Ian says he told Britney the true beauty of the season was evicted, but I’ll get that hairy orange beast out.

POV Holder: DAN Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 3 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 6 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Jenn and Frank
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Britney

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5:30pm Shane, Dan and Frank talk about the secrets some of the house guests had and wonder who else in the house has a secret. Dan says that he thinks Joe has a restaurant. Not a big milti-million dollar restaurant but maybe like “Arvin’s Diner” Shane talks about Kara being a playmate and Jojo being a go-go dancer. Frank says that Jojo wasn’t really hiding that though. They talk about how they only have two more weeks to go. Joe joins them.

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5:40pm Ian joins Danielle on the couch. Danielle says that it’s just too weird that we are finally getting him (Frank) out. Ian says yeah we have all the votes. Danielle just imagine you are the one getting him out. Danielle says I wish I could see Britney’s face right now. Ian asks about how long Frank and Ashley were making out. Danielle says that they were making out for a couple weeks. Ian says cheating b***h… well not cheating but you know. Ian says that the other night Frank said I hate to break it to you but we made out. Ian says I would like to think I am a better guy than Frank is. Danielle asks are you serious, of course you are. They talk about the last HOH competition. Ian says that he wished he could have seen Franks face when I won it. Danielle says that he was sick when you won. Ian says that he and Jenn knew that I would put them up and if he won the POV, so be it. Ian says that he fiddled with the order of the keys too and made Joes third to make them not think something. They talk about Ian getting out Boogie. Danielle says that she just didn’t know how Boogie knew it was you that voted him out. Ian says that he didn’t until I told him he would see something’s he wasn’t going to like. Ian says that he told Britney that the true beauty of the season might have been evicted, but I’ll get that hairy orange beast out.

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6pm Danielle says that she isn’t going to tell Frank he has her vote. Danielle says that Frank think he has Shane’s vote but he doesn’t. We will need to tell Shane to tell Frank he doesn’t know how he’s voting. Ian gets called to the diary room. Soon after Danielle is called to the diary room.


6:20pm Dan and Shane are talking in the kicks bedroom. Dan asks Shane how is conversation went with Danielle about making a final three deal with Dan. Shane says that he told her he knows things went down last week, but we really need to rally up and think about this. Shane says that Danielle said no I am good. Dan says okay cool, we should all shake on it tonight or something. Shane says he told Danielle to come to Dan when she is ready and tell him. Dan says okay. Dan asks was Joe scheming. Shane says no, and says that he thinks if Joe wins he will put up me, you or Jenn. Dan says yeah he would probably put up me and Jenn. Shane says that would suck. Shane says that he thinks if Jenn wins this HOH he thinks he will be going up against Ian. Dan gets up to leave. Shane says thanks; we will try not to make it obvious. Dan leaves.

6:30pm Ian is swinging in the hammock. Dan is cooking turkey dogs on the BBQ. Frank is on the backyard couch. Danielle joins him. Joe is in the kitchen cooking. Shane is taking a nap.

7pm Frank, Joe and Danielle are sitting on the backyard couch. Joe comments that he and Frank are the block leaders. Joe says that he thinks he will be coming down. Frank says why do think that? Frank says I wish I was coming down, but I don’t think that is going to happen. Joe comments that when Jenn used the veto on him, he said he would never forget it. We will see how good his memory is tomorrow and if he will use it on her. Frank asks Danielle what she thinks will happen tomorrow? Danielle asks what do you mean? Frank asks do you think it will be fair? Danielle says that she doesn’t know what he means? Frank says never mind then.. Joe and Jenn join them and they talk about their hair.


