Dan asks Ian if Britney told him not to trust Dan. Ian says Britney said beware of the mist.

POV Holder: Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 3 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 6 (Thursday)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations: Frank and Jenn
Have Nots
Last Evicted Houseguest

*Everyone but Shane plays in the POV.. rumor has it that the POV is going to start early this morning.


2am Dan and Ian continue to talk in the HOH room. Dan brings up how Ian said he graduated when he was 16 and asks if it’s true. Ian says that it’s not true and says that he feels horrible for the things he said and did the other night when he was drunk. Ian says that it’s funny if they believe him, but that he’s not that smart. He says that he thinks Joe believes him, and it’s funny to him because it’s just Joe being wrong, again. Ian says that he doesn’t think his behavior in the house has been good. Dan asks what Ian wants to do when he gets out of the house. Ian says he wants to do the charity events, like the reality bash, Vegas, Reality Rally. Ian says that he will go to Matt Hoffman’s event even though it’s not a charity.
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Ian talks about is confrontation with Frank and how he flipped him off. Ian talks about himself and says that he isn’t a good person. Dan says that Ian thinks he wants to be evil but he is not. Dan says that if Big Brother 16 was good versus evil Ian would want to be on good, but thinks he would be on evil. Ian says that he makes inappropriate comments, like how he referenced 9/11, and saying you done to Ashley. Ian talks about what happened in his big argument with Frank, saying that he called him a F*** head and flipped him the bird. Ian says that he also says he muttered inbred piece of s***. Dan laughs. Dan reassures Ian that he shouldn’t be too worried about what he’s said about his historical reference to 9/11. Dan says people can see that he is genuine and not malicious, quirky but not thinking he is the a**h**** like Ronny. Ian says that he is sorry for any inappropriate comments he has made. Dan tells Ian that the only thing that would hurt him (Ian) is if he is roasting people in the diary room or going on about how much smarter he is than the other.

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2:35am Dan tells Ian that if he isn’t in the final two, he has a great shot at getting America’s Favourite House Guest. Dan says that Janelle probably does too. Ian says that Britney would too. Dan asks Ian how long he thinks Willie would have lasted. Ian says that thinks that Willie would have been gone because Frank would have nominated him along with JoJo. Ian says that JoJo is the ultimate victim of circumstance this year because it was supposed to be Willie then Shane then her. Dan asks Ian if he had a final two deal with Britney. Ian admits to Dan that he did. Ian tells Dan that last week he was really angry that he had to use his veto first when his veto was constantly referred to as being the second veto. Ian says that he was in the diary room going nuts and needed to be reassured but he still had a bad feeling. Ian says that he assumed that Shane would have been put up when Jenn used the veto and says that he was shocked it was Britney. Ian says that he thinks Frank figured out that Ian was working with the quack pack because of Dan saying “I’ll rat you out” during the Pandora’s Box. Dan says that he felt really bad about saying that to Ian because he has never lost his cool in Big Brother before. Dan says that he wants to win the next HOH badly. Ian says that Dan has to because if Jenn wins it, it’s bad. Dan asks Ian what Britney thought of him (Dan) doing what he did. Ian says that she was pissed but that she understood. Dan asks Ian if Britney told him not to trust Dan. Ian says that Britney said beware of the mist. Ian says that she told him he would be golden if he went to the end with Shane or Frank. Dan and Ian start talking about past seasons of Big Brother.

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2:50am – 3am Dan asks Ian what Britney meant by Dan’s mist? Ian says that it’s the magical mist, that it means that Dan can convince anyone of anything. Dan tells Ian that he doesn’t want to pressure him about being a Renegade. Ian says it looks likely that he would want to be part of the Renegades. Ian warns Dan that if Joe wins the veto and uses it then Dan be the replacement nominee. Dan asks Ian if Joe wins the veto and takes Frank down, would Ian vote to keep Dan in a tie? Ian says that if it’s a tie then a quack pack member is staying there. Ian tells Dan that the only way that he is in trouble is if Frank somehow convinces Danielle or Shane to flip. Ian tells Dan that if it were Dan and Frank on the block and he had to break the tie to send Frank home then it would be a huge resume builder for him with jury votes. Dan and Ian finish up their conversation and Dan heads downstairs to go to bed.
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Just as suspected, Joe had bad intentions, he got himself drunk off wine and then took advantage of himself…



5:35am All the house guests are sleeping..

