Shane says he isn’t homophobic he just doesn’t want to touch another dude. Dude’s are gross.

POV Holder: Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 3 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 6 (Thursday)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations: Frank and Jenn
Have Nots
Last Evicted Houseguest

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1:15pm Frank talks about how up in Canada there are some of the most beautiful girls in the world and that their strip clubs are the best. He says and you can best the best steak dinner. They laugh. Frank says that Canada is the second best place to live in the world. Danielle brings up how Janelle said Frank was hitting on her. Frank says he only asked her once if she wasn’t married would she have a showmance with him. Frank says that she said something like she would be into his type. Frank laughs about how last night Joe was asking teach me how to W. Frank says he is almost certain it means teach me how to give a b**w j*b. Joe walks by and Frank tells him, Joe yells huh!? Danielle and Frank tell Dan about how Frank and Ashley used to kiss. Dan is surprised. Frank busts Danielle on sneaking down from the HOH room in the morning when Shane was HOH. Danielle calls it a no-mance. Frank says HCC ..Hard Core Cuddling! Dan brings up how Frank blew Jenn out of bed with a Frank. Dan asks what were you thinking?! They all laugh about how upset Jenn was and how she was thinking about voting him out over it. Danielle and Frank talk about going back to bed. Frank says that he bets as soon as he lays down BB will call Shane to the diary room to start the veto comp.

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1:30pm – 1:50pm In the kicks room, Shane talks to Danielle about how it freaks him out about sleeping in a bed with another dude. He says that he and Dan both have their own comforters just so they don’t touch. He says that he was like that with Ian too. Shane says that he went camping with his Dad and had to share a bed but said that he slept in the bathtub instead. Shane says that he isn’t homophobic he just doesn’t want to touch another dude. Dude’s are gross. Joe joins them. Joe sits in bed for a bit and then leaves to go take a shower.


2pm Ian and Joe talk at the kitchen table. Ian asks what happened last night. He says that he went to bed at a reasonable hour. Joe says that Danielle was teaching him how to dance. Joe says so you think its OTEV? Ian says yeah, I think it’s pretty elaborate. Joe tells Ian that he will have a pretty good chance at it. Ian says it’s a game that pretty much anyone can take, you just have to be fast.


2:10pm The live feeds switch to TRIVIA… FINALLY the Power of Veto is starting..]

3:25pm TRIVIA ..
4:18pm TRIVIA ..
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What The Bleep?

Says the guy who wears women clothing.


I LOVE and I mean LOVE……….baby batter


DAN WON POV!! NOW LET FRANK THE CHEAT GO HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shutup I'm Talking

shane just come out already

Billy Shakespeare

Me thinks Shane doth protest too much…


Totally agree. Too much pink. He is a BIG MO!


Wishful thinking you guys…………he’s as straight as can be and he can wave the heterosexual flag as much as he damn well pleases,,,,,,,,,,What he’s gay because he states that he’s not…….and also I don’t remember him talking about it before this……find someone else to fixate on……OKay!!!!

Billy Shakespeare

He told Danielle and Britney just a few weeks ago that his initial plan coming into the house was to “pretend” that he was gay…but changed his mind at the last minute because he didn’t want America to think he was gay.

Translation: He is gay…not that there’s anything wrong with that.


Him not fucking Dani when she been throwin it him since 1st week? cmon now, No man is going to turn down pussy , not that any of us would want a relationship with Dani, but we all would fuck the shit outta her at least once, then get a “restraining order”

WiL da THRiLL #TeamIANdammit

I feel u..but not every man has the same thought process and desires. I certainly wudnt do her. Lol


he just hasn’t come out yet


I don’t think he has fully come out to himself yet.

Shane's not gay

I don’t think he will make a good gay person. Anyhow, they don’t want him.

billy bob

this is getting unbearable to watch,it’s crazy how brit made it so fun to watch,only way it will get good is if ian wins pov,then frank and jen have to throw danielle and dan under the bus,

Artie Lange


Artie Lange's Second Chin also


Love ya you baby gorilla


Artie Lange’s pimple on his glutemus maximus says: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhwaaaaah!

Zingbot Fan

@billy bob

The CBS Big Brother site has a funny eviction interview that Jeff did with Britney. She is really funny.


HA. i just watched it. she IS hystrical. thanks for the tip.

