Big Brother 14 Power of Veto Results Till Quack Vs Quack

POV Holder: DAN Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 3 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 6 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Jenn and Frank
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Britney

4:44pm Cam 1-2 HOh Dan and Ian is in the Shower
Dan Wins VETO!!

Dan is talking to himself saying how crazy his week has been.. back from the dead, Public enemy number one, not nominated won the Veto and Made a Final 2 deal. Dan yells at Ian.. tells him this deal is legit even when it gets down to Quack Vs Quack. Dan adds that Ian must never tell anyone about their Deal. Ian says he won’t Dan puts the Veto up to the Cammera says “finally my ticket to getting Frank out”

4:50pm Dan tells ian that they need to have a long talk about how to move forward. He’s not going to make any final decisions right yet he wants Ian’s input along the way.

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5:02pm Cam 3 jenn and Frank

Frank says that he’s going to ask Dan to use it on him. Jenn has no idea what Ian and Dan have something brewing up in the HOH. Frank is worried if Dan uses it Then Ian will put up Danielle or Shane. Jenn thinks that Ian is going to put up Joe and if they can’t get Joe up then Shane is the next choice. Frank wants Shane gone this week so they can pull Danielle into their group. Jenn thinks she can get Danielle to Vote Shane out.

They work through the scenarios.. Jenn says it will be good TV if dan uses the Veto on her than they can Get Joe or Shane put up. Frank needs to Talk to Dan soon to get in his head.

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5:10pm HOH Ian and Dan Cam 1-2

Dan asks him if he’s against dan using the POV. Ian isn’t fully against it would rather it not be used but they have time to think about it.

5:12pm Cam 3 Dan and Frank

Dan: “Obviously we can’t use it on you.. I was thinking of using it on Jenn.. I’ll go to him and be like DUDE you need to tell me who you are putting up”
Frank: “If he’s going to put up Shane.. that’s not the worst thing”
Dan: “I’ll find out.. before I make any moves“
Frank mentions that maybe he’ll put Danielle up. Dan doesn’t think he will.

5:18pm Dan and Danielle Danielle asks him what he’s going to do. Dan tells her he’s talked a bit to Ian and Frank. He needs to talk through all the angles. Frank was running scenarios by him and asked Dan where his vote would be if Danielle was put up against Frank. Dan says he already told Frank he will not use it on him.. he’ll talk to Ian tonight.

5:29pm Cam 3 HOH Dan and Ian

Dan: “We gotta figure this out.. If i don’t use it noms stay the same.. Who goes home?”
Ian: “Frank”
Ian doesn’t want to piss Joe off he wants to minimize the chances of people being mad at them.

Option 1
Dan says he could go to Joe and tell him if he uses the Veto Joe goes up so in a way he’s saving Joe by not using the Veto.
Ian: “we need to stress to JOe he’s going up because of no other option. . I promised her Shane and Danielle during the HOH comp… I can’t put Dan up because he has the veto”
Dan: ‘joe clearly hates me..”

Option 2
Take Jenn down.. and joe goes up..
Dan: “I owe her one.. We have the vote to evict Frank”
Ian: “If we do that.. Joe is pissed at Dan even more and pissed at Ian.. ”

Option 3
Ian: “last option pull Frank down joe goes up and Jenn goes home.. Hides we are working together”
Dan: “thats the least likely scenario.. so it’s Joe or Frank and Frank goes home”

Dan points out that Frank has been up on the block so many times and is still in the house. Ian says the competition was pretty much a crapshoot, Joe beat Ian in it.

Dan: “Jenn comes down and Joe goes up we have Me, Danielle and Shanes vote.. doesn’t matter what Jenn does”
Dan: “We gotta get the mileage out of this.. we gotta get her to guarantee she doesn’t put me up”
Dan: “In order for Frank to stay he has to turn 2 people.. I don’t think that will happen”
Dan: “What if it’s a tie”
Ian: “I told him I would consider keeping him if it’s a tie and Jenn and Frank were up but I never said anything about Frank and JOe… No I would not keep Frank”

Ian: “Shane and Danielle realize that this is our chance to get rid of him.. it’s time to let Frank go”

Shane joins them..

Dan asks him Joe or Frank go up who do they take out.. Shane wants to take Frank out he doesn’t think it’s a good idea to leave him in the game because they can take out Joe in competitions.

Ian: “This is our one shot at getting Frank out.. We haven’t had a chance to get Fran out since janelle was in the game.. he keeps winning competitions”
Dan agrees says that they will never get him “T” up like this again.

Shane: “I’ll tell Frank straight up i’m not voting for him.. or do we blindside him”
Ian: “He knows if POV gets used on Jenn he’s gone.. we really are not allowed to tell people our votes.. Just Tell Frank you are leaning a certain way” (OMG Shane is a master of not letting people know what his vote is going to be.. “50/50” he’ll say that a million times between now and Thursday)

they briefly talk about putting Shane up as a pawn, they have Dan and Danielle vote and Ian will save him.. Shane is OK with this but he would rather joe goes up.

Ian reminds them that they have never seen Frank campaign without Boogie, “Boogie did a lot of the campaigning for Frank” They question if he’ll put up much of a fight. (I bet Frank goes on a rampage and danielle/dan are figrued out)

Shane leaves

Dan: “So you are a million percent putting Joe up”
Ian: “Yup.. I promised Shane and Danielle.. I don’t want to look like i go back on my word”
ian proposes he can say something like he intended to put Dan up as the replacement nomination and because he has no other choice he has to put up Joe.

Ian says they are putting all their trust in Shane and Danielle.. Dan thinks they can trust them it makes perfect sense to get Frank out right now.


5:59pm Cam 3 – Ian tells him that it’s a normal week they’re is no fast forward. Dan says in case it isn’t he’s going to use the VETO on Jenn. Ian: “OK”

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Dan swore on the bible, his wife, his wedding ring, and his grandparent.

Guess he really is a bad person.


Didn’t he only swear that he was telling the truth about Ian!

Shao Kahn

But he swore that he’d stick with Frank as well. He said all of that in the same sentence.


For being a devout Catholic, Dan said his 3 loves were his family, coaching football and Big Brother. He mentioned nothing about his faith or his love for the Lord. Guess his faith isn’t as strong as he proclaims. That or he is lying about that too. I’d guess the latter since most everything out of his mouth is a lie anyway.

