Big Brother Spoilers – POV Tonight? Danielle tells Jenn if Noms are the Same Frank goes home

POV Holder: Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 3 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 6 (Thursday)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations: Frank and Jenn
Have Nots
Last Evicted Houseguest

*Everyone but Shane plays in the POV.. rumor has it that the POV is either Late tonight or early tomorrow.

8:22pm Cam 3-4 Bathroom Danielle and Frank
Danielle mentions that Ian is convinced that it’s OTEV early in the morning.

Frank thinks that 4 people are going home in the next 2 weeks. Danielle thinks it will be staggered because 2 back to back fast forwards is too much.

Frank: “I just hope it will be that competition that you crawl through that sticky stuff.. I know you don’t want it but I sure do”
Danielle: “I just don’t want it in my hair”

Frank starts talking about all the “W” he’s had in this game. (Frank calls wins “W”) Frank now reminds Danielle that he’d play in every POV comp. Dan walks by and Frank asks him if it’s rare to have a person play in all the POV comps. Dan says it is. Frank :’That’s so crazy.. I’ve played in all the POV comps so far.. So crazy.. all the W i’m getting”

Frank: “It makes me nervous that Dan’s key was last.. just if Jenn and him win the POV dan could go up”
Danielle: “I know.. I’ll worry about it after the POV”
Frank says that Ian told Joe that he’s the replacement nominee so if he can win the “W” (win) Joe goes up. Frank: “Whatever happens to me you better get F***** Ian out next week”

Danielle: “Alright”
Frank: “Don’t let that guy site around”
Frank reminds her if Joe goes up they can keep Jenn and Frank in the game. Danielle agrees tells him she doesn’t want to see any of them go this week.
Danielle wonders what the next HOH will be. Frank says it’s a crapshoot quiz (Crapshoot quiz = production picks the winner)

Ian joins them.. and they start talking about the Pandora’s box.
Ian: ‘We’re definitely doing something tonight.. I don’t know if the whole week is sped up..”
Danielle: “We’re doing something tonight.. otherwise they would not have picked the players so early”
Ian: “And the nominations were 2 hours early”
daneille: “they told us to hurry up this morning because it was a fast day”

Danielle still thinks the week is fast forward and it will be shown on Sunday. Ian tells her they have the HOH wrap up, Pandora’s box and Nominations already for Sunday’s show. Franks thinks they could evict someone on Sunday but show it for Wednesday show.

Frank jokes that Ian’s first HOH was short because of the double eviction and his second HOH might be short because of a fast forward.

Frank brings up again that he’s been in ever POV .. (because He’s only reminded them about 4 times in the last hour)

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8:29pm Cam 1 Ian and Dan
Dan asks him if someone is going home on Sunday
Ian doesn’t think so there is too much stuff for Sunday.. they still are going to be nominations and pandora’s box.. too much for Sunday. Dan: “I’m going to go lay down”

8:50pm cam 1-2 Bathroom Jenn and Danielle
Danielle tells her if it’s between Jenn and Frank then Frank is going home..
danielle: “It’s a done deal.. “ Danielle explains to her that Dan and Danielle will vote to keep her. It Doesn’t matter if Joe and Shane vote out Frank it’s then 2 vs 2 and Ian will evict Frank over Jenn.
Danielle: ‘You are covered regardless of what happens”
Jenn: “Good”

8:53pm Cam 1-2 Powerhouse PowerNap
On cam 3-4 frank, shane and Danielle are chatting.. and guess what somehow it’s brought up by Frank again that he’s played in ever POV so far.

9:30pm everyone sleeping.. Danielle is eating and looking at herself in the mirror

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10:06pm Cam 3-4
The storage room is open Danielle and Frank are inside trying to see what has been added. Danielle: “WE HAVE NOTHING TO SNACK ON”
Apparently they got some food added but it’s all healthy. Danielle tells him that she was told that they are not playing the POV tonight. Frank: “For real for real” Danielle: “Thats why I’ve been told”

10:54pm kitchen Everyone but Jenn is milling around. Frank gives them sh!t for sleeping while showtime was on. Dan tell him everyone thought they were having a competition tonight. (Frank was sleeping most of the early evening to)

11:09pm everyone but Jenn playing with Ian’s toys at the kitchen table. .

11:30pm Cam 1-4 kitchen Joe and Frank are drinking. Frank has a beer and Joe being the Cultural Elitist that he is has some wine
joes getting ready to take advantage of himself..