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7:10pm – 7:20pm Meanwhile, Dan and Ian are up in the HOH room talking about Dan’s season. Ian says that there is no f**king way the two of them (floaters – Jenn & Joe) will make it to the end. Joe at least tries but Jenn just walks around like she is a tough competitor when she wins one thing. Dan says so the next move is to figure out who Jenn would put up if she wins. Ian says that you can get that information because you’ll be using the veto on her. Ian tells Dan that he can be the one to get close to Jenn. Ian talks about in the final three he would want to take Shane instead of Danielle because he thinks he could beat him in the quiz comp. So that it would be me, you and Shane in the final three. Ian says that he came up with what he will say when Dan uses the veto on Jenn tomorrow. Ian says that he will say Dan I don’t know why you consistently want to play with fire.. Ian says that he will then tell Joe he is the replacement. Ian and Dan talk about how they will have four votes in the jury. Ian says that if he is in there he will make sure Britney votes for him (Dan) because there is no way he will let a floater win. Ian talks about how he was real glad that he sent Ashley packing because he realized Frank and her were hooking up. Ian really, really glad I sent her a** out of here! Dan brings up how he didn’t think Britney wasn’t that great at this game but after he’s played with her, he realized she is good at it. Ian talks about how if you need Joe to do something you only need two people in his ear. Ian tells Dan remember we are playing with idiots. Dan tells Ian to start working Joe for a final two deal. Ian says that he will tell Joe if he ever votes him out he wont get my jury vote. Dan says tell him he wont get Britney’s either. Dan tells Ian to tell Joe that I am not using the veto so that when I do use it you will be pissed and that way we won’t be nominated together if he wins HOH. Ian heads down stairs. Dan listens to his HOH cd.


7:55pm – 8:05pm In the kitchen Frank is making his massive plate of food for the feast. Jenn comes in and Frank says to Jenn, working on that vote in case he (Joe) goes up. Jenn laughs and says yeah. Frank finishes up and heads out into the backyard by the pool. Danielle is lifting weights. Joe starts talking to Frank saying that their biggest worry is Dan using the veto and me going up on the block. Frank jokes who will go home one is a chef the other is a loser with no job. Frank says scratch that both are losers with no jobs. They both laugh. Joe says Dan scares him, you never know what he is going to do. Frank says I haven’t even talked to him. Joe says he tired and Dan asked what do you have to offer? Joe and Frank talk about how Boogie, Ian and Frank fell apart. Frank says we just weren’t as nice as the others to him. Joe finishes BBQ’n the fish and head inside to eat. Dan goes to wake up Shane to come get some.
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Danielle's Jumbo Thighs

I am going to win this. Everyone is under my spell. Shane will propose to me on finale night.


I already asked the DR for legal help after the game. No sweat..

Danielle's a Wildebeest

I wonder if Danielle wins if she can elect to take the $500,000 in Funyuns and Little Debbie Snack Cakes.


You people are so effing rude and ignourant, how the hell is she a fat cow that you people are maken her out to be thats so damn rude and it not like jenn is a skinny minny she got almost the same body type as dani what the hell dose someone weight have to do with playing this game and again shes not fat so i dont know what you people are looking at what because she dosnt look like britney shes fat thats real mature assholes

Just Rude

OMG! Danielle ate Kate’s punctuation!

Ians Beer

OH lmcao!!! I almost fell off my chair laughing at your comment :) Thanks, I needed that!


Thanks a lot Just Rude! I just spit Coke all over my laptop cuz your comment was SO damn funny!!



Danielle's Gaping Pie-Hole



one thing i want to say to you .. besides a stupid name .. you are not a very bright thing .. i would say person but that would be saying you are human and have a brain .. you dont ..

Zingbot Fan

Did you hear the music CBS was playing when Jenn and Dani were talking about Shane saying Dani was his girl friend? You could see Dani playing the fairy tale in her head.She has not been that excited since she drove by Dunkin Doughnuts and the red light was on.


Like button!


Dan is a fool if he gets rid of frank…please if dans god is listening put some common sense in frank and rat that whole Dan speech he gave him. I get you don’t want him in final 2 but at least honor a one week save!!!


The vote will be 2-2 with Ian casting the vote to send Frank to jury


He’s a fool to keep Frank. As much as I wanted Frank to win this thing if Dan keeps Frank he might as well hand him the money.
Now is the opportunity to finally take out the strongest competitor in the game and there’s no way he should pass that up. If he wants to win Big Brother I feel he has a shot against everyone except Frank. The Jury would be like ”oh Frank has been on the block almost every week and somehow survived, despite being the house pariah he still survived, despite everyone gunning for him from the beginning he still pulled through, therefore Frank wins the game.”


why? If they don’t get frank out now they never will they have the perfect time to get him out they have the votes and he lost the pov if they don’t do it now they will never get him out. That would be there dumbest move it they do not take him out


Double eviction this wk shane should win HOH and try to get rid of dan after frank.but ofcouse that would never happen everyone is blinded by the stinky mist.


