Frank says that Ian thinks the others are just as mad that Britney left, but they’re not, they don’t care.

POV Holder: Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 3 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 6 (Thursday)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations: Frank and Jenn
Have Nots
Last Evicted Houseguest

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9:55am – 10:05am Jenn and Frank are talking in the kitchen. Jenn is concerned about Dan talking to Ian last night. Frank tells Jenn that Dan talked to Ian last night to keep himself off the block as replacement nominee to make sure Joe would go up so that Dan, Jenn and Frank would be safe. Frank explains that Dan and him talked about him keeping close to Ian. Frank says that he thinks Ian putting Dan’s key last is just his way of messing with people. Frank says that he is going to go out there and try and win today. Frank says that even if Joe goes up as the replacement, we still want to have Dan on our side for the next week or two. Jenn says that she is going to go out there and kick a**. She asks Frank what type of competition it might be. Frank says he isn’t sure, it might be Otev. Frank says that Ian thinks the others are just as mad that Britney left, but they’re not, they don’t care. Frank says we are going to get this done, one of us will come off. Frank tells Jenn that if she is up against Joe, she has the three votes. He says and then you will win HOH next week. Frank says that we need to send Shane home to get him away from Danielle. Frank and Jenn talk about going back to bed to rest before the competition.


10:20am All the house guests are back asleep, except for Danielle who is in the bathroom putting on her make-up.

11am Frank is up, Ian is in the diary room and Danielle is all dolled up and has no where to go..


11:05am – 11:15am Danielle and Frank talk about what the competition might be. Frank wonders if it will be OTEV. Danielle says she doesn’t think so because OTEV doesn’t have a host. Frank says that Shane might just sit on the side lines though. Danielle says that she doesn’t think so, she says 10 bucks it’s the spelling comp. Frank doesn’t think so because they already had a comp like that and it wouldn’t be that great for the fans to see. Danielle is annoyed that the “wizard” got her up to do a diary room session and still haven’t called her in. Danielle says if its not a fast forward, she guarantees that this Thursday will be a double evic. Frank says yeah that will suck, not so much for me, but for the people I am working with. Dan comes into the bathroom. Frank comments on how skinny he is looking. Dan says that he is down to 140 pounds. Frank says you’re a man trapped in a boy’s body. They talk about how Dan lost 25 pounds. Frank says what happened you’ve only been on slop for one week! Frank mentions that the diary room sessions this morning are about pre-nomination and post-nominations.


11:30am – 11:50amShane, Frank, and Danielle talk about the HOH competition and how bad Joe did. Frank says that he said in the diary room that he didn’t even think Frank made it one and half times around. Frank says that he was trying to whisper to Shane to push the comet all the way back so that it would pop out and hit him. He says that it worked out better when you just barely touched it so that it was all the way out and would hit him. Shane comments on how Ian said he had another two hours in him. Danielle says that they upped the competitions this year, they are way harder, way harder! Danielle asks why Boogie always went after the money. Frank says that he knew he wasn’t going to win even if he made it to the end. Frank says that he and Mike knew they wouldn’t make it to the end together. Danielle gets called to the dairy room. Shane says that we need to get rid of 4 people in the next 3 weeks. Frank corrects him and says that we need 4 out in the next two week. They wonder if there will be another double eviction this week.


Watch it ALL on FlashBack: Big Brother 14 Live Feeds – FREE 3 Day Trial!

11:55am – 12pm Frank and Dan are in the storage room talking. Dan says that he was up talking to Ian last night trying to fish if I was going to go up as a replacement nominee, but he wouldn`t say. I don`t know if that’s good or bad. Frank says that what we need is for you to win it and take me or Jenn off so that it would almost guarantee that Joe goes up. Frank says but if you took me off it would look to obvious so you would need to take Jenn off and you could say that you owed her for taking you off. Dan agrees. They talk about Frank throwing that competition to Dan in a way that wouldn`t be too obvious. Dan says that its prefect that Shane isn`t playing in this power of veto. Dan and Frank say that they will talk again before the comp. Dan leaves the storage room.


12pm – 12:35pm Frank, Shane and Danielle are in the kitchen talking about bar fights. Danielle talks about a guys she dated that was always getting into fights over her when he never started them. Dan says that for some reason he feels like Frank dates older women. Frank starts to say no offense… Dan stops him and says I am just going to stop you there because you might cut off a huge chunk of women. Frank rephrases and says that he is open to dating anyone. They all laugh. Dan talks about how people are at home watching them on their computers right now. They all think its weird. Dan heads into the arcade room to sit in silence. Danielle and Frank talk about going back to bed.


12:40pm – 12:50pm Danielle joins Dan in the arcade room. Dan talks about how getting married aged him. He says that Chelsea was really easy to please and can`t imagine having a bridezilla. Danielle says that she wouldn`t be like that and says that all that matters is that she is with the right guy. Dan asks her if she would move to Vermont to be with Shane. Danielle says if it was the right guy I would move. She says Shane and I have had tons of conversations about it. Frank and Jenn join them in the arcade room.


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OTEV means what type of competition?


Is VETo spelled backwards and is usually a huge talking mountain and isnt done until there are six players and no one extra. They get a clue and have to go hunt down the name of the player he is looking for.