8:55am – 9:20am Jenn, Joe and Frank are awake and ready for the power of veto to start. All the other house guests are still sleeping. Jenn is called to the diary room. Joe stares at the memory wall.. and then goes back to bed.

9:45am Ian gets dressed and heads down stairs to change his mic battery, then goes back the HOH room and gets back into bed. Everyone but Jenn is trying to go back to sleep.


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Im sure Joe’s family is so proud of how he sleeps … hands down his pants nonstop…. he needs to go to Jury ….

Hammock Boy

you think going to jury will stop him??? he will be on automatic pilot, he is a disgusting animal


Imagine the final five/four of
Danielle and Shane grooming each other
Joe doing what he does
Ian rocking and mumbling how none of these floaters should be here
And Jenn sitting off somewhere bored with nothing in common to these people.

Ooohhhh how much fun …
Is it over yet?


it’s already boring now, with Frank still there, won’t be different if he’s gone, final 6-5 is always boring

BB Pathetic season

at least with Joe in jury we would not have see constantly see pictures of him with hands down the pants on here.



PowerHouse has a mancrush on Shane and needs to relieve his tension somehow…


Joe got all hot and bothered looking at Danis boobs last night and then the hip dancing with her…. the man has no class at all.

Joe's Boxers



If there was an hoh or veto competition for shaking one out, Joe would win hands down…..


yeah he wouldnt fall off that one after 2.5 seconds. oh lawd.. how embarassing…


If I was Joe’s wife, I would be furious at him for pulling on himself so often on national tv. I mean once or twice is expected but COME ON!


Joe has been screaming a lot less in the DR. turns out, it was just pent up sexual frustration and now everything is OK!!


I am so tired of seeing Joe doing what he does in his bed. This is totally humiliating for his wife, kids, in-laws etc. Big Brother production should not allow this. This is a form of internet bullying and I think BB should be ashamed of yourself! C’mon BB..thought you had a little more class than this! It’s a disgrace for BB and this website to allow such pics!


Omg Joe eww.



Chuckles the Clown

All of Joes food must taste like fish….


Make a bold move. Dan and Frank


The only way i see frank saving himself if he doesn’t win pov is if he rats out dan. If i was frank that is what i would do dan ratted out the quack pack and ian needs to know it.

Trashy Entertainment

It wouldn’t make any difference. Frank is still a threat in Ian’s eyes, and Dan has a poor track record when it comes to comps (he can be dispatched later). Keep in mind Frank was as much a part of that episode as Dan.


I think Ian and Shane would find it interesting that Dani knowingly risked her game to stab Brit in the back. It could be an alliance breaker/maker.


Joe is so disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only will he go down in BB history as the biggest floater ever, he’ll always be remembered for his nonstop masturbating. Please, no more pics, I’m getting nightmares!

Joe's dirty hands

I wish Joe would keep his hands out of his pants! Geez, disgusting. His food and cooking habits are gross. I would never eat anything he has handled. I’m sure his family is real proud of him. Dirty old man!!!


I won’t lie, I almost pissed myself from laughter when I saw “Just as suspected…”…ok I’m lying I did piss myself from laughter. Funniest. Shit. Ever.


OMG grab that one-eyed snake Joe!/
Tame it!
Tame it!

He’s probably thinking about Danielle Sexual Powerhouse and her huge ass and thighs!


I don’t know why but I find Joe disgustingly amusing. I also couldn’t stand Frank but just remembered that almost all the hgs are bratty when on the block and he has been up so much I stopped caring. He seems to be handling this one better. Still don’t want him to win just doesn’t need to go to the jury as quick.