I think even Dan’s surprised at how stupid these idiots are.

Midwest Middie


To the best of my knowledge, none of the remaining HGs have recently mentioned that –
“Dan has won before so a Newbie should be the Winner this time.”

ILL WILL *The Original*

Not more than me, I mean Frank was told by Boogie about Dan’s lies(i didn’t even know that), and then he falls for it hook line and sinker

If I was Boogie on Finale I’d smack Frank in the back of the head saying, “I TOLD YOU SO”


I don’t know who dan will go after but since he just made a final 3 deal with dan and dani my guess is he wil keep his word there not really sure who he will target though possible Ian would be my guess or he might just go after jen since she is the only one not in the quack pack and would be going against him


I am confiicted on who should win on strickly game i think dan should win hands down but he really doesn’t need the money so i thinking more towards shane it is hard not to want him to win when you hear that his family has to borrow money because he doesn’t have one and others like danielle are buying new cars.


Just want that big orange hairy beast gone Thursday, and then whoever wins I will be fine with it. My heart is with Dan to win it all though!

Team GB

Are you Dan’s wife or sister? It is unbelievable that any right thinking person would support Dan to win despite his dishonesty and skimming. I understand that it is a game but also there is 500,000k to be won. Only Ian or Shane deserve to win because it will go to a good course such as helping their families.


Just because you disagree with the opinion that Dan should win doesn’t mean the person is not ‘right thnking’, it simply means they have a different opinion. I’m also one of the people that have no issue with Dan winning this just because I know it’s a game.
The people you see in the game are different outside obviously, so what happens is not a reflection of who they really are. Example, Ragan hated Rachel in the house but once outside they became the best of friends and he was rooting for her to win when she came back to BB 13, he saw another side of her. So let’s seperate the ‘player’ from the ‘person’.

Things like honour, intergrity, keeping your word and all that bullshit belong outside the house. Inside you’re there to deprive the other person from winning so yes, it’s only a game. Even the alliances people make are to further themselves individually, you could say they use alliances for their own selfish purposes. The reason people are loyal is because disloyalty will ruin their game, not because they are such good people .

My point is, this is a game. And I believe you’re a person with a right mind and a valid opinion too. Just a different one.


And of course there will be those that are honest and don’t lie I won’t deny that, but most houseguests will fib and lie once in a while, they will deceive each other but it’s what makes the game beautiful.
After all there is only ONE winner at the end of the game.


This is not a charity event bud….this is the game of big brother and whoever plays the game the best should win….its idiots like you that make floaters win the game….


Team GB, for your information, a lot of people support Dan. Just because you don’t support Dan doesn’t mean that everyone agrees with you and it especially doesn’t mean that his family and friends are the only one supporting him. Seriously, I can’t believe that you just said that. For what its worth though, I do agree about Shane needing the money. I would be happy if he wins.


LOL @ your criteria for who deserves it. Sorry but thats not how it works pal–nobody “deserves” it. Whoever manipulates the best and gets a little lucky gets the cash. Very simple concept even for someone of limited intelligence to understand.


Um, PLENTY of ppl want Dan to win. These ppl prob realize lying is 100% part of bigbrother and there isn’t a person in that house who hasn’t lied. Unfortunately for you just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t make them right OR wrong headed

Dan's mist on bisexual Shane

Your out of your mind this is the bb house everyone lies everyone. Dan is just better at it bc he’s likable and unlike frank dumb a**. Shane or Dani winning I can deal with but floaters I can’t do it. ?(Jenn) or Joe hell’s to the nawh. Dani almost scares me if she wins. With her unstable obsession with Shane this could be an issues outside the house. Heck it might be to late for the fella. He might not ever get away from her. Run Shane run for your life man. Get the legal papers drawn up asap kid.