Hammock Boy

its funny how everyone wants to past judgement on dan because he lied, people LIE everyday in the real world and thats on them if they want to go down that road, but if people are offended and mad he used religion, remember what they say ” he who has not sin cast the first stone.” if there is a god its between dan and god.


Not passing judgement, its not my job. Just saying either walk the walk or don’t. Don’t straddle the fence and use it when it is beneficial to you and discard it when it isn’t.

Dae Yum Yum

JH, correct! I think that’s called “phoney!” That’s exactly what Dan is!

Dae Yum Yum

Dan is no more “spiritual” than the man on the moon!


Wow. That must have been one heck of a run-on sentence!


NO, you are wrong!!! The only thing Dan swore to was that he was telling the truth about the quack pack alliance period and he was. Go back and watch the episode again. He did not swear to any of the other crap, and big deal everyone in that house has side deals with everyone else. SO GLAD DAN WON and now get the Carrot out of that house. Frank is the only one that has cheated numerous times and he has admitted to it and has gotten caught cheating on national television. He needs to go home!!!


To those that say he only swore the information was true, check out their convo in the HOH right before Dan left the room. He swore on the Bible (put his hand on it)/w-ring/dead grandfathers chain that has his big cross on it. at the end of their conversation, shook Franks hand, made the deal, F2. I am not trying to come off all high and mighty, and/or like sour grapes because I do like Frank, I would have continued watching regardless of if someone else had gotten Frank out. But I just don’t think I can stomach watching any more of this show as long as Dan is in the house. Leave God out of the stupid game, but I guess if someone like Dan doesn’t really believe in the Bible, then he wouldn’t mind using it, apparently that is the case.

It's just a game people:)

Who cares it’s just a game!


Exactly!! People need to chill…


or a bad ass big brother player ;)


Dan isn’t a bad person if he is how is his. Ian won this HOH not Dan Bye Bye Frank.


LOL its just a game…..think about it Frank didn’t want Dan in the final 2 either, so after weeks and weeks of trying to get him out here the only chance.

Martin Luther Frank, Jr.

Swearing on the bible is not a game. There is no “crossing your fingers” or deciding when it does and doesn’t apply when you do that. That is the whole point of it… you swear on the bible in front of your god to prove your word is good.

I am not religious, primarily because I find most religious people are hypocrites like Dan. They tout their religion until it gets in the way of their selfish goals.


I just don’t get Dan’s thought process. If Frank feels even a little uneasy, he calls a house meeting and outs Dan and Danielle and their role in Britney’s eviction or he does it as he’s walking out the door. He will bring up swearing on the bible, his grandpa’s cross, and his wife. Maybe it won’t matter and Dan’s convinced of that, but it’s an unknown, so why risk it when you don’t need to. What if Danielle goes into her victim routine and further puts the heat on Dan?

Shane and Joe will go along with anything, so why not make Ian temporarily angry, knowing full well you can win him back next week, since he is friendless and has further alienated Frank. You could even admit that a one week deal was the cost of surviving and mention he had fight for the veto because he swore on everything. Ian will forgive him since they have one more week of a free shot, especially if Joe’s head rolls. Dan can even offer to be Ian’s double agent and lull Frank into a sense of comfort.

With Frank gone, what is his end game? Who takes out Shane and Ian? Are you going to dump Danielle? Do you want all the blood on your hands when you wouldn’t need to with Frank around?

What if Frank doesn’t find out until he’s evicted then spills everything on the spot and Jenn backs it all up and it’s a double eviction and neither you or Danielle win HOH or veto? The last thing the house might hear is that you can’t be trusted. In the jumble of 20 minutes, you are totally vulnerable with no time to work. Do you think they will blame poor little Danielle or you, the former winner?

Maybe Dan is an evil wizard, but it seems like he went back to playing checkers. Sure you’re jumping a piece…but did you just expose yourself to jumped by two other pieces.

big brother lover

I watched the part over and over. Dan only swore on the Bible that what he was telling Frank was true. About the quack pack and everything else but he did not swear that he was taking Frank to the end. That was at the end of the conversation but by that time they had discussed many things. The only time he swore was at the beginning of the conversation and that was that he was going to come clean about all of the other alliences.


I was going to say the exact same thing! Dan was only swearing that he was telling the truth about the quackpack. People seem to be ignoring that.


Dan only swore on the bible, his wedding ring, and his wife when he was telling the truth. He made a final 2 deal with Frank, but it was never a “swear on his marriage, bible ect” promise


So if I’m called to testify and swear on the bible and answer all the prosecution’s questions honestly can I then just decide that my swearing to tell the truth is over and lie in response to all the defense’s questions?

You’re parsing, and maybe Dan is too, but if it gets exposed to the rest of the house, I don’t see it holding much water.

Is Dan counting on Danielle being strong in the face of a shit storm or will she cry about Dan breaking her heart and say she went along, but had no choice. I don’t know, I wouldn’t want her in my foxhole?


You can lie under oath but if you get caught you go to jail for perjury. That is what keeps people honest, not the bible. I don’t know if they actually pull out a bible anymore.


You’re missing the point.

Dan claims to believe in God, so the oath he took with Frank is based on that belief (which is also why the practice is still used in courtrooms today), everything he said thereafter in that specific conversation was under the sworn oath to Dan’s God. Me, I could care less. I’m not a believer.

But people here are parsing, saying he only meant to swear on the first half of the conversation, hence the courtroom analogy. I mean did Dan start crossing his fingers as soon as he started lying. I grew up Catholic and spent 12 years in Catholic school and so I must have missed class on the day they taught how to swear to God for parts of conversation and not others.

Saying that betraying Frank is not a violation of swearing on God, Grandpa, and wife is absurd…but I don’t care. It’s not my God or my oath.

But Dan “claims” to care about and believe in such things and I don’t think his God believes in technicalities or parsing.


If everyone that lied in court was prosecuted for perjury, everyone that ever testified in court would be in prison. EVERYONE lies in court because everyone lies in life. I have exposed thousands of courtroom liars over 26 years and not a single one has ever been prosecuted for perjury. In fact, among the police, courtroom activity is referred to as “testilying”.


To all of these people that are blaming Dan you need to go back and watch the episode or either you did not watch it the first time. HE ONLY swore that what he was telling Frank was the truth and he was so shut up blaming him for stuff he did not do. Happy Birthday Dan!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you Sharon!! I agree with you completely! And for the person talking about the court under the bible etc… this is not court –this is Big Brother and Dan only swore that he was telling the truth about the QP. You guys need to chill and let it go.