I think he is handeling this better because he thinks that regardless if he wins or not he is staying


Ian is annoying


Ian is gonna blow it. He is so desperate for an ally he is telling Dan wayyyyyy to much.
He should no better than to give Dan info.

Also, I am thinking he got either more money (than $1000) or some kind of power, because he said BB took away the card and envelope for the $1000 and I do not recall them ever doing that before.


*Know, not NO
I should KNOW better than to type faster than my brain can work…..

Frank for the Win YO!

I don’t know who is more annoying: Ian on a powertrip or Jack Off Joe. Both are 2 of the most irritating BB houseguests ever.

I feel bad for Jack Off Joe’s family. He is humiliating them. Being the kid of an idiot parent is one of the worst experiences in life.

If Ian is embarrassed of his behavior, then why does he keep doing stupid stuff like shooting the bird to the camera in the photos above???

He isn’t very intelligent or he would conduct himself in a better way. Being on tv is not something everyone gets to experience. Show the world you ahve some class before calling Frank an inbred piece of crap. Frank is more man than Ian could ever dream of being.


Dan the floater. I totally disagree with him, too–I think Ian is, in fact, a little prick.

Trashy Entertainment

In house full of big pricks and a–holes.

Bb fan

Dan is far from a floater to me a floater is someone who doesn’t win competitions or talk game talk yea Dan hasn’t won any competitions but that’s his strategy. He’s so good at convincing people into what he believes is right what kind of person you know can hold his own funeral yet still survive the week. He doesnt need to win competitions because his mouth saves him a majority of the time

Zingbot Fan


What is the current record in the Guinness Book of World Records for chicken choking?

Shutup I'm Talking

joe is disgusting i mean honestly does he have to do that every night

Zingbot Fan


Is it true that when Joe moved into the house his suitcase had one pair of shorts, two Kentucky t-shirts, a soul patch trimmer, and three hundred pairs of socks?


Yuckkk! Joe is always touching himself!

Carol & Steve

Oh man Joe could’ve at least done this under a sheet! Ugh! When he wears that shirt again we’ll have to play the find the new stain game! LOL!!


Of all the house guests that could be jerking off on the feeds this season, why does it always have to be Joe? Why not Kara, Ashley, Britney, Danielle, or even Janelle.. ugh

Carol & Steve

As for Dan – he keeps saying “I’ve never done ‘this’ before in the house.” He got too excited that he told Boogie that Frank was gonna go home, he got crazy during the extra POV game upsetting several of the HGs & threatened to rat out Ian. I believe to some extent these are all parts of his game & they keep buying it.

I seriously believe what he told Danielle that he just wants to prove that he picked the person to win BB & was able to coach them & take them to the end. If Danielle somehow goes to jury then he’s got a plan B, C & D to get him to the final 2. It doesn’t matter if he wins or not – if he gets to final 2 then Dan will have the title of best BB player to date.


Ew Joe, WTF. That’s nasty as hell.

Now watch him wake up and cook them all breakfast.

If Frank leaves this week, I’ll be rooting for Dan.

Seeing Ian as HoH makes me think that he will make it far.

If he makes it to final 2, he has the votes ; not based on his game play but because everyone views him as a nice kid.

I refuse to believe that all Ian got in Pandora’s Box was toys, when the ultimate punishment of Jessie was unleashed onto the house.
Production probably threw him something for next week since they see that (somehow, some way) people like Ian.

Either that or he probably got the ability to use the GPOV again this week since he didn’t use it the first time.

Trashy Entertainment

There is almost certainly more to Pandora’s Box, cheap plastic toys and a Roid freak would seem kind of pointless. Ian either got a huge gift under the tree (cash, trip or a big ticket item) or as you said, some special power (GPOV, chance to compete in the next HOH comp, or…..).

give the carrot 500Gs!!!!!!

Levi!! Forget the karate classes Bubba…. your father must teach you the ways of hand-to-man combat….

