Big Brother Spoilers – Is anyone immune to Dan’s Misting powers?

POV Holder: DAN Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 3 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 6 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Jenn and Frank
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Britney

11:02AM Cam 1-2 Dan and Ian 
Ian: “So what do you think Dan… after this week we get rid of 2 more…and then . us… you and me?” 
Dan says “ya” tells Ian to stop making hand signal people can see them.. Danielle joins them and chit chat about weezer begins (dan’s a big weezer fan.. isn’t surprising) 

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11:48pm Cam 1-2 Joe, Danielle, Shane and Dan

General Chit chat.. a lot of big talk coming from Danielle saying her friend was in the departed and acted with Jack Nicholson. Danielle starts talking about colleges and why she went to Alabama state.

Dan tells a story about a coach (or maybe GM) for the Dolphins that treats his staff like garbage. Dan had a buddy that was an intern for the Dolphins and the GM/Coach sent out a memo telling the employees not to say hi to him in the hallways because it broke his concentration.

Dan says that it seems like all these great people in sports or business treat people poorly. Dan cites Steve Jobs as one person.

Dan says his day in and day out job is coaching football so when he gets home the last thing he wants to do is watch or talk Football.

Danielle thinks that Thursday is going to be a double eviction.

Danielle starts talking about ‘Ind**ns’ in Alabama. she brings up how names of places around where she’s from have ‘In**an” origins (Cherokee Id!ans).

12:20PM Danielle and Dan continue talking about nonsense while Shane is sleeping beside them. Joe is inside the house, Frank has been working out for the past hour and Ian is rocking the hammock. ? is probably sleeping.
12:24PM Danielle is saying she almost bought the new Nissan Maxima before coming on to Big Brother 14. Dan starts pushing her to get a FORD. Danielle says that her father will never allow her to get a FORD. Dan: “Does your dad tell you who to date?” Dan really pushes the point that he drives a older model Ford it runs fine and he has no payments. He bought it straight out and his only payment is gas and insurance.

Danielle says she really likes Nissan. Dan: “Drop the Nissan.. whats this about Nissan”
Danielle: “I like how they look.. they make good cars”

12:36pm Cam 3-4 the guys a beast Frank’s been working out for the past hour.. Ian is trying to wear the bearings out on the new Hammock

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12:42pm Danielle eating next she plans on going into the pool for a bit

12:47pm Joe and Jenn suntanning (Had to switch feeds.. too sexy)

12:53pm Cam 1-2 Frank and Dan
Frank asks him if he has talked to Danielle about him using the power of veto on Jenn.
Dan says he hasn’t had the chance yet.. he’s planning on doing it later today. Dan tells Frank not to worry they have all day to figure it out. Frank mentions how sore and cut up his legs are from the competition. Dan says it seems like after Boogie left nobody works out anymore.

1:00pm Cam 3-4 If shane turns you down the inflatable alligator is the next best thing in the BB14 house

1:09pM Cam 1-2 HOH Dan and Ian (Dan mists Ian )
Dan asks him how the talk went with Danielle.. and what is the general vibe.
Ian says he’s making it clear that he doesn’t want the Veto to be used.. Dan is concerned that Ian is going to over sell it tomorrow morning. He wants Ian to be surprised but doesn’t want him to seem fact. I

1:56PM Suntanning yo

2:03pm indoor lockdown

2:20pm Shane and Danielle are cleaning up the bathroom.

2:45pm Bedroom Joe the powerhouse sleeping

3:26pm sunday

Kitchen Dan and Shane

Shane is asking him if the plan is to get Frank out. dan says yes. Shane tells him that Joe has been pushing for Danielle, Shane, and Ian final 4. Shane tells Dan that Joe is targeting him. Dan isn’t worried unless joe puts him up against Shane and Danielle. Shane isn’t sure who Joe would put up against dan but he thinks it would be Jenn. Dan wants Fianl 3 between himself, shane and Danielle. Dan asks Shane to go talk to Danielle to see if they can pull this off.
indoor lockdown is over

(Shane is so misted by Dan it’s not even funny)

3:45pm Cam 1-2 Backyard Full quackpack
Danielle really pushes the quackpack being against Frank and Jenn. They all agree Joe should be made to feel like he is with them and they should make Frank think he has the votes to keep things calm. They also talk about final 2 how none of them could beat Frank. Danielle makes it clear that Dan will be easy to beat in the final 2.

4:24pm cam 3-4 Dan and Frank

Dan says he understands some of the floaters there the people that cannot physically compete in this game. The ones that Dan has a problem with are the players that had an opportunity to do something and they never did it. Frank mentions that Jenn floated in the beginning but her using the POV was a big move. Dan agrees says jenn really went for it.
Frank: “I’m tellin ya Man she’s a stud”

4:39pm Dan is explaining wordpress to Frank and how it easy for him to start up his own website. Dan mentions Pat Flynn and how his series of podcast inspired Dan to make money online doing something he’s passionate about.

(Nobody but Joe is immune to Dan’s mist.. )

(Nobody but dawg is immune to Dan’s mist..)

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BB14 > BB13

Dan is the greatest of all time!


The greatest douche bag of all time.


Seeing how it’s Sunday I got to thinking…

I’ve often wondered what makes a “Christian” Throughout my life I’ve meet those who call themselves “Born Again” or say they live a “Christian” lifestyle. I always thought of things like staying a virgin until marriage or broader things like having a higher sense of morals was part of all that. All in all using the “teachings of the Lord” to live one’s life by…I think that was how it was once explained to me by one who say themselves as a ‘Good Christian’.

I do business with those that label themselves as such and figure they are to be trusted more than others, for what reason I’m not really sure, I just have.

But now my eyes have been opened. ‘Father’ Dan has shown me that it’s just a label to help achieve a goal, not always an honorable one either. You can swear on a bible, expound that you’re a ‘Good Christian’ and all in all it’s just a mindset of those who are saying it. When it comes down to it, thanks to ‘Father’ Dan I’m now fully aware of how the mind of a ‘Good Christian’ works and I’m glad to say I’d never carry that label, nor perceive one the same going forward.

Lying, cheating and stealing were three things that, at an early age, I was taught were just wrong. But now I see you can be absolved of all those types of actions just by saying you’re a ‘Good Christian’. I’ll never look at people who claim that as their lifestyle the same; ever again. In fact it looks like a great mask to hide behind. Do you think that’s where all those priests that preyed on little boys looked for their defense?

