Final 2 deals for everyone – Joe “I’m playing for second.. it’s a great prize”

POV Holder: DAN Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 3 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 6 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Jenn and Frank
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Britney

6:04pm Cam 3 HOH Joe and Ian
Ian tells him that he told Dan not to use the Power of Veto. Ian doesn’t think Dan will risk it, Ian, Shane and Danielle will all be pissed at dan. Ian adds that if the Veto is played he will have to put up Joe as the replacement nomination but he wants Joe to know they have the votes.

Joe says he’s worried that Dan and jenn are close because she used the Veto on him last week he might want to return the favor this week. Joe tells Ian that Jenn “Hates” Ian.

They agree it will be 3 to 1 if Joe goes up against Frank with Jenn being frank sole Vote. ian: “This is our shot.. the one shot to get rid of Frank”
Joe: “Obviously I think it’s a great idea.. I have run through scenarios and it’s looking like it will come down to Shane, Dan, Danielle, me and You”
Joe: “very nice”
Ian: ‘Very Nice.. I want to know if I would go up if you won HOH”
Joe: “I’m giving it to you now 100% you are safe” (Joe will never win a HOH)
Joe: “right now I believe the best move in this game is with you.. 100% with you”

Joe adds that Shane and Danielle cannot be broken and Dan and Jenn are downstairs in the arcade talking game. Joe doesn’t think he will win this game but he wants to get to the end and his best chance is with Ian.

Joe starts explaining thing’s he’s been eagle eyeing around the house, Jenn and Dan have something going on and Danielle and Jenn have something going on. Joe beleive Jenn and danielle will not vote each other out or nominated them.

Ian agrees that Danielle and Jenn have a girl thing.

Joe isn’t too upset about going up he kinda understands what’s going on.
Joe: “I can beat Frank”
Ian: “Frank needs to pull 3 votes out of 4.. it’s not going to happen if it’s a tie I will keep you”
Joe isn’t worried this is their one chance to get rid of Frank, he knows most of the house feels the same way.

Ian: “Who would you put up if you win HOH”
Joe: “Dan and Jenn.. I don’t want Dan in the end because look at what he pulled of…f”
Ian: “He’s dangerous.. I don’t think anyone would vote him to win”
Joe: “No one has ever pulled off what Dan did”
Ian doesn’t think dan will win the final 2 Joe disagrees he thinks that Dan will get vote just because he played such an amazing game.

Joe tells him Dan and Jenn are in the arcade chatting about game.. Joe thinks they have a final 2 deal because Dan thinks he will beat her in the end

Ian stresses he told Dan not to use the VETO and if he uses it he’ll be pissed but if it’s used Joe goes up and is safe (ian drilled this type of talk into Joe for a bit)
Ian: ‘Danielle and Shane are a rock.. IT’s a lock.. the house will be 3 pairs soon”

Joe says after Frank goes the house is Danielle/Shane VS Dan/Jenn Vs Joe/Ian.
Joe: “The fact that Shane chose Danielle over Britney says a lot.. I tried so hard to flip him”
Joe: “with Frank gone I can win the physical and you can win the mental“
Joe: “I’m playing for second.. it’s a great prize would pay off my second mortgage”

They head downstairs..

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6:00pm Cam 1-2 Dan and Jenn arcade room

Dan tells her ian doesn’t want him to use the Veto but Dan thinks he’s going to save Jenn.
Dan says their worst case scenario is if Ian puts up Danielle, he asks her what should they do. Jenn says she’ll vote our Frank. Dan adds that Shane will probably vote to keep Danielle. Jenn: “Totally.. Shane will Danielle”

Jenn thinks it will be Joe because Ian has said before in the past that he wants to take out floaters.
Jenn: “If Frank leaves this week I have your back regardless.. and of course Danielle and I are close” Dan: “OK”
Jenn says she just talked to Danielle and she said that Frank was throwing Danielle’s name around to get up. Jenn: “Why would you want Danielle up when it should be Joe.. is that even the truth.. Danielle told me he’s playing a dirty game ”
Dan asks her if it’s Joe and Frank up on the block who do they vote out? Jenn says they take out Joe. Dan: “OK”
Dan: “Do you think if Frank’s back is against the wall he’s going to fight for us.. because if what you are saying is true and he’s throwing Danielle’s name under the bus” ”
Jenn: “It just doesn’t make any sense him saying that”

Dan doesn’t care if Shane goes up he doesn’t want to see Danielle up though. Jenn says if she wins HOH she’ll put up Ian, “When he did his nominations he wasn’t thinking about his long term game” Dab: “I have not problem putting that a$$ up if I win” Jenn says that Danielle is going to put up Ian to.
After misting Jenn for about 10 minutes dan asks her if she’s OK with voting out Frank or Joe. Jenn: “I can go either way.. I could toss Frank my vote because it doesn’t matter”

Jenn says if Joe wins HOH he’ll put up Joe and Ian.