I’m totally cool with Dan using my name and doing whatever to win this game.
I get that it’s only reality tv.
F@#k Frank.

Baby Je?us

Yes! Just yes!

Dan is THE MAN

Perfect. Thanks God!

It's just a game people:)

Don’t hate the player hate the game.

young gheesley

He swore on the bible and the cross that he told the truth about ian and the quack pack,exposing them, which was TRUE. Now, if you look back on the feeds , he does make a final 2 with frank, but never swears on anything about it. Dan simply out smarted Frank in the game and now he has to pay the ultimate price.


Lol, please, because Britney wasn’t already planning to do this exact same thing this week, no matter what Frank did he was gonna be the target this week and every week to come, his demise just happens to be from Dan and Ian now instead of Brit and Ian.


But he also swore on the Bible and his wedding ring that if Frank got him off the block that Frank was good and he would help him get to the end.


No, go back and watch the feeds – he swore on the bible, his ring and the necklace from his grandfather that the info he gave frank was the truth. He never swore to a final 2 deal. He never swore to protect frank.


You’re right. Besides, didn’t Frank tell Jenn he was taking her to the final two anyway?


Look, Dan clearly is not as godly as he would have you believe.

The way you’re parsing things would be like if I was called to testify, swore on the bible, and answered all the prosecution’s questions honestly…then decided that the oath no longer applied once the defense lawyer started his questioning, leaving me free to lie.

I could care less whether Dan’s religion is a con or if he ultimately is betraying Frank. It’s that doing so now leaves him exposed. It just doesn’t make any sense.

If Frank can’t win (although I am a fan) so be it, but if he can’t then Dan is the only other deserving winner and I think this is a dumb move for him now. It’s a lot of risk for a little reward.


I watched it again. He says after everything telling that Ian is the rat, the QP, that him and Frank would be working together, etc. hat he swears on the bible, his wedding ring and his grandfathers chain that everything he’s saying is true. Then it cuts to Dan’s diary room session where he says that he was willing to swear on the bible to go to the end with Frank and that he meant it. The blog even says to have someone tell his wife to pray for him after that happened, probably because he knew he was lying. As much as I respect the game move to save himself, Dan is basically just floating back and forth to the people in power now. The next morning he woke up and told people watching the feeds that he really intends on having the alliance with Frank. Next week Frank’s out of power and Dan’s upstairs whoring it up w the QP.

Swim golden

Watch flashback not the edited tv version.

Dae Yum Yum

Cruizin-Dan even said in the DR he was serious about the F2 with Frank. He swore on everything dear ti him to Frank’s face that they were F2-JUDAS is exactly what Dan is!


Okay people need to stop referencing Dan as “Judas” Even though I’m not totally buying the entire Catholic faith, I believe enough to know that calling someone “Judas” is one of the biggest and despicable insult a person could give to a Catholic –whether or not they’re truly religious. It’s a game and you guys need to chill. By the way if Dan is “Judas” are you guys saying that Frank is “God” I’m sure that you guys will say “don’t be ridiculous” So this is what I’m telling you, Don’t be ridiculous and call Dan “Judas” He’s a smart player. Dan and Frank’s alliance was shaky from the start. If Dan didn’t pull the trigger first, Frank would have.


No offense, but obviously you never watched Big Brother 10, where Jerry had called Dan “Judas” numerous times throughout the game.


Who the F*ck cares what he swears on and lies about?!?! Guess what happens if he swears and lies—NOTHING! He goes back to his normal life and this immature discussion about swearing on an old storybook has zero meaning. Grow up already.


Oh my gosh, did you really just refer to the Bible as a storybook?!?! The Bible is a very sacred book to a true Christian, and for Dan to swear on it just shows that he is a HUGE religious hypocrite. I know its a game but a person should not proclaim to be a christian only when it suits themselves. For him to confess and repent for his sins he must truly be sorry for committing them in the first place and I don’t believe he can truly repent when he is not sorry in the least!!! What must his students think of him now?


When Dan swore on all those things,, he said everything he was about to tell Frank was true. And it was. He revealed Ian’s betrayal and everything about the quack pack. I don’t think he swore on the bible about a final two.


Dan is a Catholic. If he does not stick to his deal with Frank after swearing on the Bible, he will go out as the most untrustworthy and evil player to ever play this game!

I can respect solid gameplay, but to swear on the Bible, then backstab someone the first opportunity you have makes you lower than dirt. Dan is using every evil tactic to win, even if it means selling his own soul.

I question his integrity. His wife should be concerned.

Swearing on the Bible? Lying? That’s playing with God!

He has a lot of confessing to do after he leaves the BB house!!!


Dan is a Catholic. All he has to do is go to confession when he gets out and repent, all will be good between him and his God.


You have to have a contrite heart when you confess. In other words, you have to truly be sorry for your sins. Do you really think Dan will be sorry for lying when he swore on the Bible?

Looks to me like winning BB is more important to him than saving his own soul…maybe, just maybe he sold his soul to the devil to win BB14…

How else do you resurrect yourself from your own funeral?

Only 1 person has done that before after he was crucified on the cross.

Just some food for thought!


asshole if you know nothing about this reilgion keep it shut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I hope your not calling me an asshole? No need to be rude. FIRST, I am a catholic and have gone to catholic school from 4th grade until I graduated high school, so I know all about the religion. SECOND, it was a joke. I was referring to what Dan’s wife TWEETED after he swore on the bible. She tweeted that YES she went to church for him (as he asked her to on camera after he swore on bible) and she said that he will go to confession and “all would be well”. Not making fun of the religion, so calm down!


his wife’s probably at home getting nailed by another guy, especially since her husband swore on their marriage to roll with Frank til the end and is now trying to get him out.

Jen W

Dan can’t control the votes. Frank already gave Dan permission this morning to use the Veto on Jenn because he owed her & it wouldn’t out their alliance if he used it on Frank. Not much Dan can do if people vote out Frank over Joe. Frank getting/not getting votes is on him (& his past behavior towards the HG). This is what Ian meant about his social game being s**t

BB14 > BB13

So in order for Dan to be a good person he should use the veto to save Frank and get himself put up and evicted. F*ck that!