He’s the Yoda of Powerhouse Peter Pulling … hes been duped into giving away trade secrets to live feeders since he thinks its dark and BB can’t possibly see him perfecting his craft

Only a Jedi can work one up w their belt still on…. see yesterdays lesson

That must be what everyone keeps finding in the pool… he works up a load then carries it out to the yard like Andy dufrainin in shawshank…. escaping the BB house one nut at a time


Ian is such a troll, are we sure he’s really not from middle-earth?


Haha, that’s funny, he’s a waste product of the Nephilim!

I says, I

So what is the over/under on Joe’s suicide once he sees the image gallery of his self-flagellation from BB?

Zingbot Fan

I want to be fair to Joe and make it clear that I was kidding when I mentioned that he might be the world record holder in monkey spanking. On the other hand I am pretty sure that his North American knob polishing record is a lock. Now please wake up and make Frankenhole breakfast.


The reason I dont like Ian is he lets the power go to his head. Settle down lil man. And if he rocks ONE MORE TIME in that hammock or kitchen chair I’m filing a complaint with CBS…it gives me serious anxiety…GET HIM SOME MEDS!!!! Also if Frank leaves, im no longer watching til finale night.

VA Vet

Looking forward to your return on the final night. :-)

Trashy Entertainment

How exactly has the power gone to his head? I have seen no sign of that, he said what he was going to do, no drawn out intrigue, just stated it clear as a bell and so far has done it.

If it’s giving you anxiety, perhaps it’s you that needs the Meds, not Ian. He explained why he does that, so why don’t you try to learn to cope like his fellow house guests have done.

just a random fam

LOL, I’m sorry but I found the comment funny as hell, gross yes, but funny.

“Just as suspected, Joe had bad intentions, he got himself drunk off wine and then took advantage of himself.”

You don’t hear that everyday of somebody getting themselves drunk to take advantage of HIMSELF. good one.

Go Ian!

I want Frank outta the house! Let’s hope all goes as planned with Ian’s HOH.


Damn you Dawg i just spit out my coffee. Ewwwww. Its even worse thinking he is the chef of the house. We all all he never washes his hands. This is really disgusting.


Joe better slow down or he’ll go blind

Lennon's Ghost

Joe screaming = “I’ve got blisters on my fingers!” Ow!

Lennon's Ghost

“The smell of burning leather” – The Tubes


I’m starting to wonder if Dan is setting Danielle up to take the fall this week if the chips don’t fall his way. He has really pumped her up like she is safe and basically on her way to final 3. Which means she’s not thinking about the game and just going around telling everybody what they want to here, something that will make it easy for Dan to get the house to blame her instead of him should Frank and Jenn reveal the details of last week. Unless I’m overestimating him, Dan has to know he’s not in the clear. If it was just one telling the story, Ian could shrug it off as desperation, but if Frank tells Ian the story, then Jenn confirms independently, it could spell trouble for Dan. I think Frank really scares Ian because he thinks Frank figured him out, but if Ian believes Frank was just taken along for the ride, that fear will transfer to Dan. Ian could even pull Shane in and explain what happened, who will surely blame Dan far more than Danielle.

I wonder if he will risk throwing the veto to keep the spotlight off himself or if he wants it to ensure his safety, take Frank or Jenn off, then go to Ian and come clean about what happened with Britney, hoping he can shield Danielle and put the blame on Shane as having manipulated her against Britney. I really thought Dan wanted the honor of winning and carrying his player as coach to 2nd place…but maybe he thinks she is too sympathetic a figure and does not want to risk her in the final.

It is dangerous for him if Ian wins veto because it would all but guarantee that Frank and Jenn rat him out. While if Frank or Jenn wins the veto, Ian has told him he is at risk, so he needs to get the target on somebody else. I was expecting he would at least try to be sowing some doubt about Shane with Ian so he can play the “Danielle is infatuated and chose Shane over Britney” card but he’s been acting like the Quack Pack is rock solid.