6:40pm Cam 1-2 Danielle and Dan
Danielle tells him she is sooo proud of Dan, after he won that Veto she had the biggest grin on her face.
Danielle wants to know that Ian is saying. what did Ian say?
(Can’t hear what Dan says.. I think he said he didn’t want Dan to use the Veto”
Danielle: “did he mention putting me up”
(Can’t hear what Dan says.. but from Danielle’s response it was no)
Dan: “ Did you tell Jenn i said those things that Frank said about you”
Danielle: “I said Shane told me”
Dan wants her to go to Shane and get him to offer him a final 3 deal this way Dan has a final 3 with Jenn and Shane and Danielle has a final 3 with Jenn and Shane.
Danielle says that Shane already thinks they are in a final 3. (Shane also thinks he’s in a final 2 with powerhouse, final 3 with frank, final 2 with frank and final 4 with Ian)

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6:45pm Cam 1-2 dan and Frank

They start chatting about their final 2 deal Frank says if the 2 of them can get to the final 2 chairs it will be epic. Dan says his only 2 chances at winning are against Frank or Joe.

Dan tells him that Ian doesn’t want him to use the veto. Dan: “f** dude he’s not going to tell me what to do” Dan: “I didn’t say that.. I just said I’ll do whatever I Have to do”
Dan plays it up that Ian doesn’t think they have the votes and that Ian Dan and Frank are still working together. Dan stresses multiple times that he really wished Frank could play in the next HOH and it’s really hurting them as a team because Frank cannot play in the HOH, “I would feel a billion percent better if you could play in the HOH” .
Frank: “If we can get to next week it’ll be a cakewalk”

Dan says that he’s leaning towards using the VETO on Jenn and he thinks Joe will go up. They work through some scenarios to try and get Ian to put Joe up. Frank’s second choice for replacement nominee is Shane he’s going to work both angles.

(WOW the game Dan has weaved through the house is crazy.. Does Dan really want to take Danielle and Jenn to the final 3? )

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7:26pm Cam 3-4 Joe, Frank and Shane

Frank asks Joe if they are going to use the VETO on him. Joe says no.
Joe: “I think you are right they are trying to get Dani put up” Shane: “Thats what I’m thinking”

7:38pm Jenn and Dan sleeping

7:39pm Cam 3-4 Frank and Shane
Frank says that Ian really wants to get him out of the house this week. Frank: “He thinks everyone wants me out but the truth is everyone wants him out “ Shane is worried they are trying to get Danielle up and if she goes up he’ll have a hard time not voting for her to stay but he will do what’s best for his game.

They start to chat about working out, Pizza and restaurants (the chat is like 30minutes long)

8:30pm Backtyard is open Shane runs upstairs to tell Ian. Everyone starts waking up toe do laundry and clean up the mess that is in the backyard

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VA Vet

I just had a discussion with God and Dan will be absolved of all past indiscretions provided he sends Frank to the jury this week.

Frank is the second coming of Christ

Not true…

ILL WILL *The Original*

who says God don’t forgive??? He always forgives, for a price

Ian "the new Alpha Dog"

Spoiler Alert!

I have an idea of what Dan’s plan is:

He will use the veto, and Jow goes up. JOE is gone. Dan wants F3 of Dan, Danielle, and Jenn.

So, it is everyone against Ian next week – Ian is gone during double eviction.

Then Frank wins the next HOH (HOH after double eviction HOH). Frank takes out Shane.

Then, Frank can not play in the next HOH. So Dan or Danielle wins HOH and they take out Frank!

That leaves Final 3 of Jenn, Dan, and Danielle.


Wow!!! Sounds like a VERY doable plan. Great thinking, if that’s how this rolls out, Dan should share that freaking money with you!!


That sounds like a good plan for Dan. Have Frank & Shane take each other out. I think Dan is better off keeping Frank another week or two for that reason. It’s puts the target off his back.


Thursday is going to be good I think Frank gone, then Dan. Everything going to good for Dan


Danielle Joe and Jenn can’t go to the end! Useless players that dont deserve a penny for annoying me this long! Make it stop! Danielle is so delusional and obsessed with her own looks, Joe is just full of hot air and Jenn, ? Who is she again?


Danielle is the only girl that has won 2 competitions in bb14 so get over yourself and stop hating , she can do whatever she wants if u dont like it dont watch the feeds.