That would be impossible since the veto holder can’t be put up


he swore on the bible that what he was gonna tell him was the trueth .. and it was … he didnt swear on the bible that he was gonna take him to the final two … who in their right mind would keep frank to the end .. not me thats for sure

Lennon's Ghost

re-posted from earlier:

Actually Dan didn’t swear on the Bible. Dan took it with him when he went to talk to Frank and told him that he would swear on the Bible if Frank wanted him to.

Dan then proceeded to “mist” him with his magical words and Frank bought into it without Dan actually swearing on the Bible.

Frank was so eager to gain another ally that he forgot all about making Dan swear on the book.

Dan said in his DR session that he accomplished all of that without having to swear on the Bible which made it even more amazing.

Everybody thinks that he swore on it, but if you go back and look at their conversation in the archives, you’ll see that he never did.

Amazing! Go Dan FTW!


dan’s the man, he should def win this game, but he wont….. the jury wont let him win two times.. but i dont think he should get rid of frank.. he should take out joe, or jen… they have barely done anything in this game.. same with shane and danielle…


Actually, you know what you’re right. He did say that. Only if Frank wanted him too.


Dan swore on all that to Frank ONLY in regard to Ian being the actual “rat” (not Dan, as previously thought), who brought the info about Frank/Boogie secretly planning to turn on the “Silent Six” soon to DDBS. Very few posters (including Simon) ever thought the Frank/Dan final two deal was legit at all. Frank 100% dug his own grave here. Earlier today, Frank actually gave Dan his approval to NOT take Frank off the block if Dan won POV, suggesting Dan take Jenn off instead ($@#&%). Somehow, Frank suddenly believes he is now popular in the house, and will be saved against whomever on Thursday! Frank even suggested to Dan that Frank should throw today’s POV comp to Dan!!!!! Frank had me strategically equating him with Lawon after hearing him and Dan talk today. None of today’s convo was Dan’s fault. Dan’s doing exactly what Frank told him to do! Frank TRULY believes he’ll survive Thursday’s vote. That is the ONLY reason he’s going home in Part 1 of the double eviction.


I swore on the bible I wouldn’t comment on this stupid ass subject,hope I don’t get struck by lightning,lol. Grow up ppl,you all sound like a bunch of high school girls bitching over some he said-she said bs.It’s a damn game,I seriously don’t think God is up in heaven looking down at Dan and signing his bus ticket to hell. I’m sure all you holier than now ppl crying over this wouldn’t do the samething…it’s a friggin game where you promise to give up your first born to get to the next week.


Trying to read this is hurting my brain.


There is a way that Dan can have his cake and eat it too. Just think about it.

Boogie's Huge Forehead

Is he going to bake more cake? That’s how I’d do it.


He only swore about telling the truth not about the deal!! personally I want Frank out so bad, he thinks everyone is there to get him to the final two…

Chuckles the Clown

Who cares? Swearing on the bible is like swearing on the Lord of the Rings. Meaningless.


If Dan doesn’t help Frank, he is an ass. Frank had no choice but roll with Dan! It would have been the same outcome if Britney stayed in the house. We all know she would have told Ian to put him up and down Ian would have done it. If Frank leaves I won’t watch it it would be sooo boring. I hope Dan really thinks about what Frank did for him and Man up! He did strike a final 2 deal with him. Of course Dan has struck deals with everybody! I really liked him his first time playing, but if he doesn’t help Frank I know many people will lose all respect. And the best player this year will go home. Frank as least deserves 1 person to keep his word to him. Everybody except Boogie has stabbed him in the back.


If Dan wants to win it again, he has to send Frank home. That’s logic. Anyway, Frank plans to keep Dan until he can get rid of Ian&Shane.


Who cares?! It’s a game. You do what it takes to win. That separates players like Britney from gamers like Dan. Regardless of what you think all these ppl are here to win 500K. That’s the end game. You do whatever it takes to win. Outside this house is vastly different from what happens inside.


I could care less he swore on a bunch of words written hundred years by regular ppl after Jesus was even alive.
Read some Hitchens or T. Paine’s Age of Reason- but Carlin says it best:
Religion has convinced ppl that there’s an invisible man living in the sky…and he watches everything that you do every second of every day.
And the invisible man has a list of ten specefic things he doesn’t want you to do. And if u do any of these things he will send u to a special place of burning and smoke and anguish and torture where u can live forever – and suffer and scream and burn until the end of time. BUT HE LOVES YOU; AND HE NEEDS MONEY”


He’s the worst kind of pussy, which is why he and Ian are perfect for each other. Were I Frank, when I found out he was screwing me again, I would go out with a BANG. And by BANG I mean right hands to the jaws. There are consequences for actions, and I would make sure they never forgot it. Not only that, I would make them thank me for teaching them that lesson before I allowed Production to escort me from the house.


I think I am done with this season. Dan placed his hand on the Bible and swore on his wedding ring and his dead Grandfathers chain that his cross is on, shook Franks hand, saying F2 w/Frank. I can handle the ’lies’ and backstabbing as just part of the (scum baggers) game, but to use the Bible and God, you just don’t get any lower and I hope he is booed when he does go out! Twice he was called Judas and apparently he is living up to the name again, since it seems the only part of the Bible he has ever read was how to betray others for “30 pieces of silver”. I have no desire to watch the rest of this season as long as scumbag Dan is in the game/house.


Easy there doubting Thomas.


Shane is not very bright. Britney advised him never volunteer to be a pawn and go on the eviction block. The first time he is without Brit, Shane tells Ian that he doesn’t mind being a pawn. Shane, Shane, without Brit … are all brawn. You finally have a chance to play your own game and your game stinks. Dan has covered himself on all angles now. He got final two and three deals with all parties. Dan has the whole house fighting between themselves and they don’t even realize that Dan is manipulating them. It doesn’t matter if Frank or Shane goes home. He wins either way by getting a tough competitor out the game. By getting Shane up there, Dan actually has the votes (Jenn, Joe and himself) to save Frank and send Shane home. Next HOH challenge, both Ian and Frank can’t compete, but one of those remaining House Guests (Jenn,Joe, and Dani) under Dan’s mist puts up Ian. HOH after Ian leaves, Dan is still safe, doesn’t matter who wins HOH. Jenn will owe Dan for getting her off the block. Frank will feel he can get to the final two with Dan. Dani is in her own world and waits for Dan to tell her what to think. Ah! Dan will win this thing.


