Big Brother Spoilers – Ian and Danielle agree Frank is Going home this week

POV Holder: DAN Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 3 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 6 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Jenn and Frank
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Britney

4:54pm Cam 3-4 Frank and Dan
Personal conversation about relationships. Frank says he was in a long term relationship for 3 years and the girl left him because he would not commit marriage. Frank adds that it’s the first relationship he’s been on that didn’t end on his terms. It hurt him a lot.
Frank says it took him 2 years to tell the girl he loved her. He doesn’t like tossing that around. Frank thinks too many people say “I love You” and don’t truly mean it.

Jenn joins them

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4:56pm Cam 1-2 Hammock joe, Ian and Shane

Joe saying that Wil did Janelle dirty.. she got thrown under the bus by him.
Ian says if Joe’s team had lost the first HOH Ashley would have probably gone home because she never got a bear. Ian was happy to have got a bear and Jenn didn’t.

Danielle joins them and they continue to talk about the competitions. Ian goes through each week and gives a summary about what happens. Danielle mentions that Boogie was very pised when she won the Veto during her HOH reign.
Joe leaves..

General Chit Chat about past competitions. Ian rocking the hammock hard..

Danielle: “I can’t wait until Thursday”
Danielle really wants to see Frank get out of the house. Ian didn’t think they would be able to do it. Last week he had a feeling they would try for 2 weeks to get Frank out and fail. Danielle is happy they can do it now. she’s confident they have the votes because her and Dan will vote
Danielle warns Ian that Frank is going to be really working Ian once Joe is out up. Danielle thinks that Frank is going to feel that he has 2 votes and it’s up to Ian to vote him out. Danielle wants Ian to be ready. Ian assures her the only way Frank is staying is if he flips 3 votes. Danielle: “There is no way that is going to happen”

Danielle and Ian agree that Frank is going home this week.

5:22pm Joe and Ian Cam 1-2
Joe starts the conversation asking Ian what he should say to “Fricken Dan” .. Dan wants Joe to offer him safety next week if he doesn;t use the veto
Joe explains to Ian about his conversation with Dan. Joe asked Dan if he was using the veto and Dan’s reply was “What can you offer me” Joe and Ian scoff at this, JOe never answered Dan thought he wanted to talk to ian first. Joe adds that Dan wants safety for next week if Dan can guarantee he’s safe and not use the Veto. Ian recommends Joe agrees to the one week of safety.

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NOT first!!!!!;) That said, am watching Jessie on the CBS edited version of BB, can totally believe that the guy would clean out and restock the HG”s kitchen. What I can’t believe is that he didn’t leave a tray of injectible steroids in the storage room fridge.


Mr. Pectacular doesn’t need steroids. He’s at the point where his pecs are a self-driven force that control his whole body.




Omg!!! LOL!!!! So true!!!!!!!!!:)

BB14 > BB13

True..he’s not natural

Joe's $emen $tained $hirt

Jessie did leave steroids in the form of hummus dip.. .


Frank’s 9 lives are up and he is gonna be juror #3!!! Wahoo!!!


When Frank arrives in jury house, Brit will have a “sit-down” with him and carefully explain everything that Frank missed. Social game explains to comp game where comp game went wrong. Wish I was a fly on the wall.. .

billy bob

lol bb is f’d up,they gave ian some toys and a 1000 dollas for a pandora box,unbelievable,,


Willy, is that you??

Fear the Mist

No one is immune, not even Dawg!!!


Everyone in the house is so bamboozled by Dan. It is like Dan “dumbed down” everyone if that makes any sense. Dan has every angle figured out. The only hope for a non-Dan win is if Joe has a self-realization/epidemy. OK, perhaps not a self-realization because that has obviously not worked! Hope production helps this along in the epidemy department, but it might be too-little-too-late.. .


Frank is a beast but wow he’s blind…danielle is a lying piece of garbage and makes me sick. Frank doesn’t have a prayer on Thursday. No pun intended Dan.


I think Danielle has told more lies than anyone else in the house at this point.


DANIEL is an ugly person and heart, she is a liar, saying Frank was on her, come on bitch, he’s leaving you Idiot! I give my first born son to see the Bitch go!! Please BB dump that crazy person! Frank never hit on her what he should have done was hit her with a bag of shit!