I do know this though, I’ll be way more wary of anyone I deal with when they happen to mention they’re being a ‘Good Christian’

Joe's sperm

You just figured out that someone telling you they’re a Christian doesn’t put them above human behavior? I always take someone making sure to let you know they’re a Christian is a giant reg flag to watch out.


Joes Sperm is so right! So many times when someone has to make sure your aware that their a “Good Christian,” usually means their getting ready to “mist” you and the good christian remark is their defense for what their getting ready to mist you about!!!




That’s the most ridiculous generalization ever. You’re going to base the whole of Christianity on one individual who is playing a game? Really?? Grow up.


I hardly think it’s based on one player playing a game. Every season on this show there is at least one idiot using religion in the game. It’s sickening. I am sorry to say that there are a lot of those people out there.

Joe's wang

I agree, Jamika, ring a bell to people…Evil Dick put Jamika on blast about using religion in the house…


That’s part of the reason why Dick would be Dan’s worst nightmare in this game: he wouldn’t be afraid to rip the Bible in half (figuratively speaking) in order to blast Dan.


I hate generalizations, but in my experience, those who wear it like a badge are often prone to hypocrisy, ruthless behavior, and horrible stuff on occasion because they believe God is on their side or has ordained things for them.

While religious people who don’t wear their piety like a cloak are more apt to be the real deal.

And as for heathens like myself…well it’s a 50/50 shot. Either were the epitome of evil or beyond reproach…or both….


BOBSKY you are one of 3 reasons I visit OBB the other 2 being S&D


You’re WAY too kind but thank you. I really do appreciate it.

Simon and Dawg are the best though. Without them, I’m in the dark…




Everyone keeps coming down on dan for swearing on the bible to Frank… I just watched the entire thing on you tube.. Him and Frank were in the HOH room for over an hour. Dan only swore on the Bible telling Frank that what he was telling him about the Quack pack were completely true. And what he told him was all True.. CBS edited what was over an hour conversation down to just a few minutes some of it was not in the same order it actually happend. That is why Dan referred to it as his finest hour, because it was over an hour talk. I don’t believe Dan ever thought that an opportunity to get rid of Frank would come this soon, Dan was planning on going with Frank all the way to Final 2, unless a clear shot to vote him out, came along before hand. I believe Dan is a trustworthy person, and someone who values is faith a great deal, if you watch the entire thing take place and not just the edited version that CBS broadcasted, you will see exactly what Dan was saying.


I don’t think he ever intend to take frank to the F2 because he went down to danielle and told her the whole thing including the final 2 deal but i do think that they intended to stick with frank and jen. At that time they thought Ian would be the next casulty it never occured to him that ian would win and try and get the quack pack back. The only thing that dan swore to was that ian came to them a week before the silent 6 was created to form the quack pack, that brit/shane were going to win the veto and pulll him off and then ian would use the other veto on danielle forcing frank to put up joe and who ever didn’t win the veto then they would send joe home and that was it. He offered frank a final 2 deal but he was just telling him that because he wanted him to keep him he had already created this rift with danielle for franks benifit to keep them both in the game but he never swore on the bible about the final two. Before everyone freaks out about what dan swore to and jumping on him for some religions misconduct maybe get your facts straight


That’s been debunked.

If somebody swears on the bible, then you assume that covers the conversation in it’s entirety.

Just like when you swear on the bible (in God’s eyes) in court, it covers your entire testimony, not just the prosecutions questions.

You’re parsing in a totally ridiculous fashion. I could not care less if Dan uses his faith as a weapon. Don’t care a bit…but don’t try and tell me he’s not totally full of shit. I want the guy to win…but using your beliefs as a con in a game tells me Dan doesn’t believe in God like he would have us believe.


Here’s my issue on “Father” Dan and how he represents himself. I always find it less than comforting when those who call themselves ‘good’ Christians or that they live by the Bible, or are guided by God…or some form of this; then turn around and are able to find some justification for doing what even they perceive as not Christian behavior.

In this case, as I recall it, “Father” Dan swore on the Bible, his wedding ring (thus his wife & the sanctity of their marriage) and his Grandfather (via the chain & cross he had given him). The words were something like: “Everything I’m about to say to you is the God’s honesty truth, I swear on…”

So even if one wants some major wiggle room to say: “Oh, that was just when he was recounting events” I say NO WAY. You don’t go into something like that and give another one perception and then think you can pull the plug halfway thru your discussion. To do so is disingenuous and basically a bold face lie that soils all you have sworn upon. Frank even said: “Don’t Bullshit me” and also asked if “Father” Dan was doing so. Here I’m not perfectly clear on the response but I believe it to be: “I swear to you” Which to me doubles down on the swearing on the Bible, his wife & grandfather. If he had left the room and come back then I could certainly say all bets are off (no longer would such an oath carry over). This is why when you testify in court and your testimony goes into the next day the judge either reminds you that you are still under oath or re-administers it. I don’t believe that when you’ve been sworn in you can start lying as soon as the cross examination begins…and you don’t have to be a ‘good’ Christian to know that.

Let’s look at it all from a hypothetical. Let’s say instead of “Father” Dan it was ?Jenn? that was trying to make a point. Then let’s say that she wanted to be believed and so she said: “I need you to believe me and to do so I need to come clean to you about my lifestyle…I’m not really a lesbian, I don’t like their lifestyle, I don’t believe in gay marriage and I think that what they do with their lives is not only a sin but totally disgusting…I’m SO SO sorry I even made myself out as such” Then when asked later in the conversation if she’s telling the truth about something she reiterates that she has bared her sole and should be trusted.

Now when September has passed and ?jenn? returns home from BB to Brooklyn do you think everyone in the gay & lesbian community will look upon her as one they can trust, one they admire, one they’d wish to emulate? Will she get smiles and kudos for her actions? Does she get to go on with her life with not even a whisper nor and turned up eyebrow? I’d think not.