Lennon's Ghost

OTEV is VETO spelled backwards. It is the Veto competition.


It’s the one competition where there the houseguests look for a certain item that matches a clue that the central voice asks for and then they hurry back to where all of the spots are and the last person that comes back with the item gets eliminated, unless someone else got it wrong. It’s like the OTEV the Broadway Clam challenge in BB12 and OTEV the Ape in BB11.


it can have a physical element, like climbing up a slippery incline using a rope, but not too tough. the main skills are accuracy and speed when answering questions.


I asked the same thing but got no answers what is OTEV


Thank you


Thank you all. I was wondering what it could be also.


Riddle competition


Otev spell it backwards is Veto

danlays non

don is throwing the pov comp


Dang Danelle is cute :)


If by “cute” you mean, whiney, needy, superficial, and completely dysfunctional and delusional…..then yah……shes a fox!


Men are naturally attracted to needed psychotic women whether we admit it or not.. how many timesndo we look back and say our ex’s are psycho? Its not that they become that..they always are..were just blinded by it till the attraction goes away…


speak for yourself. i’m not attracted to whiny and self-centered. she needs to STFU and then get sent home. NOT cute.


So agree with you. I just watched BBAD from last night (so boring I had to keep fast forwarding) but did notice that Danielle looked cuter than usual and was wearing a flattering low cut top. Then had to watch Joe oggling her but what was really funny was after the guys (Joe, Frank, Shane) discussed fake boobies and Shane “hating” fake bobbies, 1/2 hour later Danielle is stretched out on her back (across the bar stools?) in a position that I’ve never seen anyone do before. I’m guessing this was an effort to prove hers were real but the only one looking was Joe. LOL


Oh I know, I was absolutely sickened on how Danielle was acting last night. She really thinks she’s Queen Bee now. I was yelling at the TV that hummus is not only used with chips! You can use it t dip veggies in it too! How many times did she complain about the food… and I saw her snatch at least 3 candies out of that drawer before anyone else even knew they were there. There… Don’t know if this will get posted but I needed to get it off my “chest’ =)


Cute in a psychotic kind of way.

Dan's Mist

I agree…she gets a lot of crap for putting on some pounds (probably stress), but I think she’s really pretty.
She’s my dark horse to win this.

Trashy Entertainment

“Probably stress” LOL

No, probably because she is constantly eating junk food.

Danielle's refection

Danielle wanted to go on a dating show but ended up on BB. She thinks Shane is in love with her, has been flirting with Jenn for a while, and now is flirting with Frank. Now that Brit is gone she thinks she has turned this game into her own personnel dating game, and everyone (mostly herself) is so infatuated with her. She loves to look at herself in the mirror or window & the live feed cam’s like to show the reflection of her looking at herself. So funny.


She’s cute like a pillowcase full of lard is cute.


she’d prolly let shane piss and sh*t on her


Again, Frank making plans on who to evict now, and next time, with all this power he has. His arrogance is his downfall.


Maybe but you got to admit this guy has gotten far even though he’s been a target since the beginning and hated by everyone. He’s still cool and calm even though he’s on the block.


he would have been out the forth week but production kept him in the game so in my mind everything he has done since then doesn’t matter


Oh stfu.


Must have a bad opinion of Jeff and Jordan as well since they were obvious production queens.


He’s arrogant because he KNOWS he’s going to win veto and so do all of you. He’ll be the veto holder in a few hours, get it through your thick skulls.


Yeah Yeah you say production and I say talent and skills like him or not he has the skills to keep getting as far as he has oh yeah its production getting him there right lets see if production gets him there again


NO, we say PRODUCTION because Frank has admitted cheating more than once and has been caught doing it more than once. It does not take talent or skill to cheat it just takes production helping you. Frank needs to go!


Because the coaches didn’t push the buttons or anything.


@12345. Lol. You sound like me.But you forgot to mention the cheating that he admitted to and production admitted too as well.Then last week veto he was kicked out the competition because he tried to cheat yet again by telling Britney the answer(summer).Frank&production are a mess.Lol.

BB14 > BB13

I think he was about to go the first week too when Willie was hoh


Yep , Production the key if they want to keep someone keep a Challenger that doesnt CHEAT

Ians virginity

wrong. Long walk short pier

Frank for the Win YO!

I think he has to always be thinking farther ahead of these people for his survival. Considering that most of the houseguests are not too bright, then it’s not that difficult to do.

Dan is the smartest. Frank is right behind him unless he throws this POV. I hope Frank isn’t letting his nice guy mentality overide his desire to win.

I think most of us would do a lot of crazy things for 500K.


Looks like Frank isn’t second after all. He threw the POV to DAN ! Think again !!!


Because no other players have ever done that


Agree!! Arrogance combined with straight up just not ‘seeing shit coming’. And I’m sorry, Frank fans, the man can win comps, but without the reset, Boogie, and other players implementing their game more at crucial times, this guy would’ve been gone weeks ago. His actions and ‘strategy’ in this game have less to do with why he’s still here than the actions of the people around him, in my opinion.


Aside from the reset, how is relying on another player or people implementing their games at crucial times different than any other season?


