Dan tells Frank that as long as you are cool with it, that’s what I will do.

POV Holder: DAN Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 3 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 6 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Jenn and Frank
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Britney


9:50am Frank is up and in the arcade room giving shout outs. He then heads out into the backyard and starts talking to the camera. Frank says that the truth is that he didn’t have any trust issues before, but he will when he leaves this house. Frank says that he is just surprised that a lot of the people here don’t know the game, it’s sad. I guess all the people that do know the game, went home. He says that he almost got it yesterday, OTEV got me! I just hope losing that competition doesn’t get me sent home. I just don’t know how much I can trust Dan. If he uses it on Jenn, then I know I can trust him. He has no reason to keep me if he isn’t trying to work with me. He (Dan) thinks he can’t win against anyone in the end. Jenn joins him. Frank tells Jenn that he hates that we have to trust Dan right now. Jenn says yeah it hard when we were working so hard to get him out and now we’re working with him. Frank says that at least for you if he turns on us, I will be going home, not you.

Watch it ALL on FlashBack: Pick the Day, Time and Camera View!


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10am – 10:15am Jenn says that she just hopes he repays the favor for her using the veto to save him. Frank tells Jenn that if he does turn on us you need to get Danielle to separate from him by telling her that he swore on a stack of bibles. Frank says if it does happen that way, then just ram it home to Danielle that Dan can’t be trusted. Frank also adds that if it does go the way we want, we will be in a good position next week. Frank and Jenn both say that they need to see it to believe it if Dan will use it or not. If he uses it on you, but then god forbid he still votes me out then don’t let him fool you. Frank says if that happens I will make sure I tell everyone as I walk out that door not to trust him, that he swore on a stack of bibles. Jenn says maybe he will use it on you. Frank says no, if he did then maybe Ian would put up Danielle so he wouldn’t want that. Frank says if this all happens we will have you, Dan and Shane competing in the HOH. If Ian wins HOH then maybe he would put up Shane and then Shane goes home. Jenn says that Danielle is an important piece of the puzzle we need to keep it kosher. Frank says that we need to get that little kid out. They talk about how Ian was creeping on the girls in the bathroom. Jenn talks about how it was in the beginning when we were all still trying to get to know each other and it just made Kara feel uncomfortable. Frank says that he can’t believe that Ian was lying to them the whole time about working with them. That little s**t! The thing that I want the least is Dan and that little kid to make it to the end. Jenn says she doesn’t think that would happen. Frank says that he will walk the f**k out if that happens, I will show up to the finale night and if they are the final two I will walk out saying deuces! Frank says that he is going to have a talk with Dan to remind him why he needs to use it.


10:25am Frank says f**king Danielle and Dan, there’s a fracture there and we need to work it. Frank says that Dan said the only person he think maybe he could beat in the end would be Joe. But that he just couldn’t stand Joe winning this. Frank says that if its me, you and him in the end I am taking you. I did not swear on a bible. Jenn says I know. Frank says making deals is fine, it just matters which one you made first. They both laugh. Frank heads inside. Frank and Dan talk in the bathroom. Dan says that he just wishes Frank was playing for this HOH. Frank talks about there will be you, Danielle, Jenn and Shane playing for it. Frank and Dan talk about him using the veto on Jenn because the others won’t suspect they are working together. Dan says that if I used it on you people would know we are working together. Frank says he wouldn’t mind if Dan used it on him but it’s probably better to use it on Jenn. Dan says that as long as you are cool with it that’s what I will do.

10:30am Big Brother wakes up the house guests.

10:50am – 11am Frank, Shane and Joe talk about what a unique experience this is to have. Frank talks about working out soon. Shane says that he is going to do laundry. They talk about how they can hear music in the backyard and hope they don’t get put on an indoor lock down. Ian joins them. Ian says that he is going to go get on the hammock before they don’t do something. (Lock down) Dan is in the pool. Meanwhile, Danielle is curled up on the bathroom couch.


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Keep digging, Frank.

Again, his best bet is to blow up the DDJF alliance since this is the season of blown up alliances. Too bad he won’t do it.


Well there really isn’t anything for him to blow up this why dan is smarter then frank. He only told frank what he needed ot know, danielle knows everything that went down the fact that frank believes that dan/danielle are on the outs is riddiculus, Ian and shane already know that dan had to make a deal to save himself that is why ian told the others that with dan his first allience is always the true one and he thinks that is with the quack pack (but it really is with danielle). The only person that this will impact is joe but joe hasn’t figured out he isn’t in the loop and regardless of him thinking he is in an allience with shane and dani he really isn’t they will get rid of him the moment they can.


yep, you nailed everything. And add to the fact that Joe is useless in comps and everyone knows he stirs up sh*t, he’s basically just a body left in the house. With his deal with Ian and Danielle working Jenn (while still being alligned with Dan) all he really has to worry about is Shane. But it’s a double eviction this week which probably means a mental cop, and even if he does win, Quackpack could probably convince him to get rid of Jenn. Dan controls the entire house.