And as such “Father” Dan shouldn’t get a free pass either. Here is a teacher in a Catholic School, molding the hearts and minds of impressionable children and using the tools of religion and his honor; ultimately for his financial gain (or attempt at it). We all know he’s in a game, but as a parent of one of his students or players, or as a fellow facility member in a religious institution, or as a clergy member with whom he associates; one would have to wonder where his devotion lies (no pun intended). Let’s face it, he’s already been called Judas twice by two separate people in the BB house, how will he justify all these actions to his students, players, their parents, his contemporaries, his wife (she’ll probably give him a half a million reasons why it’s OK) and all those in his congregation upon his return home. Let’s not forget that some of those kids may not even question him on it, but rather act and then justify it to themsleves as: “That’s how “Father” Dan would do it” never even having the conversation that would possibly set them right.

Bottom line, actions speak louder than words and so far “Father” Dan’s actions would not likely garner him sainthood from the church he expounds to cherish so highly.

Play the game how you want…lie, cheat, connive, be cunning, even be a snake. Just don’t do it in God’s name, on two levels: hiding behind it so others will believe (unless that truly is how ‘Good Christians’ are supposed to, and actually do act). Or use it as others have said here; as absolution.

The actions of ‘Father Dan’ have set back the whole notion of a ‘Good Christian’ by two thousand and twelve years. It’s these types of actions: “in the name of the Lord,” that put Jesus on that cross and were also the justification of The Crusades.

But hey…a win’s a win, and the ends justify the means. So why worry if ‘Good Christians’ get soiled in the process.


You don’t choose to be a Lesbian/Gay, you do choose to worship a God. Big difference.

Pliney the Elder

It doesn’t really matter weather or not any of us think Dan was swearing on a bible for the whole conversation and if he is a good catholic or a good liar.. FRANK thinks he ‘swore on a stack of bibles’. Franks perspective and game play is based on his belief that Dan’s oath is sacrosanct. and he told Jenn if he lost he was going out the door telling everyone that Dan swore on a stack of bibles. Which to me is hilarious.. because there is only 1 bible in the whole house. So frank is a delusional idiot.


This is very true. Look at the whole conversation people.




Wow… You do realise this is a game and not bible service! I don’t get it everyone lies in this house they all have to some degree and dan has even come close to telling the worst lie in all of bb. It is a game people and it is suppose to be fun and not some sunday school service. Get over it!


Dan’s not Christian he’s Catholic they have big doctrinal differences but have common beliefs as well like there is one god and Mary and Jesus. In my eyes Catholics have been a Cult more than a religious group. Catholics have been killing people since before the Crusades by Order of Popes or Bishops. They are a shady group even today with the attempted cover up of child molestation’s. Anyways you mentioned “Born Again” and that would be a Christian Belief not a Catholic Belief. Morals, well both are supposed to live by a higher standard than “Sinners” but if your religious church (Catholic) have killed people without good reason, tried to cover up Child Rape (Penn State, Catholic Church) then how can you expect their followers to be any better. I’m sure not all Catholics are bad and every group has bad apples but to me the Catholics have had a few more. With all that said, I still want Danielle evicted during double eviction and I’m kinda rotting for Dan followed by Ian then Powerhouse.


OMG there is no way i could ever want joe to win this game he is the most useless player ever he hasn’t won anything he is the person who deserves to go home asap all he does is suck up to whoever is in power


That’s his winning strategy. By this time next week Joe will have had a final two deal with everyone in the house. LOL!


You do realize that Catholicism was the first form of Christianity practiced in Western Europe (the former Western Roman Empire)? The Roman Catholic Church *was* Christianity in Western Europe for close to 1.5 thousand years, before the Reformation. The Catholics aren’t the ‘cult’ group. The Protestant Churches would fit that bill quite nicely, if you want to look at things logically.

Know your history before spouting your prejudiced crap.

Dan's Magical Mist

Right on Derring!

I am Catholic and we are indeed Christians.

This website is about Big Brother, NOT politics and NOT religion. Dan is just a person, like any of us. How he chooses to behave doesn’t represent all of humanity so why would anyone think he represents all Catholics???

If you don’t like Dan, then you don’t like him. Who really gives a shit? None of us are going to win the 500K so don’t get your panties in a knot. This is JUST entertainment, nothing more and nothing less.


I’m a Catholic and that’s because Catholics eat fish, drink beer and play bingo. What better religion than one that okays drinking and gambling.


I second this!


There was a time in the catholic religion where you could give $$$$ to the catholic church to insure that your newly departed loved one would get into heaven. The Catholic’s don’t have a squeaky clean history. And in my opinion Roger Mahoney should be in prison


Yeah I am rotting for Dan Ian and Joe too wait I mean rotting not to be confused with rooting Yes Dan is Catholic and hides behind his Bible then he lies and continues to lie..its ok he will go to confessions when he gets out and the Priest will tell him how many Hail Mary’s he is to say and all is well.


You should be ashamed of Yourself, calling catholics a cult, just because are higher up did some sinful things, and to my knowledge we had very little to do with Penn State, how would you feel if I called all Protestants a cult. You people disgust me, and don’t act like you’ve never lied, and lying is part if BB, you can only get so far being honest in BB.


What about roger mahoney and the decades of cover ups for the pedofile priests? But i agree that The Penn State fiasco had nothing to do with the Catholic Church.

BB14 > BB13

LOL @ learning life lessons from Big Brother


Jesus is the only reason we are Christians ! we are a sinful people and we are all failures. Now we as human beings

are all flawed. Yes even Dan but when we say Religion vs Relationship that’s were we tend to be a Christian not

Because we are Catholic , or Even Born Again or Mormon etc. when we start to live our lives truly by what Jesus

said and did. We are given the opportunity to live by faith. To suggest that when we are playing a game and all we do is

be human that’s not a problem but we as humans forget that! We have grace, mercy and hope that leads to do the right

thing.When Frank Cheats and leads people into doing things we don’t like w have the opportunity to either not watch the

show or say Dan doesn’t Cheat as much doesn’t matter the only thing is What are doing about what Jesus taught us.

To love another and learn to be better people. So i say have a Personal Relationship with Him its that easy!

So hey I like the show and it isn’t one or the other It’s what I do with it. IT’S ONLY A GAME. But your life is more important to

him . Just realize it


OMG i thought i was on the big brother online not a sunday school class how about we get back to the game and set the religious aspect aside because not everyone has the same belifs or are the same religion. To be honest all this religious stuff is giving me a headace.



Dan's Magical Mist

So true!

I am completely skipping over the posts that want to hold a Revival on the BB spoilers page.