This leaves me to think that he will throw the veto and hope Frank wins, work to get Joe up, and then tell Jenn she’s safe…even if she’s not.


he wants frank out.


Damn joe you couldn’t go to the bathroom to rub one out.Apparently joe had the wrong coach boogie could of taught him the ins and outs of choking your chicken in the bb house without being on camera


I showed my husband the pics of Joe, he asked if Joe knew if there were cameras in the house…hmmmm maybe not. The urge to purge is just too great.
So why is Ian giving the camera the finger?

Martin Luther Frank, Jr.

It’s easy to be tough when the other person can’t hit you.
LOL at Ian saying Shane had to hold him back…yeah, if anything, Shane was holding him back from his own ass kicking.

Frank for the Win YO!

Exactly! Frank could choke that 100 pound undergrown man child with one hand.

I have to give Frank kudos for not losing his cool and his chance to win the 500K over this spoiled, slightly retarded, and extremely immature person named Ian.

Seriously, Ian doesn’t need to be in the house. It’s the BB House, not a freakin group home.

Martin Luther Frank, Jr.

“Joe takes a look at the memory wall…”
To get an image in his head for his next solo love fest.
I wonder if he sleeps in the wet spot?

VA Vet

It’s not dark in those pictures. We can see that the lights and the lamp are on.

Maybe the finger is a message to production for trying to manipulate him into doing what they wanted.


Spank the Monkey Joe has got to go!!! That’s one nasty dude! I think the photo of him napping yesterday was the first one and only one of him that he didn’t have his hands on his monkey!!! As someone posted…his family must sure be proud of ole Joe constantly caught with his hands in his drawers!


This monkey spanking business is all Danielles fault, at least this last tugaboo was. She was shaking her mammeries in their little hammocks last nite when her and Captain Tuggles were dancing and that probably got him revved up. Since this recent episode of monkey biz is her fault, Danielle should have to rinse the stained shirt today and apologize to the camera crew AND us!


I dont get why frank keeps reminding people that he played in all of the POVs. Doesn’t that just lower his standings since his played in the most but only won 3 (which is still really good). What i mean is by reminding everyone that he played in all the povs, the amount of his wins means a little less since he had so many opportunities to play, unlike some of the other people in the house.


LMAO – Hahahaha Ian was telling Dan about his shouting match with Frank the other night. Ian says he cussed and flipped Frank off and that he was leaning in (fight stance) so Shane had to hold him back. Dan replies, oh, Shane held you back, with one hand. LOL – poor Ian Hahahahahaha


Omg! Does Joe do nothing else but rearrange his own furniture??? So gross!!


Why is. Eyore ( Ian) always flipping off the camera?

Martin Luther Frank, Jr.

honestly…he thinks he’s a punk tough guy now because he had a verbal altercation with Frank, and ONLY because of the rules in the BB house, Frank had enough restraint to not open a can of whoopass on him.


The mystery of why Joe sucks at every comp is officially solved. Playing wacky with his dingaling every single night has sapped all of his strength, poor bastard!


Hey guys, do I get a prize for spotting the NEWEST stain on MoJoes shirt this a.m.? Wooooooooooooo…….his shirt is looking totally Rorschach-like, maybe Ian can read the spots and give us a Mensa opinion on them.


Has anybody considered that this is Joe on good behavior? That he DOES realize the cameras are on? That he’s restrained himself for the purposes of the game?

What would he be like in jury without the cameras and no longer trying to win a game?

Would he start flinging shit like a monkey when he gets upset at Britney? Will he “finish” on Ashley while she sleeps?

An unencumbered, uninhibited Powerhouse is a scary…scary thought.


Here is the Doctor’s take on why Joe has his hands down his pants:

Powerhouse Joe has benign essential hypertension, he has poor

blood circulation. Because of this, he will easily get cold even when

other in the room feel comfortable.

Joe’s reaction to getting cold is to place his hands on his testes and

cup them around his scrotum. This generates heat and makes him

more comfortable.

I too thought that Joe was “squeezing the Charming” until I put my

years of being a General Practitioner to use.