He still has the “Danielle knew about everything” card. Whether or not he knows this to be fact, there’s no harm in playing it. But what he did know was even if Danielle was not in on Dan’s speech, she was in on everything after.

Danielle knew Britney was going up, which she lied about. Danielle didn’t hate Dan, which she lied about. They didn’t just make a deal, they created an alliance and shook the Quack Pack out.

You think Ian would be pleased with Dani playing along with everything?

I know Frank won’t do it but Frank does have some cards to play with if he wanted to play them.

Jim ohio

This is all too clear but these people are stupid. First,send Jenny home(franks only real ally)…then frank can’t play in hoh…Joe can’t win anything..so Dan or quackers win hoh..put up Ian and Joe…tell frank we are getting Ian out(frank has major issue with Ian and judgement will be clouded)…quackers win veto ( either Dan doesnt play or doesn’t feel like it’s all or nothing)….then backdoor frank and he won’t know what hit him ,,, why can’t anybody this year have any strategy brains…..

Debbie H

Only problem with this is Frank can win the next veto. Have to take him out when the opportunity is there. The chances of Jenn or Joe winning the HOH are slim (but you never know) so Dan, Daniel or Shane should have it than bye bye Jenn.


Blow up what? QP know about the deal Dan made. And this really only affects Jenn and Joe who don’t know what the heck is going on. Frank can’t do anything. I would like Frank to stay cos I think the guy has a lot of heart to be either HOH or on the block all this time but sometimes your number is up. At the moment, Dan is on cruise control for 500K.

Dan's Magical Mist

Come on Dan, use the Veto!

Ian is getting on my nerves! I hope he walks out the door on Thursday too in the Double Eviction and goes back home to his pokemon cards.


I believe that when dan was talking to Ian they decided that dan would use the veto on jen so that she will still think he is on her side and he will play it as he is returning the favour

Dan's Magical Mist

That would make sense. The only problem with that plan for Frank is that he has to get Dan, Jenn and 1 other person to vote to keep him over Joe. I think his best bet may be Shane because Danielle hates Frank.

My dream team for Final 3 would be: Dan, Frank and Shane. I think the 3 of them have played the best game yet in very different ways and are the strongest people left.

I will go on a drinking binge if Ian, Danielle, Joe or Jenn wins the 500K. I’m sure they are great people in “real” life but as far as this game/tv show is concerned, they kinda suck.


I guess the jokes on frank because danielle already knows everything dan promised him

ILL WILL *The Original*

I would take Frank seeing as he don’t have the votes to win, he doesn’t have a chance to win against anybody Dan,Shane,Dani,Ian will all get the vote over him. Keep noms the same, make Frank even more disliked in the house with his bitchin, vote out Jenn.


I don’t know, I think if Frank makes it to Final 2 he will for sure win the game. This is a guy whose social game sucks, who has no one except one ally who can’t do much for him, a guy disliked by many, and if these people leave him in the game in a week where he has no Veto to save himself………..
Well he deserves to win over them for their mistake of not seizing an opprtunity.
The people to take to the end are Joe and Jenn.

Magic Mike

Frank has got to get Dan to use the veto on him or he is walking out that door. Dan is just misting it up again. The man has every angle covered. Danielle will never put him up, Shane won’t put him up cuz he doesn’t wanna upset his sweet southern bell. Joe won’t win HOH, Jen won’t win HOH. Dan is owning this house.


Dan will use the veto on Jenn, helping to secure her trust. Jenn already knows this and the plan to evict Frank. Dan did not swear on the bible to have an alliane with Frank – he swore that the info he gave Frank was the truth. Dan told Dani everything that went down in the HOH with Frank – so no fracture possible from that. Ian already knows why Dan did what he did – no problem there. Only one that knows that things are perfectly fine between Dan and Dani ARE Dan and Dani. These two are a pretty tight team.


oh please. the entire convo was ON the bible

i love the technicality that gets him “out” of this as a “man of faith”

what a joke.

I LOVE moves like the one dan made. I HATE using your religion that you claim to mold every move you make as a shield, only when its convenient to basically go against your word. to ME, the final 2 deal was on the bible, the entire convo was the second dan put it on the tab le

I grew up catholic, and no longer am anything*, but I find it ridiculously offensive what dan does hiding behind “faith”. I just think it has no place in this game in that fashion.


NO!! The only part Dan swore to was the information he layed out for Frank about the QP and the deals therein. You are just peezed that Dan is sooooo much smarter than Frank.

Face it, Dan IS the best BB player ever, and that summation includes Dr. Will.

Wanna prove me wrong?

Bring back Dan one more time and Dr. Will one more time. Let everyone else in the house be NEWBS. I dont mean regular BB newbs. I mean, hardly ever watched the show before, NEWBS.