Nicky Brand

Yeah, this place is dead. It’s like Britney leaving sucked the life out of it. She must have had more personality than the rest of them combined. Except for the comps and evictions, maybe they should start showing the jury house instead. Most seasons could have survived her loss (last year had lots of good characters left at this point), but this cast isn’t interesting enough. It’s like they need her to play off of.

I sort of wish they’d use an America’s Choice vote or Pandora’s Box or something to put her back in, but then again I think Production has influenced the game enough already. Maybe they should make her ineligible to win, but still put her back in the house just to liven it back up. I thought she would be missed, but I underestimated how much of a void she’d leave. Now it’s just about Frank and his W’s, and Joe jacking it.

WiL da THRiLL #TeamIANdammit

Ha! I was secretly hoping Brit went to sequester instead of Jury and she would come back to the house via Pandora’s box or something.. or something like her being a PB option where if she came back the house wud take a punishment or Ian wud hv to take a slop card or something. Ah..wishful thinking lol.

Artie Lange's Pimple on his Glut Max also

Buy Artie Lange’s Beer League today on DVD…..WAAAAAAAAA F Jackie and F Brit WAAAAAAAAA

Oh No You Didn't

Who are you, and go away.


Shane, you kept groping me all night.


Seems like Shane is in denial about his sexuality.

BTW, am I the only one that hopes Frank wins this mofo?

Joe's champagne room

I totally want Frank to win it but it isnt looking good for him right now.


No, I’m Team Frank as well. I think besides the Coaches, Frank is the most popular player this year. Gotta love a guy who battles every week to stay alive. Team Frank Yo!!!!


I’ve been cheering for Frank from the beginning and after the props to Canada i know i picked the right guy. Team Frank Yo!!!

Martin Luther Frank, Jr.

I have been to Toronto. The women are gorgeous…but not quite as hot as the ones in Montreal :)
Aside from maybe Berlin, Paris or Amsterdam…Montreal has some of the hottest women I have seen in the world.

Billy Shakespeare

Go to Vancouver…good God!!!

Frank for the Win YO!

I’ve been cheering for Frank since the beginning. If he gets sent out the door this week, I am going to be sad.

I’ll still watch the show but the other people don’t interest me at all. I won’t pay for the live feeds again.


I’m with you 100% too. I think Frank deserves it. Frank has had his back against the wall since the beginning and has had to pull his way through everything. I know he’s not the best socially and can be cocky but so was rachael and in the end she deserved winning too. It’s the hard working, pull through everything players that should win.

Danielle's Pathetic



Frank’s good at comps, but his social and strategic game is non-existent, so far.


I hope that you are, but for now it would be fine with me if frank wins, takes himself off instead of jen, and ian puts dan up and dan goes home, jen gets the life scared out of her for playing so stupidly. What is the matter with these people, Frank cannot play for HOH, why would she believe she is safe. Frank’s HOH was over he has no power, this is what frustrates me with all of them.. They keep predicting and making final 2, final 3, final 4,deals and they have not even played for HOH or the veto yet. And don’t know who is gonna win. Jenn should really go home, but Dan and Frank need to go first. that’s how i feel

Zingbot Fan

It looks like your not the only one but I’m on the other side. He has very good competition skills but his bullying and arrogance are too much for me. His leaving will be the highlight of the season ( if production allows it to happen).

Nicky Brand

Zingbot Fan, I agree with you that it would be the highlight of the season, but I don’t think Production would allow it. They’ve put so much work in getting him this far. His fans keep referring to him as an underdog, but I see him as the heaviest favorite in the show’s history. I’ve never seen a player who seemed so inevitable or one you felt was virtually assured of winning every POV when he doesn’t have HOH. Is there anyone who doubts Frank will win this next comp? I expect it to be one of those comps like before where it can never be verified how many shamrocks were really in the other players’ boxes.


It takes a real man who is comfortable enough with his sexuality to wear pink.

No, you are not alone.


High Pitch Mike loves pink too….he and shane could make beautiful skin flute music together I’m sure


Completely want Frank to win! He’s awesome!! The rest are bunch of dweebs……


No I want Frank to win also


Team Frank here too yo




Start the POV already dam it!


Agreed, I’m dying to find out if Frank can pull out another “W”. Always cheer for the underdog. Go Frank Go….


Should add though it is not the 2nd best country to live in but clearly and by a long shot the BEST country to live in….

Shane's a closet case

What makes Shane think another dude would touch him? He’s barely a man.

Frank for the Win YO!

Shane is the King of Waxing.

I don’t know what everyone else thinks, but men who wax all of their body hair seem a little feminine.