Dan is the best player in the game. He hasn’t won an hoh yet but has got everyone out, except for frank that he wanted. He was a goner last week and anyone would have to admit it was amazing! This is a game. Every single person in the house has lied! This is about who plays the best game not about who needs the money more. Did you see evil dicks season. He was awful to everyone but had the best game ever. The people in the house realize this just wish everyone else would!


well i guess it comes down to how you judge all this are you basing it on who played the best game or who needs the money the most. If you are basing it on game play then dan hands down he has played the best game out of everyone I don’t think anyone can argue that. I get you can argue how he got to where he is but at the end of the day he only did what he did because his back was to the wall and his allience had already written him off can you really blame him? Or are you basing it on who needs the money then obviously it would be Ian or shane but it is a game so the winner should be who played the best game

BB14 > BB13

I want Dan to win too simply because of his gameplay…but sure someone else like Shane could use the money more


Anyone else agree Danielle is the most annoying and full of shit liar this season??? Wow and I thought joe was bad…..


yeah she’s annoying, but frank still goes home.

Dan's Magical Mist

Danielle and Joe are annoying but Ian is even more repulsive. He is arrogant, thinks he is smarter than everyone in the house and acts like he dumped Ashley.

The truth is that Ashley was too pretty for him anyway. He will never get a lady like that. She was playing the game.

I hope Dan or Frank (if by some miracle he gets to stay) sends that little tard home. He has made himself look like a total fool. I would hide under a rock if he was in my family.


He IS smarter than everyone else in the house. He has nothing to be embarrassed about – he should be proud of how far he’s come since Day 1. And tell me you know any guy who admits to getting dumped.

Dan's Magical Mist

Ian isn’t smarter than Dan. Not by a long shot. Dan is working on him every day.

Ian will soon find out that his “social” game wasn’t as wonderful as he thought it was. In fact, I don’t think he has any social skills at all.

He is very much behind his age group in many ways and doesn’t seem like a smart person to me at all.


Ashley is no lady. She is a sl*t pure and simple.

She made out or fooled around with Ian, Boogie, Frank and Jenn.

ILL WILL *The Original*

annoying as hell, but she could get it any day


Look, I don’t care if people lie for the sake of game but Dani lying to Ian about how long/how often Frank and Ashley hooked up is unnecessary. It does nothing to benefit game, it just creates gossip based on a lie. That’s a pretty insightful look into how she probably is outside the house.


Part of her mission to get rid of Frank.

Jen W

How is BB not saying something to Jenn about not ever being on the feeds? You would think they would tell her to earn her keep


She’s flying so far under the radar, BB production forgot they selected her and put her in the house.

Ians Beer

*snort* lol

Disappointed BB FAN

This has to be the most boring BB ever. The only thing exciting are the double evictions!! P-box was lame, the carnival ball thing was ALRIGHT, I mean what happened this year? Did someone get fired in production?? Last year was EPIC!! The floaters (can’t forget that Shelly!!) were even more entertaining!! Idk, I just don’t have that….oooomph this year :/ Nevertheless, I’ll still watch it.


Well, write Danielle the check. She’s got all the girls votes plus Shane’s in the end vs anyone. Also, Frank’s getting all my votes for America’s player. Don’t really care who wins. Still would enjoy watching Survivor with BB all stars on an island and Suvivor all-stars playing BB. This might be the last season of BB., it’s gone down hill 3 seasons in a roll even though this season has been pretty good with all the floating going on with everyone.


That’s a great idea! I would love to watch Coach stuck in a house for 3 months…he would get all mystical and put Dan’s mist to shame. There isn’t enough sun screen for Dr. Will to keep his ivory complection. That is just to first 2 I thought of.


complexion….i’m not sure such a bad speler


I sure hope not. Feed/BBAD/OBB viewers wouldn’t give it to her but the general CBS public might. CBS is starting to show the stalker view, from the Brigade group last week straight out calling her a stalker to tonight where they focused on it a bit. Let’s hope it goes somewhere…she gets on my last nerve.