And then let’s up the ante also. ONE MILLION dollars to the winner.

THEN we will see who is the best ever.


Dan will never measure up to Dr. Will. He made ONE interesting move this season (i.e. rising from the dead/his funeral). Dr. Will, on the other hand, played fascinating mind games on people WITHOUT the need to hide behind his religion.

Also, remember, Dan got a free ride the first 4 weeks this season.

Dr. Will is still best BB player EVER!


I agree, Dan is better than Will. Will had a assistant(boogie), Dan is pretty much made ever move on his own. Will and Boogie- made fun of people in a really bad way. Causing the intimidating factor, to help them win.


hahaha Dan is such a better player than everyone else left in the house it’s not even funny. Frank’s gone and Dan’s already 7 steps ahead of everyone else in the house. BB Legend.


You madd cappy? HAHA Dan got rid of Boogie Dan got rid of Frank and Dan is winning 500K. Sit back and enjoy the ride of the greatest player in BB history schooling all your weak noob players. It’s a done deal.


A Quackpacker is going to win BIG BROTHER 14
A Quackpacker is going to win BIG BROTHER 14
A Quackpacker is going to win BIG BROTHER 14
A Quackpacker is going to win BIG BROTHER 14


I think Danielle has revealed too much to Jenn, especially with Frank talking to Jenn like Danielle is cool and Dan is a snake. Once Dan uses the veto on Jenn and she’s safe, does she go to Frank and say Danielle was talking like Frank might not have the votes and put that on Dan?

Jenn has talked like she’s cool knifing Frank…but she’s on the block next to him. Of course she’s going to nod her head and say yes, but I don’t know what she does once she is safe and it looks like her only other ally than Jenn is going home.

Dan has the house covered, but is he taking into account that Danielle is not the best strategist and talks a lot?

ILL WILL *The Original*

I wonder is Jenn loyal to Frank enough to get the house to vote her out over him, OR is she just as gullible as he is??


Jenn + Frank = Lawon In a house full of idiots these 2 are the King and Queen. Britt was the only one smart enough to get over on Dan and production knew this that’s why Ian went first. Dan’s win will be tainted by the help from production.


OK, I will try this again:

So you realize that as far as we know, the plan is to take Jenn off and then vote Frank out, while telling him he is safe until he hears the vote, right?

Then last night Danielle was telling Jenn to not worry, she is safe, and Dan will use the veto on her. Then she said Frank doesn’t have the votes and made fun of his hair. The entire time Jenn nods her head and agrees. But that COULD be because she is not off the block yet and Dan is the one who can get her off.

Still following? OK

So after veto, Jenn is safe and Frank is up against Joe. Jenn is not brilliant by any means and usually sees the game in “checkers” terms. Would she rather Frank or Joe stays? I would guess she prefers Frank. So does she pull Frank aside and say “I was talking to Danielle and she said she wasn’t sure that you had the votes.” Then Frank goes nuclear, lays out step by step, what happened the night of the funeral, including brokenhearted Danielle saving Evil Dan and knifing Snowflake Britney.

Now remember Frank has given the impression to Jenn that he is cool with Danielle and Jenn might not see how a blow up between Frank and Dan could harm Danielle as well. Frank has already told her he will burn Dan on the way out, so in Jenn’s completely non-strategic mind, would she not prefer to see Frank stay instead of Joe, believing any revelation would only hurt Dan and will happen even if Frank is evicted?

Does this save Frank? Maybe, but I doubt it. Does is hurt Dan’s master plan? Maybe, maybe not. How does Danielle respond when the house questions her role? Does she cry and play victim, making Dan take the heat? I don’t know.

The point is that Danielle gained nothing from saying to Jenn that Frank won’t have the votes when Jenn is absolutely safe on Saturday, 4-5 days before eviction. It was a mistake that COULD hurt her and Dan.


It was definitely an unnecessarily stupid thing for her to do. That being said, I don’t see it hurting Dan even if it does play out that way. He’s got Danielle in his pocket who has Shane in her pocket, I don’t see that wavering. That leaves Joe (lol), Jenn (also lol) and Ian. Ian being the only one who would possibly make a move on Dan given that information but A) Can’t play in the next HoH and B) has no solid alliance left. Dan really is in the best spot possible right now.