Being Italian andfrom experience dating Italian men, I know that they would NEVER do anything like that. However, to each his own.

Personally, I know several men who wear pink and wear it well…but they also have hair on their toes. Lol.


Got agree with Frank we do have the awesome strip clubs, amazing steak, hot babes, and the best beer!


and highest prices, and highest sales taxes…


oh well, you get used to it!!! not a big deal


Yeah free heath care, gay people can get married, you really don`t mind the taxes. I broke my collar bone and separated my shoulder paid nothing son, hell my insurance was amazing they paid my time of work as well.


I’ve lived in Canada for a long time.. the sales tax isn’t a big deal for me since I don’t really buy much crap.

I think Canadians feel differently about Taxes than Americans.


Well, when your taxes are going towards waste, fraud, and militarism, you have to feel different about taxes.


I’ve always wondered what the Canadian people were all aboot. (I’ll bet you guys never tire of us telling that joke!)


lol, I swear it doesn’t sound like aboot when I say it…. It must be those new foundlanders hahahahha

Oh No You Didn't

I love Canadians and often wonder why all Americans don’t want to be Canadian. I do but I don’t think you’d take me.

Martin Luther Frank, Jr.

and cheap medical for EVERYONE
and a booming economy with no financial crisis
and no mortgage crisis

it’s a trade-off.


Anyone think Shanes might be trying a little hard to convince others, about like danielle saying she learned something in college everytime she says something related to the medical field?

Joe's champagne room

It will be interesting to see if Dan uses POV if he wins it. Doubt it…but you never know.


He’ll probably throw it again.


Dan might use the veto on Jenn if he wins it. He owes her for last week and it would get her to trust his word. They have the votes without Jenn to evict Frank.

Carol & Steve

If he decides to really play for it Frank has already given him the okay to take Jenn off instead of him. LOL!!

Billy Shakespeare

And as soon as Julie says “Frank, you’ve been evicted from the Big Brother House”, Frank says “As soon as Dan buried Danielle he came up and revealed everything about the Quack Pack and blamed Britney and Danielle was right beside him agreeing to save him and knife Britney. Just ask Jenn, that’s why she’s here and I’m going. Shane, Ian, Joe, you need to get Dan now.”

Why does Dan take that risk if he doesn’t need to? As long as Danielle isn’t the replacement, he will work to keep Frank, who will then give Dan the same loyalty he gave Boogie.


cmon pov, cmon frank….he must make it another week, GO TEAM DANK


I need to come out of the closet!


run, ian, run!

Frank for the Win YO!


Good one. Ian is the Forest Gump of the house.

Joe likes to spank his Monkey

POWERHOUSE!!! Will win the next HoH and get a Pandora’s box containing Playboy magazines so he can have “fun” with himself at night…



Joe likes to spank his Monkey

I wish Kara would have stayed longer, she was by far the best looking woman in the house…

Jenn's girlfriend says

What about Jenn?

Zingbot Fan

She would be better looking without the balls.

Dan's fan

Danielle please with the moving to Vermont get a life after this show your not Shane’s type Trey need to get her therapy for real yo
Shane lay the F*** off the pink bro your killing me Go Dan!!!! Frank can you just die in this game already uh


In a scenario where it’s Frank’s side Vs Dan’s side which side will you cheer for?

How I rank players in terms of entertainment
Joe : Funny to watch makes me laugh on the feeds
Shane : Has zero personality extremely boring but isn’t annoying
Danielle : extremely boring and ANNOYING as F***
Ian : Sometimes Boring Sometimes fun to watch Sometimes too cocky
Frank: Sometimes Boring sometimes fun to watch most of the time too cocky
Jenn : Seriously boring seriously sucky on the feeds to watch
Dan : competes with Jenn for being boring Only fun to watch on the feeds when he’s casting his magic or misting people down it’s amazing.

So based on who is the most entertaining on the feeds I would like to see (Of course this will never happen at this stage of the game alliance lines are usually not as defined)
Carrot Alliance (Frank + Ian + JOe) VS Mist Alliance (Shane + Danielle + Dan )
Just evict Jenn she does nothing for the show.

I would cheer for carrot alliance. Or at least Make it Difficult for Dan to win 500K I would love to see how he gets out of another tight spot.. imagine if he had to cut Danielle


Team Dan, baby!

Carol & Steve

Dan :)

Suck It Ian

I’m rooting for Dawg!!!! Dawg FTW!