With all fairness the whole stalker thing maybe a little far fetch because shane seems to be into danielle he just plays it up so people think he isn’t which isn’t fair to her dan ask him about it and he said that he would date her if she lived closer to him. He also he jumped into bed with her not the other way around so shane is just as into her as she is in him. He also got a little annoyed with frank was flirting with danielle so i am not so sure she is much of a stalker i think danielle at the begining payed a lot fo atttention to him which he didn’t have to respond to so everyone started calling her a stalker but the moment danielle stopped paying attention he starts trying to her attention


I’ve been saying this for weeks…


You’re right but I don’t think BB will be gone soon.
Last season has better viewer ratings compared to S12 and S14.


BB is always first or second in its timeslot even during the Olympics. This show isn’t going anywhere.


well i doubt this is the last season of bb and dan’s move last week will go down as one of the epic moves in bb history as for fan fav i am leaning on voting for shane i think he really needs the money and his story to dan about his parents having to borrow money for food moved me as for writing dani the check not so fast first she has to get to the end and even if she does there is no for sure thing she will have the votes. The way people vote when they are in the house is completely different then when they are out of the house they always look at game play and danielle hasn’t really done much dan has been telling her what to do and it will depend of who she is up against. Take season 2 will was the most wanted out houseguest and he ended up winning

BB14 > BB13

Jeff and Jordan killed BB


I am going to hunt you down for saying tha… No I won’t. I disagree, but it is just a game. Cheers!

ILL WILL *The Original*

“Shane says that he thinks if Jenn wins this HOH he thinks he will be going up against Ian.”

What an Astronomical IF


Shane needs to remove some of those hair plugs to give his brain some room to breathe.

ILL WILL *The Original*

he got hair plugs for real?

The Voices inside Dainelle's head

Really Ian????? The true beauty of the house is still here!!!! She is sitting right behind you!!! Oh, maybe not. Am I fat?

Midwest Middie

Good One!
Still laughing ……………

Dan's part time bible

Ian really makes me want to puke.

If Frank goes, I really can’t see being interested enough to watch the rest of the season.


Me too…

Canceled my feeds!

Agree completely.


Ditto! I want to continue watching but I know I won’t have anymore interest in it
by thursday.


Great! Does that mean we won’t have to listen to you all whine that it is a boring season without Frank? Are you guys just secret Janelle worshipers that have latched onto Frank ’cause he won a bunch of comps?

Cajun Lady

I totally agree. I haven’t even bothered to watch the feeds the last few days, and I’ve even cancelled my feeds already. I really don’t care who wins at this point, as long as its not Ian.


Getting rid of Showtime on Thursday rid after Frank leaves. Only floaters and Dan are left. Joe and Dani are dreamers/ make up stories. Shane, joe, Dani are followers. Ian is the powerful Oz. Dan is clearly the only player left in the game.

Dan's Magical Mist

Ian is making me sick tonite talking about how he is glad he got Ashley evicted, how smart he thinks he is and his “game plan.”

Dan is soaking it all up, egging him on and getting all of the info he needs to evict Ian in a few days. Dan is misting Ian completely.

I will be so glad to see Ian evicted. I know everyone says that Danielle is annoying and I think she is as well but she isn’t nearly as annoying and arrogant as Ian. He is really living in a dream world.


Danielle is a delusional liar. Ian is the arrogant nerd with a superiority complex. Frank is the egotistical butthead. Joe is Foghorn Leghorn. Shane is the good guy who just isn’t too bright. Jenn is a bad painting come to life. Dan is the cult leader. And I’m the addicted idiot who puts this game ahead of my MBA classes way more often than I should.

Dan's Magical Mist

@CJ: You are so right! And I know exactly what you mean. I should be studying right now too but I’m taking a break to read the spoilers.

Oh well. It’s pretty good entertainment.


