Joe says Dan’s creeping him out reading the bible while he stabs you in the back

POV Holder: DAN Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sept 3 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 6 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Jenn and Frank
Current Nominations: Frank And Joe
Last Evicted Houseguest Britney

6:04pm Cam 1-2 Danielle and Shane

Danielle mentions that Frank was telling her that he’s got Shane’s vote. Shane is starting to feel bad for Frank. Shane lists off some of the reasons
1) It’s Frank’s dream to be on this show.
2) Frank has tried for 3 years to get on Big Brother
3) Frank is a huge fan of the show and Shane knows hardly anything about it.

Shane: “with that said .. it is what it is..”
Danielle: “You are still voting to keep Frank”
Shane: “NO no way”

Dan joins them and they go back to playing cards.. laughing telling jokes it’s as if the funeral never happened and Dan and Danielle are close again. (Does Shane notice? not at all he’s still trying to figure out the rules to the card game they are playing.. I think it’s rummy)

6:30pm Cam 1-2 Storage Room Dan and Danielle

Danielle acting pissed because Dan is pushing the point about Janelle hating her and Janelle’s fans booing her. Dan says she’s doing a good job of appearing to be angry with him in front of Shane. Danielle says she’s not acting she’s genuinely mad and she wants Dan to stop.

Once Dan realizes that Danielle is actually mad at him he starts to apologize and say that Janelle’s fans will probably like Danielle. Danielle isn’t sure that they will like her because she’s the reason they got Janelle out. Dan thinks they will love her. (There is very strong evidence to support what Dan is saying. SOME of Daneille’s fans are engaged in large scale cat ownership)

6:48pm cam 1-2 Joe Hammock Drawing lines in the sand, Sh!ting on dreams and forming powerhouse Final 5 alliances all in one day tires the powerhouse out
6:54pm Cam 1-2 Danielle and Shane Kitchen
Danielle is playing up that she’s mad at dan for always bringing up Janelle and being so sarcastic. She feels like Shane does it enough already and now to have Dan on her it’s too much.
Danielle feels like both Shane and Dan bug her about sensitive topics like Janelle. Shane says he’s already stopped doing it.

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7:00pm Cam 1-4 Frank Jenn arcade room
Jenn: “Joe must feel busted after Dan’s POV speech”
Frank is curious to know what Joe thinks the votes will be. Frank thinks it’s going to be 4-0. Jenn says they’ll find out soon. She points out that Dan and Danielle have been playing cards all day. Frank: “This house gets boring with only these people in here”

Jenn says that Ian is really starting to get worried. Jenn has “Laser Beams” out for him. Again frank talks about the vote being 4-0 and how Ian is going to be shocked on Thursday. Jenn: “Ian slipped up he wasn’t thinking down the road”
Frank says it’s too late for Ian now he should have started getting people on his side when he still had power as a HOH. Frank mentions that when he was Head of Household he pulled people into his alliance. Frank hopes that Dan wins the next HOH and takes a shot at Shane. He’s suggested it to Dan a couple times. Jenn wants Joe gone this week and Ian gone after that.

Jenn is going to go check her laundry
(This conversation is worth listening to if you have the feeds.. Frank is the most misted in the house)

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7:24pm Cam 3-4 Joe talking to the camera.
Joe starts off by giving us a rundown of whats going on. He’s nominated against Frank and he needs to start gettign the votes.
(A collection of things he said.. )
Joe:” maybe Frank will fart on someone again.. Maybe he’ll get mad and yell again”
Joe: “Joe has to play it cool.. kiss some butt.. cook some good food”
Joe: “Shane and Danielle have to be happy and as long as they are happy I have 2 happy votes”
Joe: “Gotta work on Ian.. he’s the swing vote.. I know Ian doesn’t like frank that’s going to help me”
Joe: “Gotta work my ass off.. I need 3 votes so I gotta steal 1 vote from either Dan or Jenn.. Dan I don’t know where his evil heads at.. and I don’t know about Jenn.. but I gotta try”

Joe: “3 Days baby 3 days to really campaign.. to get the votes.. Joe has to win the HOH I gotta get something out of the wheel house here.. tough up in here.. tough time livin..”
Joe: “I’m going to keep cooking keep working… I got a snowballs hell chance of winning this.. got a bit of luck..”
Joe:”A boy can dream… A Boy can dream.. anything can happen.. you get so tired so worn out..“
Joe: “Gotta get these young strong men out of here… Let Joe win something.. “
Joe: “thats what lifes all about right.. kickin it.. just kickin it”

Joe look at Frank’s bottle says that Frank has carved into the paint every HOH, POV, nomination and vote he’s gotten this year. Joe calls him a egotistical SOB says there’s a social game to not just competitions.
Joe: “I personally think Frnak should have gotten Dan out when he had the chance.. what was he thinking got sweet little Brit out..kept Dan.. DAN Creeping around the house reading the bible while he stabs you in the back..”

7:42pm Joe still talking about everything under the sun.. Cooking, love, labor day, southern hospitality, working, family, bills.. etc etc..
Production tells Dan to “Stop That”
Joe: “Dan causing trouble again.. I’m sick of that man causing trouble.. he breaks something almost ever day… he breaks or destroys something ”

8:06pm Cam 1-4 Dinner

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even my dog cant stand Danielle

Dans stupid..


Dan is a mastermind and a genius at this game!


Huh?What makes you think Dan is stupid?Dan’s controlling everyone in the house.