CJ, bless your heart… really!:) Frank owes you a world of gratitude when this season ends and he reads up;)


Seriously, CJ… I asked you before here on this site several posts ago why you were such a huge Frank supporter, not to knock you, but to just understand, because I just really didn’t get it, and you never answered. Like I said, that was several posts ago, and I still don’t get it, still don’t have an explanation from you.


POOR, POOR CJ!! ARE you delusional or what Frank has been caught cheating more than once, and has admitted that he has cheated more than once (and his admitted cheating was even up on You Tube) so how do you keep defending him. He has cheated his way throughout BB 14 and sorry but a CHEATER should not be rewarded so Frank needs to get out!!!


Show me in the original post that I responded to where it mentions the cheating and then I’ll address it. It wasn’t brought up so I didn’t need to address it. Bringing it up when it wasn’t mentioned as a means to be condescending to someone who’s rooting for someone else that you don’t particularly care for isn’t necessarily helping you prove any point other than posting for the sake of being a condescending jerk.


I posted a response earlier but it didn’t take. I usually don’t fish out comments from more than maybe two or three threads down because so much typically happens in the BB house. It wasn’t that I ignored your question or avoided it, I just didn’t see it. I’ve answered this question before a couple of weeks ago and the reason is still the same. The primary reason I root for Frank is simple: these boards.

If you want to take the time and look at all the nasty things said about not only the HGs but also about other posters, I’ll guarantee they mostly came from the anti-Frank side. I’ve done my best not to criticize anyone unless their game strategies don’t make sense but the anti-Frank people are vicious (no pun intended) when jumping on those who are Frank fans. For every one “go Frank!” post, there are at least three “Frank is a &%^%& and you’re a &^%& for liking him” posts.

Toward the beginning of the game, I’d question how what Frank was doing was any different than what another HG did either in this season or in past seasons just because I noticed the amount of hate toward him (this was even before the reset, before the “cheating,” etc) was just so much higher than any other HG. The responses were more often than not condescending or insulting without actually answering a question or the point I brought up.

And as we got further into the game, when not only myself but other Frank supporters (and I’m talking other posters who actually try to bring up good points) ask questions or give an opinion that support Frank, they’re often met with either an insult or a condescending attitude.

My question was relatively simple: setting the reset aside, what about your original point makes Frank different than other people from seasons past? You brought up how Boogie was thinking for him, Boogie wasn’t the only one puppeteering another HG (Dan/Danielle, Britney/Shane/Ian) but it’s somehow different with Frank? Dan is still making Danielle dance even though he “broke her heart and embarrassed her.” People changed their games and it meant Frank stayed; Dan stayed this week because someone decided to change their game. It happens every season with multiple people. Aside from the reset, Frank staying in the game this long isn’t particularly different than how others have stayed in seasons past. Yet, I was met with a condescending attitude from you simply because it was questioning something that was anti-Frank.

There are a lot of reasons to dislike how Frank’s playing this game. If you notice, I don’t defend his social game much. I understand why he’s been a grump but it’s not good game. I also don’t defend his strategy. He wins comps because he has to at this point in the game. His biggest mistake was winning the second HOH. Janelle already planted the seed that he was going to be a threat in comps and winning a comp that early wasn’t the best thing to do with so many people already targeting you. He annoys the hell out of me on the feeds more often than not (Dan and Joe are the only ones who don’t at this point to be perfectly honest).

But the way people react to him, pull out conspiracy theories, and send so much personal hate his way is just baffling and I root for him because rooting for anyone else wouldn’t be as fun at this point. It’s entertainment. And I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the people on the boards are nuttier than the people in the house.


“Jenn says that she is going to go out there and kick a**. ”

Still convinced she earned that win.. LMFAO


jenn is just talk there is never any substance…it’s funny to see her trying to fit in to conversations…it never quite works.


Who ARE you guys talking about? Did some one win something last week? I mean Ian won the Veto and didn’t use it and Dan magically came off the block. So… Who are you talking about? Jan? Ben?

Head of Household

Wow Frank is such a douchebag. If anyone but Ian wins this season I will throw up all over myself. Maybe Shane or Joe, but Ian’s better than both.


I guess Joe won’t be the only one with spots on their shirt!


I totally agree, oral douchbag!

Danielle's reflection

Also pulling for Ian.

Ians virginity

So you like Shane Ian and Joe but not Frank??? ROFLMAO I really would hate to see the type of people you associate with in real life.


I’ve heard this question asked many times but have not seen an answer, maybe I’ve missed it but here goes asking again:



Never mind, June Bug answered the question, thanks June Bug.


surprised you didn’t know what it was… in all stars it was the veto comp that James and Janie wrestled over the dolls with the letters on them. To Make sure Janie won, Boogie told her where a doll was so she wouldn’t get eliminated..


Look at comment 1.3, at 10:37 this morning, Candice answered that question.


Veto spelled backwards, it’s usually a physical comp where they listen to clues and then race to find an object.


I hope frank can pull out a win today,and it would be nice if they didn’t cut the feeds all day like they have the last couple saturday’s


What will Jenn’s reaction be when either in the house or out, she finds out that Frank called her “brown water”?


Here’s to hoping Ian can pull off an upset yet again and win POV!

Danielle's Pathetic

Hoping Frank’s past “W” record will pull him through the POV today! GO FRANK!