11:52pm Kitchen Stair case Ian walks down the stairs on step at a time. Dan asks him why he does that. Ian says he doesn’t like skipping steps on that particular staircase because it’s scary as sh!t.

11:57pm Joe: “Who’s eaten a butter sandwich”
12:02AM The conversation is about selling things on ebay. Frank jokes that they can scoop their poop out for the toilets and sell it on eBay. The say happy birthday to Dan he just turned 29.

12:11AM Cam 1-2 Danielle and Dan
Dan wants Danielle, Dan and Jenn are their dream final 3. Danielle says she has Brinteys, Ashley and Jenn’s vote in the final 2, Dan: “You have my vote”

Dan tells her if he’s got to final 2 with her he’s not going to play dirty in his speech. He’s going to lay out why he should win. Dan says if he makes it to final 2 with her his speech is going to be about how he came to Big BRother 14 to get himself and the player he coached to the end. He adds that he was able to identify the person out of a group and coach them to the finals with him. (Dan’s going to write another ebook “how a regular guy won Big Brother”)

12:25Am Danielle and Shane
Danielle doesn’t think the competition tomorrow is going to be OTEV because they have a host. She thinks it will be puzzle or questions.

12:38am Cam 3-4 Sotrage Room Frank and Dan

Frank tells him best case scenario Jenn or Frank come down and Joe goes up they will vote him out. Frank says that Ian told Joe that he would be the replacement nominee.

Frank is saying that Shane and Danielle are not willing to put in the work to help Frank and Jenn out. “no offense These mother F**** we’re working with won’t do their part”

Frank: “I feel it in my gut if I go down Joe goes up”. Frank says that Ian has been talking about putting Joe up a lot. he’s done it for weeks. On the flip side Frank heard Ian say he has big fish to fry this week. Dan suggest that maybe it’s best to keep Nomination the same and they have the numbers to keep Frank safe. If they use the POV they run the risk of Dan and Frank going up. (That would be the best case for Drama in the house.. could you imagine Dan and Frank on the block fighting for votes.. isnane) Dan is going to talk to Ian tonight if he can. Frank doubts Ian will tell him the truth.

12:57AM Rocking out with Ian in the HOH Room

1:10AM Cam 3-4 Kitchen

1:11AM Cam 1-2 HOH Dan and Ian Ian says if Joe used the POV and took Either Frank or Jenn down then Dan goes up. Ian doesn’t think that Joe will use the POV he told him earlier today he wasn’t going to do it. Ian says that if it’s OTEV Frank has a very good chance of winning it. He says if that happens they can send Jenn home. Dan wonders who Joe would put up if he won HOH because “Everyone wins at least one right… Jerry won it once”
Dan: “I don’t think anyone can beat Danielle in the end”
Ian was told by brintey that he could beat her. Dan: “Britney has no clue about what the votes are going to be” Ian: “Yeah I guess you are tight there still alot of game to play” Dan wonders what player if Joe most like.
Ian: “he’s just like Adam from last season.. ”
Dan: “You think if he wins veto he would listen to you?”
Ian: “Ya I think so”

Ian mentions that he also got a thousand dollars he doesn’t want people to know because they would all say he has the Diamond Power of Veto

Dan asks Ian if he has Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Ian says he’s always likes to move he has ADHD. Ian adds that he doesn’t take any medication for it.. He just likes to move around alot like on the Hammock and the kitchen chair. Dan fires a zillion questions at him about his intelligence and ADHD. Dan asks him if anyone else in his family is hyper intelligent. Ian says no everyone is average.

Ian says that the indoor lockdown are hell because he cannot move around, he feels like there is something inside him that is rattling. Ian shares some stories about his need to move. Ian says his constant need to move is called “Stimming”.
Ian says that Stimming and his memory/mental capacity are sometimes evidence of autism but he doesn’t have that he just has ADHD and likes to move around alot. He realized he was different when he was six. His parents realized it when he was 2 because by preschool he could read.

Dan says he taught at St Marys for 4 years without being certified. Dan tells him his major is social studies and his minor is Biology.

1:49AM Dan starts talking about his book and hoe Ian and Ashley had signed up for it.

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These people are boring as hell now.
Anyone who complained about Brit and wanted her out is nuts.
It is like the life got sucked out of that place.
They should bring her back every year just to hang around and shoot the shit, she doesn’t even have to compete!


Britney sucked!!!

billy bob

u suck,lol


gonna be worse when frank is gone

What The Bleep?