Genius is a little strong. A) he’s played this game before, which I think is analogous to poker. You can watch the WSOP on TV all day long, but it doesn’t mean you’ll be good at cards when you get to the table playing against people who’ve done it. B) He got a free month in the house to watch the way everyone played. By the time he entered the game Frank had already been on the block twice, feeling the pressure mount each week. He’s an excellent player, but let’s temper our adoration a tad, yeah? It’s like Usain Bolt racing in the Special Olympics. Shane and Danielle will do whatever he says because they’re too dumb to play their own game. If they weren’t, Dan would’ve already turned on them instead of Frank.

Other than Dan, Frank is the only one playing the game, which is why this season has been the worst. I’ll continue to read what happens on this site, but once Frank goes, this will be an extremely boring house.


Well said, Dan needs to play with the BIG BOYS YO.


I totally agree with you!!!


lol dan at 9:47 pm in the hot tub wearing his never-been-washed pants!! ewww

Trey Gorman

Judas is on the live feeds right now teaching Danielle to betray with a kiss. Today Judas and Danielle have talked about the need to dishrag Shane soon and Danielle has talked about how important it is to her that she not be portrayed as a villain. Now they are all in the hottub and Danielle is maintaining the empty pretense that she has long term romantic interest in Shane. He has done nothing but support her, but the knives are coming out very soon.


Here’s how I see the elimination order for the rest of the season…

7th- Frank (Apreesh, that they all want him out)
6th- Ian (Last-minute rush)
5th- Shane (Last physical threat)
4th- Joe (Greater of two floaters)
3rd- Jenn (Weak in general)
2nd- Dan (Received 1 vote from Frank because of the mist)
1st- Danielle (Everyone likes/pities her)


Thanks a lot Simon! You and Dawg are the best ever!


As my buddy SIMONisAWESOME said, thanks sooo much! Y’all da BEST!


Thanks, we do it all for the fans! You’re the best!

Carol & Steve

only if they give the houseguests an IV of beer or wine…..


Feeds are already pretty annoying.

Joe being paranoid.
Ian talking about pokemon or mumbling to himself.
Frank bragging about how he’s safe.
Shane not knowing what’s going on.
Jenn acting like she’s big stuff.
Danielle being typical Danielle.

And Dan just misting everyone.


Yes, this cast is the lamest ever. Boring and stupid and lame.


I think it would be great for the feeds if Frank and Joe asked Shane, Danielle and Dan who they were voting for right if front of both of them. That would make for great t.v.


I doubt the feeds will suffer, most of us are just checking in here, (thanks). Maybe production should switch the feeds to jury.

even my dog cant stand Danielle

Oh please no bodyyy likes Danielle … I can see danielle get blindsided by dan…he will knck out Dani and take Jenn to finals that would be awesome.. i would take Jenn too ..anyone could beat her..


Danielle only needs 4 votes and like her or not she’s been playing.

If it is her and Dan, I bet she gets Jenn, Ashley, Joe, and Shane. That’s ball game. Frank and Britney might still be angry and in that case Dan pulls one vote: Ian.

Dan has to remember he has a jury of amateurs (other than Frank, Britney, and Ian) and nobody (other than Ian and I don’t know that doesn’t do more harm than good) is going to be rallying the votes for him


Dan is an absolute GUARANTEED lock to win against Danielle and here’s why: You are right about the jury being filled with amateurs, however, Dan is the master manipulator and has a great way with words and as we have all seen can persuade anyone in the house. He will have a dynamite speech for the jury and here’s the best part: Dan came into this game as Danielle’s coach and he dragged his student all the way to F2 with him–he was 100% loyal to 1 person just like last time around and he pulled off the biggest moves just like last time around.

Danielle has nothing in comparison to what Dan did this game and the jury will know it(if they already don’t) after listening to the 2 of them talk about their respective games
Dani will be seriously lucky to squeak out 2 votes for real if she makes it that far.


But he is a slave to two masters. He has to say one thing and behave one way to people in the house and another way once he gets to give a two minute speech and answer a handful of questions from a jury that in all likelihood reached their verdict in the jury house. Keep in mind that my understanding of jury is that they see a rough cut of the show, with no DR’s, so no matter how much he works to play to the jury, if it doesn’t pertain to what is happening on the show that night, then it won’t make the cut.

This is all just a guess, but I suspect Britney is already campaigning for Ian and Danielle with Ashley. When Frank arrives on Friday, he will add to the campaign that Dan is the dirty snake that used a bible and his grandfather and his wife to stab him. Then Ian arrives and he will be back under Britney’s spell and will inevitably try to be cordial with Frank and repair things with Ashley. I suspect the Ian we saw prior to Mike leaving was the real Ian. But being a fan he will try to defend Dan as a pure game player…but as Britney knows, Ian is not the best ally when it comes to politics and will likely hurt Dan more than help. Then Joe enters the house and adds to the chorus of Dan the snake. His opinion is irrelevant but it’s still background noise. Then Shane enters the house, not really knowing what happened or blaming anybody, but he would vote for Danielle over anybody and no argument will sway him (not because of his resolve but rather he won’t engage and doesn’t really think). Then Jenn enters the house and will blame Dan for her leaving, even if the poor, little Danielle has a hand in her exit. I’m almost convinced that her using the veto, in her mind, was about helping Danielle rather than the deal with Dan and Frank. And not giving Frank a heads up shows her loyalty is to Danielle

I just don’t see anybody but Britney, Ian, and Frank being able to be objective…but Britney and Frank will think they were genuinely wronged beyond just the game.