And in addition, I’m voicing my thoughts (as have a number of others) that Dan better keep his word to Frank or he’s gonna be catching some SERIOUS HEAT that he’s used religion and the Bible in an extremely deceitful manner to get him further in this game. He told Frank that “everything he was going to say to him” that day in the HOH room following his “funeral”, was going to be the “truth” and he swore that on the Bible, Chelsea and his deceased grandfather….. and that INCLUDED his final 2 pact with Frank. Yes, I do realize this is BB and people to have a tendency to check their morals at the door and pick them up on their way out, but what will Dan’s students and other faculty members think of his moral and religious character if he didn’t make good on his religious based promises?????



So far, Dan has every intention of keeping his word to Frank. He said so in his diary room sessions this past week. If he tells Danielle that Frank needs to go, it’s because obviously he doesn’t want her to think he’s taking him to final 2. But let’s be honest here, he has two final 2 deals right now. One with Danielle that was his original word, and one with Frank.

By Dan’ M.O., he’s probably banking on not having to take either out and them taking each other out. In that case, he wouldn’t break his word to either one. Whether he’ll be able to skate by and have that happen…..who knows. But I don’t think if he won HOH he would put Frank up. And Frank has a way better chance of winning against Dan than he would against Danielle. Dan has already won once, everyone thinks he’s slimy, and he hasn’t won anything. Danielle has been friends with everyone (socially a better player than Frank) and has actually won some comps. And with 3 out of the 7 jury votes being female… might work in her favor.

My point it, Dan’s banking on if Frank wins the final HOH, and it’s between him and Danielle, Frank will pick him. If Danielle wins the final HOH she is obviously going to take Dan. So if it is those 3 at the end, I wouldn’t be surprised if Dan made the ultimate bet and threw the HOH to one of them just so he can say he never broke his word.


Or he can just go to confession.


Dan already told danielle about his F2 deal with Frank but he doesn’t intend to keep. If dan has a chance to get frank out he will take it he is just covering hos basis because if frank manages to get himself off the block then dan’s deal with him is still intact. As for dan’s diary it is edited for us dan has talk to the camera several times about how he won’t keep his deal he knows he can’t beat him and frank also doesn’t seem to want to honour it. If frank is dump enough to throw it to dan then he deserves to go


Rememer when Dan took Frank into the HOH room, he told Frank that he was going to let him know how things really were. I believe it happened soon after Dan’s funeral.

If anyone else remember what actually happened and was said, I wish they would refresh my memory.

What I remember Dan showed Frank the Bible and said he was prepared to swear on the Bible but he actually did no swear on the bible.

So it appeared to me that he used the Bible as a tool to validate his “truthfullness” but did not swear on the Bile.

That is what I remember I need to go back and see if that was on BBAD, I don’t remember where I so it.

I guess like Abe said..

You may fool all the people some of the time;
you can even fool some of the people all the time;
but you cant fool all of the people all the time.


He didnot swear on the Bible. The truth he was telling Frank was that Ian double crossed him, not himself. That was the truth and not a lie. I think Dan would like to go to final 2 with either Dani or Frank. He just doesn’t want to win the final HOH and have to choose who to take. He would rather them choose him. As a hristian I am OK with Dan’s honesty in the game. He just wouldn’t lie to peoples face, but instead say nothing and the others come to their own conclusions. His game has been the hardest to play and if he makes it to final 2 he deserves to win for THIS BB 14 game he played and for no other reason.


Who cares what he swears on?? It’s all BS anyway like what Boogie said when Dan swore to him on his wife Ok what’s gonna happen if you lie Dan? You go back home to your wife and live your normal life that’s what. There is no magician in the sky going to make you pay because you swore OOOOHHHHH1!!!1 on a live person, a dead person, or some fairy tales in a book. Grow up suckers.

Frank for the Win YO!

I agree with you 100%!


The Big Chief

Ugh here comes the endless comments of people asking what OTEV is…I beg you Simon or Dawg to just write a little explanation on a post or two explaining it a bit so the comments aren’t just packed with OTEV stuff…Thanks!


it’s time for Danielle to stop the fake baby talk.little girl voice….it’s her way of manipulating people….so transparent.


Go home, Frank, go home! Even as I say that I’m still thinking, nah he’s never going home! Nothing’s getting him out of there. For real, the season will end, a year will pass and when new house guests enter the BB house next summer Frank will come out of the bushes and say, “I’m still here guys!” haha. He’ll never leave no matter what! These guys can’t assume that they can get Frank out next week just because he can’t play for HOH. He will win every POV and he’ll never leave ’til the end of time lol.


Lol@ Frank popping out of the bushes next year!

Eric CA

If Jen wins the PoV, Dan v. Frank
Frank wins the PoV Dan v. Jen
Joe (LoL) Stays the same.
Danielle Stays the same.
Ian used save Jen Dan v. Frank Frank is evicted. Trust me Ian knows better, if he wants Frank out Dan goes up.


This season should make everyone even thinking about applying for next season to think again. These houseguests impressions of themselves compared to the harsh reality blows my mind:

Danielle- thinks she’s perfectly normal, even desired. Reality- the zingbot wasn’t really zinging as much as predicting a future TMZ story, and the only guy really digging her jerks off constantly and obsesses over turkey burgers.