Not what you suck

Tim Tebow #15

Cant we all just relax and focus in one the Powerhouse Patch! its looking more fuller and soul patchier! Tebow Bless Powerhouse


I totally agree! If nothing else she kept me laughing! She is really good at making fun of people…lol


DAY 1: god created earth and heaven.
DAY 2: god made the fermented and divided water from the water
Day 3 – 6: I could go on all day with this god stuff…but



I didn’t know that Frank created Joe. Amazing.

Danielle's refection

I agree, Brit is entertaining. I miss her.


Couldn’t agee with you more NoName. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but Britney was very entertaining. I do get a few laughs at how delusional Danielle is.


Totally agree. She is freaking hilarious! Have you ever seen someone with such little self-awareness? When this is over there should be men in white coats waiting to take her away–and I don’t mean outpatient in Malibu. I mean white walls, teams of psychiatrists, Vienna. She may be–*may* be–the most self-deluded individual who has ever lived.


Oh please, I’m so glad Bratney’s gone!!

Hammock Boy

im glad brit is gone, she had to be center of attention, she is worse than joe when telling a story


yes Brit was very entertaining and brought up topics for discussion that far exceed the junk they are all talking about now…..

Frank bullying everyone verbally…just like his fathe r did to him….that is why he blinks his eyes all the time…obviously he was physicall, mentally and emotionaly abused… he now gives it back to anyone in his path….time for him to go…..will be sorry for the girls in the jury house that will have to be there with his bullying and ego.

Wish this group would engage in some games and fun things….like other BBs have done..all they do is speculate about what MIGHT happen!!!!

Carol & Steve

Geez – thanks BB for letting everyone sleep tonight! Figured they wouldn’t give them alcohol if they are going to do the POV tonight or early in the morning. I’m gonna check back in on BBAD to see if anything happens at all…


Dude, yay for BBAD being nothing but them sleeping.


Did anyone happen to see this interview with Julie Chen after last nights evictions? Check it out-

I was kind of surprised how honest she was about HG’s, she didn’t hold back to much.

Simon/Dawg, if not cool to post this link you can just delete the post. I figured it would be OK tho as it is not a BB specific site.


Dang Julie Chen, she was very frank! Great link thanks for posting




Ian is going to win this game mark my words. Out of all the players (except Dan) he has the best game. He’s decent at comps too. I think his only mistake was becoming closer to Jenn and Joe. And if he is stupid enough to leave Frank in during a 2-2 tie, then he deserves to go home lol.


I have a feeling regardless of the deals he cut? He would have lost both endurance challenges. Danielle looked solid while his little arms looked like they were about to break off, and Shane looked a heck of a lot more comfortable than he did on that platform. He sucks at the competitions, they’ve been handed to him.


Ian hates Joe, he’ll put up Joe.


These people are stupid not to put Dan up, especially Ian. I really don’t think he knows that Dan sold him up the river. My money is that Shane goes up. Flat out, if it comes down to any of them sitting next to Frank/Shane at the end, with the exception of Danielle, those two win.

Team GB

If Frank wins POV, Ian should put Dan up. He definitely needs to take out one of them if he would have any slim chance of surviving next week.


Agreed, you get Frank out next week, back door him. Nom someone, A.) Less people competing in PoV. B.) Higher probability of two nom’s winning, taking themselves off the block and you back door Frank. Isn’t Ian supposed to be some type of highly intellectual numbers guy? Get Dan, and or Shane out this week.

Technotronics Suck at Interviews

Let’s do the math. Next week, they are down to six. No such thing as backdooring anymore because everyone plays POV.

Am I the only one who cringes every time I watch Jeff’s do interviews with evicted house guests? He’s not eloquent and thre is nothing there. So, why?


How exactly does removing Shane or Dan DECREASE the likelihood that Frank will win veto next week? Because now Joe, Jenn, and Danielle will have more space to strut their stuff versus Frank?

This is the thinking that has put Ian in the spot he is in. He could have pitted Dan/Shane vs Mike/Frank and let them eliminate each other, while shielding himself and Britney, but instead he was just a rat and blew it all up after only Mike was evicted. It’s great to eliminate a threat, but if you have other threats it is better to get them to take each other out in case you can’t.

If Ian wants Frank and Frank wins veto, then as long as he thinks Shane and Dan want Frank out as well, then he wants to keep them around to help ensure Frank’s exit next week before he gets a chance at HOH.


That’s a tough one:

I think Ian would like to put up Dan, but then he thinks Danielle might be mad at him and if Danielle is mad, then Shane will be mad. Then what if it Daniel, Shane, and Frank or Joe vote out Jenn.

I tend to think Ian was straight up when he said Joe would be the replacement.