Janelle won 2 coaches comps, saving Ashley and Wil.


To be fair, Janelle’s wins in the coaches comps were hardly a feat. They were competitions against only 3 other people, as opposed to Dani’s wins which were against 14 in the HOH and 6 in the veto she won. Not to mention, Dan was throwing all the coaches competitions, so really she was competing against only two people. And one of those two was Britney, whose performance in the coaches competitions was fairly lackluster. Also, let’s not forget that one of the coaches competitions Janelle won, the money stacking one, she only won because Boogie stepped off the balance board before hitting the button.

IMO, Danielle’s two wins were more impressive by comparison. You have to admit she owned that pirate ship, and the skeeball POV took at least a bit of skill to win.


Danielle is the only girl that has won 2 competition in bb14 , so get over yourself and stop hating she can do whatever she wants , dont watch the feeds if u dont like it.



I hope Dan keeps his word to Frank and use POV on Frank. Or use on Jenn and put up Shane and Shane goes home. Then Jenn wind HoH and nominate Ian and Joe and Ian goes home. Then Frank wins Hoh and get rid of Dan! I can dream :]


I agee, Dan needs to stay true to his word for once and either use the veto on Frank or on Jenn and help Frank to stay. If he were smart, he’d talk Ian into backdooring Shane and get him out this week. He’s way more of a threat than Frank is since he can’t even play in the next HOH. But then again, Ian’s an idiot and won’t think past his hatred of Frank. He’s such a twit, I want him out next week.

Oh No You Didn't

And that’s what it is…..

Dan is THE MAN

Yes, you can dream. And Dan can fertilize that dream.


Shane is not very bright. Britney advised him never volunteer to be a pawn and go on the eviction block. The first time he is without Brit, Shane tells Ian that he doesn’t mind being a pawn. Shane, Shane, without Brit … are all brawn. You finally have a chance to play your own game and your game stinks. Dan has covered himself on all angles now. He got final two and three deals with all parties. Dan has the whole house fighting between themselves and they don’t even realize that Dan is manipulating them. It doesn’t matter if Frank or Shane goes home. He wins either way by getting a tough competitor out the game. By getting Shane up there, Dan actually has the votes (Jenn, Joe and himself) to save Frank and send Shane home. Next HOH challenge, both Ian and Frank can’t compete, but one of those remaining House Guests (Jenn,Joe, and Dani) under Dan’s mist puts up Ian. HOH after Ian leaves, Dan is still safe, doesn’t matter who wins HOH. Jenn will owe Dan for getting her off the block. Frank will feel he can get to the final two with Dan. Dani is in her own world and waits for Dan to tell her what to think. Ah! Dan will win this thing.


I think Dan is smart to take jenn/dani final 3 & maybe go Gainst jenn final 2. I am just an observer, but I think he will beat jenn F2


Yeah right. In your dreams.


If Dan makes it to final2 he wins it…hands down! This is not BB, its THOD “The House of DAN!”


Dan would have my vote if he makes it to final 2 with any of the houseguests remaining.

VA Vet

If Dan only knew that Frank will take him out the first chance he gets.


Poor widdle dewoosenal Fwank wuver tinks Fwank is staying. If Fwank was the god his fans think he is he would be staying.

Poor widdle dewoosenal Fwank wuver.


And most of the people on the board call Frank a douchebag…


Dan = Greatest BB player of all time….his game playing is unreal dude really knows how to play, I think at this point with the move he made and now getting Frank out has a very good chance of winning the game if a few lucky bounces come his way….


How is dan getting frank out he didnt put him on the block and since hes already on the block he cant use the veto to back door him the only person dan has got out is britney and had a little something to do with getting rid of janelle


I love Frank and am disappointed that he looks to be in deep trouble.

But right now Dan is Caesar and Frank is a Gladiator on his last leg. Dan can either raise his thumb and save him or turn it down and it’s all over. To credit anybody else is absurd.

Also Dan saved himself by using Britney…but Frank gets the credit for evicting her. Whichever Quack Packer in the Chair next to Danielle was going home, Dan made sure it wasn’t him.

Zingbot Fan

Thumbs down!


LOVELOVELOVING the “after misting Jenn for about 10 minutes” statement!! LOL
I agree…Dan is weaving an INCREDIBLE game right now. I have loved him since his season and would love to see him win again. This man has gameplay unlike any other player I have seen.
And PERFECT title…Final 2 deals all around right now…..


“LOVELOVELOVING the “after misting Jenn for about 10 minutes” statement!! LOL”

OMG I 100% agree! I was dying laughing when I read that. Dan has this in the bag. Hopefully he can get Frank out with little to no blood on his hands and stay off the radar next week.