Frank- thinks he’s the greatest player of all time Reality- Nobody who spends the majority of their time on the block, in a spirit tard, or carrot suit will ever be the greatest player of all time. At least he’s gotten used to Spandex, as I see a lot of this in his future, since he’s going to have to join his famous wrestler father soon rather than beat him.

Dan- thinks he’s the greatest player of all time. Reality- He very well could be, but then again, he really owes a lot of his success this season to the insecurities of the people he’s been using. Good for him for seeing and honing in on Frank’s naivety and Danielle’s insecurity, etc., but this game of his wouldn’t have worked so well in other seasons, I think.

Ian- thinks he’s evil and knows he’s weird. Reality- He’s just weird. I do see evil in his future, about five years from now when we find out his apartment was raided, and body parts of missing hookers that look like Ashley and Britney are found in his fridge.

Jenn- Boom, Jenn City! Way to go, girl! Hold that power of veto up in the air like you just won gold at the Olympics, and talk that shit, yo. Reality- Sorry, can’t type much. I’m laughing too hard.

Shane- Is pretty sure he’s a ringer for America’s Favorite, being that he’s so much like Jeff. Is convinced that when he finally goes back home to Vermont, everyone will be wearing pink and a forward-brushed hairstyle, called ‘The Shane’. Reality- I see a pot belly, big bald spot, wife and several kids, and a twin cab pickup truck with magnetic sign on it advertising his construction business, along with lots of drunken nights where he locks himself in his garage and pulls up old photos of himself from this site, wallowing in the long gone glory days. Either all of that via this season’s end… or gay porn;)

Joe- Proven he’s a master chef by being here this long, is convinced that on finale night, he’ll be inundated with offers to give him his own cooking show. Reality- One underling from the Ground Turkey Coalition will be there to offer him a turkey burger endorsement deal of about 5K, but standing behind the ground turkey guy will be a major player in the internet porn world, ready to offer Joe a six figure deal involving the creation of a new porn site, This site will be linked to Shane’s ‘Pink on the inside’ site, btw;)


TRUTH , right there ^


Lol & teehee! Love your post, thx.

BattleKat Canuck

Well said…

Danielle's reflection

I always love Eripaul’s comments. Glad that others also see things as I do.

Not A PH D Student thinksAllisonGrodner isa d-bag

You don’t think Joe will be the spokesperson for Beef Jerky?


Actual all dan swore on was that he was telling the truth about Ian and the quack pack. He never swore he would take Frank to the F2 he made a deal which he never meant to keep since he plans on taking dani.

Danielle's Pathetic

Twist away Dear Hallie…… but the FACTS are that he did indeed “promise AND swear” that everything he was going to say to Frank in that room “was the truth”!!! and that INCLUDED his final 2 pact with Frank! You can’t have it both ways, by claiming that he he only “swore truthfulness” on what he said about the QP and then brush off his final 2 deal with Frank as “just a deal”, inferring that this somehow morally allows him to renege on what WAS a swearing on the bible pledge !!!!!!



besides swearing on bibles means shit ., none of it is real anyways.. if it was 90% of humanity would be burning according to the bullshit written in bibles


Here’s my issue on “Father” Dan and how he represents himself. I always find it less than comforting when those who call themselves ‘good’ Christians or that they live by the Bible, or are guided by God…or some form of this; then turn around and are able to find some justification for doing what even they perceive as not Christian behavior.

In this case, as I recall it, “Father” Dan swore on the Bible, his wedding ring (thus his wife & the sanctity of their marriage) and his Grandfather (via the chain & cross he had given him). The words were something like: “Everything I’m about to say to you is the God’s honesty truth, I swear on…”

So even if one wants some major wiggle room to say: “Oh, that was just when he was recounting events” I say NO WAY. You don’t go into something like that and give another one perception and then think you can pull the plug halfway thru your discussion. To do so is disingenuous and basically a bold face lie that soils all you have sworn upon. Frank even said: “Don’t Bullshit me” and also asked if “Father” Dan was doing so. Here I’m not perfectly clear on the response but I believe it to be: “I swear to you” Which to me doubles down on the swearing on the Bible, his wife & grandfather. If he had left the room and come back then I could certainly say all bets are off (no longer would such an oath carry over). This is why when you testify in court and your testimony goes into the next day the judge either reminds you that you are still under oath or re-administers it. I don’t believe that when you’ve been sworn in you can start lying as soon as the cross examination begins…and you don’t have to be a ‘good’ Christian to know that.

Let’s look at it all from a hypothetical. Let’s say instead of “Father” Dan it was ?Jenn? that was trying to make a point. Then let’s say that she wanted to be believed and so she said: “I need you to believe me and to do so I need to come clean to you about my lifestyle…I’m not really a lesbian, I don’t like their lifestyle, I don’t believe in gay marriage and I think that what they do with their lives is not only a sin but totally disgusting…I’m SO SO sorry I even made myself out as such” Then when asked later in the conversation if she’s telling the truth about something she reiterates that she has bared her sole and should be trusted.

Now when September has passed and ?jenn? returns home from BB to Brooklyn do you think everyone in the gay & lesbian community will look upon her as one they can trust, one they admire, one they’d wish to emulate? Will she get smiles and kudos for her actions? Does she get to go on with her life with not even a whisper nor and turned up eyebrow? I’d think not.