Frank’s just didn’t sell the bygones be bygones last night, which could have emboldened him to go after Dan. But as it stands Ian knows he has no friends, so he’s going to hope Joe/Jenn leaves, then Shane/Dan/Danielle get Frank next week, then maybe he can win and make a move on Shane or Dan. But then if he can’t Jenn/Joe gets evicted. Then he can play for HOH and be safe and veto where he can knock out Shane or Dan.


Putting Dan up is the smarter move if your goal is to get out Frank or at the least his most loyal alliance member. Putting up Dan if Frank wins PoV ensures Jenn goes home, and even if she doesn’t, dropping Dan out of the game isn’t a bad thing either. Using Joe as a replacement nom leaves the chance that Joe goes home, which is a wasted HoH.


I get what you’re saying, but I think Ian fears Joe in a way he doesn’t fear Jenn. Rightly or wrongly, he does not think she has any shot at helping Frank in competitions or anything else.

Let’s not forget that Danielle and Dan will likely vote however Ian says between Jenn and Joe (or at least that’s what they will tell him) and Frank won’t fight especially hard to save Jenn anyway since Dan has told him they might not be able to save her (he didn’t seem to argue or be upset by this). So Ian puts up Joe in Franks’ spot and wants Jenn gone, he will expects a 3-1 to do as he says, and could very well get it.


if Frank wins POV, I guarantee you Ian will put up Joe. Ian is caught up with his stupid alliance (Quack Pack) that really haven’t done squat since they formed. Ian has to place Dan as a replacement, but like I already said, he will place Joe and it will be another wasted HOH by Ian.




PowerHouse goes up if Frank wins POV.

It’s too obvious. Should be interesting to watch PowerHouse fight for votes…


They should have a 24 hour Jesse Godderz punishment, where every time some disco song comes on he enters the house and terrorizes everyone.

Frank for the Win YO!

Ian is cray cray crazy to put up Frank and Jenn. Frank can’t play for HOH this week and Jenn can’t win anything.

Should’ve put up Shane and Dan.



I disagree with both of you.

Ian has no friends and is the new Frank. For him to make it, he’s got to go on a competition run. He needs to win POV next week and be happy that he beat Joe and Jenn. This is based on what we know as viewers.

Now based on what Ian knows:

As for the nominations, I get what you’re saying, but Frank made a shitty argument last night and just didn’t do enough to convince Ian that bygones could be bygones, so Ian still thinks Frank will ultimately gun for him. He’s decided that he’s got to get Frank and hope his Quack Pack is still functioning, then they roll through Jenn and Joe, and either Shane takes out Dan or vice versa. Then at least he has a shot in the final three, even though he would have to win. He’s desperate, so he’s convinced himself that Dan flipping and Britney leaving was not the death of the group.

If he puts up Dan and Shane, then the survivor hates him (could be both if one wins veto given the votes), Danielle hates him, Frank and Jenn still hate him, and he’d be stuck with Hairy Palms.

I think his best play would be to go the defeated, lost puppy route and kick the can down the road by putting up Joe and Jenn. I mean with such dim prospects why not just anger the two people least likely to ever be in a position to hurt you. Maybe try to pull a new alliance with Dan, Shane, Frank and Danielle, saying it’s about who is a deserving winner and Jenn and Joe aren’t worthy. Then he can hope that Frank wins the week from next and takes out Dan/Shane, then Shane/Dan takes out Frank and Ian is final three


Right, because we all know how Loyal Dan is…..


Not sure what that has to do with anything.

1) Ian thinks Dan just saved his ass and that Frank figured it out on his own. He doesn’t know the extent of Dan’s flip.

2) Ian has to take a leap of faith no matter what he does.

3) Dan is smart and logical and has continued to treat Ian better than anybody left in the house. Why wouldn’t Ian try to appeal to him? The last key was a cheap psychological ploy to by Ian to try to make Dan feel tenuous, thereby drawing him in closer.


Frank: “I just hope it will be that competition that you crawl through that sticky stuff.. I know you don’t want it but I sure do”
Danielle: “I just don’t want it in my hair”

LMFAO Rachel loved that sticky stuff, reminded her of Brendon’s spunk they left on every sheet they slept on.

if POV is tonight that means it the face morph thing? BOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRING Recycled comps

Give us something NEW GODDAMIT, look back at the updates AG, I had a great idea for a comp, Risky and life threatening as hell, but we’ll love it , something NEW


Everyone’s sleeping except for Danielle who’s eating!! Who would have thunk it?!?! lol

Frank for the Win YO!