Jenn City and Shane are the two “lay low, we never confront anybody” HGs left. I agree that Danielle is telling Jenn more than she needs to. But it won’t blow up on Danielle/Dan, because 1) Jenn’s closest alliance (and only real one, I think) is with Danielle, and 2) Jenn is ALL caught up in “if Dan takes me off the block, he then paid me back, and I can then trust him 100%!” In truth, taking her off the block doesn’t matter to the game at all, because Frank is going home whether Dan uses the veto on her or not. But Dan is smart enough to know that his pointless POV usage is a HUGE gesture in Jenn’s mind. Even if Jenn decides to act totally out of character after Dan takes her down, tell Frank he’s gone, and supply him with further, ugly details (which I HIGHLY doubt), there’s just no play left for Frank to make. Just like Britney after she was backdoored last week. Was she happy about it? Hell. no. But what could she do to save herself? Nothing. She’s gone. And how much has Brit’s epic, guns-blazing “Dan sucks” exit speech hurt him this week? Not at all. The only thing Jenn would accomplish by telling Frank he’s the real target is to piss him off. Then, both she and whole house will have to hear “Mr. Potty Mouth” bitch and moan, non-stop, to the entire house all week about them sh*tting on his dream! How is that is Jenn’s best game interests? None of the other HG’s want to hear it either, for the 50th time. So Jenn will say nothing, because she got exactly what she wanted this week – she’s off the block. And she’d rather be around an “I’m sure I’m safe” Frank, than a “screw all of you” Frank all week.

ILL WILL *The Original*

“Jenn says yeah it hard when we were working so hard to get him out and now we’re working with him.”

Keeping Dan in the house does nothing for Frank’s game, everybody in the house knows this except him.

Dan should’ve gone last week, then when Ian won HOH, strong arm him to put up Shane and Dani, they had the votes to get Shane out, or at the very least Dani, back either one in a corner, making them panic and throw the next few comps, Brit wouldn’t have won anything so she would also be paranoid still. Leaving Joe, and Jenn the only ones really not feeling the pressure in the next HOH.. Frank royally fucked what little social game he had by keeping Dan, he has nobody to blame but himself.

At this point unless power shifts get Dan out, nobody will be able to get him out, and he will have the votes, unless he’s F2 with Shane or Dani


ILL WILL *The Original*

i meant put Shane OR Dani up**


i’ll be shocked if Dan doesn’t win BB14.. To make it exciting all production needs to do is have the next 2 competitions be hauling bricks JOe wins HOH and POV.

Joe would have to put Dan and Danielle up. Dan is still safe but it would be awesome seeing him mist the entire house down and fight with danielle.

So production get those damn bricks.. entertain us a bit before you write Dan the 500K cheque


this will be a boring 4 days in the house. Frank doesn’t have the votes, Frank goes to the jury house. hopefully Ian follows Frank out the door on double eviction. Dan with an easy BB 14 win.


Dude! Seriously! You need to relax. Dan is going to use the veto on Jenn. It is what Frank wants him to do.

I think that Dan SHOULD use the veto on Jenn and vote Joe out. That way he keeps his word.

Shane and Danielle vote out Frank and Ian breaks the tie and Frank goes to Jury.

That way everyone but Frank (and his fans) is happy.


What if another Pandora’s box comes in and gives frank a veto or drops Jeff into the game “BIAM” power shift all over the house..

MU Tigers

Ewww, that sounds like something from Captain’s wetdream.


Sorry Simon….can you tell me what that means? Don’t mind me….I’m just stupid.



Has there ever been 2 Pandora’s Boxes during 1 HOH reign?

VA Vet

What if Ian got the DPOV? If you recall, Dan asked to see the card Ian supposedly got with the $1000, and Ian made some lame excuse in order to not show it to Dan. Maybe it was the coup d’etat. That would really be fun to watch.


The Big Brother toilets can only flush a fixed number of turds at a time.

MU Tigers

Agreed, and Dan should do that. But his haters will just blame Danielle and Shane’s votes on him. And that he betrayed someone he swore on the bible to, blah blah blah. Of course, I don’t see it that way, and it’s too early in the week to say what Dan will or won’t do and who goes home. It’s only Sunday. A lot can happen in this house, especially this season.


dan did win me over with that move.


he owes frank. he better try to help him stay this week. I just think making deals “on the bible” when you are a “man of faith” is a bit…..well…frankly….wrong.

ILL WILL *The Original*

I’d swear on a thousand bibles if it meant winning $500,000, ANY of us would. He’ll I’ll even do it for $10,000

As long as you don’t really mean it, swearing on the bible means nothing unless your in a court of law… After all, it’s just a “book” nothing more.
“Swearing to God” Never did anything to you or your “soul”, by doing it, and it never will. MANY people say things in confrontations like “On My momma___________(enter lie/threat/promise here)” and nothing.

MU Tigers

Well said. Frank fans can be mad all they want, but Frank only has himself to blame. He took a deal that didn’t help him at all and it appears it will cost him the game. I like Frank, but it wasn’t a good idea listening to Dan. Frank fans will have to deal with what Janelle fans have to deal. Great comp player, but their strategies cost them the game. It has been that way 3 times now for Janelle’s fans.


ILL WILL *The Original*


ILL WILL *The Original*

Remember the ol line, “May God Strike me Dead”? nothing happens after lying about that.