And as such “Father” Dan shouldn’t get a free pass either. Here is a teacher in a Catholic School, molding the hearts and minds of impressionable children and using the tools of religion and his honor; ultimately for his financial gain (or attempt at it). We all know he’s in a game, but as a parent of one of his students or players, or as a fellow facility member in a religious institution, or as a clergy member with whom he associates; one would have to wonder where his devotion lies (no pun intended). Let’s face it, he’s already been called Judas twice by two separate people in the BB house, how will he justify all these actions to his students, players, their parents, his contemporaries, his wife (she’ll probably give him a half a million reasons why it’s OK) and all those in his congregation upon his return home. Let’s not forget that some of those kids may not even question him on it, but rather act and then justify it to themsleves as: “That’s how “Father” Dan would do it” never even having the conversation that would possibly set them right.

Bottom line, actions speak louder than words and so far “Father” Dan’s actions would not likely garner him sainthood from the church he expounds to cherish so highly.


Wow. An update without Joe playing with his trouser snake. How rare!


it’s very rare JOe is a powerhouse @ OBB

BattleKat Canuck

If he keeps tugging on that thing it’s going to snap off. Or stretch out like those old stretch Armstrong toys, snap back and put an eye out. Honesty…ewww.


As we all know OTEV is a “Riddle” competition it requires a BRAIN, we all know this isn’t in Frank’s possession… OTEV is Ian’s competition to win


Funny you should say that since frank has won all the mental comps


Ya I remember him winning a few of themof the top of my head and beating Ian…and I’m not a Frank fan by any means


I a, certain that it won’t be OTEV not un til next week but i love the otev comps they look like a lot of fun


I thought this comp was going to be this MORNING not AFTERNOON. Get with it already!


Who is the Veto comp host?


I wonder if Dan will get a special prize for being the last “coach” standing?



danlays non

if the pov comp was laying dan would win hands down

BattleKat Canuck

He really has mastered the fine art of the lay back and the sit down. Next up…No jumping Jacks.

chief c

did you mean lying not laying or are you proposing a new comp ha Dan lies so does everyone in this game of course deciet is paramount to winning how else can u manipulate e vents to your favor duh winning lying dealios bro or ro mance and flat out play your asses off go dan go dani too frank okay begrudging respect props to those guys IAN JENN JOE then Shane gotta get rid of driftwood frank this week ian next love it


Frank really can’t be thay stupid to throw the comp to dan?


I’m rooting for Frank during this POV!
Ian could never have survived what Frank has had to deal with.

Joe likes to spank his Monkey

You watch Joe is going to float into the f2 and WIN!! BB14!!!



There is no way he will win but he might float to F2 which saden’s me since he has done nothing all season


I cant believe frank is thinking about throwing the comp.If matt hoffman from season 12 taught us anything it’s to never throw a comp when your butt could be on the line


like i said, No Brains

I says, I

Because it’s not possible that Frank would be doing something similar to what Dan did in veto last week, making him think Frank would throw it, so then Dan will think he doesn’t have to worry about trying either and let Ian win and keep the nominations the same? If Dan did think that way then Frank would only have to beat Ian and Jenn for safety? I suppose that’s not possible, right? I guess everything HG’s say to each other is really the unvarnished truth, especially this year.

I think people are also missing that Dan has a vested interest in keeping Frank and Jenn this week over Shane or Joe and that his absolute best case scenario would seeing Shane evicted.

Oh well…


All i can say is i hope your right


I’m really over a lot of the hatred on this site. This is a game, a show for our entertainment. I have no issue with hating or disapproving of somebody’e game, but the personal stuff is pretty distasteful.

Frank was targeted from the start. He never had a chance to sit back and just be an HG. Whether they targeted him because of his surface (big, outgoing, athletic, etc) or because he was attached to Boogie (the guy who came in with the biggest rep) as his coach, is irrelevant. The point is he was put on the defensive by the entire house before he could show who he really was at all. If you can’t see how that impacted his “social game”, then I don’t think you’ve ever stopped to try and think how you would react in his spot. Frank is still a good guy

Ian is a young guy who came in without the maturity or social skills required to compete…and look how far he has made it. Ashley and Britney paid attention to him, he got Boogie out, it just went to his head a bit. That, coupled with wanting to be the season’s “bad guy”, has let him become a little too big for his britches. But he’s still a good guy

Danielle has a father who wrecked much of her childhood with alcoholism. Because of this she never had a male role model to teach her how a guy is supposed to treat her and she fishes for that male approval she never got from her dad. She is a beautiful, insecure young lady. She does things she will likely regret in 10 years, but I don’t think I’d want people judging me based on how I behaved on a game show/social experiment. It’s fine to hate how she plays, but attacking her as a person is baseless and cruel. She is a good person

Shane is just a nice guy. He’s not especially bright, nor does he have much courage, and he is a follower….which makes him like 80% of people I know. He’s done nothing to deserve being attacked. He too is a good person

Dan is playing the game…which is why they’re all in that house to begin with. He is in the right and anybody there to make friends or pretend to be honorable in a game meant to be played without honor is wrong. I have no doubt Dan is a good person…but he checked that at the door to win this game and has done nothing remotely bad to anybody.