Bye bye frank. Too bad boogie ain’t there to help you.


Take ME to the final 2 Dan!

We can eat junk food all day long!!!

Ben D

Dan’s game is really tight right now


I will be dissapointed If Frank goes home Thursday. He deserves to win the summer and I really hope Dan saves him from chopping block. If Frank goes then Ian should be the next walking out.


Frank is not going home this Thursday.Its Shane that will be going home. Shane is not very bright. Britney advised him never volunteer to be a pawn and go on the eviction block. The first time he is without Brit, Shane tells Ian that he doesn’t mind being a pawn. Shane, Shane, without Brit … are all brawn. You finally have a chance to play your own game and your game stinks. Dan has covered himself on all angles now. He got final two and three deals with all parties. Dan has the whole house fighting between themselves and they don’t even realize that Dan is manipulating them. It doesn’t matter if Frank or Shane goes home. He wins either way by getting a tough competitor out the game. By getting Shane up there, Dan actually has the votes (Jenn, Joe and himself) to save Frank and send Shane home. Next HOH challenge, both Ian and Frank can’t compete, but one of those remaining House Guests (Jenn,Joe, and Dani) under Dan’s mist puts up Ian. HOH after Ian leaves, Dan is still safe, doesn’t matter who wins HOH. Jenn will owe Dan for getting her off the block. Frank will feel he can get to the final two with Dan. Dani is in her own world and waits for Dan to tell her what to think. Ah! Dan will win this thing.

ILL WILL *The Original*

If I was as cute as Dani I’d be obsessed too, but no bunny boiling, I like Bunnies

Trey Gorman

I would love to see Shane step out of the box, go against type, win HOH and nominate Dan and Danielle. It would cause absolute Chaos. Will never happen though. This season belongs to Dan. The only remaining question is whether he will continue to carry Danielle or dishrag her.

ILL WILL *The Original*

That would be awesome … Dani is going to punch him gettin expelled, then stalk him everywhere he goes, he would need to get those “restraining order” papers drawn up


After the upheaval during Shane’s last HOH, it seems like he’s learned to hang back and play more like a floater than a tote(her).


Regardless of what people think of him, Shane has played really smart since his last HOH. He’s laid low. He saw he was becoming a target, in part because he was winning comps. Now Frank is the biggest target because of his comp wins. Ian is a big target because he’ll be good at mental/endurance comps. Dan is a big target because he’s the cult of personality. Shane really isn’t a big target anymore.


I think Dan is going to keep Danielle around til the final three where he’s probably hoping to be him, Danielle and Jenn or him, Danielle and Joe. If Dan wins he’ll take Jenn or Joe with him because he will most likely win against those floaters. If Danielle wins she’ll take him to final 2 and he still wins 50k if he can’t mist the votes. Sorry to say Frank’s going home this Thursday unless production throws him a life raft. The only person Dan has been truthful to thus far in Danielle and he’s using her to throw Frank under the bus with Jenn. I respect Dan’s gameplay, he is probably top 2 ever after this season if not #1, and I understand that in Big Brother everyone lies, but for him to act like he’s this holy roller reading his Bible daily and then swear on the Bible and shake on a final 2 deal with Frank only to work to get him out makes me lose all respect for him as a person. I don’t see how he can go back to teach at a Catholic school after this season. And as great as his move was last week to stay now he’s floating around striking deals with everyone just like Joe. If Frank goes home I’ll start posting under DanTheFloatingJudas.

BB Pathetic season

frank 2 has deals with everyone and does lie to everyone its BB everyone in this season has deals f2 & f3 with everyone, not 1 loyal alliance the entire season.
there all floaters & wishy washy they have no strategy except Dan & maybe Ian now .


Yes Frank has told lies, but he’s also not carrying around a Bible with a holierthanthou attitude. And he has alliances everywhere because the alliance he was in kicked him to the curb and sent his partner Boogie home. Before this week, I think Frank ran the cleanest game out of everyone besides ? (who didn’t start til last week). He told people what he was doing and stayed true to the silent six despite being tempted to backdoor Dan.


Did frank tell Shane he would tell Ian that the house wants him gone? That would make no sense. All that would do is get the rest of the house mad at him and vote him out. Not a smart move if he says something


Oh god I do NOT want Danielle or Jenn to go to final 3! This is ridiculous. This is the most ridiculous season…If those 2 go to the final 3 then I hope to god Dan wins it because he’s playing mentally with people…no one is catching on? I dont find people too bright in this house this season.