Ashley will not pick Dan over Danielle unless Frank convinces her.
Jenn does not pick Dan over Danielle unless Britney convinces her.
Joe will not vote for Dan.
Shane will not vote against Danielle.

Add to all of this the idea that Dan has won before and has ALL of the blood on his hands….and I think other than Ian, Danielle is the worst person he could take to the end.


I hope that you’re wrong.

This is how i see it:

Frank on thursday, then double elimination Shane wins HOH , puts up Jenn and Dan, Hopefully Dan won’t win Veto and Dan Goes next, Next week.Joe finally wins HOH , puts up Jenn and Ian, Ian wins veto Jenn goes home, final four Ian, Shane, Danielle, Joe..And I pray that Danielle is go. and I really don’t mind if the last three win. Joe only wants the 50 thousand anyway. Shane will try to keep him because of that.And I want Ian to win because he is the only one that was true to Britney. I miss Britney.


Would love to see it go down like that. Miss Britney so much. Can’t watch BBAD anymore cause it is so borrrrrrrring without Britney. Would love to see a final 2 with Ian and Joe and Ian winning. Hope Ian can break away from Dan’s superpowered mist soon.


Totes agree. I never thought Powerhouse would wind up being a rooting interest. I hope it’s Dan and Powerhouse in the F2 and when everyone sees how Dan played them they switch their votes just to eff him.




I don’t miss Britney at all, couldn’t stand that girl. Her leaving was the best thing that happened this past week.


I think the following will happen:

Thursday: Frank blind sided
Next Joe – no one wants him to stay – Shane wins HOH.

Shane next. Ian wins HOH and Dan and Jenn vote out Shane

Ian next Danielle wins HOH and wants pay back for Shane

Final 3: Danielle, Dan and Jenn – Jenn of course out and that leaves Dan and Dani left.

Obvi...I hate Danielle Donato

No way Dan loses to Danielle if they are the final two.


I agree. I actually like Danielle though.(I might be her only fan!) lol. But i really do think Dan deserves it more. He’s played the best game!


I think that if Dan makes it to the final two he has a really good shot at winning (definitely over Danielle). Most people of the jury (I think) would respect his gameplay over personal vendettas.


Can someone please slap frank in the face and tell him to wake up. He’s a beast but this is going to go down as the biggest blindside in the history of this game. Someone tell him he’s screwed. Let him leave with a touch of dignity. Nothing is worse then watching a man going to his death blind folded waiting for the firing squad to take aim guy played his ass off, it’s the least he deserves!!!!


He never played with dignity, he should leave the same way. Here he is BB fans, the best player ever! Bbl, have a “pissing on Frank’s dream” party to attend. Bwahahahahaha

Count Boogula

I’m not a Frank fan but he’s played with more dignity than the rest of the house. He’s never back stabbed and he’s loyal to those he believes he can trust. The only time he’s yelled or “bullied” people is when they are being wishy washy and don’t commit to anyone. Joe straight up told him and Boogie he wasn’t voting for Boogie to stay and he didn’t go off on him. Frank keeps giving people second or third chances, example is Shane and Dan, either for stupidity or he just tries to see the good in people. It’s fine if you don’t like Frank because he is way too cocky but there’s no need to kick a man when he’s already on the ground.


You’re 100% correct .. Fine don’t like Frank cause he’s cocky. Yet he’s the ONLY loyal player in the game… His loyalty to Mike kept Dan and screwed that him. His loyalty to Ian got him nominated again and if not for a POV win he’d have been gone. Dan is masterful with his laying down and yessing you to death – but Frank is the most loyal player in the house . Shane is the dumbest


Well said, ITA!!


(Sorry, reposting….I meant to post on this page and not the previous one)

Haven’t been watching the feeds for a few days because of overwhelming boredom, so first, thanks Simon and Dawg for enduing the torture for us and reporting!! Second, I thought maybe something exciting might be happening so I just turned on the feeds and what do I hear……JOE talking to the cams about his mad love for cooking. Uggggg…..I am surprised it wasn’t the bruised olives that gave him a love for cooking. The guy is only there as a pawn, Easy to keep around and easy to get rid of. As much as I don’t care for Frank, I would rather he stay and fight to win than Joe hang around and wallow around losing comps.

Michelle A

I know this has been said and said again BUT I’ve had it! I know Danielle is in to herself but does anyone watch after dark and notice how she is ALWAYS catching glimpes of herself in the mirror. No matter who she is in conversation with or just sitting there she looks in the mirror with quick glances. It’s CRAZY
I’m SO PISSED FRANK IS GOING HOME. Such borning peopole left! Jenn/Joe/Danielle need to go first!


bye bye frankie he will be shacking up with booger pooh


No he won’t dummy.. Boogie isn’t part of the jury


Glad Frank is getting the boot! However I agree with your comments about Danielle She is so in love with her looks she just can’t get enough! Seriously she has issues. She is so annoying its hard to watch her in BBAD after every sentence she has to gaze at herself. Let’s hope Dan and Ian go to the end! Joe Danielle and Jen? Have to go!

Danielle's reflection

The live feeds show this even more. She can not stop looking a herself. It is really wierd. Even the live feed cams spend a lot of time shooting the mirror or window, showing her reflection of her looking at herself. Her reflection is almost like an additional person in the house.