Danielle……………………………………………………………………’re fat………………that is all. xoxo


Are u joking


Not every woman larger than a size 2 or 8 is fat………… that comment is so stupid.


Maybe… but she is f’n fat.


You’re a fat head, sure. But Dani isn’t fat.


She is not fat and honestly she is not that bad looking. However, her personality and insecurity in herself is what makes her unattractive. She really needs to get a grip on reality.


Lets see a photo of you a-hole!


Wonder how production will save the carrot this time….


“(I bet Frank goes on a rampage and danielle/dan are figrued out)” I was thinking the SAME thing. I was hoping that Brit would have figured it out and saved herself. She didn’t. Apparently production likes boring, whiney Danielle more… But Frank could somehow use what Dan told him to his advantage, but I only see that happening if Frank threatens to expose Dan BEFORE the Veto ceremony and Dan removes Frank. Otherwise, Franks will just continue to look like the a-hole that he is. Shane may be kind of dopey, but Frank definitely has little to zero logical skills under that scraggly mop of his. Telling Dan to use the veto on Jenn is just dumb. Frank should have said, “Son, you best be usin’ that Veto on me or I’ll rat out you and Danielle. I’ll tell everyone that you staged everything and you and Danielle are back together.” Since day 1, I have held out hope that Frank would eventually turn out to be like Hayden. Frank has been nothing but a BULLY. And one last thought, is it just me, or did Hayden look HOT on the live show??!? He looked all grown up, too! He must have purchased a comb with all of his BB winnings. =) TEAM BRIT!


No, actually she just had big thighs and a big ass. If you ever nailed a girl before, you would be aware.of the fact that those are positive features.


And you are f’n stupid


Stop calling Danielle fat. Its really tiresome up to read EVERY DAY. yeah shes annoying and clingy but yesh…

BB14 > BB13

I wouldn’t call her fat but she’s definately no Kara

Bill from Orange Beach

Danielle is hot and not fat. She is clingly and needs a little more self worth but I would date her if she was ever down my way.

mike’re an IDIOT TOOL for calling Danielle fat!!


Are you freaking kidding me ?! She looks great….stop being a butt head !


Bye Bye Frank !!!!!!! :D You should have got Dan out when you had the chance !!!! ;)


Frank and Jenn are Lawon level stupid. Two of the dumbest players ever!


FYI, the “NoName” above isn’t me!


Yeah, she’s a fat tub of guts.


I am starting to think one quarter of her weight is mac products (make-up).
I have watched her spackle herself today TWICE. She keeps whining about rashes and break-outs and then she smothers her skin with 3 lbs of product.
It is disturbingly mesmerizing to watch….

Then again, when she goes without her looks suffer a lot. She is very much a “made-up” beauty. Maybe if she let her skin breath for a couple years she could be naturally pretty, but she is ruining herself. (For those who don’t have the feeds, you HAVE to see this to believe it. She cakes it on, and it is not just her face, she coats her face, neck, chest, shoulders. I have never seen anything like it!).


Fat or not fat., Danielle is going to WIN Big Brother. Everyone has a final two with her. No one is putting her on the block. She’s got all the girls, Dan’s and Shane’s vote. Easy really.


Go Dan! now sh*t on Frank’s dream one last time and send him OUT! WHOOO TEAM DAN!




Go Dan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dan owes Frank his life for being this game after last week. I guess we will find out how much of a liar is really is now.


It’s a game, he’s gotta do what he thinks is best for his game. Some people seem to be hating on Dan right now when all he did was save his own ass. I guess now Frank knows better than to trust Dan after seeing how he played in his season.
Now my dream would be for Dan to use the veto but that would put him in jeorpady in case Shane or Danielle win HOH and decide on vengeance. Plus Frank is a badass competitor now is the perfect time to get him out before he wins comps all the way to Final 2. I’m pretty sure if that happened he Frank would win over anyone because they would consider how the house was against him and couldn’t take him out. A guy with a kajillion lives will surely win the game over anyone else. That’s my thought.
My hope is for Jenn to win HOH and take out one of the Quack. I wish she had Shane’s comp ability now that would be fine, coz right now Shane has comp ability but zero game talk, and Jenn has game talk finally but zero (well almoat zero) comp ability.


So if Frank outs him and tells the house word for word what went down on the night of the funeral, the swearing on everything, ratting Ian, blaming Britney, including Danielle’s role, and Jenn confirms everything, then Danielle’s response is to go into full on crying and victim mode, saying “Dan broke her heart then he comes and says the deal is already done, I didn’t have a choice.”

If Dan or Frank wins I’m happy…but I just don’t see how this helps Dan much at all.

Dan is putting Frank in the same spot he was in last week and how did Dan respond? Nuclear.

What guarantee does he have that Franks doesn’t do the same?


Frank is not Dan. He doesn’t have a read on the house so he thinks he has the votes, and doesn’t want to ‘rock the boat’. He’s truly an idiot. He should have outed Dan and Dani the night before eviction. If he saved Britney, she and Ian would have owed Frank, and would have isolated Dan and Dani. Frank’s gameplay has been nothing to be proud of.


Bobsky, you are one of my very favorite posters here. But, in several recent posts, you seem absolutely positive that Frank still has some “earth-shattering, dirty, Dan’s funeral night secret info” that, if revealed, will immediately flip the entire house in Frank’s favor. I just don’t see it at all. Dan told Frank that day who the “real rat” was – Ian. That was the truth. HGs making “final two deals” in the BB house are about as common as breathing is, and are almost always insincere. Where’s the raging, unexposed “5-alarm fire, smoking gun” that you see that somehow implicates Dan from that night? That ONE “Ian is the real rat” true statement by Dan totally shifted Frank’s “Boogie’s Revenge Target”, from Dan to Ian. Yes, Frank did suggest to Jenn that she take Dan off the block. And that helped Dan. But I don’t think Jenn was truly sold on doing that until Jenn was later assured by her best-gal-pal Danielle that that was what Danielle also wanted Jenn to do. Bobsky, also take a look at today’s developments in the house. Frank basically committed “BB14 suicide” with his own words/plan to Dan, pre-POV. Frank has fought as hard to stay in the BB house as any HG I’ve ever seen. Mega kudos go out to him for that. But just one bad day in the BB house can come back to bite any HG in the butt. And Frank made multiple, catastrophic strategy errors earlier today, that have likely sealed his BB fate. IMO, he has no “here’s what REALLY happened on Funeral Night” card to play at all.