During the second part of DE nights, I notice the HOH & HG mentality is quite different from a normal week. The HOH has no real time to consider their options, or to consult their true allies. They have a general idea as to what they’ll do if they win. But I think the HGs are MUCH more content to just make sure they just survive the fast forward themselves, and regroup. This makes it the perfect time to simply evict a “floater”, and use a full, normal week to then go for a more major threat. And with just the 4 QP’ers, Joe and Jenn left after Frank goes Thursday, the house will clearly keep Jenn over Joe. So, unless the “Powerhouse” sees either bricks or Playboy magazines at the 2nd HOH comp, I see Joe’s “alternator” showing “BB Power Failure”, at around 9:50PM EDT Thursday. As soon as Joe is done chatting with Julie, Simon will then, by the OBB powers vested in him, declare Friday to be a “National Day Of Powerhouse Mourning” throughout North America…….


I am worries for the safety of these houseguests… Someone is liable to drown if the misting continues… It has grown so out of control that is a full blown typhoon and everyone is up to thier neck in dans magical water.


Tropical storm Dan. Manage the mist.

Midwest Middie

Big Brother 14’s Famous Last Words – “Trust me.”


Janelle wanted Boogie out so bad that she was saying that Boogie and Frank were Very big threats at the beginning of the show. Shane, Danielle and Joe cannot think for themselves so they believe everything anyone says. They were all so blind, and still are. Dan is the most dangerous player.
He knows how to play Shane and Dani like a fiddle. Ian knows how dangerous Dan is but honestly believes that he can beat him in the end. I will miss Frank, I think he truly belongs in the game. He has won more comps than anyone else in the house. He is there against all odds.
I think Allison needs to restructure the show. These people have figured out what the comps are each week. Maybe everyone should be able to play for HOH each week. Maybe let America vote for who goes home by Internet. When the first BB was on America voted but you had to pay. Let it be free. But only for a couple of hours after each show, not for several days. These people pick off the good players and you get a bunch of people who do not deserve to win. Dani looks like she is going to win, she is so insecure. Just makes me sick. If Frank can’t win, Dan deserves it. But it looks like a floater is going to win….


I agree about the HOH but only for a short time though, This current system is good coz power shifts. But the public voting, like BB UK, that would suck. I feel if they are the ones in the house and going through the BS ,then they should be the ones taking each other out, not us the viewers.

I agree about Frank, it’s a bummer he’s BB life is over. Maybe on All- Stars he’ll improve on his social game and have more than one ally at a time.

Go Ian!

It IS free to vote for any BB stuff if you go the cbs website and vote there. No need to pay for a cell phone vote.



Joe's champagne room

I am a Frank fan. Looks like this is his last week. I would have been OK with Dan with Dan winning…right up to the point where he brought out the bible and swore on it to Frank.

Some things are just not ok.

Miguel Ibarra

Danielle will win Big Brother 14!


SMH @ Ian and Dan talking about how they will influence people in how to vote in the jury house. a couple of days ago all you Ian and Dan dickriders were all over Frank talking about jury votes. how you feel about Dan and Ian talking about jury votes now? Ian is walking around like a like Hitler HOH dictator.

Frank Shitted On Frank's Dream

Another angry Frank dickrider I presume?

Taking this game WAY too seriously kid, pump ya breaks


Dani is gonna win BB14


Not sure if Dan is the biggest piece of garbage or if he truly is one of the best to ever play…


I want Shane or Dan to win this!

Joe's E Coli Food

I hope Big Mama don’t win this .


Danielle’s obsession with her constantly looking and glancing at her reflection is out of control! She can’t help herself, she is so self absorbed. The Last few nights BBAD is her doing everything to get attention! Laying down in front of Joe was hilarious? Looking at herself in the windows and mirrors NEVER stops. Hoping Dan has a hand in getting her out along with Jenn and Joe. Ian and Dan to the end for the win!


Frank will be evicted on Thursday. if there was anything that would of saved Frank from being evicted, it would of been Pandora’s box. that was the lamest Pandora’s box ever. Xmas gifts and healthy food? really?


I don’t get why production would give Ian such a rewarding PB?!?!? They realize everyone dislike Ian, don’t they??? I really thought the PB would have benefited Frank.

Time for the DPOV in the ball machine, Production!!!

Seriously, don’t they realize people want to see Frank stay in the house?