If they are so pious and sin-free, then go preach it somewhere else. This isn’t the forum.


Seriously. I am considered a very religious guy and all, but the PREACHING has got to stop! I appologize for my posts that got “preachy” (in a religious way)for anyone. This is not the place for proselytizing, it is for discussing BB.

Go Dan! Mist FTW

Not A PH D Student thinksAllisonGrodner isa d-bag

There are plenty of football players that are Good Christians but when Sunday rolls around and the whislte blows they do not act like they do in their regular life. When they are playing the game of football do you have any idea what is being said or even done on the field from all these good Christians? Wait they are playing a game

Do you have the same opinions to actors that make movie’s that don’t live up to your standards or morals? Wait they are making a movie. Are you that ignorant to judge because of your own lack of intelligence?

It’s a game, post the rules where it says Dan has done something wrong. Get off the religion aspect

The real deal

Smh….That is a rather ignorant way of thinking. I’m not a Dan fan, but a single person’s actions should not cloud your judgement about a particular religion which consists of millions of people. He’s one human being, he will make mistakes, it doesn’t mean others are like him.

Dan is The Anti-Christ

…And it was said he would come to them within a mist..bringing lies, allegations and understandings. And the Lord said “Those that look upon him will know the face of treachery and betrayal” Revelation 14:30


Religion has convinced ppl that there’ an invisible man living in the sky…and he watches everything that you do every second of every day.
And the invisible man has a list of ten specefic things he doesn’t want you to do. And if u do any of these things he will send u to a special place of burning and smoke and anguish and torture where u can live forever – and suffer and scream and burn until the end of time. BUT HE LOVES YOU; AND HE NEEDS MONEY”-George Carlin

Dan is The Anti-Christ

LOL…Love Carlin..he was so awesome.


JACK!!! I loved 24.

BB14 > BB13

Lol. I’m a Dan fan but that was still funny


This is a game, not a religious belief. Dan is playing an excelent game and it has nothing to do with his Christianity.


You sound like such an idiot when you get up on your soap box and play this game. You are a child and want to make all these restrictions for a person playing a game because they are a christian. It is absurd and it makes you seem naive. Dan is playing a game and he is playing it better than everyone else and now you want to demonize him and the religion he practices to make yourself feel better.

It’s a game

quit being a little b***h

There is no rule in Christianity that states you are not allowed to play a game like Big Brother as it is intended to be played. It is to lie, cheat, and steal your way to the final.

It’s a Game Idiot


I love how “christians” justify everything when it comes to money.

quack-pack fan

Dan is not there to promote his faith. He is playing a game on TV which involves deceit, broken promises and doing things you would NOT otherwise do in real life. I am quite certain he takes his faith seriously.

It seems that many people are getting on Dan for his meeting with Frank where he swore on the bible, his grandfather’s cross and wedding ring. If you listen to what he said carefully – Dan was swearing on those things that Ian has been a double agent since the reset, which is true. Dan did NOT swear when he made a final two with Frank. Dan is crafty and knows how to pick his words where it may seem that he using the bible but it’s all part of the ‘mist’.


However, does the Bible not say that those who believe in Christ should be the beacon of light unto the world? You could justify it by saying “it’s a game” all you wish but a true Christian’s (and Catholic’s) goal is to extoll the values of the Bible regardless of circumstance.

I personally couldn’t care less Dan lies, cheats, or steals. But if people want to argue his use of religion as a shield in the game versus the values that should be displayed as someone strong in faith, the person should do his/her best to be the example under all circumstances. Those who choose that lifestyle realize that they’re putting God and His virtue above all else, including $500k in a game.

There’s a DC Talk song that begins with saying the biggest cause of atheism in the world are Christians themselves; they who speak the word of God on their lips and defy Him with their actions. You can criticize those who judge Christiany or Catholicism by Dan’s actions and say how ridiculous it is that people do so. But don’t we do that in every walk of life everyday? That is how biases and prejudices are formed.


Totally see what you’re saying, but you also kinda lost me at the same time. I don’t think I’m nearly as deep the BB game fan, have never even thought about half the stuff you think about, and that’s a compliment!!:)


I don’t have a problem with how Dan’s playing the game but trying to justify it through a Christian lens (which I admittedly no longer wear) is a rather dangerous road to go down. One principle most world religions have is that you put its deity and its values before all else, regardless of circumstance. I’m assuming Big Brother falls under that umbrella of circumstance.


Dan is Catholic. While some will try to say Christians and Catholics are Christians, they are not the same and have different beliefs. The Inquisition was Catholics killing Christians.


Actually, the Inquisition was about forcibly converting Jews to Christianity, and eradicating heretics. It wasn’t Catholics versus Christians. It was Christians versus those who did not share their faith.

Catholics ARE Christians. Where does this stupidity come from, to say they’re not?

Dan is The Anti-Christ

Here’s the thing..a Catholic will say they are Christian and that they do believe in the Christ ..but they are different in ritual and certain dogma…however a Baptist or Lutheran or Methodist would never call themselves Catholic..hence the term Protestant.

Dan is The Anti-Christ

yes they are different..but the Spanish Inquisition..which I assume is the one you are referring to..was Catholics killing converted Jews and there were very few Protestants in the region at the time.And the Lutherans that were persecuted were from the “mystic” sect of Lutheranism. The intent was to stop the newly converted from still practicing any of their previous faiths rituals.


It is a game, and the object is to win. I am a Christian and have no problem with how Dan is playing in the game. Outside the house he is probably not acting the same as in the house. Stop holding him to higher standards in the game, it is just a game. He NEVER swore on the Bible about taking anyone to final 2. He promised he was NOT lieing about what Ian did. You should not judge a/man’s character by how he plays the game because it is just a game and NOT real life. Please don’t change your ipinions of your bussiness people because we Christians do hold our values higher than most people do; cheating others, lieing, stealing. We are accountable to our Lord. Remember it is just a game and they all have final 2 deals with other people and it is OK because it is just a game and expected at this point in the game to move forward and be safe. Dan seems as if he is a goodChristian. Have you noticed how he holds his tongue when attacked verbally by others. That is impressive and hard to do.


So because it’s a game, it’s OK to disregard basic principles of your higher power? Does that mean I can go to work, steal someone else’s idea, make a lot of money off it, and say “oh, it’s only my job, I’m not like this in real life?” Of course not. Picking and choosing when you can andcannot justify your faith is a ridiculous and hypocritical sentiment.