Joe: “with Frank gone I can win the physical and you can win the mental“

best joke ever in bb house lol


Joe is so friggin clueless, “I think they’re trying to get Dani put up”. Don’t worry Dani, once Frank is gone I’ll save you cause I’m going to win the physical ones.

Joe's wang

He’s physical alright–before bed ;)


Hey guys it might be a “spank the monkey” competition! Give ‘ole powerhouse a chance!


Dan game is tight but I think he should try to keep his deal with Frank until next week. Looks better for Dan potential jury votes. Throwing Frank away right after the deal was made is too quick a move.

They need to be splitting Dani up from her protectors just as they did Britney. I think noms should stay the same and Jenn should be evicted.

Debbie H

This might be the only chance to get Frank out you have to take the opportunity when you have it.


Danielle is in the best position in the game. Dan and Shane are protecting her. Jenn is protecting her. She’s the only spank material POWERHOUSE has left. Frank doesn’t really care about her as a threat. Ian needs someone to latch onto now that Britney is gone. If she doesn’t talk her way out the door, she’s at least in the Final 3.


I think Dan will use the VETO on Jenn then Joe will go up and he will get D&D to vote Joe out. Joe is the only one that doesn’t have a deal with Dan. Plus it looks like Dan is repaying Jen for taking him off the block last week. I don’t think he really wants Frank gone and this way he will still have his alliance with Jenn, Frank, Dani and himselft. He will also have the quack pack. He has it made either way.


Whocares, Frank and Dan just had a long, private talk. Not ONCE did Frank mention to/ask Dan that he wants Dan to use the veto on him. They both agreed that Jenn will be coming off. Dan wanted Frank’s opinion for Jenn’s replacement nominee. (1) Joe, 2) Shane.) As of a few minutes ago, neither one of them seem to have any memory at all of the previous “Dan gave his word to Frank to use the POV on Frank” agreement you speak of. (I don’t, either.) I think you know what Frank should be doing/asking for, far more than Frank hinself does!

Oh No You Didn't

Simon/Dawg, How come OBB never gets a shout out? I hear Jokester and Hamsterwatch get mentioned but not you (us). I’ve checked out both sites and neither is as easy to read or as up to date. Just wondering, my fine Canadian friends. Thanks for all you do.


Simon, it does upset me a lot that this site never gets a shout out. At least Adam BB13 gave you one last year. The other day, someone recommended your site to Evel Dick on Twitter


So it’s not Dawg’s fault?


Frank won’t even have a chance to talk sh*t about Dan because of the way Dan is setting up Frank’s eviction. CarrotTop won’t know what hit him on Thursday.

Eviction Boogie All star style—Perfect!

Fleur de Lis

If Dan can get to the final 3 (sans Frank) he will win another $500,000 easy. His game has been amazing and the “MIST” is astounding!


I have never seen a season where everybody has a F2 and F3 deal with everybody. This seasons has had so many alliances and kept me confused as to who was really with whom


I just hope Dan leaves before the final four so that he has no claim to being the best of all time(that’s how far Dr Will made it his second time)I think you have to out do the achievments of the one who was considered the best to take the title.A good example would be that Kobe and Lebron would like to be considered the best of all time but have both lost big one more than once where as Jordan won all six times he was there

Rob C

Did Frank throw the power of veto? I’m just curious because there was some talk by Frank yesterday about doing that. If he did, then he’s a major dumbass. He’s got to know that the house is gonna vote him out first chance they get. Does anybody know for sure if he did?


It’s too late for that.Lol.After Dan pulled off a unbelievable move last week.The majority of the bloggers and comments on different Big Brother sites have already called Dan the best that has played the game.Oh,and I’m sure you heard Julie on Thursday give quotes from the New York post(or maybe it was New York times.I’m not sure) and another source about Dan being the best that has played the game.Maybe it’s just my memory.But I don’t remeber Julie ever opening the show with quotes about other house guests making such a well planned move,and saying that it was the best move in the history of Big Brother.So,If Dan wins this game again,it will just be the iceing on the cake.


I did hear all that but Julie Chen doesn’t think so I saw her on the tonight show with Jay Leno and when asked who she thought the best of all time was she said Dr Will Kirby,but yes i do understand that alot of people think Dan is the best.Its just my opinion that he has to accomplish more.Plus i think all he does is copy Dr Will’s style anyway,but like i said if he makes it past final four even i will concede


Was it the best move in BB history? Absolutely.

Is he better than Dr. Will? Unless he makes it past final four, no. I can’t overlook the fact that he had about three weeks of immunity before being tossed into the game. In that time, he got to observe how others played and how they handled themselves without having his own game scrutinized or being targeted.


Hey now. Jordan also has a 1st and 4th on her resume. Poor Jordan always get omitted from the great BB Players List…..