Maybe they don’t want to get in the way of Dan’s genius gameplay.


You shouldn’t speak for “everyone”. Not everyone dislikes Ian. I hope he wins the whole thing!

Frank Shitted On Frank's Dream

Frank already got his RIG from production, it was called “Operation, Reset BB to save Frank”, he didn’t need production to rig it anymore all he had to do was WIN, and use what little brain he had left, since Boogie left, and what did he do? Save the 1 person he bitched about for 2 and a half weeks. Now he’s going home because he fail so HARD at the social aspect of Big Brother … Boogie gave him all the tools he needed to win, but I guess it went in one ear and out the other(especially what he told him about Dan’s lies). Sorry to break the news to you, but Frank is the reason for him leaving nobody else, he shitted on his own dream.

Frank learned a vital lesson this year, Strong social game wins Big brother, Winning competitions means shit, when your social game is weak I understand all he had was Boogie, but he made that choice of sticking with the person with one of the worst reputations in BB history, instead of creating his own game that doesn’t include Boogie.

ROLMFAO @ Beacon Man Adam lasting longer then him.

Big Brother is Chess not Checkers, and Frank played Checkers all season long. Boogie was playing Chess for himself and Frank, but that game included both of them heading to the f2, that Chess game left with him.

Rachel as crazy and emotional as she was, baby girl was playing Chess

Jordan OK she was playing Checkers that pretended to be Chess, but it got her the win none the less.

Dan, never stops playing Chess, he played it in his season, and it went into overdrive this season.

Evel Dick, this man IS a fucking Chess Game.. Same with Dr Will

Don’t be angry at me, I just bring the facts.


you are obvious a troll if you believe every BS sentence that you wrote there. you don’t think Dan having four weeks off was more beneficially to him than what you call “resetting the game for Frank”. Frank would of been gone, but the so called coaches voted to play the game. I take it you think WWE wrestling is real too right?

Frank Shitted On Frank's Dream

All 4 coaches got a free 4 weeks, so what’s your point? oh that’s right whining because someone sees the game for what it is?, ya that’s what I thought too.

I never said BB was real, I know it’s rigged for entertainment

You were implying BB should give Frank a power to save him, and I was just saying he already got a hand by production during the reset.

bb blonde squad Britt.jani, ashley

omg please dont let Danielle win ..that freakin stalking bitch will have enough money to follow shane forever.. she already said she wants to move to his home town,, Im hoping shanes friends are gonna warn him to stay away from that crazy women.


I really hope Ian wins. Yeah he may say some fucked up shit sometimes and is socially awkward but Frank and some of the others have said some fucked up shit too.
Jenn- drives me crazy. You are 37 years old and act like a psycho and threaten to burn down the house or that u will get kicked out if things don’t go your way. Dude you won 1 POV, nobody gives a shit about you, go to jury and hold your grudges.
Shane- is an idiot, the only thing he has going for him is that he can win competitions.
Dan- mad genius, prob has this in the bag, tho I really want Ian to win
Danielle- this bitch is an emotional rollercoaster, and a pretty good manipulator getting Brit to think her and Dan weren’t working together and crying about what Dan said even after she knew it was a ruse, oh wait she loves the attention. I can’t take this nut any longer. Send this girl to the loony bin.
Joe- this poor dude, granted he can’t win shit and is pretty gross, but he tried to get Britney to fight, seems to do whats best for him, tho he is literally floatin along, I hate floaters just as much as the rest of them but it would be smart to keep him because in the final 2, you would win
Frank- should’ve been gone long ago, hope u leave douche, my fav: “we weren’t as nice to Ian as they were… how could Ian do that to Boogie and I” think u just answered that dipshit

Zingbot Fan

Speaking of evicted CBS has a great eviction interview by Jeff Schroeder with Britney that is very funny. Wait until you see her Joe impression. http://www.cbs.com/shows/big_brother/video/2274963361/big-brother-live-chat-britney


I watched the Glass House out of curiosity. It was not very good, but I give them props for their competitions. They were very creative and they obviously spent money. BB needs to step it up, make things fresh, and no be so repetitive. Things have become predictable and rather mundane.
I am huge BB fan forever, but between myself and the posts that I read, they need to do something to lure in viewers, keep existing disgruntled viewers, and get those ratings up. I would hate to see BB end, but they need to freshen thing up. Maybe production needs to be cleared out and bring in some fresh blood. Something has to give. I love BB, but they need to change many things to move into the future. Trust me The Glass House can not even compare, but it certainly made me think about BB’s future.