Oh, man. That’s all I can muster.

Jody yo

This is not a new thought for you, nice try. Very rarely in a social setting will Christians actually say about themselves, oh I’m a good Christian. I’m not saying there are no hypocrites that are Christians, but that is the same for any sect of civilization. That’s like saying everyone from the south is a redneck. Way to get all deep with it too..with that weak ass generality trying to be some theologian. I think it is a disgrace to use the Word of God, your wife, or a deceased relative to swear on no matter if its a game or not. But to each his own, I’m not judging him for it. For me, no way I would take that route as a Christian.


Wow dude. This guy is playing a game for half a million dollars, differenct circumstances change people and you are gonna base all your accusations of\
howebad “good Christians” say they are on Dan. he is being tempted by money, most of us dont have a chance to play on big brother. Everyone also makes mistakes and sins, its in the Bible. plz tell me how you know all about what a good christian is when you havent even probably read the Bible or tried to comprehend God’s Love for us all.


It’s a game. Get over yourself. Christians who drive a BMW or Mercedes to a 20,000 seater “church” and give money to feel better about themselves are way worse. Someone like Joel Osteen who pockets more than 10 mill every year with his shit grin is much worse. Organized religion is a joke.

just a random fam

I know that Ignorance is rampant in the world today but come on, how many times has the guy mentioned HE IS A CATHOLIC?! There is a very big difference between Catholics and Christians. Geez. I thought athiests were the worst of ignorants.


Why……for playing the game the way it should be play?!….Good….Bad …or Indifferent…Dan is good….for now….whether he stays or even wins the game… he is still there…..for now.


Dan will be the greatest player of all time when he goes into an Allstars season and gets better than 4th there. But getting a bunch of players who have never watched a live feed or BBAD once, and one socially inept super fan to gang up on the big bad until every player that could give him a challenge is gone by swearing on his religion, wife, dead grandfather’s cross is not good, might be good game play but like Frank said, eventually he’ll have to go home and live with what he’s done in the house. Odd that that type of behavior (falsly swearing on your Lord’s word) is being defended, applauded and even sold by Julie as one of the best Big Brother game moves in the history of the show, and Frank is hated and crucified for believing him.


amen Dan has to live with his actions and his words when he is out of the house..his actions speaks loudly what kind of man he is..not a very good one. Play BB game with skill and win that way not by Dans actions


Dan’s swearing on the Bible has nothing to do with him being called “the Greatest Big Brother Player of All Time”. It was the way he flipped the house upside down with his “Funeral”.

Get a clue and get over yourself.


WW, Dan wouldn’t have made the best play in big brother history without swearing on the bible. It’s the only reason Frank believed him. It’s the only reason Jenn believed him. I would have shown respect to a great game move except he did it by lying in the name of his God. Then when he did do that he was praised on the very same show for making the best move in bb history. It doesn’t offend me that he is playing a great game, it’s offending me that he’s being praised and glorified for doing so by giving his God the finger.

ILL WILL *The Original*

Never wish I was a flotation device so badly as I do when That Booty is on there, hmmmhmmmmmmm


Hell yes.


Can Dan be considered the best if he wins, as he won against pretty much all noobs, and half of them didn’t seem to have knowledge of the game, while in Dr. Will’s second season, he played against ex BB players/winners and was able to make it to number 4. I find that more impressive than beating a bunch of tards that have no idea what to do except for what the coaches would say to do. Thoughts?


I would have to agree with you If Dan wins than i would consider him the best and maybe if he gets to final 3.Other than that i can’t say that he is i think he would have been gone week 1 had he not been given 4 weeks of safety.People like to point out how the reset saved Frank well the coaches twist saved Dan,and that’s not the bible Dan reads it’s chiltown playbook that he’s copied both times he’s been in the house.Unfortunately the debate will go on until we have another all stars that they both agree to be on and Dr Will proves once and for all who the best really is


No offense, but that logic is ridiculous IMO. Let’s just not count anyonre’s wins except for bb7 because they were all (for most part) against new players. He won his season with a 7-0 vote and IMO was a mastermind from strategically deciding who to make an enemy, which comps to win vs throw and who to beat in end. He played against janelle (3rd 2x and mike bb7 winner) and is last coach standing and came back from the dead last week. I don’t see how anyone cannot think Dan is a great player. I am not saying he is not a dick or a liar or a great guy, but no matter what happens the rest of the season fans of true bb gameplay cannot deny he is a great bigbrother player.


As far as Allstats, dr will himself said (on rtvzone) that the ppl on bb7 were horrible gamers and not worthy of all star status in the least


What prevents Dan from being considered better than Will, at this point, is the fact that he had a few weeks of being untouchable in the game. If he had been playing since the beginning, who knows how different it would have been?


The only allience i think dan is true to is danielle beside that no clue at this point everyone but joe seems to be in on that fact that dan is going to use the veto. Him uses the veto covers him they all know and he keeps jen on his side smart move for dan


Dan should sell a body spray or cologne when he gets out, “Dan’s Magical Mist”. Obfuscate and smell great!!!


gross danielle your ass is huge..


She looks fine to me.


Seriously? I would live to see a picture of your ass!! I bet if you saw her in person, you may not say that. Unless you are a top notch model, keep your mouth shut. Such a pig!!!!

Bullies Rule !!

Thanks Danielle, I just lost my appetite after looking at those pics of you. Feel free to mix in a salad..


It is possible for Frank to blow Dan’s spot up.This is why Dan must use the pov on jenn.If he doesn’t than Frank can than try to throw Dan under the bus.Weather Dan swore on the bible or not doesn’t matter if Frank says he did Joe,Jenn and Ian will believe him,because say what you want about Frank he has kept his word through out this game(probably his down fall) while everyone knows Dan is a pathalogical liar.Now weather or not it helps Frank to do so and changes everyones view Dan is a whole different story.

For the most part it seems that Frank is done in this game no matter what he does,and since i’m a Frank fan this is disheartening,but who knows pandoras box might have already done it’s work.Meaning if Jenn comes down so does Frank,and this might be why Ian is so against Dan using the pov on anybody.Most likely not but we will see tonight


I wish I could go on bigbrother – for no other reason than if people were stupid enough to believe swearing on a stack of words has any impact on what is truth and what isn’t I would be golden!!!