Come on guys, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that. We all,
(guys) will have the same reaction if we feel a cold chill in the middle
of the night.

Even during some ball games when outfielder’s have to stand for
long periods of time without any activity, unsheltered from the elements,
we’ll see them with their hands down their crotch.

They’re not choking the yankee, (I mean monkey), they’re just trying to
keep warm as they’re out there in the outfield waiting for some
ballgame action. (no pun intended)

Next time you see a professional Baseball game, keep your eyes peeled
and you’ll spot some outfielder cupping his family jewels during periods
of inactivity.

This is a natural reaction for the male species and in fact, during extremely
cold weather when exposed to the elements the extremities will be the first
to get frostbite, ie: hands, feet, nose, tallywhacker and johnson pole, and
other bodily appendages. I don’t know about you, but I sure wouldn’t want
to get frostbite on my gonads!

Men, next time you have to cup your testicular, globular, reproductive glands,
remember Powerhouse Joe and give a little squeeze to his memory, (alll
the while having a mental picture of Kelly Lebrock in your mind!)

Two balls in your scrotum are worth a thousand anywhere else!

The Doctor


I could see Dan selling Danielle out – if last week’s “Coup d’état” to get Brittney out is exposed by Frank and Jenn – and the POV is used this week. Dan would sell his own child to win this game.

And Danielle is so fucking clueless – and has been throughout this game. She hasn’t done shit in this game but stay behind Shane, Brittney, & Dan (and even Ian for part of it). She tried to take claim for getting Janelle out – but that was 100% Boogie. Not Danielle.

I can’t wait to see Danielle’s fat ass cry on her way out the door this week.

Danielle . . . “But, but, but, Dan – you told me I was safe until the final three” (sob, sob, sob) “I don’t understand what happened” – (walking toward the door)

Dan . . . “It’s OK Danielle – trust me on this one. I had to do this to make sure WE made it until the end. You understand, right?” (hands her, her bag)

Danielle . . . . “Well – I guess, but I still don’t really . . . ” (doors slams in her face).



the only thing you forgot was……what did I dooooo?

The Voices in Captain Wedgie's Head

Yes Ian will see misery wrath from Frank. Ian will be first HOH go home because Frank best player BB history. Me wish Frank choke his chickie like Joe do would pay see that. Frank me love you long time!

Danielle has no clue about being an RN

Joe can be in his own alliance called ” The Wacker-Packers”!


Why haven’t they shown the jury house yet, I really enjoy seeing the look of jury member’s faces and their reaction when the newest jury member walks into the jury house. And hearing their stories and seeing how they behave without the gameplay pressure.

It’s also entertaining to watch to see if old grudges transfer to the jury house.

With double eviction this week and possibly next week, they’ll have a lot of BB house footage to air. I hope BB Production takes time to show footage of wha’t going inside the jury house. Especially Britchney’s face when Ian walks into the jury house and not Frank!


They only show the jury house on eviction nights with Julie.


now I know why Joe lasted as long as he did in the H.O.H. comp. His hands and legs were weak from all that “alone time”


Now I understand why all the houseguests say Joe’s food tastes really good. Its got that distinct flavour only man can add-on.


America’s Favorite hmmm Not Ian, Not Frank, Not Boogie, Maybe Janelle but doubtful, Britney has a good shot, as well as Shane


what … people are so fricken judgemental. people are acting like joe is doing something illegal. give the guy a break!! it’s normal!!! only wish this website wouldn’t expose the man. he has family and friends and i know if it were my husband, i wouldn’t love him any less. wish the comments were about stragies more so than put downs. every single person would probably say they were against bullying …. so come on. let’s discuss the senarios if someone were to win veto and how the votes would go. or guess what he next comp is. how you think the votes will go for the final 2. way more to dicuss than joe.


I really don’t think Joe is “ma***ba**ing” in the pictures I think he’s just got his hands down there. Other players have been caught sleeping like that before it’s not a big deal to me just funny.