Jenn is just a nice girl. She’s not good at the game. She has an inflated sense of self (who among us doesn’t…lying to oneself is a prerequisite to life) and she’s not behaved in anyway that could be construed as wrong. Don’t get me wrong, she belongs nowhere near the final, but she is a good person, just like the aforementioned five HG’s

Joe…yeah…I got nothing….


“Danielle has a father who wrecked much of her childhood with alcoholism”

Taking issue with this one, as I have since the day she said it.
1) If it is true, it is not something she should be bringing out on national television. Unless he is sitting there next to her to give his side, I don’t want to hear it.
2) Quite a few people who actually know her said this is bullsh*t, she was not abused as a kid.
These are former friends of hers, some of whom lived with her in sorority. And they may just be acting like jealous b*tches because Dani got herself on TV, but I have yet to see ONE SINGLE person who actually knows her claim she doesn’t fabricate stuff. And have seen a good handful who claim she does.

If you watch the feeds or BBAD you KNOW she lies. Just today she said her and Shane have discussed the issue of her moving to Vermont. Yeah she told Shane she WOULD and he was like NOOOOOOOOOOOO (not in those exact words, but he was TOTALLY not into it, he tries to blow her off she just doesn’t get it). Now today she has turned it into an actual relationship discussion between her and Shane.
She is not right in the head, sorry.


Did anyone see when Danielle went into the storage room and found the chocolates? She ate 4 of them then complained about all the healthy food being crap. Um no you just ate crap, that was after eating in the kitchen. She’s going to gain some serious weight!

BattleKat Canuck

Just finished watched my recorded episode of last nights BBAD…Good lord, I’ve watched paint drying that was less boring. And I am so over Danielle. Enough already…sitting there pushing her boobs out during the breasts discussion. How lovely, she welcomed being objectified by a man who cannot keep his paws off his own junk. Just the idea of it makes my liver quiver and not in a good way. Eww. Girl…this is a clue…take it, love it, use’s my gift to you, since you obviously don’t have one of your own. She just makes me sad…she seems so happy that all the pretty girls are gone..Just Jenn left, and honestly..well, I’m leaving that thought unfinished…though I am certain Desperation Dani enjoys her attention as well… me love me love me, look at me look at me look at me..passes all sexuality lines. Please HGs, get the girl gone, less I be forced to abandon recorded BBAD in favor of watching my cat clean her fur…it’s a bit more interesting. Yikes


Still hoping Frank wins but wish he would tone down the bragging. He’s turning off the viewers.

Hope a miracle occurs and Danielle is out next week – my least favorite houseguest in BB history.


I can’t stand Dan, he is a liar. I hope frank don’t throw the veto to him. Frank needs to win cause all those people are lying to him except Jenn.


but Dan will win the veto and take Frank off


What about the rope untangling game? Is that usually a HOH comp or a VETO comp? Would be perfect for Frank cause it takes a lot of strength an power. If Production does have the hots for Frank that would be a great game for him to win. Especially cause Shane is hosting, Shane would be Franks only real competition. What do you guys think?


I think that would be awesome!

Danielle's reflection

Supposed to be reflection.

billy bob

u think ian got a dpov for xmas?he told dan he got 1000 dollas,then dan ask to see the card but ian said production took it,that sounded fishy,he just might have the dpov,hmmmm?


All you Frank fans think Dan is buying the Frank throwing the veto comp? I think Not!


Frank obviously will win POV, really? I don’t see what’s so obvious about it. Ian has really stepped up his game. Everyone has an opinion, and yours are….well yours, it might work out the way you want; however my money is on Ian. Dan will throw the competition because he feels safe and wants to play both sides; which actually is a smart move on his part. Dani is a lot of hot air. Jenn …..well its Jenn, enough said. Joe, don’t make me laugh. So its either Frank or Ian that realistically has a shot at this POV. My money is on Ian ….but hey, your man Frank might win it. Let the games begin.

Ians virginity

My opinion is that ian has a mild social disorder be is Aspergers or Autism. I can’t watch the kid rock back and forth in his chair any more.


How hilarious would it be if Frank threw the veto to Dan and then got voted out.


Frank really thinking about throwing the veto? LMFAO Boogie really did leave a huge gap in Frank’s game play… BRAINS


@ILLWILL. I hope production doesn’t try and talk Frank out of throwing the veto competition to Dan.I think most of us know,if Frank throws the veto to Dan,he will take this once in a life time opportunity to evict Frank.The entire house will be on board with that plan.I can’t believe it. Frank didn’t just say he will throw it to Dan.He also added that Dan shouldn’t use the veto on him.He wants Dan to take Jenn off the block and leave him up there.I know when Dan heard Frank say this he had to been laughing inside.Lol.If Frank goes through with his plan,he will be evict by everyone in the game,who are allowed to vote.Lol.So,please Frank throw the veto to Dan.


Unless it’s really late at night, I don’t have the time to go back and read comments from several posts back.

To answer your question (which I’ve answered previously elsewhere): these boards. The hate is so irrational that it’s mindblowing. It’s funny to me how personal people get and how people excuse one person’s behavior while condoning another person’s for a similar action. Production has a hand in everything. Evel Dick would have been a goner his season, no one complains. Last season, pairing up Rachel and Jordan together to get them both off the block was far more obvious than anything that has been done for Frank.