Don’t quit your day job (as far as trying to be funny)

ILL WILL *The Original*

Joe,Ian and Dawg are in the running for who Breaks free from Dan’s mist, but in the end only Dawg will break free

Honey Dew Boo Boo Child

What purpose does it have for Dan to continue to deny to Frank that he’s not informed Danielle about his plan to “save’ Jenn, when indeed he has?


I think Dan wants to take Either jenn or joe final 2… he will cut danielle…cuz she could beat him …good at comps.. but jenn and joe re floaters… hed beat them hands down.


I disagree he might take jen but he will never take joe he respectss the game to much joe has been the ultimate floater he doesn’t even try to win his only pitch to people is that he can guarante them the money but dan wants more to get to the final 2 with the person he started with and if you saw bb10 dan always picks one person to be completely loyal to and he does stick to that allience in this case it is danielle. Danielle has been a part of every move he made or he told her shortly after i just don’t see him cutting her


i disagree season 10 was his first time, he didnt know what he knows now… he would love to take a floater so he can beat them… If I were in bigbrother …i would love to take jenn or joe…those two can only get 50k… Dan sees this… on the feeds Dan said I have a final 2 with Danielle.. then he chuckled and winked at the camara…from wht i got it looked like hes was saying that he might cut her too…… hes smarter this year.. i wouldnt take her or shane either..

Joe's wang

Does Frank have a chance at all? I’m saying he only has a 10% chance of staying or less at the point…

Dr. J

LOL To be misted by Dan you have to have a little bit of brain matter and Joe doesn’t qualify for that. Sorry Joe, but you do suck and thinking you can win comps with Frank gone is so wrong. Your smoke filled lungs won’t allow you to do anything but lay in bed and play with your tool. Now if there was that kind of comp, you’d win hands down. I do hope Dan saves both Jenn and Frank. He owes them big time for what they did for him. They weren’t misted by him just playing to their advantage. It just backfired because he lied to them and is a rotten backstabber. I hope he doesn’t win he doesn’t need the money and he’s already won once. Let someone new win this round. If they keep bringing back players and they keep winning well it probably is rigged. Danielle, if you don’t first succeed with Frank then suck, suck, suck, until you do suck seed… He’ll come around I’d bet.


How did Dan lie to them and when did he backstab them?


How did Dan backstab them??

Dr. J

Seriously? How did he lie to them? Try final 4 with Jenn, Frank, Danielle and himself. But then he’s doing what they all seem to be doing now promising everyone final 2. Still it’s a lie and you know it is.


Why is it that when you type swear words you use symbols like a## or s$$$t, yet when you use the “N” word – you do so freely. To me, what you did is exactly the same as using it to describe African American people.


Wow!!! Glad it’s fixed, especially so quickly, but just for the record, Simon, I just want you to know that my entire family is multi-racial, and I didn’t notice or take any offense to anything you’ve ever posted here, racial or otherwise;) And I’ve been reading here for years:) You’re doing/have been doing a fantastic, fair, and thorough job, and I hope the donations to your site are reflecting that:)


Well said ‘Eripaul’…before complaining some people need to understand the meaning of the words-Context and Intent. Geeeeeesh!!

Another BB Fan

I do not understand why you are bleeping out the word Indian. Those of us here in the United States call Native American Indians…. Indians and it is not racial at all. It is the same as someone calling someone from Asia Asian or someone from El Salvador, El Salvadorian. I took no offence at all when Danielle was talking about the Indians and I am part Indian although a small part. Native Indians are part of the United States and calling them Indian is okay as that is what is taught in the schools and Indians are a part of our culture.


No shit!? I was under the impression that the term ‘Indian’ was dang near a swear word in the tribal community because apparently it came from European settlers who landed in here, saw them, and compared them to people from India. I’ve also heard that Native American is offensive because they were here long before this land was called ‘America’.


That was very considerate of you. Thank you very much.

Dan's part time bible

so who is Dan lying to today?


I think Britney was the last one that could’ve warded off Dan’s mist, which explains why Dan had to make sure she got evicted.


Hello- I enjoy your website, and find it very informative as it relates to BB14. I do however, find it amazing when using some expletives you are cautious to not spell the entire word I.E. a$$. You did feel the need to spell the “N” word in its entirety which is absolutely appauling. This word for a lot of people stems from hate, and although you may mimimze or not recognize the history behind the word. The “N” word was used and still is used to defind Black people as being less than human. You provided a valid point with your example of Indians being used in a negative connotation. We as human beings can deny our mistakes but can be commended when recgonizing not to repeat our offenses in a public forum,

Another BB Fan

I do not think they were using the Indian in a bad way, just reflecting upon the fact that where she lives there is Indian history.


With all due respect… seriously?????? Of all the posts here, all the comments that flood this site minute by minute that Simon and Dawg convey for us, this is what you hone in on? Unbelievable!

Joe's wang

Does anyone else find it ironic that Dan is the only coach left, but Boogie’s 3 players are the only team still intact? I find it a bit odd…

I wanted Britney to win

Ian still has his power of veto to use ANYTIME, correct?


that we know about…i’m still waiting for the pandora’s box show tonight to be convinced…


Yeah, it could’ve just been money (I think he told Dan (and only Dan) that he got $1000), but I suspect he could’ve gotten something significant since the rest of the house got punished.


Why censor the word Indian? Lol


Oh, dear God, the direction some of these comments have taken!;) Simon, straight up, you and Dawg are the shit, keep doing what you do, you are loved;)

Honey Dew Boo Boo Child

Simon: I think we all love you, and think you guys do a GREAT job. However, insensitive comments that can be thought offensive to any person or groups of persons detracts from the main objective of this site: to share varying opinions of the Big Brother game. The way you replied that you’ll be censoring everything from here on in, (in asterisks **) was a bit immature. Say “sorry,” (which you did in a half-hearted way by saying “it’s fixed) and move on.


Captain said on twitter he is in love with frank and boogie and that’s why he gets so mad


You do know that the Captain has confirmed Frank’s BB godhood (Frank thinks this too.)


sucks that frank goes becuase of the 2 hoh’s and one otev comp where he barely lost. he had to be perfect, I think its WEAK, that dan wont return the favor he got from frank last week.