No, no. I must not be as clear as I need to be.

I like Frank and Dan. So if Frank goes, that’s cool, I still have Dan.

My point is that keeping his word with Frank, getting Joe up, and sending Joe out would leave 6 people. Dan has Danielle, he has Frank (who is still primed to be backdoored next week if need be) and Jenn, he has Shane by extension (Danielle), and Ian can’t play. I think Frank has shown loyalty (He’s still rocking Boogie’s gear for cryting out loud) and he wants Ian’s ass. Shane will do what Danielle and Dan tell him. Jenn is furniture. He’s not anybody’s top target. He can direct evictions and escape bad feelings (these people are jurors so he has to be cognizant especially having already won).

I don’t see how he gains more by evicting Frank, having Ian, Joe, and Shane know all of the details of his betrayal of Britney and his architecture of the Quack Pack betrayal, plus the wildcard of Danielle who cries and plays victim as a default position. So sure Frank is gone, but Jenn is not going to be on his side and he can’t predict how everybody responds to the deal. Think of how hard he worked to keep his work secret last week just to make sure these same people didn’t turn on him and make Danielle pay. What has changed? Britney is gone and so is her leadership, but it’s still the same house and the reaction is still up in the air.

Frank was the man with no friends, then Ian…and that could be him. What if Shane wins the next HOH (what if the next one is a crapshoot and anybody can win with some luck) and Danielle keeps crying about her heart being broken and how Dan told her it was all a rouse (she did reveal the Quack Pack to Jenn before the deal was made, so she is a liability), while Jenn is fuming over being betrayed, and Ian is fuming over Britney, and Joe swings with the wind against Dan?

Like I said, who knows how people react. They could shrug their shoulders and admire Dan’s ingenuity…but it’s the unknown.

If I’m Dan, keeping Frank and there’s a clear road map…get rid of him and him and Jenn talk, I don’t know. It’s risk reward.


You have to remember that as far as anybody else knows, Frank figured out Ian was the rat after veto and Dan’s funeral was legit. They think Frank wanted Ian, but since Ian was safe, he took out Ian’s best friend and ally Britney. They think Danielle was destroyed by Dan and was in the same boat with Britney. They don’t know that in reality Dan was dead, until he ratted out Ian and the Quack Pack, fingered Britney as the villain, and made a deal with Frank if he could get Jenn to pull him with the veto to scumbag Britney and work till the end.

Then let’s remember what Jenn will say. That Frank laid out everything Dan said including the scumbagging Britney angle. She was hesitant, but as long as Danielle said go, she would pull the trigger. So 20 minutes after Dan breaks her heart and is dead to her, Danielle OK’d saving him and scumbagging Britney. Even though Frank can’t prove this part, he can say that the funeral was staged and Dani knew it was coming, putting her even further into defensive victim mode. Also remeber how easily she accepted Dan was going home before. She’s not falling on a sword for him.

The house suspects that Dan made a deal with Frank, totally in the dark about what was going on, agreeing to vote as Frank told him in exchange for coming off the block and maybe a deal for future safety. This info would fill in the puzzle that Britney was trying to piece together.


The beauty of Dan’s plan to use the veto on Jenn and put Joe up is that the whole week he can be “honest” with Jenn and Frank, make them feel comfortable that Frank would stay and then blindside Frank on thursday night as he goes out the door in shock. Frank won’t have time to expose Dan’s side deals and probably won’t even realize what happened. Just like boogie always did which makes it a perfect ending for Frank.


The ‘earth-shattering’ info is that Dani was instrumental on the plan to backstab Britney, who,btw, was taking her to final 2, 100%. Dani was totally playing Shane, Ian, and Britney. The crying, the histrionics, all fake.


YEAH, YEAH, YEAH, YEAH, YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now get that CHEAT FRANK out of the house!!! Get to STEPPIN FRANK you disgusting human being!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


how very childish that comment is.


Shut it ho bag.


See you Frank.


No double ew for Frank!


Yayyyy Dan won POV :)


LOL did u see Dan walking around with his pee pee bulging badly?


i knew if frank didnt win veto he was a goner lol i knew dan was not trying to go further with him franki say hi to brit for me please


Wow Frank is finally gone.. it’s a sad day.. And as much as I hate Dan, he deserves to win this game, he took everyone to school


If they don’t get rid of Frank now, Frank deserves to win! Don’t use it, Dan!


Hey, Frank – don’t let that door hit you on the way out!


captain = EPIC FAILURE!!!

Please just crawl away.


Captain, I have been reading ur post all season and I totally back you on the whole Frank argument. However, I believe it is time to finally throw in the white flag. I simply don’t see a way for him to escape this week.


They are ALL liars, they lie to each other and then accuse each other of lying!! It’s funny when someone here calls one of them a liar! LOL


I wonder if Dan is going to use the veto on Jenn like he planned with Frank…I mean, I’m sure they can still get Frank out with Joe on the block. Albeit risky, even with a tie, Ian could always break the tie sending Frank home.


You played your heart out, Frank. Very impressive game. I was beginning to think you might have been able to make it all the way to the end, but I guess this was inevitable.
Now the big question is, which two quack-packers will face off at the end.


Dan never said he would use the veto on frank. So he really never went back on his word. He should use it on jenn to show he is true to the people who help him.


franks dream has been shit on welcome to jury


If Dan doesn’t take Frank off after making a legitimate deal with the guy it shows that he isn’t one of the best.. What he did last week spoke volumes of how crafty of a player he is, but if he decided not to use the veto to return the favor to Frank and honor their deal it completely erases the strategic claw back from last week. I don’t mind the strategy of switching sides to stay alive, but you can’t call Joe one of the worst players of all time and Dan the best player of all time if he basically plays the Joe card the rest of the way..


Frank has been the class of the show. He has done nothing wrong to anyone in the game and double crossed no one. He’s been targeted even before he was officially deemed a competition warrior. He should win this game although he won’t. I have never seen the game as ruthless as it has been this year.


Class? What class? He is a bully. He will try to bully everyone in the house to vote for him to stay. He will say he will poison the jury against them if they send him there. That was the tactic of one of the truly ugliest people to ever play the game: Alison. It is how she made it to the final 2 and lost to Jun. She may have been attractive on the outside but was throughly ugly on the inside and that is what shone through.

It finally occurred to me that Frank reminds me of Alison with his bully-ing ways.

boogs chilling on the couch.