Does anybody else find it somewhat sacrilegious that Dan swears on bibles while lying… all while being a Catholic school teacher? Way to go at his greediness too — pummeling other housemates for coins last week. LOL

ILL WILL *The Original*

I don’t fault any of the HGs for how they lie, because in the real world, over a fraction of 500k? things would be much worst


So $500K is really about $250K after taxes. A good chunk of change, a nest egg to start retirement planning or buy a new house and car, but not exactly “fuck you” money. Which means the winner still has to work in this world. Whether Dan works as a teacher or in real estate (I thought that he said as much and was trying to enlist Britney), what he does for public consumption can effect his real life. I have no moral position on Dan breaking his word at all, but if you think the world is sophisticated enough to separate reality TV from reality, then I think you’re very naive. Unless Dan plans to become a TV professional (which is possible if unlikely I suppose), he has to know the shit he could take in the real world over this.

Can you imagine the sanctimonious parents demanding his head at school? Or if he tries to show a house and some crazy Christian calls him a blasphemer in front of all the potential buyers?

Again, just to reiterate, I’m 1000% fine with Dan breaking his word and don’t buy into “swearing” on anything…but this is happening on national network television and you know his hometown is giving daily updates in the local news. Big Brother does not happen in a vacuum.

ILL WILL *The Original*

I think if the people aren’t insane, they wouldn’t hold it against any Hgs that lies to get to the money… BUT there are borderline insane people who watch big brother, perfect example of these crazies was last season threatening Shelly’s family because she lied to Jeff and Jordan


I am a lapsed catholic it doesn’t bother me at all. I do think it is bad karma though. I believe in karma and you get back what you put out.
I think Dan is doing penance by fasting….things like that…maybe he will wear a hair shirt and start beating himself up, whatever he is doing he seems to be okay with it.


people seem to REALLY want frank gone. I dont get it


dan is going to ride to the end, at least frank brings competition

look who is left once frank leaves, if only SHANE wasnt such a dolt. that guy should be running this game right now, but hes basically gone awol the last month


I am done watching BB Can not stand Dan feel sorry for his wife can not trust him what so ever. Dani is just a idiot and insecure about everything can not stand her voice or looking at her anymore hope she wins and someone take advantage of her and takes all her money. They would do better at the end if they kept Jenn and Frank cause they are so disliked. This is one boring show now with all the exciting people gone so they should just change the name of the show to the Dan Show but I bet you do not get much views because of the person he is….

ILL WILL *The Original*

You didn’t have a problem when it was the “Frank Show” since reset?


Yes I did when it was just the Frank show but think about this WHO has worked the hardest to stay in the house of out of all of them that is left with out using god or the BIBLE to stay Dan gives religion a bad name ……

MU Tigers

There are people killing in the name of their religion or their God and Dan gives religion a bad name? Alterboys being molested, and Dan gives religion a bad name? Wow, you’re really something else.

Ians virginity

Dan doesn’t really give religion a bad name especially in comparison to the things you said. However he is a pretty typical douchebag american christian that thinks an omni potent sky god is watching him. That he can do whatever he wants as long as he’s sorry


Amen MU Amen…lol

Oh No You Didn't

If one more person whines about how hard poor Frank has had to work to stay in the game I’m going to scream. He’s had to work because he is a major douche in his own right and because he hitched himself fully to Mike’s balls. Had he come in and played HIS game instead of trying to be a wannabe chilltowner, he would be in a better place. Now you will blame the coaches spin so I am just going to scream now. AAAAAAAAARG!!!!!!!!!!!


if anyone benefited from production it was Dan. Dan had four weeks holding a bogus title of “COACH”. every coach in the game knew they were going to be inserted as players. Dan was no target for the first four weeks. Frank had to endure the most heat in the house from the beginning of the game. no one is even close being that much targeted as Frank. I don’t care who wins BB, just stop it already with production has helped Frank the most. Dan was helped the most and you people know it.

ILL WILL *The Original*

Production would change the show again…


Ok, so you are finished watching Big Brother. I guess there won’t be any posts from you? As far as my opinion, I have greatly enjoyed this season of Big Brother, granted some of those evicted I would of liked to have seen stay longer; however, I still enjoy the show without my favs playing. If you going to stop watching because Frank is not playing …… well I guess you’ll be getting an early start of watching reruns of Sienfeld.


No it is not because of Frank not being there it is because I can not believe a person like Dan can swear on the bible and everything that is holy to him and then 2 seconds later backstab the person if I was a parent to one of his students I WOUL FORBID him for teaching my children what morals does he have NONE……..


So you’re one of the cristian Wackjobs someone posted earlier about. Get a reality check, A: Dan didn’t swear on the Bible, he offered to but never did. B: The bible was never brought up about the final 2 deal. C: Dan hasn’t backstabbed Frank yet , and he may not even do it in the end. You need to get a grip. There are people in the Church hurting children, people killing in the name of God, and you’re worried about some guy lying in a reality show in order to win $500K? You are a piece of work.