Did joe really tell Ian that he will win the physical and Ian will win the mental? At this point does anyone believe joe can win anything the fact he still believes it is laughable.


Dans misting is very good, but then again he’s dealing with a bunch of morons yo. Write this dude the check and call is a season.


this definitely isnt the smartest bunch of people


Any predictions for the DE this coming Thurdsay? I say Frank/Shane or Frank/Joe

bbcamel toe



Here’s whats going to happen Frank gets evicted and right before he’s about to walk out the door Ian flips him off and tells him to get to steppin Frank then power bombs him Sid Vicious style causing Ian to be eliminated do to hospitalization.There no need for DE or fast forward thrusting powerhouse that much closer to victory and once again we become the seventh juror


Wow!! Wouldn’t that be something. Maybe Frank will head butt Ian like Willie did Joe on National TV

Joe's wang

LMAO!!! That would make for some great TV, but I’m sure Frank would get charged with assault if that happened…

Danielle's Pathetic

Go ahead you brainless people…… give Joe $50K! and Ian 500 K……….. sad, very sad.

OMG…….. it never ceases to amaze me how brian-f-ing dead you people are.

Dan is SATANS comrade…….. take that to Church you douche bag!

Dan is THE MAN

Do we know for sure that there will be a Double Eviction this week?


Julie Chen said it at the end of Thursday’s Live Eviction Episode


Remember how the thinking a week ago that “if anyone is against Frank in the final two, Frank wins?” I think that line of thinking goes with Dan now. If the jurors can overlook the fact that he won the game before, there’s no way he can objectively be frozen out from the $500k again. But since some jurors will vote emotionally, his best bet is to take Frank (who has his enemies) or Joe/Jenn (where you simply cannot justify voting for either one of them).


Anyone who thinks Frank isn’t going home this week is deluding themselves. The fact is, outside of Boogie he didn’t make any real friends during the season. Not having an emotional connection makes it a lot easier to betray you in an alliance. No one’s going to want to take Frank to final 2 because he has a strong argument on how he’s survived so many times on the block. This is the perfect time to take him out because even though he can’t play the next HoH, he’ll be playing the next veto.


And if Frank stays…?

(Bring on the irrationally hateful comments!)

Team Frank

Thanks to Janelle, Frank never even had a chance at making friends with anyone other than Boogie. She whipped up everyone else into a War on Frank that they’re STILL fighting weeks later. I guess a dumbass cast deserves a dumbass winner. This show gets shittier by the year now, and I’m a loyal fan since Season 1. The fact that the show STILL isn’t in HD and the competitions barely change from year to year now is telling.


Agreed. Janelle played that rhetoric so well when SHANE was winning everything the first two weeks.


Come on Ian, why would Dan take off Jenn if he wants Frank gone? All Dan has to do is win the final HOH and he’s gonna win it all.

Seems like every HOH this season is influenced by someone else for their own benefits.


SIMON, do you remember the season that they had to tape the Live Eviction because they were afraid there was going to be fighting? I’m trying to remember if it was Season 11 with maybe Jeff and Russell possibly squaring off?


It was Season 11. Production (rightfully) thought Chima was going to go nucking futs during the live show.


Yeah Chima was a fiesty one i liked her to bad she self evicted she might have been back
Did ya’ll know she survived the attack of serial killer rapist


After I heard about her story, I googled her and there it was. It’s amazing that she survived it. I’m pretty sure she is still traumatized by it, I know I would be.


Lmao at the shitting on a dream photo. What happened to all the frank supporters I’m surprised how bad he’s doing in the poll but I guess everyone realizes he’s a d bag and needs to go finally


Team Powerhouse is where all the betting action is.

Could you imagine Joe’s speech if he makes it to Final 2?

“I played a great social game, I cooked for all of you, and… (WACKY ARM GESTURES!)”

Joe's wang

I was originally a Boogie supporter, then went to supporting Frank…I can’t stand the QP alliance…I will be supporting Team Powerhouse once Frank is gone lol…


Hell yeah if Frank goes i’m team powerhouse FTW


Well it’s looking like congratulations are in order for Dan, as it’s looking like the fat lady is warming up in the DR…and no I don’t mean Danielle, who is a lovely, crazy, young lady.

I’m still very disappointed, though. Not because Dan has already won, but rather when I look at this season (Lots of dumb people) and then I look at season 10 (Lots of crazy people), I just think that the weaknesses of the cast as a whole were so pronounced that Dan could actually sleepwalk through it. And it’s because of this that I still place Dr. Will and Boogie above him on the list of the best ever. They took on an All Star cast of nothing but legit players and alliances, were public enemy number one of the whole house from the 1st second, and the painted a seamless, masterpiece in strategy and manipulation. It was the best beating the best.