Lame. Ian sucks and now Frank is gone. I hope Ian goed next week and Britney can tell him how many times Frank nailed Ashley!!!


I guess I can stop watching now. :(




Dan is typical of the christian right wing in America–hypocrites…The QP is boring…At this point I guess I will support jerk-off Joe…

Zingbot Fan

To Dan and Ian about what you did to Frank’s dream………APPREESH! Good bye ahole.


I think he knows that if he doesn’t use the veto, Frank will out Dan (and the conversation they had) before he goes home. Dan could save being outed by pitching to Ian that he remove Jenn off the block (saying he owed her one), just so that Ian can put the final bullet in Frank (in being the tie breaking vote). I think that might be why Dan is already planting the “we’re in this together” seed to Ian. That way Frank would only have a minute (between Julie saying he’s evicted, and walking to the door) to tarnish Dan’s name. Dan’s not boring enough to simply not use the veto, he likes to mix things up.


My thoughts exactly. But in the end Frank has to go.


That just might be the smartest comment I’ve read on the boards today. I totally agree….and it’s just crafty enough for him to be pulling it off.


Yep, Frank’s gonna need some toilet paper after Dan’s done with his dream!

Zingbot Fan

From what the house guests say about Frank on Big Brother After Dark he isn’t going to smell any worse after Dan drops the deuce on his dream.


.Huh? why would Dan want to keep Frank in the game,when he’s been trying to take him out for weeks?The other players(Dan included)finally get the rare chance of evicting Frank and you think they won’t take it.If Dan doesn’t push to make sure Frank is evicted on Thursday,than he came in the house to waste his summer on making sure Frank gets the money.


Dan is up to a lot of things but frank is going to jury.


Well no reason to keep watching BB. Its Dan for the W.


Even if Dan gets to F2, I dont see him winning. He’s not likeable this season and the jury will definitely vote personal


@Boring: See ya! Wouldn’t want to be ya!!

: Yup, he’s that good.

: Actually he can. Brittany would vote for him because of his game play. Danielle will vote for him, period. Shane would vote for him as they were allies. Ashley will vote as Frank does. Ian will vote for Dan as he respects good game play. Joe will vote as Shane does.

It is possible.


I hope you are right. Britney said already that she is going to vote personal and not for Dan. Everything depends on who goes to the F2 with Dan. I still think the jury will pick a newbie over Dan, especially if he’s in the F2 with Ian


love him or hate him, there’s a reason the guy won 7-0 last time he played!


Frank didn’t use the veto on Dan, jenn did. So Dan owes jenn. If Dan uses it in frank then jenn goes home. So Dan really owes jenn. He should tell Ian he wants to pay jenn back so he wants to use it on her and for Ian to put joe up. Then it’s out of dans hands


@ Mike…exactly! and even at that, Frank could still very well be on his way to jury with Ian breaking the tie.


@ Ian’s beer. Everyone is saying that Dan owes frank. I’m just pointing out that if he owes anyone it’s jenn not Dan. But if you want to talk about this game and people owing people. If Dan doesn’t use it on jenn then she could use that against him next week or not vote for him for that reason in the final 2. So sometimes owing Someone is part of this game.

Ian's Beer

Seriously, did I miss some new house rules this year? “owes?” game are you playing?

VA Vet

Amidst all the hysteria, a reasoned comment.

But hey, I’m loving the way all the Frank lovers are reaching for and excuse to save their pet. Must be all those crazy chicks from Canada that were in love with Jeff last year.

Roisin Dubh

That’s the way it’s gonna go down unless Frank can convince Dan that he’s Ian’s puppet and doing his dirty work for him, but Dan really won’t fall for that.

Count Boogula

Agree with you it’s also a way to keep Frank calm because if Dan doesn’t use the veto on Jenn then Frank will do anything possible to smear Dan’s name and leave him in a bad position.


yeah because memphis didnt do anything had he sat next to jerry he would have lost


Dan is as evil and vile as they come ! ! ! What a liar ! ! ! And Danielle, if I looked like that in a pair of shorts and bathing suit top….I sure as hell wouldn’t show it on national TV………………..She’s a fat pig…………they make a good team ! ! !

BB Fan 5

Your comment is so ridiculously stupid and childish. Get a life

Chuckles the Clown

Damn. Whenever I see a terrible comment directed at a woman, it’s almost always coming from another really give the rest of the women out there an uphill battle,

And I am definitely not a Danielle fan.


Guess this goes to show you that literally no matter what choice Frank made last week he would have gone up on the block and been sent home. Kinda hard to gain ground when not a single person wants to work with you or tells you the truth.


Go Dan!


Dan WOULD be keeping his word and honoring FRANK’S wishes.
Ian (current HOH) nominated Frank, not Dan.
Frank JUST told Dan before the VETO comp that not only would he (Frank) throw it to Dan, but for Dan to remove JENN from the block.
Frank thinks he has the votes to stay…Dan can toss him a vote as everyone else is voting to keep the replacement nominee.
So tell me again how Dan is such a liar?

ILL WILL *The Original*


I hope he doesn’t use the veto, too risky, but he owes Jenn for taking him off the block. Frank doesn’t have the votes to stay, but Dan could continue to play him, and make him think that


Wow. He put his hand on the bible. Omg. I can’t believe he would go back on his deal. I just lost
Respect for him. Wow. After this game they should take the bible out of the house. End game I would never
Vote to give him 500 for that reason along. And he should turn down any future show if invited. Unbelievable.

Chuckles the Clown

Jebus, it’s just a freaking book. Relax. There are so many other reasons to hate on Dan.

tami says

doesnt dan have a final deal with ian, frank, and danielle? britney calling him judas is sooooo accurate! his loyality is to himself, no other.

Jen W

and Frank has a F2 with everyone doesn’t he?




Danielle looking plumper than ever….thunder thighs, thunder hips, and thunder waist

Jessie can hide all the sweets, this bitch will make twinkles from slop and eat them.


Yikes.. These novelty accounts can be funny, but when it’s a personal attack on their appearance, they lose all of my respect. I’ll just skim past any “Danielle…” usernames going forward. I’m not a fan of her either, but this is just rude.


I completely agree. It’s really saddening how some people sink so low as to personally attack another persons appearance for no good reason.


What is wrong with you people!!! Why is this relevant and why do you care? So f-ing easy to sit behind your keyboard and spew venom!