LMAO! So true. She was munching away.

Then she was looking through some cabinets in the store room and she said that she wasn’t a complainer but that she didn’t like the products that BB had given them.

Not a complainer??? Okay, Danielle. And Ian doesn’t rock back and forth 24/7.


Yeah what the heck?


alright frank, lets get you out once and for all


Who is the “wizard” simon??


I was thinking, and it just occurred to me that Frank has played in every POV!


for all of you that wanted Brittney gone….she may have been a whiny tit, but she kept the feeds entertaining…now on BBAD we get to watch Danielle feed her face while everyone else sleeps….BORING….I miss Brit


Uhh, have you been watching the feeds? They were boring prior to Britney leaving. The last two weeks were entertaining purely because of Boogie/Frank and because of the Dan debacle/backdoor.


Britney was too funny, she kept the feeds entertaining.


I wonder if Danielle is getting annoyed at Frank’s repetitious claims about competing in every POV. Must sound like a broken record… Almost like hearing ”Did my butt look good’, ‘Did you see me wipeout’, ‘Janelle and JoJo said I was fat’, ‘Did y’all see me puke’, ‘She’s just jealous of me’, ‘___ was being so mean to me’, ‘I should have gone on a date with Trey’, ‘Trey and I are practically engaged’, Shane and I would be together if it weren’t for being in this house’.


Crapshoot quiz = production picks the winner

Oh the Irony


Frank keeps reminding the HG about playing in every POV because he doesn’t want them sh!tting on his dreams, yo.


frank needs to win to force the entire house to go against each other again, hopefully it sticks this time


dan is up to something…there is no way in hell dan is bein that nice to danielle and saying u r goin to make it to the end….dan wants danielle to feel excited like she is….and he wants her to get comfortable, and then i think bam hes goin to shock ppl and put her on the block….dan is always working his game….he is up to something

Danielle's refection

I don’t think Dan will put her on the block because he knows how obsessed she is with him, but if she gets in his way just a little bit, she is gone, and I can’t wait to watch.

Boogie's Huge Forehead

Would someone please tell me if Frank has played in every POV so far? Because I heard this rumor that it might be true …

Boogie's Huge Forehead

Thanks, Simon! You’re the best! I appreciate the thought, but it’s hard to imagine Frank saying anything about it even if you ask him directly. Because he’s so humble and all.


Every time Frank mentions it, Danielle eats something.


Shane’s small forehead says that it’s more interesting to note that Jenn actually won a POV, (Frank actually won it, but he was DQ’d)


Looks like I will have to go back and watch that episode again. I thought he got eliminated due to helping Britney when she buzzed in. Had Dan gotten the last drawing correct, wouldn’t he have won?


Shane’s small forehead says: Yes Frank’s played in every POV. But what’s more interesting is that the strange person with the tattoos actually won one. Who’s that person. It should be noted that Frank actually had that one won before he was DQ’d.


All Dani does is eat, eat, eat. No wonder Janelle called her fat.


No doubt. Janelle was a visionary. She saw the bushpig inside Danielle, ready to root its way out.


Frank not going home. Dan wants keep him one more week. Dans plan is to get him dannielle and joe final 3 . Then cut dannielles and her fat face and take joe to finals. And Dan wins another 500 g


Yes but he wants to take jenn not joe. Jenn has blood on her hands from using the veto and a woman can’t win against a guy in the final 2 because the boys on jury won’t vote for a girl.


Never thought I’d see someone in the BB house look more uncomfortable than “Powerhouse” at the start of a comp. But I was wrong. All are asleep except Danielle, in full makeup. First she buzzes the DR. No answer. Buzzes again. Yells, “PLEASE!!!” They let her in. She comes out. Goes to the kitchen. Eats Goldfish. Then she eats something else. Then she complains that there’s nothing to eat, and that Jessie took all their food. Then she makes coffee (I think?) for herself. She’s just staring into space. Eyes darting around, like an escaped convict listening for police sirens. She’s not tired, but is laying on the couch. It’s obvious that Danielle having no one to talk to is driving her absolutely NUTS!!!!!. Now she has started talking gibberish to herself. A groggy Frank walks by. She immediately starts talking to him. Frank wants none of it, and is buzzing the DR. She goes back to gibberish, perhaps trying to prepare for the POV. I feel like BBAD is “BB Rubber Room” tonight…

production rigged it

whether you like her or not britney was entertaining and now that she’s gone BBAD is going to be boring as hell, that’s why i’m not watching it anymore until next year, i’m not surprised to read on here that it’s a snoozefest.