No one will break free of the mist.

Frank Gone Thursday
Ian Gone Thursday

Then its a lock for Dan


Bye Frank. Unless production screws with the game he is gone! And Powerhouse is talking to himself!


Yes! Frank is gone! This is a cause for a parade all around America! lol

billie two trees

Definitely most of America is ready to light up the fireworks once Carrot Top is gone.


Grow up.


You’re an idiot!


Oh, ok.

Danielle's Thoughts

Yes Frank the Sleazeball is goin’ home y’all! Hopefully he won’t try to snuggle with me because he SUCKS compared to Shane y’all. Shane is the best cuddler ever! I hope he wins HOH so we can snuggle up there in that bed instead of the kick’s room bed y’all.

By the way y’all- What happened to Trey? He has disappeared from my thoughts for a while. I just can’t stop thinking about why we can’t kiss anymore!!!

Carol & Steve

The drinking game has started for the night! Now Shane’s talking about Frank’s dream! LOL!!


crush them dream shane because dan has shattered them lmao


Shane lists off some of the reasons
1) It’s Frank’s dream to be on this show.
2) Frank has tried for 3 years to get on Big Brother
3) Frank is a huge fan of the show and Shane knows hardly anything about it.

Huge Fan of the show, yet falls prey to one of the greatest players to ever do it? CLASSIC


Shane is an idiot. Who gives a shit if Frank loves the game? Shane should love the $500,000 more, especially because he claims he needs it. Frank is his biggest threat in the only area he is good at, athletic competitions. He should not even have a second thought. That fact that he turned on Brit and kept crazy Danielle blows my mind. He is also most probably gay so I’m super confused on why he did that.


For the love of all that is holy PLEASE can Danielle be evicted soon?!?
Turned on the feeds for the first time in hours and SURPRISE! She is painting her face up again. I can’t take much more of it…

Everyone keeps saying outing Dans “talk” with Frank won’t cause much uproar, but I dream of Ian being told that Danielle knew about Brits eviction as soon as the plan was hatched. I know he can’t play for the next HOH but he is smart enough to get people to turn on her. I want to see her have to worry for once, she is getting way too comfy. I need to see her crumble, she has earned it.

even my dog cant stand Danielle

Danielle will neer win cuz the people in the jury house are finding out how crazy and delusional she really is… Britt will find out she stabbed her in the back.. she will get 50k…so she can go get plastic surg or a tummy tuck…


dan has no hope of winning!
after stabbing frank in the back, with the swearing on the bible crap, he has no hope. cant say he didnt, he started the whole convo off with it.
he won 7-0 in s10, hes gonna lose 7-0 if he gets there. way too scummy.
hate to say it, i think once franks gone, im routing for joe, lol.

shane doesnt even know what game hes playing.
ian, unless hes rocking is an act, hes sucks.
jenn, no comment.
dan no chance
danielle- pathetic.

what a brutal casting job.


@Kman98.So,who do you think will win this season?The only people you didn’t say anything bad about are Frank&Joe.Since Frank will 100% be evicted this Thursday,he obviously won’t win.That leaves Joe.So,do you think if Joe & Dan are in the final 2,the jury members will crown Joe the winner of this season over Dan?Lol.


i have a terrible feeling that danielle is going to win,
if i had my choice it (after frank, only cause hes a constant underdog) it would be shane, only for his comp prowless(hes an embarrassment otherwise),
i think joe would win in the final vs dan, because franks going to be livid about the bible thing, ashley wont vote for dan, brit wont, im sure he will stab danielle, shane or ian in the back nicely soon too. if shanes in the jury he wont either, thats half the reason he voted brittany out.


what if dan votes for frank to stay? and tells jenn too,so frank dont get mad,puts all the blame on shane,daniel and ian,he just gots to say he wants to let ian evict frank for brit,in the mind of the mist yo!!! lol

Eric CA

I am telling you guys come Thursday night the last window of opportunity to get rid of Frank, may be gone.
There looks like there is some trouble brewing in Quackland.

Danielle’s insecurity’s are kicking in. If she keeps saying she is mad at Shane.
If Shane hears that Dan has talked to Frank about the chance of taking out Shane. He might Flip to Frank.
Jen is a guaranteed vote for Frank.
Ian might see through the mist and tell Shane about his final two deal with Dan. That is all Shane would need to flip.
Then there is the threat of Powerhouse campaigning… as soon as he said keep it cool, that is a sign he is going to flip out, and attempt a failed Hail Mary.

Personally my favorite scenario is Frank in the Jury House. Dan follows after the double eviction. Then the Powerhouse goes to his luxury vacation in the jury house. In a big shocker Shane wins HoH, puts up Ian and Jen, Ian wins PoV, takes himself off Danielle has to go up and Ian votes to evict Danielle.
Final three Shane, Ian and Jen. Ian wins the first final HoH competition Memory or mental challenge. Then Shane wins the second. The last competition is always endurance or some wackado comp, like the weird race that Boogie and Janelle suspended and using hand wheels to race across a track. Ian might win HoH if he gets to final three. Ian and Jen final two. I think with all of the Bravado, lies and back stabs… it would be funny to have the two people most thought where expendable to their alliances (you know, all of the deals that they never had any intention of ever keeping) , The Geek and the Freak, the two people on day one I thought, if they made it to weeks two or three it would be a miracle.