Joe and Jenn Final 2 LOL That’s what these players have driven me to.


LOL that’s a power duo

Frank for the Win YO!

Oh wow. That is crazy and awesome all at once.

Definitely be some good tv.

Th last endurance comp wouldn’t last very long. Those two couldn’t hold on even if masturbation and tatoos were offered as rewards.

Martin Luther Frank, Jr.

Dan would cut off his own finger to make it to the end.
He will have no problem cutting Danielle.


Can’t wait to see it.. I want to see him pull another Funeral


Can’t root for Frank, because of his bad strategic play, and I can’t root for Dan because that would be like cheering for the Dallas Cowboys over a local High School team. I think I’m left with Ian and Powerhouse.


Team Dan-every day, any day!

Hey Simon/Dawg, what day did Britney rap? I think it was during the half-way party? Trying to look for it on the live feeds fruitlessly.


I don’t know if it was on the feeds..


Okay Simon, thanks!


I have a baaaad feeling Jenn will be shown the door this week and Ian’s HOH will be wasted. I hope I’m wrong.


Hope you’re right!

Nicky Brand

Jenn is as good as gone. It’s the price of being Frank’s friend (ask Boogie & Ashley). You have to take the bullet for him when he doesn’t have HOH. It’s her own fault. She signed up for the gig already knowing what happened to the other 2.


Shane is way too young to have the stupid hair plugs. Doesn’t he know that he will continue to lose his reall hair and then those plugs are gonna look even worse than they do already. He combs all his hair forward and wears hat cap a lot but he ain’t fooling anyone. Those plugs can be seen from a block away


Seriously? Shane has plugs??? N


yahhhhh I knew Frank was good and then he mentioned Canadian girls and well that sealed the deal!! Also rooting for Dan, want him or Frank to win and JOE BLOW to go!!!


Go Ian! Win that Veto and sh*t on Frank’s dream one last time!


kill the zombie!


Since there was a brief conversation about Canada, I’m curious.. Does anyone from the US plan on watching BB Canada when it starts in February? I know in general most Canadian shows don’t air in the US (and usually Canadian content is pretty boring), so I’m curious if you guys will get your BB fix through Canada during that time. Anyone? I’m Canadian and plan on watching it since it won’t overlap with BB US in the summer.


I’m being serious, I’m a fan of Joe’s…Sure he’s kinda creepy, but along with Frank, he has been treated like garbage since day 1…As some sick joke, I kinda want him to atleast be in f2..


Shane saying he is not homophobic…??? If there is ever a gay man in the closet and in total denial of their sexuality….our buddy Shane is definitely that guy!! I can’t bvelive he said he went camping with Dad and it grossed him out to think two men in bed….oh come on sh-thead…its your freaking father for Pete sake….and guys like him that talk that crap are so insecure with their own masculinity that they have to make those kind of comments….seen it too many times not to recognize it in Shane. Ian is more manly than Shane is!.


I wonder if dan would use the POV on Frank. I assume he will, as he did swear on the bible.

im not religious, I grew up in a catholic family though, and although I do think its just a game, if you swear to be this man of faith, then swear on the bible, dan better hold up his end if he wins pov and save frank. otherwise he is a huge fraud, a good player of the game, but a fraud as a person. as you shouldnt use something people arent supposed to mock as meaning nothing, as this chip to play when you like.




Dan will throw the comp, like all others, he doesn’t do dirty for others, he has others do it for him.

Lennon's Ghost

Actually Dan didn’t swear on the Bible. Dan took it with him when he went to talk to Frank and told him that he would swear on the Bible if Frank wanted him to.

Dan then proceeded to “mist” him with his magical words and Frank bought into it without Dan actually swearing on the Bible.

Frank was so eager to gain another ally that he forgot all about making Dan swear on the book.

Dan said in his DR session that he accomplished all of that without having to swear on the Bible which made it even more amazing.

Everybody thinks that he swore on it, but if you go back and look at their conversation in the archives, you’ll see that he never did.

Amazing! Go Dan FTW!


I don’t understand the people that dislike Frank, after everything that dude has had to endure throughout this entire season! He has singlehandedly had to fight the monkeys off his back since day one. You’re not supposed to like a HG for their charismatic personalities. It’s their aptitude to plot, plan and endure that’s significant. In my personal opinion, no one else in that house deserves a F2 spot more than Dan and Frank! Team Frank since day one!