MU Tigers

Exactly, Dan and Jenn both could vote to keep Frank but if Danielle and Shane vote to evict him, Ian sends him home and Dan kept his word. Today’s Sunday and already Dan’s turned on Frank and evicted him, yet the eviction isn’t until Thursdays. Wow, some people are just nuts.


Morals on a game show? Hahahahaha!
You’re so sweet… don’t ever change.

MU Tigers

Wow, Simon and Dawg are going to need to order more kleenexs, from all the sob stories of how the show is ruined now.


The show is not ruined, the game is! It’s not really a game and hasn’t been for years.

ILL WILL *The Original*

Simon/Dawg Thanks for not gracing our eyes with another Powerhouse Jackin’ session LOL


for dan his best bet is to use the veto on jenn so he keeps his word and vote out and evict joe and for double eviction hes pretty much safe since ian and frank cant play in the next HOH if he wins the next HOH all he has to do is to evict ian and he pretty much has a free road to the half a million


I read your past few post and I thought you had calmed down since last night. Boy, was I wrong. You can’t control yourself. You have a short fuse and obviously no one can disagree with you or the nasty Captain comes out. Maybe, you should take anger management classes to learn how to control your temper and how to diplomatically deal with people that don’t share your same point of view. You do not come off as a very likable person.

MU Tigers

Ding ding ding…we have a winner. You nailed it on the head.


Thank you! Now if the Captain would get it, I would believe in miracles. I am so sick of his standard “STFU” to everyone that disagrees with him. We are all entitled to our opinions, but there is no need to be so mean.

MU Tigers

He’s been warned by Simon before. I know he’s on thin ice here. And rightfully so, due to his intolerance of any other views that differ from his. And the personal attacks, etc. I think the captain just develops too close of an attachment to his favorite players.

MU Tigers

I was talking about you and you know it. This is just a tip, do with it how you will. Telling people to STFU is the kind of thing that might cause Simon to ban you. Not saying that it will happen, just saying based on the warnings I have seen him give you, it kind of falls in that area. Again, just a tip, do what you want. It wouldn’t break my heart if you were to get banned.


captain answer this question

Will a quackpack member or Jenn win Big Brother 14 ?

A) Quackpacker
B) Jenn City

MU Tigers

Who do you think you are kidding with your lies. Everyone that posts on here knows that you don’t respect anyones opinions, unless they match yours completely. You are constantly rude to people who don’t share your stalker like worship of your favorite player. Last season it was Jeff, this year its Frank. I lost count of how many people you have told to STFU because they said something about Frank, but its a regular occurance.


Before anger management take an ESL CLASS 1st


They need to vote joe out first on thursday, then if frank doesn’t win the veto, send him out SECOND …for th sake of having a good suspensefull episode …because as we all know it will be th last good one of th season.


dan did not swear on the bible that he would keep frank until the end he sweared that everything he was telling him about ian’s betrayal was true (which it was)

Joe's champagne room

When a person puts their hand to the bible and says “everything i am about to tell you is true”, there is no clock that times out when it is convenient for the person to stop telling the truth.
In that sworn conversation, Dan promised Frank a final 2.

You religious hypocrites can rationalize it any way you like…as is usually the case.


So according to your logic then Dan can never utter a falsehood to Frank ever again in all of time and eternity? I think that is a bit extreme. I don’t care if Dan considered that Frank was his ally and that he swore on the bible to take him to the final 2. It is a game. It is not real. If there are eternal consequences for what Dan has done then God will handle it. It is not ours to judge.

It really comes down to this:

You love Frank, you hate Dan. This gives you justification to hate Dan.

If you hate Frank and love Dan then you forgive Dan anything he does.

Actually if you are a true Christian then you forgive Dan no matter what: “God will forgive whom he will but unto you it is given to forgive all men.”

MU Tigers

Hey settle down Captain, getting this upset isn’t good for the human body. Stress is really tough on you. Dan swore that all of the information that he gave him was the truth. I watched that whole scene, don’t recall his hand on the bible saying he would take Frank to the final 2. Alright, take some deep breathes, it’ll be alright. Frank may go home, but the game will continue.

MU Tigers

What are you talking about? Call even? Please articulate what you mean so that the rest of us can understand what you are trying to say.

MU Tigers

Well based on how often you are wrong, then it will be Frank evicted first on Thursday and then Joe follows on double eviction. And then Ian the following week. For once I am in agreement with you.


Dan will win this game if he is in the final too, then he will have to move because his ego will be too big for the US oh n dont forget the next ebook he’ll be putting out

Go Ian!

Is everybody forgetting this is a DOUBLE eviction week? If Dan uses the veto on Jenn then Frank AND Joe will be gone this Thursday.


Best scenario, (for the viewer), (but, will probably never happen),…
Dan uses veto on Jenn
Ian puts Danielle up in her stead, (he gets to say, “because she is your closest ally”)
And, Danielle gets evicted.

Thursday, Ian follows in DE.