Simon and Dawg your posts are particularly funny today, even the comments are funny….!

Cajun Lady

I’ve resigned myself that Frank will be leaving Thursday, but I sure hope he takes the little lying little weasel (Ian) with him. The rest deserve whatever Dan dishes out. Hope he wins now.

I Vote To Evict Ian

Same here.

I wish Frank wasn’t being so misted right now. He is my fav and looks like a total fool with all of that 4-0 talk. Maybe production will save him. It’s possible.

I really hope Ian leaves Thursday after his power reign this week. Instead of the Jury House, he needs to be checked into a mental health facility. That kid has a lot of issues.


The mist is on full blast. This cast is delusional yo. These people need help.

janice takes Ian

I would love to see Ian win this..he is the biggest fan. I think Danielle’s paranoid state will get the best of her..and Joe is getting it…Dan reading the Bible and stabbing people in the back. Shane, cute, but not so smart. Frank, well, he is leaving..sad to see him go. He put up a great fight. I hope they all see through Dan.


LOL @ Joe’s conversation to the camera. what you really need to work on is “WASHING YOUR HANDS”.


Why hasn’t someone just told him to wash his hands?


Joe is The Most Misted of all! … He really tries to fight it and tries to avoid Dan- but, he has contracted the *Mist*


Joe is a joke he wins nothing and has no social game he gives every hoh the same speach. How much do u want to bet if dam wins he is up there sucking up i just want him gone he doesn’t deserve to win

Ian "the new Alpha Dog"

Can anyone explain why Jenn is not telling Frank that he is probably going home (to jury) on Thursday? I think she knows that Danielle and Dan are not voting for Frank to stay. She should know that Ian is not voting for Frank to stay (if Ian votes in the tie event), so she should know Frank is gone.

My only guess is she doesn’t really care that Frank goes, cus she knows she can’t get him out, and she thinks that she has a F3 deal with Dan and Danielle (Is this why?)


I believe its against the rules to tell someone on the block who you’re voting for.

Ian "the new Alpha Dog"

But she can speculate to Frank about who other people are voting for? If she tells Frank that she thinks that Dan and Danielle and possibly Shane “may” be voting for Joe, then that would not be a violation of the rules.

Basically, why is she not sharing information with Frank? I thought Frank and her when in a F4 alliance with Dan and Danielle.


I’m assuming that she had to make a deal with Dan for him to use the Veto on her.


I actually think it will embolden him.

He’s so in the dark that every time he’s been up, Joe’s been clueless that he’s the pawn. I see him strutting around, thinking he proved he’s a better player than Frank and will start to think he’s going to win.

The absolute best result for entertainment purposes is for him to survive the double eviction and then win the second HOH. If we thought Ian was Napoleonic once he tasted power then I see Powerhouse morphing into Joseph Stalin. He will treat Shane like his minion and demand that Dan, Danielle, and Jenn come and kiss his ring. Then he will ask that everybody refer to him as “Papa Joe” and start dictating the order of eviction. First Dan will be dispatched, then Jenn, then Danielle. Papa Joe will gently break it to Shane that he will have to settle for the $50K, since there’s no way the jury would deny him victory against any of the HG’s.

The cherry on the sundae: After breaking the news to Shane that he simply can’t beat Papa Joe, he will console him and promise Shane a sweet gig in his new chain of restaurants aptly named Papa Joe’s, which he will open with his Big Brother fortune. He will tell Shane “Papa John’s has thick, doughy crust. We will have thin, crispy crust. Papa John’s uses fresh ingredients. We will use only frozen toppings. Papa John’s has garlic dipping sauce. We will have Papa Joe’s special white sauce, with reinforced protein.”

I know it’s far fetched, but we have to hope for something. As things stand now, Dan has written a script that they’re all following to the letter. Other than Frank exploding on the way out the door and waking everybody up from Dan’s spell, Big Brother will get real boring, real fast.

Chub Stain

If Frank leaves I will be rooting for Joe


Will SONAR get you thru the Dan mist? Or as “Hammerhead Shane” just wondered…is it only for pilots flying planes at night? Oh no he didn’t…Oh yes he did. Holy sh*t, it’s official there is no way he and “NurseBatSh*t” can spawn !!!


If Dan takes Jenn…
Jenn gets: Danielle (betrayed by Dan, kills Dan after finale’), Ashley (girls alliance), Britney (would LOVE a girl to win against a guy…especially Dan!), Joe (he hates Dan more than Jenn), Frank (finally had sex with Ashley and wanted to piss off Ian even more with his vote LOL)
Dan gets: Shane (still misted?), Ian (calculated formula, mumbled explanation???)


Why does everyone hate frank? He pretty much tells u in your face unlike the rest of the house that pussies around closed doors? Isn’t it one and the same?? If it’s true that production has there hand in it, then save the poor bastard, no one is more deserving the win then him! Preeeesh!


Reasons why I hate Frank:
1. The fact that he is trying to coin a phrase is stupid! Nobody cares about apresh you stinky idiot!!
2. He had a huge ego! Someone needs to tell Frank that the show isn’t called “Cast 13-16 people along with Frank and just let him stay because he ha this dream of being on Big Brother”. Seriously nobody is there to hand Frank half a mil! Why does he think he is such a great player that he gets to tell others that he shouldn’t be evicted because he has a dream? Ian has the same dream, but you don’t see him talking about it all the time.
3. His social game is trash. Why are you going to go around and bad mouth people when they lie to you or “dupe” you? Maybe you didn’t realize Frank, but Big Brother isn’t about being honest. It’s about doing whatever you have to do to get to the final 2 and get 4 votes from the jury. There is a reason he has been on the block every week….nobody likes him or his stench.
4. He is just nasty. Can you imagine how nasty he is farting all over the place. Oh and his hair annoys me every time I see it. His DR sessions are annoying. He just needs to go on thursday along with ?.
Don’t even get me started on ? She is worth a whole other post!