Danielle's refection

I know it is hilarious. No one else will listen to her like Brit did. Now we have to suffer.


I hope that Jenn goes home! -Can’t Stand her! … Last week she lucked up and tried to impress Frank by winning veto and denying Dan the veto Win! … Turns out She got the punishment of always on Sloop and Dan got the benefit of getting off the Block!

production rigged it

frank says that he hopes that shane doesn’t get picked for the pov and guess what he doesn’t imagine that, how could somethng like that ever happen i’m just shocked shocked i say, oh and just in case anybody forgot frank has played in every pov again.


OMG, I didn’t think Danielle could get any more annoying!! For the past 1/2 hour I’ve been watching her eat, look creepy, talk to herself, look creepy, sitting on the sofa…aaaaaah, I can’t take it anymore!!! I don’t have the feeds but have been watching BBAD while getting some work done on my computer and this is just ridiculous. Thanks BB for not rigging the game to keep Britney, the only interesting player in the game who was not boring!!

Danielle's refection

I miss Brit. Please BB bring her back. This is so boring .

Team Frank

Well, at least if Frank doesn’t win veto, I don’t have a reason to watch this shitty season anymore.


Couldn’t agree with you more. Amen.


She ought to just strap a feedbag on and get it over with.

billy bob

u guys call britney a bitch,julie chens the bitch,she’s a hater,she’s just mad that britney could out host her on the talk anyday,julie chens a biiaatch!!!can u tell i’m team britney,lol


if Frank wins POV, Ian will be an idiot not to place Dan as the replacement.


Joe will go up

Boogie's Huge Forehead

That wouldn’t work. If Frank wins POV, then your scenario pits Dan against Jenn on the block. If that happens, I’m 90% sure Jenn goes home and Dan stays. There’s no way Dan doesn’t get Danielle’s vote and probably Shane’s right out the gate. Do you really think Dan can’t outcampaign Jenn for Joe’s vote? Besides, Ian (as a loyal quackpackian) doesn’t want Dan to go home yet. His targets this HOH are Frank and his allies.


“9:30pm everyone sleeping.. Danielle is eating and looking at herself in the mirror” lol


If AG had any regard for the feedsters that pay to be a fly on the wall 24/7, she would consider the intelligent idea of having the live evictions on Sunday, so that on the weekends we could watch the pre eviction scramble and scheming instead of getting fish and trivia when they are doing competitions and ceremonies or just sleeping like now. Can’t they work it so the good stuff happens when more people are watching? Like Friday night? And Saturday? Why can’t they do nominations and veto and pandora’s box on Monday and Tuesday instead of on the weekend? Most of us work when the drama happens, we have to go to bed early, and thanks to Dawg and Simon we find out what we missed. But AG is pretty stupid. Instead of giving us what is advertised, we get trivia while Jessie plays bad santa. How this woman keeps her job is beyond me! The ratings are pretty bad this season too, most producers would take the hint and do something about it, but not AG. She gives us more of the same, even when it’s clear people are tuning out.


“9:30pm everyone sleeping.. Danielle is eating and looking at herself in the mirror” lol

billy bob

i think danielles gonna beat the shit out of ian for his hoh food,


why arent you showing my comments? there are dumber comments and more offensive that are being shown. stop being such a dictator and relax a bit brother


I’m joking around man, i just keep seeing people get response from you and i wanted to feel special and get a response… sorry man this showtime after dark is so boring, trying to entertain myself



Danielle's refection

Frank move, I can’t see myself.


The comments are way better than the feeds tonight!


Omg did joe wash his hands before making those burgers? If not then BB needs to step in and say something. Someone can get really sick.


I wonder if the HG’s have considered altering Joe’s diet in order to influence the flavor of his urine on their food.

Maybe discourage coffee and asparagus?

I says, I

I want to throw something out for discussion. It’s an argument I’ve had with my roommates.

People refer to HOH in which a floater/non-threatening player is evicted as a wasted HOH. But I think if your are HOH and your position in the house is tenuous and you don’t really have any friends that it makes more sense strategically to waste the HOH. It’s the old adage about going to prison. When you first go in, you look around, find the guy who has no friends, and beat the shit out of him? The people who present a threat to you have not been directly attacked, but they’ve seen you make a move, showing some mettle.

Winning HOH was Ian’s prison beatdown. He showed his mettle. But the issue becomes who the victim of his HOH is. Now I think he should have put up Joe and Jenn, openly targeting Joe. This move results in the rest of the house patting him on the back. It also sends the message that he’s not coming for anybody, whether that is out respect or fear is irrelevant since either way the end result is that the other HG’s are too relieved and self-involved to give too much thought to the motive.