Frank for the Win YO!

She is curvy but not fat. I’m not a Danielle fan either but that is because she is annoying.

Her stomach is not big and she doesn’t have 100 chins. The girl is actually kind of pretty. Her neediness, insecurities and lieing are the qualities that make people crazy. Otherwise, people need to stfu.


I wish you better luck at this than I had. I tried to convince people to stop the personal attacks on Danielle, but I guess that I tried too early as people were having such a good time bashing her. Now it is just sad repetitive (and Jealous) drivil that everyone can see. They think they are being clever when they are very much sad.


Alas it was a plan stewed with Frank which involved a final 2 deal and the ol’ hand on the bible and he confirmed to the DR he intends to keep it.. Frank did the legwork on Jenn regardless.. In my opinion Dan doesn’t need to go to bat for Frank if he doesn’t have the power by talking the guy up, but he does owe it to him to pull him off.. Or at least stew a plan with Jenn and Danielle to take Jenn off.. Claiming he owes her for last week.. And Dan, Jenn and Danielle voting Joe out..


Why would he? If he has any desire to win the game, he needs Frank out. Why does everyone think that (including Frank) think that Dan should play Franks game for him?


Very disappointed that Brit left last week but couldn’t be happier that the jackass frank is right behind her…he should already be gone production saved his ass on the reset night. I have no respect for him or his game.

the king

The Loser is gone!!!!! Praise the lord, what promise did Dan make he never said he would save Frank, even is he used the Veto he could use it on Jenn and put up Joe, and the house votes out Frank. Best move of the season, But now frank as to babes to F*c*


Captain Wedgie,

Where’s your boy FRANCIS gonna be going this Thursday night? HAHAHAHAH!!!!!


are you kidding…..Frank has been talking all week about getting Dan out.


Umm..he was saying that so people wouldnt know they were ”working” together. he even told dan that.


Danielle, get over yourself little spud face. The mirrors are NOT your friends!


The only way Frank can save himself now is by telling Shane, Ian and Joe what Dan revealed to him about blowing up the Quack Pack and putting up Brittney.

That might actually save Frank. It will open their eyes to how dangerous Dan really is. Keep Frank and hide behind him until Dan is knocked out. Dan is a snake and no creature is more cunning.

Just my 2 cents.


Dan should use it on Jenn, and the 2 of them vote Frank to stay. That would make it a split vote with Ian ultimately sending Frank home. No blood on his hands and that would secure Franks vote in jury.


I agree and I was surprised Frank and Jenn decided to trust him, now it really has come back to bite them. Either they never watched BB10 or more likely, Frank thought making a deal with Dan was good for his game. As of last Thursday, he really only had Jenn in his corner, so making a deal with a smarter, stronger player was probably about playing the odds with him. Having said that, I can’t say Frank is gone yet, b/c everyone keeps changing their minds. He was gone week 1, but Kara walked out the door. They had another chance to see him go, but Britney reset the game. In any event, I can’t bring myself to like Dan, b/c I just don’t like how he plays the game, if they were smart everyone would start a full on press to get him out.


How legit do you guys think Ian and Dan’s final 2 deal is?


I think Dan has something up his sleeve telling everyone he is gonna use the veto and last minute save Jenn just to mess with Franks head for a bit he’ll take jenn off and they put up Joe and then save Joe


Never understood when people said they would stop watching if Brit or Dan went home last week. I think I get it now. Most people all seem to have a favorite who they believe deserve to win more than others.

I never understood why anyone wanted Brit to win/thought she deserved it. She never did anything to impact the game, except maybe win Ian’s trust to be a mole. Otherwise all she has done is controlled Shane.

Dan had a very similar path to Brit, however he has pulled off bigger moves and truly does deserve to win this game, if Frank goes home.

Danielle is annoying and I don’t think has played a better game than some of the others.

Ian…he has made some big moves, but seems to be incredibly whiny (most in the house are), everything he criticizes Frank for doing he does himself.

Joe has been given the biggest floater title since Jenn won POV last week.

Shane, he is a competition beast and has been able to float by with the right people with his social game.

I think Frank deserved to win because he has constantly dodged eviction, many will contest that production is responsible for it, but he has still pulled himself off through POV and has fought hard to stay in the game. He gets a lot of flack for his lack of social game. Although I don’t know what to expect from a guy who has had his back against the wall week after week. It is too bad that he could never get anyone willing to work with him, Maybe his biggest flaw was that Boogey was his coach. I think if Dan or Brit had him he would have been a strong member of the quack pack. I think he was more than willing to be true to Shane and Brit, he did try several times to work with them, but they always tried to bounce him the next week. I wonder at what point Shane is going to realize he may have been able to win had he worked with Frank. I think it will be Frank out this week then Joe or Jen. Eventually I do see Dan, Ian, Danielle final three.


Will frank host his own funeral?

This is for entertainment people!

I unfortunately find myself loosing interest in this show soon…

Martin Luther Frank, Jr.

agreed. There is no strategy in this game…just who can screw the other person before they get screwed.
I don’t find that entertaining.
I do find alliances like the “bragade” interesting because they had a strategic plan from the beginning, they hid their alliance and they made it to the end.

This is like two sports teams switching players with the other team every whistle.

This is for entertainment people!

Exactly… It’s like they tell as many lies as possible, then when they get caught in one, they say “oh no, I was just saying that to them, I’m really aligned with you” they might as well be quiet, and draw straws to get it over with.

Frank for the Win YO!

Very well stated.


danielle is perfect. although it’s obvious she’s bigger now than she was a few weeks ago. still hot.


Dan needs to think smart about the POV. Frank doesn’t play in the next HOH. if he screws up and doesn’t use the POV on either Frank or Jenn that’s two jury votes down the toilet. you can say if Frank and Jenn are gone on double eviction, Dan can have already 4 jury votes against him (Ashley, Britney, Frank and Jenn).


Don’t assume on jury votes. Britney already mentioned she’d vote for Dan to win since then she could say she got beaten by a 2-time BB winner.


I know this game is about lies, yada yada….But Dan is about to treat Frank dirty and I think that is one of the crappiest moves of the season. Especially if we find out if Frank threw the Veto to Dan like they had planned to keep Dan safe also. I dont really have anyone this season I am rooting for, but I Don’t like Dan at all.

Dan is THE MAN

It is a very crappy move. In fact, it’s crapping all over someone’s dream.