Zingbot Fan

Frank has fought hard but if you have BBAD or the feeds you really get to see what a bully and arrogant ahole he really is. In my opinion the CBS network gives him a very favorable edit. He has a lot of fans on here but nobody loves him as much as he loves himself. His favorite subject to talk about is himself. He thinks he is the greatest player ever. The people who really are the best players don’t need to say it themselves.


Shane says he isn’t homophobic he just doesn’t want to touch another dude. Dude’s are gross.

Yes we are… yuck LOL


Shane says that because he’s been listening to Joe’s squishy sounds and smelling the funky, salty smell.

Fan of Team Boogie

Shane is an undercover HOMO who needs to come out the closet already…..GO FRANK!


Danielle has this veto in the bag. Go Danielle wooooot ;D


No, Ian is not the Forrest Gump of the house–he’s Bucky Larson of BB…


is this Veto comp oTeV….would it really take over an hour to answer otev’s questions?


I think OTEV is pretty long

terri from texa

if frank was disqualified in the last comp….why was he still required to have the punishments….ie..chum bath, and not playing in the next hoh comp? doesnt seem right to me

Zingbot Fan

Either does cheating.


Good point Terri from Texar Blvd in Billings, Montana, had never thought of that!


He accepted the punishments before he was disqualified. It would be like if you were found guilty of something and given probation, and then committed another crime while on probation. Your probation punishment wouldn’t become null and void just because you had a new, more extreme punishment for your actions.


All Frank has to do is say no and refuse to do the stints, what will BB Production do? Take away his birthday? But Frank is a true sportsman, gentleman and hero, he takes the stints with a smile on his face and a hop in his gait.


I’m not anti Frank. I’d really like it if him and Dan somehow made it to the final two together. Him taking his punishments has nothing to do with being a gentleman or a hero in my opinion. I’m sure you’re just lightly baiting those anti-Frank fans and playing around, but when it comes down to it, I think him taking the punishments and being disqualified from next week’s HOH is the right outcome for what went down.


Being out of the next HOH WAS one of the punishments he accepted. The punishment for cheating was to be DQd from that POV comp.


Another 8 hour Veto comp? I wonder if there’s another “Injury.”


what exactly does “OTEV” entail?


It’s a big statue type thing that gives house guests riddles and they have to bring back a disc or something with the correct answer. Miss it and your out or be the last one back with right answer and your out.

Lennon's Ghost

Here are a few descriptions of what the OTEV competition is like from earlier posts today:

Candice says:
September 1, 2012 at 10:37 am

It’s the one competition where there the houseguests look for a certain item that matches a clue that the central voice asks for and then they hurry back to where all of the spots are and the last person that comes back with the item gets eliminated, unless someone else got it wrong. It’s like the OTEV the Broadway Clam challenge in BB12 and OTEV the Ape in BB11.

NA says:
September 1, 2012 at 11:00 am

it can have a physical element, like climbing up a slippery incline using a rope, but not too tough. the main skills are accuracy and speed when answering questions.

Lennon’s Ghost says:

The items (words or phrases) that OTEV asks for are hidden around the yard, in puddles, under rocks, in trees, etc. It is similar to the old game show “Concentration” in that you need to remember where you saw the the matching items to match OTEV’s questions. The quicker you are the better. The last person to find the match is eliminated. They continue until there is only one HG left and they win the Power of Veto!


Don’t worry skipper, he will!!!!!!!


I don’t know why people want Frank out……for all that he’s won……he deserves 1st or 2nd place ! Except for Dan, I don’t think there is another player there that deserves to win !


I’m so tired of seeing Frank wear Boogie’s clothes. Really dude?? I wonder if he’ll become a Boogie stalker when he leaves the BB house. Maybe Dani’s ways are starting to rub off??


Shane said, “that he went camping with his Dad and had to share a bed but said that he slept in the bathtub instead.”

Where do go camping where there is a BATHTUB?!?!?! My mom’s version of camping was taking us out of town to hotel with a pool…….


hmmmmm camping to me includes a tent and if your lucky a blow up mattress… and if your lucky enough to have a blow up mattress, hope to god your dog will share it with you.. lol…


Dan with the veto WIN!!!

billy bob

frank is gooone!!!! bhahahahahahah say hi to brit for me frank,lol


Nice Dan with the veto win. Looks like Frank will be going home. He just told the camera it’s Frank’s ticket out the door.


Really hoping Ian wins pov, takes ? Down and back doors Dan! Yeah! Would love to see Dan and Frank campaign against one another!