But Dan’s two seasons have been like Kobe Bryant playing a bunch of guys of the street? It’s not like he has to go all out to get the win, so instead of seeing a masterpiece, we see a little move here, then a lull, then a big move there, then another lull, etc.

I really wish that they had never done the coach thing and done a full blown All Stars, so we could really see the extent of his game.

Joe's wang

I have similar feelings about this season…Dr. Will played the game that Frank is attempting to play of being the target and up on the block the most of the game, but working his way out of it…Boogie won All-Stars against other legit players at the time…

Team Frank

Joe announces he’s “playing for second,” continues to get a free pass. Frank works his ass off every week and tries to win, only gets backstabbed by all the hypocritical assholes left in the house with him. I’m done with this season after Frank leaves, it’s almost as bad as last year’s production-rigged, summer-long donation to Rachel and Brendon’s wedding.


Joe’s best strategy is to announce he’s playing for second because people will keep him around. It’s the only way he gets to the Final 2. If he can somehow convince the jurors the whole time that it was his intention to float (and just absolutely OWNS the fact that he was a floater), says he told everyone what they wanted to hear when they wanted to hear it, and stirred the pot enough to throw everyone off their own game – he has a shot. Worse comes to worse, he wins $50k. It’s a shot in the dark but why not try to rub one out?


The wedding is now also being payed for by the show my fair wedding which rachael and brendon will be on BARF


I’m the biggest Frank fan and firmly believe he and Dan are the only deserving winners…but if Frank is so overconfident that he is not demanding Dan use the veto on him and forcing the issue now, then he deserves to be evicted.


“After misting Jenn for about 10 minutes ” LOL.


I actually laughed out loud when I saw the picture of dan with the caption “shitting on a dream.”
You sir, are hilarious


My thoughts on the HG’s TRUE “final two 1st choice/final two 2nd choice” are, assuming Mr. Eudy is Thursday evictee #1:

– Shane: 1) Danielle 2) whichever HG he thinks he’d win the jury vote over (Joe/Jenn)
– Danielle: 1) Dan, 2) Shane (She’s already said she would never want to choose. But if forced to, she’ll choose her coach.)
– Ian: 1) Whichever QP’er is left that he thinks he could beat in jury! (As a longtime BB geek, I think Ian gives Dan mad props for his BB14 gameplay, but I think Ian thinks Dan would be harder to beat in jury than he actually would be. He’s by far the hardest one for me to read, though.)
– Dan: 1) Danielle, 2) Ian (Dan’s truest feelings are hard to gauge. But one of the things he said to Danielle recently, to me, really did have a “ring of truth” to it. He said he’s resigned to the fact that he’ll never get the jury votes to win BB a 2nd time. I believe him. He told Danielle that “If it’s us two, I won’t even campaign against you. We started out as coach/player, and for me, getting you the 500K would be just like me winning again.” I would usually never believe it when any HG ever said that. But, “funeral night fake fight” aside (and even THAT was done, in Dan’s mind, for Danielle’s benefit), Dan has been 100% rock solid regarding protecting/looking out for Danielle, every second of every day, since Day 1. I could be wrong, but I think Dan 100% meant that. We’ll see if/when it gets down to that. I also think Dan genuinely has a soft spot for Ian, despite their ups and downs. But not near as close as Danielle, obviously. I would be quite interested to see how truly hard Dan fights for #1, against Ian. Dan knows how much the $$ would mean to Ian. I actually think Dan would be a very content #2, against either Danielle or Ian.)
– Joe and/or Jenn: not even a 1% possibility; why even speculate?

Now I’m not assuming that Dan makes it to the final two, by any means. But if he does, my gut says that the jury will NOT vote Dan a second half mil, simply on principle, despite the consensus that he might/might not have played the best BB game this season. But I’m not at all sure. Simon? Other OBB experts? Wisdom needed! What’s your feeling on whether a former BB winner will/won’t get enough jury votes to win again, just because he win half a mil before?


Heres my list of the people with the tightest games up until now

1. Dan
2. Ian
3. Shane
4. Frank
5. Danielle
6. Joe

Right now, it is Dan’s house plain and simple. He is a master manipulator. Ian is second because he is decent socially aside from his drunken disaster and he is also decent at comps. Shane never reveals his votes, is good at comps, and he has managed to shrink the target on his back and fade into the background while allowing Ian, Dan, and Frank to duke it out. Frank sucks socially but is good at comps which gives him the fourth spot by default. Danielle is not particularly good nor is she particularly bad, she’s just average. But she is better than Jordan who I despise and deem the least deserving winner of BB ever. Joe sucks and will never win, he is still in yes, but only because the others want him to still be in. And I think BB has some kind of security issue or some type of mind altering drug is going around the house because this strange man is pretending to be a player in the house yet I have never seen him before.