By wasting his HOH, Ian would give the rest of the house a reason to discount him and focus instead on other more pressing threats and as part of that thought process, the other HG’s would try to enlist his services. I think Ian is desperate for a lifeline, just like Frank was last week, so wouldn’t going after Joe be a white flag, indicating that he was no longer an active combatant…but he was still around to bring support.

Anyway, I’m curious to hear if anybody has a good counterargument?


if you thought joe’s grandfather had a sweet pee pee pump… YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN MY GRANDFATHER!!!! best soul patch pump this side of the mississippi!!!



Anyone think Ian may have gotten something from Pandora’s Box that we don’t know about?

I mean, the whole Jessie thing was an obvious negative. He could have gotten something more positive, even a power he couldn’t or wouldn’t tell anyone about. He might not trust Dan enough to be straight with him, and he sure as heck wouldn’t tell Frank.

Carrot Teddy

He probably won some sort of trip or meet your favorite bb houseguest!!! Cuz for some reason Ian feels like if you were on bb your at the same level as a real star, like a pro athlete or something.


Danielle saying her boobs are real?! Hahaha, actually, trying to not have to defend them. Then Shane pipes in with “they are all natural”. That loser wouldn’t know real or fake boobs if they were on a guys di**. Her boobs are so fake, and Yes Danielle, they look fake. Not because they are perky, but because they are fake and it’s obvious. Then she got a little nervous and kept trying to ask if they looked fake. She is such a loser.

Danielle is a moron

Um….love this comment! Why is she even wearing that stupid shirt with a gray hoodie? Can’t stand her!!

This is for entertainment people!

I feel like this whole season has been Ian recapping all of the previous seasons… I’m kinda ready for him to go home.

Danielle hater!

I hate they way Danielle keeps looking in the mirror, moving her hair around to show off her boobs, and doesnt she have any respect for Joe’s wife at home who is probably watching. Man i really hate her! She needs to go!!!


Hi Joe’s wife! :-)
Don’t worry Danielle might have big t*ts but she’s a crazy psycho and nobody wants to go there. I’m sure Joe’s still thinking about you during his nightly spankings! Look at all the nasty evidence on his shirt, yikes, he’s probably wiping his hands on his chest when he’s done…

This is for entertainment people!

I don’t see why it matters if they are fake or not, of she is fat or not… she is just so happy she is being talked about and getting attention from the guys that is why they are on display right now. She rarely had them out while Brit or any of the other girls were around. I’m sure she was concerned they would talk about her. Now that they are gone, why not put on a show, and maybe get some extra votes out of it!? Don’t worry about working on your personality…


Joe being the cultured elitist that he is has some wine… lol joes getting ready to take advantage of himself..

Dan is THE MAN

I’ll bet he doesn’t respect himself in the morning.


Ya with the only real ones in sight being that of Jenn….It’s time to bust em out, no one will be the wiser. Haha. It’s funny because she thinks people lover her so much. Wait and see when Dan takes her to the final 2 and wins. “oh, what did they say about me” “is that it? what else did they say about me” “do you think I could beat frank” “who would America say they would rather see in a bikini” “who would America say is smarter”…….You are a clingy f-in loser. Those fake boobs did nothing to help your self esteem….maybe try going another cup size up. The bigger and stupider they look, the more people will look at you.


I honestly think that Britney can turn the jury against Dan, unless Joe/Jenn are up with him

Dan is THE MAN

Sure he can. Who needs to win competitions when he can talk his way out of certain eviction?


Dan’s biggest attribute is his ability to weave a narrative, the ability to deliver it with emotion (he’s a corny actor…but effective), and he knows how to sell. It is the last part that makes me think he is the real favorite. Dan gets manipulation. How to read people and press the right button to get the action you want. I also think that while everybody else was scrambling last week, he was working Britney. He could not be too apologetic or he would have been transparent, instead he planted the seed, and knowing Britney as he does, the idea will grow while she’s in the jury house.

Who knows how the jury will go, but I think no matter who he were to face, his performance in the Q&A they do before the vote, will seal the deal. Everybody else will go with the hard sell, be rushed and excited, won’t know not to waste time on votes (sales) that are far out of reach, and not tailor each answer to the specific questioner’s personality…basically the antithesis of Dan.

I know you make fun of Frank and think he’s just bragging, but I think he’s selling the future jury on his candidacy. But he’s pounding them over the head and not changing up his presentation, nor tailoring the message for each person. I don’t think Frank is arrogant or full of himself…I just think he is a horrible salesmsn.