Then, Joe (because Frank will keep HIS word as HOH)
Then Jenn, because frank will win veto (and still keep his word as only vote)

F3 Shane, Dan, and Frank

ILL WILL *The Original*

I like this F3


I do not like that dan uses the bible as his prop. It is bad enough the way he uses people. It is way to easy for him. He is not a very nice person. I know it is a game etc. and 500,000 is on the line. But he has shown himself several times and Dani is just as bad or worse. She could have stayed withe the pack. They both deserve each other.


Does Big Brother have guidlines that the house guests have to follow.

If so does it cover lying. I’m not for lying or misleading someone. If someone claims that they are being truthfull or that they are swearing on the Bible or by anthing they hold sacred then this could be subject to the guidelines of Big Brother.


Someone sounds a little bitter. Those daydreams are starting to unravel, ehh?? Are you Danielle’s brother?????


frank needs to get shane and ian in a room and tell them dan sold them out and dani was on board that he is the reason britney went home and the reason he knows everything about the quack pack franks going home but i would like to see the house divided it would be the most interesting finish if it’s shane, ian and joe vs dan, dani and jenn otherwise this ending will be uninteresting my prediction is if frank outs all this that happened then double eviction is frank and dan if not frank and jenn or joe go out on thursday Dan played his cards he had to last week but it was sloppy because he had no choice

Martin Luther Frank, Jr.

Unfortunately, Shane is not smart enough to understand that conversation and Ian has the power so he will just do what Ian wants.

Frank is screwed this week because he trusted (a poor excuse for) a man who used the Bible to hoodwink him.

I wonder if Dan will dump his wife when he wins the 500K like he dumped his girlfriend immediately after the last time he won. I think I read that he told her the night of the win. Nice trustworthy religious boy that Dan is. His friends and employers should be ashamed of him.

For the record, I have no problem that he is a weasel and lied at every opportunity – I have a huge problem with him using the Bible and his religion to do it.


I call bullsh!t on you. If you didn’t care you would not have posted what you did.


Worse case senario Jenn and Joe F2.

ILL WILL *The Original*

If that happens, I think we all going to have the ambulance called to our homes, after we die of “shock” and “laughter” at the same time.

Friend of Jenn

Seems to me that Jenn and Dan have a final two deal nobody knows about. Jenn is not stupid, she’s a NYC girl, knows a lot about backstabbing coming from this city. She’s made it this far, nobody knows whats going to happen, just a bunch of theories, just watch the damn show.


I give Jenn a hard time but I think she could pull something out near the end.. she’s been really proving herself in Comps lately. It depends how immune to Dan’s mist she is.. right now only Joe seems immune.


.I don’t know if Joe is immuned from Dan’s mist.Since the funeral Dan hasn’t tried to mist Joe,despite him knowing that Joe doesn’t like him now(I don’t get why Dan doesn’t try to mist Joe,since he knows Joe is the only one who have a problem with him.It almost seems like Dan wants Joe not to like him).I think if Dan starts trying to mist Joe,he will convince Joe to do what he wants.Lol.


Dan probably isn’t bothering to waste his mist on Joe since Joe has almost no influence in the house nor will joe ever really win a Comp.. I’m sure if Dan mists Joe down he’ll have some effect on him.

The thing is joe operates on a more primal level the logical monotone mist may only have mini effect on him.

Who is the most likely to break free of Dan’s mist? (I’ll add this poll to the site.. )


I left the house, drove to Germantown, went to Fresh Market, got escargot, shrimp, and cannoli, Carona Light & lime. The world didn’t stop… I didn’t miss much of anything on BB and I didn’t have an anxiety attack or go into OnlineBB.com withdrawal. AMAZING!


I went to the beer store picked up some corona and czechvar and only had a little anxiety attack to get back on the feeds and OBB :)


what is cvechvar?


Thanks… gotta try it.

ILL WILL *The Original*

Can they bring Sid Vicious on the show? I’d like to see him Powerbomb the Powerhouse Joe :P


Ok, if jenn is saved and joe goes on the block, frank gets evicted. Then next HOH is shane, danielle, dan, jenn and joe playing a question/answer comp for DE. Odds are dani or dan win the brain teaser. Up goes jenn and joe. POV should be a quick skill comp for shane or dan to win and see ya joe. F5 Quack pac+Jenn City.


The funny thing is, back when Boogie was still in the house, Frank told Dan that him swearing on things didn’t meant anything because Dan had lied to him before, but when Dan brought up the bible, it was suddenly like, “Whoa! He must be telling the truth now!” When he looks back at the game, his biggest regret will probably be using this past HOH to get out Britney, instead of Dan, who was already on the block, ready to be sent packing.

ILL WILL *The Original*

LMFAO WOW I didn’t know that Frank knew about the “swearing on things tactic” of Dan’s… Frank must really not want to win this game, if he saved Dan knowing his tactics….


