are voting. Danielle says that she will just do that, I am going to tell him that I am not telling anyone how I am voting. Joe comes out into the backyard and tells Shane that Frank is going to come at him hard. Shane says he knows. Joe says that he and Frank just made a deal not to campaign past 1am, because last time we were on the block we campaigned till 5am.

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Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Joe says that if Dan wasn’t going to use the Veto, now he surely will!

9:45am When the live feeds come back from waking up the house guests. Dan and Jenn are awake and then they head back to bed. Joe leaves the kicks room to change his batteries. Dan jokes with Shane about how Joe thought he was Shane last night. They both laugh. They both roll over and go back to sleep. Frank and Joe are the only two house guests awake.

10am Frank is sitting alone on the backyard couch. Frank says that today is the veto ceremony, and Dan is supposed to use it on Jenn, and then Joe should go up in his place. Frank says that he got a little panicky last night, but sometimes you need to take a gamble in this house. Frank says that he figures if Dan wasn’t working with him he wouldn’t use the veto on him anyways. Joe joins Frank out on the couch and then goes back inside.

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Frank tells Dan he needs to just use the veto on him because there are only 6 people left, so why not?!

12:30am Frank is in the backyard shooting hoops with Joe and Shane. Ian and Dan are in the backyard playing pool, while Jenn and Danielle are sitting on the backyard couch. Danielle asks Jenn what she should do with the Shane situation. Jenn replies by saying we are always talking about Shane. Danielle tells Big Brother to give them something new to talk about and to give back their junk food. Danielle talks about the guys in the house and says that although they’re various ages, they’re all the same. Jenn agrees with her. Danielle tells Jenn that there is only 3 things you have to do to make men happy, feed them, screw them and let them have the remote control. Jenn adds and let them think they’re smart every once in a while. Jenn and Danielle start talking about random things. Jenn tells Danielle that her guy friends thought for sure that Jenn would wrangle one of the lovely ladies in Big Brother house.

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Dan makes fun of Ian and calls him the shower peeker, then says sorry I know it’s a sensitive subject.

8:05pm – 8:30pm Frank, Ian, Dan, Joe and Shane are eating in the kitchen. Joe tells them that black olives are second rate olives that are dyed in a brine to hide the bruises. Dan and Frank don’t believe it. Dan says I buy a lot of what you are selling but I am not buying that. Dan looks at the can and says it says these are ripe olives, not battered olives. Frank laughs. Frank starts to believe it. Dan says don’t start drinking his koolaid. Dan says these are too delicious to be second rate olives, their skin is too intact to be battered and bruised. I will not buy your black olive story. Joe says that he doesn’t understand why that is so hard to believe. Dan tells Danielle about the olive story Joe is selling. Danielle says she isn’t buying it either.

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