They definitely need to get Frank out; it’s the best move, but the feeds will be incredibly boring without him. Danielle’s self-pity is exhausting, Shane’s agreeableness to EVERYTHING because he doesn’t comprehend anything is exhausting, and J1 and J2 are just boring. As long as Dan isn’t reading aloud the bible and Ian isn’t rocking on the hammock, I’ll watch what they’re up to.


BBAD has gotten reeeeaaaallllly boring since Brit left.

Mad Hatter

I’m not sure why people keep saying this season is the one of the worst seasons of all-Time.. Sure it might not be a perfect season, and it hasn’t all been great but I think in terms of unexpected surprises it’s been pretty good. The past few seasons were very predictable, You had a few strong players team up and that was it.

This season there has been a lot of backstabbing and big twists… Look at Dan, Everyone thought he was a goner last week… Then Dan made one of the best plays in BB history(The Funeral) and saved himself… Look at the evictions of Janelle and Britney(Nobody saw those coming) With all things considered this has been a pretty exciting and fun Season!


Danielle are you freakin’ kidding me???? You didn’t know a kiss on the neck is a “move” ????? GO HOME!!


Here we all thought Shane didn’t wanna fuck her, SHE fucked up the chance of gettin some dick


Thanks for being so crude.


Psycho Dani looks sexy as hell on BBAD…

Shane or Dani wins HOH, we could get some sex in the HOH room , then in the middle Shane screams Kara’s name, then that’s the last time we see Shane

VA Vet

LMAO! Good one!

Hilarious but possibly true.


OK. I try to avoid making predictions because they are rarely accurate, but I will give it a go:

Thursday: Frank goes (no brainer), Danielle gets HOH (Quick quiz and Ian can’t play), Joe and Jenn go up, Shane wins Veto and leaves things the same, Jenn goes to Jury.

The rest of the evictions go:


Dan and Danielle F2 and Danielle wins (She gets Britney, Frank, Ashley and Jenn’s votes; Dan gets Ian, Shane and Joe’s votes. Britney, Frank and Joe could flip one way or the other.)


Joseph Jack it all paranoid over nothing, WIN something mofo, then make a move


Dani MOVE the goddamn pillow, your fuckin up my view


Dan uses the mist for good and evil. He just convinced Shane to make out with Dani. Can we get Dan as next Secretary of State?


name one time where dan has done anything good (or bad) that didn’t benefit himself at the same time…it has never happened…

Denny's Nanerpuss

I’m pretty sure if Frank was tight with Shane from the beginning and started to work together, he could easily influence Danielle to keep himself safe. Dan’s should’ve stuck to keeping Frank safe since he could not play Hoh. sadly the chef Joe needs to go, If he would’ve cast in Hell’s Kitchen, Gordon Ramsey would tell him to wash his hands and stop shouting for once.


YES, Joey Spank It on Hell’s Kitchen , that would be HILARIOUS


I think maybe the HGs are playing it pretty low key right now (thus why it is boring) just to keep Frank from going off on people. But soon even they will get bored with it, and maybe we’ll see some fireworks before Thursday. I also think things will get pretty interesting once again after Frank or Joe leaves as everyone has deals with everyone, and then the true alliances will come out, and everyone realizes what fools they all are. So, who knows who will win at this point.


If Frank and Ian leave Thursday my interest will go down the drain for this season. The feeds have just been terrible as of late, last night for the first time I actually went to sleep during BBAD due to how boring it was. My ideal final 2 would be Ian and Shane because I think they both deserve to win and won’t use it for selfish reasons……too bad the penciled in final two is Dan and Danielle that will be a TERRIBLE final two. TERRIBLE.


will someone in production Please Please !!!! explain to Danielle, how painful it is to watch her be manipulated by Dan it is like watching an emotional abuser
berate and verbally abuse his victim. She is so needy and excuses Dan’s bad behavior and lies covering for him . She obviously has no respect for herself .
She is being manipulated its like watching someone with Stockholm syndrome. She is giving women everywhere the message that someone can lie about you make you cry doubt yourself and now listen to me and i did this all for you . it really is pretty sick that viewers are saying the Dan is an amazing player He is dishonest and really a snake. If frank does go to Jury i hope that he lets everyone know in jury just how devious Dan played . Nothing admirable about that


I totally agree with that take…I’ve seen real life unfold that way for some people I’ve known and it is SO SO wrong and yet so difficult to get them to see it, let alone recover from it.

G iven the subject of this update: “Joe says Dan’s creeping him out reading the bible while he stabs you in the back”
I thought I’d also add a take on the whole approach on Dan’s part; swearing on everything he could: the Bible, his marriage, a cross on a chain from his deceased grandfather.

Here’s my issue with Dan, I don’t have a problem with the backstabbing or the lying, it’s all part of the game. Some may win doing that and some won’t.