@ILLWILL. NO.It just proves how strong Dan’s misting abilities really are.Remember Frank’s dream is to win this game(how can you forget,he repeats it every chance he gets.Lol).Frank probably doesn’t even understand what happened when him&Dan were talking after the funeral.He probably thinks he(Frank) was brain washed by Dan.Lol.


During Frank/Boogie’s time in the house, Frank would tell Boogie of some “gut feelings” he had, about certain HG’s. Several different times, the “brilliant in his mind” Boogie would talk Frank out of his opinion, and kept Frank on the “Joint Boogie Plan” for both of them. Frank deferred, remaining the “loyal soldier” to the BB vet. But time has shown that if Boogie had only listened to Frank opinions more, they both would’ve fared far better in the game. Folks are making a HUGE deal about Dan’s Bible usage. I get it. (What do they say – never talk politics or religion. I can see why on here!) To me, the only 2 reasons Dan was able to convince Frank about Ian being “the real rat” was 1) it was the truth, and 2) FAR more importantly, Frank long had his OWN suspicions about Ian’s loyalties to both him and Boogie. Boogie repeatedly shot Frank down on it, arrogantly declaring, over and over, “No, the kid is solid.” Turns out he wasn’t. So when Dan told Frank about Ian on “Funeral Night”, it didn’t sway Frank because Dan used a Bible as a prop. It swayed Frank because it 100% confirmed Frank’s OWN suspicions about Ian all along. Combine that with Boogie’s going-out-the-door words to Frank (“Don’t trust Ian!”) Frank immedaitely shifted his target. from Dan to Ian. I wish the Bible wasn’t used. But to me, it’s getting a million times more credit for influencing Frank than the actual reason – Dan’s words confirming Frank’s own, deep suspicions about Ian’s loyalty.


Team C*m Rag Who’s With Me???


im finding it hard to believe that dan is NOT working with frank….he’s “technicially” saying everything he said to him that he told danielle in private. seems to me danielle is getting in jenns ear more then dan is. for frank sakes, hopefully dan nips this in the butt and sticks with the plan of getting rid of joe, not frank!

Dan's Magical Mist

I’m a huge Frank Fan but I think our guy made a huge mistake in keeping Dan especially after he and Jenn took all of those punishments to get rid of him. I’m sure Boogie was sitting at home going crazy about it.

Frank is a great player. Sure, he needed a better social game.No doubts about it.

The newbies should have evicted the coaches in the 1st 4 evictions. It’s their own fault that they kept people with experience in the game.

Maybe Frank will get to come back for another season and learn from his mistakes. Boogie was able to do that and he won the 2nd time around.

Dirty hands

My only thing about the strategy that Frank used in taking down Dan and putting up Brit is the fact that Dan told Frank everything then tried a deal with him. Frank should have kept the nominations the same and gotten Dan out anyway and he would have had all that information to use and try to get Ian and Brit out later. Frank made a mistake leaving Dan in the game.


Or Frank goes through with the veto, puts Brit up, and lets Dani act up her lies, then Wednesday night, come out with all the info to Brit, Shane, and Ian. If he could save Britney and get Dani evicted, Britney, Shane, and Ian would owe him and they could get together to get Dan out. It could have, at least, bought Frank a little time.


Honestly, if Dan ( a vet ) wins this season, I’m going to be just about done with it.

They bring back these vets and they end up, somehow, winning.

If Frank goes, it’s an easy ride to the end for Dan.

I will admit, Dan won me over with the funeral thing but if he wins, it’s going to be extremely stupid and annoying.

It’s as if the newbs will never have a chance for the money when they bring people back for the simple fact that this is their first time in the game whereas these other players have been there once or twice before, so they already know everything.

And then to top it off, production casts absolute dimwits based on their looks, making it even easier for the vets to ride to the end.

How the hell can BB have more “great players” like Dr Will if they won’t even give them a chance.

I honestly don’t even want an AllStars season at this point. I mean, who is left to bring back?

Anywho, this season was extremely better than the last.

I truly believe either Dan or Ian will win BB 14.


Remember that the only vets to win this game are Boogie in All-Stars (a vet had to win) and Rachel last year.

I understand the desire to see a fresh face win and wish the coaches never entered the game, but since they did (and they were always going to) I think the player with the best game at the end should win. If that is Dan then Dan should win and I will be happy about it. (Yes I am a Dan fan)

quack-pack fan

To Everyone who is blasting Dan for using the bible with Frank…

Just to clarify the situation – Dan swore on the bible, wedding ring and cross only that Ian was part of a 5 person alliance and has been working both sides. Dan did NOT swear about final two with Frank. Dan is very careful with his words which is why everyone is calling it a ‘mist’


Dan swears on his bible to Frank and doesn’t honor it?!?! That’s amazing to me! For shame Dan! If your going to lie and backstabbing that’s one thing – brining a bible into play as a tool to lie with is another.