I’ve come to the conclusion that being on BB is basically taking the outside world and plopping a big ol’ heaping of it in one house. Those people that you cannot stand that you work with everyday…the idiots you run into at the market/store/etc…neighbors…morons driving on the road. All that forced under one roof.

I could not do it. I would weep in agony if that were to happen. And I feel so good for those that are exited early from the game because I think many of those are the people that aren’t %100 total ass hats.


If I could ever do it, I’d have to constantly remind myself that what’s said about me in the house is nothing to what’s probably being said about me on the forums. :-)


OK. What do we have now? How does everything stand?

Sorry Frank fans but I really think he is gone. Of course I had given Dan up for dead this time last week and see where that went. If Frank can manage to stay in the house this week then I will be suitablly impressed (unless he bullies everyone). I also think that if he does not go to Dan in the next 36 hours and asks to be taken off the Block he really thinks he is the god of BB and completely bullet proof. Then one of 3 things will happen

1 He is wrong and goes home cursing and throwing a fit.

2 He is right and can pull a bigger rabbit out of his a$$ than Dan.

3 Production gives him a special power that keeps him in the game to final 3

What gets me is how personal everyone is taking this.

Dan is not evil or Satan. He is Dan. A player of Big Brother. He wants to win. Try to see things objectively. Reverse the situation. What would you be thinking of Frank if the situations were reversed? Would you be going, “Frank better keep his deal with Dan!” or would you be saying, “Do it now Frank! Take out Dan now that you have a second chance!”?

Dan is going to do what is best for Dan. He is not going to do what is best for Ian, Jenn, Shane, Joe, Frank or even Danielle. He has people (Danielle) for whom he is looking after, but ultimately he is looking after himself. But so is everyone else. If you think differently or want Dan to sacrifice his game for your favorite player then you are living in a fantasy world.

Danielle needs to step up her game like she did before the coaches came in the game. I think that Britney has influenced her greatly and is now using Shane and Dan as meat shields. She can win and needs to show that she is there for the win.

Shane has been coasting since his last HOH. I think he is tired of getting “blood” on his hands for the others. This is going to come back to bite him as others will toss him overboard for being useless. He needs to get back into the game.

Ian is still playing a good and consistant game. He respects game play and calls it like he sees it. He has recently let emotions color his actions and his hope for his “Quack Pack” winning is one of his weak points.

Joe is everywhere and with everyone. I think he has hitched his wagon to Shane and will ride that horse until one of them is out of the house. Being the Powerhouse that he is I am sure that he will step up and win every HOH left in the game and win that $500K.

That takes care everyone left in the game. It will be interesting to see the rest of the season.


People expecting Dan to keep a deal is ridiculous. Frank expecting him to keep it is even more ridiculous.

Danielle is in a good spot. She’s the only one protected by pretty much everyone in the house. She’s proven she can win in comps earlier in the season and backdoors are done now. She can win when she has to.

Shane, I believe, has played it smart. For the first few weeks, Shane was on everyone’s list as a target because of his comps. Now? Frank, Dan, and Ian are bigger targets. Shane, like Danielle, can win when he needs to. No point in putting an unnecessary target on himself.

Ian’s latched onto this Quack Pack concept a little too tightly. In part, I think he’s doing it not so much out of loyalty but because he’s so much of a BB nerd that if one of his alliance members wins it, he can claim having a hand in it even if he doesn’t win himself. He’s also put himself in the same position he criticized Frank for being in: his lackluster social game and haphazard strategy up to this point have put him in the position to have to win comps over and over to hang on in the game.

Dan’s best bet to win are against people with a bad social game (Frank) or someone who it’s simply hard to make a case for (Jenn/Joe). Against Danielle, Shane, or Ian… he’s pretty screwed with one vote already against him (Britney). If Dan is at all seen as responsible for Frank’s eviction in Frank’s eyes, Frank will toss a vote to anyone else (unless Dan is against Ian at the end).

Joe’s best strategy is to float to the Final 2 then absolutely owning his floating as a strategy and saying a few prayers.

Jenn will disappear into the walls. She has no shot at Final 2 unless Dan really wants another $500k.


Dan is Definitely planning to take Danielle to the Final 2! … Dan is willing to take 2nd place IF Danielle Wins! – That stuffed animal that they are throwing around – The eyes are possibly a Golden Power!