Your right and anyone that can’t see he has played the best game is the same person that votes straight part ticket as a democrat or republican. Ian is a crazy ass and talks to himself all the time. Danielle is a backstabbing lier and a stalker. Joe is the biggest floater of all times. Shane just hasn’t come out of the closet yet! Jenn, well she is still lost…………………


Can someone please remind me the origin of the term “Misting”… Racking my brain here, and thinking I must have missed it somehow…


Britney came up with it when she was chatting with her team about how Dan can charm anyone.


AND, if PH is being misted by Dan, does he become a “Gorilla in the Mist”?


No. I already said last week, Jenn is the “gorilla in the mist” but we could make it plural to include Joe lol although I think a lot of people on this site are too young to know what the hell we are talking about. LOL


Jenn, it was not a HUGE move. And why would you align yourself with the biggest target in the house who is basically playing alone rather than with a group that is obviously working together?


well she thinks highly of herself, lol.


Does anyone think there’s anyway frank will be able to get the votes to stay? Hah long shot for frank, but I’m pulling for him to miraculously find some way to save his ass.


I don’t think frank can get votes to stay.
His only chance is Dan.
Highly unlikely change but not impossible.


chance i mean.

BB lover

If his name was Dan he could. Lol


would be funny when Frank is evicted on double eviction thursday, that Jenn wins HOH and Ian is evicted right after Frank.

Dan's Magical Mist

That would be the bomb diggity.

I hope that whoever wins HOH on Thursday sends Ian the Moron home right behind my fav Frank. I think it would serve Ian right.

I also hope that the Jury House does not contain any hammocks, rocking chairs, or swings of any sort. All of that autistic stemming is making me crazy.

Come on BB, give Frank some kind of magical veto! This is crazy that Danielle may have a chance to win. She is the most annoying houseguest with all of her lies and allegations!


Jenn winning an HOH, now that’s funny! Yeah she won one POV ……..bravo!


She won a POV and made the “biggest” move this season that results to sending britney to the jury house (according to her).
Dumb dumb dumb! She used her veto to keep Dan over Britney.
She clearly is not playing to win, so HOH is out of the equation.

Debbie H

And the only reason she won was b/c Frank was disqualified!

Danielle's Jumbo Thighs

Everyone may be under Dan’s mist, but everybody is lusting after me. I’m glad Shane has come up to his senses and realizes he loves me. Shane is jealous that Frank wants me, too. I have to eat some, I’m getting too skinny. I look so anorexic.

I miss wrestling with Britney. She smells good. Joe is a turd. Powerhouse my arse, yo!

Dan's Magical Mist

Don’t forget to remind everyone that you threw up the other day, that you were a Chinese diplomat and a pageant queen.

Those thighs are gonna hurt somebody!


Dan should win HOH next week just so I can see what move he’ll make. Put up Shane/ Danielle or Joe/ Jenn?


Simon, do we know for sure at this point Dan wont flip the vote come tuesday or wednesday once Joe goes up as a replacement. I think Frank/Jenn might be the only he can beat in the F2. If not it might be kind of a boring week.



how could dan beat Frank in the final 2… unless I read what you wrote wrong


Frank looks like he’s toast. I’m surprised from the edited episode it looked like Ian was willing to keep him this week and Dan talked him out of it. I don’t have the feeds but it sure looked like Dan is the one who changed his mind.
If that’s the ‘reality’ of what happened then damn, Dan is running the show.


obviously you are not immune to the mist if you can’t remember its origins……the mist has a wide reach. I forgot milk at the store today and realized I must have been misted too……God help us all!


i wanted ian to have veto but i guess that wasn’t in cbs cards


I understood the concept of Ian’s pandora’s box where he got a reward while the house got punishment, but with Frank’s pandora’s box he got a reward and the house got a reward with an extra veto. I thought it was suppose to be something good and something bad.


I think Dan is so annoying! I love he swears on the bible and then in sundays live show he tries to justify breaking his word. I just pray to god Dan does not win!!!!

ILL WILL *The Original*

swearing on the bible means nothing in REALITY why would it mean anything in a game of LYING????

FYI anyone other than Jenn, making Deals with Frank are LYING, I know it’s so hard for you guys to understand, such a simple thing leaps miles over your heads


He swore on the bible, so what?
People in real word do that too.
It’s a game of lies.


I can’t wait until they wise up to Danielle, she is a whinny, spoiled self center pain in the butt, and she would screw anyone of them to be safe.