It’s called playing the game, dumbass. And Frank made a gigantic mistake leaving Dan in the game. Frank sucks and is going to get what he deserves


It really doesn’t matter who Frank left in the game he was going up anyway everyone is scared of Frank and Dan leaving wasn’t going to change that

Joe's Used Napkins

When Frank goes back to the tape and sees himself being “misted” by Dan after the funeral he’s gonna put his own head in the toilet and give himself a swirly..

ILL WILL *The Original*

yea, but he owes Jenn more for saving him, it was her decision to use the veto, Jenn still could’ve not used it, and the house would’ve voted out Dan. Which would have been better for her and Frank’s game, but they fell for his lies, and Frank is more at fault he KNEW about the lies from Boogie.. He made bad moves last week, and is going to jury for it, Dan saving him would just kill his own game, what’s left of it anyways.

Love how Awesome Big Brother gets every year, who cares who wins the most comps, what matters is social game and how you can manipulate people into playing your game.

Frank just got schooled on Big Brother 101, Boogie forgot to teach him that before he left.


Question for ANYONE who feels like answering:
My memory gets worse the older I get. Can someone tell me what “incredible” thing happened last year when it was a similar set up, Jordan and Rachel were both on the block and Production didn’t want either to leave (Rachel was Production’s little darling at the time I think, since she won).

Some wacky thing happened and suddenly they both got to stay. This was VERY late in the game, so I don’t think it was a reset….


thanks in advance,


Pandoras Box allowed the veto to be played in pairs, so when Rachel won it, it covered her and her partner (jordan’s) safety…..


Thanks so much!


Why are some people holding Dan to a higher standard? Everyone has a final 2 deal with other people right now, not just Dan. Frank this morning was telling Jen they had final 2 and Dan was going home next week. It is hard to keep up witht the alliances right now and that is what is making it interesting..

ILL WILL *The Original*

Joe has a final 2 with his hand


no that is not what Joe has in the palm of his hand and has had in the palm of his hand since the game started “every freaking night” I have heard it called several things but never heard it called “final 2”

Bernie 23

They put the duo thing back in play so if one of them won POV, they could pull each other off the block,

Rachel won and pulled her and Jordan off the block


Dan is an asshole, when Frank leaves on Thurs. or whenever I am done! with the show, Don’t really care who wins, why do you all make Dan to misty man, he is a joke, don’t like him never have, but I will say this to you all, It only a game, if the people in the house believe the crap about the bible, his wife and all the other crap he is handing everyone its on you. believe me its not only Frank that’s a dumb ass for believing him The Little Mouse Man ( Ian ) does also, stupid ass!! I am pretty sure Dan is a really nice man and to him this is just a game, to be honest with you I believe bb wants him to win so they can say he is the greatest player to play, what a bunch of BS that is, its not as if it the best thing in the world ever doubt it will make the papers or they will be talking about it on the news, well maybe for one day and really nobody cares!! The Mist of Dan, what a joke!!! It not dam that is so amazing it’s the stupid people playing this game that are really stupid!! I would had rather seen another person who had not already won, win!! I’ll be back at The End to see who won!! take care people until next year!! and Thank You Simon for all your hard work!!

Bama Guy

I think she is talking about people from India…….There are a lot of Indians in Alabama


It is strange how our cultures are different. I’m from the same county in Alabama as dani and either term is used but neither are considered disrespectful here. The “n word” is a big no no tho. Here Hispanic people have the most racism against them. Just to clairfy:)


I agree. Latinos are absolutely shown more racial disrespect in the states now. Any racial inequality is wrong and unacceptable. But to be clear, it is Hispanics (in the states) that NOW suffer this fate moreso.


I think it is very difficult for them. Alabama has created an immigration law that is tougher than any other state. I am from a town where the % is probable 50% hispanic and 50% everyone else. Just to clarify, I don’t have a problem with anyone who is here legally but those who aren’t, weather it be white, hispanic, african american, etc there should be a law. I don’t believe that it necerially has to be as tough as it is here but i’m not a politican so i don’t really have a say :)

Dan's part time bible

Joe only mists himself.


Dan’s mist comes out when he talks. Joe’s mist comes out his other end.


shane should just f*ck the sh*t out of danielle already.


He would but he doesn’t want powerhouse standing over them jerking it


Great job as always Simon!

Love the Danielle pics, especially that one of her on the coach. Looks like she’s crying or constipated.

And obv in the new poll, VOTE DAWG!!!


Beware of the mist yo.

Joe's wang

I can’t wait to see Ian do something stupid when he’s drunk again…The kid can’t handle his booze…If I was another player in the house I would give him, in the words of Memphis, “some liquid truth” just to see of he would leak some valuable info. out…


OK let’s review the facts. A good looking girl with a stacked body has to beg a guy for attention who has been trapped in a house for 60 days and is currently joined by a lesbian and 4 other guys and would rather jack off in the HOH room and also owns 2 pink T shirts. Where I’m from that equals flaming homosexual just saying.. Also as a black man I find it interesting how casually you used the “N” word youwouldn’t do that shit around me I can tell you that

Joe's wang

I agree with this post….Shane is most likely gay or he’s hiding the fact that he’s just not into Danielle…If Shane did the samething with Kara if she stuck around longer then I would know he is gay…

ILL WILL *The Original*

Yea, he in the closet alright, any “straight” man would’ve smashed that… The excuses of her being needy and crazy means shit, unless you’re already in a relationship with the person, to a man pussy is pussy, men mess around with the ugliest,craziest women WHY? “pussy”, you can always get a restraining order later if they get dangerous. Nothing wrong with Shane liking dudes.

ILL WILL *The Original*

OR get a female in the family to whoop they ass, my brother had to do that once with this drank crazy chick.


I think it’s ridiculous that you can’t even spell a word these days without someone calling you out on it. wasn’t using the “N word” offensively, he was just using it. He didn’t call anyone it. If I had a dollar for everytime I’ve been called a … well, anyway.


And you only said it FIVE times!


I am educated and allowed to use the term within the context I chose to use it. I was explaining, and nothing derrogatory could be taken from my text.

Eric CA

I think if Dan uses the Veto, Ian will put up Danielle. Ian knows the whole “Danielle is dead to me.” crap is crap. He also can not replace Jen with Dan.
His next options are as follows.
1) Joe: A complete waste of a replacement, Joe would probably be evicted against Frank.