I am fully aware that the CBS Sunday show opening was a re-edit of the order in which Dan made comments; so it looked like all his swearing was in direct response to Frank’s questioning Dan’s allegiance to him. Most of us also know all those clips did come from one 30 minutes conversation. So it might be fair to call bullsh*t on CBS, even chastising them for putting Dan in a poor light.

But when about 20 minutes into the Sunday CBS telecast Dan says the following in the DR:

“Last week I swore on EVERYTHING to Frank and pledged my allegiance to him …sorry Frank I’m going to join my former team because I like them better.”

The emphasis on EVERYTHING came from Dan’s voice and we have all debated if that ‘swearing’ was just about ratting out Ian or his whole conversation. Looks like in Dan’s mind, which is where it really matters, it was EVERYTHING (on the Bible, his wedding ring: thus his wife & the sanctity of their marriage and his Grandfather: via the chain & cross he had given him) on which he swore and it covered everything including his allegiance to Frank.

Other’s have said that Dan has a tendency to keep his mouth shut and let others draw there own conclusion. But that wasn’t the case here. Here he used the Lord, his marriage and the dead. Some would argue which of those is more despicable than another, but it seems that the one that has drawn the most ire is his use of the Bible for his financial (attempted) gain.

A lot of people say: “It’s just a game” and that indeed is true. Others see it as a large financial payout, which they claim would cause many of us to do anything to succeed.

I’m just not sure that anyone that holds their faith very dear appreciates the use of the Bible as a tool to win a cash prize. Add to that Dan’s career of coaching and teaching high school students at a religious institution; and you’d think he’d be wiser than to use such a tactic.

Then he compounds it by breaking that oath with: “sorry Frank I’m going to join my former team because I like them better.” That’s the justification for throwing out all he swore upon…”I like them better” Wow, who’d have thought that’s how simple it is to dump a Bible swear. A very interesting take on what religious ethics mean to Dan. Looks like the only Hail Marys that Dan concerns himself with are those from the sports world of a wing and a prayer.

Nice way to sully religion…even if you are just one man Dan.

P.S. Love to see you (Dan) make it to the final 3 with Ian and Danielle (two of your other proclaimed final two deals) only to see them both leave you standing in the cold. But I’m sure you’re thinking that would be a cold day in Hell, and maybe you’re only destined for hotter ones.


Very well said. I have an excellent memory for what people say (I am a female..) and I KNOW that after Dan had the after funeral talk with Frank, Frank said, “man, if you dupe me..”, the “dupe” including the final 3 deal, and that’s when Dan swore on the Bible, the wife, and the cross from the dead grandfather. After the disagreements started about what Dan swore to I went back and watched the feed and what do you’s not the same. I was also watching the feeds with someone else that is NOT a Frank fan and they heard the same thing. I hold much more disdain for what Dan did with the Bible than Matt making up the illness of his wife.


And P.S. Just for Joe acknowledging that Dan reading the Bible and cutting people’s throats is creeping him out bumped Joe up ten points in my eyes. I might just just go TPH after Thursday.


Sorry-*stabbing people in the back*

Dan the pimp and Danielle the hooker

I agree with you…I dont like Danielle she has a lot of mental problems as it is.. .and for dan to abuse her like that is messed up… I think he is abusing Shane too by forcing Shane on Danielle…we know he never was into her befor…but now he wants to win the game… its like a pimp pimping out his hooker…Shane could end up suing him for this abuse too after the show…plus Dan has prob ruined shanes chance for fav player,,, bet britt gets it..Dan seriousely has issues..


Beer Shots? That’s just silly


if shane doesnt smash dani tonight, he might be gay??..She said she does not care about the cams..haha..DO IT


Why is BB being so frugal with the beverages this season? Its ridiculous how they have to parcel out the beers and wine.

Cameraman in the back

First: off you guys have no idea how misted everone is, frank has it the worst tho.(sorry frank fans)

Second: apperantly the funeral doesn’t even exists to dan, according to him he cover at all angles except joe.

Third: beside dawg joe is the leasts misted but no one likes him. A friend told me joe would only win money if jenn
Was in the finals with him I agree.

Fourth: since jenn is know as ???? I only think its fair to give joe his nickname as JTPH or PHJ or PH
J is joe t is the p is power h is house

Fifth: frank will flip the hell out for being blindsided on Thursday but because of the mist he is

Final note: the pandora box after the double evection is DPV.


I’ve always thought of Joe as “UrineHands Joe” but there also could be “Jack Of All Trades / Master Of One” or simply “Baiter”

Cameraman in the back

For the Fifth point, you guys know I meant dan no one would put him up



Did I hear this correctly? Danielle puked during the last HoH Comp???? Earthshattering!

Carol & Steve

not just once – twice! LOL


. If you go back and watch the full convo Dan had with Frank you will see that he said he will swear on the bible that the STORY he is about to tell him is the truth. The story of the QP and what Brit was going to do if she won the POV and also Ians secrets. It was all true. Never did he swear on the bible on taking Frank to the finals. That is Dan’s mist. He is that good at this game. I also believe he could beat them all at the end because his speech at the end will show them that they got outplayed by a guy that had a HUGE target (maybe second to Boogie) and he had to play more cutthroat this time. Remember, he is the only player to win 7~0, he might not do it again, but your seeing a true legend playing a game of chess with kids.