You mean kinda like what Dan, Ian and basically other players have been doing in every season? If she actually does screw somebody then props to her she’ll be playing the game and advancing herself.

The Voices Inside Danielle's Head

Ohh Mmmm Geee, was that not the best show ever? Y’all know what my favorite part was? It was when Jenn told me that Shane called me his girlfriend. I heard harps playing and saw white doves flying. I have waited so long to hear him refer to me that way, so LONG… I won’t lie, it’s been hard at times. the constant comments about my weight and references to me being a stalker. But I hung in there and got my man, my knight in shining armour. told y’all that I wasn’t crazy, that y’all just didn’t know what I knew. Our love, Shanielle is epic, the stuff of legends.

PS Shane better kiss me soon, that’s so not OK.

ILL WILL *The Original*

Damn that rash is growing on Dani’s face now… KILL IT BEFORE IT TAKES OVER

Danielle's Pathetic

Can anyone tell me what the jury members will get to view (in the form of the traditional “dvd’s of the show” that I hear they bring in with them???) Is it a copy of the CBS broadcast of their eviction possibly??? In other words, in addition to the verbal info a HG brings into the jury house, what other material do they have access to that will help them shape their jury vote?

Totally pains me that it appears Frank may be going to jury on Thursday :(((( He’s played such a good game….. one of the best in my opinion.
BUT…. I’m holding out a prayer (pun intended) that Dan will make good on his “swearing on the bible that everything he was about to tell Frank was the truth” and pull Frank down at the very last second, totally leaving the rest of the house just as stunned as they were when he performed his mock funeral. Otherwise, in my book, he’ll be nothing more than another catholic hypocrite.

(and for the record, save your breath responding that Dan’s “swearing on the bible” did not include his final 2 deal with Frank…… IT DID!! You get sworn in (“so help you God”) when you enter a courtroom and until you leave, you’re considered under oath!!!


They get to see comps and ceramonies. It might also include some house talk (but I don’t think so). Definately no DR sessions.


Dan NEVER swore on the Bible! Never! He offered to, but never actually did. And for the record, Jesus said do not swear by me or anything, let your yes be yes and your no be no (paraphrased). Basically, always speak the truth.


Ian is not someone I would want to piss off, he has strong loyalties and when he feels wronged he goes into nerdy beast mode. I bet he wins POV Thursday and the secomd HOH. Also, I think Frank will sell out Dan and Danielle this week which will make for some insanely awesome drama.


This is ugh! If Frank is walking out the door next Thursday, I want to see Ian get to steppin right behind him. I was hoping to watch rest of the season with Frank and Dan working together…. And what has Joe done this season besides cook?!


Joe’s been busy all summer. He’s been “drawing lines in the sand”, preparing for a “hauling bricks” competition, setting up his POWERHOUSE alliance, and choking the chicken every night in bed. He has not been practicing his hygiene skills or using a quiet voice.


Frank had no choice but to have a comp game. He’s already said that this was’t the game he wanted to play.


BB production is out of their mind if they think there will be much of a show to watch once Frank is gone. Everyone’s strategy so far seems to focus on either getting Frank out of the house or making deals with him only to flip later. Honestly, no one deserves the win more than Frank, even though I am well aware of the fact that his social game is severely lacking. He’s had a target on his back from the beginning and has done an outstanding job of keeping himself in the house this far.

Basically every other player in the house has absolutely no thoughtful strategy or real presence in the game. You have the floaters, such as Joe and Jenn and even to an extent Danielle in my book. Shane has a good physical game, and seems to be generally likeable throughout the house.

Everyone’s beloved Dan, of course, undoubtedly makes an impact on the house, but really only by flipping alliances at the drop of the hag depending on who’s HOH that week. I abhor watching him play the game, to me being a really great liar does not in any way equate to a good social game. Sure, he plays the house very well to do whatever he wants but I don’t think it will help him in the end. Especially during Final Four or in the jury house.

Then there’s Ian, who has one some great HOHs and the Pandora’s Box video, but he is so lost in the game and seems to do whatever the most strong willed person in the house persuades him to. Honestly I enjoy Ian and watching him play this game, but the decisions he makes are just painful in their awfulness to see sometimes.

I understand It’s a smart decision to get a competitor like Frank out now, I just am hard pressed to think of a reason BB will be as interesting to watch with him gone.