This is for entertainment people!

You call it “Dan’s biggest attribute” I kind of agree, but it’s more that he is lucky to be in a house with people dumb enough to let him get away with the lies. Hey Danielle, let me spit in your face, and it will benefit everyone! Hey Ian, I ratted you out, but it was a favor to you, you now look vulnerable and more people will want to work with you… It’s easy to get away with lies when you know your audience is just dying to believe you. If he wants a shot at winning, I’m sure he already knows… If he is as smart as everyone gives him credit for being, he needs to take frank to the final two. That is the only way jury would give him the money.

And poor Frank, I really like him, he’s just a little too cocky, and focussed on his stellar comp. skills to see when he is getting played. Which it’s extra hard to do when everyone in the house has been lying, scheming, and teaming up against you from day one… It seems like he hasn’t yet realized that there is noone left to trust. He’s been alone for a while now, stop thinking someone is going to all the sudden want to work with you. (which they all should want to, if he is as disliked as everyone says, because then anyone of them would win in the end. What jury member is going to give it to frank?!) k, Ive clearly gone into ramble mode. Sorry!


Dr. Wil never won HoH/PoV I think. Dan just needs to keep his cool.


Ian needs to look in the mirror and realize he’s living proof God has a sense of humor ….. shake and fidget much, Douchebag??I wish he would fall on a sword…. Joe’s got a meat-sword he cant keep his hands off of that Ian could use

Dan is THE MAN

Ian would have to fight through a couple of meaty paws to get anywhere near that meat-sword.

Dan is THE MAN

I feel like I need to go take a bath in hand sanitizer just thinking about this.


I kind of wonder if Dan’s goal is to make it to the end without winning a single thing. Even down to being taken to the final 2. To show that he had complete mind control of some of these lemmings. Had Dan come into the house with Boogies reputation, he would have never been trusted either and would have been out soon before of after Mike. Now that he has officially reached Boogie status, the next time he enters the bb house, if there is one, they will be onto him from the get. He lucked out that on his season, though he won, he wasn’t really THAT great. No one really had any Dan stories about how he won and duped people, like they were telling Boogie stories over and over all the time. Now they have those Dan stories.


@Crenshaw.I’m not sure If you watched the beginning of the season.But,Britney&Janelle kept telling all the the newbies that Dan&Boogie are dangerous.They said Dan can talk you into anything with his mist abilities.Everyone who has watched Dan’s season knows how dangerous Dan is and how great a player Dan is.Why do you think they all wanted to target Dan’s players?They noticed that Kara was starting to play like Dan(Dan was telling Kara&Danielle to basically play the game how he won on his season)so she was evicted.They wanted to get Dan out because his reputation of misting people,hence is why Britney kept using that word to describe Dan.Dan is still in the house because he’s a smooth talker.He’s well liked by the other players and because he’s great at this game(what he pulled off last week is the proof that Dan is a great player).


Ya, that’s what I said about what he pulled off last week. That it will cement him as a great player. Having Janelle and Britney telling everyone that Dan and Boogie are dangerous was just like them saying that everyone who they were scared of was dangerous. At that time no one really cared to listen, even if it was true, to the part about Dan. Dan misting people was about as far as they knew he was dangerous (to most of the newbs), but everyone in that house knew for a fact that Boogie was not to be trusted and he was so above the radar, that even playing a pretty honest game for the most part, was still too hard for people to handle. Dan on the other hand…even after Boogie joined in and told the stories of how dangerous Dan could be after he thought he got duped by him and still no one cared. You think if all that went down and Boogie was the one with the alliance, that the alliance wouldn’t start talking about getting Boogie out? Of course they would, but Boogies reputation prevented him from even really gaining that solid alliance with anyone (and help from the rat Ian of course). Ya Dan is good, but before this season, no one would say he was great….or they would say he was great but he never actually earned the “great” title until this season. All i’m saying is that he would be done if he goes back in the bb house again. All the stuff he’s pulled thus far, will forever put a huge target on him (as Boogie and Dr. Will have). Of course not so much this season, because most of them don’t know the extent of what he pulled off last week. But the whole Kara thing being voted out because she was starting to play like Dan? That might be kind of a joke. She didn’t even campaign for votes, and had anxiety issues so bad to the point of not even wanting to get out of the pool and go the the bathroom when she really had to go. She was on medication for it and everything and was very out of place in that house. She didn’t start playing like Dan, she never even started playing.