If you check comment 34.1 you’ll see where you’re mistaken and it’s Dan’s own words in the dairy room that say so:

“Last week I swore on EVERYTHING to Frank and pledged my allegiance to him …sorry Frank I’m going to join my former team because I like them better.”

and for Chelsea’s sake I hope he never bumps into anyone where he might “like them better”

billie two trees

If you have watched the LIVE FEEDS then you would know that the only thing Dan swore to was that he was about to tell him about the QP was the truth. He NEVER EVER SWORE to take Frank to the final two. That deal was in Franks own mind and it was never ever swore to by Dan!! Dan can make you believe anything that he says and that is not because he swore on it which he didn’t but he is just that good.


A lot of people keep looking for major wiggle room to say: “Oh, that was just when he was recounting events” I say NO WAY. You don’t go into something like that by giving another person one perception and then think you can pull the plug halfway thru your discussion. To do so is disingenuous and basically a bold face lie that soils all you have sworn upon. Frank even said: “Don’t Bullshit me” and also asked if “Father” Dan was doing so.

Here I’m not perfectly clear on the response but I believe it to be: “I swear to you” Which to me doubles down on the swearing on the Bible, his wife & grandfather. If he had left the room and come back then I could certainly say all bets are off (no longer would such an oath carry over). This is why when you testify in court and your testimony goes into the next day the judge either reminds you that you are still under oath or re-administers it. I don’t believe that when you’ve been sworn in you can start lying as soon as the cross examination begins…and you don’t have to be a ‘good’ Christian to know that.

But all that aside, Dan actually confessed to all the CBS viewers via his DR session in his own words:

“Last week I swore on EVERYTHING to Frank and pledged my allegiance to him”
(just go about 20 minutes into the telecast and you can listen to him verbatim)

So even if most of us believe that what he said in the live feeds should be seen one way or another becomes mute.

Why? Because Dan has spelled it out for us all in his own words…what could be clearer than that?


I Don’t care who wins, just not Dan, he already won, they need to get this guy out, Frank was just an idiot for trusting any of them, he is going to be so pissed but he did this to himself, which he will see just as soon as he is gone, come on people wake the f up, I hate Daniel she is such a liar and I hope when Dan turns on her and he will, she cries tears of blood, he will not take her to the final two, that will be Jen or Joe, but you never know anyone can win and he has stabbed so many people in the back one of the floaters could win, which is sad, would rather have had Frank and Dan in the final two, but since that isn’t going to happen, I don’t care, The problem is they are all playing a personal game except Dan, Ian is just a plain idiot, he could have had Frank with him but he is so caught up in that stupid assinine Quack Pack shit, and the fact that Frank sent home Brit that’s all he can see, stupid ass, and as I recall didn’t all the Quack pack all vote that dumb ass britney out not just Frank, this is by far the stupidest cast of morons ever!! Wake up people! man it is so boring that I don’t watch the after dark anymore, having to listen to Daniel saying what I’m I going to do with that boy Shane, Daniel he doesn’t like you like that at all, what part of that don’t you effin get. OK done said my piece again, I know I said I am done with this show but I will watch and see all the little losers go home and one winner who by the way doesn’t deserve it at all, Frank really is the only one who should win, but because his hair got in the way of his brain he is out, Love you Frank!!!


Hey, Simon, who do u think has the best chance at winning this season?

Dan the pimp and Danielle the hooker

dans a dick.. pimping out danielle to shane..


Frank have to stay :(

Dan the pimp and Danielle the hooker

Shane should sue the fuck outa Dan for coehorsing him to be with someone he has to be forced to want… wow Dan.. and Danielle…just a note.. Danii Donato and nick .. naturally atttracted to eachother so was brendon and Rachel…Dan has to Force shane …okay thats nothing to be proud of…


People do not ruin this! You can eat your stalker comments! Dan even made himself likable(part of a plan I’m sure) by his facilatation of Shane and Danielle shows that they have mutual attraction so all the haters can shut it! I’m not really a fan of Danielle’s but the haters make me sick. She is young and naive and yes,insecure, but have you heard her upbringing?


Is anyone else sick to death of Danielle? (silly question, I’m sure). Her constant preening, her endless whining and her boundless need for affirmation makes BBAD nearly unwatchable.

She reminds me of those idiotic women who go on The Bachelor and carry on and on about some guy they’ve known for 5 minutes.

They make real women want to cringe in the corner.

This is a pretty boring season of Houseguests……between the constant flipping back and forth, the inability for anyone other than Shane, Ian or Frank to win something and the dull BBAD conversations, I can’t find someone to root for.

Thankfully, the updates and comments on this site are entertaining!! (The “powerhouse” comments from Simon and Dawg make me laugh out loud. Last year, it was the “Straight Shooter” remarks that cracked me up.




give frank a special power ( some oppertunity to take himself off the block ) not a big fan of Franks but sure would love to see Dan get a little worried he sure does act as though he even has Production under his mist. come on BB we have been loyal viewers you can infuse something and stir dan’s pot. come on BB
did dan make a silent deal with production ???????

Joe's champagne room

I don’t see how Shane and Danielle getting closer is good for Dan’s game.
In fact…it is really bad for Dan’s game. He is always so calculated…this seems like a mistake for Dan to be promoting it as hard as he is.

Next year please have 9 female porn stars and 3 nerds…but just not as annoying as Ian.

what if?

Does anyone else think it would be a good season to bring back all people that were out first or second or just before jury. Kara, Braden, Annie. We just never really got to see them play. I’d watch it. Just a drunken thought. lol