Carol & Steve

I agree. They need to come up with new comps. It seems like this year they listen to what the houseguests think the comp will be and magically they’re right or not too far off. To me I’d do the opposite of what they’re talking about – ya know do something unexpected for once. LOL!!

Frank Shitted On Frank's Dream

True that, every season the HGs can predict which comps is going to be next and most of the time they’re right. comps are WAY too easy too. HGs can win comp after comp, and falsely be called a BEAST , yet all they did was figure out the BB formula for each comp, from watching other seasons

A. Grodner

Due to hundreds of overwhelmingly negative OBB comments regarding misuse of the house Bible by a certain BB14HG, we at BB are appalled that such dishonest tactics have been used. Therefore, we are pledging to restore 100% truthful and honorable behavior to the BB house, at all times! Toward this end, we at BB15 Production are now actively recruiting both seminaries (priest trainees) and convents (nun trainees) throughout the US, intending that all BB15 houseguests will come from this pool of young people of the strongest faith. We expect no drama, no surprises, and no entertainment in BB15. William Tell supplies the only BB15 rule: You cannot tell a lie, or you are disqualified. Hope you’ll all be watching! -AG

Frank Shitted On Frank's Dream


bb blonde squad Brit, .jani, ashley

Shanes in trouble… stalking a crime and production doesnt seem to warn danielle to stop…


Ppl keep talking about how smart Dan is, and although he may have made a good game move last week, he isn’t playing the game with intelligence. He is playing to stay in a week by week mode where he should be playing to get the favor of the people going into Jury. If he sends frank out this week, he will be 0-3 for votes in the Jury; so why bother getting to a final 2 with anyone. If he stayed true to his word, took Jenn down and kept Frank, atleast he would have a chance that he would have their votes in Jury by keeping his word. Ian & Frank can’t play in HOH next week, so if someone else won HOH, Frank could still go home without the possibility of blood on the hands and he would get at least 2 jury votes from Frank & Ashley then 1 more possibly from Jenn. Shane & dani will vote for him no matter what or when he decides to turn on them in house or Jury. It’s not a week to week game now, especially if you want to actually win 500K.


Have you watched BB before? Once people get to jury and analyze what happened, they don’t vote for who they like, they vote for the best game play. Evil Dick didn’t win ’cause people loved him.

Frank Shitted On Frank's Dream

EXACTLY school theses Frank lovers how Big brother is played, because clearly neither Fran or they know how it’s played

bb blonde squad Brit, jani. , ashley

its cuz Danielles i a female.. if a guy were harrasing a girl on bb he would be warned..


If Frank goes to jury this week I hope Ian is the next one out, oh and I hope Ashley is a “screamer”!

Frank Shitted On Frank's Dream

LOL w0rd, I now know why Ashley and Frank were so attracted to each other, same brain-waves


F*** Dan F*** Danielle F*** Shane and F*** Ian TPHFL YO against Jenn in the final 2

Go Ian!

Too many folks picking on Danielle. It was SHANE who was in her bed hiding and she didn’t even notice for a bit. He’s playing this up too you know.
Then Jenn is there telling her that Shane called her his girlfriend. It’s not one sided coming ONLY from Danielle.

Frank Shitted On Frank's Dream

Both are HOT AJ more-so , so what’s your point???


Britney being the “True Beauty” of the season is the biggest joke. I think Ian meant the True Bitch!


Are you getting more revelations about Frank staying?


I feel so sorry for frank. He’s so loyal to people it even ruins his game. Poor boy. Ian screw you! You are a tool!

BB fan

Britney NEVER won anything! She only rid behind strong guys this season and in season 12! She is the ultimate floater!