Frank cheated with the veto chip but he had to draw it first fairly in order to palm it while redrawing, right? Production saved him with the reset but the coaches had nothing to do with it, or so the complaints go.

Frank isn’t a master strategist nor is his social game on point. But saying that he’s only there at this point because of the other people around him makes that different than any other season… how? People masterminding other people’s games or staying because house strategy flipped is nothing new. Again, it goes with the irrational hate.

I tend to root for the people others tend not to because of people’s attitudes. Add Frank to the list even if he gets on my nerves at times (Dan and Joe are the only ones left who don’t irritate me as a feed watcher). I used to despise Boogie but ended up cheering him this season because the Boogie hate was so irrational and out of control.


Rumor has it that Hometown Funky Frank was homeless till he came to BB. He came with just the clothes on his back. He even borrowed an outfit or two from Ashley. If Boogie hadnt dressed him in his old chilltown uniform He could not have done the show. After all his two shirts were burnt out at the armpits. I feel sorry for him.


He said he lives with his Nana, he has since his Paw Paw passed away. He also gets letters from his family when he “W’s” HOH’s. He didn’t have a job but so don’t a lot of people. He is not homeless. Plus they showed his family on one of the shows.

Frank for the Win YO!

If all of that is true, then I feel bad for him too. Maybe that is why is so motivated.

I don’t know how or why he would be so down on his luck, but if that were any of us then we would be competitive maniacs as well.

Any of us could be homeless tomorrow with the terrible economy and lack of opportunities.


Please stop spreading rumors. Frank is NOT homeless. Geez!


Frank was a target week one because everyone knew he was a strong player. Since then he’s either been on the block or HOH. I’m sure the chip on his shoulder is because he’s sick of being on the block. I don’t blame him, most people in the house have back stabbed him. He’s fought his way through so far and I think he deserves to make it to the end. As far as the cheating goes…. I know he was disqualified last week but prior to that I don’t remember him admitting to anything, although I know Boogie admitted he did.


TPH 4 Life yo!


if frank doesnt win veto, the season is lost.

if he wins, ill be watching the bb noms tonight

if he doesnt, I wont

Frank deserves to stay longer than the likes of joe and jenn. id like to see him last through this HOH nonsense, somehow win 2 pov’s


I have been following this season a lot and have not enjoyed it as much as other seasons thus far. I find the cast a bit dull this season and the awkwardness between them is uncomfortable.

-I think Frank completely deserves to win in the end, the guys perserverence and force in his competitions. No, he does not play the best social game and is getting cocky, but wouldnt you be getting cocky too if every week you were put up and were able to somehow get yourself out of that situation. He wins when he needs it and is playing as he should, for himself.
-Jenn does nothing. She is useless. She thinks she has power, but frankly she’s got nothing.
-Powerhouse is all over the place…The only person he seems like he’s loyal with lately is Shane.
-Shane is so afraid to have people going against him and not man enough to admit when he’s done something, example of throwing Brit under the bus with HIS nominations. Stop being such a baby!
-Danielle ANNOYS me like crazy! She is so self centered and delusional, I cannot stand to read anything about her or anything that she says because her voice drives me mad. That aside there is no reason to make comments about her weight though. I just hope to god she does not win in the end, she is a big phony that hides behind the guys and thinks she’s untouchable and can be so easily manipulated by the guys (which is maybe why they keep her around)…
-Ian, he was playing a good game going with both sides but his emotions have got the best and I think he so badly wants to be evil but like Dan said, is really a good guy…Although I do feel bad for the guy because he is so socially awkward.
-Dan seems to have a silent ego where I think he thinks he’s the best but doesnt verbally go around saying it, but manages to show it through his actions or comments. Although his plan last week was GENIOUS and he is a master manipulator of emotions!

I have no idea where anyones loyalties lie this season. No one has been true to anyone else. They all go around making as many alliances as possible and then continue by backstabbing, where previous seasons people have had their loyalties and have played around with other people leading them on but at least they still had their one main group that was hidden (EX:Brigade and Chilltown). I feel like the people this season have not been very loyal and have been so wishy washy. So in the end through game play and competitiveness I think that Dan, Ian, Shane and Frank are the ones that deserve to go to the end. (And I have no idea who america would vote as their favorite player because I dont think one person is more loved then others because none of them are very exciting or loveable…)

Joe likes to spank his Monkey

I agree 100%…I think it would’ve been fun if Willie had stayed around a bit…Instead he went all psycho in his HoH…

Oh No You Didn't

Really, we have to quit feeling sorry for Frank for being on the block every week. He’s there because he’s got no one in his corner except ? and floatin’ Joe (maybe). He’s got no one because he doesn’t think he NEEDS anyone because he is so awesome (ask him). He also was/is so in love with Mike that he went down the Boogie rabbit hole and that wouldn’t even work for Boogie anymore. Poor little old Frank, I don’t think so.


Poor powerhouse is all tuckered out from beating his meat all night


And why did Jenn tell Danielle Shane called her his girlfriend. I thought she wanted her for herself ?

Ian's DiGornio

Is this week really sped up or is that just the HGs speculation?