He has a deal with he next two, that they are safe this week, but deals are broken in desperate times.

2) Shane: 3-1 evict Frank 3-1 evict Shane or 2-2 tie vote. (Shane is tricky this week. People may see this as an opportunity to take out Captain America.)
3) Danielle: is a guaranteed at least a 3-1 vote to evict Frank

Ian knows this, it is just a game.

If he uses it to take off Frank, well I do think Dan is that foolish. Ian just needs to tell them if he uses it, Danielle or Shane are the replacements, Dan will have given Ian no other option Joe is just a waste to nominate.

Joe's wang

I think Frank could stay if he’s up against Danielle…Frank will then start to campaign to breakup Dan/Danielle…Ian’s an idiot if he puts up a QP member…

Eric CA

Danielle would stay.

Jen: evict Frank
Shane: Evict Frank
Dan: Evict Frank
Joe: Evict Frank


Jen: Evict Danielle
Joe: Evict Danielle
Shane: Evict Frank
Dan: Evict Frank

Shane or Dan would have to flip, to evict Danielle. Frank and Jen would have to work overtime to Split Shane from Danielle and she would not allow any alone time with him. Dan might vote to evict Danielle, but that would leave him with two players that would vote him out in a heartbeat.


Ian already knows that dan is going to use it on jen he is just pretending not to and when she comes down he is putting up joe to frank out becasue lets face it they all would be crazy not to while they can

Eric CA

They are all that crazy, to not take the opportunity. They where crazy enough to fall for Dan’s con, they are crazy enough to do anything.

1) Shane might see this as his chance to take the house out with Frank and their superior skills
2) Jen is allied with Frank, she wants final three of Frank Danielle and herself
3) Dan if he helps keep Frank, he can work with both Frank/ Jen and Danielle/ Shane.
4) Danielle, Frank Shane and Dan are her way to final two with one of them.

Joe is just collateral damage, no consequence and they still have the next week to blindside Frank.

Nope powerhouse is not the key, Danielle is who you put up if your goal is to evict Frank.
Frank Fans good news if Ian is dumb enough to put up Joe, Frank will probable be there another week.


Who is Dawg?




Now THAT’S funny


100% Joe if Dan takes Jenn or Frank off Ian is a puppet just like the rest

Dan's part time bible

Am I the only one besides the camera man getting a chubby watching Danielle clean in her loosely fitted shirt?


I think Kara and Brittney were hotter but she’ll do nicely

Chub Stain

Danielle will never have a problem finding a man. Keeping one will be much harder. Way too insecure and constantly needs to be reassured how pretty she is. She will even prod Joe for compliments wherever she can get it. Hopefully she will grow out of this nonsense although if she finds out all the abuse she has taken on the internet may be no hope for her


Not funny. The Bible is the word of God. The history in the old testament is absolutely remarkable. The new testament is about Christ, who was sent to pay for our sins. Yes, I am a Christian. However, I do believe everyone has a right to their personal beliefs and I respect that. Please do not disrespect the Holy Bible.

And once and for all, Dan did not swear on the Bible he would take Frank to final two. He swore on the Bible as to Ian’s game and spying. In fact, the Bible was on the table when he high fived Frank. It was still setting on a coffee table.

Let’s get off the religious thing and just talk about the game.

Oh, I go to church every Sunday. Not because I am better, but because I am not better. I am a sinner, who was saved by the grace of God.

Now, back to the game!!

Eric CA

He actually did swear on the bible.
He brought up o the HoH and told Frank that the bible was not there for him to read from it, but he was going to swear on it.


I just ate a whole pint of caramel cookie crunch gelato while reading these comments….i feel so f*cking guilty.
Danielle said last night she was in pagents when she was little, I can picture that…like Toddlers and Tiaras she still has her little girl voice too.

Dan's part time bible

I am 100% sure that is what caused her to have body issues.
She’s a sweet girl and will make some lucky guy really happy.

Joe's wang

Is “super fan” Ian really this dumb?…He could’ve been doing the same shit with Boogie that he’s now doing with Dan…Boogs cared about Ian, kept him safe one week, and gave him some cash…Dan is using Ian…Though, it is what it is…Team Powerhous is where my support will go once Frank leaves…The QP, including Dan, are just a snoozefest…


For all the people who are stuck on the Dan and his bible issue lets face it he’s a true catholic in that sense the pope’s have been murdering people in the name of the bible for century’s so whats a little lie when the heads of the catholic church have always been tyrants and murderer’s

ILL WILL *The Original*

excellent point

ILL WILL *The Original*

never take religion seriously … they’re literally the 1st written bullshit artists


Coming down on Dan for using religion is stupid. Big Brother is a game. You do whatever you can to win. Only one person does. Inside the house behavior and outside arent comparable.


Danielle lies a lot idk whats really true that she says.. ambassador in china …thats hard to believe..

ILL WILL *The Original*

Is Dani humpin the Lizard? looks like she is

i flip for shane

can we watch bbcanada in usa… or is there gonna bb a bbad too

ILL WILL *The Original*

If we can’t Simon and Dawn is inviting us to their house to watch :P

I wanna see some hot Canadian women


I am a HUGE Dan fan and have no problems with those who hate on him, but please do so for the right reasons.
The man swore to Frank that the INFORMATION was the truth…which it was.
Dan and Frank SHOOK (NOT swore) on a Final 2.
And if we are going on the “assumption” that the Bible swearing covers the entire conversation…is Dan breaking the F2 deal?
Nope…Ian is the current HOH, Ian nominated Frank and now Frank (whose position is precarious at best without the veto) is telling Dan to use the veto on JENN (which I think would be fair since Jenn used it last week on Dan).
Dan is not a louse or a liar…he just has a good grasp of the game and how to cater to people’s personalities and/or feed/assuage their insecurities.
He has not broken his word… it is not possible for him to keep his word and all because he will be respecting FRANK’S wishes.


Yeah, that pic of Danielle with the shades. Yup, that is big huge fat bitch. BS!!!

And I’m sorry, but that pic of Shane cleaning the bathroom with the towels…all it made me do is wonder if Powerhouse go all out in the shower! Joe flooded the bathroom yo!!!

Dan's Magical Mist

I can’t believe I am going to admit this but I feel sorry for Danielle. Those pool lizard photos are going to push her into psychotherapy for years.

I still love Frank yo!